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-WiT)?,- "" i
Some of the goods
in this great Sal
vage Sale to be
sold a.s low as 15
cents on the dol
lar. J
Her Husband Thus Described Her
and Life Lost lis
i. v-7-",,rV' -5-?
I f She Could Not Endure the Pros
JL"- peer, of a Loveless Existence
"' Which the Cruel Words
Brought Before Her.
New York. March 8. "You are cettlnK
homely. You are getting hom'eller cicry
Frederick Rhelnhard said this at the sup
per table to his wife. About them were
gathered the four children Lizzie, the
eldest, aged 1G, and Tlllle, Agnes and
It nas not the first time the husband had
told his wifo that the beauty which had
charmed him seventeen years ago was a
thing of the past. But to the patient, tired
woman sitting opposite him the words
struck deeper than they ever had before.
She had not been troll recently. There wt-ro
times when an Iron hand seemed to clutch
at her breast anj she could not breathe.
The doctor had told her her heart was af
After supper Ilhelnhart went out. lie
had the habit of going out Just after sup
per. Lizzie, the littlcxmothfr of the family,
went out, no. Then .Mrs. Kheinliard
called the remaining children to her and
Bert them out to a htore to get some milk.
It was a store that was unnecessarily far
Quite alone at the little fiat at No. ."2
Hudson street, Iloboken, sho sat for a
while at the supper table, her face burled
In her hands. Hut she was not crying.
When she rose she walked slowiy Into
the middle room, the dark, wlndowless bed
room where she had spent many sleepless
nights, and closing both doors that com
municated with tho dining and the room
where tho children jdept, she turned on the
gas and lay down.
One of the doors sho locked. There was
no key to the other, i-o she pushed a huge
packing-basket against it and fastened It
to the door knob with a long black tie of
her husband's, which she found near at
hand. Then, tying the basket to tho wash
stand, she lay down.
Twenty minutes later nneinnaru. coihihk
n the stairs, met his oldest daughter. Liz
zie. In the hall. She had Just come In aKo.
This Is Lizzie's account of how sho four.d
her mother: .
"I was coming up the stairs when I met
my papa In the hall. I went first and papa
was Just behind me In the hall. When I
opened the door there was a smell of gas.
I started to go In, but papa xald, "Don't go
In there. Hun for a doctor.' Then ho went
in and threw open the windows and burst
open tho door into my mamma's room, the
door that was tied with the necktie. He I
found mv mamma lying on the bed. When ,
I got back with the doctor he said my
mamma was mill alive, but after awhile
he said sho was dead. i
"It was not the first time papa, told I
mamma sho was getting homely. I had i
heard him say It often. Dut my mamma I
wag a very nne-looKing woman, sue was
not feeling well, and I suppose It worried
"I work in a pocketbook factor', hut yes
terday she looked so badly that I told her
I woull stay home and heln her. But sho
twild I must co to work. Then she sat and .
cried a long time. She told me papa made
her feel very unhappy, i-he said she loved i
him so much, but he had ncer loved her.
remeocioss (hia.i.tities of Salvage Goods,
auction by Famous from ths Western Salvage Wrecking Agency, 716 Washington Avs., at prices that enable
us to surpass anything we've attempted in many days in the way of bargain-giving. We selected the very best lots here and there a burned
or slightly soiled piece will be found, but as a whole it's the cleanest and best salvage merchandise we've ever bought. The entire lot goes on
sale, commencing to-morrow. The word "BARGAIN" is clearly defined in every item quoted below. According to Webster, bargain means a
profitable transaction." These bargains for Monday most-certainly carry out Webster's idea.
Remnants at Sc Yard
A lot of Prints, Ginghams, Percales, Lawns,
etc. from 1 to 10 yds. w orth
regularly from 5c to 10c
a yard some are burned,
some are scorched on the
end?, some water soaked
Salvage Sale Price,
each yard
XziKB9B TryTmmBStisa
ia!rjfs LsLces.
A rich variety of beautiful new pat
terns In Pointe de Paris, Val. and Imita
tion Duchcsse various widths alt In
perfect condition -In three bargain lots.
I5c and 20c Laces m
Salvage S.ile Price, yard. f G
25c Laces
Salvage Sale Price, yard SUS
J5c ana sue Laces ig I
Salvage Sale Pi lcc. yard IOC I
r is
Sa.lva.fje Sale of
Simpson or Garner's best 7c Prints, In all colors,
including turkey red. Indigo blue, gray, black and
white. An elegant assortment of patterns. Some
are scorched on the edges, some slightly water
soaked and others only a trifle soiled. We've di
vided them in three great bargain lots for to-morrow's
selling -
Lot 1 Prints slightly scorched and water- 9tf
soaked Salvage Salo price, yard fall
Lot 2 Prints soiled or a little water-soaked, fljp
Salvage Sale pricf.yard WW
Lot 3 Prints perfect Roods, but soiled from Afi
handling Salvage Sale price, yard "If
Light-Colored Dress Prints and Shirtings n
fancy patterns, some .ollcd, a good CVc quality .Tift
Salvage Sale price, yard ww
Very Fine Percales, 36 inches wide in a choice
range of patterns and newest spring light colorings, actu
ally worm luc ana jc a yara, m tnree lots
Lot 1 Percales soiled or burned on edge
Salvage Salo price yard
1 mil i-u tiiuyiii suv ii iiau
W Papa cried all last night."
i- "Is he at work now?' thi
tho reporter asked.
"Oh. no: papa works over In New York
with an elevator company, but now he has
gone to collect mamma's life insurance!
Papa gays mamma was awful mean to die
and leave, us four little children. But my
mamma nail" lots of trouble. My two little
slrters'nre going to live with an aunt in
Camden. .Tillle. Is going with another aunt.
I am going' to work out, I am 'corry niy
mamma is dead. Six- was an awful good
woman. Everybody said she was the best
woman in tne nouse.
Mm. McCain full nnd Dnnrxliter Clear
Hnndwome Snm Yearly From ElRht
Acres Under Cultivation.
Owcnsnoro, Ky., March ".This county
boasts of two women, mother and daugh
ter, who are successful growers of tobac
co. They are Mrs. C F. McCamlsh and her
daughter. Maud, who reside near Yelvlng
ton. They recently disposed of a load of
tobacco weighing something over 1,200
pounds, which sold by the hundred-weight
at $5 for leaf, Jl for lugs and 2 for trash.
This particular Jot was grown by Miss
Maud McCamlsh on less than an acre of
ground and the time devoted to It was the
spare intervals between household duties. It
v.as a good article, as evidenced by the price,
nnd speaks well for the energy and man- I
agement of the young woman. Miss Mc
Camlsh Is a rosy-cheeked girl of SO and of
attractive appearance. She has all the ad
vantages of an ordinary education and is a
shrewd business woman.
Mrs. McCamlsh raised a larger crop, hav
ing more than seven acres. Most of it.
however, was late setting and, being cut
late In tho season. Is not yet ready for the
market. Mrs. McCamlsh and her daughter
aro stripping It as occasion offers, and tho
two women will bring it to town later (n tho
The product of the eight-acre crop will
provide them with all the necessary money
for their wants for a year, and the other I
crops which they raise come in the nature I
ui ciear prom, uiey arc not only earning
their own living, but arc accumulating
money In tho bank.
l's Furnishings.
Sale of
Some particularly good bargains are to be distrib-
uted to-morrow. Glance over this list carefully it'll
pay you.
Men's 50c and 75c Shirts, !9c
Thevcome in madras, percales.cheyiots and Oxford
cloths, in a large variety of neat and pretty pat
ternssoft and stiff bosoms cuffs detached they
were slightly soiled, but one washing will restore
most of them to their original condition Salvage
Sale Price i
Hen's Flannel Shirts, in navy bine and brown
Men's French Flannel Overshirts, in assorted
.Men's Flannelette Night Shirts
flen's Jersey Ribbed Overshirts, in navy bine
and brown slightly soiled 75c and $1 values
Salvage Sale Price
flen's Undershirts and Draw- Hen's Half Hose
ers fleeced-and wool ml.ed In
plain and f.incv color sllirhtlv
soneii it perieci worm sue
Lot 2 Percales soiled or slightly scorched onC
ends-Salvage Sale price, yard W
Lot 3 Percales that are perfect, a few pieces
aro slightly soiled Salvage Sate price, yard
Madras and Zephyr Ginghams all the latest
IMS pattern-, pood 10c grades, none damaged
Salvage Sale price, yard
Bleached Canton Flannel extra heavy twill,
perfect condition, slightly smoked outside
regular 13c quality Salvage Sale price, yard
Heavy Unbleached Muslin yard wide, burned Oi
ends. 7c quality Salvage Salo price, yard &w
SaJvage Sale of
and 75c garment
Salvage Sale I'rica .
Hen's Drilling Drawers
bleached and unbleached sllchtlv
.uneu uicjc Rinu
Salvage S.i1b
Men's Side Elastic Seam
Drawers, of bleached Pcpperell
drilling only a few slightly
soiled the. 10c grade HP
prIi".K.e.:'"i!1.? 2C
Hen's Garters assorted colors
allperfict 15c values
Salvage Salo
black and
tan-full seamless perfect 15c and
lOe values
salvage Sale S3C
Men's Imported Half Hose
tan colors only -full regular made
S5c and 35c values ll
in perfect shape I s ft
Salvage Sale Price IWI
Hen's Handkerchiefs with
plain and woven borders trifle
olled worth 5c
Salvage Salo If
Men's Handkerchiefs Turkey
red and lndlco blue full 24-lnch
size perfect 10c valuo
Salvage Sale
Hen's Suspenders all good
uiiu perject -nononamagea
-worth 15c Salvage
Sale Price
Hen's Fine Cambric Handker
chiefs full size and hemstitched
clean and ccrfect 25c values fft
-Salvage Sale IUC
Price iWW
Heavy Unbleached Muslin yard wide, edges
slightly smoked, 7c quality Salvage Sale price, yd..
Bleached Muslin yard wide, fine 8Kc quality,
slightly smoked edges Salvage 8aIo price, yard,..,
An Elegant Madras Gingham in light and lag
anrx coiors,iatcst rjU3gooas.notasoiieayaru in IX-C
the lot, l!te quality Salvage Sale price, yard.
Linen and Table Damask bleached
and unblr ached seme pieces with
burned edges-50c quality .Salvage
SalePrire while a limited C
quantity lasts, yard ItlQ
Unbleached Damask in floral de-.
signs perfect an excellent 41c nn.
value Salvage SalePiice, yard..tftfC
Silver Bleached and Unbleached
DiduIe-73 Inches wide not a single
soil or blemish can be found on this
lot a good S9c value Salvage fin.
Sale Price, yard DSIC
Dinner Size Napkins with red
borders none solled-JI.OO value GO
Salvage Sale Price, dozen. DSfC
All-Linen Bleached Napkins din
ner size perfect 11.25 value ftp.
Salvage Sale Price, dozen 99C
6c Crash Toweling twill and
linen finish In splendid condition O-
Salvage Sale Price, yard CC
Large Turkish Towels unbleach
ed in good condition 10c value C
Salvage Sale Price, yard ygj
All-Linen Huck Towels hem
stitched and fringed clean and perfect
a good 30c value Salvage lA.
Sale Price f Q
All-Linen Glass Doylies checks
and colored borders worth 8c t
Salvage Sale Price OC
SaJv.ge Sale of
e (Uootts.
15c Nainsook in plain and prettv
checks specially suitable for chil
dren's dresses, aprons and underwear
not a yard soiled Salvage 71
Sale Price Just half actual f TiC
value yard w
White Egyptian Dimity in plain
and fancy hair lines perfect fS
condition a positive 15c value M2G
Salvage Sale Price, yard w "
Mercerized Egyptian Lawn
sheer and pretty fabric that
wouia easily bring 35c yard
Salvage sale zTice, yara.
Printed Cotton Oxfords in neat
and desirable designs a grand 25c
quality in clean ana periect
condition Salvage Sale
Price, yard ,
White Mercerized Oxfords and
Madras 32 Inches wide a very nobby
Spring walstlng worm foe
yard Salvage Sale Price
- !9c
iy liuiiuy
I Salvage Sale of
Hamburg and Swiss Edgings in
.hundreds of choicest patterns all
widths some are only a trifle
soiled, others slightly water-marked
and a few are scorched and burned
a little on the ends. We've divid
ed them In 4 lots, as follows:
Lot 1. Embroideries all widths
6c and 7c values I
Salvage Sale Price, yard C
Lot 2. Embroideries all widths
8c and 10c values Q
Salvage Sale Price, yard WW
Lot 3. Embroideries all widths
12c and 15c values C
Salvage Sale Price, yard 36
Lot 4. Embroideries all widths
18c and 2Cc values 7
Salvage Sale Price, yard.. I C
Sn.lvMeSa.le of Ladies Outing
Flannel Gowns.
In pink, bine and fancy stripes
water soaked and slightly scorched
75c to J1.W values O C.
Salvage Sale Price 13
Ladles' Dressing Sacques of good
Eiderdown, soiled worth n.00-OCn
Salvage Sale Price fcflli
Children's Flannelette Dresses
assorted sizes and colors some
soiled 75c values Q R
Salvage Sale Price Iwk
Children's Crochet Caps assorted
colors slightly soiled worth from
25c to 75c each Idf
Salvage Sale Price lUto
Sk.lv Je S&le.of
1adies' lia.ndkerchiefs.
Ladles' Fancy Bordered Handker
chiefs an "assortment of jfatterns
alllrt perfecrcondltion 5c Q
values Salvage Sale Price C
Ladies' Handkerchiefs fancy bor
dered and hemstitched fine sheer
quality none soiled or In any way
damaged good 7c and Sc 4a
qualities Salvage Sale Price ...WW
Ladles' Lace Edge Handkerchiefs
fancy scalloped lace edges insertion
corner, perfect in every respect eas
ly worth 15c f m
Salvage Sale Price I G
Ladles' Fine Handkerchiefs dainty
embroideries all In excellent condi
tionworth 35c each I Cm
Salvage Sale Price I3C
Salvage Sale of
Ladies' and Children's Vests and
Panti Jersey ribbed and flrece-lined
worth 25c boxes only wet lflA
Salvage Sale Price IUC
Ladies' Knee Length Pants also
ladles' extra size summer Vtsts worth
up to 19c S-ilvageSaie I flit
Price IUC
Ladies' Summer Vests low neck,
sleeveless lace yoke silk tape at neck
and arms these are mussed slightly
worth 19c Salvage Sale IQl.
Price :. It 720
Ladies' White Shaped Vests-high
or low nock long, shortor no sleeves
silk crochet trimmed French band,
wide knee and lace trimmed pants to
match all are perfect and without a
single soli worth 35c Salvage QC
Sale Price JC
Salvage Sale of
Ladles' Fast Black Seamless Hose
also Children's Wool Hose-sllghtly
mussed worth 15c Salvage Sale C -Price.
:. 3C
Children's Double - Knee Cotton
Hose full seamless all sizes perfect
in every respect worth 15c O
Salvage Sale Price OC
Children's Cotton Hose celebrated
"Black Cat Ttrand" new, clean goods
worth Sic-Salvago Sale 191
Price. I72C
Ladies' Imported Fancy Colored
Hose a choice variety of patterns
none damaged worth 25c IC.
Salvage Sale Price IOC
Ladies' Imported Lisle Thread
Hose a largo assortment of fancy
colors every one perfect 9C
worth up to 50c- Salvage Sale Pr.C WW
Children's Lace Shoes
Made of good Dongola with
patent leather tips, extension
soles, solid throughout sizes 6
to 11 good $1.00 values lion-
day special at
in keeping with the other grand bargains to be found
Monday at Famous. Two specially good purchases
wade the past week are alone responsible for these
money-savers to-morrow.
Ladies $22 and $3:22 Shoes
Only 260 pairs in the lot Patent Colt and VIcI Kid Lace
Shoes Goodyear welt and McKay sewed close and ex
tension soles new, dressy styles all sizes made by
one of the best factories in the country and the best
values you've seen In a long time Monday at
Little Gents Shoes
Satin Calf lace style Lon
don toes sturdy and wear re-
slsting union stamped sizes
10 to 1354-7Worth $1.15 Mon
day special at
Kobbnr Attacked Woman and Ani
mal Aroused Her Neighbors.
New York, Match 7. Only tho frantic
barking of her dog saved Mrs. Anna Fljnn.
a wealthy elderly widow, from being killed
by burglar ho broke into her houss. I
Mrs, Flynn, who is nearly w years old.
is the widow of a farmer. She was alone
In tne nouse with no other protection than
that of a larco dcir. uhich slim iust nut-
side her door. i
Several times Mrs. Flynn as disturbed I
by noises around tho house. She was sleep- I
ins in a front room on the first floor, and
as sne stepped outside the door she was i
strucK ann Knocked down.
She rose at onee and grappled with her
acsallant, and clung to him, although he
struck her a number of times and injured
her brutally In h.s attempts to break away.
He tried to torce Mrs. Flynn back into
her room, acting on the supposition, appsr-
t enuy, tnai ne would nnd there the money
V which Mrs. Flynn was supposed to keep
about the house.
In the meantime the dog had kept up a
continual howling and Anally aroused the
neighbors. The bj.'glar, becoming alarmed,
struck the aged woman in the face, knock
ingiher down. He escaped through the rear
Mrs. Flynn was badly brused. Both eye3
were blackened and several of her teeth
were knocked out.
Joseph LomoskI, living on a farm near
Mrs. Flynn's place, was arrested, and. it
is said bv the Jamaica police, was identified
by'Wrs. Flynn an her assailant.
la Our Ladies' Rendy-to-Wear Section
The near approach of springtime is prominently discernible. All the tables, racks and cases are,
richly laden with things beautiful for the new season's wear. You'll do yourself as well as your
purse a gross injustice if you don't pay this department a visit prior to making your spring pur
chases. These values for Monday forcibly illustrate our underselling leadership:
Massachusetts Militiamen Torn
From Their Sweethearts.
rtKPunuc spixiau
Pittsfleld. March 7. In order to secure
a full attendance at the drill of Company F,
M. " V. M.. Captain Nicholson detailed a
pquad of uniformed soldiers to the Acad
emy of Music to secure four delinquents
who were seeing the show with their best
girls. The theater patrons reluctantly oc
companlfd the squad tack to the armory,
j where they were put through a vigorous
J drllL
T If I
look some time to make exnlanntlons
(upon the return of the. quartet to the thea
ter,' and two of them say they aro going to
bo dishonorably discharged at once. Cap
tain Nicholson haa made it plain that he
does not intend to have theatrical engage
ments interfere with drills of Company F,
and. his stern action is generally commended.
1 ssSSlrvS
I i . rSTsl!Ti
A Ilk
LADIES' $16.50 SPRING SUITS $9.95.
i bio
They're beautiful creations and come in a number of smart designs, one of which is hero illustrated;
made of All-Wool Venetians. Serges or Homespuns, in the new collarles? blouse style: front finished
with straps, nicely set oft with buttons and two rows of satin folds; the
new full pouch sleeve, with gauntlet cuff, is edged with satin folds
and Is button trimmed; the skirt Is made full-dress length, with two
panels on eUhcr side. Ladies' sizes. 22 to 1; misses' sizes, H to 18 years).
They'll compare very strongly with those shown at $16.50 elsewhere.
Ladies' $20 and $22.50 Spring Suits $15
Aliout 25 fascinating styles from which to
select the Fancy Cape, Klmona, New
Elouse, Peplum and Streamer effects large,
full pouch and tucked sleeves new cuffs
braid, silk ornaments and satin trimmings
all the popular mixtures and solid black.
blue, red, brown and castor made of Fine
Cheviots. -Serges, Ve
netians, Broadcloths
and Novelty Weaves
splendid $30 and $22.50
values Famous Price..
$7.50 New Walking Skirts $4.95
A brand-new style. Just right for immediate
wear made of medium-weight All-Wool
Sacking Cloth and Homespun trimmed with
threo straps over hip finished with buttons
to match slot seamed the new blues, dark
and light trrav and tan shades a beautiful.
flaring, graceful-hanging and finely tailored
il.VI BKirt
Monday at Famous,
Special at
uiui titi j area
$12.00 Silk Dress Skirts $5.90
About 75 Fine Taffeta and Peau de Sole
Dress Skirts to go Monday at 'this price sac
rifice. These Skirts are beautifully made of
best Taffeta or Peau de Sole all are fancllv
trimmed, some lined: dthers over drop skirts
tney're elegant $10.00
and J12.00 values
Monday, yours at
New Spring Wash Waists at $1.25
At this price we show eight handsome styles
made of fine mercerized yarn madras In
new effects all white or wltn small pin dots
we nave seiectea tnese iroai
our regular $2.00 lines for Mon-
uays special selling choice
75c Wash Petticoats 39c
Made of Fast Color Striped Madras, In a
good, serviceable quality desirable colors
iuii aeep nounce witn ruine a uozen only
win go to-morrow at tnis
price it s certainly an
unusual bargain
tati pin uots
Black Rustling Taffeta, all silk, 36
inches wide; an elegant quality that can
positively not be duplicated A C
anywhere under 98c; wo will H3E
sell 10 pieces Monday "at. yard....ww"
19 -inch Novelty Crepes in the new
shades of green, gray, blue; roso. pink,
lavender, cardinal, mals and OC
white: a'quallty fully worth b13C
S0c; Monday at Famous, yard ww
All-Silk Taffetas, 19 inches wide. 33
different shades to select from; M ft
a regular Coc grade; AnC
Monday at. yard
19-Inch Check Taffetas and Benjra'ltnes
every new shade for spring
wear; a positive 73c quality;
Monday at. yard t
Black Silk (lrenadines, 44 inches wide
this season's newest and most fetching
sell regularly at 83c and is splen- hHC
did valut at that; Monday at, yd..U "
35c Kersey Suitings 18c This is an
excellent 26-lnch material and comes in
brown, blue, gray, Oxford and IQ.
black: this quality cannot be IDC
equaled under33c; Monday at. yd.. "ww
38-inch Crash Suitings, this season's
most popular weave; we show a full line
of all the new spring AQ.
shades: a S9c quality: .Umf C
Monday at Famous, yard .w"w
45-lncb Mistrals This fabric is all
the rage now: we show a complete color
assortment: Monday we will . H.
sell a good 75c quality O f C
at. yard .....w
50-inch Zibelines, a showy and well
made material that'll give the wearer
endless satisfaction: all the Tttk
wanted shades; a 1.00 quality; f I C
Monday at. yard , .
Scotch Mixtures, French Voiles.
Broadcloths. Venetians and Meltons. 45
to 52 inches wide; worth ()QA
up to J1.35 a yard; 29 DC
Monday, choice at, yard w ww
Black Novelty Suitings, 44 inches
wide, nil wool, very neat designs: Mon
day, while 25 pieces last, AA.
we will sella positive 29c E
value at,yard. ...w
Black Storm Serge, a well-made, hard
finished fabric 33 inches wide; OD)
you'll consider it cheap at 50c: )
Monday, at Famous, yard...., ww
Black Cheviot, an all-wool 43-inch ma
terial, thoroughly sponged and JA.
Black Imported Mistral, 45 inches
wide, the identical quality that
. sells everywhere at TScr
Monday, at Famous, yard
Black London Twines, Black and
White Novelties. Venetians and French
Voiles 45 to 52 Inches wide; superior
qualities; worth up to L33
a yard: Jlonday,
choice at. yard
shrunk: 63c Is Its regular
price: Monday at. yard
, T
fleets, sucn as riain ana Men
s. Embroidered Velvet Spots
ussellne de Sole. Silk Moussi
75c down to 1 7c a yard
Are here In hundreds of dainty and effective patterns. Included are all the charmmeiiew sucn as iriara ana aenzea M--
- if.. eti '. - i -rA.vi.. t . cinaF aiiir Pnnpun Yvnistinirs- EmDroluerea velvet Sdou. St Gall
Swisses In SSfiST colorings Silk sTripVd Chmbrar EmoroIdVred cmmbrays, Moussellne de Sole. Silk Msseline. Lace
inecis. scoicu tiingnams ana every oiner new weave mai win ue .
popular for the ensuing season's wear. Famous prices range from..
The New Silks a.id Dress Goods
Now exhibited in this bustling section of Famous should be viewed by every lady in St Louis. All
the new novelties, fabrics and weaves that are to be in vogue during the spring of 1903 can now be
found on our counters ia the handsomest natterns conceivable. This week marks the closing of the
first year of this department's brilliant career. To add zest to the event we have named these'1!
special prices for to-morrow only. The selling of the new materials at such pronounced savings
will unquestionably appeal to all wise Silk and Dress Goods buyers.
Brave California Lad Rescues a
Little Girl.
Redding. CaL, March 7. A. genuine hero
was developed at Balls Ferry, a little town
eighteen miles southeast of Itcddlng. and
by his action the life of the 12-year-oIo
daughter of Mr. and Mra. L Ruling was
The hero is Willie Hall, aged 9 years.
Little Inez Ruling was standing in front of
an open fireplace in her father's hotel.
While she was intently gazing at some plc-
1 tures on the mantel, a tongue of flame shot
out from the fireplace, caught' her dress and
in a second the girl was enveloped in flames.
Her dress was made of a light woolen
fabric, highly Inflammable, and the flames
spread rapidly.
Willie Hall, who was in an adjoining
room, was attracted by the girl's screams.
He ran to her aid, and realizing her dan
ger, he pulled off his coat, wrapped it
around her and smothered the flames, burn
ing his own hands In the rescue.
The girl's dress was nearly burned from
her body and her face and hands were
burned somewhat, but not badly. Had it
not been for the timely arrival and heroic
action of the boy, she would have been
burned o death.
Colonel Partridge Explains Origin
of the Term.
New Tork. March 7. Former Police Com
missioner Partridge read a paper to the
Women's Health Protective Association, at
No. 11 West Forty-third street. He amused
his audience by recalling that the polices
were at one time called "coppers," beS
cause of the copper breastplate each man?
wore, it being Is only insignia of office.':
From this came the "cop" of to-day. $
Asked why the London police force-was so
much better than that of New York Colonels
Partridge said: "Largely because condition
there aro totally different. Their force lsn
under the Crown, and the head holds lfc
permanently, which Is ot great advantasF
In the administration of the work."
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