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There ts a torj told 051 a th"Mir man
ager who lives not a great distance from
Sr Louis. The narrative runs this an
It was a very wirm evenlaz In the late
spring. The. theater kh cpni for the
n.ght performance, but Ihi cowl that
was slowly wendlss its way toward the
aisle Exits was not of sufficient size to
l-oduce the S. IL O. slga. Afcou' tir mln
i tcs before the rise of the curtain 3 tall
man from the country walked up to the
1 i oIHre and nsl'.cd for a seat la the par
ent. The ticket sKIer observed that the
rr.an did not wear a coat.
"Where Is your coaif asked th- tkkrt
"At hotre." said the farmer.
"WcIL vie cac't sell you a nra' In the
parquet unless yoa wear a ccat. Can't
mu set sornethlns to p-it en""
"Don't lu-.ow a soul In the town." said
the farmer. "And I -weal to see this
At this juncture the manager o' the the
ater came In. and lb: bos OiCceman ex
plained the sltuatior. Tie cansner studied
for a moment and then told tie country
custorce- to come Instee "We are
anxiosa for you to see tve sho. ." said
the manager "and lust to save ou from
disappointment rjj lend yoa ray cesi dur
ing tht performance."
It hia a!va;a teen a qjestics a to
whoce dhjanpoi-tnenl v-cu'd have been
the g-tstsr.
Will II llarohi the rcrredSsr who ap
peared recertS- at the Columbia Theater.
&lvva:s s a und of mo sti.-.-s, vhloli
he. ihj ;s JUcri' out cf who's cloth
Uurp'iy cm tcF thee rto-'-s with a
straight I-icv snd the ut-o:i"-,,'ilr-it.d
misht bo led to believe tftnt he 's tolling
tlio truth.
"While here Murphy res a re--t-r -ird
in the most sincere rearer jrlo ded the
following bloci-s't-rm fie ' V ' 'Tt com
ins from the thepter to-risht abcut 11
o'clock I was hc!d up at S xth and Chest
nut streets ard re'leved of JS ia ca-Jt and
my DecttnbT contracts, which carr me
over the Kieth circuit. Ye?, sir. held tip
right la the glire of an arc Haiti. Thin
were two men. the proverbial lon and
short man and while one hld a gun "it
me the other went through im nor-ki ts."
"Did you notify the pnllceT" asked the
Here Murphy assumed a confidential
pose. "No. I didn't notifj the police
Now. I don't care for the los of the
money, but I am axlotts for the return of
the Kicth contracts. Her Is mj scheme:
Instead of allow ins the police to capture
the highwaymen, I'm. solus to wait until
December. I'll keep cloe -natch on
Keith's In New York, and when the thieves
attempt to All my contracts I'll nab them.
Great plan, think vou"
Joe Hart, who is- making ercish moncy
with "Foxy Grandpa" to keep several
wolves from the door, was formerlv as
sociated with Fred Hallen. who. with
Mollis Fuller (Mrs. Hallen) Is chine a
sketch in the vaudeville theaters, and
lucky perhaps. If he Is getting 30 a week.
Yers afTo Hc'Ien and Hart constituted
a famous I'.r.s'.r.c and dancing- team that
played in all the Western towns The old
ategers remember them well. Then Hallen
end Hert KOt ud In the world, and at tne
hoad of their own company they made th
topulor priced theaters for many seasons
and rcs-cd rich financial rewards for
Ihtlr labor?
But the Hilkc and Hart styls of enter-t&lnrst-n:
wnrf for some reescn. and the
Uara cvpertteJ iJvenlcjfiy they both
not Jftn VAUdlllc althcuih not toieelhsr.
" j-f' uaf Csiuie trad ih m ood dusw
i!E e((.v'ias in the latMbvJle huti.-.
! 4-er. atiJ Uts nti pid much botte-.
iterh.gs. than the aiiteie cui"v Jlrlti.
1 Mr. Sr5d hsd not -';n th possIh'U
i?o in 'Fy Giandpa" as a mj;e p-e-tlliCtlcn.
Hin tllllhi ctf'1 Sje hi vat-devllle.
J,u.L tsens to vUy a srsll cm in the
erv tidiness afti- all
t !-ou!s s to have arotae- week of "A
Chlrjete Hqneymoen." 't'te Western com
tacy will till at eneaseraent jt tho Olym
llc dutipq thi m'dsejcri. The pIco was
uch a finarclal sjetess -when It was
l-'ayed at the Olympic durlns the earlv
part of the season that it is po-lble thct
tt e sunt company n-a be b-ought back
for a zcas.cn ot three or four weeks durlns
the early part of neit summer.
The reccrt failure of W!l!!am Coll'er in
his rew play. Personal " in vhlch he as
sctned th cart of a newspaper reporter.
calls to mind that the newspaper man. as
the central character In the drama has
rarely been a success In fact, there was
only one exception to the rule, that of
WlUam Gillette ir his own play. "Held by
the Enemy." Gillette plaved the "War
Correspondent for Leslie's." a comedy
pait. which he did admlrab'y.
. . . .
Elizabeth Lea. a Terntssee girl, who has
relatives and a creat raan friends in St.
Lo-ils. 3 said to hae made an excellent
impression In Augustus Thomas's new
tla. "The Earl or Pawtucket " Miss Lea
has been assigned to an Important pan
and her work has met with a cordial re
ception at tht I'rlrccss Thcatrr. New
York. Miss Lea is jouns and pretty, and
ihe has developed unusual talent durln;
her short career on tho stace. She was
first seen In Otis bklaners productioi of
"Prince Otto." playlrt: a very irslcnlflcant
part. Th next season. Stair nnd Halln
purchased the rishts of "Prince Otto."
placed Ham Glazier In the title role ard
encased Miss Lea for Glazier's principal
Maude Adams holding tenaciously to the
sixteen pounds he gained down ariund
the EsjpUan pyramids and which she
supplemented with another pound or two
ii will bring happiness io thousands who are missrable
FOERG REMEDY CO., Evaasvllle. lad.
I wsm taken donn last fall with specific blood poisoning. I lay undsr
doctor's care for five months, but nothing seemed to help me. I had great
sorts on my arms, legs and back and was desperate, when a friend Indncel
me to try a bottie of your remedy. I did so. The first one produced some
results, so tried another and another till I used eight in all, and nas abso
lutely cured. Am now as sound as a dollar. If any one has blood poisoning,
for Qod's sake have them try Foerg's. It will cur: th em.
S. O. GLENN. Crlder. Ky.
1' has b-n rror.n byond th- ooslb l!t of a Iuht thm this rrediclne quickly el'ans up tho
wo-jt cases of specific blood polsonins and all blood anction Its work seem, astonishing,
amazing, almost miraculous lln actual record sounds like a stor of maidc Hut there Is no
room for doubt about It whatever, fall proef indisputable In everj respect, we can submit re
canting; hundreds of caf amonic them the ease spoken of In this lett.- The reult are not
onij complete but permanent. In this ca- of Mr h G Glenn. It Is now orer one year since
the d'seaso was cleared out of the blood and no taint cf it has appeared since
This Is not merely a commercial matter, it Is a matter of humanity
To -ell snerybodv with a Wood dlreare about this mpdlcln? Anions the many caw prawn of
arttniihinsly jaicV. una complete cures, all of which seem to have been permanent, many
were, pnotajn-aphed In euch a t-ondHton that a reproduction tn a newspaper would be perhaps
too shock tne for print. Th'x case. rten here. In the cause of human It , ihK paper consented to
print, though another nenrspaper refused to do fo Net a newspaper in Christendom but ibouU
pt-b'Uh even '""ord of thi information. If duty and not dollar were tre icovernlnic rule.
With the above Information before you If you so on Fiifferinir from the ure of ry4innel
blood, either primary, constitutional or as m result of mercurial treatment, don't rail at fte
but lmply blame rourself. for here Is a cure aben!ue and sure Tainted Mood mantfes U-elf
in the form of Scrofula, Eczema. lUnnimztle PaJn. fctlft omwallrn Jolnte. Eruption or Cnpper
cIored tpot on the Face or Hod). LUUe Ulcers In the Mouth or on the Tontme. Sore Throat.
PrrolJen Tonsils. Falllnir out of the Hair or Eyebrows and Anally a Leprouslike Decay of the
F.eh and Boner, If vou have any one of these symptoms don't delay tilt too late, but so to
)our druccist and set a bottle of
If 3 our dru jrlH does not handle this remedy send us Jl 00 for one bottle or CM for sir
bottles srtth our absolute guarantee or money refunded by druccist or this company In full. All
packates sent In plain wrappers. All correspondence strictly confidential.
FOERG REMEDY CO.. Evansville, Ind.
4 . ' . . ' 1
if sT3HBs9
r ' iJl wEEm -
::L ' JaKM W
19 P''jA-i.K -KNsfe H
In "Mr ISK -
durinp a recr.' it-it to Colorado. Is about
to strike the one ami two nisht stopping
Pisces v Hh "Thp Pretty Sister of J ise."
She will not be able to-set Into New York
right away, so there wl'l lie a month or
two of tourinc at the openins of hrr sca
tcn. She is said to Le healthy and happy and
enthusiastic or Mr. ISumetfs plaj.
The story adopted In the dramatization
does scuml attractive.
The scene of the play Is laid In old Ma
drid. Teplta and Jose are poor orphans
and lire In a little suburban cottage shad
ed by rapeines and lemon trees. Jose
is a carpenter, with a body as big as an
ex and a heart as bic as his body, and
I. is ore dream In life Is to see Ptpitu hup
pil married.
Hut IVpita. singularly cnouzh. has a
fixed antipathy to marriace. Mu- likes
vail -noueh to play the cultar and sins
and-danee and laush. but wh-n It comes
to confronting lorlIke emotions she la
a little terror In the wa of un-iwrlng
"I will t.eer marry any one." she says
to Brother Jo-". "1 will May -with nu
ami be happ) Girls who marry srow up
u;lv and are wreti htsL Let them loe me.
u" the re so -tuplil. but 1 will Is? left
alone. I will nerr ioe an one and nevtr
Im- married.
I.ut when Sfbaliano conies alone, the
aay. the rfiowneil ?reba-tlano. the hull
tighter, with his athletic Krace of b- arlnE.
his daik. splntel fice. with Its deep An
dalusiin Pt. his arched fcot. and the u-
per moiement of his limbs when this J
dentist! cf the Plaza de Toros bursts J
upon thi- Horizon or Utile pepita. tnen tne
rec ni ration Is expected Apparently. It
dnon t happen, at least not until the bull
light, when Selw-ti-ino but. after all. one
had belter nut anticipate the climax bf
Miss Adams' new pla.
Here is a Hitle -tory about "Itlp Van
Winkle." which Joseph Jefferson relates
!r hi- autoblograph .
'There Is in the lillase of Catskill a
I5lp Van Winkle Club. This society did
me the honor to inlti- me to act the char
acter 'n thel- town. 1 accepted, and when
I ai.-iied I was met by the worthy presi
dent anil other numbers of the club,
among whom was young Nicholas Vcd
der. who claimed to be a lineal descend
ant or the original 'Old Nick '
"EmulatliKr the spirit of ctolutlon. th
clt!z-ns had turned the skating; rink into
a theater, and a tery resissrtatjle-lookins
establishment it made, lhour.li in its
transition Htate tht marks of rollers did
cling to It stUL'
"I was taking a cup of tea at the table
In the hotel, when I was attracted to the
colored waiter, who was gliln-; a graphU
and detailed acooJnt of this eenu ol the
Cati-kl'I Mountains to one of the boarders,
who sat nearb oppoi-itc to me.
'Yes. tali he continued, itlp went up
into de mountains, slep for twenty jears
anu wh-n he c-ime back liyar In ms berry
town his own folks- didn't know him
"Vh.' said his listener. ou don t be
llee the stoir's true"
- True? Ob cou-se it Is. why. pointing
at me. Mat's de man." "
Maxine Elliott Is a happy woman. Her
new plaj has proed a success, and her
little niece, the baby girl belonging to
1'orbcs Hobertson and Gertrude Elliott
Itobertson is now a guest at Aunt Max
ine s home
e Beard"
"She is r. xrarv old" s.H Mi--" Klltoll
to an Intererted RiidLnr i-f or.-, "ami fat
namtil for me-Maslne Elliott Rohi-rtsnn.
Slie Is the ler-)-t little mnM that itrr
llttl and my -rreate-t frlrnd."
As to any signs of inherited drain tk-t-iler.t.
Miss I-Dllott laugh." such an Idea to
"Her repertoire consists at present f
Thli. little pte went to market.' Patty
cake, natty cake, baker's man.' 'High did
dle, diddle, the cat atal the IWdl-.' and
k-ndreil Jingles which she delivers In the
most approied Iwby fashion. Further than
that her training lias rot as -tt pro
gre"ed. "Yes. sh looks like our famllv. 1 think,
much resembling G.rtrudr. although she
l.as blond colo-lns. blue ees and licht
brown hair. She wll! sa- with me as lo-is
;?' W -ej. ,..-
Ar Bob Acres in " The IIIvaI."
as I can ketp her. nt all events until her
mother returns to New York "
It Is vvliineris amonc her frieiils that
Miss inilotfs affeetinn for br lltMe tin .-e
has taken substantial form, is Mi i. eaiii
to bav sfttlnl upon Iter. In the I'ltle clrl'f
exclusive rihi. the cum nf J3)(
But upon this subject Ml$ Ulllott 'styr
never a worn
It Is nlsn snlil that one reason for the .
new star's complete? Miceem is that In At.nt I
tirnrzlana she Is simr-lv nlavinc lierself.
and thtt It is the real Maxlne Elliott who
Is "Havlnp; Her Own Way."
Dear old Jlrs ;ilbert l well p.ist her
three score and ten. but he doesn't like
to be reminded of that fact Therefore
she was proi-erlv Incented at diaries
Frohman the other dav vhen he yiisce"t
td that slie rest on her laurels and a sub
stantial "Hary this scaMHt.
The dear old ladt was very indignant
and promttlj informed Mr Fro-irsan that
such an arransement would not su't her
at all and that he had no IntentHii of
giving up actinc. but had made up her
rr.fr.d to insist on a much better part than
the wan at that time plavln;; If possible,
t-he wished to remain with Mlax Hussell.
t ut a. part where she had more to do she
must have
Sir Frohman. sccins; that she was thor
oughly in earnest, promised her that ahe
need not trorrv , that he would see that
her w!"i cratiried. In -Mice and
Men." Annie "Rus.eU's present play. Mrs.
Gilbert has been clvcn a part that slvcs
her the opportunity he InsLsteil on. Mr.
Frohman. thlnkit:: she would Have to
eo ire to him and confe" that he had
Civ en her too much to do. especially as
she was required to dance, was astonished
to find that she did not complain.
In Xew Yo-k recently, durinc one of
Lew Dockstader's visit there, his wife
asked him to do some sboppinc; for her.
'Xow. Lew. dear." she said to him. "I
want ou to so around to the crocer's and
set me a packaec nf blue blackine and
fire cakes 'of black blulnr;."
And the man who has made millions
lauch fell an easy vlcllm. for he went
around to the crocery store and made the
KTocer laush.
Alice Fischer Is ceJllMr what she calls
the "lovlnc-cup habit The latest addi
tion to her collection arrived in New lork
yesterday; and is the xift -ot the Casino
A-ciailon at siaconet where Mi"
I"l hi.r atKl mam other actress notatl
Mr Gilbert Hinrietta ftmnua. I-1-I
Irxlnp. IVrc IUkwcII and Mar Sh.iw
-lii-i iMrsiimiiDr
Th Fiats-onset Golf flub, that numbers
am. .lie ilk members W II "l Loim-un
ilarr UuudiuS. Mauri- i'tmpl!'
:. rj..- l-ir.c.:i and William Ilatvou.t
.iitnl a .-as;iKi n j tiublHiu- stttral
ir mo Eh reason Ml l'1-i.ii' r In
. --ri th mini nc ,tt In the ui-cm?ful
- . . ti- - -n ror the biilldlnE lund ml
v- n i- Hilr lovlni: cup has Uvi
i 1 .. rtl ti. the actret bv lirr unin r
1 i.hl..is a token if their unnn .
1 n I . t frawu Mis I1.1ht way . -
in. I with a-TcoM-llned t-up om li-r tir-.
1 ..nOT as tar in her l.i-tlu.la. -
. . 1 1 l.i ite. JihI.
Th Twtlfth Vi!it lnb of wlil 1 -it
it. t . -i tor rn.l .sirs Ili lr -il- 1
"'" iciuftVi in tn's maiuifi tin f
-r.l.IJil.' for lir Hfrvif-.r S-.ial others
In li hu-ss4.ii are from hi r ..ss-l. i
I In il "mtstrnv in wM h 'hi- Im- runO
- ni 11 uir-l
Jl n prrsons hae i-oIr-isI th - .mpV
In tht ibii of Rebeeva Wa-ren Ml War-
r. n I-mis Irish. bmU to tht- rl.l c 111.
p.l ti 'ti mat th- cleft thm man .t al
T a Kif from the falrl.s "Th.- . hilil w'th
il II hln mav have ono wlh ftilBll-sl.
1 I ilt one If he keens lov.tllt to th-
..ni 1-1 rrM dots rot tr to Rai m -e
I 'i 1 t urn; in life. th-n on' shall tx
i - 'i him . ful'-Kt m-asiire '
1 lllain 1 e .2ivh Kh r ' In a illinpleil h n.
I in1 w ten riite IlU'S4-ll droli1 Iter demure
v- 11 1 a s.-tii. curls tin corners of h-r
n i ih h" rhii- dlM-oyrs a dlTih tliat
1 i.r r -i.-j.iIdk Julia Arthur would
-on . i tni- 1 lute hrr rlnser In th r -t 1
' M 1 1 rt..l mi tal' jllii.llon t-i its
, 1 , lir-.!,. Jni,P )pi and Cn-li
I : 1- il- are dini!ld- hinn-sl wn-.n
In A'-MPder the Great." th.- r a 1 Ii
I It h lajuls Jan-en a"d l'lisleritk
A irn. iif Ma'rine. the lt.ea t f the ti-ne
.11 ii'n! fa1' e atiou. tile ape who tisd Ihi
11 . aw t- t At-n-t his rh-stinis ( m
-i - i- mi
l-"t i ,T'-t
It I- - mpl-tiei! In the role of Prrdiceas.
win h i a le.1 lj) Mr Wartlc lie l th.
I'rin.- UiilM-r of A!e.iniler ,ilanl b
Mr ina-s for chum h p-of'-.s.js o-lt
i nl ri-ni ship but who- throne he n
vi'- and vinos.- i.e-ith h titiallv bring--iliotit
n the tragic llm ix "f the p. i.
Hi-, b. t fo- tMlns clh'-s ant st urin
io lnm' If th- entire protlts ot the'r x II
laln amounts to lt! geniii-'
Hi- JuiLo lik'- i-liiri'-:er ami hN merri
I ss rriielM naturalh -erve to b-lnc out
the noh1!- i-a.ts of Alexander In the '-'I
st telitf
I'limhc fling his lheil up to her ret.u
tatln of making songs an! song writer
famous First ! was "In the Gix-d tiW
Summer Time" whleh she rsMmUflzeil
Next eanw "The ltflle of Avenue A " Hid
following that qulikly was The Same Old
Crowd." and in 'The Jersey Lll' she ha
ill "Illdllla" ? so-u: that is hraldcl as
on of the Stils- of the season
Mr. Iinctry has -lnnounr'd n tour of
South America to take p'ae" nxt summer
She will present a repertoire of her for
mer, successes In French, and It Is Hkel.
that -Mrs Dtcrins's Divorce" will h1m
be Included.
In th" course of his long career as a
minstrel law Dockstader has had mtn
ups and downs. He w.s born In Hart
ford. Conn, being h dir,-ct descend mt of
Henr Austin Clapp As a bo h- wis
always Imitating- the actors who totted
Hartford and at t'.e age of la he ran
away from home and Joined a traxellnK
variety jow. ,
The company dissolved In a little t on
necticut town, and was compelled
to walK to Waterliuo. Conn., vvlttrr Kkllt
. GalonI's miipilrtl were liUvInc In the
town hall. He met f-klff anil tvjs eit
gased to sit on tht end of I lie llrnt Iirl
and bo In the negro acts of the olio -tnd
play bnss drum In the hand Tl.c next
ear he became leadinc; eomeili-tn with n
small minstrel show that left New- York
for a tour throueh the Wiuth.
lnun their arrival at Havre de Grace.
Md. thev found thst their manacer. n-
litead nf erttine nff the train, had inn-
tlniKil on a private tour of the South,
leivmit them in the town. Doekstader
went to Baltimore where h met Charlie
Doekstader, ami formed a partnership
with him. Thev later Joined Haerl's
mlntrels and at the oloe of this ensage
raent dissolved trlnerlilp. Iw rolns to
Carneross's minstrels. Philadelphia,
where lie remained for a number of enrs.
Mrs. Alexander Salvini (Maud Dickson),
who retired from the stage at the time of
her husband's death, six c.trs aeo. is said
to !e contemplating: a return to the foot
lights. Another former favorite who Is th'nk
ine of resuming he' sttgf work is Grace
Filklns. who his been living In retirement
since her marriage to Captain Marix of
the United States Navy.
David -vVarrVeM will clinc one more sea
son to "The Auctioneer." Next season he
will appear as an entirely different tpc.
Following the tour of "Mr. Pickwick" oa
the road De Wolff Hopper will presint a
new comic opera w hlch has been especial
ly written for him by Victor Herbert and
Glen McDonougli.
Joseph Jefferson will appear at the Olympic
Th-Mter this week 'n his famous repertory.
On Monday. Tuesday Thursda) night and
Saturday matinee, he Is to be seen as Itlp
Van Winkle; on WedBes-lar and Friday nlrht
as Hob Acn in 'The IUvals": Saturday, nlsbt.
Caleb Hummer. In "The cricket on the
Hearth." and Mr Gollthilr In lnA Me
Five Milllirss " Mr Jeffeison has even slur
years of his life to the -taie For forty years
he has played Itlp Van winkle, and for twen-tT-nve
rears that fantastic hero. Bob Acre In
The Rivals. Ills Caleb muromT. In The
Olcket en the Hearth" and his Gollshtly in
"ln-l t- riM. tllllnrH h.r. sl-j. heen fa
vorites This quartet cf characters Is Insep-1
anbly associated with the name and faae of J
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: . -r-t'-.',iJiJ7'hVlli'B
Boys $3 Knee Paints Svits a.t 9:30 A.
For Onc-Ha.lf Hour ?..nn Double-breasted Suits; ages 7 to 1(; Nor
folk, - to S cars in a most desirable mixed pattern; worth your
attention, these; half hour onh at
-tgw w
itti i-nririr-rimr
1.00 Ladies' WaJsis ai 9 A. M.
For One-Ha.If Hcur -00 Ladies' Fine Waists; assorted sample lines; fine
oods; there will be S5.00 waists for $2.00, $3.00 waists for $1.25 and
SI .00 waists for ..... .......--
Those that et there first will get th; bist ones only for one-half hour, at 9 a. m.
fii'-i1-" -rr -
th d -n of ir Amrt-an iase Ut up,vir
'rs "ian- tils a win lniudej Jhn Jack.
Jffer-wi lnt J--ph J'ff-rHin. Jr Wm.
V JclTerwn. vr , I unkrtt r.ur i'o.nil
lUrrv n.!I.n f-Y i'k. la--t 'ranc-- IVnhrr
ton. Bla.Mh. H-nrfner da iiilmun Jessi
Sn-ft Mattle Iahl ami th rhtMren. little
lll Oweiee ami Ipha Artwh-
At ttv Oritur, the etrntnt; Lew Dcclt
ttadfT and hU mmrant- rlt emplwiis the
fa.t that rjcr mlntrHy can vttll be nwde
rntrrtstftine en ta ihW ra of mural .ora-
rlv nd lau-eVvllle Aiwnz rrcHtaf' s iiia
ctate are Jtrmll Juhbn i kitusn In M
Ixul Sf1 iItren nrt ii-f-W IVrd
I ruthers. 4mf VtA rnw. KlfwntH
it.wcains-. Jnhn Yx J-m- It Krdl- Harry
i:il!r 3nir Wall-r J-nr- WalUc- jnd Wil
liam 11 llati.lt Vhf dgar xatln Iw tu-U a
tare r-it t ir-htrj under lh lirh'p
f Bru jhlhnvkt. ImI the Impend Ku--ir
adt Hand f ffr.r t.N-- now on It flrt
t Kir of the I nltrd htar
Th" rtnal act hi wa -tflSi-d nl pffdn-d
l. Jaimi 11 fee It r. m a pecl-.cul-r p e- n
"I want a pair of rubbers"
When you do want a pair of rub
bers that's what you say to your shoe
man. He asks what size, and hands
you a pair; you try 'em on, and if they
fit you take them.
You don't say anything about
quality; you don't ask if they're good
rubbers. "What's the use; they're
good as any; none of them any good.
But they'll keep my feet dry to-day,
It's very common, and very fool
ish, now that Selz Royal Blue rubbers
are ready for you. They are better-than-usual
in quality; they supply the
only thing you want in rubbers good
service. They are worth asking for
and insisting on for that very reason.
You'll pay the same price for them as
for the uncertain kind.
.: tm-ii wiilo ih-ii m- u.-rtli up tn rjTK' a rani, on
lnderwear ai 9. A.
CurtaLins ai 10 A. M.
ri iirn n
tiiln. entltl-d "The St utb I the Home for
Me It na rizlnallv prodtcM at the Man
hattan Bcch Thtifer New TorW
Mrs Flke s production of Tes of the
DTrbervWes. with Rebeccii Warren a Teas.
rwrrf t th Grand this afternoon. Although
ttv piay in almosi entirely free from the cM
f'rm of dramatic slluatfon an1 climaxes, its
Mory hi sUrriiic and Mlra Warren's Wea of
th heroine I said to be most Interest lne
Few Ira mas b.r teen written wbictf reu'r
s rauch.o m. Sr a K 'Tr-nm ef ih ll?r
ler1llss.a KbW-a Warren It "IH be re-men"Nr-d.
was n H sothern" Marine lady
f r seteral tr a tons
MeliM will arme in St lyttils next Sunday
m inline f r her cr--t t . b slven at the
tdeon Mi nday nUht. November Th prima
drtnna ron earlv. In ordr to visit t"e World's
Kirr rrrtvumbt. She ha tWted tveral world"
fain and HI b a ti jmc of the adanceil
rjirrira. v
makers of good shoes in the world.
8:30 A. M.
of very fine
and wliu. In
Mam of tbe present Exposition. Melba l?ins
with her a company
Tnose who win tajte pa-t In th conce-t
ire Ellison Van Ilooe. a native of Murfrccs
l.ro. Trnn. lie .tu-tleit ahmail un.l.p Imnhv ...
l"arls Weed. Emll Flvher and IuektQne. t p.
to 1937 he was choir lnsrr. but at that tlm.
ne joinea tne iiamrecn-t.in. opera Comp-inv
.uti etsKi DTiiiH- a HPii'Kn"n opera star;
tilllbert. the barvtnne. Is a IMrl.Un bv blrtll
and was a tnenber of several French oper
ramiunir? ts-icire i.rsu nmugni nim over to'
his Metropolitan opera. Ule LJeweita Davles
Is a -ounr Loniton pianist Slsnorlna Ad.t Sa
soil. th. harpist. In rl Flnk-h hjrtli SjT i'..
rnlr 15 vears old. bat tiuttj vu.tralU and
New XeaUn-1 with Meta last tear
The advance sale for the Melba concert w!l
betfn at itollman Bms musk- store to-mor-iow
Nevt 5unUv afternoon the World's Fair
Juvcnl!" Dantl. undr the direction of Profes
sor Schick, -will make Its debut as a concert
band at the Odcon.
The little ban4 players have already demon-

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