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- KErrr.T.TC: si'xn.VT. orTor.F.r. 2.". inn.!.
s- , ti
Ilrnlllr Mxtcru Indie I otiR Iroii
Down on Man In -nslivlllr. lint
Only Lives n Miort llinc.
Nashville. Temi, Oct 21 - live alligator
wei;hlns a jound and measuring lS'i Inch
es. a r-itor. It I thought, from thr
swamps of Arkansas, came lin with t e
rain -which fell in sheets over Naliv"ir
After surviving its flight, the descent i- 1
a pounding administered In rrank Sterrv
the alligator conclude to quit such inhos
pitable surrounding and turned ovr on
Its Uark and dk-d.
Sterry wax driving a deliver ason H
saw an object of ome hize Just tniF hi
horn's head as It fell In tile roa.1 The
Iioim stopped in hi tracks, nearly throw
ing Sterry from his seat. Thinking that
trace had broken. Sterry climbed from thr
wagon to find at hi horse's feet a live
alligator The little reptile had fallen In a
rream or rain water and was mi tmuh
"I thought It was a -water dog or nm
new kind of snake." safcl Sterr). 'jiiI I "
Mm with nty whip. lie tried to bit. n
and then I hit him with roclp. I di in t
kill hint, though. At lat I got hi head
between two sticks and carried him "n t
the store. Ever) bod) wild It was an al"
gator, and I put h!m In a pan of water
One fellow offered me Co cents for 'iim
before he died, but I wouldn't take it
The alligator died in about two hours.
having been transferred meanwhi'e to a
Clam Jir and placed on exhibition in a
store wirdow
The alligator was properly marked in
evcrv way. though it Kin was almost
as pliable as a kid glove.
Major H C Hat- section Director of
the Weather Hureau. who is a close ob
servor of the meteorological phenomena,
when told of the alligator, said that there
"were numerous Instances on record of
frogs and fish being precipitated during a
shower, but he had never before heard of
n alligator coming down.
Frogr. tlh and like objects were carried
upward with masves of water bv cvclonc
snd tornadlc disturbances in the atmos
phere to a great height- and if ther was
a strong wind In the upper atmj'-phcr
thev might be carritd by the force of the
v-lnd to k great distance before falling
He said he thought it probable that the
alligator bad been taken up and brought
hre in this manner from some point in tne
Soutnnett. perhaps Arkansas, lie had ob
served about the time the alligator fell a
remarkable decree of disturbance In he
upper region of the air. indicating that the
ietoclt of the wind was very grea. pr' b
ably not below 10 miles an hour I' the
velocity of the wind was as great as tu
thought. Its force would have been sum
dent to hae kept the alligator afloat in
midair The anemometer at the weather
station registered a velocity of onlv thirty
miles an b ur It would have been much
greater Major Kate thinks but for the
hills which surround the city
Even the Uarns Arc Brilliantly
Illuminated at Nipht.
r.EPnajp speciau
Tana. Ill . Oct 24. There Is not a c-iu
In the t'nited States that has lights a
efceap as the cltr of Assumption, north o
here So cheap are the Ushts that the
resident" have their barns, as well as their
resldentces brilliantly lighted up at nlsht
ith electricity. The business houses are
charged 10 cents a light per month. The
Clt Hall and other public buildings thit
belong to the city are lighted up lor
Accordln; to reports the business there
i conducted more for fun than for money
There are tno electric light plants In As
ttumption. and the competition betneen
the plant has sent the price of c!c:triclty
down to a mere sons.
At the last meeting of the City Council
loth plana put In a bid for lighting the
flty buildings. One company made a bid
for the work at $10 per annum. The other
conipanv. not to bo outbid, offered to fur
a!b the lights frfe of cot If permitted,
jhe ttii!on js cranted.
Even the humblet houses in this little
t are brihiantlx illuminated with clec-
' tncltj. while the richer eiemint hae all
tneir outhouses and barns as well ui. their
Bnuiinpi aii.aze vsitn llchta.
To Fh;Ic It:w Hit Dsefd It Is Ii Frtstnrleg
H11IU ill Eintr.
Neariv everybodj knons that charcoal
1 t-e sifet and most efficient disinfectant
fci d p-tiner In nature, but ten realize Its
ai.e wr.'n I a Kin into ine .liiman svstem
tor the -ame cleansing purpos-.
iiE-coa is a remetly teat Oie more yr-u
tzi-e of t the belter, it is not a drup at
a'.l but ?impl absorbs the yasos and im
yur.tles alwajs present In the rtomach
ard trtest.ncs and carries them out of
the ststeni.
Charcoal swe-ters tha breath after
isiok-ng. unnkins or alter eaunc onions
snd ti-T odorous vegetables.
Chanoal effectually clears and Improves
ti-e .omp'exion. It whitens tie teeth and
further acts as a natural and eminently
safe cithart.c
It abscrbs the Injurious cases which col
lect li the stomach and bonels; It dlsin-;-c
s the mouth and throat from the poi
M.11 (I atarrh-
A!l 3rv,c!:isii sell charcoal In onu form
ar aio.b"r. but p-obablj the best charcoal
and tie most for the money Is In Stuart's
Atsirb ni Lxizenscs. they are composed
of tV1 finest powdered Willow charcoal,
and other hMrmless antiseptics In tablet
form, or rather In the form of large,
pl-aant tasting lozenges, the charcoal be
ir.c mixed ilth honej.
. le dally use of these lozenges will soon
tell ! a much-lmproed condition or the
general health, better complexion, sweeter
breafi and purer blood and the beau
ij of it is that no possible harm can re
Mi't from their continued use. but. on the
contrary, great benefit.
IiufTalo physician in speaklnc of the
benefits of charcoal says. "I advise Stu
art's Absorbent Lozenges to all patients
frufferiug from gas in stomach and bow
els, and to clear the complexion and purify
the breath, mouth and throat: I also be
l!ee the IHer Is greatly benefited by the
dail we of them; they cost but twenty
five centa a box at drug stores, and. al
though In some sense a patent prepara
tion, vet I believe I get more and better
charcoal In Stuart's Absorbent Lozenges
than in any of the ordinary charcoal tab-
The Special Offer Made by the German-American
Doctors at FIIEE
Consaltntlon, I-Itay Examina
tion, AdTlce and Treatment
nt Their Offices Until Cared
Will PoltlvIy Cloie
October 31.
So do not make th
mistake that oth-n
have made and put o2
for to-morrow wbat you
botud do to-day Pleas
underrtaad tber fumljh
cated and vital
ized air treat-
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minuter tr e a t -ment.
free cov
sultation. free
x - rat examina
tiov. free advich,
MENT to all applying
at their offices durinrche time steclfled This
I by no mrans a chantr offer, but niMde TEM
PORARILY tor the purpose of demanstzaUcr
uprtor Qaslmcatlons ard Introducing a ?.ew
j;hiI ueatmeat. to Intelligent, thinking pea
P e. !?o why pay exorbitant prices to other
iH.-imii wnea ine dm. w o nao is yours
free f.j the asking? All nxt of CANtER.
iirnnoo-ELE. stricture. epilepsy.
IES. XF:tivriiT nrn.in mnA vivnncn
PKtTit. piirvjTP anrf ctrnrcm.T. rmr4
71" ' CVKED during this month at Just
1AT t Nl.KS- n'PRTi trhl'. all ntmtilf aim.
11 I 'If of the HEART. STOMACH. LTVER.
D .5" anJ KIDNEYS will be treated AH-P-'llT-KLt
i.iSna this unqualined offer If von sre mi
bis call, write. Their HOME TREATMENT
J"," "") Olive atreet- St. Louts, opp. Post OtrJce--ll.
J Wdresj The German-American Doc-
7 Pieces
NOTlCr! No Tims
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t tttf Iractif tl Ittl "lir t.
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".o sllL-flliUlird rl
1 iiiliis. Mini
r.'l.- nll-TMi.il lillur -
- in i Mnij'l t
5c for !2c Lonsdale Cambric.
(1 !-- NtpnUarU pron lie nnhlenr'ird tl4 '-
t.lnxhnni. 1 - Slti-cllnit. )lun Ut . . . W W
M..nda t2
ISLSi. tira nhltr '-" wlill" frlliKCil llr.l-
slinUcr fl:inucl, Al-. prrn1. fud s z . "70
Mnndaj ..OjtC Monda) JVi,
10 to 12 Al.
a ray Fleeced Blankets,
10-1, r-il and blu bor
Atn. these j .
iSr- 19c
25c EACH FOR 2.50
t;.Ol Ilransels ltiiom "- Oimfjur- Indun 1
Hues. r r Nhnilrs. JIondj IOC
,'I it Mumlat J.Ot :t.t)o -i,..rrn wool Illaii.
15 lieai tan ISInnUets. krts. extra laip. n-
Jlond i
lTtll linniemnile Ileil
( inifiiriM. in
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Corduroy Pants, another pair tf they go
wrong while the lot lasts, a pstr
25c Music, nxc
Gambling Man. Dixie
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a. Dixie
i. TnJfr
ifc- Bamboo Tree,
1 w;')'r:' '
s r s I 1 I t I I I s fr-r O-H t ! i
sJT : i
I J - V
- - , i- s.v ' -r - & i. '-' V- !
t -, 'SS: 4a3. f I
1 9 ! I ! I
With the rapM decrease of the timber
resources of the United States and the
correseondliur Increase In the cost of lum
ber, railway officials foreseeing that with
in a decade the cost of supplying ties for
their roads will be much greater than at
present are turning their attention to on
Investigation of substances which can be
substituted for the white oak tie. now
used, and give as good results.
So far nothing has been discovered that
gives as good sen Ice all things consid
ered, as a wood tie.
The necessity for a certain amount of
elasticity to serve asa cushion for a rap
Idly moving train, especially upon reverse
cunes. has become accepted as a fact bj
railway experts, and accordingly ties made
of steel concrete, ltrlflcd clay, and even
glass, though lasting under normal con
ditions much longer than wood ties, are
net considered of practical use.
It is claimed, too. that ties made r
metal or clay when subjected to the se
vere strain of a heavy train, often break
In two. as well as subject the train to a
severe racking by their nonelastlelty. ma
terially injuring the equipment
Realizing the futility of carrying on ex
periments with metal or concrete ties un
der the present condition railway mana
gers have to a certa-'T ste"t decided to
continue the uie of white oak ties, sub
jected to a chemical treatment, by which
it Is believed that the life of the tie can
be materially tncreaseo.
Acting UDon the theorv that Innumerable
destructive Insects or microbes form In the
grain of a tie ana cause it to decay, large
plants have ben erected by many of tbe
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styles extra long
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white or lilacV --OC
.l - - l o I .l-- j .r
railroads for the purpose 0f subjecting the
ties to a chemical treatment, bv which it
Is claimed that the tie may be saturated
with a chemical which Is death to tbe In
eet It Is estimated that the life of an oak
t'e Ls from seven to eight years when It
Is in continual use. after which period it
shows si-ns of decay, fails to hold the
spike securely and offers hut Httle re
sistance to the puh of the rail under the
strain of a fast train.
As a result the ties haie to be continu
ally Inspected. and when this condition ls
dlscoered they must be install i re
paced. Incidental')' the cost of replacing ties ls
a large Hem In the expense of a railroad
As an example, the total cost of tie re
placement on the Missouri Pacific-Iron
Mountain Railway system during the fis
cal year ending June X 1MB. was lt.lw.
5H Ti The estimate includes the cost of
labor, but there were t,SKi.T?, tit replaced
at an a crage cost of C cents a tie Switch
ties are not included.
The total number of tie renewals by the
Southern Railway during the same period
was :S19.1il.
InJ,!l,SinS.Ir,.td the Pennsylvania ex
pended W.SS.S In the purchase of new
These figures show nhat an Important
part the railway tie plays In the operation
of a railroad and give ample evidence
that It forma no unimportant figure In the
til! of maintenance.
While the white oak tie has been found
so far to be the most satisfactory tie. hav
ing more elasticity and greater strength
than rac t of the woods offered, there are
oble-llons to Its use. whirh. it Is believed
in time w.U become Insuperable.
Jectlons Is that the great demand for white
s . iaiuy iniuuuj ujc. -upyij, WulCA
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ural eol. 1 ARn
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in turn Increases its cost, and as it takes
at leant svrnty jearo fur a white oak
aiorn to grn Into a tree tern enough to
be conetl Into railway 4is. It wouW
seem that the present tply wouKa l ex
hausted before a new growth could 1" ob
tained. Further. It l claimed that white oak
often splits under a hravv Mtraln espe
cially after it has lieen iin tlie tt.ick live
or six rears
The Ideal nood le'ng sought far and
wide by nilw.i) mar.tsers Is thit which
has strength. .-Ii-iiclt). durability and
will grow rarldl wherever planted
Arbarrulturlts stale that but feu tires
of any north attain an itmnth worthy of
consideration In a short period, but. ac
cording to Jihn I Htnnn i,retar and
treasurer of the International Sch-ty if
Arborculturo and the editor of a maga
zine rn artorculture. the catalpa secloiu
trt-e has all the qualities demanded of the
Ideal rallwa tie tree, as well as a nioM
growth in a comparatively short period.
As a result of Mr. llrown's ineU:a
tlons many railroad- line planted a large
number of t'attilpa trees near their I'nes,
designing tbaf IVv be lined for railway
ties when they hae grown to a suitable
Mr. Drown not on!) rUlim that th
fatalpa tree attains a edttie'ent growth
in thirteen years, but that it dtawx cer
tain qualities from the soil by which It
rentiers Itself impervious to the attacks of
insects and Issts thlrtj-IV.tr Jear. instead
of from aeen In eight tears.
In an interview on thr subject Mr.
Drown said
' If a ralliotd wen- to use catalpa cross
ties the) would require to be renewed I Hit
twice in a centur tht is. the durability
of the ties would te thlrt-flve years.
-When tr-es may be grown n so short
a time as xten )ears which will lust
In the track as cross ties twice the time
required for the tree to grow. It Is worthy
tbe attention of all railway oiTl-islt himI
Is of especial Interest to th stockholders
"In 1ST: the old Air Line Hallway be
gan laying tracks through Kdwards Coun
t). Illinois In tbe construction of this
track large nrmbcrs of catalpa trees were
used for crt si ties
"Through the courtesj of II IJ. Spencer
general managir of the Southern. I was
permitted to make a sesir;b for these
tU-s, and last September I fourd three of
the original catalpa ties, all of which
were sound and in a good state or preser
vation after thirty-one years' service
"Thirty-one enrs ago thlttj-poun! rails
and four-Inch s-p kes were usl. ami tler
of the pre e-it thickness wire not re
quired. Thrse ties were therefore, but Ave
Inches thick. In modern construction, with
mnty-Dounu raits ana -tx-lncn spikes,
these skrptrs were not thick enough and
the long spikes passed crmpletelv thnnich
the wood For this reason most of the
catalpa ties hie been removed
"A white oak tie lasts one-tenth as long
as it takes lo crow while these catalpa
ties last twice as long '
Mr Drown states that there ore roam
varieties of the catalpa. but that tbe
catalpa species Is the one of worth as a
railway slrerer
This tree, he states, is Indigenous to the
Wabaih Valley but will grow anvwbere
In the United States. In appearance It is
as distinctly upright as the Imtrdy
ponlar and attains considerable helgi t.
The true catalpa speclosa. according to
Mr Drown, begins to bloom aomit two
weeks before the otlur trees of the same
It Is Mr. Rrown's intention to le fur
niture and beams of the catalpa ieclosa
exhibited at the World's F-ilr The wool
takes a high poll-h and has a o-autlful
The Frisco Ls recognized as one of the
largest tie-supplying roads In the United
States', having vast timber resources along
Its line, whl-h are being worked to con
siderable profit.
In addition to the white oak resources
available, the Frlco has planted acres
in catalpa trees near Partington. Kas.. n
order to prove not only the alue of ca
talpa as tie timber, but to experiment on
using overwo-ked land for this purpose.
In an Interview IL P. Jacques, purchas
ing and timber agent of the Frisco, stated
that he belle-ed tbe experiment on the ca
talpa planting would proe a great suc
cess, and that land not available for ag
ricultural purposes could be used for ca
talpa trees with considerable profiL
Mr. Jacques gild that the land owned
by the Fr.sco near Farllngton was cov
ered with a heavy growth of catalpas.
which were being thinned out, as the
riensitv of the crowth prevented the trees
developing, acd about SO carloads of posts
had been taxen irom mis lanu. oij at
a. profit, as well as being of benefit to
the forest by the clearing out.
Speak!mr of the amount of timber moved
over the Frisco during- the last fiscal year,
Mr- Jacques said S.514 carloads, amounting
to 3.SD4.S74 lies, were delivered by the
Krtsco auxin- mat perion. in aua.tKm to
C104 carloads of other forest products.
la a comparatlrj estimate of the tlmbc-
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mm J
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gu -eM I e e t s.
I ,111s to mat. b, worth
I 1 m ' -iz -
3 -Hon- V-sJf
1 n Mze.
M .1 ij
sold ". th Frisco during ! ptember 1 2
ami 1. Mr Jsequs showed that in iep
temlier r""J. the Ftlsco had dtsposed of
3.131 crU- ! of forest mcliHts. and of
XM .-irlooil In September. r. He ex
ptcsM the oplnkifl that the total carload
mo client for the disposition of forest
...... ... ... .Ka u,r Amllnv lunA m lf)ll
1 'ilium .? i.'i r .-H. .-. H -.. - --
I would amount to .. carloads
en orl llerrbniils- sorlnllun.
slioeLril l Dentil l.l-l. I'lun
to Unt-r streets vnfp.
KKi't B14- SPW1AI.
New York. OeL it WitMn a year more
than a score of well-known prson lwiv
been killed in Xew Yotk's streets as a re
sult f reckless driving and a luck of
prorer traffic regulation.
Two prominent i It liens Colonel Richard
Henr Savage, a well-known author, ami
General II II Ilojce were killed onlj a
short time ago. Colon! Savage was run
down by a deliver) wagon at Sixth ave
nu ami Forty-second street, ami Iteneral
Konv was crashed under tbe wheels of a
street car in lower Broadway.
Sr-arcel) a day pa-sies that one or more
person are not killed somewhere In the
city and the record in the Department of
Health and the Police Department show
that within the last )ear tbe street fatali
ties hate reached as high as eight In a
single day
Those who ate familiar with the condi
tion In London ard otber great dties say
that New York Is far roree than ar
other city in the world, and efforts are
now Iwlng mstie to bring about a radteal
change In traffic conditions h-re. As mmh
as tbe political campaign Is ended the
Merchants' Association will take hold of
tbe matter and try to lind snrne way of re
ducing the appalling death list ami lessen
ing the constant dancer to those who are
obliged to move about the streets during
tbe busy hours.
This assoiiat'on haj given the matter
considerable attention in the last ye-ir and
has seieral methods for itnprovinj condi
tions which will be submitted to the pub
lic later. Plans a'e now Iwliu; niaile for
nubile meclitur- p sioii as the nK-ckn
has been r.ii,r. thorouebly -tu-ll.1 and
.etinl1e plans f-omulated
Captain 1-If- Second Ileputy I'oifce
Commissioner, is in charge of t rathe regu
lation for the Police Department and his
matte a very close stud) of the situation
and the things nerejwar) to he done to
btter matters ll has co-operated with
the Merchants' Association in Its work,
and has submitted many plans, which are
now lieing considered.
"We must eal-xe." yiltl Captain Piper,
"that New York s all the time growing
larger, ami that conditions are bound to
grow worse Instead of belter unless some
thing Is speedily done tf check the reck
less driving ami k-ep vehicles In their
K roper place Many New York drivers
ave become utt-ily- heedless of the
rights or the ssfetj of any except them
selves. And a large number of them are
mere boys, who should never be pe-mitted
to drive a tenm In a crowded street. Here
is an example
One day last week I was going down
Droadway and saw a tobacio delivery
wagon standing on the south bound car
tracks In the middle of the block. The
cars were stalled for two blocks bnck Men
were cursing ami shouting but there was
no one In sight who seemed to have charge
of the deliver) wagon.
ITescntly 1 saw a lad come leisurely
out of a cigar store, where he had leen to
mak a small delivery. He had left bis
horse stand'rg al re in the street while
he went Inside I ordered hj arrest: there
was nothing else to do- On Investigation
I learned that he was in the habit of fry
ing thit right along That shows you
how Httle Judgment some of tbe drivers
"London Is frequently cited in contrast
to New York, but the conditions there are
vastly different. In New York the busy
streets all run In one d rcctlon. Most of
the traffic po -rs Into these big arteries. In
London the streets radiate from a center
In eve-y di-ectinr D-it what nelps l.n
don more than anything else Is the fact
thnt e-ich driver makes every other ilriver
live up to ins nissr: or tne rcaa Tne lack
of pcllcemct is esc cause of the bad con
C.ticn :t affairs to-day."
1.00 in Blue Tradin?Siarii33 Free!
Tucsda) , October 27, Is Blue Stamp Dirisnd Day !
On that day, from morning to night, eery psrso.i
lisitmg the Globe uill receive absolutely free I.GO north
of Trading Stamp.
Like Co..
.".(II,!) L:ii!ics ;inil "ill'.cv"
liiiMd mt ft. ni B. STRAUSS & SAirtiSH- -i g3f
sistin .if ;Iie M':iMn"s l.itt-Nt . oiu'eito. i. ti..l 5 &S3i 5
..... I EliV-lSSJ S
in the new Marine
ftTi-i ts; ;i1m fup f. it u.illv'r.ii:
hai- are iitTeii'd in moi row :i.
tin- Mfn-i:i mal jni.T f ..
9.50 for Men's 15.00
Suits and Overcoats
Fetching patterns in cassim;re
and cheviot Suitings and melton
and icuna Overcoats: the fit is
perfect; just as a flyer to-morrow,
choice of 15 s n?
I ' I
styles of
4iii gai iiii-iii
Boys' 3.00 Suits,
1 hev comprise very elesr.int
cassnncres and cheriotsantt
thev are offered
to-morrow only
nnnr. ennm 1 1 1 WITH
I. ut r
1 ts or
-i to
HO) Humble Knee I'anl". ir ii"at taiterr
1 lie '? pairs last beRlnnlm:
at S a. in-
-I to
fom Weakness to Siren
Mate of Cot rada.
County of Lenvr
lrnr-r f m Oct tia.
The manacsr cf the fc.ngith ItrstrratUe
Co.. art beleg duly nwn, on oath Ie
poets aivl m that the Inxredtents nf the
Mr Jehn ltampt,n ital Restorative are
known t" r'n and that this remedy eon
tains nn fwtennits or Nirmfttl dmr a-itt
te ltlly atOrrvs that it I. a remedy
wtrtrh win erne arlcee. sexual N-"tt
fst-eTa ivji lym lid Develop Aire
jblcj O-ear- farter. that he ha foum
. . CatnoM i bs le oo.jr tine which wil
ace&TAptli lt.se reeuttft.
Th- aisar of the End eh Restorative
Oi , beieg peisiWally anown lo n-e. ha- thle
th day f i-Tiher. xl npearea
lfnre aye. a uotary aaJ s ie t the fere
Notaiy PuMle.
)ly eommlnA empires Xarch X W
Poit- of rolocado.
CMHlty of DsOer
Denver Olo ftrt T. IMS.
L Charles nunptell knowing that at
fUcted nB waat psmethlmc hi n will cure
th-ni to stay cured. I vokralailly and with
out cenvene-tloti make oath to the follow
ing Itaviac here ataicterf wtth Varlcucete
nd the aernmpanring Nerrnus Debility ad
Vtrnuhr fr many yare and havlojt ex
perkled manr hurHieds of dollars on oyerv
tKine snd aderti-.I curei." throvsb th
Influence f finU I was p-nua let to
place mr ear In the hasa of the KhaHi-h
Keetcaaure .. and i porttlTely iwear mat
one north trewtm-nt uf the Sir John
Hamraen Vital HesieratUe brought abmit a
perfect cure an4 that I have now keen
eared over a year and. therefore, know mr
recovery is penna-ient I ailirtee all men
whr are hi the rosdttlon that 1 was In to
take this treatment
orvRi.Es rMPHi:i.u
Rroadway llotr?l. tlenver Colo
CTsaile Camphetl has apteainl bet ire me
a notary this Tla ly ef tct.er. A. U
. an.J swor to the fi-egulnjr
Notary Pontic
My nmnMes expires Dec
. ISflk
will cure these Weaknesses, which, we
than any other one thing In existence; also, you will note that I SWEAR my rtcstora
tive contains no Injurious drugs. Second To fur'her -how my sincerity I will send
to you one full trial tretttramt of the Sir John Hampton Vital Hestontlve. prernliL
for Mc (currency or stamps). This not Just a sample treatment calculated to do you
no good, but you will receive enough of the Rixtorutive for the flftv cents to fully
restore you to perfect ph) slca! strength and powtr or to demonstrate that I have the
treatment ou want. If you are fully cured by the Sec treatment. I will be glad of it
If you are not fully cured, )ou will be so greatly benefited nnd so far along th road
to recovery that you will allow me to send you enough of the Restorative to complete
the cure. I would Just as soon, from a fintnclal standpoint, send you this demonstrat
ing treatment free on the start, for the quantity I semi costs me tl SO. but did I offer
It free, you know fully ns well as I that every curiosity-reeker In the land would write
to me. Now. I do not care to correspond with this cLiss of men. therefore I have firm
ly and unalterably determined to answer no man's letter unless he can show his
earnestness or sincerity by Inclosing the fifty cnts. which I would Just as soon liave
In postage stamps as not. Do not confuso Ibis offer with the many "free trials" be
ing offered to men for the sole purpose of getting their name and address so as to send
a package C O. D I send nothing C O. D- and no other but a "quack doctor" would
If yoa are not cured by the fifty-cent treatment I do not propose to keep the money
but will make you on allowance of that amount. If you are fully cured by the treat
ment, of course. I will keep the flftv- cents. I may and I may not repc-tt this offer
for I can accommodate only a limited number for this small fee therefore, you should
write as quickly as convenient. Address your letter carefully and plainly to THf
ENGLISH RESTORATIVE CO- 20 to lO'nTon DIdc. Denver Colo. i-
Mail Orders Fill J. i
t- i ii i..
( M '
ii,iil i ;ii I'.u
these H p 9 j I
rj v
1.90 rM
Ever diy tl rot-gh the medium of !
vcrti-cm-nts ln.rt-il In the d ily rrrs.
Weak JI n ire Informed tlif i e r in
lias n cure fo- II m i re-re iv w i, Ii w II
restor" their . qor and . i ..lirv ,u d id
bf Ar ! r in 1 Strength d in Ii Ii
men who bave I t .ir wi iker l 1 r
Physical 1'ntti e ard wlws. i il f-tre- -tit
ii not .piil to ttit rtiuirt -ii nt vf no
lidb- of 1 k-oB hat ill r i ;
me-itj many of thctn at li i-t . - r -
ngl mlsleadtnc Now. if yn r u
-mm whose Yotthful Fire It- l, lining low
ami esrsrefcll'v if -eeik it i o 'I j
when on Hoind be In your prim, or vi'a
tretigth- yn krnw as will si ... tn.i
vmi wihiIi pa- cut gLitlly nrrv -nonnt o-
nney y.Hi bad to. or Wimld aim' st work
year in .to 1 yenr out for .he m'li sii
cHld an I wouM restore ol to n. u
Utmhtrd of rm ttheHl which Is tile hlrti -right
of every tra'i; but vii iNo Kuo v
hvi you ran put viTy little If in ioif.
iciHt in the liter1 statement ibt "ou o
we nan h ire fr perlu s y u ' iv
trieil and tr cd have sqiin - rrd ,
money ami oelenslv ilrug. el i irst
Tttmnit ,ny breheail ren i l'ii i j
oj aim-! d'sr lr or ev r tc mrz
-Urel I'crb ips you are J let t 11
weak' and hue luvrr trld lytt u
Be this ts It m.i) If j on re rot n
rong .is you -hiuld be. froni -st-ever
cause 1 a-r Inten-stcil lo YOi an t
vmi should e 'i tejestnl In n r ird mw
treatment, for I have In 1 i tlr Joh"
Him1 ton YiLil Uttortlv .i )-isitivc utid
ert-iin tore for von no Eu-suwoik nty
iKitcnn rk. but Just the kind of u cure;
on want No concern otrT than il.o
!:. gll-li Hesto-ntlve Co. 3-lo fnlon bide
Duvr Coin hsve the right to use tlm
Sir John I It rr pi on Vital R storatlvi
hcrrfor-. bew..re of others claiming to
bnve this tre.itrrnt. for tliev arc frunU
The Sir John Hampton itnl II e
stnrnllvc Is tin nbsnlnte speclfli fnr
nerikneinev of the Icxuftl OrK-iuNro.
I do not auk yon tn trtke ray pliin
statement or Assertion for t -Is.
therefore I trill try nnd clve yon ln
tllsiiutnltte evidence that 1 have a
rent cure.
First You will note that I make mv
AFFIDAVIT and print It herewith, that
the Sir John H..moton Vltil nestorativt
kiotv. do more to harass and humiliate us
i frsirrsTrt

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