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The attention or the whole country
now directed toward Mar land, where
Senator Gorman ha thrown down the
gauntlet to President Roosevelt to fight
out the campaign on the negro question.
The St. 1juIs Dairymen's Club preiarea
new milk hill.
Henry Teepe dies at the City Hopltal
of hydrophobia.
A bazaar I- to be Riven for the bene
fit of St. Ann's Foundling Aylum.
John Demp-ey mistakes neighbor's house
for his on and Is in tum mistaken for a
The Reverend L. G. Nollau of Louisville
is installed as pastor of St. Jacob's Evan
gelical Church.
James CahilU a motorman. fall from
his car while it it in motion, and is
picked up dead.
"Gambling Squad" And new Rambling
came and make twenty-two arrests.
The St. Ixniis racing season will end
with the Final Stake, next Saturday.
Circuit Attorney Folk departs for Co
lumbia, where he will lecture to the uni
versity students.
Aged woman tries to hang herself ltj
police station celL
James L Blair's nhyslcians believe that
he has safel passed the crisis, and soon
will reKaln his strength.
Charles Sueme marries girl of his choice
despite father's threat to disinherit him.
Cole Younger Is in St, Louis on a new
President of Jamestown Exposition mar
ries St. Louis woman.
Tammany backers have forced the odds
on the New York mayoralty election to
even money. John R. Consldlne has bet
110.000 on McClellan.
The International Longshoremen's In
Jon. which declared a strike Saturday at
Galveston. Tex., has declared the strike
An Indiana, man kills his two little eon.
President Roneavelt delivered an ad
dress on "Intelligent Service to God and
to the State" at an open-air xnlsaloDary
meeting. His discourse resembled a ser
mon. A collection of axes, arrow heads colts
and ceremonial stones, supposed to have
been used by the mound builders, are im
srthed In Montgomery County, Indiana.
Harry Hawes. who was taken seriously
111 at Hannibal Saturday, was much Im
proved last night and his physician ex
pects him to be out in a Tew cays.
Louis Rodel Is killed and William Leber
and Henry Johnson are Injured In a street
car accident.
Circuit Attorney Folk accepts the ftrrt
tatlon to address the Folk dubs of the
Lead Belt at Flat River. Saturday even
ing. D. ZS. Parry Is actively engaged In pro
moting' a federation of employers as a
check to trades union movement.
Plans are all settled for the establish
ment of the new Independent pocking
company, wWch probably wilt be In oper
ation In Kansas City. Pueblo or Denver
within a year.
Lieutenant Peary proposes an American
syndicate to discover the North Pole. He
says the country baa spent over S2.000.W0
In the International yacht races, while
greater glory would attend a successful
Arctic expedition.
B. N. Roller, master of trains at Liv
ingston. Ky., is shot to death by Master
Mechanic A. N. Bentley In a quarrel over
Negroes arouse the Ire or the people at
Kansas City by their conduct at a mili
tary funeral, charging women with Bwords
and ordering them back on the sidewalk.
Five persons are injured, two seriously.
In a collision between a trolley car and
a wagon at Kansas City.
An electric car ran away at Joliet, I1L,
killing a youth and wrecking a. house Into
which it dashed after Jumping the track.
Yellow-fever conditions greatly Improve
at Laredo. Tex. Only one death and
twelve new cases were reported Sunday.
Professor Penny of Washburn College
renews his attack on church hymnals con
taining rag-time music, classing them
with "Yankee Doodle."
Winners at the Fair Grounds races this
afternoon should be: Lady Thistle. Will
Shelly, Woodson. Bridge. Giennevls and
Pierce P.
Victory by Lombard was a surple to
local football followers.
Boyce and Orthweln divided swimming
honors at the Missouri Athletic Club.
Johnny Regan is anxious for another
match with Neil or Abe Atlell.
Chicago won from St. Louis at lacrosse.
It Is reported In Constantinople that
Lufti Pasha, Military Governor of the
Province of Axir. has committed suicide
in despair because the Government re
fused to send troops to put down an up
rising after he had made repeated re
quests. Troops are now o the way.
An appeal for relief funds for destitute
Macedonians will be made in the United
Mnrlne Intelligence.
New York, Oct. Si. Arrived: Arabic.
Liverpool and Queenstown; California,
Leghorn and Naples.
Naples. Oct. 25. Arrived: Vancouver,
Boston, via St. Michaels for Genoa.
Moi-llle. Oct, 25. Arrived: Steamers Co
lumbia. New York for Glasgow: Parisian.
Montreal and Quebec, for IJverpool (and
both proceeded).
Glasgow. Oct. 25. Arrived: Sardinian,
Southampton. Oct. 23. Arrived: Steamer
Finland. Antwerp for New York (steering
sear disabled; will- proceed when repairs
are effected).
Glasgow. Oct. 21. Sailed: Corinthian,
Montreal, passed Inisthahull.
Boulogne-sur-Mcr. Oct. 27. Sailed:
Steamer Rotterdam (from Rotterdam).
New York, and passed Beachy Head.
Queenstown, Oct 25. 11:S a. m. Sailed:
Steamer Etrurla. from IJverpool, New
Southampton. Oct. 23. 6:33 p. m. Sailed:
Steamers Moltke. from Hamburg. New
York via Cherbourg 930: Friederich der
Grosse. from Bremrn. New York.
London, Oct. 23. Arrived: Keemun, Ta
coma, via Hogia. Hong-Kong. Manila,
Singapore. Colombo and Marseilles.
Financier and Traction Magnate
in Critical Condition.
Philadelphia, Oct. 2S. William L. Eikins.
the financier and traction magnate. Is dy
ing. Mr. Elkins's leg was amputated to-night
and shortly after midnight he began to
Mr. Eikins has been suffering frfom a
complication of aliments which haie been
gradually sapping his life away. Gangrene
is the most serious of these. It havicg been
caused by Inflammation which resulted
from an abrasion of a corn due.4o a tight
shoe. Rheumatism, rheumatic gout and
kidney trouble added to th affliction.
Arrested for Klllliir Dost.
The killing of a dog. iiAued at J100, is
the charge on which HensV KTOfstadt of
No. 3MS McRee avenue, yesterday 'evening,
caused the arrest of his neighbor, Henry
Rosses, a florist, of No. 16JS South Spring
avenue. Rosses was arrested by Patrol
man Hunt of the Seventh District, arid Is
held to answer charges of cruelty to ani
mals and discharging firearms In the .city
Lieutenant I'eary Propo.-es an
American Syndicate to 3Iake
Another Dash North.
America lias Spent Over Two
.Millions in Yacht Knees, hut
Hreaier Glory Would
Attend Expedition.
The ltepublla ButciO.
Uth St. and Pennfylvanl Ave.
Washington. Oct. 23. Robert E. Peary,
in an address to the members of the Na
tional Geographic Society last night, put
forward his polar expedition In the shape
of a national sporting proposition. He
hopes to organlzs among loyal and pa
triot lo citizens a syndicate to "lift" the
North Pole.
TbU Ix the way he appealed to his hear
ers: "On my plan and with my methods an
expedition, which. In all probability, would
reach the pole, can be fitted out for two
years at a cost of 9150.000. The only ex
pensive Item In that outfit will be a pow
erful ship, which shall push me to the
northern shore of Grant Land.
'There are hundreds of men la this coun
try to-day who could defray the expenses
of an expedition and never feel It: thou
sands who could defray a tenth, hundreds
of thousands who could defray a hun
dredth. "We have spent and ore spendlne hun
dreds of thousands of dollars for an Idea
or a principle. Take a single example the
International yacht race cost the American
side alone was In the neighborhood of
000,000, and that It cost us to defend the
cup In the last five years some J1200.09X
"For less than one-fourth of the fcrmer
sum. less than one-tenth of the latter, we
can get the pole. And how do the races
comparer The races for the America's
Cup have been In progress for tens of
years between two nations; the race for
the pole hundreds of years between prac
tically all the nations of the civilized
"The syndicate that lifts the pole will
have no successor and can never be
beaten. The winning of the yacht race is
a matter of to-day: the winning of the
pole Is for all time.
"Is It worth while? Certainly It is worth
while. As a matter of tho Valuable ad
ditions to geography and science. It Is
worth while. The head of the Smith
Sound Route is the one point from which
can be reached and welded the links still
lacking to make of arctic exploration a
finished Job.
"As a matter of prestige it is worth
while. Abruxzi's expedition, costing J2C0.
000. was worth many times Its cost to
Italy In increased prestige. Abruzzl drove
home to the civilized world the fiber of
which Italians are made.
"Nansen's expedition, fitted out by his
King, his Parliament and wealth- private
citizens. Impressed the world with the ma
terial which makes up the descendants of
the Vikings."
Mr. Peary's lecture was illustrated and
he gave on account of the methods he
purposes to employ. He corrected a fale
Impression that the Peary Arctic Club was
defraying the expenses of the expedition.
He Is dependent for the most part on the
Interest and the assistance of private In
dividuals. The Government contributes
nothing save a three years' leave of ab
sence for Mr. Peary himself.
Xew York Shows I.lttle Interest in
tbr Movement Denies Story
Abont Wife Wkud Fnndi.
New York. Oct. 23. It was a new Dowie,
chastened, reserved and apologetic, who
addressed the meeting of the Zlon Resto
ration Host in Madison Square Garden this
afternoon. It was clearly made evident
that Dowle. as a mere dispenser of the
gospel, is unattractive and uninteresting
to a New York audience. The Garden was
half filled, and this was sadly commented
on by the apostle.
When, at the close of the processional,
about 1.000 visitors left the hall. Dowle
arose. He did not display anger or call
the deserters names, as he did last week,
but in a tone of sadness he said:
"I hae no wish to detain a single per
son in this auditorium who does not wish
to remMn during the rest of th sertire.
I Intend to speak until about i o'clock
and I shall esteem it a faior not merely
to mysvlf. but to all In this building. If
you klrdly retain your seats."
Dowie thn delivered his address, which
vas on 'The Man of Sin Revealed and
the Falling Away; or. The Roman Papacy
and the Denominational Apostasy."
Dowle's remarks were trite and com
monplace. They did not seem to awaken
any interest In the audience, and be was
not Interrupted once.
Even in his discourse Dowie seemed
careful not to grie offense. He quoted
Cardinal Manning on the dogma of papal
infallibility, said all denominations were
decajing and laid this evil at the door of
To show the extent of Masonic Influ
ences." said Dowle. "there was a minis
ter here the other night who had written
an article for publication about me. It was
rather favorable and already In type. But
when he heard me attack the Masons he
went out and rewrote the article into a
long tirade, abusing me."
At to-night's meeting hundreds of seats
were uncccupled. An admission by "Eli
jah" from the stage was that his early
morning "sacrifice of praise and prajer"
meetings hava not been a success, and he
has decided to breakfast at C:50 and have
the first meeting at SiX.
It was then announced by the prophet
that he would hold a brief discourse on
the subject of good and evil. After listen
ing for about ten minutes, the audience
began to yawn. Noticing the lukewarm
Interest displayed. Dowie shouted: "I'm
not afraid of tho devlL I believe the devil
Is getting old and foolish. To-morrow I
am going to get out my whip and lash
the yellow curs for the lies they've been
Dowie's anger was aroused by reports
from Boston that Mrs. Dowle had called
for England with a treasure chest, con
taining securities estimated to amount to
j7.Ot).O0O. He said the story was absolute
ly untrue: that Mrs. Dowle had taken
no steel chest with her, and he reviled
the newspapers for publishing the story.
Itching, blind, bleeding or protrudics piles.
Your druggist will refund monev If Pizo
Ointment falls to cure In 6 to 1 dais. Wo.
Departs for Columbia, Where lie
Will Speak on -'Civic
Declare That St. Joseph Meeting
Was the Most Spontaneous
Outburst of Keal Feel-
Tins ear.
Circuit Attorney Kolk. Congressman
Vandivrr and others of the party that
went to St. Josph to attend the opening
of the Folk campaign for Governor, re
turned on the Burlington last night.
Mr. Folk will go to Columbia this morn
ing and deliver a lecture to-night before
the students of the Mlssrurl University on
"Civic Character"
Politicians who were present at the St,
Joseph meeting and who have attended
the other political gatherings of the year
agree that the occasion could not have
been Improved from any point of view.
That the- audience was the most enthu
siastic of nnv of this year's meetings can
not be disputed. It wus an enthusiasm
that was in no sense forced by the or
dinary method of uttnc "rooters" or Im
porting friends ho bold orfice.
The Tootle Opera-house, where the
meeting was held. Is the largest In St.
Joseph. It has a balcony and two gal
leries. They, with the parquet and the
stage, were filled and people wre standing
at the rear of the seats. Manager Phllley
of the Optra-house estimated the attend
ance. Inside the theater, at 3J0U.
Nearly as many were turned away when
the doom were closed by the manage
ment, owing to the fear of overcrowding.
When Mr. Folk drove to the front of the
building, shortly before S o'clock, the street
was filled with men and women who
wished to hear him.
Congressman Vandlver. whose five-mln-i
te speech following that of Folk, aroused
so much enthusiasm, said jesterday that
any man could talk to such an audience.
"It was the most representative crowd of
Democrats that I have seen. There were
men from every part of the northwestern
section of the State. They were Intelli
gent and alive to the significance of tbe
"I came from the southeast part of the
State to the section farthest ana). I
thought that the people there mould like
to know how we felt about the guberna
torial situation: that we believed in South
east Missouri that if the Democratic party
Intended to hate a platform denouncing
boodlers and hoodling without having Folk
to stand on that platform, a grievous mis
take would be made.
"The reception which my message re
ceived was sufficient to Indicate that the
Democrats of Northwest Missouri believe
as we do in the Fourteenth District."
Speaker Whltecotton came back on the
train. He was one of the most enthusi
astic cheerers at the meeting.
"It was the first time that 1 had felt like
yelling for the last twenty years," he ex
plained. The occasion and the speech
simply made me let out my feelings in
a way that could not be misunderstood."
On the way back to St. I-ouIs tbe fireman
of the train got off the engine and went
back to meet Mr. Folk. ,
"V.'e boys have read your speech." he
remarked. "It is the sort of Democracy
that we like. You may depend upon us."
St. Joseph i. to ail appearances, for
Folk for Governor, though some of the
older practical politicians ore fighting
"If a primary were held now." said one
of the best-posted men in Buchanan Coun
ty, but who Is for another candidate for
Governor. "Mr. Folk would undoubtedly
win. V.'e are expecting tliat the pn-sent
rnthuslas-n will die down. If It does not.
then we lose."
Some comment on the fact that the can
didacy of A. M. 'Woodson for the Supreme
Court will prevent instructions for Gov
ernor. A friend of Folk said:
"The Judicial Convention Is entirely
separate from the State Convention. There
are no tradVs that could be affected by
the fact that Woodson Is a candidate for
the Supreme Court. Instructions for the
delegates to the Slate Convention will be
asked, and we think that the County Com
mittee Is fair enough to grant the re
Folk Accepts Invitation for Next
Saturday Evening.
Flat River. Mo., Oct. X. Joseph W. Folk
has accepted the Invitation of the Folk
Democratic clubs of the St. Francis Coun
ty lend belt, to deliver an address here
next Saturday evening at 7:20 o'clock.
Big preparations are being made for the
reception of the St, Louis Circuit Attorney.
A huge tent win be erecten. In which th
speaking will take place. Reception com
mittees have been appointed from every
town In the county.
3lr. anil Mrs. Frederick Crmla ami
Miss C. Roberts Have n Thrill.
Inc Hide.
Powerless to stop an automobile of
which he had lost control. Frederick Cen
da. with his wife and Miss C Roberts,
had a thrilling ride along South Grand
avenue yesterday evening about 5 o'clock.
The machine, after running at full speed
for several blocks, struck the curb In front
of No. 2M3 South Grand avenue, and was
The occupants of the vehicle were
thrown to the street, tut escaped with
only slight Injuries. Miss Roberts suffered
a scalp wound, and Mrs. Cenda a nervous
shock. Mr. Cenda was bruised. Doctor
Shattlngr attended them.
Mr. Cenda was driving the automobile
southward. When at Magnolia avenue the
machine got bevond control. The street
was crowded with horses and vehicle,
and Mr. Cenda could only try to steer his
machine clear of collisions. In an effort
to avoid a buggy at Victor street, the au
tomobile was run against the curb.
Aftefr the accident Mr. Cenda and his
wife went to their home. No. 1714 South
Twelfth street. Miss Roberts lives at No.
2712 Howard street.
r.elieved lMngue Will Be Wiped
Out Soon.
Laredo. Tex.. Oct. 25. Yellow fever con
ditions have so greatly Improved that
there Is no longer any doubt but that In
a short time the disease will have been
entirely stamped out. and that business,
which has suffered greatly from the pres
ence of the disease, will assume its nor
mal aspect. ThJ official bulletin Issued at
tbe State Health Department's headquar
ters to-night shows the following for the
past twenty-four hours: New cases. 12:
dcthr, 1; total cases to date. SI; total
deaths to date, li.
Rich and Beautiful Novelties for the Great
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Russia Suddenly Awakens to the
Fact, and Begins Purchas
ing Fuel.
Seven Trainloads of Russian
Troops Moving Toward the
Frontier Relieved Czar
Will Not Recede.
si'rciai. nv rAHi.n to the xkw tork
London. Monday. Oct. IS. (Copyrlcht,
1901). Several more large steamers have
been chirtereil for Port Arthur or Vladi
vostok. The Russian Government appears to
hare suddenly awakened to the fact that
Japan li Kecurinfc all the available coal
rnd eirir steamers In which to carry It
and chartering agent.i In consequence ap
pear to have received Instructions to en
sage all the earlr steamers they can get
at 3 shillings 6 pence to Port Arthur or
M shillings to Vladivostok.
According to dispatches received In Lon
don this mornlnc the situation remains
unchanged. It certainly has not Improved
nor. according to the Dally Mall's Nljnl
JJovsorod corre.pondent. can It Improve
as long as Iluysian military opinion In
sists upon Russian predominance In Ko
rea. This correspondent. In the course of con
versaUon with a Russian military officer
in high command, whose claim to speak
with authority Is based on exceptional
knowledge of the general condiUons pre
vailing In the far East, particularly dur
ing the last three year?, says:
The Idea of a permanent Japanese oc
cunation of any portion of the far East
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mainland Is absolutely ridiculed as un
tenable. "My Informant Bays the Russian gives
full credit to the intensity of Japanese
national feeling on tho score of Korea.
He admits that tho question of an exten
sion of Japan's cramped island boundaries
Is fast becominr If, Indeed. It has not al
ready become one of life or death to her
Imperial development, and acquiesces In
the view that, should Japan, -whether as
a result of diplomatic negotiaUons or of
appeal to armed force, now lose aU chance
of galnng a permanent foothold In Korea,
her role as a dominant Power In tho Pa
cine Is at an end. But he Insists on the
Indissoluble nature of the ties which bind
the ultimate fates, both of Manchuria and
Korea, with the fate of Russian political
ascendency and economic development In
the far East,"
Telegraphing from St. Petersburg ye1
terday, the Dally Telegraph's correspond
ent seys:
"Owing to the apprehension which has
been frequently expressed that England
and the United States at present en
courage, and may later on actually up
hold. Japan In her quarrel with Itussia.
public opinion here has become openly
hoUIe to both English-speaking Powers,
and a characteristic form In which this
bitterness displays itself Is afforded by a
leading article In the Novoe Vremya on
the Alaskan award. In which expression
In given to the opinion and even the
hope that Canida will now sever the ties
connecting her with Great Britain."
SL Petersburg. Oct, Zx-Unlted States
Commercial Agent M. M. Langhorne Is at
present here on his wny back to America
from Port Dalny. the new port on the
eastern shore of IJao-Tung Tenlnsula.
about twentv miles from Port Arthur. He
says that on the railroad trip from Port
Dalny he counted seven trains bearing
Russian soldiers going east.
Military Governor of Azir Ap
peals in Vain for Troops.
Constantinople. Oct S. It 1 reported
here that Louftl Pasha. Military Gov
ernor of tbe Province of Axir. on the Red
Sea and adjoining Yemen. Arabia, com
mitted suicide In despair because the Gov
ernment at Constantinople Ignored his re
peated demands for re-tnforcements.
This refusal to send aid was followed
by a general uprising in Axlr In which the
Governor of the Province was killed and
a battalion of troops cut up. Re-enforce-mtnU
are now being sent to Axir.
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Suits nnd Dress Suits in striking designs for afternoon func
tion. The coats are very attractive in their original design-5, fiotti :M
short-shaped coat with new buckle lap collar to the new skirtci
coat with a decided flare.
?I5.W Suits $30.00 40.00 Ct ."527.50
$o3.00 Suits $37.50 $.!0.(0 Coats $35.00
JG7.50 Suits.... $45.00 00.1 ) Con Is 340.00
Others up to.... $65.00 Others up to $50.00
The most popular styles in
Beaver, Mohair and IMusli Lap
KoIhjs, in medium and heavy
weights; Cloth Robes-in black,
dark blue, dark green and tan
Mohair and riush Itobes in
staple and fancy colors
Prices range from. $3.50 to $20.00
"hoiHands of yards of beauti
ful fancy Klbbons found so
useful as the holidays ap
proach for the making of
'gifts wc coin spots Ribbons,
5 Inches wide oOc and S5c
'Dnsden Ribbons, 3 1-2 and 5
Inches wide C5c striped Taf-
jetas Ribbon. 5 Inches wide.
As a correct foundation for the
new costume and perfection of
style we recommend the "ra
rame.'' Many of our patrons affirm
that they have been fitted
again and again, but have nev
er found any to please as does
the "Parame'' made exclu
sively for us by one of the best
Paris makers. All are whale
bone filled and made in three
Fine White CouUl at $0.50
Fancy Striped Brocbe at. ..$15.00
White Silk Brocade at $16.50
Other customers desiring the closed
back Corset, so essential with
gowns of fine sheer fabrics, will
11 nd here several select models at
$15.00, $16.50 and $18.50
The Best - since im
In St. Lonis for Furpose of Recon
ciling Captain and Mrs.
Jack Jovce.
Cole Touncer arrived In S Tm,i. ....
terday morning from his old home at Lees
aumimi. jio. lie is stopping at the New
SL James Hotel.
He Is here on a mission different from
any he has ever been on, and he has been
sent on many desperate missions In his
life, he says.
This mission Is not as the ones of old.
when Tounger and bis band terrorized the
country. It Is one -which K. h ..-.
connected with It.
He Is In St. Louis to search for tbe wife
of Captain Jack Joyce. Joyce was a. cow
boy with the Tounger & James show be
fore It disbanded, and Joyce was a close
friend of Tounger"s.
Joyce and his wife serumi . .i-
ago. She left the show, and for a long
time nothing was known of her where
abouts. Several days ago It was learned that
Always : Peagraher tAe Fun Name
a aaanve Rromo Qumme
Can aCcM IaOsoDay, Crlpia 3 Dy
Horse Show.
Horse Show
Beautiful Hats, specially i
feigned for the Horse Show
rich and dainty in color tones,
most effective shapes, brought
to a high degree of style by the
artistic arrangement of beau
tiful trimmings.
Kxcluslve creations for this extreme
function at moderate prices. Jj
Imported direct from Dublin
and just in time for the Horse
Show are new shapes and
styles in Real Irish Crochet
Collars and Capes capes witli
or without stoles
$7.50 to $65.00
Beautiful assortment of lace collars,
Jabots and stocks, dainty and pret
ty styles, conflned to us for St.
Louis 50c to $25.00.
Late styles In silk stocks, in black,
black and white; also evenln&r,
shades; very large collection 7
50c to $5.0pl
For the Horse Show last ship
ments are here of Gloves made
specially for equestrian and
driving service.
Women's Military Gauntlet Gloves,
with soft cuffs, for riding and driv
ing wear $1.50 and $2.75
Women's large single pearl buttou
P. X. M. Cape Gloves, white with
black, and black with white stitch
ing; also buS and tan colors,
$1.50 and $2.00
Fowncs Grip Gloves, with corru
gated palms a. pair.. $2.25
Full assortment of heavy Chamois
f?lnvfi for women 7Kn
Of the fine light-weight even-Jil
ing ana street giovea our as
sortments include the best
Long lengths $1.50 to $3.00
Short lengths $1.00 to $2.00
Both Phones, Wagons everywhere.
she was In St. Louis. Tounger has como
to search for her, and when he finds her
he hopes to effect a reconciliation between
her and her husband.
Tounger said yesterday that he was
done with the show business for the pres
ent. He said that a satisfactory settlement
had been made between the show- com
pany's backers. Frank James and him
self. Frank James, he said, is at present
on his farm In Clay County.
When asked what he Intended to do,
now that the show had disbandci
Tounger said: .B
"I have had several good oilers to go
Into the land business In the panhandle
of Texas. I have considered these offers,
and as soon as my mission in St. Louis
Is completed I will go to Texas to look
Into them."
Washington. Oct. 21 While weather
conditions are Improving and the ener
getic measures taken by the public health
and Marine Hospital Service are having
their effect, the yellow fever conditions in
Texas and on the Mexican border are a till
According to official reports, the fever
has been discovered In six different places
In Texas. One case has developed at Cou
ncil. Castrovllle and Hondo.
There have been KO cases at Laredo,
with thirty-six deaths: nlnety-elcbt cases
at Mlnera. with eight deaths, and thirteen
cases at San Antonio, with thrw deatHi.
since September 21. JU-
on every
fcoz, 35c

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