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Horse Show Millinery.
Special Display of One Hundred Pattern
Hats, Paris and New York Models.
We've put forth our beat efforts to make this dis
play the milliner)' event of the season and to excel all
previous efforts.
Monday morning we open otic hundred new Model
Hats, the very cream of excellence.
Particular attention is called to the latest fad. '" The Baby
f fat" (as shown in illustration
to the left), also the new
Rolled - Brim Sailor, very,
very popular in New York
and Paris, and from our own
workrooms you'll find a mag
nificent collection of both
evening and street hats. We
would mention the uewFlow
er Hats, in all colors.
At $0.05. $12.50 and S15.00 ran'.
Gloves for the Horse Show
For thi.- popular event we've had Mesrs. Trefousse
ct Cie of Paris, France, design a glove that's out of the
ordinary a glove that has a modish appearance that will
be appreciated by all lovers of handsome gloves.
Tln-y an niadf of osiru -vIwIhih- "f kM. InpiK-d swims .iihI Jnn: pear!
Ih :iIih-v ih -izr f a Mirer uiiartiT. and cstra heavy stitcliiitc mi
Ih- lwrk- oii.--li:iir inch iu width: -il.tfs blink, with white t!ichlus.
whiti with M-If or l!ai'k iki-iW. iiii!r. Tn-iK-li stay, royal, tmvy. mx-1hm1
and 1 4imtr, swlf, Mark or whlti"
"'"ins .- te.oO a Pair
r' other -tyb" in i.'lscc or Siml"'
ruiMi . .SV..7.-7 to $2.00 a Pair
ittVti- th "ik-w" blues and fjrerit-.t
SlMtlal ..i of "cllww U'Hgth" Whin
SihnI.. :!ov.'S 12 and It; iHitton
u-tisth- jt .. ir, a Pair
Ju-t to it jou aiiitiaititi'd with our
Mon'- filove IH'imrtinviit we will
-I'll any of the $l-"i hniitd-. and tit
On Monday at $1.15 a Pair
Silk Skirts for
the Horse Show
Magnificent line of Women's Silk Skins
In all tli1 'iciiiug and street shade,
made f the very linet and let taf
fetas manufactured. We 1t
also ha v a splendid J
bargain, picked up very V C(fl Qn
cheap. Here It ! Fine ( OIU.7U
Taffeta Skirts, evening r h
and street shades ' '
ll'oitk every cent of $15.00 each
In resular Ftnek are Silk Skirts at our
usual low cash prices. Silk Skirts at
-fc S$3.95. $5.00. SS.S0. 56.95. $7.75,
$8. 95 and up to $20. 00 each.
House Need a
Little Fixing Up
Viit our I'phol&tery Department
and lut us figure with you.
riain Art nenims, best extra heavy
quality hip assortment: of colors,
Itufflcd ltnbhiuct Sash Lace, trimmed
with lai-e and Insertion. ..At COc yard
Mercer..cil Kep, embossed, self-color
design. io inches wide $1.00 yard
Hope l'ortieres and Valances for doors
or w indows fl.CO each
Rrjttnboo l'ortieres, full size. .31.00 eaek
Kuftlcd Itobbini't Iace Curtains, trim
med with lace and Insertion .$1.25 fair
Savoy Lace Curtains, mounted on cahle
net and trimmed with heavy corded
la In Arabian and Itenai-suuoe ef
fect $2.75 fair
ltep Portieres, with handsome plush
border down front edjres and bottom,
$5.00 fair
l"ur llinr. e.ttttr select quality. In white
or praj. -izp 30xG4 inches. . .At $2.10
elver Miss in Oriental designs, size
1 1 At $17.75
lusraiii Itups, lst quality all-wool ex
tra -uikt, size Ox'J feet... JG.S5 each
Colored Dress
$"" l - aii-wom eiieiuiis. si-oi
ei'i. linn Until, plain aud mixed
i il'i: ii of bronn-, tans, castors,
i.n;. - rny.il. pniys. oxfords, greens
ivil niK or 50c yard
." ik ctv of ."iu-lnch UroadclotliN and
Shii!smI flu-riots: choice colorinss.
For 75c yard
ri p.eiev of rS-incli Scotch Tweed-.
i:i:mni-li eftecls, in li;ht and dark
iliirins ror 00c yard
1ki piif of Tit) Inch imported Broad-
-l"th. Ilet:ans, Zibelinc and
Sft-h Tweed'.. In nub yarn pffwts
ihnlte -olorius For S1.S5 yard
-, ipj&M'l ,'iv rii5iv t?
9 iwPk,
Jr4 EV. IRv A I lil I v. wr.
if -S J? JZli
vevxl'sSevi Se gr-r- to. JA5ASjirj;:8j.ii :;.r,. ,gay,?:s
ttititi rt i i ( fMYTy m.ni.i.t-'ji-Kti(.(.mti.cn.ni-tmaFanii-TTi - , ,- idm Sill
II - I 4 Iinj li I. I I E3cr I" t ..r.l . Cftr-i-H
M IHntM'H' ,. v?S3Q i'-K
m uuivm 'I "P -h '
mwm . x . .'-.
.i Kjcrflsauoi
vt(! wnnfrrrnrrrFi iyL-Aii
ilf v " ' '" V'V 53ftf U
, W iy . . PATH -V
llJn ' TiTfllH i
i .. r r m i s 7t i riiiv wna
. y' fet Wx-er-a efi 'Xxf
K i JfcL'i-v'"WM
' -Xvtai
m &
--i w nts i t m Mil v
? ' jw m
1 "J. VV.v
if tr
ii j 1 1 i u" if n;;f g? ? y ;" ' i :; jr.J, ' ,n7??7;1
' I 1 iO
i' ., (j-r A-wrii..r v
.. - 'iiW5iP-'
Rich, magnificent and beautiful costumes and dresses to be worn at the fashion event of the
year the St. Louis Horse Show. We've made most extraordinary preparations and show the
largest assortment, the most stylish and best stock of Rich Costumes. Handsome Gowns and
Beautiful Wraps ever brought to St. Louis.
A Whole Block of Fashion's Latest Models
That all may see the grand creations of the foremost modistes of the world, we will display
in all our show windows on Broadway from Washington avenue to St. Charles street (two of
which are showrn in the above illustration) v
All the Correct Styles for the Coming Season
To attempt a detailed description is useless, as wrords could not convey more than a faint idea
. and would not do justice. So come and see the goods.
We' Shall Show
Beautiful Evening Wraps, our own direct importations,
From $35.00 to $500.00 apiece
We Shall Show
Superb Evening Waists, all lace, all chiffon, rich satin
liberty, with handsome embroideries, fringes, etc., all
our own direct importations,
From $20.00 to $75.00 apiece
We Shall Show
Handsome Gowns and Costumes, our own direct importation,
From $55.00 to $250.00 apiece
We Shall Show
Rich Lace, Chiffon and Mousseline Scarfs, Shoulder Capes
and Pelerines with long ends to the bottom of the dress to
wear over low-neck dresses all our own importation,
From $25.00 to $85.00 apiece
A -rrjij- (niv f nct'lTll P 7P )l111 'e Na"c 'e tarcst room, all mirrored and brilliantly lighted zvith electric lights, for the
xLUU LVL J tvl UolLlllLU 1UU 1 1 1 showing and trying on of Evening Dresses and Costumes in the country where you can see
to perfect advantage just how the things will look on von the fit whether they arc becoming or not, etc. before you make your selection. Come to-mor
row if you can, but if you can't then, come Tuesday or U ednesday but don't fail to come; be sure to see lite show windoxc before you go uf to the department.
Horse Show
Superb collection of the
most beautiful fixings to be
worn on the necks of lovely
Fancy nsck pieces, elaborately
trimmed in white and all col
ors oOc to S-J.OO each.
Vcnisc Stock Collars in white
and cream 25c to SI. 50 each
Vcnisc Stole Cape Collars, cream
and Arab shades
$2.25 to $12.00 emit.
Black Chiffon Cape with stole
ends $.',.50 to $12.00 each.
Large Cape Collars in Venise
silk and wood fiber, in cream,
white and black
S3.00 to $25.00 each.
Ostrich Boas for
the Horse Show
Kir. Lustrous Itlack. I'ptiutifnl
IVarl AVhiti and Quiet Quaker
Grays and Browns, and tin new
shaded colors.
Itlack. white, pray and brown.--, in scr
iral Irngllw. at $6.95. $8.50. $10.00.
$13.50. $16.95, $19.50, $25.00 and
$35.00 each.
Shaded Effects lisht blue to whlti'.
'hanipnjme to C7JI flfl
white jLd.VV
New Stole Effects Mack Q7Z fC
or white it).UU
tDrcss Trimming Dpt . Main ll'ior )
HighClass Hosiery
i - T IViiitrih; Taffeta. furIiirt-
w:i!t uii: liniwns srifii, blues ami
M.i' I: flint with -m.ilI lleck of white.
For S5c a yard
. ik . of ;ii'w enVols ami deMsn
in i'all. neat patterns, especially
w tor fhirr-wnlst suit; Loui-Ino.
Tan"tii ami 1'eaii le Cytaie. in late-a
! iu - atul choicest colorings.
lor Sl.OiJ it yui d
It pi.- - of -1 Inch flue sheer all-llk
fiepe le Chine, In plain anil ioint
elle, weave, in white. Ivory, cream,
tana, i i'-ls. turquoise, maize, hello,
eluiiiijusnt'. sray. navy, hrowns
elr For $1.00 a yard
Lot Women's pure
thread Silk Hose, in
black only. Sold reg
ularly a S1.75.
. Sc fer f air
Lot Women's Past
Black Ingrain Lisle
Hose, white tipped
heels and toes. Sold
in a repolar way at
45c. . lt -25c per'pair
Lot Fast B3ackFleece
Lined Hose. Fash
ioned goods. Regu
lar price 25c.
At 17c per f air
At Special Prices
Lot Boys' Fast Black
School Hose, heavy
ribbed goods, worth
25c. At 15c per pair
Lt-Children's Fast
Black Ribbed Hose,
fine ribbed Maco
goods. Regular price
25c At lie per fair
LotMen's Fancy Socks.
Fine imported goods.
Regular price 50c and
75c. At 25c per pair
Lot Men's Fast Black
Cotton Hose. Double
soles. 25c goods.
. 15c per fair
f?Vv "
You Are Looking
For Corsets that fit
and 'which embody
Style. Dash, Fit, Ftr.tOt. Workman-
"it p. Met Una I, Durability. F.conomy.
I he kind you are looking for is here.
Bon-Ton Corsets in fancy
silk brocade, girdle top with
Princess hip and hose sup
porters, also in high bust and
dip-hip with supporters, at
$.',.00 and $0.00
Alexandra Corsets in fancy
silk, mediuun high bust and
iong on the hip with front
and side supporters
$6.00 and $7.00
Aiso Silk Girdles in Black
$2.50 and $5.00
Fine Knit Underwear
They don't make it
seldom sold at less than
will offer on Monday.
Lot Women's low-neck
Silk Vests in crcam-ptnk
and sky, with hand
crochet neck. Imported
;;oods that sold at ?3.0fl
and $3.50
S2.00 fer garment
Small lot Women's hijjh
ncck pure Silk Vests
tichts to match. Regu
lar price $5.00
$2.50 fer garment
Women's pure Silk and
Wool Combination Suits
in white and colors
$S.00 fer garment
anv better and it's
prices. We
Women's pure Silk and
Wool Vests, in white,
pink and sky. Tights
to match
SI. 50 fer garment
W o m c n ' s Mercerized
Vests and Tijrhts, in
white and colors, win
ter weights
Vests il.00; itehts tl.25
Women's medium and
winter weight ribbed
Vests and Pants. All
shapes; hand-finished
50c fer garment
Bead Chains
and Layaliers
For the Horse Shozv.
Klrli opalecent Chain anil I-avalier",
from Vienna, personally selected by
our buyer atul -tripped direct to us
through our Paris ottiee. These
elialu are 7." Inche Ions. tmlded
with Iarse Illuminated bead, two
lsnre tn;cl 0 inche Ions: worth
ST, tX This -.Leek $2J35
Xew Coin Jewelrv. made of genuine
t'nited State sliver coin?, t'onie and
T' Coin I fat Yc.
Coin Brooches.
Coin Cuff Button
and Coin Fobs.
Dress Goods
r piece- of nS-Ineli all-wool Venetian
and Zilielinc: two very popuLir suit
inc For .;' yard
CO pieces WMuch ISriiadclnth. Spotted
Cheviot and Canvas Cloth; lc-t of
black and very desirable veuve,
For 7J yard
20 pieces of -tC-inch Mohair Yarn 5Iel-
ro-e Cloth: a sooii. crip touch, hlgh-
Inter cloth. In eleyant black- and
155 pieces of imported Venetian Clotb,
For $t.mt yard
W piece of 515-Inch Patuma Cloth; a
rich, seedlike ueave. and 50 nlc-cs of
imported Itroadcloth and Venetian,
For $ltu yard
Clothing Dept. Specials
Oiia hundred thousand dollar stock of fall and winter cloth
ing to select from, every garment made as it sthould be and of
the right kind of stuff. On Monday we offer the following spe-
-A'cial values; besides, to every boy buying a suit or overcoat cost
ing S5.00 or more we will give, absolutely free, a genuine pig
skin Rugby football.
Boys' Knee Pants Suits All-wool,
nobby two-pitce suits ia the
plaiti. double-breasted and Nor
folk styles, worth 52.50 a suit
Monday, sfecial. $1.5
Boys' Overcoats All-wool Oxford
j-av-. frieze, in the popular
lengths, intde with full backs,
or:h 86.00. and good value at
t'.i -t price (all sizes to 16 years)
Monday, sfecial, $S33
Boys' Lohr Pants Suits In plain
bu and fancy mixtures, all-irool
ehtviots. well made and trimmed;
thereat value of this suit7.IK)
Monday, sfecia!, $5.00
Youths' Overceats f Ages II to 20
years or 23 to 36 chest measure),
strictly all-wool Irish frieze, coit
cut extra lenjjth, with good quil
ityjining, silt velvet collar and
well tailored throughout a $10.00
overcoat.... Vonday, .-feciat, $GJ)5
Men's Suits All - wool Scotch
mixed cheviots and tweeds, in
fancy mixtures, made in first-class
manner and laaed with the best of
double warp Italian, up to date in
style and every garment perfect
fitting 513 95-and S15.0M values
Monday, s fecial, $0.75
M-n's Overcoats Of strictlv cure all-wool Irish frieje. in d.irL- nifnr.1
---s grays, tailor made, hand-padded collar and shoulders; lined wiih fancv
wool serge aud satin yoke or in the plain triple warp Italian serges (sizes
34 10 li, , regular 515.00 overcoat, Monday, sfecial, f 10.00
Horse Blankets and Lap Robes.
These Arc B lite-Ribbon Getters, Both in
Appearance and Price.
Itiirhiji Slnlilf tktukit, wool lined a perfect
xhapt' for stable use. jt $1.00 each
l'.iown Duck Stable P!ankol wool lined and
stitched very strong. At $1.S5 each
." A Xotaire Stable ISlankets. This blanket is
wore double and extra strong with bias girths.
At $1.00 each
."A IrotiMtle Stable Blanker, made .vaine as Ba
ker blankets and comes in .inall fawn cheeks.
At $2. 75 each
Wool Square Horse Blankets, for street use aud
full S(JxS4 inches. . $s.00 each
Wool Plaid Horse Blankets, s-ijuare, for outsidex
use, in dark colors and good quality, size S0xS4.
At $2.50 each
,"i A Wool Plaid Horse Blankets, double weave
and very heavy, these come in a variety of col
ors, size SOxSI. At $3.65 each
"i-A Square Wool Blankets for outside use. these
come in fawn with striped borders, very heay
and warm, size "ixilO incite:!. At $4.50 each
Whqtcnrd Lap Kobe, with wove plaid back and
four rows of bitching ott edges. At $2.75 each
Double Plush Lap Kobe, fancy colors, with black
back, good quality and heavy. At $3.55 each
English Beaver Lap IJobe solid green with brown
trimmings; this is , beautiful lap tobe.
At $5.50 each
Extra Large Double Plush Lap Unites, one side
fancy and other side black; this is a very hand
some, warm lap rohe. At $7.25 each
It's Bedtime
That is, it's time to get your winter
bedding especially blankets good,
warm ones. To neglect doing so may
mean an all-winter cold and maybe a
doctors bill.
White Wool Blankets,
good quality and finish,
At Si. S5 pair
11-4 Natural Silver Gray
Blankets, and strictly
all, wool and fine quality,
At $.1.75 pair
11-4 Black and Red Plaid
Blankets, strictly pure
wool and heavj-,
At $.',.00 pair
11-4 White. Natural Gray and
Medicated Bed .Blankets
these blankets arc made
from a superfine Ohio llecce
and steam shrunk.
At S5.50 fair
1 1-4 White Lambs' Wool Blan
kets, made Irom finest grade
of wool no mixture what
ever It $ 7.77 fair
12-4 Superfine California
Lambs' Wool and steam
shrunk each blanket sep
arated, with beautiful finish
and choice borders.
At $11.75 fair J
B. NUGENT & BRO. DRY GOODS CO., Broadway, Washington Avenue and St. Charles Street,

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