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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 11, 1903, PART II, Image 24

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g TMiM3MKi-i fTiT""! IfiaMMaaaaaaaaar -" tma v MrWtVH"EF'"'"""K9E fTitaaaaaaaaaaaar f JaaaaaaH VBH
tho eiopb int ! 1iim1 to ill it' io the pi ice if ctoeiltien u.itlt readv for licr. tin- kcc pc is tiled to nu hct v ill
apple's, wlmh tliev s t nl in .1 line I lus uis tailed, ,l l' l'vJ l-lk d "P ,1k' flmt llul b.ickid to lift old place. Mil
ls .seen with outstretched mink near iw lirnUo.
Ken York. Jan 10 Topsv. bad elephant,
with a. rcLord of three men slain, was ex
ecuted at Conc 1-l.inJ
She died ililljntl
After 4w) grains of rvanide of potassium
had been admlnlsw red to her in carrot".,
wli'ch she devoured sreedil), tifiOO o'tb of
elcctricit wcie tun cd into her huec frame.
I.ijmui hold to tin. belief that Ton?) died
from the electric shock
She aa chained to four posts, ard then
electrodes were carefull) fastened to her
rleht fore and left hind feet.
At the instant of the execution all the
power, except that neclod for the trolle
cars, was diverted from the Coney Island
power-house to the wire which ran to tho
place of executio"
With ever) thing- io easiness, two cairots.
filled with the cyanide of pctisslum. were
handed to Topsy .nd In a trice were unal
lowed. Then tit. signal was Riven to tne
man at the switchboard
Topsy's Ion legs were braced strenuouslv
against the ground in respond to the
shock Her tail phot out. and her ttunk
was tied In knots A shiver ran over her
frame, and then all was still.
She died Instantlj. Tor ten seconds the
current was kept on. When it was ttin.ed
off the dead body of the huge heist swum;
gently a second or two and then .sink
slowly to the ground. Tops), the manklller.
was no more.
To make matters sure the donkey encine.
to which was attached a. big hawser that
encircled Topsy's neck, drew the rape tint
so that anv remaining life in Tops) might
be strangled out; but the effort was un-
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O Le id her to her death" No sir, I 11 O
die mMlf net If 1 .should trick her
that wa) I'd never forgive ni)self s)
Thi Kcper
It was one of the most scientificillv
y eart electrocutions 1 ever suv. Top
Q sv iiil at the nrst -.liocrk The Eiec-
falie ate tho poKond carrot" e.icr-
O 1), and I don't think she hoi anv sus-
picion the) contained enough cjanuie
to kill her The Poisoner.
Topvv's hide, when stuffed will
make a valuable acquisition to a nat- s)
ural hltor museum The Tanner
s .o' a
ncectsarv At the first cont ict of the elec
tric cuirent Top:V save up tl.i gho-i
Tops), chose her own pi in of ejection.
Her owners who .ire , r.etln:?- .i Inure
amusemmt enterprise at Conev Island, had !
Planned to kill her bv sti angulation nil ,i
speciall) erected platlonn
I'our huge streamers advertising the en
terprise were strung fiom the -Ides of the
platfunn and an el lborate srheme to brirg
uut a great concoui-e of people at Jo cents
.1 head had be u arranged
The IJerg SocUtv. however. Interfered
President Hilms had no objeitim to thr
killing of the elephant so long as it was
done humailclv hilt he fi rlnrlp th nnlilif
i xhibitfun, so the execution was lim'tcd f) t
inviita guests, including nenspppr m-n
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and others who got in without in.llJtlnn
to the number of about .V"
JIanv women were .imong thos who
hovertd on the edgi of the stfetv punt t
watih tlie thplian die '1 bosi thit i omd
nut get in trond d thi rojts ut n irby
Whi-n tvervthing v is in 11 id'nss with
the i opes stiung m. I and tin wins laid and
Ihe poison d. pitsittd on a lug rt idv for u-.1
Tois was ltd from tin k itb thinilur at
tho upp r i-nd ot tin g-ounds. wii.re sji,
hn,l lnd a brt ikfnst of oits and h iv down
the p uhu iv to the scene of the si uigbler
All witit well unul the pachvderm neared
the br'dge which cros-td to the tlevatid
platfonn Tops survived tb crowd, sniffed
the air and refuped to move Prodding
didn't aid matters, and when the em
tiomrs tikd to coi lur forward bv alter
ing her ctrrots, apples and other dt.licacie
ihe would move forvvinl onlv fir tnough
to git the food and thin In k up to her
original po-ition
lorM ;kts pi.-wrn.
Half in hour vv.is vv isttd in this w iv.
Tl e mucn advi rtised f- roc ous bast v. as as
doiilt as a lan.b
Tin re wis real beneveknee in hei eve.
and kindners itself in he- minntr and j.he
(beed ivtr eoirm.ind of Carl (loli ith, a
HagenbetK anlm il man. who acted as chief
ixnutionir. ecipt that of irossing the
She was even pi i fill When fiollith akcd
her to lift hei paw he respondinl readily,
and winked her eve solemul, seimlii,; to
I've got a perfect idia of what W going
on Ion are going to kill me Aftir I have
toiled along in this plan lulpliir. jou drag
timbirs. pull up loots mil in iking mself
generall usiful. vou are going to si lughter
me And nil) ' llecause I kilkd a man
who fed me a lighted cigar Who wouldn't
do the sani"' It is true that I hive killed
two other men. but for more than tx
months 1 have bien a respectable, hard
working elephant"
Four attempts were made to get Topiy
acrois the bridge. Each time she vvtnt af
far as the brink and then abruptly turned
and strolled down the road
In despair, the owners went after
"White" Alt. Topsj's old ktepar, for whom
the elephant hid a genuine, love, t'ntil he
whs discharged recentlv b the amus ment
eompanv. "Whltej" used to sleep in the
same still with Topsj md he w is ci edited
with being able to mike the beast do anj
thing he willed
"W'hitij" wa found outside the gate
"Lead her to her death" he w.ukil o,
sir I'll die 111 st hhi'M go with me fast
enough if 1 atked hi r. Hut. .i . if I should
trick her that way I'd never forgive mj
fc If "
An offer of $2" didn't move "Whites, so
the elephint slajers ictuined to Topv Sh
was calmlj munching li i on the off -iue
of the bridge
(leliath scratdied his held and the onn
er. who hadn't bargained for a del iv looked
One more effort was made to induce Tops-j
to cross the bihige Thev brout,l-t a Uirrel
of apples 'I hen thej arranged a stiin; of
them along ih inthvva to the brilge.
hat Topsj ate until her trunk nuldn I
gather in anv more and then turned tuck
emeu more
Well " ald Ooliith "If we tan't lead her
to death, then we shall hue to bring death
to her."
Ulectnclans "trung out the wire to the
feet of the waiting Topsj. electrodes were
brought rnd chained to the fctt of the
bea&t, and the big h.ier was tied about
her neck In case of accident a man with
an elephant gun stood n .
If Topsv understood this new move she
didn't betiaj it Onte or twice she ob
jected to the lit of the ekctroib", but
final thev sitls-tied hi r In tin iipeit and
then lie .stood pnfctlv "till
Not until all was in ieadlnes did nhe seem
to grap that hT (iiemits had dug a pit
foi her Then sin glinced ncrvouslv
arcunil, tried to shake off the thctrodes
and failed, tugged at her chiins and t-avved
the ah with her trunk
She was swinging Per trunk from side to
side in impotent anger when Goliath ap
peared with the poisoned carrots 1up
greediiv snarped up the carrots, and with
j. s-,tislled munch swallow I'd them down.
At that irstant the current vv.ii turned
on An emplojeat the telephone tiled "All
light," the electrician, at the power-house
swung the switch ke ard Topsy gave a
great lurth upward
Tafe must have departed at tint instant.
Simultdi.eouslv the elephant' tail shot out
.straight and her trunk wiggled violently
like a sinke. A lilue flamt shot up from
tho two feit of the elephant and tho air
vvab filled with tho odor of burning flesh.
Ten "econiN liter the current wan turnenl
off. Tho tail and trunk fell limp, and with
a gentle, swalng motion Top' tarcass
sank to the ground.
It was the first time on recoid that an
elephint had been killed bv eketricitv, and
In every wav the execution was a su ces.
Wtitt'i- on a LfM-l Willi Kounil.t
lions of ()to, Houses.
Pan rranckeo Jan 10 '1 he inhabit ints
of the town of Oco- on the Ouatemilan
ccast are deserting beeuuse of a fear that
tlie town site will toon bo submerged b
the waters of the oiean
The shore line of the cut adjacent to
Ocos Is sinking and the w iters of tlie sea
are alreadj on a level with the foundations
of tlie houses.
Nen of the situation In Ocos was- brought
I ere on the Kosmtcs liner lis. which ar
lived from Centnl American ports The
officers of the IIs sav the earth is slowly
sinking and that houes formerl built on
ground several feet above the sea level ure
now level with the surface of th ocean
It i feared with the coming of the spring
tides the waters will ruh into this town
and force an abandonment of the homes
A peculi erltj of the situation is that
while the shore is sinking the bottom of the
s.ea is rising, for the Bav of Ocos has shal
lowed nearlv two fathoms
Ocos was lecentlv- visited bv a tidal wave
and the wharf was broken In two places.
Freight is now loaded at the port by means
of a trolley wire.
The Isis brings 60) tons of freight. In
cluding 1,000 bags of ore from Peru and 2,600
socks cf coffee.
The Isls stopped at Jlazatlan, but did not
communicate with the shore because of a
fever which was said to be raging in the
town Charles Drenes. A. Roquez and wlfa
and Juan Benedettl made up the passenger
list on the Isia.
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catalogue, with
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TI10 Iiivcicnd Doctor Thomas JJ. Slircr of New Voik City Talking of
Home Saiutitk, S,is Kitchen liiLOinpoti-ucy J-. the
JStiiie of Niiiikt ous Household!-.
New orK. Jin 10 The Uev Tonl Doc
tor Thomas It Slicer, 111 an ,iddr. be
fore tho League for Political lMuci
tion, at Xo 2! West rort -!o irlh street,
on the subject of ' The Sanetitic of tho
Home'." cited the tcanual in the Saxon
court as an example of n iture's protest
against marriage which Is not lounded .ipon
moral reasons. He said in pirt
"When -vou set a marriage ot rutins pow
er"' without tonsiderini: the primary in
stincts of life, jou gi" .1 relation lint is
threatening to tho sanctities of til" home
"So of all artlnciil bnps for m.irrlvge
upon anjthlnir but moral reason- It is as
important that the lavs of mind should be
obs-erved as that the phvs-ical liws bhould
"The ill considered marriage, the mere
drifting- together of two motes in the uii
shine, i" as Irresponsible as the ero-sln of
two Inwcts In tlw air Yet It Is suppo-ed
that this hull relation can be constituted
bv frivolous women for th.ir daughters and
b ambitious men for their son"
"In comparison with that Kind of frivo
lous marriage there aro man) tmllci nscd re
lations that are more hoi), tliouch thev
are not. theiefore to be approved, for the)
are violations ot the law and of the sancti
ties of societv
"If ou ask me if 5011 should run Into
Allien to Close Tour in ' Daugh
ter ol llaiiiiltiii" Alter St
Louis Lii'Mjiciiient.
itprisLio spryiu.
rew lork. Jan 1J Mi" Ulanche 'Walsh
will be the star 111 the put of Jlaslova In
the ToKtol pla) ' Kesurrection " Cscar
Jlamnnrs-teln, who owns the American
rights for the pli. and .Messrs W'agenhals
. Kemper, Miss Walsh's miniinr-, have"
united their interests and will jointly pro
duce the plav, which will open at the Vic
tori 1 Theatei .n I'ebruir) 1C following tho
engagement of :il-s tola Allen in 'The
H.ernal Citv "
.Miss Walsh is now on tour In "The
I) iiighter of Hamllcar, ' and has, t is said,
lit en suceessful hi it, but wUn the pirt in
th Tolstoi pla) was submitted to her, a
lew diva ago In M. Paul, she decided to
accept It, as it offeied her a latter oppoi
tunltv. i'h will teiminate her loui in St Ixiuis
on J iiiu in .'4, although It me ins for tho
present a considerable suriiUe n agree
ment was reacht d with Me--sis K'aw K Ki
Unger for canceling her engagements.
In ' Hesurieetion ' ilr il inimeistin
promises an elaborate production. Mr.
Kemper sailed on tlie 1-oiralne, of the
Trench line, to see the plav as It is being
presented In l'an.-, and also the Ungllsh
version the jme at tlie one to be done
Keceipts :!0S Cais Less in the First
Six lAn.s of .liiim.in.
The shipments of coal Into the fc(. Ixiuls
market show- a t onsidtrabie falling off for
the tirst six- da)s in Januar), compired
with the same period last eai.
Discussing this pliase cf the situation,
Albert U Ueri). of the lit rr) -Horn Coal
Compan), said )estirdav to The Hepublle:
"The shipments of soft, coal to Chicago
still continue, as the lecelpts in Hast St
fat txmls show no coal received iy the Illi
nois Central as far south as th Illg Muddy
-Mines, and the total receipts for the first
six dejs' shipments in Januarv show 11
loss of 3JS cars, as compared with last jear
' The total receipts at E 1st fct. Iouls for
the first six da)3 In Januar) of this )ear
were 171 cars while for the s lme time
last )ear the receipts were 4 Ot,',! ears, mak
ing a difference of MS cars. This difference
in receipts, as well as the increase in de
mand for Western shipments, especially to
points In Nebraska, has stimulated the
market here to an unusual degree. There
are. however. Indications that If we get
a few warm da)S next week the shipments
will probabl) turn this way jgain and
prices here will likely decline. The de
livery price heie to-day on coal is from $4
to J4 50 per ton or 16 to IS cents per bushel,
the price at the ards being from S3 to K M
per ton. The price at Chicago delivered is
IS 50 to $7 50 per ton. or about 23 to JO cents.
The receipts are only nominal, as the total
number of cars received at East St. Louis
on January 8 was less than 700 cars.
"The receipts of hard coal are very limit
ed, and receipts of Arkansas coal have alo
been very small In the last two weeks, and
there is little prospect of the tonnage Increasing-
in this section.
The supply ot coke is nearly exhausted,
and there seem no points to draw the sup
ply from for furnace " ' Louis has
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Rl 1? (IS IIS ti 1 fH lAffl&BHf&t
the divoice court I would "i the-e is l.oth
ing more .linbirmi to the "cul el hies
th.m the divorce court, except, itihap-.
this uiModl) 1 elation.
The remtilv is 10 elevate the marriage
state, worn in should make It her mission to
s-e that the sanctities appear in it. It ought
to be in ide more diilieult for )oung men
and )oun women to enter Into the mar
riage state, und then it should bo made
more ditlicult for tlie ootids to lie severed
There should be uniform laws on divorce
In the different btatcs.
"The sanctities can only be observed
when there is tlie most absolute freedom on
the p.irt of both pirties One of tlie great-
st tilings vvu are doing is teaching the
ehlldren of the poor to cook I wish we
could teach the elu drcn of the rich. To be
at the merev of the 'below stairs is to
bilng unhippims4 above the llrst floor"
After pit Hiring the ti rmeius suffeied bv
some men whose wives art unable to cook
food propirlj or to see that the tonkins is
properl) done, he implied that man) men
were pos-ibl) driven to drink b) the eook
ing that w is served to the in at home.
As one of the me ens of preventing tlin
disquiet in the home, he t-uggested tint nun
and vvlfi miht begin bv agreeing not to
argue about anv thing unlet-, thev were In
possession of the f ids
There is no end of the violition of soclil
sinctlt) which begins men lv with conflict
ing sounds he said "Hverv woman ought
to hive an allowance Tlie poor mm under
stands this if he is a well constituted -working
man, and gives his money to his wife
at the end of the week."
here whicli Is now- In rehearsal bv Jtr
Beerhohm Tree In London While abroad
he will order the properties for Jlr. Jlam
mcrsteln's production.
heen much better provided for so far this
-voir than any other large clt). and there
has been very little distress, as the re
ceipts of soft coal have been regulir and
cleliverits on this side of the river have
been mure piompt than tin) were last mi
The high prices have sjmplv ben brought
about bv the shortage of siipplv
Chinese J5oy Tried to Kml Life
When Ofiher Appio.u'lied.
iircri m.tr s-rnoiAU
San I'raneiseo. Jan 10 Young Ah Sam
who has a distinction of being the first
Chinese bo) In San Tranci-co to be declared
Incorrigible b) h!b father tried to tlmko
himself to dc ith v hen Spec ill I'olicem in
.McMurra) went to arrest lilm The boy
ls 14 )ears old and persists in illsobevlrg
the commands of his parents, and rt mains
out until late at night in bail conipaiv.
Finall) his father directed the attention
of the police to his offspring and special
Policeman McMurray vlsittd the home
Young's mother said the boy would not
get out of bed, so the policeman went to
the room, and. although Young protested
loudlv, partlv- dressed him buddenlv the
boy made an attempt to seize a pocketknlfe
he had concealed beneath the pillow, but thH
weapon was taken away before he could
reach it
The bo) then quietly sat down on Ills
bed and dciiberatel) commenced choking
Mc.Murray observed him, but naturally
thought he would stop as soon as the pain
became intense. Instead tho little fellow
pressed his hands to his throat the tighter
and grew black In tho face-
The policeman then bound his hands and
started for tho Hall of Justice, but Young
became very sick and assistance was sum
moned. When Young- was taken to the Hall of
Justice McMurray appeared with him at
. . . .. .. . . . .
4 ... ..... 6 . . .... m
10 Per Cent Discount
nnro before I'olire JurlK Pritz hi f-ithor
havli.R .mrepil thr.t he he -fnt to .1 reform
school Hilt .ifter the- p irnt hpl clvon his
consent lip relented and rushed into court
to plead for another eh-ince for hH bov
Accordingly Judge Tritz allowed Vcunir
to go
F.uiners En Kouto to Liberia Il.ne
to Le.ne Their Pets.
New Yoik, Jan JO In the steerage of the
White btar IJne steimshlp Teutonic were
thirt)-two men, twelve women and ten
children from Irwin Count), (leorgl 1 The)
had two bloodhounds and two tine "coon
dogs" with them, and were surprised tn
learn that the) could not take them to
Kngland with them without a Government
tleorge Scott, the owner of the dogs. 31! I
the party were poor farmers, who hid s0id
out their farms and were going to Liberia
to begin life again
Fortunate Girl H.is She Will Con
tinue School Woik.
itrrt iii.ic senci vi-
New Kochelle, X 'i Jan 10 Miss La
vonne Cushman. a teacher of mathematics
In the Ntw IJochelle High School. ha, bv
the death of her great-uncle. Joseph E
Cushman. a lawver of Utica, N. Y, fallen
heir to 3VI0u0 Miss Cushman has arrived
in New Rochelle from a vlst to her home,
at Vernon, X. Y., where she was spending
the holida)s
She at once reported for duty to Super
intendent Young and explained her failure
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, lJW"'lsi.i is luilly lmliBtvstion. ami from Indigestion nearly all tlic
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into vigorous action, and set things going naturally and easily.
There is no chance or guessvvoik about EUPEPSIA TABLETS Thfy
must either cure jou or you get jour money back. If that Isn't a fair iroposi
tion there never was one. .
EUPEPSIA TABLETS act quickly. There Is no long -waitlnc for nsuls.
net a box of your druggist fori) cents, try them a few days and then, if you
tire uot satisfied, go back to your druggist and get your money back.
The following unsolicited letter Is a sample of thousands received from thos who
have been cured by LUPEPSIA TAHLCTS: "It is but a feeling It lulSce t?yoT 2nd h2
public that I should Bive )OU my opinion on )our EUPEPSIA TABLETS. If there Is a
more meritorious remedy for the cure of Dyspepsia I don't know it. I have suffered from fT
indigestion for ears, have tried doctors and all advertHed remedies without tffect whlla
two bottles ot jour tablets cured me."
OKFICEK TERRANCE KEANEY, 108 S. Theresa ave., St. IiOiiH.
Two weeks" treatment at jour druRcWs rr drct for Bo cenui Your money back If
1nei fall. A treatise on l-tomach Trouble and three 47' treatment mailed free
THE EUPEPSIA CHEHICAL CO., 323 Clark Avenue, St. Louis, fl
Gents on
the Dollar
without excep
dollar at one-
Orders by mat t
to report on the opening of hool hv say
ing that she w is detained owing to the ill
ness of a relative She modestly conflrmeJ
the report whtn asked if the news of hB
feootl fortune was true -
Mis Cushman has resided at Xo 2t Fair
view place witff the fimjlv of James H.
Smith during the last thu-o )ear. whil"
she has-teen a teacher in the high school
She declined to be interviewed regarding
her legac). but said that "h" would con
tinue at the high school, where she is em
plo)cd as a special teacher at an annual
salary of S10.
WnslilnKton Inlvrrsltj Lectnrn.
A series of lectures have been arranged
bv the Washington L'niversltv Association.
I'rofessor Shaw will lecture in the chapel
next W ednesdav afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Thursdiv evening Professor Lovejoy will
lecture in the rhapel Professor Heller will
lecture Friday afternoon and Professor
Minn Fndav evening -it the chapel.
is th fairest and qua-Mt In tonn
M fcors full of beautiful new Fur
niture, Carpstf. Kua. Lace Curtains,
and eerthlntc for homkpepln: Mc
a week 11I get me nice a-tlc'e ycu
red Bautlful large calendar free
icr me akirr torn ana fee
V. H. INGALLS. 1:23 Olive btren.
Special Cut Sale this week
in every department. We
have certain lines of Men's
Women's, Boys', Misses' and
Children's Shoes that we
must close out regardless of
cost. To appreciate this,
you must see the goods and
the cut prices.
Men's hand-sewed double-
sole shoes,
$6, $6.50
and $7,
cut to

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