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- ,
V. II. LEB, President.
D. R. FRANCIS. Vice Pres't.
A. L. SHAPL1EGH. 2d Vice Pres't.
The Merchants-Laclede National Bank
Capital, -- .----..
Surplus and Undivided Profits, -
Correspondence or interviews invited from banks, indi
viduals and corporations desiring to change or enlarge pres
ent banking arrangements.
S. K. Cor. Fourth and Olive Streets. St. I.oulx, SIo.
CAPITAL, f l.OOO.OOO.OO. SURPLUS, $1, 000,000.00.
H. A. F0RMAN. Pres. EDWARD A. FAUST. Vice Pres. DAVID SOMMERS. 2d Vice Pres.
G. A. W. AUGST. Cashier. Van L. RUNYAN. Ass't Cashier.
Accounts Solicted on raiorable Terms.
Letters of Credit Available in All Paqts of the World. Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold.
"We underwrite meritorious enterprises. Over J2.000.000 back of each
Euaranteo furnished by us. Our proposition makes your securities
No. 543 Century Building, St. Louis, Mo.
I . -' ,
..Savings Accounts..
L, R. BLACKMER, President Blackmer
Post Pipe Co.
CHAS. R. BLAKE. President Sllgo Iron Store
H. S. CAULFTELD. Attorney of the Company.
E. IL COFFIN. Capitalist.
JA9. P. DAWSON ot Dawson & Garvin. At
torneys at Lair.
JOHN N. DRUMMOND. Capitalist.
WM. DUNCAN, President Ludlow-Saylor 'Wire
HENRY DUNCK2R. President Trorllcht.
Duncker & Renard Carpet Co.
GEO. F. DURANT. General Manager Bell Tel
ephone Co.
BEN EISEJIAN of Rice, Stlx & Co.
Capital, Surplus
W. K.
Government, Municipal, Railroad and Industrial Bonds
We request correspondence or personal interviews regarding our
high-grade list of investment offerings.
Stoelc Exchange Dalldlnu.
Telephones Bell, MataZTO; Klnloch,- A 335.
Wall Street Gossip.
nmrtii hv th New Tork Commercial Ad
vertiser through Francis. Bro. & Co.. No. 214
.North Fourth street.
I Foreign J-onnon ros.rs.ri. wc,o ji.uuc.... .
hmM trMIng changes. In this market the
arbitrage house, were both buyers ana s-iiers.
OUl DOUCni aDOUl iU.WF .niircj.
B. & U.
The 'principal selling m of
U. 8. Bteel shares.
Traction Blocks Then wa Mm. miyinr of
trallon .locks by room trailers, on the result
ef tho .lection, but apparently holders of lone
tack were waiting for precisely such a demon
stration to sell. The reBUlt was a reaction as
oon .. the traders percelxed this. In the
caS of . B.T,, however. It wa. dechu-ed
that a pool had been formed by capitalists In
wwltion to know th. intentlans of the Pennsyl
vania Railway in ronnectlon with the properly.
U B. jHeel-The fsalura of Hie trading was
he deeUne in U, 8, Steel reeuritis.. It
iart.d wlin the eats of 10.000 shares by J. it.
Grlesal. follewea ny saies m. , j, jibm.? o
SJ. end other eomml.s en house. It w.j
ffir? e 'reeSSTtpfannedby Weir'Sufln
Ktwr Informed c reles It was asserted that
company has been loslna business at a
ESte srniirfi'MsaSf tat
waV AtEWSn, The' adTOco was started by
JtS R'SKSS io toek all th. 8 slock, and
flil fer mer, T umt Jt looked as if the
GEO. E. HOFFMAN, Cashier,
n. T. STURGEON, Ass't Cashier.
D. A. PHILLIPS, 2d Ass't Cashier.
- 825,000.00
"All accounts opened on or before the 5th of the
month bear interest from the 1st of the manth."
This is a rule in our Savings Department, and idle
money, whether at home in bureau drawers or in
Safe Deposit Boxes, may be placed on deposit
TO-DAY and draw interest from November 1st.
dent St. Louis Brewing Association.
JULIUS C. GARRELL Treasurer of Uw Com-
CHAS. HAMILTON, Secretary of the Company.
GEO. w. LUBKE. of Lubke ft Muench. At
torneys at Lair.
J. H. AUG. METER, pres. Meyer Supply Co.
JOHN a ROBERTS. Vice President Roberts.
Johnson ft Rand Shoe Co. . .
A. O. RULE. Secretary srcCormlck-Kilxin-Rule
Real Estate Company.
J. WAGONER. Merchant.
W. B. WELLS, Vice President Third National
THOMAS WRIGHT. Capitalist.
A. A. B. WOERHEIDE. Pres. of the Company.
and Profits
Ssvanth and
entire movement was one by the traders. But
It was claimed that the accumulation of the
neck, which has uone on for some weeks
part, continues, and with it, the old rumors
of limine bv Kuhn, Lob & Co.. the Rock Is
land ani others. Harris. Gates & Co. were
moderate buyers.
Foreign Exchange.
Reported by Francis. Bro. & Co.. !H North
Fourth street.
. Pl"1? Eterllnc, cakles 4 S3: checks 4.80S
4.54S0: 60 rtavs 4.SL
.Commercial sterling, checks 4.E4g4.SlS: a
das IWiSl.Sni;. so days 4.79.
Grain bill' 4.S0ie-4.Sl: cotton bills 4 SO.
Bankers- lrls cables 5.18i,5j5.1tli03.18 1-18:
checks 5.18ig5.ISWG.18 1-15: 6) dare B W..
Commercial French francs, cheeks 6.1SSS6.19H
0.19 1-16: 60 days B.Z!ij.
Commercial Swiss francs, checks 5 3iff5:oi
r S!T!m'.J?',a!.ISI,rlan iranc check. 5.3),gi
Bankers' relehsmarks, caTles 94
checks 31 13-16ft'.- Co ,1a v. liu
Ommerclal rclehsmnrks. checks 94 11-US
S4V,: 60 days 94SM 8-': SO days 98
nankerr Dutch tullders. checks 40119) 8-16:
60 days 7 16-16.
Commercial Dutch Builders, check. 40 1-16;
60 days M J8-16.
Market almost unchanged: very little to
provunent yet noticeable.
Lorn! Money Market.
Transactions at the hRnka were In fair roi
ume. Discount ratst for call and time loans
Gild firm at 8'4 to pr oent.
Yc.terflay'. Bank Clearing;.,
Testerday'e elearlns;-hous statement .howed
clearlncs 83,059,194, balanaes 81.014,63).
Bar Silver.
New Terli Sev. 4, Sfr er MHo p ounee.
At London steady at t7H Per ounce,
Treiur' Htntoraent,
ten.'Nev, 4,r-4vIlaMe eash balane.
I gbid jlia.eai.iBM,
Jrew Yurie Cnrti Markat,
New Tortt, Not. 4Tradlna-on the enrb was;
Illht; but prices wero senerally steady.with
Ti American Exchange Bank
Broadway, Midway Olive and Pint Sfs.
Conducting its business along strictly commercial
lines, loaning money in moderate amounts to reputable
business houses for legitimate mercantile needs, has
daily added to its line of patrons, and to-day, with
total resources of over
Solicits accounts, promising that all business intrusted
to it will be treated with courtesy, promptness,
accuracy and liberality.
3 Interest Paid on Time Deposits,
WALKER HILL, President.
EPHRON GATLIN, Vice President.
Chestnut Sfs.
Northern Securities advanctnc to S9Vi on 500
shares. American Can common sold at 274 to
3U and back to Z: and the preferred at 28.
Standard Oil sold at 675 to 670. Mercantile
Marine common 414. preferred 18: Seaboard Air
Line common 14. preferred S1H and 22. Oth-r
sales were: United Box Board preferred 224,
Greene Copper 164 and Tennessee Copper Wn.
IVerr Tork Money Market.
New Tork, Nov. 4. Money on call steady at
Jtt44: closing- bid 2'4r ofTered at 3: time loan,
xery dull: 60 and 90 days 5ft54: 6 months 64
6 per cent. Prime mercantile paper 64B8. Ster
ling exchange firmer, with actual business in
bankers' bills at 4.84504.8455 for demand and
at 4 802504.81 for 60-day bills: poited rate. 4.S23
f4 83 and 4.855O4.60; commercial bills 4.S05.
Mexican dollars 454c. Government bonds easier;
railroad bonds Irregular.
Ronton. Mass.. Nor. 4. Closinr quotation, on
money, bonds, stocks and mlnlnir shares:
Call loans 884 per cent; time loan. E3
per cent.
Atchison 4s 994Mexlcan Central 4s ts
Atchlwn pfd 8i5
Boston H. Albany. .2(8
Boston & Maine. ..170
Boston Elcvated...iw
N. T.. N. II. & 11.
, 711
FHchbunr pfd ,
Union Pacific
iMexican Central...
American Sugar.... H.,'1
Amer. Suirar pfd.. .113
Dom. Iron & Steel. 8
General Electric. ..ISO
Mas.. Electric 154
Max. Electric pfd.
United Fruit
II. S. Steel
It. a Steel ,nfd
Westlnahouse com.
I MMHasHslMHMHissssssBBBilllllll
Adventure 4 Old Dominion 114
Allouex 44 Osceola 56',J
Amalgamated '3SH Parrot .-. 18
BhiKham '."H Qulncy 85
Cal. & Kecla..44094jO Santa Fe Copper... 2
Centennial 6R4 Tamarack 9",
Copper Range 46 Trinity 5'i
Daly-West ...J 37 United States 17
Dominion Coal 74 Utah 274
Franklin 8.. Victoria 2S
Isle Royale 6J Winona TS
Mohawk 36 Wolverine 66
Mlnlnar Stocka In New York.
New Tork. Nov. 4. Closinr quotations to-day
on mining stocks were as follows:
Adams Con
Little Chief
Potosl -.
Sierra Nevada..
Small Hopes....
. 14
. 10
. 5
. 2
... 8
,.. 15
... 15
... 31
... 15
Comstock Tunnel,
uon. uai. & ...
Horn Sliver.
Leadvllle Con.....
, Dome.tlc Exchange.
Reported by Whltaker & Co., exchange,
brokers. No. 500 North Fourth street:
Bid. Asked.
New Tork 75c dis 60c dls
Chicago, 0cdls 15c die t
Cincinnati lOcdla par
Lcultvllle - loc dls par
New Orleans .;; 10c dls par
L. A. BATTAILE, Cashier.
Rumors of Financial Troubles in
London Lack Verification
Bonds Are Heavy.
New York. Nov. 4. There waa a' sllsht
Increase of the rate of activity In tradinfr
in Mocks this morning- with some show of
strength, but neither lasted tho day out.
The, market had fallen back Into a pro
fessional rut by the afternoon, and the
level of prices was quite generally below
Monday's closing: In . few of the prom
inent stocks "the decline reached a point,
but the whole movement was trivial and
the market insignificant. The profession
als, who had the market to themselves,
bid up prices In the morning in- the hopo
that some outside demand would be at
tracted by the engagements of gold for
Import. Their Idea was that possibly buy
ing had been restrained on Monday owing
to the tendency of the holiday. The stacks
this morning under 'operations by profes
sional traders.Jho'. based their transac
tions on expectations of possible results of
yesterday's election.
The opening advance was in part
manlplatcd, as was shown by the free
selling to realize. The movement in these
stocks datea back to last week, when
there was a light accumulation based on
the coming election. A batch of fairly fa
voraBlo railroad earnings had some 'effect
in helping- the opening advance, 'but the
railroads were a minor feature In ths
market all day. Tho check to the ad
vance began in the United States Steel se
curities. Both the common and preferred
stocks sagged to within a small fraction
of the previous low record. The bonds also
weakened sharply and lost 2 points on the
early advance. The cause of the weak
ness and the source of selling .were not
very clear, but much of the selling was
attributed to London account and gave
rise to rumors of financial trouble in Lon
don, which were not verified.
The reported Intention of Iron manu
facturers to cut the price of pic;iron, still
further had a depressing effect In the iron
and steol group. It Is feared that such
a cut may be followed by such restriction
In the prices of finished shapes. Current
reports of conditions In the trade -were
very discouraging and new orders were
said to be at' the minimum.
The downward course of sterling ex
change was halted and the price of gold
was marked up In London. Money was
reported In good supply there, however,
leaving the question open ot an advance
In the bank rate to-morrow, which would
bo otherwise expected. The outgo ot cur
rency from here to the Interior continued
unabated, the total of il.lOO.OOO being made
of a 1700,000 shipment to New Orleans and
JiOO.OOO to Chicago. This Is without al
lowance for the lossTiy the banks to the
Subtreosury since Friday of $3,466,000. At
this rate of outgrowth further Import of
gold will bo looked to as an offset. The
announcement that one ot tho small trim
companies has decided to go Into liquida
tion was without effect" In the early mar
ket, and the disturbed conditions on the
Isthmus of Panama also seemed to be
ignored. The market closed dull and
early. ,
The early evidence of firmness in the
bond, market gave place to a heavy tone.
Total sales, par value. J2,635,O0O. United
States as and the old 4s declined U per
cent on the last call.
Bond Sale at Jfevr York.
New Tcrk. Nov. 4 Sales of bonds were made
here to-day as follons:
31,(00 A.. T. & S. F. gen. 4s 1004
67.000 B. & O. prior lien 34s 93 95'J
93.000 Do. 4s lWUKlUOb
70.000 Do. S W. dlv. 34s 83 0 884
6,000 Do. Pitts.. June. & Mid. div.
4s D3
5.000 r. ft A. 34s 7115
115,000 C, B. & Q. coll. N. T.-Gt. N.
Joint 4s 9l4fi34
33,000 C. R. I. & P. col. tr. 4s 104 6l34
6.000 Colo. F. & I. conv. 6s 71 704
22.000 Consol. Tob. 4. K5
1,000 Ft. W. & R. G. 4s 75
21,000 K. C So. 3s 664(31 66
1.010 Laclede Gas Co. 5s 1044
24,000 L. & N. unified 4s 9S
30,000 Mex. Cent. 1st inc 144
6.000 M.. K. Jt T. 1st 4s JSit
10,000 M. P. Trust 5s 105U8105
11.0O) N. i gen 8s 70U
45.O00DO. prior lien 4s 105tl024
107,000 Ore Short Line 4s ..1 3214 31'
5.000 Do. consol. 5s 1131;
15,000 St. U & I. M. gen. 5s Ill Jnoi
S4.O0O Do ref. 4s 82' KM
2,000 T.. SI. L. & W." 63
15.000 IT. 1 1st 40 102W31024
169.000 Da 1st conv. 4. 31H53
22,000 Wabash 1st 5s 114 1134
2,000 Do. 2d 5. 10C4
178,000 Do deb., series B 674 56
1.000 Wis. Cent. gen. 4s 9
Total sales. 82. 534.000.
Chicago Slock Market.
Reporttd by G. H. Walker & Co.. S07 North
Fourth street!
Biscuit 35 (2 33U
do. pm ss a 9su
Box 3 a 3
Do. pfd 214R 21V
Can 24 3
DOl Tlfd
... 274 2S
...16 0 18
... 88 C S3
!"l23 ai)
.5) 1? ..7
... 25 C0
...102 UWT4
do. pfd
Do. pfd .'.
Granite-Bi-Metallic Is the Strong
Spot of tbe Miscellaneous
There was .1 continued Improvement in
tho tone of local securities in yestenlaj's
market. Outside orders were on the In
crease and prices gcner.tlly were steady to
higher for the active issues.
Transit was taken at S14.37& and United
Railways preferred had support at JC1 and
$60.73. Tho 4 per cent bonds were offered
at $79 after pares at that figure.
Gr.inite-Bl-Mctallic, with a range from
Z2'nc to 60c, was the feature of the miscel
laneous group. Central Coal and Coke
opened at 5ju.M and closed at $33.
Closing quotations:
Bid. Asked.
St. Louis Tranilt $ 11.25 $ 14.50
United Itallnj! ofd W.50 bl.W
Do. pfd 7'l."
St. Louis 3.25k tm.(0 9ii.7.
Complon Heights 6" 107.50
Mo.-Edlson Electric Light 5s... 34.73 95.0)
St. Louis Brewery 6s. large 93.30
Do. 6. small M.'.OO l'JMO
National Cafldv Co. 1st pfd MM
Small Hopes Mlnlnj Co 174
Adams Mining Co 1.". .50
Granlte-lll-Mcialllo 574
Hope Mining Co 15 .25
Central Coal and Coke 55.00 53.124
10 St. Louis Transit nt $ 14"74
14 United l!ailnH.i pfd. at 61.CXI
m United Railas pfd. at 60.73
4.0TJ0 Unlled Railways 4s at 73.00
13 Central Coal ic Coke common at..' 55.5-1.
2) Central Coal a; 3oke common at.. 53.00
MO Granlte-Ul-Metallic at 524
4(o Granite-Ul-Metdlllc at W
500 Granltc-Bi-MclaJllc at 6
Nevr York Cnrb Stock..
Reported by G. II. Walker & Co.. 307 North
Fourth Mieel.
Close Bid Asked.
American Tin Can com 24 24
Do. pM 274 23
American Light and Traction com.... 50 w
Do. pfd SO SO
American Writing Paper com 24 34
Do. pfd 12 13,
Bav Slate Ga 4
Borden's Condensed Mltk com 113 118
Do. pfd 104 101
British Columbia Copper. 2i -
Con. Refrigerating and Ltg. Co 34 J'.ti
Electric Boat com 20 Ui
Do. pfd 44 47
Electric Vehicle com 44 54
Do. pfd 6 in
Greene Consolidated Copper 16 164
Uaana Commercial Co. com 20 25
Du. p. 34 12
Interhornugh Rapid Transit SB 92
International Mercantile Marine com. 4 44
Do. pfd 174 184
Manhattan Transit 14 '
Montreal nnd Boston Copper.
Marconi Wireless Telegraph 2 5
New Am. Gas 1st 5s (J. ft J.). 1318.. .105 106
New York Electric Vehicle Trans.... 44 3
Northern Securities 874 S84
Otis Elevator com 25 21
Do. pfd 70 W
Rojal Baking Powder pfd 37 38
Seaboard Air Line com 134 144
Do. ptd 214 ni
Standard Oil of N. J tU 671
St. I.ouls Transit Co. com 14 la
United Street Rs. of St. Louis pfd.. M 63
Tennessee Copper 30 31
Union Copper H '
United Copper 14 16
U. S. of Mexico 6s 100U 100,
White Knob Copper 104 ll'.a
Government Bonds.
New Tork. Nov. 4. Government bonds:
United States refunding 2s. registered 1074
Unlled States refunding 2'. coupon 1074
United State 3s. registered IO84
United States 3s, coupon 1084
United States new 43, registered JJii
United States new-4s, coupon 1344
United Mates old 4s. registered U14
United States old 4s, coupon 1114
United States 5s. registered 1W1U
United States 5s, coupon 1014
Ncrr York Stock Quotations.
St. Louis, Nov. 4. The following shows the
opening, highest, lowest and closing quotation,
tn Hie New York Mock Exchange to-day.
Corrected dally for The Republic by Francis,
Bro. At Co., bonds and stocks, 214 North Fourth
Stocks. Sales Open.HJgh.Low.Close.l'es.
Amai. Copper.... 17.41 34 334 384 344 3Sf4
Am. Car A Fdy. 1.6) 2itt 3). 13u l'J4 r)
Do. ptd 20 684 6S. 684 ' 64
Am. Cotton Oil.. 31 31 W4 30 Sift
Am. Ice l.VM Ti 7 64 W, s-s
Am Locomotive 200 14 14 W IV 134
Do. pfd. 3W 784 784 77 7 ....
Am. Smelt. .... 1.S0O 434 434 434 434 4J
Do. pfd 409 STh 81S ....
Am. Sugar 6.O1K) 116. 117 115s, 114 116,
Atchison 4S,5 67', 6S?4 67 7 6(4
Do. pfd ,300 204 204 M ? , 204
R. & o 2.!)0 76 .751, 7SH 754 7.4
B. R. T 23,8. 374 374 36 36 36,
Can. Pac LW 11 113 Witt 1184 1WU,
cent, of N. J " I551
C. & 0 1,500 304 304 304 !4 304
C. & A 2.0J0 284 2Sfc 28 28 ....
Do. Pfd 700 644 t44 64 61 ....
Chi. Great W... loo 15 15 15
C. M. & St. P. 11,800 1) 1144 1384 13S71 l.Bi
C N W 1,000 166 165 163 165 16a.
C.C..C. &St.L 300 73 73 ....
COU F. & I... 500 324 304 334 21'i ....
Col. S.. 600 134 134 11 13 134
DO. 2d 400 22S 22!, 224 224,224
Con. Gas 2.600 178 178 175 175 ITS
Corn Prod ; -'
Do. nfd - 300 76 16 ....
D. & ft. G 4
Erie' f.'.'h. .".'..'..'.' 3oio66 274 274 264 27" L274
Do. pfd l.ieo 434 504 434 495i 434
Gen. Elec 1.000 151 1524 151 .... 150
Hock. Val 100 724 W
111. Cent " Ul
Iowa Cent. 100 20 20
K C F &
Mi pM. .'..7.'.... 100 654 634 634
K. 6 S. pfd.... MO 30t 30 34
L & N.... 4.100 lill 4 102 1004 100-, 1014
Manhattnn Con. 2.301 12fi IJoJi 1354 1J54 li4
Met. Securities.. 1.7M 80 504 10 SO 734
Met. St. Ry 7.100 1)3 , 113 1104 HO'i 1104
Mex. Cent 400 3s 9J 34
MM.st:..l::.?::.!?: 5.4 , ....
M . K. & T 200 174 I"1 ;
Do. nfdT 400 364 364 S5H 354 35")
Mo Pac. 12.600 S2Jf, 32S 91V. 914 Sgi
N ?'. Central! 'iiioo 1194 1WH 1184 1184 li
N. Y 42. & St.L MO 254 gH "
N. Y.. O. & W. 1.300 2)4 3'i 204 204 20-
Norf.' & West.. 200 57?i 57?. KS 564 MS
l'ac Mall - 53
Pennsylvania ... 43.500 1214 1214 1204 1204 120"
plo7rlasof-Chl. 1.200 944 94V, 9J?i 334
1 1::.5:.. h
Press Steel Car. UOO 28 28 274 27 28
Reading ....:.... M00 43J4 44? 44t 464
Rep. Steel & I. 200 74 .... .... 75t ....
rtn ;,1 2,300 52 52 60 51 52
Rock Island .... 7.600 234 254 244 24-4 254
DO. pfd 1,200 W',i 604 584 584 534
K2d '...f...S.'.."' 500 47 47 46U 451i 46-4
Rt.U Sc S. W. pt 100 314 21h 314
So Pac 1.SO0 43 434 414 414 41
so' ny. ......... 2.4W 18'S 4 1'? I'll "
Tenn.. C. & 1... l.J 3 23-)J 28 23 23
Tex. Pn' (""O 24 21 234 234 24
T.. St. U & W. 100 174 174 jj..
union ppi'c."::::.' a: fiji a" m jiji hs
Do pfd 500 834 .... .... 8-4 ....
U. S. leather.. 1.200 S S 74 74 8
tTDs. ''liralVy.'.'.' "'bW V.i 51 '54 '54 '54
U s nwi.......!") n4 13'. 12". 12. in.
Do. pfd ." MS S: r'7, MU
Va Caro Ch... I! 204 204 23
Wabash ........ W "1? "!4 "'A "S "'4
Do. Pfd H.40O 34',i 344 33 334 34
tv Jt T F .. s
Western Union.. 301) f1 W M
Wis. Cenlral.... 800 164 164 18 16 16-;
Do pfd 300 354 34 3 55 254
Total sales. ttl.W.
The Metal Market..
New Tork. Nov. 4. An compared with the
closing prices of last Monday, spot tin nw
about 7s d lower In London, with spot closing
at 118 3s and futures at 119 5s. Locally there
was aim "r decline, spot closing at 23.73ig2Cc.
Coppt declined 12s 6d In London to 33 10s for
spot and 38 2s 6d for futures but remained
nulet here at 14c for lake. 13.77c for electro
lytic and 13 50c for casting. Lead was un
changed at 11 5s In London and at 4.50c In the
local market. Spelter was steadv locally at
6c, but advanced 2s 6d to 21 2s 6d In London.
Iron closed at 4Ss 3d In Glasgow and at 43s in
Middlesboro. Locally Iron was quiet: No. 1
foundry Northern is quoted at $1350316: No. 2
foundry Northern at- J14.75S15.23: No. 1 foundry
Southern and No. 1 foundry Southern soft at
Dry Good..
v.w TnrV Nov. 4. Market condition. !n dry
goods show little change as far as the volume
of huslness Is concerned. The feeling Is toward
a firmer market and manufacturers are disin
clined to accept r good many ot the offers
which they hac been willing to take during the
last few weeks.
Flax.eed Quotations.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 4. Flaxseed was steady
tn 1c lower: No. 1 Northwestern sold nt "(e,
closing bid. and No. 1 was 30c hid: Dec. 904c
bid. .Receipts were 5 cars here. 50 at Minneap
olis and 215 at Duluth.
Oil City. Pa.. Nov. 4 Credit balances S1.77:
certificates, no bid. Shipments 218,735; average
11.930; runs 112,240: average 56.120. Shipments
Lima 148.001: average 63,243. Runs Lima 73,621:
average 36.210.
Turpentine and Rosin.
'Savannah. Ga., Nov. 4. Turpentine firm: 56c.
Rosin steady A. B, C 82.30: E -$2.35; F $2.50:
G 82.55: 11 82.60: I 82.70; K $2.30; M $3: N
$3.30; W. G. $3.60rW. W. 14.10.
Drv fllnt-Butchcr (16 lbs. and unj at 14c: do.
light Mnder 16 lbs) at 124c; fallen at 13c: na
tive ana AniHiiw . j.u, latter on selection
a MlLr tnr N'O. 1 and 12!C for lN,o. s. d,. t
74c. Dry-salted 10811c. Green-saltcd round at
,c: 0.0. on Kiniwiu ob ,- mr 1x0. 1 ana
1 -Tny KlL 2. BtUlS Of UnCUred rll? TVl lh I...
part cured 4c less: cull. !c Horse hides
arm No. 1 at J2..5: Np. 2 at 11.75; ponies,
colts and blues at tl: all dry at 75c.
Wheat again took the downturn in yesterday's market. The volume of trading
showed little increase, but it yjemed for a time tii.it professional efforts to advance)
tho Jlay option would .- bucccssfui. There w.ts early talk of a spread, but later de
velopments did not bear. out the statement. Around noon the bulls ran up against a
snag In the shape of stop-lobs orders, some of which were said to be for the account
of a prominent trader. This threw 11 lot of long stuff on the market and the initial
strength of the Slay option was never recocred. Local and primary receipts were
fairly large and foreign mnrkct. nftcr opening with some show of strength, closed
on tho downturn. Weather condition.'; were favorable and there was not much of an
export demand. Cash prices continued weak and draggy. The almost total lack of
outside speculative Interest was one of tho most depressing factors.
Corn scored slight advances, mainly because of unfavorable weather reports and
light offerings. Excessive rains fell In many sections of the belt. Local receipts were
moderate, but tho amount In at primary points was greater than for two days last
5 ear. Cables closed at an advance.
Slay wheat opened .Ufic off and closed 7Jc off.
Slay corn opened He up and closed '.ic up. 1'
Slay oats closed Isfi'.Jc up. ,
Receipts of produce were moderate and prices of fruits and vegetables were steady.
Local securities were fairly actic an.l generally firm. Tractions and mining stocks
had support.
Yesterday's bank clearings were $8,030,131, balances $1,011,633. Discount rates were
steady between 3U and B per cent.
Spot cotton was Uc higher in the local market.
TrMiliiij Is Narrow and in the
Hands of Professionals
and Scalpers.
After showing early strength, the local
wheat market again cased off and closed
weak. Corn was slightly higher. There
was good early buying ot Slay by profes
sionals, but later the lack of outside sup
port and the generally bearish tone of the
market caused a break, which was fur
thered by selling on stop-loss orders which,
it was said, hnd been placed by some of
the big local operators. Receipts were
large and foreign markets were easy,
though clearances were fairly large, the
New York figures being for two dajs.
Rradstrect reports the available supply
of wheat east ot the Rockies for the past
week at 1,819,000 bu. Increase, but stocks
In and afloat for Europe decreased l.iOO.OOO
bu., making the world's visible supply In
crease only 519.W0 bu., against an increase
of 4,128,000 bu. a week ago and 3,505,000 bu.
increase in 130.;.
Slay wheat opened Uc off and sold at:
euUUWUc. to'.c, fc04c sue, koii'iiSOUc. S04c.
S04C u-c. MUu80vic s04c, Msc, 5u4SS04c,
Wi4C, 8'J4c S'JC ,3;e. 73ic. 'iic.
Corn was again dull, but there was
em,ugn buying un the wet weather to
worK slight uutances in botn of the active
options. Receipts were lignt and cables
came higher.
Uradstreei's report the available supply
of corn east of tne Rockies for the past
week at 374.U0O bu. decrease, against a de
crease of liJiOOO bu. a week ago and an in
crease of 45,Oou bu. In 1902.
Slay corn opened He up and was Quot
ed at:
404c bid. 40Uc bid. 4043404c bid 404c asked.
404c asked.
ISeceipts of wheat at St. Louis, 69.464 bu.,
of which 73 sks. and W cars local and o
cars through, against 350,901 bu. for two
uays in 1'JvA ot which 3,196 sks. and 331
cats local and &0 cars through.
Receipts of wheaX at primary points, 1,
I81J.C0O bu.. against 3.4CO.0CO bu. for two
ua'3 in 1902 and shipments 712.GU0 bu.,
against 1,021,000 bu. -Northwest received
(Hi cars, against 2,081 cars for two days
in 1902. Clearances 2jO.OOO bu.
Receipts of corn at St. Louis, 21,600 bu.,
of whicn 14 cars local and 10 cars through,
against 59,550 sks. and 56 cars local and 6
cars through.
Receipts of corn at primary points 651,000
bu., against 660,000 bu. for two days In 1902,
and snipments 54e,ww bu., against l.oli.ooo
bu. Chicago received 483,200 ou. and Kan
sas City 26,400 bu. Clearances 444.000 bu.
Receipts of oats at St. Louis 55,350 bu.,
of which 29 cars local and 12 cars through,
against 166,255 bu. for two days In 1902,
01 which 41 sks. and 104 cars local and 19
cars through.
Bradstreet's report the available supply
of oats east of the Itocklas for the past
week at 1.443.IW0 bu. Increase, against a
decrease of 292,000 bu. a week ago and a
decrease of 506.C00 bu. in 1902.
Receipts of oats at primary points, 912,
000 bu., against 1,300.000 bu. for two days
in 1902, and shipments 411,000 bu., against
485,000 bu. Clearances 41,Dw bu.
Cash Grain, Flour, Etc.
WHEAT Received 73 sks. and 60 cars
local and 8 cars through. By sample,
del.: No. 2 red at 86c to go to elevator and
864BS65ic to go out. destination weights; No.
3 red at 848S3c local and 86c destination; No. 4
at 714c for poor to iltf&2c for choice; No. 2
hard at TiftTx; No. 3 hard at 72Q77c; No. 4
hard at 67ni3c.
CORN Received It cars local and 10 cars
througlu Ry sample, del., all local: No. 2 at
42c: No. 3 at 41c: No. 2 jellow at 42c: No. 2
white at 4242Uc: No. 3 white at 41c.
OATS Received 23 cars local and 12 cars
through, liy sample del.: No. 2 at 3b?3h4c lo
cal; No. 3 at 314o local; No. 4 at 334S34c des
tination; No. 2 white at 3S4c local; !o. 3
white at 3S374c local: No. 4 white at 344
35c local and 34tf35c destination; rje mixed 23c
RYK-54c for No. 2 and 52c for No. 3.
FLAXSEED At 87c for spot and 86c to ar
rive. FLOUR Soft winter flour: Patents in wood
14 B4.1C: straights S3.S5i33.35: extra fancy J3.71
4f3.8o: clears J3.20B3.40; low grades in Jutes
13.50 for nrsu to 13.30 for extra fancy; straights
32.5033. Hard winter flour In Jutes Patents
S3.403 60; clears 12.753. Foregoing prices for
lots from first hands trk. or at depot this side.
Orders higher.
RTE FLOUR In a Jobbing way at 13.25 la
Jute sks. and 13.40 in wood for new; mixed and
inferior, less. '
CORXMEAL Quotable f. o. b. at 82.40 for
city meal: 13.70 tor pearl meal, grits and horn
in v.
BRAN Hard winter bran quotable at 744375c
In 100s and soft winter at 7374c In large and 75
077c In smaller sks.. latter for choice; country
Knia nt 77c- mixed feed in IOCS at 77078c for
hard and 8081c for soft winter: mlds.-inAIOOs-at
30B36c. W. side In 100s for soft ealAyn
basis B. trk. winter at 77c for bran and 3c for
mlds. At mill bran sells at 78880c and ships at
ll.osai.io. , ,
HAY Recelptt 1.763 tons local; 33 ton.
through: shipped 27 tons. -Market E. side: Tim
othy Choice 112: No. 1 13.5IV310.30.' No. 2 1T.E09
8 50: No. 3 8887.50. CIOer No. 1 .30tfl0 50rNo.
2 17.5038.50' No. 3 Mtfi.SO. Cer No. 1 110
and No. 2 175IS: cIocr-mlxed 13310 for choice;
iSSS.SO for No. 1: Iii50fr7.30 for No. 2. Prairie.
W7 side-Choice 83 .WSl": No. 1 1339.50; No. 2
17.5038.50: No. 3 13f6: alfalfa 112.
STRAW-On trk. 13 30156. Rye 178.
LEAD AND SPELTER Lead 14.23 bid. SpeL
ter 85.30 asked.
WHISKY On basis of 11.31 for hlghwlnes.
Curb Grain SInrkct.
St. Louis Dec. wheat 86c asked: puts S4c and
calls S6.c bid and sxc asked. Slay wheat 73c
bid: puts 78W and calls 73'4e7TSc. .
Milwaukee Doc. wheat 7S4'8,c: puts T'iw
774c and oills 78Hc May wheat ,R4c: puts
774c and calls TSUW784C Dec. corn 43c: puts
133.C asked and calls 41c nominal. May corn
424c; puts and calls 43c.
St. Louis Fntnre Prices.
Closed Ranged Closed
Tuesday. Te-tcrdas. Yesterday.
Wheat Dee. ..87',- 86 &S74 K64 b
May ...,:.....RoC b 73S04 734 b
ComDec, 404 1. mg40 - 40 a
Mav 404 b 4OH404 40'. a
Oats-May 26 364 b ....ft.... 264 b
Stock, or Grnln In Store.
Yestcrdav. Tuesday. List Yr.
Wheat 3,743,583 3.6V),567 4.430.587
Corn .."... 51.326 51.32-! 6.232
Oat, ".4Y7 83.618 23.573
Rve 21.803 2I.S03 53.S03
Barley 3,154 5.828
No. 2 red wheat ...2.378,3) 2.232.67S 388.S0R
No. 2 hard wheat.. 343.821 314.755 3.2o
No. 2 mixed corn . 16.232 16.22
No. 2 uhlio corn . 6.186 ,18;
No. 2 yellow corn.. 2...132 25,132 616
No. 2 white 3.234 4.L3
No. 2 rje 22,311
Butter Good demand. Creamery, extra at
'w4"c' firsts W'r-i'c; seconds 18c: dairy extra
at 16lc: firsts ll15c: ladle-packed, extra 16o:
firsts 13c; country stock in palls 121ri24c for
choice and poor at SWIIc: greaie stocks 4B3c.
EBBSnecclpts 723 pkgs. local and 372 pkgj.
througn; snipoeu j. un.,a.,j .a,, m. -i. iu.-.
off: current receipts 134c, cases returned. He'd
, l.fuln, 1S.
Cheese Northern on orders: Twins 114e: sin
gles ll'ie. daisies 12Ue: Young Americas 12Jic:
long- boms 124c: limburger. new. D84c: In
ferior 3S34c: Swiss lac or choice: No. 2 at
10313c: brick 10312c
Pork New standard mess la a Jobbing way
closed nominally 111.33.
Lard Choice steam on E. side closed nomi
nally. 6.65c; kettle-rendered Wc.
Grsen Hams. Etc. Carlota held f. o. b.' E.
side thus: Hams-10-av. at 114c: 12s at 105c:
14. nt Sic: 16s at 34c: 18 at 3c: 203 at 8'ic
Skinned hams 10-av. at 34c: 18S20s at 3'ic:
H14s at 34c: California at c4c: New York
shoulders (t0312-nV.) at 64c.
n S. Meats To arrive. loose and cured
c'rifis closed nominally: ,43-av. 7.30c and 50-av-
7.83c c. a, f. Bid. In a Jobbing way ranged
Extra short J at 8c: c'rlbs at SUc: short clears
at S4c; bellies at 94c to 10c; plates at Cc: fat
Kicks -at 6c: standard backs at S4c. Dealers
charge higher on orders.
Itatmi Bxd. h c. meats In a Jobbing war
rangeJ: i:tckfrfst bacon nt from 124- for
bf,'.y to 174 for choice light: hams at 12f to
13-, California) at 7c to 74c and New
York shoulders at 74c. Plain smoked lots in
a jobbing way ranged: Extra shcrt. at 83c:
i-'ilbs at 3c: short clear at 3'ic: bellies t
10c to He: plat's at 6',c; fat backs at SHc:
standard backs at 34c. Dealers charge higher
on orders.
Olen sjtearlne Nominal at 6"i37c
Tallow Country run at 4,c: choice winter a
small fraction more. No z at 3463!; pack
ers' prime to choice nt 42ifr3t.
Greaec C,ujt- srrall Irregular lots country:
Brown 34r. yellow 34334c and white 44c to
4i .c. latter for choice; quote packers' stock
nominally brown 34fJ34c: cllow 2;4c: whit.
Frogs Legs Quote at 11.31 per dos. for large,
11 for medium and 6Pc for small.
Beef On orders, bbld.: Plate IS: roll'and Ful
ton Market 110: mess 110.73. Dried. pr lb.:
Sets 114c: Inside 14c: knuckles 14c: outside 10c.
Tongue 144c per lb.
Live Poultry Old chickens, -hens, per lb.. 7c:
spring chickens., average receipts Sc; old roos
ters 4c: ducks white 34c nnd dark 3c: gees
7'f-: turke. joung and old. round, lie:
guinea chickens rer do. 13: live pigeons and
tquabs. per dor.. 75c.
Dressed Iced Poultry Chickens, hens. 74c:
spring chickens. 8tic: roosters 5c: turkejs
12c Foregoing figures are for choice onlv.
Game We quote: Quail, dry undrawn, per
doz.. 12.75: quail, drawn, 23c per doz. less,
l'rnlrlf chickens, large dark, per doz. 83:
prairie chickens. Texas and Territory, small.
17. fhcaants. per doz.. 110. Wild turkeys.
Ir lb- 12c. Ducks, undrawn, per doz. Mal
la'ds 14.25; blue-wing teal 12.75; green-wing
teal 12.50: mlscl and wood 12.25. Drawn 25c
per doz. less. Woodcock 16. Jack snipe 11.40.
Deer carcasses, per lb., lie: enIson saddles,
per lb . 22c. Rabbits, per doz.. 11 60: rabbits.
sour and tainted, not quotable. Squirrel, per
doz.. 75c.
Freh Fish Black ba? at 13c: crappte at 7c
for small and c for large: dressed cat 34c;
spoonbill cat 74c: bullheads dressed 3c and
gross 6c: buffalo gross 4c: dressed 5c. German
carp dressed 4c: gross and small 3c: sunflsh
5c: while perch 4c: ells c: soft-shell turtle.
Et 3c and turtle meat at 8c
Fruits nnd Vegetable..
The Republic quotations are for lots in first
hands unless otherwUe speclried. Small lot. en
orders are charged higher:
PEARS I'er r.bl.: Eastern Keifer 1363.25;
Michigan Kelfcr. bu. basket. 11.15.
APPLKS Eastern and Michigan stocks in
bulk. 60365c for seconds to 11.10 for sound per
1.1., ...... -nH.i-. j4 Dnn ri..i e, sa, z
DOl. measure. uubikiicu. em:u Aya, u du.4
for poor to 12 for choice: Roman beauty 11.409
1.90; wlllow-twli; 11.5032.50: wlnesap 11.25825;
genetlng 11.2532.
ritit'i'itja fionoa smootn uayenn. ac
12.253.50 per crate.
MALAGA GRAPES Per bbl. at 13.508S.60.
QUINCES Near-by, 60c per 4-bu. basket and
14714.5U per bbl.
ORANGES California late Valencia from
store 13.7591.25. Florida on trie. 12.C34t2.7S.
Mexican (new). 13.23 In a Jobbing way.
GRAPES Concords, Climax basket. 23624a
for Pennsylvania and New York; pony cataw
bas li815c.
LEMONS California on trie on basis 139
3.50 for choice to fancy: Messina and VlrdeU
J3.5033.75 per box in Jobbing way.
LlilES-Per 1W. 11.5B2.
HANANAS-Quotable SL23Q2.25 a bunch on
COCOANUTS-Per 1,000, E. trie. 130; Jobbing
way, 13.50 per 100.
cRANBEiiRIES-Cape Cod. choice It and
fair 16.5037 per bbl.
auction: Grapes Tokay 9UC311.35; Mtukatill:
Cornlchon ILM. Bxd. apples Irom .tore at 8.50
per 50-lb. box; Italian prunes 11.
POTATOE-Northem skd. en trk. 60955c for
poor, 57360c for fair to good, 63370c for choice.
NEW ONIONS-Red. in bulk at 4te4tc: y
low 5310c per bu. less; white globe, la bulk.
CABBAGE rer 100, loose 43c: ret cab
bage 75c per 100. Northern Holland lead OJ-
314.50 per ton. del. Domestic 111312.5.
CUCUMBERS-Easiera nothouse 11 ser.dox.
TUMATUKS Home-grown aound 50c4ftt bu.,
loose. Orders higher.
BEETS Home-grown 20323c per bu.
LETTUCE Home-grown 23J3c per hs.
CARROTS Home-grown 30340c per bo, box
and ll.oO per bbl.
GUMBO Home-grown 12.102.15 per tra. box.
TURNIPS Home-grown 2032SC bu. bOJV ,.
PARSNlP-Hcme-grown toe per bu. . aott
M.60 per bbl. . ..
CELERY Michigan, flat cases, 4094to ajtd
square t0365c; fancy white plume 30tM Br
bunch and 12 per crate. Home-crown XWta
per bunch. Celery root. 23c
EGGPLANT Home-grown llipUS er I fcu.
box. loose, for choice.
PEPPERS Home-grown 253-45C Per bu. fcox-
STRING BEANS Home-gluwn 73c2tl Pr bu,
loose. Consigned 50375c per bu. .
SQUASH Home-grown, summer 23JXl.
Hubbard J5c per bu. box .loose.
SWEET POTATOEs-New Bermuda .and
Queen J5310c per bu. loose. NanMmood ana
ellow 40(45c
SPINACH Per bu. loose. 10920c
SAUERKRAUT New, per 4-boL. tl.7Il.m,
and bbl. 13.1033.25.
HORSERADISH New 13.7534 per bM.
SPANISH ONIONS New 30c per crate.
CULIFLOVER-Near-by (1 per do, for
sound. Eastern 14 per bbL
RUTAUAOAS-In bulk 35e per bu., dd. "
MUSTARD GREENS Per bu.. loose, Wc.
Sll.ccllnneona Slarkcta,
rEATHERS rrime white live gees In amall
sks. 64c and In large sks. 52c; prune gray do.
41c in small and 40c In large sks.; eld whit
442c; X 20333c: XX 2:3:8c: XXX 14911c:
XXXX 5c: tare 10 per cent on small oka, ana
3c on large: chickens 5c: ducks whit. , 40c;
ROOTS rer lb.: Glnseru: at 13.50 t 15.73.
stemmy. weedy, etc.. less: lady slipper Icr
scneca 65c: pink I3c; golden Hal 65c; black.
5c; May apple 44c: snake 37c; white 'rmaa.
worth 24c: angelica 5tJbc: wanoo banc of root
8c. bark ot tree 2Kc: blood 6c: bloeflac. 3c:
Mssarras bark of root 5c: wild ginger, To. 1
SHEEP PELTS Full wool peJUs,' J6ctfIr
shearling 1032Sc; lamb at 15035c: dry, faUtn
tc; 10311c per lb.
BEESWAX Unchanged at 37c. per lb. - for.
LINSEED OIL Quotable at 34c per gal. for
raw and 35c tor boiled: lc per gal. lesa Is car
POP CORN Selling on cob. per 1M lb... at
60S70C for mxd. to 11, for white; old worth.
Wrought Iron 53c: hravy cast 50c: maileabl.
stecl and breakable 45c: stove 40c: light brae
15: heavy bras 13: copper 19: zinc JJ.SO; letd
53.75: newter lit. ,
SALT E. side medium at 83c: granulated 80a
per bbl.: 5c more per bbl. this side.
BROOM CORN-Quotab'e at lS0UJ,pr ton;
no sales. . . ..
BEANS AND FliAS Quote from store: Whit,
beans Choice hand-picked at i2.Sfr per bu.:.
prime do. 12.153120: screened tl.Wtl.K;'drlet
green Scotch pes at 11.3531.40 per- bo.; rllt
peas at 17 per 34-bu. bbl.: 11 per tra.: blacker
at 1L603L.O: -California pink at 3o per lb.t
Lima lx-ans at 44c per lb.: lentil, at 2Hs4c.
EMPTY BARRELS Coal oil. turpentine ant
gasoline 11.05: vinegar 70c: bl.ck oil 5cr Unseed
light and varnish 80c: machin. 80c; sugar-He;,
whisky SOc: do. half bbls. 60c; win. l;.aaar
kraut 30310c: pickla 40350c: flour lie: mcla
30c: lard tcs. 45c: 25c olt each broken head: 34o
each hoop missing.
MOSS We quote, per lb.: Gray m!xdfl4
Hc; gray, brown and black mixed Hific;
brown and black mixed 2324c: machtne-ptcked
-X 3334c, XX 3434C XXX 4435c, XXXX
5334': extra, black 6cr Inferior less.
RAGS. ETC. rer lM lbs.: Country rag. it
73c Old rope No. 1 Manila at 11.50; No. 2 at
50c Rubber at 1333.30.
BONES Choice bleached at U. per ton; other
kinds from 110 to 114.
PEANUTS rarmers stock, per lb.: Red 1H'
32c: white 2'ya2ic
CHESTNUTS Selling at 788c
PECANS-Sclllng at 6c
DRIED FRUIT-We quote: Apple. Evap
orated rings 4';34c: do. quarters at 4U34"4e:
bleached peelings at l'Jc: chops it 14c:jua
drted quarters at 3c for dark to 4c for prim..
Peaches at 24rV- .... ,.
MALR SUGAR-Quote at 8c to 10c p;r lb.
MORCIIISM Quote at from 12c for inferior to
20:2c: for good per gallon.
HONEY-Comb at Mo to 12e: choice. Color,
ndo at He: strained and extracted at 4344c la
barrels and 5r in" cans. -
COOPERAGE We quote on orders for prompt
delivery: Lard. tr... 11.62',i for wood-bound.
11.30 for 6-hoop. iron-obund and 1IJ. tor s
nooji, do.; oak pork bbls. 11.20 for ;wood-bound.
JI.10 for Iron-tmuml: ash. pork bbls. 11.10: oleo
tcs. 11.40: siack-werk Mls.-3-hoor flour .38CJ 8
hcon .10. 33c: mill-run atyle 32c: No. - do. -Oc.
meal 31r: 6-hoop 1 me Xc: 4-hoop do. 24c.
11,r...;iV,-T,rtcat a rAf. on trie - Star.
-Cottonwool Ilnur"bbl. 1J.50: do. meal bbL 873:
No. 2 in: No. 1 naii'Doi, ikuii, '-' --.
fv,rir hhi. lis. Headings, per set-No. 1 flour
tbl. 6i37c-mlll-run ".'i-'nch tJ ffi,1'
bbls. 4c: No. 2 do. 4";c: lard tierce '?.
bbl. 124c Shaved hoops-Flour bbL J; for.
cooper. 14 for hoosler: halr-bbl. 13 colled elrn
(S-fbot) 1S.258.50; oak lard tierce cooper shave
110312: pork bbl. 13.
fi..rl and Illinois
. I. T. Ok. ' '
Med. comb. &
12 mo.. ,u
Med.. 638 mo.17
Coarse & low. .14
Light tine 14
clotn. mxa..." v-?
Clothing ......20 3)4
T,w Jfe brald..!3 BM
Heavy sandy..lo
nurSy &cieaV.7431"
Hard burry....l3 J4
Light fine J5 g;4
Heavy flne.....l g
Ijirnh 18 31S
me;i....lj 3M
Dark medlumjj gI6
t i-t., onn If 6I6K
Ark. and
Med. (Reeces).20
Med. (loose).. .18
Rurry .........15
Hard burry....ll
No. 1 ST4
fo. .. ..Z4
Burry .'.
Heavy buck.. .10 813

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