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Testerdaj's bank clearings were J7.S5L
!(': balances. STiS.ML Ical discount rates
were betw-vn C and C per cent. Domestic
exchange was quoted as follows: New
York. 5"e discount Lid. I3c discount asked;
Chicago. 5c discount bid. par akcd: Cln-
innati. Louisville and New Orleans. 10c
discount bid. iar asked.
Wheat closed higher at S&c a. Dec..
SC'-etST'.c No. 2 red. Corn clow! higher
ot 'vp b. Dec. OSCUc No. 2 mixed,
oats closed at 36ic b. May. SHiffCSc No. 2
Spot cotton was unchanged in the local
The wife and mother of TV. S. Baker
i- iHtaincd painful Injuries Sn automobile
accident in Forest Park.
The Transit Company temporarily sus
pends Olive street onl car service white
reconstructing track".
Mrs. Ventie Thornton, in licr petition for
a. divorce, declared husband wished her to
pav house rent and provide furniture.
Miss Katie Beschor elopl to Clayton
hi il married Eirecr Cfciyhall. an Icernan.
i r whom the bride's father was searching
with iolicemen.
The Blecs-Moore Surgical Company
bought the stock or the A. S. Aloe Com
pany. Japanese Government will look after
comfort of it people at World's Fair.
An Increase of M2Z to the reward offered
fc.r the capture of the I-auman murderer
t the State. Phil Chew and W. P. Hunt.
The Wabash Continental Limited Is de
ii. ed while going seventy-flie miles an
In rr b.it no one is Injured.
' hari8 Kemper. 11 years old, Is instant
ly kllVd by an Iron Mountain train.
Extensive alterations at Union Station
accommodate Wcrtd'n Fair crowds
vw-re recommended by mssencer agents.
Prominent Sunday-school workers will
Attend annual convention to be held here
in December.
"ircuit Attorney Folk departed for St.
J- 'eph. where he will announce his can
uidacy for Governor to-night.
n-;pgate Griffin lecomes sarcastic when
told lh.it railway supervisor bill Is "lost,"
A h II providing for a subway and ele-
. road Is introduced la the Council.
The Fraternal building at the "World's
Fair grounds will be dedicated to-day.
Otto Tiedemann pursues two highway
men after knocking a revolver from one
man's hand.
The shut-down of the Amalgamated
Copper Company'.-? properties at Butte
renders altogether nboiit a.ft Montana
workmen Idle. as a result of the advene
decision in the Minnie Healy mine case.
Tho Increase In dlx-orces granted In the
United States was a topic that caused
much discussion In tho Pan-American
Convention of Bishops In Washington.
Dowie's deacons have advised him to let
the people go back to ZIon. lest they be
come tainted with doubts. Their exodus
began with tiro tralnloads of 309 each.
Over S1OT.00O will change hands in New
Tork Citv on the znaoraIty election.
Odds of 10 to S are offered by supporters
of Low.
Adjutant General Corbin Issued a fare
well letter to his clerks, commending them
for their efficient sen Ices in the war with
Charles M. Schwab Is to claim that the
Shipbuilding Trust was beyond saving
when an appeal was made for more funds.
Evansville. Ind.. pastors have been sum
moned before a Grand Jury to tell what
they know of alleged nonenforcement of
city ordinances.
Claude Fryback was found shot through
the heart at Lebanon, Ind.. where he had
come to attend a street fair. Of J30 ho
brought with him, only 55 cents was found
In his pockets.
Dun's and Bradstreet's agree that busi
ness is generally more conservative than
last year, with production checked la
many Important lines.
The I'nited States has at last pased
England In the Japan trade. We tent
1.000.000 yen more goods there than did
Great Britain during the last sis months.
Senator CuIIoei, chairman of the For
eign Relations Committee, called on Presi
dent Roosevelt to congratulate him upon
the Alaskan boundary award.
Po'tmaster General Payne has debarred
II J. Barrett, a nephew of Tyner. from
practicing in the department
Chairman Bixby of the Dawes Commis
sion has made a deposition In the suit of
the Delaware Indians against the Secre
tary of the Interior. One hundred and
fifty-seven thousand acres are involved.
Following an crder of the Department of
the Interior, the collection of the Creel:
Nation tribal tax will be Immediately be
gun Business houses which refuse will
be closed within ten days.
Burglars blow a bank vault at Raleigh.
III., but are frightened away before they
procure any bocty.
'ircait Attorney Folk will open his cam
paign at St. Joseph, Mo., to-day.
Miss Hazel Mustek of Omaha, who was
to have been married to Doctor Farmer of
Chicago to-day. eloped yesterday with Mr.
Asa Hunt while the doctor was awaiting
her return.
King Lewnnica of Basotuland. Rhodesia,
lias decided to send one of his sons to
school at Wintild. Kas.
It is reported In Kansas City that over
tures have been made to Senator Stone
looking to the settlement of his suit for
J10.O against Judge Chrtoman. Rumor
has it that th; full amount has been of-f-r-d
to Stone if he will withdraw the suit.
A strong, cold wind at the Memphis
track causes a postponement of Lou Dil
lon's effort to lower the trotting record.
Winners at the Fair Grounds yesterday
were: Toupee. Avoid. Anne Davis. Flint
lock. Tellowtall and Pcttljohn.
Line-ups have b-en announced for the
Chlcago-st. I-oui-i lacrosse game.
Two football gam are scheduled for
ti'e local gridiron this afternoon.
Marine Intelllacnre.
Nantucket Lightship. Oct. 3. The
steamer La Lorraine, rrom Havre, for
New York, -was off here at 6 a. m. to-day.
New York. Oc' ZL Arrived: La Lor
raine, from Havre.
Glasgcw. Oct. ZL Arrived: Anchoria.
from New Toik.
Plymouth. Oct. ZZ. Arrived: 31eucher.
from New York.
Nantucket LigMship. Oct n. The
steamer Lucanla. from Liverpool, for New
York, was sixty-four miles eat of here
at 93S a. m. to-day.
New York. Oct 23. Arrived: Steamer
Graf Waldersee. from Hamburg. Bou
logne and Plymouth, southeast of Fire
Island at 105 a. m. '
Lhcrpool. Oct. ZZ. Arrived: Columbus,
Moville. Oct 2S. Sailed: Ethiopia (from
Glasgow). New York.
Liverpool. Get. 3. Arrived: Bohemian,
New York.
Movllle. Oct 3. Sailed: Lonlan (from
Liverpool), Montreal.
Queenstown, Oct 3. Sailed: Mayflower
(from Liverpool), Boston.
Queentown. Oct 3. Arrived: Campania,
New York f cr Liverpool, 'and proceeded.
Liverpool, Oct 3. Sailed: Cevlc, New
New York. Oct 3. Arrived: Lucanla,
Liverpool and Queenstown.
Queenstown. Oct :t 1231 a.ra. Arrived:
Celtic New Tori, for Liverpool and proceeded.
While Trvinrr 1o Avoid Horse Kid
den by Miss Kuniscy, V. S.
Baker Loses Control.
Wife and
Mother of
Willi Slight liruiscs.
While trying to avoid running Into Miss
Julia Rumsey or No. Westminster
Claw, who wxs riding a skittish horso. the:
automobile of William S. Baker was over
turned In Forest Park at 10 o'clock yes
terday morning and Its occupants dashed
upon the macadam road.
Mrs. Baker sustained a compound frac
ture of a rib.
Mr. Baker's mother. Mrs. George A.
Baker, sustained bruises about the body
and was prostrated after the accldont.
Tho li-montlis-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Baker was uninjured, as was C. H. Lan
ham. of No. 558 Morgan street, who was
sitting on the front scat with Mr. Baker,
who was acting as chauffeur.
Coming down the hill from the Cottag
the road winds, so that the bridge can
not bo seen until It Is closely approached.
Mr. Baker had the machine under control
and was coming slowly down the Incline
when suddenly a woman upon horseback
came across the bridge.
The horse shied at the automobile and
tried to unseat Its rider. Miss Rumsev.
In rcanuevering to keep far from the
young woman's plunging mount. Mr. Ka
ker lost control of the machine, end It ran
Into the embankment.
The machine reared up the bank and
then fell on Its side, tho wheels spinning.
The occupants were spilled out upon the
road, and the ladies were unable to get to
their feet, so violent had been their fall.
Meanwhile Miss Rums-v had ma-tered
her horse, and. quickly di-mountlng. the
went to tho aid of the ladles; whom she
helped to their feet almost before Mr.
Baker or Mr. Lanham had picked thun
selves up.
Miss Rumsey blamed lirolf for the ac
cident, until Mr. Baker assured h-r tint
she ai In r.o way responsible, and that
It was IiLs fuiilt. as he had lo-t control of
the automobile.
The machine was damaged to the extent
of J1W and mill spend a season at the re
pair shop repenting of its miFdeed In shy
ing at fin Inoffensive horse.
Mrs. Bsker'.s injury is extreraelr pain
ful, but no III results are exported bv the
attending physician. Mr. Baker lus a
slight stiffness of one of his knes as a
result of the accident
Issues Proclamation Forbidding
Any Person Leaving or Enlvr-
ing San Antonio.
Koads Prohibited From Carrying
Passengers to or From the
Texas City to Prevent
Spread of Yellow
ncprnuc jsprxiAi
JJallas. Tex.. Oct 3. Governor Lanham
at noon to-day Issued a State quarantine
proclamation declaring yellow fever to
exist at San Antonio. All persons are
rrohbited from leaving San Antonio and
railroads are prohibited selling them tick
ets or furnishing transportation. They
are also prohibited from carrying any
freight In any shape whatsoever.
Palestine. Tex.. Oct. 3. The Interna
tional and Great Northern has abandoned
passenger service to San Antonio and Ln-4-cdo
except one train each way. Guards
m't incoming trains to prevent all per
sons from ytllow fever points from leav
ing trains or stopping here.
No persons are allowed about the depots
other than passengers and railroad em
ployes. Many rass-ngcre are held up and
are returning to Northern points.
ltEremjc srEriAL.
Corpus Chrlstl. Tex.. Oct 3. The Nue
ces County quarantine against San An
tonio, and all places Infected with yellow
fever Is rigidly maintained.
There are now ovr twenty home people
In the detention camp, who had been vis
iting the San Antonio Fair. Them nt
a case of fever In tills county.
Criticised City Administration
Their Charges Investigated.
Evansville. Hi.. Oat 3 Revwcnd T.
W. Whittle, pastor or'-the First -"Baptist
Church, and several other ministers, were
summoned before the Vanderburg County
Grand Jury to-day to tell what they
know of lawlessness and crime In the city.
Several of the ministers, since the riot
In July; hava been bitterly criticising the
city administration for alleged nonen
forcement cf the laws. The Grand Jury
will fully Investigate the charges.
Held for the Grand Jury.
Peoria. I1L, Oct 3. Edward Sorrells
and Samuel Flynn. guards at the Illinois
Hospital for the Incurable Insane, who
handled Thomas Hartley, a patient, so
roughly that he died from the effects, cre
to-night censured by the Coroner's Jury,
and it was recommended they bo held
without bail for murder to await the ac
tion of the Grand Jury.
Adolph Fein Released on Ilond.
Adolph Fein, Indicted by tbe Federal Grand
Jary for alined naturalization frauds, was
relrurd yesterday n Ci.W bond. John K.
Vette bear urtv Kcu.' bend was o. Idnaltr
OieU mt JC"0 bir Jcds Auaras. tret was re
duced reitcrday u JiOOi.
Will Proclaim His Aspirations
for Governor nt 15ig St.
Joseph Meeting.
Harry II. Hawes and Party Go to
Hannibal, Where They Will
He Guests of Senator
Circuit Attorney Folk departed lost
night on thi Burlington for St. Joseph.
where lie will announce his candidacy for
the Democratic nomination for Governor
to-night. The occaion will be character
ised by a gathering of the Democrats of
Northwest Missouri.
This mcrnlng he will be tsl:n over the
city in a carriage and visit the nock
yards and other business interests of St.
Joseph. There are a great many work
Ingmen In that city, and It Is raid that
their leaders have Joined heartily In the
plans for the reeptlon and entertainment
or Mr. Folk. Many cf them will meet
hlra on hi morning trip.
At noon a reception will le given to him
at the Commercial Club, where the bufl
ness men of St Jovph will greet him.
The organization which Is arranging the
day's programme is made up of business
men as well a politicians, and m of the
former will be In etldence at the noon
In tlii" afternoon a reception for the
worklngmtn of the city v.ill be held at the
Metropole Hotel. Mr. Folk probably will
speak briefly at that time n-wrding cer
tain phas of good government and shake
hands with tlio.-c who may care to meet
Tliclitr meeting of the dav will lie at
the iootlo Opera-housa at night, when
.Mr. I-oik will be the principal speaker. He
will announce his candidacy for Governor
subject to the action of the Democratic
Convention, but it is said he will an
nounce that he will ho unable to make
an extended canvam for the honor owing
to the nature of his duties as Circuit Al
ius uvi .
Those who accompanied Mr. Foik to St.
Jottph wre: N. W. McLeo-I. secretary of
the Crajsun-McIx-od Lumber Company.
ho with other business men of Washing
ton avenue lia taken great Interext In
Mr. Folk's nros-cutlon of boodier-s J. A.
Jamison. R II. Kern. W M. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hawes. James
McCaffery. William Marlon Reedy. George
J. Tansey. Doctor J. II. Simon and Ford
Combs departed on the same train with
Mr. Folk for Hannibal, from which place
they will proceed to the Snl I'lub. where
they will e the guests of Senator and
-.n. ii. ii.iy zieamer.
John A. Knott, llward Drehrr. E. W.
Nelson and omerx or Hannllial will be
members of the part. W. A. Rothwel! of
Moberlv. chairman of the Democratic
Slate Central Committee, will also be a
guest of Senatcr Heather. Thev have
lcen invited to spend an outing of a few
lay.s at the Snl Club. Flsh'ng and hunt
ing is the programme, but the political sit-
i-uuuu in .uisfmun will not be slighted.
Randolph, the heme county of Chairman
Rothwell. Is said to be one of the Mrong
holds of Mr. Hawes.
Organization Quickly Follows
News of Kratz's Arrest.
Sturgeon, Mo.. Oct 3. After reading In
the daily papers to-day of the arrest in
Old Mexico of the fugitive Charles Kratz,
several friends and supporters ot Circuit
Attorney Folk met to-day and organized
a Folk Club, with the following officers:
lresldent J. M. Proctor; vice president
Thomas S. Carter; secretary, Omar 1).
Gray; treasurer. John S. Ritchie.
Mr. Folk has many supporters In this
section of Boone County and In the south
ern edge of Audrian and eastern edge of
Randolph, who have announced that they
would be glad to enroll their names as
members or this club.
Clubs mill be organized at HallsvUle
and Harrlsburg.
All Purls of Fourth Congressional
District Will Contribute.
St. Joseph, Mo.. Oct 3. Reports re
ceived hero to-night from many points In
the Fourth Congressional District Indicate
that thousands of country people are com
ing In to-morrow to hear Circuit Attorney
Folk oren his campaign.
Mr. Folk and his party will arrive short
ly after 7 o'clock. There will be a re
ception at the Hotel Metropole from 10
until 1130, and another for business men
at the Commercial Club rrom 11:3) until
Mr. Folk will address the working men
from the lialcony of the Hotel Metropole
at 3 o'clock and at S o'clock tho prin
cipal speech, the one In which .State Is
sues will be taken up, will be delivered
at the local theater.
The speaker will I Introduced by Con
gressman Cochran, who will have for his)
guest Congressman Dolllver of the Four
teenth District.
ANOTnnn folk ci.cn formed.
tVorUlnirinrn'n Orgnnlzatlon Perfect
ed by Delegates From All Wards.
Another club, with "Folk for Governor"
as a watchword was organized last night
In Bowman's Hall at Eleventh and Locust
streets. About 1J0 men were present, rep
resenting every ward In the city. The
name adopted Is the Joseph W. Folk
Worklngmcn's lub.
Tbo following officers were elected: C.
J.-Maurer, president: J. V.. Selsor. vice
president; TV. A. Brandenburger, treas
urer; F. S. Kowalskl. secretary, and
Frank Zkan. sergeant-at-arms. The club
will send a telegram to Mr. Folk at St
Joseph to-day notifying him of the for
mation of the club.
Yates Speaks Jt Urbnna.
Urbana, IIL, Oct 3. Governor Richard
Yates spOkeUn Urbana this evening in the
Interests of his candidacy for re-election
for Governor. He spent the afternoon in
Champaign and was escorted from that
city to the Courthouse here at S o'clock.
The Mayor and fifteen of the most prom
inent citizens of Urbana acted as his Re
ception Committee. He delivered his ad
dress In the Circuit Courtroom, and the
large auditorium was Blied to overflowing
by the curious.
Derby t Centralis.
Centralis. 111. Oct 3-Everythlng Is
ready for the three days' running meet
ing which oper.s at the Fair Grounds In
this city Thursday. The business houses
are to close during the afternoon, on
Derby Day. when the &C0 race will be
run. Low rates have been made on all
railroads, and Chicago parties will do the
Caught by ratlins; Slate.
Centralla. IIL. Oct 3.-WlllIam Kevlt
was badly Injuied by an .explosion of
powder while at work In the South mine
about 4 o'clock this afternoon. One arm
was broken, his body was badly cut and
bruised by the zau or slate, ana wnen
rescued he was unconscious. Ills condl
Uon u said to be scnoui.
Witness in Blair Case Five and
One Half Hours Telling
His Story.
Is Said to nave Important Pap
ers in His Possession Finn of
Philadelphia Hankers Mny
I!e Asked to Test if v.
Five ami on-lialf hours were spent In
the Grand Jury room yesterday by James
T. Roberts, the moot important of the
witnesses In the Rlnlr Investigation, and In
tlmt time. It is Mid, but few questions
were asked hlra.
Although ho wa, in the Grand" Jury
room from 1030 o'clock In the morning
until 4 In the afternoon. Mr. Roberts has
been Instructed to appear again before
the Grand Jury Monday afternoon at 2
Mr. Roberts talked continuously while
In the presence of the Grand Jurors and
his testimony. It Is declared, made an In
teresting story for the ears of the Jury
men. Only a few times did Assistant
Circuit Attorney Maroney Interrupt the
witness to ask a question.
Other witnesses have thus far remained
In the presence of the Grand Jury "01
more than half an hour.
When Mr. Roberts first visited the Cir
cuit Attorney's ofQce and conferred with
Assistant Circuit Attorney Maroney
about the Blalt case It Is said that ha
talked for seven hours. It Is not Improb
able that Roberta will appear before the
Grand Jury two or more hours Monday.
His story, in one respects, has not been
fully told.
Roberts atiared In the Grand Jury
witness-room yesterday morning prompt
ly at Id o'clock, but the making of a par
tial report b the Jurors delayed the In
quiry bait an hour. After five hours and
thirty minutes In the witness chair, his
face, when he came out showed that he
had been under a great strain.
As an assistant attorney and sten
ographer. Mr. Roberts was employed In
the law office of James L. Blair prior to
lfe. After he had quit Mr. Blair's em
ploy his eon was engaged In the office.
Mr. Roberts had access to tho olficcs of
Mr. Blair, ami much of the knowledge
which he divulged to the Grand Jury yes
terday was obtained while In this rela
In his testimony Roberts Is sold to hae
touched upon two matters of Importance.
One of these cases Is said to refer to a
linn of Philadelphia, financiers, for whom
Mr. Blair at one time was the St Louis
As a result or Roberts'? testimony these
bankers may be asked to come to St
Louis to testify before the Grand Jury.
The Circuit Attorney has no power nt his
command under the statutes to compel a
person to come from Philadelphia to tes
tify before the Grand Jury, but he may
find some of the Interested parties there
willlnir to make the trip. Roberts, it Is
said, has visited this firm In Philadelphia.
Assistant Circuit Attorney Maroney has
been informed that rour men have knowl
edge or Important matters that are abso
lutely necessary to a thorough Grand
Jurr Investigation. Of these Roberts Is
one. and he Is believed to have mentioned
the names of Hie three others in his
lengthy "recital" before the Grand Jury
estcrday afternoon.
James Campbell, the broker, was sum
moned to appear berore the Grand Jury
yesterday morning. He arrived nt the
Four Courts shortly 1-eIore noon. He
rapped on the door leading to the Inquisi
torial chamber. Assistant Circuit Attor
ney Maroney responded.
Roberts, at that time, had Just got well
started on his story. It was Impossible
to Interrupt him at tills Important stage
of his testimony, to Mr. Campbell was
asktsl by Mr. Maroney to wait Nearly
an hour later the Assistant Circuit Attor
ney told Mr. Campbell that It would be
some time heforo Mr. Roberts would com
plete his testimony and requested Mr.
Campbell to return to the Four Courts at
2 o'clock Monday afternoon.
P. w. Dennlson, a newspaper -writer,
also was kep waiting two hours before
he was told that he would not be needed.
and requested to return to the Grand
Jury room Monday. Information given to
Dennlson Is said to be wanted from him
by the Grand Jury.
The Grand Jury did not adjourn for
lunch at 1 o'clock as usuaL The lunch
hour was spent In listening to Roberts. He
lost no time. It Is said, while before the
Jury, and told his story without hesita
Roberts, according to Information ob
tainable at the Four Courts, claims to
have, or know where they are, certain
documents which are corroborative of
many or his statements. Whether these
are to be examined by the Grand Jury
has not been divulged.
"You may say that this Investigation Is
to be thorough." declared Assistant Cir
cuit Attorney Maroney. when asked about
this matter. From this it appears that the
Grand Jury may wish to see anything
that has any connection with the investi
gation that Is of material Importance.
Whether witnesses will come from
Philadelphia. Mr. Maroney would not
say. "Schoolboys know." he said, "teat
we have no power to bring witnesses from
another State to St Louis to testlry be
rore the Grand Jury, even ir such wit
nesses were only across the river, in East
St. Louis. But It Is not an uncommon
tWrg for wltnssses to come from othr
States when asked to do so. That Is all I
wish to say on tliat point"
Of Broker Campbell's connection with
the case, nothing has been divulged at the
Four Courts. If street reports are to be
credited the millionaire nnancler has been
a stanch friers! of Mr. Blair In more ways
than one. and It Is said these reports are
one of the causes of Mr. Campbell's sum
mons before the Grand Jury.
How much :or.ger the Inquiry will last
cannot be predicted. All of next week
may be consumed In the Investigation,
and It may take ot more than two days
belore the matter will be settled.
It Is more probable, however, that the
Grand Jury may drop the Inquiry ror sev
eral days after Monday or Tuesday and,
after taking up routine cases, refer again
to the Blair Investigation. If witnesses
are to be brought from other States, this,
it Is belleed. will be the procedure.
Several o' the grand Jurors are said to
be personal friends of Mr. Blair. Circuit
Attorney Folk and Assistant Circuit At
torney Manner also have long been his
close personal friends.
"This friendahto will have no effect on
Good News For Consumptives
Srlrre l s flnallv triumphed. Tuberculosis or lung troubles need no longer causo despair. No mor exile for
consumptlvt no more doctoring the stomach for a db:a of the lungs. A cure is at hand which can be taken right
at hnme ( 11-nate makes no dlnVreneo whatever Experiments hpve been going "n In St Louts for the past year with
the llensonlxer. nnd now wo are ready to accept patients for tratment on n positive icuaruntce or refund the
fall amount pnltl.
If we were wt positive that we at last had the eure for consumption m rould not make this offer To all
who wHh rroof we shnll l glad to furnish nRme and addresses of many St. 1 .mil nans whose lives have been saved
by the Ilrnsonlzrr. We do not expect you to believe In our claims without making some personal Investigation Alt
we ask is that you will take the trouble to verify what we say. Every day's mall brings us testimonials like tho
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Over nine sear, ago I was taken down with lung fever In Portland. Ore.
My doctors, on It-cnlng that threo aunts and my mother had died of consumption lefore they were 3 years or
age. also that an older aunt had Ju died with the sum diseaw. eonkierl it unwise for m to remain la that
climate. I went to Ixw Angeles, CaL. remaining until thf spring or ISM. I returned to Portland until lSSS. when my
doctors ordered me to Arizona, nnd soon the most severe hemorrhages returned at frequent intervals. I was much
relieved again, and In 1SCO returned to my home in Portland; but three months was all I could stand, when my
physicians pronounced certain death If I remained In Portland. I returned to Arizona again and visited the different
resorts without much relief, but my Interests called me ba-k to Portland again tn 1!M But la rive weeks the
hemorrhages had r.turned so violently that I became very much reduced. I then disposed of all my property and
other lnler-st. thinking only to try to live In Arizona as long as I could. I came mar bleeding to death on my
way and had to remain In Los Angeles for a rest Thence to Phoenix. Tombstone. Tucson, without relict, and get
ting worse, with severe cough and expectoration. I went to El Paso. Trsan. remaining about two months, and tnen
heard c the lleniinlirr treatment and came to Colorado Springs, a ery. very sick woman, and began the treat
ment Marrh 10th. 1B. The doctor In charge requested me to take my sputum to th city chemist and get a cer
tificate, and when I told him what I was going to try he advlswl me not to have anything to do with these adver
tised machines, but place my casein the hands or a cool lung specialist; bit I tokl him I had tried them for nine
years nnd was gradually dying and wanted no more drugging of my poor stomach. In 3) days I went bnck to the
citv chemist for anoihT cputa examination, and when he made it h- told me to keep on. that a wonderful change
for the l-etter was going on in my lungn. In SO days I stopped coughirg. my gener-il health Improved rapidly, until
now I am better than ever before and have no expectoration of any sort, so I mnnot have another examination
made. My chest lias developed until my ex cans Ion Is four Inches, and now I am satisfied that I can live In any cli
mate Yours trulr. Ll'CY D II ERR. 13 K Kiowa.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this nineteenth day of June. 1MB. My commission expires November 3, 1304.
3eal.) ALFRED R. ALUS, Notary Public
-A. 3Post-ro Ounrantoo on SSxrory Oaao iV.ccoptod,
If your cae Is one which cannot be cured, we will tell you so, but as
lunits left we -an effect a permanent recovery The destroyed tissue cannot
kill the germ and heal the affected parts. If you cannot call, write us. Do
the Inquiry " said a man who Is In a po
sition to know, yesterday afternoon. "It
may be distasteful for some of the Jurops
to act upon this case, but they can be d?
pended upon to do their full duty.
"Mr. Blair was among the first if not
the first person who went to the assist
ance of Circuit Attorney Folk when the
boodle Inquiries began. As a. result of
Mr. Blair's efforts a fund amounting to
JliOW was raised to assist the Circuit At
torney In the prosecutions.
"This work on Mr. Blair's part no doubt
entered the boodlers. It has been said
that some ot the boodle gang may be re
sponsible ror the reports connecting Mr.
Blair's name with matters now under
consideration, but of this there Is no
proof, and it is doubtful If there Is any
truth to such reports."
Contlnurd From I'e One.
tradition to tho extent that It may be done
without discourtesy to Mexico.
It Is believed that Mexico Is disposed to
return Kratz, from the fact that he was
arrested as soon a Ambassador Clayton
presented the matter and without waiting
for the arrival of requisition papers from
Washington. It Is clear, therefore, that
Mexico Is showing a responsive disposi
tion, and It is believed will grant the
requisition on the ground ot International
comity. In fact, it Is the opinion ot the
officials that the Mexican Government will
make a sharp contest tn secure extradi
tion In case Kratz apfeals to the courts
to prevent It
Chief of Detectives William Desmond
and Sheriff Joseph Dickmann may go to
Mexico to bring Charles Kratz to St
Louis. It Is understood that the Sheriff
desires to make the trip, and Circuit At
torney Folk sold last night that he would
extend the courtesy to Chief Desmond.
In the event of Chief Desmond's re
fusal to go thit time, he having made the
trip before. It Is believed that he will
select his assistant. John J. Keely. as the
Police Department's representative. The
appointment of Keely will be satisfactory
to Circuit Attorney Folk.
Charles R. Huran. Chief Deputy Sheriff.
Ls almost ccrtsln to be tho other man to
go. If Sheriff Dickmann does not insist
upon making the trip himself. However.
Circuit Attorney Folk will not interfere
If the Sheriff should select some other
deputy who Is known to be reliable.
Circuit Attorney Folk departed last
night for St Joseph ami will no; return i
until to-morrow. He will then decMe tip
on tho messengers who will make the trip.
A lslt to Washington to have the
requisition papers signed by the State De
partment Is necessary. The present plan
Is to send the papers to Washington, the
messenger starting Monday and then
bringing them back to St Louis. Whether
the men who will go after Kratz will also
take the papers to Washington has not
been decided.
It le not necessary that they should do
so. but Mr. Folk beHeves that It might
be well for them to do so. In order that
they may receive special instructions at
Circuit Attorney Folk s paying close at
tention to the requisition papers, and
when they are rent they will have been
prepared with tho greatest care, to avoid
any mistake that might delay the return
of Kratz.
Mr. Folk discovered Thursday that In
stamping the Governor's seal on two of
.be documents at Jefferson City last week
It had oeen put on the lower right-hand
He has found that the Mexican Govern
ment ls particular as to the placing of
seals, and that this one should have been
-tamped In the lower left-hand corner of
the document To have this change made
he sent Detective Richard McDonnell, one
or the most-trusted employes or his office,
to Jefferson City Thursday night McDon
nell returned last night
McDonnell has been mentioned as the
messenger who will take the papers to
Washington. He has the full confidence"
of Mr. Folk and can be depended upon to
carry out Instructions. It has also been
stated that he may go to Mexico, but his
duties In the Circuit Attorney's office, es
pecially when Important matters are un
der Investigation by the Grand Jury, may
prevent him bcln selected as one of the
Circuit Attorney Folk received a tele
gram from the State Department yester
day morning In which his attention was
called to the Mexican law of 1S97. which
applied to the Kratx case.' and suggesting
that hs give It careful attention. He had
sEirsoiTizBK, co:Lv:F.A.:Lr-5r
already attended to this detail, which had
been discussed while he was In Washing
ton, and ha feels that the papers will be
In perfect shape when the State Depart
ment's seals are on them.
As he has thirty days In which to ex
tradite Kratz. the Mexican Government
agreeing to hold the fugitive that long.
Circuit Attorney Folk has had no Incli
nation to hurry matters, preferring to act
with care.
He has no doubt of the success of the
efforts to bring Kratz back. When. Chief
Desmond visited Mexico in April, lSOi to
bring Kratz back, be was without the
backing of the United States Government
Now all the power of the President and
the State Department Is behind Circuit
Attorney Folk, and he does not fear the
Asked yestrdny afternoon If he had re
ceived any Information that E11I3 Waln
wright. also wanted on a charge of bri
bery. Is coming back to St Louis from
France or his own volition, Mr. Folk
"All I know of that Is what I have read
In tho newspapers."
To bring Walnwricht and Daniel F. Kel-
ley to St Louis for trial, however, will
le Mr. Folk's next .task after the Kratz
case Ls settled, and ho will she It the
closest attention.
It Is believed that Mr. Folk feels as
sured or the support of President Roose
velt In any effort he may mako looking
toward the return of these fugitives.
Treaties with England for the extradi
tion of Kelley from Canada and with
France for Walnwrtght's return from
Paris, will be necessary before Circuit
Attorney Folk will be able to take any
steps other than to urge his friends In
Congress to bring about the desired re
sult. As President Roosevelt Is understood to
desire such treaties there ls little doubt
that matters) will be carried to an end
satisfactory to Circuit Attorney Folk.
But with the most prompt action It ls
hardly cxpt-cted that arrangements' for the
extradition of these men can be completed
within several months. Whatever treaties
are made will have to be made retroactive
In order that they may be applied to the
Walnwright and Kelley cases. This, it is
believed, will bo the most difficult of the
diplomatic negotiations between the coun
tries. In dealing with France and England, It
ls believed, that far more difficulty will be
encountered than In the negotiations with
G. Higelow of Milwaukee Is
the New President.
Ran Francisco. Oct 22. The twenty
ninth annual convention of the American
Bankers' Association ended to-day with
the installation of the newly chosen of
ficers and the presentation to the retiring;
president. II. Caldwell Hardy, of a beau
tiful silver punch bowl.
The selectlon of a city for the conven
tion of ll will be made by the Execu
tive Committee early next year. Invita
tions were received from Atlantic City, N.
J., and New Tork City.
The new officers are: President. F. G.
tlgelow of Milwaukee: vice president E.
F. Swlnney ot Kansas City. Mo.; Execu
tive Committee. J. D. Powers, Kentucky;
J R. Mitchell. Minnesota; J. K. Wilson.
Callrornia; J. B. Flnley. Pennsylvania;
Stephen M. GrfswoM. New York: 11. It
Dennis. South Dakota: W. K. Coffin, Wis
consin; M. B. Lane. Georgia: William LIv
Irgston. Michigan, and Charles Sawyer.
Among the State vice presidents are.
Arkansas. John G. Fletcher. Little Rock,
Illinois. William George, Aurora; Indian
Territory. F. S. Genung. McA-ester; Kan
sas, James T. Bradley. Sedan; Kent-iitii.
llenrv C. Walbeck. Louisville: Isnils'ana.
W. II. Itogers. New Orleans; Missouri J
S. Houston. Marshall; Ok'ahoma. G A
Nelson. Guthrie. Tennessee. C II Pres
ton. Chattanooga: Texas, Edwin Cham
berlain. Sdn Antonio.
Take Laxative Bromo Outnlnn -r .!... m
druggists refund money If It falls to cur '
E. W. Grove's signature U on each box. Sc. i
a- 1
Vrrer W. Smith Kills Himself.
nErunuc SPECIAL 1
Clarksvlllc. Tenn.. Oct 3. Percy W.
Smith, who represented locally several 1
Brokerage houses, including tho Ctlla
Commission Company of St Louis, shot
himself through the heart In his office
hero this morning, dying almost Instantly.
He left no note or other word accounting
for the deed, but had teen despondent for
some days, and brooding over business re
verses, which ls supposed to be the cause
for the act. Smith was a member or n
prominent family here and leaves a wife.
He was 30 years old and an Elk. Tho
burial will take place to-morrow after
noon. He was the son of Captain A. F
Smith. Tobacco Inspector here.
a rule where there Is a portion of the
be replaced, but the Ilensonlzer will
not put It cff.
sr. louis.
There are times and occasions
for all things.
Can you think of an evening
affair where a dress suit tvould
not be proper?
The dress suit ls undoubtedly
the most necessary garment la
a man's wardrobe, yet hotr
many dress suits there are that
look as if they were borrowed
or "rented" for the occasion.
Like all other apparel bearing
the Harlan mark, a Harian-made
dress suit has a style and indi
viduality all Its own.
uur prices ror dress suits
ranpe from 530 to 575, the $75
article belns superior only la
quality of goods.
Our attractive show windows
await your inspection.
Sixth and St. Charles Streets.
St Louis,
Less Monev Xeeded for Pensions
and Indian Affairs.
Washington. Oct Si The Secretary of
the Interior has completed and forwarded
to tho Secretary or the Treasu' his es
timate or the appropriations necessary to
conduct ot the affairs of the Interior De
partment for the fiscal year ending June
30. 1S03.
Tho estimate places tho total require
ment for tho department at J1K.CC0.OX).
which Ls about t3.COO.0iX) less than the ap
propriation for the current year. The
proposed reduction will be made in the
Pension Bureau and tho Indian nmee.
la k
There are times and occasions
for all things.
In the
0.0CO. or (
n made X
In thk
im estimate ior pensions Is JCTEOOO
JI.7CO.C less than the appropriation :
iur mis jrar.
There also ls n, cut of SLXO.OfO
estimate of the Indian Bureau. The esti
mate for tho expenses of conducting the
affairs of the Five Civilized Tribes of In
dians Is E59.GB5. The reduction In th
pension estlmato Is due tn a calculation
of deaths of pensioners made by the Com
missioner of Pensions.
The Right Honorable William E.
Leckjr Succumbs to Heart Disease.
London. Oct. St- The Right Honorable
William E. Lecky the historian, died here
list night He was born In Ireland in
Mr. Lcicv died of heart disease. He
bad been lillnc f' r seme time
The Dr. Deimcl Un
derwear is a better safe
guard against colds,
grippe and bronchial
troubles of all kinds than
all the cough mixtures
and patent medicines
you can buy.
Booklet telling all about It
and the garments may be had
At Leading Dealers EvErywhere,
TUs Deimcl Unca-Mesh Co..
'(1K-uoarT Jo Ejo-.rajSpo)
401 nroadnay. Xerr York.
4 ,

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