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- ;jerts:y-Mf-'W''',i-.r
W. H. LEE President.
D. R. TRAXCIS, Vice Pres't.
A. L. SHAFLEIGH. 2d Vice Prsft.
The Merchants-Laclede National Bank
Condensed Statement of Condition at Close of Business November 17, 1903.
Cash and Sljjht Exchange . S 4,763,763.26
Loans Payable on Demand $2,335,040.28
at Fixed Dates 7,679,010.4610,014,050.74
United States Bond 1,220,290.00
Premium on United States Bonds 3,961.15
Other Bonds, Stocks, etc 757,504.99
Real Estate 44.174.99
$16,803,745. 13
CaplUIStock $ 1,400,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits (Earned) 872,385.43
Circulation 481,640.00
United States Bond Account 724,790.00
Municipal " 554,000 00
Deposits 12,770,929.70
Attractive Investments
We have on hand an assortment of HIGH-GRAPE
BOM)S, selected with great care. Will lie pleased
to furnish 'ist and prices npon application.
Missouri Trust Co. of St. Louis,
Jnrtta Petmaal loterriewt mmd Correspondenca
Kalattv to tbm Purcbama mod Salt of Bonds
svd Stocks. - - - - Direct Win ta Saw York.
300 North Fourth Street
CO.OOO bit BL Lools and Suburban Co. Cs.
$5,000 Pulaski County, Arkansas, 6s
120,001) Br. Xjonte-Portund Cement Co. first a.
Pruai axtA toll particulars at our ofnoa.
jsnn luailm rates alloxna tor other eecutaea
in aaanaoc lor taa aDore.
SU sad Hi Xostb PYwrth St
aa mumcipu ana coiparB.tjon dqcioe.
a, Dooaa
etA tinAM CVAatm 1n nth
mouapQf aaBMixtd or priT&XB -wire, iloner
ao rmmi mmoxm ana otnar coii&xertu.
Mooft sSxahavaare Building.
taapbonea-Ccn, Main S. Ktolocli. A S5.
'JMn la "DWtea States Steel
fiends Prices Down for a Time
j EeiraWio Steel Depressed.
KWrTterk, Nor, S-'Posys stock rosr
fcat atooa 19 irell tn tba faoo of a una
fbar oZ vntoward drccmnstatices and closed
dstts firm at th top lerel of the day and
en tb most active market of the day.
Bontham Fkdflo aasamed the leadership
of aa aaxiy afirxnc. which vrss rather
leefiay checked by an outpouring of
United States Steel preferred, which car
ried Ciat stock down to BOii and awak
ened Tenewed apprehension of Its further
demnrffllsmg effect on the whole stock
market. The persistence with which as
ertloos save reappeared that the divi
dend on the common otock is to be sus
pended and that on the preferred stock
to be reduced has made its Impression
upon speculative sentiment since the au
thorities in the corporation who have
been appealed to for Information fro no fur
ther than to sar that the question is one
remaining: lor the future to decide. The
rureestion which found Its war to the
apnbuo to-day with the appearance of be
lrur Inspired that a reduction of the divi
dend on the preferred would consort poor
IT, with the corporation's privilege to Is
sue SO.000,000 of second bonds to retire
preferred stock seemed to have a more
rsaasorlsa; effect on the speculators and
helped m the recovery of United States
fc tail preferred.
Ti stock closed with a net iraln of a
point. The stiffness of the call money
market was another deterrent factor to
ward the rise. CaU loans touched T1 per
cent. 'While the demand for money,
which caused this rife was unmistakable,
it seemed to be viewed with equanimlt.
The premium established for cw Tork
exchange at Chicago is taken to point to
an earlv return flow to this center, which
the high call money rate would help to
Confidence Is felt also that any real
need for money would draw further pold
from London. Saturday's arrivals of Bold
amounted to J3 9GLC3. which will, there
fore, fteure for the full wetk's aerape In
next Saturday's bank statement The de
mand for monev Is rejrarded as normal to
,h. loaf nrolr nf the month For these rea
sons the current firmness of the call
money market does not Eeem to disturb
Another factor of poslble disturbance
was the collapse In Republic Steel pre
ferred, which lot peernl points on the
dav. There was no smpatheilc response
to this outside of n few- of the other Iron
end steel Circumstantial rerwrts were In
circulation of the nece-lties of the com
pany for additional capital, which. It was
alleged, would be met tn a bond issue as
well as by reducing the dHldend on the
preferred stock A considerable su'-taln-Inc
influence in the market wa the
Ptroni; tone of the local traction stock-,
led by Metropolitan Securities with an ex
treme rise of -IV.. The prit liege extended
to Brookljn Transit to extend Its line-.
oer the new East Rher bridge and
throuch a New York street in which
Metropolitan Street Railway tracks al
ready lie was accepied bv speculators as
confirmatory of rumors much prealent
lately of a ceneral merjrer of New York
traction companies. A more cheerful tone
on the London market was a help to the
local market.
The bond market was more acthe. hut
quite irrecular. Total sales, par nlue, J2,
E3.GO0. United States bonds were un
chazuted on the last call.
"Wall Street Gossip.
Reported by the New York Commercial Ad
etlser throurt Francis. Bro i-Co. Ill
Nnnh rourlh Ftreef
New Tork ?o. 23 TolTl(m The arbitmxe
luuses did very little in the earlr rdlPf
GEO. E. HOrFMAN, Cashier.
R. T. STURGEON, Ass't Cashier.
D. A. PHILLIPS. 2d Ass't Cashier.
conflnlnc their operatione to bus-inr the few
stocks here which thev sola in London L-ater
the? bouRht more freely, taklric. in all acout
20.000 sh&res Of this a fair propo-tlon repre
sented coverlnr; by foreifm shots
Southern Padflc The renewed strength of
Southern Paelnc attracts much attention, par
ticularly aa specialists did not think that Mr
Keene was responsible for the manipulation in
the stock It was said. howeer. that from
the character of the buying the-e was reason
to belle e that a more aclKe market turn was
contemplated The gossip of the street wa
that ine bull tips on the Rtock. which were
very numerous cam from E H Horrtman
and his oloeeft friends, and that It was iire
dloted that tn stock would ro on a dUldend
paylne baala aext June, when 2 per cent would
be declared.
R. B. C The very aharp decline in R B C
preferrtd was on sclllnr bj Harris Gates i
Oo.. and by the room-traders generallj The
first rumor was of th cessation of dlMdends
but officials said no action w onld fce loken In
the matter lust now Another version wa
that the company had been obliged to beam
negotlatloos for a loan of JJOuO.OOO It was
stated th next metlnK of the director would
he hold next Thursday. Tbe mnjurltj of the
bear reports came from Chicago so did mo.t
of the relllns.
Tractions Early strength of Brooklyn Rapid
Transit was du to buying by leading com
mission houses, some of them known as
"Standard oil brokers" and the others identi
fied with certain prominent inMde interests
Th movement In Metropolitan began with
purchases by specialists, some of whom, as far
aa could be learned, tbrmp-hr ft nn , .,-
to bid up the price. The "good" buying did
not come- in until the price had risen a point
Jew Tork Curb Market.
New Tork. Nov. JC Trading in stocks on the
curb was generally quiet, the chief feature
being a rlae of ZH points by arly m the after
noon In Cuban revolutionary 6-per-cent bonds
to 40. This was bastid on a hoi that a tart
of th Interest would be paid bj the Goe-n-xnent.
Negotiations are alleged to hate been
going on recently to ascertain the attitude of
President Palma on this point. Other transac
tions were Green Copper. 13T. to 131, Marin'
piefe ied UHfflS and hlte Knob tapper S
Local Money Market.
Transactions at the banks were In good vol
ume and there was a brlk demand for call
and time loans with discount rates steady be
tween SS and fi per cent.
Testcrdny'a Dunk Clrnrlna;.
Testerday's clearing-house statement showed
clearlnBa. flO.tM6.3JC. balances. J1.14C ;T71.
Srw 1 ork Moclc Qaotatlnns.
St liouis, Nov 23. The following thows the
opening, highest, lowest and closing quotations
on the 2.ew ork Stock Exchange to-da.
Corrected daiV for The Republic by Francis.
Bro &. Co . bonds and stockh, o 214 orm
Fourtli street.
Fales Onen IIIcli Iyw Cloee.ld.
Amal Conner
,: r. .v . .01. u 'rn ss..
Am Car & IMry
Am. 1c
Do pro. . ...
Am I icomotu e
Do. pfd
Am Bmelt,
Do prd
Am bugar ......
Atchison .........
Do. prd.
B & O
B R. T.
Canadian Pac ..
c &.o
a & a
Chic Great W...
kw lit; i, mv, jsi), ,is
5.'- 7), S, 7 SVr.S4
C 1)10 27",, 2SS 27 2? 27i
1W 13V 13U
10i) 7"Vi TU 7 7'
43V 441, 4.-V 444
. hH
& 00 117 117V 117 U7V 1174
17,100 U CV 6V CT'4 61
1.30.1 so SU Hh, 8"lj li
7.700 75V 76 75i 76 7i
13.S00 .4 3V 3V 3C- 3H,
soo lisv HBV lisi. liV nh
on 2?v wv : 3ov i".
i an 3i si 30v dov 3'i
WOO 15V 1VV 15V 15V l'.V
C M. & St. P.. 33.700 12S
imv u;v ISSV 13-T
U-, I-i , W
Chic. Term. ..
CoL F & I...
CoL So
Do. 2d. ....
Con. Gas
Con. Tob. pfd.
Corn I'rod. ....
i-t if ;:; i-v ix. J"
i'H ntn 'l -
150 13
13 IS
300 23V .
700 17RV 179
200 101
4 601) 21 21
1"0 73
100 155
-W 1V 1
. . Z1K ...
178V 179 17S
. .. 101
19V 20 21V
... 73 71
.... 155 155
1"V 20
Do. ofd
Del II
D. & R. O
Do. rfd
Gen Elec
Hock. Val
Ill Central .. ..
1. & N
Manhattan Con.
Met- Securities .
Met. St. Rj
Mrx Cent.
M & St. L
M . K X. T . ..
Do Pfd . ...
Mo Tac ....
Nat. Illscult ....
Nat, Lead ..
Do pfd .
N Y. Air Brake
N Y. Certral ..
N T.CiMk
N Y.. O & P.".
Norf i West ..
Paclrlc Mall
Pennslania .
Peo Gas of Chi.
Press Steel Car .
Rep Steel A. I..
Do Id
Rock lsiard
Do pfd . .
St L. i. S F 2d
Southern Paclflc
Southern R3
Tenn, C . X ..
Texas Pacific .
Tol .St. L S. W
Do. pfd . .
Union Bag P
Union Paclflc - .
U S Leather .
Do ptd
C. S Realtj. .
V S Steel .. ..
Do pfd .
Va. Caro Ch...
Do pfd
W. & L. E 2d .
Western Union .
Vis Ont-al ...
Do pfd
TJ S. Steel 5 ...
Rock Island 5s
6.700 2SV
27V 26V 27V 2K
Si") 4S1,
450 15T, 155 153V 153V 155
3-10 72V "H 72V f3
3.100 129 129 12SV 32SV 129
5,400 101V 103V 101V 103 301V
6 000 33SV 131-V 31SV 130V I'V
6-.V) sri. J.SS, giu, f,hi,
5 ft") 314 31CV 314 1I7V 314V
1.100 9
" 3f"1 17 17 V
6-lg 36 3fV
4.100 n .
50 35V 36
3.200 13V 14
17 17V
3C 3CV
S3V 9V
JT'l 36
13V H
7KU Tfl
3O0 7RV 7S
H 122 119 122 119'
5fl 11. V 317V 116V 3174 116'
1 inv 116V
1 rj
HZ Sh ?:h. v.
MO 2S'i 25V 25V tC 26V
910 93V MV 3-, !, si
2,100 2TV 26V 2"V 26V
C40O 401, 41V 4) 41V 4-1V
2.81X1 6", C. 3V 6V 7
27.4 0 47 47 40V, 40 T 475.
2.10.1 23V 24V 23V 24 s, 24
20) 5V 5V 39U WV
74 211 4V 46V 44V 46V 44V
2 400 1K Iti, ZC hC i?
1.S00 2s 2V 27V 2V 2b
? t?J! 32 xl 3
10 JH 21V 2"V
... . 32V .... 32V 31V
2H 5tJ 5V 5V 8? 5V
21WV1 72V 73V 72 Tsi 7VJ
1.600 7V 7V 6V 7 7"
IV) 77 77V 77 77V . .
l. 6 ii r, t 6I
20 20.1 11 31V 106, 1U1 ,,
84 ?& ;1 K M, & r,m
W" 30 1M- jcu?
21 1V 39V C
XJ 34U au 34 jg
SOO MV '. MV ""
400 36V 17 16V T: 36V
400 27 27V 37 37V 26U
70 70 C9 69V 71
..... 74V 74V 74 7.4 74V
Total sales. 41S &
Chlcajco Slock Market.
Reported by G. H. Walker & Co ,
North Fourth street.
No. 237
Biscuit com
Do pfd
Box com
Do pfd
Can com
Do. pfd
.354 S6ti
S9 015954
3Uti Sis
21VSW 21V
:::::::::: 1
2 Interest on
3 Interest on
396 Interest on
loren7o r. anderson.
Vice President
Presldert The Brown Shoe Co
President St. Louis nfe Deposit and Sav
ings 11? nk
Resident Director Continental Tobacco Co
President G Cramer I)rj Plate Co.
Manager Dozler Bokcry.
C r GAUss
Pres'dent Gauss LangenV-i? Hot Co
President N '.lonal Brew Ing Co
President Hanlev t Klnsella Coffee nnd
Spice Co
United Railways Preferred Opens
Well, but Closes on
Traction -were the only active issuer in
esterda 's market for lrx-al securities.
St. Louis Transit, under moderate selling
pressure, eased oft to $13 674; United Rail
wajs preferred darted out well at S61 50,
but later sold at $61 2.1. -with offerings at
the close. The 4-per-cent bonds were casl
at 57S 75
Miscellaneous Issue 'were in fair de
mand, but were rather firmlj held and
there was no trading: in the group.
Closing quotations:
Bid Asked
St LiOJla Transit
$ 13 S74 14 00
United Railways pfd tl (v 61 25
Do ft
National Candy Is: pfd
Do common ..
Central coal & Coke com ..
Simmons liarduare lrft pfd .
7& er's
11 ou
56 M
125 00
li 00
ud sa pxa . ..
Clti 3 2as 16 75
Missouri Railway 5s luu 5u
Broada Cable Bs
im 1114
Mlsou-l-EdIon 5s . . .
Keanard Carpet pfd . .
Granlte-BI Metallic .
small Ho,i . .
fcL Jow I-ad
X 00
3 50
15." St, Iuls T-unsit at 5 13 S7H
15 United Ralla pfd at 01 CO
3-i l,nit-d ltallae p'd ut il ,
ICtv United itullajs 4s at 7S 75
rvr York Curb Stocks.
Reported bj G II W alker &. Co . No
on.n Fourtli street
CloEe Hid J
Ame-ican Tin Can com .. . . Z
Do ptd . . . ftt,
American Light and Traction com to
Do pfd . it
American Wrt'Ing Paper com 2V
Do pfd . .... 1U
Baj State Gns . . .... i,
U rdtn s Condensed M'lk com .. in
Do pfd . 104
British Columbia Corner . .. -V
Consolidated Itf & L.tg Co .
Electric Boat com . ....
Do pfd
lctnc Vehicle com
Do rfd .. .
Greene Consolidated Copper ..
Hauna Commercial Co com .
Do pfd
lntertorouirh RaDld Transit
21 2o
sS .2
. 5 7
i 10
13V 13'-
20 rau
3) . Ij
5 (
l 4V 2
1SV iv
: 5s
"l34 10-,
4 5
S7'- t
25 "
73 S2
97 ss
23V 25
660 612
13 14V
5!) 61
e 15
ii idjij
5 10
International Mercantile Marine eon 4V
ito pia .. ...... . js
Manhattan Transit 1
.Montreal &. Boston Copper . ..
Marconi Wireless Tel
?ew Amsterdam Gas 1st f" .T i
.1 . Ms . ...
Ntw 1 ork Elect-lc ehicle Trans
vorthcrr. Securities .. .
Otis le"ator com
Do pfd
Roval Diking Powder pfd
fceaboard Air Line ccm
Do ptd
Standard Oil of New Jersey . .
ht. Louis Transit Co com ..
United Mreet Has of si. I.nul pfd
Ternessee Copper .
Union Copper . ....
Unlld Coppt r .
I nlted mates of Mexico 5s
"White Knob Copper . ...
Bond Snlrs sit JScvr York.
New York. Nov. 23 Sales of bonds we-e
made here to-da ns followe
17 00 A . T . S F gen 4s . 100 99V
2 OH) A, T A. S F adjust 4s S7
u (i A , T S F. adj 4s stamped i6V
30 (Ml) B & O prior lien 3Vc . 94VS IV
14 W0 lialtlmore . Ohio 4s .li)Vl""V
K.OH It &. O P . L. E. i. W Vs. 4s M
f (TO It & O , I'.. J 4.M Ml 3V- V
12 noo Chicago A; Alton 3V" 73V
4 ("W Cnlcago . Altoi 3f k-'
19 OK) C , B & col N P -G N Jt 4s IT,? !V
92 (!&. R 1 i- T. R. 11 col tr 45 7H-4T 71V
27 0IP0C, R I & r pen 4s . 10V&W2V
COOOOoI Fuel K; Iron coia 5 CCV6 63V
6.r)Co! Ii'I Iron gn U . S
ISftOCmtlnelltal Tobacco 4s H 5j
2s.C"i Kansas cm Southern 3" . . C" V KV
46 4(OLnus &. Nnsh u-lltled 4s . &J& 9h
3 li Mexican Cent-al con'ol 4" 71V
8 Vfi M K . T Jst 4 is
5 0"J Missouri Facitic cnnol 6s .117V$fH7V
6 Orti Missouri Paclflc Trust Es IUjVWIWV
2 Oil NorlhTn I'ntlflc prn 3 70V
17 IKK) Northern I'acltlc 4s registered 103Vllv-V
22.0'ifi Orecn '-hort L'nc 4s
SIST0H.. U v 1 M gen M
3w)st. L. A 1 M unit &. rer 4"
29 CjO s.t u S 1 ref 4s
31 01 Southern Rallv.ni 3s
r ( -nuth U M A. O mil 4s
C lfl Texas A. I'acltlc 1st c"
7,F) Union Pndiic Ist 4s
21 000 Union I'aclllc 1m conert 4s
5 0"0 W abah lt 5s
rOiWW abash 2d 7s
3J wo "W abash devK-nture, series B
Total al 12 "29 0")
111 talMV
sj'.e1 s"v
92 va -'.
in- '
Government Honda.
New Yo-k. Nov 23 Government bonds:
United state refunding 2s registered
.107 j
. 134V
l nllea tiiaies reiuncing r. coupon...
United States 3s. r-glstered
United -ates 3s coupm
United Stntesnew 4s registered
United States pew 4s coupon
United States old 4s. raclstered
United States old 4s, coupon .
United States 5s replsteied ... .
United States 5s. coupon
.. .101V
Mass Nov 23. Closing nuot-itions on
Iwnds, stocks and mining share-.
Call loana 5f?6 per cent, time loans 64T6 per
ci nt.
Af-hlon 4
, s"Vi Mixlcan Central 4s 6V
Atrhlson N 1 N 11 S. n 19,
Atchison pfd VV Fltchburg pfd . 136
Boston K. Albanj 24S 1'nlon Pacific . 71
Bc-tnn & Maine 170 (Mtxlcan Cmtnl .. SV
Host on Elevated HO I
American Sugar 11.4 jMnfs Electric pfd 7r
Amr Jgni pfd 120 United Fruit. . 85".
Ame- Tel ,t Tel .375V U Steel . jjll
Pom Iron A. uteel V 1" S Steel pfd . 52
General Electric 1 .2 "Westlnghouse co"l 66
Mass. rnectrl" 37 I
Aliot.ez .
Amalgamated .
Bingham .
Cnlumct &. H'cln
Ccrtennlai .
Cornier Range....
Dominion Coal
Isle Rojale
. 34 o:d Dominion
. 4 Osceoli
39 Parrot .
21 Uulncs
42T4 -anta Fe Copper ..
14v Tamarack .
. 2V Trlnitj
. 3.t'; United Sl.ates ....
T24 Utah .
. 74'Mctoria
, 5 Winona
3f 'Wolverine
3tlntnsr Stocks In lew York.
New York. Nov 23 Closing quotatlo-is to-day
on mining stock were as foilovs.
Adams Oon 10 Ortnrio 6"i)
Alice 1X OphJr 120
Rrece I" -'iinenlx 2
Comstnck TunnrI.e 5 tPoto. i
Con Cal & Va .... t tSaaRe 21
Ho-n Sller 1 Sierra Nevoda 34
IroTi SU.er W Small Iojes 13
lridll.o Con...... 2 Standard rtiO
LJtll- Chief 6
Offered tAE?e-sment paid
!Vctt York Monpj- Market
Kew York. No S. Money en coll Btxonc at
4ii7H. clcminp bid 3: tTered at A Time loans
dull and firm; 6n davs. b ter cent: 90 dajn and
6 months. EH Prime mfrcantllA paper Cfib.
Sterllnc chance stead with actual bualnejs
in bankers' bills at 4 S4A 8405 for Jsmand and
at 4S050S4.S060 for 60-day bills.- posted rates
Daily Balances.
Time Certificates of Deposit.
Savings Accounts.
I anlter New Tork Cits
Assistant Treasurer
W. 11 Mnrkham Jt Co Insurance
Vlee President II Nucnt s. Bro. Dry
Goodi. Corrpanv
Vice P-esldent l.ice-Stlx Itrv Goods Co
President Scullm Gallagher Iron and Steel
President John S Sullivan Vt.ldle Tree Co
rr-sldcnt nh .e. Walker Drj Goods Co
4 Mfci S11 and 4 R-4 1". commercial bills
4M12. Mexican dollars 44Vc Gocrnment
bonds steads railroad lionds Irregular
TrrnBiirs (nteme:it.
U'nvhincton No 23 .i ailable cath halanc,
-li 91 1 IS CDld till 5VI 61s
Ilnr Slher.
New York No 23 Bar sller 53c per oz
At Iondon quiet 2GVd n r vz
FortM;;ii nxcliitiiorc.
Reported h Francis Ilro A Co , 214 North
Tourth str,l bt Iv-uls
Prime Mrling raid's 4 MJ)?4 5460 , checks
4 iJlljJH 41i 60 das 4 S'H)'!l4 tOaO
CommercJui sterling checks 4 83VQ4 84; CO
dRJs 4'01.5l4W5 TO dajs 4 7iVS-l SV
Ornin bill- 4 SO;
Cotton bills 4 7JVfi 73V
1'a-ls but Mrs cnblei, 1 UVlr" 1? 3-16, cicks
5 .Miio 2j 1-16 CO das 3 V5 23 1-16
Commercial French fnncs checke 5 20,(((3'
5 20 116. ui das 5 23V: 23 1 16ei 23V
Commercial Swiss francs, checlts 5 21V: W
dajp 6 1.4 V
Lommerclftl Relrinn francs, checks 5 flS"
3 21 1-3C 10 days o S
Bankers' reichsmark", cables 04 13-16, checks
54 11-16. 61 dajs 'MS,
Commercial relrhsmarks checlta 94 '-lC, C&
dajs s3 i-irj? so dajs 93V
Bankers' DJtch guilders, ch-cks 40V345 3-16.
60 dajs 29 15-16&40
Commercial Dutch gullde-s, che'ka ) 1-15S
4"V CO das 39 13 1W39V
Market stead.
Domestic Exchnnge.
neported bj H hltaker i. Co ,
brokers 300 North Fourth street:
Jew York Par
Chicago 10c dls
Cincinnati 10c dls
Loulstille 10c dls
New Orleans 10c dls
30c prem
New Tork, Nor. 23 Lte Poultry Receipts
to-day were o care Western und 2 Btralght vn
Southern turkej-s Jobbers carrll ocr a few
cars of chickens and low IV from last week, anj
with come Increase In receipts for later In the
week the market settled at 12ic on chickens
and f ow h and 84rC on old roohterii Turl.e nolo
at from lofclfc Prime duck and et;!j Hteuuj
Pigeons unchanged Pow i- Western 324c.
f print: chltkcnt Western 124c old roos'crs 13
Sc. turkeys 35016c. duckn A etcrn iair hir
q Kwsp-WcstiTii average pair Jl SO-ffl 62
Pigeons pair, 2uS2Tc
In stic-d louHr Kect ipts to-dar 7,121 pkss
The Thankfgilng' marktt opened with moderate
reietpip ton'lneti large! to stok fonarded by
cipress, as the freight receipts wire genera. i
J4 h'oirB late and stock expeetfd ih morning
did not arritt; There wa a largt uuinl.r nf
out-of-town bin ere on the martm who w'utf ed
funcj dn scalded turktjs and in instances
paid 22c for fancy Ohio and aiichiean. whn
cIoh graded but straight salei at 21c aer-agt-d
higher Prlmt T estrrn iced turkey i noId
fairK wtU at 2(tc and 21t, for drj packed but a
great man of tho&f arriln: had so man joor
iur).e- mixed in that l&c was difficult to ex
cd on avemjte I e-t packings Old torr in fa'r
reduce at lc nie rc-ners rejorte.d hav
rectlpti in transit 1 3 freight but each is not
g n-rallj th ca ulthough there Is i feeling
that prices ha- r-ached the Unit on turkejs
Finc ducks and pere Fca'ce and llrm some
Vft Phfllf 'ror1 In r- mintt) f Inn 3 i"iri1( larPM
t-caidod and dr plckfd chickens held higher,
but ord norj unimpnn d Prime h-a3 row 1
a.si Ormer Squab unchanged few cars of
froren turkejs worltd out at 20u for selected
oung hens or toms
D-j -packed Turke Wes-e-n dr -picked
fancj 20t(21c do arage lS2Ac, Western
scalded, prime li2iX- Chicken- M ete-n drj
plckcd. fancy lac, do arage ISfiHc Fowl
western drj -picked aemge 12hii?13c Ducks
"Western fanc IS-fflSc-do good to prime 1GS
3Sc Geeie Pancj noting M estern 35i?36c,
mixed old and oung 127l4c Ir-packd tur
kejs Ir-piCk-d fnnc jounr toms 2c. do
oung hens 20c do mixid hns and toms
lr'fa2lc do fiir to good 1701V. scalded good
to p-lme lliOc do txor and thin 32i?lic, old
tomw ISfclJfc Chickcjir Uewt-rn prime, dry
Mcl ed S to 9 lls to pal- He, do 7 to S lbs
to pair, 12-iS134c eirn caldd 7 to 8
lb to pair 12412c do . G to 7 lbs pair
WU12hf Astern dj -picked common i0c
For Is Heaw. dr -pkkl Indiana.". 32H13c
Western dn -picked aerage 32c. Western
rcalded prime HUffi2c. old roosters S4c
fcpring Uucks W-strn, large !2l8c w eitem,
small 10 l-c Gc;e Wesern Fpring, faJicj
WSUc. do mixed ln-SlSc tuahs W hlte
choice dozen J3 do mixed 12 &d1i2 C2. prime
dark 51 631 73
New Yo-k Xov 23 Cccf Reccirts to-dos
C253 cass last bIx das zt 13C crises The re
cpipts wei mar"h of stoiige and limed, and
thp Etrinpenct rf tho situation on nw-lald is
sufficient shown by tho ery hav falling off
in the total arrivals for the last six dajs, b--inc
10 cases less than for the previous six
dajs Iric?s on the higher crads are looked
upon as fml high enough in the prospective ef
fect upon consumption On all rrada from 27c
down including refrigerators the feellna: ixaa
stronc and a further advance Is. held as immi
tirnt on such qualltj of April storago that are
full and would do to mix in with retail irades
of f-eh Limed hfld higher Western extras
34p. firsts 325i23c, s-coids aftSlr, thirds tr02hc
Kpntupln and Tenrcs-e firsm 32c, seconds utsr
2(ic Uirti'-s So 1 rondlPd 22G23c No. 2 S
21f Checks 165?20c Refrigerators, firsts 2ic.
seconds 2Ttr24c thirds 22J522WC dirties 19 Stic
Limed firsts 23c seconds 21i2f
Kansi; Cltj JIo , .No 22 Dcgs firm. Mis
souri and Kama cacs retarmd I4c, Xa Z
whitewood cas includrd 2-c
Chicago Nov 22 Ctj;s firm, at mark, caes
included 2Tii26e Pfr dn;
JTiilidrlphia No 23 Cggs firm, good de
mand frKh near bv 12c los off Western 31fi
Ccf i-outhwesfprn 'if3't 1-outhern 27C52Sc
Ratter mid li" (.
New Tork N'ca 22 Itutte- Receipt i 5 3G1
pkg . firm, creamn fitr2lc P nte rtalrj 3
20c Cheep Repfiiit" t7, irregular State full
cream fnncr smiil colored cp. 32c late-made
li".2c small wmte ipi Ji't nte-mide 1040,
larfrt colored Sept 32c late made lc, large
whit -ept 12c Inte-mnde lu
Chicigu Nov 21 Putter firm; creameries 16
fSic dairies Hffllc Clii-ese teadv , rialsies Jft
t3I04c, twins 10c. Young Amerlcts 104c,
Philadelphia Noa, 22 Butter firm. He hlgh
r. txtra w etern creimer 2-lc. rar h prints
2Te Cheee stead , fair demand. New ".ortt full
crpams fancj, 31tfil2c, choio 314c, fair to
cood lOHwUl'-.c,
New Tork No 23 Coffee Spot Rio steady.
No 7 Invoice 6c mild steady, Cordova 7a4i5fi:Uc
Futures opened st.eadv at unchanged prices
and ruled generallj quiet but steadj to firm on
covering bj rcnm shorts in th absence- of im
portant offe-inge The market clc-sil Fteadv at
vmrhanged prices to an advanc of 6 points
fialesi were ,H 7oO bags including Dec at ft 4-c,
Jnti ft SS Cfn? March 5 &.e. Maj ifi (Cc, July
Clc, ?Vrt. 6.2.rtfG 'Oc
Dried I'ruiis.
New York, Nov 22 The market fo- evap
orated apphe continue easv, th common
quoted at 4trTc. prime nt "4tK"9c, choice nt
M(Cc and fancj ot 7c Prunes show some im
proved activitv. nnd tiie tone ia rather steadi
er Prices Mill range from 24c to fijc for all
prndes Aprico's ar stei(j nt full late prices
Choice are que ted at USc. extra choice at
lOSTIOHc- and fancj at lliflSc 1'eaches remain
quiet Choice are quoted at 7U7c and cttra
choice at TiQEU ard fnncj at t4ftc
New To-k Nov. 22 Sugar Raw firm, fair
refining 'Uc. centrifugal, iG test 3-fcC, mo!a.-s
auga- 3c refined steadv , crushed 5 13c. iow
dered 4 6k;. rranulated 4 G5c
New O'lrars ov 23 Micrar rfadj , open
kettle Sl-lCfi3V. do eentrlfugal .1ft-Kff34c.
cfntrifugal whites 3 ll-16m.c, je'ows 3
?S.c. necornp S-vSUc 5iolHseepCtnn itct;ie
easier, ZZftc, cntrtfugal 10.2-tc t?lrup 23
Drj GooilN.
New Tcrk No.. 23 Valu s in dry gotids
pcm to lie hardening in a gd manj in"tajicefi,
nnd predictions are not Infr luent that before
lonr prices will Bhow nn advance This out
look howevr. is pot causing nnj greater in
terest on the part of the btijers, who are rtlll
conducting their operations In a erj conserv
ative manner
Tlir VUSblc.
New York No- 23 The ls!ble mipplr of
grain Siturdav Nov 21 as compiled bv the
New York Prtdjco Exchange, was as follows
Wheat. "J 47-.COO bu increase 1 546 000 corn
6 116 i0 bu. decrease 1JG4 tVX, oats 9 3uS W
bu . dc-eas" 4VJ oii rve. 1333 000 bu increase
102.000. barli. 3Cr6fK)0 bu.. Increase 424.0CO
The Melnl Market.
New Tori, Ntn. 23 Tho London tin market
wap nlout Js M lower spot tnere elusmg at
116 10s nnd futures at 117 17s. Locul'y tin was
nuiet and unchanged nt 2. 4i)a- 60c. opf er
was lower in London by nb-rjt 30f with sit't
quc'od at 4 lis and futures at .4 lUs iium
eopper was aulet Lane is qjoted nt i:.-M11,
electrolytic nt 12.aMil2 S7ic oni cabling at 3- 0
612 70 Lad declined 1 -d in the Lon icn
market to 31 Locallv it wa qtilct r 4 2T-u
t-pelter was unchanged at iro lis d in Lnncun.
and at 5 62Cc In New lork. Iron clise.1 at 4i
fid in G'asgow. and at 42 3d in Middle-loir
Locallj Iron was quiet: M 3 -ounJrv. Nirlh
ern. is nuoted at 1516. No 2 frundrv. N-,rti-
eni. at sjifis: no 1 iounary, duiiuiwii, una ho.
1 foundn. Southern soft, at $13 Erviffll.
Corn Sentiment Bearish From tbe
Start Oals Sold Liberally
bv Commission Houses.
Chlcapo, Nov E Dxtremp dullness wai
manlfestea In the wheat pit to-claj-, and
vvaH lnrgelj responsible for the easier tone
In prices. Dec, wheat cloMcd Sc lower,
Dec corn was oft 5kC, oats down 1-c, -while
Jan provHlons closed from UV.'iJlSc to
ii'ic lower.
Tradlnc In wheat was exceedlnRly tame
and the businc; was confined mainly to
local profess-lonate IarKer world's ship
ments than had hfen expected, lower ca
ble" and continued favorable weather
cuused a .Iump In prices at the mart. Dec.
Hellinc oft to TiViC after openlne 'so lower
to 'sc hiKher at 794.c to 80c Outblde mar
kets were also dull and weak earlj In the
dav. and thN fact was a be.ir lnfluente on
prices here The situation In the North
west was still a potent factor, and, with
llKht receipts tlure. the earlv loss was
qulcklv rtfralned The market received
some Mipport from a prominent local op
erator, who bouqht freelv or both the Dec.
and Slaj deliveries but toward the end
of th- session trading became decidedly
dull and May ranged betwen 'iW and
TS,it7!)"t.c and elix-fd i.S-sC lower at 756
7Sic Clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to XfVi) bu rrlmarj receipts were
1 on,300 bu acalnst 1 WR &W bu a j ear ago
Tho amount on passape decreased 2.00.009
bu . while the MbIe supplv Increased 1,
f2S 0") bu Mliin-apolls Duluth -and Chlca
KO reported rei""lpts of 1 4C2 cars, against
1,277 cars last week and 1 924 cars a vuir
The sentiment In the corn pit wn bear
ish and there was some sMling earh In
the day on the larce worlds shipments
and the unsatisfactory conditions of the
cash and export buslne, although trad
ers In general were not l'iclined to pell
muc b- ov lrg to the small re"eipts and the
report of smull countrj offerings Esti
mate of larger receipts for to-morrow
caused increased HIllnp late in the dav
nnd prices weakened. Dec. closing Sc
lower at 42jC, after soiling between 42sc
and 4"!c. Mat ranged between 41c and
42c and closed WSc lowe- at 41V.-)l"tiC
Local receipts were 2f4 cars, with 3 of
contract grade
The features in trading in oalj; was the
filing of May by commission-houses,
which caused a weak market. Shorts were
the best buj ers and the support from this
source prevented a serious break. There
was little trading in Dec. dellvr, but the
weakness in Jlaj had a depressing In
fluence. An Improvement in the cash de
mand was the principal bull factor. After
selling letween 34$c and S5sjC. Dec. closed
He lowtr at 3Ae May ranged between
iiSSJc and SGgSCiiC. closing Bc lower
at JjS Local receipts were 225 cars.
Opening Highest. Lowest. Closlne
Dec ...7M.a0 SO 79V, 7ti
S-.SH TSafJ, .
July ....74VUT1 74 74v,g;i 74"
Dec ....vss, 435, , 42J.
Maj ....s,W421't tl't l 41W141.
Julv .... a. 4JV, 41' 41S.
Ikc .. K KH "MS 3lt
Mas ...30 est i, ZSttZi S.3,83oH, 3jS
Julv . S3-". ZZt J3i. 33W
lea lork
Jan . 11 40 11 1 11 ::'i 11.23
Maj 11 DO 11 t:H, 11 35 11 .u
Jan ... 6 C74 6 174 6 45 6 K
May 6 CO 6 00 (50 C &J'?
Short Klbi
Jan ... 6 05 C 05 I 92i C 91
Mav- .. 6 li 6 171j 6 Oi 6 074
Itec ShlD
nour bbln 2S7W ll
Wheat, bu 123 S' C2 ft)
Co.T. till ls;v 4IS H
Oats, bu 30.; 0 1j16jo
live bu lO.IO1)
Harl-J. bu S4 00 4 101
Provisions were weak on extreme!
largo receipts of hogs' with a decline of
from 10c to lTic In prices at the arda. Sell
ing was chletiv by packers, but the de
mand was lacking. Jan pork closed sajf
SiSie off at S1L12I&11 23; Jan. lard was on:
174c at JG 45 and ribs were down I2ty31Sc
at (5 95
Estimated receipts for to-morrow:
Wheat, 140 cars; corn, 4J5 cars; oats, 260
cars, hogs, 29,000 head
New Torlv. Nov 23 riour Receipts 27.1":,
exports 7,677 sale 12 600 pkee , market wan
aulet but steadlls held Use flour quiet, pate
?j0 libls ltutkulieat flour quiet. Cnrnmeal
ptentlv Rve dull No 2 Western C2,c fob
afloat, llarles eas heat Receipt 103 3iW,
exports 72.(S spot eatts . No 2 rtd i7 eieva
tor No 2 red Kc 1 tt. b afloat. No. 1 North
ern Imluth sov,c fob afloat. No 1 bard
Manitol a nominal fob ofloaL Options oi,end
a shade higher for -Mas her, on foreign busing
hut poon eated off with the tVet-t on larger
Northwest receipts Afttr a middas rails on
better cash trade, thes declined again under
bear attacl a and clotted easv at Hfc '4C net loss
s.ales included No. 2 red 82 l'-lt Wbtue. closed
83lic. July 7su79tc clased 7si,o. L-c MhW
S7SC, Llosed STc Corn Heretpts 141,4oQ. tx
rortB IZ 321 Eales 70 000, futures steads . cpot
easv. No 2 COc elevator and 51H:C fob afloat.
No 2 sellow :3c. No 2 white Clc Option mar
ket was aulet. but ptcadv on cloudy warmer
weather "West, later reacting with wheat and
closing easv at 1,jrl)c decline May 47if4SiTC.
rlosed Ac. Dec o't47!i0V,Ci closed COc. Oite
Reelrts J33 l'to bu . txports J,.,& bu ; euot
easier. No 2 42c, stindard white 42c, No 3 41c.
No 2 white 42c, No 3 white 42c. trk white
Western 42iff45s. trk white State 4."& 4 ,c Options
nominal reed Fteadv Has dull Hops hte tdy
I-aclllc CoaFt 1103 2.1S2c. lltef Fiends Beef
hams $21.Vl22 Cut mats tlrm. Lard steads.
W estern steamed J7 20 Nov closedl 17.20 nom
inal rcflmd seads . Continent J7 40. S A $t) 45
pork hpads Tallow quiet Cottonseed oil
fteadv Rice steads . domestic. lair to extra
3asfi4t4c Japan nominal Molarses steads.
New Orleans open kettli good to choice 32ft4oc
Kansas Cltv Nov 23 W heat 1 tec G75.C.
llav f,7"c cash No 2 hard 72E73c. No 3 C72r
Csc o 4 CKifwie rejected f4f&ne No 2 red
vittSic No " 77t7sc Corn Itc 2C"sK37c Mas
3rvc cash No 2 mixed 3St3e No 2 white
.tllsc. No 3 3Sc Onts No 2 white ll.Sic No
2 irlxed 35c, Rse No 2 49c Has Choice
tlmothv jv V), choice prnlrle 1R 23iiifc 50 Re.
ceipts W heat 104 V1 bu corn 11 tio oats s wo
ShlpnvntF W heat S7.200, corn f KF). oats 4,10')
Llvensml, Nov 23 Wheat Spot steads. No
2 red Western winter 6s 2d rutures steadv.
Itec 6s nd March Cs 4V,d Mav tn 2sd Corn
Spot quiet. American mixed Ss lOUd ru
tures steads: Dec 3s ll'id Jan. 3s 2Ksd.
reoiia, Nov, 23 Com steady; new No 3 9c:
new No 4 2sc Nn 3 42c; No 4 42c. Whisky
on the basis of H 2, for ttnlshed coods
Minneapolis Minn . Nov 23 W heat Dec.
7SMic Mas 70UW-,,c, on trk No 1 hard tOSc:
No 1 Northern 79Sc No 2 Northern 77"c: No
3 Northern 72sjE76c Flour First patents U 65
jt 7; second patents 14 Mfll CS first clears
Ji 4it Fciond chars lZrgli Rraln In tiuik
313 23
Toledo O . Nov. 23 Clorerseed closed Cash
tf. r7'3 Dec IC 70. Jan. St 73 Feb SU &, 'March
tr S3 Prime alsike Sfi e". prime, timoths SI 37tj
Chlcaco Nov 23 Caeh rinur steadv Uhut
No 3 fiiasl'e. No 2 red 82UJJ84C Co-n No
2 41c, No 2 sellow 44c Oats No. 2 3."!j,c, No 2
white 3'c No J white """SST'.C Rje-.No 2
r.,--c. Harles Good feeding 'TlJf.'Kc. fair to
cliolce malting 4fit59c -eed Prime tlmothv
J2 10 clover (ront-act grade) Jio CO Provisions
Mess pork. Iter 11 . JU.37KIS11 SO. lard p-r
jno lbs Jfi t'.a 67V-. short rlbw sides (loose)
jr foSTf, 71. short clear sides (Itxd ) JS 50S G2's
Whiskv basis of htghwlntf 11.23
puluth Minn. Nov. 23. W hrat on trk : No
1 Northern so'sc. No 2 Northern 77'sic, Itec.
77'f.c, Mav 7S"c. Oats on trk. and to arrive
Missouri and Illlnolt
Tex. I T. & Ok.
Med . 12 -no ..18 320
Med. CSS mo 17 (llSH
Coarse A. low .14 63 1.
Light fine ...14 Sldt,
lleavv sandy .10 4rl2
Ark. and Southern
Med (leecesl. 20 C21
Mid (loose) . 18 Igii
Hurry 15 fiiou
Hard burrs-.. ,.11 eill
Tubw ashed
No 1 J0U331
fo 2 24 42414
Hurrs 20 021
Med comb i.
cloth, nxd . 21 4J21ij
Clothing -c
Low . braid. 19 2i)
Hurrs . . .1 6
lluirs i. clear 17'4i IS
Hard hurry . IS nfn'-r
Light fine .. .lb WJ.Jj
Heavj fine ....14 tillH
Limli .. 1? 4;--
Kas . Neb , Dak ,W
UriBlit med 19 s?-"0
IlarK med ....II tf!6
LIkM fine ... .14 "jlfifc
lleavv buck. 10 512
I Opossum
No 1 large..
... ll.'v no 1 large
s-n 1 medium .... BO
No. 1 niedl im
Do small & No S 1
No 3 3J
No 4 -
No 1 large j
Ml medium . . IS.
tvo. small & No 2 eO
No 3 J..
No 4 10
Prime as to size
Flack fOJfi
Short stripe COftV)
Narrow stripe ....414111.)
Broad stripe Irr2a
Texas sifist
Territory 302C0
Do small & No 2
No 3
lrashy worthlesa,
Red Pox
No 1 lar-re.
No 1 medium
No 2
, 2 V)
. 3.50
. 1 00
No. 3
No 4
Gray Tox
No 1 large ....
No 1 medium.
No 2
No 3
No 4
Own 10320 pet. less.
No 1 large....
No 1 medium
No 2
No. 3
lilue or unprjnie it
9 00
E 50
3 00
Wild cat ...
civet cat ..
Dadger ...
House cat
Muskrat ...
Rear .......
Heaver ....
, losa
...... IW'ZJ
ie 1
No 4
Prairie, round 201! m
Timber 5U-J2 54
Extreme Southern skins 15 par cent less and
strictly Northern 15625c per cent more.
Th-re was not much bullish energy in jesterda's grain market. Most of tho
statistical news was rather colorless, and. In the absence of the big traders, the
scalpers were uncertain as to the outlook. Ranges were very narrow, ,-ml Dec. wheat
made only a slight gain, while May closed unchanged after scoring a small early ad
vance. Lack of speculative Interest was the main factor. Cables cjme lower, nnd
the world's shlnments for the week were extremely large, with only a small proportion
of th total credited to America. As a partial offset, the amount afloat showed a do
crease. Receipts were largo and weather conditions were generally favorable. The
tlsible supplies showed an Increase and statistical information was generally favor
able to the boars. There was a sharp decline in the last hour, mainly because of a
break in Minneapolis, where there was said to be practically no demand for flour. Tho
market was further weakned by light exports and a falling off in the local cash in
quiry. Corn showed little life. Though the local receipts were moderate nnd the visible
supply show ed a decrease, cables w ere easj- and w eathcr conditions v ere f a orable.
May wheat opened 1-lGc off and closed unchanged.
May corn opened 1-lGc off and closed yc off.
May oats closed s3Hc off.
Receipts of produce were moderate and prices of fruits and vegetables were j--at-.
erallv firm.
Local securities were dull and easy, with activity confined to the traction group.
Tcstcrdaj's bank clearings were J10,04G,225. balances S1J45.37L Discount rates were
stead- between 5 and G per cent.
Spot cotton was unchanged In tho local market.
Decrease in Corn Visible Is Rnll-
ich, but Earlv Gains Are Not
Well Sustained.
Net results of yesterdaj's grain mar
ket were rather mixed. Dec. wheat made
a slight gain and May was barely stead.
Itotli of th- active com options closed on
the downturn St. Louis showed consider
able early ttrength In comparison with
tti rirnrktts Minneapolis v as decidedly
weak nnd the movement to the Northwest
ern receiving points again was brisk.
Weather conditions were favorable and lo
cal receipts w ere much larger than on the
corresponding: day last 3 ear. About the
only bullish argument was a big decrease
in th amount of wheat afloat.
The visible supply of wheat the past
week Increased 1.526.000 bu., against an in
crease of 3,MO.OOO bu In 1S02. St. Louis
ptocks Increased 110 000 bu. and Chicago In
creased 422.000 bu. Total visible supply 20,
472,O0u bu , against 27.94C.0U0 bu. a week ago
and 41.731.O0O bu. In 1902.
Wheat on ocean passage afloat for Eu
rope the last week estimated at 25,200 OoO
bu . against 28 22u,0u0 bu. a w eek ago. D.
create 3.120.('j0 bu.
Worlds shipments of wheat to Europe
the last week totaled 10.512.000 bu , against
a weeK ago nd 11.7M.0UO bu.
in 102.
May wheat opened l-16c off and sold at:
SUac, 814c. SlSOSlirC SISc. Slhc. 81Sc. SIHC
S1SC. Slhe. Sl-jc. 818Sl,c. el'S31fcc.
Corn opened easj und remained so dur
ing the greater portion or tho session.
Though receipts were light, there was
practlcall no outside bu ing demand ana
weather conditions were favorable
The visible supply of corn the past week
decrtaed l.lH.Ouv bu , against an Increase
of 1SJ.O0O bu In 1902. St Louis stocks In
creased 15,000 bu. and Chicago decreased
220,000 bu Total visible supply 6.116.000 bu.,
against 7,2S G 0 bu aw eek ago and 2.2S7,
OOU bu. in 1902.
Corn on ocean passage afloat for Europe
the past week estimated at 14,363,000 bu..
against 14 4i0.000 bu. a w eek ago. De
crease E5,0uO bu.
World s shipments of corn to Europe the
past week reported at 4,545.000 bu . against
.1,627.000 bu. a week ago and 1,355 OuO bu
in l't02.
Ma corn opened 1-lGc off and sold at:
404c. 40'c. fc,4l,c. WnC
Receipts of wheat at St. Louis 155.049
bu , of which 244 sks. and 235 cars local
and 40 cars through, against 175.236 bu.,
of w hich 4 227 sks. and 1G7 cars local and
17 cars through, in 1W2.
Receipts of wheat at primary points 1,
655 000 bu.. against L99t. WW bu. In 160C and
shipments POfO bu , against L045.000 bu. I
.Northwest received 1.2M cars, against
1.71S car-? in 1902. Chicago received 129,870
bu and Kansas City 101,800 bu. Clearances
446,014) bu.
Receipts of corn at St. Louis 4L400 bu.,
of which 24 cars local and 22 cars through,
against. 2U.540 bu . of which 1 0S6 sks. and
214 can. local nnd IS cars through. In 1902.
Receipts of corn at primary points 367,
000 bu , against 597,000 bu. in 1902. and
shipments 4S4 0V0 bu.. against 3SLO0O bu.
Chicago received 197,100 bu. and Kansas
Clt 13.600 bu. Clearances 181,000 bu
Receipts of oats at St. Louis 114.750 bu.,
of w hi en 65 cars local and 20 cars through,
against 66.150 bu , of w hich 41 cars local
and 8 cars through, in 1902.
Receipts of oats at primary points E9L000
bu , against 454,000 bu , in lOi. and ship
ments 444.000 bu , against 300,000 bu. Clear
ances 293,000 bu.
The visible supply of oats the past week
decreased 4S4 Otv bu , against a decrease
of 514.0U0 bu In lsQ2. St, Louis stocks de
creased 3.00O bu Total visible supply 9,308,
000 bu. against 9,792 000 bu. a week ago
and 7,057,000 bu in 1902.
Cash Grain, Floor, Etc.
WHCAT Recelv el 244 sks ard 123 cars local
and 40 cars through 1H sample, del.: No 2
red at 8S148'i' to elevator and use to go out.
No 3 red at sf'gsSc according to quaiits, to
elevator and S7liri.sc to mills: No 4 at 8Kn36c:
No 2 hard at '.He No. 3 hard at 7407C4C: No.
4 hard at fi8r70c. No 2 white spring at 76c, No.
3 do at 741if. No S spring at Wfc71c
CORN Received 24 cars local and 22 cars
throush ny sample, del.: No 2 old at 43i4c.
No 3 new at 40c. No 2 white at 43c. and No. 3
w hlte at 42c for old and 4 ic bid for new No. 3
white , . .
O YT13 Recelv ed P3 cars local ard 20 cars
throuch, llv sample, del : No. 2 at J7Hc W
side. No 3 at 1.4c W. and 3G'iC a side. No 4
at 34r33e W -Ide. No 2 white at 3,Lrc W side;
No 3 white at 37-c W side; No. 4 white at
3rffn;uc W and 37c E side
R1E 31"-c bid for No. 2 and roc for No. ..
FLAXSEED -pot easn , with 87c bid.
FLOUR s.oft winter dour: Patents in wood
$464 10. straichts Jo 85f3 35. extra tancs 33.70
4i3 80 clears 13 2uft3 4 low grades in Jules
13 v, for flrets to J3 so for extra fanes : straights
J2 50g3 Hard v Inter flour in Jules Patents
(3 401(3 60 clears J2.75ST. I'i regoins prices for
lots from first hand trk. or at d-pot this side
Orders niKrier,
R1E FLOlR-ln
Jute sks nnd 3 40 I
a Jobbing was at $3 25 In
w ood for new ; mixed and
inionor ie
eTOllNMEAl, Quctabl- f o 1) at 32 4) for
cits meal, J2 70 for pearl meal, grits and hon-
BRAN Hard winter bran quotable nt 74c In
JOOs and soft winter bran at 744?73c in large and
7677c In smaller sk , latter for choice, mixed
feed in 100s at 7Sc for hard and SlS2c for soft
winter, mlds In 100s at 87S93C, On basis E
trk. winter at 77c fur Iran and 93c for mids
At mill bran sells at 78jr"Oc and ships at Jl ot
Hat Market E side Tlmothv CThoIce
SI2 lit. No 1 JU5H2. No 2 DSIO 30- No 3 r.
S.V) Clover No. 1 SlOtflO DO and No 2 S88S.
c'over mixed SKH1 for No t and $-.39 for
No 2 according to mixture Prairie Choice
Jio" No 1 St p0. No 2 J7 50S8.50. No. 3 UsC
C fi nl'alfo Ji
fcTRAW-On trk $-t0S6 Rv-e J. 38.
LEAD AND hPLLTER Lead J4 Spelter
W'llisicr On tasls of J1.21 for hlghwlnes.
St. Lonls Cnrli Market,
St. Louis May wheat !14c I'uts SHJc and
CBJIay corn 404c I'uts 40c nnd calls 404S4(ic
Mllw aukee Dec wheat-Puts 79c and call Sml
80r bid. Mav wheat Puts 7S4c and call 78?4
Dec corn I'uts 420 bid and calls 42TsC May
corn I'uts 41?c and calls 41c bid
St. Loalu rntnre Prices.
Closed Ranged Closed
Sa'urtav. Testerdav Yesterday.
....SS4 b SSHIJiSH 18W a
. 81HSS14 SlW-S-SiS SlV4a
...,4lT,a ........ 4H, a
.... 40, 404'tf404 44
.....374 ........ srsira
Mav . .
Cii-n Dec.
Oals Mav
Stocks of Grnln
11 ore.
Testcrdny Saturdas. Last Tr.
4 2S7 123 4 3'2 218 4.!9i9S4
.. .. ... . a.,, J p...t
f9 70d tt).fC
""" 21 M7 21M7
' S852 9 933
23 829
No 2 red wheat ..
No 2 ha-d wheat .
No 2 mixed corn .
No. 3 wh'te com ..
No 2 vellow com .
No 2 irlxed oats .
No. 2 rye
3 7t
3.0)3 (M 3 023.7S.I
161.701 3fl or
4 661
23 192
Butter Good demand. Crcamry. extra at 22'4
osc: firsts 19ST2itc: seconds 18c: dairy extra at
lBSISc: firsts 1415c ladle-packed, extra Ike:
firsts 17c: country "tock In nails 12124c Jor
ihniee nnd noor at JUUc ciease stocks 4tt3c
Eckb Receipts 1 C21 rkgs. local and none
through, shipped 1 2. marktt steadv at 26c, lor
orr: curreni mnvw - --o .i.wMh, iiem
and inferior less
rn,,.,.., North-in rn orders: Twins 114c: s.n
des li,c: daisies 124c loung Americas 12Vc:
long horns l?c: limberger. new SJilfec: ln
fenor 3it34c: Swiss 1-c Sot choice: No. 2 at
1013c: brick lOCllc
Green Hairs Etc Car lots held f. o- b E.
side thus: Hams 10-av at lie: lis at inUc;
lis at S5c: 16s at 9c; lis at 84c; 20s at tc
SI lnned Hams 15-av at Oc 1SS20S 9t,c 2211
24s at -c Califo-nlas at Sc to 6",c N. T
shoulde-s (19112 av ) at C-c 1 rom the bloek
dl Hams at 8V- fo- run of house, bellies at
rue to 114c ns In averse. California at 6'-6cr
N V shoulders at 6c
Pork-Nw stindard. mess in a Jobbing way
closed nomlnallv jn 35
Lard ChoIc steam on E side closed nomi
nally u, k-.ttle-rend.-red 74c
D MeatsTo arrive, loo and fcured Cribs
clos-d nominal 4.av 7 37e,fr7 eTc 30-av . c.
n f Rid In it jobbing wav ranced; Extra
stn-ts at ,7'ic c-lus at 7ec short clears a:
lie bellies pt St,c to l-c. plates and fat
backs at sac rt-.al--rs charge hlgr-e- on orders
Racon Rxd s c mals In a Jobbing way
ranged Rieakfast bscon at from use for
heavj to l.c for rholrt lisnt, hams at llvc to
121.0 California at 7'jc and N-w Tork snoul
ders at 7-,c Plain snok-d lots in a Jibbing
w-as- janired Extra shorts at 7"c- c'rlbs at
S'sc sho-t clear at tc b. Hies at 8'.--to liH.c:
1 late and fat ba--ks at fuc standard backs at
&-c Ltealer char-re higher on o-ders
ttleo Ptiarlne Nominal ct t-c.
Tallot Cuuntrv run in light offerirr- No 1
quotable at 4384I3c, No 2 at 3,e3-,c. packe-s-No
1 at 4"c, prlm at 3c to -.lc. and edible
stock at n'4C to Zc
Iletf-On orde-s bbld.: Plate JS. roll and Ful
ton Market JIO mes- J10 75 Died per lb
t llt;C. Inside 4c, knuckles 14-. qBtslde 10c
Tongue 140 pr lb
r1,e J'""'?.-? TurKej . -rood dressing stocc
13--.C old chickens, hens ir lb . 7c spring
chiccens. average receipts c; old roosters
4c ducks lfs-. irees. yK- Iulra chickens per
doz . J3. live picecre and squabs, per doz.. 73cf"
Pressed Iced l-oultrs Turkess 14514t,c; chtck-e-13
8c. spring chickens sc. roosters 5c:
ducks l!G12r gese 11S12C. Foregoing firures
are for choke onl.
Game We quote. Quail, dry undrawn, rer
dor.. J2..S qjail. drawn. 23c p-r doz. less.
1'ra.lrle chickens large dark per dor.. J9; prai
rie chickens Texas and Terrlto-j. small. J7.
rheasants per doz.. S10 Wild turk-v-s. r-r lb .
12c Ducks, end-awn. per doz Mallards 34;
blue-wing teal $2.75. green-wing teal J2.Su;
mixed and wood $2.23 Drawn 23B30C per doz.
less w oodcoek JG. Jack Snipe II 25 Deer car
casses, per lb. 14c; venison saddles per lb.
22c. Rabbits choice fresh, pr doz Cfil.lv
Jack rabbits Jl 73 --nulrrel. per doz . 75c
Fresh Fish Black bass at 13c; crappie 84 Cc
for small and Sc for large; dresed cat 9c:
spoonbill cat 7t,c Bullheads Dressed Sc and
gro"s 3c Bufalo Gross 34a dressed 54c Ger
man carp D-t-ssed 44c gross and small 3c;
sunnsh Sc: white perch 4c; eels 6c; soft-shell
tu-tie-- at 5c and turtle meat at 8c; terrapin At
C-c per doz.
Veals Qui-t; offerings light. Quote at Be fo
heavy to JVc for choice small fat (100 to 120
lbs ) heretics and thin 24c to 3Hc; yearlmg
sheep at 3H34c old bucks and ewes at 2B3-.c:
sp-lng lambs at 4S"44c and heavy buck lambs
31034c rer lb thin lambs not wanted.
Fruits and Vegetables.
The Republic quotations arts for lots In first
rards unless otherwise specified. Small lots on
orders are charged higher:
PEARS Per bbl : Eastom Heifer $2.7583 for
No 2 to J4 fo- choice
APPLES Consigned Ben Davis, wtnesap. wil
low tw lg. Roman beauty, etc, 51 E032 mainly
and fancy higher Genetic!, Jlfil 75, ma'nlj
Jl 23Bl.Su Bulk GeneUng 75c8$L75 per bbl.
MALAGA GRAPES Per bbl. at J3.50S5.5Ol
according to weight.
ORANGES Florida on trk. $2.6082. 7D for
brlghts or russets
GRAPES Concords. Climax baiksts. JOe; pony
Catawt. 174c
LEMONS California on trk $3 S3 CO for
choice to fancy: Messina and virdel t3.WS3.7S
per box in Jobbing way,
IJMEi Per 100 $1.502.
BANANAS Quotablt J13S.2S a bunch on or
ders COCOANTJTS Per 1.000. JE. trie. $3; Jobnraf
way J3 00 per 100
CRANBERRIES Cape Cod. chotoa $SS.E0 1
and fair $s 'trff; per bbL
CALIFORNIA FRUITS rroro rtnTs: Tokay
and Comlchon grapes Jl Eojrl 60 psr crate.
Pears Buerre Gris J2. 75 and Vicar $2.50 pr box.
I-OTATOES Northern skd. on trie. 55a0c for
ordinary: ki65c for fair to good, to 63968c for
UNIONS Red in bulk at SOOTBo and 1
rlrs. VAllATf j tA. islB. Iaa 1 Waal 4M
CABBAGE Holland $5J21 ner tan dl.
CUCUMBERS Eastern hothouss 7Iflo 1
doz. Florida hampers sl.iOZM. accordlnd
cunaiuon 1
TOMATOES Home-grown from itorags I
x cv per ou r lonaa ts quoiama at
California 4s at Jl 5081.75.
BEETSt Home-crown 20Saoe Tter Ba.
LETTUCE Home grown sOiKOc per bn.t Ki
Orleans head lettuce 14 50ft5.bu nr bbL
CARROTS Home-grown 4035Cc bu. box anl
i swi w per noi
GIMBO New- Orleans $2 per tm. box.
TLRNIHS Home-erown 2ic bu. box.
PARSNIPS Hnme-rrown Sir4l)ff hn. and SI. 53
CELERT Michigan flat crates JSflWc: fancy
white plume 404sc per bunch; Kalamazoo,
small. 10&15C per bunch. Home-grown ZtttaQc
per bunch. Celerv roots 2540e per doz
EGGPLANT Florida $2 25B2.50 per haraper.
PEPPERS Home-grown 75cS$l bu. box.
Florida Cs at JloLS)
STRING BEANS Choice Southern rotmil
green J3iT3 50 per bu : Cat and wax less.
SQUASH Hubbard 73c per 100 lbs.
SWEET POTATOES Steady. New Bermuda
and Queen 40fi4c per bu. loos. Nansemond
and vcllow 60S7c.
SPINACH l'er bu.. loo-e. 2025c
SAUERKRAUT New. ir 4 bbl, J2.25 and
bbl J3.75
HORSERADISH New 503 75 p-r bbL
SPANISH ONIONS New Jl 05 per ert.
CAULIFLOWER Near-bv J1.50 per doz. Tor
sound Eastern J3.50 per bbl
RUTABAGA' In bulk 33224c bu. del. 3
MUSTARD GREENS Per bu.. loose. lSSOc
Miscellnneons Markets.
FEATTIERS rrlme white liv e geese in small
sks. 54c end in large sks 2c: prime gray do
41c In small end 40c la large sks ; old white
40342c; X J0S3Sc; XX 22S2c; XXX 14816c,
XXXX 3c: tare 10 per cent on small sks. and
3c on large, chickens 5c, ducks white 4Cc:
dark 30c.
ROOTS Per Iti : Ginseng at 13 to J3.59:
stemmv. wetlv. etc, less, ladv slipper 8C:
seneca C3c, pink 13c golden sal 6ac: black 54c;
Mav appie 6c: snake 27c: white snake
worth 24c angelica 5t'Cc: wahoo bark of root
8c bark of tree 24c; blood 6c: blueflag 3c:
sassafras bark of root 3c: wild ginger 7c.
SHEEP PKL'll-Full wool pelts. 73cB$I:
shearling 10c to 3jc. lamb at 30c to 50c; drs,
fallen, etc, DKllc per lb
BEESWAX tnchangifl at 2Sc per lb for
LIN--BED OIL Quotable at 34c per gaL for
raw and 33c for boiled: 1c per gaL less in car
PUP CORN Selling on cob. per 100 lbs. at
60375c Tor mixed to Jl for white; old worts
Wrought Iron 50c: heavj cast 45e; malleable
steel nnd breakable 4nc: stove 35c: light brai-s
35- heavy brass $9; copper $9 50; zinc J3 50: lead
13 30- newttr $t!L
SALT E. side medium at Sic: granulated fc
per bbl oc more it bbl this side.
BROOM CORN Quotable at J60f95 per ton;
no salts ""
BEANS AND PEAS Quote from store: White
beans Choice hano: picked at $2 2)62.25 per bu :
prime do at J2C3 10: scrtnned at Jl K'fffl V,;
dried green St olett peas at Jl Toff 1.40 per bu :
si Ht peat, at J7 pe- 21 bj bbk: J2 per bu .
bi-u.kej at $170- CallfanJa pink at 3c per
lb , Lima hrans at 4ir4'Xc pr lb lentils at t'j
474c. Countrs white beuns ut SI 15fl 25 per bu.
for medium and mixed to II 40frl 50 for navy.
EMP1V RAHItCLS loci olU turpentine nnd
gasoline $1 03- vinegar 7(c. b ack oil 50cr Unseed
light and varnisn Mc macnine 8uct sugar 15r:
wniskv 8oc do half bit!., tc. wine $1: sauer
kraut 301f4)c plckit 4"x-0c. flour 13c: molasss
30c- lard tcs 4..C- 23c off each broken head: 24c
each hoop missing
MOSS We qiale. pe- ib : Gray mixed V-.&
15(C: grav, brown and bLck mixed lJt2j:
brown and black m-xed 2fl24c: mac-ilne-p.ckea
X 3'83I-.t. -N.N 34n4c N.XX 44&5c, XXXX 5
0ji-c- extra b'atk M . infeilcr less.
RAGS. ETC Per 10) Ibs.i Country rags at
75e. Old rope No I manl.a at Jl 23; No. 2 at
50c Rubber at J5H5 1W).
PEANLTt Farmers" stock, per lb : Red l's
C2c- w hlte 24tt2-S,c.
CHESTNUTS Italian at Sc per lb : Virginia
1'ECANS Wtstt'n at attSc and Texas ut
DRIED FRUIT We naot: App'cs-Evnp-orated
rlncs 44i"5c; do. quarters at 4U4),c:
bleached iieellngs at lt,c: chops at IHc. sun
dried quartri, at 3c for dark ti 4c for prime
Peaches st 21--''1c
MAPL.D SUGAR Quote at Sc to 10c per lb.
SORGHUM Prime new nominal at 20c per
gai ; poorer goods les
HONE Comb at 10c to 72c: chocs Colorado
at 14c: strained and extracted at 4344c in bbls.
und 5t- in cans
COOPLRAGE We quo-e en ord-rs for prompt
deilv eiy : Lard tcs. Jl 524 f cr wood-oound,
jl.3 for C-hoop. lr.n-bojna, and $1.35 for 8
hcop do.: oak pork oh.s. J1.20 for woi-bound.
Jt.lt) for iron-bound: ash pork lib's $1.10' olsa
tcs. $1.40: slack-work this 3-boop flour 38c. 6
hoop do 6-V-: milt-run Rrrrle i2c; No 2 do. 3jc;
meal 31c- G-hoort lime 26c- 4-hoop do 21".
COOPER-TTUrFS In car lots on trk.: staves
Cnttnnwcdd Hour bhl JS -.0; dn. meal bbl.
K 75: No ZS5: No 1 half-Mil. (gum) JC50: mill
run pork Mil. 31 Iljadmgs per set No 1 fl-tnr
bbl. 647c: rr II run 174-in s oc't for apple
bbls. 6ic. No 2 do t-c; lrd tlerct 15c Port
Dbi. 124c. shavtd hoops Flrur W,L $3 50 lor
citoper. $4 for hoosler. ha'f-bbl. $3: colled elm
(6-;not J8 Zj&SM. oak lard tierce cooper shaved
$10t?12: pork bbl. $-.
Dr -flint Butcher (16 lbs nrd upl at 14ttc;
do light (under 13 !bs.) at 13e.c: fatl'n at.lic;
native and A.rkrinsns at l$4c: latter on selec
tion at 144c for No 1 and 124c for No. 2:
glue at 74 c Dry-salted l(nic Green-salted
round at 7c: do en s-lts-tlon at 74cfor No 1
and 6Vc tor Xsa. -L- uuils or nncured 1c per lb.
less: part cured 4c less; culls 3e.c. Jlorrw
hides Green No- 1 at J2.73; No. 2 at Sl.75;
ponies, colots and blues at $1; all dry at ne
-ta . .' --f.n. O; IS-y-
jr- -1
:JrS rttJ-5oav-.-'f--iw?-3
-- ,?a-- va-7

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