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Bladder Irritated by Alcohol in Liquid Kidney Remedies.
Remember thl': Kidney-Wort Tablets CANNOT contain alcohol.
H. A. KEMBLE has been cured of severe
Inflammation e-f the Bladder.
Aug. 24. 1903, rir. H. A. Kemble, 171 Broadway, New York City,
wrote : "JmsI printer I had a severe fain in my back, andconsulted a physician,
zrio prescribed for me, for kidney disease and severe inflammation of the bladder,
bat his medicine did me no good. I tried several liquid kidney remedies, but the
altohol in them seemed to aggravate my trouble. I ;vas induced to buy a bottle oi
Kidney-Wort Tablets, and the change in my condition xvas remarkable. Two bot
tles relieved me so that after taking four in all I xvas cured. Kidney-Wort
Tablets is a -vonderful remedy for the
T:vo persons in three suffer
.-.-.laired or diseased kidneys.
live unhappily, enjoy little, and die
before their time. When the urine de
posits red or whitish thick sediment,
take Kidney-Wort Tablets without
jnsist ,lton DR. PETTINGILL'S
Kid nev
With Tonic
The finest family
and table beer
Ask your grocer to
supply yoor waoti
Mriiclnre Will He l.ocned on IMnlcnu
ol Mateo mill Is to Cost.
Plans for the Hawaiian building at the
World's Fair reached St. Louis yesterday.
The reception of the plans was satisfying,
as it was thought the Government of Ha
waii had abandoned the idea of erecting a
national pavilion at the Imposition.
Hawaii -was the first of the territorial
governments to submit phut? to the Ux.po
eition. 1-ntcr. however, the aians were
abandoned, and It was believed that the
Hawaiian participation would be confined
in its exhibits proper.
The building, a. planned, is typical of
Hawaiian architecture. It Is 50x62 feet, ex
clusive of lT-foot porches which surround
it on three sides.
The roof is carried to the edge of the
sunounding porch, and the porch line ts
marked by an arcade of fiat "threu-cen-tercd"
arches, sustained by Ionic columns.
A clear story. Independently roofed,
crowns the building. The structure shows
two attractive curved buys at the corners.
Another curved bay at the rear of the
building will be used for n display of "An
cient Hawaii." The building will be lo
cated on tlii PlatiMU of States, and will
cost Iictw-een COO) and J6.000.
It Is teioitcd that Charles -M. Reeves,
recrctiiry of tho State and Territorial Ex
hibits Committee, has been chosen as local
representative for the Hawaii World's Fair
Will Collect Flre-FIshtlng rtelir.
New York. Nov. 23. Robert Oswald, a
r-tired captain In the New York Fire De
partment, has been appointed special Com
missioner of the St. Louis Universal Ex
position at a salary of S-i.OCO a year. He
will search the Kastern States for relics
of the various fire departments, which will
lie sent to St. Louis for exhibition.
Cermaii' to Send ItN Finest Hitmen.
Berlin. Nov. SI Herr Lewald, Imperial
lieraian Commissioner for the SL Louis
Tniversal Exposition, lias arranged with
breeders of Holstein. East Frisia and Old
enburg to make a splendid exhibition of
horses at St. Louis, each distiict to send
ten to fifteen animals, including some of
the linns l stallions in that part of Ger
many. The Prussian State and Oldenburg
will make special contributions to the
horse exhibit at the Exposition.
'I he Kcreretlil Thompson .Smith Dle
lit Denxcr, Colo.
Denver. Colo., Nov. 23. The Reverend
Thompson Smith, senior chaplain of the
Confederate Army and an Intimate friend
of Generals Jackson, Lee and Early dur
ing the Civil War. died of general de
bility to-day at St. Luke's Hospital in this
city, ased SI years.
I Jriall s ska Jriair
I Renewer always re- I
1 stores color to gray 1
1 Kair. It makes the hair 1
1 soft and rich, and I
I keeps the scalp clean
I and healthy,
b( old for 80 yun. If your itnircUtatnnonupplr yen. tend flAttc K
g R.P.UALLACO..Xuhaa &.A. K,
If von hme Piercing or llnrnm
rains. IT your Bladder oml L'rlne ore
not nlinl Miry hotild 1r. IT nir
Imelc iicIick. write our j'iiitouis 1"
Consultation Dennrtiuenf. I.I.. .
Icuc St.. KurlliiKlon. VI.. nnil the
will tell j on. Free, whether jour
swnploiiis nre dangerous.. Von iii5'
not have Kldnej Disease, lint lie on
the afe side.
Cure Backache,
Cure Biliousness,
Cure Sore Bladder.
Terence John MrCarty Uefies
Colonel Blake to Mention
Thirty-Sixth Anniversary of ihe
Death of the Manchester Mar
tyrs Observed at the
The liiirty-Mxth anniversary of the Man
chester inartyn" was observed at the
Odcon Inst night under the auspices of
the I'nitcd Irish league of St. I-ouis.
Colonel .1. V. V. ltlake, who diHtin
guished himself as the commander of the
Irish brigade In the ltoer War, wa the
principal speaker. Frank P. Walsh of
Kansas City, who was on the programme,
telegraphed that he would be unable to
Colonel ltlake. during the course of hin
remarks, referred to attacks he hiid made
on previous occasions relative to the ex
ecutive body of an Irish revolutionary so
city 111 America, one of whom lived in
St. Louis.
Colonel Biako mentioned no names, md
in the midt of his speech he was inter
rupted by a man in the audience, who
called out:
"You might as well name them; I defy
you to name them."
Colonel Blake snapped speaking, while
a half dozen nhers and three policemen
rushed toward the intruder and started to
eject him.
At the door theylelreperous auditor,
who gave his name as Terrence John Mc
carty, was mkeii In charge by the three
otiicers and escorted from the building.
McCarty. however, didn't leave the build
ing without a struggle, and It was all the
ofilcers could do to handle him.
Continuing his remaks. Colonel Blake
said: "Before coming to St. Louis I felt it
my duty, from facts in my possession, to
make direct and specific oharges against
the persons composing the executive body
of the. Irish Revolutionary Society.
"I came here supplied with proofs to
establish the truth of these charges and to
repeat them on this platform, as well as
give the names of the parties concerned.
"When I arrived in St. Louis I was in
formed by the committee having In charge
this celeurailon that prominent members
of the revolutionary party in St. Iiule
had come to them and made overtures of
peace, with a view of uniting nil Irishmen
In this city and America."
Colonel Blake said tliat It as out of
deference to the wishes of the committee
that he did not repeat the charges, as he
would be unwilling to say anything that
might prevent the unity being accom
plished. The greater mit of Colonel Blake's ad
dress was devoted to anecdotea of the war
between England and the Transvaal, and
lie closed by predicting that the next up
rising against the llrilish would be in
Cape Colony, and that the English would
have to face 17".W0 men Instead of 25.01.
In the absence of Father J. T. Coffey.
Colonel Blake was Introduced by Ddwird
Devoy, president of the St. I.ouis-E:ist St.
Louis Central Council of the t'nited Irish
league. Professor E. I). Luckcy made, a
. ,ort address, and music was furulshei
bv John J. Rohan. R. A. Bacon. James J.
McNulty. Miss Maltle Ward and Miss Jen
nie Gorry.
Arnold Case Asrnin Continued.
The case of Edward J. Arnold of "get-rich-ijulck"
fame was again continued
in Judge McDonald's court yesterday
morning, this time until next Monday
morning at 10 o'clock. Arnold Is charqed
with grand larceny. It Is alleged that in
accepting $100 from Mrs. William Sle
vers shortly before his comiwny failed,
he stole the money.
Coroner's .lury Exonerates Negro
Thar Caused Death of a
White Man.
Nelson Redden, the negro coal-wagon
driver who fatally shot Dennis Haley, a
St. Louisan. Saturday afternoon, was ex
onerated by h Coroner's jury at the iu
iinest yesterday afternoon. A verdict of
justifiable homicide was returned and the
.-'ullioiitics were requested to release Red
den. Redden's testimony was impressive. He
said that Haley. Charles Dittmer and
Rudolph Arnbe.-ger. the throe white men,
had followed him for ten blocks and tin
ally assaulted him in the alley, and that
Haley began llrlnc and had fired three
shot.- before lie could get to his revolver.
He slid t'-at lie fired one shot. This
struck Halej in the aide ns lie was turn
ing an Jin to mil and caused ills dentil
Sunday at St. Mary's Hospital.
Dlllmer. who has been In SI. Louit a
week, said that he and the other two men
eunie across the liver to see what they
could do for the heuetit of the local union.
They lolloniii Redden's waijon for ten
blocks, he said. He declared that Redden
llred tin' tlrsl shot, however.
Arnberger denied that the trio hail fol
lowed the nesro. His statements dif
fered from those of both the negro and
After tho inquest. Dittmer and Arn
herger were arrested on a eharce of as
sult and battery, preferred by William
Jones, a negro coal-wagon driver. Jones
alleged that the men assaulted him Fri
day evening.
Col I.leeiiMe on Second lteiiuet.
Half a dozen iW, tires accompanied Jo
seph Vineyard. 19 years old. when he se
emed a marriage licence and later was
married in East St. Louis Sundav night
to Miss Clara Watkins. 18 rears old, also
of St. Louis. Tlie couple 'tiled to get a
marringe license at BelleUI'.e. but failed
Saturday evening, and Sunday they se
cured a license in East St. Louis and were
marriod by a Justice of the Peace.
Sustains Internal Injuries.
,L. Du I'ree, foremmi of the Southern
Illinois Construction Company, fell from a
wall or the new East St. Louis Police Sta
tion, in course of erection in East St.
Louis, yesterday morning. He struck on
his head and besides severe scalp wounds
he was injured Internally. After he was
attended hy Doctor Wiggins. Kurrus's
ambulance removed hiin to his home.
Will Ilnprme Fourth Street.
At the meeting of the East St. Louis
City Council yesterday afternoon an or
dinance was passed for the"' Improvement
of Fourth street from Broadway to Mis
souri avenue. Mayor Cook says he will
endeavcr to have ordinances pnssed for
the Improvement of other streets before
KareHtor Give Entertainment.
The Foresters of East St. Louis gave a
complimentary entertainment and dance
at the East St. Louis Music Hidl last
night. -Mayor Silas Cook delivered the
opening address. A music and literary
programme followed.
Kant 511. I.onla Itemn.
KumanJ Reeli of Tenth street and Illinois
CAenue. lin-t fit. Louts, departcil yFterda for
S'tlfx. Mo., whre he will marry MIm Rena
Mej-ers on Verin&s.lftj
Tr.e Hjim rit. Lulls public whools will cloe
on Thursday ami Friday. The TnanksgMnjt
tiy xticlse will te h-Id lo-oorrew atter
noen. K. It. Matlsric returned from a vim at IV.J
The oianK? and black fi.-Lff. marked with the
numerals ."or. 0f the .Tunlorc of tlie East fit.
bonis Hish School, was holatod to the nae
starf eteiday because thev tuniM out the
(.rcatcst numb-r at th football game Satur
Jury Decides Issues In Fnvor of De
fendant In FelKcnbiitr. Case.
A jury- in tlio Circuit Court at Belle
ville yesierday decided In fnror oi Miss
Anna Feigenbutz of Germany, the de
fendant. In an attempt at breaking the will
of Professor William Felxsntuitz. who be
queathed to her his estate, unvmntlng to
about Ko.Oiil. She is a sister.
Relatlres of Feigenbutz who live In
tills country claimed tliat they were close
ly related to him and that he intended
tout tiiey should receive some of the es
tntu The fact thut the will was written in
German was also one of the grounds, as
It was asserted that the translation of
the will into English w'ould re.ult In the
loss of some cf Its meaning. The wit
nesses to the will testified as to the In
tention of Professor Feigenbutz lo leave
his estate to his ilstor in Germany.
Judge Burroughs granted n divorce by
default to Mra. Alvina O'Nell from Ed
ward O'Nell. Cruelty was alleged. The
couple were married In November. l!i.'2.
Mrs. O'Nell was Miss Alrlna Deutschman
and was formerly a school teacher at
Shot Fired at Xeatro by (Snaril Do
Vol Stop Him.
Joseph Heffc. a negro, escaped from tlie
chain gang at he Belleville rock pile yes
terday and although Guard Charles Eck
erle ilrtd two shots at him the negro got
aw.iy. After tlie second shot, Eckerle's
pistol relused to work, and bv the tlmo
no secured another weapon the negro
wns out of sight.
Heffe was. sent to the Belleville Work
house on November 12 from East St.
Ijouis on a charge of carrying conceaitd
weapons. As ho showed an inclination to
do the work set out for him ailvantages
were given to him not enjoyed by other
prisoners. One of these was that he was
permitted to work without liolng com
pelled to drag tlie ball and chain after
him. When he thought Guard Eckcrle
was not looking, the prisoner made a
dasli for liberty.
Cos I Side Realty Transfer.
Iteal etate Transient llte.i for record in
Ilelleclllo visterday ere:
II. I. Sexton, tiustee. to Annie Ilroderick;
r. il . ILV'J; lot 21. block 67, Kaft St. Louis.
Ilat't St. Louis Tmet and Savlr.Ka Hank,
lrustee. to I1nanl loiman. deed, lot " ex
cept 4t fe?t fi lnche- oil' romhwet "lde, block 67,
i:at St, Ixmis: 110".
Annie Ilrodfr.rk. bv administrator, to IMward
Iiumall. ad. deed, lot 11. block 67, Kat Ft.
Louis: !!.SV).
H. I), siexton. trustee. t.( ciiail.s ,. Mc
Cormack. r. d., S!.Wi; lots 103. lot and 105. V.'el
nu.n tl3ce.
H J. Abt to II. P. Mutrny. truvte", r. l ,
$; Int5. 10.1. 101 and H". tvelniin place
,t. T. Donovan, trustee. t nichard 0"hlci-,
r. 1., !1S": lot 22. biocic .1, iwinsdowne.
It. W. Slkklng to .1. 11. rhambrrtaln et al.,
l .1. lor t. blopK 3. Xorth Itenshaw place; Jl.
Mary V. MtOisland to Mihlon K. Keves i
i . rerlbeaat M feet. lot 2S. block "II," f!..
unity addition; JSaS.
Thomas L Ke'ite. trusteo. to V. U. and
A. M. lliTkwith. r. d., lot 1 and 2, block 1,
ltrccknian plaee- jt.
V. W. Caughiln lo Samuel Smith, lots 1 and
2, block 1. Hrockman place: warrantv deJ
John Merorl to J. G. Schrader. lot 9. block 6.
Wlnstanlev Iark; warranty deed, tsoa.
A. M. r.eckwltb. trustee, to .1. I. (tdnev lot
J, subdivision, lots 1 and 2. Mock 2. U'uesse
jdr.ee: triltee deed. Jl.liv.
J I. Gedney to Otto 11. Illerman. lot 1.
subdivision; lots 1 and 2. block 2. l.unsse place:
warrantv deed. 1 ,(".
Otto II. merman to Klva M. niennan (wife),
undivided half of lot" 1 and 2. block 2. Bue3?c
place quitclaim d-d. Jl.
II. IV Sexton, trustee, to Kllzalieth Klrsch.
lots 1 and 2. block i Kurrus place; Recorder's
deed, JI.BOO.
Cleorge C. r.el.han. tni'lee. to A. M. Beck
wlth. lots .V. Xi ana 25. block 2. Ttebhan place;
Recorder's deed, II.
.1 M. Wilson, bv atlornev, to Geo C. Gulg
non. lots 33 and ). hlmi; 33. Dencorsldc; war
rutity dee4. tl.rM.
II 1. Sexton, tni-tee. to II. Jl. Winn, north
west ." feet of lot 13 anil nil of lot 16 and south
east is feet of lot 17. block 3. Arlington place;
Recorder's deed. $.f.o
P. W. Abt to Walter Perock. lots 25 to 22.
block 2. Hotel tlace- rmrtlal release; Recorder's
deed. Jl.
.1. M. Wilson to the Right Reverend .tohn
Janssen. lots 24 to 2t. hlnek 22, Alia P-ita. sub
division; warranty deei. jt.SOo.
Til-Cltr Xotes.
Mrs- Ijroaa Carter of Gtanlte City has tiled
suit for divorce from hr husband, Wllllsm
Carter, to whom she was married last June.
Sh asks Tor the restoration of her maiden
name. Isna Hubbard.
Albert Speers. a switchman, wna seriously
injured yesterday in the Venice rcrds by the
derailment of freight cars, caused by a broken
brake beam.
E. H. Smuely and P. II. Williamson will
b given a hearing before a Justice at Venice
to-day on the charge of Illegally netting nh
from Chouteau slouah Sunday.
Work on the construction of the new plant
cf the VjEltcd Lead Company was started yes
terday at Granite City. The first building to
lie erected nil! be the refinrn.
John Kauficfc. -0 years old. was stricken
with rnralvls yesterday at Vrnlce while in
a drug store, lie was rfmoed to JOtwaids
ville for tienlment.
V O. Lunhardt was accidentally shot by
a companion nhtle hunting at Long Lake sun
IMivnril llrnin Wins Flrnt Place III
Jlllllnrd t'oiiipetlliou.
The Jcrseyville billiard tournament end
ed with Edward Erwin in ijrst place and
C. Harms 111 second. .1. Ncvius won llrst
place at general average and David Uoatty
made a iccord for high run. The following
urmfuo nififA Tisjnriai
AV. I..
T'l. tii. HIS.
Ill .S S
Ilertman .
llarnu .. ..
Sliephard ..
Oorh.im ...
;;. i
i ..i
1.12 II
.511 li
l.'S S
.70 3
Jritcyvllln .olct.
Clifford attantey of ri-t'i vlllc is u IeItor In
The Si.cl.il rnli.ii of tlu lt ITesytorian
Church tit .Tcrs"ll!t III pivr a Mrth.lay njifr
supper aii'I .txlal this ovini:iR In the '.'Jiurch
- Tho Twentieth Ccntuiv Ui dies' yunrtet f
.IerwPI will po to St ItiN on Stituniay
"vpnlrx. where tlim v.til i'Mfnr at the .r.trr
tilnnvnt to b trl"i iti th1 AIuI- Hall hy th
nirmbcr" of I'cst A of th Trnclra' 1 Protective
Tbo l.adtot,' Aid SneU-tv of ih Kirs'. Unotlrt
Churrh at Jer3?"illl will ha Id a two dajV
bavft.ir anl fxrheiifff. leBlnntmr to-Iay. Jn the
llordnian llnll In Nurth Main ctrct.
Major Waller K. Carlln of Jt-reeyvllle rc
tUTie'fj y tenia v from IHt Kt. J".ul.
-The C.ilhoun O'untv KarmTs Institute A
aoeUtlnn hai tlcteil Chrl. Rtnchawen. Jr ,
president. .1. Q. N'lmerh k vie pres.ldnt. Charles
Temple aectetary. tleoiRe Ladeitun .rej.urer.
-Tlio funeral cf Itoval ttanii.s. son oC Mr.
nnd Mret. Albert Stnnip of Jerne-y Count v. took
place e.terday morn tut? from the .Stumps
home, three miles northwest from Ottervllle. to
tlm Whit.- Cwtry.
Th funeral of the rtauhtr of Mr. and
Mr3. E. W. White of Jersey vllle took place
yftenlav afternoon from the family honi' to
tile City Cemettrj.
-Th' bndv of the .launhter r.f Mr and Mr.
A. tl. Klchards. of Upr-r Allmi, wan broufcht to
Jtrsen-llle veirrday inonilniT. th burial tak
ing place from the railway ntatlun to tnr City
Small Representation at .Heeling id
Connty CEutlriiien J'ttil Socretn-
ris of Missouri.
All organization of county Republican
chairmt-u and secretaries of Missouri wps
effected in Clayton yesterdny to unify the
partj-. although only thlrUeii of the ill
counties of tlie State were represented.
The meeting was expected to begin ol 30
o'clock yesterday morning, but at that
time thete were only four present, and It
did not get down to basilicas until :i o'clock.
The attendance ws so small that T. M.
Mussey of Miller Countv moved to defer
organization until the uLiliex of the otbrr
101 delegates could be ascertained, and the
motion might have carried If It hail not
teen fcr n .speech delivered by Perry' Kre
mlin, who thought a modest beginning
wus better than no beginning at all. He
compared present conditions to ancient
times when it took 700 years' to build a
ca ' lied i 1.
The olIiceTs elected were Doctor Alonzo
F. Tubbs of Osage County, chairman: W.
S. Hasseway of Audrain Countv. vli e
chairman; S. O. McDowell of Carroll Coun
ty, secretary, and II. P. Kii.solving of
Dunklin County, treasurer. A committee
on ccnstitutluii and by-laws was appoint
ed, consisting of Doctor Tubbs. WHItiim
H. Osmer. T. M. Mussey. Doctor I. M.
Owens and L. G. McDowell.
The committee reported Inst night, aft
er supper, stating that they had decided
to call tho organization the Association
of Republican County and City Central
Committees of Missouri.
The preamble to tho by-laws stated that
the association was formed 'Tor the pur
pose of promoting the interests of tn
party by the maintenance of unity and
liannony and the adoption of creditable
methods calculated to Increase the partv
The memlership fee was fixed at (7J
cents. A motion was passed pmridlng for
the selections of subjects for discussion tor
subsequent meetings by the chairman and
secretary, after which tlie meeting ad
journed to meet in Jefferson City, Febru
ary 21.
W. M. Guslln. editor of the Salem Head
light, in Dent County, tried several time?
during the meeting to introduce n reaolu
tlou binding the members not to dabble
with tho Federal patronage question, but
the issue was sidetracked.
Real Ealate Trnusfora.
AJ.LEV 73 ft., w. .. bet. Cam and
Dlrkscn. weet vt Twenty-fourth, cltv
Mock 1H0: Annex IteaJty Co. to Ola
.1. Lundberg apl. w. d '...
ARKANKAS-a" ft.. '. .. li-t. .Sidney
and Magnolia, city block 1M1; Crel-erii-k
H. Krelrmann to Joseph Sanchez
and wife w. .1
UltOADWAV 45 ft., e. r.. let. Alberta
and O-ase, city block 2f53: C'nrolln&
M. Werckmann lo Rose 1.. liowney
r.HOAD'WAV-ait'rt'.i'e. V.'." bet.' 'Thatch
er and I'alvarv, citv block 4,223; als,
2i ft., w. s. West Railroad, bet.
Thatcher and I'alvory, cltv blcek 4211J.
Alple &. licmntlmanri Real nutate Co.
to Michael Salter qtc. il
IIROADWAV-M ft.. . h. s. e. eor.
torca-s. illy block 2320: "ieund l!io-.
Real Estate f'o. lo the American Brew
ing Co. w. it
BATES-:." ft., s ., bet. Sixth r.nd Sei
erth, city block C3; also 25 ft., n. s.
South I'akota. l-t. Compton and Vir
ginia, rlty blink 2721. Julia Troy tj
-lames A. Troy w d
HOTANICAI, 23 ft., s. .. belli No.
tw16 ltotnnlcHl, cllv block i)4SA; Sausa
lllo lnve-tlnent o. to Hc"ry .1. Page
CAHAXNt-fi" ft'.', n. ""- . it. " King's
hlahwav and A-.-ademy. tlty buck isf':
I'rederick Wlikenden and wife to Cres
cent Iniestment Co. w. d
OIARITON-7 ft.. 6 In., n. a.. Iielmt
N-is. 2f'li to ;wj7 Char.ton. iltv block
2tr.!: 1. c. ttrecr & Son Itealtv Co.
to lifer.iv J. Pace w. d
L'I.AVTOX-242 ft. 3 In., s. s.. s. w.
cor. Kilmund. cllv block .TaiiV; !ft t'.. v.
s. ndinund. 1-et. tin! Ion anil t'apln.
city block 3!6S: .v ft., s s. Clavton.
lrct. Ilrlccr and IMmund. cltv bloik
3:1.7: ft . e. -. Hrlccs. bet. l.iayton
and IMpin, city block :'si)6; lot on e. .s.
Nev.st'ad. bet. P.udn and Chouteau.
el:v blrek 47S; lno ft., n. s. Clavton
bel. Ilovle and Xewstad. It v block
3ll.'j; Creditor's Iteal Katate and In
vestment Co. lo Arklaud KealH Co ...
CI.KVi:i.tNI-E0 ft., s .. b.t. Ijw
rence and Thurman. city block 4022:
ICdwIn .1 Norrls and wife to rred
ericka Folk vr. d
FAIHFAX . ft., s. a. being No. 10 0
Falrfox, rltv block 4.63: Itav Simon to
.'Mvranl l:.isenb!um and wife w. d
OARH1SON 7 fl . e. s.. being 012 N.
Oarrison, city blocl: lafB.V; IMmund
.1. I'hllibTl and lfe to P.oie A. rtaln
lulcl. qtc. d
CI:AN'I)-o fl. w. s. 11. I't'ton ami
Ko'ln. city Mock 1277: Adoltm llrlnk
and wlf" to Henry C. Deafer and wlf-
Glt.Nl)-33 fl.".' n. s..' n. n. eor. Con
necticut, city block 210-1; abo To ft., w
v. Grand bet. Pctcrr.ne and GraoI.
illy block i:.qt: 1'iter Haunt et al. to
Jaeobina Ilauot iv. d
INDIANA .'ill It., w. s.. bet. Lvnch and
I'estalozzl. cltv block HMi Cfrcllne
Kre et al. to Geo. C. I'autus and
wife w. d
IDAHO 23 ft.. T.'. s.. let. Illow and
Itobert. cltv bloek 2C.".l: John Schertel
and wire et al. to John Bremer and
wire w. d - -.'--
JKFI'BHSON-123 It. e s. bel S dney
and I.vnch. city biock HC4: Nellie A.
Setferth and husbond to Cntherlno T.
Seatej w. d -,-
KBNTCCKV 22 ft.. '. s.. bet. i'apln
and lliouteau. city bliKk -'.; also 23
ft., e. . Pennsylvania, city block 331)4;
E.lwln 11. Saunler and wife to Wm. V
Wheat w. d
LUCKY 2.". ft., n. being 4al. Lueky.
city block 31SS: ClifTonl M. Dolph to Ir
ln Maeon anil wife w. d...
LA SALI.K SO ft.. 11. s.. belnt .".421-21i2
La Sall. citv block 2171: William .1
IVary ami wife to Henrietta Wilkin
son w. d -
LLOVIv-po ft., n. a., n. w. cor. Tamm.
city block 46I0.V: Carrie Thorn New
heme and. husband 10 Mary L. Ilurke
M"ARISK-M"it""w""'s'.. bet. Winnebago
and Cldppcwa, city block IKiS: Henry
C, Koenlt and wile to Fred Hotto and
wife w. d
MANCHKSTKIt-;.0 fl.. .' , ". Iiet.
n-ereea and Grand, city bloek 2206; CS1
ft. &'4 In . 11. s. St. l-ioule (containing
7.65 acres), east of I'nlon. city block
44 and 44S7: W)7 ft. 10"t In.. . r. Tav
lor. north of clajton. city block 3-J.0:
3K ft., n. s. Forest Pars. bet. Grand
and Prospect, cltv biock 22rtl: John
Hsiil.rlek, by Sheriff, to Geo. A. Held
Sheriff's ded
MARCEAII-5i tt.. n. ".. n. . cor. Van
llurcn, cltv bkjck 3192; lewis Schloss
ste.m Realtv Co. to Minna t euerbacher
-w. d. (undivided naif Interest)
MORGAN-I0 ft., s. .. -., eor. Car
dinal, cltv block 1037: William J. Mc
Donald 10 Argyi Real Estate and
Inv. Co. w. d v:"ir','"f
McPHERSON-M ft., n. ".bet; 'J'S?''
highway and Lake, city block 4W7B:
Thomas A. Davidson t Davidson Bros.
Improvement Co. qtc. d
MINNESOTA-23 ft. in-. '. .. bet.
There is only One
Genuine-SyrUp Of FlgS,
The Genuine is Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co,
The full name of the company, California Pig Syrup Co.,
1m printed on the front of every packoze of the genuine.
The Genuine- Syrup of Figs- Is for Sale, in Original
Packages Only, by Reliable Druggists Everywhere
Knowing the above will enable one to avoid the fraudulent imita
tions made by piratical concerns and sometimes offered by unreliable
dealtts. The imitations are known to act injuriously and should
therefore be declined.
Buy the genuine always if you wish to get its beneficial effects.
It. cleanses the system gently yet effectually, dispels colds and headaches
when bilious or -constipated, prevents fevers and acts best on the
kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels, when a laxative remedy is needed
by men, wsnisn or children. Many millions know of its beneficial
effects from actual use and of their own personal knowledge. It is the
laxative remedy of the well-informed.
Always buy the Genuine- Syrup of Figs
Lovabvilk, Jty
Uates and Oaldirell. citv b'ock 2JCI;
Fred-'ck WIese and wife to Oscar ft
H.igfcld-w. d
NKriltASKA-IX ft., w. a.. Iwt. O'lige
and Gasconade, city bloi'k 26"); John
jvierl- and wlf to Frank J. Meyer
w. d
OI.ITK -SO rt.. e. s.. bet. Tweltth and
Thirteenth, city block 5)4: Celeste lim
to Stuert Realtv Co. w. d
PKN.N'SYLVANIA 40 ft. e. s. bet.
Usi-enla ami Dakota, cltv blck S.'A;
Ihe Marguerite Realty Oi. to Henry
Haas and wife w. d
rKN'NHYLVANIA - 10 ft., e. a.. bt.
(isceola and Dakota, cllv block T.H:
the Marguerite Realty Co. to Henry
'c. Iatro and wife w. rt
PCNIiOSE 23 ft., e .. bet. Warn and
CM;', cltv block 3576: Alhrt C. Hau
muller to lilrfhton N. Hughea w. d...
PAOL 23 ft., n. .. het. Taj lor and
Miircus, cltv block 2771; Lucius A.
Gilbert 10 Stanford Investment Co
TCNROSE 25'fl!.''J's. bet.''Wurn'e'ard
'inv. rltv block 3576; (iara K. Hugl-ee
and hUib.in.l to Albert C HaumuelhT
sell, cltv block 1332: W. Frederick Ar.
hetlser nnd wife to Ida !'. Uelm-
r t ;tg k ri-io ' ft'.'. ' V.' ' s. .' "te't! " jieivit i-'d
and Taylor, city block 610S; (George II.
Rice and wife to Clara Benetein
R A bsclIKJfriACH 35 "ft.".' ' w. " s.V "bVt'.'
Tlentcn and St. Ivuls. city block IcP.:
niien civilian ami hmbsnd to Minnie
L. Moun'aln w. d
ST. IJCIS-2i) ft., n. -.. belnr 4113 St.
).ouls cltv block XH. Mississliipl
Vallv Trust Co. to Ellznleth fo-minv.-.
ti;nnkssce-m ft.. . s.. i-.t. ..
ceola and N'eeiiho. cltv block 2730 Em
ma Todtenhaupt to otto Todtenhaupt
and wlfe-w. d
THNTH 81 ft. 0 In., w s.. north ef
Howard, cltv block 640; .lo-epli It. Hoff
man and wife bj tru:-rt to William
II. llanschulte tr.'s d. (uudivMel iiie
seventh Interest)
TAYLOR 76 (t. 1'- In. e. k., 11. e. cor.
Cottage, cltv bloek 3706; Edward Ren
tier to Cnarles A. Grot -rpc. .1
THIRTCENTH-3.-. ft.. . r... bet. ilebert
and Sulll.an. cllv block 112'.'. Frederick
A. Schuennanii lo Geirge Sutcul and
wife w. d
TEXAS I) ft., e. .. bet. Miami nnd
rotomoc, city blo.-k 1563; Iiu'sa
Kchrnettner and husband to John P.
Harm an.l wife w. d
VIRGIN! A -25 ft., e. s.. bee Blow pnd
Nagel cltv block 0036; John Elchhorn
and wife, to Wm. Hlnze and wife w. d.
VON VERSKN-S3 ft. 2 In.. . s.. b-lng
5if,4 Von Versen. cltv block 4S43; Wil
liam M. Bice and wife to tlcnrv Craig
Johnston w. d
VFRNON 40 ft . s. s.. bt. Clara anil
Gocilfellow. city block ."WW: JlHltl
more Rtaltv Co. to John K'-'h w. d.
UNION to ft., e. .. bt. Mlnrva and
Cage, city block S732: Henrv stu Inlczka
end wife to A. A. Cls-hcr Architectural
slid Building Co. w. il
WEI.LS-12S ft. 6 In., n s.. bet. Hunt
nnd Clara. ,dty block 31'V,W; John J.
Mornhv to Frederick lleier and I"d-
a, ox)
ward M. fetferth w d
WEST BELLI:-143 ft. s. ., Iiet Vun-
denter and Suroli. city b'ork 2751;
Martha Slenail to Celeste Plm w. d..
WK'BEU ROAIJ 9 ft., n. s.. being . 0t
Waddel; Alexander F, Monshey and
wife to Alexander J. Monslieyt jr.
W i i ITT 1 El't-25 "ft '."t'.'V.'.' 'being' "i;i
tVh'.itlfr cltv block 5fI: Ellra Jiams
nnd husband et al. to William J.
lUIIIe-w. d
WEST IIKLI.I"-'? ft. I 111., s. a. Iiet.
Vandeventer and S.trab. e'ty b'lk 2751:
Alexander M. Stew-art to Celeste lim
Rllililiiigr I'ermlts.
Annie Y. Hidwell. two-s:or- brick. 51)45 Wells
aenuo, t2,yi(i.
Trank C. Mueller, three two-story bricks. 2112
Nvlraska aicnur: S3.J"H.
Cliff Dwellers' Exhibit Company, frame, Skln
ker load; 8H.CO).
Weililiiifr l .Mar-iarcf Illin-'lnii
Takes 1'lace in Private.
New York. Nov. 23. Aniiouiicpment was
made to-day that Daniel Frohmau and
Margaret llllngton. who Is playing the
leading iiarl in "A Japanese Nishtinrraie"
j at Daly's Theater, -.-.ere quietly married
yesterday by Judge Henry Bitchoff of the
Supreme Ccurt.
Miss llllngton will continue n the "Jap.
anese Nlghliiigaio" until the conclusion of
her contiH i with Klaw .t Eriunger, when
she will retire from tin- stiige.
Miss llllngton came to New York from
Bloomington. ill., three years ago and ap
plied to Daniel Fiiihtnnn for a position.
She has been continuously in ills employ,
advancing from a small port to leading
Vj. I ft.
$ii &K FOR-
THE 6EBiyiig
OASOABBTS Candy Cathartio are always put up in blue metal box, our tratfe-marked, lonff-talled O
on the oovar tablet ootasroaal, stamped OOO. Ifovor sold in bulk. All errusrartstB, 10c, 26o, 30o,
f Sample and booklet free. A&dreea Stwlinff Beznody Co., Oblcago ox NtSw Tofk. m
r i- ' - ' ' ' '1 ' t-s-- 1 1 r . 1 j f
. "tV"T7 j- T !
" UNJM - i 4i
0&&l!eg$P t-&
oners. 1 ir.mg 1 can a:
Isfy ycu tbat it is the line
to take.
H. P. Mart;-.
District Pasiencer Affest.
901 Olive Street. St. Louis. Mo.
parts with James K. Hackett. and after
ward with K. H. Southern.
O.iiv members of Mr. Frohman';i family
and Miss Ulingtoii's mother and brother
were present at the ceremony.
IJtiiinir Thai Company May Issue
Xev Iiimds.
New- York. Nov. 2:!. A six-point decilne
in the preferred stock of the Republic
lion and Steel Company on the SiocI; Kx
changc tc-day. making a drop of eleven
points since Iat Friday, was accompan
ied by various rumors concerning the cor
poration's condition.
It was that a plan was iimler way to se
cure additional capital by issuing new
bonds, but of tills a leading director w-ltl
lie knew nothing, neither could he offer
any explanation for the severe slump In
the stock. The legular quarterly meeting
of the directors x-. Ill be held next Mondiiy
and it is expected that sumo statement re
garding the company's affairs will then
be issued.
In the course of Ihe day the stock lost
altogether seven points, closing at lOVi,
with sales of upwards of 27.000 shares.
-. .oji.
The MllKT Hnwlinjr Allej-,
S)l Collinsviao Avenue.
Six tenplii and cocked hat alleys. The
only regulation alleys in East St. Louis.
I'rles given away every wcelt. Indies'
nights Tuesday. Wednesday. Friday.
Miirthn :. Wnrc's Kslnle.
All inventory of the estate of Martha
V.- Ware Hied In probate yesterday de
scribes real estate and a personal estate
of JSl.UiS.W. Tin; personal property con
sists cf stocks. SGO.MO: cash. $73.40, and
goods and chattels. SH5JKX
mmn"inMSi""sl ww ssss assssssss
ilewYorlt. Xtf-i
just this side
of Paradise
The word California was first
used by a Spanish writer more than
four hundred years ago to describe
an imaginary land which, he
claimed, vas "Just this side of Far
adise." Little did he know how nearly
right he was, for of all the spots
the sun's rays shine upon, Califor
nia most nearly approaches one's
idea of an earthly Paradise.
And it isn't far away you can
make the round trip from Chicago
in a week. But you'll stay longer.
Before, vou buy ycur ticlcst give cess
cppKtuaitjr cf laying before you the
advances which tha Rocf Island System
Mnny l'eron Injured by Fulllfiic
Slriiercrev lline Takes Fire anil
Workmen Are llurnell.
Berlin. Nov. 23. A fearful gale has
swept ncrors Germany for almost two
dajs, causing enormous damage.
Factor chimneys and windmills were
overturned and roofs were blown tinny
throughout the central western districts.
Heavy copper plnles were blown ofT the
historic red tower at Halle, on tho S.iale.
and wcrlcingmcn's tenements were un
roofed. Tlie 1'rince Itismarck mine near Bruns
wick caught Arc in the storm nnd reenty
worklngmen were with dlflirjilty .savci.
ir.anv of them being badly burned.
A iioiire fell near Ulelefeld. burying four
masons. Two of them were mortally hurt
There were fire severe accidents, one of
them fatal, by the falling of a chimney
near Hanover, where the tower of a Cath
olic church was demolished and the roof
half destroyed. .....
At gchlebusch the wind started freight
cars which were on a switch, in motion,
their speed accelerated, and finally they
rnn onto the main line and collided with
an express train. No one was badly hurt.
The Hamluirg-Atpericun Line steamer
Dcutschland lore out the pile to which she
was moored while unloading at Hamburg
and went adrift. The mooring chain and
the pile struck the vessel and broke a.
plate forward.
Two Divorce Decrees Granted.
Circuit Judge Sale yesterday granted z.
divorce to Hattie Devlne from Thomas
Devlne for desertion and to Kllie Mayer
ton Seabrnoke Mayer for Indignities.
1 HV-ii&y
d syarfje.. t&frj--f. Z,-ri;X'5iZZZZZZJL
(.v , --r b "
Jjt7ik-a,ti k.Jlm jifis

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