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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, October 25, 1903, PART I, Image 13

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I j. in
m:pai.h. mo.
Miws Margaret Johns ha- return frnm
Lout whew the was lh sum of Mr anJ
Mr- sJcIt.reath .,., . ,
Mr- VilHm Grimm nJ children orpartl
MonJav fftr Junction City. Kas.. wh-rie they
will tslt f-etatlve- for wfc.
Mr .. Mm John N Dalbr departed Tu?
tav for Lincoln. Net.. wUn thv will be tit"
CutK of Mr OaIby brother
M-i a K t"m departed llamU for nrr
home st 'ane Ha., after a i-f here with
her parents, Jfr and Mrs. A S EbTt
Mta KImer Hwner ot Slan la . Is the m-m
of iNxtor a ni Mr " A IJemwu if iM Htv.
M1sj Grai-r Mat.hw.- returned Mcnda ft m
a month's ltt with friend in St. I-ou'-.
Mr Richard urU of El Ibm. Tex t-ho
has lieen u.ltlr.p i-Mathe In thU -Ity depari--d
MnnJay for a vtit with friends In Jeffcr-
Mr. and Mr V E FUnd d-ta-ted Tuesday
for a vtult with friends in Kan City
Mn W C Miller arrived Mnnday from
Pueblo. Ttjln.. n a i-t to frtends and rcla
tlte In thin rn
Mi Ixaliy Re- rernned Mucday from a
tWt with niends In 8t Tuls.
Mn AuRti-t T PI- s-hT-rn ami dauciiter.
Mt trtrud. i pitted Ti?dav for llamas
"ltv to att"-.d toe II ree Show
M- and Mr N Stevens are eiuerta.nimr
their iter. Mm t"harls O. Jackson, of H.
Ml- Mav IIawk.n returned Wednedar from
a ilslt of nevi-ral necks In Chicago and St.
Mr and Mrs. William Scaclon returned Mm
dav fr.m a v..t with friend- and relal'ves ta
Karftai .t'
Mr. and Mr- TV. S. Shirk depa-ted Moodav
for a tlt ulth relatKes at RanvMia Ka
Mitt KHcabein ..etts and ?uet. Ml Ethel
Onxe. of v-itertown. departed Meads v for a
i..t with friend at Vrindw.r
Mrr J I l,irti departed Tur-wlaT for St.
Jo-ph .n a iit fi. ftlends
Hiss Kdna. Crenshaw dtparted Mondar fr
KjPM 'Itf- hre f-he will ! the miest of her
uncle . V HanheTrr. arl family.
Mr? ilerfha Iti'crers of St. Lout, who has
heen th Ruest f Mrs, Jain llradlej. departed
M nda f.r h r home.
Miss tvma Fersuajn f Warrersiiars ! th
cut of Mi Kuntce M it. hum
Jr ami Sir Charte-c MrKnnr returned
TneMay from a vi!t in Kansas t'iiy.
Mrs William T. Si tele hat. as her Kust Mrs.
4. IX. Mara of St Louis this wek.
Mr. and Mr-. Jamev GarrIl dparttl Man
day fr a two weeks' licit with friends in
Mra. Nora Vauchn dcparte.1 Tuesday for Au
hfrn. Ill . on a vtIt t relatives and fneodc.
Miss Marm Su!llan of Denl&.m. Te. Is
the auest nf the family of V. 11. H Meier's cf
Wt Seienth street.
MIrs IMna Wllvh. who has been the jrust
f Ml 1aude Jaml-on. departed Thursday for
her home in Cheyenne. Wjr,
U.s II Allen of Pleasant Hill Is the
C-t f Mr. Harry W trant of 1Vet ev
en:h t-ii-e t
Mr jnd Mr- W I Gripes are In-rre fr. m
a fB-R j .urn at Hot Springs, s. I.
Mt ".s. Mfvei or Jefferson cnty arrival
iofdv t. : tu- suest f fncnr!s In t!t!s ..
Mrs IWIe llnll Small and Mr Hall Prey
returned Wednesday from St Lour-. whre thej
have heen the nierts of Mr. and Mr Cil
hfalh Ml IJbble Vansc ter ntrtd Tccsav for
a xislt HS friends In Kansa fity
Mr. Frfnme Matthew and daughter Miss
Grao d'-parteil Vednela) fcr a vKt in Kan-
f.i nnd to atteti.1 the Horwe Shoe
Mrs t;; Metrure and tauehtrr. Ml- Ul
lirn. depanet TTidav fcr Scn IHes.i. Oal . to
-ren.i tN n-intet.
Mrs w I"rltehtt o rn-r oh . who
ha be-n iWitiuc r!atlies and frie&ls here.
-wired M'tnda- for i-er home
Mr and Mrs r f I--ste- departed Mondar
for a - llt with tikthni in Jefferson Cit.
Mrs A lilib) in th miest nf reU lives and
frinds in Kartra "Itv thU nrt.
Mt ; ; woodward t Is Ansles. Cal .
-Nrt ru Irni Uu- out rt her sl-ter. Mr "
M ic:in deiiarr TcsOay for her home
Mrs R J KMm. wk has len UMUnff hr
mother Mi il.m rtiuhm returned Tuedav
tr hr home Kansas Cltv
Mrs Alia Parks anl 'aucHter returned Men
da from a lslt at JfTerpon City.
Mrs J H Sultens has returred from a iMt
with frisnls at Jrffrrfn "it.
Mls Uhb'e iTiettte vtarreii Monda f-.m a
-1sit with relites ard frttrds in Demer. Colo.
Ms T P Mt-ciuner and Mrs. He&ry I, mm
departed Mnda for J-C"rscn City, to attend
a eonfernee of th. offii-ers i-f th V A. It.
spd nill he th cuest of Major and Mrs.
TVwfcft while iherv
Miss StHta Smith returned TceMar from a
three-ronth wj"um !n cotoia;.t. liai Inr vi
ItM at Iienier. H-Hilder, Manltm Sprtnits and
other somner n eta
"Mrs . L. Morris -f Kansas City is the cuest
of her sister. Mr lan!el Rryan.
Mr. and Mrs. P. 3 Walker cf Kr-i 1ty
are the cues 1 5 of ttelr danshle-. Mrs. George
r lyiniran
Miss Kcthnn asHy haa Isued Invitations
to a llnn shower for Mis I'earl lilr.1. whi
r,n N-.vonler T will be married to Mr. Mont
Th Sorl club mt Mondav morning at the
clnhrocm- There were -hntt tilk ;n rlrren
tlre iihjects hy Mr- W I Steele an,l Mrs
J. R Trrett
MI-s Mabel Northron nteruiind a mpany
of vounc r-rw!!! Mcnda eenlnr at hr hme
on Svuth liirlner str-et In horr of M se
.rrr pnd Corrln- If axel ..f ivm m :ile. nd Miss
B"e pfCTn cf Cuvfifitipi, K.
Cnlonel and Mrs. II. ", .Isrmuth ha an--otfcced
tif -nTizitr!nt of thH- daushter Ms
Helen camrll iJemtth to the Reve-end Fran'.
Artbrr McIIlnaln. rector of St Piul's Ilsc
pal church. Karras tr. The martire will
tk place Tuesday. XovtnUr IT Blabop t
trin of the :. vse of tvt-ni MUsourt pt
f nine the crerronc The bri-s attemlsnts
P e M!tse r.t CoIn nnd Mabel Ha In
of Fedalla and Miss laura McHlr .t!n of Rrook
fJeM Mi
Mi- v - Ifmld ard her dacrhter. Mr
H W ;rlfPti rs;e a revsitl .1 Vedne-rf-v
f'rwvn t Ir l;autful lme f-n West Se--vh
The were assist d in entertaln
iC t Mm., V' M Curler. W H P-vn !
K R Fp-1-. M! I-Hle Hill and rns
rtMr Vles v-llie Ii'tce- sal Lynne
U"-m-tf.i pesM o-er the rmrwh lswl
Mr Frank . P'mn o Jefrson Clr and
Mis Varfna Huehes of thf eiu were marrlMl
Wednesday erenlne- at He home of the trade's
P-rewt Mr. and Mrs F M. Hnche Twe: -"-w-'-h
tret 'vl KertwVr aenui. at S fclOct.
the rts-erer' Felhrr S. Xlherr.
t Wenerda- nftro'Wi's neetlns of the
XFtitilus dob Mrs. Newton Cnrrcn read rn
vrU-t 'er ol Snere- eorrne it-,
, rorfs First Jrs 'r-o ntos f "Th Fair"
ftn"- e-o.l '-The ShhenTs C-'endi".
or 'Co'ir f"lc Co. Hot caln
ViuVvirw'-Cr Hii oC t ffj-- fn.
'ejil r'- "r- te- -r i-;n "- f"-
t crawc--4 -re in Hare he ntriiiTre
rr es frtltw- r-r, "I If- of Hn-d "
. rr ti-r" 't'. ; !. -
r t -j. , r.tnr.. sz4i "' "-
rf-r c ,-- v-t - frm "Xers".
s-i, vtnwrfft T"- - I w-. "I Cow Tt
- n,,.. f ,, s .. (-. ? j.- rnc - (t-
i"np(itl fno') "yw - V "--
r-l olo "If,. !t !, ll p-f
-- - - ", . f-t-x 'wnt-1 soo "tv-l
-" " Mif- tije llma-n: -rent et-ents,
5 J oflW
Tb ye-g- CI11S was rmmn7& Thns
v rlr f- b -or m exelu-
Vrj C. T lies- c ix n'e-Wes'--
rnrn tn enjorsble slt ic Wln1eM T" - rn
Vs He II yat r KVrroM -IsP-!-
he- s'ter. Mrs. Chailrs Van Antwera of
thl rtt-
i:hch. ivv.
Chjrle Ro Vmtrrnt ' IM -r .! tl
Tt5if Iee or-Iv wre msrrle. t Itftcln
rTe V . wv -e-w,et ! t reu
Vo- n th-11. the Rererend Chbrles
n- vh "fit"r
Pw v--na -n1 e-in-l"M fend Mon
,v eren'r TWas rvrcse wer Mi Jn'ht
T"r-e' p-Ie nsrVler. f t-ry -,
"wTd.V- rod 3r- Kl !srs. i!or3--Td
0Hir 'nter. ceore OorlT. IIr-'
"Vfrof "!! Keller 0r Tle T-.t
Tfitfith c-e iti, Jarr" cr or-
? T Ttrm w Clarence rtinrr"
vni t jr -- i n-t Fdw-Ms.
Th- wcr" r lp- f- N'e-i pml It---
T tr oV - Tuea- ferror t 4
'r?v,- t "' -l"-r- of - Xl Ifsr-tn
v t n n Per-To-t-t -f tbe rirt
!- c( Tf( rwi S- r itV"
T - . 'P--- - IV"e P
? J---"ird MoiMa- e-r'A-n "it
t.i4tir trtv at Thrlr cowrtrs pUo. e
vts ff.-.r errrinlRd tm isr
r c-l TVes -fterrcor I- nor of hr
r. tit-- 1t C-
TK t..n Center tf T- v.k.
f - . - rv-tVr'-T-w - ee-talne.f I!-?av
p . -. - t W. nlr-iyim
Tfi , r-SI- O" We vfln Tuefdsv
n --- -- ! I'MI DsH-
-- p-he- ,r-UMp M - Jfrh T
T-'' '"t: ereloed Wedresday ariernoon
-. ..- Ml'v'on PoH' ef ihe Rroa I war
tdtt On-C- -rttertilnerf wtb a reretn
V'"- se oo t Ih ?eMence cf the Rr-
sirs p-y r-el on of St- lywl I clsltlnic
J'w T M Vne
Ms To v-at ro rt liisr ttirned
)..- M--3- efter l'r"" "Tr I-n Pile.
Mw Thn akjt ar' -hiMr-n of LMen.
Ten . s-e -1 ! the fmlv of r I Weiit
-w7 pt,-.-j vMfnmson has returned from
yn .'-b "e-M nnd cwifd r S. Loufs 1
rtin- Mm Il-der ami M". Fel
Vr R'eK-!- Dtinlsn of rarl. Ten . b
t-lurred bom f'er vIIto ber parents, the
R-er.t nfi Wrp T J Jewell
Mr- M IT n-lsn of Kan-as Cltv I vlitlny
V' M J. niwr.
Mr-. T T Tnrern and nephev. Mr. Thona
TiVr of Meertbt. a th- iruests of Mr. and
Mr G s Roper.
irniiiYsnoRfi. u.u
Mr. O W Smith apd niece. Visa Alio- M
CHntok. went to Wlnons. Mo Mondav to visit
Mr- S-'th fa her. Andrew Dsly
M' Ma-In" crn-rer of Mem Tenn . who
has len In Miimhvsboro vls'tli- rr enln.
Mr Tsve Psr wept to St lywi Monday to
MIt her rister Mr Msnninr Hammer.
Mi Clara Sullhan of ce-r K-cld. In I
vlsiUnr relatives. Mr nd Mrs Edmcrd
Tiode ard fatnl'v t D Soto
Mr I M Oarrer nf Cni r. who hs een
In Murr-h-boo tbe rtiert o Mr J V Tr.
"parted Tuedv momlnr for orlnefleM. Mo
Sho nas aeoompsred bv Ml- Ida Cole.
Mr snd Mrs Tnoms Fr-USi retuntM Sdndsv
fm an ex'Tded 'Ist "ith friends ard ela
tlres in Irelsnd snd 5ontIand Thev were e
mpaped nme v M-. Smith's niece Miss
L-Ie !mton. who will re!d with then.
The Reterep! Hsrrv B. Tucker of Chlcajro
end Ml MJrrle Brvan n-ere rnarrl-d Tuesdav
etenlnc at ! home of the brld mother
Mrs, Emm PrA-an. Cocrty Sumrintepdent of
Shoo!s, The rtr 'ceerd H f5 Rennett pastor
of the First ieBuan Church In rtorda'.
offlelstert The Retereil and Mr Tnker de-
nartM Thursday for Chlcaco. where Ihev will
-- ' ' . ..-
, Harry rarks returned Tuesdav from a vtslt
I In Kansas CJty and Topeka, Kas.
I Mra Hen Ashby entertained Krldar afternoon
at a euchre and flinch oarty. lTij were
awarded as follovri: First. Mrs William Kron
nieer econd. Mrs o P Heck. In the rame
j cf flinch Mrs llarrt MrLaaahlln as awarded
first priie; second. Mis. CKnt Decker. The
lone-hand plze sraa won b Mrs. FranV Wit-
I t-on
1 Mrs.forire Hamrperchrrldt returned Fridsr
f"n .Vew Castle. Pa . where she r!Itrd rla-
I Mi-. Amelia K Smith and dauahter. Ml
Maraait derarted Frtdar afternoon for Chi-
raco to spend several week with Mm Doctor
A T Stone
Mr. AlWrt Neal of Snrlncf.eld. Ill . Is vlslt
tr.e her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jam -Turner.
Mrs. V D Dick and dauKhtcr. Mrs. Florence
Warncck. of Gaiesburc. 111. are the cmrts of
Mrs. Jrs-de Alexander.
In c.ix qss returned home frcm a it ith
re la tire- n Indiana poll
Mr L U Lehcian is the cues: of friend
in CMcacr.
J I'. Crall is homo frcta a visit In Chlcayo.
M. II. Slli has returnd home from a trip
ihrmiah tl bast.
Mr am! Mr- C E. Wilson and daushter.
MUs Cmllv. are home from a visit with Mr
and Mrs A L. Davis In Chicago.
IL W Ruckle of Casey has returned home
after a viit with relatives
Hthan Ihidffnian hss returned to hl home in
Seattle Wash., after a vlit with Mattoon rela-
Ml Ne'ii- Ro of Sprlnnfleld la the uest
of relator In the city.
Mr an! Mts. Oti- Warren are home from a
visit with friend In Charleston
Mrs. R n lljeTs of Charleston hi- returned
bim slier a vls.t with her parents In this
Mrs William Sheppard Is horn- from a vistt
with relatives In Pari
C D. Ttritton nf S-ul n-nL "n "
turned home after a xUlt Kh frlrds In this
Mrs. C. It Canan Is home from an extended
Ult ulth relatles in the Kast.
Mrs. it, c. Stltes is home from a vIMt with
rrlath in Inclnnatu
Mr. and Mrs. John MeLeud ar- home fnro a
I-It Ttlth the hitter's patents In Charleston
Mls Mrt! Hujhu 1 home from an etienaaa
vllt wtih reratle and friends in and nar
Aw-umption. IIL . . ...
Mrs. Arie Hitter la home from a isit with
friends 'n Terre Haute.
Mrs J K Dm all and dauchter are horn
from a week's visit with frleml In Chlcaco
Mr-, r- k S-nlth has eone to her home In
Clinton. Ill . after a lIt with friends In tW
Mrs. M J Waltz has returned to her home
In IndianapoH after a visit with her sister.
Mr Paul Rider.
Mis- Harriet Mason has returned to Charlea
ton. after a wek"- 1 Irlt with hr sister. Mr.
Guv Orur
Mr it. OlUir is maktnr; on extended
tit!! nlih tIallreii In KWmit Vll K Tl.
Mr Allxrt Fromme! baa returned to her
1 hum- In Charleston, after a vUIl svlth her sis
ter. Mrs, Will Xidensirlcker.
' Mis IJIIIan Week, who haa been the cuest
oft 11 is Frtd Ueymcutli. ha returned to her
me In Terre Haute
Mrs A c SelUrs has returred to Charl-s-tn.
after a llt with her mother. Un. U. V.
Mr and Mrs Joseph Ron uho hae ben
the cuekts of Mrs. Jennie Hardlnr and farellv
for home tlin1. toe returned to their home In
Mr and Mrs D M. Kellar of Decatur have
returnetl liome. after a vlit to the latter a
sister. Mrs. A. T. While
Mi Jeise lurner ! liorne frcm a ilslt with
fricd- in Rock Iiland.
Mr. and Mrs John Hand rah an are borne
from a Islt with relatives In Litchfield.
Charles McMoni. ho has been liOfiikerer
tn the Liu Is Katx cloihlnc store for the lajit
ear. has jrne to rharleton to visit relative
jrlor to derartlnc for Dallas. Ter.
Miss Kmma nrler Is bxne from a week's vlIt
with relatUes in Terre Haute.
Mrs. c W Harris Is UitIrjr relatives In
Mernnhis. T-nn . and Cairo. III.
Mrs Kmllr ,bllnaer and Miss Dole are home
from a visit with friends In Chlcaco.
Mr. and Mr. Michael Ltnch of Litchfield
art vlsltlnr thlr uru. T M. and James
Lr.ch. in thU city.
Mrs D T Mclntyre bat returned from
Sprinrfield. whre he as la attendance at
the Woman's Foretrn MItlonary Society of the
Presbyterian Church.
CAunoMiAu; ili-
Mrs. Georce I Huston of Shawneetown has
been the guest of her parents In this cltv.
Mis A lather Wiltcn. traJntnc; teacher of
the State VnlreraTty. wa on the prowramma
of the Washlnatcn County Teaefcers' Associa
tion last week.
Mr, J W. Harrow of OIney is lrttlnc her
Parent-. Mr and Mr. H Pat tan.
Mr. Albert W itowman of Evanston visited
her irents. Mr. end Mw. IL A. Whitney.
Mr. Chas A. Shepphard and daurhter. T3o
le. are avests f Mrs, John A. Logan at
Washington. D C.
Mrs o A Harker I rlsltinc her l-ter. 3tf.
Walter Warden t Calro
Sir. and Mrs, K. M Hatscn are no ' ex-tehded-snalt
tn friend rnlmle. M " ' T
Mrs. M. K Vcet 1 the'rtiett of rrtends:aou
retlre in Mound City. "
Mlsa Jennl Pertie ha, returned tn her heme
In Pt. Loul. after vMtlug tbe family of D. H.
Mr. J M. Stars of Jerlin. Mo., who ha
been the jruet of her parent In th! cltr.
is v'tltr Dottor and Mrs. F. M. WllUrd in
Mrs P-ter Dcwd and ter son aze juest f
air friends.
Mrs T. I Cherrv Is ri-HInc reit!ve In Ma
il on.
Mrs R, C Reofrn anJ son Don visit M the
family f J K Walton In Anns last wee.
Mrs. T. 11 V. Smith returned from Sprin
fieM. ra:ie.i bv the accident to hr mother.
Mr. J M. Johnson bo w Inlured at the
faculty n'crJc of the State Vnlverslty.
Miss Nannie Caldwell, who has been the
cret of prtd'essor R C CatdwelL nresldent of
the IjOttlMana Normal School at Natchltochc.
I visltlnc relatives in this city, accompanied
br ber nerbew
Mrs. S M Dunaday. Mrs A. S Caldwell.
Mrs w. It Davis nnd Mr O A. Karker of
the Woman's Club ami Mrs. J H. Barton of
the Wednewtay Club attended the annual ses
sion of the Slate Federation cf Women's Clubs
In Cairo Iat week.
Mr ai.i Mr F M CV.mntoi and th Rever
end arl Mrs II Q rtenn-tt atten-led lh Tuek-cr-Ir-J-sn
nuptials in Marphysboro Tues-jay
Mr. Wheeler, wbo has fo some time len tbe
eiirt fT the Re-ererd and Mr w K Errett,
hs rrtirted to her bene in Marion Kas
The piilrwlrir nroarsmme was rendered by
e Wcms Club at bel- t wee'n meet I r-"
P-nere ft-oe Colo-ji IatrIots." Mrs S R.
Hsrwoo; Concord and Its Associations."
Mr SI ca--vei The rnco-l Rlrer "
! imra T-ml Merir. "The SaHath In
P-Itan Vr f-tCo." Mr- Chre n Hl'th.
Mr. T F. Crastfard of Grand Tower Is the
cnet of -e'atlres and frtepj n this cltv
Mr ard Mr X. Rrnraker who have been
th c" or their dapehter Mrs. H. A Whlt-pe-
hae returned to their heme near Fatern.
Mrs .T p vnem and ouehter the Misses
Il-'en np- h-' "-e vlsltlnr In Chicago
Mr. -d Mr Homer Xpey have returned
eror-i their sieddlnr trip and are at heme to
MIser Mat.ret and Harriet Krret are spend
er fw dy r- of their par tats, the
Reverend and Mr nrret n , ,
Menir of the Authors' Ciuh wee ?iter-t-t'e.1
Afo-v even'n- ! Mts Kmma Jone.
"P-oe:sotiom and cibollcim" ws the ub
ect for iH-cnlon. The Ret-e--rnT .t Tfl Rr-
H foe the vetilnr ws abent. ao1
"e meetlnc was lej by Colonel Georre A.
cT. n-eMnt of the elh. A 'renersl rt's-'-"1p
of the trplc wa had. The club will
1 n t reV loo Ko-ne of the prelden.
Ser "In!!-!'"1 'Vork "'H be eopldered
Beverepd J. H Lynn will be In chine of
f-e -neetlp-
To, women of the Fir- V ?? Chnrch n--ereTj
ft rerolon to ih R-,,red N Ci T.ro
Se pw rts'tT d il wife Mond ereoinr
P effete r .ek n 1 he Purdar-'ho-l rooms
Mr" CS-e T Trt, i.r t . -eet
i e ,,. x-ts T-n.1 n-rrr cluN M-p-st
-t--w. ri nmK,vif r-f he ore-mix!'
- MMlr -re i f rr- e ! V.eb
Krd Cofre CloH oe i re Veed'ework pd
eeWs! CCTIe.-st,r OCCltIed the tin of tfce
!- In fl-""sore
rror C--i1 CmS --oihr I eM fhep wMlrlr
., f M-r)dr- eerfp n , an-viv-7 nf h
ArJn Clnlt First prle for uce-it r.e-v-o
te 1'dle wsr) to Mr C,-i
Jo-e ce-d -t'se Vr John Vnrr, IMM
-.e lo t K""" vfeff.r an. ontn prls -
Mr. WlttUn Neef T- imhV rlTe
-e-o eiptmel tv Frank Fiok sn.1 FTinfc
A el
Sr-r- rt to Ce!sl Fnchre CJnK ee
- r-e r 5 T? M "-neev ofternon
5-hane.1 ee frre t i:ers Vr-f
i ee awsfiW tn Mr- Jon Hurhe Jj
r, fr.- eitr-d e--rI wire ant Mr B
tc c.,,.. tjii.' -! hio- prlr ws
twnroerf !" F'l-s-ti. if -pj, rnn iji
-or--- next Tejic afternoon br Mir
s- Vee
-rh ,tt-.Ve,eri.eTce tetnr Mrte wa
ofrt-"'" -e. .!-! re-TttIMt Toe.
l- eeplp flt Ho Wr r-t M TfeenveeT
eeepts f- "'" lerebsrt We eribeere-
Ice rfi erve,1 snd the event nc w soettt i
. irffrn1 -! T ref, Irelnfle"
!- M-e Pmett n-ce'nr: lr. snd Vr p
m xisrtle"e ciptr- MIs anc- W--n-berrer
brle-to-be TC . W Allen brMe,
ocme'eef- ci-orre TT Mamey bet rnr- be
Ve Trals- T"ettpnerrer. Fam-es Thornt
-.' M at A Met: Me lewf. Teei
b - C tT Weenberrer Dan 11 OTrl-n.
-.--t Wtre- M-rr "Ic-v Trim?-, v-o
rrv J c'"eon CJevlnree. Thomas fTBHep
"'- P SM : Mt-e- Kl-or m. Veljl-r-f
p cr- -!- n: Mrs p P Powell
r 1 e r Tt HMmte.
tTtl STS aiVt1 for the Heeren.1 W
r-r:ie,w n-ter ce Knrnl-r f K Chu'ch
1 ,. V ef . fmPv Tesdr een---
l-e iere.eoom n e chnrch Two
f,'r4 r.TKr, ftf tk ertreatOp weee !n
r'-r-'"' T-e oeii rarf ftf , yjp.
-h If. sr"rei1 th sfTsIr
f, cMe Jeee wS the vlctln ef
tl-en pov" Tveieter e-fllrg at - heme
ef st tAAlm M'TTen Miv besoifful snd
--,it ffeeent e'e sh"Wred Upon the eeo.
--, Ve Troe re-enf were e M're
Tro r tlertl- MeVTeo --(, an Tteoeh
rir-ierm. Fbel p' fleln Jcf-ns-in AdlfeMc
Ttcrv -n crb1 Mefre
Mr-. J W W. f'H-VM te rombe nf
lb- Tw'Mrh C-h e he- h ne Tues'sr after
porrn. jt ' fl"t "neeitn of the sason
of this club whleh j one ef th oldest -oclal
p'wsntrst,'"' In ih el!
The weddlev of VJw T" V. MOr of TIaM-
boose spd WHIn M B-trh-e of Srpefled
was solepiolsei Tresdar eventna t the home
ef t hide's Tnother. I'r, D K. Moor, in
Rodborse Afte- wHJ'r tHn M Barbre
fflll brlrc his bride to his farm rear this
city to reside. He Is a prominent agricultur
ist of Sangamon County. . .
Mr. Thomaa W Ali-a and Mls Y ranees es
tenbeivrr. prominent jouni: irsons of spo:"
fielJ. were married Wednesday evening In the
Tiurch of the Immaculate Concept bm Tfte
Rerrend Father Hlckey Vhsar General, orfl;
rtited. in the presence of an assemblage or
telatlT.es and friends that exceeded the ""
rapacity of the house of worship. At rawnlirni
Mr and Mrs Allen departed on a wedding trip.
Oft their return they will reMde in the Little
fiats on South Second street. Mlfs Uestert
berger is a daughter of Mr and Mt Gerhard t
Uestnbrger Mr. Allen Is a wloHesale mer
chant The manlace of Jse ImvIs ami Miss Mary
B. Galer wa solemntzetl Wednesdav eveninc
In C5 peter ard I"aur German CatlHlic
Church The R.erend Father Itlesen. patir
of the church, rm-lrol the .ws Mr. Iais
Is ticket fttrnt for the Illinois tVnlrat IU11
rua.i at Sprlncfleli bride is a daughter
of Mr Mathtas Neef.
Vinton J Clerk and M.s Maid Anthony
werP married eiujr eveniur In the lir-t
M li Church. In the presence of lame as
semblage of reiatus ard friends The Keer
end N G Lyon. -tor of the church, offi
ciated at the ceremom Mies Kffte V Anthonv
of Itlnomlnxton was r.:ald cf honor and R -bert
L CTairk was lt man The bridesmaid we
the Misses Sallle Autliony of BlHnlngton.
Kthel Hall of Sprint; Valley. Minn Laura
Parklrson. Caroline teckr. ilertrude tvrlv
ami Maud Wright of SpringflVM The ushers
"T" Mrnn. 11 .ntMny ihihus m"' .
of Utanmlncton. Prank S Freeman f Cham- l
palcn. Doctor Ralph Antroi r TalorliIe
ami Thorns Lvon of Sprlnriiekl.
Mr 1- ltrv Beccho wa hostess at a mt- 1
Inc of the HHnt Club, hekl Wednesdar even inc. j
The member eopt!mel their dbeussKm of the I
IuMr Inirrha t.xroiti.in
meet craln next Wednesday evenlne tr'th Mra. f
Bacchus. ,
Mrs. RIcltard ate heM he- weeklv recewfion
at th IIxecuiHe Manion We,lnelav after
noon She was abLite,! n reee-ire hr setil
Sprlncfleld U'tles The reception will be a
weekly feature of the social eason.
Hamilton YtMst Club niemlers ere gets
of Mrs. ITederkrk N. Morgan Wedneadav even
Ir.ic. The Auto Club. or.e of the leadlrr social or
iranlzatlon of the otinr neonle ..f So-- - M
sate a dsrin party Thurstlay evening la
Fero academy The attendance was large.
Members of tbe Antlriit be'-l te'r (Irt
meetlnr of the mae.n TbiirsilAv afternoon
An "adtertiehu: pnHaf at the borne of Miss
Jessie Heebie!. Thur-dat een!ne. fure I
amusement for a Urge rMrrt f ung persons.
The affair was anareeil by tbe Snrlnrfl-M Vs.
Pawnee ami Ir.Inl Tribe of Hoi Men held a
j social reslfHi Thursday evenlnr Hefrefn-nt
were eretl at the cksjo of a music and llterarv I
Mr Ar.nie o Parker entertained a partv of
frleml TbursJay eenlng.
A meetlne of the SmincfleM Woman's rub
was nehi ivitumay artemoon unoer the aus
pice of the philanthropic branch of the or
ganization. The first meeting; of the Nemo Fms-MbTr
Club for this seaon UI le hrM next Mondar
afternoon at the home of Mr- Ada Ctaspin.
piu:ri!:i.n 310.
The marrlsre of Mls Mae Acnes Trer -rl
Mr. Samuel Mar-Nil! Greenrldc- of i:dwads
ville. Hi . was celebrated Thu-dav ett-in at
the home of the bride parnts Mr and Mrs.
G. W. Turner The R-verend Walter S Tru.
brfdge officiated
Tbe Plcint Hour Club met with Mrs. W. II.
Wade Wrdrelay afternoon Tho present
were Mrs. I fit ton. Mts. I. N Smth. Mrs K.
M linboM Mrs. V A Correll. Mr, wa'ter
Case. Mrs. James McConnell Mrs. M. K.
Ward Mr Frank Wygxl and M II. R.
Sn vder
Miss Kathertne la !xn! and Mrs J K At
kinson were married Tuedty eening at the
home of the hriVw parents Mr and Mrs I.
Lrd. l.v the Ile.e-end Ifeprr Utile Mis Vir
ginia WUMar and Mr George lb'! were the
nir attennantts . MI n-oor Hoib-ook and i
Mr Grrt rlave! the wM.llnc marc1! I
The Whist CIub met with Mr and Mrs. J S- 1
Haxen M mdav eight Re f-e-hments were served 1
to Mr. snd Mr- Robert Walker. Mr and Mr I
J S CrHt Mr and Mrs v A It-. In Mr. and 1
Mrs RkbanI Dills Mr and Mrs Georre cttl'er. j
Mr. and Mr "raford. Mr and Mrs ifixsnn. '
Mlas Drelbellrf Miss Winan. MI Winnie ,
Leirltt and Mi Iit lyaltt
Me and Mrs Frank Fell- ws e'ertalne-l at 1
dinner Mordsy eenlnr Mr end M' Wet -f
Portian-1. Me . Mr WKI'ams M Sallna 1
S.-rlth of Prlrcetnn Ky Mr. ami Mr A J. i
Dav(d-on Mr Westcott. Mr TMn iTane and
Mr R. p Howyrr
.wr w.:!iim an. ail's yai'oa ynth htve
returred t tber home In In-Iif-eton. Kv after
a visit with Mr A J D!Ion
Mrs J H Ii-ii nter-lnei 1 tie Wednesday
Kuchre .t) Welreta af zrmv n Mr Harry
Cooper ami Mr Waldo GMeon wee the prlie
Mrsx Frank F'i.mi enteitsined with cards
Wedneadav aftenrto In hnrr .f Mr. WHl'ams
and Mis ?sUns Smith ef iMnc-ton, Kv Thoe
F resent were Mm. Charlie Holland Mr t i
telanev. Mrs Arch Ilgctn Mrs. M-Lx'n
Jonrs Mrs icar I'ead'ey Mr. A. J DtvM-a-a
Mrs. ll.'H Mrl'ar.Iel. Mr slra MUllcan.
Mrs, Jerome powrasrt, Mr Will Citmrnn. vr
Rd Sanford Mrs Guv Richardson. Mrs WIJ
Hsm Relnho?. ir. Oarlcs Proolc- Mrs Iee
nimann. Mm Iran Link. Mr W Cale
Mrs. Farcntcn Mrs Walter L Favrr. m
Smith. MI- Marv Teffl. Ml Kernev Ml-s
Katherlne Hoi brook. 31 1 1- Nannie Mae Blodrett.
Miss Joephloe Aumouth Mis IKi-'me al
IMah Daly
Master Wsyre Wooldridre entertained a few
of his frtrBd.attrrdar evening.
Mr. and Mr IUtv' ivpee nsve returnM
from a sNrt trip to L IuL.
Mr. and Mr Orin laiersn have retnmed
from their redding trio IUt.
Mr. Henn shenpard Is home after a sum
mer's sojourn In Maine
Jfrw. J. KVIm ha fetcrej frcm St Iouls.
..." IarW rrrenn and farally departed for
their new home In Ft !-oul.
J!!2 KMii wondntfr; 0 Chandler. Ok. Is
visltrae; MIm Mml- KAox.
Mrs. Arnle K ItuctrUcnd Mr. Qeore 3.1 vera
entertained with rt-ceptw-n Vk'ednesdav after
noon in hismr of Mrs Jackets.
Mr and Mrs Joph McA.loo have returned
frora the larlnc Coasr.
Mirs Xt I'alsVy and MI- Daisy Zern de
parted Thursdav for Chlchasba.
Mis- Jennie Romlnrer gav a 1 o'clock
lonhe.m Tuer4av in honor o ?fls Tle!ta Pul
ler c,ver wr laid fr Mss Puller. Mrs Ie
Cox. M-s Fl Roblee wim Kte And-rson. Miss
Adsh Rr-'nrer and Mis Luta ndon
Mrs J B Newell entertnlne-i the nv Maea
slne Clrtb Frldav In rsinor of TJIn xafheHo
Ierd Tboe present were Miss lord Ml-s
trr.r ntvrns. juis r.iranetn Se. MIs F3ea-
nor Hollirook. Ml Keanor C-awford u
rriml--i. wdllll. vrm Jnllan of Kanas cttv
Mrs will Wood Mrs Stanter Booth Mr,
Iclns HuUll yr Tom WnHam. Mrs A
II Lon. Mr Arch Johnson. Mrs. TayTsir and
M- Harrr Hn-ton.
MI-s ICatber're Hotberwk entertained the
leine Hand cinh at the SnireM rhhoiee
Saturdav aflernoon. Tliose present were Mr
vUHia-" ard Mis Satlrs Smith of m-ineefn
hr. Mrs Ivan Unk Mrs a J Davids
Mr Wes Mr cfcaeti- Holland Mrs Fek
Fellows Mrs. R!cbd Hunter. Mrs. I,e ni
mann. r Johp F-rrlto:. Mm Win "
mann Mrs Cv Rlersrdsnr Mrs Alva MIHI
rn. Mrs. A O Campbell. vt Kesrpev ti,
Cora I'orlne. Ms Blanche Dale and Mhts Ltl
lah Daly.
V- rd r j r-Mon enve a cotieie
dlnn-r at tr- Speid Cinbhone KatnMsr
evepipr for Mt WUHsms and Ml ?m't of
Prlrceto v rnt l.d ft th oon
oree Mr "d Vr Wet 'r md Mra We-r
I.e Favor "e ,ip M. rv,nk Fellows f-
'th'-toe tvtoe-V ?l- Jo Ve I ...
Mr co - VelW Blackwell. Mr Weeott
apd Mr R P Pomnrer
An evert of -He V war be e'anee eleen
th Sorlpefletd OooHoHse Sn-dr evenlns.
Tboe nreert were Mr d Mrs Vri cs.r.
-an V- end Mr X TntrM Mr sd -
Frank FMon y'r. n "" i n Voitn-ii
Wr ape rm P'M o Pam'-H -f Mm v.
tisms Miss Smith. MI- Tmie Cee's.V r-
Joaonhl Anrooth Mie Cfeia rs-tj !
fTr-iU Mesps yt Joinofl of Un if..
14 IIP tltnei, Me- W TM- fa ror
p. O-tee-e "flM fr-heelw-, tfATWk ,L
Fletea.ee Me. Geor Jopew Mr DP fr
Doctor Mn Mr Flw-n TVtev Jud-e Will
lni and Mr. Gordon BleMrdwrn "
I.onIAV. MO.
frJS3.in 01 ta frWn 'ft
Mrs A"" l WtM relative. xt odena
rr. VA Mifn-n t. hm. trrn x Tii, ..
Mri n7t ' Mnrrr "f Qvi'Kr V,V'1
1 y,rr JJ- J'. T.'. rhlMrrn r n.i-e
Jtrn I.In Sifwrt rt rvrrr l rWIIre rH
tl h.r.
Mr. I.lr Mr'- c, t-tl. xrhl
rtiirk,r V . " I RHrtM n' X-i. Titt
... r'MI'f' T,!.,-. r.llHr.s
5 nr-tlll rlllo. rf h. KlrVrOl. Vt.
it-- r!! M I.Tlri.r Jvhn O Orntfl !
l.r wk
TT" H"" "' It S Irnyr, .i, f vy. ,
.j1 Inilt.'lr I., th. n.t.c. cf l-.lr
Vln l!rrl Wl-ri'" nt Tnr . th. -nt
of ,T !' J!r Vm. Sim a f.rniiT
Ifrm-w ll-t nr. ' lr f tM fMt -,f.
tli. im. "t J- IfTirr M fmll
A rrttr trr,Hnn tr. clri Tn.1.. .r
V r..rn.l . th. h -.- of t. ..t nnm4
Aut .i.'i'-- rwr". ..r r..nl
Th. !" ""1 rnrt v(h Jtr . A
tV.hT-i' TmI r.rlnr O.nlritlon r
th rt-4 Tfc" rlnb will n.
Inr h.M t Tin "nirT at th hAm
't th rrllr,"- trM '!- rv R P'-.nr
S m.mb.r. rr lorM r MIW un. h
fnll quotn of nrfmbrtB. I.tT-f"nr n
yrm; Ml" Uar-r r.ur rr..M.h: jh ch
Hr1r. Tf p Mnt- MK- Em Ciltr.
crtarr rxS Ml" CTol 'IrM.I T......-T
Th l rHl llltmtir nf th. .mh v-III h-rjrhnr-I
rrV" whll Trr "thw wv a
rrltl trm irtll h hM Mi" tr.nr
nd Cor "I" tl h f't rrtalnmrat at
th horn, cf lb former on nt ThtrrMay .rn
Icc. jnrrnn.ox city. ho.
Mr T. r. HatirM atwl rhiM-ro cf nunctpn.
ft.r n r1lt i"i '"r rithr. Mr. K C Tori
rftumM hem ut wk.
.iS-- John J Oinrcb cf JonHn nfi- a
nirrth vlrtt with h-r tnothfr Jtr. JT Doru
cnml. "n-l !. rtonM hmn. T4Mr
Mlf Swlla VurtaT nnt th Ul mr In
Ft 1mlJ th citut of her brother. Mr Junlat
Murraj " lf t
Mre. Kemn Orlrahaw and mftther Mr.. Mar
raret Cralt. retarrrHl lat wk from a rljlt
to relative In St. lrnl and Peoria. Ill
Mr-. Klrr.bmoxh Wlnrton of St. tmls -nt
the Jart w Hh titter. Mrr W. J.
Jtorj.. and other friend.
Mr Ktmhmnti Ptene eyent Sanday wm, hi,
Mr. T. B Kwir. n rente to N Tors from
Viord(. rrM. a few dar with h' il.ter
Mn-. T O Towl. He l very much IraproirJ
In health.
Mr. H. P. Brochten cf St Jwrh I. rlrlt.
Inc br eleter Jin Jlarart H Itbrt.on.
Fhe cam to attend the meetlnr of tbe rrrerts
cf tbe D A. R.
Mies KllMbetti Shanncn. furrnertr of this
r!t. tut now of Mar.hall. spent Monday In
tbr etly. tltr twt ot flierkla.
MHo ljlnU Ware win ln.l lb winter In
St Iyi.il. whtre ehe will take to!c culinre.
IXtor and Me r'rank Talat.r uf et Oiarle.
rpeiit a lew da heie the cvet of LVa.wt
ar.t Mre. Ceofge V Talntrr.
Mr. I. ,s. I'.rk'r and wife and Mr? O XV.
.X. Oordan dtfartrd Monday for the fcUle Bap
tlet Aeoelathjn. whbh merti in M.rhall
Mr and Ir J K Kranklln tf KreJerKk
town p!" fimday with Mr and Mrs. K S
I'aiker. .n route to MarMwIL
Mi. J II. Krtd. .bo ba. Iti rli-ltln: rela
tive, in MarMull. returned bom. y..trrd.y.
Mr ti.rnt tlwitdler returned bom. Molda
aft. r ermllnic the sumnter In ha4 arourel
I..t.Hi. d.. 11 deiMrts tlif. fall lor New
MraK-u foi ttie witter.
Mrs. Khhard 'urtls aral .-hlldren of K IMM.
Tx. n route tn M IouIk. tnt a fer daya
with Mrs John ltrar.lt
Ml.. Alnui t m departed Sunday for St
Ixul. to llt Mir -Xnre Sullltan. who. with
hr father. M. J.it-n S Sulllr.n. retamed rrom
a me neffith?' t-ur of !Zuri. Mr Sullivan
went to New Xork to rrt them. Mh Salll
n. health I. muih lisiet rr.1
Mr. an.) Mt I " Weatbotbr rent the
lart week In St. I..ui
Mra. II. O. tirr of Karmt. tity piit a few
day. at the Kvrcutlr. Manetun entettarnlPic at
tbe Infernal p--ettr(n cnen h CSoem..r Ihck
en for the KnlcM' of I-ythu- jnd thlr ac
e ry lodRe.. and for the Stat, lucent t f
tbe I A R.
Mrr 1: J w..klin of Ft J..e?h vlltln:
ber cousin. Mrs Cnark. I II 4Kb. She 1. one
. ( the Sute Itricant of the i. a. It and
wa iircwnt af thlr rneetlmt.
liU. Mary lxil- IK.IK41 -t St l--ul at
trd"d th treeOne of the I .. 1 BHnc
Stat- blMorlan. t' wj a eu.m of Mle. Jullw
Mr N T. XXVII. ..f M. Iul I. vlHtmc her
UanaHer. Mrs. Irl tlter
Mr M V. in-erstret uturtel Monday fr
CItntwn I tlt her toother. M- XVIIm.
Mrs J..eph tSoldm.n anl lute .uuichter de
parted Mi'iiday for t !'!. tu rirtt.
Mi S. I" X-ln.ton dlrte,l UVoneedav far
Si I.Hji. and Arcadia to ii!t teltt.r..
Mts II A Math-w returned V-tnedar
fr n Ilorence. CXilo.. where he has ten
Hrelln the Mimmer wl:b ruev..
Ml. Ella, Iaax Carter rpent Surtday with br
sirter Mr, llarrv OlaaliH. tetutnlRiC to M
IiU thai nlrhl
Mr. awl Mir. XX-. A lMllmyer writ the
r In Kana 1tr. Ih aet of Mr and
Mr. Hoaard "'. Iluur.e. and aurnded the Horse
Mrs. rjtiHi Nary .leparted Thursday for
rhiciico to vWl ielati-s.
Mr. S. hull 1 an.1 dauitbter. M fichultx.
airtiM Thursday f.iwn St Ii! to oenl
eral months nrllh Mr. Shult'a daughter.
Mrs. Julius tVntalh.
Mrs. II. II. letter, who ha. been pndln
Iheummei ulth ber rn dhr. Mrs Her.rr 5"is
ri. r.turn-d to ber borne tn iXipc Gtr.rrweiU
Mrs. K V "lallnudet of rayton. O. tr.. tU
ttitae her aunt. Mrs T. O. Towle. last week.
Thl a Iho Hrl latt lo Mlss.aiil Mr lial
htudet lias made since her tnstijs- tail f-"-,
Mr. Luther lllt-kman. who ba. bten petw
Ins ten Oaj with Mr- Janei XX'atx.n rfturne-1
Thunday to her home In XVarrenJutc
Mr. at.l M. .m K ..4.. Judfie and Mr.
J. I! Oantt. Mr and Mr. : Tom Kins. Mine.
;antt. eWoineyer itaflon are! XXI'ltam.
Mer. Wln.tm. true. MeX'.T are! Ittr
Kroh enj.yl an afternoon an-1 eyrclnit at
l-rr'. Snr.pi: Tu.uy.
Lsrior J r. Ilerely wa hot al a re.-rlton
Thursdav enln: tn the church oarlors of th
Itr.lijter.an iTiurch. to the slnEle men and
uud mainl m-u of the chores. Tn L.idl
4Ju:l.l srr- .d rerie.nnH-nt
Mr. Jihn T It.ne of Kanu Ot. who
ba. ben l-'ttne hr rtoth.r. Mr. J. n-.-
ward. I'lurned home r"rKIv. airumfanrrri by
Mies Minnie fnlton
Ml. Tk- Ojllen enleitalned a partv el
friend from St Iouls Ih- rlr lt the
weei. Th- lrMlo.k-.l Mr M. IMctrh. lly
He-t f'ahlll. lrtnjde IPsjin. Meser r.lwin
M ivtei. an.1 Ccrco Peter
MSee I'.u'lne an.1 MathlMr Pallmcyer en er-talr-d
a few friend Friday eienliv (or "
CBeM. Ml llanna!) IInre or Knir-rl. "
and Ml- X"tM Fraier of St !-uM The .vjn
Ina .pent playlnc card and tUnrtnx. Th;
Kt.. t"(.les th ah..e mentioned ete
Mbwe Hal an.1 Iyi;ila Marshall. Ida rl.
Mrr I Ian ah. llelnhardl. Uel-oerg. '"?
W.aner. Thornton. Fontaine. Sl.ed. IieiKr.
jiioll and IVtllnrver. . ,,
Ml-s Fraier. tlie ue.l of Ml Jrajir.. Tbo
has l-n n-Tllne lh. Ut nve e- hero.
.Ill .:. Irl TtieUi for her home In M J'1"',
Mei.lav .i.ntnc Mis Sortie Cln entertained
nt.n.l. in h-r r- .nor and last, enlua Mia
Slriub wa. reoles for about eighteen Kjeu
Kolh .-lenlnc vter. ileHahtfuL flln-n """
pU'e.1 ihe fatly- tart of Ihe eiemne. after
which danclnr was enjoyed ...
An informal rr-rept.on was lea XXwInesaaj
from St. 1 at lh. Exe.-utle Mansion by Ir-er-enir
IKker, 10 tlw Knleht of lltbla-. I-ith-bon.
and I-ilhlrn Sl.fr -if the stale, the
teit. of lh- l A. K an-l rcllr.-t II
wa. .i.-d In rvelvlna by th fB".-"
Ihe vailou Iclite. ivnutessman an-I ","
S i-owherd. Mrs, 11. f "' h'SttZ ii
and Mrs. . A Morrow. Th-- aMtsJIlW -.-n
.rally were Mtr-s i. It.. -. A. A. Allen.
Jam XVatw. II A l.a.s. F , 'Hr,-''"-,
Th n: ladls s-rvlnc wore Mlse Mabel
st.no. Adlle XX-lllam. Je.M Os. Atw.W.
Th- d-.-.atlon wet im :mprr-pal" "
'Mra. Altloue ive Fleudredo and Vr .leph-a
H-sers -f st Ixwjls -rent iM-veral djys tho
lart we with th latter" mother. Mrs. S. t..
l:Mr"'; IJ. Macfarlane of Sum.la. whlr
fcere the last week, was a Kuen of Mrs. a- It-
Mli, IxMrtv IVx entertalne.1 WW"'"1
tMK-c pony, her cur.t. Win her cuuslnj.
Mts. lrJi Allen and Mary I "' 'jj
oroklown. who arrHe.1 a e BJ. Ml leHU
Mbert ij St I..U!" Me.s. Ftank Tetn-rrner.
Fiink Otntdnshatn. Paul il ' ;nS";:nl
jf st I-ul. wl. came yesterday Ml- F01
parVnts are Jud and Mia. J. .
Mr Frank ITath-r ..f iWmnih Is vtslllnc
her m ther. Mis. J. II Inert ks.
Tuestlay renlr a l-aullfu! reception wa
rlJon at lh- bom- f I t.- al Mr-, xjarl-j
P ilouih M the Jane H.twhJph fbapter of
tbe 1 A U to th. vWtlrr rea-ent of the
rieral rnaplers Ih-.Hish.ait Ihe state Mr",
ll.tteh Mr" T O Twl. recent of the loral
rbaptef an.1 th lslt!n Udl rerejre.1 the
Cit-lts in Ihe "l-r.rr Tb in bli- were, tbe
s-l. le r-ent. Mis tienre II. Sblekf. Mr. xl
tare .Iiel.Beid. Mr. A. lj- '"?
Mrs 1-ul. B. Ilouck Ml Marv Iule ItarliKI
of St IUI. Slate officials In tho 1 A I. . , l
slde. Mr- Jame. J I .Is-th. B. I Orav.
XVeetrm lurcmhe. XX" I). Parish. John Bar
rw J II XXIll!am-on. Vlunt.us Halle. XX
tS bappell. J. M. Tailor. I M. !retj.
John luil.m of SI lll- It. J. W;tm. S.
P. Hrouchton. St. Jo-rh: Mrs II r orr Kan
sas fit ; B Marfs'Un-. Jim" M'-Afe'.
tviuntMa. Slleey Km. llaMHhal: Iut H.e.
r-aie- tSliardiu. Mctluney and Henry Iram.
Sedalla Th llK of Ihe local chapt-r as
sltl In entertalalrc while In tbe illnins-roMr.
Mle, Mallanne Iwvlson. Paly and I-lllln.
Marshall and Mat-I Stone rxd Mls
Jan-I an.1 Adel XX-llltams. Jnlla 1..1. Mary
Canlt and Mr. Kmma N'uckot aitted In th.
dlnlr.a-room. Arnonc ihe ladte . th loral
rbalrb-r. tcWes the ones list" m.nttnned. who
wer. present, wer- Mme;. XV. j ston-. J. a
Oantt. A - iwvlsnn. J W. Henry. M. 11.
Kob-rtson. A S Fersus n. 1.tUc Ilraca. Cad-dl-
AIH.-1taln and J II wtt'-n.
Mlrs Iterev'exe X.dk.r nltsr. youne
frtvlj Monday for Mis N'on. Fraie. of st
lywls and Miss Haanab Oltrards of Emporia.
!. 1irds.
A dare, was clven l.v a dorm or ine of
le. yr unc renlrren at 1'r.ernH's Oirdi Tu-s-div
er-nlnr I" Mls Vrsser and Edward
ard I .s-mr Fraier f St lysils.
XVdardar eviln Mr T. t ! entr
taln1 Ihe vWtlns: recent, and delezates vt
tb l. A. K. and the member of the local
Mr arnl Mrs O U lirnuer were Ihe cuest
Of t. Uaits frienos last week.
Mrs. John I", Ilis"i l ih cnt of rela
tive, are! frlenJs In Kn tlly
Henry Luecke of St- lil attended the wed
iMna of hH lrrther. Fdaard. and Miss Mac
cle "nermann at lh. athollc church In ibis
dtv Tuelay rnomlrc
II Ptke atten-led the annaal convention of
Ik. f.M.n. T-o.1e In SI IRlls
Mr and Mrs. Tlermasn of St Louis were tho 1
iwe.t. or rri-rH". r.ere iris ox
Mrs Joserh Schmidt. Mrs II J. TMckbraJrr
and Mrs XVIhrl attended the birthday ee'e
l.ratlon cf Mr. Joseph A. M'ntruD at Union
Mrs. Gu Juncrk return-d this week from a
Tl.1t to her lter Mr. Emma Helllnc sf
Stony Hill Mo.
Mr Theodore Muench was the nest of rel
ative In St. Louis hist week.
Mrs. M. J Steffin if Chlcaco Is the curst
of ra Franr Srhwarser
Ml. Poda. Kahmann i th eaest of friends
In t lawjls ,
Mr lesrar rtitc enlertalne.1 Tueslav after,
noon, th occasion b-lnc her birthday annlve-
Mtas E Fro-nnw f Jefrersxn Otr Is the cuest
of Mis IJrrie t.M4e.
Mis n-mle Heenbere of Kanas CHv was
lb coest of Ihe famlH of XTaror rmm4i
On Monday tni-- XII Mary Cahlll enter
talnel the nioch Ctnb Tho. or-sent were:
M'tes 1ire Saerent. Cbi'a KraTieann. Anna
stoari. Minnie rurr- Kate Bradley. '
Homi and Van.le l.hell. an.1 jir. c C,
Tbeidhim Fmlt rarker irr HsTnunn. 11
c stntrt. V Helteh.ren. Irry Zwawall. J.
c suutz and John Pnrves
Kv.isvii.i.i:. in.
For Misa Laura fVnby who I. the net nt I
rvdopel and Mr. Charle Iienbv. Mr Samu-I I
Lowary Orr enterta'ned a few Intimate friend. I
at her home In South Flr.r street Tuesday i
afternoon. I
Mrs Ales. Lemek and Mrs H.rry V Cook 1
were tn t'ntontown. Kv . XVe-lresday to attend '
Ibe weeldinr of M' Mary C Prentenc and Mr I
Oar HanMer Tre mupta came at one 10 !
tnt cuv an.1 were emensinen ai a rtandre
C o'clock .tinner al the home o Mr and Mrs.
XX-'il'am Hardlnr In '"bindler avenu-
Th enrscement I announced ef Ml. Laua
Alice Mrfi-esr of ibis Cry and Mr Henry A.
S'epben cf Hrnder"..ri. Kv. tb ceremony to
take nlac Saturday. October :i. They will
ressde In Henderson, where the brldtcroora
e t ' entaced In bu'lnes.
For Ml. rtal' of LMtle nock. Ark . who has
been the tnt dnrtrc the week or Mb Tteattre
Parens, sn afternoon narty was riven by M'a
1-ars-ns In the Bernanlln flat XVedresdav. Th
runts In-lnied tost twelve of the Intimate clrl
rrtends of the r-trs- A cueulnx contest was
tb feature of tbe afternoon.
Mrs. A. rtowen of Cyth'ani. Ind.. Ii the euerj
of friend. In the city
Frank Trnnev cf Pn Antonio Tex., who ai
been here for a fesr days ylettinc bis nxther.
Mrs Jane Tenney. returned home.
Ml- rieall of Little Hock. Ark.. i the cuest
of Miss Beatrice rersons.
Mia Flllth Relllr, wBohaa for th. last two
months been sufTerlnr frcm ihe resulti of a
serkais fall at her borne In Locust street l
abb. to sit rrp.
Mrs. U XVII and Miss Laura XVIIe departed
Monday for Ijtfavett. I"d-. whee. thes- will
vit pjynvn-l XVII at I'ordn coiier- befsr
crXnc to IMttsburr. II.. to join Mr. XVIIe. who
ta now located there.
Mrs. niorna. Murafojd of New Harmony.
Ind .was In the cltv XVednewUy
Mr and Mr Adama and Mr. and Mrs.
Krelrer of IrdiacapoH. who bare hen the
cuest of Mra Georre Arnory and family, de
farted XVe-lnesday f-T Terre Haute, in., m
"."' P. Tenowlne departed for Milwaukee.
XVI.. to yn her -husband. sbi connected
with en of th Mllwaoke rP-rs,
Dortor and Mr", a, H Ttp. denanerj Tu-
dav for Oklahoma and Mlro and an extend
ri XXeteTn irln. .
Mrs- F Blerhaoi of Vlnccnnn. jni. .ci
In Ihe city XVedn-aday vbdtlnc relatives.
Miss CM. Muinf.tu ot .N-u. lUimu.o. In't..
with her ffueat. Mls llufhea, of I'.ulslana.
was In Ihe tity XX'ednesday.
Mrs. CJ. Marstcano drj.tnl Tuesday foc
Xew Orleans. La., to itt reuiltcs and
Mis Nell Kasenun. win has been vlsttlnc
her slater. Mrs M XX Kiwis. In LfluKvlIte.
Ky . la now tbe curst of hrr brother. Hrry
IIMimn. an.1 family. In Terre Haute, and
will en to t'bhaco. III., a few days before re
turning home.
Mi IIjitt K.rt I enlrrtalnlBe hr H.
Miss Kthfl Albrtcht. .f Klein. Ill
Mr. AlhMi Mao departed Friday for a tmt
to la.Miulnrton. I.I. an.lllunl.l.ctua. Inl.
Mr. Fred Hauls detailed Thureday f.r Oak
land CaL. tu join b-r husban.! and locale lr
Mlaa Annette Cl.ary. who arrived home the
first of the week from XX'biBTiIle. ) . wa ac
n miMiilnl bv ber cousin. Miss Aiicio Cleary.
wIhj will .prnd the wintt-r heie.
Mnw XX II Man-ur and XMrcll IMIlon re
lurnrd from a lt tu KKhrmnd. Mr. 1 lb
wiU shotily return 10 her boiH. in Mlnuc.lou.
The saturdav Alternonti club wa entertained
b M Aloe Sra.c. arb. aiur Vie l.d eu.hrv
Came. ril luncheon.
A hnlinu.1 wa clven by Ihe Maccab-es at
their ball Tuesday cwninc attcndtr.1 by irr.il
htndrtd cu-.t.
ilirs ivari II. c was hi. s of an Informal
eettinc party Tueday In her n-w home. ln
afla.i ne.nc t r her cuesl. Mia. i;citruoe ijfim.
of len: 11. Te .
Mr and Mr . It. J Mclntuiff entertained
former iojternr Taylor of Tenn-rree on a short
vlstt here last week.
A dinner party was ctven Thursday eveninc
by Mr arul Mrs. G. B. Sb-rnun and Mb
Hlan.ho Sherman for Govern, r l!.b Taylor pre
vious to hi. lecture here that eveninc.
J. V Itamsey and Mr. Blanche Alexander
were marrle.1 at huh noun at B-If.ird Tu-fcir
and departed at nre for a weodlns trip to
Ksne.it 1 tlv and Hutrhlnsin. Kas
Mleres Marat- Grace and Mynx Nay vlitted
tn xxbclinc ibis week
Mrs. 'vper of llraym-r relumed home after
a visit to Mrs. '. L. XX'altr.
Mr. XValler ICoblnson has returne.1 from a
visit to IJnneus.
Mrs XV J Sum-rs of San Francisco, who
has l-n vlslllnx Mr. C. S Na-on. detuned for
(.-hi. se ami N-w X'ork. . .
Ainonc ih fbipicthean. wbo alteEde.1 th
H.rre sh.w In Kansas Otv were: Mtnes.
jeaer. Adam. I'amptll. Swetian.1, Fred II"
ley. Kit! Norri. Hemy. uaw-on. Miner; Misses
Neen McXy. Henry. Mllbank. Moonnan.
Huisthal and Taft
Mra MallU Itarner attendM a meetlne W
St lxuli th. week of tbe Advisory Hoard of
the state Maunlc Home. . .
Mrs Al'ea Ja-m-r of Omaba rturne.l nocn
alter a vlsl: with h-r mother. Mr. S. XX. -Ic-L"well
Mr. T ' Campbell deponed XVedneday f
Kanr. .lv to visit her suter-ln-kiw. Mrs. Jeo
Mtrs Efne Fi.ke of Mooresvlll I rlslllne her
sister. Mrs. Klrtlcr.
II Im FUrenc. It-v-lle of Trini.ld. Colo.. Is
the am.t of Mr- Joe Ilvelle.
Ml Nren McX'ey is ilsltinc In Kar-as Ctty.
Mrs. Gu.sl Jacobs depanetl Tuesday for her
home in mo Francisco, afi.r a v.s;t with her
parents. XIr and Mrs. G I! Hrnry.
Mix Bessie Haln has relum-d 10 br bonw
at Otlumwa after a islt with her cousin. Mss
Fav Stewart -.
A danrlnr club wa. orcanlxed here. thcrlrs.
dour. t. take laro Thur-.lay. November ..
Mrs John Burrb eae a o"clock dinner
Tliurvday fur her aunt. Mis. CHI XVHHamron.
of I'hleaco. .
J!l-er Anna Hurathal arl Ada Taft srenl
rr..is In Kansas City, where thty saw Joo
Mr n.l Mrs T. B. MorrU have returned
fno.i XX'acllu. la ., , .
Mrs lllrain Mcn of Mlane.rIij I tho
cuest or Mr. A M Irowmon.
Mr- XV II. Flctcn-r of Chtcaro Is vlsltlnc
Mr. A K. Oent- , , . .
Mr XX. c. Modlsett. who haa Len ttsltlnc ner
mother. Mrs. Kettle Urater. bat returned to
her home In Gr-en Bay. XXI.
Miss Edith lmlanr departed XVednesday for
M'nnearMdi to tlstt Mr. and Mrs. G. XX. Du-
Mrs P. Werner of St. IwIs was the cue-t.
th- irt irt cf the week of Mrs. A. IS. La-
"ilrs S. R Carter d parted XVednesiUy for
"MrsTcrshytocsi and Miss Effle Shyiock axo
vbnllnc In St. Ialls
i'r r M UnsMM Is vl!tir.elir slter.
Mr. Cann Hardin, tn I.ullana. Mo
Mrs. K P XV.atlrerl.v of St. JoiJ Is tbo
-ruct of h-r parents. Mr. and Mr, lyl Dresch-
rfMr II It. Weekly and -on of Kanas City
have r-tinned bom-, after n vl.lt In th city
Ml Itt. larsoPs. who haa been the cueel
of Ml Xlmnle Kmc. has returned to her l.m
in i-helMna, . . ....
Mr and Mrs. Harry nkhmon.1. who ha
leii 1sntne r-iame. h-r.. returned Tnursday
10 their h.m.- In lialesbun lit ..,.K,
Mm. XV II. Hrewioittai P. II. Knlchnji.
J T XVIIlams.m. J V Hlnteri. and XX. It.
curd were entenalnM by Mrs. James Hlnr at
l-.r .-.ainirv n..ni Thurla.
Mr and Mr- Benton von Auken. who havo
been MslUnc In th- city, have rtturae-l to
their turn- in Iwunelumn. 111.
Mr- c si. F.lte. return-d Wednesday from
a it'll In St. Loul. . .
Mr. Ttvemas L.ir.1 has returned from a
Sithern visit , . . , m ,
Miss Helen Ilaysrard bas returned front Bos
ton, wbert she ba been vlsltlnc for eeral
"SPr"!-! Mr. J. T. Hickman ef Monroe City
were eue.ts of Xlr. and Mrs, C. O. Mayes the
Th.'rVtacor Mis. Jtde Merelcb. dauch
ler .4 Jiolee and Mrs J. c McXtlcb. to Mr.
IS It tolon will lake Pbic Iecenibr J.
II,, s. J Kov visited In Jefferson Oly this
Miss Anna Smith of F-n-uson. Mo., was the
cwest of Mls Xlrclnla lloy this week.
Mr and Mrs Frank litis and daushter of
Part.. Mo. were vlittlnc friends In the city
Mrs Ira Steven, of Monroe City Is tbe cu-st
of Mr S M. Kllev m .. ,. ..
Mr, s. R MrtlMUe of Monro City was the
CU-st of br parent. Mr. and Mr. J. F. Lay.
a rew days this week
VlTi:ill.OII. ILL.
Mi- Marv Kmlr I vlsltlnc friends at S.
IeHl lh tart week. .,-.,
Mr-. Conrad Vec-I visited friends at Maryte
tosm. lit .....
Ml.- Ida Rorlser Is vlsltlnc her rister at
Ml Frteds laitx ba. returned from a two
weeks' visit to ber. sister. Mrs. Aston Grlot. at
SI IjbttiS
lr and Mr llenrr Stadler entertained
frl-nd In honor of Mr. Sta.ler birthday
XIrs John A. MosbncJier cf Cotamtia. III..
1.1ted relatives her .....
XIr and Mrs. lvter ltay of St. Lnuls were
th cue.t of Mrs. Fred Mosbacher.
Mr anl Mr Albert James of Murphyiboro.
Ill . vlsl'ed Mrs. Bennett James
X .octal event was th procresvlve euchre
party clven by Mr. and Mr William T. De-
mlnt on Monday eveninc to fifty cf their
Mends A pr-cramme of music was rendered
ard th cuest wer erved with lun-heon.
Tties wer- won oy Ml Genevieve XVetmor.
Mrs. Allien Gaucn. Mr M. J Crow and Ben
Mr. and Mr xX'llliam LIcb have removed
hero fr..m SI. Louts
Mr and Mis. Albeit DotUscer visited friends
al SI Loul
Mr and Mrs, Theodore Killer .pent several
davs last week with relatives at St. Louis.
Mi. John 1. iowderley visited ber many
friends at lleeker. lit
Mi. Cefrst Wetmore and sister. Mlsa Millie
Wetmore. hav- return.! from St Louis.
Mr-. Barbara Just of Freeburc. lit. I the
cuest of Mrs Conrad Vccel ot North Main
street. ,
Mrs Marcaret Jo-dlck- hi. return-d from a
visit to her dauihter. Mra George Scbalornlrj.
In " leul
Ml Helen Moeller entenalned hr H'xh
sv.-bool esassisMte. tn honor of her birthday
Mrs Pter Feller baa returned from a sev
eral weeks s-rsti to her son. Mr. John linden
hcer. t BellevllI.
Mr. Charles Hoffmann visited friends at Co
lumbia Mrs. Losts Jc-edlex visited friends at East
Mr. Ella Rueh spent several day. the first
of ibe week with friends at St- Louis.
Ml A. E. Kalner visited trtenda at Red
Bad Tharsday.
Ivlsranl Gras of st Louis vi-lted Ws par
ents. Mr and Mrs. R- Orass.
Mrs P. c Br-y and dauchter. Mrs Charies
Morrison, attesd-d th Monro County Sunday
Sehool Cooyectlon at New Peslcn. lit. Wednes
day, ... .... . . . . .
Mr. and Mrs. ji- Kcenicsmarc oeparten 1
Thur-day en a v.t to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Koenlremaik at St. Loul-.
Mr James Brlckey visited ftlends at New
Th R-frmatloe Fest will be celebrated in
th- Evonceiw-al St. Paul's Church with special
s-rvlee on neat Sunday
Mr- John s Sennott has retarn-d from Pt
Mr. Tbe ma IT. Masedon has r.turr.e.1 fror-i
a vt.lt with her brother. Irefeor Carson
Duncan, at XVInooa
Mrs. Arabell McKenney. cuest cf her sister.
Mrs. Mary Hebrd. departed for IxnitsvU!.
Miss Cam Smith of XX'ashlnrtan was tb
ruest f benor at a card oarty clven ty MUs
Shirley Madlcaa.
Mrs Robert Baker of California. O.. la the
cuest of Mrs. lnartes Thurrood.
Mrs O. W. II. Rouh entertained the Les
Ileaux Card Club, prtre. b-lnc awarded to
Mrs. Georce Shaw and Mr, s. 8. Burnet-
Mr- Samuel Thomn-oei I th coest of Mr
Charles Smith In Crawford-vllle.
Mr. Iwl- II. Ruark of this city and Miss
Jennie Mills of French Uck. ltd., were mar
ried her by lh Reverend XV O Barron.
Ml. Ethel Hera was th cust cf ber sla
ter Mr? Bert B-aley. at Llston.
Tfce enxarement of Lieutenant Cbmrsander
Alr-rt P Nlblaek. Cnltd Slate. Naw, whose
bom Is In ibis city, and Mls Mary liar-melon
of San Francisco, haa been announced.
Mlss Carrie Lrlmbach. who has b-en rtltlns
ber parents bre. bat returned to Conners
vllte. Mrs German Zlnkelef of Terre Hast Is the
attest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. William
Ea-rjevemcr Tayloi of Tenressee. aeoompanl-d
by bis brnth-r. R I Taylor, oaed throuxh
here XVcdn-day en route to Chllllcethe. Mo.,
whet he roes to derWer a lecture.
Major and Mrs S. O Brock expect to depart
for Chlcaco Sunday where ihey ct to roak-a
three wfts- visit with their son. Ren.
The Reverend W. P. Clark, pastor cf the
First Baptist Cburch. Is attendb-r ihe RaBtlst
General Association meetlne la Marshall jio..
this week. u ""
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Abell were raesta In
DtT..kekt Mo., the first of th week.
Doctor A H. Miller departed Wednesday for
Ft. Louis, where h roes to attend a meetlne
of the Eastern Mar
MUs Mary Jnrcenson of M-xJco. Ma. was
the coest of relatives hre the first of the week.
R n. Brock of D-a.er.rtla. came backeX
cently for a several weeks stay. "c" "
superintendent John R. Richards and bride
of the Blees Military Academy attended ; the
footMIl earn- between the It M A Tein, aid
Onlncy Hub School .earn at that place Thursday
Mrs. Hd X'all of IVevler. Mo. tbe rueat
of Mao.n friends Tuesday. ..
J II. Barclay came tn recntlr from Tiiin
colhe. Ma., for a -holt H I tsllU frlenda.
Mr. an.1 XIi. John Munch of SheMdna. Mo.
was the cuest of Macon frienda the Brjt ot lb.
Mls Allen Taylor cf XashlH. Tenn.. te
turned bom. recently after an calended visit
with III.. 1-earl Ll)Njrl.
Mis lev XX'fds Is tne cuest of friends In
Clarence Mo., this week.
Mr John ok 1. the cuest of frld m
Jerf.rson Clly.
Mrs IE s Griffith deserted for a seiera!
Cavs' visit in St 1wal
Mr J XX ;elibaua wes tbe sues4 ff Mr
and Mrs. Jnhn Munch of snelltlna. Mo . Tbura.
Mrs. Isaac Gross hs r-tutne.1 after a visit
w th ber daughter. Mrs. Macsrc KlnK of t-
Plata. Mo
Mlrs Mae Van Clee Is tbe suctt of Clarence
frtepds this week.
Mrs Anna Kvan and Ml-. Iner Jones passed
thnKicb b-re Thursdav en route for their burn
In Itetler. M.. after a ihre month ttstt with
Mr John Iavl of H-wk sprtrjef. Neb.
Ml Gertru.le Swllxer of Cbarence. Mo.. Is
tbe us of friend here.
Th- Ueierend XX' IL Skinner ef th' place I.
atterellnc Ite Baptist General A Lit run he..l
In Marshall. Mo
Mr Pratt of Ui Plata. Mo . was the guest
of Ma. on friend XX'ednesds-
S u Bm k of lb s p4.e departed for Kansas
City for a short vit
rxni.ixvii.i.i:. n.i
Mt- XV L Meunt and Mrs. William R--ar
vl-itlnc In Cairo.
IKtor and Mis Jn iXlfllev of O-hkoer
XVI ai lb j-uesls of lrofeH)r and Mrs, J
Is. Conley.
Mr. Jese IeebKs is vlsltlnc her beoth-i
Milton MiClure and faiaUt. in lleanbvtosrn.
MUs Nellie Mrsi. k ba aMl- ta ChrCJg., I
spersi tb- winter.
Mi-, a Itcram cf carrltin Is visitinc he
dauchter. Mi. C J Iiinpkin.
Mr and Mm. iraylen Game, of Beaumont
Tea. are lll!n I." t..r and Mrs. J I'
Mr and Mrs. E c. Knott- of Glrard hate
lakn up their r Here- tn CarMnviil.
Tn- Cotert- was entertained Friday evening
by Mr and Mra J. E. Mc-lur.
Im 11 itlons bae Ien leeue.1 by Mr. and
Mr. P 1. Henby to the. marrkiic of tp'lr
daughter Zee. lo Mr S-ym ur Av-rs of CM
cac The ceren.onv will take place In this
city November
lwctor J.r4i!n McNeil hn.. returned to St.
I-oul. after a vi'it with ber parents. Mr. and
Mm Juhn XIcNen
Ml Ma TurnMill Is vlsltlnc la Sprinclleld
Mr. Jam Towev an.1 . .f Lltchnera and
Ml J. M Palmer or .-prmnft-ld. attended the
con ley-1 .earned we.!ine XXrdne.lay.
Mr. J M. Houman returnvi to Chlcaco aft
er a 1M1 with her ttauEbter. Mis. J. A.
Mrs. C J C. Ilsch-r Is vtsltin-; in CVIIlns-
Mr. J. f Stlrnmn of Owrnero Ky . I
vlstllnc ber m..ther. Mrs J. XV Lumpkin
Mrs XV. II m.wji.i and Mrs. Clara XXeer
ar visltlnc in sp.lncnwt.
Mrs XI A Colby tf bt Louis Is the cues:
of Mr William l-aslp.
Th literary ir-partment of the TX omar. s
Club mt Thursday afternoon. Th prrarin
wa oevote.1 to the Uicusl-n of LoBC'el-on --ms.
and was In cnarce of Mr. 11.
Mr- samuel Duxcer of Aurora. Ha. Is vls
lllnj Mrs. I p. Peble-
Mts. lasry XVilscn Is vlsltlnc frleDds In Ch.
caco Mrs. X - Ilamsey of St. !ul spent the
week hrre with relatives.
Ml-s .N.Ilie McFaiiand of White Hall spent
bunday here with Ml. Lucy Miner
Mr. ami Mr, c M. Keiy if i'hleaco spent
the i-t. with Mr and Mis It C. Hodce.
Ix'attm Ikntres- .leparted Monday for ihe Illi
nois tnirr.iv. whtre he will study law.
Mr. Carl Iieron of East St LuUl U vlslt
lnc frien.1 here. , w
Mr Lyman S llashnell of Alva. Qt. la here
vtsittnc relatives. . iiW
Mr and Mr. lailher Lynn spent Sunday with
friend In Jersevvtll. . , .
Mr. Abe ll.blebrandt departed Mon-lay last
for a visit with friend, in Aenla. O.
-. ncre-sman Henry T. Itatney and wife are
horn- from a XXern trip wltn CooBieasmaa
XVIIlUm It H-ar-t. .. . ,
Mr 1. P ciemmons of Santa Barbara. Cat.
I tttlnc relatives here. .....
Mr. M Grue of lvtersturc Is vlsitloe
Mr Stuart E. Iler-on.
M.ss Fannl Kenn-tt if New Tiork spent the
week here w.th Mrs. II. 1-. XVit&er.
Mr James McNabb spent Thursday with
friends In SI laails.
Mr Orarc- X'edder and dauchter. Mlsa Xena.
cf Nea.U. Mo., are here vlsillnc Mr. and Mr-.
S A. X'edder
Mrs. Rollnt- Hockaday arl three sons of
Karcas City at- the cuest of Mr. and Mrs.
J O Hockaday. Sf ...
Tbe u-rman Club had an Intercstlne nit
ine In lh ladle. pirbrr at the university Fri
day eenU:c New of Seem were elected for the
year. About forty m-mters were present, and
inwh enthusiasm wa roamfete.t
Cohmel XX' F. Switxlr ha returned, after a
pleasant lt 10 frlen.1. In Moberly.
Mr. and Mr. J. S Harrlsoiu who have been
tb- cue-ls of Professor and Mis. H. C Fenn.
r-tumnl to their borne In shelblna Friday.
ortcn Guitar ot St Iulr. who has been 111
at lh- bom of hts parents. General and Mrs.
Guitar, has Improved etawch to return to hia
Mrs. J P Hubbeil Is yWUnr her dau.hter.
Mts Bedford Hudson. In i-arroHten.
Mr. Turner McBaln. th- Boone county cattl
kinc. was niartl-1 in St. Josepa Tuday even
inc to Mls Saan Gower ot that place at tn
bom of the bride' parents. Mr. and Mrs.
McBaln will p-nd several months abroad b--for-
returnlnc to Columbia. II hoUs a cora
mtsslon In the Interest ot the XXorlds Fair-Mr-
J o Hockaday and crandson. Burnara
Hocaaday. of Kansas City, have returned from
a visit to St lu1 friend.
I.rtor XV Pop- Yeaman attended tho asso
ciation at Marhall this week. ..,,.
Mies He se Il-rn ha- returned t J-ayette.
after a vult to her couln. Mrs. S. P. t.essup.
Doctor and Mrs. Elmer Smith an.1 daushter
or- pendmc a few week- In st louls.
Mr llollls IMwards awl Miss G-orcla Hulen
were msrrl-d at lh Rlnco llotet Mexico. Frl
da ntfht at II o'clock.
Mr. H S. Dors-y or Glle-ple. III. has re
lurned to hi- home, after a xlslt to hi. brother
Mrs. W. W. Garth and her dauchter. Mr,
(ordon. hate returned from a vSIt to s-u Louts
frlendJ. , -.
Mrs. E. TV. Hlnton Is at borne acaln. after
a tislt to ber lter. Mrs. A. O. spencer, et tt
"jT1?" Fyfer spent th last week la Dallas,
Tex on a buslr-ss trip. ,
ML Delia XVtllls attended the Bftleth anni
versary exercise of XVetmlnster Collece. at
Fulton. . , ...
Mr Ralley Houx. who ha been visitlnr
Columbta friend- lh last week, has returned
to hi bom- In Chtcaao.
MUs Annie Shaw Is vtJltlnc relatives tn
Doctor J. It Pontuff. Mr. and Mrs- E. W
Stephen. Reverend and Mrs. it. L. Thomas.
ITesMent ami Mrs o. F. Tavlor. Reverend
an.1 Mrs. G. XX. Hatcher ami others attended
the Baptist General Association at Marshall
this wetk.
Colonel A. F. Fleet, president or th- Culver
Military Academy ot Culver Ind.. vllt-d th
university, where be was formerly professor of
Miss Mary Allen entertained the A. T. L.
Club Friday eveninc at her borne oa Conley
Mr. and Mt. Cook entertained the medical
student. Friday eveninc at their home on Low
ery street.
Saturday afternoon Mr. E. XX. Stephens en
tertained the Columbia Chapter ot the Dauch
ter of the Revolution. After an interestlnc
procramrae a social hour was spent. Tbe new
members received were Mr F. Hilly. Miss
Mary Gray. Miss Florence Robln-on. Mra. So
phia XX'auch. Mrs. Mary Saunders and Miss
Mabel Saunder.
Mr and Mr. C B. Miller ate at home a -rain
alter a visit to Qoincy. HI.
Miss Katherlne Lakrman has returned after a
visit to Hannibal friends.
Mrs. Georr Bradford is vltltlne her sister.
Mrs. D. T. Scudder. In Mexico. Mo.
tVft. I
Not one in twenty could tell the color of
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Pasrdsrsnit n.nt.t r.m a j j r
. v..v... .jxuurcjs .Lepr. s
Sole Owners,
Mra. S. M Linn has cone to St. Louis with
her son. Mr. Lwl F. Ll-ia.
Mrs. O M. Spencer aud daaushter have re
turned lo their horn- In M Joseph, after a
peeoeant visit to friend- here.
Mrs. J. II. LauahUn. accompanied bv her
mother. Mr. 1 1 or inc. Is vlsltlnc In lilackwrl.
Mrs. Camptell XVella of rlatt City Is th
xtest thi- week cf Doctor and Mrs. L. W.
xiiiiiniir.v. xio.
Mrs. XV F Klltott an.1 th Reierend J. E.
Isavls! attended th convention of th Baptlt
A-snrtatlon. held m Mar-ball dtirlnc ih week.
Ml Anal Andrae .leparted Tuestlay for St
J.wpti Allerbury anl wife of Madlon wer
a-ul of Molrlv friends Tue-da
Ml- Chtiatkin tv. who I altnd!n-- Cen
tral rx.Ileye. I...ns;t..n. I. at home
Mlaa Alb Wayland .lepirte.1 Tuelay for
New Or'ean
Mr and Mrs XVilliara Uiarkwrll came up
f. m H luil. Mondav
It I Ilia haa returned from Mexico.
M.n Marian Altxer of hlcaso U the gu-t
f; w Foreman and family
&.i- M-Klnnev an.1 Bnck-r attend-d 11
..onual runiHHinn of lb XV c T 1" at Hac
nltal a rcl-at from Mo'rlv
Mr A. B McCoy and hi .anchler. Ml Her
rha. svnt lh week al Fulton a delegate.
fi..a Ibis rlty to lh Pre.hvlerla- syno.1
Xlls A.ln Searcy of cleborne T-v., depart.!
r ber bom Tue-dav afler a ilslt with ftler"'
n Muberlv
Mrs. Marv Hubbard of SedaHa went b-1-1-Vedneaday
after lltlrw ner mof-er. Mr. John
Ml UlrV Neherxnll of lies Mnin T
e us Ibe truest of Mrs. John Neberrall an 1
Mr. f. r. lUtKhfu of Golconda. Til was
n tb city tht wefc visltlnc h-r daccht-r
XI. Georre II Robinson
Mr. and Mr- XV. J. Hrvrda-re -e r-lee.;
Tex. are this week the cuest of Jihn Parte --on
nor Ctlv M.rshal
MU Haxel Blaln- has returr-d Hm rn'
or. duX
Mrs Ellen R Harvey -ct-rtaiced th Thurs
dav ctab ttl week.
Xlr. J P Hb-e 1. In Moberly vlsltlnc h-r
deurhte-. Xfrs w S rtowrl-.
Mm Lcbtrer of Maien Is th- ru-sl of
Mr. G XX- Morris.
Mr John W Brock, of Sallsbur-- Is vWlm
M- XVlrt-r
Mi Tllll Balrd'e has returned from i
month's Ilt to Colorailo.
I'rntrcled by Law. Tliey Itrivaii tlitr
Fanners' Gardens nnd Orcimrils
Xenr ."-lirlnKncM.
S-,nnv!ieId. Mai.. Oct. H. Western
Mafjachurt'tt.w fartuers are berating the
law prohlbitin-; oli: sine, hunting or shool
ln ileer until ltS. Ueer have been pro
tecteil for several Tears, but never so
fully as under tb present law
Deer have been srailually lncreaainij In
numbers for seteral jc-ars. Two or three
eaons ago their presence in th I3erk
shlres was noted by fall vifitora. The last
two seasons they luve multipllcl rapld.y.
ami the iKist week thy have been neen
within three miles of the City Hall.
Krcentlj. a henl apjiearetl in Feeding
Hills, fiiur miles went of Springfield. A.
doe bounded through the streets of Chica-l-ee.
-i city ot "S.Oi") population, three
miles north of s-iri!igiie!d.
In Krlmtield and other hill town. In the
eastern part of Hampden County, deer
havo become u veritable pest, and the
prceni of a game warden may be neces
sar lo -eure the ob-trvance of the law
Many tine f-ardeng have been ruined tn
Ilrlmtleld by the deer, which also mani
fest a fondness Tor orchards and orna
mental shrubs.
Tho law- provides thnt persons who suf
fer loss throuch the depredations of deer
are entitled to recover from the county.
and that the cVttnty Commissioners shall
pay such claims ai are properly certified
by Ihe boards of selectmen In the various
So many claims have been coming In
that the Commissioners arc beginning to
wonder If the deer overlooked any gardens
In some towns.
Farmers claim that under a literal In
terpretation of the law they have not the
right to drive from their gardens deer
which may be destroying the labor of
weeks, while the money from which the
damages ar- paid is rals-d by a tax levy,
of which the farmer pays his share. They
a-sert that the 1-iw was framed In the
lnteret of sportsmen, who. at the end of
the clonl M-ason. will slaughter the deer
which have been fostered at the expense
of farmers' rights.
Women Attacked in Their Homes
by Mysterious Assailant.
Illon. X. Y . Oct. U.-IHon has a "Jack
the Slugger.' who attacks women In their
own houses. Jlrs. Floyd Day woke up rt
few- mornings age to find her head cut
and bruised and her face covered with
blood. Her husband had risen and cone
to his work at 6 o'clock, and Mrs. Bay had
her little child In bed with her. She know
nothing of how her head had been wound
ed ami her case has since been under In
vestigation. Mrs. Frank Doyle, the wife of a rno
torman. was found lying on the floor of
her kitchen before the stove In- a semi
conscious condition, and with a bruise on
her head, by her husband, who came noma
from hl.t work at midnight. He called the
neighbors and they restored her to con
rcfousnes. Her doctor says tbo woman
was sandbagged.
Mrs. Doyle says that she called on a
neighbor In the evening- and went home,
about W o'clock. She was at the kitchen
cupboard putting away some purchase:
she had made earlier In the eveninc when
she heard steps behind her. She turned
ami raw a medlum-sUed man wearies a
"Xow I've pot you." he said, as Mrs.
Doyle turned to run. and she remembers
nothing more until revived bv her hus
band. Both women are still suffering
from their Injuries.
Xevr Rank President at Eighty.
New York. Oct. 24. At a meetlnr of th
director? of the Manufacturers' National
Bank. In Williamsburg, VHUam Dick, the
vice president, was chosen to succeed the
late John 1-oughran as president.
Mr. Dick in nearly SO years old and has
lived In Williamsburg more than half a
century. He Is a retired sugar refiner.
Cincinnati. O-
r -
-(.. Trade-
"Tax mark
"". fare on
lit Jf every

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