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,.-, - -i, ...,545, 1K M,vi' , ,.-,v- - "nFJpSSSSSi1
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House of Delegates Disregards
Wishes of the Residents of a
Fashionable Thoroughfare.
Bemainder of the Street Improve
ment Measures Are Laid
Orer Until Xext Tues
day. To show the residents of Westminster
place that the House of Delegates Is still In
existence. Council bill No. 126. which pro
viding for the paving of Westminster be
tween Spring and Vandeventer avenues,
was defeated last night in the Bouse by a
vote of 9 to 8. nine of the twenty-six mem
bers being absent.
This action was taken regardless of the
fact that 80 per cent of the propertr hold
ers In Westminster place approved the bill
and had sent a communication to the lower
branch of- the Municipal Assembly urging
Its passage.
The measure called for the use of creo
soted wooden blocks as material with
which to pare the street, and this clause
waa made the basis of an excuse for some
of the members to vote against the bill.
Delegates Burke and Oberbeck made
speeches in favor of 'the measure, both de
claring that as the Board of Public Im
provements and the property holders them
selves were -In favor of creosoted blocks
there was no reason why the Houe of
delegates enouia interiere.
Official Forecast Announced
To-Day and To-Morrow.
fruhlncton. Nov. 25. Forecast:
Illinois Fair Wednesday and Thursday;
oru 10 Buwn winas.
Butero Texas Fair Wednesday and Thursday;
cooler la north portion Wednesday and in south
voitlaa Thursday; fresh north winds, dlmlnish-
Art tana, Oklahoma and Indian Territory Fair
and cooler Wednesday. Thursday fair.
Western Texas Fair Wednesday and Thursday.
Mlseourt Fair Wednesday and Thursday;
warmer la west portion Thursday.
Local Report.
St. Louil. Nov. 95. IMS.
69 am. C9 pm.
Ttjarmoroatar. desreea 42 49
Htunldltr, dacreea SI .7
Direction ol wind K M
Vdodtr ot wind 12 12
Rain. Uche. 01 .OS
Weather at :M a. ra.. cloudy: at :E p. m..
llatit rain. llaxlmum temperature. 48 degrees:
minimum temperature. 40 decrees. River. U.2
teeu B. J. HYATT.
Ical Forecast Official.
' GfrenuseBt Report.
Departnent of Asriculture. Weatner Bureau.
llsteoroloaical -observations received at St. lioula.
November . UOt. at 8:19 p. m. local tlrre and 8
p. ,sv seventr-flfth meridian time. Obaen-atlons
made at tna same moment of time at all etatlona.
ae i aeie. vit. lp.Mi.Kti, weatner.
N 40 44 ... Cloudy
vtr .
W 8 W
.... Clear
.... Cloudy
.... Clear
.02 Clear
.... Clear
... Clear
.... Cloudy
.02 Clear
,... Clear
.04 Rain
,... Clear
.90 Clear
.0 Cloudy
... Cloudy
... Clear
.14 Rain
.70 Rain
NE 14
,.......w a
.....NW at
.NE p
...... .tv u
... NW 2
..SW K
..NE 40
... .S 74
.W 41
...7 SO t
....N 4( CO
nvv a
Moatsomery .... BW a 70
Mean Mile ....... NW CO 43
lfarauette ..... SB 30 30
jaooecie . , . m....nc 24 xo
Mew Tone
.N 41 (0
NorloDc ....
New Orleans .'......
Naskrllle ...
Norta Plaue .....
3naha m
Oklaboma ........
PhlladelDhla ......
Paiaetxna ,,
..SW (3 70
...SW M 72
.02 Fair
..NW SO H .2Z'Raln
....w 4 40 -uear
..NW 23 42 Snow
.....N W U .... Clear
,..NB 44 GO .22 Rain
..NW 32 4 .... Clear
PlttSDUra .......
Farkersbura; .
Pueblo ....
Q'Appelle ..
RaSd aty ......
Bt. Paul .......
AsreTeport ...f.n
...SB 44 ts .01 Rain
...nb w .10 Rain
N It 44
...SW It 20
..NW 22 K
,...SB 34 3
....W M tt
...NB 40 2
.02 riear
.... wear
.... Clear
.... Cloudy
.... Cloudy
. 01 Rain
.It Cloudy
.... Clear
.... Clear
.01 Clear
nprmaneia, ui.
t. LiOUU
oula N ao ae
Bprtncfleld. Jto. NW 42 43
BartLelte N 32 34
oanta ire ..... NB in s
(Jan Antonio .. SW (2 70
Vleksbnix ...,,......W (2 e2
Valentine ....,..NW 30 J
Wasusctoa .... ..NE 43 as
.w Kain
Wichita N 40 60 .... Cloudy
indicates precipitation Inappreciable.
Local Forecast Official.
BankrapCa Books to Be Bxaualned.
In the oase of John Schoenbraun, the
bsnkrupt, woo -was ordered to account for
r.eaa in cash, which was sot listed by him
In httj list or assets, an order was made
by Jnds Adams to examine the books of
itlaa Ann, the defendant's attorney dedar
lar that an error had been made In the rec
ord at toe trial.
Aouen mmiimi. flw bz u .... Ulear
anarlUa .MKM. NW 34 S .... Clear
Atlanta . SW E m .u cioudr
Wamarok .. .NW 20 JO .... Clear
SuWa ... E JS 40 .... Cloudy
Ckarlotte .. 8 0 64 .12 Cloudy
Chattanooca . . SW e 70 .01 Clear
Cincinnati .. NB 44 ct Cloudy
gereland .. NB M 44 .... Cloudy
CTJeaan .. o NE 3 40 .. cloudy
OelamWS ... NB 44 4S ... Cloudy
Catra .... -. SW 44 60 .14 Cloudy
3e5Sar-vr.y.7.Nw n 44
OoasetSs. - NW U 44
Balstll twmt.t.m ....... ...S SO X3
pakooae , - NE 40
TUSjaniml NE 41
Kui otf 1 ! .....
jrertamita .
Sraod Haven ZT."
jrspo Jnactlea
XttieStoclc ..mi....
The physical ills aod needs of an expectant
mother have been the theme of thought and
study for ages, tnd all physicians know that
her peculiar condition requires an additional
aid to nature ; an elaatidfier for the expand
ing muscles and a strengthener for the sinews
upon which is brought the attain of child
weight; so that the little one shall have per
fect health and symmetry of form ; a lubri
cating balm that will enable her to go about
with grace and ease; quiet and steady nerves,
and her whole being acting harmoniously
for the good of herself and child.
MOTtCTS retCND, if used diligently through
out gestation, will soften the breasts, thereby
preventing cracked and sore nipples. All
tissues, muscles and tendoas straiaing with
burden will soften, relax, become soothed,
supple and elastic from its continuous appli
cation. All fibres in the abdomir,tl region
will respond readily to the expanding cover
containing the embryo if MOTHETS FRtElvD is
administeredexternally aliduring pregnancy.
Of drugglct SLOO per bottle.
A treatise "Motherhood ''FREE. Write.
Father Ducey's
$1,98 FOR 55.00 ROOM BUGS.
75 Ingrain Room Rugs. 9x9 feet; (CI QQ
regular 15 value; for 2 hours 9I0W
1200 yards White Shaker Flannel, OI
regular 6Hc quality; per yard 2v
79c FOR $2.00 BLANKETS.
100 pairs 11-4 White Fleeced Blankets,
regular 22 quality; pair
5c for 15c
25c for 50c
Bed Pillows.
300 Combination
KK boxes Ice Wool, 8
nails in box black.
Feather Bed
wmte and colors;
regular 15c quality;
per box, until sold..
regular SOc
until sold
Or r I50 cherry-handle
Ois steel blade.
For 39c Import-
Kortl.25 fam
ily scales,
weighs 21
china Salt
9 fo 11 A. M.
FOR MEN'S $3.00
FOR MEN'S $2.00
High-back and Ace of
Spades Brand Overall
and U. D. B. Z. Jump
ers. $1.00 values.
First Rendition of "A Mdht In Bo
hemia" Was Enthusiastically Be
celved In East St. Ionia.
"A Night in Bohemia," a musical extrav
aganza, was presented at the East SL Louis
Opera Bouse last night, under the auspices
of the East St. Louis Lodge of Blka, for
the benefit of their charity fund. The pre
sentation was was entirely by Bast St.
Louis amateur talent. The Opera House
was crowded and the audience received the
efforts of the amateur thesplans enthusias
tically. The plot hinged on an old retired
actor, who, on Christrcas eve. thought
himself forgotten by all his old-time friends.
These and many others suddenly enter his
home and all have a happy time. The plot
nome and an nave a nappy time, ine piot
frlvc. nnnAMtinnv fnr n niimnor fT uiprtnl.
tlCTVrhTChK3.riS,W.ei1Jr?i,rt , ,h. .
...". "f- - --,, . . -- ... ......-
tired actor. He was supported by the following-
.w.. . ...... -ww ... ". . -" .-
imety unoaes
' OenrS Sv ! The reason he gave for attempting to de-
::::"::::V.Mr?Shews l stry .th8 money was that he wanted to re-.-........
Win coy iu" to work, but could not as long as he
George Thatcher ,
Charles Frobman .
Ofnoer Callihan ..
Tommy Jiggs .....
..Worth Faulkner
ioine nooios .........
Alice Nellaoa ... .
Anna Held ...
Delia Fox
May Irwtn .....
Kay Templeton
Tottie Cough Drops
Edna Hopper
Isadora Rush .
Marguerite Sylvia ...
Ulllan Russell
Sue-Brette .... .......
Belle-VllI ..
Bonnie McQtnn .......
.....Miss Nellie Flannlgan
.. Mrs. J. Metzen
......Miss Claudia Slmcock
Miss Reine Jones
.....Miss Anna Uchtburn
. Mise Nellie Schaefer
Miss Grace Ullle
Miss Jessie Hewitt
Miss Dora Pendleton
Miss Mary Broderlck
Mia Hazel Carroll
...Miss Justine Isivlngaton
..Mlaa JoseDhlne Broderlck
iii toil. wSSt
Lulu Ola
----- ---------
Mise Iuue Tabb
Carry Banner.....
Willie Beatlt.....
Willie Hitlt
Carry Warcrys....
Seldom Busy ......
Always Tired ...
,.. Salva- .Judge J. B. Mesaslck
.. tton T. J. Healr
.. Army Frank O'Neill
..Soloists.. ......... Al Keeohler
Artbnr Lduman
............. .....W. J. Lauman
Always Broke
Ezy lUrb...M,..H.H.
ijeon . Kmitn
. F. IX Evans
,. W. L. Wavland
wiine at
WUlle Work .
Otto Work ...-
Willie Settle
Willie Nltt
Con Rubes ...
Sell Ooldbrlck
1 Am Wise
X Am It .
Ir CoM.
Ieadore Flnnegan
U O. Barr
,... Robert Fekete
... .. A. C- Conn
J. P. Metzen
T. a. Potts
....- Leo P. Little
..... .F. A. Lehman
...... .....M. E. Walsh
P. H. Slmcock
...... IT. C. Hoirue
Patrick Beade .................Cbester Iee Fox
Clarence Atwater -J. W. Sanders
The entertainment was gotten up b: Thoa.
Gety. The committee In charge of the af
fair consisted of: AL Keechler, J. B. Ma
gulre. XiOUls Bolamenue. Joseph B. Messlck,
W. B. Trautman and John J. Faulkner.
The entertainment is to be repeated to
night, when a delegation of Elks from St.
Louis, Belleville, Alton and other places
will be present
East St. Loots Items.
Messrs. A. B. Franket' W. Carter. A. I.
Roberts and W. Thornsbury returned from Chi
cago, where they attended the meeting of the
A onion Thanksgiving service will be held
In the First Presbyterian Church. Thursday, at
10:U a. m. The Reverend B. H. Hale, pastor of
We madeealDM with Presto and were deBghted with tt. They
were deliciona, much quicker, very sice indeed, delidona,
K.iehSU New York City. Oct,,iga. Etftl) WulL.Ljm;immpHytVitiHtThmma3.Biy
Knives, good
$1.00 OVERALLS HATS, 25c
shapes, as
sorted styles, black
and colors;
milliners get
Jl for the
same kind.
Saventh and
the First Christian Church; will preach the aer
mon. The sixth annual ball given bv the Queen's
Daurhtera was given at Music Hall lat nlxht.
The Arrangement Committee was composed of
llmea. 1L c Lovlnsston. E. Oebtke and D. B.
A, entertainment and hoo will be Km
Thursday night at Muilc Hall by the memberu
of the Concordia Uederkranz Society.
TA;Je,SIlr5"w'11 be Kl,en tlie Reverend S.
w. Shepherd Friday evening at the Bond Ave
nue M. E. Church.
Mls Mamie and Anie Uourke entertained
the members of the West Knd Mandolin Club
last night.
St. Clair Tent. Knlehts of the Maccabees.
win give a pan to-morrow night at Broadway
Venice Man Created Excitement
Saloon by Ills Queer Action.
: conlderahl nf o .n .... ..,.
I I. .. . . . : Zl . - ......
; ... j. .iH.n .irnar Rn Mn nr Vn na -AaAvn..
5? a drunken man attemptinp; to burn a rofl
i ui muuey. ills saving lor mnnv mnnth
kast week the man stopped work and
o.uuo men nas oeen spending Ms savings.
had any money left.
Tax-own Twenty Feet by Enslne.
John Keeshan was struck by a freight
engine early yesterday morning and. al
though thrown twenty feet from the track,
was uninjured and was able to walk to his
home. Keeshan works on the nisht force
at the steel mills at Granite City, and was
uu mo way u ms nome at Jiauison. wnen
he stepped In front of the engine. He was
tossed high In the .air and fell In a ditch
I i!!.ntr fee J0 ?e track. The engine
wviL? pa.MTiruMi nur nornra inn unmnna .
reach Keshaj, he wa , . , d
proceeding on his way.
Trl-Clty Kotes.
Ten houses are to be constructed at Madison
by Charles Maumer of St, Louis. Work will be
started at once.
.. Ths managers of the Helmbacher mills at
Madison announce that 1100,000 will be spent In
Improvements at the plant during the winter.
Two rural free delivery routes will be as
signed to the Granite City Post Office by the au.
thorltles at Washington.
The nrat annual ball of the Foundry Em
ployes' Union will be held to-morrow evening
at Forcade's Hall at Granite City.
The levee at Venice Is to be reconstructed.
Work will be started the first of neit year.
Alliance "Will Be Formed Among the
Pastors In Jersey Ccranty.
Three Jerseyvllle pastors, the Reverend
Doctor Jay A. Ford of the First Baptist
Church, the Reverend J. G. Klene of the
First Presbyterian Church, and the Rev
erend J. Q. Dee of the First M. E. Church,
yesterday sent out Invitations to all minis
ters of evangelical denominations In Jer
sey County to attend a meeting In Jersey
vllle Monday morning, at vvhicti important
matters of interest to the work of the
church will be considered. ,
The conference will be held at 10:30
o'clock In the parlors of the First Uaptlst
Church. The most Important business will
be the formation of the Jersey County Min
isterial Association, which will be undenom
inational In Its character, and will hold
frequent meetings, at which addresses nnd
papers will be presented on the leading
questions In the religious world.
Jerseyvllle Ilotes.
Charles Bralnerd of Grafton. 111., was a visi
tor In Jerseyvllle yesterday.
An Interesting meeting of the Mothers' Circle
of Jerseyvllle will be held this afternoon with
Mrs. F. M. Dodson.
Alderman H. 8. Daniels of Jerseyvllle re
turned yesterday from Springfield. 11L
Justices of the Peace W. H. Schroeder, A. H.
Quinn, J. C. Ross and J. O. Brwln of Jerseyvllle
held a meeting yesterday and appointed S. L.
Stanley as clerk of Jersey Township to fill the
unexpired term ot Oscar Hill, who died sudden
ly on Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. Walter E. Carlln of Jerseyvllle, presi
dent of the Jersey County Domestic Science
Club yesterday Issued a call for a meeting, to
be held on Wednesday of next week In the Court
house at Jerseyvllle, at which the principal
theme for discussion will be "Meats."
The Board of Education of Jerseyvllle yes
terday Issued a notice that, beginning on Mon
day next, one-balf of the pupils of Rooms 1 and
2 would attend the morning session and the
other half the afternoon session. Thlsi action
was necessitated on account ot the crowded con
ditions of these two rooms.
The Reverend Doctor Callaway Nash of Jer
seyvllle will begin a series of evangelistic meet
ings on Monday evening In the First M. K.
Church at Plasa. 111. The Reverend Doctor NaA
closed a successful revival meeting at Godfrey
on Sunday evening, at which twelve conveniens
were reported.
The body ot Bud Smith, a former resident
fine, big Turkey with
Suit and Overcoat
$9.75 or above, and to
make the present complete
a quart of juicy cranber
ries is thrown in. Here is
a chance to get a turkey
dinner free, besides saving
$2.50 to $5.00 on any Suit
or overcoat.
S3.50 Trimmed
Hats, $1.99.
The Shcpherd
esB styles,
draped velvet
hats, trimmed
with Lousine
silk scarf,
fancy breast
and orna
ments, black
or colors.
Franklin Ave.
of Jenseyville. was brought to Jerseyvllle lit
evening from Alton for burial. The funeral will
tal.o placo this afternoon.
William riamm departed yesterday for St.
Iuls, where he will jo'n Congressman T. J.
r-elby of tlie Sixteenth Winola District on hi"
way to Washington to resume hi duties at th
capital. Mr. riamm is private secretary to Con
gressman fcelby.
The Reverend Doctor CallawaT Nash of Jer
Boeyvllle departed yesterday for Pittstleld. 111..
where he officiated last evening at the weddtnff
of lllFR Mudd of that city to W. M. Daldwin of
Pana. 111. The bridegroom Is a business man of
CoIUnsvIIIe Notes.
Thanksgiving services will be held at Bethel
ChurUi to-morrow morning.
There will be a union meeting at the First
Presbyterian Church Thanksgiving evening,
servicen will be led by the Reverend Doctor Mc
Bride. temporary pastor of the church.
The man-lace of Mr. Nickolson and Mi-A
Sophia Fix will take place to-day at the home j
ui iue unue.
Mrs. Belle Hamilton and little daughter.
Constance, have returned from tho Kast after
an extended visit with friends and relatives.
The Stare, one of the Webster School literary
societies, will givft an entertainment at the
t-choolhou& this afterntxm. The following pro
gramme will be given: Recitation, Kdgar Pauch:
essay, Laura Terrant; recitation. Annabel Rut
ledge; duet. L?ll'a Peers and Anna WUhelm: es
say, Essaline- Furley; recitation. Cora Jonev;
paptr. Arthur Tletcher: eay. Cola Wilson; rec
itation. Ri-se Snadden; debate. iJadlo Conn atrl
Elizabeth Snaddcn.
Real Ebtate Transfers.
Real ebtato transfers Hied for record
Belleville jesterday were:
Robert Bothmann and wife to W. F. Wolker,
lot 59 and part 58 block S. second St- Clair subdi
vision. East St. Iu1s; quit-claim deed: 31.
P. W. Abt and wife to Margaret Genmal. lot
4. block 2; Abfs subdivision, lots 106-6-7, East
St. Louis; warranty deed: $2,000.
W. A. Rutledge to W. D. Rutledge. lota 3.
6 and 25. block 6. Rutledgo & Uorton's addition.
East St. Louis: warranty deed: Jl.
W. D. Rutledge to W. A. Rutledge, same as
above; wurrantv deed; 21.
Phillip Srhmidt. by executor, to William Wal
ther, lota W. 257 and 360. Fllke's second addi
tion. Mancoutah: executors deed: 22.650.
Stephen Pensoneau et al . by master, to Geo.
Pcnsoneau et al., part lot 10. southeast half ec
tlon 22. township 2, north 9: master's deed;
F. P. Beckwlth to Dollle E. Pope, part lot 36.
block 102. Dcnverslde; warranty deed: S1.2S0.
Dollle E. Pope et aL to G. T. Kvle, same
property as above; warranty deed; 21,250.
D. F. McCasland and wife to Anna M. Schlllt.
part lot 19. block 8 Louisiana Purchase subdivi
sion. East St. Louis; warranty deed: 237S.
Natalia Vose and husband to dam. Voss, lots
3 and 4. Arlington place. East St. Louis; war
ranty deed; 21.000.
Playa In Tito Lanaraacres.
St John's Young Men's Club of St. Peter's
Cathedral of Belleville last evening gave a
dramatic entertainment at the Cathedral
school hall In which they played "The Test
of Truth" In English and "Die Lacster
zunge" In German.
Sevrer Case Is Dismissed.
City Attorney Tecklenburg ot Belleville
yesterday morning dismissed the petition
In the County Court for the construction of
the proposed West Main street sewer which
Is objected to by a number of the property
owners on that street. The dismissal was
because of a technicality and the case will
be commenced over again. There was a
difference between the estimated cost of the
Improvement which had been fixed at JT.0S
per linear foot and the assessment roll
which had been fixed at JL13 a linear foot.
The hearing was before County Judge
Early of Edwardsvllle. who came to Belle
ville especially for this case.
Mnrrlaise Licenses.
Marriage licenses Issued In Belleville yes
terday were to: Emll Muskopf. Bertha Hu
bert, Belleville; Jacob Knerleber. Mary
Stutzmann. East St. Louli; J. L. Trlbout,
Eva Stark, Belleville; Louis Bach, Julia
Cslzmadia, St. Louis.
Belleville Xew Notes.
The official bond of George K.
county Clerk. In the sum oi jio.uw,
was filed
m the county court.
The Art Needlework Club will be entertained
this afternoon by Mrs. Sam Starkey.
The voung son of John Breitenbach crushed
his left foot yesterday.
James F Jordan and Mis Ella. Hughes, both
of Belleville, were married by the Reverend J.
A. Galaher yesterday.
Messrs. W. B. Eckert and Louis F. Dlntelmann
are attending the Southern Illinois Horticultural
Association's annual convention at Anna, 111.
George Schmidt was run over and seriously
Injured yesterday.
TJorchera Assaulted In Saloon.
William Borchers of No. 422 Natural
Brlcuro road rerxrted to the police yester
day that he had been assaulted by five men
In Ssmuel Baum's saloon at No. 4700 Nat
ural Bridge road. His cheek was lacerated,
his left eye discolored and he sustained
scalp woundsand Internal Injuries. Charles.
Nicholas. Louis nnd Leonard Valstln and
their brother-in-law, Anthony Neunzerllnp;
or pan &f?rt ljrlln nvpniip. were nrrestM
by the police on complaint of Borchers.
for "LfldifV SIS
CO QC for Century's $18
yuOJ Knickerbockers
find Norfolk Suits.
t7 QK for Century's Si:
4 1 1 33 Ladles' Monte
Carlos. ln erted pleat,
htch storm collar, roll
uQ. trimmed with
fancy ornaments.
lone Monte Car-
three -quarter
lengths, rlpplo bade,
trimmed with fancy or
naments and Inlaid M
et. new bishop sleeve.
wl OK for 55 Ladles
tJTttj J Monte Carlo or
Hot Coat. Oxford,
brow n or blue, velvet
roller. lliwl throughout
swell est garment on
the market.
tQ OK for Centura's
00.3 a $s a II- Wool
Kersey J rickets.
QpA for Girls' $2 JacJc
30w ets. large sailor
collar, trimmed with
braid. biRjten bargain
of the season.
QCft f o r Ladles 73o
twl; Dressing Sacque.
Ileece-llned, well made.
4lc for Misses'
75c Camel's Hair
Tarn O'Shanters.
0 n for Boys' 3Sc Plmh
101 caps.
AC for Jlen'a SI Caps.
"tOI all stIes and ma
terials. SHOES
At Half and Lass.
OCri for Century's 50c
JU Ladles Storm Rub
bers: first Quality.
CQ for Century's $1.25
U3U Ladle:' Shoes, cen
ulne lcl kid.
A Qa for Century's SI
T"3w Mioses' Shoes, sizes
12 to 2.
DQn for Century's $1.50
Otfv Boys Shoes, heavy
extension soles.
QCp for Century's ILB0
3wu Men's Shoes, jrood
italln calf, lace and con
gress tip and plain toe.
COa for Ontury's $1
J3u Boys' Buckle Arc
tics, heavy sum soles.
for Ladles' SJ
Mink Furs. S
marten tuns.
t0 OR for Girls' SC 00
viaJ double-breasted
itaclans. yoke back and
front, storm collar,
turn-back cuff, nicely
trimmed; a rood, warm
tO QCfor Century's ST
Ui33piUflh Capes. 30
Inches lonr. full sweep,
storm collar.
1W dozen ladles" real
hemstitched bordered
hemstitched, fancy
bordered handkerchiefs,
until sold. a
Wednesday lw
Ladles' Underwear 15c
KxCra heavy ribbed and
tletcrd ests or pants,
regular price 2c.
Misses' Union
Suits, 15c.
Vlth droD-baclc: heavy
ribbed and fleece.1; r-
uiar price 2c.
Fleeced Hose, 7!c.
LodlM' or Children's
lull seamleaa black
fleece-Und hoie; regu
lar price 12Hc-
Silk Fleeced
Underwear, 62'c,
Men'B extra heavy pure
silk fleeced shirts, pink
and blue shades, draw
ers to match.
Men's 75c Shirts,
3 for $1.00.
Fancy percales, stiff
bosoms, open front and
back, separato cuffs to
Handsomest Design in Toilet Articles.
Mirrors, Brushes, Puff Boxes, Files, Knives, Etc.
A. Kurtzeborn & Sons,
Jewelers, 310 North Sixth Street.
Itoate AV1I1 Ron Over Every Road
After January 1, Insuring- Deliv
ery at Each Bonne.
Forty additional rural delivery mall car
riers are to be appointed by the Government
for St. Louis County. According; to the
plans the postal authorities are now making;
tho new carriers will be on duty by Jan
uary 1.
The postal territory of St. Louis County
is being- rcdlstricted. When the rural free
delivery routes were first established It
was decided to deliver only along; the main
rock roods, thereby compelling persons liv
ing on cross-roads to come to the macad
amized thoroughfarea These routes run
along the Hall's Ferry road. Natural
Bridge, St. Charles. Olive Street, Clayton,
Manchester. Gravols. Lemay Ferry and
Telegraph roads. A route was also estab
lished at Florissant
Persons Ivlng on the corn-roads protest
ed acralnst the arranirempnt. and an Investi
gation by the authorities revealed the fact I
teat only a minority of tho county citizens
were being benefited by the rural routes.
It was then decided to change the postal
The one being drawn up Includes every
road In the county, so that each and every
one of the 60,000 citizens will have his mall
i-cllvered at hi9 door dally.
There are twenty-four stations, adjuncts
to tho St. Louis office. In the county. It Is
thought that they will be able to handle
the business under the new arrangement
and no mora will be established.
To Make Southampton Extensions.
Notwithstanding the bad weather, the
sale of lots In the Mercantile Trust Com
pany's subdivision, Southampton, Is pro
gressing so satisfactorily that In a few
weeks the rjresent trant will h A-rfcaMatrf
and additional territory opened In the neigh
borhood of King's highway. Immediately
south of Tower Grove Park. Handsome Im
provements will continue throughout the
winter, because of the urgent demand for
homes In a good locality under attractive
Olive Street Improvements.
The Commonwealth Trust Company,
which closed the sale of Nos. 1210 and 1212
Olive street, from J. L. Isaacs to Mrs. Ce
leste PIm for S,000, announces that plans
are drawn for handsome Improvements on
that part of Olive street, but no definite ar
rangements for new buildings are complete.
The price paid for the property, 118,000 a
foot, shows a decided Increase in values In
that part of the city.
Real Estate Transfers.
ARTHUR 31 ft.; F. G. Scberrlnghausen to
J. W. Petry w. d.... t
DALTON 29 ft., e. s., bet. Columbia and
Reber place: P. A. Moore to P. W.
Steffen w. d
DELMAR 71 ft. 11 In., n. a,, bet. Good
. fellow and Hamilton; Etta Niederlander
to Arlington Inv. Co. w. d
DELMAR 71 ft. 11 In., n. 3., bet. Geod-
fellow and Hamilton; Arlington Inv.
Co. to Etta Niederlander w. d
DELMAR W ft,, n. a., bet. Whlttler and
Pendleton: H. Galnea to S. J. Fisher
DELJLAR iio'lu. n7'i"'loet"cUra"ana
Goodrellow; E. A. Howell to S. J. Fisher
DEVONSHIRE W "f t." ." n. "'.'. bet." kinfs
highway and Brannon; Southampton
uo. to jonn iianey w. a...
rtxr t.
Florissant; i.
n. a., Dei- Emuy ana
II. Haack to Daisy Cllne
says of
34.95 for Men's 3(0 Suits.
$7.45 for Mill's $12 Suits.
$9.75 for Men's S(5 Suits.
$11.75 for Men's $18 Suits.
$4.95 for Young Men's S8.50 Suits.
$7.35 for Young Men's $12.50 Suits.
$4.95 fer Men's $10 Overcoats
$6.75 for Men's $12.50 Overcoats
$9.75 for Men's $15 Overcoats
$11.90 for Msn's $18 Overcoats
$3.85 for YoungMen's$7.50 Overcoats
$7.45 for Young Men's $1 2-50 Overcoats
$1.45 for Boys' $3 Suits
$2.45f or Boys' $4Suits
GRANVILLE-S ft.: Standard Inr. Co. to
Mary McCoy w. d
ITASKA 25 ft.; Wilmington Inv. Co. to
Oscar Gedlonsen w. d.
1TASKA-W ft.; Wilmington Inv. Co. to
J. H. Reynolds w. d.
JEFFERSON 25 ft., e. .. bet. Ann and
Shenandoah; H. C. Hlnikamp to J. E.
Pantler w. d
JUNIATA-B ft. 4 in., n. a, bet. Oak Hill
and Bent; E. A. Garvey, by trustee, to
w. Stllwe.ll-tr. d
XOELN too ft., a o.. bet. Grand and
Eugene; Alwlne Frohse and trustee, by
trustee, to Conrad Goets tr. d
LAFATETTE 27 ft., s. s . bet. Long-
lauow ana aucaigan; b. vv. imp to J.
D. Healy w. d
bet. King's
highway and Brannon; Southampton
CO. to G. F. Scbtt w. d
LABADIE a ft. 514 In.; C. Haag
Auxust Brcmachwlff w. d
.LAJUUBl 0 El..
..r.T. --- - -t --
K tAMa-Hlt -...
P-I.n UtMla.lMi t , if HI... r-.. ...
the Self-Helper Publishing and Educa
tional Co. if. d
MAFFITT 23 ft., a. s., bet. Lambdln and
Pendleton; Conway Elder to J. W. Gavin
w. d
UONTROSE-25 ft., e. a, bet. Caroline
and Park; Lliile Muller to Louis
Kpple w. d
MAHCEAU ZS ft. n s.. bet. Virginia and
block 31i; Amelia Davis to Frederick
Kaemmer w. d 1(0
MURDOCH 90 ft., s. a., bet. Brannon and
Mackllnd; Southampton R. Co. to James
Italley w. d TO
MURDOCH 50 ft., s. s., bet. King's high
way and Brannon: Southampton R. Co.
to James Halley w. d StO
NEBRASKA 25 ft., e. .. bet. Potomao
and Miami; F. J. Hall to Charles Hall
w. d 500
NINTH ISO ft.; Leo RaaHeur to Feldman
Realty Co. w. d 1
NINTH ISO ft.; Margaretha Kberle et al.
to Lee Rassleur w. d 20.000
PENN8TLVANIA 60 ft., e. a. bet
Walsh and Elcbelberger; Bartba Wlttlca
et al. to G. Muffler w. d LOOO
JUDGE S9 ft, s. a., bet. Academy and
union; A. ii Kueaeu to Kveiyn Martin i
ate. d 500
B1DNET 25 ft. & In.. . s.. bet. De Kalb
and Second: A. O. Nuleen to Q. S. Mep
ham qtc d 2
TENNESSEBtO ft., w. e., bet. Sidney ,
and Magnolia: Augusta Wagner to Wm.
J. Wletlake w. d 1.550
TNNESSEG-N n.. w. a., net. sianey
and Magnolia; Auguite Wagner to Anton
Jansen w. d 1.580
TWENTT-SECOND-2 ft. w. s.. bet.
Gratiot and Pap In: Herman Hess to
Wm. W. Jones w. A 2.000
WALTON-40 ft, w. s . bet. Page and
Fountain: J. J. Cantwell to Mary
Grlevee utc. d 1
WATER-25 ft. w. .. bet Courtols and
Prlmm; Josephine Glock to Amelia Glock
w. d 2
ButldlnK Permits.
Martin Estate, alter eight-story bulloing.
Tenth and Washington: 27,000.
Reverend J. J. Kaln. alter and repair church.
Second and Walnut. 2S.O0O.
Pacific Manufacturing Company, two-story
brick mill, 1060 Old Manchester: (7.000.
Superior Construction Company, eight, two
story dwellings, 5017-13-23-25-29-21-25-37 Maple; 240,
J. H. Belz. two-story brick flat. 4022 south
Grand; 22.500.
Ernest J. Hess, two flats. 2703-14 Louisiana;
Charles L. Schats. two-story brick flat, 2212
Murdock: 22.500.
Tronble Over u. Femce.
Mrs. Maud Julian of No. 2510 De Kalb
street yesterday applied for a warrant
against Mrs. Kate Beyerleln of No. 2542
De Kalb street. Mrs. Julian stated that
Mrs. Beyerleln had put up a fence between
their houses which had shut off her llzht
and air. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Johrson referred Mrs. Julian to City At
torney Taylor, saying it waa a case of dis
turbing the peace and should be tried In the
Police Court.
A. O. B. to Give Eacbre.
A committee of the Ancient Order of Hi
bernians held a meeting Monday night In
the parlors of the Llndell Hotel, at which
$1.45 for Boys' $3 Reefers
$2.45 for Boys' $4 Overcoats
$4.95 for Boys' $8 Overcoats
an Irish building- for the World's Fair was
discussed. Another meeting of the commit
tee will be held at the hotel next Friday
night- All the divisions of the Ancient Or
der of Hibernians will give a euchre and
hop In their own hall. No. 1617 East on ave
nue. Wednesday, December X.
St. Lords Guild WU1 Be Host at
Art Museum Friday.
A special reception will be given try th
St. Louis Artists' Guild next Friday even
lna; In connection with the seventh annual
exhibition of the Society of Western Art
lets. In the Museum of Fins Arts, Nine
teenth and Locust streets.
Among some of the canvases to be aha
will be the following: Cornelia F. Maury.
"Mother and Child? -Acolyte" "Dinner
Time"; Alexis J. Foamier, "Peace) and
Plenty." "A Wet Day In Voulangea, Near
Parts1' ; J. H. Sharp. "Sage Brush and
Bushes " "Still Life of Tepee Things," "Old)
Chief Flat Iron"; E. H. WuerpeL "The
Oaks," "The Pool"; Louis F. Berneker,
"Landscape In Forest Park," "1810": John
Rettlr, 'TVestem Harbor from Rocky
Island, East Gloucester"; C S. Kaelln of
Cincinnati, four marine pieces.
Little Liver Pills.
Must lear Signature of
See Fsr.Slsrils Wrapper Balnr.
TJgt iweeeswiseeanwt.
. -Ukaaa
The H-0 , Company
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What doesvour cook say?
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