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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, March 08, 1903, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 62

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There is a pretty style or girt called the
typical American girl.
J Is a new "type." and she 1 ao dls
ln her ways aa aha la In her looks.
Is wonderfully graceful.
A goes without dwelling upon It, and
s tall and slim. But the trait do not"
f stamp her as a type.
y There are other characteristics which are
noticed about her.
And these are that she shall have a wide,
smooth forehead, not too high, but perfectly
free from lines.
She must hare cheeks that are weU'.flned
out. even plump, and"shapedso' that they
make an outline that, while plump and full,
shall nevertheless be an oval
Then, besides these, which would seem to
he enough for any girl, she must have a
rounded chin, with a tip that is Just the
sweetest thing in the world.
Her neck is full, too, for she Is pretty In
decollete, the American girl, but It is her
forehead, her chin and her cheeks that come
first among her delightful characteristics.
The American girl, when you find her' in
her perfect stats. Is the prettiest girl In the
She looks not fragile, but healthy, and the
air of health is not oa the surface alone,
hut it Is found In the subsurface, so to
speak, ar.4 it will bubble up in her abundant
life and inlrltsi
It is claimed that every free-born Ameri
can girt can make' of herself an American
Its characteristics are so simple, so easily
acquired, so manageable and pliable, as It
were, that any American girl with a fair
start, can turn herself into a type without
a great deal of trouble.
To do this she must make her forehead
smooth; she' must make her cheeks .full arid
plump; she must make her chin round.
After this come the sparkllngeyes, 'the
curved brows, the Cupid-bow mouth end the
other pretty points of a woman's face.
But the first and' main thing is the fore
head, for if this be lined or creased, or if
It be furrowed in those queer hillocks which
sometimes' mar a womanls face; or if -It be
potted or freckled, or If; It be filled with
open pores or touched wlth"blackhead!r
then. Indeed, la a woman's beauty spoiled,
Tet the treating' of the forehead" is . the
most difficult of all things. Tha"skln. .Js
thick upon the forehead, and It Is .tough.
'It Is. also. In the majority'-ofcases. much'
A woman will take cars of her, ehhi and
her cheeks, and will treat them "scrupu
lously, whUs her poor forehead, half hidden
under Its hot. padded pompadour, will steam
!nd grow yellow and dull, while the. rest
,ef her face Is young.
, The habit of lifting the brows when one
J is talking U bad; bo also Is the habit of
Trownlng. t
The latter Is on that many people per
form unconsciously. Often a woman will
'have a perpetual scowl without know
leg It.
A beauty doctor, taking a patient In hand,
will require her to sit In front of the mlr-'
ror and convene.
When the woman sees the frowns" she
makes, the grimaces "aba draws, the' wry
'looks she displays, she" will start bock In"
affright "Why, r am spoiling my face."
she will exclaim.
There ara girls, and pretty girts, too,
whoa foreheads are pitted with pores and
This condition la unspeakably shocking,
0cA It can transform a pretty face Into
oo that ts positively revolting.
Thar Is no better Index to one's personal
fcablta than the state of one's 'forehead,
sod when this Is found' to be all specked
irKh Mlitim and made horrid with
' sssssssssssssr Wide, Smooth Forehead, Plump Cheeks and Rounded Chin Mark This Attractive Type of-Beauty. tczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;
.marks of various kinds. It Is almost im
possible to believe that the girl or woman
Is fastidious In her habits.
The steaming of the forehead is the first
step in the cure, and for this there must
be a basin of hot water, resting in another
basin, with the outer one kept boiling.
Tho steaming of the faco does not mean
Its parboiling, by any means. But it does
mean the thorough heating of the skin
until the cuticle Is In Buch a state cs to
permit the rubbing out of tho blackheads.
If the skin be heated very hot and kept
hot for five minutes, and if, at the end of
.that time, a thorough lather of soap and
water be applied. It will be found that,
when tho lather Is washed off. the black
heads will come off too. And the forehead
will be nearly clean.
But It Is massage that does the most
and the best for the forehead. Do not at
tempt It yourself, but get an operator.
Let, her dip her fingers In warm almond
oil, and let her pass them gently over your
forehead, going from side to side, right
along, the lines of the furrows.
" Lot 'the masseuse, be. she amateur or pro
fessional, pretend that she Is smoothing out
a piece of wrinkled tissue paper.
Let her put her fingers In the creases and
rub them away. A hard stroke Is not
necessary, but there should be long, gentle
strokes of the kind that will. In time, take
out every wrinkle.
The masseuse must. In the laneuare nf th
slangy girl, "get busy" every day. She
lYIIISt Tin motf-lcw. ha- tn.1. an 1a. ... l
. uvh -n.s.vw .,,,. .u,k cu, IUUK U II Sin
gle wrinkle remains, and she must put Into
tho work at least fifteen full minutes every
Even after the wrinkles are gone, she
must act as masseuse occasionally and must
worm the olive oil, dip her fingers Into it
end massage the forehead of her patient at
least twlco a week.
. The typical American girl, the slrl of
;Wenzell and of Gibson, of Christy ani of
bionaiaus, lias full, round cheeks. They
oro not pudgy, by any means, but they are
full and plump arid pretty.
To get those round cheeks requires, first.
tho.servlces of a dentist who vlll ascertain.
ir mere are missing teetn, or u bis services
aro needed In tho way of building up,
crowning, bridging, or performing any of
tho other delicate tasks of modern dentlstiy.
His work, if there be any, must bo dons
on recent lines.
If this Is done, then comes the masseuse
again, and this time her duty Is not to rub
tho checks,- but to spat them. "Spatting" the
cheeks Is done with the two middle fingers..
xney are cuppea in not water, and tha
cheeks, era gently patted with tho fingers.,
The tips strlko the cheeks Just In tha mid
dle, right at the dimple spot, and the skin It
stimulated and reddened.
Spatting tha cheeks every day Is a good
thing for them.
It Is much better for, the skin than rub,
blng them with a towel and It serves not
only as a massage, but as a frictions! agent..
Cheeks that are religiously spatted every
day In the week are always red; they are
always cool and soft to tha touch; they
very rarely "havo freckles upon them, and
they are never pimpled or covered with1
blackheads. So much will spatting do fo
the cheeks.
The typical American -girl has a pointed
chin. For this there Is a new treatment.. '
The chin is. massaged at each. side, and the
motion Is upward. v
A bunch of absorbent cotton Is dipped tn
hot water and the chin is rubbed, genfeTf
with It, always from the sides upward, '-ff-'
This will "slightly pink the ohm and lt-wfil
at the same Urns set as a deterrent 'and M-
courager of the double chin.
The double chin .cannot loss; remain it tha
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'vyJS - Vi . - ,. k. .1. -s ysViffiaaau
flesh at each side of it snd under It be
rubbed upward and away from tha neck
dally, and If to the massage there be odped
a few chin calisthenics, to give the neck and
double chin the exercise they need, ao much
the better.
The typical American girl keeps herself
true to her typo by roiiowmg tnese oirec
tlons and she who is faulty in type can cor
rect her defects.
It would be telling tales out of school to
reveal the names of these prominent women
who have tried these methods of facial
Some of the prettiest actresses on. the
stage, some of the most, notable society
beauties, some of the .most prominent wom
en In every walk of life, have taken this
treatment with such good results that ono
hears them spoken of as growing dally more
beautiful; and always does one hear of them
as "types" of American beauties.
Many a Gibson girl has her forehead dally
made wide and smooth with a massage of
warm oil; many a Christy girl has her chin
made a little more (oval by a compress of
warm water at each side of her face; many
a Stanalans girl is made more dainty by
the gentle spatting of her cheeks right in
the dimple spot.
Tho brightening of a gliTs eye depends
upon sleep, her state of mind and her gen
eral health. No bright eye ever went with
a sick body, and no eye was ever brilliant
that flashed forth from a mind morose .and
But the American girl is nono of these.
She Is bright and pretty and without wrin
kles. She keeps herself nice by following the
laws of facial hygiene, and she makes her
self dolly' prettier and prettier by the use of
the simple arts which are taught her by
those who, make a business of making a
pretty girl 'prettier!
And that is the typical American girl.
Study her type and you will recognize her
as such. Follow her laws and her rules,
and you, too. like her, shall be one of the
type. .
Miss Slender Tou can fatten yourself by
eating at, night before going to bed. If
wakeful you can eat in the middle of the
night. Let your food be light and very
easily digested.
Mrs. Stout Sorry you will not allow me
to print your letter; Tou must diet.
Take raw eggs, apples, green salads,
lemonade, meat only ones a day, and not
too, much water to drink.
Red Spots Remove tha red spots by local
treatment. Tou can use the bleaching.
ucam auvisca in a, previous numner Wlla
good results.
Miss Freckles Have you tried a thorough
course of lemon Juice for the freckles?
Touch them every night with tha lemon
' Then wash off with apod soap and water.
To avoid soreness, rub a little cold cream
ljito the skin after the treatment.
Open Pores There Is only ons way to
sure open" pores, and that Is to keep them
clean until they have had time to nil nat
urally. It' Is a long and tedious' operation,
hut it 'will win out In the long run.
Troubled The open pores you describe
must be very annoying. Before using face
powder, rub tha skin with cold cream.
Then .dust with powder so as to make a
very nice coating for the pores.
This will make them full and aven, and
will take away that appearance of porous
ness which Is to terrible In a woman's
' Mrs. No Kama Tor tha skin tbera mutt
ba a supply ofs'nstUral oil or tha skin will
break out, It Is .(at twblt e( many women
to touch an slight eruption with vmseHna.
thinking that oil will supply tha missing
moisture to the face.
Very often this really does drive away a
pimple, but the remedy must he applied ta
the very early stages.
Thin Hair To make your hair thick tor
maseaglng the roots with a very llttlo vase
line. " Do not use more than Just enough to
moisten the finger tips.
A bit the size of half a pea will ba enougn.'
for the entire bead. Do not irritate th
scalp any mora than you can help.
Men's baldness Is caused by frequents
shampoos, by rasping the scalp with a hair
brush, and by hard and rough use of tha
comb. Remember that tha roots of tha
hair can be killed.
Reader Tho state of dandruff which you
describe is not as diseased state of scalp,
but merely that of dust. Scatter 'Indian
meal In the hair next to tha head.
Massage.Jt. brush cut. Shampoo onoa 14
threo weeks. After tha shampoo rub thai
roots of the hair with warm sweet ott,
Freda Hill Where the eltln la dry and
sensitive.' .chafing easily and feeling tender
after using soap, thers Is great need for s
good skin food or unguent Indicated.
Bathe your face dally with warm water,,
not using soap unless absolutely Beoaaeary,
and then only tha mildest and purest Taw,
Dry gently, never rubbing violently. andS
then, with the finger tips, rub In some of thai
sfcjn food, for wnicn formula has been given
several tunes in tms column, rubbing wlta
a circular motion and pressing very lightly
Take only a little of the skin food a pleoa
about as large as a good-sized pea will an4
olnt the entire face If properly applied and"
after rubbing In, wipe very gently with ai
soft linen cloth.
Apply a very' little powder on a wan,
down puff, and you will find your skin lea
sensitive and much smoother.
Hcnriette To correct marked sallownesa
of tho complexion you must dst rit .-
tentlon to your dally habits, as no outward
application will change, this affection unlets:
accompanied by an Inward tettlna In orderi
Discard heavy meats and eggs of all kind
iirviii juui mtu At cniy oeat oy irmttosy
and this not mors" than two or three times
a r..1r ToVn .. Vs, . . '
. i.vm. wwi jww utwuuasu at wuOtS
wheat bread and fruit, after taking a brim
ming cup of hot water. Into which the Julca
of 1 single lemon has been squeezed.
For luncheon cat vegetables (not canned),
whole wheat bread, and either lemonade
or weak tea with lemon Juice, after tha
Russian, fashion. For dinner, take broth o
soup, vegetables, whole wheat bread and
fruit, eating rather less than you desiraj
Add to this Invariably a salad of uncooked"
vegetables, either singly or combined, with
a simple French dressing of olive oil n4
lomon Juice. " 1
Recognize the fact that a torpid "Brer 1
the cause of sallownesa. and correct this by
abstaining from milk, meat and eggs and
taking the acid fruit Juices to correct It
Take also':a quarter of an hour every,
morning for a deep-breathing exercise and a'
good two hours' open-air exercise, either
walking or something which will keep roil
moving actively., , ,
Mrs. M. Thanks for your kind letter. 19
is surprising that .your superfluous hair waa; .
to quickly removed. J j..
Wrinkles Tako of the oil of sweet aW ifh -.
monds half a cup. Warm slightly. ' 5a
While It Is heating, stir Into It a tarns ots&n'
pure mutton tallow tha size of a walnuti
warmed until It la' like cream.
Now heat together, take eft and beak ta t 5
creamy consistency. This makes a very fix
wrinkle cream.
-ii."- : -on reouem toe fM J
Take oft flvo pounds a month, now, Ms
jt? a
---?.& ,..-. . .
1 ''
ik:-; "i

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