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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 11, 1903, PART III, Image 26

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fJsTriitJif "JLl&TZ. . p .TS- --? iwjwf1
Teslenlay's bank clcarinRs were f6CM.CC,
balances, JTfcl.I'd. Liocal discount rates
were firm, between 5 ami G per cent Do
mestic cxchanEC was quote! as follows:
New York. (V premium bid. . premium
asked. Chicago. IV premium bid. ic prem
ium asked, Cincinnati, I.ouisilc and New
Oi leans, pir bid. 1Vr premium n.ked
Wheat "!o-ed lower at ",& a-kert Ma) ,
i&71c No. 2 ted Corn closed lower at
4Cic May: C.fi6ne No : niKed. Oat closed
nt SI'c Ma. 31fi34l:c N". 2 Northern
Tlie local maiket lor s-pot lotton was
quiet ami unUi.im.-ol.
Preside nt Ttooseiclt has consented to send
the firht otlirial wirelej-s mess. tec acicss the
New opposition to the Cuban recipiocit
Heat) has ile eloped In the Somite, si-ierai
Southern Democrats jolnlm; the .so-called
Uoicr motment
T'nlted State Jtirv found .i?ain-t Jetr
TC.ihkr iu laall lo'ibcri i.is-
Plans of the French Giinmrnt fo- its
World's Pair buildings and srounde ale le
iid in St 1-ouh.
.lames, J ltutlei has scried rotiee that he
will ak to hae the ital'nts lecounUd in
lie Twelfth i om;ro.sslo:ial Tlij-titut. ".here
hi"! election Is brim; contest ,v 'ha He
publican candidate
1 1 Nlcscn. who nronos to OLild an
ehiated mid with a t-uliw.iv oowiitown
seeks to oncolidjte the promoters of s(
"ther piojms, ,j rortds
Imitations ate k. ' o t i r lh" ttterni-"
tlonal Good Koirts Comouilo'i to he held in
St Louis- April 27 to JIa 2
General William llooih, 'o mdor f the
Satiation Aimv, will leituie at 'he Ohm
pie Theatci tn-nlclit
Mr-. Elizabeth Hulbert of St l.oui-".
when a child km w the author of tin Welsh
national hinm.
Mis Marie Hradlev. widow of the Min
nesota multimillionaire, whom she mairied
n few hours before hi death ha taken
steps to protett hir claim to the ?K(0iK
Charles T Yorl.c. the mlernatioinl
street rallwav luacnatc. Jin returned from
Kiilaud. excoriates the trusts, who. he
hays, ate ile-trolnj; th foretell commerce
of the Inited States He warn thun of a
possible crash, which mishl make their se
curities woithlisv
Mayor Iow of New York :i'(s the presi
dents of the coal carr.iliiK roads and a rep
resentative of the in lependent operators to
meet him In oufereuce Tucsda to discu's
p'.aiis for liicrcaslns the cit's suppl ot j
Brookln ouths hae formed a "Cell
nates' Hub ' the members of which are
pledged to lie "-lnj-le all their Hies They
profcr to be disciple- of Tolstoi and hate
adopted the "Kreutzir Son ita" as their
text book
Citizen- of Indianola. Mis-, aie tlisap
pointed by the aittun of the Cabinet In de
ciding not to accept tne leslgmtlon ot
Mrs. Minnie Cox, the negro listmistie.
A promliunt clergyman of New York citj
declare-, bail cooking dmc many men to
An Hplscopal minister Tt'. cars- of age.
goes to Home to study fi the prle-thood.
W. A. COOK. M. D.
The best roars of m.v lift- have Iioon spout in' earnest devotion io
ailment- in my elm-sen Held. The cuius of the neatest thinkers in
modern niedit ine lias been Mb-m-licd, (he imiortant events in modi
eal histoiy and the imderlyiii; anses of disease have icceivcd imjiar
lisil (lioimhl. the eriule, uncertain elements discarded for known
points of value, and the scope of inve-tifMtion f(mi a hue daily prac
lice unlimited.
I am in Minpaihy with nerve w recked men. and thoroughly in
earnest. 1 deal onh in siinjilicities when explaining conditions to
a patient, and ghe him the fa-ts hi a plain, compact manner, wiMi
reason?, outlinetl mi that he can umlcr-l.iml. I conduct my business
on a liifjlu'i- plane than the "tinkling e tubal" sjiecialists, who try to
mwifv and conveii nude hills into mountains, and where advice is
sufficient and tiealmeiit unnecessary, advice i.s cheerfully piveii fiee
of charge. Main men call upon me for consultation and advice ,vho
do not need or desiie tieatuicnt. and none are allowed io leau feci
iii: sorry they did .-o; but. if treatment should be decided upon, the
value in results shall be worth more than they will cost. My of
lices and equipment aie tine enoup;h for the millionaire, but none
too pood for the poor, for rich and poor alike receive my very best
'JF If I can show cases in this i it v cured within the last mouth that other specialists have 'inkcivd
with iictU-ui tor two ear without benefit, the facts should be worth somethiiip to ou. and if I
cannot do so I will forfeit .10iU; in pold. Talk is talk, but business is business, and a sick or afflicted
man should hae the results that he frequently pas for without obtaining.
I ask every pet sou afflicted to honestly investigate my special system of treatment. I invite in
twrticular all who have tteated eNcwhcie without siitccss; all whose cases hae been abandoned by
family plnsieians and so-called experts: all whose troubles have beonairprcnatcd and made worse by the
use of belts, specifies, free samples, trial ticatments. pay-when um-d propositions, electro medical com
binations or similar deuces. I will explain to ou win such tiealmeiit has noi tared you. and dem
onstrate to your entile satisfaction why 1 can em e you sufeh. quickly and permanently. I will do by
joii as I would want urn to do h. me if conditions wiih us were rex ersed. I positively cine the wort
Capita!, $50,000
928 Canal Sffeat, w Origans, La,
uSIlK H8f8r9nC3S! ntttoy.s.unaiV or"e- Or'lc
280 Bfosiiway, New Yorx.
inceYou Joine
forms (if -pecilic
An Bngllsh newspaper pubh-hes a
humoious article entitled "Medltitlons nt
Berlin." in which it pictures the Iimperor
as longing to do "omethirs to startle the
world, but testiaintd b the fear ot what
the J'risideMt wou'.I sa.
IJoer l".iders nt I'retorla Inform Mr.
dhambeilaln. niltl-h Screiary of Sute for
the Coh.nie- that the "idea of crown oI
ony I- all r'ghl but we want a little more
eoleny and a little le- crown"
The golden da.s of the professional critic
of Paris seem to be p.i-s'ng. the newspa
pers showing a lindeney to accept criti
cisms from aclots, managers and general
An American actie-ss in Dresden who
married a dashing joung Lieutenant of
Saxony has be..n compelled, to apply to her
father for -upjiort.
Mrs. Arthur O. Paget, the accomplished
Bnglish si"'-iet leader, tails for New York
to islt ie!atie in her natiie land
The Alexandra curl 1 holillng its own
among th f.!hionable women of Imdon.
The Pail- Health Departmtnl estimates
that 3.0j).rt) rat cnj-ix the hospitalitv of
the clt)
The f.n t that M. Camllle Pclletan Is a
member ot tin" Combes CabiiKt Is consid
ered the Minl-trj's greatest v cakness.
England's new drmk law after ten da-'
operation. Is generallj. praised as the brst
licensing act the country has known In
A BritMi engiiiPtr who teiently icturrcd
from a !s!t to the I'nlteJ States icpoits
that the Ameiican workmen ic-cixe higher
wages than Kngll-h, but in all othvr re
spects the comparison faors Kngiand.
The Bmperor iml Kmpre-s of Auttiit
received Mi- Rellamv. Storer. the new
American Atnbassidtti. with mprc-sie
In -7 to !l! das without the use of potash or mercury and the uiisitjhih blemishes, whether spo's,
jiimples or ulceis. lopether with all rheumatism, aches, pains or swollen conditions will disappear coin
pletely and foievcr. I cine
In one week without detention from business, mi ;i phin used b no oilier man in Anieiica, so that
when ou hear arguments to the contraiy ou may know that ipuorant prejudice i- at her old tricks.
When the preat Dr. I.orenz, specialist in ortii.ipedic siirpen. xisited this countiy only a few weeks apo
he was subjected to indipnities by tethnical examinations at the hands of medical boaitls. and ellorts
made to restrict his desiies to instill new id"as into our medical titists: but, like a bad child whipped
into beinp pood, he was afterwatds publicly wiitid and dined in the laipest cities, and scoies of physi
cians who Imped he would be run out are tod.n mini: to imitate his plan of tieatinent.-The Ies-on
teaches that piejudice can onh be overcome b. foice. Vou can't poke hiatus thiouph a wet sponge
with a knittinp needle. I cure
In from - to !t weeks, and Piles. Il.xdrocele, Kupture and kindled disorders in less than half the time of
the averape local physician or pretendinp specialist. Consultation anil adu'ee aie f rt e ami solicited.
Call or write
A $10 Flat Bet on Our Three Selected
Horses Daily Netted $917.00 Profit
Past Twenty two Racing Days.
W. A. COOK, M.
I Or Cook Medical Co.,
OFFICE HOURS: 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. m. to 12:30 p. m.
fri-m Sl.tfti tf J2.r- anil nlll lia? a Rru luc
ii!tini!i,in" i.i:;ii:.
IllViilfi f, Kcculnl-M I.
Scores vn th. MetzlT alke weie.
CM 1 " 5 I - T I .
mind 3j si .so si ;o t'.u .
mini si jo .ii no jp i.v in
inm ... . 3 u it ;t it 4s as s.7 r. r-j
Mehlenhon" 1 4s n -,s 41 r. 4, 1 -., 5
.irnrmriuan . fi jj 31 v-y 33 4 j lji 31 4
ti;ins,n . .
1 l.uns
ttand .. .
Totals .
J. -Mftzler
1:. l'tretz
Tutil. ..
llnrlnt- Intel I Icon cr.
TCew- Y"rk. Jan H' Arr.ed,
ftnni I ieriool
.HonK-Knni;. .1 111 10 Arned Steamer
Doric. S,,n l-'ranciscn. ia Ho-mlulu. Yuko
hain.i. ttc
Iliunhursr. J.in 10 ArrU.il. Steamer Hc
ordot. fort ItlaKelj. Taconiu. San rruncis.
co, etc. i.i London.
Antwerp. Jan. T. Salld: Steamer Tries
tand. New Vorlt.
Hnre. Jnn. n -Sailed Ii Savoie. New
Southampton. Jan 10 -Railed: Steamer
Philadelphia, New- York Ia Cherbourg.
Liverpool. Jan. 19. Sailed: Steamer Luca
nia. New York
Itutterdam. Jan. 10. UrUid: Stcimcr
Amsterdam. New Yoik.
New Yoik. Jan. 10 Sailed- Steimers Orar
W.ildeiee. Har.ibnrK. etc; I'nil.ria. IJ-r-IKiol.
ftinidlan. LUerpooI. Ilekla. Chili
tlanscnd and 4'openh iKen. ile-aln. London.
Il.nic. Jan. 10,-ArrUed. 1.1 ChampjKne,
Now- ork
,Cliertiourf. Jan 10 -Sailed Philadelphia.
New Yoik.
II 113 151 ITS til KJ 173 !: 30 T-.'j
CM 1 S 3 I I Tl A
2 3J 61 ') t) 1 11 r3'j IT 4-3
1 .: ,t .ij x, c, jr. i-i ;
- .s :n 11 .-j) r.i 3.1 ict .ir 3-;
. : 33 it 11 ss 31 44 nc. 4i
. :. i'p 34 ji r. 31 !. ici 3. 1 ;
!6 SI JIT 313 IS", .03 ptf JT3 35 ,1-r5
... " z
W eiz"l
A Ui.hman
Total" .
Holler .-., Ilinltuit.O. .
M t 3 j 4 -. -r 1
S 4" 41 41 11 .r 3S S a, J ;
3 33 4,' 31 J) 4 1 42 .11 41 ;-,
I) J 33 Zl 141. 33 I--.
. o i i 4. f) 44 : 321 41 3
3 II 31 11 i A) Tt jv, :.7 -a
.31 IT.' Kl !SS za 311 311 Tun t; is-s
CM 13 I 4 r. T'l .
4 41 3i T It II 4t Rf, 37 .r
:s 411 ; 11 31 : it. 33
. 3. ST. 4 .T 31 41 VS, c 1-S
J J 47 33 TM Z 3 1T3 33
.3 J 41 13 M n 41 3J3 411-5
; Mrtzlcr
:t ?)t Mi is; t's l": 15) sii 3s 1 zl
llapld 1'Irei ::.. Itumtiler" u.
' M 1 3 3 t r, T I
S 4 31 3a io 31 -W 1T 3" 1 3
4 44 34 3; j. 3." 3; 153 ;. j..,
3 14 :-, 3- r. 37 Jt 1C1 33 1-3
J 31 34 38 31 3T 3 170 .14
.. Si .0 3t .-J 3T 4T 1-4 13 4 3
Weilo nut 1-1:11111 Tie cm iii.il.ejuu iih n't tltepjee-. imr ili Te-Rnj von
ftm't lnsc uii"tliiiil, lint uni.' tire tiling is tI1.1t t' haTi- ncirr Ict Tic prill
iptl i-:ii.ll:il Intrusted to ns li.v'any of our investor!, and to nie oior:iiiiiiier
leu T h.ni.":l nit ilull.ir". ueelvlj.
On ii'ir Kifi'-t e.tr:i po-hil- ilitrniK 1'ie- week Trims, live lol!:u fur tltree
speeljil witi"-. Intl. If ion ile-ite tis tu plme ynur luoiiey Tie charge notliiti for
itilnniintioii: dcilitet same tiom "et piolits. Wiite for our booklet: it K in:illeil
fne in plain ciiTc!oe. Within Hie next ten ilijs we expect lo (Hit uier somu
X"eil Iiiiii;Iiiii t inner.-.
VIC BRITTON CO. Capital, $50,000.
Ex-Jockey Vic Brltton, AlRr., P. O. Box 015, New Orleans, La.
E are literally coming money for our three-horse-per-day clients at New
urieans tnis winter, v'ur tnree-liorse wire is getting the money and getting-
it in chunks.' Our policy of spending money in every nossible direc
tion with an open hand to secure the very best results for our clients is again vin
dicated, and we are proud of our ability to make such a glorious showing as we
are enabled to do this morning.
Three thousand clients, each paying us a weekly fee of S10 for our informa
tion, make-; our gross income S30.000 per week. Do you know or did vou ever hear
of a ingle individual plunger who had a fund of that magnitude with which to
conduct a winning campaign on the turf, or one that was willing to spend that
amount? Allowing for our advertising bills, we have a fund of over $4,000 per day
to draw from to spend with owners and trainers and to employ the most skilled
corps of dockers ever corralled in the history of the turf, and we spend very nearly
all of it to accomplish our aims.
The stockholders of the Maxim & Gay Co. are willing that the maximum
profits of the corporation should be annually 100 per cent on their $50,000 invest
ment. (They are not hogs.) A little arithmetic will show you that under these
conditions we are still able to spend S3,S00 per day for information. Think it over.
Examine the results we get, as shown in the table of winnings and losings presented
below, and ask yourself whether our proposition isn't the greatest thing you ever
struck since you joined the human race. We were the turf sensation of 1901 at
Sheepshead and Saratoga. We were the turf sensation of 1902 at New Orleans,
Brighton and Saratoga. We arc already the turf sensation of 1903 at New Orleans.
Here I- n record of hore ulayed daih for our three-hore-per-day clients at New Orleans for the past 22racincdi
Kver lo-er N ae. minted for here, at- "ell as een winner, and a showing lb made of the result of a Id dally plar. dl
lccd into bets of Jin eieh on our time ilallv selections. ',
Cifiuorrhoen anil Lrlnnry lli"chnrKei.
A Cure in 48 Hour3.
Totals .. J4 ; 1 (J i; j;,, 173 yj 33 3.;
ktpii) rimv.
Name '. JI 1 2 T 4 r. T'l U
I l.or-r. . ' Ii ; r? 11 2: ir1-. .
i. CK -. '.! :3 "- " -' ' 1-5 1
""' . .li Jj 4i u.i ZZ 41. LO. 41 :T
J Krnari . 41 I'l 4 .1 4J J - .
4-OT'V . 4 4 3.1 1" 4T .', 1; n :
Teia . .:i ;i; r. :ci :u zn im 7'.s ;
Dr. Oobhart
(or Hot Spring.
Ark ) has discov
ered a Gonorrhoea!
nt.tVr M C? Twolarc." fiom well fiirnUhit
rimip wlih rlano. all .-.nrnlnte' reton.iMe I
CIKUTIJM .Xie.lltJ llttia larut fmnt louin
fuint-liel lomi'lHtp f,r liuu.f kpeplnK. tith and
taunfliv, U p-r nwh
miim:ti' u-
fr nt Old l.aLk ri.tni.
t.p rnl
inn Mcp1 lurnl'hid
with h"t anil tilth.
;' . Antl-Toxire that la Kuaranteed to cur nny I -.M,K"-MAN" Sltnatl. n wanted ij
5-1 casn of Gonorrhoea 01 Gleet at horn- or ' '.''.Xir W"h "hoU"iU J"U,lnK '""
1,1 ( e rV".T -rine 'iilKt nxjm. nil! fur
nl.htn' Willi hot and c-"lil lalh and he-it
"1.HK .-t r,i? Niirly furnl-lird hick irlor
fi r L'Hnllnirin iZ ninlli .t on hat
il.li: .-t 4;-furnthPil and unfurnl-hed,
vlncl ind lynnitlns ri."ms. talil,. In-inl. Hi....
l pirIatiiis lio-nt iL.,Kln? nn .'Main ejirdlrnt I
t:i!.I- I...11.I
MDOKKKKI'KIt WA.STIU! Kcm.do l.ooKKcfp-
r 4-all at .ts X. I onmuriiU -it
UIICI. WtNTl.ti -CSIrl- to wnp and label
riedlclne 4 'a 1 1 at -.is N 1 timmeiclal at.
I-U Nllllls U NTKI- Uiun.ln.. lij the
la at .:7 WT-hingO n ae
'DOK Ml IHll'MIM .V V.'NTi:i Man and
wife, ti'rk and houseman In prlale famtlt. ZJZZ
Wahincten ae.
iUfi clas
iuc. Ii :i3.
Date. Ilor.n.' IKVs I'm V
ed IKi. 17. Scon h i'lald T to 5 WuX JH
do 'll.e I.adj 7 to 1 WON" 7
do. 'Ill o 11 to 10 1.0-t
Ihur"'. Dec IS t'omr l'or-ter S to ." WON" IS
do. John I'ders to 5 WON" U
t I'andanoi 1M 10 I .Id
l"ri . Pec. 13 Sheet Alice to J wo.V 5
do (.olden Itule 7 to 10 WON' 7
do. Hin to in WON" 9
Sat. Pec. mJ... Hirry WiNon 1 to 3 WON" S
do. UMzi Dillon
do oweli
Mon, Die. 2. .Old Hutch
do Sarilla
do Dandle Hell
Tues- Dec. ZT, rirearline
do Ve.-.uIi
do hwM N'ell
Wed. Dec. 2l...i'iiternm
nt Hiram Johnson ..
01 iip 1.
'J'hurs . Dec Zi. Harrv New
do ,nde.
do De Itifzke
I'rl . Dec. M Major M inir
do. Itoundlee
do S.ullla
Sat. Die. 27 ...Federal
do Athlaua
do Wealth . . ...
Jlon.. Dec. 29... Whfskej Kinc
do Potheen ., ..
do Harrj New
Date. Horse.
Tues.. Dec. CO.. O" Ha cen
do. If You Dare ..
do. Itankln
Wed.. Dec. Sl...JIoronl
do. Hard of Avon
do. Honolulu
Thnr-s.. Jan. L.Scornio 7 to 5
...Mto 1 3d 10
.. 7 to .", M 10
.. a to r. won'
.. Sto 1 WON "0
.. s to i :d io
.. i to .-, won" ;
,. S to 1 WON
. i: to r. 2d io
.. "to T, I.nst io
.. 7 to 1 -NON" 70
.. to 5 AVON 12
.. I to 1 Ijit 10
.. tto r. ;. to
.. - to 1 Lost 10
.: S to 5 2d io
. to l WON IA
. :t to s WON" 15
.. S to ", "d 10
. 7 to 10 WON" 7
. 4 to 1 WON 40
.. :t to 2 won" r.
. 1 to 1 WON K
. 11 to 10 Cd 10
Fri., Jan. :...
Sat.. Jan. 3...
Mon . Jan. 5..
Mosketo ...
..Insp. Shea
l'ake ,
..The I,adv
. Judge du Uellc
Tues . Jan. 6 John Coulter .
("o. Andes
do. Olennclllo
Wed.. Jan. 7....1'hilo
do I'otente
do. II. McDanlcls
iiiur-!. jan. ..i-. Kauter ,
Tri.. J in. ...,
Sat . Jan. 10..
Totals .....
nine Kidgc
St. Tammanv ...
l'ride of Surrey
Befc Fin. VT. I
... 3 to 1 lyjst 10
... 3 to 1 WON 30
... 6 to 1 WON fiO
... 7 to 1 Lost 10
... 5 to 1 WON 80
... 7 to 2 WON 33
... 7 to 5 3d 10
...10 to 1 WON lflO
... L" to 1 WON 30
... 3 to Z Ixist 10
... Z to 1 WON M
... 3 to 1 WON 30
... 1 to 1 -WON 10
...15 to 1 WON IV)
.. 5 to 1 "WON oO
...IS to 1 Lost jo
.. 2 to 1 WON :o
... 2 to 1 WON 3)
...10 to 1 WON 1C0
.. 4 to 3 WON 8
... S to 1 Lost io
... 3 to u 2d io
... 4 to 5 2d io
.. 1 to 1 2d io
.. 4 to 3 WON S
.. 4 to 3 WON 8
... 6 to 5 2d 10
... 4 to 1 2d 10
... 9 to 5 3d 10
... S to 1 Ixt 10
...11 to ii WON 22
..into 5 WON 2
...10 to 1 3d 10
J1.1S7 C70
ItOW INC 4-l.u, Mil CO.
SI. I.ouU nml Miiiiir7lt Cluli Hr
liorl I'roMirrmis sinlo .if tirni.
At the meetliiK of the St. LouK Ilonli,
(Juh last evenliiK President Heln appointed
Hie follow inK in. mhers as ., btandmW Gov-
iiiliiK I'oninilttee tor the ensuini; rar-ti,nkt-J
., K,1'-, Albert Wlttman? Joi,rh
lil. Lmil Heln. Henrj A. Vos. i;nti rtjin
meiu Committee, William HlcKer Loiii
.lonchlm. William Manchenhelnur. Hou"e
ommltlee; Iaiuis l.attner. William HlcKer,
I" Link Minces. Howlins Committee. William
mull, committeeman on collections
J he chili has placed an onl-. with an
'"fCrn tlrm for a new four-oared racing
-.....,. . in- i.uieii.tiiiineni I mnmni.w h.u t .
.ecided to hold anothir dam-.- at the club- :rlf in"
nuuse Janiur 31 The ruiked-li.it leairue I
f the club opened the -econil series of its Totals
tournament last TucMlaj with a match be
meen the Irciiuols alio the Anchor, the
lornier team winnlni; all tle gamc".
Members; of the Mound City Itowlnc Club
i . T- v. . 1JI l meeting as toi.
mo-iev refunded All discharge and sorenesj j
diaiprcar In 1 to 3 days. Cnzcs aolicited i
( nrnmlrlrl I.encue IteorKnnlzes. lnat h'v baffled the beat medical rkill ro
..I'.'V"'1'.'?,' w'eJ-'It Iafta- hn. ten p.iin. N'o Strain. No Stricture. Corr-icnit-
reircanlzi-d wlih the inilcwinc trains. IfjaB ..-, h,l.r,iiol nu t r- rrfrlilllTrn
Itcolrs. Itnllfrs Hand !er. i::.,i.i. Itapld l'ltfi- ince r' nh'lePt'aL DIS. J. C GEI.riAHT CO
llUals .ml ituuKti Itlier- Tif MlhtAtni: otniVrs A COS North Texas Hide.. Dallai. Tex. ;
Rt. ira. f.n. i... . ...a.i.i... . .ii..i i
man. 1" prfstilent, .;imm,ima.i. a-erear; !
I MO'lfnhnff. l-3.u r i
i'cliolul.. Iir Wftl. t.alni!ne- .l.inTi.rv 1 .
WI'ST IIKI.M: Place 44Tt - Nlcel furnished
rr.tpt room also otlir r ntem" furnair hrat. hot
t'llli all rorirnl tK-es. eMvll-nt l..ard. ton-
I- in in in i-ar nns
i:iI tinm nt Iioiy Inriie. and w.ion
; coal or d'rt 1.1 oil I'a-.lon a- j
J Mii.i.iNKp. m vm:i:s vntkd rue nm
1 i 'i.s inllllrao m-ik.ra at l:ofnheim' SIS i.o
I i tlt
January 1; Ilnjils n it -eters
tmuar 13 i:ul m .. n-inilTK
.linuar 14 Ul-il.ti, s llafU Klrr
Januiry lj Illal i R(ut;li ltldi
st. i,ni is i.i:cii:.
Urottns ::. GrHnllrs 2.
Scores on the llranlte altei ve"-e.
JllrhaH ..
Pickup .
Totals . .
V CUsson
I Huso
I 2 1
. z, 15 ii :,;
3 r.i 2. : z
4 Zl 4". 4. .2
i ;. 4; 4-1 -.1
s 1 44 4' 45
1 ". T I W
37 ;-. rt 4. 1-,
-S 40 174 34 4-3
41 .vi rr. 4-.
7 it 12- 4-. ;-:,
:.! 47 ZZS 47 3-5
HOIi"MAM) NTHI I'cr limi an! lin
ini; rrHm work, ittcrtnct r quired Vj jnde-
r.lthrrprlmarjr.MTOiiflirTor irtlary. rrMncing 1IOI Ft;im Sfiuatlnn a hourctrl. no waU i
Corner otlornl pft, Vimnlfs. sUfc Throat, i"ir r in nine, no mitil work. In small famtli 1
Arhra. iid s0rr. ut Muuu l'a(tlir in , pm JIT Call till tirinj;
month, ill ror t-yrlrimsralliiiimit,rtc.. qnUkly.pos- ; - - -
inrwy unci inrrvprt-un n, w iinoui in uw or Mercury or
loiinnu iotisii,nyiuc wondrnm iifrnanit uniixMirn.
a ftvr wffi. n of which makes .1 cltrtn, l.iIthT
r'nir,artroinpVi fiiinn r.Jli ihr lint Trinpa anl
ofhr trilmt-nt. Hill frrnruiatimi. and n. bfiili for
trial, ttrnt free nf Hmrir lo nil nfffrr. Addra,
X'roff. F. f. FOWI.I.R, New London, Conn.
lyws: I'. O. huorK. president: 51. Dec lev.
icepresIdcnt; nnancldl score taiy. C llenze
1 scordlnjj secretary, J. Kelly; treasurer!
"! ur. za ;i4 ii ;o: ;4i ifs 43 ;o-:; ,
OliAMTKs !
' M I ; a 4 I Tl Av J
1 M 4! :z) ; c 4: .; 4-. 1--. '
i ;; :.' 41 m 41 41 its 41 3.7. I
rv -1 4! 41 :-j ;o s m 42 3-;
s i 14 cr :s fa ;s 2i. s:
:: I! 41 43 4fi is -1 1 4;
35 114 19 332 330 3 311 1137 43 3-3J
ieorRc l.seiinaeher. captuin. K. Jiuccr.
lieutenant. J. IkRley: Alex Smith. J. Cal
houn and c Ainmans were elected as a
board of directors.
It was announced that the club had
placed an order for a new- thell beside li,.
ins a barge which has netr been used a
ct. The Memberhln rmnmltt.. .,PtAw
that the club has lncieased In membership '
llhl lAr fun in .1... I..- . t- . t
-.w .v, l(. ,,i iin; HIDV MA IIIUIIlllS.
Memher of the Greeley Printers Cccked
llat league were entertained with a theater
liaity and hintiuet by Mr. Harb.iUKh of the
company last evenine- Those nreent were
Messrs. Harbaugh. Stoeker. Kntermann.
Uunn. Copplnger, Fischer. Geeks. Vorhauer
llurke. Hettlnget. Kuelker. Michel, Jlus-ler'
r-chader rath. Till. Connett. Schmidt and'
Ilasrlliornr &take Annonneed.
ChicapJ. I1L. Jan. W -,Tlie Chlrauo Jock-v Club
liai anoounced the cundltiom. of twelve tttakes
lor th sprinc meeting ami summer meetlne st
.lawthorne. entrleii to which close rebrusrj- t
ilia list Is headed hy the Hanthome Man. 11
ap. ono mile end a furlonc. for 3-jear-oMs and
upward, with a truaranterd cash alue of Jin -
to be run on Ma 33. the opnlnx da rf thV
: pnne meetlnp. ?.ext In Importance Is the Norlh
. rn liandlcap. at a mile and a quarter, with JS -t
added to be run at tlie summer meetlni
rb. rcmalnlnir ntakew nf nhl.h lhM. . r Z.
r-olds, June been added, wltn money ransine
Orellner .
RHm .. .
Crotzek .
Totals .
ItOI'OH ItlDtlltS
" M I 3 3 1 1 I Iv.
. C 31 is; 4: 4j :7 n :K 4 3..,
r n 3i 4; -.- rs si ;o 49 4-5
. 3 34 34 41 43 4) 33S 4 1-3
. 6 43 49 3S T4 41 30 3w 4)
S 3") 44 4". 41 30 41 31S 44 3-S
ZZi lilt 41 11-33
Elevens ..
iad i eeirlin ..
J,l.-,,-l .
Totals .
...3'i ITS 313 SI 313 :
. M 1 '-' 3 4 r, T'l. Al.
.. .. 49 3T 21 43 41 40 Wl Tfi
. 1 X". 4" 4'. SS 41 4.S 337 47 3-3
..It 30 3B 41 34 33 37 ISO JS
. . 9 31 41 4S i7 ct an ! 37 .1.;
... 1 11 4) 33 31 SO 37 191 -3s 1-",
P) R ij
At $
""- sll
HsiUas tiU p.p
C1.1I-ib1 mA n.l. I2s..Imk
BArE. 41w..rfll.ll Indies, ."XPraSflrt
or jllll.lll-.s.li'.l.-S i;lil.s.ll
In KCI BBt tl& n..iftlli- 1mi.. m-.i.
wlnib'a.rlHwn Take no other. KefoM"
!!a"i;eron lnhttlQltnaa and trait.
IIhk. B. if your prucctit .r.sMf.ia
'm i Ikr I'orlleulara. Te.t1mo.il.ds
E4 Hellrr for I 41e.'tn l.irr, by n
foro UbH. in min t...b...i.i. u.i. ..
lIDnnliu ChlrheHerl henleoM-o,
JI.SMoi. Vausre. I'llll.A.. I "A.
.30 lit 1ST 137.233 1S7 IS; 5S5 39 II. 3 I
Ileiiiiiiionla ::, InipcrlnlM '2.
Kcme r. M 1 Z 1 4 o T'l Al
O-je.b-iili . . 3 r; 7i 79 33 -3 47 317 fl 3-3
Hil.len 3 is i-. -a u oi . ;ra ', -,.-.
Hanson 3 31 47 4 74 ".: 73 .37 31 3-3
1'aln ... 4 4" 41 mi 31 42 31 iA, ii
D t r ri-chet Z 53 H 39 3 4 313 ;A 3-3
Total- ... 33 iq 3I 374 377 '.fl 333 111". 33
orncE mi:v.s i.iri(Jii:.
Cjclem 3, lroisrcH.lscs S.
. Name. C M. 1 ; 1 4 -, Tt. v.
M.ignns-(6) ...- c 31 41 30 32 4S ;; 4'.
A. Inline 16).. S IS 31 S3 St 64 51 373 sc 3.;
AlWnck 4) . . Ji S 44 48 31 Cg 17 33", ;i
Harris (l .... 6 3S t0 a 42 42 41 341 4S 1-3
II I.lns (7)... 8 33 53 '43 13 41 ZZ 3T, 43
Totals (31).. 3r t(3 358 341 33 371 332 1US 49 13-M
Xame I". M. 1 ? 3. J . r. t-i ..
Bajer (f.) 7 4! 4.1 43 30 38 42 1S6' 39"l-5
S) 7J 47 37 hf S3 3i 57 3-",
3 S K H 36 40 336 43 1-1
... . 1. tw 1 . 4, w .-68 53 3-5
... 6 37 36 41 33 33 57 300 40
Hender 111 .
Insby (o
Wricht ....
Totals 117). ..Zi 13 23J Zlj 211 210 253 1178 47 3-23
Crntral Lratnc Sehednle. "
The Central Coeked-lut I.caftue wllpbecin Its
second series tilth the follow Ins matrhes:
unaay juuiners i-p. ijeuiurj s on Acme altcj s.
llindjcaiw (;reiMrh f. Hnlden S. Hanson S.
iocior 1 lscn-r 3 Total. 34
Name r M. I 2 3 I r. T 1 A
r.i-tz m -t .v. 41 41 -2 .vi 4i-"
G Ilehke .. 7 33 33 31 SO 33 S3 331 44 1-3
M Ile e . I J ;n a n 3.1 44 2C 13 2-3
Hentz ! II ( 41 12 ."8 47 239 SI 4-1
JM lioehkc ...9 3-1 31 so 31 ft Cfi 215 433.3
Tota' . 33 133 251 214 2f. 268 232 1211 48 11-L3
Iland'cap-r:oetz 3 G Ilrehkc 4. JI Ij)ec 4.
Uents 2. Ld Iks-hke 2 Total. 17
MAN'II I ItlN'ClmnilInn lt ladle., to rin mnnl. 1
rilrliiff, lot l.nlh inas.i.ii.-e and shamr-v InR l- 1
week nrlee Ji ir wek. v. Ill iad al house I) I
Sil Itinullh I
wltlM'nitT l'I,i:ittv IVrn 11 ent i.o.tinn h ex- j
perl-nre.t crrcerv cleiU. tvilh let of reference. I
1317 Iterul.tii
i-OI.nii:ii'.s oertoat tnew) with cspe size 38,
JI 1701 Vrr t I
1M)V WANTKII smnrt ho lo work nrounl
lunrh acon one ttlthout pirrnt-. pood vvnc.1
and tmaril I3is vH.hlncwn ae
I.xsTiTts ANTKo-Seoon 1 liler" Crown
i-hre Comiunj 1312 I'arlt a' j
sTKII'I'Klt WXNTKI) Knperlencrt stripp'r .
Sf7 N lff'ncneii, yjoiph Krcll
IWMZCilrit. V.XTi:i Olil. 11 ear. lo ss-sl"-t
wlih houceuork. at on e 2IC1 N. .leffr
eon nie , upstairs 1
UIMHil'-I liuni're"!. work to brim;
home, reference Ad tie Harris. 2320 Wash st
''HKHItV heilrnon suit plush
loltPRe. jour price. 272S Morgan ft
couch, lied
Junior Assoctnllon.
The Mohawks and Cauannes each won four
?oi, ?"di a,r, toBether for the lead In the
Junior Lockcd-IIat Association. Standing:
W. I.
4 1
3 2
I 1
Choctaw s .
OfIce Men
Seeurltjs .
..1 4
..1 4
- a JiII'i.wi-'KK'b .senr.ijiTM-:.
Manamr s wnners . euiurj s on Acme allcja. crnt alleio an. riV m , 7-iC 7jU " V, 3
i UiU and Acmcj . JWU'on Rojal allejs. FrWaj-Olympiaa v. security Arm. ..--
,. . .-- -..,
Itos to Clnsli nt CntrlisrrliEhttt nt
I.x-eiini ciuit Monilny Mulil.
The Ch'cao Inter Ocean sas: "rusllistle
fans who iicall the two Iln Iv contests put
up by lluddy Hjan and Jack O'Keefe within
the past ifar. both of them rtult!ns In
draws, wii i)( out n fone Monda.i nlcht,
when these Isiys meet at the Hceum Club.
It is a p. collar fact that In both of these
previous bouts tlie honor" were even, not
nvrelj as concern" the draw decisions, hut
also as to the method in which each man
made a losing contest up to a certain ttace
and then went in so fast that defeat was
turned lntd a draw."
Vejer lii-OK, LeUBne.
The threw matches of the second series In the
i.ejer Urns Cocked-Mat I"aBUe will lie liowled
Iriday en the Itoial allejs as follows: Imperial
rowns IMas. li To-cas is. F. I". M.'s and
Mikadcs is Pearls
Rush us a commission to New Orleans at once. We have a bunch of loner,
priced hordes ready to be put over the plate as soon as a good opening in the wav
of a condition race pre&ents itself. Nearly all the races are condition affairs
this week, and if you want to be in from the start go to the nearest telegraph
office and have your commission transmitted by telegraph. Our informatTon is
getting better every day. Last week we put over three at odds of 10 to 1 or
better. This week we feel confident we will treble that showing.
Since the Maim AL (lav Co. scorn! Its- first
r t. i. l"e -iaim a. i.av i o. scornl Its- first ens-itIonaI success, it has been handicapped In obtaining h ht
(e.r ltC ""LJ :" ''" ' .' It-s-lection". became pullie propeitv before tho races were mu in Je throuchoo? '
kf'hJ , "n ,,u" M'erli'ncp or eierx' one that once a horse was known to be tipped by Ma"lm ti h : iv to S , UL
that hors,. h.c.,,nc a marl, for tho bookmakers in the betting. If the horse we tipped was a natur ll 5 taUhn! Ltn?"
ers to w horn the Info, matlon iva just as accessihle as It was to am body else who paid tho price ihilked nn ,,'?,tm''k
or less knowing that the play was- sure to come. As" a ies!t. clients Kot the worst of it shalked up to 1. more
i-nUilnM tlrn'"" fr"m """ for ,hc .&&s
.1 . p""',' bettor", to place tnejr irionev on the horses to the icrv best ndv.intase the srnlces nf m. cjh,,
the noted Ilasicrn hookm iker. have ,.. sccu e.I bv the Malm Ai Gay Co Mr Idciitensiem has , ,,,.in..i LHr.ht.?n',,e,n
bookmaker and i far-famed a ,i "rlnf: i-ener.il " He charces 5 Mr cent of tlii neekll nr, n? e . . ii?"'" renllt"'tln as i
he mak-Minward of 510..) per week x,rr pro It b the tr?n?actiin. The ,nr ""!
be iisid solely for the hen, lit of our clients, proits 'of an adw.nt iKe wl "cli can T. l" t nStadi ' W'J.11
odds the IarKei Mr Mclitcnstein'-eomml-sion is You can easily t,o convinced, there Jo re thsMIr I leh onT. hV hl?hrr the
endenors to usP thos,. tactics at New Orleans which hae made him faniouson the Fter,, irse'ki ? ,,'in morp tn'1"
price nininst thos ln.rs.. on which h Iniemis to i..,t fo,. lamous on the Eastern tracks lo sCcure an n . .
Itecentlj Mr I.tclitenstiln has. for the prot.ctlon of our client"., been niacin- t'
variably he i present in the New- Orleans bettlnc rlmr. and neer forcets hl dutv
His tactics are his own. and for ohiioiis reasons cannot he further explained here
the money awav from the track, but
ti llllll li fnirbflf . .
v ur elec.lorw.
,-; o"V,'".:.V"nm"n.'r? '"'"T l.."l" .np,Kni' r-.'c. " ?"r ubcrlher.. ,.n a rvmbol of coed f.lth ,
n.o ... i it l .. -;- "
lav-, spjertinns are placed in a sailed enielope. addre-sd to llch sul.-crlber. atiM nut in the mall nt th v- "' i,wcr. the
rral Post (Office at 1 p. m. d.'ly We Bu.ir.intee that no horse will he plaied f. r mv el! "t ece t h n,ew 9rIra"'' ('"n
lias bee,, ,n ailed to him ill an .nielope hearing the Xew Orltans postm .rk not Inter than " n m nf Wl V," f ,h',t h'-"
run After the races arc run -Vow Orleans, clients cat, learn at our New Orleans nPle. then-im 'o? tl JPi d;,v ".'? ,'ac", are
ste-in has heen Instructed to dav. New- York clients c-in learn at our New York office nnd m?i of .T.'Mr" Llchte,,
celie the news hy tedcKraph. if tliev so rrder-all t. Iecnnns at cost of subscriber In .illrtltm ie ,S' ;nonN ""' r--the
hands cf tlie e-litor of the New- Orleans ITI.M before the races the s lectlors the monev wil hi nt1"?0 to I'''Ke in
iXthn Uv'Tf V5,r'J'inK ,h namC-"( ,hB ",,r!-eS"1 ,hC Xe" Y"rk IMi:.!!Vm,c,r,.lie,l?ecc.e.,!
ST ",c "'.curlty of "persons to whom our fame and financial standlnc are unknown and who i. . - ..
New- Orleans. the Millni & Ga. Go rfm to ,ne gtato Xa(1(lll ,, ,Uuk 0 .""('hofollow-
us at
1 tie tee for our one-horse wire and for our three-horse wire is 110 weekly for each Mr ?nt r i-i,. . , .
kly wrinninss. Statements are mJ died ...V" '.V.'
ine roitowlnsr are the minimum sums that are accepted for hettliiK
placing jour money at the traik are j per cent of the net weikly winnings. Statements are mailed , A?. s cl.'-"-Scs for
L-1K.-1.1. iui pronis. Accounts nccepiiii puuiect to witnurawal by jou on teleKranhle notice tn ihVt . "J'"11'- In
inK odds, as imhllshed in the New-' York DAILY AMERICA, the reeocnized rac ioc :, h, ri- r .'."'..f11- Official clos-
llni-- - " Ki
i'.or " . '? I'.'a" n each horse- 30 For u J .'10 daily plav on each horse-tica
r or n J iu dally play on cacn horse-j so i-or a J Jo daily nlav on each hiliLKii
For a.J 3) daily play on each horse-JU) 1'or a 1C0 flail? play m each horJM)
V.U.V; ar." .. '.'".'i' ,,iy".",uIu, ,IU'."ce" s nIor.Vl1" Iep' W must accompany all hettimr am.,.
Junior Association.
The Mound otj. i-nckpH.iiat 1-aiiuc second re- j
rles opens, We,tneiay The schdule follown:
ednesday HeTti.T Hpincers s. Ttlaltos on
-l.yne alles. and KaKles i Consumers on Royal
jKri.laj -Lindclb s. jjiuc Bitibons on Crescent I
H,., ""'" "'""-i iu me .uiiiiin . uay o.y-.-3 uanni a,., .-ew Orleans. All accounts received br ii. T
w II be Placed by Mr. Sol Uchlensteln r some other aBent of the Maxim & Gav Co and the A i. ie.',lDl & ay Co.
ail auL-uuiiuiiKs turret to Its ejients. The-Maxim A. Gav Co. assumes all responsibility for a t.roner A..r,Y -.- wl" m'ko
R unlc's e?rtmed.enls' are laut,oncd a,n.st Ecn""": mone throuKh " malls" without rcs'terin". 'kT&k!? aci'tubio

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