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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, October 25, 1903, PART I, Image 5

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I. .11111 1 Ull iWTWtMKtlWAiH';-';w..iffray.-y-lifl.y i5ci
tJi ill ii Cpfi i Is JlSvl
-lUN,.. .,!,
"T frequently happens through intense competition and varying business conditions that manufacturers find themselves overstocked. Our buyers, alwayj
on the alert, readily take advantage of the opportunities such cases present, which results in our being in a position to offer you unusual values.
Monday's sales arc a culmination of several very successful deals, and thev offer saving chances extremely rare so early in the season.
V?i-",Zlc ! v i ijj'Vjjt'."" " .i.. ' 1 1 1 1 1 i . i 1 1 1 jm4 i iiii ihuiih mil umii ii.i UMaJt '" "nt.-ii'l -in y"""" l'.Jl..di;i.'l' ' ftl .' '"ki1 1 ' i. until nuMiU'U1 lrff''s'..'il'BP"T',.'--y.'wjl.mMivfff
btiM x. aaj" jvZJ t?KH tsst-ri as K3H c ,a mb ea fsj p KhfYi xsria. a r uv. ta Koawv f-a & 'sub ra f4 km e r ca Brr
-$ " jsi ti raps s irv p is H R & kw r3 g &3& $i n r.w
YV 2Jr S IsrfJ 1MlX ... - ., T,-jfc. ,...,...., . . . . . ,. , im i.i miit i; " ii i ti Ain -
V"K gTr L"jj"M W !! W ! Wtmi wniW iMiiWWWMliB-PBlllWTWlliMMWriWTTWrWriilMrr-r-T 111 I -"- ,Jfc,. i, Till rTn-Mrgri.I.M.MWrnMT.MrTnal
fesa; i
Specials from 8 to 10.
Preach Flannelettes 36 inch
fam rtl:.tcd Twliled FrTi i
lentil I'li-upy Ir blsilc and white
otripce. euliiMe for n'.Kht sown-.,
worth l'-' ii -iru rrorn to
10 In l.isi-mrut. ir yard. .
Percales 35-inch full standard
famy irlnt-l Percale, llcht anl
mnllum color. In strlp1 nil fie
urrt, 10c quality from S to CV.
10 In bBHement. per yard -"
White Muslin 36-inch tvbitc
Cambric Martin, mad" lv W.ini
sutta Mills. lc quality from kio
10 in basement. Jr
per yard au
Blankets 12ff pair? of fin? nrv
or tan all-xvool Itlankt-ts. 1" I -iz--worth
U a pair frt.m S t I-in
basemeut, $2.00
per pair
Table Cloths Plain white or col
ored lxirder frii'K--i Pamask Ta
ble Cloth-. I'M -i-. Jl valuej.
from s :j lO-in 1mc- 50C
ment. at
French Flannels Fiac all-wool
Imported French ITannels. a full
li-. of i-olll colors. 60c qualit
fnirn S to 1 ?t"T
in baM-ntrnl. per yard """
Cotton Diaper Best quality
t hite fletK-t'-llretl Cotton 1 n ip- r.
orth zyc ard from S jl" f
to 10 in basement, at " '- "
Hack Towels Heavy re! bor
dered b''in hel bemmetl Hi., k
Towels, --lie l''X north I-"
earn rmm s ! i -jr
in ha..ement. at
Men's Underwear.
Men's Camel's Hair and Natural Color 1'leece-
:ine.i Shin- i- I I'rau.-r'" -.nra twin
n--dl" tliu-l .1' iZ -. Kjun lal
.n r a irnu in
.Men's Ilxtra Fine Camel s Hair and Natural
' ' 50c
nd Natural
.. Slur'- .I'd I'limiJ-. llso III tan "f
jf.l IU.ni i.lu. . Karm.i.t-that wll n-Bu- fmC
lirlx ai 1 an.! fir.. ..: "ale Al.mda) at " " w
Fastcst'Growinz Store In America.
Boys' Clothing.
Boys Norfolk 5uit3, niailr of mixed cheviot'.
.ir-l - tt - ..! cv i 'I :i t! I
r!fTv vit!l t tilortil .nl ti- i t-
lir:r" u irm- t. -.2
waT J it sp-i 'al
Boys Vest Suits, of n.iv? hie anI brown
mix iim'" fx.f i'.-t.t . it
uml brown
Coats and Suits.
T T rh had Ihr Ihtrfr hoiv in mi Hit
'' '' .ulirn ztv furchastd thrf
brtmtifHl gozrn fonts tint! sutts
The iiytrs rrfrrsrnt the tlcffrrst
idras introtlm nl this season. Pel
of res of fashion :iho hair in
spected thetr ha:-e been generous in
their f raise and fronoHnceil thin
to be the most eharming creations
on exhibit in .St. Louis. Still the
rices are no' prohibitive. In fact
they art decidetlly moderate.
f-.-.-ening aid Xecefiion Gozvns at
SST-.'-O to S-&S.
II hite Coats at S.5 to Slff':
Carriage ll'ras SJ9.7J to fl'tO.
ovelty Tailoted Suits &7.50 to $75.
Exclusive slvies in Crepe de Chine
Skirls ftn.To to SSS.
Imported Evening Waists $10 to $75.
A Stirring Sale of Silks.
Ot can judge for yourself the desirability of thee Silks. Kverr silk
I want we believe can be supplied from the special lot we will place on
sale to-morrow. Each lot was bought under unusual conditions, enabling
us to quote unusual prices.
Black Silks.
R!rfc nil-silk Taffeta, standard
."i0c quality, per yard
BU k Brocaded and Black Polka Dot
Satin, nl! siiK. Tic quality. ?9c
per yard cw
Bl.-ck heavy corded Ottoman, for AQr
c-ats. etc.. II quality, per yard. . y-'
Blak all pure silk Peau de Sole. 19
nchros wklc. 75r quality. 5Qc
k.t yard ivi
Rack heavy rustlim; Taffeta. IT inches
wide, worth tl a yard. 69c
Itlack Peau de CyRne. very soft and
luiioiif. SI quality. TC
IK-r -ard iji
Black Crepe de Chine, dull finish, henvy
grade. U.IS quallt. ?n
per yard OJL'
DlacK Satin Luchise. rich dull QRr
nniMi. i quality, per yard ui
Black Taffeta, heavy rustllnc kind. 42
inches wide. Jl-.j srade: C 9
per j-anl """
nlack Crepe dc Chine, double wlrttn
ineliesi. Ji jirade Cf fLZ
per aril Ol.UO
Colored Silks.
White Taffeta for drop skirts ?r
or Ilnlntrs. 38c quality, per yard ,tJ,
Foulard Silks, a small quantity. ?0
jc crade. per yanl ts
Plain solid colored wah Taf- 'AQr
tela, Ve quality, per yard... rt
White Taffeta, soft Swls tinlsh. the
kind tliat wear. wih-Hi TV lir
:i yard, nt tfc-
-l-lncli colortd Crep lie Chine. al.
white anil cream. SSc quallt . fQr
per yard ""'
White leau de Cycne. Mift. rich 7r
luster, ti quality, tier yanl ""'
New Sllk for -hlri-walst ults. Ci
pieces iHiucht from an overstockeil
manufacturer, new two-tone effei t.
small cheek with embroidery dots. 51-
quality: Monday at. 7r
ir yard c"'
Satin-finUli Crtpe de Chine, all shade
Including champagne and lavender,
alo cream, white and black. ; inches
wide. J1.S Brade. QRr
Ier yard ju
N w I'ompadour Silks, llctit crounds
with rtnall roeliud. fur evening
waists and dinner gowns. C ll
JLS quality, per vard . . .""'
yjay iij.j'iiv xO".
Oi,-Jt -71 tf. tv A !?v
Beautiful Imported Robes.
AE are selling a great number of Pans Robes to
women who have the Horse Show in mind, for
the gowns, you know, come under as much observation
as the h crses and turnouts on exhibit. Our variety of
Paris Robes is by far the most comprehensive in the
city and includes more than a hundred exclusive
designs, creations ol rare splendor, made of the
most beautiful materials: the price-range, too, is
wide, from $10.00 to J20O.OO.
Lace Collars in the new pelerine and stole effects,
in black, white and ecru, worth up (f J f0
to 810; Monday at pT.)?0
Rails and Capes in black, white, and black and
white, 55.00 values; f QH
Monday P.S?0
Lace Specials. In Basement.
Allover Laces for waists in while, cream
and Arabian, 27 inches wide, O SrX'
50c grade, per yard jZiJls
R-id.-made Chiffon Drape Veils. I1-
yard long, in all colors, O CV
50c values, at jZtJL
I'aacy Ties, Stock Collars and
Turnovers, in a great van
rty. 2oe 1 Q
values, at - lJ'
Mot Water Bottles and Syringes.
XK bought al! the Seconds" a larc manufacturer of rubber goods had
V on hand at about thirty c-nts on the dollar. The defects are very
slight, the breaks :n the rubber being verv carefully cemented so that you will
not be able to detect that there ever had been a break. The lot consists of
2. 3 and 4 quart pure rubber Fountain Svringes with the best quality full size
rubber tubing and tnree hard rubber attachments; alio, 2.3 and 4 f
quart pure rubber Hot Water Bottles; in a regular way they sell -w i
for 4!)o and up to $1.25; the entire lot on sale at one price, choice
Women's Sample Shoes.
Values from S3toS4. Choice S1.98
T II ERF. remain about 700 pairs of those elegant
Sample Shoes which proved such a great at
traction during the past week. In reviewing
our past experiences with sample lines of Shoes
we can say that we ntvrr had more stylish nor
more desirable sample footwear in any special
purchase. The material from which these Shoes
are made is the very best, the workmanship first
class, and they look their value. In sizes '2hs to
ii. you will find every style of Shoe
shown; iu the lamer sizes the assort
ments arc not so good; there are Vici
Kid Shoes, Patent Kid Shoes. Patent
Leather Shoes. French Kid Shoes,
ranging in value from r. - -
S3 to 54 a pair. L 1 UK
Caoice of the lot. PAfKJ
The Corinnc Shoe for W- men at SZ98 a PWr-Evcrg pair tco-
KSMeK,re eSceJaf.0,nOs.rkArthehlS,,1nK Jfeff'S ,
for them the dlInction of beinir the best Shoe values on the market to-day.
Weta cSmi to Ithe decision Hrter carefully Inspecting the various sam
ple lines for which makers claim so much. ....... , .
The Corinne Patent Colt Shoe, welted The Corinne Patent Kid HandTurned
3&51 tW&S&to t..S2.98 iiffif nfo lid:....S2.98
i&? iiisfew
Vf.1 rt- '-tA
f, -- - .., 'fill???.
JgM&M&m and
Fashionable Tailored Suits.
ASK feme of your friends those you know to be very care
ful shoppers, and who go around and see what thev can
get for their money before investing in a suit ask them
their opinion of our styles and prices. "We have heard so
much favorable comment that vc naturally feel exultant
and we cannot refrain from mentioning it.
Wi.m.n- Swell
- of imr-TUd zib-
Through a fortunate trace occurrence we are aide to off.
Tailored Smi" at SIS 71 that ordinarily would sell for rSw Ml!
. Urn- In lite lonic-rt.tr lc.1 i.i.iu. stile with ttt- newest shaped
s'it.rt. lih skirl and ...al haiwsnnrl- trlmrmd with taffeta
I. raid. !? o.ir are Hue. I.I. irk. brown and Oxfonl
Walking 5 utt ; nf all-wind Scoti-h mixtures. Ions-skirted liluuse
-i. . with cues ami -!!. front, braid trimming, skirt of
lb.- riinjlmut lenRth. er np- lai value
II alklng Suits. In Hi. popular lioy mixtures, in Cray, blue ar I Ii. own. eo.it
ie th lo'ic "Mrieti Moife style, rollarli-ss .flfects. tle-at . n front and
la.k. lat.-iit l.alh.r Iwlt. Unci nil h taffeta, skirt in the ulain wvpn
c-r.- dan- ftl- wlih klllMl Inittom. suits that are
. -. ii Tit valued at 111': 1( of tbem for Mondays
s tilt c at
Drown '.Ibellne Walking Suits, most popular hade and fal.rl. of the
s. ..!!. military WiR-sklrtcd blouse style with tfOjT flfl
pirated front and l.uk. hcaUly llnls.sl with siitrhitiK. J)ij. UU
' ir.. B.ir.- lUre -Mrt. Morday at
Xcw Pleated Cheviot Coats, made of fine quality midlum-weight rSi-,-,!.
.heitot Htt.sl Iuh k. tlv front. Inches Innc finKhe I on front
.. l h .. k with -'i wide knife tl.Rt and s.-lf l"tli tiell
mrnnMl ailn llnnl. new. M idias In iileee niual t.
ini J3ln .-oat in ih- cm . Monda
Women's Waists,
Dressing Sacques
Knitted Blouses A Great St le!
V.. men's ait- .if mtrcerix.Nl while cott"n or all-wool
i.'lirs and Mai k. p'ented frunt and p"U'h leees lieau
ffiil and new stiles. l..aiues. special. M"n-lav
White Walts. of import"! m rcerlzetl ve.-tins. pretty design', finished
with wide pleats ami larse pearl buttons a alues. C QB
Momlav km.sj
Kreneh Flannel Waists, all cc-lors. aim black and white, rleatf.l front
and fanei- metal buttons, full potich
Women's Silk Waists, various styles of peau dc sie. louWnes.
and taffeta, all colors. values. s.ertal, Mofniay
ree ile Chine Waists, enllre-r new. bamrsomely
ldeated, laee-trimmed. all co.ors. J7.M value-, at. ..
Hrejslna; Sacques. of French flannelette In dark patterns, lQc
ruftte-trlmmeil. all zi-. siiecial. Monday iie
Women's Short Cr.s Kimonos, shlrml loke. with solid colore-l
inier. in rru. tuns., yellow, wnue, xreen ami Mile
flannel. In
tancy pa'tenis. i J aiues
Women's prrssinc Sacipies, ef inavy quality
satln-licuno. frois fasteners, all
Dress Fabrics Worth $3.50 to $5 a Yard at $1.50.
A Sale of HighClass Imported French Novelties.
MONDAY np will offer -mr entire si. k -f Hue mipKrietl ilrrx f:iliru at si ."ai. all "xiiuivr drsins. nn tnori than
two ikiiiitiis f the same wiene. niiistly Zibcliiiis iu varli ii ffftfts. Im'.-uIiiI Hilka iloK. etc: also Irish Kriezi"
C'lnth They nin' in newi-st shnili- ami ruiiiliiiuiiiiiiis. iiii'lutliiis tans, liruuus. hUiev. xniy. grivns. ntN qi -rrt
ami mlxitl i-ITivls, fabrbv that wo havi- li-n selling fur S5.r.o up to S." a yard, oil wile at otu priiv.pcr yard. tpl.OU
Tlii: i-nli' Im-kIii prumptly at S VlH-k.
Dress Trimmings.
A Sale of Short Lengths.
CR0M an importer we bought thousands of pieces of
iancy dress trimmings, ranging from 1 to 0 yards.
This purchase will be placed on sale Monday, together
with the remnants accumulated during our recent sale.
The designs are the most recent and very fashionable.
Included are beautiful silk embroidered Chiffon Ap
pliques, fancy spangled and beaded Passementeries,
Sequin Trimmings. Iidges, Galloons, etc.. Silk Applique.
Novelty Passementeries, French and Parisian Novelty
Trimmings. Persian Hands, also numberless other styles
of fancy trimmings. Many were Ured as original samples
from which import orders were taken. They are practi
cally all in good condition. Oa sale in three assortments:
25c a yara fr Trimmings worth to 98c.
50c ayanl tor Trimmings north to $2.50.
C a yard tor Trimmings worth to $5.00.
Sale of Fancy Goods.
WERY special oiTerimr Monday in Pillow
" Tops, Uattenber"; Doylies and fancy and
stamped Linens at savings that will attract
you. (Third floor.
Genuine Chencv Sofa Pillows, firtt quality, with first
class backs, silk fio-s down filling, each pillow well
stuffed and full size and ready for use, ( J 1 1Z
regular 32.00 values, special Monday.... tp 1 .jCtJ
A lot of odd and ends of handmade Ilattcnberg
Doylies, some with liaen centers, others all lace. 9,
10 and 12 inch sizes, values up to 69c, O gT
choice jC
Fancy Stamped Linens, including hemstitched squares.
Mzrs IS. :4. 30 and 36 inches, and scarfs 1j yard
long, also embroidered. Sr.achtcl scarfs and squires,
Japanese drawnwork linen pieces, Irish crochet
scarfs and squares, fancy drawnwork linen pieces,
also a few pieces of hemstitched lunch cloths and
manv other sty e of odds an 1 ends of fancy linens
ob sale in two assortments.
50c fr i7anc' Linen worth up to $1. 25.
98c for Fancy Llnrns worth up to $2.53.
Sale of Floor Covering.
a grade
Substantial Saving on Oilcloth,
oleums and Rugs.
Extra quality Oilcloth, verv good patterns,
regular 33c grade Monday, per yard .
High-grade Linoleum very handsome patterns,
that usually sells for 75c a yard ou Special
sale Monday, per yard
nlald Linoleum, rerv best quality, excellent patterns,
goods that cannot be boujhl under 51-50 (pi 1 ' f
a yard Monday at tpI.IL
Brussels Rugs, size 10.Gxl2 feet, made up from short
lengths of best Brussels carpets, all new and select
patterns fignnng the value of the carpels and the
making would bring the cot up to $25 Ci?
our Special Sale Price plO
AxmlnsterRugs. sue 10.6x12 feet, being made up from
short lengths of the best Axminster carpets all new
patterns on sale at a great C?
saving tflJietJ
Special Basement Bargains
Bleached Muslin Hxtra good quality, yard wide, C'
soft finish, worth 7 &c a yanl. at dC
Outing Flannels Extra heavy grade, dark and mecMstn
colors, stripes and checks, worth Sc a yard,
at ... DC
Canton Flannel Very heavy quality, 30 inches wide,
unbleached, worth 10c a vard, T 1
t -"- O4C
Fleeced Piques Solid colors in pink, blue, red, green,
black and blue figures, worth ISca yard, f 1
Hemstitched Cases Large size ready-made hem
stitched Pillow Cases worth 20c each, OI
at JjZ'ZC
Bleached Sheeting- -Vt yards wide, heavy ej 1
quality, worth 27.4-: a yard, at J LC
Made Sheets Genuine New York Mills ready-made
Bleached Sheets, sue 2lx2l5 yards, COf
worth 75c each, it 3 Z?C
Cotton Eiderdown Ileivy quality, fancy printed, soft
fleeced, suitable for dressin; robes, etc., loj
worth 19c a vard, at . . l'-C
Great Sale of China
and Glassware. S
Berry Set
(like cut;
Class, pret
t new dc
MRn. larKC
bowl and
worth Ec
Ku,r$&S5s&k&c worth
it ; . "-"?. 01 k
Tumblers Thin lead blown glass
Water Tumblers, prettily en- Cs
Rraved. worth SI a dozen, each '
Ivafer Sit -Culored giass pitcher. 6
Tumblers and nickel-plated ?SV
Tray, all for tf"t'
Snap Dish Opal glass banging rr
Soap Dish, worth 10c . ,.31'
Wash Bowl ami Pitcher Plain white,
fancy shape, larse tlxe. rtQn
worth 11 u-1'
Chambers With coven, plain white.
fancy Aape. worth
Same as above, without
Tea Pjf-Japiaec pottery, prettily
decorated, with inside 4ralncr. J 7q
worth ric.".
Toilet Set 12-picce. with jar, new
ihape. prettllr decorated. ej gr
made to sell Tor r.e0-Monday.v-x.yC
Dinner iets -Old sets, discontinued
patterns, only one set of a kind, some
with a piece or two mhasins, otherwlsn
all perfect. . .
Sei 1V0. American Porcelain, pretty
tdun decoration. orlKinal price CC CO
r;3i-Monday kMJ.uu
Dinner Set A'o. 2 American Porce
lain, pretty floral decoration. Cj QZ
M lined, crlslnal price ... CO.O
Dinner Set So. 3 English Porcelain,
handsome Illuminated olnk border dec
oration, original price IIS ?ff Of)
Monday HJ.?u
3lJC TTrTiTs.
jZ.IC (SuHm-IH"'""". '. i . '""1.
' " vLa
11 -.
. --.s. "1.
Dinner Set So. -English Porcelain,
neat creen liorder decoration, CO Cf)
original price JITJi-Monday . s.i3U
Dinner Set Ao. 5 English Porcelain,
firetty roebuI bonier decoration, orle
nal price SlvSi- CO OC
Monday s?.yO
Dinner Set So. 5 French China,
neat pink floral, creen rprav decora
tion, original price JIS-JS- C3 QB
Monday Ol.yo
Dinner Set So. 7 French China,
very pretty violet decoration, eolncold
edge, original price Mitte- S27.50
Monday. . ..... ..........
Captivating Millinery
For the Horse Show.
J I'AST assemblage of exquisite
a millinery specially gathered tor
the great society function, the Horse
,1 I.I. exclusive styles; fashions that
bespeak the creative genius or
the designers. There is imliridual
ity and character in every hat. The
shoicing is very imposing ami com
plete. Ol' ictB be able to timl a hat to
- match every eAtborafe costume
and bring out the desired effect.
These hats icere imported and
made specially for the occasion.
.VO.VG this collection there are
60 elegant J'arisian models
ivhick zre haz-e priced al $15, $20
and $?5.
Specials from 8 to 10.
Lace Curtains i-teiich Cu-prc
i urt .'ns
lll'l Hills-
.'. lat.l-
Si a
U. Wi III. ti. W . le e i T
rh. tin - hit :m id. '.
ni in iii. siicnt d. i
.lie pT".''i Morth uu t.i
pair f'om i to l'. 0:1
third . -. rer 1 urum . .
Cups and Saucers Manu'a -tur-ers'
sample- of Tea. CI- i. iaf
f.iff.e Kouillon. After Itt r
Mustache i"up anil .-am.r, tj
m.il -h. worth up to Jl.'O d. - r
sal.- from S to 1 n fourt'i 1"
1 up -ml ?! c
Saucei "-'
Setting Trays Of heavy tiu,
h.autifull- japanned. Kur re n
mak". -daes s. It! and U 1 '.
worth up to 39c. on sale on 1 u'fh
floor, from S to 1, Iflf-
thoice it"'
Underwear Women's Jersey
lifbbed Fleece-Unnl r.!i"un
Cotton Vits anil Frern ii tiij
Pants. In ecru, worth '" a rnr
m tit -fr.im S to I. on main ?ljr
floor, fier Rarment 'Se
Underwear Misses' and Chil
dren's Jersey Kibhed Flee e-Lined
Cotton T'nlon Suits, buttor.eil
across bust, drop bark natural
and i.ru. 'II Mi. s. worth rep-ijir
d- garment from S to Jnr
lo-.m main floor, at vw
Underwear -Men's fine and me
dium wilglit Merino Shirts and
lirawers in llcht blue tan and
n.vunl eolcr. worth Sue a car-m-nt
-from 8 to 10-on 25C
mam floor, at
Black and Colored Dress Goods.
"THE newest weaves and patterns, products of the best weavers in this and
foreign count net., bought under price, will be aoid at a proportionate
saving Mondar.
Granite Cloth, 44 inches wide, all
wool, fast black, 75c qua!- J '
ity. per yard ijC
Black Finette Cloth, 52 inches wide.
extra heavy weight, worth Z'7r,
$1.00 a yard, at.
Black London Twine, extra quality,
fine material, swell fabric, T C
worth $1.25 a yard, at OU
Black Whipcord, extra heavy weight,
double warp; a bargain at QQr'
S1.25 yd. special sale price.O JsLr
Black Canvas Cloth, a new fabric,
full 60 inches wide, guaranteed for
wear, worth 31.C0 a yard, "7 Cr
Linings Basement.
A new line ol Quilted Satins. 24 in.
wide, in all colors and black; oa
sale in Lining Department, O !?
per yard OJLe
Also a new line of 27-inch quilted
silks, for lining of all kinds ot
wraps, etc.. in pink, (P 1 ff
blue.whiteandblack,yd.)l. UU
Bltck Eolltnne, a beautiful silk-warp
material for light-weight dresses, 44
inches wide, S1.35 quality, Qfif
per yard "lV
Albatross, 33 inches wide, all wool,
newest colorings, including 4Q-,
white, per yard jfi't'
Etamlnes, in all the popular colon
and black; 44 inches wide, OQ
81.25 quality, per yard 0"C
Cheviot, extra heavy, double warp, in
all colors, sponged and shrunk,
ready for wear, 48 inches (ZQe-t
wide, per yard J2s Le
Canvas Suiting, in all the prevailing
colors, 52 inches wide, O C
worth 81.25 a yard, at OOC
Dress Goods Basement.
Granite Cloth. 36 inches wide, in all
the new shades ot blue, green, red,
tan, brown and old rose, Y r
goods w'th 25cyd., in basem't tJC
Satin Berber, 36 inches wide, in all
the new fall and winter shades,
satin finish, sultaolo for )
women's and children's suits. jC
worth 33c a yard, at
Style A
Sale of Women's Petticoats, $1.75.
Values are $2.30 and S2.9S.
SEVENTY-FIVK dozen Petticoats made up in the style
shown here will be placed on sale Monday at a saving of
from 75c to S1.25 on each garment.
illustration A shows a. Petti
coat of finest quality black mer
cerized Italiau cloth, umbrella
Style style, with two deep graduated
j. accordion-pleated flounces, fin
ished with small ruffle, each ruffle
tancy stitched.
illustration B shows a Petti
coat of finest quality black mer
cerized Italiau cloth, umbrella j
style, wita accordion-pieatea
flounce headed by a smaller :
flounce in Vandyke points, fin- j
ished with rose or fancy stitching. I
Illustration C shows a Petticoat of fine ;
qnality black mercerized sateen, made
with deep flounce, finished with three
small ruffles, two rows of tailor strapping?
uu catii (tiuiir, aiiu uui iiuuuii.,
In addition to the above three styles therm
are about half a dozen others,
Andvfj" ? ft rrTTlYK.
JULSllfa'.e 'Ai-SeJ'i ''VWv
Styte C.
are positively $2.50 and
$2.98'- Choice Monday ".
values p
$1. 75
3 O'Clock SpeciHl$3.50 Comforts, $2.
... . .. ... ... . .s, ....... ee H. tl'htta friln.1 rOt.
aiorsiay ax n ciock we win piace nn -me - ee-. v ..... - ....... - .....,. . .
. eti...i i , ........ MH..N.I irlih Hmi.1 Imrsirleil f.ificv nrlnleil mCTCer I
imrr iiie.1 mni iuiiiiu i;.. ...,.. -... ..... -. ...., - -
ized sateen, beautifully nullt.-d. actual size TixTS Im h. . wriRht 7'- jkiur I and
over. This Is one of the tl-est lots of Comforts we have ei-er plii-eil on special
sale: they are a"dut. ly perfect, wnb the exception that si tne of the cover
ing- Is sllfthtl) mismatihcil. they ur.-rean wonn j eacu.
and. as we e.ild. "n.- of the bi-st str-i'lrs thai we nit
placed on our i o . loc k sales- y,et ial prl.-e.
No mall or phonr orders, tried
me 01 "lie nivrr-
Great Furniture Values.
ONDAY wc will hold a special saleof
discontinued patterns in Dresser's.
Chiffoniers. Washstands. Writing Desks
and Reed Furniture. The floor space oc
cupied by these samples is of more value
to us than the loss incurred by making a
reduction of one-third. However, it is an
excellent opportunity for you, as the sav
ing is greater than the figures would im
ply, for our regular prices are considerably
lower than those that prevail elsewhere.
Dmttr Former price JilOO;
reduced to
Drtt'er- Former price I15.M;
reduced to...
Drtitet Former price IIO-W:
reduced to
Cblttiml.i Former price 117;
reduced to
Cbllttoltr Former price !0.00,
reduced to .
tVajajuoif-Forascr price ti.l
reduced to
Laths' Dtk Former price
J13.0J: reduced to
Ladles Dek-Former price
HI.ou: reduced to
Ladlts' Detk -Former price.
I8.0U; reduced to
Re ed Itom n Chmlr Former
price llOJi). reduced l j. ...
Rent Stttte Former price
JS.7S: reduce i lo.. ...... ..
Reed Tnrklsa Chair Former
price fj.rj, reduced to...
. $3.84

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