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Hundreds of Earnest Feminine Workers llakt Up n Fihtiu Forre
Tliat Is Now Canvassing City in the Contest for Hotter Cov-
It in.i N i' j: , . 'u.: '-ii ur It
mav hW- h- t. v nt.n cr Mntra-i-''i
In ir. .! . t l"'lnp inst-
tutfoiial 1 . '.! il. it. implication. I
st.ji it-, j: ;'- -- -raill'-Ml" evr' -s
tic f p'l"-:. " 'ii th' -t-m. ai"i this
without . - . f nerrury or rt.2h
V .'.r.-inf to cnre it:
'of : rf- ..f-r i t itaiti until riri
A nrlri--lf. Mrlctfiro. I itnnlurnl
nUrharcrti, 14im fif Mnnl licit r,
XlrnlD. I.ne Klilnr, llln.IIVr
nml PrnMntlc Trouble. Ilnptarr
nml Prltntr Dlii'flxr Cnrnl.
Hour M m o p m Fun . 9 m t : i r
- SI I.TATIiiV FltEi: -
atnot rati. 'tit.
8$-&fe?rsggre Tfeieu off tb Brain
is a wonderful
Brain and Nerve Remedy
Acts Quickly on the Entire System.
Puts New Life Into the Pale,
Careworn, Run-down.
Overworked Person Who Takes
"") rra Month's
yJIlC Treatment
SoM ttIIIi n Btinrautce to benefit 3 on
or oar rannr' refnnded.
Cnpp-A liberal trial package
1 x --- will be sent free upon
receipt of 10c to cover mailing ex
pense. Address
Ml I.I! 1IY
woi.fp-w n.sox nitic; Co..
Sixth nnd Washington Avenue.
The father of his country. George Wash
l"g.on. inMitute.1 Thanksgiving Day. and
'o make II enduring for all llmif, h
designated the turkev- an the official bird
for the occasion. With this Croat deed
he has non the hearts of a. nation, and
h name is mentioned 1V successive gen
.'ratlopR with true thanksgiving. Dr.
Itarkhart. who has given to the world his
Iirivate formula. has liestowcd In hi fa
mous Vegetable ComiKiund the greatest
hiessing upon mankind, and he has Ron
thanksgiving and sratitudp In millions of
homes where tin afflicted were cured of
Rheumatism. Kidney Trouble. Catarrh
and Itl.od Diseases. Thirty days' treat
ment 'Sic at all druggists, or six month1'
cuaranteed treatment for S1.0. You can't
afford to mtm thl importunity of b-'lng
ure.1 for such a ymall sum.
Drowned Child Was Believed to
Have Been Kidnaped.
Philadelphia. Oct. H. The body of Mary
Slelaeio. a mute. S years old. who disan
jearei fmm her home a week affo and
was llioiiKht to hae Iw-n kidnaned. was
found floatim: In the Delaware Itiver off
Wallini:tii avenue
Th.-r.- v..T. --r.il bnlif s on the f ji .
Seenl rint .-nd Kimnw worn b :h
iri wre fuutid ..ji th. Ihk!
A Few Facts
li would surprise many pcoplf o
knn how pre-alent are those timlilv
aflllctinns with which no ordmarv
melii-al man " car. succ'ssrull .leal. ,
The only hope in such a case Is In the
skill of one who ha- devoted his life to I
the study of that particular organ and
that iartlcular branch of patholocy. t
One who. leavinc other maladies and;
other parts of the body to those whose
predilections may have drawn them in
that direction. ha. as an example,
wholly confined himself to the cure of
rupture, pursuing his Investigations
with untirlnc patience and undisturbed
concentration, diligently accumulating
knowledge of his chosen raTich. nnd,
by lone years of practice, gradually ac
quiring the special skill which mubt lie
utterly out of the reach of one who
does not thus circumscribe his efTorts.
Dr. W. A. Lewin. St. Louis' rupture
specialist, has devoted almost his en
tire life to the treatment of rupture.
With his treatment he discards the old
cumbersome truss and In Its place sub
stitutes a scientific appliance whlcn
gives Immediate ease and enables the
wearer to follow his ordinary calling.
He treats rupture without the use of
- ashgettfm. j
DR. W. A. LEWIN, 604 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
i sins, suth ifv.
Wife of the fusimi candidate for Slayor or
New York.
Ri:rrraj pi-bi-iai.
New S'ork. Oi 1 Zi If the eomms mu
nlciwl camnatsn soes down in New
York's 1mlitfc.1l history as the silk-stock-'n
e.imnalsn. i will not he entirely due
-.0 the ari-lorralio and dUnffid character
..f many of the candidates.
i:en in this- realm can be felt the tn
"letce of the s,-ntlr w S- many of wliom
I .lone to the eld.- wlllrli has FURSrstO'I
tie- name for perhaiw the liveliest and
nwi pictoresqile campain New York lias
. --r knoun.
I h-re are hundreds of thee earnest
frminine trorkers swannliiB all over the
. in like the traditional tmsy Iter; but in-.-t.-ad
of eollectlns ireretimn to bo later
converted. Into honey, they are spreadlns
it broadcast with a clevcrnesB which can
not fail to secure excellent returns.
Some cf them are working for fatliers.
htitnds or brothers, many of whom will
tine their election to Uie untiring efforts
cf tile Twentieth Century political woman.
The wives of the two candidates for
XUyor. Sirs. Setu Low and Sirs. Georfio
R MfOiellan. have not the aggressive
m-thods practiced by some club women,
but they exert their influence in a sweet,
dicniried way. which lias already won
more than one vote for their respective
Many of tle workeis. however, have no
.ti to grind." but Lend all their effort-
limine, a city campaign for the sake of
improving the condition of the city moral
ly and physically, and tnaklnc it a safer
and more wholcseme home for the thou
sands of little children in whom they are
interested, for they represent the future
citizens of this erect metropolis.
"It is mainly because we work from no
personal motives." said one of the promi
nent women politicians, "that the city
officials are slail to have us aid them.
"They know that we get no direct ln
eflt for ouiwlve". awl that whatever we
done is dore for the L.tterment of the
livery woman should take an Interest
in pointer, even if il Is nR a really active
one."' was thv Matement made by Sirs.
A.isusllne J. Wllon. inldent of the Bisi
Knd W.j.n.an's Kepubltcan AsMiciatlon. "Jt
Is not necessary for her to do camivtignin;;.
but she should understaml thtiroUKhiy he
IMiiitical situation or the city and the work
of the city ofllclaK wlwt they have been
a.-ooinpllshlns ami wherein they may have
"It is deploraWe how Ignorant the over
ase woman is copcemlnc the politic) of
New York, and I am clad to see that the
schools have supplied a course of .-Ivies
which is compulsory, and which will cive
the rlsliiR Generation a thorough knowi
edce of municipal affairs. It will not 1?
necessaiy then for those women who de
sire to do active camp-ilsn work to famil
iarize thcnvelvif with the fundamental
principles of politics.
"Slv little cirl. for intunee. knows more
now about the various offices and officials
than I did at S. The stmc thine Is true
of all children who co to the public
schools, and do you realize what an ad
vance this mean." in the political influence
of women? It mean tliat we shall soon
take rank with the men when it comes
to electine candidates or defeating them,
and without suffracc we shall ! a strong
factor In every city caminlcn. '
About the only Democratic organization
composed entirely of women is the one of
which Sirs. Julius Harburcer i president,
ami since the club's inception, two years
aco. many of her aids have developed Into
good campalcn .-.cakcrs and canvassers.
"The east section of the city, where my
hu-ilwn.l Is leader." wild Sir Harburcer.
"comprises the ktrcest Hebraic an.l .,cr
mau Hem-nt in the Hnlteil States. When
we orcanized the women's club two years
aco a hoiise-to-houso canvas was ma.le
among the toilers In this district. If It.liad
not been for the hard ami stronc work we
did the ticket would have leen lieaten in
that reform year.
"How. vcr. we elected the Assi-mhlymaii
and mv son. who was ruuninc for Alder
man, bv sev.-r.il liundntl majority.
"It wa the hrt tim- in tin- hlstor- of
tb. D.mo.r.iti. parly tliat women formed
.1.-. tn;.;iitizatioi for ttie enunciation of
I', tit... r.m. .!. trines and principles.
. bail 1. i.t mi much of whut those
the umfe without tl'owing bload. with-
ro tlprr. without d.-tr-mion from
r. guar pursuits, wlihout precipitation
of 'tther more Sfiious complication
and without failure in any instan-e.
All Is accomplished within a few weeks
after the first treatment is adminis
tered, ami no one is pronounced cured
until the opening throush which the
Intestines protruded Is entirely closed
and iermanently heaKd. ThU is ac
complished by building up new tissue,
commencing at the edge of the ring,
and by applying the treatment the ring
Anally closes with new tissue, a growth
similar to that over a wound that has
healed, so that the patient Is In better
condition at the spot in the abdominal
wall where the rupture formcrlY ex
isted than he was liefore the rupture
occurred, as the new tissue is stronger
and better than the old. No fee will be
required In consultation or In giving
advice, and a reasonable price will be
charged where treatment Is adminis
tered. You need not pay one penny until
cured to your entire satisfaction. La
dies need have no hesitancy In calling,
as the doctor has a laly attendant with
him. Call on or address
A prominent member "f Women's Demo
cratic Club.
amons'tlip 'Four Hundred" wre loins
that we thought we women could Is- U-ne-Itclal
to the organization In-what Is known
us the great KbSI k!c section of our city
Ve had the largest mass rnc-tlng or
women xclusively that was ever lieM In
any vcclion of thi city. Women nml men
made uudre--. and I must say the
women ;! good, onvineing speakers
'Our ihtni I Is a ptulLirly eomoioli
tan on., ami w.- l-ave mad, ami are going
to iruik. the principal issue against the
iidtnlnlMn.iioii x-lse legislation, wlu-n-tli.
Nrer wiloi.keepers b.ivi- lw,-n raiwtl
Hi! ier cent im the exci;. tax. one-tblnl of
tliese mxi liemg respc-table innkt-epcrs.
who liave lieen uri-i mit fif Irtislncss.
"We nave a large number of delicates
sen stores ami ever o many restaunints
where people ! go to tlielr dinners on
Sunday cannot ecn get a glass of bi-r
lieeaiisi the law forbids It. In nrlghlior
ing dltrl.-ls ilH-re an- dlsrctmtaMe dives
under the nam.- of IkiI.Is. whk-h are at
lowetl to do unLiwful acts to the detri
ment of those who are peuce;ibly inclined
and who ann it open their doors on ai--cotint
of Hi- oilin-sslon and suppression
of the I'olit-i- oinmissiom r.
"However tecbniciilly titrect the Police
Commissioner ma In-.' In- doi-s that which.
In the unwrlt'en law or the land. Is tnLs
representinc that great bulk of humanity
which exist In our nctghborhool. TImvo
people are entitled to and they d.-lr- to j
enjoy the same riglits as their (uri-nts
liave eniyed on Kuroiican s.jll.
"We are tipposetl to rhe pnsent atlmin
isiration, which lias closed the loor lo
.tf school cliihlren. In this dlstn.-i fa
thers and mothers have come to ni liu
luml asking lib asvLviam-e to pro. t,t ...i-ml.-sl.Hi
fi- their i hlMren. No better .
ample or this Mate of affairs tan b.- glx.n
than of the case of my own little bo. who
fet : years old.
"Sir. Harburger used all Ms influem "o
secure his admission to the l'iimai S.-rioi
No. i ana at last iucceeilcd m grin: g
mm in one-half time only. The ehihl got-
to school from until K. and w. .-.al.l
not succeed in making a place for him for
a whole day's scIhioI work.
"The explanation given is that thf n
dlvidicg the claes so that one-half . m
gt rt of an education in the morning
ant! the other half afterward.
"Isn't that enough to Induce mothers to
nt'r the jHditlcal field ami .!o nh.ii t!:i
can for the election of men who :I1 r. it
IM-rmit such comlltlons to exist
"In making our rounds we thai is mv
daughter Hazel and myself talk to nuct
all of the people who are wage -am. r
anil w reach them by tkiliig all km-ls of
favors, ami are ready at all hours, night
i r.d day. to 1 commanded by tin m. toio
has to be conversant with Kngl sh ;.t
man ami Yiddish, which make- an impr-s-skui
tiKn them.
"We are now so thoroughly organized
that the Captains and Lieutenants in ill'
lection districts and their wi.-- wej
aire memliers of our Women's Club, are
helping to alleviate the condition of Hi- -i-who
are In need.
"Slany of us have made speet-lie. am r.g
the liest being tlioso of Slis. John K Sb -Cullough.
Sirs. RoeM-h. Sln. I'rn.-i. JIi
Ilackgiove ami others. We have v
plalntnl the comlltlons ami circumstani -.
which make us feel that under Iemo.-ra'ic
rule we are much lietler prateetetL
"Tlie geniit-man wlio is now in the
Slayor's chair is a lrn aristocnit, ami he
doesn't come st near to the hearts of the
wntnenkind In this section as woukl a man
like lleorgc R .Mf-t'l.llHn. Sir. SIcClellan
i-t a linguist ami he can speak rluenlly in
Kngllsh. German. French and the Jargon
"Ve want a man forSlayor who will re
ceive us i olil.ly when calll Uon at the
Mayor's office, ami we hadn't forgotten
when the wives of the ioltcemcn ami hre
men were rudely tllMnlsseil from the
Slayor's dlice wlien tliev calletl lo ask for
remttllal measures for their husbands. Fur-
tner than that, we cannot forget the pre-
onilerating Issue In the eastern section of
our tiiy. where the Mayor matte the Issue
for our ptople. promising liberal exclee
and Sunday laws."
"Woman stamls for the highest ideals in
th liome. In the State ami In the nation."
declared Sirs. Robert 1". Wilhelm. corres
ponding secretary of the WeK Knd Wo
men's Reiublican Association. "She is a
force for good, a force for program, a
force for civilization.
"In the evolution of the world she has
played no small par:. First, she has been
the Inspiration of all the highest. II nee t.
noblest ami truest things that man has
done. Next. iM'Ing tlie nomemaker. nat
i.arally -very'hlng that contributes to trie
weil-beli'g ot iht- htime is paramount In
lit r mind.
"Since politics to-tlay enters so !rgely
Inlo the Interests of women. In the sanita
tion ami safeguarding of the homes,
cleanliness tit the etreebt. larger ami liet
ter equlppett schools ami tne murallty
if the community, it should lie the desire
ami dutv of every wormtn to take an active
pari in pouia-ai n.e. i
"If she ht-sltale-. to Ho the work alone :
let her affiliate with some organization or I
arncst and intelligent wt-men which i
making a good light fur wise ami honesi
government An organization of that kind
tould have no higher object than to Iu
i.ite women and t-hlldren in the polities of !
the citv. the State ami the nation '
"Personally. I think that wt-men can lie
very useful In liolltlcs, but they mail use
common sense and discretion.
"In our West Knd Republkan Assocla I
lion w.- Intend to carry on a vlgorou:
campalgn fcr Sir. Iyiw. lie has given to I
the city, as Mayor, not only a splendid ad
ministrationor which ever)' citizen should ,
feel Justly proud but a strict ly nonpar- ,
tlsan one. Then. t.. the re-election of i
Sir. Low would m-an the retention of thai '
earnest, emcieni neaii or the Health De
partment, lit.ctor Lilerle.
"If every man In New York t-ould know
of the work thai has been m-compllshed
In that department alone, he woulun t
httltate one minute to cast his vote for
Sir l.ow on Novemlier 3.
"It Is bc.-ause we women tlo km w obiut
the good work tkine by these men tliat we
are entering into tlie campaign with per- i
liaiis more earnestness and spirit than has '
ever been known In a municipal elcrtioa
since our organization."
"In the heat of the campaign women
can do very little totvard swaying vctcs."
said Sirs. Cornelia Robinson, "and I base
this statement unon ten vears or netlve
experience in political work by women
"The reason that women can accomplish
so little in the way of advancing their
party's Interests is because they know al
most nothing about politics. Of course,
there are a few who can argue as learned
ly and convincingly as men. but women In
general, even some of those who do cam
paign work, are wofully Ignorant about
the groundwork and facts which help to
win votes.
"In view of this lack of knowledge It Is
a waste of time for women to enter Into
political discussions and active work Just
during campaign time. To make headway
means to keep up the campaigning all the
year round, and then women will be able
to sway the Judgment of not one or two
men, but hundreds.
"It Is true that men go to hear women
make speeches during campaigns, and they
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tor. 4. lfcCl.
Ti fbe It aar eenrn:-
ta.ta Is to c.rtirr that th K-USIS7K1SS CIST1U.IC COxTJUTT
un this tar 4c;tltcd en thousand dollars (II. COO. CO) la Cold lth
us, asd aathorlzid us to par tt to aar on i&o will proTe'that ther re
at, or itr ta drop of (htsktr taXta out or tholr Banded sareaoua.
loeattd rlcht at thatr Killed Stat. Prglstored Olstlllerr. No. S3, tth
District of Mlttourl. that la not
S'atei Cartrsatat Isfoootlta.
w. msorit tb. akf. lul t ct.n, Tr .Aar t t -t eavr t a.1 ' arc..
I T lad lb.t d aC d Ho w. U-ttllM. W. r 4SU.0OO cailsn'r. I 1- r.)
Stitr. wbih(btuap.kr.rittll TesraalMiv r tfblikrraair thrtb a. Ta aasv or haa
alMd lr nH ttr inn, bat Ik a7 I allll la Ik kaak, lr mw harlot. ba a llma.
The above firm art- acie or-rs cf IttuUt -
will nlwav-s go because It Is more or less
of a i.oveltv to them Women av hilght
and .-l.ver things and the men are inter
ested ami entertained at the time, but .is
for securing any lasting effect through
their occasional speeches, that Is Impossi
ble under existing conditions.
"What w- need is bettor and liroaiicr
education along political lines. Not only
shtiild even- woman undersraml the foun
tlatlon of politics ami her txirtv. bin she
should l-e able to talk Intelligent on the
subject ami almve all tin everything for
Improvement along educational lines.
"Itv the rroces now In use In campaign
ing the woman of the home Is appeat! to
first, ami through her we try to reach tlie
man. This is not always the better way
to get at them. The trite saying t.iat 'tlie
hand tliat rocks the cradle rules the home'
Is mil quite true. Ill polllk-al matters It
ti- tiw often the case tliat the man Is all
"What we want Is to have these women
educated so that thev are callable of hold
ing their own In political arguments. We
cannot hepe for-such results In our times,
but. as I have remarked liefore. we are
raising a splendid crop of politicians now
ami In twenty-live ve-ir there win be a
wonderful change In the educational stand
ing of womn. providing that thev enter
Into the Improvement earnestly.
"I tk not mean tenement women when
I sav this. lit women of every class.
"It I an acknowledged fact that women
in general are lacking In education, tif
course, thev are much broader ami more
Intelltctual now than ever liefore. but too
No. 11 Cedar Terrace,
Hot SrwNos, Ark., April 28, 1POT.
When I wai first named I foacd that mj atrcngth and health were cradnally diminishing. I became nervons
and irritable, and was in bed a week and sometimes ten days o eTery month, and had intense bearing' down pams.
My hntband had the best physician for me and I used hii medicine for nearly four months, bat I gradually
grew worse, had lets itrencth. and, nnaliy. I was unable to leave my bed at all.
A friend -who was rsJlinu on me brcooht me a bottle of. Wine of Cardui and was so kind in its praise that I told
her that I would taVc it to rJsasc
I was san-rited and pleased
Itfdtpr. so I kept on usincr it.
stren-jth. ad I have not bad a
Mrs. Finnsran had
spells of menstrual suffering with attendant bearing down pains she was weaker. And every Krslld.FinilQRclTL
month the pain was growing more severe.
But Mrs. Finnegan was cored by Wine of Cardui. She is now so well that there are
few women who would not be glad to have the health' she has. And any woman who has those dreaded bearing down pains
can have the same relief .
Yon can be free from menstrual irregularities if you take thi3 pure vegetable wine. Why don't you take fc when you- see
what it has done for others? Secure a bottle of Wine of Cardoi to-day. Your druggist has $1.00 bottles.
Suits at $11.50
c a. ct. cuitn
ataoluuly pure, according to Ualtca
rcd IHMlII- re X.
it th" Sixth District of Mio
manv ..f them waste their time Thev are
not tdl either, for. if vou will observe,
wometi are alwavs Ihisv about something.
It mav not amount to much, but tin y
nanace to keep themselves busy, vet
when it comes to self-Improvement they
art- lazv .
"I am speaking of women In general.
When lietler clinalKni is attained by
them this, with their Intuitive knowledge,
will make them far superior to men -unless
make turn alut.
"In th meantime we RetHiblican women
are going to establish IsMitk-al lieaibiunr
ters which will lie permanent, ami where
women will be able to tlo campaign work
all the year rounl. That Is tlie only way
to secure good results.
"One of our heaihiuarters will lie on
East Fourteenth street, regardless of Dis
trict Attor-iev Jerome's admonition that
women sitojM noi enmpaign below Four
teenth street. The other will be In the
section known as 'Hell's Kitchen. on the
extreme wet side above Twenty-eighth
street. We shall distribute literature, mike
speeches ami try to reach both the m-n
ami women. These centers will be kept
open all the year ami at the end of h
tlrst twelve months we shall see what
progress has been made.
"ne Republican Association will work
for the best candidate In this camjKiigit
ami In all others. We are parti-an and
heretofore it has lieen our print Iplc. to la
lior for the RepuMlcan ticket as a whole,
but we have sesn the advisability of
changing our tatties, and for tlie first
Can Be
please her.
pleased that before I had used the bottle I really
it. Eight bottles brought back my lost health
id a sick day in sir monthi.
that before I had used the bottle I really
sick day 1
little hope of relief because she knew
r" '' ' -' '1'- vT ! " -' t'?7 jwtlrS - ioiSi 1
KMnr' ' J " v : $. Srjtffiflin M '
FOR MEDICINE vzoiciNCisEtcauscrrsruM
L8cadnsyoor order for four fall
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try thegoods. We also haTo this same brand eight years old.
which wb will dispose of at J'-J JO per gallon. In lot"' f
ranro gallons at one shipment. We also give sample bottles, glass
and corkscrew wirh theo goods. All oar grotts are pet up In roll
quart bottles, and seat eipros prepaid. If goojs sro not satlstac-
rorr. return mem as oar
It Is almost Impossible
wwbta a .hiMuj iti
their nn-ltr and a-e
ot" tW Registered Distillery." the merit of whieh haa
gained It n nntional reputation. Is sold direct to the con
sumer. UEFKRKNCKS: Any Express Company.
NOTC-Ordt'. Irara ArIiCoto.. Cl Idab.y'it X-t X. U,i Ot
Cub. Wniu. W-o ril nut call tar tacntr .aita nrrpaid.
Capital aeOO.000. fully paid in.
l nuBavoiTaaa
Wt-n wrCtJnr flra;; rncztl n tt Lenls
' time we li-ive ndontetl the nfcin of iHv-lng
our ticsl aid to the election of candidates
whom every woman can honorably en
courage. As to the others we shall main
tain a discreet ami dignified silence.'
"Since the Health ITolertlve Associa
tion lias taken a stand for not entering
the political camMign as an association
this has always lieen its attitude -I: will
be only as individuals that ns-mliers can
work for the elect hm of their ch.eten can
dhlates." replied Sirs. Ralph Trautmanii.
presitlent of this organization.
"The Health Prot-ctive Asso-iatbm hi
nonpartisan, but It knows thoroughly the
work done by the Health ami Street Clean
ing Ieiarlments. ami Individual members
are encouraged to do all In their power
to secure the retention of Doctor Leder!
ami the re-election of Slayor l.nw. who
have done good work, ami ro elect thoe
whom 1 hey feel sure will maintain the
same high standards."
Another Ontlircnk in Labor War
at Minotola.
RErt'I'.Lll- SPKflAU
VIneland. N. J.. Oct. "il. Shotguns ami
anonymous letters have caused another
outbreak at Minotola. a town near here,
where a striko against the George Jonas
felt CTt . . 37WJ2?
and C-sV Sr Jl
. ,Jt
felt C hTZ, . . "Jvw-j2 !-
TxKisckava, St Artpamr's Socrrrr.
that every time she had those
E. Corner Seventh
and Washington.
onirts of ten-year-old Eye j2J.Sd.fi
expense aau -we w-.u iriunuiuw ....mw
to get pcre whiskey from dealers. These
nnn im Til.tillln rn.. hieh eiiarantees
mMtllrmaas Drollt. The entire product.
Glass Work.-! has been 111 progress nearly
two years
The trouble la in the union camp. A lo
cal SlaHu. it Is alleged, has bc.-n formed to
either kill or drive Alfred De Slaio, the
official lnl.rpreti-i-. out of town. lie Slaio
says he recommended that the striking
Italian glassNowers wh- have lieen paid
wages by the union all summer and were
allowed to work on their farms, go oil
guard tluty .luring the whiter.
Dts-wtisfacticti was expressed an. I the
next night a fusillade of shots w.is tired
into the roof of the camp huildliig.Thcre
was great excitement ami a hunt was in
stituted for the supposed secret enemies.
De Slaio charges that the guards it Id the
shooting for the purpose of making the
union manager believe their lives were in
danger, ami thus get relieved from duty.
De Slaio received a letter which reads as
Yj are a marked man and liable tr f.rl the
knife. Vmi jnit st. . 1 our wurtt an.1 U-avr tho
etiunlrr er w- will kill you. HV ur- tianileil
t"Ktlher unit villi nei.-r let up until vtiu It-uve
or gu antler thi .-t
Ietectlvs fouml. D. Slaio saj. that
several ir"n mt 111 the vvootts an.! after
binding thtm. ives- with an -wth proceeil
ed to lay plans t. take his life Y .rrants
were Issued yesterday for John 'niiten
tlo. il.iti.ni'i Ci.-nrlione. Mnnii-leto Mazzo
ni. Lug! Mazzonl. John lEatrignar.t nnd
John Pranxinl. i-harging them with doing
tht shooting antl instigating the tlir-atctt.
Ing tt-tttr

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