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"in fine Upright Tianos, returned from
95Tc are compelled to sell this
ours, rrhich forbids too much weight on
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it In the assortment you will find
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- Minister's Wife's Ideas on the ''Ideal" Wife Find Many More Defend
ers One Man Declares Girls Ate Responsible for Low Wages
raid 'Men in Offices Other Women Join Mrs. Vail in Com
lucndiujr Mrs. Claxon Woman's Place at Home.
The defence of Jlrs. Ah In TV. CIaxon'8
' paper on "The Ideal Wife," by Mrs. William
H. Ynll. the former t.chool teacher, pub
lished In -.ester-lay's Itcpublic, brought out
...... ik, jrH... t n. n.inittcr's nrff
many other defenders of the ministers wife.
.ot only nia sirs, van s unerances ai-
tract the attention of women, but men as
well have taken an Intertst In the contro
versy and two or thrte letters In defense
ot "Mrs. Claxon are published herewith.
ypje gentleman, who speaks from liH own
Ivrsonal observations, writes thus:
''I-Tead an article condemnlr- the paper
I written by Mri. A. AW Claxdn on the "Ideal
T.Vife" and declaring her (to be old-fash-Joned.
lYom what I know of trio critic I
tm .net In the least, sur-rld at.Jjer statej
inrni. - - -
1 thinks Mrs. Claxon to be very nearly
correct, nnd wfll endeavor to glva my rea
sons. Of course. I do not Include those
Klrls who work for their dally bread, but
those who work only for a little extra pin
poney. ,If tv young man goes Into an office
! or any establishment and applies for a po
: tltion and stntes his salary, he will receive
hl3 .nswpr: "I can cct a clrl to do the
i name work for abo.ut one-nalt tne wages.
, Wity Is It ho many joune men are line;
i Vfiiii th.l. TiltiAn nrrt flllo1 hi' a C-lrl
c-ho v-orks for less, and Btili a ".ounff man
I must support hlmi-elf. and a sirl expects to
re laxen out to tne ineaier ana oner
rJacfis by him, all for the same salary that
tblie earns.
IVr ily position keeps me downtown nearly
i till diy. and I sec plenty of irlrli who are
y ii-srKinc wnom i Know ao not nive to worn.
I know one in particular. Her father Is a
: retiird man and does nothing, but. still, I
! mt her downtown one day and asked her
; what she va doiti dov,ntor.n so early.
1 It was about S a. m. She replied that she
; was working. I asked her what for, and
Mle rejlied Must to be downtown."
"I know plenty of siris who are working
' tf In l,i fWiYi ntnwn , nnn nn1 coa i.ht
J boy they can (?ee and flirt with. If any of
' our readers are In doubt .ibout this ,ust ro
; down on Broadway at noon and see for
, ourself.
A man does not see why he phall treat
a woman who has taken his place as a
"feminine woman" any more, for she' is now
a "marcullnc woman"': she has taken man's
i poslticn In business, and has even adnntp.l
' man's walk. .
"A cirl should stnv nt honiA nnil learn to
do housework. She need not work hard,
- but she can learn: so If she ever cets mar-
( rled she Is not entirely dependent on help.
"I also find the ulrl who Is at home a
j more social Rlrl and alt-o a better enter-
talner than, a worklnc girl,- for the latter
knows nothlns but what she'RceS down-
"". just wnata man aiso ees
V 'President Itoosevelt sav Amlcan hpp-
! plV no longer- h.a.e. large families. Why?
! Because a woman doe-i not know how to
: rear children, for she has been working all
; daj-. I sMy Ieae the girls stay at home,
, where thv belong"
In the article nrlnted in Thirrsrtav's n-
public by Sirs. Vail, I suppose I am the
i up leierren 10 as -tne nrst to coincide
with Sirs. Claxon." I'nlike Sirs. Vail, I am
n business Wnmnn nt nroennf n.1 hnt.
been for four years. It was no't because I
5 A i-A "!LLSIE$S'sr
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stock out quickly on account of the tearing
our floors.
cut so low that it Is cheaper to
such well-known makes as KIMBALL, DECKER & SOX, WHITNEY, VOSE,
anu many otners. .nil nave ueen uiorouguiy ovcrnauiea in our own shops and
did not hae the courage of my convictions
that I requested that my namo be not men
tioned In this connection, but more because
It is so eay to misjudge one through the
press, and I feared I might be mlsundcr-
' SII, espe'lai y since l utu not nave tne
, tme'en it j nad Mt mllMi t0 eXpress
j my iews clearly.
I'nill l was interviewed on me buujiti l
had really not given the matter serious
thought as a. critic Of course. I am al
ways Interested In such matters, more or
less. Why? Because, hrst. I am a woman,
and. second, a business woman a stenogra
pher. I do not feel as I do because I hae
not been successful, for I feel, jes, I knon. 1
hae been more successful than the aver
age. Yet have not achieved success In this
line from choice, but from sheer necessity.
Necessity alone has spurred me on to
achieve the best results, and I have been
rewarded in this respect bejond my expec
tations. It ia,i,not because, cither, that I
feql-that.1 Iiave not been accorded ns-much
respect from men as any other woman In
my position; In fact. I have often had cause
to feel flattered,, yet the "atmosphere," so to
speak, which eurrounds a refined "w oman In
the business world, the nonchalant manner
In which men usually treat a business
woman. Is not greatly to be desired.
"There are Just as noble and Just as re
fined women In the business world as in the
homo and society, but I am not of th1
opinion that they are the ones that are
there from choice or because they think
they have a "mission" to perform, as some
have expresssd it who have attacked Sirs.
Claxon's paper so ferociously, but always
from necessity. I do not. of course, tnink
women were put here to be burdens: they
have a mission truly, but It is decidedly
different from man's.
"True, things have changed from Slother
livo's time; It has changed from fifty
veara ago, and women are now compelled,
and are being more often compelled every
day, to go forth and toil alongside of men
for their existence, but every woman's true
place 1 In the home. It Is there where Fhe
Is appreciated most. It Is as a wife and
mother she Is most honored and respected:
that Is her mission, and I cannot under
stand how any true woman can feel there
Is any greater.
1 am not lntenamg tnis to cruici-e ur
to blame, but merely to defend Sirs. Clav
on's Ideas ns I understand them, vvhlcl
Ieruneratanl them which
1 unaerstanu vnem. which
were also, I believe, not Intended to criti
cise or blame, but were facta merely stat
ed as they exist.
"I have merely referred to that portion
of her paper which alluded to the business
woman. - W. L. N,
R. I.. Carter of No. 902 Baugh avenue,
Eist St. I.ouls, writes as fellows:
"From one man's point of view the article
oppearingln jour issue of Starch the tl
severely criticising Sirs. Claxon's 'paper
must have been written bv a business worn
an one whose highest Ideal In life'lsoj a
besiness nature.'and whose entire bungMh
so permeated with some sort of a 'mission
to perform an to crowd out those of worn
ail's attributes so admired by man,
" -The-norId holds a few of that type. "But, '
thank God, only a few. We do not fear
them from a business standpoint, but we do
greatly deplore the fact that they are mak-'
lng Inroads upon that which man cherishes
above all earthly treasures a woman true
to her sex. whose highest hopes and am
bitions are centered In her home, even
tnoue-h she be "fifty vears behind the timno-
Such were our mothers, and It Is among;
mat typo oi wromen mat we look tor tne
"Ayer's Hair Vigor is .all
that is cltimed for it- I nave
tried it and I know. Itrcstored
th natural pnlnr tn rrm fc!.
stopped its falling out, and l
mages my nair sou ana glossy.
I always recommend it, to my
.friends.!' Mrs'. Emma J.Van
decar,' Mechanics ville, N. Y.
There's a wonderful
amount ,'of"' satisfaction in
having a splendid head' of
hair'and a scalp free from
dandruff. It's more as
nature intended.
Hair Vigor
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now and then by feeding
your hair.with Ayer's Hair
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grow, vstops falling, cures
dandruff, and always re
stores color to gray hair.
J. C. AXTS. CO., XKiwtU. am. I
ofWHill 1
dowS of the Emilic Building, next
buy than pay rent.
mothers of our children; not among those
who have a "mission to perform."
"VIU mission could be more noble for
woman than an Ideal home and the train
ing of jqung minds mane dear bv the-bond.-nf
motherhood? What 'attainments' c(HiId
be or greater benefit to the world than per
fection In that line? Woman, you who can
leave the business cares to man and benefit
the world by elevating the home That Is
jour ml-s-ioi.. none greater than which has
ever fallen to the lot of man. Do not for
sake. It for a false Ideal,
"Quoting from the article referred to:
'The menof to-dav do not ask about a
woman"? phvsleal perfections I3eautv of
face and form are of but secondaiv con
siderations with them. Now It is ""What
dcesshe know?" and "Hq.w many ideas has
she?' " O. God! have we become so de
praved ns to not appreciate boautv and
Trace In woman? No! And never will It
be so. As long as the world stands and Is
inhabited by man and woman. I dare say
Just that long will a beautiful woman b"
the enslaver of all eyes a neat form and
graceful carriage, the admiration of man
kind, and n home-loving woman, man's
life and inspiration
"To have the latter qualification It do-s
not necessarily follow that she should be
narrow-minded. Neither Is It necessarj- that
che should become of the business world
to be well read and of ideas. The puVc
schcolsthe pride of metropolis and hamlet
alike ire to fit man and woman to contend
with the business and social world, and It"
Is with great si.rprb?e that one reaits of
an able teacher advocating (though not In
so many words! the business world as a
medium for obtaining knowledge, To the
contrarj-. It is the devil's paradise.
. "For the uomsn who -works for ht;r dai'v
bread man has great compassion Jfand ad
miration. But not so for the woman wlifc
has a 'mission to perform." She may com
mand his respect; she maj- attain some no
toriety as a 'manlsh' woman, but she neces
sarily sacrifices her true qualifications to
attain those ends. The business woman,
she who has a 'mission to perform' -places
herseir on an equal footing with rain. and.
Instead of looking up to her as vv? would
like as God's greatest, fairest creation
we look upon her as a woman who has
reached our common level, and she Is not
accorded that chivalry that a gentleman is
ever anxious to extend to those of her st
who remember that thpv nm qaidmi
Give us a woman of beaut j-. grace and
neatness of dress; a woman who nlvvajs
remembers her sex and Is devoid of for
wardness; a woman who. where consistent
with life's circumstances, looks first, hist
and nlwajs to her home affairs, and vou
will have done much to glorify God, de
bate the morals of the world, and regain
the fidlng chivalry of man.
. !A,S t0 JIrs- Claxon's paper, it is cer
tainly the vital question of our present and
luture happiness, for there Is not a man, or
prospective one, who is not somehow- in
terested In woman.
trie first we ever heard of woman is that
! she " a necessity to man. and" for hat
, reason find nrt..i i,. , nt -. 1.1
- . ......v. ,.w, .,, ,(i aiii. I Hilt
alone should keep her humble. And he
created her as o helpmeet. That should keep
her bubbling full of Joj
"But how did man need help? Flnanclallv ?
He knew of no expenses or value so woman
was not made for that kind of help.
"Was it to spare heavj- responsibilities?
Slan was fres from all responsibilities, and
it could not have been for that. But the
man -o fresh from the Creator's hands
saw- that, all other of God's crentlon :-.-.d
companionship'. He was alone and the Cre
ator granted him his first prayer-a com
parlbn.i And that companion was called
woman- - '
"So. far. all Is well, but what followed?
Nothing bfat this, which Is following to the
present day: God made her so perfect a
wofnan-that she could not lat-she fell ami
was the means of breaking up paradise,
cadtndecd. but It seems the very make-up
of atvoman I enmity to man's peaoe
"No, wait. We have anew- woman to-day.
and'-s,he Is mrji' best friend, because she
has fuUv reaJUed the Impossibility of being
good 'without the splrlf.of the God' man
taking full possession of-her. Thus she be
comes a new woman In Jesus Christ, the
one who alore could redeem the pair cast
out upon the world to work for their bread,
becatee they had sinned in God's beautiful
eden created for them.
"One day, while talking to a woman In
one ef the large stores I said: (
" "Sister, I would not stand In j-ouriplace
and enduro the publlcltj' and coarseness
thrust upon j-ou. Not for any salarV the
proprietor could'offer. But for the delight
of telling of Christ's povver In keeping a.
woman true vneer .all circumstances I
would do it.' She replied! "Then j-ouicould
not hold jour position.'
'."Woman surely H not much if she is not
Intellecti-s! and the more Intellect she has
of her self, the more closely she will seek
protection under the covering of her de
pendence upon man, and anj- kind of I work.
'Where training nnd. teaching can be' done
cv.cn to managing large enterprises. Is
woman's If she cm do It.' but in all this,
the "true womanliness,. In her will alwaj-s
seek. quietne.sB and "seclusion. , For. what
ever a good ""woman 'sets he,r heart to do.
from nursing an Infant:, to'managlng a rail
read, she will do;itw!th her whole soul,
all the tlmeremeniberlng Jlhe more Import
ant things of-her life are' to, be a soul-preserver
in accordance tu her great or small
opportunities- " SIRS. LAFE HEATH,.
"1907 Cora avenue. St. Louis."
Tho following letter is from Sirs. L. G.
Fish, formerly in charge of the cooking de
partment of tie publlp schools:
";i have been creatlv- Interested In the con
troversy opened by Sirs. Claxon on the sub
jects of home and the business girl, and
was glad to see in The Republic that one
sensible woman has a good word for this
much-criticised woman.
"On the face of it. It aopears unjust to
deride the business Ctrl. She to whom w
vall owe so much ot our. comfort, who early
cnniato ions, uueu at a poor salary, to
keep tho wheels running in that Intricate
place, business orld. Many a time she is
the one wage earner for a helpless family:
or In any case her unselfishness, born of
work, reaps blessings to the home In which
alio- lives. s. '
"But there Is a shadow to this picture.
Aro.our homesi all. thej-, should be? Surelv
a skeleton in the closet hangs over munv a.
"fireside. Should these young' girls be-'a5ked
to leave ineir pieusunt omcrs ana. come
home to help mother, or perchance, do all
the work of the house.'l fear they 'would
regard It as the most unpleasant drudgerv,
'andrwould prefer to hire some one to do It
.rather than. do It themselves. And. the
plain, facts In the case are that many a
time 'some one" can't be, hired, for no one
wnts to undertake the work of keeping a
lionise. Those who could do It have copied
the example of their more fortunate sisters
and have 'gone downtown" ,to work at
anything from factorj- to store or tj-pe-wrlter.
and thoe who need help In the
"housework are unablo to get any.
"The Woman's Training S. ihool w here
there Is a servant agepcj- will, tell on that
there aro no servants to be had ana all
the other agencies will tell the same story.
In my eperlenceln leaching cooking to
poor girls In mission classes, I Inevitably
met the remark: 'We don't want to be
cooks or houseslrls we are going to get
work downtown.' -Not ..until ever- hope
falls, until even sometimes a girl's purity
is lost, will she consent to nppij- for a po
sition as a domestic servant.
"There is one other sjmptom. Notice the
great number of boarding-houses, and of
families who either board .all the time or
take occasional meals in restaurants.
Shades of our grandfathers! , What would
our pious ancestors think of women who
either couldn't or didn't- want to do their
cooking at home? And that, too. In homes
where everything Is made easy; vrhere. ln-
sfpflrt ef rnrnlnp r.ntcr frnrn n -noil mil nf
doors, ns was done In olden times, the hot
J and cold water faucets stand convementlv
i in kitchen and laundrv-; where the labor of
cooking ! minimized by the town baker, th?
I caterer, the carpet cleaner, tho laundrv
I and the general city accommodations such
as removal of garbage and sprinkling of
"This, I take it. is what S!r. Claxon re-
fers to tha alarming recoil from the work
of the house, as seen In the lipttpnilnt
classes and in the better cl iss of g'rls, who
prefer to earn their own living rather than
work at home.
"The cure for It can only lie In the way In
which housework must be regarded. As
moro and more glrjs see the true dlgnltj'
of housework,,as a result of the domestic
science lessons In the public schools, or In
missions as thej- realize the Interesting
scientific processes behind every ulmple
household fact, they will feel no disgrace in
working with these conditions, but rather
see the honor In it all.
"A wnant with thin clnue
Makp. drudKerj dlin .
v ho sweeps a room as by th laws
Slakes th.it and the action Jin?.
Dorothy Koch sajF: '"What does sirs.
Claxcn know of business woman's ability to
become an "ideal wife' ir she has not had
the pleasure of being a "working girl," and
this she certainly has not hnd. else sho
noukl not disrespect her. Sho has not the (
1 mm iu uiuui a Kiri umuiiion or uecoming
a competent business woman b saving that
If sho becomes such she can never obtain
the position cf an "ideal wife." or cannot
hold the respect of man. A man will certain)-
look lor a wlfa who has good com
mon sense, one who knows how to econo
mize, both In dress and In the house, one
whose delight is neatness as well 'as one
who knows how to cook, sew and da house
work in general, rather than the woman's
whose ambition is ony sleep, fine dresses,
jewelry, carriages, nna dislikes even to hear
housework discussed, let dlone know- how to
do same.
"The best housewife, which would he the
ideal wife. Is the business woman, for she
has had the experience which no vsoman
can gain who has not been Into the busi
ness world; she appreciates a home, her in
terest is in a neat kitchen, a clean table
nnd her one ambitlcn Is the comfort of her
husband If Sirs. Claxon would help her
husband In his work with the needy an!
poor and get among the class of working
people moie. and place her Interest in her
home Instead of some affairs which sho
cannot Judge she would elevate herself
much moro In the ejes cf the common
"I wish more of the working girls would
take an independent stand of this matter,
as people who have such Ideas m Sirs.
Claxon should certainly have them ban
ished for their own welfare." 1 We are all
born, but vve are not dead as jet. and
what we might have to come to do befcro
that thne is not known to anj" one. henco
we should not become too public In our
views of other people." l
Senator Clark nnil McCrepry Ap
pointed tn Vnerint Plnce on Por
cisrn Relations Committee.
Washington. March 7. Thq milst Import
ant action taken bj- thp caucus of the Sen
ate Democratic Steering Committee to-daj-.
was the filling -of vacancies inithe Foreign
Relations Committee to 'succeed . ex-Senator
Rawlins of Utah and Senator Ballej- of
'Texas, vvho resigned from thls-Vjommlttee.
The latter vacancj- was awartled' Senator
W. A. Clark of Slontana.'-who Wa desig
nated for the place bj- Sin Bailey. The
Steering Committee merely ratified the ap
pointment. Senator SIcCrearj- of Kentuckj-,
who was elevated tothe Senate from the
House, this being his-first session, received
the other position.
The places on tne Foreign Relations Com
mittee are much 'sought after at. this time.
The treaties under consideration at this spe
cial session of the Senate are before that
committee, and. In fact, it is about the onlj-
.one that will have any work to do.
ine new .Democratic steering committee
was named by Chairman Gorman j-ester-day
afternoon. It consists' of Senators Gor
man. Cockrell, Slartln, Bacon, Dubois.
Slonej-, Bailey, Blackburn and Tillman. The
new members are Gorman, Blackburn and
When the committee met at 32 'o'clock to
day In the conference-room the appoint
ments to the Foreign Relations Committee
were Immedlatelj- made, though the new
members cannot meet to consider the trea
ties until they have been agreed- to by the
Republicans. t
l)a v III Clnjil. Ill Iran Old, IlranL
Bottle of Carbolic Aflil in
Fit t)t Ancrr. ,
Pana. 111.. Starch 7. Humiliation over a
whipping, administered by hW father,
caused David Clod, lC-jears old. to com
mit suicide to-daj-, at his home in Udln
burg. The father. Joseph Cloyd. holding himself
partly responsible for the boy's, death. Is
prostrated with grief. David brooded over
the matter for two days, and told his moth
er that this father would regret having
chastised him.
This morning he went to the barn, where
he poured a small bottle of carbolic ncld
Into a cup and drank it. The body was
found by his father. The Coroner held an
Inquest this afternoon.
Rend and Learn llorr Too May Pro
cure It.
The question of why one man succeeds
and another falls Is a problem that has puz
zled philosophers for centuries.. One mnn
attains riches and position. -. while his
neighbor, who started with, seenilngiy the
same and better opportunities, "exists In
poverty and obscurity. No man can win
success who Is suffering from an Irritating
and nerve-racking disease and the man who
has the qualities of success within him.
would be quick to. recognize this fact and
selzo the best remedy to eradicate the
trouble. ""
A person afflicted with a serious case of
hemorrhoids or plies Is nnndlcapped In the
race for power and advancement. It Is Im
possible to concentrate the mental energies
when this dreadful trouble Is sapping the
vital forces. To show how easily this suc-cess-destroj-lng
trouble can be overcome, we
publish the following letter from a prom
inent Indiana man:
"When I received the former letter and
booklet on "Piles, their nature, cause and
cure I was in a critical condition. Ulcers
to the number of seven had formed on the
Inside of the rectum, culminating In a large
tumor on the outsldp resembling fistula. I
suffered the most excruciating' pain; could
get no rest day or night. After reading the
booklet I sent to my druggNt. but he hap
pened to be out of Pyramid Pile Cure Just
at that time. However. I obtained a part
of a box from my brother-in-law and began
their use. Five pyramids completely cured
mc. I procured a bos later, but have had
no occasion to use them. I have been wait
ing to see that the cure was permanent
before writing you of its success. T believe
Pyramid Pile Cure to be the greatest and
best pile cure on the market, and ask you
to please accept ot my grateful. thanks for
this Invaluable remedj-. 1 take great pleas
ure in recommending Its use to any sufferer
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you wish for reference to anj- one affllctcl
with this disease." J. O. LIttolL Arthur.
You can obtain n free sample of this won
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i:iihii,slnti- Letters T'fom Grateful
Women Atlio Ileisitrtl le-rii-iia
an Their fiafecurtrd, ,
Sliss Slay Stevenson. 110 Hamilton avenue,
Brockljn, N. Y writes:
"One half the world little knows what
the other half suffers. Little hac my
Mends known Of the humiliation and
worry I suffered for.years on account of
catarrh of the head and throat.
"I used Inhalers, snuffs and catarrh
remedle until I bated the sight of med
icines and grew dlscodrased. Last fall
one of my friends said, 'why don't you
use Peruna? It cured me nnd will cure
you. ' I decided to try It almost as a last
resort, and It was lucky that I did, for
in less than three weeks I was entirely
well. Accept a happy and grateful girl's
thanks. "May Stevenson.
, Pe-ru-nil Protects AKalnsI Colds.
Sliss Flora Wilson. 2!7 Seventh ave.
New- York Clt-. writes:
"For an one who Is as susceptible tn
coughs and colds as I am. Teruna is a
blessing. I am never too careful, apd am
nlwas catching cold, which sometimes de
velops Into an annoying catarrh of the
head. Peruna I have found Is excellent for
this, being very quick in Its action, bes'.jes
being a most excellent tonic." Sli's Flora
Pe-rn-nn Cured n Ilnil Cold In Three
Da j.
SIIs Helen Siuerbier. St. Joseph." Slich..
"Last winter I caught a sudden cold
which developed Into an unpleasant catarrh
of the head and throat, depriving me of
mv- appetite and usual good spirit?. A
friend who had been cured by Perum ad
vised me to trj- It and I sent for n bottle
at once, and I am glad to sjy that in three
Paris, siarch 7. (Copyright. 1903 ) Fixing
the date of the Grand Prix as early as June
7 has aroused an energetic protest from the
Paris JIunlclpal Council.
Departures for the countrj- of wealthv
residents begin ns the Grand PrK Is run.
and the municipalltj- claims that fixing the J
uhip .i wceK earner mail usual means a se
rious loss lo'the trade of the cltv.
Prince Auguste d'Arenberg, president of
the. Racing Committee, replies that the date
is not arbltrarj-, and the race has alwajs
teen held between the Kpom Derbj-'and
Ascot, in crder to enatle English horses to
come. Otherwise the race would lose Inter
national character and concurrently Its
power of attracting visitors to Paris.
At the VInccnnes Trotting Sleeting, on
Wednesdaj. the results of the Paris musinl
were that $2 returned tXj and Jl returned
J100. -Barlller. n- jockev, has been mo-t s'us
cessful since the opening cf the season, hav
ing won over TO per cent of his mounts.
tSan Francisco Coppersmiths
Caught in Mass oi 'Flames.
San Francisco. Cal., Slurch 7.-Joseph
Thompson and George Langford. two cop
persmiths, were badly burned as the result
of the explosion of a gasoline torch..
The men are employed by the Sanders
Copper Works and were engaged In paint ng
the interior of a topper vat when the explo
sion occurred. They were working with the
gasoline torch commonlj used ty painters
when It suddenly burst.
The gasoline was scattered evcrj-where
and In an Instant the tank was a mass Of
flrmes. Tho workmen -made" a rush for the
ladder, and, though seared and burned by
the flames, managed to reach the top.
Both the sufferers were removed to the
Harbor Hospital, where th-ir Injuries were
dressed bv Doctor Sillier. Thompson was
serlouslj- burned about the facs, neck an!
arms. Iaingford's "arms and hanjs were"
painfully seared.
Jew Coal Mine nt Carljlc.
l:"rt"f!LlC bf-EClAL.
Carlyle. III.. Starch 7. Unl-sual-nctivlty Is
being displajed by cnal mine promoters In
this section, and if their plans materialize'
several new mines soon will be 'in operator!.'
Tho work of sinking a shaft two miles wet'
of this iitv baa been commenced. Ati t
lellcnt vein ot coJI has- been fount at a
(sn JOA.
", -lju'A, -.n -z j . n
. v-wjactssaraB r " ! sn. 1. ru
II r3Srfl$isS!wAB SSrSsIr ill rfl " " "' " - '
rr w f ........
It C I ' t t ; r - t it m
mw :
dajs the phlegm had loosened, and I felt
better.my appetite returned am! with.n
nine days I was In my usual health.
Helen Sauerbier.
Sirs. I.eIle Carter Sajm "Pe-ro-nn lri
Mire tu Prevent n Culil.
Sirs. Ieslle Carter, probably the most
prominent actress In America, saj-s thei fol
lowing of Peruna:
"Peruna Is sure to prevent a co'd. It will
stop a cuugn u
fore It becomes
settled. It curs
all catarrhal af
fections like mag
ic No money
could tempt m
to be without this
remedv for even a
daj It is just the
remedv- all womn
need.esperlallj- such
women that are
exposed (o the
vicissitudes of cli
mate as I am.
"I never neglect
an opportunity to
recommend this
remedj to my
friends. It Is
America's greatest
remedj- for Amer
ica's greatest
enemy, ratarrh and catarrhal affections. I
would not have cat.irrh for a million dol
lars, and as long as I have Peruna at hand
to check the slightest sj-mntoms of Its ap
proach. I feel perfectly safe from this dis
ease." N." Leslie Carter.
Any one who wishes perfect health must
be entirely free from catarrh. Catarrh Is
well-nigh universal: almost omnipresent.
Peruna Is the onlj- absolute .safeguard
known. A cold Is the beginning of catarrh.
To prevent colds, to cure colds, is to cheat
catarrh out of Its victims. Peruna not only
cures catarrh but prevents it. Every house
hold should be supplied with this great
remedv for coughs, colds and catarrhal
depth of 4J7 feet. A company has been
formed .with a capital stock of -30.000 to
operate the shaft. The controlling intercct
is owned by Randolph Smith of Ilnra and
Henry Hummert of Breese. An effort win
be made to raise the money to be used ,n
prospecting for coal east ot this city one
His First Audience .Since His Jubi
lee Celebration.
Rome. Siarch 7. The Pope, being quite,
well, to-night fixed the first audience since
th? function of St. Peter's for noon to-morrow.
He will then receive several groups of
eetior- Foreman Killed.
C orsicana. Tex.. Siarch 7. David Shaur.-
ncssy, section foreman on the Houston and
15c and ( x
25c kind. ...S?C
Rolls for.. OC
Sirs. Leslie Carter.
Jy i. - l. k .. 1 B
Just the things you need! RcMd the list carefully and remember that all these remarkable
t -J
Joes will be on tale at BOTH ot our
Patent Medicines
I Of, for Ilromo Quinine or 2
luu licxes for S3c.
7Q for rinkham"? CompounC
"lUU the large SI CO "lie.
OQi for Pcotfs KmuWon
-. large bottles for 77c.
CAm for Charcot's Emulsion
OUli larr-B bottles J for J1.25.
It-, for Carter" Liver rills
101 or 2 for 25c
7 for s 8. ft Small size;
III J1.21 for larg- eize.
IE a for Tvarner"i! Llthla Tab-
101 !et 3 for "So
7'tc for reruna. J1.C0 -lie.
Crmo II for lOc
Lillian Hus-ell. ....:: for Hlt
EI Merltn.. ,15 for 1 0r
Chancellors Pix-clal !
FIoro1ora .......-..- for TU'
I-Ampem a for 1TW
Trusses! Trusses!
Our Trus- Department Is In
charRe of nn i-xpert .hcs4
advice an-1 senlc- In fitting
In our. fre of charge.
TmrsK si.oo and in
Accurately filled at, lower
rnces than anywhere else In
St. Lou!.
C. E. Corner
jgi DRUG
ru-na as Their
SfaieJd Against Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds, Grip
and Catarrhal
' Sliss I.cnore Allen, 407 Howell Street, ban Francisco,
Cal., writes:
consider Peruna an infallible remedy
for catarrhal diseases. For several years I
have been troubled with influenza, espe
cially during cur rainy season. I used to
catch cold so easily that 1 was afraid to be
out when the weather was the least bit in
clement, cr in the evening sir. But since
1 have used Peruna I have nothing what
ever the matter with me. I am in perfect
health, and find that Peruna acts as a tonic,
and seems to throw all sickness and disease
out of the body. I go anywhere now and
in all kinds of weather, seem to have an
irmn cosstitution and enjoy life because I
enjoy perfect health." Lenorc Allen.
"iVoman of National Fame TL'ae-i
Pc-rn-nn In Her Family.
Sirs. Belva Loekwood. the eminent bar
rister of Washington, D. C. is the onlj
woman who has ever been a candidate for
the Presldencj- of the United States She
Is the" best known woman In America. Ai
the piencer of her sex in the legal pro
fession she has gathered fame and fortune:
In a letter to The Peruna- Sledlclne Con1-.,
pan j- she sajs:
'I have used your Peruna both for
myself and my mother, Mrs. Hannah J.
Bennett, now in her 88th year, and I
find It an invaluable remedy for cold,
catarrh, hay fever and kindred diseases;
also a good tonic for feeble and old peo
ple, or those run down and with nerves
unstrung." Belva A. Loekwood.
A cold Is the beginning of catarrh. iC
maj- cause catarrh of any of the Internht
organs the head, throat, lungs nnd stom
ach. especlallj-. A remedv that will cure aT
cold. then, would cure all these direct ef
fects of colds. Peruna Is such a remedj-.
We have letters from .all over 'the Unltd
States attesting to this fact. The poor and
rich' alike use and reebmmend It. A book
of testimonials In the exact words of the
writer sent to anj- address free of charge
bv- The Peruna Sledlcine Co , Columbus,
Cold3 are considered one of the necessarv
'11s of life. One Is liable to catch cold both
summer and winter. Very often a cold Is
th st-irting point or cause of a lengthj
ar.d dangerous catarrhal disease. Colds are
Hwajs dangerous and should never be
neglected a daj".
If j-ou do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna
write at once to Dr. Hartman. giving a full
statement of jour case, and ho will he
pleased to give jou his valuable advice
Address Dr. Hartman. President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus. Ohio. t
Texas"Gontral. was accidentally killed by
the ca'rs.'' ,..,"
Colonel 3L C. Wetraore on Ilnnd h
SeetHim Installed in. Office.
, Washington March 7. Senator TV. 7.
Stone'"of JUisouri arrived In yashtngtqn
earlj- this nrornlng5 and registered ar thJ
Raleigh, -where he w-as met by Colonfl
WctmoreTof SrTkiuIs",whd"came to Wash
ington to see. the' new Senator Inducted Into
office. 'T "i t , ." 2
Senator Stonfe will appear In the Senati
at Its Slonday meeting and take the oath
of office. ' " '
Green jrnt n'rlgnde to- Sttef.-
The Gretn Hit Brigade l!l meet at Wnalnfs
Hall si-j-qb Baston .avenue, this. attennoon.t-
made final airanj-emcnts for the St. "'atriclt'a
i Day parad-,
Ounce.. buC
Cans 91
big and busy drug stores all this week.
Znnnel-i ,t 3i!c
raMeurlnc Tooth PasW.-lSc.,
Palmer's Perfumes oz... 33
Absorbent Cotton 17
Fountain Syringes.. .Wc
Pure Glycerine lb ..2Ic
Imported Itaj Hum pt...4Tc
Rock .Candy lb :..JOc
7vC O. P. C. Suspensory
Uandages ..A3c
Whirling Spray Syringe
Ppecial at KlT.riO
Dupont's Imported French
Tooth Dmhe .,25c
N. W. Corner
CO. . w
.. 11
1 4
l fj
ggfoaSgc -4va& ssibsia&&g!3&?.

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