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T-rr rffr t,
FOR $1,250,000
T 'iJ
Sliakesjieareau Student at St. Jo
" seph Believes He Can Trove Ba
con Author of Plnjs.
Announcement of.r Dresser and
Company's Assignment With
held Until Market5 Closes.
NOMINAL ASSETS ' $750,000.
Secret Writings, Eli Gooile Savs,
Will Sweep Away Commonly
Accepted Xotiuns Like Chan
Befoie the Wind.
Head of the Firm a Brother-in-Lnw
of George Vaudefbilt Effort
to Float Ship Trust's
Bonds Cause Disaster.
t4f'- -Jr'3 m MsmikvA 51
, . If I $&mm--r
si -?!
ft '
r "
-Tin F?a r''Hl1"" r
Have- You Rheumatism, Liver or
Bladdier Trouble.
To Prove wtat SWAMP-ROOT, the Great Kidney, Liyer and
Bladder Remedy, vill do for YOU, all our Readers flay
yj Have a Sample Bottle Sent Free by Mail.
Pain or dull ache in the back Is unmis
takable a-.idence of kidney trouble. It Is
Nature' timely warning to show jou that
the track of health is not clear.
If these dinger signals are unheeded,
more serious results are sure to follow :
"Tl-iK'U's dlease. which is the wort form
of kldncv trouble, may steal upon . on.
The mild and the extraordinary effect of
;tt- world-famou kidney find bladder rem-
cJy. Dr. K!Inier" Swamp-Root, is soon
realized. It stands the highest fcr it won
ijlorful cures of the most distressing cases.
Atrial will convince any one and you may
thmo a sample bottle free, by mall.
"'Bickichf, Uric Acid and Urinary Trouble
Dr. Kilmer A Co. Blnghamtor N T.
Gentlemen WTben I wrote you Ust March fcr
a sample battle of swamr-uoot. rry wife Was
a areal sufferer from back&ch. rheumatism
and urinary trouble, also excels of uric iild
and liver trouble. After trylec th sample bot
tle she bought a large bottl here at the crug
0. "That rtld her io much coed kh- boucht
.ce. Tbe effect of Mramp-Root was wonder
ful and almost Immediate bile has felt no
a ajiluro of thotd trouble since
T Bet st . Buffalo. X. T.
.-? Jjam" back is onlv one mptom of kld
" nej f-ouble one of manv. Other svmptoma
showing that jou need Swamp-Root are.
-Veipc obliged to pass water often during
Tfhe day and to set up manyltmes at night.
;4nan!llty to hold jcur urine, smarting or Ir
ritation in passing. brick-duV or sediment
h' the urine, catarrh of the bladder, uric
Jicld. constant headache, dizilness. sleepjess
'ness. nerrousness. irregular heart-beat
:der-eat threatened new"
' ' ' York cotton buyers.
-Vtara Resumed Opcrstfiona ami Vniler
Heavy Selling, Irleea Tumbled.
US r A"-p.ly.
New York. March 7 Arether defeat
threatened the cotton bulls to-day until
liirir the cloe of the market, when, be
coming suddenly aggreshe, the clique put
liMces 1 to 4 points aboie last night's dos
ing, wiping out the early decline of 3 to 8
,. ..-Immediately after the opening the bears
,fl?tsumed operations and. under heay sell-
ilag. prices tumbled nbruptly.
Daniel, Sull). the dominant factor among
the bulls, stood on the edge of the ring. In
tently watching the course cf the market.
Personally, he did not take an active part.
He said that his dealings had been exag
gerated, but that he was still of bullish in
clinations. The" gruelling which the Sully crowd re
ceived to-day is believed to have almost
wiped out its paper profits, and the further
decline to-day occasioned a call for mar
fins.: but before the closing the bulls had
recouped, although at one time In the early
.-trading It looked as though the bulls wero
.1. .March opened 2 points higher at 963, broke
iJ t-
inct i nine
2.15 P. M. TO-DIY.
3.15 P. M. T0-M0RI.0W.
iiT .,.,..
AT 9.00 P. M.
sffeiA 1, -year Warranted
slT ill Solld God Filled DuetM
aB I U "H1 tber reliable rues, at-
ted with Eltln or Waltham
raoretnents complete. All
sues, doted or open can Seed for
Prlce-Ust. AII, ORDEI13 rrti.ED.
Zirwtik-Frach Jtwalry C.,
B02 N. 6lh Jtrnat
Vm v?u4f Vatties and Jewelrr and ltemmint
Piaciosda. All work warrsnted.
Mm W
ing, rheumatism, bloatlntr. irritability',
uorn-uut fetllng. lack of ambition, loss of
flesh, 'allow complexion.
If jour water when allowed to remain
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Root., and the address, Blnghamton. N. T
on every Dome.
To SK'an'd elbsed at 962. The aMv"opUon
started with., gain of I points, selling at
SC. declined to 954. recovering to MS.-July
told from 942 down to 9S3 and rallied to 944.
I'hynlrlan Who Wm Robbed at tbe
Otlroa Identtaea Tim Kelleber
at Four Coarta.
Doctor Charles W. Miles from whom a
dl.imond stud alued at C3i) was taken by
a pickpocket ot the Odeon a month ago.
last night Identified Tim Kelleher as the
Kelleher, with Edward Qigles. both
known to the police as professional crooks,
was arrested Friday night. They were
seen and Identified in the holdover at the
Four Courts by the victim.
Doctor Miles, who Is vice president of the
Puilen-RIchardson Chemical Company, says
he and a companion were ascending the
steps at the Odeon when a man confronted
them and pressed himself close to tbe phy
sician. The victim's companion, noticed an
other man behind them, apparently trying'
to prevent them from backing away. The
man who was In the rear answers the de
scription of Engles.
Chief of Detectives Keely Is making an.
effort to recover the lost diamond, and tho
prisoners will be held pending the applica
tion for a warrant by Doctor Miles.
Realdenta Move From Lowlands Be
tween Cairo and Nenpals.
Cairo. III.. March 7. While the Ohio River
has nearly reached the danger line at
Cairo, which is forty-tHo feet, there Is no
cause for alarm, as the levees will stand a
stage or"nTty-fie feet. Predictions place
the maximum stage to be reached at forty
elcht feet, but at the present rate the river
is creeping up that -stage will be reached by
The Mississippi Is cove-Ing the country
around Cairo. At Bird's Point there Is no
danger, but when the rher reaches forty
seven feet on the Cairo gauge It will cover
the railroad tracks at that place.
The people are beginning to move out of
the lowlands between Cairo and Memphis
and to seek hfgher ground. The steamer
Georgia Lee. which arrived from Memphis
this morning, brought up a number of refu
gees a larse amount of corn and lumber
has had to be raoed to save it, and the
Georgia Lee rescued considerable lumber
and grain and some stock.
The rainfall -at Cairo this morning was ex
tremely heavy. At Mounds the tank of
a small creek In the upper end of town was
overflowed and nodded the streets to a
depth of three feet.
Mississippi ! Over the Dancer Line
at sfatcbex.
Natchez. Mlsa., March 7. A rise of three
tenths ot a. foot vlnce last night places the
rlxer gauge at 45 feet, one foot above the
danger line, with a large volume of water
jet to reach here. It Is expected to rise
much higher.
The weather has cleared up and no rain
for last two dajs makes the situation more
favorable, with the levees strong and firm
as it Is possible for them to be made. Near
ly nil the planters outside of levees have
moved their families, labor, stock and oth
er belongings out and will remain until the
high water recedes.
This badly handlcips their prospects" for
a new. crop and scatters their-labor, which
is now the most precious necessity on their
plantations. Reports from back of Con
cordia Parish are that the people are suf
fering from backwater coming out of the
Red and Ouchlta rivers. Black River and
its tributaries are bank-full and some of
the land in that section is already Inun
dated. Lla-btnlaa; Destroys Barn.
Marshall, ilo,'. March ". Durlnc a severe elec
trical storm here last night a large stable !
longicr to Mrs. Mary Ooodaon was struck by
lightning and burned with Its contents.
Illlnotsans Visit President.
Washlnrton, March 7. Senator Hopkins ef Wi
nds called at the White House to-day to present
Mr. and Mrs Bell nf Harvard. I1L
Received fay tbe President.
-t W&ahlnaion. March 7. President Roosevelt re
ceived Haille Errnlnle Rives tbe Southern novel
,1t; Miss Porothv Flrnn. daughter of Delegate
D. T. Flrnn, and Mis: Maude De Haven Otan
arrte White House.
St. Joseph. Mo.. March 7 Ell Uoode. a
Shakespearean stuilcnH of this city, promis
es to revive the old controversy over the
authorship of,thV.!terary works attributed'
to the Bardot'Avon. , . !
He assertsi'Shat 'h?rhks discovered a se
cret key or cipher which will prove to-th?
most skeptical ttiat Bacon wrote the Shakes
peare plavs.
He will issue a book as soon an arrange
ments can be made with his publisher
which will lay bare the whole secret. Until
that time he declines to make it public, be
cause such action would cripple the sale of
the book.
Goode has been working on this key for
vears. He claims to have made his first
discovery fifteen jears asro. and has spent
his time since perfecting his sjstem.
Donnelly and others who have wrestled
with thls problem for jears have not met
with the success that should have been their
portion, according to Mr. Goode. because
they ceased Investigating Just at the time
the wav was about to open up to them to
the i3Messton of. the full secret. Not one
key, but a dozen are required by those who
would master the mvsterles of the Shakes
peareanrauthorshlp. Then a combination of
these keys musa be used, at times. Some
times one alone will suffice, but frequently
more are necesrary. Mr. Goode says:
"The process Is eo simple that I can teach
a child In tenjnlnutes to make a very good
translation, but to make them complete ona
should understand English. Latin, German,
French and other languages. Bacon rajs:
"In every language I proclaimed mjself as
the author of these great tales." and again,
'nir best cipher st6ries are in Latin.'
"I have a table published not later than
1633, which Bacon says Is one of his last
and best. I have translated a small por
tion "of It and will give some of the results.
It should be remembered that what is cop
ied from this table 'has been put on secret
records all over the world. Here are some
cf the statements which my cipher tells ma
It says:
" The man Shakespeare shall be my
Toga,'- (His magic mantle.) 'It Is so,
Francis Bacon Is Shakespeare.' 'Know
then that we divided our written Saint Al
bans. Shakespeare and-Elltabeth tales. In
to three parts. Part one we hid In Shakes
peare's tomb.'
"Then it goes on to ull how they were
put In a box and covered with rosin and
sealed up in solid masonry. Instructions are
given for locating this box. how to get It.
out. what cipher key to use to translate
them, as they are wTltUta in cipher. Parts
two and three ars"burled at other places.
"These things were done nearly 300 year
ago by Francis Bacon and his sworn
friends, authors, publishers, prlntors, paper-makers
and soms noblemen who fur
nished the cash In exchange for being put
on record as the greatest things' in all
creation. Here are some more lines from
Bacon's table: ,
" 'Francis Bacon, secret critic, writer;
poet and actor, wrote Hatnltt. Henry the
Fourth (both parts). Much Ado About Noth
ing, Comedy of Errors. Tempest and 'all
th rest of the plays. Robert ' Burton's
stories. Marlow's Fausttis and some parts
of the King James Bible.' r
'The principal object of the society of
which Bacon -was -iiie k'ead 'wasto hand
down the truth to future 'generations.
Bacon says: Tdu will trow-hare the truth,
whereas before" your ears have been stuffed
with abominable lias.'
"The secret works of Bacon will sweep
away Shakespearean theories like chart be
fore a wind, when once they are under
stood. Facsimile copies of the 1623- edition
of the Shakespearean ,plays are .best for
this study, as that Is one .Of the books
which contains the great secret.
Mr, Sprauraa Says '
Fine service Is a specialty at the new Co
lonial Restaurant, Broadway and Locust at.
Heavy Ralna.tTnnae Mlsalxlppl to Go
I'p avtBarllnsTton.
Burlington, la., March "t. The river took
a sudden Jump on account of heavy rains
and melting snows north and rose one foot
two Inches, thai stage now being five feet1
nine Inches above 'low-water mark.
A heavy thunderstorm with a deluge of
rain prevailed last night, causing much
damage. Lightnlnr.dutroved several barns
and one building. A lot ot stock Was killed.
Heavy Rain Send Creeks Oat of Their
Banks In Haward County.
Fayette. Mo., March 7. As a result of
two and one-half Inches of rain which fell
last night all streams In Howard County are
overflowing their banks.
Bonne Femme Creek Is half-a mile wide
in places and persons living east of Fayette
are unable to get to, town. The rural de
livery carriers could hot make their trips'
Heavy Rains Indicate Great Flood
WIU Come.
Evansville, Ind., March 7 Heavy rains
since last night.. -which approached a cloud
burst this morning, threatened to cause the
highest water in the Ohio River since 18S4.
The Ohio was at 4! feet this evening and
, Aalsaalry Changed a rua'sWnsleLlle.
When v ou get a man to recognize th' t Ms-
bad feelings come from improper to -i ana
that he can get well by using scientific 'xk3.
the battle is half won. One of New jerk's
business men says:
"I was troubled for a long time with In
digestion, headache, and stomach trouble,
and had taken various medletnea, but with
no good results. 1 concluded to see how a
change of food -would affect' me. I never
cared particularly for cereals of any kind,
but ate meat and pastry continually and
drank coffee.
"I found on Inquiring that Grape-Nuts
were highly spoken of. and decided to give
them a trial. To say I was surprised at the
result would not'begtn to do Justice to my
feelings. My. headaches left' me; my brain
became clearer and active; my attacks of
indigestion grew fewer and fewer untR they
ceased entirely and where I once went
home tired, fagged out and Indisposed to
any exertion Whatever, I now found a dif
ferent state of affairs.
"My color was good, my muscles strong
and firm and fully equal to anything I
asked of them. -Instead of soft and flabby.
I Uve two miles from my business and walk
It dally back and forth, if the weather per
mits. I am E5 j years old 'and feel as well
and Strang as when I vas 30 and can ride
seventy miles. a day on a bicycle without
feeling; 'any bad results." Name given by.
Tn.liitn r. 'Rattt. rn.lr.Wnli I
v . , ! h -' 1 Is.
. . i ..... j. V., t- . r rf-v., .. ,-r. ,. y . , . v&t.Bit, ..... t , i '.Mj... -.. ft-.- ..... ..,iJS msV.fiirf , ...VIlAAtSffiiAkWSnBfsnl
New York. March 7 -Daniel T.e Roy
Dresser and. Charles E.JteiFs. who com
posed the firm of Dresser" Co', commission
merchants, 'at No'. 13 Greene street, to-day
nsrlgned to Chafies S.;MacKcnzIe of No. 346
Broadway. J3 -fjj
The' llabllltieY"'r the-firm' nre J1.23O.0CO. of
which! aroo'unt'ihdut half is secured.
The nominal a'sset- orthe firm. In cash,
receivables and equities In merchandise,
are estlmatad,at $750,000.
.Mr. Dresser isa brotlier-ln-Hw of George
Vnnderbllt. He was pres'dent of the Mer
chants' Asoclatlon last year, and up to two
days ago, when he resigned, he was presi
dent and director- of the Trust Company of
the Republic. Mr. MacKenxIe, the assignee.
Is a lawver, who represents most of the
Morris J. Hlrsch. nttorney for the aslsn
ors. made this statement for tbe firm th's
"The firm had been doing business some
fourteen ears. The reasons for the failure
wero as follows: Mr. Dresser has been In
terested for some time In various personal
matters outside of the firm's business. Prin
cipally he was connected with the ship
building trust.
''In consequence of his connection with
tho Shipbuilding Trust,jhe trust company,
of which he was a director, underwrote the
Shlpbulldlrg Trust, and as a result of this)
underwriting, when, during November lest,
various stories were circulated affecting the
tn'st company and-the Shipbuilding Trust,
the credit of the firm of Dresser & Co. be
came impaired by rca"n of Mr. Dresser's
connection with the trust.
"We did not announce the assignment un
til noon today for fear that rumorists would
connect the failure with the stock market
and use it for thelrA own purposes in Wall
It Is understood that the trust company
hadundertaken toVfioat- $9,000,000 of a total
authorized issue yir5JlS,OD0,000 of bonds of
the Shipbuilding iTn3st,5followlng. the ab
sorption by It of tbgejhlehem Steel Com
pany. ""
It was explained when Mr. Dresser re
signed from the trust company that cer
tain French bankers who were In the un
derwriting syndicate had repudiated their
part In the undertaking,, and that the bonds
which they were to take had been thrown
back on the Trust Company of tbe Republic.
Shepherd Called I'p Lon Williams's
Jim Crow" BUI.
Jefferson City, Mo.. March 7. Lon Wil
liams's "Jim Crow" bill came near disrupting
the House this afternoon, when Shepherd of
Buchanan, smarting over the morning's
treatment, moved that the rules be suspend
ed and the bill be placed on final passage.
Williams made a hard and successful fight
to prevent action whenco few members
were present. Hand-dapping, laughter and
shouts punctuated the debate.
- As soon" as Shepherd called up the bill.
Selph seconded the motion. Williams was
on his feet In an Instant. "This Is not com
mon courtesy." Williams maintained. "I
want a full vote on this measure."
Murphy of St. Louis twitted Williams
about his railroad bills, and said he did not
have grit enough to call them cp. "It is the
same way with the 'Jim Crow bill," he
Selph of St. Louis said the World's Fair
was interested in knowing what was to be
done with the African potentates who come
over in 1904. Williams replied to Murphy la
a heated speech, which brought much "xv
plause from all sides. "I have been here,
four terms, and this is the first time I have
ever been accused of being lukewarm with
my corporations bills," he said.
'These Insinuations are vile slanders. I
have never dodged anv thing. There Is merit
enough In this separate coach bill to give
honor and fame to every one who is In
strumental In lta passage. Everlasting in
famy will be ths portion of the man who
rotes against It on a Saturday afternoon.?
While O'Fallon of Holt, was taking the
part of Williams and maintaining that such
an Important measure should not be taken
up with a light house. Shepherd and Selph
withdrew their motion to take up the bill,
and the Incident was closed.
Sixteen Men Appointed ta Expedite
Work In the Honse.
Jefferson City, Mo , March 7. In accord
ance with the resolution adopted this morn
ing. Speaker Whltecotton a few minutes
before adjournment this afternoon an
nounced -the names of members of the
House Calendar Committee.
It will be the duty of this committee to
select the bills which. In the Judgment of
the committee, are most important, and
make up a dally calendar for the House.
This calendar wlU be the House calendar,
no matter what the order of precedence,
may be, but It will be subject to change If
the House should choose to tako up other
bills under suspension of the rules.
In the make-up of the committee the
Speaker named twelve Democrats and four
Republicans, but gave three places to Demo
crats who have acted independently of the
caucus on some measures. The Republicans
are Gardner, Hlldreth. Lett and Speer. The
Filipinos are Chapman, Selph and Davis.
All of the congressional illstncts except the
Seventh and Fourteenth are represented.
The members of the committee are: First
District. Simmons of Shelby and Hlldreth
of Adair: Second District, Glpson of Chari
ton: Third District. Davison of Davies;
.Fourth District, Parkinson of Buchanan;
Fifth District, Chapman of Kansas City;
Sixth District. Harper of Bates; Eighth
District, Speer of Osage; Ninth District.
Tapley of Pike; Tenth District. Collins of
St. Louis and Gardner of St. Lou's County;
Eleventh District, Leonard of St. Louis;
Twelfth District. 6lph of 8t Louis: Thir
teenth District, Lett of Madison; Fifteenth
District, Davis of Barry: Sixteenth Dis
trict, Locker of Pulaski.
Many of the members were surprised
when the committee was announced. The
large proportion of Filipinos put ort by the
Speaker in the 'hope of conciliating them
and getting them to keep within party
lines - angered Representative Davidson,
who regarded it as "sweetness wasted on
the desert air."
Mr. Davidson told some friends that he
did not know but tbe best thing- to do
would be to resign and go home. He told
others that tbe Speaker has made a serious
Some of the Democrats from the Four
teenth District were surprised that their
district had no representation.
A few attributed It to the fact that Rep
resentative Oliver, one of the House lead
ers from that section, had opposed the
resolution to appoint a calendar commit
tee. BothweU. (Rep.) had fmght it, and his
district is also without representation on
the committee. P. E. BURTON.
Honse Passes Bill Allowing; Them to
v Make Appropriations.
Jefferson City, Mo.. March 7. The House
passed several. unimportant bills this after
noon. There were' Just enough members
present to pass bills, bvt not enough to
make emergency clauses effective. For this
reason only special -bills could be considered.-
After some tall skinnisnliur the mem
bers of the Appropriation Committee man
aged to round up enough members to put
through a hill providing for an appropria
tion to cover' the deflcl-ncles of the State
Government, with an emergency attach
ment amounting to 196.000.
There was no opposition to the passage
of Newton's bill, which will force broom
manufacturers to label all painted brooms.
The bill was framed In the interest of blind
broom manufacturers, who found It diffi
cult to compete. with painted brooms.'
wr Diu. Which win enaoie caca coun
ty to. appropriate money for a display of
Its resources at the World's Fair, passed
What Proof Do You Want?
I have fio.OOO letters from cured ones ami
will send you all you enre to read.
I have a circular frivinc; the nnm.es anil
mldresses of one thousand rxNiple In one city,
whom my Restorative has cured In just the
liast six months. Do you want it?
I have actual records of over half a million
rhronic cases which I have aired In the past
1- years. Almost every neighborhood in
America has its living witnesses to what my
Restorative will do. Just ask for evidence
and I can overwhelm you with it, for the
evidence Is everywhere.
My Restorative has made these curei by
MrenKthenlns the Inside nerve. It wl'l do
that for you. It will brins back the nerve
power which alone operates the v Ital organs.
It will give the weak orpan power to do its
It doea that InTarJably. and the results are
permanent. I speak from a lifetime's expe
rience with diseases that no common treat
ment cures, tt will make you well all over.
Dr. Shoop's Restorative
the House without opposition. This bill :
gives tne county courts autnoruv to sei
aside -funds for the purpose ot maklne the
exhibit. There are 114 counties in the titatc
and If each of them makes a display at the
Fair It will add greatly to the attractive
ness of the Missouri State exhibit.
Britain's bill providing that executions
shall not be issued on Judgments after five
ears also passed. The present law Is three
j ears
Ray's bill enabling county school trustees
to purchase building sites for district
schools passed.
Oliver of Cape Girardeau passed a bill
providing for the establishment of a com
pany of tbe National Guard at the Jackson
Military Acaaemy in jacason, jio.
Britain's MH-resolutlon calling upon the
National Gosrnment to make provisions1!
for the establishment of a national park on .
the site of the battlefield of Wilson's Creek I
In Greene County was also passed by the
House. . !
Tli. TTniiao onrKilriered n. resolution to fix 1
;March 16 as the date for final adjournment.
buffinally deferred action uniu jiarcn i.. :
when me resolution win oe lanen up iur
Speaker Whltecotton was authorlxed to
Jappoint a eulendnr committee of sixteen
numbers. The .Republicans tried flllbuster
'ins: tactics to prevent its paasatre.
Many minor Mils were pejweo. auoiigr um
afternoon sersioa. The most important al
lows cost of arrangement of county exhlb
lts,at the World's Fair. ,
Representative -.Davidson practically gives
up 'all hope of passing a satisfactory school
.text-book bill.
Davidson Says Book Companies Have?
,- ' t3ed Republican Minority.
..Jefferson City.-Mo.. March 7 Hains's bill
permitting resubmission of county super
vision' In thoee-counties where it has been
adopted passed the House this afternoon
without a dissenting vote.
'The Book Trust has won its fight for
no legislation." said Mr. Davidson of Ma
rlon, chairman of the House Democratic
caucus and the Text-Book Committee, to
nlght tThc trust has used the old tool ot
the lobby, the Republican minority, and
should now return Its thanks to this com
pact , -House organization for delavlng and
opposing legislation aimed to relieve the
parents from the. high prices charged by
the trust. It Is the same game that was
olayed so strongly by the Republican mi
nority in the Senate last session.
"Taklnc advantage of the Filipino move
ment, the House Republicans can now go
back to their constituents and explain as
best they are able their course in this mat
ter. They say Kansas is buving school
books cheaper than Missouri. These Re
publicans are allowing themselves to be
used body and soul to maintain high prices.
The bill to remedy conditions, which was
made a special order for next Tuesday, will
not pass no one knows It better than I do
but I do Intend to put the opposition on
rrccrd by roll calls, so that the parents
may know who are their friends and who
their enemlea."
Mr. Davidson's concise statement of con
ditions has followed the weeks of caucus
ing. All efforts to break. the Filipino com
bination have failed. Its fight against leg
islation which would permit new contracts
to be made is regarded as practically set
tled. The matter will probably be rehashed
Tuesday. A bitter debate may be held and
all members put on record. The constitu
tional amendment imposing a tax of E cents
for free text-books will be taken up and
probably will be passed.
Prominent Rmslness Men of St. Louis
Send Letter to Legislature.
Jefferson City. ifci.. March 7. A pro
test against the passage of the Nelson sa
loon license bill was read to the House this
morning. The communication was received
by the Reverend Crayton S. Brooks and was
addressed to the Speaker of the House.
Mr. Oliver of Capo Girardeau sent the
communication to the desk. The urotest
was signed by John F. Shepley. Charles
Parson, R. M. Scruggs, H. Brlnsmade. J. F.
Merriman. Jonathan Rice, John I. McCann.
R. R. Hutchinson. Van L. Runan. Charles
A. Stix. Edwin Batdorf, Martin Collins.
Levls-Zuloskl Mercantile Compuanl, Glc-secke-D'Oench-Hays
Shoe Co.. Hargadlne
McKlttrick Dry Goods Companv. S G Wil-'
son. Ellas Michael. R. Elseman. Ey &
Walker. Dugald Crawford & Co . James H.
Allen. Frank G. Tyrell and the Brown Shoe
Lieutenant Governor Lee Gets Prom
ise of an Appropriation.
Jefferson City. Mo., March 7. Lieutenant
Governor Lee, when the battleship Missouri
was christened, promised that the State
would provide a sliver service.
To-day he secured a promise from mem
bers of the Senate Appropriations Com
mittee that an appropriation of 15.000 would
be set aside for the purchase of such a serv
ice. The House neglected to put any amount
for such a service In Its bills.
Heavy Rainfall ait Holden.
Holden, Ho March 7. The heaviest rain
fall here last night for years. Two and
Ana aiss-Vitri lnVlasl nrata 4a1i rt& nfaslrd
are cut of thtlr banks and the roads lm- '
passable, .'
Let Me Convince You
You who are sick and discouraged
You who are doctoring without result
Be fair with yourselves ask me for the facts
Learn how half a million others got well.
A Month on Trial.
Simply send me this coupon or write me a
postal card, stating what book yon need. I
will then mail you an order on your druggist
for si.v. bottler Dr. Shcop's Restorative. You
may take it a month at my risk. If It suc
ceeds, the cost N ?5.ri0. If It falls I will pay
the druggist nij&elf. And your mere word
shall decide It.
That offer Itself Is the best evidence of
merit that a remed ever lad. Those who
accept it are those who doubt that their
caes are reachnble. Yet you must know that
I can cure them, else the offer would ruin
Now If you are not well, you need that help.
A postal will secure It. All the proofs you
want are waiting? Won't you write to-day?
Cat OnJ
For we all resolve
forget Mark the boos: desired
with our name aid address to
Dr. Shooo. Box
Book lon rv!tp9la. 1 Hook 4 for Women,
nook 2 on the llein. Hook . for Men sealed).
Hook 3 on tbe Kidneys. I Itcok 6 on Rheumatism.
Mild cases, not chronic, are often cured by one
or two bottlm. At all drurxlsts.
Bachelor Creek Rrlilce vept Away
sear Parsons, Ka.
Parsons, Kas, March 7. All streams are
overflowing and stopping railway traffic in
thI- section.
The Bachelor Creek bridge near here, on
the "Katj's" main, line, is gone. The Jop
lln division is dead, on account of Spring
River'.' The Neosho River threatens the
Frisco connection.
Situation Is Growing: Serlona Xesvr
Palestine, Tex. - -
Palestine, 'Tex, March 7 The situation
in Anderson County is alarming It is rain
ing in torrents and the roads are impass
able. The rise In Trinity, Beaver and
Keech Rivers is the highest known in
Stockmen have lost hundreds of cattle.
Six rnclies of Rain Falls at Lamar In
Mi Hoars.
Lamar. Mo . March 7. Lamar was visited
by a heavy rainstorm last night, which did
considerable damage. The Frisco tracks
were damaged considerably and all trains
were delayed to-day.
Business houses were deluded with water.
Bridges were washed away and streets were
cut through. Six inches of water fell in six
Mnch Damajre'nt ew Franklin.
New Franklin, Mo . March 7. The heavi
es: rain which has visited this section for
j ears fell here last night. All streams are
full and in the lowlands much damage has
been done.
Itoprecedentrd Rainfall at Golden. Mat.
Golden City. Mo. March 7. The rainfall
for tho last twenty-four hours has been
unprecedented here. All streams are out
of their banks and many small bridges h ive
bePn washed away.
Commissioner Green Writes That It
Will Be Better Than One nt Paris.
C. A. Green. World's Fair Commissioner
to Africa, writes from London that the
outlook for a gold exhibit Is good. Lord
Harris, chairman of the Consolidated Gold
Fields, who is the leader of the movement.
has told Mr. Green that he would recom
mend -a good exhibit.
Mr. 'Green Is going to Africa on the same
trip with Doctor Jamison, one of the lead-
Robin Hood
His aim was not surer than that of
Hood's Sarsapariila, which always
hits the disease.
Be sure to take
This Spring it will rid you of that humor that
makes you break out, that takes away your appe
tite and strength and makes you fed sick.
Take Hood's Pills, also, if you are bilious or' ,
. E. S. Bertschie, Hannibal, Ohio, avs: " I took Hood's.
Ssrsaparilla in the spring and it purified ray blood and
gave me a good appetite, and made me (eel mnch better."
Maggie Perkins, Yale, Ills., says: "Wehavavjad
Hood's Sarsaparilla, in our family for years and hare alwara
fonnd ii as represented, a good spring mediclae."
Ralph Rust, 'Willis, Mich., says: "This apring pitapka
corered myface and troubled me very much aboai thinr.
Ing. I took a bottle of Hood's Sanaparilla and the pim
ples are all gone."
Mrs. William Howell, Qnogne, N. Y., says: "I Itm
been using Hood's Sarsaparilla in my laaily for yean M
a spring medicine. Havu fonnd none eqcal to it.
Accept no Substitutes for Hood's SanaBsrtt ant Mb.
L - :
J W TftfcliMLanw-BsssnBn-Bnl V
Tblt Coupon.
to aen.1 for something, bat
615. Racine, wis.
on TriaJ.
ing directors of the De Beers Company,
and a power in South Africa. The commis
sioner writes that he feela secure In prom
ising a better exhibit at St. Louis than the
one from the Rand at Paris. A commis
sion will be appointed from the Chamber of
Mines. If a committee Is necessary In Lon
don. Lord Harris will take It In hand.
Secretary Reeves Starts for Arkansas.
Charles M. Reeves, secretary of the State
and Territorial and Legislation committees,
accompanied by John M. Allen, member of
the World's Fair Commission, leaves to
night for Little Rock. Ark. where the bill
appropriating 177.000 for. the State exhibit
is now pending before the Legislature. If
passed, the total appropriation from that
State wlU be 000,000. -,;
Roster of Internattoaual Committee 1st
Chavrare Announced From Patrlav,
The Exposition has received frr-m Baron
de Coubertln, president of tbe International
Committee for Olympic Games, a. revised
lbt ot the members of the committee,
The complete list, as furnished by the
Baron, includes: Baron Pierre? de. Couber
tln. Hebrard de Vllleneuve, E. aCollot.
France: Sir Howard Vincent, the Reverend
De Courcy -Laffan. C Herbert. England:
Prince Salm. Count von Wartensleben Doc
tor W. Gebhardt. Germany: Prcfesso- VT.
M. Sloan, Casper 'Whitney, Theodora Stan
ton, United States; Prince Berge Beliossel
sky. Count de Rlbeaupierre. Russia; Colonel
Balok, count de Rosen. Sweden: Count
Rrtinntro ri'ITuasitx- Italv: Francis Kem-
J eny, Hungary: Doctor Jlrl Guth, Bohemia:
Count Alexanoer -aiercao, ureece; v,Tra
mnndant Reyntlens, Belgium; Baron de
Tuyll. Holland; Prince Georges Blbesco.
Roumanla; Captatn Holbeck, Denmark:
Baron Godefro de Blonay. Switzerland; Mi
guel de Belstegulm, Mexico; L. A- Cuff.
Australia: Doctor J. B. Zublaur. South
America, and Count de Mejaxnd del Cam
po, Spain.
Funeral Takes Place Tuesday
From Entger Street Besidence.
Mrs. Fredericka Mundt. who. for the last
ilf tv j ears, had been a resident of this city,
died i esterday at her home. No. S55 Rutger
street. Mrs. Mundt had been 111 for over a
vear. and her deajh was not unexpected by
her friends.
The funeral will take place Tuesday from
the Rutger street home, to Zlon Cemetery.
Mrs. Mundt was born In Bulefeldt, Ger
many, seventy-flve years ago. Her maiden
name was Burkman. .She came with her
parents to the country when a younjr girl.
She was married to the late Henry Mundt,
a prosperous merchant of St Louis. She
leaves four children. August. Henry. ZJxxIo
and Alamo Mundt.
I i:,
sjMsiWfcsmtss6synBBsSiisa ssi, f .bSiISSssP i ! liB aJ ! I "Eg1!'

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