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Weak Man
A Wife-Open Utter to that Great Arwy'of
Week Men Who Have Bees Koedwinked
and Defrauded by the Infamous
Rascals Who Disgrace the
Medicine Business.
Mt Deak BtoiHtRS. More than 80,000 pormx
Beat cures daring the past four rears prove that
my "Wonder-Workers are a God-scad to weak
menvrerrwbere. Theroisnot a case of Men's
Weakness or Nervous Troubles ot any kind any-
here on earth (no matter whether caused by over
work, abuts or worry; and no matter whether the
man be old or yount) that "Wonder-Workers ' will
fallto cure quicker and at less expense than any
other remedy made anywhere in tho world, if
imply o Jed (at home, at your work) one tablet at a
dose three times a day. Ther cured me fa less
than one month's time, t the ace cf forty-four
years, when I. like you, lacked that vitality without
which a person is a man only in name, and after I
had bees nearly ruined by the frauds and fakirs
who disgrace the medicine butiness. Bear in mind
that 1 am the only man in the world in the business
who has solemnly sworn that the medicine he sells
cured himself, and that the names of all who buy
It will bo held tacrod forever. Cures Varicocele.
' -" MUST PAY TAXES ON $796,480
This Yeai's. Revenue to City From Assessed Valuation of l'l-opcrty
Will Amount to?lG.n0 First Time in History of Organization
Possessions llae Been Listed Abh-'ssoi- O'Brien Acts in
Acroi dance With Dei-Won of ('in Counselor Bates.
I am the same Geo. S. Beck who is hated by
vary Free Sample schcmer.Free Preseriptionfattr..
andC O.D.rraodmAmerlca,Decanseortne manner
in which I have exposed their.infamous schemes.
Their only object in miking 'Free" offers is to
set the namesAt men who are vitally weak, so that
they may harass them with their Impudent Utters
andlyinr. filthy circulars: and I now acain chal
lenge all ot these poison distributers to thoroughly
sift and test mr charges of vJUany and fraud in
any court they mayselect. Ifyonhavebadasydea)
intswtth. them yon know that my charges are true.
I beg to assure yon on my honor as a man that
no matter whether yon are married or tingle, old,
young or middle-aged: ore (natter whether your
weakness or nervousness Is caused by over-work,
too frequent indulgence Illegitimate pleasures, the
practice of secret vice or the excessive use ot
strong drink or tobacco, the osa of my "Wonder
Workers" will search every nerve center otyour
body, renew every tissue, develop every organ,
strengthen every muscle, invigorate every function,
and bring to yon a perfect and permanent restora
tion ot nerve strength and manly vigor. The rei
sonsvhy "Wonder-Workers" do this is because they
are a Pure Nerve Food and Tonic, and because
they do not contain any phosphorus. orSpanish fly,
or any other of the poisons that make the Tile nos
trums sent out by the frauds and quacks so danger
ous to human life. It is perfectly safe to e them,
at any time or under any circumstances, and their
use will not fail to restore natural strength and
vigor without stimulation in old or young.
Because ot the wonderful merit of my "Wonder
Workers" medicine, I have built tip the largest,
mail-order medicine business id the world in less
than four years, and have been compelled to re
movo from my old quarters at 420 S. Market St.,
this city, to 44 and 49 East Main Street, the
largest business building in Springfield, la
order to properly crmduct my enormous husisess.
It .you order Vonder-Workers," mtnllm thlt.
feptr, the publisher of which is hereby author
ced to publish me as a fraud and scoundrel it 1
tail to do exactly as I agree with any cf its readers.
The price ct "Wonder-Workers" is only One
Dollar per box. always cash with order: by express
at your expense. It will cost -5 cents to lift them
from express office. It you send 1.15 to pay calk
ing ana postage. I send them by mail prtpaic
thus saving yon ten cents. If yon have any doubt
about me, write to any Commercial Agency, the
First National Bank of this eit-r. (the bank of which
Hon. Asa S. Bushnell. Ex-Gov. ot Ohio. If Prest
datt.) or to any of rot a friends In Spnnraeid.
i CEO. S. BECK, .
44-.IM 4 Maln.SL.SaWNCnELD.ttUtV
1 ' r-' ,v -' "
riwsicians Unable to Relieve One-,
J Year-Old Child
rtElJUEIJC SPECIAL.. . t - , 4,
San Francisco. March""?. Eleanor. ""Van'
Frahk, 1 year old, choked on art apple and
died. - i ' "' " -'r ' '. "
The Httlo girl was th daughter of T.
H. "Van Frank, manager- or the JBrooks
Foliis Electric Company, -residing at No.
1603 Sacramento street.
In the afternoon Mio was plating In the
ard of the residence and found the apple.'
It looked Inviting .and. she .began to eat
it, Suddenly her mother heard the child
scream, and found that she was ChoTcing
Phyfciclans were hastily summoned, but
nothing could be done for the .little, one,
and death came shortly before 6 o'clock.'
""- "
It Was Entered Into Bcforb'a""Jer
j , sev City Clergyman, . '
New York, March 7. Chujiro Koch!. 9
yeafa old, a native of Japan, formerly con
nected with tho biological department of
Princeton University, and Miss Florence
Louise Creswell. 27 jears old, who. until, .a
fewjdavs ago was an instructor at Bryn
Mawr College, were married In Jersey City
by Jhe Reverend Thomas Hall, pastor of
.the (Linden Avenue Methodist Church". Mr.
Hall 9 son and daughter acted as witnesses.
Mr. and Mrs. Koch I said they were going
at once to Toklo to live Mrs KochI Is
English by birth, her mother being a .resi
dent of .London. . .
The St Luiii- Fair Aoci ttion mut pa
taxes on the Fair Grounds property thH
j ear for the Urn time in the historv of the
association, "n accordance with u detl-lon
rendered b Clt Counselor Kates.
Assessor John J OJ3r!en hail the property
listed and placed or. his books vestcrdiy,
The a-ociation owns about l.V) acres. in
cluding the Fair Grounds r.ice trackand
property M cf Fair avenue The "total
viluatlor is J7TG4S0 The taxes wl!l be
about $16 OW, including State. citv and school
The Fair Ground, and race, track contains
311 teres. It Is assessed at JTSiCOJ The
association owns eight acres west of Fair
aenue anil right lots, when are assessed
The propertj has not been assessed here
tofore because it was regarded as being
used for a public purpos
Assessor O Brien was of the pplnion, that
the ptopertv was subject to taxation.
Taxes become a lien on propert June 1 of
the ear preceding the ear on which they
are assessed.
Last June O'Brieh wiote to Mas or Wells
requesting an opinion from Cltv Counselor
Bates The Mavor referred the communi
cation to the City Counselor, who prepared
an opinion and sent it to the Assessor.
Assessor O'Brien did not hae the prop
erty put on his books until jesterdaj. be
cause h was waiting to see it the bill be
fore the State Legislature to hae the Fair
Grounds propern taxvd would be passed.
The law- rvqulrts that the Assessor's books
must be made out b the second Monday In
March. Yesterday was the last day In
which to complete the books The bill not
haIng been passed, he listed the property
and assessed it.
TheClty Counselor In his opinion said:
"The St. Louis Fair Association as or
ganized under the statutes of this Stato
relating to business corporation's. In 'the
same manner as other corporations' are or
ganized, for galrror profit. It possesses a
capital stock ditlded into shares, and its
affairs are managed by a Board of Direc
tors composed of shareholders.
"The general rule is that all property is
subject to taxation. Laws exempting prop
erty frcm taxation are strictly construed
against the exemption, and in fat or of tax
fttlorf. The burden of proof I- on the "one
claiming exemption! to establish his rlfiht
He then quotes the law of exemption,
which gUes property exempt from taxation
as follows:
The property, real and personal, M th,e
State, counties and other municipal cor
porations, and ccmeterifs; lots In Incorpo
rated cities and tons; or within one mile
of them', to the extent-of one acre, and lots
one mile or more distant from such cities
or towns, to the extent of fle acres, viith
the buildings thereon, when they are used
exclusively or religious' -worship, schools or
charitable purposes Property, real or per
sonal, used" exclusU ely fojagrIcultural or
horticultural societies.
. The. opinion stated that If property Is. not
used exclusively for agricultural or horticul
tural, societies it is not, exempt from taxa
tion.?. , , , "- trXr '
The'opinlon concludes: V T' fz I '
i "Ai J'runaerstand the facts, "tflei property
tthe,g3t. Louis Fair Association J;fnot ued
scjusively. or een mainly, fof 'agricultural
cr horticultural society purposes, -within the
meaning 'of the Constitution, but is being
used, at least to a large extent, for other
purposes of gain and profit, and for this
reason is not within the constitutional or
statutory exemption, and Is therefore sub
ject to taxation. " '
Assessor-OBrien-wrote to Attorney Gen
eral E. C.Crow and asked him in regard to
assessing World's 'Fair propcrt. He re
plied that, in his: opinion, as lpng as the
property! used exclusively for the purpose
ot the World's" Fair by thfi Louisiana Pur
chase Exposition Company, it is not subject
-to taxation. -" - v
Following is the property of the Fair As
sociation Usted and the valuations:
that thev will ilRht eetv (Tort to ailopt
recommendations for the Calendar Commit
tee. O'Fallon was calling for a roll call
when Speaker Whiteiotton declared the mo
tion to retonlder laid on the table.
Two Important measures were mide spe
cial orders this morning for next week. One
of them was the Dildson text-book bill,
which will be considered TueJas at - p m.
The. other Is the Wallace Joint and concur
rent resolution No 1. otherwise known as
the Initiative and refe'endum It will bo
taken up Montla at 2 p. m
Jnmes Johnson, 87 Yenra Old, nelic-tcil
to Be Stnte'a Patriarch.
Macon. JIo , March 7 Recently the sub
ject of the 'oldest native Mlssourfan" has
been receiving some attention In the papers
A correspondent of the Kansas Clt Sue
cites- Captain Elliott of Camden, who"C
death occurred a few weeks ago CapfUi)
Elliott" was nearly SO vears of age, and had
resided in Missouri all his life. Another
writer offered In evidence Benjamin F.
Crawlev of Hrookfleld. who was born In
Howard County. September 16, 1S22
ElRht-scen jears ago. James Johnson
of Caliao was born near Old Franklin.
Howard County. Mo. where his bovhood
dajs were spent. At the age of 20 he came
to Macon County and settled Just west ot
College Mound and engaged In farming.
In the fall of 1812 he visited his friends,
the Wlnn, who lived in a settlement In the
eastern pa,'t of the count v. A schoolhohso
was being built. As were all schoolhouses
In those dajs. It was constructed out of
round logs, wooden chimney lined i with
rocks, puncheon floors, split logs with pins
put In for Denches greased uaDer nasted
over openings made by cutting one log out
nt the end or side of the building for win
dows. , Each scholar used whaf books the famllv
happened to have. StLdving was done out
leud, Mr. Johnson was the first teacher at
this school and Is the oldest living school
teacher in the county.
In 1M3 Professor Johnron married MIsj
Elizabeth Ramsej and lived west of Col
lege Mound until the war. At that time,
although the owner of five slives, he en
llsied In the Second Missouri Cavalry and
erved until discharged in ISM After the
war he located near where Laganda. Ma
ccn Count, is now. In 1876 he lost hfs
wife Two J ears later he married Mls
Margaret Chrlsman of Charlton County.
Professor Johnson later lived in Klrks
lle for ten or twelve sears, but for the
last fifteen ears he has resld;d pouth of
Callno en a good farm. He has one child,
a son. by his present wife, now grown and
married. Mr. Johnson has been paraljzraJ
for a number of jears and is quite help
less. i He cast his first vote for TV. II. Harrison
in 1840 and also -voted for Benjamin Harri
son. He was a Whig until the Republiran
party came Into existence, then a Repub
lican He has belonged to the Christian
Church for over fifty jears. .
This Is Macon Count! 's best offering ;ln
the way of a patriarchlal-narlve. and the '
auujeci is nerewnn.pasea, up tne nnej. et
Rain Has TIari Country Bonds Almost
Impassable, and Illtrh AVnter
Still Threaten Dnnincc
' Isl ncvy-improved .Brli'itMLKSF W JPW
"I t alsflPTaBV &&&M EfisV fcftfiKra.. tSn3j)v retfiS' a4bBt aalBBBr---
4 improvement siMKmtmLKk
fcl over ALL
H !!fJ Q-ifl03 OUVBpTF
ummmmmmmmr m x
vt i&4Mz&xntJwj&"uiiuc:JLVjiftFMaiyf wm
v , rieiXWk'VtHM.K3,i.tfA'&ryX
i sP? fi credit N Y0UR 0WN TERMS -rrrrri aT" XTS
p mo Everything Marked in Plain Figures jf$ MT
our new
credit system.
New features
Let the winds of economy
turn your wheels of prosper
ity and let HARTMAN'S be
your guide
We are setting a pace
in Furniture selling that is
astonishing the business
world. Our progressive
methods and the tremendous
purchasing power our sixteen great stores throughout the
United States is forfli us away aneau 01 an (.u.i.pciu.uii.
id AF.ft3l ftHIP r"lflnf&ffl.S now abound throughout the entire store.
RSAKIH bALt 0AKbA? They prove our pre-eminence-they'reglori-cms
demonstrations of our aV to underssll. Credit Cheerfully Given.
MJ Massiva FaDnco Leather Couches superior construc-p n gr
Ml lor so little, tiibncT before March Sale Price U U I 3V
' ' i
BSQS New, very attractive rlc-
llis, exceedingly showy (
Iarcli bale
Elaborate Iron Beds of elegant de
sign; massive, handsome
and durable March Sale
GrayvlUe, .111.. March 7. This winter has
been thti. vorst'.lnvthe history of Southern
IlflnoK especially" in the Wabash River
Beginning, early 'In December, rain has
fallen frequently and the countrj roads
have been almost impas.iible all winter,
makinc; It almost Impossible for the farmers
to take thelrproduce to market.
The mud la over a foot deep on many of
the roads, and it la not an uncommon thing
to see four horses hitched to an empty
wagon Man of the farmers have found it
neccsearv to walk to the city In order to pet
provisions '
The Wabash River has been out of Its
banks nearly all winter, and tho bottom
farmers have had a hard time. Indeed. Only
with skiffs have man) of them been able
to set to market. Duxinc tho rolrf uroii h
I few weeks ago. the back water was frozen
F- ..jfg-JT '
3 IdeId
3 flHIlIl
fw . '' II II I I '"
. I J' -- - r. & -
wfl V'
Description of Property,
pt. lot V city hlk. S5a8, Fair i
.v. pt, lot 1, city blk. Soas, Fair avenue, Anderson & D. add . LM acres..
t . -tj' w w, ruiim uciiut;, Aniiers on et u. aaa , lah acres
S. pt. lot 1, city blk. 3599, Fair avenue. Anderson & D. add , 1.77 'acres..
ioi 12. citv dik. &). fTarnn avenue, ziehm. vinn'a aA ihiv 71
Lot 43, city blk. 3599. .Fnrlln avenue, 29 6x140, Vlon'a add. (blk. 2)..
Lot 14, city Blk. 3599,i Farlln avenue, 30x140, Vlon'a add. (blk. 2)..'
Lot 15. city blk. 3599, Farlln avenue, 30x140. Vion's add. (blk. 2)..
Lot 16. cltv blk. 3599, Farlln avenue. 30x140, Vion's add. (blk. 2)..
Cityiblk. 4433 Red Bud avenue, Anderson & D. add , 3.02 acres ...
City blk. 5039. Red Bud avenue, Anderson, D. add., L04 acres ....
Vol. 2, p.-30, Grand avenue. Gr. pt. Com. Fields, 13146 acres
T"l Valuation.
Pains In the small of the back, gainful
passtnrf of urine, Inflammation of the blad
der.ltorpld liver, cloudy urine,
BylDfivrne Out UjJc Acid Poison
Ifrorn tne System, Permanent
I Cure Can Be Effected.,
; But First the
Ithumat!m, nheiunatlc Gont and All
I'nrmn of L'rlc Acid 1'olnon xe Re-
Multn of Kidney DUcnae, anil
Can Onl lie Cnrcd 1 Getting
Direct at the Sent of the
1 Trouble, the Kid-
-- r)i, "With
Rev. Dr. I. - lllara, a Prominent Metli
odlut Dtvlnr. -aa Warner'a Safe
Cure Cured Ilia Rhcjbmatlam:
Sandwich, III "After a delav of months
lo bo sure that a cure of my rheumatism
or over a j ear's painful suffering had been
effected, I delre to assure you that.soiar
03 I know an thins of myself, I am w ell.
1 am persuaded that
Warner1 Safe Cure
did It. I believe that
the medicine will do
all hnt it claims to
do if the patient will
follow the Instruc
tions to the letter."
(ltev.) I VIUaARS.
pastor. M. E Church.
TEST Ynitlt TTU-
li!Ei . ".'here Is a.
reddish sediment in It,
or If It is cloudy, or if
ou -see particles or
germs floating abon
in . 1 cur
are diseased.
Send a sample of jour urine to Medical
Department, Warner's Safe Cure Company.
Rochester. X. Y.: the doctors will, make
analysis and send j ou a repirt and ladvlce
free.i together with a valuable' medical
booklet which tells nil about diseases of the
Icldntys. liver, bladder and blood, and their
WARNER'S SAFE CURE Is purely vege
table and contains no narcotic or harmful
It la freo from sediment .and pleasant to
take. (Beware of ao-culleil .kidney
cure full ot aeJIment and 'of bad
odor they are dnncernua.) It docs not
constipate. It Is prescribed and used "by
doctors themnelvea In the leading hospital
9 tho only absolute cure for all forms "bf
disease of the kldnejs, bladder and blood.
WAITER'S SAKE PltU move the
bowels gently and aid a speedy cure.
Warncfai Saf e Cure U what you. need, -you
can ray It at any drug store, two sizes,? 53
cent and II ta bottle.
Refaae Sobatltntea and Imftatfona.
There Is no kidney cure "Just as good" as
Warper's. Ihrlst. on the genuine.'' Substi
tutes contain harmful drugs.
-?796 4S0
Oliver of Cape Girardeau said that ho .was
opposed to a Calendar Committee until the
date for adjournment had been fixed.
"Thero are bills of merit and of vital
Interest to vthe authors," he said, "which
should be considered by the entire House
and not put at the end of a calendar by a
AtkInon of Ripley. Davidson of Marion,
Hick of Ste. Genevieve. Stewart of Knox
and Haines of Sating favored the Gardner
resolution. Bothwell asKeil for delay until
'Monday.' ' "
While Gardner and O'Fallon were arguing
about the resolution and growing warm,
Duncan of Buchanan aked the Democrats
to keep out of a Republican fight. After
wards., when Gillespie of Boone was favor
ing the O'Fallon substitute, he refused to
abide by Duncan's, good-natured advice.
On a roll call trie O'Fallon substitute was
defeated by a vote ot 50 to 50, no majority
being given. When a roll call for the orig
inal resolution was demanded O'Fallon and
Bothwell sent the Republican members out
of the house. When the roll call was first
completed only slxt-four had -voted, eight
leH than a quorum.
Then began a hunt for the members. Selph
of St. Louis was found and brought In. Oth
er Democrats were recruited until seventy
had been secured'. Tall hustling was then
necessary. Finally Britain of Greene. Re
publican, walked 1n ilnd voted no Hehad
lien promised votes for the Springfield
Court of Appeals.
Wray of Barton, another Republican, was
also found and brought In nfter he had Ije-u
promised support for some pet measure.
Gardner, who had "ducked" after present
ing his resolution, came back and oted
'against it.
The quorum was announced as present
and the vote declared 62 ayes and 11 noes.
irtrt v jiiuEe vuunK 111 uie iktruiivb wcie .00111-
I M."" "-- ---". -- ".
Lindsay, Maples, urauon, unver, iieinmu
ler, Spangler and Wray. ,
Carter of Grundy was marked present and
voting ae, but on the erIflcatIon was chal
lenged as not being present. As there was
one vote to spare, the challenge "went for.
'OTallon of Holt, leader of the Republic
ans, was angry over the result and de
clared that legislation would be further
"blocked next week for what he termed
arbitrary,, legislation. The regular Demo-
over, and as the.Ice was not ihlck enough
to bear a man's weight, farmers were un
able to get to markex for a week or more,
and many were nearly out of provisions
With difficulty have, funerals been'held In
the country districts, as the roads were so
bad that 'bodies have had to be carried
overland. In, some, instances a mile or more.
Old residents .gay the roads were never so
bad as at present. There appears to bo lit
tle prospect for a change, as the rains are
still prevailing. The Wabash River 1h con
tinuing to rise, and fears are now enter
tained that the zronlnsr wheat tun nit iA
ruined, and as there Is a large acreage in
the bottoms tho Joss will be a severe one
to the farxiers
Solid Oak Dresser Beautifully
finished, heavy ItchcIij
beveled plate mirror
March Sale Price
1 9l ft., special
show ills',
Ct ft., price cut to
(K! ft., inlist dur
able. $8.75
litis:-!. !K12 ft ,
1 0x12 ft., heavy
1 eight,
1 Credit
, given
a HBli
... j
RnftlrB Chairs This larcc.com-
fortaWf full roll Reed Rocker, shel-
Iackena very casy
rocko!arch bale
7.10li ft., special,
IUigS 0xJ2 ft., two
piece, $12.75
7'sxlOH ft., fine
ItiiSS 9xl2 ft., line,
S'is.104 ft., special.
$7.50 1
nil 11 rtiwii r
SidebOard-ln Solid Oak Fine
polish finish: massive, elaborate
design; trench bev- A A r ft
el ed mirror March xH Til
Sale Price tPUIwU
secures this 4-room out-everything is in
cluded for any 4 roomsfou wish nothing
is omitted. ALL Fur Mure, Carpets, Cur
tains, Stoves, PicturesAtc, etc., for parlor,
bedroom, dining-roomaid hitchen, or any
four iooEvas
you may wish to fcrnisb Price $99.
Terms: SIO Down S5 peiwionin. ?i j
Drives Mother and Sister Fronx
Tlieir Beds Into the Cold.
Buffalo, March 7. Freu J. Bodman. 20
years old, jejectca his mother and sister
from the house. ct fire to the bulldlnsr and
fought-Battalion Chief Petting and Patrol-
umii uniiu uriurc lie as lanaeu oenina
the bars He Is supposed to be In'sane.
At!! o'clock In the morning: he aroused his
mother and sister and ordered them from
the house.
Bodman then plied up newspapers, pfl
lowa and rugs In the middle of the floor.
He set them afire. The fire burned fiercely
and a citizen who was passing saw the
smoke-and turned In an alarm. The Bre
men amveu in a snore lime.
Chief Petxlng ran to the front door and
opened It. As he did so Bodman attacked
him and struck him in the face. Petzliur
fell down tne steps.
At this Juncture. Patrolman Ewart of
the Tenth Preclncfr arrived and Bodman
was turned over to him. uouman was
luuuus nu lougm nerceiy. Bwnrt had
a hard struggle with him all the way to
the station. He tore the officer's clothes
and scratched hlra.
GO-Car'S Largest assort
ment in the citv, new im
proved, the mot elaborate
Jlarch Sale
rtfer? ra.
gear' ' g-.t.', .'ST. TKt
OTa&SSSgjnBviB M
Odd Divans a urgiot-iu haud-
some elesiens in mahogany finish.
hand polished, expertly uphol
stered in finest import
ed materials March
Sale Price
my upuoi-
lins -Mm
i iff U W. !
fiMgfli itb'-vK- n ijL' 1 ;1 I' j ifryi
China Closet, fcgf.
Beautiful golden oak, bent
irlass, hand-carved, high
ly polishea'
Sale Price.
I ara-a Flaerani Oavennoris In policed ml-
hogany finish, superior import- AAA mVl
ed coverings, best quality of f 1 ft
sprint March cnlc Vrire Jttt I U
crats laughed and answered by recalling
the tactics of the Filipinos' combination.
Another dispute was inaugurated over a
resolution-offered by Locker of Pulaski fin
ing the date for adjournment at Starch lfi.
The proposition met with much opposition,
both from Republican and Democrat.
Finally, consideration was deferred until
next Friday.
Before taking a recess until this afternoon
the House reconsidered the otc by which
the calendar resolution "had been" adopted,
and the motion was laid on the table.
Despite this resolution, the Republicans say
Led Man to Snowdrift in Which
Trapper Was Buried.
San Francisco, March 7. Another -ictlm
of the recent severe storm has been found
in the person of William McKay, aged 42
years, who lived without a human com
panion on South Fork Mountain, sixty miles
from WeavervllK where he devoted him
self to trapping wild animals.
It wan pnly through the Intelligence of
nls dog that the man's body was recovered.
A party of 'men found the animal four
miles from McKay'n cabin, bound toward
TVeaverUHc. This -was strange, as the man
and beast were usually Inseparable. The
canine barked gleefully when ltmet the
party and -started back over its tracks
The men followed the dog. It led them
tiast the McKav cabin, and three miles
-further on tn tne .mountain side, where.
body of the dog's, master. There were no
signs of Injuries on the body. The"trapper
had evidently perished in tho snun.
Sanitary C0U0h8S Automatic Working, Easily
operated forms most comfortable and strong bed
when opened.. Most dealers ask
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l strong Dea
Parlor Musio Cabinets.
Beautiful goideu- oak or Solid Golden Oak Extension Table
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and Desk. Solid oalc, liand
carved and polished, heavy
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ror March
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t'ML'llf A'tyMTTra AM iiilnWlCTift4 iffliAAAAaatwttvfl
ind the
-il Ol l"v
John fJooil. CI) tip ClirUlopher. Arthur
Smltb ami I'lilllp McCee
Are Wounileil.
St. Joseph, Mo , March " Because they
Jeered at him. Waiter Green, a negro aged
15 jears. fired into a crowd of whitp lioja
at South St. Joseph, with a shotgun.
woundliR foar ot them. John Good. Cljde
t'hrlstophcr, Arthur Smith and Philip
Tho gun was loaded with buckshol
oojs were struck in different pai
body and head
Nonn nf than, it ie KaUa. a u dmccroU'
1 wounded. The white boys, who arc about
Green's age, arc members of prominent
xamillcs. t
Green has bten arrested.
Modiste Says She Was Employed
by Soviner KrotUers.
The Grand Jury csterda- morning re
uuiea tne Investigation of Norm A""'T , "lal Krataurant,
Ucet Immoral resorts. The principal u ;
nes was a drcsimnker. vho ntet that she
was employed by the Eovenir brothers to
make Mhort dres-cs fqr the women who
lived in the houses which they are charged
with leasing for Immoral purposes.
Other testimony waj given showing that
the Sovlncrs would pay JIC0 for ii prettv
clrl brought o them for their houses. Such
testimony was given bv witnesses ten rlajs
liBn "ml to'd Hi The Itcmihltc at the time.
c rciilt Attorney rolk -lally receives many
iit.r. civlrg Information eoncernlng the
!,"irt nl be hii ilechlnl that so long as
reli-ilile information is obtainable the Grand
jiirj bhall continue tho investigation.
Mr. iraiciie hnya J
Counsel on Both Sides Af
Continuance of Case.
Counsel for tho defendant ihd State yes
terday morning agreed to have the casa
against Captain llojd ot the Fourth Toiice
District, who Is charged with neglect of, of
lici il duty, set for trial on Mrach 30.
Captain Hovd appealed in court with Tred
l.ehmnnn and S. S. Bass as hi- counsel. Trje
State was represented by Prosecuting Attor
ney Charles I. Williams. It was agreed that
the case louid not be tried icstrrdav. and
,,. service l a specialty at the new Co- . counsel for loth sides decided that they
tiroaUway and Locust et. would be ready for trial on March 30.
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