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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, October 25, 1903, PART II, Image 18

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1 ADC VA1 iiiinr I EGRESS OF SOUTH e-dflBJ
m i-
m r
Colored Ruffled Curtains ?rFS
other effect, in various, tints to match lhoe of your ted
rcom furnishing. We've 17o pair of the dalnt curtains
that will go with a ruh to-morrow at l.Ji a pair, ant alo
1M pair of a. grade Jut a haii- (j fl "TV
Inferior that we"e decidtd to offrrVLI fill r LPOff
at the ;-till greater redaction of . pl1JU U. 10.11
Lace Curtains
pa:r. 10 create a turore nere
to-morrow we'll sell them as
long a? they last at . ..
Tapestry Curtamsi;--- f
and of excellent quality They're well north 7 . but l
bring you into cur store we'e made the prlc ST.tVa pair; or
maybe you prefer a
yjreiy ouy inese regular
JliHO one that we've cut for
Mcnday to
S. E.
New: York. Oct. :i To litile Lin-he.'ye
hae jjrotvn up m the mid-t of omopoli
tan surrounding)'.
Tlie-e sifls. upon wha.-e Tjrow rtX. the
coveted strawberry leaves of Englii-li
jiecrewes. studied and playeil. laughed and
crld just Ilkp pther little sirl?. with never
a dream of jreat dignitlej' end honors in
"tore for them when liapny childhood was
S mple In the extreme . the lirlnging
nr of on'u!o VanOerliilt. now Duchess
'' llarlborough. ami of May Ooelet. her
frierd and p'aymate. who Mill locome an
i:iC'i?li p?ires when he Is married tu
the Duke of KovLjrg. e.
fen'ro'ted with the way little sir'-" wfre
educated and rested a century, or even
half a century, aro. thee two daughter.'
of millionaire parent." hae had veritable
fair;- 1 ves; hut in thoe day money wsrs
le. plcnt'ful end the v.aiof wtrent were
accordinsriy different.
As we look back a few years, a very few
indeed, to the childhood of our S-year-old
Knpli.h Duche and th- nuclieMi elect It
int!M le .irlUe4l (haf e(.nitno;iwenji'. sim
plicity aTx moderation y .rr-d their hap
py jouth
Tt"ni n !in L nm. ih. A it.1.l ii nr.t .!ha
le, emii -..
-- . .... . i. in. ...a i.-(. .ivj. i i..i mi- llui
r this statement, and thee same familj
rrlend"! maintain that ihe tnajorit) of New
York childre i v. !i- Ixltns to wealtii) pa.
tnts hive alwav. been and are now being
ud gS. UTJil i(A i nuwi'tniM FMucyw;pxgiiwjiiwt''",,"yj CvTZ jr .
This is a exeeptloaal opportunity to obtain permanent heating appliance at a noderate cost. DeliTered
and ctrawcted in yonr fireplace ready for me, ?3 each, payable $3 per month for four months with e:s bill
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That our prices are xkvkk exorbitant? That our goods are all dependable and worthy?
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measure of satisfaction with your purchase as well:
'j iir- of lt-uel ai.l li'h
Point Curtain that ilU sell like
hoi cak" at 1C. and 17 'W tier
... .- -. ...... . -. ,T-.
$4.50 a Pair
of Tapetrv Bor-
a mot at-
little better quality. In wnph j-e ou"il
S7.50 a Pair
Davs of Consuelo Vanderbilt and Miss
Iirought up In the simplest, most whole
some and thorough manner io.ible.
Becace tlwe chlklren will some day
rak with the ncnlthicst and men orleto
cratic of many lands, they are none the
Ies. children iote.?lBK' all the Instinct.'
and cravings for chlldu-h pleasure.
Pfrhap their lives are ."omewliat more
s-tematically arratiKed and greater
thing. arc required of them, but that h
only to make them fitted to occupy the
exnltfd "latintis in which inheritance has
cat tliem.
tkavi:i.i:i i:xtensivkm.
Mr and Mi- Vanderbilt traveled e
tenslve! on their yacht, and always Mt
t'e t'onvu'to. with her joverne. was in-
I ' !u"-d .,! ." party. Sludv. Ii..we-.er.
, n)l yxy Up j
ntcrrupted b tronicjl scenes r
ihe wonderK of Kuroieaii port and ihe
little daughter was given her rtgular rou
tine of lessons and rwltaticns l.e same
J? if -he had been eneonc -d in the coz
r'j:-s-r of the Fifth aiei ue mansion
Real Arabian Curtains! sSHFsS
I ho t ravelin k man hail left nnd mMrh he thereforr rIoe,I out
to uh at inih'li le!oH what h would have oiIktwIm clurx'
us. Thyr ili b -i turtalu vain i-iTervd hi many
an. lK!ni; the n-!. -t-rmitH Arabian urfaimt f the flnpt
oaliiv ami ry n.w-t iatiwrr-. II-tvh a buying ofipor-
irniiv ou'H di wWl to m-k- ih mot f wlill- It Umi-:
Am bio it I -act ttrtaln.
nrttiall Tiorlb JiO. nl
$20 a Pair
Arabian Lace f'nrtalti. Arabian later (urlnlii.
neluall; nurtli Sr.O.UU. at iell north ?l..otl, nt
$25 a Pair
KPfl Pf C V.Vif an elegant line of the-e fine good
uku uk,kd at all pMce up tu a high a a set.
A a spe-cial buying InduccnHi't for to-morrow we're offer
ing "Ix :irf.Tent pattertiy. worm tyf r -
v-ri rnt of & Sr. at tile remaik- v fr gjjl n V r4r
al.I. Ioa t,rl . ..f UtUU CI OCl
Ill this wav Consueln ille.1
Cilii a. Italia end part of Europe, hut It
is eratlfvtaz to reennl thai ibta Iirtefet
HUIe gtrl toved home devotedly, and none
cf the three which rtc .ailed home, the
Xew Yoik hotiee. tlie N'ewpjrt one or Ml
Hour, on laing Island, nsn ho dear tn Ifr
as 'he last.
Hummer at New-part meant !e, work
atwl more play, yet it Is doubtful If thb
Uttte girl enjoyeil b r life by the sea or
In the I'li'lllng ir.etreiHill- so much as she
ild in Iter churmlng. country heme on
I-onc Island.
Ii -h dar began at an ratty hour in the
Vanderbilt houhoM.
5illce before the tlav- of th Commodore
the Yandtrbill have bell-ved In. nn'i
practiced that go-d old proverb. whW-h
mot children crw o hate for It f
iUi-rt and tt ihi- nifnds itiojiiMirtiine rep
etition nherieM- fl. want to slay up
"Just a '.rtle lopge'""
Feifn o't :. k u.ualU -. (hi l me' r
of the Vanderbilt" Loiindiii" out of her
comfortable !iil to t ill into the hands of
the mir v ho tn ! than li -1 i.i li.ur
had w- -ft. J and dres d M:s funsue o f t
the murni. s
Irahlai. la.ee Curtain,
really norlla !f:S7.r;o. Ml
$30 a Pcir
$35 a Pair
Mav Goelet.i
As a child.
! front her tiiMdiir. clamomtiK anl
hungry an all healthy children ate. the
little raaMen ate her breakfast, whteh
conrlftt-d of more iiulMiantlil vImiwI than
are now found on the table of liealtSt
Th.-re wa ti.h milk uthi rreant from
Lone 1-iiwl. hivI liiBtlno-. herrles whleh
relleeted their rteatn atwl rfnk In ft
checkx of Ibln nho'eime little Klri.
There wa- khh1 olil fJhhkMieil oatmeal,
frerti Iire.ul. be(lJe meat or ytc. It
a dainty breakfaoi an-1 jufUcient for the
appetite of a health ero In eh!W
A few minute? after the morninc meal
eane the first jtudv hoo- of the day.
whieh late until .itrtml half-nar 9.
At that time the f lmllr triglit have lw
heW a dark.' rurly lieinl lient over a hwk
and K3'Pv v poriiiK ovr a thrilllnT
Hwch In h'-torj or it'itlv reartlns
siicln up' I ascaln ihe rouj-jgation of at
irrenia"- rrewh vein.
It l aiojjine how manv "tudiex lhl
cHll iarmied.
I'll learned Frewh Irnm her eeellent
Pjtii'ap mal'. i;rtran from an educated
lleiinfrau and later took up aaI muitere
She le -.wav hi marhemtle. winliW
her trrttv hrona over I'reneh ami KnIHh
M'lo'i and earefullv K-vnetj the llte.-a-t.ire
nh'-h the f'lyn'tlon of nlucailn.
Plie never -tlTdetl -h90'. tilt reei veil
" em 're ettceathxi froei lutor ami guv
"r Vi-lerbi't belleve.1 It lireklnr no
hii.i r...' .in-K ar much a- noai,.
Ift?tc 'S. m -o from tihly to recreatloii
r-' I; k as:'i
' I! :e:i-nn the Mrt nudv oeril
.1 ' ilte e-rlv. aflr wh"eh nt the
e I ftv i " hur a"d a half or nhivlmc
r.U b 'H'vinc In the Iark n whslever
' e-ai.uii . eonWereil mitaMf fw the
nuei" h- - vry fond if all ortF of
ruttlcor exerrlte and Kindts. J?h be
r me i- einert In the jei.ldle trlIt of
r T!"ar k'll ! rooM ride a hHrle
2"nc a T-ell hr botheM.
Vr,.'!if- nuort In which ie ercelieO.
. , in point rf eomoMlme' her en-
n;. rr k ,0 tvtire lnElrloulv n fete-
".V T I- lo of p Cltl ciujll OT9t her
t.-. hi r tn a ft'iH'"- Uott ofteaer than
il i ,e to remrbee
r r -. tomiiic'" Plav (Mur. end
' 'irr 'Vinsuelo wae iln nii ot br
- .l Tti eagle anolne- ieri f ll..
i -! -.it o'eleJt aftr which tuM were
rrTiee.1 inKJI litner ir.
The '."derui'.fi were alwa"etrtrt Sjh-
br.(arlni fV-Haf It ba dirPc'lt
for, "'tie lr to .iell ler uulhfol
.ytirtt. i an fitr-bo. anl lhr-fcr no Jo
r'i b of a tri1 to be Uetileil aR Xrole
I'd fm jn ihli" ore da of tS weelt
Vik .! a H'ten. iim anJ nclale. C"on
reTo wi. put Into her bei fro'k and
i .i - - r-r lied li ?'i"'lov thool at
" Hirt'irloTew" and aflerwardnrtieiial
n the rreat fnml'i new 'n church "ind
FtrneRle.i brnvelv to keen her yleertv eye
.nn &ml her enrlv heed from iwldie).
Vol even a d-lre or rM In the pari tri
permitted on the jt'-U'ath. ?o Ihe lonp day
watt ynent In readier or l.-ilk'na. and a
he u!-.ter afterroon crew darker and
ilnrker ard co'jlrii droroed in all the
Ch Idren eat ho red alwul Ih "-UPti lc Ihe
n..rec-v anl miu: Ihe hymni they1 had
lerrt . I In iundar jvhooL
Alrro-t 'dentlcallv the -nm routine wa
'oiV (! In the education nl rearin- of
norupb a rrot Intimate friend and risy- i
T-'e JItt Ooelet. .....!
Sh. xranlett lex extenelnlr In her i
Voulh t irt Coruelo. but hetndirl.wllh I
Iter nv rnrj- had he-1 hlldhocd's le-ason
'n trw sr-t "nrrcrs In Newporl and I
V z-.'rht hne thins'- wNrh wouH help I
her to mi any exaltei station, even Inat I
cfata hcs?.
I lie Last Year. 2g rS) SE
5 iSS' "- g
Peon's of ('olloit autl. Wnnleii
.Mills. Woodworking Sliojts.
('milling FHorif ami Tilt--
Works llivi- Ali-o llwn
Xew Orleans. Oct. .-Comnvenllinc upon
the market! pranress beiaf; made In indus
trial jrrnwth a(.ig the lines of the South
ern liallvray. the I'resWent of that com
pany. Famuel Speneer. in his report re
ferred to the fact that intlimlrial il mf
and devekpcnts eont4elel and lilt in
operation numbered no lej than Mi.
KoIlowhtB thl. equally siKitlficaiu refer
ence wan made to similar ileveiopmeni 1 1
the report for th late year, Ur. S,encr
dwelling on the fact that progie- had
continued must sati.-factor and imour
aglnj:. It tnixht hae come In for stronger
Term, for it It stated that new tdanw of
various ciattfcex completetl durin? the XSvS
fiscal year were 733. and that IB more
were under construction, with 'JK In course
of oeing materially enlarged.
How far such tnarked expanskm lus
aMrd earning!" may presently be seen, al
though of course exact data on such a gen
eral head could not possibly be produced.
What Is worth noting here. howe-er. is
the further evidence that iirogretis has con
tinud forward and on remarkably sub
stantial lines, this time reference being
made to the South as a whole. whoe thir
teen Stales, according; to the Chatta
nooga Tradennan. In the thlnl quarter of
the current calendar year succeeded in
rolling up the magnificent total of 1.216
new Industrie.
As this ie brought into comparison wl'h
1 new concerns starting out in the like
quarfr of VOL Itself a record for activity,
it l obxlous that enormous strides have
laltrn place in the forwarding of South. tu
industrial enterprise, the Increase being iSl
In the number, and enough. a In ma:iv
irevious quarters, to leave a stout additicn
to iwrmanent Institutions, assuming. c is
alway the case, that many weak en:ures
are rmtarked on which are overtaken by
embarrassing condl thine. Qnally to fall out
uf the rankr.
It imtiM be Interesting to know- what
amnunt of cHilal is Interested in all the
Irdustri'K thus reported as making a be
ginning. The sum miiFt be a heavy one. If on'j
an idea be taken from the fact that for
the textile plants which were placed .P
operation or to which aiMitions were made
tn !!: along the ?9uthrn Railway the ag
gregate capital was .K.Crt. or from the
detail that twent-one new textile plants
were i.in'er construction at the rinse of
I-i representing a capital of $Siui.W.
s anvrdlrs a furthee indication, it Is
t.'-.ii that during the late year the invest
ments In lumber and other woodworking
enterpr.es completed amounted to over
Kwtv'ii. and In additions to existing plants
to -ihout csri.
According to the Tradesman's complla-tio-t
for th Septemlter quarter, there were
" man) a ninety-nine new cnmprfcs
and glne and thirty-eight new cotton and
wool, n mill launched dtrlng that period
thr MTghmit the fnut!. while other jiroml
'cri tndustrks Include S5 woodworking
pl.-.it. IS mines ami quarries, thirty-six
trick and lie wors. nineteen canning far
tor 1,. mt)-two eiettrle light and iowr
rompanles. ir.m -eight thwir and grist
nlll.-. MO natural gas and oil compaiibs.
thrt oil mills and refineries, thlrty-wven
Iron working plants and oilier large rein
ceror that are using and developing the
natnntl revoiirceH ot the South.
Turning to the record made by the
Southern Itailway. Iutvlllc ami Nash
vllle. ai'd a few other promlpeiit to ids.
whose tlgiire- hae bn published for the
late Kcal yar. it l a- to ee reflecteil
therein the Indurtnal movement which has
neen so.ng on In the :-outh. lmleed. one
'f the cuiuplcuoux features of recent
noteworthy railroad progress ha bfen
the large gatn piled up by these sytem.
(ontDatirott for which make this epIewlH
lwr. nc twi.i-
Smtneni It.llwl).! WWi K.K4.MS 4.JSVMI
laiut Xah.... .7!1ST li.l.I .TK.lJl
i-erlralof Uiu(u 7.;-.OM 7 Kl.i; l.tixm
X. 4. . I.. T.JSiis: IKT. t.CtT.ot
tlMa x- nun
XotIo:k a. Wert
ITW.i 2I.IO.CS lt(.4M
Tj !1" l.Tim tUI.JttiK !..;-
Tor nnir lndlvhlnal eempanie. it I
cn. seine havr been eeurrd to be tnci
ured only by million" of dollan-. at leat
thrte of the evet rankiiie In thl reict.
the more conrcuH for amount of
course belne leuivilh an-1 Xahvile I
the Sooth -r i luilway. but the het pro
lirthiii.tte s..;n lielcr that of the Norfolk
jihI We-tem. tiore than a per cent, the
average tor ull ehoHins 13.5 per cnt.
It iim) be known when complete Infor
mation ia obtainable throuch the uuol
channel In what way t raffle have been
heiiH!. Agriculture mav have Hone
fomethine. hut the Mellon ha loultle!
developed Its greater growth of t rattle on
otlier line?.
Thl-. In fact, may be relied noon. It ha
bad Hi. Iron and coal proiluction -ittnu-lale.1.
and ctttairly It outnut of freiaht
wen a ii -in-oe-iaer traxri toilet have ten
the effect of Industrial expansion along
seneiai .ttt r".
Taklnc the .Southern Railway'. ejtier
lence as an llluCratlon. that companjn
commodity movement In detail nhon thtit
while in-oducts ef acrleulture inrreane.1
S.C ton for 1W8. a compared with J9.
pn!uct of mine lnereaed 1.IX top
and fot.t proilutta "i9e) ton. Uuite a
lenlticaii: atel hlahlv .emouraKlnx I the
Sain of a much aa MVi ton In mi-el-hineoiM
merehandie and m.irjfi..-ti!r.-.
alUnic rxilnt to the arled etforte made tu
bulW up the InduMrie of the ect!on along
Sraeral line. It nee! ha nit v be raid,
o-rhapr. In view ef the "leadilv Increarina:
earninx- enioyed bv Fouthern" roadi" that
the rection ha made ree-el which com
pare faiorably with that of any other In
the countr)
Loiiiiicl DtM-i-iiksoii Was Hiiutcil
in Tlirt-f Slnli'S.
RKl't'Bl.lf SPKHI.
llarrlburc. Pa., rict. :i - Hunted In
three Stale. I.muel lrrrlk-ni of llar
cu Hook, a n-i. pirate, ha at lat been
landed by the !ennylvanl Kleh I)e
partment ami f.ne-l J for ratchlna; -mall
IU'en with a net. in vlol.it Ion of tko
nh law.
Ierrlck n went flehlntt up the rela
ware Klve" with a net Wet AiiKiMt. When
he saw a I'ennay vanU warden wa
watehlnK him he -went through the mo
tion of tHhilK hrslttmately I'lnatly tie
drifted over into New Jerae-. water,
whire a New jersey warden iwooixd
down upon him ami found that he had
cauffht anil had In hi boat eight email
turjtc.n In violation of the law of both
Nei- Jerary and Peiinlvanla. The war
den vromptly arrete. the man and
placed him in Ihe lockup for the night
Uerrb kn broke out lurlcir the niKht.
and. takinx hi Loat. salleil tff to Penn
sylvania, where he thought he was aafe.
The Xew Jerev warden nitlfleet the De
partment of Ftherle at Harriabunc and
Commissioner Jleehan ent Warden Shan
non down to Marcu Hook, where he
an ore out a warrant. Derrlckaon learned
of thl J and fled aero the Delaware
State line. .,.... .
In De.aware the fueltire fouml no rest,
as the warden wa preparing to so over
there with th- warrant and brlns him
hack for ;rial Flr.s'lv h- opened neco
tlatlona throurh lu IrlendM and In
formed that the only thins he could do
wm to "urreruer to a Junlce of the
Peace. He decide to surrender
OUR MOTTO: Best Goods-Lowest Prices-Never
advertise any bargains that we cannot show.
I'.. r Lee Etsion TatI
f :.-r .u . a-,-
ti jn JU(6
Or.j ip Air TIth; Il-a;
- - .n ttrr rr.jil?-
Zloar $Il22
Mw. Buck) and Su
,irltir Alr-T.Rht ilcatra
t your on terms.
goatee.! . $20.00
!! .fifinr iri) . ra
IQt-AT HALF PRICE A rood teltction of Hard-Coal Tt
II sc-Burnerj. including such staadard makes as Radiant Home
ami Buck' Prize Heaters. YOUR OWN TERMS.
BruW Cirr'M " '.we
I out a lot of "- par .ma .
I r era in cbttstt.
Ir raro
Foor itlcf
Ir iri
I per a: I
Treiiluii Juilce Declined to Sentence
Uiinkrr t'lt JIan Who lleponed
In Pnlillc PIrccs.
Trenton. Oct. ;.-The leellet Individ
ual who ever came tn Trenton from Phil
adelphia h Frank McKenny. who arrlvel
at the Clinton street railroad station and
Immediately went to i4ep.
Forced to awake by repeated blow. of
the station attache. JlcKenny walked
the length of the platform, threw himself
down ami yiekku attain to the charms of
No attempt wa made to aroui? the
sleepy man from Philadelphia until 5
o'clock In the afternoon. Then, after re
peated blows, the man. still aIeep. was
hoisted onto a truck and wheeled to the
I a I nl wao. when he wa conveyed to
the polke Mation. McK.tnys sleep wa
In nowise .llturbeil b his repeateil trans
fer. In cortt he told Judge Jnckon that
he went out with ome Phitadelphla
frleri's ami IM not know an thine mote
unlli he awoke in a cell.
The Jm'ae slid tint a nleeplnes eotihl
not t- nntrueil as a crime when com
snltteil bv a Itnladclphlan. he miKht fro
tk to the Quaker City ami finish Ma
"haV McKenny has gone backv
Hail lvt-lae l)eceiidnn(B.
lu;koa. Me tx ' Jl Iteitor Me
Couchlin diei! '.if as"l 'l He 1 sur
vived h r'.ur ' int ten twenly-."vefi
iw i t ine Kreat-ierand-qr
jt Kreat-grandchiM.
chi'dren a-
i"" "" BBiBBaaiaBBiaaiaBBBaiBaBBBBBBBBaaiaaBBBBBBBBBBBBBiBBBBBBBaaaaaaaaaaamaaaa Wtl
A Hundred Thousand CasesOculists Unableto
Cure It Dr. J. Harvey Moore, the St. Louis
Oculist, Discovers a Positive Cure.
6f SI. Lmils. was bllrd :-n ye f Sever il of the most promlrent oculists of 3t. Iuls
failed to i-ven beneili him. Dr Moore ctired his eyes and restored his sight In a,
short lime. He cured mo eyej. of I-eonanl Schoepp. a prominent raerchtint ejf Mns
coutah. IH.: Mbw Jessie Whipple. SIM pjne st . St. Louis, and Mlsa Vera Owen, -sister. '
In-law of V m Sceger of the Columbia. Drewerv. St. Louis, ard hundreds more
Ir Jloore cure weak eye cr rall'rg sight with the Now Oscillator method tvI"--out
the kni;e or chusUos. and straighten.' cross evea without pnai.
Dr Moore was appointed by two Governors of Missouri oculist In charge of ti
State Blind Asylum
Tr J Harvey Moore Eye and Ear Institute. Odd Fellows EMg , . Lou:, Sis.
..$2.18 "ff
A Hot lUrga n for Coll
Wether- geed 0' Hest
er lle cat). U Inch lire
pot ' f make
In That Time ML Hath .Alexander
.Missed Only Tito Dny Standa
nt Head of Clans.
Xew Castle. Pa.. Oct. 24. Miss Ruth
Alexander, a member of the freshman
class of the Xew Castle HIch School, has
an attendance record now extending Into
the tenth whool ear which has never
been equaled here." f
Durlnc more than nine years of school
life she has never been tardy at a single
A there are nine months to the school
terra here, she ha had 39 chance of be
inc tardy each venr. or nearly XX0 In all.
without acccptlnc any. In her achoot
career she has missed but two day; when
she was detained at home hv illness.
Jllsji Ruth stands at the head of her
class, as mlsht be eipecteU.
Will Talk on Subject of Itiolopj
and Education.
Irofesor Kdsar James Swift, recently
appolrited to the chair of psychology and
pedagogy In 'Washlnston University, will
deliver the first lecture of the year be
fore the University Association at tho
chapel, at IScaumnnt and Locust streets,
on Tuesday eveninc at S o'clock.
Professor Swift will talk on the subject
or "Biolocv and Education." This will be
the beginning of a series of lectures durlnic
the winter on literary and scientific sub
A recent Isue of the St. Louis papera
states the terrible eye disease tr.icajma.
commonly known as "granulated sore
eyes." is rasinir In Xew York City. It Is
also prevalent In the MtieWppt Valley
and the Southwest and is pronounced In
curable by the most eminent oculit of
the world. Persons afflicted wltn tM dis
ease are not allowed to enter tni cauntry.
Dr. J. Harvey Moore, the St. I.-ul o;u
l't. has dlncoered a positive cure for thl
dread malady, no difference how deperal
the case, even to the extent of blti'Jns.
Th-uands are affected with this t-mbl-'
malady ami are not awsre of It. If your
eye ar. weak. Inflamed or watery ur havo
matter In the corners In the morn'nics or
reel like they had sand In them, yatt had
b-tter call on Dr. Moore at once or writ
Mm liefore your case become serious He
will examine your eyes and Klve viu at
honest opinion absolutely KRBK Or'
Rev. F. X. Calvin. pator of the Comp
lon HelRhts Christian Church. St Louis,
wa almost blind with trachoma, or gran
itateil sore eyes, for 15 years. Several ef
th leading oculists of the United State
Pronounced hi coe Incurable. Dr. Mnoxe
cured hi eyes and restored hls risht five
rear ago.
It. . Knlgnt. ctiy saieman tor tne
'eTa.e tlnntrrrnfe and Llthosrranhln'' Ci.'
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