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' " TT r """ jJ-"rJJr
V- ss ;f jeV-'""1
a i
. ol.
j .
I $
' 6
The One
049"-" '-Itli find Market Sin.
J 857 -li una Vine S.
J 880 Olh nnil OHtc Sts.
fOnO Utli, Olive.
UJ 7jn, Locuxt.
ix inviting yoit to come tresdvy
and inspect ock remodeled ami
enlarged store, wf, SIIM.L not
indulge ix axv retrospective
Our history is briefly, rocp'ded in
ilii fnnr il:itie !it ilm IikmiI .if tliis
. , .. . ... ., ,.
Column, aild it IS With the future
we now have to deal. There are to
day fifty-three stores Jioused under
this one roof, and some of thorn oc
cupy not less than double the en
tire floor space of the little store,
the picture of which is &hovu at
the right in the" top corner.
This is now the most comfort
able and convenient store in the en
tire West, excelled, we believe, by
none in the'wor4d in its serving ca
pacity. The sources of supply-commanded
by our immense capital enables
us to purchase, and therefore sell,
at lower prices than Otherwise p6s
siblu. Ban's department display, be
ginning Tuesday, will give you a
better idea of the marvelous re
sources of this great house, which
is now thoroughly modern in every
respect, than any printed descrip
tion could do.
Tuesday all elevators will be
running, and there are nov seven
hew, ele'etric pasSenger elevators
of large carrying rapacity running
from basemdnt to fourth floor.
We cordially invite our public to
come and 6ce the result of these
months of labor and expenditure,
and to rejoice with us that at last
all is complete and the noise and
bustle of construction at an end.
Dress Goods Department.
Very special values In Dress tloods all
at $1.00 a yard.
45-inch All-Wool Melrose Cloth, J1.00. A
great seller full line of spring colors.
46-lnch All-Wool Idots, $1.00 a yard. Just,
me ining lor aniri-ivaisi buiis.
CO-lnch All-Wool Unfinished Worsteds,
$1.00 a yard. Splendid for traveling suits.
48-inch All-Wool Crepe Crush, $1.00 a yard.
A strong cloth, all colors.
52-inch All-Wool Twill-Back Brown Cloth.
$1.00. Best value. ln'the market.
45-inch All-Wool Novelty Suitings,- $1.00 a
yard. Blue and white, and -black and
white. All the rage for Shlrt-Waist Suits.
48-inch Ail-Wool Silk Finish Henrietta,
rjl $1.00 a yard. On Barr's famous central
a?H uccurs luesciciy, luarcn leinii. ( fh
- 7?tij:iitii3'ii-5i rjt:jij',H.'. 'in'ji i 'IH. Mi'f.; (Rfnoj jLLtz' xr
V""'5l5Si3T V Novelties in Embroideries. New Black Dress Goods.
xv --i-s 8agij. i-agr- ws uuuuiiuy vjiiuwiuv 111
X X. ir--"" - 4---r-H5Sit r r T. Jf S - aunv.r n'PirtlTG ivn UTiVKS 13 ' O
(CaOv "-xT- "" jS" ' 7 - -. " Tlmt Will Be SUonn Jlonilir. THE EVEn-POPl'LAB BLACKS.
WT&i - .
,'' 175 pieces of All-Wool and Silk and Wool
Prench Challles will be shown EXCLU
High-class French Novelty Suits and the
new Novelty Mohairs and Sicilians on sale
, Monday. They are .very good this season.
T Women's Underwear.
Alio Shirt XValats.
$(.98 Women's Silk Petticoats, In plaid
u taffeta, silk, umbrella shape, deep shirred
flounce: finished with
niching; regular
.value, $6.93.
$6.98 Women's Silk Petticoats, umbrella
shape, deep accordion-pleated graduated
flounce. In all the new changeable effects.
$6.E0-Women's Silk Petticoats, black only;
umbrella shape, deep accordion-pleated
flounce, finished with double ruffle.
. Women's Shirt Waists, made of India
"linens, fuil front of Insertions of embroidery
. and tucks, tucked back, new sleeve and
" collar; sizes 32 to 42; $1.25.
OV WnTnn' Shlrf WfllKt rriaA nf flnft Tnrifa
linen, -front made of seven rows of fine In-
'sertlons of embroidery, tucked back
sleeve and cellar; $1.75.
'k $1J)8.
,r women'-s Shirt Waists, made of Oxford
cloth, tucked yoke effect, wide pleat, fln
'"'lshed vlth largo pearl buttons, new sleeve
and collar; $1,93.
&! We have just received a full line of the,
H celebrated "Star Shirt Waists" In Percale,
.li! Oxfords, Madras and Linens. These are
SH strictly tailor-made, perfect fitting; prices
"ranging; from $1:75. $2.00 tor$3.9ft.
ii WeZW wmr rn'mkT This is a regul
- Hundred
VZ m,vt JWVk V25:? ) J1 gjMtwTm tUlWrjL NSS fyS
New Spring Gloves
of Barr's direct importations are
here. Bcsd French productions in
Glace or Suedes. Barr's are also
exclusive agents, for P. Centemeri
& Co.'s ''Perfection -of Fit'" Kid
P. Centemcrr& Co.'p first quality Suede
Gloves, new spring color. $1.50.
P. Centemeri & Co s Florlne quality Glace
Gloves, all colors, $1.50.
I'. Centemeri & Co.'s bet quality French
Kid Gloves The most satisfactory gIoes
Imported In the United States. All colors,
$1.73; black. $2.
Special opening-week barKa'n'. Extra
1 values In women's line Kid Gloves,
colors nnd white. Grace or Suedes
or Prix
seam street GIove, 90c pair.
Dent's Gloves, for men; Travelers' sample
lines. Including all lines of their best. quali
ties; regular $1.S3, $2 and $2.25 GIoci; first
choice, sale price $1.25; second choice, sale
price $1.00.
There are alw some gloie bargains In
odds and ends of broken sizes, but some of
all sizes from 7 to 10; prices, 50c and 73c.
Cloak and Suit Department.
This great department will.bn'MQndayoccnpy its enlarged space which, puts it in thejlead of all cloak and suit rooms
west of New York Gity, and '-not excelled?even there. More space means.more and-greater variety of garments, more
salespeople, more fitters. In short, our customers will witness a revelation in the business of selling ready-to-wear garments.
"L r
New, Suit Sketched at Ban'M.
MS HO R7 50 $10 00 $ 1 2 50 At these Popular P"ces wc show a full and complete line of the newest ideas in Dress
q J.UU, kp . JU, ip 1 J. JyJ p 4l t- V skirts-materials are Etamine, Voile, Cheviot, Broadcloth, Brilliantine. Venetian and Silk-in all col
ors plain and trimmed lined and anlined.
' New Silk Coats.
Frnm $5 00 tf) 1 00 00"rais.is tlie ful1 ranffe ?f prices in
- . ... -f. - -., f -
$100.00 in Taffeta, Peau de Soie
At $5 00 tn $40 00 Large
. .. w. w .. t- .. and
New Priestley Cravenette v Rain Coats.
At-$20 00 $22 50 idP $25.00 arec Pd complete stock of genuine Priestley Cravenette Rain Coats-a dozen different and dis
vl ipV..JW, MfUU. KJ Ta) kiiu.JJ tinct styie3i jth and Vithout capes and belts all colors, black, Oxford, tan and oHtc
New Ribbons.
The greatest collection of "High-Class" Novelty Rib
bons ever shown in St. Louis, productions of the best French
manufacturers will be displayed at Barr's Big Ribbon De
partment this week. The goods
to 9 inches. Among them are
novelties for Neck Ribbons, Sashes, Hat Trimming, etc.
Printed Foulard Ribbons in Chinese designs, Embroid
ered -Linen Ribbons, Persian. Taffeta, Embroidered Warp
Printed Taffetas, Plaid Gauze 'Ribbons, Handsome Plaids,
Wide Moired Sash Ribbons1, New Black and White Ribbons,
Ombre Taffetas,- Striped Velvet Ribbons, Narrow Persian
Ribbons, etc, etc." On Tuesday all these and many other new
styles will be gorgeously displayed.
In addition to the above we will offer on Monday at 10c
a yard a lot of All-SilkcTaffeta Ribbons, 2 inches wide;' in
White, Pink, Light Blue, Cardinal, Mais, Turguoise and Black.
r 15c ribbon.
and Eighth Semi-Annual Opening and
Wc arc showing thclargest line
in Mcnjs Silk Neckwear in the
cit3. Latest shape in Four-in-Hands,Tecks,
Squares and Strings,
at SOc each.
Merl's new spring- styles Negli
gee Shirts, in plain white and neat
effects;, at Si. 00 and 51.50 each.
Men's tjnderwear in great va
riety. Silk, Wool, Lisle and Bal
briggan, from 50c to S3. 25 per
Music Programme for Week of
March 9.
March "The Soldier of I"ortune"...Gustln
Selection "The Stroller" Enqlander
"The Brownie Ballet" Cosby
Overture "The Watch on the Rhine"
."La Carita" ,..,.., Osborne
"Grand American Fantafle" Tone Pic
tures of tho North and South Bendlx
Selection from "The Jlockin? Bird"
March "I'm a Jonah Man" Rogers
(Carter's Orchestra.)
Tailor Suits. il
Barr's Suits are pre-eminent in St. louis. Every new, up-to-tlate
style -r every new spring material. every fashionable
. shade every kind of new trimming is to be found here.
At $ 1 3 75 ev Blouse Suits, in cheviots and fancy mixtures
t ' taffeta silk-lined blouse unlined skirts all sires and colors.
At $18 IS Fine black, blue and brown Broadcloth Blouse Suits
t. '-'-' beautifully made and trimmed taffeta silk lining in blouse new
style skirt.
At $25 00 wel1 Cheviot and Mixture Suits, made in the latest
'r blouse style silk-lined blouse and silk drop skirt neatly trimmed
thoroughly tailor made. Best values in silk-lined suits ever offered at 925.00.
At $25 00 Fne Etamine Suits,, in black blue, tan and white
t-isjj siikHned blouse unlined skirt grand values at only $25.00.
Walking Skirt
At $5 00 - variety of styles at this popular price in best of ma
- ?JJyj terials in black, gray, tan, blue and brown finest tailoring perfect
ly draped. U sizes at only $5.00.
J At $7 50 $ 1 0 00 Dozens of new styles in Walking Skirts at
nl V I fV V.JJ these priceseSpeciany is this stock strong with
fine black skirts all materials, colors and sizes.
At$16.-50, $20.00 $22.50 3fcfi2S!4K!fflS;
Barr's, as usual materials are Etamine, Cheviot, Bnlhintine, Broadcloth and
Scotch Checks all colors, black, blue, gray, white large stock perfect fitting.
trimming; in snort, a magmncenc, targe
and Shantung Silks.
New Covert Jackets.
line of Tan Covert Jackets, as well
styies pnees 90.UU, s.ou, eiu.uj, 9
vary in width from 5 inches
to be found many exclusive
New 5-pIecc Shlrt-Waist Bands, new
Medalllono, Butterflies, Bow-knots. Squares,
Oblong and Round; new Initials Medallions.
New Applique Band Trimmings; new
Swiss Sets, with Valenciennes Lace BJ?es;
new Shlrt-Waist Fronts; new Corset Cov
er' Embroideries; new Ribbon Inert!ngs.
Special Bargains for This Week.
l'-j-lnch wide Nainsook and Cambric
Edges, 9c. value, for Oc a yard.
3-inch wide Cambric Edges. 12c value,
"c a yard. v.
5U-lnch wide Nainsook Insertlngs.
value, for loc a yard.
iy-inch wide Ribbon Band Trimming, 13s
value, for 7c a yard.
2-lneh wide Ribbon Band Trimming.
alue. for 13c a yard.
3-lnch wide Guipure Band Trimming,
value, for 23c a. yard.
10-lnch wide New Swiss Skirtings,
alue, for 23c a yard.
10-inch wide New Cambric Skirtings,
value, for 27c a yard.
I'-inch wide New Cambric Skirtings,
value, for 37c a yard.
22-lm-h wld Nainsook All-Over Embroid
ery for Shirt Waists, J1.4S value, for SSo
a yard. i i. -,
10-Inch wide New Nainsook Skirtings, 73c
value, for 43c a yard.
22-inch wide Cambric All-Over Embroid
ery, GOc value; for 37c a yaid:
Special for Monday only 15c Embroideries
for 5c a yard.
our Silk Coats. Every conceivable
siosc 01 inese popun
lar garments at ft.Ot,
as fine Black Coats thoroughly
$20.03 and up to $40.00.
The Advance in Cotton
In Barr's Wash Fabric Department,
but sagacious 'buyers will see the wis
dom of purchasing these lines of goods
l.OOO pieces Amoskcag Apron Ginghams,
worth by the case'ic; we will retail this lot,
but no more, at 7c yard.
400 pieces Genuine Bates Seersucker, very
scarce and staple as gold, wash perfectly,
12V4c yard.
500 pieces Mercerized Pongee and Momle
Cloths, all the new shades, for shirt-waist
suits, 30c yard.
20D pieces' Anderson's Scotch Shirting Ma
dras; .these, goods wash like linen and re
tain tbe!r colors forever; 33c yard. ,
1,000 pieces 27-Inch Mercerized Madras, sold
everywhere at -25c; we bought them cheap
and save you 25 per cent at 20c yard.
2,000 pieces Printed Dimities and Batistes,
all our own special printings. In beauUful
new patterns, 15c yard.
500 pieces McBride's Irish Dimities, March
importations; Just landed; they Include a
lull line of Dresdens, blues, pinks, greens,
buffs, etc, etc, in handsome foulard pat
terns, at 25c a yard.
Everj thing pretty and attractive In Wool
or Silk and Wool Fabrics can bo found in
our extensive collection.
Whether you are looking for material for
an elaborate gown, tailor-made suit or for
an everyday skirt or dress, you can rely
with absolute certainty upon getting what
you want in Barrs Black Dress Goods
stock. Foremost among the new weaves
Etamlne. Voiles, Mistrals, Twine Cloth,
Crepe de Chines, novelties In Voiles, plain,
and fancy Mohairs and Sicilians, etc.
We mention a few splendid specials:
44-Inch black, plain and homespun Eta
mlne, all wool, superb finish, crisp and wiry,
at 73c yard.
42-lnch black Crepe de Chine, made from
pure silk and 'wool, at the low price of J1.00
54-inch black Cheviot, all worsted, rich Jet
black, extra value, at J1.23 yard.
Novelties in Etamlnes and Voiles, Barr's
exclusive designs, from J1.00 to 12.75 per
Northeast Corner. MIn Store.
Oar Cafe
Fourth Floor ot Arnex.
Is In line, with the extended usefulness ,of
the entire store light, roomy, homelike,
dainty In its furnishings and service, food
delightfully cooked.'and prices as moderate
?s quality and service will JusUfy. In fact,
he model dining place for ladles and gen
tlemen. New Suit Sketched at Ban's.
style is here every new idea in
$7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $16.00 and up to
well lined and tailored all sizes
"Redeeming the Time." Dally musings
for Lent. Complied from the works ot
Christian G. Rosettl.
"Lady Rose's Daughter," by Mrs. Hum
phry Ward, author ot "Eleanor" and
"Robert Elsmere." .
' "Lovey Mary." sequel to "Mrs. WIggs of
the Cabbage Patch."
"The Eternal City," by Hall Caine; soon
to be played at one of "tho theaters.
"The Star Dreamer." by Castle, author of
"Pride" of Jennlco."
New edition of the "History of the Louisi
ana Purchase," by Dr. James K. Hosmer.
"The Turquoise Cup and the Desert," by
Arthur Casslett Smith.
Burnt Wood Racks; regular price $1.50;
our price S5c
And. Cottona by the Yard.
Consider that the price of cotton Is ad
vancing, and look after the household needs
now, while prices are still low:
1,000 43x36 made Pillow Slips; 8 l-3c each.
$L00 per dozen.
2,000 45x36 made Pillow Slips; 10c each,
$1.1215 per dozen.
500 SlxSO made Sheets; 50c each. $3.40 per
3,000 yards 4-4 Lonsdale Cambric; lie per
3 bales yard-wide Brown Cotton; 5c per
1.200 -yards beat made Feather Ticking;
I lav
km RlMl m Bitr
i I I
A Preliminary Showing of
Laces, Trimmings and Neckwear.
Exquisite Laces that seem as impossible of human achievement
as the spider's intricate web, but still are the work of patient, skillful
human hands.
Preliminary showing of P. K., Lawn anil Butchers' Linen top collars and
wash stocks with embroidered tabs in white and Persian designs, at 13c, Kc,
35c, 50c, 75c, 00c to $1.50 each.
Preliminary showing of Cape Collars In Irish crochet. Venetian and Ara
bian, In Urge leaf-and grape designs, at ?1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.50, $3.75 to
$12.00 each.
Preliminary showing of Persian Bands and Appliques, embroidered in
silk and linen, In fruit, flower, leaf and grape designs, at 50c, 75c, 00c, $1.00,
?1.35, $1.50, $1.75, $2.50, $3.50 to $5.00 a yard.
Preliminary showing of Silk and Mohair Fancy Braids and Galloons, at 10c,
25c, 35e. SOC. 75c. f)0c. Sl.m in S1 7.-. nor T-nr.1
Preliminary showing of Plauen, St
..luua, uaiioons, images wun an-overs to march. In sets complete. In white,
cream, ecru and two-toned effects, in flower, leaf and grape designs.
Preliminary showing of all the latest import novelties in Veilings, at 75c,
$1.00, $1.35, $1.73 to $5.00 each.
Redfern Corsets.
"The woman of fashion" intimates the good corset-
She seems -to have given her corset the attention
that results in assisting the dressmaker to make all
possible out of her form, and the outlines suggest
corset perfection for her figure. Only one of our
"Redfern" Models is illustrated, but there are styles
to suit all .kinds of forms, and. they will give the stylish
contour if the proper corset is selected. Our sales
women know the right styles for all figures. We have
the kind in the Redfern that curves hips, lengthens
the waist or shortens it, as the case may be, and
rounds the bust into the correct outlines.
Barr's, St. Louis Agents
for this elegant Corset.
The Newest Silks.- -
Many novelties not shown before this sea
son will be shown. Embroidered Pongees
and Shantungs, plain colored Shanghai -Silks.
Printed Shantungs In shadow effects.
Taffeta and Loulsine Checks in new com
binations of coloring, etc.
A few money savers are:
19-tnch Black Swiss Taffeta Silk. 49c,
worth '65c.
37-lnch- Black Domestic Taffeta Silk. S9c,
worth 83c
36-lnch Black Domestic Taffeta Silk, S3c,
worth $1.10.
20-inch Black Swiss Peau de Sole. SSc,
worth $1.15.
Jt-lnch. -Black Swiss Peau de Sole. $1.19.
worth $1.50.
XS-fnch Black Taffeta Silk, extra heavy,
$1.13, worth $1.60.
Bleached Mediterranean Sponges.
A Shipment ot These, Bonnht Before
the Advance, Has Jnst
Been Received.
1,300 pieces; now worth 13e. for 10c
1.000 pieces; now worth 25e,-for 15c
1,500 pieces: now worth 33c, for 20c
1,500 pieces; now worth 45c, for 25c
600 pieces; now worth 60c. for 33c.
1,000 pieces; now worth 75c. for Sic.
580 pieces; now worth $1.00, for 63c
We also carry a full line of sizes In the
"Kleanwell" Rubber Sponge at 50c 63c. 73c.
83c $1.00, $1.25, according to s'lze.
New Hosiery and Woven
In order to obtain an Idea of the Itn
mtmse assortment of Xew, Plain and
Fancy Hosiery and Underwear that we
are showing for Spring and Summer, it
will be necessary to pay this department
a visit, for It would be impossible to
minutely enumerate here the extensive
We hAve made a splendid display of this
season's choicest styles, which will, no
doubt, prove Interesting. In our collection
you will nnd all of the newest styles of
fancy striped and figured Lisle Thread
Hosiery, and an endless variety of the
dainty, embroidered styles, both plain and
open-worked at all the popular prices from
25 cents. to $2,00 per pair. In the plain and;
drop-stitch black silk hose we are showing
new lines ranging In price from $1.00 to
$2.75 per pair, and In the fancy colored, em
broidered and open-worked pure silk many
new, neat patterns will be found at prices
from $2.50 to $7.50 per pair.
An Iznpection of our Children's Hosiery
stock will convJnce.you that we are now
prepared for the coming season.
Particular attention was given the medium-weight
undergarments this season,
and ladles desiring this class of underwear
for early spring will find our stock the
largest to select from. All of the popular
styles, as well as the fancy vests, are
shown, beginning with the cotton, at W
cents up, the handsome hand-crochet silk
at $5.00. We are also showing great values
in union suits from 50 cents upward. Our
stock of Infants' and Children's underwear
for spring and summer never was as corn-
Gall, Brussels and English Laces, Irii
Wk 1
jSjf nf x
i Jib
Two. Big Bargainsi.
27-Ineh all-wool Imported French Flannel,
splendid for Waist. Kimonos, House and
Steamer Wrappers, In fancy Stripes and
Persian designs; 73c quality down to SOc per
yard; don't miss this bargain.
Only a few pieces left of our all-wool
Black .Moreen Skirting; regular SOc quality
for 23c per yard; slightly imperfect.
Barr's new Knickerbocker Crash Suiting
is all the rage for 1903; sold over 300 pieces
last week; have received our third ship
ment, which will be ready for sale Monday;
only 20c per yard.
Plain Linen In all the leading shades for
Shirt Waists, 38 inches wide; only 50c per
54-Inch Waterproof Cloth, for rainy-day
skirts. In Navy, Gray, Brown, etc; only
00c per yard.
Barr's Food Department.
The "Twentieth Century Luncheons"' and
lectures, which Mrs. F. Violet Sanborn is
giving in Barr's Food Department, are the
center of Interest for all hostesses "who Ilk
to know tho latest pretty fads in decoration,"
service and cookery, on which subject Mrs.
Sanborn is an acknowledged and famous
Crown Jewel Flour, made from the finest
Monday Snow Luncheon.
Tuesday Dec- Salad Day continuously.
Wednesday Marin! Luncheon.
Thursday Lecture on Private Cooking.
Friday Lenten Luncheon. ' -.
Colorado wheat. SS-pound sack; $2.00.
Granulated Sugar Best Eastern granulat
ed, 20 pounds, $1.00.
Vandke's Cocoa The finest the market
affords, per pound cahr JSc1-
Coffee Mocha and Java Coffee. In one
pound package, per pound. 19c
?&W3 ;.
Teas Oolong. English Breakfast, Gunpow- rfiu
der. Young Hyson or Japan (special), 60crp
French Peas Genuine Imported, two cans, j5
25 cents. c
Mushrooms First choice, per can, 24c
Holbrook's Worcestershire Sauce, bottled
in England; half plntsi 13c; pints, 35c
quarts, 63c
Tomatoes Standard brand, three.'pound
cans, 9c
Canned Vegetables Standard goods Corn.
Peas, Lima Beans or Succotash, per'ca'n, 7c
Olives Manzanilla Olives, four'-ouncalbot-tle,
per bottle, 6c V
Prunes Finest California Prunes! per
pound, 10c
Peaches Best California, per pound, 14c
Currants One-pound packages, per pack
age. 7".4c
Sardines Falstaft brand, genuine import
ed, one-quarter tins, 12e; one-half tins, 18c
Rice Best Rice, two pounds. lJc ,
Ivory Soap Large bar, per, bar, 7C
Maccaronl Best Imported, two packages,
Table Syrup One-quart cans, per can, 10c
Snlder's Catsup One-quart bottles, $9c
Mapl-Flake The steam-cooked breaKfassI
food served free m the basement. f
25c -per yard.
plete as this season.
viprwi 1 jerM
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