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Cent Per Minute Profit for Twenty
Years on
for Twenty Years, Made in
Real Estate by One flan
The general public or St. T,ouis lias no
Idea of the enormously rapid rise In real
t estate values that Is going on here now.
rOutsiders know It and are taking ad
vantage of It, but the average St. Louis
I citizen passes, daily, hpots which a year
ago were vacant lots and to-day are
I filled with beautiful residences without
i Us true meaning coming home to him.
Ho puts his money In some "get-rich-qulck"
scneme, absolutely without se
curity, In the hope of great profit, while
the safest, surest and most profitable
Investment of all lies unheeded at his
door. This Is usually so In all great
cities. The people who live In them go
about daily without recognizing the
signs that aro on every hand because of
the familiarity of the objects about
, them, while the outsider, who sees the
y city to-day and then sees It a year from
fnow again, realizes the enormous
growth that has taken place in the
meantime, N"o dry In the United States
to-day equals in steady, substantial and
rapid growth ST. LOUIS. Never has St
Ixruis had a boom, and its enormous
growth at present Jn fine residences Is
simply tho expression of the great pros-
i perity and wealth and Increase of pop-
i ulation that Is taking place here. The
! population of St. Louis has doubled since
An Increase In the value of our proper
ty of from its present value to an aver
ave of $100 per foot, In 10 years, would
mean a profit of nearly three millions of
en Jollars, or CO per cent per annum for 10
)years, part of which enormous profit
'you would get every time a foot of land
( was sold. Is this unreasonable to cx-
pect? Read below what has actually
I happened here In St. Louis:'
, About twenty years ago a client of the
Obear Investment Company purchased a
piece of property on Washington ave
nue, near Twelfth 6trect, for $0,300. This
property was sold for him last year for
$103,000, or a profit of one cent a min
utefive thousand odd dollars ayear
for twenty years on an Investment of
$0,500. About the same time the most
desirable comer on Grand avenue.
Grand avenue and Olive street, was sold
for $100 per foot; to-day It is worth
?-,vuv a ioih, or a. pruut oi xw per cent
a yenr for twenty years. Alwut the same
time the northwest corner of Xinth
street. Ninth and Olive streets, was
pold for $SO,000, and It Is, worth $SOO,000
to-day. In the West End the Increase
in values has been even more remark
able. Bell Place was offered at $1,000
an acre, or about $1 per foot. It Is now
selling at from $175 to $300 a foot. Mc
rherson avenue and King's highway
sold at $S. It Is now worth $175. West
minster placo was bought at $8 per foot.
It Is now selling at from $150 to $175
per foot. All down the line shows 100
per cent per annum Increase In values.
At that time Grand avenue was out In
the country and fields. Only a few car
lines went that far. It was almost a
day's trip to go. out and back. To-day
Grand avenue Is downtown. But a few
years ago Taylor avenue was considered
, tfru
This is a blrd's-ej-e view of one of the temporary World's Fair hotels under contract for erection on
removed immediately after the Fair. We receive a royalty on each guest each daj without having j
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' s
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l-nttr. t IT 7 -tif
minute too late. Sit
an Investment
a Profit of $5,256.
a foreign country; to-duy the finest rei
deuce property in St. IauiIs N wot of
Taj lor avenue. This great growth and
Increase i" allies has been directly
westw aixl. and that is where it is head
ing now. The IVh Knd along the line
of Delmar aenue on both side, consti
tutes tho fluent residence district of St.
Louis, ami property in the nelghlwihood
of I'nlon Boulevard lb selling at $-00
to $400 per foot. Of all the Kinds of In
vestments that aro known, none equals
good real estate and especially piod
residence real estate in a l.irge city; ab
solutely secure. It cannot be disposed
of, or mortgaged, or gotten away with,
without the knowledge of the person
whose security It Is. Its own natural
growth in value Is sure, constant and
ever-doubling, and the only objection to
it Is that a man who has a little money
to Invest must buy a little piece of land
and depend on this particular little spot
for his profit. He may hold that little
spot for eight or ten years, and then
somebody may erect an objectionable
proposition nest to It and lose him all
the Increase In value that has accrued
to the property since he bought it. He
has no control over the surrounding
property. He cannot dictate what shall
be built about him. what class of houses
sliall be erected next to him. and what
kind of people shall occupy them; fur
thermore, his own little spot of land
must be sold in order to give him a
profit In the most desirable location in
the West End of St. Louis, the highest
land there, overlooking the entire beau
tiful residence district, lies the Eighty
five acres of land owned by this Com
pany, directly at the head of Dclmar
Boulevard, which Is alreadj planned to
be one of the finest avenues in the city,
100 feet wide, with a central park, and
with all tracks passing underneath It,
surrounded by land on which residences
casting from $75,000 to $120,000 have al
ready been built, adjoining land on
which in the neighborhood of Ten mil
lions of dollars are being invested In
improvements; reached by every car line
that goes West at a Dc fare, within about
thirty-five minutes from the heart of the
business district by surface lines, the
land of University Heights stands out
to-day as the most desirable piece of un
improved property in the West End.
This great tract ba3 been laid out by
us into the finest private residence place
in St Louis. Already the coutracts for
grading It nDd Improving- ItMiaVe been
let; and this work must be complete by
August of tliis year. Building restric
tions of $15,000 insure only the high
est class of residences being built in
this property; beautiful avenues bor
dered by wide walks and great trees,
sewers, electric light, gas and water,
private entrances with porter's lodges,
all will tend to make this the most de
sirable spot for first-class residences in
the city. This Company, owning and con
trolling the entire tract as it does, ab
solutely dictates the development of it.
and insures to each resident that he shall
be surrounded only by leautifnl homes
and desirable people. Constituting, as
we will, practically, a separate city gov
-J-U VJ HJ 4i "4
fQ SUf dT? thiS Httlf- remaininS stuck
down to-day and drop us a line, and
108 N. Eighth St., and 602 Colonial Trust Building,
HOTE-TVe are indebted to - the
Per Year
St. Louis
on One Lot.
ernment, policing our own grounds, with
our own gardeners and lJndse.ipist.s to
keep it a beautiful park, with every con
venience that the cm- Iij, and jet but a
few feet. oer the tlty line, those who
build beautiful homes here h:ue every
aihautiige of being within the citj and
jet hate county tae and all the ad-
t. mtages of fresh air and beautiful sur
roundings. When we organized this It
was made a part of our plan that the
man or woman witli a few dollars saved
up should be enabled to join with us in
this great enierprKe. We concluded that
If several thousand citizens of St Louis
each had a little interest in our great
enterprise the force and strength
of this push would do more than any
thing else could to help us develop It
We desired to place before the public
of St. Ixmis the cleanest, the most sat
isfactory and the most profitable Invest
ment for the savings of men and women
of limited means that had ever been
presented. We hedged this plan about
with every safeguard and every guar
antee of good faith. We left our own
profits and interests to depend entirely
upon our success In carrj'ing out the
proposition. We incorporated this land
for $1,000,000 under the laws of Mis
souri; of this sum $300,000 was made
preferred f per cent guaranteed stock i
Building of The Woman's Magazine to bo immediately erected on the south
east corner. Cost, $125,000. To be completed by August of this year.
with cumulative Interest. This means
tliat the person who invests his money
In a share of this preferred stock at
$10 is secured by the entire land and
all the improvements that are made on
it and the basis of his security is a
valuation of about $0 per front foot.
The land across from us recently sold
at $00 per front foot We made this
preferred stock a first lien. It Is exempt
from assessment, and every dollar of
profit received from the sale of the land
or from leases must be placed to the
credit of the preferred stockholder until
he has received Ills money back. Wo
wtnt further than this wc made a great
bank the trustee for the preferred stock
holder, to guarantee to him that every'
dollar of his money would be used only
our ground, to be
a dollar invested.
- courtesy - of th Obear Investment
for the improvement of the land itself,
which is his securitj-, and for the re
moval of the present Incumbrance.
There was a mortgage on this land or
?la!0 0u0. l'art of this we have al
ready aid off. The sale of this preferred
slock pays offMhe entire present mort
gage and leaves a balance of $100,000 in
cash to make the improvements. iu addi
tion to this we gite with each share of
the preferred stock a quarter share of
the common stock. The common stock
shares in the profits. The preferred stock
receives 0 ier cent Interest and the re
turn of the mouey onlj This means that
It jou Invest $100 or $1,000 In this
preferred stock, you will receive $25
or ?-.U wortn oi tne loinmon stock.
Your preferred srock is secured by a
hrst lieu on the laud and all liuprove
ments, nud is first paid off. having re
ceived (! Ier cent interest per annum.
Then, when this preferred slock has
been iid back, jou still held your com
mon stotk until the last foot of hind has
been bold, and each tale or each lease
paj.s tou a profit, which we estimate
will be in excess of $2,000,000 at
the lowest figure; in other words, j-ou do
not have to depend upon the sale of any
particular little spot of land In our great
Unltersity Heights, but the sale of any
lot goes to jour profit, and the lease of
any lot goes io jour profit Every time
a foot of land Is sold it becomes a divi
dend. We, for our investment and for
our work and for our time, which we
must devote to the carrying out of this
great plan and for our risk and expense
in advertising, surveying and the selling
of the land, and the carrying out of all
the details of the proposition, .hold only
tho common stock that Is, before we
can receive one penny you must
have received your money back
with Interest. We must give our
time, our money and our ability
to the carrying out of this great enter
prise absolutely without compensation
until after you have gotten your money
back. Your security cannot be taken
awny from you; nobody can run off with
It It doubles In value rapidly of Its own
accord by the growth of the surrounding
land and tlic great Improvements that
are lieing made all about it. You receive
your monej- back first with 0 per cent
interest and then j'ou share with us in
the entire enterprise until the last dollar
has been earned. A firm of auctioneers
recently offered to sell our entire tract
r K
Tliis land has been there ever since
Noah left his ark; so has the land at the
corner of Broadway and Olive street
The success of any enterprise depends
more upon the Integrity and standing
and ability of the men behind It, and on
what they do with It, and on the honesty
of the administration of the enterprise,
than It docs on the enterprise itself. So
far as the honesty of administration Is
concerned, the great bank which be
comes your trustee Insures that the
money will be used only in the ways set
forth in our agreements; that not one
penny of It can be used for advertising
or the promotion of the enterprise; that
every dollar must be used either for the
retirement of the present mortgage, so
that your stock becomes the sole lie'n
on the entire land and all Improvements
and for the making of these Improve
ments themselves; In other words, out
of the $300,000 received from the sale
of this preferred stock. $200,000 is used
to pay off the mortgage, so that the In
vestors In this stock take the place of
the present mortgage holder, and have
the same security as ,the bank which
now holds this mortgage has, and the
other $100,000 is used for Improving
your securitj-. If this land. In its unim
proved state, is worth enough so that
the banks will ,fcike a mortgage on it
for $200,000, certainly the expenditure of
another S100.000 on It w ill make it bet
ter securitj- for the preferred stock. If
this land sold for about $10 per front
foot, the investors in this preferred stock
would still be safe, and would receive
their money back after having spent
$100,000 in Improving the land; that this
laud w ill bring less than $50 to $100 per
front- foot after the improvements are
all made is unreasonable. If it brings
$50 per front foot, this means about a
million and a half dollars, while the
total amount of the preferred stock Is
but $300,000. Now, In regard to those
behind this proposition: In the first
place, they have nothing to gain and
everything to lose If the enterprise is
has been decreased by
Company, for the statistics an to the
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j:,LU II 1 1. 1 1 1 1 liVlJT 1 1 )y
Plan of University
for us at an average of $35 per front
foot This alone would have netted a
million dollars.
Nino magnificent houses are to be
built immediately as soon as the build
ing line can be given by the graders,
each of these houses costing from $15,
000 to $25,000. The most beautiful build
ing In the city is under contract for
erection on the southeast corner. Two
great hotels for the accommodation of
World's Fair patronage are under lease
for erection at once; each of these hotels
being erected by outsiders at their own
expense, we not having a dollar Invest
ed, simply giving them the use
of the land during the Fair,
and receiving a royalty for each
guest each day, which, under or
dinarily favorable circumstances, will
alone be sufficient to retire the entire
preferred stock and pay back to every
Investor every dollar of his money, withi
out the sale of a single foot of land; in
fact, if, in the next ten years, we have
completed our enterprise and averaged
but $100 per foot, the profits would be
over two million of dollars to those .who
Invest In this enterprise
: t I i
not successful. The only way that they
can make anything on their own Invest
ment and for their time and work In
carrying out this enterprise Is by the
sale of the land or the leasfng of it at a
profit sufficient not only to pay back the
Investors their money, but to pay divi
dends on the common stock, which we
hold. The Board of Directors of this
Company Is composed of a number of
the best known bankers In the city of
St Louis. This entire plan has been
worked out In all Its details In order to
allow tho person of limited means to get
In on the ground floor and to help ns
with his push.
You may not be able to build a $15,
000 house, but a relative of yours
may dc on the point of doing so. Your
little Interest in our enterprise makes
you an active agent for our property.
Several thousand such agents In the
City of St. Louis mean a power that
cannot bo overestimated. If you now
have your savings deposited or Invested
at 3 per cent or 4 per cent per annum
they are not any safer than they would
be if Invested in this land, because
when you put your money away in a
savings bank that savings bank Im
mediately lends it on just such a prop
osition as this, and the bank receives
G per cent Interest and then pays you 3
per cent for your money which has been
loaned to us on our land. You are
hedged about by every safeguard that
good business judgment can give you.
The men whose names stand nt the
head of this concern stand for all that
Is substantial, responsible and compe
tent In the business world of St. Louis.
You are absolutely safe in your securi
ty and absolutely sure of receiving your
fair division of the profits. No one can
freeze you out. No big fish can gobble
the little. The man with the $10 bill
invested is Just as good as the man with
$10,000, and receives the' same pro
portion of the profits; In fact, this Is an
opportunity such as never before has
been presented to the people of St
Louis. It has received the approval,
additional subscriptions coming in. You will put this off just a
f s t j
former and present ralnes of St Loula
2.000 FEET (5 BLOCKS.)
Heights Delmar Bo ilevard. directly
and assistance of the greatest financial
interests of the citj- and the foremost
men of your own town. No flaws can
be found in It. It is as nearly a per
fect and ideal a plan as has ever been
worked out. It is absolutely sure of
success, and the amount of that success
depends on the skill with which it is
handled alone. It does NOT depend on
the World's Fair, although we will de
rlvo an enormous profit from our hotel
leases during the Fair, but these hotels
aro to be removed Immediatelj- after
wards. This property Is now worth less
than It ever will be again. Your securi
ty improves in value every minute, and
if our plans carry out with onlj- reason
able success, your profit will be from
COO per cent to 1,000 per cent besides
the return of your money: in fact the
man or woman who has growing chil-
dren to provide for who lets this op- subscribed for. Only a little of It re
portunlty go by to invest a little money mains to be subscribed for.
iuliiimttm Tw S Ir"!-
$K& Its KWBrtfa
This map of St. Louis shows the xact location of the property of the University
Heights Realty and Development Company. Bounded on the east by Delmar Garden,
which Is shortly to be laid out into a magnificent residence place. On the Foutheast
by the property of tha Park View Realty Company, on which millions of dollars are
now being expended by Eastern and Western capitalists, to make it one of tho finest
residence districts In the country-
On the south by Delmar Boulevard and the Barnes estate, on which residences
costing $75,000 and $123,000 are already erected. Paralleling on the south are the
ground-? of the Washington Unltersity.
To the north Is OHte street, on which line residences costing from 120,000 to CO.OTO
are already located; and on the west by unimproved property, owned by wealthy cor
porations, and soon to be made Into fine residence property.
Every car line In St. Louis running west comes up to and turns at the southeast
corner of our grounds.
Already plans are complete for making Delmar Boulctard Into one of the best
laid bouleiards1 In St. Louis, lowering the tracks and macadamizing the roadway.
Less than three blocks away, the entrance of the World's Fair Grounds in Forest
Park are located. The Suburban electric line Is less than a block distant.
The proposed rural lines will come In on Pennsjitanla avenue to jOur Delmar
frontage, and pass to the north of us. A resident In our placo can leach any part
of St. Louis from his door at a 3-cent fare oter the finest transit lines In the cltr-
A glance at the map of St. Louis shows the enormous and rapid growth of flr.e
residence property In St. Louis, vrentsrnrtl.
Eighteen ears ago, about Fourteenth street was the center of the residence dis
trict. Ten years later. Grand atenue. To-day the best residence district In St.
Loiris Is west of King's highway.
inis resiacnce grow in cannot expand
nve years irom now our property win
be In
slrable residence district of St. Louis
real estate gaoted aboie,
west of Delmar Garden.
in this- great enterprise, a few years
from now will look back with regret at
the loss of the opportunity of their lives.
A few hundred dollars Invested In the
preferred 6tock should mean the school
ing of your children and the providing
of them, with a start in the world at the
time they will need It most, .or a
steady, liberal income at the time when
you j-ourself perhaps will be least ablei"
to earn one; a class of security which
will quickly be negotiable at any bank,
a profit that has not before been eqnaled
In any legitimate business enterprise,
the regular C per cent Interest on your
money, and a surety that you will re
ceive fair and honorable dealings that
is as great as the Integrity and reputa
tion of the foremost business men of
St Louis can make It About two-
thirds of thisprefcrred stock has been
souin. east or norm: it must go west. 7n
the center of the richest and most dc-
i ?
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