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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, October 25, 1903, PART I, Image 11

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A I.'.ftlc f.irl Unit a Papa 1, ho n
nil Awful Ijruntard.
Y htle r..!.i g . nc .1 i the in tie slrl no
tleed Hv v. rj, l'ru-ik .rJ Cared in Ir.
HauW Guidcn Specific wtthcut the pa
tient's know edge, and asked her mtsuna
to fict a trial package and ere if it would
csjrc papa
It ei'd ure him
Send iumr and address to J W. Haines.
1417 GU in Iiuiiiinc. Cinci-m i. )! o for
atrial w JiJKp like tM little cirl did. Th'i
retried) is odorhss and tastK: can be
given secretly In tea. coffee or any kind
of food
Any tumor, lump or sors on the lip,
face or anywhere six months is
nearly always cancer. They never
pain until altrost past cure.
if i Vail to cure any cancer
Ho! a Dollar Need Ba Paid Until Cured
'An lHn4 w
tn-t w : 1 fu.
Look ii i an
tinitri it.f i
- ; lart male s the cures, tbs
- ii artb to da Bff-t
r p .ii eJ sent fret? tllh tB
1 . urej whom j u can
A ima.l lump li tre
the gland ln lhe
armpit nbeie cure
I flen tTjyws'M-
In TO fan I hae
fiird m', cancer?
han mv 'her Hot
ter li tk V hy
; Trrnt with the
?vi!ni -jp X-ray un
t i hi cure
Investigate Our
The Follow.np; Are a Few of
the Thousands Cured:
T! ns Cr ws itark-r). wealthiest man In
H-ienu. M it : Mr Ge D. Bradford
n-nk presl "en') Waverh. II ; Jar. b It an
em'.ll on i r- 'umr-- r '.ml St Ii water. Minn
V'o ,,t , .. i w .-. "itn'iim fi Louis
Christian Vivo ate Rulldim:): Lucky Bald
v i" n. . . - i r i-f
Arcidia, CaL: B F. Porter (Superintend
ent S P. IL It ). Eureka. Ca..
Bosk of St. Louis Names Sent Free.
Dr. and Mrs, Dr. Chamley&Co.
"S'rlclly Rsliahls." Two lady Assistant.
Offices, 20! K. Twelfth St., St. Louis, Ho.
Please Send to Some One With Cancer
Senator Majors Will Seek Nomi
nation for Attorney General.
Mexico Mo. OcL It D. W. Majors or
Pike County. State Senator from this dis
trict, has announced his candidacy for
the nomination of Attorney General of
Majors Is an able lawyer and goes Into
the contest with the solid support of this
senatorial district.
"Will Meet in Columbia October 8.
Columbia. Mo.. Oct. 2L D. A. Robnett
of Columbia, president, of the Missouri
State Horticultural Society, has an
nounced that the annual meeting of tint
society will be held In Columbia Decem
ber 8. 3 and 10 A feature of the meeting
will be the dedication of the new Horticul
tural building of Missouri University.
Durliin Appoints Delegate.
Madison. Ind.. Oct. IL Governor Dur
nin has appointed Michael C. Garber of
Madison a delegate from Indiana to the
annual convention of the Interstate JUn
sls9ll.pl River In.proveinent and Levee As
sociation, to meet at New Orleans, Octo
ber 27.
Sb.it Himself While Hunting:.
Carbondalo, 111.. Oct. 24. Tho voting son
of Trainmaster F. M. Jones of the Illi
nois Centra accidentally shot himself at
noon to-day while hunting. His condition
Is critical. The ball entered his neck.
ATHAiil v. rv. n..n, M. D.,
2 Pin- St S Lm.s Mo
I cue u-s disease w ti out operation
or ligature. anJ under my treatmen'
the congested condl'lon (within tn
dav) d sanrears The part are re
stored to their natural condition, vlgot
and tren-h sni c ecnla or -1 esta)
. k,j ay gunranrte to rurt I:
"Xo a dollar nttd be rW '(' cm-J "
Strletnrr. I'nnntarnl Discharge.
CnntnElnan HI001I Poison, l.o.s of
Mnnly Vigor. Drnlna. Losses. Pllea.
Kidney. Hlnili'er nml Prostatic
Trouble. Rupture, Private and
Special Disease Cured.
Hours: S a m o 8 p.m San s a.m toSpxa
UI. IV 1 11U r.h and Plcel. St. Louis. Mo.
If yen etnnot call, imi
Stf, "
Men of Medium Salaries l.uy
Homes IJatlier Than
Transfers anil Deeds IJetrded
During Tresent Montli Plimv
Half MHIinn In
crease. The feature of the SL Louts market Is
the rtcadlly Increasing demand for small
dwellir.es costing from S.608 to SS.UW.
There are more persons every year earn
ing salaries or possessing Incomes that
warrant the occupancy of sues dwellings,
and. as there Is tut a small supply of
this class of property, the demand still
grows. Builders are not putting up this
class of houses to rent and those who
wish them prefer to buy outright.
The price of building materials is slightly
lower, as is also labor. This is due to the
coming of cold weather and to the ad
vanced stale of the buildings at the
World's Pair grounds. The demand fur
both labor and materials has thus been
lessened and the pries of these it.ras has
dropped correspoiiuiiutly. There ale a
number of bui.dings nearins compl. uon
a:ai the supp. of labor tor insid. nu.k l
tuio; that Btuuh cuuid be used ln fiuuthin,.
the tuildiiiKS no under way.
L.itie capital Is be.ng invested in the
iirUi.borhtMl of the Wot id's Fair Bruui.U.
in t.mpurar buildings. A desiie to ml
what Hlit: other fehow" is going to do
"na to U. responsible for the la.lur. :
l.ui capital to .aSe aJVantaee ot tnr l.i-t-iui
ur.viuiib at me uru.iwiu.- ivimuunu
tne erection of temjio.ary cuiluniKf. ana
wnat li-s been done la most!) me work ui
ontsiot capital.
Ociobrr Knows quite an irt-reaw? so far
our the corresponding dale last -01011111 ln
both tianslets ut rral estate and nun,: of
dettis lor reiojd. I p to and including l--.
tUe. . ligures comp.lid b me It-al h.--tate
Ljuhaiinc an as luhuH". Truuifiaa,
;0 imgngaiing ir.WJK.461; di.tls uf trust
n.ed. .-ui agkregaung R.J.a. The llgurt
up to biplenn er 3 ar-: Traif. rt. v.. ,:
h.eat.ii $.vi !vit. utrus of tru.-l tiiea. i.
a(,,rj.au: n ilielui As li t.e vivU bui
li i.all large iraiuui.tiuus. lh: bgu.
for h.ioiM?r fhovv a (,ocu increase in d.als
ot the usual uiasnuuoe and indicate a
1u2l.l1 tone in the maiket.
Two applications tor membership w.re
otud on the bulletin boaid of the ti
change. one from the Andercon-Siocke
K.a.t Company the other Horn Cbariu
M. Cheir.
on me Boor of the exchange November
J iiUMee Allien O. lilanke v. HI tell 2xUJ
iici. ucng io. U3 ronn uroadwa. stv-t-ral
oilur s.i.-3 vviil lae puce on Ihe .x-c-naiikc
Hour dur.ng ihe nexi week.
A meeting it the members of the ex
change will be htld Mouiiaj ai 11 Jo a. m.
to iae action 011 the invitation of the
rast riL Louis Keal ij,tale Exchange 10
u.Kt inn in lhe.r second annual iroltej
irip. v.lucli will take place October 31. As
nuiuuer 01 mtmiicTs who have been
akid it uiej wouid attend have answered
iiurmaliveiy. cilor.s ual be made to have
Hie enure moraLerth.p ot the cxchanbe
Uk iiart. l-'oliow.ng is the invitation.
East S. IuU, 11L. Oit. iz. line Mr. Will
iam A. (.Iia.0111. lTuia.nt SL LvUa Ileal L
tate lacmiiise. sl baaiw. Mo . Tne second
annual irutH-y trip ot tint raut be twill Haal
.cia.nKe win cane piac aluruav.
octour 1.
Jl cars vvl.l reave UrtauiHar
an juuh streei. tait St. Luu, at 1 p. m.,
" " ra.cnur. otaioo. coiiuikviu ana
h.aaiuvl)lf. h;re a tanqutt 1.1 be ber.cj.
ana leturn to tail . iku, as tariy as prac
tlvaoie thrrcafiir A baou of muEtc auu gja
vpfafcrs Kill accompan ua. We prom.se yuu
a j U Kuul tune
- I membrra of yeur rxchanse are cordially
invlu.l to acromiaay tu. l'.ease a4vlse u
as eaiH as possible about how man cf jour
niminis nl 1 no with us. so thai ue can In
viue sufncieni accororoouatlon.
We e.eclall- mge the acceptance rf this
invitation by as nauiy nHiuoers as imsnule,
that In the en.1 we may become better ac
qualntea and thereby lc ah.e to further ine
lntr.es.s of our two cities, who-e Intemts are
praitteclly one.
(Slgnedl c O. McCASLAXD.
Mercantile Tru.t Coinimiiy.
Tho Mercantile Trust "oiany an
nounce anatner auction, nhlui .nvolves
one of the cho.cest c. rmrs on Grand ave
nue, for Saturuay. Oc.ober M. at S p. tn.
The proi-erty to be told is the north-vest
comer of Grand avenue and Lac.cde.
owned by the Tutt e.-ta.e T. c let fronts
113 feet on (Jrml avenue by a dpth ot
150 feet on Lac ede avenue, and .s a ue
slrable prcpcr.y. The aie is be ng made
for the account of tne hei.s cf the .utt es
tate, who desl.e to casj tne.r real esuite.
The site Is particularly adapted for hotel
putpo-es or aiirtmem-hou or for bul
ness purposes, lielng desirable not only for
during the Worlds Fair, tut for the fu
ture. 'Ihe trust company states Its Instruc
tions are absolute to sll Ihe property to
the highest b.dJer. The a-tus in charge
issued a hanjsome circular, giv.ng plat ot
the property and full particulars of the
" . f
AnilrrMin-Mortc Ilenlty Cfimpniiy.
Xo. EMS Morgan street. It consists of a
lot having a front of S feet on both Mor
gan and Gay streets, the depth from Mor
gan to Gay being HI feet An okl ;wo
story brick store building is on Ihe prop
erly, but It is very much out of repair
and did not figure in the purcliase ri-e
Consideration St.3. which Is at the rate
of IleiSu a front foot The property was
sold for James A. Karrand. executor, to
the present tenant. Abraham Wolff, who
will improve with a substantial wo-storj-building
for buiiness. with living-rooms
. Ns JQ9-I1 Greer avenue, two five-room
brick houses, each one and one-half sto
ries on lots Sxl. This proirty was
gd for MM Bodenheimcr 10 S. M.
Stickles. consideration being .0"J.
o. hi, simiMm avenue This Is a two-
csldtU Ger8C " ,ta"lbU"
Jo Sl-12 North Twenty-second sstroo,
sold for the acc..it of Henrstu dn kka
to n client of Mueller & Faribault - VSn .
sileration S3.' This .,r..rl,, ""..!":
orwo stores with Hats" aboje. 6Ta TTot
r V"r lh.e accour-t of Henry Studnlczka to
John Marony. two Hve-room IvouW
f.cing St. Iuls I'ark and immedlaSly
the nar of the iiwve property; lot 30x?
consideration JiC "G'
,Jx.U; Anar" .r this firm was ap
tlntc,l vc-tirlav by the St. Lou), pro
bate Court administrator, with the wlli
annexf-d. of the estate of Vlreinia A
T "V51"- .Iwpor1- e uemand for loans
on;eal estate Is active.
Thomas E. rersuMm. wlio for a long
Jitne was connfcted with F1her & Co
sftvla,,7l "'""" with the Anderson
s',0 Rt:"y Compnnv. Mr. h'emion
i Zi.r nnccieq with the real estate
business for a number of years.
Koyal Inve.tmenl Company.
investment Comranr closed sals
omefenS. to iv during the week all
Co-many Jal ,nv,tn
Kieror'St,8"" t0 1,r-
J. II.
e,Zri. I"3 nr''"0 avenue, a three
story brick house with lot WxlSS for at-
to client of McNalr ll.rri.
Iterlm avenue: nlsn .A v.AMA Ae".C
fn 1ST T l,neT" oth rTurchase.1
from the Royal Investment Compnnv
This hou-e has twe've very larse "ht
rooms, wth three bath and dressing
rooms. The entrance s ,,. of Tnure'
"Id r-olonlal rcsldsnce In New Kneld
Tlie library and dining-room arc finished
1? nV?h..Ka.n5r:ehe Park,r n Fn-nrh grar
the halls In French walnut and the second-story
floor In oM Ivo-v. Almost all
the floors aer double and finished In pol
ished oak.
Also another house for jaw, details of
which will be eiven.
Also No. 4l Delmar boulevard, an
elcht-room brick house, lot "Sxlt! feet S
In'hes. to Mrs. Annie F Harris, for S'VO
Also No. 43TJ Morgan street, an cight-
r.MKi, ri. k li ' . lot S'xl.''". (or ?.".. to
Mr- rl-ra 111- k
Also X C Moti. i:t -u t. an !
room btlcK lunts.. lot sixtjj. to Am
IVilng fo- SS5 rrr d for a Imm.
Mr. liavii states ti itoval Inv.stmrnl
Cumpanj o Iv have ou- houie un-ol 1 .n
Ii.rlm avenue. Thr ltnval Investment
Cumpanv are now limshlng seven housis
on Hd'hi-rsxin avium, between '.Valton
n-i.: E41 ho. in l:trlin Iteishis which an
costlnu alKiut K4.IKIU, one of which has al
ready been Mild.
TTH coropan stild several lots In Clara
Avenue HeUbis tne pest wek.
A t if flits for Mr. II. ria-rt Young has
I en corapi.lid aixl will be occupi.d next
ni.fc S-i!(3 for K."". with b'-foot lot.
XovinUf 1 anoth. r brS k house mil bk
couii-i id, fold 10 Mr. Wiluam Moetl.r.
who will occupy ono as soon as itnirhed
Iric II..
several inquiries Vave be.-n made for the
house Mr. it. 11. Wilson Is buHdlng. cv
erat will be ottired for sale soon at 11 S
Itutledge A KllpntrlrL.
The Itu.btige & Kiliuunk ISealty Corn
pan) have sold two p.eces of prop.rty to
the city of St. Louis for engine-house pur
lsse, one being that of Patrick J. Cun
ningham, on the west side of Kiev, nth
street lelwten Lucas and Morgan streets,
fronting Tt feet, with a depth of Iv) feel,
for V2.V.V. tlie oilier being that owned b
LfOCtor II N bcnr. on the east Mil
of Ninth street between Market ami
Chestnut sire. tr. fronting C feel r.
Inches, with a depth of LS feel. Tlus
I.c brougiit Ui..
Also No W-i Henrietta street, for ac
count of Fred Schroeder 10 C. A. Api. a
two-story Hal of three rooms and hath on
each floor, the price paid being K.i).
Sold for Mr. IZ. K. Archer to a client
of the Nichoiis-KItter Ilealty Cmpan.
house No. illj KensJngton avenue; price
Aii sold to the Stanford Investment
Compani. a lot of ground on the south
side of Morean street Iismw sTlns.-w
oignway ana Academy avenue, rrontlng
feet, for JI.SoVj. The seller was repre
sented by Nicholls-nitter
AIm) sold for account of Olive Itealty
Companj. hou-e No IMS Maple avenue,
for .) cash, to a client of M. U. O'llellly
Lenity Comp-iny.
Also s.1.,1 for the si Iuls ami Kansas
tlty Uind Comiiny to Fchlie Urns. Ilox
Manufacturing Company. T5 feet of
ground n tlie with Hde of Wash street,
ror K.f) cash The purchaser was repre
sented by Alpl,- A Hemmelmann.
AIJ? F.,.w.," William S. Barber and Ad-'l-
,U, r a four-room brick cottage.
ao. 4J38 Louisiana avenue, for SZ.y.
P. i:. .Mesen.
.-A. I?1."" smuh il" f Nashville avenue.
-xi o. Jus w.st of Tamm avenue, for $29
a foot: from Augusta Stlel to Cella Morey
The purctMsr will improve this lot at
once with a two story b-i k dwelling
A so No.. S13 li Manchoter a'.enue s
tJJ'- 'ry briek building on an l-recularlv
sh.p.j lot. fronting II feet on Manchester
avenue by a dei.th of 115 feet, fronting
feet on alley, for J7.fr: from J. IL Har
kna to the Great Western l'alnt and
Co'or Companj
Also a '01 TmxIK on north 4de of Cnn--etticut
street, b tween Oak Hill ani
Ilent avenues, to' J17 p-r fiot; from the
I'roetz estate to Ernst II VeihL
Jnmes JI. I'rnncl.cns .. Co.
Sold for Miss Heten Ca'dwell. hoOse and
tot No. ISO OFallon street, beln- a large
three-stor brick houy. rented al JJf.l per
year, with lot Jtj: sold to Hjman Shore
as an investment, for tZ.'&L
Sold a piece of business property lo
?a,.w! .on Shennmloah street, in Compton
Heights, for Hie Catherine Investment
Company to a client for K.Ml This sale
Is- not cioseil and particulars will be given
Also sold slot In Llndell Park subdivi
sion. lsHne- 3P4 feet on the south side of
l.re.r nv.'iiue. bteneen Garrison and
Glasgow avi nues, to John J. Connors and
Annie fnnnor-. his wife, for Jl iJS. The
purchaser will Improve at once with a
ha ml -hi mo residence. There Is a good de
mand for property in this fuNIIv 1-ton and
will1, res?3;r,!cS Mn ra,,W,y bulIt ""
wtoe wSttT" during tl,e week- acBre-
Clinrles l Voce!.
No. 1.15 Iark avenue, a two-story brick
resfence. cntalnlnr eight rooms, bath
ami attic, hot wat-r hester ami all con-
.e... ,,rs, . 1 jii. tor :w; irom John
nammlng to IVed Schlccher. who pur
chased It for a home.
No. 3MI Ird ana avenue, between Chip
pewa an-l K-rkuk stnets. a two-story
brjck dw. 11 rg conta nng s'x rooms and
'"! .'! ' .Kx,J?- r.OT tt "" '""n the nrv-e-end
D c'or R. John of Trenton. III., to
W'l lam Lohmann. who purchased for in-
eijn liv-
No 'S 3 Kennerlv avenue lM-tween Cora
nd Marcus avenues a two-Mory and
mansard roof b-ick dwel'ne. arranged s
wo fists of thre- rooms, and b-ith inch
two finsh--d attc no laundrv- ani
cellar 'ot 3x130 feet for R."S: from In
ternational K al Ha'ate and Improvement
Contrary to Mich -el rj Margsret Gam
b'T. w-o mirchas.! for Investment
Iit JSxlSts on the west sMe of Oregon
sv'Mt let c-n Ch-rokce and Potomac
tfe-s for JD: fr m Arch'e Y Duke to
Ch-istan V Mever. who wl'S Improve.
It Sexist on th south s o of Provi
dence avenue, beteen Caroline avenue
and Yea-man street In Tnxedo Park St
I oul County. Mi. for ). from Kdward
II. F"sher to Archie Y. Duke, who pur
chased to Improve.
Mliert AVenrlleU.
No. Wt South Fourteenth street eon
ta'nine six rnnn. lot IS vv 7 to i si.,
rrom Armle anil Jac-b Mul er to John F.
Tr. mel. for Sl M: f r n nve n en
No. 4449 Cotvire iven e one st ry. four
room f-ame cottage, lot S by 1W-. f-om
Nanev Shae ami htwlatnd to Patrick J.
Costhrsn and wife, for I W
No IT1S K"enerle avenue, two-story
brick flat, four r ora and b-th. on flrt
floor, and five rooms and hsth en second
flo-ir: lot S hy 13. from Michael Peters
and wife to Roman Stranz and wife, for
Gcurxr L. Zlmnierer.
No. 33s Osceola street, r-ew two-storr
six-roout dw'Ilnr. tot IlxlC to C F
Doettllnc: price KK.
No. 41 Msgno'la avenue, two-story,
six-room brick dwelMnr. hath and all lat
ent Improvements, lot ISxys); sold for Wti
IL Dettjnann to II Trueman; nrlce. 12 an
Na JS3S Hartford street " nine-room
Queen Anns dwePIra-. e'ec-intle Hni.v..a -
mk and i'J latest arnoin'mtnts lot sii
U. sc'1'1 for John A. Sherman to a ellent-
jn.-e. J-ii-l
IIovTnril Gambrlll & Co.
Anions tuc.r transicUona thej are at
,ace Curtain
Have been ffoiiiK so fast this week
that we could no stop the rush. Wc
will let the rood work continue un
til next SaUmlav. Conic ami see
the splendid values we have to offer.
Worth of business during the past
week in these two departments dem-on-trates
we have bargains for yon.
... u. kTUJ 1.1. UUli
i -r: . 1 r 1 . '.! f.'U'WlllK dell. Ill
-, '.t i.n to u.i, h lli hav ..titer Lir
.1: d im.N.naiii tr insa. tions iembiig.
c.r.in.1 aviiiuc. M'Utln.ist corner of Shen
. ndnah avenue, v ..,-.. lit lot 3C feel 34
11. his (roii l on Oraml avenue and 1X fec-l
Iront of -h ,1 .1 .loan avenue. This prop
.rty is free . rom all restnrttotis ami is
!: I. ,1.!) l lie uost valuable lol the en
tire Suth fide, beinic the transf. r Kint
f.-r tnr. c- mam ear lines. This property
wax owned b Aloys Jacobs and mile of
the State of t'ob.rado and is sold 10 'leas
er. Siraselierver. the prurriaior ot the
s-.raKkbt-rger v.c.uscrvat.rMs of Music. 11
s understood ll.at Mr. Stras.-bersr pro
ltes to improve the- properly wuh a
111. gnilicenl building to is.- ussl as n con-
srvntory of im-s.e. and. ln addition, to
haw tine retai: slor.-. on part of Ihe
giound floor.
Also bouse No. SITS Cabanne avenue, a
modern nine-rtxni brick dwelling on lot
Kxl.'.i feet. Ibis houfso was built liy,a
well-known local architect int te verj
complete ln ariangement and nnishtd
ihroughoi,t in a mosi substantial manner.
It was latily owned ami .w-cupMsl by Ar
thur M. Fiulay o: the Wa-ers-l'iep-v oil
Couiun and sold to William O. An
irews. general sg.nt of the Lquuable IJfe
insurance compiiiiy. who purcliascd for a
home. i.iy.ng JT.sCI.Vl for ihe property. Mr.
Flnlny was rcpti-x-nted in mis transac
tion by the real c-siaie firm ol J. M. Levi
fe Co.
Also house No. 5TB Cote Urlliiante ave
nue, a twc-io.y brick bouse or sji roo nu
on lot SOxlta) feet, uwneil iy tne Sl. LjuIs
I nton Tiut c mpmy. trustee of the es
tate of Charles 11 oleott. deceased, and
so.d to William It. Itruek.nip for nu mm
of l,i. Mr iiraikiKV.il liuik rum-rus
imirwvemcnii: to the hoot, after which he
will occupy it as his home.
This Hrm also tented Ihe east ha f of
u.e warenouie. covering the entire block
on Chestnut street from Ninete nth to
Twentieth streets, to the Phoenix Furni
ture Company, who will use the property
for a warehouse. Nexotlatiens were start
ed by representatives of this flrni with the
I'hoenix Futnltuic nm, any List Saturday
when their old warehouse was jet in
This firm also closed three deals and
passed titles whereby the United Lead
I nmpany of New Jersey acquired vast
tracts of ground in the heart of Granite
ity. ill. This transaction Included what
Is known as the entire block "N." front
ing State street, ii street. Sixteenth street
and proposed Fifteenth street. Also a
large tract fronting about T' feet on the
Terminal Railroad and running uastward
ly several blocks to State street All of
whlrh property was acquired from Paul
i Fus. Mo-es Rumey and Charles D.
McCIuri-. trustees of what Is known as,
the Cool lands. Also the entire block. No.
.. which is In the heart of Granite City,
part of which was acquired from the
Medrlrghaus trustees and rt from Mrs.
Marv A Drummond. Also a trvct of Intel
aeljolnlng the Terminal Railroad. Iltc
Four sjslem. Walwsh ami Chicago and
Alton roads, on which this tract of land
fronts nearly a quirter of a mile vhlch
property was acquired from tlie Nleclrlng
haus trustees.
The United Lead Company now has ln
all. about thirty acres. 011 which they will
erect an enormous pl-int.
The Arm of Howard Gambrlll & Co. his
'een working on these deals for nearly
six months and the site purchased was
considered by the lesd cnmpanv to x the
most desirabV of nliout forty sites offered
in various localities.
lllssUstppI Valley Trust Conipnnj.
The real estate department of the Mis
sissippi Valley Trust Company reorts an
increasing demand for ail clasves of real
estate, rartlcularly for modem te-prleeil
residences both for homes and Investment
purpose-s They report a number of sales
of this cIssm of priperty during the past
week, among them the two-store eight
room brick dwelling. No. 21 Park incline,
from tlie Regal Investment Company to
L. C. Hcrchenroederer. wlio lioueht for a
home, paving therefor M 4e. the purchaser
being represented by J. I). Ilea ley.
Thej- also report the site of the twelve
room residence. Na oft Washington ave
nue, to Mrs. Nanev A. Rvan. who buys)
for a home, the cnnslde ration lieing 38 Snn.
Also the houe known as No 4STI lanky
slreet. from Frank H. Nagel to Police
Sergeant Michael It Faj who also pur
ehised for a home, the consideration be
ln r 13 v.
They also report the sale of UJJ St. Louis
avenue to Frederick M Slcinbi- This Is
one of six bouses recent Ij- erectil In
Chouteau place bv the Mississippi Valley
Trust Companj- for the Improvement of
that liea'itiful niNiivlston. ami will lie
i'se.1 bv Mr. Steinhfew as a residence The
consideration for the property was Jlt.)
This is the thltd of these beautiful homes
disposed of.
Thev also renort lh sftle nf V sanr t &.
due street, from Mary N. Schneblermev-er
to er.H-hner 'or J3
The MIslppi Valley Trust Company
also reports that there seems 10 be ipi te a
demand for Invmtment propertv. they
having sold during the last wek 3 feet
SS Inches on tlie outh sl of Chestnut
treet. Ixtween Se-ond and Third streets,
from the Udell R. 1 E.-. Crnnnnv o
Charles JI. Cherrj f r SXSW. This prop
erty is vicant. but ! Is underatond tt
It will be Imme-'lalelv improved. Mr.
Chrrv imueht for Investment.
Tiey a'so rrpo-t the sale of No 40J
a-d 4051 Lab -die aee-ue: from Ius
Ki eb'er o Marv N "ehneH-rraeyer; the
consideration ben t 5T9. JIrs Schnel-de-me)er
purchased this property as an
The JI s-lsslpe.1 Valley Trust Company
reports that tee cVmnrd tnr lots In Ov-
Isnl Park sulsllv'sl'-n of St Iarals Cnnnlv
sti"l ccntlnue. ard thst dnrint the hist
w. 'k t-ev have d -hr- lots: Lot m
IVk IS f-ontlrr 19 feet on th. north
l-e of Milton v nue at the con-r of
Uo d ave-ue to Joseph It Roox. for XVT
rd lot M In t- same b'eek frontier VN
fet on the n tlh H"e of Milton avenue, to
L"r V Root fo Jo5 II Is usiderstnne
t-at the M-sr. Roux Rro a'e to m-medlatlv-
Irrprove ehee lo's with beantl
fu' uburhan rel ence. They ali r-
fta cfi-ifB (ft All
tt a 5 II ill H illil
p.-rt t-e sale or 1' t s In h!-k 1! of this
milslivls'on to Mrs. I.ira E Ag-irl; the
co-siitcrst'on be'nr tfi. Tls la Vre
Agner f-u-th "iir-haae In. th's sniWvl
svn and Is bo- ci" for the purpose e.f en
larging the srou-ds arouid her residence,
which h has lust completed.
The JllMisslmil Valley Trust Company
also reports that Ih'-e l a coc,dcra'.V
eirand for vacant propertr InsHe of the
city llm'ts. ihv hav re sold during the
pst week In Hsn ey Hlht. a city sub
oiv's'on sanieic bv this co-nnanv. lot IS
n city b'o-k S"STc to H-nnr Goehe-I front
lrg 50 feet o-e the north 1't-e cf Btsvi
- -nee 'or 300. A's- 1 t Z! In bl k S""0
f'on'lre 50 fet on t-e "uth 'Ire of
G- rn! ""e avenue to Mrs. Jfo'l F n er-Tsi-.
t th of llue Hirri-y II ij-'-t lots
nLl be Immodlatc.y im;r3.ed wuh real-
Our Stock of Furniture
For the fall season is now complete. The se
lections are unsurpassed. We can satisfy any
purse. Every article marked in plain figures.
A stroll through this department has been a
delight for many. You are cordially invited.
Office Furnishing Department
Is the finest in the country. Wc have tried to make it so. 'Wc have Roll
and Flat Top Desks, all grades. Typewriter Desks, Office and Directors'
Tables of every description. In addition, wc have the Shaw-Walker
Vertical Filine; System, Sectional Bookcases in all sizes and colors.
..A. ... -rlOT
le c ,e in k- ; I u with th-'surroundings
n this cit s b!. . Is on.
Si 11 1 li mil p I h 11 .
The M.rcantii. Trust Co.nuany report a
v ry v-nisfaetry w.k's business at their
Soulluimpton" suUlivisiun. A numbc-rof
- tics have been closed and prospects are
bright for very good results tho coming
A remarkable interest is being inanlfest-
d b Uu- Kre It asers ill Soutliaiitpion in
the uiiprcvetnenl of lira besiulilul tract,
ai.d they are sparing neither time nor
money tu ad vane ins lis welfare ln ever)
possible way. The improvement asei
U011 otnanisecl seme months since has pre
pare d petitions to the proper c-ltj- authori
ties for the ptictng of gas lamps and tire
Plugs in ail the streets In the addition.
During the pajt week n-irly 1M signature)
have been obtaincsl, and s scmhi as all
have smiled a ci mmlltee anwlnted for the
purio- will attind to the mailer.
A list uf sales made during the past
wet I. follows.
lo Mar A Harvey. M feet, southeast
cenir Nottingham and Mackbuul ave
nues. tl.h.
T. John R. Fischer. feet on Lans
down avenue; .
To C. A Mcreiis. Si) feet on Nottingham
venue; Xn.
To u. A. Jut (In addition to previous
punhase). W feet on Nottingham avenue.
To C. A. Carter. feet on Nottingham
avenue, east of I.ranr.on avenue; J1."0.
v. Wood.
N. S. Wood sold No. lt& Maple avenue,
a new nine-room rcsUence. on lot 34x134.
built bj the Surerior Construction Com
panj ; sold fion. them -10 C II. Morris,
who wit. occupy as a tteune. This Is the
seventh out of eight built and finished
about July 1 by the Superior company.
.Mrholl.-Illtter Itenllj nnd Financial
Tliere is a brisk demand for residences.
In many cases the bujers. however, de
cline to pay the prices asked by the
owners. Offing to the few houses and
apartments for rent, persons are com
Pellee! to purcliase. being unable to find
suitable places for rent.
Thev sold u lol stluate.1 on the south
skle of Pine street between Thirteenth
and r-ourteenth streets, hav Ine a front of
2 fee-t by a depth or MS feel 4 Inches to
an alley, located about KM feet west of
Thirteenth street. The Improvements on
this lot are an old two-story brick dwell
ing, situated some distance back from the
sidewalk, and known as No. 1316 lino
street. The property was sold for account
of John Boj .e. Jr . represented by It A.
Hov-le. tor i:-aw. tlie purchaser helm; a
client of the NIchoHs-ltitter Reaity and
1 inancial Company. Tlie prorerty was
bought with the Intention of Imnroving
It The owner contemplates erecting a
store building as Pine street Is fast be
coming a business thoroughfare At the
price paid, ihe purchaser secured a bar
gain, as adjoining property Is being hekl
at UO per front foot When the con
templated improvements are made, the
owner will secure a good Income on his
They also closed the sate of house No.
311.' Kenslrgton avenue, nine-room mod
ern detached residence, with lot 31x133
feet 6 Inches, sold for account of JIrs K.
K Archer for JetO-i Mrs Vreher took ln
part payment a choice lot on Jlorgan
street. In Mount Cibanne district. 39x174
feet, valued at J2.In The lot Is a very
eleslrable pi ce of property for a residence,
all Improvements being made on Jlorgan
street between King's tiishwaj' and Union.
They also closed the a!e of a piece or
business property, which was so d for a
St Imls corporation, but which they are
not privileged to report at this time.
I.eive A Nona.
Love tc Sons sold house No. 6S3 liaison
avenue, consisting of four rooms, frame,
rock cellar, on lot WxlS feet; sokl for 11.
. cash, from Harry S. French to Fred
W Thomas, nought for a home.
Also ten acres of land of Sulphur
Springs tract, ln Jefferson County. Jlls
sourl. about igl teen miles south of city,
near Iron Mountain Railroad ami adtoln
ing the tract sole! lo Mr. Emery last week;
sold for 350 per acre, from John E. Love
to Eva M. Gleien. Bought for Improve
ment. The eliiTenker Ilenlty Company.
The following sales are reported:
The properly No. 3419 Henrietta street
from Free! Schroeder to Fredericke
Schmidt, lot SxlS 9 feet, two-story brick.
arranpEeei in naia lor two lamuies 01 (our
rooms ami hath upstairs; four rooms and
bath downstair"- one nntshed basment
room and two laundries, which purchaser
bought for a heme for t'Ki
Property at N 117 Cast!man avenue,
lot 25xlJ. on north s'de of street. Improved
with a two-story minsa'd of "even rooms
nnd two tln's-eil attic ims, line recep
tion hall lath, tmnllold cellT and lawn.
Mr. Kose Creamer purchas-d for a homo
from Kstmont Ifeiffer. for e3i.
Property at No. "MS-ao) iark avenue.
'ot 3x131 from Herman Hess, four mum
at No Sis. five room, and bath a' '"
four rooms, and . Ave rocms and bath,
at "3A in!d to fhn'l.s P"menber- who
bought for an Investment, for "7.5(0.
At the northwest comer of Russell ave
nue and Thiirman beulevanl. to Herman
He-, lot 100x13 which rurehasr bought
to have same Impiwed with stores and
flats, for tha sum of 33 SA3.
John llocLcry .I Son.
On Monday. November IS. at U o'clock.
at the Real Kstate Exchange. No. 110
North Flchth street. James D. Dockery
spec-ai conwnls-loner. by order of the Cir
cuit Court srt I ell at auction two eles'ra-
eiep icces 01 -lowniown mnnesj property
belonging to the estate of John Mullcry.
First, twentv-flve feet on the south sld
or Chestnut street, between Ninth a-.d
Tenth streets, hv a depth of 111 feet and S
Irehc to an alley.
Second, the three-story brkk building
on the southwest comer of Ninth and
Morran street, and the two-story brick
building No. 711 North Ninth street, cov
ering 28 feet on Monran street by M0 feet
to an alley
Itullillng Permits.
f! J r.n-n M CO fxtate. two-story
l k " ' C '
C T if n '. w J Vl-tor two-stary trick
d7- ' tt
I - 1 1 N - ani No. ;tn Maxnolia.
io'JL.o two-sUiry tr, k dwiluns. 13.009.
1'lttll t'ompleted for -Tallest Huild-
lllIC West of llls.Isslppl
As soon as the existing building law is
amended so as to permit ot the erection of
a building higher than 150 feet, work will
be begun on a twenty-story office building,
for wh.ch ground on Twelfth street near
oliv e has already been purchased.
The plans for this "tallest building west
of the Jlissws.e-pl River." as Its projector.
J. It Caniobeil. calls It. have been pre
pared bj- llaruttt. liaynes &: liarneti. and
r.e will cmouclv an ihe desiraoie fea-
luiea ot the gieeet ollKe builuugs 01 New
eoric and niRao.
Lhiiiii tne pusi ten months the plans
ami exterior Uf.ii- ot Ihe tnosi ocuaie
of the ueenlern ss.scraperi. nave been un
uer c-ousasrratioii. auu ine arcniiecis ana
o.oecior an bs.ieve ine accepitej ued"Kn
a.l. prouuec. not oui tne most convenient
out tne luiuusouiesl UiuUiug ot lis kind in
.lie worid.
Ui.e of the architectural features will be
a suits ot relief portraits of Ihe men mom
cioseiv c-uellie.cte.1 nllti tile liu,.iidJj lur-
cnase. wcich will be placed belv.eeii the
A.nuown ot l tie tnlru a lory. Tne portraits
ill oe of heroic s.z and will include Na
oieon Iicieie. ciwuteau and Thomas
at flerson.
Ten passenger elevators wHl be Installed,
rtve of these will make no stops until the
eentn rieor Is reached.
The exterior of the building will be of
granite, the shade graduating from a dark
color for the entrance pillars to the light
est obtatnab.e color on the top story.
J. It Campbell, wno purposes to erect
the building, was concerned in the erec
tion of similar structures in Chicago.
Ileal Usfme Trnnsfers.
DltOAnWAV I It. e. .. bet Ilbute
and Antelope, city block tCA: Will
lam IlUse and wife to Mrs. U llfydt
w a. 1 1
MK..AIHVAV-C 1 1 . e s. bet Illase
and .Vr.leler-. city block 4SC, WlnUm
iilaius ated wife to William u 1r-
and cia.a. city M ck 11: Fair BulM
Ing 1-0. 10 Clara V. Aiexaneer w. ,1
Oltr.Elc-w rt. n. s., being ll lireer.
city block IWIA. Max it. l4rnhel
mer and Ue to tuew M. Mekies w. it.
CIlKUt-m tu. n. .. east of CVxa. city
Mock IMA. Beltle S. TBtfHipsoa lo Jo
seph K. Kan w. d.
LEufC a ft , In., n. . being lies
laloc. city I lock ITI1. Michael J
Powers to eam A Martin w d
Ll.SlJt.laV-'o it. . . tt Vandeien
ter and Saiaa. e ty blk JW. Tjotji
U Tusffe 1 . Nelson ci. Cdwaros
qtc d
Nl-UKA&KA M ft w. s . net Osage
and Gasconade, city block Stw. B.Ue.l
A Itnirdeni and hu. band to W llijm P.
Ksssler ami wife w. d
NOIT1NOHVM a ft., n. .. northeast
corner Mac.Lnd, city bksrk KT7: South
ampton heaity Co. to Henry Herman
Dlllers-w d.
M. 1 LNClllAM-tOs ft IS In. t s. s.
w. cor. Kind's highway. Southampton
Ilealty Cu. to Frederick W. BoHmann
w d.
ST LOUS-3 ft., n. . bet Prolrle and
Vanilev.nter city tloet CT. c.ara A.
Marten and husband to Mkbel J. Pow
ers w. d
TENTH-:) ft . w s . bet St I.wla
and Montgomery, city Mock XI: Lwls
J PornofT and wife to Henry B. Scam
rnell w. d .
TKNTII-! ft. w a . bet St Louis
and Montromenr cltr block 3C7:
Jaenues tvy and wife Iv luls J.
Vrn.irr w d
. 13.000
VKKNO.V 5 fL. .. ttnc SHI Ver
non, cltr Mock MIS: A A Fischer
Ar- hltectural and I)Mg Co. 19 A. A.
CVnell w d
Habeas Cor pas Proceedings.
RKl'LilLli s-PEilAL
Peoria. IIL. Oct. 2t Habeas corpus pro
ceedings were begun to-daj- In the case of
E. A. Sorrells and Samuel Flynn, ac
cused of killing Thomas Hartley, a pa
tient at the Insane Asylum. Argument
will bo bad before Judge Wortblngton
Ftesforas Prsmaturaly Gray Hair fo Its Haiuril Color Without Dyo It
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Lashes Send Nairn and Address for Free Package.
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The above cut plainly shows
The remedy has cured thousands and no
one need fear that It Is hurmfuL We do
not ask sou to take our word for it or
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Tsventj-Fonr l'ersons Irt Violent
Death In M. Lou's Durlns Last
iercD Da)s.
m:LTii KEPoitT.
Deaths In St Louis last week. 26.
Deaths previous week. 1ST.
Illrths last week. L
Uirtbs previous week. 330.
Deaths by violence last week. II.
Deaths from accidents last week,
Deaths from consumption last
week, lt.
Six suicides and 1 homicide last
Forty-fire cases of typhoid were
repotted last week, with 7 deaths
During last week anj deaths occurreil
In St. Louis ami ZC births were reported
at Ihe Heaith Department.
During ihe previous week K7 deaths oc
curieu an j :a births were reported.
The cause. ot death last week w.. re:
Zjmotlc diseases, ii; constitutional dis
eases. X; local diseases. 101, develop
mental diseases, Z; violence. 21, scarla
tina. 2; diphtheria. 4; croup, :. uphold
fever. 7; remittent fever. 2; puerperal
fever. 1; pj-atmia. 1; a.cuholNm. 3, other
zjmotlc diseases. 2; cancer ano mal Bitant
turner. 13: phthisis and tuberculosis pul
monaiis, 1Z: marasmus, tabes mesenterlcu.
and scrofu.a. 3; rheumatism. 1, bronchitis.
6; pneumonia. 9; other diseases of tho
respliaiory organs. 3; diseases of the cir
culator)' system, 9; meningitis and er
cepha.ltis. ; heart strcke. 17, apoplexy.
4; other diseases of the brain u".d nervous
sj-stem. 5; cirrhosis ot liver and he.patitb.
3: enteriUs. gastro-enterilis, pvrttonllis
and gastrin. 21; Unght's disease anil
nephiltls, 13. bioocl poison. 3; other local
diseases. 2; cyanosis. 1; Inanition. 9. senil
ity, 19; surgical operation, 2. Bulcide. ti;
homicide. 1; accident. 15.
Nine were between 1 and C years and
flftj-six over SO years.
Twenty-cne cases of diphtheria were re
ported last week, with 3 deaths: croup, 3
cases, both fatal: scarlatina. 24 cases. 2
deaths: trphold fever. 45 cases, 7 deaths;
meas.es. 2 cases, no deaths; consumption,
is cases, all fatal.
Haskell Indiana IS. Kansas C
Lawrence. Has. Oct 21 The Haskell
Indians won. from Kansas University hero
this afternoon by a score of 12 to 4. It
was a very hotlv contested game, hut tho
superior speed of the Indians won. In tho
first half Hauser made a touchdown for
Haskell nfter two minutes of play by
picking up a fumbled ball and running;
forty yards. Aichlquette followed soon
after with a forty-yard run around K. U.'o
right end for a second touchdown. Both
goals were kicked. K. V. played a much
better game In the second half. The In
dian line was battered tor good gains and
the Jayhawkers .nade one touchdown
Kansas gained much more ground than
Haskell during the game, but her fumbles
were costly. Kansas bad the heavier;
Xlnth Illinois neunlon.
r.EPrnuc special.
JIarton. IIL, Oct 24. The. annual ra
union of the Ninth Illinois Mounted In
fantry was held here to-day. Records show
that the loss of the Ninth at ghlloh ex
ceeded any other regiment according to
numbers In that battle. General Phillips,
who was Colonel, was recently ono of too
Supreme Judges of Illinois.
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