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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, October 25, 1903, PART II, Image 17

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u.ttM -"-nl times iHat they C3n do a
'ft-i ... itoih at th dedication of the Fra
t. ins' t-'ii'finc at tl I"itir jrroumN ami at UV
if. Mif -t -i.-n lf thr inmate or th- j:cn
tr t. I i nnn left for them to ...- their
. i v .t n"iirt I'lujerp. .SJcnor ampot-elto
art iiis jr-tnie Kmn tuii nnc at in- Hrss
.m ii r-t-,t Sunda. Cmpobtllo sans in rati!'
, ',. rt ami nai a favorite member ol many
. . re People's (ircliettxa. tinder the di
11 -i f irt.ir LJchtenttein. -n-flt Clre a cec-
' t Th kod Friday een.rjT. The fel
1 ii r.e r"raroiTe ha len ammced:
ii.-ir 1'tui and Iaant Vr. r. Suppe
"il iiM .FaJitaide f,r Violin)..! Ceriot
Mir' Ii-swie t'.tar and orchestra.
l - tu-. KJerulf
t Li -n du IU1 ;ilit
Ii iK-i in i:iuin4Miy for Violin Haufer
Jacob IJebrrsteln and orchestra.
,X ' si' - from KauM Gounod von Soar
llaxK. violin and "cell.
Ojprj Melodies (for Vloliii) Sara?ate
Jacob lllumbcn:. . .
rT?c S !o Violin, Mr. Illumbere) Handel
mi. .mriuriniiini . .MmnptTTri fc, r
usia anil Austria IroMiM to ,
Supervise Every Act of tin- t
Sultan's Government.
l.irr. -n- Gnnxr llclnrmann. the lra4Iec
t id- Oerman atcck rt-mismj el which
1 n-Ti.icer. will make liu flrt ar"rarice
t-i in as Lob-slanx In "rYottvnegel"
:.-k-i.: Ilin). a Mannataedt fair If the
u:t ; Hr.; -,uuorer had had io nitaj tfee ttne-
U'.i i liutiHir .r Hrrr Ilrlneroann. be ccsjM Hot
a n:trn a cle trMra appropriate The
Moitfn wf th (-.Hnpanv. liK-IUtHnc IMl
i:-rci. Hans LtTlkr. and tohera. are MM to
' ji pil tan N'xt TTjursdnv nlchl tit fom
.'u rill apptar In Ftancillon." a Duma
i "ntd. In nhiib Mima ion llohccau kIH
Tits oirn, for Oira director anzrosners Xo
.'mbfr S as th- dat for hr first cjwratlc
rrodortl"ii of Balf-' ' Itohcmlan ClrJ." nhich
a :rn hy arc!amatlon as this wavra'i
Initial icnt'iTr. TIi chorus, alrcad7 cornprt
:ic wr than forty uod icr1i. la i)all m
lancl Iv ll addition of mtutber. who ar
pW-aard with the p?oHct of appcarlnj; so auitfi
n a i-nlar orera Mlro Ueianiotta. forrnerl;'
one of Henrv Saacr 8 prlildtla. will roanag
the prodtK'tion for the choo4.
V ....
7 rrnmt; rrtlan and Cotnpanir and Billr
II.,'. ;ii be bradlinera of the folumbua
I .'I whleb open Monday attcraooa Mr Oor
r,in ill prerem a playlet by a St Loute
au::-ir. -Th- Ivt alHl the Kettle whih traa
I reented t Ice by ilr. Corrlsan darlci; bis
ieent -lit
r.lll ni.ued l to offr new atorlea and
s-nja. Tre other perSurmcr ate Mr and Mrs
Mrk Murnhy. Slln- and Jl-noii. Sinra anl
llamtard De Van Sjter. Kneri awl Roo
ney. Ssteia Meridlth. II '.an.) an.1 llnknea aad
The Imperial oSers AI tt. Martln rertval
of "Uncle Toin'a Cabjt " In many rapect
Mr. Mar"n l the meat Important of like
production. It erre to ipJlt the maMer-ple.-F
f iu r Enrore'a artist. L e Italob
Mrant'a elaborate palatini: entitled "The Ce
leMtal City." and Manx Vcrtun"!. picture of the
Sw Orlean? slave tnajt. Lite a poorly ccm
pneed b there are. many rersfcm of "Unc'e
Tom'a Cabin" now betae forced cpon the pon
lir muter emtoaenl cwreiioc. wMch ar 'Ht
limental to the crratm degree. Thev are usu
ally hort lived, however.
Al v. xartln poewea tae onKinai eraiwn
Sirs. stw." "ten. and It has been unani
moilsly accented. , .
Araonz the nfvr features to l-e cia is a
cake walk
"WJi-n Women Ire - (ne of me totest tne"o
VVamaa. la to lie the attraction at Halln--.Vfka
piece baa to do with the aperlences of
a raor clrl. who incurs tbe hatred of an old
rn.aet-. He reeks to have her convtctM of a
.r!me of whica be hlmwir ' ety. Tit'
vouns traacin oxerlx-ani his itot "ttl record
his utterances in a phonosraph. The machine
la Intradncnl in court and Its stateinenta tak-n
as erldcuo acalnst th mler.
TUUam Garen. manager of ltavlln Tl.ea-
tr. Is c-on to mroce "Tbe tiesperate ira
pity about the career cf Uar-
Tk ifoonlltht MaHs." at the Standard.
wl'J dve an .jextra-.-asanta entitled "A R'alto
Itoaader " a theatrical travesty said to Include
one -or the beat vaudeville bills of the Pian
dar3V aeascn. Th companv numbers fifty
inciuauic a arse cimkh"-
Pattl Ross and ti Lrnian Twins wHl ap-rea-
at the Orawfonl In the farce "At the
Rsr,s " Pattl Rwa Is to impersonate Sally
Summer, a character similar to the part ahe
plated in l!-taco"s Naozht.' Anthony." This
tiffl 1 Miss Rosa's Hit appearance In HI.
louls In several -ears Her mother, the oric
Inal Tatti I!"a. was formerly a stock fawrite
In this lity
Lsi.."; to rvr Orlrnna ami Itclnrn
the Mobile mil Ohio Railroad. Octo-
Txrr i ar.l K TicUct office. 5IS Olive street.
Came Over From Eiiylaml to
I'rearli Doctrine of Destruction.
i:i:pi uui' si'nci m-
Xro ymk. OlU :t InsteaJ of tounns
tlie country and spreadlnc the doctrine of
iiareh . as he had planm-d. John Turner,
an rtosllsb anarchist, nho tvas arrested
last r.isht at the Murray Hill Lyceum.
where h iras talkinir to an enthusiastic
audir-nc of "Toils." will be lgnomlnous.y
He i note in a cell of the new prison at
IJlls Island, being the Mrst person to be
locked up there.
In the amendments made to the Immi
gration brnrs last March, it is stated that
"among person", deb-irred from entering
tile country are anarchists or person? who
l-lieve in or .idvoc.ne the overthrow, by
force or violence of the Government of the
Vnited States, or of all Governments, or
Vf all forms of law. or the assassination of
voblic cUlcials."
t nlilcnllllril Mnn I'onnil Dead.
An unident lied man was found lyins
on the sidewalk in front of the Victor
IIoominK-hiiusc. 617 Walnut street., early
y-rtorday mornlnt; bv I'-itrolman Dowcll
f tlie Central Uistrict. He was taken to
the City Hospital, where it was found
that he was suffering from a fracture of
the i-LuIL He tiled shortly afterwards.
It i ihoii-lit that he I- Thnim McMahon
of Chicaa-. A card from a labor agency
at No. S7 South Canal street, Chicago,
bore that namt. The card stated that
McMahon was to en to work for W. U.
Brown at Terry. IIL When searched $3)
and a knife were found on the man.
lrcc UcleKntc to Atteatl
New Orleans. La.. Oct. It. J. N. Lucas,
chairman of the New Orleans Levee Es
tens on Comm'ttee. said to-day that the
complrt- t.cf; of the New Orleans
1-vee Convention deiiends on the actual
attendance cf dclcgatci. from the cities
north of ht-r". Ch-tirman Lucas l working
zraluusly to iiromele the succst of the
ii ivwntion and urge every delegate !
Bright's Disease and
Diabetes News.
San Francisco. Oct 19, l"rtJ.
Thi stockholders or the John J. Fulton
Co of San Francisco announce to the
world the curability cf Chronic Brlght'-i
Disease and Diabetes, based on hundreds
f cures and two jcars of demonstration,
iiEcIcsin: about ST per cent of recoveries.
In attestation of tbee momentous facts
we present the names of some of the
Hockhi-ldersi. bu--iness nnd professional
jgmen of this city, every one of whom had
have previous cpinions reversed and
be satisfied of the cenaineness of the dis
covery before Investing in this corpora
tion. v.r: Hon. Barclay Henley. Attorney
and rx-mcinlvr of Concress; Thos. Klrk
patrick. capitalist; Hon. D. M. Burns,
iyosidcnt Candelarla Mininc Co.: A. K.
Hhattucl:. President I'aeific States) Type
Foundry: Edward Mills. Fresldent Bul
lock Jones Co.; Capt. Roberts. Presi
dent Sacramento Transportation Co.: D.
n. Bender, capitalist: Wm. Sharp, cap
italist: W. B. Bradford. Alaska Packers
Assn.; C W. Cirk. cap'talljt (Sacra
mcntol; W. C Prlc. capitalist (Paa
.lna): 5. E. Bates. Attorno; E. O. Mil
ler. Attorney; Char. McLane. Agency Di
rector N. V. Life Ins. Co.: Judge Kicc
low. ex-Supreme Judge State of Nevada:
Co!. D. n. F?.Irlank Cashier Pctaluma
Savings) Bank: IE. V. Sessions. Attorney
S-i. Pac. R It Co.. and many others.
The lift of the cured runs Into hundreds
and Includes druggists and physicians.
The 15 per cent of failures was largely
among cases that wen- at death's door,
and Mian such recovered.
.The. SnocillCH that have at last con
;oiT! these dread diseases are known as
rtiw Fulton Compounds. The Renal Com
T3uniI for Brlghfn Disease Is SI: the Dta
lietcs Compound Ls J1.00. Wc hive estab
lished agencies In your city, and you will
find pamphlets and Compounds at Wolff
Wilson Drug Co.. Sixth ana Washington:
Itussell Riley. 10) Olive: Erderle Drug
Co- Sixth and Chestnut; Rnbotcau & Co
llroauwav and Lucas avc; Judge &
Dolpli, 515 Olive,
l'or.e Prokihlr Will Olij.-vi
Strongly Until Assuraiue Is
ICeieived Tliat Sch-me
Meets General Approval.
Constantinople. Oct. H. The scheme of
the Powers for amelioration of affairs In
Macedonia, as submitted to the Porte yes
terday, has for Its guiding principle con
trol of ar.d surveillance over all branches
of the administration of the disturbed
Provinces by Austria and Russia for a
period of two rears.
The proposals Include the appointment
of one Austrian pud one Ru-sUn As.-es-.nr.
to be attached ti the staff of Hilmi I'.i-li -the
Inspector Gi neral. with a corpa of a--sjstants.
secretpnes and interpr. t i
whose duties will be to cxerci mntml
overall tht acts of tbe provincial authori
ties. I
t s .... r..t t.. .. .
rfV &UIUirau uriie.ai ill (lie imni'ii -i . -
Ice Is U be aplKiintrd to command the
Cenuarmerle. and he will be assisted bv an
adequate number of Russian and Austrian
officers acquainted with the languages of
the country and. If necessary, by Austrian
and Russian noncommissioned officers.
Furtner Important proposals, which will
be bitteily opposed by the Sultan, provide '
for the establishment of communal auto - i
omv and the rectification of the present
communal boundaries with the vbw to
the better distribution of the various
communities and the creation of Bulga
rian. Albanian, and Servian spheres, that
shall lie more homogenous in nationality
and religion.
Other points of tbe scheme deal with
th relief of refugees, the rebuilding of
villages, schools and churches, the dis
lnndment of the irregular troops and the
prohibition of the tmploymi-m of Bashl
Razouks. Opposition to the whole scheme
Is expected on the part of the Porte, but
the Austrian and Russian Ambassadors
demand the adoption of the plan with the
least possible delay.
It It thought that some of the other
Powers' may object to the appointment of
exclusively Austrian tind Russian assess
ors, and demand that Hit- Commission of
Control be given a more international
Pari. Oct. :i. It is believed here that
in view, of the fact that the tetms of the
UteFt Russian-Austrian note to Turkey
provide that the proposed commission of
control, which Is to assist Turkev in car
rying out the reforms in Macedonia. Is
to be composed of Austrian and Russ an
representatives, without any representa
tives of the other Powers; that the Sul
tan may defer accepting the plan until
he has ascertained the attitude of Great
Britain. France and the other Powers
Interested in the Orient, and it Is said
that these Powers are not likely to favor
the reform plan unless they are repre
sented upon the commission
Footpad Accost Men Enteriii";
Lincoln Trust Building.
Two attempts at hisbway robbery were
made at the Sventh street entrance t
the Lincoln Trust building early jester
day morning. There were two hlghwav
men. one a white man and the other a
The first attempt was made upon Wil
liam Nlchwitz of No. 716 Lafayette ave
nue, who Is employed by a tailoring com
pany In the building. The two men de
manded his money as he was entering the
building. Nlchwitz ran through the hall
and escaped.
The second attempt was made upon A.
Schleslnger, Nlchwltz's employer. He was
accosted In the same manner. One of the
men struck at him. He ran Into the street
calling for a policeman, and the men dis
appeared. The attempt at robliery was a very bold
one. as dozens of persons were passing the
building. Nlchwitz had Just started
through the swinging doors when the men
accosted him. They demanded his money
and at the same time grabbed at him Just
as he started to run. Schleslnger went
through the same experience, except that
he ran Into the street and called for an
officer. He says the men disappeared
around the corner Into Chestnut street.
Objected to Ilis Fresence in
Home of Mrs. Stewart.
ncrrnuc special.
Blnghamton. N. Y.. Oct. 14 Tarred by
a gang of masked whltecaps. Nathan Wit
tenberg., :i blind man. of Walton. Dela
ware County. Is seriously III. Several
members of the community object to Wit
tenberg lieing at the house of Mrs. Rob
ert Stewart. The mob surrounded her
home last night and knocked for admis
siem When Mrs. Stewart opened the door
le ruslied In mid seized Wittenberg,
who. hearing the woman's screams, was
groping his toil through the hall. The
blind man. who Is strongly built, struggled
fiercely and In the light upset a kettle of
tar the visitors had brought.
The crowd finally overpowered him nnd
carried him. struggling, out of doors and
applied a coat of tar. Then the mob departed.
November t Is Date of Improve
ment Convention.
Municlpalilles and public organizations
arc Invited to send delegates to the Mis
souri River Improvement Convention, to
be held In Omaha. Neb . on November 0
The convention Is the result of the work
of Henrv T. Clarke of Omaha, who m
appointed delegate-at-large to the four
teenth annual session of the Transmlssls
si r I Congress, held at Seattle. In August
The question to be discussed pertains to
permanently protecting the cities, towns
and Hnds in the valleys of the Missouri
and Kansas rivers from floods. The dis
asters of last spring are held to be good
cause for Immediate endeavor to enlist the
aid of the Federal Government.
Continuation of Pleasant Wcatb
er Forecast.
A slight rise in temperature Is predicted
by Forecaster Bowie for to-day. Light
southerly winds will prevail and the
weather will continue as pleasant as it
has been for the last few days.
Colder weather prevails In the Ohio Val
ley, the Eastern States and the South.
Killing frost Is reported from the lake re
gion. Ohio Valley. Illinois, Missouri nnd
Western Tennessee. Light rains during
the last twenty-fcur hours have tien re
ported from tbi East.
Assumption Euchre.
The women of the Assumption Parish
will give the second of a scries of euchres
for the benefit of their church Wednes
day evening In the school hail at Ninth
and Sidney streets. Flay will begin at
Utt a'elack.
CI ER.IL fortunate purchases of U omen's. Men's and Infants
v.- ettc Ram Coats, Ilisrh-Cias Fancv Silk. Ladi' Sam Me
UN 9fit.tr I
Buifcs and Seeds.
Transplant them ! f- re the
cold weather comes.
Chinese S. red 1. It ,ach 5c
Fine Mixed Single Tulips.
lozen .. . 10c
Firs- Mixed Double Tulips.
dozen lf)c
Single Narcissus, pearl wh'tc.
each 2c
Double Narcissus ,.n tiion.
farev. each 2c
Fims! Mixed lioul-l. 11 i-
ftnths Hsorid. ach. . .7c
FIn.-t Mix-1 Slncl.- Hva-
cinths. assprtisl. each 4c
Finest Mixed Crocus. .Imz. 5c
' I 4rStl
j. atr " a P tbv m a rss1 s..
s m&& -i.ii.jsa.
r krijt.f .. .?. jj m
B 3ss,'-Sy .x-.- -V a Jl
1 B ESwc&s;SfeiM
Tlie rrcmliitn lluniu
AniK'i on our llil"!
flour nl If tv l!.r
niHCntlirrnt elf (
Hun nrr Rl.cu l
r vr lin iic C"r IttMl,
UMI. !!N .intl miirp
Eagle Trading Stamps.
Hr bic i:ti.i.i:
ii lib nil raali pur
rlmses of lr and
over. l.U for tliem.
nfs' Imported ffosierv. Men's Crazu n- fc.'fei!
!e Sf. o. liovs' Knee Suits and tviir r &xQ. 'i
detail of 7r: tift arc iz-cn in lo-'av's X-iS&te&L',
ay .o -' i ,'1' '
immense purchases ot Lad ie and Misses' latlortd Suits ( ;
Uwr-DrmiViiit ore d'rr.t'v f cm .- f r re.t it- a-; t ,rfttjaatQ
i. : ii f ' 'ir on . l . t.
--. ij. aaEfc-aair sii.isii,e4Ccrrfrr-i,jrL'r'rra.T
3S33 D
- JZS. tun
at.. , , .V ,
aT'ri ,. t ,.il.s-
n ( .j I ' . j .
!! i,; n i ... .ill- ;
m if I i - our slii
I 'nut or
eware ?Lr yes
Uv; t'io Ht.lo .iiinntv ,. sun
Swijnt -.ltii!.iii . it t;i ti ir-tia
s.tirfriiiK .ntl m.t.i-t i!th.i:-
m:. list u m: !. ii. in- 11.. i :
run. -. rniliiic ,'-i. - . r
.t i:. r fr-. it-i -r- "li, i tiriir
.r- will ( t j oil !fi If lioitKlit
'"MI iSiiM-rII.I.r:D SI'E, TAt'LKS
AVI KVKOI.XSSKS lS-Mar suar ..,:
r,u-t.v- 0)ttral sior1?' price' J3..V--l-amo'j
ri .
eiVs Ra.ia Coa.te,
Geiuiie Priestley
The 525 Kind-
MondaLy $16.50.
A small lot 2oS in all of
lliess prartical and tleriJcillv- '-tvl-ih
coals pickcii up by our New
York bujer st a price that enables
our turning them over to you at
SS.oO less thm tlicir usual cost.
Iivcrjr one of these coat is abso
lutely guaranteed waterproof made
of the finest Cravenettcl fabrici
cut 50, 62 or ot inches long l'gbt
and dark gray silk rrixturcs, solid
black, also gray, tan and brown
mixtures some with vertical pock
ets, others have straight pockets
with flaps many hare belted backs
and cuff sleeves all hare satin
yoke, shoulder and satin sleeve
lining skillfully hand-tailored
throughout and products of one of
the best American manufacturers
these identical coats are sold
the land at
f-J5 esch
Monday al
choice ct
Famous Bou-ht 900 Dozen. Men's, Women's, Misses and Infants'
v? , .! "BrtT a
amples of Imported Hosiery
r. T From J. iii. Eisenstuck. Edward Onauck nnd tieinrich Schropper three
A "" . aV3-o oJ 'he most prominent mills of Chemnitz, Germany the world's greatest
t r- i y r i '
' 1, V(-. C hosiery center. A more complete or magnificent collection
LS.jcTSsJ ol fine hosiery has rarely, if ever, been secured at the very A.
h Cmw44vs"S low figure at which thev came to us. nnd at which in turn SSflr
nwera " - -- jw
Wfcttibi C
they jo into your possession to-mirrow. Bein"; samples,
it K'Jss without raying that they rca:h ths very acme of
hosiery perfection. 'I he sale will commence promptly at
8 o'clock .Monday morning, and ir-ludes STOCKINGS
AS HIGH AS S1.00 A PAIH. The entire shipment of 900
dozen has been grouped into one massive lot for choice at
19c. You'll miss the best hosiery bargains ever offered
if you fail to secure your share of these
The Women's Stocking's
(Vlrsist of iii:iKrlctl plsiti Mack -i-tons
lllc-. cashmere. rib'.HM! iiii
tniii. lino silky Ii.-lcs :uI Inatitlftil
laci iKtitpnis la casliuivro: a cm-ph-to
n-prtcntatlon of all tin staph
and fancy colors, tost'thrr with tht
niauy new. rich ouiUInHt!on- ihat
have wcver lMea lmvii iH-furt-. There
are Iiaiid-euihriNdereil effptis, novelty
JaifltMriH very trikins vertical
stripes', as well as clrenhir striiww. all
lai-c efftvis. ihiot patterns, latv in
steps. et'.. !. Hosiery which eii-
mllv seiirj for from :s.ic
to Si.iai a liair we
offer lo-morrow at onlv
35c, 39c, 50c, 75c and
up io $1.00
Monday choice at
The Men's Half Hose
i'nnsits o plain Ilsles and cashmeres,
trlped Ilsles. fancy weaves. Jacquards.
openwork effss ts arI changcab'e effect',
al-o an endlesg varl-ly of plaids. H,i
ftgun-s ar-.d sllk-embroMereel patterns, all
the plain solid colors, as well as ura
mixtures and granite effects. Half hose
worth -nd sold over retail &(P1
counters the countrv over for I ul f3
frnm :. to T3e. we offer to- BlJ 3
morrow for onlv
The Misses' and Infants'
'onslst of fine pla.n and ribbeil cotton
ls:es cptl cash-n-Tes all regular made,
high "jillced heel and toe. strong, dura
ble yam tn..t iu cannot
buv elsewher under 3Sc
to 73c. chon
Laces aid
A large assortment of those
stylish Cluny and Tcneriffe
Laces, in all'lhe newest and
most fashionable designs, In
two strong bargain lots for
Clunv and Tcneriffe Bands 2
to 3 inches wide black and
white only, worth np
to 25c yard Monday
Special at, yard
Cluny andTenerlffeBands-also
entse Bauds and Appltqucs
actually worth up to
6oc yard Monday
Special at, yartl
IScand 20c Embroideries, 7c
35 patterns of fine Hamburg
Edgings and Insertions vin
ous widths g o o tl machine
needlework and fast edges all
perfect short lots of rcg-ft
ular 15c and -0c qualities B U
Monday choice at, yd .
A Sale of High-Grade Fancy Silks
At a. Third and Half Less than Their Regular Wholesale Cost.
This marvelous sale is the result of a decidedly advantageous silk purchase from the re
nowned wholesale house of MARSHALL FIELD & CO. OF CHICAGO, ILL. Included are the
newest effects in Louisine Checks and Stripes. White and Cream Brocades, Changeable Striped
Taffetas, Polka Dot Taffetas, Embroidered Figured Taffetas, Fancy Armures. 24-inch Satin Fou
lards, etc., etc. A truly magnificent assortment from which to choose every yard is of the
highest standard of excellence and carries our guarantee of absolute satisfaction. Silks splen
didly suitable for street or evening wear not a yard in the lot worth less than 51.00 a yard and
many SI. 25 and up to 51.50 in three great lots for Monday's rapid selling
$1.00 Silks at 59c. $1.25 Silks at 69c. $1.50 Silks at 79c.
24-Inch Colored Satins.
Also from the Marshall Field A Co.
silk purehases--an extra heavy
quality. suitable for linings,
waists, skirts, etc Zi different
shades a quality that tfqeTai
annot be matched any- nu
where under tCc ?tafC
Monday at Famous, yd. w
Now, ladies, a sale pre
senting such genuine silk
bargains isn't a common
occurrence we therefore
urge your positive attend
ance to-morrow.
19-Inch Colored Taffetas.
Also from Marshall Field & Co.
pure silk included are S dis
tinct shades a quality that sells
everywhere q
Monday at Ofi
Famous, yard aiw
LADIES' $3, $3.50 and $4 SHOES
Monday, at Famous,
To-morrow will see the last of this great shoe bargain. All that remain
of those HKEIt SHOE CO. SAMPLE SHOES, together with several
other choice lots which have been added, will be offered at one-third
nnd one-half Ics than their true worth. Included are Patent Calf. Pat
ent Colt. Patent Kid. Viel Kid. Velonr and Box
Calf Shoes hand-ttirned-Goodyeir welt McKay
sewed all the newest toe shape" close and exten
sion edges opera, military. Culwin. spike and
Louis heel not a pair in the Int worth under H
and many regularlr retail at J3 50 and Jl Monday
and remember, it's the last chince
you'll have at them at this price
choice at
Rightly named, as they embody all the "new
ideas" that have been introduced as proper
for this season's wear all styles that are
wanted are now here Famous price forany,
Unusual Purchases of
Linens and Cottons
Should be thanked for these tempting
bargains flonday. The fabrics are
staple, too the sort most wanted right
now. Here are hints of the values
awaiting you to-morrow.
9c Outing Flannel staple styles 200 C.
pieces in the lot Monday, yard Ol
6c to 9c Bleached .Muslins in both 30 and 36
inch widths 2 to 10 yard lengths ft 1 4 m
yard '. U'-s
8c Canton Flannel unbleached, 30 inches
wide, well fleeced 2 to 10 yard lengths
yard "vlt
15c White Cambrics 3G inches wide short
lengths of Berkeley and Lonsdale- fi
7c Prints standard makes mill rem. Ql
cants all kinds yard (aa-G
SI. 00 Fringed Table Cloths 10-s siQf
all white or borders each vCU
35c to 45c Table Damasks bleached Kp.
and unbleached, 60 in. wide yard . filjC
Ac Wash Rags-3-rossof then while 1
they las:, each Jw
S1.50 Napkins 20-inch mercerized QQjt
guaranteed kind dozen 33ll
Fine Damasks mercerized or all a 5
linen worth to 75c at "Sub
Fine Napkins about 30-odd dozens large
dinnersize pur; flax and all- &3 IQ
lineu worth to 84.00 dozen at. . . Ipfe, I W
Slightly Soiled
At Greatly Reduced Prices
for Monday Only.
Ladies' Dressing Sacques of
elegant quality Eiderdown
neatly bound in satin, in ptnk.
blue." gray and red regutaf"
81.25 Sacques, but tome being
slightly soiled we
will sell them Moc
dar at ....
Ladles' Dressing Sacques of
best Eiderdown and Ripple
Clot h handsomely made.
' These sacquis are worth from
31.50 to 2.50 each as thev are
slightly soiled we will j GJl Jl
sell them Monday to SyjCj'
close out, choice at . '
Ladles' Flannelette Underskirts
umbrella style deep hem
regular 49c value Jrt g A
Monday only, 3 3
Special at ""
Is not being bought right if it docs not
come from Famous.
Boys' Knee Suits at $3.50
Thejr wri manufactured to irtill
at JS acd Jfi but wta boucht
much uiid-T rpRuIar whole
nalr cost is to marrant U"
papxlntr ihm tr tou at this tat
flcurr IncIctlM rr the Ttsu1a
tlnn Uouble-brrastM null for
bono an to K earNorfo.k
Suitv mzr i to 1Z. and Sailor
Norfolk?. aRt I to t yars
matlf "f th choicest wmlns. In
i1. ratchr nfw fall rattsmp.
Tr.- talioiiiir and rnra! ron
trunlm t cerfrr-t. Th
rtruiar Ti ana s
Jj1t Monday at
r-tmous. Choice
of hundrccs.
Boys' Russian BIous: Suits
I)tcid'llr trwomlne t the
unstrsi from 3 to tears
old Vitlr of flnr purr woul
frees and norst . In th
nw 5carn had4s z
t.Fmn icarmt. htue. rel
arl tan a)rn faney mlxel
rhn: - itanojuvTiezy ap-
roin.fj ana
tirini id. Rrc
u'ar V valets.
Famous price.
If1 if)
S4.95 m.
Boys 3-Piece Vest Suits
The tyle that's mo-t wantX
by boys from J to If year
of aite Coat. Tent and kne
ranis made of strictly
h(3h-cUss hooIt?. In a
TaliMr of ciqui.-lt" Fall
patterns a well n solid
hius rrffular
JW Suits.
1 arooua price..
f?n sTC I A pair of Boys' Adjustable Stilts with all Boys'
F is ! Suits at $2.00 and over.
400 La.ce Curtaia
This quantity will be distributed among the
first callers to-morrow. They include
Noltinghams 3, 3J4 and 3li yards long,
and are worth to $2.75 pair bought as
seconds and sold to you as seconds but
it is hard to find the imperfec- ffj A
Hon in them while they last, J? Jfl H
each curtain-. WU
And Other Drapery Specials.
$2.50 Portieres full size, fringed top and
bottom all colors Special QJ QQ
Monday only, pair aliWtf
Portieres in all colors, worth
C4.50 Monday at
1 5c Sllkollne best goods 36 in
wide, at
Real Denims (no imitations) 36 in. wide,
for art and other purposes J9l-,
worth 20c Monday at, vard 8 4W - S
50-lnch Tapestries -all good
colors, worth 69c Monday..
Rope Portieres for single doors full
lengths mg Sl.Tfi values
Your Housekeeping Expense
Can be lessened very materially if your household utensils are
bought In our Economy Basement. Monday's "Specials" point to
saving opportunities conservative housewives will not pass by.
112 Piece Dinner Sets American porcelain
decoralrI In three colors -usually ?C flQ
sold fur two Monday. . . . dOiUO
100 Piece Dinner Sets I:ine English senn-por
celaln underglaied blue border decora- Q flC
lion pretty shapes worth !li-'o-Monday..OO 3 O
Austrian China Tea Sets Elegant decoration.
gfV A3J
maroon tinted, gold lraecd-r.fi pieces
SUIIU (1 JJUIJU.J. .a...
Dinner Sets Fine porcelain Wash Benches Handmade, of Galvanized Iron Wash Tubs
icet extra. -Extra heavy corrugated bot
01 OC tam-Iarge size- CC
-WlltiU -rnnt. tV.Vnniht DUE
Wash Boilers Copper bottom Curtain Stretchers Nickel
atol a.lvim Tn W atl afl .Bah
liu p pl.itcl. adjustable pins and cen-
w" tir orace size .lit will noia
handsome share, neat dark
green decoration, gold traced
will t table for six persons
worth I6.- f4 7P
Menday 5tiltJ
9 Piece Tea Sets Thin Carls
bad China full size tea pot.
sugar bowl, creamer, two small
cups and saucers CQ.
worth Jh-O-Monday DSC
Carlsbad China table Sets
Petty decoration butter dh.li.
nicar bowl, creamer and spoon
hlders worth Jl.TO- CO ft
Mcndsy . . 3Ul
French Umoges China Cups
and Saucers Assorted deco
rationworth 1 1.0) per di.zn
Monday. f QC
C nalrs for. --... .dlibJ
Carlsbad China Fruit Sets
Pretty rose decoration set of 1J
?leces-worth J3.00 ej 9C
Ionday....................vjlias w
hardwood length
and rim. Xo. K size-
worth tlS Monday.
W as h Wringer American
and Anchor brands J-year
guarantee with each wringer
lv-Inch Rolls fiis
11-Inch Rolls ?'i
lMnch Rolls -faJS
Royal Patented Solid Top Sad
Irons 1 r et of three irons,
handle and stand heavily nickel
plated -per set, nn.
Monday s30C
Bluffton Rotary Wash
flacbines With the latest
Improvement!- C ()C
worth J4.90 Monday.... Ui3 9
any -ize eurtalr Cl "7C
worth l2.S-Monday . ..OltlS
Galvanized Iron Chamber Palls
with bright striped bands size
Ift-cjuart- QC
Me'ids;... .Ovu
Double Roasters Made of
heavy sheet Iron cover has
patent ventilator 00 1
Monday C&U
The Ocnulnc-Welsbach Light
Complete with No. 2 mantle
and choice of globe QOs
worth 60c Monday.... .. 19U
Qa Heaters The "Jrie"
Iowcrful heaters re
duced from JL53 to....
Blankets and
Warm coverings are necessary these
cooler nights no need to shiver and
be uncomfortable when good, servicea
ble blankets and comforts can be owned
so reasonably as at Famous this week.
10-4 Gray or Tan Blankets CQ
heavy cloie nap worth 75c, at..US
11-4 Gray, Tan or White Blankets
heavy close nap 7(
worth 81.00, at.... a lUU
12-4 Gray, Tan or White Blankets
heavy close nap QJ SQ
worth S2.00, at $la?0
1 1-4 Gray All-Wool Filled Blankets-
big (3.60 values
at ,
11-4 Gray or White Wool Blankets-
big 88.00 values
Full Size Print- Covered Comforts-
big $1.00 values IK a
Sllkollne Comforts, 72x8-4-ln.
size best white batting, at..

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