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I Printed la Six Paitst 5
I Four News Sections, Comb'
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A View With Sketches of Some
Well-Known Illinois Legislators.
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Springfield. Ill . March 7. Mr. Lincoln
Steffens. In an article that appeared In Mc
Clure's. spoke harshly of the "Khameless
ness or St. Lou!." Possibly this was well
enough, but he can And material for such
charges east of the Mississippi. A group of
Illinois "statesmen" were debating the other
night whether any honest men are In tho
General Assembly.
"I think there are." said a man who cuts
quite a figure in State politics. "Uut" this
with the satisfied smile of a man who knows
he Is hitting the truth "but a man don't
amount to much in politics unless he has
a boss and can be "ued ' "
"I'd rather be a cowpuncher In Teias
than In the Legislature sometimes." said
Judge L. Y. Sherman, lat week. "This for
two reasons First, I might be more use
down there more use to the community at
large: oecond, the punching Is of an open
air, wholesome kind."
"The practice of hiring attorneys for State
hoards and paying them fat' fees for doing
nothing," said Cale Johnson, a Democrat
of the Thirty-third degree and of many
years' standing." reminds me of the Irish
man who bought a horse.
" 'What d'je want with a horse, Pat?"
asked his friend.
" 'Why, to haul hay for the horse," said
"They want the attornes to haul hay
for the attornejsi"
dus Nohe wants the telegraph companies
assessed higher. He was riding down to
Springfield on the train not long ago, when j
lie urr,utiu u. i new, w...uu ui.i.iu. .
mark that the line was In fine shape new
poles for 10o miles.
"Bv the way," asked Mr. Nohe, "how
much did the polos co-t youT-"-
"Four dollars and a halfeach,.anij we got
,'em cheap."
"How many to the mile?"
' VThlrtx-slx.:'
Augustus remembn-ed that the present as
sessment in CS per mile, and $4.00 multiplied
by thirty-six Is well, considerably mbre
than J2S.
Before reaching the capital Augustus had
a bill drawn up In approved style, which,
needless to say, changed the existing basts
of assessment on this particular kind of
property. A slight curlolty exists now to
know whether that bill will pass, and. If
not, why not?
It was a happy Inspiration, that of Mr,
Nohe, but he Is often Inspired.
J. M. Gray of Decatur. "Jimmy" for
hort. has a new bee in his bonnet, whlcn
l that he would like a new political bon
net. Jimmy Gray says many things in a
short space of time. Indeed, of the things
that are aald at Springfield, Jimmy says
"Jimmy. If you keep on nagging that
woman's -suffrage bill," said a colleague,
"the women down jour way will get their
husbands to nail you tight In a political
coffin." . I
"Any time," saj s Jimmy. "Any old time.
I'm going to Congress next."
Which may be or may not be. A hot
nlr blast and good stoking sometimes does
wonders. Jimmy may bo President yet or
may not. Bat keep your weather eye,on
An Inadvertent newspaper correspondent.
lift Ei fir I I
New York. March ".Relics cf the days
when Ada Rehan waa the star at Daly's
Theater were offered at auction at the
Knickerbocker Auction-Rooms this week.
The nlace was crowded with relic hunters
who must have left their pocketbooks at
home, according to C E. Smith, the auc
tioneer. The total of the first afternoon's
sale of 250 objcctn offered was $3,853 $5.
Charles Rlchman, who was present, said
at the conclusion of the sale that If Miss
Rehan had acted as the auctioneer she
would hae hypnotized her bidders and sent
the prices skyward. Mr. Smith was ready
for h'm, however, with the reply that it
might take a month to sell the goods. The
additional cost of Insurance, rent, and the
payment of the extra help necessary In a
salt) where, exclusive of the scenery and
drrps from "The School for Scandal," "As
Tou Like It" and "Much Ado About
Nothing" there were 1.478 separate objects
of art to be auctioned, must be considered.
Nat Goodwin agreed with Sir. Rlchman
that Miss Rehan would be the better auc-
Uoumt. as It would bt profitable to chart I
Jm Vfiosf
by some slip, happened to get the name of
Tom Tippitt from Richland County and tho
word "poker" Into the same paragraph.
Tippitt came up from Richland next week
with a large gun In his hip pocket, and In
the language of the man who sajs things
he can't prove with blood In his eye.
"I want you to understand." said Tippitt,
"that jours was an unwarranted insinua
tion. I never gamble."
"It's your pot," said the correspondent.
"I won't call the bluff."
Representative Pattison from Freeport
wants his pay raided. He aa talk about
a salary grab Is unjust. He says any man
has a right to ask more pay. He saya a
man who Isn't a kicker for more money
an open-air. aboTe-board kicker Is awdeadJ
one. Ho further says that his constitu
ents think hlsj&ervlces arrf" 'worth far and
above what he gets. He saya that they
think he Is a rising young man and ought
to have his pay raised.
So, In behalf of the other rising young
men of the House even If the old men
won't take tho money If It Is handed to
them he Is crlng to reward merit with its
"Mr. Speaker." clamors Jim Wllron, lead
er of the Democrats, every day, or so, "I
want to know what are the rights of the
minoritj? Are we to be Ignored? I want
nn understanding on this point. Are we to
be ruled out of the proceedings of this
House as it our plnces were vacant? If so.
we might as well be about our business at
After one of these incidents a Republican
friend volunteered the Information:
"The minority has no rights excpt In
the Constitution and under the law."
Charles Carrllllon of Bond County never
says a thing.
The Assembly was stirred to Its very
depths the other day. There was manifest
excitement, manifest Interest Judge Sher
man appeared In a new suit of clothes.
Usually, the Judge buys books.
Charley Farris Quits mixing prescriptions
down In Clay County to come up and leg
islate -every Httlo w alle. He assumes ex
traordinary attitudes bent, probably, by
tho cares of state.
D. H. McA.
J2.50 admission for such an occasion.
He did not deny Amelia Bingham's state
ment that he might be prejudiced, as he
had picked up several choice relics. Among
the Interested spectators and occasional
bidders were Mr. andMrs. Blcodgood, Miss
Alice Johnson, W. J. Brady. Father Ducey,
Mrs. Mcndln and Mrs. Doud Byron, sister
of Miss Behan.
The first prices were disheartening, 70 1
cents being the successful bid for a pair of
pewter Colonial candlesticks. There was a
dent in one. which ltd to the belief that
they had been thrown about in the course
of "The Taming of the Shrew." Pen and
Ink sketches, quivers and arrows, oil paint
ings, chairs, swords armor and other
curios sold for lees than their weight in
pennies. A richly carved screen used In so
ciety plays brought P.C0, the figure tempt
ing some to applaud. A mahogany Chippen
dale drawing-room suite of three pieces
sofa, arm and side chair In flawlni tap
estry, brought S3L The highest price was
$100, paid for a "Itoj-al Agra carpet, medal
lion center, and cream ground." A stuffed
alligator stand sold for 113.
The sales continued through the after
noons of this week. Most of the property
came to Miss Itehan after the death of Mr.
Daly, and has since been in storage: She
decided recently on the publlo auction Mia.
u i
Spring Millinery.
Our buyer and designer have returned from the
East with a choice selection and most complete
line of eorythlnR wearable In millinery.
Due precaution was taken to procure only the
very latest and prettiest things In vogue.
The styles are ho fascinating, the prices arc so
moderate, one finds herself tempted to buy on
viewing the hats.
So be prepared for a surprise and be ready
to possess w hat is dear to every woman's heart
a new Spring Hnt.
We have them In chiffon, all colors, trimmed
and untrimmed. $1.25 to $6.00.
Mos-s braid, riblwi braid, fancy straw, burnt
straw, chip, Milan, hair, etc.. flats, turbans, s-oft-bodv
hats in natural and all colors and shades,
$1.08 to $7.50.
I'or early wear, pretty suit and street hats.
$2.98 to $7.00.
Dainty flower hats for dress, $4.98 to $10.00.
White Goods.
Heavy White Figured Pique, 20c value j
Opening Prieo UC
Pin-Dotted St. Gall Swiss, SOc value 'Jfk
Opening Price & vlv.
4S-inch French Batiste, extra quality c
Opening Price JJC
Mercerized Pique, in fancy figures, soft Of
finish Opening Price J VrC
63-Inch White Organdie, 50c value OCr.
Opening Price JJl
Mercerized Oxford, in evening shades, AS
60c value Opening Price , TJC
S Washfrigtorl Avenue and Sixth Street., t
Mrs. Maude Ballington Booth Advocates This to Lessen Suffering
and Writes to Fifty Railroad Presidents, Asking Them to Equip
Kvery Train With a Small Gise Containing Chloroform,
Ether and Antiseptic Solutions.
New York, JIurch 7 The terrible suffer
ing of the lctlms of recent railroad wrecks
has so moved Mrs. Ballington Booth that
she has written a letter to the presidents
of fifty railroad companies. In which she
suggests that conductors of trains be sup
plied -with chloroform or other anaesthetic
tt be used to allay the pain of thobe who
are Inextricably pinned beneath the wreck
age, or are fatally injured and prajlng for
slow-comlnjr death to end their suffering.
Mrs. Booth Is herself a great traveler,
has on several occasions seen the -lctltns
of wrecks pinioned under the wreckage and
slowly burnrd to death. She became con
vinced that It would be an act of mercy
to administer an anaesthetic that th'ese per
sons might die without the terrible tor
ture of burning. Here Is her letter:
"Dear lr: In Iew of the serious acci
dents which have been agitating the pub
lic and the painful details which have
aroused so much humane sympathy, I trust
the suggestion contained In this letter will
receive some consideration, and. if found
practical, may be adopted br jour road.
"I am a very extensive traveler spending
many days and nights of every month Upon
the road and, therefore, any question which
affects the life or comfort of passengers
or of the brave men 'ahead' cornea very
closely home to me.
Who-aoks Tallroad officials to. .keep medicines on trains.
Our new arrivals In this department
ore not to be matched In this city as
to designs, materials and prices, and If
you cannot find here what you want it
will be useless for jou to make a fur
ther search.
Suits in Venetians, Serges. Broadcloths.
Cheviots and Meltons, in all colors and
black. In blouse, jacket, Eton and other
stjles. You have never K per gg
seen their equal for $15 rhrfe.l II I
Our Opening Price. ..Vvv
Silk Jackets in Peau de Soie and Taffeta,
blouse and Monte (;ario
and trimmed wttn iraiu,j
medallions and tucks
Opening Price . . .
Especially harrowing Is the thought
of the brae engineersheld beneath
s the Iron wreckage of lfls locomotive,
s scalded by steam and jet awfully
V alive to every torture of slow -coming
.s death.
s Would it not be an unspeakable
s comfort to bystanders, as well as
s the sufferer. If those dying In agonj-
could be rendered unconscious by a
s few breaths of a merciful anaesthetc?
"I have noticed In reading of some of the
recent railroad wrecks, as also many In
the past, that survivors have had to
witness the agony of fatally Injured vic
tims who. pinioned Inextricably beneath the
1 wreckage, have pleaded for the relief of
deattr while uncontrollable flames nave
scorched or consumed them.. Especially
harrowing is the thought of th'e brave en
gineer, held beneath the iron wreckage of
his locomotive, scalded by steam and yet
awfully alive to every torture of slow-coming
death. If a dumb animal was seen in
similar circumstances we would Instantly
end Us misery with a swift blow or merci
ful shot. This is not permissible when the
sufferer Is a human being, whose highly
organized nervous sjstem is capable of still
greater suffering.
"As I have glanced at the little glass case
iJBffWftKi Bb wmsm I
Skirts, Jackets.
Wfy w 4p!v?-
JPjI wis i im
styles, plain
hlte Oxford Waists, emurouteiol In uie new grape
designs, In white and colors, fine pearl buttons
Opening Price
Fine Madras and Linen Waists, In white;
also piques, with tucks and buttons
Opening price
?12.50 Blouse Venetian Cloth Suits. coUcrless jacket with postilion
back, handsomely trimmed with buttons and satin j g-v g
piping, in black, blue, castor and brown rfc I P ""M I
Opening Price fmmJ
Etamlne Suits in black and bine, jackets collarless, stole front, peplum
and postilion back, taffeta silk lining, trimmed N v
with fancy ornaments, buttons and satin piping- 7K P P Til
Opening Price pmvJM
Indies' Skirts, in bine, black, tan and castor,
in Serge, Venetians, Cheviotr
Opening Price ,
holding the saw and hntchet for use in
emergencj-. I have asked mjself why the
railroad companies have so far overlooked
another precaution which might save Ufa
and lessen suffering.
"Whj- not equip every train, or, better
still, the conductor or each train, with a
tmall case containing chloroform, ether,
stimulants, bandages, lotions for bruises
and antiseptic solutions for the washing of
woundT These could be packed In a very
small case and would represent no verj
costlv outuiv. Accidents often occur far
from towns, and many precarious moments.
If not hour?, when lives could be saved are
of necessity lost for the want of these
necessary materials
"Would it not be an unspeakable comfort
to bj-standers, as well as the sufferers, if
those dying in agonv could be rendered un
consLlous by a few breaths of a merciful
onnesthetlc, to say nothing of the prompt
aid which could be rendered to those who
might jet be saved?
This Is hot the Idle suggestion of a mo
ment, but comes from onewho has watched
suffering and to whom the rhjthm of the
wheels is the most famlllir of sounds. Be
lleve me very cordla.lyours.
Animals Kill Child in Presence of
Itn Parents.
Bedford Clt Va.. March 7. Black bears
attacked the children of a mountaineer
named Parker, in this countj-, and killed
and ate the 2-year-old baby In the presence
of the parents. Parker resides near tho
river leading from Mons to Arcadia, on tne
James River. The road W a much-used
thoroughfare, but the country is wild, with
the forest primeval covering the mountain
Parker's three children were playing In
the wood at tho pdge of the clearing, only
a short distance from the cabin, when the
bears made their appearance. The two
older children ran terrorized to the house,
and at once the father and mother rushed
to the rescue of the baby, who had been
left by the other two.
The parents found their little one al
ready drnd and badly mangled. The head
had been torn from the body and the bears
were greedily devouring their bab.
During the winter the depredations of
black bears hav been serious in the moun
tains, and It has been necessary to keep
pigs and joung cattle housed for safety.
Pressed in Male Attire. They Re
lieved Victim of Valuables.
Chicago. March 7. Dressed in men's
clothes, conforming to the latest fashion.
two joung women, accompanied by another
woman somewhat their senior and dressad
in the conventional fem'nlne costume, ac
costed John Thomas, and, after a short con
versation, dragged him Into an alley and re
lieved him of 37 and his watch.
The two young women used the canes
which they carried to beat Thomas into a
state of inrenslbillty. and the trio then
made their escape The-women were later
arrested by the Stanton avenue police.
Thomas was walking .south -in Armour
avenue, when he was attracted by what
te considered the unusual beauty of the
woman. Her es'-orts. asked Thomas to
Join them, and he readily consented. At
Thirty-fifth street the j-oung woman who
had first attracted Thomas's eye suddenly
threw both ner arms about him, and the
two who were masquerading as men as
sisted In the robbery.
At the Stanton avenue station it was dis
covered that the two escorts were women.
They gave the names of Louise Krause,
Lizzie Hogl and Lulu Mentel.
Stroudsburg. Pa., March 7. Charles
Orother. the burglar convicted of the mur
der of Adam Struck, a Constable, last fall,
asked to be permitted to help build the
scaffold on which he is to die.
Grother Is one of the boldest of criminals,
and It in supposed that he thinks he would
find a cl-ance to escape If his request should
be granted. He has escaped twice.
.Grother has busied himself In writing let
ters to newspapers, asking questions of the
county officials who testified against him.
test week he asked for a telephone In bis.
Of Our First Shipment of
New Spring Goods
Direct importations from many lands. Note
our opening prices. See our show windows.
. i 4
tP infiHDHIKji s9 7$ &
i!X:f pflBF9ssssssssssssHs 5 v-
Offv HHsBRLIIHp fjr' i -V(?HpssssssssssssssssssssEf?Src " S&
"'t JW " " IMP"sssHIssssssBsssP 4i -
-? t f .'dpsslsssssssssssssHA.?' w?!9'9ssflHssS4p
a t3EsBR9iflssH VsssMLis'vsBssssBtpiEv T
Of No. 1102 Rutger street, who will appear
at the Odeon March 17, for the
... .
Members of the sunshine society, unaer
the leadership of their president, Mrs. C. W.
Trowbridge, propose during the Lenten
season to raise a good part of the funds
needed to provide a home where convales
cents among the poorer class of St. Louis'
people may sDend a month or "moro next
To this 3rd "A Midsummer Night's
Dream" will be presented at the Odeon on 1
the evening of March 17, under the direc- .
tlon of Miss Bessie Morse. The full score .
of Mendelssohn's music will be given under
the direction of Frederick Fischer.
cell, that he might talk to his friends and
enemies. The request was refused.
Adam Struck and a posse came upon
Grother and anotner thief in the woods nnr
here In October, arnther shot the Consta
ble' lrr tha back, killing him Instantly.
Grother lived in tbe swamp for five days,
New Silks.
He-inch All-Silk Black Peau de Soie l C
Opening Price tj)l &)
Black and White and Blue and White Checks
Silk for shirt-waist suits gA
Opening Trice 3 Zf C
Foulard Silks, new this season, all shades, m q ,
wnall designs Opening Price, yard T'SIC
2-i-inch w ide Black and Colored Crepe de pr
Chene.ncw Importation; Opening Price. 3C
3C-Inch All-Silk Black Taffeta, wear a
guaranteed Opening Price m)I I "
Colored Dress Goods
3C-inch All-Wool Canvas Panama Cloth m w
in gray, tan, blue and green - jf
mixtures Opening Price
All-Wool Voile and Mistral, the most stylish
fabrics for spring in the uuirket, m v
every popular shade ZLUf
Opening Price ,x'
45 Inch Imported Cheviot Serge, v v
shrunk and" sponged, splendid value f tf
Opening Price vvv.
50-lnch French Twine Mistral, Ot
the latest spring novelty nl"Jf
Opening Price. JJ
46-Inch Imported French Canvas Eta mine. Can
adensis and Sharkskin, the g
best value ever offered Jlf
Opening Price vvrv-
46-lnch Imported Scotch Mixture. Iwucle effects,
in 3 tone colonpgs, the most stylish fabrics la
the market for tailor-made- cos- t g -
tumes. styles confined to D. C. & Trfcl- .
Co.-OpenIng Price pmJ
as Puck" In "A Mldsunimer Night's Dreamt
benefit 'of , the' Sunshine Society. i
. H
Scventy-'lfive voices from the Choral-Sy
phony will be heard In the chorus. Ka
hcarsals are now In progress.
In tbe cost one of the bast-known
teur actors is Harrv Richard McClaln. -what
will take the part of Lysander. Nick Bow
ton will be played by Samuel Elmer Tajtf
lor, who has had some professional expert
ence on the istage. Miss Leora SpellmeyMS
wm appear as Puck, while Miss Lela Mai-
.i .iii Mav the ro'e of Herrata. z
aii .v. hnp have hn sold for th '
formance. and the sale of scats Is progresii
m satisfactorily.
and was then captured In his sister houii
after a gun fight. - if
Grother and Benjamin Alllo. both convict
ed of murder: wulked out of Jail on Decent;'
ber 7 and forthree weeks managed to eloM
-pursuers. They ..were both .recaptured ea
January IS.
i t&
' ' s.
- -J
.. rfr-fvt
Am ., -4 i?'c'"?-3;'"frs&foMS5i
.a-sr Si
i. .fc--fc-v rr ,,-j
.,. Sk&Si

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