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Gdpring Opening
Second weeK oi me
Mammoth Humphrey Sale
Of Men's and Boys' Clothing
nreat Sale of Dressmakers' Supplies
ureax z fford t0 Miss.
Will Make This a Busy ww--
J - ... ,.-- n
. i
The Great Cloak and Suit I
In Our Opening Tin's Week
iv c u III snow
Correct Spring St5.
Tailor-Made Suits, Gowns. Costumes, Shirt-Hal
Coats, Wraps, Separate Skirts and Shirt Wa
Also Misses' and Children's Wraps, Suits, and
line of Confirmation Dresses.
Two ShirtWaist Specials.
Lot 1 "Women's Shirt Waists
of sheer quality India
linen, elaborately trimmed with
fine new style hemstitched Swiss
embroider-, sizes 32 to 42 bust
real value $2.50
Special Opening
Day Price,
Lot 2 Fashionable "
made oi vrnitc
llldut ui vhuni; t
l?rA Cl-rfnrA rlnMi tritnm
the new heavy panel emtl
n j ..,- ! -.-. i.l
1 128-page book of
fashions is our
Spring anil sum
mer Catalogue.
Send for it
Mailed free.
Women'sand Children's
Knit Underwear.
-7Jhr new Spun ami Summer Good
J tlte ino- complete Mock e have
c er -bow n. I
. . .,.. T.iih-1 Cotton Ves. I
Women'- .W' '
low necK an -"---J0 ,r ,, (, Cents.
. . "Ypca" PUlc. In pWIn pink
WommM'"rtt rf -M blue. tace-Mmmrn
jukes back and front. 50 Cent.
. . J Ve!d
Women'. " '""Hd"r. Cent. nc.
. v. Silk Vc-t. beautifullj
M1es- Jersey nibbed Vests, .'"re white.
taped neck. ft o s4 (nB ,:nch.
Bon-- Ualbrlgsan Shirts ami Drawer., nit
sizes, j5 onto Ench.
, 3e
Our Spring find
Summer Catalogue
will be mailed free
upon application.
Send for it.
Laces and Robes.
LilL lit Al J piUH.
and wide tucks, sizes
value o.aU
prinK I
BojC Genuine French CalbriRKan Shirt-
anil uia. , -.a Cent. Knell.
Children's Nazareth Wal,t. in
i w eigius.
Ik 1 Wants- nnc Cotton 7iVntlI E,ch.
J7'1 'Wants- nnMercenzCoon Wrapne
. -,. ... v.ttfll. I
-"- 23, 3S linn "--
Special Opening
Day Price,
F I-
Spring Opening Qloyes?
Trefousse et Cie
Paris, France
Are Here for Your Choosing.
The choice and exclusive productions
of these
World-Famous Gloves
- to 11 Hats, and is called
The Strawberry Hat.
Spring Millinery Opening
Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday we will show
One Hundred and Five
Paris and New York
Pattern Hats
A Grnd Exposition of Newest Spring Styles.
Men's and Boys' ihing
(Third Floor.) A
Reserved stock brought forward and oflfor this the s'econd
week of '
The Great F. W. Humphigtocic
flTne an1 Raig' Hf
Men'' and Hojs' 1160
, and JlOO-Tur Kelt.
Derby and Fedora"
Hatx all go at
. SS Cent.
Boys' Knee Pants
SOc rant". 25 Crnt.
73c Panf. IH rrnt.
Jl no Pant. St) Ontn.
l W Pants. "R Centii.
J2'K) Pant. ai.OO.
Boys' Blouse Waists
"Star" mak" all of
Humphry -s Jl W. $1 Ml
and JiW Walsf. all
For CO tent".
ilen's 0ercoats
Jl5 00Oiercoats, T.OS
il6MOercoat. II.75
JM 00 0 ercoatii. 1 1 .OO
J2Lw)0ercoat!, I2.O0
jr. 0DOercoat. J5.im
Wo W 0 ercoaf, 2S.50
nen's Spring Over
coats $15 00 0 ercoats. f TJSO
$16 00 CK ercoa t . 7 JIS
J18.00 Overcoats, nstr,
r 00 Overcoats, 12.00
ST.50 Overcoats. 13.05
$13 00 Overcoats. lK.on
$30 00 0 ercoats, 10.75
Boys Knee Pants
$4 00 Bo- Suits f2.nO
$3.00 Boj ' Suit", S.BO
$00 150s- Suits, :t.(K
$7 00 Boj s' Suits, 3J5
$S 30 Bo "' Suit, 415
$10 00 Bo a" Suits 5.00
Men's Odd Trousers
$1V Trousers... S1.4K
K00Trouers.... 1.01
$4 00 Trousers.... 2.45
KQ0 Trousers.. . 2.5
$fi.00 Trouers :i.5
$7 00 Trousers.... 4.00
Mfn' sn!t
$S 30 Jlen's Suil
$10 00 Men's Suil
" $12.00 Men's Suit
$13 0i)Mpn'sSuitt
$KC1 Men's Suits
$1S00 Men's Suitn
$3)00 Men's Sulfi
$23 00 Men's Suits,
ISO OT Men's Sults
Men's Full Dress
J4 In $S Kull.nrci
Vests 9
a i, L full
Dress Troupers '
ko ami -v run
Dress Coats ,ind
Vest 7
$3"! and. $40 Full
Dress Coats and
Vaeto 1 Tt
Young Men's and Boj a
Odd Trousers
$3 00 Trousors... SI. 45
hw irousers.... i.jfi.
$5 00 Trousers.... 2. 151
Men's Odd Vests
$2.00 Vesls for 50r '
j.w vesis ior...i6.
$4 00 Vests for... 2.IMI
$3 00 Vests for... 2.50
Boys' Washable Sailor
and Russian Blouse
suits .
$2 30 Sulls fl.OO
$3 00 Sus 1JHI
$00Suts 1JI5
$".0) SuJs 2.5)1
'$CO0 Suts 3.5(1
Youths' Suits
$10 00 SUts 5 00
$1.1.00 hljts .M
tliw auiK .ifi-
$1"".00 Slits 7.75
$is.oo suts...:... ooo
$30 Slits 10.0(1
tTJ lJUllai.fioIAfVIF
Infants' Department.
(Second rieor.)
Some beautiful uoveltio for tlip little
tot?. Thh ilcpartiucnt, M-iontl lo none in
tlie coliniry, will tills .c.i-ou ouldo it
sdf, and sbow lot;lIer and d.iluticr tix
inss for the baby Uiau ever before, ami
at prices to suit all puro--.
Little Short Reefers, of ail-nool Bedford
cord, some trimmed with silk braids, some
moire s-llk, others with ribbons all pure
Price. 94.05 to K5.75 Ilnch.
fcliort Coats, of bliclc silk taffeta and peau
de ole, tiimhicd nith lace medallions
nd nlilte peirl buttons.
I'rlecs, il.r.O to SS.5H Knch.
Cloth-tinhea riantiel Short Coats, new
Y Prices, ?t.l( lo $l.r,0 Knch.
Anil for the little bah.'., I.nnpr Coats of Bed
ford cords, cashmere- and silks, some el
Kantly embroidered, lace trimmed and n'o
bon trimmed.
Price. .(SI.OO lo 25.00.
Inf.'.nts' Caps, in an almost endless oricty
silk caps.vcaps of mull and point d'es
prit, corded, tucked and hemstitched
Price-, 25 Cent to $4.5(1 Each.
A splendid line of All-Silk and Silk-nnd-Wool
Toques, plain colors and fancy
stripes, to matph our reefer-; sllk-and-xvool
JOc, and the pure-silk ones
fl.OO to St. 25 3acn.
Spring Opening of New
Embroidered Flannels.
"Ye are now showing- a hand-
oullic uuc ua new siih.-em-broiderpd
SiVirfino- tTl-tnnol
One Week's&akof
Dressmakers'! Supplies
Buy Now ari Sac Moii.
iiial&f .BaBw3jK3iiin
mik. -xx$&mmEEl
fzSBffl&89F '
I E-TsR iSlBwilE
K oplendi.1 line of Cotton and -Linen
Duck Pre" Robes, 'trimmed In braid
and Chuiy laccjil-e auoTe iu-.---
They come in white-, blue, pink and Nile
- . .. ,. n nnf toi-nther.
skirt ana v-W'-1"'""- -'--" st
$ 10.50, $ 13.50 nd 18.00 for snir-.
Will be exceptionally, gtrone this season.
"lu " r. . , t, xLlth a. masi-in-
We tae PP - " ,s and hu-
rent stock, an maui. " r ,
dredsot, beautiful mached sets, Clunv
- ,re.QSj- .4..i --in ht, the proper laces
I ana rem -'""I"" , v ,j
for the season. , , m
' i -it---. ,
-f,.it ... ,)t.
were. neer befftre so beautiful as now
were i.o. -,i n-uchlnerv
imnrovemnt in inc,iu-
produces effects not heretofore dreamed tot
Come and sec the new Embroider es- torn
th& narrowest to the -vide nounclngs; it
."worth a " S
Prices r
are beyond' the capability of the ordinary
are uijui-vx r jMnnlitv that
maker and have a styie . ---- .
keens them far in tne ieiu. -w.-j --.
ttvle i here; the new "Blues" stand out by
sT.it-i , others too
rVip-mselves ana arc yi.---.,
inWrous to mention are here in hundreds of
shadings. -
As an Opening Special
GloveMakers' Stocks
;of m and modish kid rf,"
lots that accumulate m au y.v... ..--shops-gloves
left over after advance orders
shops gio A,,,ti,.rUan string goods,
have oeen nucu. -y;- - ; . ,f
and they are yours in xm -- -
regular prices
For '
) Each
Magnificent Linens.
Olaln Floor.)
Four-Hook pT-- 'rSVC
'Twct.ClaP Sde-,. . sU-
Three-CUp Suede .- c" .- - -
1.25 aad 1.65 ralwa- J P-
, . c;rMiirurs all new. Every
UOiormgs ciuu s-w. --o
pair guaranteed absolutely perfect.
The New Silks
(..nam ir.wv,.., ion the
. -i-j -..iLc s-tiii ne muit jiv.--w.
USed tlan ever, particularly the neat small
usea Luai r ki-,-1- --d -whites
Tl.cse pattrrns cost to import $...-.
$3T.0fV ?42.0O. 547.. 5- J. 'W'
?0-..50 and S75.C0 eat-b-
On Opening Days
-we will gne you
Vniir Choice
of thc-e beautiful
Pattern Hats
Younatnrallrask. Whv do we lose so much money on
Pattern IUs"fo- tw'o reasons. In the first place, these pat
Pattern Hats, r o i corps of 45 trimmers into the
.dTertisexnent for our u "" "- o these qtti.ite
We are sure eTery customer getting -Pattern
Hats will speak of it to a friend.
Besides these magnificent Patterns, you will find
1,000 Hats
Walking Hats. - . e famoM in
Our Millinery uep-.i.u.-.- -- ---' ..nieest mU-
this city and surrounding counter for baring the mce-t
liaery. t0 be found gjrZ$ 5 2-,
We will show 35 Cr, .- My every one a ge5
i0 in order to secure the choice W
Mind you, not one ratw-" --s
to $76.00 each, and an go .
,$-?J.OO rflf:.
I used than ever, y-- -- j - -.
? .. nnd of these the, black and whites
t biueand white combinations, im-
, rnstnrice of each Pattern is marked in plain figures
..tSSKi import ticket. . , - f
s't" . . f-.r-.et the Vista' and Children's UaU. We
IVe extend to alia cordial welcome.
gotten, for you will tlnd-
Bleachcd Unen Toweling
At 10 Cent Txd.
Heay Huck Towels 1( CeBl. El.ch.
Hemstitched Pure Linen HuckTJ
Another lot of gg&
Lunch uioiua.
32x32 inches, jfop Aff Ceut Each.
Hemstitched Dinner Cloths.all pure linen.
J-L2Vnrd, l'or Sl.TS EcU.
72-lnch Table Damask, extra heavy, pure
linen, 73 cent lire.
,Wnch Bleached Table SapMn-. -11 pure.
linen, ai.OODoien.
S.ch Satin Darra-k D.nncr Napkins, ex-
tra hca, sn.00 Dmen.
rattern Cloth, with napkins to male--
yards, .v." . --
and naW D1UC auu ,..
ported black and white and navy blue and
po . . ,. .wtc arid the new tussah
white unew - .
silks or pongees in tne '"r-l
shades). The aoove tu..
be pronounced favorites for the
5;-niT fl Summer omc w
The following are a few of the especially priced item, for
this week:
Taffeta Check , to shirt
Hooks and K.cs. Invisible loops and Uriel Iplit-Weight Die Shield-
snap fa-toners all on one cam su
prel or black.
7)4c a card, or -He a Ihv.
O-tar Ic I.ous I'crfeet Hooks and L".es,
sllieretl or black sizes 1 tp 4
Ac per card, or 14e per bot
USi) IMits
2c a paper, or 24c a dozen.
ROOK IMNS coutaiulng 240 Pin--
Ac a book, or 40c a dozen.
Containing 4S0 rins
6c a book, or We b, dozen.
Velveteen Skirt Binding
4c a yard, ,
44c dozen yards, $4.9S gross yards.
Drop Skirt Velveteen Skirt Facing
3 yic yard, 30c dozen yards.
Black Sfohair 5Mt Binding, 4 yards in
a 1k)H
7c a bolt, S4c n dozen.
:nt- eisiit ui?? Miu-m-
Size 3-9cair, lSc a dozen.
tW 1
fclze 2xJ yards, ftt.75 Ech
iWnih NapUns'w match.
navy Dlue anu. "-
For Soc yard
Tussah Silks, all pure Silt,
rich ana iuju"-
2,000 yards of Black Taffeta
PMb TT I-1 1 T ; TIAtAK.
For 82c yard
. .. ... . :,t.J nrtrttfl VCHI-
A11-S11C liii'eu j...... . ---
j,. n ilntc nnii ae-
laras, am" -. ,
signs, 24 inches wide
Jtr 4'JC jara
Printed Broche Foulards.
m -:ii ..(? fin fitl-
plain twin .. -- .--fsh,
rich printed silks with
raised woven designs toe-
.u i.. nrinted natternt.
small dots and designs
For 7oc yard
ptir,?ll a dozen. I -Vinch Napkins to match.
i (Size 4 lie a
fun .k TafffU Sciui Bimlbig 25.000
H)ierc-10-..iril bolts
I i 12KCa bolt, 51 -S per dozen.
i: i;ss ski utAbeltixg
-S-iuii doublcslik Serge-
6c a yara, oc umu.
'i-imb double Hlk Serge
7'!cyard, it a uozeu.
I5-IO inch, extra tulit
I 7c yard, lK)e dozen.
Enli-h Twilled Cotton Tape. 10-jard
llts ' to 1 inch wide
I 7cbolt, SSc dorcn.
Geiliuc French Honiboue Dress Stays.
t. L . ana 10 incne-
19c a dozen, ?2.38 per gi-o-s.
SPOQ, COTTON 200 yard Spools
eribest quality to introduce a new
bran smoother, stronger and longT
tbannny other cotton made blaik or
.r-l.ftAcl-.na 1C iA fit Til (11- 71)
SS.50 Doie.
83.75 Doien.
Black Dress Goods
(Main Floor.)
Immense show of Imported and Domestic
Black Goods.
The finest, the most desirable sheer fabrics-over
two hundred styles of foreign
manufacture and as many more of American
make are nere
Dress Goods for Spring
(Main Floor.)
Styles and Colorings in Rich Profusion.
Small neat effects in fancies, shepherd
tsma 1, Cttl- , i-:te navy blue and
checks in black and " sicUians,
Ct OuAouection of. foreign and American
Dress vjuuua "-"- T r
olace this wees. 1,
r""- ' - . .--:i-. Bonretted
AH-Wool V.HM-W SS. Uce Cloth-fafed
:tgnt sneer ""--.-" " f Panama Weaves, 1 1 r 5
s. iluding shades of Panam
ors, iB-iu8 v-c weieht, crtsp tout-i, ""-!
blue, gray, ?"" Seaof eVery wanted cc-t-
or;the same Dncs,"V-,:
with small designs of white
orself color for l.W yarn.
,u -.:-.. r,f all-wool Scoured
1UV piss -
Cheviot For 39c yard
150 pieces of WoolXrepe dc
Chines, Crepe Egyptiaas,
r-v,;. nd Mistrals.
For 31.W yara
New Spring
Comforts and Spreads.
(Third riocr.)
Ccoo'n fl'mnO- f.ht art -. cen
, romforts, with fine sllkoline
Extra taw JjOBnte a fllUngv
coerlng and ""'- At i5
wnn rum- A
Extra wrse "-"" - do
:i"n;,: w .- -ft-
mi Ceae Spreads, with heavy.
New Marseilles Weaves
fringe anu ia' - Kt al l5
inches '
? 7 8Prert"cuMtacTrn;e4 LSeST'K
.rinp s38 inches ..At ""
White real Marseilles Spreads, with beau-
Bine, grj, ' , .
and creams. .-For 4ir yard
Mohair, metallic dots, creams
navv and black grounds, 60
-- :- lniTiica i w.
For o0c yard
All.Wool Crepe Egyptian and
onngs iuu i.. -
inches wide ...for 7jt id-rf
'e offer the J otlowingstecialr this week:
. - oi m re-Bar: 1 1 n uua a-
ouFx ' V- Whineord.
nd Prunellas par SoC ard
65 pieces of all-wool oramic
""-r , J ir;i.ric-h. lus-
Silk and Wool Eojieanjs.
- Crepe de (jrn.es, "" - "-r-Voilcs
and Eumlnes. a
colors, silk dotted and kfil
shades For Sl.SoyaYa
eet cotton nmnir. Jor Zl.W yara -. - .
At f1-25 85 pieces of all-wool Voiles, ngeee. o-.delo
-sith new figured Mistrals, Crepes, Egyptians. P l'J b bIack,
lo and pretty pat- Panama Weaves, Etamines, ?nVf .!, "
.oft".. .Atfi.5 tr.i,.. Mohaira and.Ar- , luiUous fimiih.
i iTr.fin1cterv Dept. ;
(Third l'loor.i U
100 i-n.trtp. near future
It VOU COntcmiJ"-- - .
ttintr New Lace Curtains, Mattings,
getting ixew-u come nQW
i pieces of all-wool Granite etting NeW Lace k.uruiiu, - e, . ,
disband voiies-rich, ins- gg B Rugs 0f any kind, come now whi e
s black F r4tard penaOT g
New Spring
. Hosiery
For men, women and children,
Melrose. MoHatr. anu. ar- - .-. $1. yjrJ
muica.a. war tttc
Wen's New Underwear
Men;sSeaIsland cottor ,an.J I. Ilk
mer garments, r-ch
Me imported sanl,arrtca
Special Offering-China Floor
Mattings, si"- - -
qUaUty'F, 15 Cent. Yrd.
Japanese Floor Mattings, in
1 . t.fA nnil nrWIIl.
reus. iuue " - '
V-or 17 1-2 Cent. Turd,
Aiminster Rugs, best cpinllty,
floral and Orlentnniersu
Beil Arabian Curtains, 'vltb
Marie Antoinette Curtai I
novelty patterns, u .
corded and button work.
For M
Smyrna Rug, all wool. U
single doors. cfll. ,
Sateen lambrequins, ri
heavy tassel ftins 1
Kope Tortieres, extra larj
broidered Skirting Flannel 7i,c a bolt. S4e n dozen. whitlzes 36 L40. DO. GO or 70- Xior.lS.wSn.Tg in a,i new styles, are here, mere nn gu. edge and Insertion. 8lze, nitll festoon draper
lor women' ; cliildren's nnrl GO inch Woven Tape Measures- I sp ss inches ...-. Late importation of lace ef- JItf fancy ,iik and balbriggan ,c,.i,i, top, complete Hue otnc
infantrSkirts ' 'cach, 44cUr dozen. SP00fLlf.K- ' lmporteJ wh..e rea,wMse,l SP ea CSS For JL
mums Shins. j '", ""hSiw'iiJ 4u.iwffi ,rice starts t26cpiitaiid u.-i faK)-dcrbv-ribW 3W suarus in For
Prices, 50C to $3.00 yard flexible Idlns Wooden Rt.Ies.'48-ineb, Sod'jSlitJ n"..a. ndrawU For 45c e'eh .
Pceach. ' 5c Spool, ,50c a dozen. same, with fringe, at r.........t S3-r C A. "Vm 1 C? CI
B. Nugent & Bro. Dry Goods Co., Broadway, Washington Ave. and St. Charles
I .., - .
i i . i -- -t " """JMf.mgi

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