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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, March 08, 1903, PART I, Image 7

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The One Hundred and Eighth Semi-Annual Opening and the
"" ""PeMlIsassssessMisi-MBeBassssswsssBMf
1880, Sixth and Olive Sts.
1903, Sixth, Seventh,
Olive and Locust Sts.
1849, Fourth and Market Sts.
1857, Fourth and Vine Sts; ,
VvV ss&zr c.. i -....- " 7r TVy
Which occurs TUESDAY, MARCH TENTH, will, as usual, be celebrated with a Grand Departmental Display showing
Barr's vastly increased resources and capacity for serving our public, the result of months of labor and the expenditure
of many thousands of dollars, which, if it pleases our public, we shall consider well spent indeed.
At 10 cents Ladies'. Opened Scalloped Edge Handker
chiefs, also a lot lace trimmed, various styles; cheap at 10c
At 25c each A grand assortment of Ladies' Handker
kerchiefs, including hemstitched and embroidered, lace trim
med, etc. Special values at 25c each.
At 50c each A fine new line of Embroidered Sheer
Linen Handkerchiefs; best ever shown at 50c each.
Novelties in Men's Handkerchiefs, both silk and linen.
Just received new styles in Men's Handkerchiefs for
sofa pillows, 10c each.
Parasol Novelties.
For our opening we will show some
beautiful new effects in Parasols. Tliev are
works of art, and we Invite our friends to
make early selections. The designs are ex
clusive and will not be duplicated.
";Shoes for Men, Women and Children.
In Barr's New Shoe Department.
JTIrit Floor, New Addition.
"We are pleased to announce
that wejxave added a complete
"and up-to-date line of Men's
Shoes. The greatest values ever
offered. Barr's Cushion Shoe
will be a prominent feature.
The result obtained after years
of experimenting and careful
study as to the needs of 'the feet
producing the greatest possible comfort
All styles, all leathers $3.50, $5 and $6 per pair.
Women's, Misses' and Children's Shoes.
first Floor, New Addition.
Tho advance spring styles are all ready for your Inspec
tion. You will And many exclusive designs.
Women's All-Patent Colt-Skin Oxfords, high military
beds, CCO.
Women's All-Patent Kid Oxfords, plain toes, high
XV heels. $3 00.
Women's Dull Mat Kid Blbbon TleB. French heels. 13 H.
lace or Button Boots for early spring wear In endless va
riety, P00 to WOO the pair.
Special Bargains in House Furnishing Department.
aarbagePafl Made of
extra heavy galvanized
Iron, with hinged cov-
No. 25, special price..lL0
No. S3, special price.. 1.2S
No. 45, special price.. 1.45
Nickel -plated
heavy Wire
Soap Holders;
will fit bathtub.
Special price,
II to
The New Van
dergrift Rotary
Wash Machine.
Has large fly
wheel, which,
makes the ma
chine run easy
and labor Just
one-third o the
old style.
No. 2, family
sUo. special price
U 75: No. J. large
size, special price
J ov
hu.N2V,?teJn TFal,h. Malne. the old
IS.. If" . . a fam"y '2e, special price.
8 48; No. 3, large size, special price. 2.&?
Good Parlor Brooms,
string, special price, 19c.
ev. mMPfc
Curtain Stretchers Never sag; li ft. long.
Special price, 75c
Adjustable Fin Curtain Stretchers, made
to fit any size scallop. Special price, 1L75.
Flour Bins, neatly Ja
panned. ,
100-lb. slse, special price, Be.
C9l vF
BO-lb. slse, special price, 0c.
javy un .
25-lb. slse, special price, Stl 50
Extra, heaw
Bins, enameled in light oak.
f -
Good Scrubbing
Brushes, solid
back., 8c
Wash Boards Challenge
well made Special price. 15c
Brass Queen Wash Beard
opeuai price, zoc
Crystal Wash Board Special
price, 23c.
CO-Ib. size, special price, .60
Dusting Brushes,
special price. 17c
good bristle, worth 25c,
Pantry Folding Step
Chairs, finished In
light oak, like cut.
Special nrlce, E9c
Nickeled Fluter.
like cut worth 75c.
Special price. 6Sc
sTr I
Fancy Japanned Foot Tub
-good size Special price no
Fancy Enameled Foot
Tubs, small size,
price, 50c
China Salt
oak. Special price, 19c
Towel Rol
lers, finish
ed in dark
Cotton Floor Mops
14-oz. size, special price
lS-oz. size, special price
lS-oz. size, special price
20-oz. size, special price
speolal Boxes Special
pnee, inc.
Folding Ironing Board and Stand com
plete, worth $L0O Special price 3c
The Newest Idea
In Art Needlework Is Shirt Waists of Ox
ford, the fashionable material, stamped for
embroidery; they come in a -variety of de
signs, sizes 32 to 44 bust measure; price, $1.25
Al"o Haid-Embroldered center pieces In
the different floral designs; price, 98c each.
The new tinted centerpieces on brown and
white linen. In a variety of fruits and flow
ers, price, 75c and $1.25
The Mount Melllck Embroidery, stamped
on the original Mount Mellick Cloth, In
centerpieces,, sofa pillows, etc.; price. 50c
each. '
The Pera Lusta for Embroidery; same 69c
per dozen.
The new handmade Linen Laces for linen
dresses and shirt waists, price, per yard,
50c to $1.(0.
A White Summer
la fashion's latest mandate, which the femi
nine world will cheerfully obey, for nothing
Is prettier or daintier.
We are showing the latest novelties In
Linen and Cotton Shirt Waist Fabrics:
450 Embroidered Linen Shlrt-Walst Pat
terns, $3 50 to 86 00
See thoe exqullte hand-embroidered Lin
en Waist Fronts; our direct Importation
from Ireland.
Six cases of Foreign and American
Weaves In Madras. Cheviot Oxfords and
Pongees. 20c to 90c.
400 pieces of a special fine Warp Pique
at 25c
Just arrivcd-600 pieces of fine Pin-Dotted
Swiss. 25c
See our new Linen Fabric, Dublin Cords
for Shirt Waists one of the latest. 75c yard.
450 bolts of fine English Long Cloth, In
12-5 ard bolt, at 81.10 a bolt.
1jf lp!gy
QiUssswfi GsBsssH
A Brut .strut tlotSkiteAtd at Han't.
Picture ItatSitlcud at Barr'u
Strictly Tailored-SMcAtd at Barr'e.
Our New Hats.
Our birthday opening, occurring, as it does, on the very threshold of Spring, will
give you an opportunity to see the pretty new millinery just arrived from Paris and New
York, in all their freshness and beauty, suggesting the balmy Spring days that we ex
pect from now on.
Artistic shapes, exquisite material are characteristics of all Spring models.
Smart Hats for street wear, dress occasions, evening, etc., will be on display at
this preliminary opening.
Barr's New Men's Clothing Department
We desire to announce that we have secured the exclusive sale of the famous Brokaw
Bros.' Ready-Made Clothing. Our new Clothing section is fully equipped with all
the very latest and most modish creations in men's apparel, both suits and overcoats,
of the very finest materials and the most approved styles. Brokaw Clothing means
ready-made clothing which can walk arm in arm with the highest-priced merchant
tailoring trade and defy detection. All garments cut by experienced cutters by hand "
no machine. Manufactured by personally conducted fac
tories on precisely the same lines as all high-class custom
goods, finished in up-to-date manner in every detail. The
fit challenges all other makes. The style a season or
more ahead of any ready-made cloths. All goods used
are specially made for Brokaw Bros, and designed by
Brokaw Bros., making styles and colorings exclusive.
In connection with our new Men's Clothing: Department we have opened an exclusive
Men's Hat Department. In this department we carry all that is correct in men's
headwear. The complete spring:' line of the celebrated John B. Stetson Co. Hats.
The handsomest.selection ever shown in St. Louis. Correct copies of the new blocks
in plain and novelty colors shown by the leading: makers, at all prices $1.50 to $5.
Mens Sack Suits, full or half lifted, $10 to $35.
Mens Double-Breasted Suits, full or half lifted, $12 to $35.
Mens Prince Albert Coats and Vests or Suits, $25 to $35.
Meits Cutaway Coats and Vests or Suits, $25 to $35.
Mens 'Full Dress Suits, $30 to $40.
Mens Tuxedo Suits, $25 to $35.
Livery Outfits of all kinds, $25 to $35.
Mens Fancy, Wash Vests, $1.25 to $5. '
Mens Trousers, $3 to $7.
Mens Topcoats in all lengths and colors, $10 to $40.
Priestley s famous Cravenette Rain Coat, $12 to $40.
Is, j
j 9 m q
WW 7 ;
Third Floor, Main Building.
Furniture and Coverings, Curtains and Drapery Materials, Tapestry Curtains and Couch Covers
Our Spring alterations in Lace Curtain and 'Upholstery Dept. are now complete, and you will find this department
quite inviting and our display so attractive, as well as the novel and exclusive styles of the varied lines of Lace Curtains
which we are opening and marking, as they arrive, that to see them will tempt one to buy.
We will offer this weelc some 2 and 3 pair lots of Battenberg and Marie Antoinette Lace Curtains at 33 per cent
below the regular price.
' x Also a varied and beautiful assortment of ruffled Net Curtains so very appropriate for spring and summer.
Also Ruffled Swiss Curtains, with lace insertion and lace on outer edge of ruffle, at $1.95 to $5.00 per pair. .
1,000 Window Shades, mounted on spring rollers, some with lace and insertion and others plain, 6 and 7 feet long,
worth 50c and 65c. This is the cleaning up of our shade stock. Your choice at 25c each.
We must have room ; we are crowded on .this .floor, and to make the room we want we offer for two days any piece
of parlor furniture on our floor at just-one-half pnee.
Sixth and
Have S3 Stores tinder one Roof, which
are known as follow:
A. Art Needlework Store. - -
B. Boys' ClotblBff Store.
Book and Stationery Store.
Bel and Bedding Store.
Black Drese Ooode Store.
Babies' Clothing Store.
Boys' Hat and Cap Store.
Boya Clothing Store.
C. Carpet and Oilcloth store.
China and Glass Store.
Candy Store.
Cotton Goods Store,
Corset Store. ., .
Cloth Store.
Cloak aad Salt Store.
D. Drutfftots' Sundries Store.
E. Embroidery Store.
F. Flannel Store. (
Fan Store.
Food and Groceries Store.
Q. Glove Store.
H. Boueerarnlshlng Store.
Handkerchief Store.
Hosiery Store.
Hardware Store.
L. Lace Store.
Linen Store.
Lining Store.
Lamp and Fixture Store.
.M. Men's Furnishing Store,
Men's Clothing Store.
Men's Kid Fabric Glove 8tore. ;
Men's Hat and Cap tore, "
Men's Shoe Store.
N. Neckwear Store.
Notions (Taney) Store.
Notions (Staple) Store.
O. Odd Fnmltnre 8tore.
s. Print aad Gingham Store.
Paper Pattern Store.
Parasol Store.
It. Rug and Matting Store.
Blbbon Store.
S. SOk and Satin Store,
Shoe (Women's) Store.
snyenrare 8tore.
Soda Water Store.
T. Toy Store.
Trimming Store.
U. Umbrella Store.
Upholstery Store.
W. White Goods Store,
Wash Fabric Store.
Linen Goods.
1 case 4-ln. wide bleached Damask: 730
per ard. ,
22-inch Napkin to match: 8.75 per dottn.
SOO pair Extra Heavy Linen Sheets: UN
per pair.
Hand embroidered Oxal Tray Cloth; $1.3
each, worth J3.0O.
2,400 yards Glass Toweling: t l-3c. U
yards for 11.00.
LOW S0x5S-inch Damask Squares; 50c each,
1.000 yards Washed Russian Crash; 12
per yard.
2,000 yards Cream Damask, very fln;Sl.p9
per yard. ,
M pieces 2-yard Bleached Damask, all new
patterns; H.00 per jard.
1-4 Napkins, to match; $3.50 per dasen.
1 case Cream Damask, W-Inch; 40c per
2 cases Unbleached Irish Linen, M-lcck
wide; SOc
2 cases Unbleached Irish Linen, eJ-lnea
wide; SOc.
600 Damask Cloths, all sizes, S-4,.8-10,
8-12, 8-14. S-16, 10-10, 10-12, 10-M, 10-10,
10-18, 10-20; at less than mill cost.-
Refrigerators and Ice Boxes.
The celebrated North Star Refrigerator
has 7 walls to protect the Ice; the mala
packing is granulated cork, which win not
absorb heat or cold, and, as la well known,
it will not absorb moisture. The North
Star Refrigerators ere made of Idln-drled
oak and ash lumber. f The tea rack and Ice
chamber are made of galvanized steel
No. 9J4 Refrigerator ho'ds 40 lbs. Ice. Size:
Width 27 Inches, depth 17 inches, height 43
inches Price 12.
No. 10H holds 60 lbs. ice. Width 30 Inche
depth 19 Inches, height 45 Inches. Price Sit.
No. 10H E, same size as 1GH, Is enamel
white Inside. Price 115.
No. 41 has front door to Ice chamber
and a lifting lid, which makes It very cor
venlent to All and get at Ice. Holds 100 lbs.
Ice. Width 3$ inches, depth 22 Inches, height
4( Inches. Price 125.
Ho. 41 E same size as No. 41, Is enamel
whlto inside. Price $26.
541, same size as No. 41, Is tile lined. Price
No. CO E has two compartments to pro
vision chamber; is enameled white Inside;
holds 225 lbs. Ice, 47 Inches wide, depth 2
Inches, height a Inches. Price tHZO.
No. 520 is a tile-lined refrigerator; holds
100 lbs. ice, 3S inches wide, depth 21 Inch,
height 47 inches. Price (3L
Our Tamlly lea Chests are packed with
granulated cork, same as refrigerators.
No. 11 holds 35 lbs. tee; Is It Inches wide,
depth 17 Inches, helghC2 inches. Price'.
No. 13 holda-J5(hs. ice; 1 33 inches wide,
depth 22 inches, he'ght 39 Inches. Price IS.59.
No K holds ISO Jos Ice; is 42 inches wid.
depth 25 Inches; height 95 Inches. Price IU-
w ' ..
. , SfE?!i
rtV"- ? : iJ

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