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meetln- at Hchtnth "tteet and Tark afnue
fctst Tuesday nlRht. Ttio trani-i r.- inl
tlaled Into th mrteri-s of slc-afl Tin
folrwlne ore the otrkvrs of th can.t ' "
I. t: MltMMnl V. .. f :tottlr lonk-r.
1. II llNbl-ard. clrk. C. M Fink
WIIKInMHi. l-at Scanlan. II Wort
Jlrlrr and A. ft. Jackson
25, 1003.
. -TTC27 t A-sTWfsTsTI
i KiirarTraMrTFa & mzsa EE?a bTbTk & Ett K!. 3STT fimm &
; i
On Friday evening. Octotor 3D. a district
convention ol the Degree of Honor lodges
of St. I)uif A. O. l W.. will be held at
Anchor Hall. Kirk and Jefferson nvonues.
A music and literary programme will be
presented In addition to addresses and re
ports from the various lodges.
i:ach lodge, through Its chief of honor,
i is been asked to appoint a ""lodge his
torian" who. when report from lodges
urc called for. will be asked to site a
brief history of the lodse since Its organi
zation. Many of tho report" will prove In
teresting, as they are to Ik. written, either
J'i prose or poetry, serious or humorous.
tlrand Chief of Honor Mrs. Almaretia
Morgan of Kansas City. Mo., has been
invited to preside. Grand Recorder Clara
J! Murrell will give a few statistics. Hen
i W. Mejcr. grand recorder of the A. O.
I W.. has been invited to make a snort
t ilk on fcvbali of tns work beltig nunc by
i Hi- A. u. L". .
Xo assessment In the Degree of Honor
:! October. Hue. Only Ove assrswnrats
n.tie been called In last ten months. As
an inducement to members to curry pto
i i Hun in tn Degree of Honor, the Oiand
trudge Is ottering a gold recognition ptn to
ell whose application are approved t.y th...
-uperlur rned.cal examiner until to mid
. light December SI. 1-Yom January J lan.
to September 1. the Increase In the 'bene
"'.ft' membership as ne .. The
liglbiiity clause has been changed so as
to admit all relatives. Mtfihcr bi blood
Ilecrce of Honor, A. t. I. w.
N.irth End lidSr held a tery pleasant ard
in.-rtstlns meeting: on Tusdaj erenlnj The
i.rnd recorder. Mr. iTara B. Murrrll. acccm
1 anted by a deleaiiun from Vurreil lafdse
lo '? f..,Ion.nr MiM E,!n '""in, accomnaaled
Mr. W 'KPS,"n !mn 1d !" !. "Si
SS".l?''mlrt."''" 'nd,r ,h" "" f the
iruT.il lJf'i r-"'r'"'r and .h- m-rans
mado Wut t'k 'r..,rnlr ibe ,orl. b,,
Ur.re la at Iui. Aft.r the l.sla- kj- J
supper was s.r.,-.l Miss CHa AdK: tC 7. -r.',
.-."? """ed the bitorlan S r tho
SSSctJSESi. -Non" &"1 u--" ,n!
JS?T7ij!et brM ao nwally Pleasant and
nrJlS!;J?w'nt",' ?l!.to " Setetat
apphcaoons for menitwrship were received and
t?. L or hneticiar cTluleate. Miss Sadie
rvinxade. a former recorder of tbe lodge will
tioS. ,llrtor' r "'ft'"dj:e since iw orsiSaa-
n?J"LaL,dK0 I'.rM "! rxular niMinr rn
wesnwlay oen!nK. ji. i wre diaanpoiutiid at
not recellnc a il-it from tte grand chief f
honor. II to rroi.-d that this l.idr- ho'.i
a class inltlatloa on the third Wedrwiiav ir
ovemDer, and a dl'is-nsation will be aked --f
th crand chief -if honor. Tile lodfe il! Eire
a enchre the firj-t Wednesda eieninE in -
T75?T. ??r ,n" bencot of thlr s-ne.al funtl.
amc. Ill act an historian at tin- convention,
soutnamntwa Istdg held an interetmE in-;-Jnr
fcaxnrdaj menlnK-
liLnlfrhts nf the Mnccalirr.
TTi third oCOcial visit (f ll.e Conunandetft
and Plut CoiaTnanderV APoclaUon vu Just as
xxeescfcl as the others, and I J H tan Tent will
bm Mnented bv It The Great Canip offtrrn?
lnllUted a cndldate for tbe tent and a review
wu held.
Mondav nlRlit the association visits Iwnboe
Tent in Trftnp'a Hill Grand, nar Baivn a.e
nn. R. U I Smith, record keepe- of Murhjll
Tent, and Dutor Loehr. eiajojininc ihhician
for Billlm. Sl . ivTf ral rn at th 5r-at
Camp headquarters Thr nrre here altendtns
th M?onk Clrand Iat-.Jst.
American T.-tit Farpasd ail trn: In the city
and broke the rec-nl in inittattnc thirty-4
randldat at on' r'viw it a eipn teO t
usa the pnraph-rnala. but owing to a death of
one of the test tht tnirt form vra d-iid,)
upon. Great Record K per Summer l-h-eml
ths Hceret w.rk, J I .-Umm the chaplain',
and nat commander .- .-harK. .-?lr Knicht Brev
aa lieutenant commander and MrMat-ter at M-n-tnel
After the cer mnle r'nu-i' u-r nude
Vy Jone rl. I"arKc-. s n McHastcr. Jt Pn
Jtambor. Ed WHen. William Tower. J. p.
fctamro. H. II ifaulz and J. McGoMrfck.
Considerable lntrtt Is ljenc rvted In
Well-ton Tint, due to the fact of the efficient
Y-ork of the cflWr ard the memtrfrn of the
decree team At the neit re-l. which ill
te held Monday nipht. an entertainment has
leen prtnided. and all Macrabeet In the city
pre invited to be preeent.
1he1reat mp d-gTee team exemnKhed the
work for the Jnem of elaht candidate for
Ituny Uee Tent on Monday nlicht. Ten apjdlcu
ttons were recalled t this review and h. Kreat
ueal cf Important businen. dltVHed of. Among
tbe visitors ho rpofe. urder th cood of the
order were the freat commander, great record
keej-er, IdtT Great Commander McMaeter.
ITikctor "laus. Fir Knights lVd. Van Ienten
and Kline
Oak lllll Tent, after recclvinc fowr applica
tions and ballot 1 nc upon thw same, closed their
review at an early hour and then threw the
nail open for the benetlt cf the ladies and sir
knights and their friends, the occasion being
a euchre party.
On Monday etenlec; Union Tent had a larxe.
number of members and visitors prisent. Thre
randldate were Initiated bv the decree team,
Xeputy Great Commander Tort aselstlrc. ton
slderable business of importance van transact
ed at this meet inc. nnd the tent tlll rMrtlii
the absence of Sir Knlebt lilandr. their record
Imeeper. who 1 confined to his home, but ex
pects to be trlth the tent at their next reiew.
A lanre number of names were ci.etj to Dep
uty Great Commander Pord. and he will as
sit the tent in building up a splendid mem
bership. On next 'Wedcesdaj etninc the Hunrry
yix" Band will have itfe rirt meetlnc In the
new conservatory. No lift! North Taylor ave
nue. All members of the hand are requested
to attend. In order to map out a prcBramme
for the fall
The first meeting of Thomas Jefferson Tent
In their new hall re.ultrd In Initiating two
candidates and receiving two nprIicatlons. The
officers feel that tbey have made a nif move
and are determined to jro alonj; and make rapid
rains. Visitors are welco -ne.
Xewey Tent had ne application and three
initiations at their last review, and about ninety
cf their members present I h i.nni.crary will
be celebrated on the jh rf Xovrralier. at
which time a larjre crowd Is desired
The Uniform Ilank has maniresteil interest In
thei last commanders metlnrs anj aie attend
lny In pood numbers Thev are matin? prepa
rations for a reception to be ! at Ie Honey's
Dacdnc Academy.
Ihe treat commander has leen ujfer'nc from
a cold and lias been cocfUie. to hit room for a
tevr days.
Capen Tent Iied one of lt Interesting r
ies on Thursday evening. Imtlatintr one can
didate and receiving seeral tipUcatlons. TliN
ttnt has decldeil to offer a tah prize f t
to the member brlnf-rmr In .the largest nnmler
of new men In three monthV time and JW as
second prlre. The oys are determlneil to
build up the membership, and all axe working
with a vim.
Comm-irder A. I. Morgan of Mount Olive
Tent has gone to S-w Mexico for bis health
snd expect to p- -k- hi himne In tht State
for tho future The tent will miss the good
counsel ana advice of Sir Knight Morgan.
Sir Knight W V IIanes, t.nv of the i"t
commander of Acme Tent. Is now Ixated In
Omaha. Xeb.. acting as resilient agent for the
American Tobacco Compum Acme Tent has
suffered a loss in Sir Knight Ildyne
Imllc4 of the 31nrrlices.
Mrs 1411 Ian M H oil liter, supreme command
er: Ulsa BIna M West and Mrs. May A. O.
Balkle. State commander for MlesoutL held a
reception at the Planters Hotel on rrWar even
ing to all the iremljer the I ) T. M. In
the city Uvery hive was reiiriitited. and, an
enjoyable exenins spent.
The State rrnnmaftder went to St. Jneeph. Mo .
te early rrt ut tlw" Trreek. hdWiftK' to ofB-ct-rh
meellncs and jwio public jntins.
Qaeen Ileo Hive had h sptendid rcvlerr Ivt
e-ik. receivlsc hve applications and initiating
four candidates
The mlmtrel show given recently by Bina M
In Store for Those Who Doubt.
'When ou read that a ufferer of many
years standing hu iM'tn oraplrtely re
stored to health by using Smith s Cur-all.
you are im lined to doubt the statement
and In fact, have no belief in it what
ever. The reawn for this Is that so much
is claimed for tbe Cure-all it Is imio$?.b.e
for any one to belle e It; if the adver
tiser contined his claims to the curing of
one disease, as do the proprietors of Pyra
mid Pile Cure, readers would have much
more faith in published testimonials.
Those familiar ith this great remedy
knorv that testimonial!! us 10 its merit
may- be relied upon implicitly, also that
the cures brought about by its use arc
little short of marvelous. The genuine
ness of the testimonial here given Is
vouched for and is but one of thousands
'I wish to write you and tell you what
your Pyramid Pile Cure ha done for me. I
have been troubled tilth piles for the past
five years and used cverv remedy that was
recommeni-d to me While some would
give me relief for a while tbe$ never Iwve
cured. I was so bpd thr summer I could
not get up ot down without pain: could
not attend to my houtetoM duties. Finally
I got a icent box of yur Pyramid Pile
Cure;at the tfruggi-t's awl it is now two
monflis since I usd the last of the box,
and have had no trouble stnoe. I can say
It I really and truly a goo?, remedy.'
-I am so thankful I tried It, as I know
It has cured me, and If at any time I
shotikl have any yuch trouble again I
. juM use It at once. Since I am cured I
have recommended it to my friends whom
1 know to le afflicted a I way, and I
kno they a!U u1 it too. I am so thank
ful I ever learned of your cure. Mrs. K.
Hutt. 4W Second street. Grand Itapids,
Pyramid Pile Cure is soW by druggists
for 31 cents a package, cr will be mailed
to any address upen recelnt of pri?e by
Pyramid Drug Co.. SlarshaU. JlXch. AVnte
t'lls firm for their book describing the
cause and cuiv of pile?.
West line tru a Or. idrd u.iin. Those who
took the lirliKipal isirts wiTr Iidiee Itichnro
mo. ltrev. lark. II und. Baker and Bias
well. Kfrila pralee given to Mis" Hay
Thorpr and the l!irs Kcllogc THe State
comuiajMlcr matte an cloiiurr.l address fit the
t- o T M . and Jones Parker frr the K. O.
T II. Mm. j'k. the ofO-iul rnmnulHr. re
.rlrd ttsitt for the i-uc. --. of this affaii.
The l.illowinc Irltrr was recriied bi lb
Stair lommander mm. tho supreme contmanJr.
ami it l riHnit that Slhwmrl i making ex
cellent pi.tcr-st.
tsnrolt. Mich . Oct. IT. lioj Mr Mar A .
Baikie. Si. Louis. M., : near Mia. ltatkir I
wtn to (-..nctalulaTe .i upon the tact that
, Hlrrcuil !! s-rond In print or net inrrrarr
! In Itt-nelM-lMl mrmber frr the month of sep
I iralvr. with Illinois third This l a splen-IIJ
: reeon! f.s- lour Stan, and on 'f wbh-h vou
niav well be pr.si.1 fraternal!- voors.
Supreme tsnunanar.
Kxrelsio.- Illie. NV . of St l"r. M. at
Ihr recalar review Tuida rntrrrd into the
'ak act blue Cttnlest. leldte Hraslr ai.d I4tz
Thls niie expects a visit ftoai the Stale corn
nuuicer on o.-tolr S. , ,
Tb three hives In Mexico hae thorooshlv
adxertiseri the oxantzatton dutlnB the cirnlval
entkurg r-r. captains of the o poalnc sides,
trek, and Kirat results are exrect'sl In the very
neai fmurr
Order of t'nltrtl WorLmcn,
Mechanics I-odjte teM an lntetetlnc tn-rt-Ing
ii dnes.Iav evening, an-l reeejted a,ilt
from a HeatUm from lhoenlx ltie. con
slstlnz of Ma-rterWtJkman C. A. II- hannon.
R.i le- II R. Watxon. Ilnancier J II. Shoe
maker and Guide Henr-t lJm. imc candi
date iri initiated bv 1m or ltohantHMi. assist
ed b tho lsitlng members. A rr-wdmion ua
passed to notify all members. 1 take part in
the cvrtHT tooe la-lnr of the Temple .f Kra
lernlu. "iddessegi n made utidrr lb gl
of tbe cnir bv Krethers ,Vatm. Shteniakfr
and Sl'som at rboenlx IvSctt. and Grand Re
corder IInrv W M-ver.
JeffcrTi laodrce had a well -at ten Jed meetlnff
on totft Thursday -tcnlng. about 7V members
binx pii"it. t occaMtrn beins ih mm
Ur m .nthl n:-rtainment meeting. I nder the
KtH-d .f Ui.- id r Int-eating addi-w wete
made bv Grand Rw-.inl.r Hmn . Meyer,
-.ran J Medical riam'ner Io-twr K. O Greer,
ClTatnTTa n t te Cnttil IMee IlnatH-e vn
mute iinr A Grimm. Master workman
3 1 in lev . Mechanics Ijodge and J. Inmoertz
of J-fferson I-MXf. Alter tfae cksc of the
meeting, the lodse ruarched In a bod., headed
bv a band, to Hcllmsnu- Hall. Nineteenth
juJ Wright stn-is. v.h.r. 4, loqUtt
t nexi.
Th- erarnl rec..idr. lleii V M.er. taM
a .Isit to Standard "u dge on Thurla; even
ing and made ar aMress. explaining the jir-p-i-Hl
etiange i. rates, aivl urging the mem
ber to partK-lpate In the demom-tratlon at
the World's Pair groonds. Grand Medical ex
aminer Doctor Greer. th ntaster workman cf
th lodge, also made an lntTeUns address
atoop the same l.ces.
A group picture, containing the pbotwrraphs
nf .mmlr of the lodtr v$an pieentej b
Rr.ther Hutchtngs to llenton laOdce. It con
tains a few m-we vacant places, and th
members of thU lodge tvbo hae not let bad
their pictures takrn are requested to do so
at ine
Si. Iaotite lands had a wellattnded meeting
on Tuedav evening, reinstated one member and
transacted a great deal of routine business.
The commute on the euchre to be gten on
Not ember W reportrd.
Tn cm hre and hop civrn by Mechanic
laOdgc at Mutfc'a XIalL Saturday evening. Oc
tober i;. was a success, loth socially and
financially Tbe atterniance rrize was wen by
ticket No. Mf
A larse and enthusiastic meeting was beld
at the hall of Western Lodge on Thursday
eemng. the occasi-sii leine a meeting of the
master nor Wren and marshals of the A. O
l". V . for the jmroc of makirir final arrange
mnt' for the demon"tration at the ccrner-lone
la1rjr of the Temple f aernlt.. and the
presentation of the prize banner to Western
laodge for securing the largest number of nw
member in the recent ronien Th oresenta
tlon address was made br Urother Rdward J
Walsh, president of the Kugttsh Workmen's
Aswociatlon Master Workman Th.rma Sanders
responded. lnler cood of th.- rder addrese
were made by Colonel John I. Martin William
II Miller, grand master workman, llrnrv W
Meyer, grand recorder. Henry A Grimm,
chairman Grand 1-odge Finance rpramitter and
Ioctor li O. Gn-er. grand medical examiner
itlve Branch laodge at its meetlnc on last
Wcdnesda. evening decided to participate in
tlie fraternal parade. This lode IH give a
euchre and hop In the pear future.
Cnlliolir Knlchts and I.adies.
Rranch No 9. " K. i I, of A . will have a
progressive euchre, at their meeting to-morroir
evening, and after the euchre a dance.
It ranch No. 127 will give a euchre at the hall.
n:z-l and Good fellow avenues. Wednesday
Branch No. " Is making arrangezneTits for a
reception in honor of Doctor Felix GauIn of
New Orkan. supreme trustee of the . K- A
I, of A., who .1I visit St. Louis November II.
i:verv branch In . Louis and ETast St Louis
will be In lied to this recertion and entertain
ment. Roynl JLenprne.
Meetlnc this week: Monda. Soma Side;
Wednesdiy. Greelej.
The advisory ufflcers will visit Greeley Coun
cil on Wednesday. October 2S. Hall No. . Fra
ternal building. Kleventh and Franklin avenue.
Visitors? from sister councils are laUted to at
tend l enboe had one arpllcatlon. and three
memters were added to the Fellowship Club.
Applications were promised for tho union meet
lnc on the 31st.
Iwi,uty Supreme Arehen Doctor V. D. Cos
bv delUered an instructive lecture on the eye.
Arrhon t r Hnchert promisej a paper en
jjerc ir i ue n mte.unc cr tne fel
lowship Club
Future i;:3t i-ad three, applications and In
itiated ne candidate, and xoted to accompany
1Ttm adirv officers in the official lslt to
Hamilton (Vttncil
Hamilton Council reylieil two applications
and were iited bv the advlorv ofneers anI
deleeale from Future Great. Ft. louls and
I.anht- councils Addresera strre made by su
preme Warder Joseph Abrams Adlory Ar
chon John Weerts. Advlsnrv Vice Arrhon T J
I'Iumrlde. Adriorv OmUtr II. M. laI. Ad-vl-or
Scrile W E. Newiran. Scriie A II
Ilufhrlz of Ianhoe. and Iirotters Joeph Vfhe
le and V M Hall of J-"utur Great kiutU
Foltouinc the in ret lec all Joined In a Ksmc of
prrciesle euchre.
We; End read one application and closed
th- business session earl Members and visit
or were entertained by a programme of oeil
and inrtn-mental olos, blacV-fact and dia
lect artists stervoptlcon pictures and choral
numbers 'f n German stmcinc scletv Ite
freshnrrents and dears ert- served. .Several
adb-iv offl-ers and visitors from slter ua
ell vrt-re ureent
St Louis had two application, and after ad
journment paid a fraternal illt t.j Hamilton
Mlsourl-Wabasli rceliej three appticaTIons;
The meeting was well attended Members en
gaged In a bowline contest for a prize.
At tha wYt tratlnr ihl rouriril will n-
tertaln the advtuurv of fleets and sere a ban
aut for all who attend
Knights and LniHc of Serurlt.
Security Council. No. St. K. I cf II . in
itiated two candidates and received three ap
plication on Monday The attendance was :?
the average, many visiting knights and ladles
being present. After maVlng arrangement to
larticlpate at the dedication of the rraternal
Isiildlns; at the World's FaJr gtounds. the
council was addressed bv IreMent Hookham
of McKlnlev Council followed hy Sisters Ent
lish and I'cwell. who kept the council In a
roar v-Ith their tunny criticisms.
The receipt of th National Cnun II for Sep
teiUeT was the largest in Its history, proving
that Seeurit nincil is popular and prosper
ous, us well as th leading council in the city.
To-nwrrow nbzht the cmmltte i rotnlsen a
surpalse to iFitors
Tb central ..rganlzatlon will ! entertained
h M Klnlev Ciamcll on November 6. Each
ccuntil In the cit Is expected to take a place
on the programme. aiil the zeal to excel in
merit si.ll be tn Its zenith Security Council
will h there in rail war paint, with her "mtn-strehr-
and Indlana." Eerlody Is invited.
Refreshments will le served.
Protected Home Circle.
Ho&e Circle had a fine routine anj idtUted a
das of new candidates. President TBeckman In
the chair. Brother Hougbtlan rave the private
work In an impressive manner A Ilvelr business-
meeting followetl. and a reod time all
around. Th new piano is Installed and the
circle has pasewi the Iln ut membership.
with manv mare to follow
huteau. No. CG. h-id - verv largelr attend
ed nsietlng. lVctor F. E Chase presiding The
tame on ctoter ti prom sew to l a big
gat! rins
leaded-. No 4- hid a Mg crowd at the
cuchte Friday ruaht. Many prises wer civen
out. and members and friends had a go.l
time, and will clan many entertainments the
comlnc months.
Imperial. No. 33. bad a lunch-box calhertng.
nut of which much fun was had. Music and
dancinr followed. It was an open meeting, and
the. hall was too small Gttardlaa Mason and
Brothers Itetd. Cooke. Keiley. Jackson and of
ficers had charge
Social I.ague. No. 1CS. Initiated more than
a -dozen new candidates, Pat President, F A
Dole conductlne the private work, visitors
were Rmther Helnecke and Ulster Grissom.frora
Carondelet: Brother and flster Irvln of lUInhow
Ci.Tle. all of whom responded to words tit
xoid cheer.
Kenton. No. 411. will elro Us annual ball
Frldai night at CMnpbm IlalL corner Park and
Common avenues.
Tower Gro No 412. held a cood meeting.
The final arrangements were xerreeted for tha
big euchre at Grts Hall. October 31.
Modern 'Woodmen of America-
Missouri's member of the Hoard of Directors.
H. R Smith of Brookfield. spent last WednM
day In tbe citj, looking after the Interests of
the order here
Mound dtv Camp. No 11159. had a class of
twelve "strang-rs to initiate at their meeting
last Tuesday ntaht. Tbey also acted upon a
list of new application.
St. LabIs Camp. No. a. held an enthusiastic
meeting last Wednesday nicht at Druid's Hall.
Seven strancers wete conducted through the
first and received the " 'arcana. Eight appli
cations were acted ujx.n.
district Ieputv Head Consul B. H. TLoomls
organized th third new camn to be omnlsed
in St. LouU last Tueda nlsht at No. TWI
South Broadway Tbe camp has fifty-three
chatter members, and -HI be Known as Kpar
roT Camp. No. J 134. Tbe work was exempli
fied lv the Forester team from Camw Xa 2fix
The followins officers were choen for the re
mainder of th term, V C. T. J. uneal.
W A George II. Wyatt: K. B-. J. F Sparrow;
clerk. C H Sparrow- escort, AV. E. Penning
ton, watchman Ed Thomas: managers, Peter
M.ers. Edward J Ones.! and T P. Evans.
Transit Camp. No. 11369. held Its first regular
Knlclils nf llmttir.
St-hUIcr Lodge had a good attr.'U
last dm-1 l Inc. One application na r
one candidate Initiated. Grand IM-
R-rntraegfr acting as dictator in v f
nle. tk dktafcr. AugUKt Gepl-! I ic
To nieiiilrs were rrtortel .n i'ie fi k
Messrs. Grabln-kl. Klstman and M-mt
made t'Tief rentarkt
llremen Lf-dgr nrt a jro.,i ai r. Un
Its lart meeting To ntemi n et
purtcd on the sick ISt A friend! di- "
sras Indulged In b' Mnie Mrn.tn
Schoemwald. Manning. Watt. M je uun
Crntrnnial laodge bad an iniervtiug anJ I
attended mretlnic. Klnancial Iierurt'" M
Ivuls lirlKh bj- leport'd si.k. lui ing w 1
with a serious accident. Ur fcj thr TAn (r
hrs wagim. Mr. M Tha.nnai. Mr II M. 1'"'
nrgan anl Mr Suess made Lrif renuiiks.
Muunt OIHv laodc luid .1 gexl ati-inUn ' -t
the Uft meeting Thr appiicatb'n .i r
ceivrtl and two upplkants reinftated Th r.n
trttalnramt Committee rerted arrangcirenin
complete for the prt ei meetlnc ni mi
talnraent for tbe winter ir next Tus.ia Mr
Monroe and Mr. Ilotton olunteere.l to iJ.r. iV
iMiitner of the lodge in th- parad.
Oak laodge on lat Welnes-ai held tti t.r-
or-tn meeting for the winter t h'i v. ild
not hold tbe largo attendatM-e A i" int
tur of the entertainment was tne prentat a
f th- silver cup won b the IHlse bautli
team. A. W Winter miking tbe i.n-eniai.".
sretvh. It was rrrpondM to by William M
kay if Oak. The present wast accei fn m t
half of tbo lodge br th"4r mascot, the -cii-old
son of Mr. Marra Refreshment?. . r
setrd to the ladl-s anl inembcrs trsm.
dancing being the principal entertainment Mim
Mattle Conk renderetl sevcnl song selections
Unity. Washington. lafayet:c jnd lle
Hranch lodges tranctej t,nly routine bul
rtss. with an a .trace alt ndance jt-. nt
St, Louis Court. o. 1.
I-ast Tuesday evening St I-oui. wrt. x. 4.
iiad a welbattended nie-'ting AUrtit sienn
fivo members wertf presTit Chief Sister Uhlll-I-hine
Durst r''Wed
Several o,uet!rons cf 1m p rtar,e sicrr di--cused
and all i-cttlt-d hri.tuatnisi At rl
text meeting. Ottulmr 77, memhers will rem in
leer the dte anI 1ms present, a eah m iWr
wells the ntt-ndancv and makes the meeting
mire intetetviinr. at fuIL Ni Zs Mark-t sire t.
t eery Tuesday "Venlng.
Knlclils of I'jtbln.
t"healier LsJga fcxld an Interesting me ting
October ?i Ilrother Ira R. Whitchurch ha re
turned from hU vs. atlon. Brother S. C. Ander
son Is going snnth frr his health. The TMdge
is proi-i'cring anj expects a large lacrcase dur
isg the winter month.
Hoj nl Arcniitiiu.
Grand Ilegent V. 11. Bacon and otb. grand
ctQctts will officially visit Kart-B un. 11 on
TursIay cvrnlns. arrntnpaniM bv Xwleile
Council This niM the onl official iit f
the week.
Oievaller foumil is sbaiini: In the prv..'limc
emhuslasm and i 7aniaini; u rei-ru-tin-akiiirc
class frr tnlllitlon Not-mUr . whlt-h .ll '
offtlal--lsli night. Tei.- appttcaiii.ns ere
received at the last m-vi inc. Kejrnt "A. II.
Miller in lb chair Visit ra sre pr-sfit
Wednedav. IVp.ii A. II Melrr. tat Me-I-Ican
Examiner Ioctor IS . itlaekmer. it-ii
J. Ilnsbrntugh f lr-st Fark. wh" H4
areompanled bv a larjre delejcatl n f (If :
tsrer athl members. Georg A ltnpt . f N rfi
End. IMt Iteepnts J. I Mlefert .f i: nun.
harls It. tox of Vallev. I'ml Sramitt t Eu
clid. F. F. Gftttfrie,! of olivette. J. It. Tn- i it
son of Forest I'atk. and memls-rs f Cahann
and other rounctl. After th meetina ! srti
the Oriental degree era e.sarreu uje n ihKty
aplivants by the Forest Iatk Haymakers fte
freshtrents were, served.
arr Lane Council had three applications.
tto initiations n recHel one meinlr b
card, r.''nt II. I. Iiarnei-. .n Im Hail's. srs
extended W. 11. McClalp t dIi-er his lec
ture t-n "The Ior of a Great M. at an
cpen meeting. Ko-enber : H. D. Itarns wnd
A. J Vardell rntertalnM aith in-itum-r.tal
nusic. and talks were made by J. H l ,f
Eidld Cxuikcil anI Secriar J. H Isann.
Compton Hill Council had fifteen applica
tions and eight Initiations. He-nt J EtsennaR
presiding Afterjth meetln the sei-ond and
informal dance of the iMMs..n tnk plai-e it naa
well attended. ITofessnr Trirape onbeatra
fnrnUhed the musk-
Larlede Council protdet a nceptlAn f.r the
a nd officers upon their official islt. Tt'
had was fille,! with the memlrs and tl'tr
friend. Among the decora tksns of the i-m
was a srelcome arch An admirable prvramuie
was renderfd. lz: llanu solus by Misses ilruwn.
Nealy. Mrrs. McKr. Terr.'. .... Un by
Misses nomtach anI l-Jliui Kraa'a; soajTS ly
Mr. HIM-ard and Mi-tei Xrnly. ocal tt-t by
Mi.c NTIIIa an.1 tVi-ln. ilnnlT .rvnn mil '
b Miss HIegei: Flectlona bv toe rpheu.t M-n-dolln
and Guitar Club Aad. s u. re toade
by Grand Recent F. II IMcon anl Past GrrnJ
Recent Jere IIald-ma Souvenir ef-vr,s wre
prsenteil to Messrs. Hub-r ad Evan I-r se
curluc ntw members, nefreshri-nt wej- r-r.x
and ilandng close! tbe evening.
North IUtadway Crjocll ca,- a haitv rt
Ing to Ita newly apioint! deisitv. William IL
Miller, re-ent .f cheva.pr c.mncil. wh. r
sponded tn a stlrrine adlre.t. "P.e ntmi;
was rxceptlonallv well attenle.L liege Jule
minskle presiaed sis tftbrntl.-us tr te
celved and stx candidates initiated. It was de
cided to give a reception xi I tl at an ratly
day. and a committee was app-int.vl v.nh full
power to act. Dutr XVII wa direct id by O.a
tor Nle LeGrand. ani eosslsted f m:r.mnuil
music by lilalr W. Truax rl a-W-rs ly
last Grand Ilegent P I Flnl--v. Par. lltg.nts
Charles R Cox cf Vallej. II Moer t.f
N'crth End. Docttr 11 A. Fa'-nn-ver f Ni-rth
End other members of Tieit.r and N-rtli
End councils were visitors Ufeuncns hoc
Mound citv Council ga.e t',e grani rrs
and Chevalier, the escort I nc ifuncil. a ntltM;
rceeptlcn on official visit nlcht. Itg t. t IL
Ahrens presldlnc Nine aHtatite were re
ceUeil and one candidate Initiated chevall-r
offlcem ciferrl the decree Addres wete
made by Grand officer F 11. Itacrsa. Jre Iiul
rJeman. E F Weseott. James Clausen. F. E
Cock. Past Grand Iter-nt h I. Flnley. :;.ct
J p. Kershaw of Valley. William II Mllh-r of
d.evallr and (reorce A Itrociis or North End.
Tb assemblage was hichly cntertalne.1 by th
follow inr precramme: lla-s svlo bj Mr Wil
liams. bartcne cokv bv ftank A Wals-h. ee
lectlons by the Yale Quartet; tenor sd by Mr
West us; recitation? by Georxe Munsa; bass mU
bv Mi Faut: ten..r s)frO by IVsle Hicoi. launch
ami cirars fulluwe.1
St Joei.h C.HI tn. 11 ftHerl njuwi In its vf
flrlal staif by electing i Jcffry ivUettur
anI E. J Deam orator
Old Orchard Council scocefu!lv mad a nw
dejiarture on ofnelal-vWt ulsht. Krgeut a II.
tsuCer In th chair. The attendance nf metM
lers and visitors completelv filled th sv
hall The new idea consisietl In ntettatnlng
the A.sU-re instead of line entertained by
them, and as ft,rehaJwrd in the lnU'Itirto
addre-s -f orator It M. H TMd and o-misVett-ry
un foiled in a topical s-we by Iast Regent
lraih FnrtM In furtlieranre of th He ad
trrss were mail bv II. It. Ifpe. C H. Cog
gesiiall en. I It. M. Wkltteroore. alouidlns: Hi
hapnv scarestlon. to the arand officers as
n-i-th'"ls of liHrf-atnc their attraitire tewtrs
Mr Whlttenwre presnte.1 to Iejiuty Jao. H
Thoronm fn lehalf of 1h cou-kII an eVsmnt
cartfnc e't as a t'-ken ef rcaM Mr Thtsmp
Mn rntpoiHb-d In his charartertsth-aiiv fellcittrtu
manner. Mnbal r ntributlons were made u
the inoaramme Ia I.urerne if Ick J Itowani
MiTWt!" arel ne.,r II III'- Ir re-p. ne
calls kbort talks w ie made v A. It
Robinson. Gtand Itesei t F II Bac-m. !sl
Grand Uejrrnt Jr Halfkinan iH Past Re
rent W. It. .UHtune of K- l-Mo-Ra OoUnc'
On candidate was Initiated.
Mentor council had wie applfcatlon. Keaent
W. I Cluea presidln. E. elites was
electet representati. to the HostaI Bed Fntwl
ArsC'Clatlon. ('Toarles H. Kreh alternate The
meetlrur was rntertatned with instrumental mu
sic bv PnfeeO"" K'eh. snd addree were
mad br Doctor N GnllsHd. E IBoulanaer snd
J. C. Jon-. A star euchre will l bbl after
the do of the meeting on IJererat-er X
Vallv (Vunril lad sen apH-cattMi alwl
trre Inltfatfruns Regent J P. Kershaw r-e--iJInc
athl was) -Et.-rtalted h tbe Valley
Council Quartet, composed of J. Harry Dodae.
F. W. Dun In. Gim P. IIueler atfl Jej a
Hlse recitations bv Ioctor Stblev an l an ii
teretinr addres n Arctic Evpioniibai.' by
D W Cblpman.
Gratiot tuuiM-ll arranaed to bold an open
meeting on October T Jreih C Ibcan and
Charles J Lulb-rg. Jr . entertained th cmmcll
under rood of the ner. and Regent II W. Fay
made an earnest addres
Forest Park Council had fb applications: and
two Initiations. Recent J G lEnTrknr.iuh re
siding. A great deal of Important tusnes was
transacted Th next meetlnr of Fcrest lark
will le cce of the old-time klmL
Meramee Council was Instituted at Vallv
Park en Friday ntrht bv Grand Recent F II
Bacon, a -lifted ry Grand OrstT Amed pet Inr
and other rrand officer Iutv lx was exem-
.lined be officers of Ot. Guard CoumHI. Ve-e
Regrnt E. H Mlehel nrestdlnc Officers were
elected as follows: l!cmi William II. Ny
smlth: vice r-gent. William T 'n : . rat or
Joseph II Johnston, past recent. Ink tor Suniu-d
I, lnman secrrtarj. Ilrmy S Sirapeon. col
lector. Thomas H Ktle. treasurer. John
Maney: chaplain. Charles- E Cure. -uie.
Oliver P JohnjMin. warden. (harles SetltN.
sentrr. Aloie II Klute: trustee, isjctnr Frnk
P. Knabb. iHactor S. TU lnman and Itoetor
Joseph C Gallaaher. orxanlt, Nlrbola HerinsT.
Jr. Refreshments followed the Institution cer
roenleji. Del mar Council has UuM tnvltaticns for a
unique and dellchtful entertainment to-morrow
ererlng. entitle. "A Trip Throuvh the Trnplcs
cf Mexico," oer th famous camera treon.
ticon route, under th tersoaI lrectln rf A,
It Verdler. hose frequent vlrlts to Old Mex
ico have rendered him entlrd familiar with
all point of Interest.
Ka-Cl-Mo-Ra Council will aire its annual
banquet at tlie Coates Ruuse, Kanas City, to
morrow. Sutceme Recent R-Mneon and otner
dlttnrulrheil rwt will l present-
Mctorla Couocil arnual entertainment will
eome off at Dodler Hall Thursdav erenlnsi.
October i An elocrtlonarv and tnuste m
crammeof meilt lias been preparel and will be
followed b. dancinc
Joachim Cornell will boll an open metlnc
November 9 for which occasion an rxeelleat
program m Is being arranged.
Doctor Cortex y Enk has len eesarats
skinel as medic! xa miner at Jttlnn ttr
snd Dnctor A. II. Uhlemejer as medical exam
iner at St. Louis.
W T Anthonr and D Stanton or K-C-Mo-Ra
Council. Kansas City Doctor G K Me
Call of Callaway CounelL Fnlton Tho-ras c
MotrU of Wbeellne Council. Wheeling W.
Va . wer visitors at the Grand CnMnell effiee
Council raeirts this weV- Mondav Oaark
Del mar. Ka-Cl-Mo-Ra. Jvcblm and Old Ou-rd:
TuesiUy. HIekor. tfucIM. I-loria-snt VaUv.
SedsIIa. Easton. Osare an-I Vandeentr:
Wedpesdar. Nort h End and Call way . Th
remsinlnc nlrhts of the week, being fifth
nl'Hts, Too meetlncs will be he'd.
Tho Uerepts Association will met at Brelt
llng'a on Fri.lay evening. Octoer 3 The usual
supper will be served, and several Intrestlng
matters will receive consideration
I.rclon nf Honor.
SfccreiDi? OiancelloT Ilamm- and etaff will
make two ofnclal vln thl" rat Tu-''T
crcalre to AlpSa council. Corlc Ha". Va
Si.50 anil SI. 75 Per Yard
K A.NNOI NfllD UST Wi:i.K ill- .ui !. ' - ' ' l.lllliS "P MINSTER 'AISI'I.iINi; from thr WOIILD-KEXOWXED HILLS
K Till! HIRBLOW CAI5PET ri . anil l-iunii--l- ( i oil tv-r M to IIousKMrars. Holi U jr.il Do:lsr iKVBILL THOUSAND YAUDS
UKMAIN. anil nlll I ofTi-ml this wrik Tin- .n. si quote on thes sikvJs is Mich as to CL.MM T11K ATTENTION Of THE MOST
1ND1FTKRKNT. for il lion AiTl'AI. SAVIVi; vr n-RUlar prhiii nf TO Z TKIt 'X'N'T Ia.k -..-r our probable net-ds. and don't
untkr any clrcumt.iin m this oixr!uiiH5 if ilirr- i tho !tl likcllhootl of yimr waniin? fVnT'i" thl fall or winter.
Wi quAto prK-s irti S rutpuLir
nol prove what you nml. ws
redooed prtoon.
i. .irds Rtselow Asmlnstor CMrroti". tame tarirlr of ii-n-rns.
with or without bonier; refiu!nr prtco JIJi to J1.7S
1 .irds Hi yal Windsor Wilion CSrpets. onjifc-s frtmi Hk-ilm-t
(irloiii.il Hue.-. n-suLir rlor $1 5 .mil 1 ;"
: .inK Wilion V.-lnl.
twin T.mpl. .nl Vr.ti.li .rnitii; to Sirlla
Vom II. Vi ":i Nv't'i an-l'T'' axfnur
Trw Kxtjlli- ll.i:itd held 11. reaular tr.4ithl
metine KriUx .x.nina. ainl IrafDrtfl .-oii-U-ral-le
l.unlr.- nhlrh int-tuJ.sl -Jie apiroal
of four lth cbiinis
The rttal ciemberMilp rvmtmlttee. ffwntly
applntnl hi- 3uarejl.r Sriiaab k.iu leter
mlBeI to land Ldfarrtte Omhm-iI In front brfvre
Che i-h- of tbe ea. l-t- lnuiatlt.a. lajit
VndaY are tn tvsiutt of one week's work.
aal .l-ul.lr thla BimlXT will br lullkilr. ..
fBi.rr.pw eenlnc
Rarelor OnmHI held a Dot her enthaatatr
nw tuK laM Taeiay. Initialing two eandi
lates and alias eee. ondlCittlufia Kecajrder
rarrlnaton refru that Eirehtor OMtneil ha
oneaniaeii two toluHteer memLermhlu rotnmlt
te.. nftem en ettrh eldtx th- tram ehowlnc
the lt w..rk hy the cl.e of tlie rear to r--erta.-
a haiKbomti tntlmonial from tbe Eenrral
tn laM Mnnriar etentns tbe 8tf4eme ofneers
and ilMtora were .mrtatned h Ivanbe
A Joint neetinc of lr-e. Weteter arc! Kirk
wond rounril. wa. held bwt Thttmftair erenlnc
at Hank Hall. In MalleKil. when a rerep
tion waji tniderd to tbe aunrfme ofHeers One
enMldate w.e Initiated and lw amdlcati.13
ntrd I'nder the hrad of jtnod of tbe order, r
nmrka were made bjr ifeme ttianrelicr
Hammer and lirofheni S. li. Welieter. J I.
la-llale. J I Farrttunon. Honor T. V Hc
klcx. Jvhn Kcbaah. Alte-rt Stotker and 11.
t"li- ranilidatre rere trlthtleil at tbe lat
roet ns of Hdr Iwrk tVniBrlt The number rf
arfrilrattwu tiled at th. meetmc was erv
eratiryltu; to thr ofllcerr. In addltton to the
eaienjmunent. wlttch will be atren In honor
f be ttelt of tbe ?reme Omirll at the next
rcttirir. an inmaufrr ..f at leaet ten eandtdatrs
la rt")irted
Stella unri win ImM lt net resuhir met
lrc tviiH.4a) ev.nlntc at lyiutigan llalU No
all North Vanderetiter RTMrBe. The meetlnc
will b ralhi to rtder at ?:K o'rloek hy
Chancellor BeaL Two randidatfa win be In
'llat.d. Alpha "oanc'.l w'll mejt on Taeadar ertnlns.
hen It will entertain the naprem itfl-r and
memhers f the Sanr-me (urlL The inlt a
li n Cimralttee I. making apeeta! rfTort anl ex
pert, to lnt-o4uee eeveral new feature In tbe
lr.lil.tL n nf Ihe nrr rand date. TL Knter.
talnment omimiltef ha. a:o pxoraid an enter-
tamment wnicn win taae piaee axrer in. mm
nr. ni'etmit
The f.Jbiwtnc r-mmlhi will meet thl. week:
Xinla. Iaifa.tt': Tuidas. All.. Ve.:ne-
da. Irvlns ami Strtll.
KnlBlilv uml Ijtillr. of Honor.
TIm Initial rlu. mllUtloa ami .ntertaimnent
ami lion rf the rerle -if elitem tu be clrea In
ctllerent rta .if tbe .ll la srup of Ilv.
! eaib, inekr tbe ! ..f toe Kvr-
Bth iwrnmltLe. .mnrllnj; tSe..nce K. O.dib.
llisiin. II Witt. IVHar Ar-e. Wllltam Kn
lev and John Ilnrvhmana. win he held at the hall
or Wnrtgat-- leaxxe. Ko 17 laietuA iiile.
Tuelax. ilobir 3. ami Hill r.Hnirwe vim
zate. fr; mum-. TriumFbant. Oik lmt uaU
Initial keiff.!-.
. naetlna or inr urana laiuae oiie.ra nw
h. 1 1 at th. re.hknt-e rf Crand ln lector Jo-
hat oa Frhlmanh htt TtrarMay r.ninc to.
k or thr ifnr-i" Awo.ta.ll-m wa irewrsea
and iioiiuttteeji arte apolnttl t eilt the
Oerman s-oriklnr lodiit. In tbe rtt. The mvt-
ma wa teeldej oer r i.rami i-r.'ior aowit
li i lei., and int.rretiBie remaike were ma. e
by the Uraad llvn IT..Iettor. th- Mrpma- ep-
enta'ixe. ua). .lilre. irfwx' r iw a.
Ihri-ne llutde rtr. rr T MrVev
Hrotlx- Wllllati J lUnilt oj Uatnet I.W
I. rondu.-llii t. .ewantcathm of a tot kMce
in the eitremr MHRiirtn I art of tbe rlt
TMit aoilu-ant. ha. Kianrd the rharter IH
Tnumwuini i-ier r...nefi nr. amoM-aiwzui
at lt raetlnr il..la eeora. waleh wa.
utnt ly utno..! 11 -(ntatltn from alntunt
r.r !..h:.. In hr . :i l.-lna- present. t. attend
tho .ri.er.- reefi- whlrh wae hekl after
th a-jftu.rtini.M ..f . netlnfc of ih. kelce.
-jKn a.-, nietl In wla. J.eprenta
tle tMer .t.r. . i:..tr. K "yihb. vlmm!
Itm ltidirtK- Johanna Frhlmann. tlrwnd lee
lrotert.T iN.tnr harle. H. WlenfAertr. lllaml
Treannr earali K Itreen. Crand rvKUry J
J Kennedt nnd imteetra lawrl. W. l"err.
Marie I lta(lr J.n Horerhman. N. Ut
tell and Krailt IVirker.
i-:toutea laKkte will meet next Tuexlav een
rnr. 1mlida w.ll I- InHUted. ami the
monlhlr uriae drawlnc will take pMre.
otaaaolU laKtc'.i IHCllBi next tVedsesday
evenlttc promi?. to lw Intereetlnc. Candidate,
will be initiated and tirail arramtemeat. will
l perf'.-d foe th. hop to lw rlvi-n at -rljl.r
Sarruterehar Hall. Mr..elp, end bou
tiau aeou. Sasui lav eenlne. ivtoaer 3
ink la-af ly.hr- roHd ith meetlac tart Mini.lay
eTentmr Two randhla were initiated ami ar
raraenient. wrre nuvle tor the eoehre an.1 huo
to I' cKen at Northaeetern Hall. Krrtut are!
M. labile at.nue. No.mlr 1
ItillllMne la-dae held an ejo)atie meetlMT
mat Jrlomay erenlna Vl-ltra were jren-it
frtFm ltr lode, ami the errretary reld
three aMdleatliHM for relief-fund mm.--rarity
Ala la-aae laK meefioit w wiw.i.i. i r i
.-ili.rHl.or- Urcrr than ueual -aodidai- I
rerehed ihe dearee and a committee wan a:.
porncl to arranre for the annual maoum.tr-
ha"- . .
tail.rpti Lodae ha ehamredlta meellnr
nlcht- to the ivem.l an.1 frurth Thurada-. ai
No Il rlanklln axenue The Initial ineetjn.
wa. h.-hl In the new ioi-atloM bwt Tlir.ly
m-mmc whet- eandtdatrs neHfM ih. .leetee
an.1 aeerl j:..II. .ill m. t.w lellef-fnnd urn
berahip re ml.
ItoKeira I.b-.- Iis.i i laore morrW or It.
frlrn'ie ami nrnVi- "I -I tr elje" " th en
trtalmiienl ami mllUnei . party but Tnut-lar
evrnlnc. Tlie affair pnoed to ! ir ucrr.
ful tVrl tlate taxe ..penej It. fell aral winter
rampaUra vf propacatkm lJ"Zi'r 'IM,hi,
wlih an entertainment and hop under Ik. 41
lertlon of a rommtltee. .-nolllfMr of lTotertor
U V 1'eler, and er-. Kerf. I.eter.. An
trim. Youker.. Apnemlt and HalLJ etal P
lotratlona f-a- reltef-foml raenmemblp were ee-
tmnth SH.le' laalc-' U meeiime wa UntWy
attrn-!ed and rnteprrtlmc
ink ll' held a lariirlr aUemled merlinc
lal M. mlay evenimt. IVwr .-aodHate. wrre in-
ltblle.1 and thier apj.lkall'-lol were tr,-Hed.
Arrancrmenta .wrre prrf e led for thr euehre
and re lo ! al.m by the t lh ImIL
N- o 'houtrau avenue M mlay errtnc.
" Oir'ria-f lale Iml-at.-l oae rap.lldale
ard relw-u two ppllrtl-o. at Ita meetlnc
la- Thurwhr ereidn? l.a-j fram Macmdhm
1-1C- .rJord Ibe euchre- whk-h followe-l the
mxtlns. l-rtaea were awar.ie.llo JJra. H. K
-ahl.l. Mr. Therr. Klf-r M ',w"
Imnw. V -r40wHth. Wm SaM-r ami RBm.
mann Km-rn tho who in. part In lb. en
tertalnnrrat were Itrrt : llran.n. and Ijon
K. Ilrrcmann . .
HumboMt lyvbre-x lart meetlnc proved tq be
very Interrnlnx H.-etl randMate. rrrMvr.1
IV .UaT. apl nrraiurmenf "rere i-rfeete.
tor the .urbre and bop to l len at At
hard Hall, swlnrday erenimj. Norember .
Order, of scoltUli ''Inns.
The While Hratixr n..le. an auxiliary of
Us Seottleh rTsm.. his .-r-minXed arranmenta
for Ihe annual Haiv..n reeerloo ami dance
at Ilckwh-k Theater Hail on Saturday cvenln.
November 31
A laruelr attt-mlrd anl enlhitfMIc meetlmr
of (Tan IHmirJaa. No t was hehj Ian Tun"l.-jr
ereninr at lu rmll. itrami ana rawiim nr
with tTitef rharfaa Stewart In the chair. One
ramllile was bnllalert Into ! order In an
ImMeerlie niac.-i. r The .-nmiii" tnai oa.
hao rhatxe of the arrnncrtnenta for toe c!.
hratlin rr the twenf r'th annlverfarr "t tti"
Instituti n crjr cf t" tn this cur aubmittrd
Its rrr'-r The r--tr -tainmrnt will tak - .e
term ' a tK run n 6t f! !l H'tta-!?
i ltt.il Will. -ii IStw- iin l uln iii.i.ic. i.-n Uik GSQO P( ' i1 Hr.i- Rid- V l-iullful ollrlion. at all popiilir ftOR OO 3
J lfi nf Mlteril!. rlir !t: t'tl. rrnnUr rn-r U: VOC.HJU i , iti. a l-.ii-r fui HfCmKJ mSJ I Bj
'! Rrrananr Rmc. matte f nun Fhort -mlsr rlnr-1Mrfl QR 'It ISv'iIar i' lr-n 1ImI-a tine aworlmnt. at from CSV to J'0- C55 ff S N
jf i inmn uteryKa -lutm-' luiciire vrrv rlirap r-iif .J JO I"iii t- i, i, Se Hie Swljl at SJW J H
f tMly HrusFols KURs (-lie 9xi; ft ). t xira lim lo r rar ftOfl Oft ' Blankft W.--ir-ff. lin;; Minie rr-choice Illaak'-tJi ffi O Rft t 9
t i .mil bniutlfnl In ffii. rK'i!ir prn 7T7 '" P6lliVW i ', at lo in... s- tf at 3JOivJW ) H
J i1 A I'rr larco line Otitiii 1 His OR2f r' necTi'ar i 'i Comfort. r V..t tho i.e-iw kind, but ilioe that nre "Si's ftft a
J i i.ili 'itt-ii aiOl 10 Pri-e i IIri r-ic ' .t warm Sn one .il 0OmJJ t
XTSK rB ae- sBsrsaaTB
1 e mm 2 sm ..
yradiMs of Crpls Sliuiilil lh
havo oilier linos t how j :ii
SI. 32
Pis-erfJefpBP MaWP ,t
Showing imrc": der " 11 eecenlly discovered on the f-rm
Sheldon. Mo.
iirpi'pmi- sri-iu
Sheldon. Mo.. Oct H -Mu.-h interest has
been aroued here by the discovery of Immense-
deposits of aphalt In the southern
part of Vernon County. IHtumlnotis sand
Moir from tho farm of A. K. Bishop as
says, accordlntc to reeent tests of Profes
sor J. C Draper of the Slate School of
.Ml Mrs at Holla. Vi er cent of a-phall of
a i;r.tde r.ual. If not uprhr. to the fa
motm t.rdiirt ,rf the I r la lid of Trinidad.
The dfcscoierj" " made l.y Mr. Hishop.
When he saw- the asphalt t-eds in the In
dian Territory recently h- recosnlr.d the
same oll-beatinf; samlstone which covered
an tmtrrfnsrj hill located four and a half
miles east of Sheldon, his home plare.
Itctiiriilni: home, he went over this land
carefully aixl sent Mime ,f Ihe .jn.ltone
to Professor J. ". Irater. astHyist at tho
State school at Holla.
The deposit Is peculiar In that It Is rich
on Ihe surface, where it Is exposed to the
weatlier. and .roes not deteriorate from
thr si.ure. The vein lies in blanket
form, ranging from a surface ercpplnr; to
a rolW stratum a few fret below which
measure fourteen tu twenty-Hvi- feet In
II Is a I'ltutnliioua sammlone. bordered on
either side by red and yellow clays. The
slotw Is of Hn ariKUtar quartz. The pre--aIIIc
color h a dark btor.n. varying In
The lull abounds In HKiitfis of water,
many or which are hlKhl- Imptecnated
with while shur. which forms a pre-
Wire street and Htie avenue, on Wrnefdar
eienhit. Nwi.meer 5
Odil IV1I..H..
Trn4ar tashte Lad H, afaatcallofis fr mem
bership, thtre for balk 1 and six lur the .ecoMJ
The lorf- nted t.i vMt Aurora I-Ue
oil Tuesday, nlcht Srieral iMtsra made re.
marfca under xl of the frr.
Hrntoa lodse has tmnrd i. Ninth and Ar
senal itrrrta and loe-ts m Thursday maht
Nomlnallona fr .nrrr.
rin br
first meetlnc In Nmemhe
nrt meetlns In i mtsr.
and ele. liuns
Summit laCe had art ami .-oml dfsre-.
F.sir ramlblalea tile .tar for tartlatiofi.
Iehsle l-slce had six abplrrathms lor mem
IsHrilo. vne ramluialr fur halkt jnl one ror
the Ms-eml .fear-. Kit iMtlac brothers frm
. Iher JurHdMlon. made rrmarKs
IKrrae Krlr-kjh l.l. had a fair mertlsc
Utile Isiainesit naa tranea.tl 1 utstdr rf re
I.MIH of rormnlttrrs. Man eomilim.ntarv re
marks werr maile .si the araml rniertalnment
-lien to the grand master at Weat ate Hall
A Urge allemlame grerl-.! Templar !e-xree
staff at Aurora laelce m Tuelai eienin In
the mlttalori rrtrtmaiirs. A lunch was serve.!
rfter aduurment
St lands llrb-Vah laidc had a C"l attejrl
anee. rVmr ranJelalr. wrr Inltlal-l Jlrs.
Kmlll SlWIIr UMiik.1 that he would alye
a eurhre at h-r bouiM- I'mler Ihr K.kd it Hie
MTder. Mr- lliao- W II" n. Mrs l.si an.1
Mrs. Hat 1 Bn.lt-r ..r Manila WaehlnsLHi
laU-. Mrs. nnle Tremor. Mrs Xnnle Mor
ican. Mrs. Mllle- Skrliwi ami Mr. Ixlth Wil
liams of COral lahlse. Mrs farrle Mis-ormlrk.
Mrs M.svr ut Nanml Ihre maj- remarks.
llhr l-o-lc- hal Its usual oo.l attendance.
Had m ai4lleatli.n fee membrremp ami thr
ramtldat-s f.o- lnltbu.n- Fast llraml lurKe
lihura was rlertasl m4de crand to till the 11
vMry oreurrlnr by the reetcnatlon of Hdcar
Carver Th e prr-rit from wh.r JurWMIe
tmos wrre rred llatebaver. WarhtnatMl. T J.
Itlliatman. Mevens lldnl. Wis Wm Kmr.
Henrdln. Ait. il-erne Krl-!.-St Taonua.
Ontario K.wak Kreln. Huffak N V.. U I'
AmterrsKi. Huffalo. N. V.. Waller Johnson.
MrnwhH. Tenn.. N. N. i;:nrr. Ktlaabeth
tnwn. Ill
Naomi laklce had a full attendance at Its
la.t meetlnc. Manv visitor w-re presic. In
dmiim: three by card. Mis Armada Crockett
of Se-alla. Mo.. Mar lHckson of Sheldan. Mo..
and Mn KUsaheth Mam of Ohio. Two al
pliratuma for rernatatement were reeeived.
Marlea Wasblnatow Lodae had f.wr aprel-rall-me
for mrmh-rshln. three frr barot ami
IMIIsml twn M.ther Ibtn. Horn. Fehsr.he of
Martha Wrshtnctun ami Kits Conma- of
Oder rfty. Kas spoke under scod of the
ornr. The Entertainment Committer was re
ouated to arrance for an entertainment aaJ
Ihe Crand Rncampmest metis at Cameron
on Noverabrr I. ....
M-ehanles" lasdee bd ' asollcatloa for
membershlii tnJ four candidates for the first
Arcadian IjJdre re at ', nfw Quarters. N-x
.IZi Arrrra strrt w:' 1 a fu'l attendaace.
Hill (ontilin tho pries advert isoil last week on the 'fecial
jiurehas- of Curtainii d-irlng this week, or until closed. It will
pay you lo se them.
pnlrs CSMo Net Lseo OirUilns.
oH ovorywhro at H.W to
10) pctirn Flwtf AraM.in .ami Novelty I
i?I t - IrW fr Tlii F.iU
II K i: !.rr nrir
clpltate In the bottom. Or. ihe surface of
all tho springs ami rivulets the blackish
brown globules cf liquid asphalt float. In
many Instances tho liquid asphalt 1 boiled
out of the stone by tlie heat of the run
and forms asphalt iiools In the basins in
the nicks.
At one plai-e great iuantitltr of arrows
and rpearheails were found, sbowlnc dear
ly t!ie Indians knew of this a-ph.iltic oil
uih used It for some tsirpte The dura
bility of tl.Ls Vrrnon tounl aplialt ts
shown In .1 very .simuk lllu-stratlon. over
twenty rears ap.i a little jrlrl struck one
of her rinctrs Into this I quid asphalt and
daubed her Initials 011 the far of a rock
bluff. To-da those Initials are as t!earl
.Taaf ls.f r mm aa a. ..a.. !&. iIol mlia. t.lll faamw
on. This bluff li. Iieen expo.! to the
-...-. . -1 ....... nr ..... ...
noun: aiHl KII"11W1-1 ' wr-'iiin an
tliese ratr. but Ho- brown Ihiiihl asphalt
lias withMiiul I' all
Many wells 111 that lU.nity aie Im
prKnatisl witli. I lie kiuui asphalt, ami
pum cannot be iwosl :.t all. as :hr till
up and hvk with the oil.
The bituminous rock found In Vernon
County contains St per cent aihalt av
erace in rock ana lysis. As analzed bv
Mr. J. I". Draper, Male assaylst. it con- '
fetr4.se. t .1
SlJliWl'fesr I" il !
N.oliumitM.us 4K-cai.le mati.r I l
Jllneral matter
I'elrob-n.' is Ibe elastic portion, and tti
asplialtene i the brittle. A combiu.itior.
of three loims eUlotKr. or mlnteral rub- 1
ber. The tests made of the Vernon C.untj 1
product were from the crude oil aa It I
ran from th.' rocks without drttlllation !
Comiurleons wrre made with itretllU-d ulls, I
Ihl' demonxtrulliu; that Ihe crude lkitilU !
asphalt from Vernon County Is of a high- I
er zrade than the rettned oils from ether !
Tour camlhlates were clten the third dxree.
nf lonnl I nlon.
To rrlbm ft ,-o.drr wralher niaiks thr rr
cloptUai f mllilty arnnut the members ul
all councils lurlmc the mrt mnnth xamrl.l
fooortl has hern very much in evbKncr in th'
roetal IHe ..f the Sulh Sale, havinc enterl3lne.l
i-tar 'aunell at the last mtlnc Two r-amll-Utrs
weie lntllate.1 and six anlleatrorm pre
sentri. t'lllton llrfcnts ti.umil hekl an open meetlnc
Mumlay nlcht. whfah un .Hyene.1 hv a .hort
address by l'resklent Sherman, who lntfrdurr.1
II K C.rtWlt of l.k-Ml ilMHKil -1 Toledn 11.
wb. Oeritrre.1 ttn aMrea si fratrmari-sm Srn
at r llitr was in tre tiewmmmr f.- a talk
im national unionism, the Mfbjeei hrlmr one of
Ihe xrrat fl-dbllltlrs Srnatir Hunt mod- an
lOtrrertlnx talk .el tl. Mlhir. t. "r'ratenKll In
suranre Versus M I-ne " Alter Ire ad.lrr.ees
there was a smoker. Jarlnc which refreshments
wrre eerred
Ooukl Cwnrll's offlrrrs are w.kinc lea!
ousl for a nltinc wlml-uu lor 1S9I lnrrrase.1
actlihv am.au; ihr immhtr). H apfsirrnt. as
there are (nl two nesilhs left In which to
secure a prime uir. rr.1 b t seiwtnrs. Sen
ators Hoey ami Unfit erre sessnt at the last
Thlnas arc Is-ciprinc to k.Hi uj In liilede
Cmm-il with th .s.imc f b-rt w.ather The
"M-tlmr altmoafK-r l l-cvmlruc eiMent. ami
this means renew.. I lcr and enetxr Two
rdM.lte wle dmllll at th last meetlnc
ami tu. appltcallun weA.ntr.L The rouncil M
m.w maklac nrrpuratlors f.- a erira of winter
rntrrtalninsnls f-r ihe n Tirnt of th r.iem
Uris. Senators Hurv and Hufft. urcompunted
b a larxe delexation from other r. imclls, will
il-it thlsaxunrtl at the next ntrrtlnc.
Subuiban I'.juncll. after a short hasinem
ars.111. hekl an prn meetlmr met Tiurla
nlcht Thee fsjirn mrrtlnaw wfil be bekl eocb
month throush the fall ami winter
Mleeouri t'ou il u reit a.erb but Is w..rk
Inc with ra.M brides up the mil of procr ai
Four new mrmfcets werr Initiate.! at the ra.t
mediae and six aHJdlratloM Aled
Puture ilreat otmc:i is rnvlna in era nf
pro.orflty Tbe last mretlec was w.ll attrnd
ed. The hustnrrs depurtment Is In cood harrls.
the social .lepartment better A pmcreestie
euch-e will I Ihe special feature at the meet
lnz Mondar niaht
Lookout I'ounril Is hroshlnc everrthlne aside
with Its social an-l busloess aettriti. A larce
clae of memhrrs la added at e.erv meeting,
which Is firflowrj by a social se.rl.si
star Cornell is on the road to soreras whlrh
means buildtne up the eoonetl with cood mem
bers. Five new members alfl be adod at the
next meetinc at which time th. r-enatora will
visit the council, accompanied b mrmbers of
other councils
Flfly Years for JInrder.
St. Joseph Mo.. Oct. SI. WlllUm JIT.-
zinger. S3 years oVJ. a member cf 1 go-id
family, was sentenced to prison for fifty
years last nlKht for the murder of Mrs.
$1.50 anJ si.75 Per Yard.
assort tl patterns. 62 IK
-Thls ShIo JJIVJ
- ice Curtain", worth
Mta Mai !ilmor.- r" month- isr. The
oupl.. hail Ijeen sweetheart, anil iuar
r'lel. After nhnotim: the woman Matzln
Krr attempte-l -'il'i'le
Former St. Louis Man Fatally In
jured in Coloni'lo.
Word has been reeeivM of the death of
Anlrn V. T.ornl. an enclneer on a rall-
I road In Color-ad . Tmbs" death was tho
i result of an accident while dram:ln a
I train between Colorado Springs and Crlp
i pie Creek on Dclorer li
He was -i n of Mr. and Mrs. Jarae
1 Toomlis of No. !"s Kaston avrnue. A
. wife ami litre m i'l fhlMren unlve him.
Toomlw was . of -even children, all of
whom hate croun up. anl his death was
I the first In the family.
He wan air minent Odd Fellow, and be
longed In various railroad and other or
ganizations. He carried heavy insurance.
Double Trnsedy at Otlro.
Cairo. 111. o-t. II.-Koi:ilns hla wife's
refusal to Hi- wiili 1dm James Palward. a
ticuro. to-ilav ehot .ml killed hi-, wife,
then hlnvclf
Recent Remarkable Instances Where
the Ase Limit Has Been
Far l-..ccedcd.
Americans an learnlnc how to grow
old: how to ace in ears. but keep well
and stronc. They work harder than any
other race: ar- always In tho harness:
ever with their nose to the srlndstone;
but they live longer
To be sure th. w Icht o labor and
worry gets the Us: of those who do not
fortlfv the sii-ni to lar the ever-In-crea-lns
li ci iv of ..ally l.fe. but thou
snmls upon ihou-ands of men and women
ta-t the prime of ,ife are thankfully Bay-
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
Kesps the Old Young,
.he ua.Ijr grin' brings health,
anil contentment to the en
t stri-nlh
I frehl.
feebled. ' r. ks waste and decay andstim
ulati !! t.H!y organs to the proper
ih rformai. of their isks.
Proplr ii .in lining years In every town
.....I h.rai.T or tnkitif. this wonderful
I rrre.li.-lne 011 tho advice of their doctors:
many approaching th" century rnar''H.rj
K ot arve .mil writ ov Its us", wmw it...
CKXTKNARIANS whose combined aces
acRtecale I.M7 ears have recently stated
that they owe their very existence to
Alexnder Ferguson, aged 115 yearsot
Oilman. Ind.. says: -Duffy's has "yro
lonxed mv life und kept we well and,
strong. It Is the greatest medicine for old
Iieople." ... -o
.Mrs. t-rames nunon. aceo m. 01 -
H'sie place. Iluffalo. X. Y.. writes: "I havo
lakii Duffy's lure Malt Whiskey as a,
rirdli-ine for SI yeurs. It has enabled ma
lo nvt alxiut anil enkiy life."
i;. W. Hanly. luS years old. of Big Tim-Is-r.
Mont., slates: "Duffv'a has been my
only medicine for ST years past. I am
igorous and well preserved, and I owe It
all to your wonderful medicine."
These are letters from only three of,
these Interesting old people, but we havo
the other seven, und many more besides,
on file In our !BY-e.
ta't not disease and decay fasten them
selves tttNiit uiu. Take a tablespoonful of
times a diy In milk or water. Take It
n-gul.irl ami TAKE NO OTHER. It Is
ptiri contain no fa-.'l id), and Is the onlv
whlskev reco-iiUied by ihe Government as
a medicine. This Ls a guarantee A re-con-Hnic'lve
tonic, the doctors call It
that Is. a me-llclne and a fol combined.
Duffy's cures croups, cold, consump
tion. brotx-hltK grip, asthma, catarrh,
pneumonia, pleurisy ami all diseases of
the thi oat and lungs: Indigestion, dyspep
sia and .-very form of stomach trouble;
malerl ard all low fevera.
C wntii AY lieu iiii nsW for IlnHya
I'nre llnlf U hlikry lie sure Jim net
the semiltit. Luseriiiittlous ilealern.
mindful of the excellence nf tills
Iireinirnllfiti. tilll try In sell Tim
ebeai lliilfutlnns nnd mnlt -wblakey
sttbstllnles. nlileli nrr ittt on tlie
mnrkel for profit only, nnd which,
fnr from relieving Ibe alelc. nre nosl
lively harmful. Ilemnnd "IJnffj's"
nnd be snre ynll set It. It Is tile einly
nb.olntrly I"ure tlnll Wlilskej- nlileli
rniitnlns medlelnnl. benltb-clvlns:
anlltlrs. DulTs's I'nre Mall UbUWey
Is solil In aenled bottles only; never
In tlnsU or bulk. I.00U for the trade
ninrU. the "tlld tliemlst," mi ihe
Inbcl. nnd be certain the sent over
the cork In nnliroUrn. Ilermrr nf re
filled bottles.
Sold bv all druggists and grocers or dl
rr t JL.C0 a bottle Interes l-g mejllral
hocklet ocnpaM to a-.y address. Duffy
Ma't Whiskey t o. Rochester. X. ?.

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