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Yesterday's bank clearings were J7.631.5S1,
balances JSSl.TO Jocalrdiscount rates were
Jlrrn. between &Vi and6per cent. Domestic
exchange was quoted as follows: New
York. ChlcaKo, Cincinnati. Louisville and
New Orleans, par discount bid. 10c premium
Wheat closed higher at TO-Hc bid Slay. 735?
73c No. 2 red. Corn closed higher at Jl'lc
bid May; 4U;4e No 2 mHed Oats closed
at 3t?,c bid May; 33VtfSfe No. 2 mixed.
The local market for cotton was 1-lCc
low er.
President Roo"evelt 1? epec!ed to vnd
nomination for St. Louis Postmaster .to the
Senate on Monday Commissioner Foulke's
report Is believed to bo slightly against
Senator Gorman wis elected chairman or
the Democratic Steering Committee at a
large caucus eterdaj Leaders hope to
present a Folld front during the extra -felon.
No action was taken b the caucus
on the canal or reclplrcrlty treaties
The assignment of General Leonard Wood
to the Philippine Inlands Is believed to be
a step toward pjaclng him In supreme com
mand there, with the Intention of pl.ictmc
lilm In line for Commander-in-Chief of the
United States Army.
From the tone of an open letter addr ssed
to Representatlv e Dick of Ohio It I be
lieved that the GAR men will fight the
Republican party It Is claimed tint pleJges
made to them during the campaign of 1HJ
have not been kept
Deputies Peter Schilling and John Ilod
nett hav? been temporarllv suspended by
Sheriff Dlckman for permitting John I
O'Reilly to escape
United States Marshall Mersey secured
J1M.C17 0G of the cosh asets of the Ran
company, which Is below the estimate, and
means that the creditors probably will re
ceive less than 25 per cent In the settle
ment. Bills' for" Interior work on the McKInley,
Teatman, Benton and Cote Brllllante
schools were opened.
The litigation over the Great Northern
merger will come up before the Vnlted
States Circuit Court of Appeals March IS.
The World's ralr management received
the plans for Belgium's building at the Ex
position. Joseph. Wesner sustained fracture of skull
Ir. being kicked by horse.
Frank S. Smith, charged with defrauding
hotels, declares he sold birthright In J10.OW
estate for $1,000.
Two robbers held up Fred Burghoff at his
caloon, addressing a toast to the victim.
George A. ZInk, a teamster, spat on the
sidewalk for fun and was arrested. Ills
trial to-day will be the first under the new
Mai or Wells. In a message to the Munici
pal Assembly, submitted a bill for a special
bond election on June 23.
Friends of George C. R. Wagoner are
urging his candidacy for tho St. Louis post
mastership. Matthew A- Can. a grocer, was murdered
at his home in Lansdowne, a suburb of
East St Louis.
R. A, Poncelow, a grocery dellveryman,
was held up on his wagon In a. busv street
by a man he hired to help him, and com
pelled to empty his pockets of 103 Into
the robber's hat at the point of a pistol.
Oil is struck en Brook's farm at Peters,
Madison County. 111.
The High School Assembly has been or
ganized by High School students.
General Bates -will confer with World's
Fair officials regarding the number of troop3
desired for the dedicatory ceremonies and
while in St. Louis will arrange for their ac
commodation. Posse sent after the Insane criminal pa
tients who escaped from the Fulton Hospi
tal returned to Fulton without finding" any
trace of the men.
Rjdolph and Lewis, the Union Bank rob
bers, were positively Identified by men who
ltnew them in Stanton. Prisoners will bo
brought back, to Missouri to-day ana con
fined In St. Louis Jail on account of strong
feeling against them at Union.
Germany Is secretive' about the new naTal
programme, though asking the Reichstag
for a largely increased appropriation.
Earthquakes have alarmed one district of
Saxony for two days.
Leading gentlemen riders of St. Louis
from the Florissant Valley Bit and Bridle
Club" to govern races In which gentlemen
riders take mount.
Marine Intrlllitence.
Liverpool, March 6. Arrived: Cedrlc, from
New Tork.
Havre, March 6. Arrived: La Cham
pagne, from New Tork.
Glasgow, March 6. Arrived: Carthagen
Jan, from New York.
London, March 6. Arrived: - Menominee,
from New York.
Hamburg, March 6. Arrived: Bulgaria,
New York; Graf Waldersee, New York, via
Plymouth and Cherbourg.
Liverpool, March 6. Arrived: Lancas
trian. New York.
Glasgow, March 6 Arrived: Arcadian,
Boston. 1T, '
Movllle, March 6 Sailed: Parisian (from
Liverpool), Halifax and St. John.
Liverpool, March 6. Arrived: Corinthian,
Bt. John and Halifax; Merlon,. Boston;
Noordland, Philadelphia.
Klnsale, ,Marcb 6. Passed: Devonian,
Boston for Liverpool.
Naples, March 6. Arrived: Neckar. New
York via Gibraltar for Genoa (and pro
ceeded). Liverpool, March t Sailed: Georgia, New
Owners of vacant property should see
that it Is advertised for sale or for rent in
The Sunday Republic
House Passed Appropriation Bill
for Relief Hospital.
The Hous of Delegates last night passed
thei.bill authorizing an appropriation for
the maintenance of the emergency hos
pital. The bill hal been banging in the lower
branch of the Municipal Assembly for sev-
. eral meetings, being delav ed because of an
emergency cause, which required a. two-
The Council yesterday removed the emer
gency clause and tho bill was finally passed
by both houses. It will be signed by tho
Mayor to-day.
The Railroad and Legislation committees
will meet Mondav. and it is expected they
will report the bills providing for better
Btret-car service.
Sweeney is chairman of the Legislation
Committee, which Is considering the bill for
better street-car legislation, and Brennan
Is chairman of the Railroad Committee,
whloh is holding up the bili providing for
a different a) stem of taxation against the
street railway companies.
Delegate Buckley Introduced a bill pro
viding for the vacating of a strip of land
on the north side of the Female Hospital
for the extension of Reber plac. The
Mayor's bill providing for a tpeclal bond
election was given its first reading.
Jockeys Granted License.
New York. March C At & meeting of tho
tenards or the Jockev Club to-night the fol
lowing licenses wers trranted:
Jccknoj Robert Bolssen, j. Byer, William Bren
nan. 1L UaJl&han, Harry Cochran. Charles Cieam
?:..?' CrimmjM. J. Chappell. William Curtis,
William Doyle, Andrew Dorsey. Kenneth rorce,
William Gannon. Charles Houbro. Llclen Lyn.
Thomas Meede, Mlobael Mllfs. II. Mi-hael. j.
J'.'i'T' CVI-.aJt'rt'r' ,u, O'JTrtl, John
S-Sr?'"1 WnleJ O'Connor. Al Perry. Bruce Wee,
William Sota. Cass Sloan. Edward Walsh. OuiT
tavj VJelsa. William a. Haack. W, p. Mulhol
iLt -Jessei Mattiwws Jamrs MoFadden. John
McCauler. David Murray. Joseph Moran. Wil
liam Nl?n. V. vrr Plcktrlnr. Conrad Snydtr.
Meloourn Thompson. T. WaJh. IUcharil Wauih
md. fo"owlne "locations for licenses were de-
Jockers John BlsJri John Cunninrtom, J. a
McGlasson. John Q. Pat too, i Harry v llson.
Mrs. Ernest of lloard Visits Site.
Mrs. Finis J?. -Ernest of Denver, second
Tice president of -the' Board of Lady Man
agers, visited 'the" Administration building
yesterday t& cbnsuIt.JJIrector of Exhibits
Skiff and secretary .Un.regard to the mat
ter of woman's exb4b!ts;nd'the placing
of women on the juries of 'award. Tho
committee- will meet at tner-Southerja Hotel
mat week, .a''"
Former Stanton Friends Designate
Bank Robbers Among Score
of Prisoners.
Owing (o Strong Feeling Against
the Men at Union Tliey "Will
lie Placed in Jail
Hartford, Conn , March C From mora
than a score of prisoners. William Rudolph
and Tred Lewis, the Union bank robbers,
were Idintlth-d to-day by Joseph Schmuke
and Arthur Campbell of Stanton..Mq 1 1 ',
Immediate! v the m.-itk ofjindlfl'ereneeHncr
urovado worn by Rudolph since his capture
was discarded "I'll ilx. jou for this," he
excitedly exclaimed when Campbell had
pointed him out from among the other
Late this afternoon Governor Chamber
lain, after a long discussion, granted the
requisition tapers. It is expected that Ru-
i dolph and Lewis will be taken back to Mis
souri immediately.
A. W. Hoffman, cashier of the Union
Bank, to-night completed the identification
of the monev recovered when Rudolph and
1-ewis were arrested The amount of gold
and the denominations of the bills corre
spond with those taken from the bank.
Thomas A Bruch. Sheriff of Washington
County. Missouri, accompanied by Joseph
Schmuke. who owns a hotel at Stanton. Mo.,
and Arthur Campbell, also a resident of
Stanton, arrived here this morning.
Schmuke and Campbell have known Ru
dolph since he was a boy and hid frequently
sen Lewis while he was living at the Ru
dolph house. Consequently thev- are fa
miliar with the appearance of the two men
and their Identification Is regarded as final.
The MIssourlans were met at tho station
by George S. Dougherty, assistant superin
tendent of the Pinkerton ofllce; Cashier
Hoffman and Garrett Farrell. detective ser
geant of the Hartford Police Department.
They were conducted at once to the joIL
where Rudolph. Lewis and more than
twentj-five other prisoners had been as
sembled in the bull pen.
Without hesitation. Schmuke at once
pointed out the two men accused of the
murder of Charles J Schumacher, the Pink
erton detective killed at Stanton.
Campbell was then admitted to the room
and he at once Identified the same men
who wero Indicated by Sohmuke. It was
then that Rudolph broke down and uttered
the threat against his accuser.
As soon as the men had been Identified
they were returned to their cells and a
special watch again detailed. They ap
peared restless and their attitude was re
girded as more dangerous than at anj time
since thtlr nrrcst.
In the menntlme, Sheriff Bruch had pre
sented his requisition papers to the Gov
ernor. Tho Missouri law was consulted and
as the papers wero found to be without er
ror, J. Gilbert Calhoun. Prosecuting At
torney, advised that the men be turned over
to the Missouri authorities
If found expedient. Sheriff Bruch will
start for Missouri to-morrow morning. Be
sides Bruch. the guard will consist of
Dougherty, Hoffman. William M. Meyer
sleek. Schmuke, Campbell and Garrett.
Sheriff Bruch stated to-night that the
men would be confined In the St. Louts
Jail until tlmo for their trial, as he was
afraid the feeling at Union was too strongly
against the men
He said that the robbery charge would
not be pressed, as lie believed that both
Rudolph and Lewis would hang for the
murder of Schumacher.
Detective Doughertj- does not belie'vetnat
there will be any nttempt at rescue. "The
fact that there was no division of the
spoils," said Dougherty, "would show that
there were none who would risk their lives
In an attempt to save either of the prison
ers." The most satisfactory talk that has been
held with the prisoner- Dougherty had to
night with Rudolph. Sheriff Bruche talked
with Rudolph, but he did not recognize the
prisoner, and the latter maintained that he
had never seen the Sheriff before. An effort
will be made to secure a section In the
Pullman to add to the privacy and to
keep the bound men from the gaze of the
Civic Improvement Ienirtie Indorses
3Ieosnrc for Improvements In
Forest I'nrfc.
The Civic Improvement League has made
arrangements to have Introduced into the
House of Delegates Monday evening a bill
granting the Wabash Railway a rfciht of
way along the edge of Forest Park. It had
been intended to have the ordinance
brought up at last night's meeting of the
House, but the committee appointed by the
league decided after consultation to wait
uniu .vionuuy.
The ordinance provides "that the railway
be granted tho right to enter the park and
build its line parallel with tho northern
limit of the park. The tracks will be
through tunnels where they enter the park
at De GIvervillo avenue, at the intersection
of Do Ballvlere and Lindell avenues
The company Is also granted permission
to erect a temporary station In the park, to
be used while the hair is in progress.
The proposed route was selected by a
committee consisting of H. I. Miller. I W.
Morton. George B. Lelghton, Carle Lay
man and Julius Pitzman. It Is thougnt
that If the ordinance is passed, and the
tracks are' constructed according to the
Idea of the committee, the danger at grade
crossings will be greatly less-ned, If not
wholly obviated.
Members of the Civic Improvement
League yesterday afternoon held a confer
ence with the heads of concerns in this
city which have a great deal of heavy haul
ing connected with their business In regard
to the wlde-tlre ordinance Among thoro
preeiit,'"werc George"H. Tnnsey, President
of the St Louis' Transfer- CbtnpaHVf J'':3f ,
Allen, vice president of the Columbia'
Transfer Company; A. L. Berry of the
Berrv-Horn Coal Company; Edward BerscU
and Kdward Devov.
The efforts of the league regarding tho
wide-tire ordinance were approved by all
A meeting of the league will take place the
first of next weej:. at which time new
amendments to the present ordnance will
be formulated.
,,A- , BKT toId of a street 'n Clifton
Heights which was paved six months ago,
and Is now in need of repair. It has been
cut to pieces by narrow-tired wagons, heavi
ly loaded with clay passing over it The
Insurance rates have bcen-raised the com
pany claiming that the property holders
have no lire protection, as It Is almost im
possible for the department to haul its
heavy trucks and engines over the streets
in their present condition.
To Give Benefit Bnclire.
The Young Ladles' Sewing Circle or the
Holy Ghost Church. Grand and Page ave
nues, will give a euchre In the schoolrooms
next Thursday. Tho proceeds will be used
for charitable purposes. The prizes donated
for the occasion are of fancy work and
bric-a-brac. The officers of the society are:
President, Alice Temme; vice president,
Lou Woestman; secretary, Mary Thoebes;
treasurer, Anna Maune.
Reception to Woman's Union.
A reception for the benefit of the Wowan'si
Union of the Fountain Park Congregational
Church will take place Tuesday, March 17,
at the home of Mrs. William Heyman, No.
5157 Kensington avenue. The Reception
Committee is composed of nine women of
the church who are members of the so
ciety. VkIr Lectures nt Cl.nrch.
Weekly illustrated lectures on "The life
of Christ" are to be given on Wednesday
evenings at the Second Baptist Church by
the Reverend Doctor Wlllard W. Boyd. Tho
first lecture will be next Wednesday even
ing and Its subject will be "Tho Birth and
Boyhood of Jceus."
Attorney General Sends Opinion to the General Assembly Declaring
That Present Agreements Ilold Good Until Other Legislation Is
Enacted Demo'crats Hold Caucus to Decide Course of Ac
tion, hiir-A-djonrn Until Next Tuesday Without Making
An v decision.
rillplnos showed their strength again bv- refusing to support a constitutional amend
ment permitting rcrlstratlon In cities of 10 000 inhabitants and over. The measure was
defeated by a vote of fit to vi Davidson of Marlon, chairman of the Democratic caucus.
Introduced the bill as a local mrasuic
Tho House repealed the law compelling telphers to attend county Institutes each
summer, onlj si opposing the repe ii
Kronck's resolution providing for a constitutional amendment removing the capital
to St. Louis was sent to engro-ment by the House
Morton's bill providing lor the suoinkslnn of a constitutional amendment calling a
constitutional convention was sCnt to engrossment in the Senate.
In the House, Atkinson's bill compelling saloons to keep closed from midnight until
C a. m. was passed "ith onlj sixteen opposing votes.
Tho Senate spent most of the afternoon considering revenue reform bills. Tho chief
one was amended to decrease assessment value of property from t(r to ) per ci'nt of the
U l.kttorney General Crow tc-dav rendered
book law is sufficient authoritv fur making
hold good
Jefferon City, Mo, March 6 Attorney
General Crow this morning sent his opin
ion regarding the present status of the
fechool-book law to the General Assembly
The opinion holds that the prebent con
tracts hold good until other legist ltlon Is
enacted and that the Text-Rook Commis
sion can make new contracts when tho
present ones are not carried out satisfac
torily, r
That the opinion has served to make tb.3
advocates of the book legislation undecided
about what course to pursue cannot bo de
nied. A caucus was he'd late to-night to
consider a statement for publication, but
after an hour's deliberation the subject was
Regular Democrats still insist that legls- j
latlon should be enacted to relive the Stato
from the domination of the American Book
Company; others say that no legislation is
necessary. It Is probable that all will bo
united on the constitutional amendment
providing for a tax levj of 3 cents to pay
for free text-books.
According to one regular Democrat, the
Caucus Investlgat'ng Committee has pro
cured three allldavits concerning an al-
legea auempi wn.cn was maue to nave em-
jnuie in me Dime i-nnier s omco uesuuj Dill to Ungroment.
the printed copies of the Davidson bill Unri'El.iCbrcciAU
"I do not know what will be done with I Jefferson CItv Atn xtnrh c Tk. c,.,i
these affidavits." said this member. "They J .,.,, ",S1 "V " March -Tho Senate
were secured bv Mr Davidson The.v are I ,., , 5. ent,to engrossment the corn
good evidence, and uphold our contention ,,, substitute for Senate Bill No. 2, pro
conrnlr.g this fight. The affidavits are J-'ding for a constitutional convention after
from two bojs, one 16 veirs old and the , ""nator Ruby had spoken ogalnst the prop
other IT. Mr. Stevens, son of the State "'ltlon. "There are not ten people In my
Printer. Is willing to give corroborative oil- j county who want a constitutional conven
dence." tion." he explained.
Another member said that no crime could I Jhe bill crovldes that the qualifications
be charged against a member for attempt- I ot delegates to this convention shall be the
ing to secure delav m delivering copies of
a Diu, tnougn tne morals or tlie proceea
ings might be questioned.
Rejjrsentatlve Dolan of Kansas City In
sists that he Is read and anxious for an
Investigation, and that he is thinking of be
ginning proceedings for criminal libel.
Tho caucus adjourned until next Tuesday
night, when text-book matters will again
be discussed.
Attorney General Crow's opinion covers
eight pages of typewritten matter and re
views various provisions of the present law.
He also quotes extensively from the con
tracts with the book companies. Closing, tho
Attornej General 'uvs:
"Construing the act of 1S97 and nppljing
It to the contracts as written. I beg to I
s.ay that it is my opinion the school-book I
contracts have not expired by lapse or
time That, in my Judgment, no legislative
action is necessari at thts session of the
General Assembly1 to maintain and enforce
the. terms of these -contracts as enterid Into
by the chool-book .Commission. I Iflleve
iiiul iiv cuiujiiissiuu uus power lo imincui
aielv revoke am contract fnr fail ire nn
the part of the publishing houses to comply
fullv and completely with the terms, stip
ulations and conditions contained therein.
and that upon revoking a contract the ten- j
thousand-dollar bond .given would be for- I
felted. l
"I am of the opinion that the School-book
Commission has authority at any time to
require new and additional bond and sure
ties from any publishing house or individ
ual, who has "a contract under the act cf
1897, and upon a. failure to furnish such ad
ditional satisfactory bond and sureties, the
commission wouiu nave tne ngnt ani u
would be Its duty to revoke the contract of
said publishing house or Individual.
"t think that any or all of these contracts
can bo forfeited by the commission for fail
ure to complv with the terms thereof on the
part of those furnishing books under said
contracts with the State.
"If any publishing house or Individual
supplying text-books under a confact made
In accordance with the statute under con
sideration should charge more than the
price fixed by the terms of the contract loi
books, or should violate apy other provlslo i
of the contract, the Governor, of Missouri
could reconvene the commission, and said
bodv is by the terms of the contract
specifically given the power to forfeit the
rights the under of the publishing house or
Individual violating the contract made with
the Stater and when a contract 'hall hive
been declared forfeited bv the commission
said commission could, if It wished, make a
new contract to t?Ke the place of the foi-
felted one, after ilrst advertising for bids
as provided by section 3 of the act of 197:
and If a contract should be forfeited and no
now one made to take its place, then other
text-Dooks than those named In the for
feited contract could be legally sold by
any one, and used In tho schools of the
These contracts are. In my Judgment,
now legally binding in every respect upon
the publishing houses and Individuals who
made them, and the StaleJ-nn,epforce them
as fully now as It cverjbWld"'
The Filipino representatives from the Fif
teenth District to-night issued the following
signed statement denning their position:
"We are in favor of the submission of a
free text-book amendment. We realize that
It Is more or less an experiment, but as far
as we can ascertain tho people of our dis
trict favor It and we are hero to express
their views and not our own.
"In the light of the Attorney- General's
opinion, we believe that there should be no
radical change in text-books until that
amendment is submitted and the wishes of
the people upon It expressed. If the pres
ent contracts remain in full- force, backed
by heavy bonds, we feel it would be a grie
vous burden upon the people to ask the con
tingency of any radical change in text-books
at the present time.
"C. M. LONG.'
n rt't
mil Passes IIotMe Preventing; Honda
Convert Inn Shipments to Their Use.
Jefferson City, Mo., March 6 New Ian
Conkling of Carroll County procured the
passage of a bill In the House this morn
ing which enables corporations operating
electric light and power plants in cities of
10,000 Inhabitants and under to purchase and
operate street railroads If they are so dis
posed. The object of the bill Is to permit
the consolidation of these plants in smaTl
Reinmilier of Newton County succeeded In
getting a bill through the House this morn
ing which will prohibit railroad companies
from confiscating for their own use coal
which has been delivered to them for ship
ment. The House also passed a bill for V!1m,
which Is aimed at Arkansas cattlemen who
have been in tho habit of herding their
stock on Missouri ..grazing soil. Vlles's .bill
Srohlbits nonresidents of the State from
erdlng horned cattle and sheep, driving
thalr stock across the State line in tho
southern- tier of counties and ruining Im
proved Missouri fields.
Daylsson's bill, providing for the taxation
of telephone and telegraph lines, pcles and
wire In counties under township organiza
tion, also passed the House.
At the night session of the House tha
following bills passed:
By Dorris of Oregon: To give the court
discretion In ordering that Jury panels be
segregated before challenges are made.
By Lee of Mississippi: Appropriating JM,
000 for completing the levee In Mississippi
County, citizens of Charleston to pay the
By Smith of Franklin: Providing that in
sane tconvlcts who have served two-thirds of
thelr-term -shall be freed when their reason
is restored.-
Br Kubattona ot Carter: Permlttlnf; sxs-
an opinion declaring tint the nresrnt text
new contracts and that the nresent contracts
cutions without exemption against persons
who are about to leave the State
By Karris Senate b'll, fixing rates of ex-ce-.-s
Ej Weaver of Jefferson: Compelling cor
porations nnil pei sons emplojlng more than
twcnt-flvc persors to ft'rnish lists of em
Iloies who have wo'ked !es than slrti-ilcv-
to ConMnb'es.
Bv UIlMc of Atchison: Provlling that
the m ijority of voters in a countv shall
govern in deciding whether there shall be
tow nship organization.
Bv Januarv of Rj nobis: Giving Circuit
courts concuri nit jurisdiction in C3ss where
less than J.0 is concerned, where one or
more deferdauts reside in different coun
ties By Atkinson of Riplev: Exempting stu
dents of medicM colleges who wero In
school two jears nco from the provisions
?! . e,?,a11 medlc.il bill and allowing use or
their diplomas.
Bv Tanley of Pike: Giving towns of
jpurth class option of combining offlces of
Marshal and Street Commissioner
rti T.o tt it.....i j. .,. .. . ..
, into ; a Swelling-house T felon0
.Lujournment was taken at 11 o'clock un
til J a. m to-morrow. Adjournment until
Monday will probably be taken to-morrow-
rnnte Sen.Is Committee Snbstltnte
same as those of Stnto fAni.np aim .n,.
stltutlonal amendment provided "for by the
bill will be submitted at the next general
Following was the roll call on the proposition-
Ajes, IS Nick Bradley. Buchanan,
Chairman Subcommittee of Penitentiary In
vestigating Committee, to Investigate beef
Clarke, Costellb, Fields, Heather, Jewell.
KInealy, Lee McDavid. Mclndoe McKIn
ley, Morion, Nelson, fc.irtorioua, Schoenlaub,
Smith. Vorles, Walker.
Noes. 11 Biggs, J 1 Bradlev, Dickinson,
Dowell, McNatt, Martin, Rubty, Stubbs,
Young, cvelj.
The Senate spent the afternoon sending
bills to engrossment. As it is getting late
In the Ecs on there Is little opportunity for
members to get bills through the Assembly
unless thev are engrossed and ready for.
final pasfae.
Many ot the bills recommended by the
State Tax Commlss'on were considered The
first and one of tne most Important bills to
be considered was that requiring assessors
to print in ono column the actual value of
the propertv and in another the taxable
value, being GO per cent of the actual. This
sjstem Is in vogue In Illinois, though the
per cent Is 20
When the bill came up. Senator Clarke
asked that the per cent be lowered to 40.
During the entire session, there has been
on hand a representative of the so-cnlld
Hammer and Padlock Club of Kansas City,
an organization of rich property owoiers,
who have fought civic improvements Clarke
of Kansas City, helped this organization
in askirg that the per cent be lowered.
Farrls of Crawford asked that a compro
mise be made at E0 per cent. Thlsi was
adopted and stood until Dickinson of Henry
moved a reconsideration and secured a 40
per cent. Just what effect this will hava
on tho revenues of St. Louis remains to be
Senator Martin said that he had received
a number of letters from, St. Louis officials
urging that the per cent be made 70. as
the revenues would be cut to a ruinous
figure otherwise. None of tho St. Louis
Senators lias received any word from the
officials and did not take an nctlve part
In the consideration of the question.
The bill creating the office of Tax Com
missioner was laid over informally.
The bill providing for the assessment of
property omitted by the Assessor was sent
to engrossment.
Among other bills enero'sed were two by
Jewell, one prohibiting tho. uso tof, deleteri
ous substances In candles'and the other for
the inspection of gas meters, and a Farrls
bill providing for the appointment of an
additional bank examiner.
Smith Introduced a bill prepared bv- the
Gardeners' Association of St- Louis Coun
ty, permitting them to buy ground by con
demnation proceedings for a market place
in St. Louis.
Adjournment was taken until 3 p. in.
St. Louis T. P. A. Sent Invitations to
the Inwnmlers.
Jefferson City, Mb , March 6 An lnvlta-
One bottle of The Texas Wonder, Hall's
Great Discovery, cures all kidney and blad
der troubles, removes gravel, cures dia
betes, seminal -emission", weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all irregularities of
the kidneys nnd bladder In both men and
women; regulates bladder troubles In chil
dren. If not sold by your druggist, will bo
sent by mall on receipt of Jl. One small
bottle Is two months' treatment, and wJI
cure any case above mentioned. Dr. E. vv.
TTnll. snln Tna.ufnt.irpr P. O. Eox 623. St.
,Louls. Mo. Send for testimonials. Sold by
-i " , - ra-wfr? .nyjy i:
yr u .m1ssssssssssbssssssssssK! IK, ..' ",
JltimWMKKKK&g&h'' Va
. -Jssssssss8SlM -' NW'T,,-"5?
-."'- sssssssssssW '' i ViV
sfsssssHEIk ' b"5".
i sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslssssssiK3WX fV., Al,
-t KZsssssssssssK&.sesssssW " -- frT
i issssssssssssPSTS:&
-'f " ", sssssssssssK& . !'.aif J
' ELsssssssssss-ssssssssssssZ
sssssssssssssssssssV-if sssssssssssssssH
ssssssssssssssssssssssssT sssssssssssssssssssH
' . f
an Druggists, umce. z3i uuvo sireti.
St. Louis. Mo.. May 2. 1902. Dr. E. W.
Hall: Dear Sir I am using jour Texas
Wonder for kidney and bladder trouble, and
it is the first medicine that hasever given
me any benefit and I can cheerfully recom
mend it to others suffering from any kidney
or bladder disease. Yours truly.
JOHN DERRIG, 121 Kanken Ave.
tion to-day wns extenueC to the members
of the General Assembly to attend a T P
A. smoker and vaudeville entertainment at
the Masonic Temple In St. Louis to-morrow
The Invitation was Bent to the desk by
Se'ph of St. Louis, it was signed bv J. W.
McDonald, chairman National Board of Di
rectors and Will ii. Webber, chaliman of
the Railroad Commission.
Ilonsp I'nssr. mil to Keep SfUoons
Mint Ilotnei-n la 1 M. and C A. 31.
Jefferson City. Mo . March ' 0 After a
short and snappy debate, the Hous to
nlcht passed the Atklnon bill, closing the
saloons from mldnlcht unt'I Z a. m , with
tiro 1G 'S opposlnS and iS I" the affirm l
.A,Vkln.'"?n "Pained th bill as a raeaure
ii,,, Yo '"V"? of S"0'1 morals. Selph of at
Mnliv '.'' fnat '"IV wn w111 B f h
Worlds lair would objiet if tie s-iloons
were closed after midnight I.-t 'he
i5,iii ?.,,.B,"oU tlm"' wnM" th"v .ire feel
In? like It, ' he .irgued.
O DoiiipII of M Lou!', one of the popular
cuj members, made a !ncere sn. cell in fa
vor of the bill. "I drink at re,poC!ab'e
jiiacis, nf. Slidi . uut ,he a(,C!,nt m0rai in.
went of St. Louis Is optosid to throwing
oi-en dives after inldriglit Lvory one
knows tint more girls go wrong after mld
ntgiit than before The World s Fair 1 no
argument, and I know that the gentbxnen
"" , "' uureiurji" are not in ravor o a
wide-open town after midright."
"r; O'Donnell was npplaudrd Burkhardt i
i ,.' u""au was afninst the LIU Wallace
of Ralls thanked O'Donnell for his noble ut
terances. The records of. the police couits
tiim ine news in tne preFs' jieraTd
witness to the midnight revelries,
the saloons nt rrUniirhf "
There were a great many cringes on the
roll call, the country members generally sup
port ng the bill and oth. rs falling Into the
band wagon. The .Kt"n who voted ngnlnst
w, ',!I1.Vr,e- r.M'",75.,Beir' "rd,her. Burk
hardt, Ilvrd, Campbell, Crr. Collins Dun
can Elliott, Go-bel. LMhv. Ivona"d?"Stun"
berg. Steele. Cwev and Ileniley.
"Jin riiou" mi.i, nn) over.
Lon Williams's Measure I Postponed
on House Calendar.
nnrrni.ic sitci l.
Jefferson City, Mo. March C-Lon Wil
liam, s Jim Crow" bill was, laid" over In
formally this afternoon after it had come
up for tinal passage In the regular order ot
the calendar. Wl en it was called up Shep
herd of St Joseph movel tint it be In
deflnltelv postponed Williams ahked for
dilaj, and it was granted by general con
sent. Duncan's bill ttrnvldlnt- n mifm,, n,i
ralnlmum sa'ary for polieemen in scond
class cities al-o pasrd the lions-. This bill
applies to St. Jostph. Durcan's home.
Stewart s bill relating to mortgages and
deeds of trust aIo passed the House. TMs
measure provides (or the release t,f lost
notes the signature of the maker or pav"
being sufficient In case the original has been
lost. As the law now stands the tlgmtures
of both maker and ptvee are recesajy.
Stewart's bill requires both when the proper
official thinks It neeessarj.
Martin's Mensnrp l'roliltiltl nc Adver
tisement Is EiisroMsed.
Jefferson city. Mo, March 5 Martin's
bill prohibiting the advertising cf gambling
and betting schemes was sent to engross
ment this morning after reveral attemofs
to amend had been made and defeated. The
bill ns drawn will prevent commlss'on
houres from advertising.
McNatt of Lawrence suggested that the
bill was not a remedj for gambling, but
was alined at tho rewrpapers. I,e of Car
ter said that thre was a alfference between
legitimate and Illegitimate gambling. Far
rls assailed all rts of gambling especially
the ' rerpectabls gambling." Buchanan, aft
er offering pn amendment, said that he
was rot In favor ot protecting Arnold and
other get-rlch-qulck schemes
The bill will be fought on final passage.
Senator Zerely's BUI Is Killed In the
Jefferson City, Mo, March 6. Senator
Zevelj's bill providing that Insurance com
panies should publish in two papers of
every county a tenement of their condition
was defeated in i..e Senate this morning by
a vine ui n ar3 io ia nos.
This bill has attracted as much attention
throughout the State ns one of tho cleverest
schemes et devised for extracting revenue
from the insurance companies and passing
it around to "the bojs."
Martin's bill, ralr,ns the salary of the
chief clerk in the Labor Bureau, was sent
to engrossment bv- the Senate this morning
on a reconsideration of a former vote.
Senator Smith introducetl a b'll amend
ing section 1JI3 ot the statutes, providing
that in addition to the 11 fliirg fee paid In
civil cases and in lieu of bom's for costs, a
further sum of $10 may be depositee!. This
Is tho only cost required to be paid.
ri:i:d ADniiEisiis i.EuisLATrnn.
Major nf Kansas Clt Reeelves Invl
intlo'a 1'iuni ISotli llranehes.
Jefferson Citj. Mo , March G Mayor Reed
of Kansas CItv addressed both branches of
the General Asembl this morning. Invi
tations being extended by resolutions, which
were unanimously adopted. The Major
spoke briefly.
In the Senate, McKInley of Putnam took
occasion later in the morning to present a
resolution asking that another "distin
guished resident of Kansas City. W. O.
Cardwell." be lnvltod to address tne Senate
and reveal tho identity of E. O. Brown and
tho amount of a "dignified sum."
House Passes I1I1I Providing School
Hoards 3Iay Itclfisne Certificates.
Jefferson City, Mo., March 6 With only
sixteen dissenting votes the House this aft
ernoon passed a bill repealing tho county
Institute law. This law was passed two
jiars ago but many teachers are lighting
it now, claiming that it works a hardship
on them.
In place of the present statute the House
ptovlded that county board3 of education
shall reissue, without examination and with
out fee. third-grade certificates Cnce, second
grade twice and first-grade an unlimited
number of times. If the applicant has made
a satisfactory record. The grade of cer
tificates may be raUed by examination.
Sympnttir for Lee.
Jefferson City, Mo , March 6 On motion
of Leonard of St. LouI. the House oxfnd
ed its svmpathy to Representative Joseph
R. Lee of St. Louis on account of the re
cent death of his son.
Arrangements Conducted by tbe Snen
arerfest Society for Choral Dem
onstration, at Union Station.
When the World's Fair President returns
from his trip through Europe he will be
greeted at the gates of St. Louis in a
manner befitting tho triumphal return of a
At the meetlnir of the local Saeneerfest
Committee last night It n u3 '..unanimously1
n-'soivea tnat ine organization ot local sing
ers meet Mr. Francis at Union Station upon
his return and, after -welcomlrg him. with
a chorus, escort him through tho streets
with a torchlight procession.
President Otto Stifel appointed the follow
ing committee to interest the United Sing
ers of St. Louis In the project: Charles
Schwelckardt, K. W. Kecic, Adam Llnck,
E. Sostman, E. Helfenstetter, Joseph E.
DIckmann and August Klaslng. This com
mittee will meet the United Singer Monday
evening in WIckham's Hall. No. 01 North
Fourth street, and there perfect arrange
ments for the contemplated reception to the
head of tho World's Fair.
The committee appointed a delegate in tha
person of Mr. Stewart to go to New York
for the purpose of engaging Mme. Nordica
as a soloist for the Sangerfest to be held
at the World's Fair grounds In June.
Eczema, No Cure, Ao Pay.
Tour druggist will refund jour money it
PAZO OIN'IMENT falls to cure Ringworm,
Tetter, OJd Ulcers, Sores, Pimples, Black
heads on the face, and all skin diseases. 60c
Dovrlder Killed Two Miners.
Joplln, Mo , March C Earl Shaw and Less
8hcllenberger were killed to-night at the
Warren mine, near here, by a bowlder
weighing a ton. which fell on them. Several
other miners narrowly escaped Injury.
Owners of vacant property should see
that it is advertised for Bale or for rent In
The Sunday Republic.
Sacramento. Cab. March 6 Miss Verna
Woods, who dramatized Ould&'s "fctrathmore '
for Miss Vlrelnla Drew Trecott. and which play
was produced In San Francisco last week at the
Republic Theater, died at her home In this city
to-day of pneumonia. Miss Woods was als the
author of "Horatio." a Roman tragedy, which
Frederick Wards produced last season.
Resin "The Master of Appleby," a,
gnat aerial, to start la The Sunday
BDobUc to-morrow,
Hi ,- - -'"'"'iaua
r II W
Ttii '.iv.V -rr;
That is the Rock Island's rate from St. Louis.
In effect daily, February 15 to April 30. Tickets
are good in tourist sleeping cars, which the Rock
Island runs every day in the week Kansas City to
Los Angeles and San Francisco. These cars
make quicker time to Southern California than
similar cars over any other line. Cars are oper
ated over both the "Scenic" and "Southern"
lines. Thro tourist car for California leaves
St. Louis Tuesdays; for Portland, Thursdays.
Folder giving full information mailed on request.
If you are gome to California. GO NOW. After
Mav 1 it will cost you nearly t:om more than at
Low rates to Montana, Idaho, Utah and Paget
Sound are also offered by 'he Rock Island.
Write or call. We'll vladly gie you full Infor
mation. H. P. Mavtz, D. P. A., 901 Olire Street, St. Louis.
ifil Ik MM S
Prospectors Make Discovery on
Brooks Tract at Peters
After Year's Work- J
PAY $320,000 FOR RIGHTS.
Well Gives Up Large Quantities,
Which Causes Promoters to Be
lieve Vein Equals Those
in Texas.
Oil In large quantities was struck yester
day at Peters, a small town In Madison
County, Illinois, near Monk's Mound.
So valuable do the prospectors consider
the find that they at once purchased the oil
rights in W0 acres of adjoining land at a
cost of J3JO.Q0O. An option was also secured
on Monk's Mound.
The find Is the result of nearly a year's
work. Earlv last summer a small well was
( ( .' Omonks-hound.
vchice. REGIOH.
1 9 A ST. PETER3.
sunk, and after several weeks' boring traces
of oil were discovered In the water which
was pumped from the well. After experts
had been consulted a deeper well was sunk
with the same results.
Outside persons became interested and
the Cahokla Oil Company was formed. Ma
chinery for sinking deeper wells was In
stalled and work commenced on a larger
In the meanwhile an option was secured
on the Brooks farm. Including WO acres.
through w hich It was believed the vein ran.
Last wek a small quantity of pure oil
was discovered. The well was sunk o"per,
resulting In the discover' of larger quanti
ties yesterday. The prospectors te'ieve that
the vein is as large as some struck at Beau
mont, Tex.
It was deddedito Immediately acquire the
rlght'to the oil under the Brooks farm. Tho
purchase was made yesterday afternoon
through S. B. Sexton, president pf the East
St. Louis Trust Company. The price paid
was $300 an acre.
Peters, where the well is sunk. Is a email
station on the Illinois Central, Clover Leaf
and C, P. & St. L. railroads, five miles
anu ". ' - raiiroaus nve miles 1
cast of -venice. The farm was the prop.-tyH
r Tamos Tlroolrs ft irfl!llthv VrnlBn I
of James Brooks, a wealthy Madison
County farmer who died twenty years ago.
The estate has never been administered.
Jesse Ramey, a farmer living near Ed
wardsville, is agent for the helre, nnd it
was through him that the sale was made.
Ramey owns Monk's Mound and has given
an option on his land.
3IlsiioniinnM in New Yorlc
New York, March 6. Among the arrivals
Accurate and durable. ,
' The Perfected American Watch," an'tibsbaied hook
of interesting information about 'watches, nx3? be sent
free upon request.
American WaSham Watch Company,)
Waltham, Mass,
,- AND
Nine -Million
Are Invited to attend
our opening, next Mon
day and Tuesday, March
9th and 10th.
Beautlrul Flowers. Valuable Souvenir.
Franklin and 8th St., S. E. Corner.
at the hotels here to-day were the follow
ing MIssourlans:
bt. Louli E. c. Beckmsn. A. C Penn. Aster;
W. E Batne. j u Long. W. H. Arnold. Wal
dorf: Mrs. C VV. Whitelaw. Manhattan- A C.
Korrts. Hoffman. P. F. Lelbich. Herald Square;
VI K. Jcnes and Mrs. Jones. BarthoMI; C. B.
Dllllnpwatf- Rrl Mrs. DillinKwater. Vendome;
W. C French, Morton: O. W. Howard, Rossmcre.
"If you want a good position, advertise In
the "Situations Wanted" columns of Th
Sunday Republic
Manual Training School Graduates
Gather at Mercantile Club.
Manual Training School class of '96 gave
Its fifth annual dinner and reunion at the
Mercantile Club last night. Members of the
class have held together since their grad
uation, forming a club which meets yearly
for a social evening. The purpose of the
gathering is to perpetuate the class spirit
and exchange reminiscences. L. W. Van
Cleve, president of the class, presided.
Among those present were v. Charlotte,
H. Witmer, E. Long. Harold Kolb. D.
Cooper. E. BIston. I Dean. L. Bright. Ed
ward Dwnn. R. L. Murphy, Walter Roth
man, W. Irwin, L. W. Van Cleve, W. Hol
man. G. Schulenberg, L. Koenig, H. Unier
bergr, Charles DeVoy and Reves Holt.
J. A. "Wakefield, Formerly of Omaha
Exposition, Has Begun Woric
John A. Wakefield, formerly of the Oma
ha Exposition, has been appointed to be
an assistant to the Director of Concessions
and Admissions, and yesterday began his
work In the concessions department In con
nection with First Assistant White, for
merly of the Chicago Exposition.
Whether Mr. Wakefield will be appointed
chief of the Department of Concessions is
a matter not jet revealed by the Exposi
tion managers. It Is known that the plans
of Director Gregg contemplate the appoint
ment of two chiefs, one at tho head Of the
Department of Concessions and the other
at the head of the Department of Admis
sions. Other appointments in the Division
of Concessions and Admissions are ex
pected soon.
The Massachusetts House Committee
Acreea on 950,000.
Boston, Mass. March 6. After ranch
wrangling the Wajs and Means Committee
of the Massachusetts House of Representa
tives, at an executive session, voted to-day
to report W).CC0 appropriation for the St.
Louis World's Fair instead of J100.0CC as
recommended by tho Federal Relations
Resin "The Master of Appleby, a
areut serial, to start In The Sunday
Republic to-morrow.
Papermakera Will Make Bin- Exhibit.
Seventy-seven different companies were
represented at the annual meeting of the
American Paper and Pulp Association, at
the Waldorf-Astoria, New York. February
Jt, when that organization, with an attend
ance of EOj persons, adopted a resolution
urging its members to make exhibits as
suggested In a communication from John A.
OcKerson, Chief of the Liberal Arts De
partment of the World's Fair.
Bruin "The Master af Appleby, a
grrent aerial, to start In The Sunday
Republic to-morrow.
Swlsa Interested In the Fair.
Doctor Geering. secretary of the Basis.
Switzerland. Chamber of Commerce - JT1
tlvely engaged In the attempt to secure a
representative exhibit of the i Industries nf
tht ToaTA 1lc,4. .. .. n,-. ..v WA
...w fc.uu.u ut.,.w..fc a, ujb v onu s Fair
Press clippings forwarded by Palmer ll
Bow en. Paris representative of the ExdosN
tlon. show that the doctor Is succeeding in
arousing interest. -u-i-uiux in
Sua-g-esta Chimes for World's Fair.
Mrs. E. W. Dolch. a stockholder of tha
Exposition Company and a resident of tha
city has written to the management sui-
prove? hTa cllmS. bsucrfS
towers ii? Europe. " ?&,$
ine rs?2

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