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Fifteen Hundred Pictures Will Be Shown, Including Water Colors, Oils, Sketches and
f :
H. F. THODE By Briscoe.
An interesiinR art exhibition will be Riven
by the Newspaper Artists' Society of St.
Louis daring the weef of November 3. at
the si. Nicholas HoteL More than twenty
artists will contribute.' The pictures will
cover a wide range of subjects. Pen and
ink sketches, originals of cartoons, comics,
water colors and a few oils will bo shown
in about L500 drawings. A feature, com
bining art and humor, will be a1 series of
original cartoons Illustrating some fad of
each of the patrons, of whom there are
a number of the most prominent citizens of
St. Ixmls. Among them are: O. W.' Allen,
Louis P. Aloe. B.' Altheimcr. A. A. Allen.
Lorenzo Anderson. James Adkins. G. H.
AURUStine. J. V. S. Barret, A. H. Brown.
Sterling P. Bond. C. F. Blanke. J. E. Brock.
Nicholas Bell. James L. Blair. George A.
Baker, Jr.: Paul Brown. Adolph Boettler.
Julius C. Blrge. T. B. Boyd. Alannon IX
Brown. F. H. Britton. A. H. Baur, James
Father Zeglen's Chest Protector
Full 'of Holes After Public
Exhibition in Brooklyn.
Thirty-Eight-Caliber Balls Whiz
Through, While Those of, Twenty-Two
to Forty-Four Flatten
Out or Fall Harmless.
Xw Torlc. Oct. IS. After withstanding:
every other teat, tho so-called bullet-proof
Test Invented an! woven by the Reverend
Cfcsimer Zeglen, a. Polish Catholic priest of
It is a demonstrated fact that oats are the most nutritious of all cereals. As ordinarily cooked, however, oats are neither palatable nor
of the present day demands an pat food THOROUGHLY COOKED, CONVENIENT, APPETIZING. This idea has been realized in
A combination of oats,
NORKA FOOD CO., Battle Creek, Mich.
Richer Than Wheat. Better Than Meat
Sells Hcatjnfr Stoves, set up
complete, with pood pipe,
And he ha 25 other stvles at S7.50, S9, SI I,
SI3.50, SI5, SI8, S22.
I have u full line of the MOnKeSAIH-TIGHT and COLCS
HOT'BLASl for soft coal, and rre will taUe pleasure In
MiokIiis ibrm to you.
And Yon WH
Be Glad.
I AM DIFFERBXT trawa torn other people.
There Is A'O KCD TAPE or publicity about my uusine-?
Small bills Mldon time an cheerfully as larger bills.
Try Ingalls for nice Mdeboard prlco
SI5.50, S19, S22, S26, S29, S34, S46, S65.
See my leaitifiil Iron Beds, Cupboards. Tablet. SMc
boards. Wardrobes. China Closets, Carpels, Rajs. Lace Cur
tains, Odd Dressers and whateterj ou need.
.-..KI.f).. mi to tfSN.no
-.BO t VIM.imi
!.3U to fZII.IHI
1I.B1 to 9IIIMMI
,. Ifi-SO to IH.M
, 1J2.00 to sjs.tm pair
One Room Furnished Complete for .. . 25, S35, $45 or. SSD
Two Rooms Furnished Complete for . . 565, S75, SS5 or $100
Three Rooms Furnished Complete Jor . $95, S105, $115 or $135
A .small article, worth WW or JiJ. sold on time as
. hi-erfully an larger Mil. Come and try me on a nice
chiffonier or Bookcase Or something you need. A hat
ever ou need, cahh or credit. Come straight to th
reliable one-price store of
A. BLOCH-By himself.
"W. Bell. Paul Bakewcll. W. K. Blxby. G.
Warren Brown. C. S. Clark. Wlnthrop G.
Chappell, Paul F. Coste. Thomas Crouch,
llurrav Carleton. Harry J. Cantwell.
Charles E. Carroll. Ashley Cabell. George
L. Crawfonl. James Campbell.. David It.
Calhoun. Phil Chew. William W. Davis.
John W. Daugherty. Robert B. Dula. S. M.
Dodd. John II. DIeckman. A. B. du Pont.
John X. Drummond. Thomas B. Bitep.
William Enders. Eames- & Toung. Salwvn
C. Edgar. Joseph W. Folk. Joyeph Frank
lin, a. u.uniBm. iorns u. oregg. r.u
.ward F. Goltra. August Gehner. Jovpb
Glaer. C. H. Huttlg. C. L. Hilleary. War
wick ,M. Hough. T. B. Harvey. W. W. Hen
derson, G. C. Hitchcock. E. B. Hoyt. E. W.
Ilandlan. C. P Johnson. Breckenrldge
Jones. G. J. Kobusch. Goodman King. M.
Kotany. Jacob Klein. Henry T. Kent.
Chester 11. Krum. John A. Lewis. C. M.
Levey. George B. Lelghton. Theo. C. LinV.
Pt. Stanislaus Catholic Church. Cblcaiv.
was penetrated by several bullets from a 3S
callber military revolver at a public ex
hibition In Brooklyn.
Before tho tests were begun C W. Ryder,
who represented the lnventer, said Father
Zeglen was unable to be present, having re
ceived an order for twenty vests from tho
coal mine operators, who feared some of
their striking; workmen might try to assas
sinate them. If such was the case, it was
lucky for the Inventor that the coal mine
owners decided to adopt his armor when
they did, for if he had been Inside his
sample vest when EflitiKham Wilson, the
noted pistol shot, fired at It, member, of
St. Stanislaus Church would be mourning;
the death of their pastor
Three of the bullets cut clean holes
throush the supposed bullet-proof cloth and
Imbedded themselves In the rolls of carpet
acalnst which the rest was placed. The
garment had been pretty thoroughly pound
ed by bullets' in a former test. Thinking
that possibly this had weakened its power
of resistance, a new piece of the cloth was
hung up. The 28-callber weapon sent three
bullets whizzing; through Its meshes as they
would have penetrated a common ,-cent
BuUets from all the other weapons used
either flattened themselves In the web of
the cloth or fell to the floor after the Im
pact These inciude all the different cali
ber bullets from .2 to .44.
The test, which was public, took place In
the ball above the Mgntauk Theater, and
was witnessed by about 100 men.
Docti)r Ashley A. Webber, the champion
revolver shot f the world, who was to
have fired the .1ot at Father Zeglen. 'f ho
the richest of all cereals, and MALT, nature's
on the market. It is rapidly taking the place of the universal breakfast of poorly
The (liilcUmrnl Mrel Itnnjcr, with
It triple wall- .i'ii ix'r.i ti i t.-el Un
ities, ha r." mo.il It wiil Iat lon-rer,
bake br'tor u ! i- 'i-s iui ' it m any
oiher My ! m.-time on thi- lirst
clafci Range w'l "uri ri .
5 I
i B8i Bfiirc&.K.a
DICK WOOD-Bydrinham.,-
A. B. Lambert. Doctor Bransford Lewlv
W. J. Lerap. Jr.: Edward S. Lewis. John A.
lrf. Frederick C. Lake. Kdwaid A More.
F. E. Marshall. E. I- Mapqueray, Tlieo. F.
Meytr. William S. McChesney. Jr.: W. J.
Mollride. Neil A. McMillan. D. C Nugent.
Charles Nagel. John Nlckerson. (Seorge 11.
I'lant. J. E. IMleher. AV F I"arker. Mose
Itumey. Joeph Uapwcy. Jr ; A L. SIjii
leigh.JJame.1 E. Stmto. 1-rael M. Slm.wi.
ConvJn H. Spencer. V. It. Stevens. F J. V.
Skiff. C F. S-'titer. E. O. Stananl W.
Taussig. Georae J. Tansey. John A Tajt.
Bennett Waserman. Eilwards Whltaker.
G. Herbert Walk-r. II H. Wern-e. Court
ney H. West. C - W. Wafl. S. H. West, J.
Sidney Walker. B. L. WlncheJI. Juliux- S.
alh. Grs C. II. Wagoner. Fetu J.
Wade. J. A. Walerworth. c F. Wenneker.
had given the personal test as advertised,
had offered to bet $2Vi that a bullet from the
IS-callber military revolver would pierce the
cloth. The vtst stopped one bullet.
The ammunition used was received from
the manufacturers In a sealed package, and
the shooting was conducted under the su
pervision of a committee composed, of two
! newspaper men. li. vvaisn aiHi iwnni
j Rooney. and thrte citizens. F. A. Pallon.
?iwam inggins anu Alien ww-is. jiw
velocity of the .3S-callber bullets Is fiat feet
a second. That or the ballets fired from
other weapon ranged from S3 to 7S feet.
In prellmlnnrv tet the 3S-callber bullet
...,.,, ,,Aa aI.1. In.li.. nt tuuilar inil (hnw
! from the other revolvers one ami three-
quarters to four and a half inches.
New York. Oct. IS. It i all like a page
from Pickens the dally scenes and storlns
of the boys, and girls brought to the Gerry
Society, at Fourth avenue and Twenty-third
street, each morning.
There li one story ever new the story
of the rhild which you and I have In mind
the smiling chick tl at wa fashioned In a
star and wafted to earth by an angel to
make the world happier. This one chlkl wo
fancy we see In e-ery wayside group, in
every community, in every home. In every
story- told about children.
So each morning In the big tone building
of the Society for the Prevention of Cruel
ty to Children men and, women crane thiir
necks and strain their eye 1ookn g for the
jwRfiB fl
1 sugar
Woman Who Complained of Fear
ful Visions Is Found Dead.
l"t.urjj. Oct. 13. A terrifying dream, one
of manv that had unnerved her. frightened
Mrs Mafgaret Burk to death at her home
in McKccs Rocks. The last dream was
fatal. ImiuHi it wrought an attack of
'! an failure. Her heart, unablu to recover
fium tlie shuck dealt by some frvatul vl
M ". sin ceased to beat.
She -nim 25 yearn old and had had -heart
rmible for ye vera I years. Her 3-year-old
daughter wan sleeping with her when sh
-.nzi-d with the strange dream that
n.lnl hr life.
The famll) boarded with u Mr W.t:o
llrr bust-ami. Jowph. I employe,! by tho
llttsb'irg and LaV Krie Railroad, ami
worked Bt nlcht. His wife w-s apparently
it. good health. Itfcenlly she cotnpluined
f fe line badly and of weird dre&m.
Mr- Watson heard MrsC Hurk scream In
the middle of the night, ami then she heard
a crash In the liedroom. She went to Mrs.
lturk's bvdroom and knocked at the door.
At she received no nnnwer she returned to
: r t-druum. thlnklne that xbe hail made a.
i KurK retumeu nome ironi wivk at i
J o dm k and went to his wife's bed room. He
kto. kul at the door, but uiu not receive
an rfi.nw.-r Then he callel Mr. Walxon
and he called to Mrs. Hurk'.s 3-jear-dd
daughter and idle sot out Qf bed ami let
lur f ither lino the room. Hr mother wca3
ljins on the floor dead.
The woman, terrified In her dream, had
jumped up in her bed and fallen face down
ward on th floor. The idiock killed her In
stantly. IIr noee was cra.-di-d by strlk
Inc the floor.
Sh had ten dead for hjur? when the
d :or arrived. The little dauRhter mW she
hiard her mother eereairfln her dreams and
tall on tile floor, but be wtw so frlchtenol
thut she did not make an outcry and so.n
f. II alk . . , .
Mn purk wut oflen seized with these
nightmare ami they always left her In a
nervous and exlwutl state. The Coronet;
InveMlKiitr d the case and shM It was one hi
the itrnf;ew he ever encountered in his ex
pTlnce. 1.-:
II. B. MABTIN-By himself.
Oscar I Whitelaw. William II. Walker.
W. . Aantfes William Zaohrttz. William 1L
Thompson. D. Crawford and others. The
following, artists are on the Committee of
Arrangements: 11. B. Martin. Dick Wood.
George McManus. Ed Eksergian. S. Carlisle
.Martin. IVrthold Wldmann. J. It. Win
bourn. I"aul Frl Berdanler. Edward Grln
bam. W. J. Porter. J. 'Gay Martin. MLi
Una Barclay. Henry Thode. George Wal
ters. Lou! E. Ionahoe A. Brlscrft. A.
Itkwk Goree Stick. Mtsx Anita Moore:
I F. F Iorter. secretary: Max Orthwein.
one adorable child that some day Is to make
& name In public affairs.
All the world loves a child. All literature
blossoms with children, from the parable In
the New Testament to the story of Prince
Arthur. In Shakespeare, and David Coppcr
tleid in Dickens.
lown In the room where the children's
ca are heard you see what Is done for
the homeles jones; There are sweet llttl
bundles of Innocence, with ragged, defiant
Etreet 'gamins, child wrecks and vagabonds,
orphans hungry and melancholy all a part
of the daHy story to be incrlbed on the
Froit every corner of the city they come
from alleys, c liars, garrets, from tene
ments, coal boxes and from dens of vice. It
Is a curious, -heart-touching ecene. this mis
cellaneous gathering of hardened truants,
pickpockets and young toughs under the
tame roof with tender babes, all to be sep
arated and treated as each case may re
quire, cared for by strong men or kind
hearted women nurse until the case has
bs n tried and disposed of according to law
und JustK-e. Naturally pnuny kinds of peo
ple are emplovcd In the wurk from mother
l women to dctectivex. and big. burly
ut!lcial- of the police force.
The flrst thing after names and particu
lars of each -ae- have been entered In the
register l to 1ve the boy or girl a warm
bath and clear clothirg. The innocent ure
teparated from the drpraved, but all pro
vided with clean, comfortable beds and at
tendants to watch over them. Every na
tionality Is represented English. American.
French German. Norwegian. Spanish. Po
lish, ("hlne-e and negroes.
Sick children are put Irto hospital With
a surgeon and phyIcan In charge For In
fants the nnr-es provide special food and
sterilized mllk.
Now and then the wagon comes loadel
with truants, vagabond boys. keen, cur.nlng
own tonic and digestive
and cream for a complete meal
St. Louis
r.i-r,Tt i.O i IwiTn...
1 Do Not Tread All Diseases,
But Cure AH I Treat.
I want every matt that is suffering
from any special h-ae or condition
to come and consult witlt me, and I
will explain to ou a system of treat
ment whuh I have originated and dc
cloped after atr whole life' eTiTi
ence in treating disease-, peculiar to
men. It is a treatment that is based
on scu-ntthc knowledge. I have no
trial or sample treatment, cure-all
medicine Jor ale. belts, appliaiice$-or
similar devkes to otfer you. ! My elts
calion, my experience, uiy conscience,
my leputation, condemn all (such
quackery. If you .will call and see
me I will give you irec of charge a
'thorough personal examination, to
gether with an honest and scientific
opimou of the case..
Erv ii.'ira of stricture i familiar
with Its ni-adful symptom. bstruc
tion. piirtlal ckwtire of the canal, fre
quent and ainful scaldlnfpk prostatic
Irritation and '-nlarfement and Innam
mat'oii of tli- trfadder Strlctuie can
never cure itself, and often develop
rnpldlv. iinii li. a- vrr sho-t time In
volv. the surrounding tisioes aod
gland cauairj; untn'd nrnn and swift
rtestni'-tlii'i of health. If vou plane any
.iU" whntiier upon yur life and
health. ) not neI"et having your
sm lure inni-l by my special method,
.-is It !- liilnl.-. quirk and ,-ertaln. and
I- ic..,.ninll-hid without the use of a
knlft or sVund
Specific Blood Poisoning
I- the most loathsome of all dlse,
and ik a condition thtt may be hered
itary or acquired, and afser the system
ha- or. v htn talnt.tl with It it ."nanl
feu Ulf In the form ,A an nLr
th't iin In the .Uir.e. ulcerations of
the mouth, throat and tongu', falling
out ol lia.r and eebrow. and a cnpixr
rolore,! ra--h on t!i t ntlre lowly It a
c-ndltin that no thlrtv or ltv dav
method will cure. Inasmueh as It ! a
disease of th' blood, mvl only time dnri
projur meli ine will effect a cure If
ou hav anv of the above amptom'
I ak that vol consult me at on-- I
care not who ha treated yotfand fulled.
a I will r re yim by m system of
- treatment Just as sure as you will come
to :nv urtice f.ir tri-atm'nt. I u. no
men urj or ,! ,i therebv Insuring you
whf'i "if'-l 'hn ur tionfe ilsufs are
noi detr, I
VVD1TP f,,r "'IT of latest
. , .N ulrij fr
free In plain scaled envelope upon request.
HOURS: 8 A. M. TO 8 P.
a'.d thoroughly bad. kl king, howling, bl
lrg. swearing in -trange and ghastly . n
trat v.ith the m'j-mur.ng. cooing hats-,
with tbe.r dovelike lisping, tilling the nurs
ery with mu-!i
Ono bov. who kept two men busy while
he was kicking, said he had "bin shovin'
ile queer." In other word, he had been
emplovcd by a gan of counterfeiters to
help put their spunout money into circula
tion. After an exhibition of boyish brava
do, he finally cam to hi sen-, and told
the orarers all about the gang be had betn
serving, which enabled them to make Im
portant arrests for the beneflt of the city,
vv hile the youngster himself was sent to an
Institution to be manufactured Into a citi
zen, and taught a useful Industry
Following came a lovely girl, her features
regular and noitively lieaetifui In counte
nance and expressii n What wa the mat
ter with this walf. who should be at school
with a good home for shelter?
She bad Iwen kidnapped, so the story run
kldnapissi by an hivst ide tough in po
litics a so-calld gentleman, who did his
b-st to blot out her life ami destroy hope
Providentially she was rescued frcm a dive,
w litrp she had be-n kept a prisoner. Though
h-r scream were heard by the persons, of
the neighborhood, tt wa considered noth
ing extraordinary In viw of the character
of the place, and so thj outrage continued
without the skies opening and thunderbolts
descending, until the society wa Informed
and an officer found the child and rescued
her The man wa ipsedlty tried and sen-t-ncci
for ten ears. the full limit of thi
law for abducting an Innocent child to lead
a life of shame.
tattle "Johnnie." Dobstetter. only 7 years
of age. but precocious beyond his jears.
was found begging from door to door In
Wevt Thirty-fourth street. There was more
dirt on his face than on the pavenvnt.
strange n It may seem When he wa
scoured and put lato fre-h. clean garment,
hi- said. In a sweet childish treble: "ile
fader an" moder I dead: I sleep In de
wag"ns. but I'se all right." It was found,
on investigation, that hi parents were
poor, apparently respectable, and Ignorant
of whither the bov had gone He wa re
turned to the. custody of hi parent, and
has not again bei seen on the street beg
Etnir There was a rutle In the Children's Court
when little Pauline Cohen, a one-armed
girl of . told her story- She said she hid
tKen forced to go on the streets with a tag
around her neck telllrg a pitiful stnrv by
which he solicited alms for a sick babies'
fund. Shq said that when the day's amount
wa not xumclent vhe was rtos'ged und sent
to. sleep In a corner without supper The
result of this case sent several Individual?
to nrison for a full term
.irvi vaiur tue mi'ij vuhii iviiu zuuriu m
ted of George MUIr. 4 years of age. who
was beaten by a brutal woman In Kast
Fifty-second street, ami when not beaten
was tortured until death would have ensued
b'H for the re-ue by an ofilcer of the so
ciety The boy was put In a hospital When th
case came to trial the Magistrate could
ei-.ircWv believe that a worn in in her right
minil could so 111 treat n helnles child
Iattle Kate I-ee a Chlne-lrih ch M
J wa rescued from a horrible life Her
I father, a Chlnnman. llv il In flat with
H lMf Rfl Afgl A fiBS
IH EM (Tba CH K! ffTB K II s, a K3i &ST U tv) M
I EJbIq 11M i iinlBia Iq iuBflvBliiy
agent Scientifically cooked, dainty, crisp and
cooked oatmeal or the
TVes - do Supplied Jby
Ti.Ti i ban's hrt,
-- '--' -s"-
r.su vwv. stiii:i:t. nt. i.nn. io.
Pr. King's Propohitlon to Take Your
Case and Treat ou Until Cured j
iMen,-Rcadthe Folio wlngi j -
The fear vou an not be ciirsi may liave
deterrec mu frotu i:kliiK honest treatrntnt
or yon. mar hav- he,-n our of the -unlor-iuiiaks
who hav.- bem treat"! in vainlby
inexperiem-e.1 phvsh-ian. FRKK THE.VT
and" similar d,-vkes. S"h treatment" cn
noi and wirt re v-r ure voir, nor wlh lbV
maladlr cur- thcmseh.cn. Win I offer
von a curr .nd .im wt'ncK to ri.k or pyo-f-"iional
r;.ut itlon hi riirinir voo. jnl hir
su-h fulth in.-l conn len-e in mv contm:wi
u. ... Im Tr.rill'ie th-o- rli-,a. that I
"'-' ,,T '"' EIT A DOLLAR T.VTII.
satisflc.l f a la-tlrg ii e. what fairer bd-i-n.-s
Prn'Hit'.ir . ." b- offered to th si.k
...... uii".i -ox 1'IOUM cnm-fnCA th,
lironlr- Disorder. i
Tl i - nuSV" r try m XT. -.i - .,,M-i -
. iia1 I ! --! uitil har. dlitn.i.ed tt iml
Ifivn fry o:i-i n
Home Trent mnt.
0r r" nal vi.lt I- u. . i r.'.rrii bin '.t
you urn t ..ill hi h it.. wrtt m yfur
wvnpfnni fulT, and I will me'l vrai a cmpltir
t .f -nipr.a.l -v.t m l.'iRk. I makr no
i harre fir a-tvt... t Jiaan I'lnie or rivw Jida-
Iiir. a-" u- I by mv inipr , I mrts.vl9 of iHim.
tr. t'rr m
book. "Plan's Main Malndlra Mastered."
M.; SUNDAYS, 9 A. Kl. TO 2 P. JVI
13 &f fl
cr-TtMycir m -..iai vk
sk.Hl.al a. I men .),, M. an,, , ,,,,
nor". FliVi-"""". "fEMBE. this U
V"; - t "'' " ' tlr"' '" ccompllsH. -i
614-616-618 FRANKLIN AVE., AND 822 N. SEVENTH ST.
Gulllamy French Pea
filoyene). per can
Lacaze &. Co.. French
Mushrooms, per can
Sweet Spiced Midget Pickles,
per quart
Nh-otlnl Italian Oflve Oil.
Vgallon can '. ,
....... I Isv
"Norka" Malted
ready lo serve.
Oats, thoroughly cooked.
large package... ............ ...........
Boston leaked Bean? with To
mato Sauce. Lotus brand. No. I can.
Cream Brick ChtesA.
per pound
New Holland Herring, all llllrhfrtJC.
Fat. per dozen.. ((
Egg Vermicelli.
por pound .";..
Broad Kgc Noodles. &r
per pound 91
Sunrise Mince Meat (condensed).
three women, one Chinese and his slave,
another nn Irish, and a third a negro
woman.' Little Kate was the daughter of
the Irish woman Although a pet of tho
Chinaman she was made to perform re
volting tasks by the Irish wife, who wa
said to be Jealous of the other women. She
made the child suffer to get even
The child In a special Institution., I now
on the road to become an educated. Intelli
gent younc woman.
Socirty's Foiintli-r Vill Attend.
International Congress.
RFPfni.li" SPFi t.L
New York. Oct. IS. Duke de Loubat.
founder of the Society of Americanists. Is
expected lo a'tend the thirteenth interna-
ttonal congres of that society, which wf'U i
open Mondiv in the halls of the American
Museum of Natural History The meeting
will be continued until October 23. The
object of the congTCs ' to bring together '
Htti'lents of the ar'-haeology. ethnology and
early hl"tnrv of the two Americas, and bv
the reading of pipers, and bv dlscnsl ns '
to advance knowledge of these subjn . j
many less nutritious wheat foods.
t".i .V niilfmi , -ii,ri.iirfc t.l , , r . n
' rtfjB . , -. - .V. T o-
I Treat Men Only, and Cure
'I hem to Stay Cured.
If. afterj examining, you, I find yonr
cae is incurable. I will honestlv tell
you so and advise you as to the future
care of your condition without any
extra expense.
On the other hand, if r find your
casr is cura,ble, I will assure ou vt a
permanent cure- I have sueh faith
and confidence in my "ability to core
you I am' perfectly willing to let von
pay me your fee wrheu you are cured.
I will make you no fal-e promises,
but wiirgiveyona ja.fe and positive
cure in 'the shortest possible l"n.
leaving no injurious effect on tnnr
system, li never disappoint my i
tients norl hold ut false hopes.
I A torflltion thar rn ir 'a(Tefs fr m
mi'-i- lhain all oi- r ndit'cr ' - -Knrd.
ami I th" . ".t cause of r",
ou. prostration ar.i mi !inh( men' l
physical, ami nil pcw.rs. whuh in t'trn
causes mkelnin fulurr and uranp -ney.
anj urflts "n fr the ordtnarv
ifntie and pUasur. of lif- I do -or,
I-clsiim mfalIiM!it n rrinc gnrf dl--
eas-eH. but I lo mak-ih-' broa i i-v..r- i
that I ha've rv r fai"rI t ,-ir a
le cas ijf varlf.krir whuh I hiv -cptfl
fofr tr-Htr-nt bv mv r !
m"tw.iid I elf.ct - pTTr.t.oit in., I.
rr m-thiHl v it!n ill a "tijn' r
op. rath nor Iok o tin-, to putiet"
Loss of Alanly YiVor.
If vou ire latkine in frese eier'.il
lenj-'ris f ma eh', rd to m ' f '
a-.l 'on-ntlt m- privat-iv I ha-w e .- !
-ai.'v quu-Kiy ano p-rm. nently .r..,.
wh' h raV'e bnn abai oi d bv fim-i-phvsniar.s
and o-cl!l -pert. nfi-.es
wh' h hati- bn .Hjg'av i'd a:..l ai.iie
o's bv the u-e of B,-!t I'rep S.irap: s
or hi il .ipi'llarx." I w!.l runwn tr
evil 'ffcts of u-h Ir'Mirrrnts ard r
stoc to 1'Mi wftal vou h.iv lest p- nr
preeliins inarh0ft M -rire for irt .v
men raak'js II. t.'ix i. r'ch and p'ire, fo
fleh flrmi. th. ni'J'r' ' solid and V
nrves Tmns ain! tatli It brisht''
the brain bv ,-!iv.r,e it of all d
sp.im'eitesrl In .1 wonl. It bollfls up t'"
phvslcat ird mntal man and prepare
""him an w for ih.- ui.t e and pleasures
of stunlv m.iriix)i
A limited hnniber tvIII be sent nbso-
Opposito Globe-Democrat Bldf;.,
Sugar-C'urad California Ham,
per pound J
Choice White BoneIewC0dnsh.
per pound - i
Potted Hatn.' "
3 cans for....
Llbhy's Peerless l hipped BT.
i-poumI tart
California, Peache- i fg- No. IS
can f..
Per dcxeji ijr -
Jasmin- Brand falirornta Tender
Asparagus. !ar; "
square can
PHIsburv Best Northern Spring Wheat
Flour: , -
SS-Ib. sack. 2.fX
4S-lb. sack 4 U.Oi
2Mb. sack -"50
Red Cherries In Maraschino.
per pint bottle ,
Jas. Hennessy J Star Cognac.
per bottle
7-Year-Old Montrose Bye Whlskv. Cfln
Suit quart bottle ..OUC
The subjects to be discussed by the con
greys relate to the na'lve races of Amtr
ica. -their origin, distribution, history
physical characteristics, languages, inven
tions, customs and rellgiors. and the his
tory of the early contract between America,
and the Old World.
Invitations to the congre. issued In
November. 1401. were forwarded by th
State Department to all foreign Govern-im-nt.
which snt them to the different;
uriv-ersitli-s and sclenlltic Institutions in
ihclr respective countries. Several of thesi
epeclal representative of foreign- Govern
ments and foreign institutions already havo
nrrlvd from Bar.-!- and South America
Juan li. Ambrosetti. delegate o'f ths
Mueum National of Buenos Ayres. tha
university of the same place and of that
of La Plata, has arrived here. He is ore i !
the btst authorities In South America on
anthropology and Arr'erlcanist question.
Thl will bo (he first tlmo tbe society
ha held 14s congress- In the t'nlted Statei.
Sessions were held since 1S7S at Luxem
bot.rg. Brusells. Paris. Madrid. Copen- .
b..g. u. Berlin. Turin, Huelva. Stockholm.
M xico an I the last tlra- at Paris In 19".
wh. n it wa voted that the thirteenth con
gress should be held at New York In Ji'JXi
under the presidency of Morris- K. Jessup,
t casure-
.95c f
wholesome. The rush r
' M
- V.
appetizing. Needs only
. - - .
fl 1,nrti ,-tW.liSA.
? A
50c- i
10c I
..18c t
14c I
. .1.4i.
WhWa '
iiTw''ViiiiaMl tift 'i rft fr nriTir
. !-VMf

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