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"' '-ajrc-".r'se--jrg' -- i-..",iJ w
"B-awwmapWKf '
a" "-
?reT-e ",
Blarney Tweeds
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715-717 Olive Street.
Several lliindied Machines. Appear
In I'nraiie in Berlin and Are
Reviewed by Kaiser.
.Makes a Speech in which ITp Com
S'nts on Aiitotnobiling as a
Spoil Only One Aineri-
'ran Finn Has Exhibit.
Berlin, March 7. Emperor William was
saluted thin evrnlng by four acres of au
tomobiles, massed In ranks tfilrty'wlde nnd
ton lcep. In the I.ustgartcn, opposite- the
old jpalnce.
Tire great square blazed with- 1.2C0 electric
torcStes. each machine having fo'ur of them,
while the garden was rimmed with Immrae
cheering crowd".
This wad the finale of the automobile pa
rade; The procession was formed on the
racecourse In the west end and proceeded
through the Thlergarten, Brar.denberg Gate
andCUnter "Den Linden to the palace.
Tfie Dukp and Duchess of Itatlbor were In
thettoremoRt car and in others Immediately
foliar. Ing were Prince and Princess Henry
of CJess, the two Counts von Slenstpff. the
Prlrjce of Hohehlohe-Ochrlngen. Count de
Talfi'rand-Perjgord. Count von Thiele
"Wlnckler. a I'mbn Piince who is vislt
lng"p?rlln and u large company of .other
dlstlngulBhed persons, including the mnnag
ing .directors of the uutomoblba. works of
The Duke of Ttntlbor, who I president .of
the Association of German Automobile
Clubs, presented the Emperor with an al
bum containing illustrations showing the
progress made by the automobile Industry.
Prince and Princess Henry of Prussia were
In thd'lmpetlal party: -
The' mass of machine, decorated with
flowemand electrical devices, then dissolved
and ufbeeeded In order, to CharlottenburB.
where, an automobile exposition has been
opened under the patronage of Prince
Jlenry. . . ,
The Prince, repljlng to the president.
Major General on Ilecker said he loved
automoblllng as a sport. The .Prince, nc
companled by the Prince's, went around
the exhibition, examining especially the
"War Department commlsary wagons and
heavy transport wagons
The, exhibition is conaned to German man
ufacturers, with the exception of one Amer
ican exhlhtt. which Is In the name of Ger
man agents.
'Attorney Reminded Promises of
QtiiCt Divorces Ctiimol He Filled.
It deve'oped In the testimony of a case
tried in Judge McDonald's division of the
Circuit Court yesterday th.it the plalntltf
is attornej for a person who advertises to
obtain divorces quietly.
The suit' was that of Attorney 11. A.
Yonge agnlnst the St. I.ouls Transit Com-
psny for J3W. his alleged Interest In a claim
paid by the company.
Yonge was attorney for Mrs. Annie Ha
ran. who sued the TranMt Compunv for
J3.000 for the deith of her husband, Krank
llagan. who was run over and killed at
Eleventh and Pine streets March 11. 1901.
8he settled the case for $300. Ycnice claimed
that he had an agreement with her to pay
him nne-thlrd of what might be recovered,
nml that his Interest was a lien on the
Yonge stnted In his testimony that he was
attorney tor a person who conducted the
Central Law Bureau, and who advertised
for suits against the Transit Company and
divorces to be'quletly obtained.
Judge McDonald asked Yonge If he did
not know that a divorce could not be
nuletly olitnim-cl. Yonge said he did and
that 'lie so Informed his client, lint thnt ih.
litter said more business could be obtained I
vy using me term.
i:ii'ii.ir wecial
liQrrhsll, Mo., March 7 Mr. U M Romar and
Ml Mel In A. VValfuril, loth of Wannamskrr.
wer- marrlrd to-da.
A Most Remarkable Remedy That
Quickly Restores Lost Vigor
To Alen.
A Free Trial Package Sent By Mail
To All Who Write.
Free trial packages of a most remarkable
romeoy are oeing mailed to all who will .
write tbo State Medical Institute. They
cured so many mm who had battled for
years against the mental and physical suf
fering of lost manhood that: the Institute
has decided to distribute free trial packages
to all who write. It Is a home treatment,
and nil men who suffer with any form of
sexual weakness resulting from vnuthfnt
folly.-premature loss of strength and mem
ory, weak back, varicocele, or emaciation
of parts can now cure themselves at home.
The "remedy has a peculiarly grateful ef
fect of warmth and seems to act direct to
the desired location, giving strength and de
velopment Just where -it is needed, it cures
all the Ills and troubles that come from
years of misuse of the natural functions,
and Jias bcn an absolute succes In aU
cases. A request to the State Medical In
stitute. 2426 Klektron building. Fort Wayne,
Ind., stating that you desire one of their
free trial packages will be complied with
promptly. The Institute is desirous of reach
ing that great class of men who re unable
to leave nome to be treated, and the free
rample will .enable thennto see how easy
It Is to be cured of sexual weakness when
the proper remedies arc employed. The In
stitute makes no restrictions. Any man who
writes will be sent arree sample., carefully
sealed In a plain package so that Its recip
ient need here no fear of embarrassment or
publicity. 'Readers are requested to write
vltnout delay. .
il.svv NBU,i BUKCnv
. vne k
rxotiv H"-""' : i
. I- -(-. 1 T aVI W a
f rE7si - ratmlJ-Z
N -Sh1?
"-" JHgrl ISItiRH ifUfSHjLL
IfNnr m Mi 1 I
rmawi' W.PCWA fwooFom
wkooc vjbiCfmiK yoBweuMrouFTH (I
(vi T" i
VC w5cv j Bono I
f seventh psrkcr I
J W4Rlf. j 43 78 STp roy
-stwmftWT '
The above map shows the coal regions of the State by districts, with the number of nifn
emplojed and the output of each. The trouble grew out of the thln-veln regions of
the North and li) Williamson County.
Agreement Kea cited at Last Mo
ment at the Joint -Convent ion
in Springfield.
Coal Diggers. Rather Than Walk
; - Out, Deride to Abandou.-De-
iiiand for JUJ-Cent Ail-,
vance and Aircejtt (.
Springfield. Ill . March 7. Illinois coal
miners and operators reached an agreement
this afternoon after one of the liveliest ses
sions since the Joint conference svstem of
fixing a wage scale was adopted. The de
mandsfor which the mlno workers In Wil
liamson County and the thln-veln fields of
Northern Illinois were contending were
withdrawn at the last moment and some
Of fclllnsvllle. Ill, president-elect of the
I'nltcd Mine Workers of Illinois.
miner concessions on the part of the oper
ators quickly brought, about an adjustment
of the existing differences.
Considerable dissatisfaction Is expressed
by the miners, who were holding for what
they considered an equitable scale of wages
in their districts, and It Is apparent that
the questions that came so near resulting
In a disagreement In the, present conference
will figure extensively In the conference one
vear hence.
Under the agreement reached a 6-cent
Increase is made In every working field in
the State. Tills is the Increase agreed upon
at the national convention recently held at
Indianapolis for he Danville district, the
basing point for 'Ihe Illinois scale.
The result of the 6-cent Increase varies
extensively in different parts of the State
and this Is the reason for a demand on
the part of the miners for a change lb
the differential. It Is estimated that the
6 cents a ton increase will net miners In
some portions of the State an Increase of SO
to 60 cents a day In their wages, while In
the thln-veln fields of Northern Illinois
the Increase will amount to only 13 or 20
cents a day for each man, because of the
lesser amount of coal that can be mined
in the thln-veln fields.
The operators conceded the 10 cents a keg
Increase they demanded In the price of pow
der. Under the resolutions forming a part
of the agreement it is provided that the
miners shall purchase their powder from
the operators, provided It is furnished of
standard grade and quality. Last year the
powder price was fixed at 11.75 a keg. Since
that agreement becamo effective the price
of powder has been Increased and the op
erators demanded that' the' price for the
coming year be fixed at U.S3 a keg. After
conceding 'the points on the Williamson
County and Northern thln-veln scale, the
miners put It up to the 'operators to leave
the price of powder where it stood or be
come responsible for a strike-. arid the op
erators granted the .concession W ,
' . . Il . It. ! V
1 siiiiiiiiiiiBW!liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiB "
laaaaaaaaaaa9lllaaaaaaaaaal "
1 saaaaaaaaaaaatkl Plmmmmmi
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD '
, MHLsHHslHHHHLaaaflHl ..
: - ' , f)
until after Slon . I' f the molnhln V0rbenL-KV.t5?. ta " 0t tht 0rdl m6r gTa"'d corlductor of the railway' ccm-" I the contracts they commit an illegal ac
untll after-noon.- In the morning the-raln- Btiy charcoal 'UBltt,. ... I ductora" orgartfxatloivwere present. -.lion.Uf the men strike therlorca-the roads
The Joint conference did not open to-dayy
HMM I "! 4
! I H
MS.4US " WU-
80Z5iff Q7Z?7M roftft
ers held an executive session, at which the
matter was fully gone oier and the advisa
bility of Inaugurating .1 strike was fully
considered. It wa.s finally agreed to make
l-a final effort to.secure'the concessions de
manded, but to accept the straight Increase
o'ffered, rather than to strike
When the Joint conference was convened
the miners made, a last plea for, their de-
manus, and, nndlng--the operators still firm
In the determination, not lo. grant the In
crease, waived the points which have .held
the Joint conference In "a deadlock 'for near
ly two weeks.
Service Weir Conducted at the Jeir-t-vllle
Prrau terlan Church.
The funeral of Supervisor C. li. Bartlett
of Jersey Countv- took place yesterday
morning at 10 o'clock from the Bartlett
home In Mississippi township. The Rever
end J. .f. Kleoe, pastor of the First Pres
bjterian Church at-Jerseyvllle. officiated.
Members of the Board of Supervisors of
JfcfVey County and the county officers at
tended the servlies.
The pallbearers were Sheriff William
Powers. William F. Oscar, Herman Scheffel.
Frani Orban. Joseph Powell ami Charles
Siller. The burial was In Oak Grove CeraM
tery at JeiKevvillc The death of Supervisor
Bartlett occurred Thursday at his home in
Mississippi Township. He was !A vears old
and for many jeara has been prominently
Identllled with the affairs of Jersey County.
i Jersryvllle Aotes.
Motor J. M. Allfn of Grafton. Ill , m
visitor In JrrotyvlHo lepterd&v.
Will II McDow of Bow was tlw mit of
friends In Jnjify-Ule
Professor N A. QrosjHn. superintendent of
Ihe Oration. 111., schools. u a visitor In Jr-s)-vllle
. The second qusrterly meeting- of the Fidelity
M. fc. Churoli beiran yesterday and will contlnus
through Mondav. The meeUns; will be In charge
o the Presiding Elder, the Reverend lK.tor K.
M. Van Treese. of Lebanon. III.
The Republican Bxncutlve Committee of Jer
sey Townnnlp has called a orlmarv to be hld
ut Jtonr.-vUle un Saturday. March a. at which
a. ticket will be nominated for tie ton nshl elec
tion in Anrll
Omntv Clerk J. C McOrath of Jeraeyvllle
bas Iwm-d notices for the auarterlr meetlna- of
the Board of Bup-rvlsors of Jersev County. Vvhlch
will be held In Jenievvlllx beginning- on Tueada).
' An Interesting- revttal meeting; la being; con
ducted In th 1rt.M. E Church at Oration hy
the iator. tho Reverend Samut-1 Thero. The
meeting have been In progTs for two wetkn.
and 111 continue for an Indefinite period.
The condition of Lawrence Powers, the fa
ther of Sheriff William Powers of JeriM-yvllle.
was reported as Improved veeterday. Mr. Pow
ers is HI with the ktId at his home west of the
Kobert Curdle of Alton waj, a visitor In Jer
aeyvllle vesterday.
The. bond of. Cashier II. A. Shepherd of the
Slat Bank of Jersevllle In the sum of JiOoA as
the urc-utor of the will of the late Patrick Pow
ers or Udelltl.. was approved veeterilav b
Judge Charles S White or the J-rsej Ojuntv
pn,ir,ie Court. The boncMnrn were John a.
Shepherd. Louisa C. Shepherd and Varv E. bheu
fifiu. Mrs. HenrV Pouft nf .lersewllla .1I..I . ...
tertlay morning, arter a short Illness with
pneumonia. She was 44 eals old, and leares
husband and lour children Tli funeral ,..
rangements have not been completed.
ii. m. cornick. editor of the Calhoun Times
Herald nt Itardln. III., was ft tlpltor In l.r.
se)Vl!le )esleri!a.
-The 1-armers' Social Cluh heM.n meetlm. in.
evenlnr at the Vlllac flreen Hh.1hnn .
of Jerse Hie. In addition to a must rand literary
rogramme, auare,ses were made on 'farming."
v U. A. Ashlev. and "Hon to Secure u farm
ers' Libra rj," by V, V. Hennett.
Miinlcipnl Ticket la I'lacril
In the
Field at Jerncj v Hie.
At the primary .-sterday the Democrats
of Jersey vllle nomlnatul the following
Few People Know Ilow TJsefot It la
In Preserving Health and Beauty.
Nearly erervbodi-' known that charcoal Is
the safest and most efficient disinfectant
and purifier in nature, but few realize Us
value when taken" Into the' human system
for the same cleanslnc purpose.
unarcoai is 'a- rcraeay mat ine more you
LJ,C V. .1 UIQ W..C. Ml. 19 UUt .. U.Ugl .
all, out simply ausoros tne Kates and im
purities always present in the stomach and
intestines ana
ntestines and carries them out of the sys-
Charcoal aweetent the breath after smok
ing, drinking or after eating onions and
othpr odoroui vegetables.
Charcoal effectively clears ana improves
the complexion. It whitens the teeth and
further acts as a natural and eminently
safe cathartic.
It absorbs the Injjrlous gases which col
lort In th stomach and bowels: It disin
fects the mouth atid throat from the poison
ol catarrn.
AU druarc-ists sell charcoal In one form or
another, but probably the best charcoal and
the most for the money li In Stuart's Ab
sorbent Lozenges; they are composed of
the finest powaerea vvuiow cnarcoai, anu
other harmless antiseptics in taniet form or
rather In the form of large, pleasant tast
ing lozenges, the charcoal being mixed with
The dally use. of these lozenges will soon
tail In a much Improved condition of the
general health, better complexion, sweeter
Droain xvna purer uiuuu. anu me rcuuiy
of It is that no possible harm can result
from their continued use, but, on the con
trary, great benefit.
A Buffalo physician. In speaking of the
benefits .of charcoal, says: "I advise Stu
art's Absorbent Lozenges to all patients
suffering from gas In stomach and bowels,
and to clear the complexion and purify the
bream, mouin ana inroai; l aiso Deneve
the liver Is greatly benefited by the dally
usa of them; they cost but 25 cents a box
at drug stores and although In some sense,
a patent' preparation, yet I believe I get
more and better charcoal in Stuart's Ab-
1 L I
t tlir,nr.TM K
I JB are
stock and
Ao ,PurnisH
2 Rooms
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Balance Easy Payments.
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made, sell regu
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This department contains
of Carpets and Rues that
vou want is amontr them.
Grand Display. We are sure we can save
you money and will demonstrate this clearly if
given an opportunity.
ticket for the municipal election, to be held
on April 21:
Mayor. Henry A. Shephard: City Clerk,
Uoyfl T. English; aty Attorney. O. H.
KIcnards; City Treasurer. T. W. Butler: Po
lice Magistrate. A. II. Qulnn; Alderman,
First Ward, Charles Campbell; Alderman,
Second Ward, Roy Cory: Alderman, Third
Ward, William r. Fuhey.
The primary was held under the Austra
lian sjstem and polling place") were opened
In each ward. The polls were kept optn
from 5 a. m. until 7 i. m.. nnd thoxe who
voted for the Brvnn and Stevenson electors
In rW were permitted to participate In the
prlmar .
The onlv other ticket in the field at the
present time for the municipal election i
the Citizens' ticket, headed by the present
Major, Georse D. Locke. The Republican?
held a primary two weeks ago and Indorsed
the Citizens' ticket.
Kdvvardmlllr Notes.
Daniel iftubbp. Democratic Central Commlt
teeiian of HamM Township, died In KdwarUs
vlllu lTIJay. He had tea sick lust thirteen
weeks lie Iwi h wife and thne children,
llasmond. Arthur and Esther. The funeral will
1 this artrrnoon from the r""ldence on Sst. An
drew's a enue.
David Trailer returned this week from a visit
to his old home at AbTtlti-nhire In the High
lan.ls of Scotland.
The following Jury lias Ixen drawn for the
first two weeks of the new- term of Uie Clicult
Court: John Ilurhhelm. T"am DecosUrd. O W.
Koirster. John Uurthart. VVIedtnan Hosklns. r.
F. ltllhlandT. IInrr Irenliers;. !Hirr8 illlle"..
W. H t-lBK", Ueorce Klnnlkln. Theoilore fn-
1 .w 'L'lul It !., l .,ua 11. tnaatih
jtj-. 1 .ni -rikriMtillll. ! ir-i lajwn, " K
FutHicIc, Vhluea-v Clapton. tharlPH lJras. Ceorje
H.Ml'lu-4, Jr. Frank Marke. Cliri-vt. Uletzpl. Ja-.
Kamey. William Rath. W- Oetianl. Gcorfie fchll-llnKt-r.
1 Irt In Naglr, M. V. IMUtnjrham. rrank
BuJiIe, Alb -dler, lu Kn-ke, I'rank Norrli
ind Kred Slamprr. Thry so on duty II arch 16
Three Jouhk men. minlra of an enKliwrlng
crw on tht? L.ttchfleld and Madison Railroad,
had an pxcltinc exurlente yesterday hatf a
mile outh of lMwnrdflUI. The have a fine
motor car. which LrdrUen at from twenty-five
to flirt; -fUe mllen an hour, and while iiroced
Inc at that rate eterday several urveyors
rtajes on the car became dlslodzed. fell under
he wheels and hurled the outnt Into the ditch.
I. T. Simon van Injured about the head and
John Marehbanks and Cliarles Welch brulnC
Martlase licences were iwued jesterday at
Hdnardflvlile lo Joneph LudwiK. 34. of Ier. nnd
Ivna Ambuehl. Z. of Saline; IJavld Johns, 3,
and !-!! Dcmerr. 22. both of Uranlte City.
The latter"coup!e wr marrlwt by Judee HUls
kottir. They are natives of Wales
A. A. Sotler and Charles Ketchum of Alton
ent to Medora. Ill , jcet,rda.
The Reverend Norman Car., field secretary of
E hurtle IT Cdllee. wnt to Cairo. III.. yeeidi.
where he will occupy the pulpit of the Hrrt
Haptlft Chureh to-day.
General I'asftenger Agent Charlton of the
Chlrar and Alton Hal. road, will run a epecUl
tram to Alton Ihla evenlmc from the towii? on
the Itoodhoune dlvlMm to wlinesa th prenn'a
tlon of Sally m Our Alley."
The quarterly rn'etlnff of the Alton teacher.
i held e-terda- at 3" o'clock at the lil?h
sciiuui nuuiioruni.
Th nrlnclpal addreK was
d-llversd by Professor Ilenrv Johnson of the
Ka.strn Illinois Normal at Oiarlestcn on Our
Duty to the Tast." Tbe High School Chorus also
rfnOfrd The Legend of Pegrenz."
The Royal Neighbors of Carratlon Camp at
North Alton will give a box scelal at th-ir halt
on Tuesday evening.
Professor S. o. Cook and Mrs. Cook cf East
St. Louis are visitors In Uppr .Alton.
Deputy Sheriff am Mclaughlin of Alton
jesterday took Frank Leach to the Southern
Illinois Penitentiary at Chester.
Walter Davis of Madison. Wis. Is a visitor
In Alton. , ,
A rural malt route will be started from the
Godfrey Post Ofnee next wek. The name cf
the. carrier has not been announced by tbe
Post Office Department.
The funeral of Miss Tlllle Meedec. whns"
death occurred at Denver, took place yesterday
from the home at Fcsterburg to the Fustrberg
from the home at Posterburg to the Fosterburrf
village cemetery.
Session Lasts All Marat.
New Haven. Conn.., March 7 The Griev
ance committees '.of the Conductors- and
Trainmen of the New York. New Haven,
arid Hartford Railroad system held'an all:
night lesslon last night, at-whlch Val -Fltz-patrlck
of ClevelaW. O:. vice 'grand "master
of the BrbtherlkioU of "Railroad" Tralnmet?.-
biiu .j. vv. vvilklrDi rT ITedar lianltls irf.
prepared to offer our patrons extraordinary values in every
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Lawyers for Wabash Trainmen
and Fiiumcn Hare Almost Com
pleted the 1'etitiou.
Points Imolved in .Tudge Adams's
Decree of Great Interest to
.Members of the Le-
iral Profession.
It is confidently expected that the peti
tion for the'dlssol'vement of the Injunction
against the committees of the Wabash
trainmen and firemen will be filed to-mor-rovv.
. e
Considerable progress has been made by
the attornej t and. to quote one of them,
"We begin to see our nay at last."
The fact that tbe law ers have taken so,
long In preparing a petition for the dls'olv
ment of the Injunction Is said to presage .1
hard and carefully prepared fight for a
sweeping victor".
"We erpec.t to prove," said one of the
leaders, "that over half of the statements
contained In the bill of allegations, on
which the decree was granted, are utterly
without foundation.
"We realize that the Injunction must be
dissolved, else It will work considerable Injur-
to the interests of organized labor: In
fact, take away one of Its main weapons
of defense. '
"In what other peaceful way could we en
force our lust commands If we are forbid
den to quit work in a body?
"It Is claimed by the Wabash officials th-it
the injunction does not prohibit any of its
employes leaving the tcrvlce whenever they
desire. That Is quite true, but If only a few
men drop on at a time nothing is gained to
the rest of the. men. becauhe a few va
cancies can be filled more or less easily,
while many vacancies would render our de
mands at least worthy of more considera
tion. "We are against strikes. It costs us more
than we can afford to strike, but we believe
our demands are Just, and until some bet
ter way is found 1 know of nfl better way
to enforce them than hy striking"
In Interviews with several St. Louis law
yers mest of them cited the opinion of
Judge Jenkins of Chicago, who rendered an
injunction .almost as sweeping against tbe
leaders In the Northern Pacific strike.
This was carried to Juttlce Hatlan of thf
Supreme Court, who. In substance, con
firmed "the decree of the lower court with
Certain rapaiflcatlons. which precluded ac-t
ncn against me leauers 11 a striKe was or
dered. -"It Is a large question." said a leadlnrr St.
Iiouts attorney; "railroads are publifc- scr.
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Velvet Rugs',.8 3x10.6; special-......... 1S-93
Axminster Rugs, 9x12- 37.GO
VelvetRuer. 9x12
to do this and therefore are In a measure
liable for the breach of tho railroad's con
tract. "While every man has the constitutional
right to quit work. It is a very nice ques
tion to decide whether he has this right if
it effects the public welfare.
"Suppose n man Is In charso of a da,m,
and at a certain hour every day he li re
quired to unlock the gates nnd let th wa
ter out of a chute. ele a town will be over
flowed and many persons drowned.
"Suppose that be gets tired or dissatis
fied .mil leavei the dam. with the result
tbat th town Is overflowed. He has exer
cised his right to quit work, but -he-is cer
tainly culpable.
"In a broad sense this seems to- applv- to
the railway situation.' Life and death often
depend upo.i the prompt running -of the
trains and damage to life and property re
sults from the men quitting work.
"However, like mnsr leral niiestfnno thla
has two sides."
Work Will Mean tbe Reconstruction,
of Superstrnctnre.
Cairo. III.. March 7. The Hinds Central
will widen Its bridge across the Ohio River
at Cairo, so as' to make a double-track
structure of it.
The work will mean practically the re
construction of the superstructure," for the
present Iron work will rot permit of u. sec,
ond track.
The work Is of great magnitude, and will
cost a great deal of money to accomplish,
but the company is so hampered by lis
t1B0gMKammiiinSkWmmmam..na.ajaamm3imamm.Baii' jMM.iaap s
sVjVsflsaaaaaaaaaaaw fjff P" s H nansaRI(2b '
LiSsSBiJMjBJBBfejy5EiK. Ij3iBsss
A little red, a little white, delicately blended. -That's.'
oneway. Here's a better :
Take Ayer's ,SarsapariIIa. It nfakes the blood pure
and rich. You know the rest: red cheeks,. steady
nerves, good digestion, restful sleep, power to -endure:
Keep the bowels regular with Ayer's "Pills ; this'
will greatly aid the Sarsaparilla. Two grand family
medicines. "Keep them on hand.- j. o. axeh ccl. tJ, .
of the many
examine our
to suit purchasers.
VU& FurnlsH
Easy Payments.
We show an ele
gantllneof Hall
Racks, one like
alwve illustra
tion Uprisht Folding Bed.
nix illustration, oak
finished, well made
and has beveled-plate
This beautiful Sideboard, ex
actly like Illustration; oak
finished, bevcled-
plate mirror
l'rlcc .
. 22-75
sinstle-track bridge that this huge under
taking has been decided upon.
"cownovs a.d no yd agents."
Speeches Mnde by Paeiifi;eT .rrnt of
St. Louis Lines.
A smoker was given last night at Ter-;
mlnal Station by passenger agents of St.'
Laui lines, who style themselves "The
Cowbojs and Koad Agents."
Speeches were made by Glen Arnold of
rrankfort. Ky.: Trice M. Taylor of tfaa
Chlcairo and Alton and Daniel Wale De
laney of the Katy.
evr I'asenger Offices Opened.
Omaha, Neb..-March-7 The recent-traffic'
alliance between the Union Pacific and the
Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul roads re
sulted In the latter road to-day opening up
In this city one of the most handsome;)"
equipped pasenser offices In the""West.l-It
Is located at Sixteenth-and Farntrm streets
and N furnished "entirely in mahogany and
lighted oy 300 incandescent lights. F. A.
Nash, general agent of the road, and Chas.
S. YounK'.1Renera advertising- agent, enter
tained the ijubllc during the day at the new
offices. Contract Tot Let for Plant.
On account of the absence of members
nnd lack of certain data the contract for
the interlocking plant to be put "In- at the
Terminal Station- was not let . esterday at
a meetln-r of the General Managers Com
mittee. The meeting was postponed until
Wednesday, when the contract probably
will be let.
. j0- 'W
r :
- h.
L -
J U.1 . IUJ HJu "
;,-. jjafiiitU!.

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