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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 11, 1903, PART III, Image 25

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b Printed in Six Parti:
Four News Sections, Comic
Section and Magazine.
Minister Howen Will Siait for
Washington To I)a to Close
Feme Xejjotiatioiis.
His Sutces-or at Wasliintjton, Von
Sternbeiff. Will Hae Special
Title and Mav Outiank Him.
AKs Thorn to Mo"t Him Tii,-iI;iv
In I Mm !.. Method li Which
'n.il Supph May Ite ImiiMM'd.
Situation in (Iiimici' New York
lci nines .Mine Desperate Daih
As Tliciiuoiiietor II. is Gone
Don Coal H.is Kisi'ii.
iti:ri iii.n' -i'i.i i a i.
New 1 o-k. Jan I'l M 1 r I.ow to-dav
sent i letur to tin- pre di ills of the anthra
cite oal ro ids asking them tei tin t him
on Tiicsdav moridiif- i"t to con.iiltr some
method bv which tin- ci.il sipp! In the
citv might be intreised
Tl suffi ring of tli iooi in the tenement
i-uueis i ius.il m me im.ii-e eoni .in.i , ni1i (sued wh.n olT in unfnqiiintcl c. r
J'tiictratii g wilds cf thj pa-t lew d-m-. and new . f the clt de ith found lis nn hefcre
which the Weather Bureau promises, will
ontimie for -utl time, has stiireJ tho
Ma or tn action
As tin- therneiineti- Ins gene down tho
price of coal has riven, until to-d i It Is
eiiiotc-d il $F .i ton. IL is b ing sold to tho
Injur bv pallfuls .it 13 i nts a pail, but the
supplj is viv limited, and fears for tho
1 ealth of tin Us, i riutute tenement dwell
ers aie ntert until
The lett r of th Mior was addressed to j
Presidents Cijtt of the i'mnlianu
Thomas of tile lehih alle, Unjtrwood
of tie Erie Iriies.nie of the Lickawnnna,
JlJihtnt of Delaware and Hudson, and
1 owli r of Ontaiio ind Western
John Markle leprcs nunc the independent
opei.ilors has .ilso been requested to at
Instructions for Coal
iiiry Aie Itiief.
Chicago Jan 10 The prompt action of
States Attornev Charles 9 Denecn, upon
information furnished b the spccHI com
mitteo appointed by the Illinois Mnnufic
turers' Association resulted in the con
vening this morning of a special Grand Jury
to Inquire into the causes for the high
trices demanded for coal bj Chicago deal
ers Twenty Deputy Sheriffs workel almost
the entire night to securo service of sum
monses on sevent-flve enlremen and of
subpoenas for the appearance of prominent
coal dealer", who are believed to be in a
coal combination in defiance of the law.
When court was called this morales, a ma
jority of tho talesmen were on hand and
the work of Impaneling a Jur at once pro
ceeded. Tho formal order for tho special Grand
Jury was signed by Judge Willard McK.tn
me jesterday upon a petition b the State
Attorney declaring his belief that th,re ex
ist among certain coal oi-erators, owners
and dealers a combination "injurious to
the public trade." and that in confluence
great distress and suffering prevail among
the poor in the commumtj."
Judgo JIcEwen immediately suspended
court proceedings while he lBsued tie or
der for a special venire convening the Grand
Jurj. The, order was liken at oice to the
Jury Commissioner's ajid eventy-!lve names
wcro hinded Sheriff Barrett for Immediate !
yerv ice.
"Uet Coal" Committee of Detroit
Conbiders Flans.
Chicago. Jan 10. Nine of the ten mem
bers of the 'get coal" committer, appoint
ed at a meeting in Detroit last fall to li
etlgate th shortage In the conl s-upply
and. if possible, to Jlnd a means of remedj
ing the evil, met here to-dis
After a careful analjsls of the eoiil titui
tion throughout the countr). the ilcveiend
8. A Miite of Chicago offered a n solution
calling on the Governors of all the Pistes
and the Jlajors of tho principal cltits to
take a united stand against the methods
being piaetlced with rcfernnco to the coll
frupply of the nitlon and to st a t'me
In the neai future when the Govern ir and
Mayors Mi ill go in a bodv to Washington
and demand of Attornej General Knox th
enforicment of tho liu, to the end that
the people will bo able to j.U coal at a
reasonable prii e
It was the general opinion of th commit
tee tint the laws ahead in t lntcnce are
sufllcient to mtet the imtrgenc, and if
Vroperly enfornd there would be no trou
ble In getting all tl e ooal that was needed.
l"iual action on the resolution of Mr White
was difcrred
Slnor .Mivburj or Detroit will meet
JIavor Haiiison of Chicago and provide for
nnss meetings in both cilles, the Initntive
being the getting from the people moral
authoritj to g" to the capita clt and ask
for the administration of justice.
Fight Hundred Kinplinc.s Idle on
Account of the Scaicitx
of Coal.
I'emU, Jan. 10 -The rl int of the IVoria
Glucose and Sugar Itellnt'ig Compnny Ins
been closed feir want of coal to continue, in
operation ind sOo emplnvrs are thrown tem
jiornrllv out of emnloyment
It Is slated bv il.e nnnaRemmt tint over
effort will be made to i-me the nci"snaiy
fuel for resumption bv Vwndj but it is
exticmelv uoiibtful as, ihJrtv t ir uc rc
nultisl dill.
Jlai. shall Capitalist;. Foim a Sn
i:i:i riii.icsi'i ciai.
M.rshill Mi- Jin Id A svndicatc of
Marsh til i Iia'lt has been forme 1, with
a capital of KOnO". to l-as- and Improve
lands in the Creek and Choi taw N itlons
The i-'nini'.v's averts are already there
.it wink .ludgfl John Cocke is secrttarv of
the .isoelation. Harvev Tuekir president
and A- A I.esueur. treasurer
1 licntrlfnl Mannicrr Irncl.
. ...... o sr,K'i.il.
Jll-.l'l J's w. ......
Ilortnn, Jan 10 Adolph 11. Cnnat.
atrlcallv known as A. H Chamberln
see of the Ciiumoic I reater. and well
known i-i theatrical circles In this country
mid laiglnnd. died at his residence 'n Alll--...
.. rtae Mr. Chnmbeilvii liml iwpn lit
for scventl months, having undergone
twelve opt rati, ma for blood poisoning. He
leaves a widow and one daughter.
Woman Found Fioz.eti. Child Die:-
nt l"ii vine .mil Man Killed
Pit king I'p Coal.
Almost a Panic laisiios lien Co.i!
ihes Out :il Some of the
Yards I'oM. oCallid to
Prevent Hiot.
rall'ITUi" SPF.-IVL
Chic ico III. I in 10 Chic igi.'s forces or
ohnritv. tonotiitrattd and visilint were th -fulcd
to-dav bv tin tcld which cl limeil
the lives cf three persona a woman, .1 in in
ird it little MM
In spite of tin great relief tint has been
administered to thou'intis of sufferers, the
real etent of the want and miser was
the mission iries of tre ldief so Idles could
rn h thi victims
The (had
Mrs lCth.r Hverett,
fcund frozi n
(j0 vears old, bl
fnidentltled m-in. killed
bv train while
pitking up roil
Hlllers A-months-oM child, died from
exposure to .old at its pirents" home
The quest for coal among the poor ill ill
parts of tht tin wis mort t-eneral thin
evtr lit fore, and .it stveral of the Silvation
Armj depot, where the coil supplv give
cut timporarllv disappointed multitudes
tlimored tor fuel
t tin tt Ilurrisou and West Chi, ago
avenue di ju3ts there was dingtr of serious
trouble and it was neiesir to cill po
Iir to quiet the struggling crowds until
more coal ould It dchvend from the
frtiglit .irds.
ii Families Suffer
Want of Fuel.
nriu in ic piM,
Topck l, Ka J in 10 Topeka is In the
grasp of the roil trust and hundreds of f im
Uies are without fuel The mines of Osage
Countv ire running at lull eipaclt bat
soft toal has advanced from 12 75 to ." per
ton and rannot be had at that price.
V big woolen mill tlosed down for lack o'
fuel ind tht statehouse plant has only
fnough to iun till Mondav, when the Leg
islature a'semblet
I (on ilts Aie Such Fuel Cannot ISO
Hauled Into Town. "
nrpinuc m'Ucim.
Nevad i. Mo . J in 10 This e'tv is suffer
ing from u co il famine, although suirounded
t coal mines The loids have lieen in
"uch tnd condition tint the toal Inulers
could not work and this, togi tin r with ad
anee in prices at the mines, 1 largel due
to the present coal famine
The dealtrs for the last two diss have
not hid a dollar's worth of ooal for 'ilf.
but expect to lie abn to supply the demand
b Sund 1 or Monda
Former St. Louis County Treasuier
Passed Away at Mridgeton.
George H W Heidorn. former County
Tre-iMirer of St Louis Countv died at his
home In Itridgeton earl csterda morn
ing, after i brii f illntss
Tor .i quarter or a tentiir Mr. Heidorn
had been one of the leading Republicans
In St liuls Count and the announcement
of his death esterdiv was a shock to
in in of his asociitts, who did not know
that he was .sick.
Mr. Heidorn was a bachelor He was "1
vcirn old and lived nearlv all his life in
Uridgcton He lea.es two brother.. Doctor
W". H Heidorn and F A Hi Horn. Assist
ant I'ro.icutlng Attornev of St, I.ouls
Court and a sister. Miss Ann i L Hei
dorn He was a membi r nr Kridgtton
lyidge No so A V fi A M and theClav
ton Ixidge of the Ancient Order of United
The funiral will tike pi ice to-morrow
morning at II o i lock from his homo In
Hrldgetou The Interment will he in fet.
IVtir's ( emcter
A brothi r IM Heidorn a telegraph ope
rator In Jltidgtton died about one tnr ago
Home of Fomier (ioveinor Near
Meiio in A slit's,
m ci mac sin ( i i.
Mexico, Mo , .Tan 10 A houe built by
former Governor Charlis H Hanlin and
otcupled bv him from 18m. to IMi the time
of his de ith, wis burned two miles north
ol here this mornint.
The house was owned bv Alex Carter, a
vtalthv farmer who boimht the rtsldenee.
loctthir with the tine TiO-aire farm sur
rounding It. from Mrs Mar Hardin, the
widow of the ex-Governor two vtars ago
The orgiu of the lire N not known. Paul
Mudd. an emplove of Mr Cartel, tame
near losing his life He did not waken un
til a neighbor pulle 1 him out of lied after
the houso was downed
Mr Carter was hiving the mansion re
modeled preparator to moving in.
Sirs. Pollensby to Claim Her Hus
band's. Kstati.
m:rt inac bruiK
Manslleld. Mo . J m 10 Mil. rollensby or
Fremont, Neb, el liming to be the widow of
the lite 1M Folleiisbv. arrivtd here this
J moinlng to contest his will bequeathing a
lirpe poition or his liico estate to Henry
i Uoseman. a farm hand, .and a nluible
I farm to n r-vear-old son of Uosem in
I olicnsb was not known to have anv rel
atives, tit-pt one cousin In Mlnmsot.i who
sliirtil In his will Mis rollensbv ias
thov w i re married In Fremont. Nth elght
(ii tars am. vvhire the wcro well known
Thev lave two ehildrt n
Sh- avs she will disinter the itirp-e and
content the will on tre grounds that he was
not In his rich' mind at the time he made
the ("ilium, as he was ver much devot
ed to his 15 v ear-old daughter. He whs
milv m iklig Ills home with Itoseman and
was living n eiLlel farm life Mrs. Follens
li savs she has .mt seen hei husband since
1 ist April
I-oil-nsbv riit.l in ood Township, this
count, Deccmbtr K
enilem of rt nnd s,.rnces.
The noard of Directors of the St. Lauis
Academv of Arts and Sciences met at the
Odd rellows' building list night. The fol
lowing Committee on Incorporation was ap
pointed Joseph Alliums J J. Wharton. M
II Itandol. the Heverend John D Vlncll. II.
.i...KlP',?"i,...H ('- f0"" H r- Olllick.
William H. Miller. Judge J. H. Terry Doc
tor William II. Ma field and J. B Legg were
appointed as a Committee on 11 -Laws
Killed In n Itnnairn).
JlVPriN.U" f I'KCIAt
i:nnsllle. Ind. Jan ID tlward
Schwaitz. a Tarmer. tcvcr.il miles below this
city, wus thrown from a wagon in a run
aw a this morning and Instantly killed. He
was r? jears old and leaves a family.
Inhaliitants of Artola. III.. Seize
Fuel and Protetd to Cait
It Awav.
Pieacheis and Tolice -loin in t ho
Move to I'leak the Famine
Gloat. Kxciteinent Pie
tails in Citv.
Arcoli. Ill, Jan 10 Aicola's fuel famine
is brok n An Illinois Central coil train,
consisting of sixteen ears, bound for Chl
iaj,o stopped here this raorning and was
immediate! t untreated by a p irty of 2fl
or Sw) citizens
The Central company was notified that
the coil would not be allow id to be moved
out of town, and the local agent was of
ftrcil the mono) for K Ile telegraphed
ht idquirtcrs. and thv refused to sell,
v hereupon the train was immediatelv lon
liscatcd Active in the part were the pastors of
the Presbv terian and Free Methodist
churches', the presidents of tho banks and
one policeman
The train soon w is surrounded bv hun
dreds of wagons waiting to load 'I he coal
was distributed in ton lets to the most
needv Faeh load was weighed and a strict
atcount kept in hopes of making satisfac
tor settlement with the owners.
Great exclttmnit has pievalled all di.
Ilu-lness his hem practical! suspentiid for
a wttk on account of the coal famine.
There his been much suffering among tho
poorer classes
Whin this morning's train stopped i
crowd of several hundred persons were soon
about the train, cl imoring for coal A con
sultation was held and S U Woodworth,
proprietor of the electric light plant, ten
dered the local central agent mone for the
coal on behalf of the people. This was re
fused H this time the more desperate had
climbed Into the can and were loading
their wagons Farmers offering their flrht
loads of corn to town were besieged with
requests to haul coal Manv agreed to do
so; others refused, and their wagons' wore,
taktn and turned Into dravs
Colonel J. R Heggs, president of till
First National Hank, acted as "mnrshal of
the day and endeavored to keep the wagons
in line. Thomas Lvons, president of the
State Itank. the Reverend Elward Haech,
the Heverend William Prout, Policeman
Walter Craft and manv influential citizens
were prominnil in the raid
Fo- seme reason the loral dealers hive
been unable to get coal for tho last month
and fully one-hilf the people tn town wire
out of fuel. This condition made them des
perate and persons of all classes were glad
to avail themselves of this opportunity and
aided in the confiscation.
To-night the wagons are still hauling, but
out of the entire train load there now re
mains only a little more than one car This
will be haulid beforo the wagons stop.
Those who were unable to get wagons
this morning hauled little bigs or coal In
wheelbarrows and push carts The ver
poor were there with their baskets.
Taken all In all. it has been the most ex
citing di in the hlstor of Areola. Preach
ers and saloonkeepers stood united In ap
proval of the methods followed.
Prof. .1. 4.. schnriiinn. Former Member
tit 1'lillipplnt ( onimiMNlnn. l-
(IrOMsed Iloaiid Table Cluli.
Professor J. G Schurman, president or
Cornell Unlversltv. one of the recognb"d
leading educttors m the 1'nited States, and
who served on the Philippine Commission
appointed b President McKlnle, was en
t rtalned 1 ist night bv the Round Table
(Tub at the fat. Louis Club. Professor Sehur
nnn xx HI be In the clt Monday and Tues
di. addressing the Cornell Club to-monow
and the Society of Pedagogy Tuesda night
at the High School building
While In the clt Professor Schurman Is
the guest nf Proressor William Treleae of
Washington Univcrslt. and the Missouri
Hotan'cal Garden. Mrs. Schurman is nc
eompaning him
The Cornell Sotiety Is preparing to enter
tain him His subject before the Society
of Pedagogy will be "Our Philippine Prob
lem." He was president or the Philippine
Commission, and took the lending part In
the official investigation of the conditions
existing on the Islands. The police advo
cited by the commission remains In rorce.
nnd he is considered a man fitted above all
othe-rs for treiting the Phll'ppine question
Professor Schurman reached the e ltv j es
terdav afternoon and was met b Frofesor
Trelease He was escorted to the St Louis
Club last night nnd there introduced to
many of tho citx'si leading citizens He ad
dressed the club on "The Drift of Higher
Education "
He analvzed the relations of the college on
the one side to the preparatorv school, and
on the other to the gradn He sCrmol and tho
technical Institute Especiallv. he e-iiph i
sized the opportunitv given b the tolirge
for breadth of vuw when professional life
is entered upon
The distinguished visitor is a native of
Nova Stotia He gradu ited from a Cana
dian university, then went abroad and was
an honor student at Oxrord and a German
icilvertitv In 1S92 he was the Oungest col
lege president In America. During his nd
minlstr iflon at Con ell the attendance has
doubled, and several new colleges have been
added Among these are a dalr college n
college for fnrestr and a college of hv
draulles. both latter being new in America.
Anjjry C.nalry Officer Challenfres
Him to Duel.
Rome. Jan 10-Foreig,, Minister Prlnetti
ha accepted n cha lenge to flEht a duel
Wrailea former cavalr "fllcer. Count Bcll-
The latter was commissioned to report on
the eiiu'itlon ,,r the little ''allan "slavo,"
abroad, and not seeing his renoi-t X
llsb-d. the Count obtained a persTnil 11-"
In1-'" quaVrel K"r P"ne,tl' hlch resulted
Later the Count sent two friends o i.
noPrinetli. who promptly named h'is fee?-"
Reeordrr Appoint. Copyl.t,.
Bertram E. Shea. W. J. W'atawa and n
" L. 3radlev were appointedopy"sfi in
the Recorder of Deeds' office a?at2rdal. ln
Matt'-is Having Piojrrcss So Far,
Wabhimrton OtViiials Will Xo
Moie Take lniiiatiw in
ia:pt rue M'Li iai.
Wasdilngte l. Jin P ib, "t i Imparl
mint ins received a t It, rem froai Minis
tt- Ilowcn aiknowlet'glns the receipt of
Ills Instructions to mum hen and iing
tint he will -till fiom Li flujjri on Sim
dav Ho sas aiFo In the dispatch tint th"re i
much suffering In Caricas on icejuat of
lack of fool.
The United Stites dispatch boat Dilpliln
left Sin Juan, l'orto Rito, jcstcrdi, for
La liuijni, under orders to take Mill's', r
How en and his f.imll on board and bring
tin in to tin- Fulfill btates
With the virtu il adjustment of the Vene
zuelan affair thruuhh 1'ro.ldttit Crispo's
atceptance of the pKlin-lnarv conlitiins
required bv- the allies the St lte Dep irt
mnit regirds its mission in the matter as
having ended and it Is announced th it
hereafter the I nlted St etes Govcrnim nt v 111
not take the initiative in tne peace nego
tiations. While nrringemints have not vet been
m ide for the meeting of the Acnezuelan
Commission, omi attention has been ,iven
to tt-e subject, and It appiars that the Fnl
ted States Government will be expected to
provide acceimmodations for the bod. It is
probable that accommodations will be pro
cured in one of the big hotels here, for the
Stile Department Ins no available room to
(It vote to such r-!lcscs.
Slgnor Ma or ties Planches, the It ill in
Ambissal 1 hen. is bv virtue ofvsenlont
entitled to piesidi if the proeetdings arc to
lie in th n. ture of a Joint met ting, and his
long dl(.i mr.tii service is regarded as pe
culitrlv fitting him for the Important work
All four of the prospective members of
tlie commission, nimel, Srnor Maor des
Planches. Italiin Ambassador; Sir Michael
Herbert, the British Ambassador, and
Count Quidt and Baron Sternberg, as well
ns Mlrlster Ilowcn. all speak English per
fcctlv. and It ii likelv that this language
will te the official means of communic ltlon
In the commission's work
That thi re mat be no elelo in lalng
Italv's claims against Venezuela, before the
Joint commission, the Italian Ambissador
has cabled tho Foreign Office at Rome, ask
ing that II iron Allotti be ordired to bring
to Washington nt once all pape's In the
tase which .lie now at the Italian Legation
at Caracas
Baron Aliottt. who was former! Second
Sccret.ar of Enbass at Buenos Avres, i
now aboard the Italian cruiser Giovanni
Bausan in Venezuelan water0
The State Encampment Is Held at
Sprinntield, 111. Jan 10 Illinois St ite
Camp No. I0n, Sons of Veterans which is
composed of the Sons of Veterans organ'
7ations in different parts of the State, held
its annual meeting heic this afternoon and
Promint nt among the bu-lness transacte 1
was the election and ii stalhition of oltieers
and tho selection of Chlcigo as the next
meeting place. The ollicers elected and In
stalled wert. Captain, J Mick T.inntr.
Springfield, first lieutenant, John T. btoek
ton Chlcigo, second lieutenant. Juice
Philip S Post, Galesburg. t imp count II
MMik Plnklev Kushnell J c Klrshner
Chicago, and E K Watts, Greenville, dele
gate at-1 irge to State encampment. U F
Stnivvn Pontine, deli sate, ulge N H
aoes. Mount Vernon
lohn Povveis. .lefTerson Ii.ur.uks
Veteran, Fell Near Kailwav.
John Powers, post cobbler at Jiffeison
Barracks, dropped deid esferdiv morning
while walking from his home to the Iron
Mountain R iilroad depot He h id been sick
for some time and started to take u walk
about 11 o'clock, win n he fill
Coroner Otlo Koch of St. Iwmls Countv
held an Inqui st In the afternoon Powers
was about K vears old and his extreme age,
togithe- wllh plivsieil we lkntss. Is said to
have beer the cans,, of the sudden end es
terdiv morning As tar is known he Ind
no relatives Ho had been imploved at the
Birracks lor the last twent eais
Caithae Fditor Honoud In nis
Fellow Citizens.
Carthage. Mo . Jim 10 -Cornelius Roach
editor of the Morning Dmiocrat, received a
reception and banquet at the Elks.- Club
house here to-night in honor of his election
as secretary of the Sen ite
MaOr C O. Harrington was tmstmister
and short speethes were made bj Howard
Gra. R T Stlckne. Judge Bright John
W. Halliburton. A F Lewis Thorn is
Hackne, Judge Thorn is ind others The
meeting was -under the auspices of the Com
mercial Club ind was pirticipated in b
business men rtgatdlcss of part.
Two Easton Avenue Merchants
Weie Kasih Duped.
Th" police hive been requested to irrest
two met, who are cha'ged with ste illng
nvvnincs The romnlalms weie made bv .1
J McNiII of No 2!il I"ranklin avenue and
Lll i Baldnuf of No SK Franklin avenue.
The told the police th it tlie two men
came to them and staled that they had been
Instructed to tike tbe l awnings to the fac
torv where thev were made to be stored un
til the are needed again. Litir thev found
that the men were n"t empl0ed b the
awning compinv. The police have djescrip
Willis Ifoberts Stabs Sheppard
Creen, Jr.. at l'nducali.
rnducah. Ky . Jan 10 Shcrppard Green.
Jr.. and Willis Roberts each aged U enrF.
engaged in .1 fight to-da and the Roberts
bo stabbed Green In the side, fatally
wounding him. . .
Roberts is in Jail Sheppard Green. Jr.
Is the son of Captain Sheppard Green, a
well-known riverman.
The fight grew out of a rock-throwing
r.EPUPijc srnenAK .
reremnny was performed at tne Ht. Charles Ho-
St. Joseph. Mo.. Jaa. w aouDie wedding
Parties were Mr. William pay a and Mils Ethel
td b the Heierenl ij. "r,",""" ,lr?a- Tho
bchojer of Burlington Jnce.n. mo and Str.
Till: l Nli'ED STATES
Tiouhle Caused 1 Clash lletweon Gcneinmeiit Authoiities and the
Captain of an Italian Vessel IJumoied That There Will
lie a Deiiionstiatioii 1 Italian Waiships
in riimu.uan Wateis.
licit l.l) V.N't) THK SfT LOLIs KLPLI.L.IC
Montevldlo Friigu i, J in l' (Copv right,
l'U ) Serious ditltrences between Italy and
Frugui hive arisen because of a clah
which his occu-aed between the authori
tits and Ciptaln Hilcstrini of the It ilian
bark Mnna Modie
A Gtrmui linn established in I'.avsandu
chartered the Marl i Madre some time a.jo
to t ike a cargo of hides to Europe For
some rnson th" ciptaln did rot st irt on
ills vovage and tho hides remained on
Inird the vsel for about three months
The firm ucil Captain Iialestrni and the
courts plactd ni t-nbirgo upon the Marii
Capt tin Falestrlnf reee'ved the officials
stnt to take jiossession of the vessel with
much thiatrieil dispbiv He covered the
deck with a big Itnllin Hag. and declared
that an attempt b the officials to go on
bo ird the ship would be an assault upon
the flag of the King of Italv-
The ollliers managed to git aboard of 'h"
vessel without touching the flag Thev or
Mis. F. A. Wishait, Daughter (
ludpe Sherwood. Sa.s Her
Hubband Abducttd Child.
riaintilt Allcires in Declaiation
That Twelve eai Old Ho
Was Taken Fiom Giaud
iiiothei's Home.
Mrs Emm i C W Ih ir. daughtei of Judge
T A Sherwood procured a writ of h ibe is
corpus I ite esterdiv afternoon, agaln-t her
husbind F A Wlshirt, the purpo being
to prevent W Mi irt from taking his 11
ear-oId son Ficderick Sherwood W 11 irt,
out of tho St ite
Tin writ was issp. ,j hv Judge Hough of
the c'irtult Court Division No 1. Mr
Wish irt charged tint W isliart hid gone to
Sptlngtltl 1 Mo . and abducted the hot, who
was living with his gr indmother, about
two miles from Springfield.
Tho application for the writ wis mule
in Altorni Adicl Sherwood, brother of
Mrs W Islnrt The Information fiom
Sprlnslitld tame- at a 1 lie houi.
No particulirs were f,lvtn in the mess ige
other thin the bov had Item taken awi,
but the inference was left tint the father
Intended leiving tin- State The inform i
tion ..-onilng o 1 ite in tlie day made it a
race with time- for .Mr. bherwood to obtain
a writ In order to serve It upon W isliart
in case he cime to St. Ixnns.
lls:ill.l. I'KKK Txl.K.
.Kreeni-nt lletvct- I.efiKiicM Cunsen
surprise tmiing Funs.
Tlie deelar iflon of peace between the Na
tion il and Aniiriian leagues will surpr te
nobtwl not vi n those who h ive strmuous
Iv miiintalnid tint such a thing was impjs
sible. To work together vv is plalnl a good busi
ness proposition, and no one has accused
an of the magnates of being In bus'ness
just to boest the sal irie of ball p ivers.
Cutthroat basel all lasted long enough to
lose monev for both leagues, and It was dol
lars to doughnuts that steps would be t iken
1. li vtttli in nATu tn LFnrv f Itifc nnormiiilc !
U I II Vi 1 III" unlit 1 i.u avi mo x,(ixr iiiuu
t-.ilarv di in on their coffers. ,
IV ite niobablv will not hive an immedi
ate clfcct on salaries of plivtrs under on
triet, tint m my of them will have cause to
sit up -ind notice thlnss befoiu the coming
se ison Is lialf over.
So Mitthcvvion will not disport his ele
phantine form on the Grand avenue grei 11
aftir all. in a St Ivmls uniform Well, the
blow will not kill Father Hedges Matthew
son was a good pitcher, and mav be et,
hut there are others, and his allotment to
the New . ork National Li ague team will
sue the St. Louis team a nice hunch of
salar monev. During war times Matthew
tin mlcht have been worth the fancy sal
ary offered him. hut when all is peace half
the amount will be liberal remuneration.
Now we know that an American League
team will invade New ork. but the official
returns do not Indicate where it will pitch
its tents location of the park will mean
success or failure in New ork, and unless
It Is rituatnl among the goats; in Harlem
the price that will hive to be paid for a
deirabIo site w'll preclude all chance of
mone making on the season. .
If Johnson & Company can find -1 site
east of One Hundred and Twent-fifth
street, within hailing distance of the Sixth
Avenue Elevated. Columbus nnd Eighth av
enue surfneo lines, they will come pretty
near getting the coin this summer.
There were some unconscious jokers on
tho peace committees One clause of the
agreement reads: "Each and every contract
'.. :fter entered Into b the clubs of either
lcacue with plaers, managers or unpircs '
. 1. i.u.l . .11H jn,l Mn,ltnv " I
shall be considered valid and binding." I
Who will consider mem so; ine ciuu 4
owners may.
nnd thev always did. but few
","'e are so considerate. If
tne ciuo
i - i -aid onlv enter into
dered the Captain and ciew out of tl e ship
ami si lied up all the cabins
The Italian Minister at Bui nos A res Ar
gentin i. who also represmts his Govern
ment In Lrui?ua thin took pirt In the con
trovers deeliring that the Frugua in au
thorities hid violated the Itall in flag and
had exceeded their rights in expelling Ital
iin citizeis from their rightful homes.
Man notes hvo alread len exchanged
between the Ita 1 in Minister and the Fo'
tin Ofhce The Frugui an authorities are
disposed to nluTn the Capt tin and h's crew
to the Marie Madre but onl after making
an Inv enter of all its 1,-longlngs. while the
Italian Minister insists upon an uncondi
tional return
There are reports afloat that there will
be a demonstration b Italian warships in
Frugua.in waters. It Is understood that
the Italian Government has resolved to
send the cruisers Puglla. CrisOforo and
Dogalio to the River Platte after the Marie
Madre incident. The vessels will. It is as
strtid, start w'thl'i a fen ilivs ,r the
River Platte and not for the Canbbe in Sea
as h is been sta'ed
which tlie courts would consider -valid and
binding" thev might rest eas
Those plavers who rtclved large wads nf
advance mone if inv ot them tlid will lie
up against It good and h ird if thev hive
spent It for '10-cent cigirs Unless the are
allotted to the club adv inciiig tlie coin thev
must rt fund evr penii before the can
pl.av in either league. It is hoped for the
placrs" sake th it the advance- mone was
laid b the press agents.
In Griffith. Chesbro, Taniiehill. McGraw.
Davis and Keeler the New York American
I.enraic team has a nice- bunch to draw to
One or two more king pins and Ntw York
may again float a ch implon-hip rag If
those plivers are given a good setting but
few ducats will go up to the crowd at One
Hundred and Fort -ninth strict.
The Cardinals will hive P itsv Donovan
at their hind this ; e ir unless some mag
nate offers him J3)ee) If suth an offer i
m nle the Messrs Robinson doubtless will
turn Patrli k loose The Robinsons do not
In lit ve In ketplng a j,nod man down, and It
the tan help Donov in to that txtra !,
! thev will do It
The olllciil list or plavers .lion, that the
old crowd is scheduled to make- up the Car
dinal outfit Given two more good i itchers
thev oiiKht to finish aheid or last ear's
jnt'Kr.i nvxscii.
He Will
Itlili- V broad nt
Salnrj nf
SHI.ooo n enr.
Pan Frani i -co C il Jin 10 J S McDon
ald to-dav ii ild J51V0 to Burns A W iterhou-e
for the reb ise of the ontriet of Joel ev
R inseh. a- I signed the bov to ride fcr W
K 'vaiiderbllt ibrtnd nt a sii,irv. It is
st ited of $Itf.nO ii vt ir. with the privilege of
renewal for two ears
MirtlllM.s OV I'ltOM XVHK.IIT.
Inpliireil I list i:veiilliieaM Tliree-Cnsh-ion
llllllard (.nine nt tlit (..rami.
Hutchings tlifeittd WriKht in the three
cushion game at the Grand list evening, to
taling 10 to Wricht's (. and avi rising l to
tlie 41 of his opponent Doctor Thomas
served as referi e. Hutchlncs and Wheeler
will plav to-night. The score In detail fnl-
ff lows.
iiutthttics iooimti:niiH)t
t 0 I) II I) 3 0 U 2 1 i I I 0 II 0 1 1 1 I) U 11 1 0 II 0 II 3
not 1010:00 ii iionoiotiosooot t n
llish run, z iiv-raKe 31
VV rlBht-1 I 11 0 i 1) t 1 0 0 0 I ft 0 0 0 0 0 t 0 rt 3
0 i 0 0 0 .- 0 0 a -. 1 11 n 1 n 0 : 0 0 1 0 11 mi
(1 0 o 1 0 11 0 1 1) 0 1 " 0 1) z - 1) 1 0 0 0 0 1-3j
Jlifili run, l. avenicc lw
S( lilt UEIt HOME I'tlll'lA
111 iim:i.
Fire S(arled in Fniuil?' hsi-nc-e
old .s-'.r.no iin ).r.
T h" residence of Henry C. G. Schrader at
Xo 31S South Ilinh street, Belleville, was
damagid to the .xtent of S2.'M bj lire at
t. o'clock vesterdiv evmlng The Fire- De
partment arrived 111 time to save tile hous
from total destruction
Mr Schrndei H n title cxamh.er and was
emilotd in tlie Couithoc.se until lite III
the afternoon After having h's olllce he
called at tie hoursv nf a friend, where his
wire was visiting, to accompaii her home
When they rt.ichcd the house- the fiimos
had alreadv gained lonsidt rable headwa.
The origin of tlie- flro Is not known.
lira 111 s. Hewitt Very III.
New York. Jan 10 Fornit r M.ior Abram
Stiveus lit witt Is ditigerousi III at 'us
home. No 'J Lexington avenue He Is suf
fering from a critical attack of obstiucttve
j lundlci- and his bten confined to his bed
since last Thursd 1 morning. To-night he
was greatly wtakenid and email ited His
condition is exteedingl ace, and phi
clans and nurses arc in constant atetnd
auco at his bedside. During the last throe
das three phvsiclaus iiave been alnnst ex
cluslvtl in charge of Mr. Hewitt, whise
age. of nearlv Si cars his been a seritius
drawback to their efforts
Camden. Ark., Hole! Ilurnril.
r.FruuLic bPi-ciAU
Camden. Ark . Jan. 10 The "Brooks Hotel,
ono of tho leading hostelries of this clt,
was burned last night. A man turned over
a lamp and did not give the alarm until
too late to save the building. It was partly
Trniu struck xaKou.
ItlT'l'nl.IC Hl'LCIAI..
Evansvilie. Ind. Jan. 10 Tlie teim of
John Hoffman, a dalrman. while crossing
tho Louisville and Nashville railroad tricks
below town to-da was struck bv a pasajn-
fjer train. The horses were hurled over a
ox- car several yards and Instantly killed.
Hoffman himself escaped Injury.
Alexander County Flection.
C.llro, HI. Jan 10 The Commissioners of
Alexander County have ordered an election
nent in every precinct in the county atarcn
21. for'tho purpose of voting on the aues'Ijn
of settling the county bonds, which Tiave to
be caul some time ln Jul.
On Wax to Xe.v Posr in Calcutta
When Intel (opted by Telegram
Fiom Geiinan Foroij;n Office
Will Sail on Jauuaiv 20. A
Berlin, Ian lft Baron Spetk von Stern
berg, the nevvl apjointed Charge d"Af!alre3
of Germanv at Washinpton, conferred with
Chancellor von Buelow for two hours to
dij Ho has engaged transportation on th
Himhurg-American Lino steamer Augusta
Victoria, which is to sail from Hamburg
Januar "."O for New York.
The Cologn" Gaztte to-di, in tn ap
parent! Inspired statement, den'es that
Amb's.ador von Hollcben's rttlrement from,
Wasldngton is connect-d with President
Roosevelt' i refusal to arbitrate the Vene
zuelan dispute, or with the alleged ill feellno;
In the United States toward Germanv.
"In spite of the unfrlen lly comments In
the American press." the Gazette says, "the
attitude of the Fnlted States Government
ami Pn sldent toward Germany has alwajs
continutd ver cornet, in fact, even
fiiendl '
The statement al-n saS that Doctor xoa
Holleben's leave of absence is "not con
nected witli the Pauncefote affair"
Baron Speck von Sternberg will have
ample- rank He will not be a simple
Charge d'Affiins, but from the btg.nnln-r
will have 1 jpeci ii rank, probablv that of
Ambassador Extraordinary. o that, al
though Herr von Holleben will remain for
an indifinite 'tried the title of Ambaadnr
to the Fnited state. Baron Speck -ion
Sternberg will reallv- have a rank equal
or suierior to that of Doctor von Holleben.
Sime the Emreror has be-an giving rp
ci il atttntion to Germanv 's relations with
the United States. ,e ban said on two or
three occasions, it is understood, that Ger
manv ought to be represented at Waeolng
ton b a personal't which would win the
rtgard o the American people as well r.9
the confidence of the American Government.
His Majesu nn one occasion alluded to the
perso-iahtv nf W'u-Tlng-Fane. the former
Chines. Minister at Washington, as being
of exceptional value to Chin 1.
One of Chancellor von Buclow's eonside-.
atio-is in recommending the appointment of
Paron speck ven Sternberg was that tha
latter was not a new man in WasMngton.
but one who ilready had .tn assured places
in ttu respect of t!.e President. Secretary
Hav and other membern of the administra
tion -
The appointment seems to have come nsa
complete surprise to Baron von Sternberg,
for he told the eorrespoml-nt of the Asso-elaf-d
Press that he had already started for
Calcutta when a telegnm c lught him in
Fir's He aded that he was very much
phased to return tr tie friends he had left
ir. the I nltee' States onl three weeks ago.
Baron Speck von Sternberg w is horn at
L"eds. Ei glind. and did not sec Germany
until he was 7 -eurs old His father was a
naturalized Englishman and his mother waa
a Miss Shav of Yorkshire.
One American Among Those That
Ai-o I ton ml for Tangier.
Tangier. Morocio. Jan. 10 The latest ad
vices from Fez u- th" pretender has rc
est iblishcd his camp at EI Hillan. about
twelve miles from Fez and that he is rre
perlng to assume the offensive.
Tour English women ami an American
woman left Fiz Jam ary S and are expected
to arrive litre about Januar ll.
trip -10 st. i.oi is pitonini.f:.
House ( oiiimlltee tin) fount llalloia
in the Wxilton C'onlesl.
P.FPl P.l.IC spu-I Vl
JiiTc-son (Ttv. Mo, Jan. 10 -It Is poI
ble that the House Commlttn- on Elec
tions which w is appointed In Speaker
Whlteeitton Frldi. mi go to St Louis,
to count the billots In the contest brought
bv Farivell Walton to represent the ITilb.
D'sttlct. Richard J. Collins and Thomas J.
Leoninl now represent the district. Collins.
1 e'ng elected b 1 plura'lt of sixteen and
Leonard b foitv-two.
Chairman Melxee- has h id one meetlntr
of the committee, when all the members
became acquilnted If the tommlttee, or
subcommittee goes to St. Louis to count tho
ballots. It will not attempt to compare thn
ballots with the poll books. Walton has
lrought his 1 cutest against both Collins
and Ive in order to have two strings to his
bow .
lp (Drill ). who ran against William
Petmcr in Dent Count, and was defeated,
appeared before- the committee. The two
were instructed to present their evidence as
soon as possible In order to clear the way
for the consldc'iitlon of amendments to the
election Ian. Elmer and Cape have gono
to D nt ('mint to consult their attorneys
about depositions.
Cape accused Flmcr of violating the cor
rupt practices act.
tdl.IlS T THK C'IPirU..
several I.eslslntorH Are- Confined in
Their Itooms.
Jefferson Cit, Mo. Jan. 10 Senator John
A. Marshall of biki ston Is confined to hl
room with ,1 severe told. He was unable to
attend the c ulcus Thiir'dax night, and since
tint time h is been "ruble to get out.
Senator John Ii Young of Texas County
vvent home suffering from a sudden attuct
of the grip Most of the legislators who
remained in the capital to-day are doctor
ing colds.
Scnntor Le-e Goes From .leffcriion CitTt
tn HIm Home.
State Senator G. T. Lee of Van Baren. Car
ter Countv, Mo. passed through St. Louis
esterd iv on the way home for a short visit
during the three das' lapse In the Assembly
session. He said that the s.sslon hed opened
auspiciously and that a creditable business
session might be looked for.
It was Senator Lee who Introduced tho
first bill In the Senate. The measure deals
with the counties and provides for the an
nual inspection of tho accounts of countv
officers. A similar bill Is also In the hands
or one of the House members and will be
brought up. The measure, it is thought, will
he .1 safeguard against tho misuse of pub
lio funds. The granel juries now supervise
the accounts, but It la maintained, that tha
s stem Is unsatisfactory.
Mr. Pauline Gerllnic's Faneral.
The funeral of Mrs. Paulino Gerling. who
died last Friday night at her home. No. S3VS
Page avenue, will take place Monday morn
ing at 10 o'clock at St. Ann' Catholic,
Church. No. 420O Page avenue. Burial will
be In Calvary. Mrs. Gerling formerly re
sided in Columbia, Mo., where she has many
frlendB. She leaves a husband, threa sona
and one daughter.
KnlKhta ot Father Mathew Eaekre
Kenrick Council, No. 4S, Knlfhts ot
Father Mathew, will give a euchre at 8t
John's School Hall Wednesday night. Tha
Arrangement Committee Is as follows: Tha
Reverend J. T. Coffey, William Farlcr. Jos
seph Toohv. W. Lord. R. Cant. BV an.
Joseph Durney. John Bbrgtss, W. fOm
land. P. Murphy, T. F. SottoTaa, Sh
w Jvourac, c. r, utmpx WSU Urn i

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