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Who will be married In Yincennes. Ind.,
hepi-bijc srccr-n.
VIncennes. Ind.. Oct 21. Wednesday
evening Miss Margaret MUlrr Dukate. a
VIncennes society girl, will be married to
Mr. Perry Dulaney Green, editor of tie
Yineennes Daily Capital.
The wedding, which will take place at
ths nemo of the bride's mother, will bo
attecded by quito a. number of guestr. It
"111 bo oaa of tie society events of tbe
The bridegroom Is a son of Mr. and Mrs
John L. Green of Indianapolis. Miss Im
itate Is tho daughter of Mrs. J. B. Dukate.
Delicate Instrument Just Invent
ed Is Said to Be an Accurate
Index to Vital Organ's Condition.
Boston. Oct. 24. There are two agencies
now at irorfc In this city, created for tho
beaeflt of tho human race, that are at
tracting the attention of the medical pro
fession generally.
Ona la a dallcato little Instrument at
tho Maasachnsettn General Hospital that
tells tho physician what tho human heart
is up to nude? nearly all conditions.
Tho other la kept busy at tho Children's
Hospital. Tho famous European. Doctor
lorenx, could not be in attendance there
at all times, and so an ingenious Yankee
lawyer has built a machine as a substi
tute for him
The heart tell-tale la the invention of
an Italian scientist and is known as tho
Rlva-Rocd appartus. The Larens sub
sUtuto Is tho Invention of Lawyer Ralph
W. Bartlett of Boston.
Doctor Hlchard C. Cabot la studying the
workings of tho heart tell-tale.
He knows a great doal about the blood
circulation of the human body, and In his
opinion tho Rccoi Instrument can read
the vital forces of the human body to a
mort mlnuta decree.
It uUs of tho effect of stimuanta. also
of drugs and tho life throbs are registered
with an accuracy hitherto unknown.
Tho mzchlna not only shown tho exact
foice of tho heart's pump, but It has re
vealed a secondary pressure, too subtle
for tiie most sensitive touch to detcr
mir.o by the mere 1001101; of the pulse,
aad that Is the constant pressure exerted
by tte force of tho muscular teiirlca of
ths vails of the heart Itself and of th!
voi.-j-. olid arteries.
TU latter force, known as the dlastolic
pnu.:i.'c. s'ves a mora truthful index to
tn mjicc.i pnysicsl condition than the
tin-bbiug of tho heart alone.
?. j diagnosis has heretofore been able to
dcter.alrr lt Tim Illya-Ilocci tube measure-.
U upon its roadtcg scale, exactly as
doe tho thermomoter the temperature of
f the ataosrhere. Tho reading scale
is marked to 200 millimeters in Its total
At NX) millimeters the rlslwr mercury In
dicates tho normal or good health. If the
olnctn Is sent up to 110 or 115 millimeter,
the health of the patient may be consid
ered ao practically perfect
Per contra, a feeble movement of the
mercury, extending over only two to
three degrees. Indicates a weakness or the
heart and, therefore, of tbe general sys
tem. A rapid Jumping of the mercury cover
ing from ten to fifteen millimeters, indi
cates that there is something radically
wrong In the heart's action.
This- wonderful little heart reader has
ecablfd the physician to detect exactly
the effect upon the heart and the system
of stimulants. Thus whisky or a class of
soma other alcoholic liquor has betn found
to Increase a man's working force Just T
pe- cent for a period of thirty minutes
after which there is noted a drop to I
per cent below the normal.
Doctor Cabot's observations as to the
effect of alcoholic liquors upon the human
rj-stem in sickness and health with this
little machine have been extensive, and
rtr -
Rna-Rocci instrument, for reading the
heart and circulation of the body; now in
use at the Massachusetts General Hos
pital. the conclusion reached has been that the
benefits by tho use of alcoholic stimulants
in health or disease have been greatly
The Rlva-RoccI tube has revealed that
the reason why men and women crave
their 5 o'clock tea is that at that hour of
the day the heart has been found to be
mure or less fagged, and that toa act? as
a stimulant upon the nerves controlling
the blood pressure, while coffee has not
been found to exert such action
This wonderful little instrument al
shows why the man called uiwn to think
deeply puts his heels on his office desk
and his back In the chair, thus Fending
the blood up to his brain, which. It has
been found, requires a high blood pressure
to do Its best woik. .
Now as to the construction of the in
strument. It consists of an Inflated rub
ber armlet about 3'i inches wide, so ar
ranged tlm It car. be fitted closely around
the upper arm. Just above the elbow, con
nected by a rubber tube with a mercury
manometer and an air pump.
The air forced from the pump Is dis
tributed in the rubber armlt and into the
manometer at the same time, experiments
hnvtnir shown that the actual pressure in
I the armlet Is Identical at any given time
i with that in the graded millimeter glass
tubo or manometer.
This air pressure cjterted upon the ar
teries and veins is Increased until the
circulation of blood below tho point of
application is stepped.
At this Instant the height or the mercury
column Is noted. This reading of the tube
denotes the maximum pressure In the arm
artery and denotes to an Infinitesimal de
gree the patient's vital force.
As to Lawyer Hartletfs Invention. It
Is claimed at the Children's Hospital that
It makes n good successor for Doctor I
renz in the treatment of hip and de
lormitles of the legs and arms. In cases
of congenital hip diseases. It has been
suceos-srul in every case Uius far Investi
gated. The result of the doctor's five cases has
not been euccesslul. the little patient--,
still suffering from what Is termed anterior
transposition of the hip bone, or In other
word the hip bone Is not yet In Its nor
mal place The plaster casts In the doc
tor's cases :iave all been removed except
ing one who mus. wear the cast till the
end of the yar.
The-- little patients "Ike others at the
hospital suffer from apparently no injury,
and are able to go about and play as
other chlldr-n. but the fact remains that
the end of the hip bone lias not been
plared In the socket, there btlng now an
egg-shniivd protuberance on the hip of
each child sbowlng where the head of the
supposedly replaced boi.- now rests.
In three cases out of the twenty which
have been operated upon by the Hartielt
rr.arhlne and from which the cists have
been removed each of the little onts shows
tho most hopeful signs of a complete cure.
Ity means of the X-ray light it has i-en
shown that these hip bones replaced In po
sition bv the new machine have remained
In the socket, and the patient shows no
sign of the constitutional sheck Inflicted
by the operation, evidences of which have
been apparent In each one of the Lorenx
Is the new flaked wheat food which
is now attracting universal attention.
It is manufactured with the idea of
sorpsssiDg all other flaked wheat
food and is being sold at a manu
facturer's profit.
Osr enormous production enables
ns to do tins.
J& Tsx 8nstr fa- tts Grcsa fttUp.
sea ISeiad w .rEl Roa jtm a puxac,prep&U.
Jtd0reu mli comimmlggtleas to
EGG-O-SEE, Qnlncr. IU.
The new mechanical appliance lias done
all the work of replacing the dislocated
1 .'vt.c ntu.i ine .t.siig anu turning
which was necessary In the operations of
Doctor Lorenz.
The steady and unrelaxlng tension of
the machine has rendered unnecessary the
breaking down of the muscles on cither
side of the hip socket previous to re
placing the dislocated bone.
The machine Is constructed to so hold
the pelvis th.it the necessary lengthening
of the muscles, ligaments and tissues of
the leg can be accomplished without
wrenching any part of the body above the
hips, while at the same time the stretch
ing can be done mechanically and with
an absolute precision.
When thi crucial moment arrives the
little patient is etherized and placed in
the apparatus, which Is somewhat like a
nicely padded arm-chair, except the seat
resembles a bicycle saddle.
On cither side of the body are two cush
ions to be pressed against the hips. A
steel saddle is now adjusted over the
body ro that It may be kept in place. At
the sides of the machine, beginning at the
hip and extending below tbe feet, are long
steel rods, which may be swung In any
direction upon a pivot.
The leg upon which the operation is to
be performed is so securely fastened to
tbe rod beside it that It Is absolutely im
movable of itself and can only be moved
as the rod moves.
When the leg has been thus firmly tied
the rod and the leg are swung In such a
manner that a strong, steady tension Is
BARRIOS DIAMONDS with so-called Rhinestones, Gophir,
Montana, Sumatra, Brazilian, Parisian, Alaskan or in fact with
any other imitation Diamonds, regardless of what the name may
be. Barrios Diamonds are the only stones that have ever been
discovered that cannot be detected from the diamond. All others
are simply manufactured from chemicals.
tnrfi ZJLrrl
See the greatest, grandest, most gorgeous display of seml-precious stones
ever shown in this city. Come see the only perfect imitation of genuine
diamonds ever discovered. Come see the imitations that fool money
lenders, diamond experts and Jewel connoisseurs the world over. Come
see them yourself. You have heard of them and read of them, but prob
ably never took the trouble to investigate. Just to satisfy your curiosity,
if tor nothing else, come and see how utterly impossible it is to tell the
difference between Barrios Diamonds and real firstwatcr stones. Barrios
Diamonds are the only imitations ever discovered that will retain their
brilliancy forever. They have the brilliant flash of the perfectly white old
mine stones and the deep rich colors of the most costly gems. Drop them
in water or apply the rigid scientific tests that have been devised from
time to time and you will be amazed to note that they are beyond the pos
sibility of detection. Come and see these wonderful Barrios Diamonds,
set in a bewildering variety of beautiful and magnificent styles and
designs, in Brooches, Rings. Earrings, Studs, Cuff Buttons, Sunbursts,
Tiaras and Scarf Pins that seem to be worth from $50 to $750 and are
actually worth $6.00 to $10.00.
Our Special Prices During This Special Sale
,a'Hirffiai'T Wn'am
t No Ml '! N".. :? i1 N.. SJ2
likStiL : Jill ': --
!; Ensravrd Ring.
if- n.-k I1 Belcher R.inj. . . .
( KlOl broCCh. , Pearl. Amethyst
i Har.dMimi. c x o, u i- .- ..
I A dainty design, cop- ' I : I y .ngraied. or bappnlre cn-
led from a clas-.c .; JjW- I""' . i tor. Ilea 1 1 fu I
found in Athens. Beau- ! klmM pure white and
i tlfullv engraved, with ? guarantee! to retain ( sparkling outside
( a sparkling. Hashing ? Its brilliancy Torev- C stones. A bcauti-
-rtone In the center. I r. Mountings guar- C f ring that
J Cannot be told fn.m C antee.1 for v.ar. J should lie worth
S original brooch costing b ' -;nti"t In- dilin- J r.tbast
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Cluster ;! "w j i
Screw Earrins's. Gold Tracer' !' Wtr, rt J
Brooch. (H1?' 1
Screw Earrings.
The latest and most popu
lar design In Earrings this
season. Two magnitlcwitly
brlll.ant pure white stones,
perfectly matched set In
extra heavy tilled gold.
You positively cannot dis
tinguish them from the
Screw Earrins's.
A circle of beautifully
white, perfectly brilliant
stones.flashlng ami spark
ling around a Ruby. Emer
ald cr Turquoise opal cen
ter. Exact duplicates of
genuine Jewels costing
(173.0.'. You cannot tell
t:nse from the f r
rme of the handsomest
iml daintiest brooches
ever deslgneil. Rur
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wear for 15 years. Set
with seven magntll-
nr.iiy heautltui stone.
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cently beaiiiirul. pure white
and brilliant Mnes Heavy
eoII-rilkii mountings, war
ranted to wear for twenty
years. Actual
worth ) or Sli
fur price
No. S15.
Cluster Ring.
An exact copy or
ring cosUng I1S5.
Emerald. Ruby or
Turquoise Opal
centers. A mag
nificent Jewel,
warranted for 12
years. r I r
Hoop Rinif.
A dainty and popu
lar design FKe even
l matched a n .!
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stones, mounted by
hand in txquislbdy
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Our Guarantee
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No. i
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Belcher Ring.
Hamlmde. ex
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ings guaranteed
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Flat Belcher
A ring that seems
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Ire. Set c.l'h
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stone. The most
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ring of the
price .
exerted upon the misplaced bone which is
to be drawn down Into the socket
Slowly and evenly as the rod moves the
tension Increases and little by little the
bone Is drawn down to a level with the
cun In which it should have grown.
The mechanical effect of this motion Is
exactly like that of pulling a nail out of
a board with a claw-hammer. The dis
located bone takes the place of the nail
and the rod to which the leg is fastened
acts as the hammer might.
At the same time, with this downward
pull, arotfaer force, a lateral puh. forcing
the bone In toward the opening ot the
socket. Is exerted by an eccentric revolv
ing upon a pin. and which Is guided by a
lever of the machine.
By means of this eccentric, tho head of
the thigh bone, which is being drawn
downward by the lever, is pressed in to
ward the hip bone until It is fitted into
tho Joint as firmly as posxihle.
The operation, by this nvthod. Is over
In so short a space of time that the spec
tator has bar ly time to realize that It
has been begun.
The leg, after It- readjustment, is
ilaced l.i a plaster cast until the bone
as grown Inf. IU proper po.-itlon, when
the cast is removed and the paUent is
pronounced well
One of the rcmarkitle features of this
new Invention is that It was the Idea of
a man who. until within a short time
previous to the coming of Doctor Loreni
to this city, had never considered himself
In the possible light of an Inventor.
By the arrival of the great surgeon and
because of the aWictlon of his own child.
Sir. Bartlett was spurred on to attempt
a contrivance which sbouU da away with
the necessity of sending across the water
f r a renowned surgeon.
He acquired a complete knowledge of
anatomy. He began his experiments at the
hnnlrnl where everv assistance
fonieil h!m. Since the first operation
hi tit invrntl. n. Sir Uart!elt has b--1
pr"i-"f av! e -ptilnt' nded all. with tho
ex- prion of cne or tun cayes
Improve!- Trntn Service
Via Cottn Ee k R u for Southeast Mis
souri. Arkr.sns and T-xis. Two trains
daily, thr igh without change. leaving"
8J: a. m. and 9 p m. Ticket otnee. Sua
Olive street and Union SUtlon.
, ... in ..n,.

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