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Mywwijti aniavim m)ji,ipwij-wmh nn t'fu
ANQ be merry
ill 2J -
Gures Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Catarrh, Nervous
ness and Sleeplessness.
Tlakes old folks feel young.
And young folks feel strong.
Repairs the stomach.
Feeds the nerves.
Vitalizes the blood.
It makes you est heartily.
It digests all you do eat.
It puts color into pale cheeks.
And makes one clad to live.
ou can't have the blues.
You can't have indigestion.
You can't have sleepless nights.
You can't be a failure.
If you take Paw-Haw.
Druggists will tell you they never
handled an article that sold so rapid
ly and mode such remarkable cures.
Price $1.00. pint bottles.
Paw-Paw Pills 25c a bottle.
At all druggists.
Confesses to Actinp Chief Keely
That She Fired Shot Which
Caused His Death.
Peclaree She Shot Sergeant
When He Attacked Her With
an Iron Poker After
a Dispute.
ilattle FullcnTon. one. of the nfljrreses
arrested in connection with the death of
Serceant Jacob B. lidc of the United
State marines, yesterday confewd that
i-he 3red the shot which killed him. Eck
tvap found in a dyiiur condition Sunday
nipht In front of Xo. SOP South Third
' The shootlns?, h says, xvas In Hlf-3e-fene.
and followed na attack -which, she
allcef. he made on her with an Iron
poker The bullet entered the bek and
ranced diagonally through the body.
ilattie Pulkerson and 3ona TVorlds first
told the police that Jessie Hunter, who
wa in the house at No. SI? Fouth Third
?tr"t, had killed Eck The former, after
a stirie txaminatlon by ActinR Chief of
Jieteciives Keely yestordaj admitted that
wi are. the hot.
Tim nesrsre declares that the trouble
tarted when Eck began to abuse nesroei.
.. "ile says- !'1aPP'd Lulu JoaeH In
attemptinK to sale the latter, Ilattie
rullterson say Bh tried to hold Eck's
arm He seized a poker and struck her.
s bodj if Fail at the morsue. the
military authorities havinp piven no direction-
concerning it disposition. ' Jlany
omrnde, vllted the morcue yesterday to
ilew the body Uck'a mother in Albany.
1., ha. been notified of his deaUi.
K;K was regarded as an exemplari
jnldier and was especially d!tinjruished
for ln bravery in several cmrJiKcmenta
during th uprising- in China three years
As ("-cond officer in charge of the re-
eraltintr corps in Bt. lou. Eck had spent
Jiro months in the city Until a few hours
riKtoTC his death ho wa" engaged In w-rlt-
inc an article recounting his experiences
in Panama.
Jessie Hunter. ALattle rulltcrson. Leona
Worlds and L.ulu Jones. Inmates of the
house in which Eck ctf shot, and For
rest Ferrell and Frank Powell. Ecks
companions, are held for the Coroners in
quest, which wUl be held this morning.
Tried to Jnnip in Cistrra.
Joph IUck, oJ Ko. SIS Allen avenue
t l'-D o'clock yesterday morning request
vd Policeman Heady to arrest Charles
Remh 7 years old. who lives in the
rear or 'o. 1K2 Bouth Eighth street. Iticlt
stated that Gexnsh entered his back yaiil
nnd tearing up the boards over a cisieui
attempted to Jump in and drown him
self, nick after a struggle prevented
3emsh lumping into the cistern and sum
moned Patrolman Hendy. Oemsh was ta
ken to the City Hospital for observation.
Charced 'With llnrclarj- and Lnrernr
Robert Sargent, a teamster of No. 2715
iladlson street, against whom a warrant
charging burglary and larceny was issued
on September 30, was arrested eoxJ" yes
tendaj morning br Patrolman urtlll.
tJ'iic pairs of shoes and live revolvers
ere stolen from the store of Peter Mc
'Cann. at No. 1617 Elliot avenue on Sep
tember 2S. Two men were arrested at the
time, but Sargent escaped.
What is known as the "Blues"
is seldom occasioned by actual exist
ing external conditions, but in the
great majority of cases by a dis
ordered LIVER
which may be demonstra
ted by trying a course of
' They conrrtland regulate the LIVER.
They brir;hopeandbouyancyto the
mind. They bring health and elastic
ity to the body.
I ... -'
ffii ,. i ... .. . JTrfB.. . ' HImH' . -ir&; - ".&?&?!
"-?" 'ff7 I , -a . iifeijfcc W ll iJ!Htt?3mM9fc1&aMk.e.flEasHKHHrt f&BHiH' iWs '
" r in !' rt-nJrBr t .. i M?lmiHl7PWrWin ifi i tTT nlffrfifMMM1Bf' j
11 i JbbbbBPVH !HI -7V -jBBBtWi t VH i'K i -4.1', " iV1irfTr 'tVHfig
Ii r:H;Hi'-flK.V - a-a.iw II Wff'VnwSf.:?i;
Flrvt mw. from left to rislil tlu' :m- MK 1- Slmris t lllltr Hook. Nannie Cooiipj Tixsk-McNamaru l.ilh I'n'iidivilic .lami iJi-vi'iviis. Mniulc
Quiclfy Addlna Mi'Cart. ("atliernn ( ooiu' ilarj Jtkikc Louise Custipiu. Emily Drain, ijeorge Uuvii. THIn S Uuii. Walter N'ovj Kitrj Kervvln,
O-irenec Hovoy and Clara Whittle
Second row: R. "Y. Collili". Mir Ieoj )lasie JSulan. .lame. MlNuIij M:i. MiItoiMtu .1 ! M--i arlj f.eorgc (Willins .lojin Whiuifj anil
.Tnmes AVlialen.
Thiid row: Charles I Gilbert. Kati- MeDerami. JIazie (Xilllns, Aliee RIake, Anna MclH-rmott. Abdch .Mt'MaJjou, .Matni" Horsey and Lwj I'tosr.
Eront row Ireue Tarley and May Clark.
llemlvrs. of St Teresa's choir have cir
gaaized an operatic companj of flft mem
bers and on ThanksgivlxiR afternoon will
give the llrst of to performance, for the
benefit of St. Teresa.'? Church, in the
school hall. Grand avenu, near Xorth
Market street.
The econd performance -ftlll take placw
the next cleht. Frldaj and. If the project
proves a sucre this manner or mlslnc
Confcumpnves in Xorth lirother
Island Hutp Take Open
Air Cure.
Experiment Station Points Out
Xeed of City and State Sani-
tiiriums for Treatment
of Tuberculosis).
New York. Nov. a Expectations of the
authorities have been exceeded in the re
port or the experimental hospital on North
Brother Island for the treatment of con
sumptives. Of the 127 cases admitted' to
the institution May S Inst, eighty-four
have, been discharged, and the report of
officials assigned to keep track of those
who left the hospital show that some of
them ore at work and are steadily Im
proving. Tailing into consideration that many of
tho original 127 patients had one or both
lungs affected, that the were largely ad
dicted to the excessive use of intoxicants,
that thai- wrerfc badlj nourished and
dwellers in unsanitary buildings, the show
ing made by the lUverslde Open Air Hos
pital Is unusually good.
The experiment has denim strat-d the
necessity for establishing a larger sanita
rium, where more cai-"i can be attended,
and it Is expected that such a place will
soon be provldtd
The buildings usd on North Brother
Island had been pavilions for warlet-fei er
caeH The structures wore fumigated and
repainted and additional siiace was given
for the tuberculosis sufferers In a largu
tent. The patients were compelled to t-e.'id
moFt of the day In the open air. except In
Inclement weather. Their food Wat of the
best quality, and. in addition, they had
eggs and milk and eggnog lietween meals.
A certain amount of outdoor exercise -was,
required of them, and everything possible
was dopo to make their life cheerful
All the traditional remedies for consump
tion wtie avoided Tiiere we.e no nauseat
ing dotes of cod-liver oil and creosote.
Iron and strychnine wer given a.
tonics, atrophlne was administered for
night "w cats and heroin for cough."
The greatist gain in weight was thirty
seven pounds, and the patient wno made
this progrtbs could not have been recog
nized a few wetks later but that he had
only one eye. In keventy cases of the UT7
there was a guin in weight, and in seven
teen cases a gain of twelve pounds each.
The average time that the patients re
mained in the institution waB five weeks
Of ninety-live cases which were made
the sub-cts of analysis, seventy Improved,
twenty showed no change and Ave becamn
Of the 1ST case under treatment eleien
are still in the hosptal, eighty-four have
bn discharged and thirty arc dead.
Heater in Clifford M. Dolph's
Home Jlurstb and .Jars House.
Gas accumulated In a hot-water plant at
the residence of Clifford il IMlph, at No.
3S28 Castleman avenue, exploded last even
ing as the familj was about to retire The
shock was sufilcient to Jar the houe and
break considerable bnc-a-brac in the par-
The plant was recently installed for heat
ing the houe and a gas furnace was
pitiucu iicueutii ii water Poller in the base
ment of the residence. The furnace iP kept
constantly burning to insure a circulation
of hot water through the pipesT c,rcmaUon
It Is presumed that gas escaped in some
manner and accumulattd in the furnace
orifice tho flame then setting off the in
closed vapor The explosion came without
any warning and shook the floor immedi
ately over the plant. Jlcyond some dam
ugc to ornaments in the parlor no disaster
Mr. Dolph is secretary of the Judge
Dolph lrug Company.
Qnnrreled Over au Old Saddle.
Tandalia. 111.. Nov. 2.-James and Sam
Andrews, brothers, living at Pittsburg
this county, quarreled over an old sad
dle. Sam drew a revolver and bean
tiring at his brother. Two shots took effect.
one in the breast, tho other in the hiD
James Andrews is sllU alive, but in a
precarious condition.
Illnlr'n Condition I'nrhangrd.
The condition of James L. Blair, who is
at the Mullanphy Hospital, remains un
changed. Mr. Blair is Btill very weak and
is not able to move about without sup
port. As far as can be learned, no plans
have -et been made for hit- removal to a
sanitarium. Mre., Blair is holding up un
der the strain to which she has been sub
jected as well as can be expected She
receives very few visitors. '&.
- 4. . ..
funilp for church purpura ill St Tere-a'
will ln rontinued. as St TerevaV Is Uie
hrF1: chaich to abolish festivals as a
Fourje of revenue
Gilbert and Sullivan's tuneful operetta.
"Tiial by Jury." has been chon as the
attrnctlon, which, -fthen augmented bv n
vatidevllln bill of considerable merit, will
add irreatlj to the Uiov, Irota en amm
ment Htandnoint
j Father Escapes but Lwne- "Wik.
and Eleven Children in
Officers' Hands.
While -Mr and 31r-. Adam Ilollmsworth
and their eleven children of nichwoods
Township, 111., weru being taken to tho
Jcrseyville jail yesterdaj afternoon, Hol
linsworth. who was riding on the at
with Constable I. A. Shaw, suddenly
sprang from the wagon and ercap-d by
tunning through th woods.
Tho other memtets f tne family were
prevented from following the example set
bj- the husband and father b Bhorif:'
William Powers Alter a fruitless search
for tho missing parent. Mrs. Ilolllnnworth
and the eleven children were tsken to
.Sheriff Powers made th arrests on
warrants charging larceny. Thy com
plainants are James Ijeierllng and George
Harmon both of Hichwoods Township.
Lieverllng alleges that several members
ui lilt IJUlllIJs.v'Ji ill iiiuiiiy j.iiii-vi a
wash lint, and jcured many ar.icles of
Harmon charges that other members of
the Hollinsworth clan killed skinntd and
tonliscated a large hog that had been the
pride of the Harmon household.
The officers found the lloillnsworths oc
cupying a small ten:, vnich wa- pitched
ntMT the rondilde about thirteen niiley
from Jers-ej'Vhle. The arrests were made
without dlfliculty and the prisoners sale
ly loaded into a vehicle
After th "scape of Holllnswlrth Pow
ers and Shaw watched "-he other members,
of the familv as elo-"lj as possible and
a count showed that there had ben no
other desertions during the ride to Jer
scwllla -Mrs. Hollinsworth and four of the oldsr
children were placed In the Jeraeyi'llle
iall The other children were taken to the
er-y Countj- Tarm for t-.ife keeping un
til the prullminarj haring Thursda
Bertha Hollinsworth. 19 j-ears old the
eldst child, was arrested "everal weeks
ago on a charge of stealing a pair of
shoes She whs releapt'd on bond, the
cac !elng continued bv th eptemTTTi
term of th" Jersey Countv Circuit Couit.
Declares Provisions Injure Amer
ican Piestirfe in .China.
"Wong ICal Kali. Chlnet-e Vice Commis
sioner General to the World's Pair, deliv
ered an address before the Men's Club' of
the Hirst Presbyterian Church, Washing
ton boulevard and Sarah street, last night
on the subject of "Chinese Foreign
Trade." in which ne took occasion to em
phasize hi" disappointment at the terms
of the Chinese exc.usion act
Jamet J Parks, president of the club,
introduced Mr. Wong, who was accom
panied bj' Kee Okjang and Tong Foo Pel.
members of his suite. Mr. "Wong wore a
brown satin rol heavily trimmed with
The Vice Commiapioner began his ad
dress by saving that historj- proved that
all adversities had their compensation,
even war
"The Chlnese-Japaiuse War caused
China, to start new Industries, to improve
its commeice and rallwaj's The Boxer
troubles In the north had been the means
of advertising China to the world. becaue
all eje3 had been concentrated upon It.
"The result was that where a steamer
formerly brought a few tourists, each on-
now comes laden with business men from
everj nation of Europe and even America,
Toward the United States the Chinese
Government entertains the kindliest fel
ines." Mr Wong said that he did not ack the
repeul of the entire Ch nese exclusion law
The question as to the right of a China
man should be settled bj the American
Consul at the port of departure, and not
after he had traieled In good faith 5,00
miles, onl to be sent away
"China has opened up immense oppor
tunities for wide-awake American enter
prises Mining In particular forms nil ln-
exnaustible held for American capital.
Bailway supplies, medical supplied, tinned
roods and many similar articles are In
demand and China is Increasing its im
ports bj leaps and bounds
"America should be the most welcome
guest, but that good-fellowship will speecl
i.v disappear if merchants, students and
gentlemen of mean? are to ! subjected
to the rules that now prevail at entrj
ports of the United States."
Encounter Following Quarrel lie
suits in Arrest of Three.
Pat McGee. Sam Houston and Jlorris
ileehan of Madison, III., engaged in a
fight on the sidewalk in front of the St.
James last night and were taken to the
Chestnut Street Pdlce Station, where
charges of disturbing the peace and carry
ing concealed weapons were made against
It required the combined efforts of Pa
trolmen O'Conner. Kemmy, Delaney and
Barada to arrest them.
Houston is Citj- Treasurer of JIadlson
and both he and Meehan are saloon
keepers in the village. According to the
police report. Houston and 3Ieehan be
came Involved in a quarrel over personal
matters and had drawn revolvers. 31c
Gee attempted to separate them and the
fight liecame general. All were released
on bond, signed by Senator John P. Collins.
-- -
& ' s
Several well-known 5.1ue.rB In Catholic
clrc.es belong to the company, ninny hav
ing been drafted rrum various yjrinhe3
throuRhoiit the citv.
Misa aiarj' Uevoy will tlnjr the soprano
rolu of plaintiff The barytone part, that
of Judge, will be In the Jiands of R. W
Collins who has lieen identihed vtlth
thlncs in a music way at St. Teresa's
fclnce childhood
James JlcAnnuln. v. ho has been Hltn
tlfi! v. ith mam of the Catholic clioirs of
i i'residt'iit and General Mana
rei of t'oneern W'liieh Will
Operate Cars to World's
The Imjxnal Transit Coatpujir which
coulexnpliitea th operatlun of motor car
between the downtown districts and the
World's Pair grounds during the Exposi
tion, lias been capitalized for SGto.OiO.
Thomas ii. Jenkins, formerlj- general
manager or tho St. Louis and Suburban
ltailwaj. has been elected president and
general manager of the companj
Mr. Jenkins made the following state
ment: "Thi Imperial Transit Companj will
place In operation about thirty of these
motor ears, which will each hav a seat
ing capacitj of from twenty-four to forty
lersons. A definltu estimate as to the
seating eajucitj- of the earn will be deter
mined later The.-e cars will l" operated
j on rt,.,,; c0. traversed by street cars.
"Contracts ham bten niacin for the
building of Uie news cars. Tho Western
Electric Companj of Chicago will build
the motors mid electric equipment, whilo
the balance of the car will lie constructed
tj Uie American Cai and Foundry Com
pany of St. l.ouis.
"Tho cost nf construction of each car
will t- between S3.5CO and J4.000. and it will
lie modtrn in everj' rccL The averaeo
sp-td will be about twelve mliea per hour
rnd I think that the Jourtiev to the Fair
grounds can be made within thlrtj- min
utes. After leaving the downtown sta
tion there will be practlcallv no flop.
"With thirty cart in operation. I think
that the company can transport at loast
33.00r person to and from tho Fair
grounds everj' daj
"Our contracts call for the deliver!' of
th" equipment bj- April 1. 1901. and the
line will lie immedlatelj" placed in oi"r.i
tlon. Within thirty daj-s we will have
two cars in operation These cars will
test the powers of th ivw motor, al-lln-ugh
the cars that v.e will operato are
now successfully operated in Detroit,
Mich "
The cars of Uie Imperial Transit Companj-
will bo operated by means of an
Improved storage batterj- The director"
Intend thai only the Dentins capacity of
the cars shall be sold. Thev will not sell
standing room
Among the men associated with Mr.
JeiiKini, in the new interprisc are Emt
Kastor. Edward Weston, John 1) Jolin-s-on.
v.no will ho the legal counlor for
the company, J. L. Williams, president of
tlis Commercial National Bank of De
troit, and John W Baker.
According to the compan.v's plans, the
capital stock will he increased tl) Jl.OOO.imO
before the opening of the World's Fair
After the Fair It is planned to establish
a trackless electric car company, with the
purpost of operating the motor tars be
tween St Louis and adjacent cities.
V. A. Morrow and Thomas II.
Barrett Will fie Arraigned in
ilif Federal Court.
The til.ll of W. A. Morrow and Thomas
E. Barrett, charged with naturalization
frauds, will be called in the United ffflstas
District Court to-day. The defendants In
this case will be tried on an Indictment
charging them with conspiracy against
the Goierameut in procuring falFo natur
alization certificates for aliens with the
Intention of having them register and
There are ten Indictments of four counts
each against 31orrow anil Barrett, charged
with aiding and abetting in securing nat
uralization papers for ten Germans living
in St. Louis. Only one indictment for con
spiracy was returned by the Grand Jury.
Joseph J. GUllck. a brick contractor, was
joined with Morrow and Barrett in this
indictment, but the charge against him
was dismissed, ho being the Government's
The cas.1- is the first on the docket and
will he called when court opens at 10
o'clock, r. W. Lehmann is leading coun
sel for 3Iorrow. District Attorne Dyer
and Assistant Bert D. Nortonl and Hor
ace L. Dyer will represent the Govern
ment. A number ot witnesses haie been sub
poenaed on 31orrow's behalf. Among them
are t'nlted States Senator Francis 31.
CockTell, Governor A. M. Dockery. Attor
ney General Edward C. Crow, Suprcnie
Judge James B. Gantt, Secretary of State
nam a. cook. BrecKennuge a ones, u. i..
liOtlts nf VnT-rnshlirn. O. G. lllrch and
JF. il. Brown of Jefferson City. I
4 -
- .t-vikK " v km&a:
lire city, notably the Vlsuntlon and N'W
Cathedral, will .h:k the imor of derend
ant, and Jamefc Devereux whose dep
baa-n Is a fu.iture at the Ho.v Ro"Hry
Church, vlll leid the Jurore J. D ilc
Carth and Georse h. Collins also are
well caHt.
The feature of the jrformance will be
the ensemble, however, as the cream of
sevural parishes, has been (.klmmed In or
der to furmsn a flttlni; chorun for the
llnimer 11, Ozurk II.
TM following c:ore wre niaJ at the cr
cent lleis.
Name f M 1 3 : 4 ." Tl. Av.
neper ... I t: I) S E I) 11 .ti I!
Nuailf .1: 3S 31 ?. n ill a: -J 31
IJbltr 1 M 3 47 it 3". J7 i 2-i
Hecksr i S3 40 34 I ;7 32 iZ 2-i
Eatos t ;j 4 : 7 41 4 ii'i 41
ToliUii 2 117 2ZJ IM !0 Mu ST HM1 41 1S-K
Nam r il 1 J 3 Ti T'i Al.
H tvtinvn .. o is i s :;.
J"-ichrll):h(, S !! I! 3 a 4J 1-J
ttltK!?r 10 32 SI ii 3D Z2 44 212 4J 3-J
Zelij 8 Si X K 31 45 J2 VZf. 4 3-J
UurcUv .... 3 21 i; 3t M 4.: H 4f
IldumKurtnrr.lli 17 E4 M 33 &7 3C ITi- 4.". 4-S
ti. 137 ZZi 2M :i5 11 lie 1103 41 :
CimlcKls (, Centur.T 2.
Th follow-toc cores -nfrft made ut tlw Rojal
NniM C M 1 2 3 4 :, T'l. Al.
ITIfMHiail Ji 10 ul 4! 51 43 3? I4 4S
A liallwr 1J 1C r.t 35 .Mi 43 4H 3H 43 J-i
jctaper ... 7 u 39 42 47 to 33 !1 43
C Hollncc. It) IS 42 43 J Ci 211 SO 1-5
bc&nelaer .. 3 17 B M 54 CI 44 269 63 i-i
Total a 337 211 2S0 247 MS 11S 47 11-23
.mh C M. 1 1 .1 S T'l. Av.
II lllcl- ... S 3( 44 47 ft) 3S 47 32S I; 1-3
O Daramert .". 4J 3'. S9 34 24 49 132 3S 2-5
1' lilcK ....7 17 wj 31 4S 33 63 33S 31 3-5
r l - 1 hlfm .. 5 31 41 So 41 M 194 3S 4-5
W Dlcl. .... 7 12 4i 63 tx) 31 273 54 i'-I
TotaiB ... 31 133 JIT 3S 233 1S1 332 1143 43 17-23
IIAtil-I-." COCKIII1-IIAT l.UAGl.i:.
AriNluonilH 4. Unions 1.
Tb follow Injf rcor- were made at tb llaupt
r M I : S 4 5
111 31 M 33 ."JI 3 3lj
. 4 41 53 SI r.2 44 41
. b 47 IS fci 42 31 37
. 1 33 44 31 32 i.7 2S
. 7 33 4S 40 CI Si) 51
ItptMej .
Adam- .
ruhT ..
AlcfFln .
TL Av.
3N 44
2.1) 44
1M :te 4-5
201 41 3-3
234 47 1-3
. .30 173 3C 150 337 0 1S3 IMS 42 U-2J
' M 1 2 3 4 .", Tl AV.
. t, Ii 43 37 50 37 21 l'JS 3S 3-5
... 3 Ul 44 64 42 47 37 230 ii
... t. 57 40 II 24 4" 43 370 25 1-5
5 37 32 33 31 34 !0 101 32 1-5
... i 38 37 4S ) 45 31 1M 30 4-5
Howard .
Collins ..
Crofton .
Young ..
Totals ... .30 219 liC IK 179 204 IC5 Hi 37 24-25
nanLem II, Cardinals O.
Tlie folloirliic fcort-f were mada at tti Ulup
Htbtjon alla
Xarat. 11 r. 1 3 T'l At.
Staple 4 7 1S1 1(2 177 11" Hi
Gnald 2 7 15S Ibl 133 472 157 1-S
fllerv 4 9 170 164 134 458 155
Nl-rtv 5 7 1M 167 112 445 147
Clement 3 5 170 107 16s ,V-5 16b 1-B
.fti 35 E13 Ml 731
II II 1 Z 3
.. 2 i 171 216 176
.. S 7 158 IIS 14!
..2 B 3)1 IB lt
..3 7 147 131 ltS
.. ' 4 235 138 162
Tl Av.
113 V 1-3
.va no i-3
&'j ia 2.3
41.0 155 1-3
"55 155
I'MIlipps ..
llltrli"ll ...
Totali ...
.11. 21 615 S70 S45 2733
llojil :i. MoiIeU t.
Tin following scores were mad at tin llaant
Name f SI. I 2 3 4 3 T'l
LewH 4 21 55 3D 3') SO IS 195
Iyons 3 40 33 5t 41 37 23 312
3a 1-3
30 4-5
I' JIMcr 0 .15 24 ! 30 41 45 IK
4 33 30 4.'
.If 43 31 1M
Klrcher .
Wilson ..
. 5 13 40 41
51 44 4S 230
23 154 19J 217 ISO 213 175 1C15 4 15-25
C M. I 2 3 4 r. Tl. Av
I 10 XI 5S 41 37 50 251 50 1-5
S 34 30 3 55 JS 33 213 42 2-6
2 33 il 34 43 1) .IS 2111 42
VI 2S 41 51 31 4) 43 210 42 1-5
7 211 3S 30 45 41 29 Wu 3S
Vv atson
Uoyd .,
Totals 31 132 1SS 219 21S 221 2U 1074 42 4-23
KlttlflCllK it, X-Hutm It.
Tli following scores wers made t thr Ito;al
Nam- P
U Itudolph It
Dlrkeiw ... . 6
schuettler ... 3
W Rudolph. 5
XVaite 6
M 1 3 3 4
Tl. Av.
35 30 35 3C 3 22 212
43 1-3
3T 3-5
4s II Ii 41 3 lix
3b 42 41 45 4) 30 210
30 60 41 43 CO 41 334 40 4-5
25 40 47 45 47 61 317 4 I-S
..31 174 190 203 23S 241 310 WB 13 l(-zi
CM 1 ' 2 3 4 3 TI. A.
.. 1 51 49 Z, 3Q S3 33 174 31 4-
. 3 31 49 43 52 33 35 218 43 3.5
-2 34 43 34 35 29 55 110 S3 -5
.. 4 52 3.1 23 41 3n 43 17k 33 1-5
. 6 27 44 f.8 35 47 44 Mil 45 3-5
..il 215 223 1ST 1S3 174 IIS "551 SS 17-23
Nnhl'r .. .
Totals ...
Orplimifc a, Jsutlonnls. 31.
The following scores were made at the CrfH
cent allejs.
livrne . ...
v Anuwl
ilcCabe . .
Gunman .
.. 4
.. 3
.. 4
.. 4
II 1 2 3 4 S Tl. Av.
44 37 43 32 43 24 205 41
45 33 34 34 42 35 lit 34 1-3
3S 43 50 33 SI 4; 24) 4S
40 43 45 33 35 33 2)4 40 4-5
51 54 55
41 231 30 1-3
....13 IS?
237 214 210 174 1071 43 211-25
Name C. II. I 2 2 4 5 Tl. Av.
UebcnT .. 3 43 3t 36 34 54 39 3)4 4) 4-
Peters 5 44 2 5S 42 Ifi 33 193 SS 3-5
Klienrecl: .... 7 30 33 4 34 64 iS 227 45 2-3
1-e 21 34 42 6t 52 31 230 44
Iv Brell ... 40 33 41 43 35 43 139 39
Totale ... .29 1" 1S3 213 216 235 196 J043 41 18-2S
LiiirnliiK a, CresrentN 53.
Tim following acorea Here made at the Itoyal
Name. C. 11. 1 2 2 i 5 Tl. Av.
llrla 10 7 38 44 44 54 53 253 50 J-S
.MclxmaU .. 4 15 43 60 6" ii 4k 21W 63 4-
cilOll 6 24 55 51 45 K 50 249 iu I.T.
Clrmer 7 17 47 4 57 43 54 247 43 2-5
Itlckart 9 17 3S 63 43 51 51 23S 47 1-3
33 !0 241 234 211 254 25S 1231 50 4-3
li 11. 1 2 3 4 5 Tl. Av.
10 11 SK CI 40 51 41 251 52 1-5
Shaw ...
Veerc ...
V 1. HI il u 43 43 241 49 1-5
IlnmaiLlrV ..f. ir. 27 T. Sa m ST & r
Bonner 13 C3 43 53 49 57 238 S7J-I
Beginning Wednesday
A Great Sale of China
Dinner Sets, Game Sets, Service Sets,
Marble Statuary, Bron2es, Clocks,
Music Boxes and man' other useful
and ornamental wares, equally desir
able for your own use or holiday gifts,
At Remarkably Low Prices.
Mermod & laccard
To-Morrow s Papers.
' i-a
lMs -rs vll Iitw y . .m 1
In?-'' adflft. jL , iW
t . -MS r W r z- I s'W&tR ill
ATio was Miss lazzle I'.ItbUns.
A double wedding ceremony, the princi
pals in which are brothen, and sisters,
was performed yesterday afternoon by
Justice of tho Penco Spies, at his office,
Broadway and Lynch street.
Tha two couples are John J Harmacek
of No. 2S1C Cherokee street and Mis Katla
Kiebllng of Columbia. 111., and. Frank J.
Harmacek and Miss Lizzie Riebiing
The Harmacek brothers are well known
ana nave many friends on the Bouth Side,
waere iney uaie a Darber shop.
Th. PlWUnn .1...-. -,... .t..
.15' ;J.,.'..8J8tT.r5 arf POPUI 3-ouna
girls of Columbia, 111.
TotaLt ..
14 41 SS 44 45
73 26-5 291 212 243
6? 237 1 3-3
: 131? M IS-XJ
Ofnc- Men 3, Acmes 2.
The following score were rsad at th Acrns
C .L 1 2 3 t rt, AV.
7 12 33 50 34 37 CI 373 53
: M 31 5j 41. M 41 2S O 2-5
T 12 SI li) IH. 41 34 37 S3 1-5
4 2i 3 43 41 bl 33 223 44 1-5
5 17 10 34 53 47 4J 21 t'l 4-5
lye ....
IMblir .
Mflier .
To tali
...33 K
3. 2CC 2131 331 245 1355 50 5-23
. .10
... c
.. t
... I
JI. 1 2 3 5 TI.
Hyar ....
13 41 54 44 4, 51
23b 47 1-3
13 44 44 51 4S 44 241 40 1-5
Calls er
13 C 65 41 54 a 27S .'.
23 3) C5 53 U 20 343 4S- 2-5
33 42 17 4i) 57 4 233 45 2-5
Mitchell .
TotaJe 3S t3 231 37C 231 2W 220 1234 ti 24-25
Hcitamonti 3, Ilo-vrariia U.
The followlnc "cor were made at thf Offlca
Men's Clut LeaKu:
Holden ..
Haneui .
Paine ....
Fischer ..
C IL 1 2 3 4 S TL Ar.
i: 39
39 44 32 41 35 45 197 3J 2-
1 45 82 46 SI 5S 2S1 56 1-
t 27 AH 5i 47 V. 56 25S 31 3-3
. 1 SI 51 59 CI 64 44 279 53 4-5
, 33 57 55 4S 41 39 340 tb
..40 129 145 250 :
12 276 213 1355 Ul 5-25
lloldi-n 4. Hanson T,
Handicaps Orlnstiach 5.
jTlieUer 2 3u
Wood ..
Phlliot .
IJUlon ..
C. M. 1 3 3 4 I TI. AT.
i IS 41 !J 64 31 54 251 50 1-3
6 33 43 US 40 5ft C2 233 46 S-5
. . 7 20 4 JS 14 43 46 245 it
7 3D 62 19 til 37 it t!Z 41 3-3
IS 23 43 ii 411 46 17 226 43 1-5
.43 US 24CI 21! 260 1
" 247 J1S8 4T 23-25
apt wood 2.
Johnson 420
j-cnarum a,
Dillon 4.
nnntoii 3, Ilunnta 3.
The following scores wero niada at tbe Haupt
alleys .
C M. 1 2 3 4 5
. 4 25 41 41 40 43 43
. 5 25 62 43 37 40 41
30 3(1 30 ZO 3-J
Haupts .
Ilolf ....
Pllnd ...
Mil ...
Kohl ....
TL Al.
211 41 1-5
215 43
150 31
. 5 22 33 40 48 34 59 2211
. 6 26 44 32 44 33 32 J.
10 102 217 215 199 17H 1009 40 -25
Xarae. C I 1 2 3 4 6 TL Av,
White S 27 f-i 33 47 43 41 224 44 4-3
Blind SO 31 30 SH 3") 130 20
ilonlmon .... 9 15 23 43 50 27 40 185 37
Edwards .... s 20 2 44 44 35 42 193 35 2-3
Tatuai 13 19 53 31 40 71 2.1 234 51 4-5
Totals 111 131 20-". 211 213 1S4 10 4D 0-23
I ninn S111I111. .".. IleliliirinUi. (I.
The iollowing w:oies wrr made at the Palact
Anx-Unir .
(IThau..r .
HecKei ..
Milter . .
II Ii 1 2 2
3 3 15S 211 W
j 4 1C1 I') 153
1 r 15; 14
5 1 l'.i ITS lt)
3 ! 157 137 174
2 2... . 140
Tl. Av
553 1S4 1-3
5". 1M 2-3
314 153
32 171.
4SS 13B
Hi 141;
Totals 23 34 522 i'A Sl 3505 ICT
Name II. H 1 2 3 TI. Ai
Ilelbert 1 1M 175 120 423 111 2-3
I) .S'Esh 5 9 144 133 . 237 141 1-2
HriUreldrr 5 7 155 in 153 431 l.Vi 1-3
Ivlockman s 3 17i) 155 137 463 154
llliifC'r 9 0 15 16C 1M 513 171 2-3
Ileldbrlnk I 4 ... . 137 137 157
Cotals .
24 S3 751 792 741 22S7 133 7-13
Tlniiiinx mill llnlchlncs To-"l(jIit.
Those old rhali Doctor Tliomaa and 'Hutch"
llutchlngs. will mwt In a special match at the
Orand to-nlsht Thfrr plavers are very cloudy
matched and thTe Is much rivalry b-tween
tlii-m. Thomas think Ilutchincs is In Jn.rrie
Nation's class oh a bllhardist while llutchtnzs
has dubbtd Thomas the cnamplon of "Zlon
City "
ItnrkiiN to Tin;' Lncletlrit.
The llackus and Laclile Gaa bonllns luna
will nlav a sneclal name at th Blue Ribbon
allejs Thursday night. Thee teams are etenlv
matched and a close gamt- Is expected when
they meet
Vernon Avenue Sale.
The George F. Bergfeld Itealtj- Com
pany yesterda- sold No. 1113 Vernon
avenue, a new. modern, ten-room stone
front residence, with large reception
hall; staircase beautifully paneled in
quarter-sawed oak: reception hall and
dining-room finished in oak: parlor fin
ished In mahogany; handsome cabinet
mantels in every' room: gas grates; mod
ern bathroom with tile floor; porcelain
bathtub; marble washstand; medicine
closets, and best sanitary plumbing, ex
posed and nickel plated: slate sink in
kitchen: hat and cold water: handsome
stone porch, with massive columns and
elegant tile floor: also large back porch,
up and down stairs; finished laundrv and
wine cellar; entire cellar ccHln? plastered;
hardwood floors in parlor, dining
room and reception hall: lot SO feet by
137 feet and 6 inches. This is the last
of the sei'3D houses built on Vernon
avenue by the George r. Bergfeld Kcal
ty Company and was sold to D. S. I'ark-
hurst, -rcial agent for Fairbanks,
liorse ,0., who will occupy same as
his hor
Xter January 1,
1901. Prices j
Who was Miss Katie Iticbling.
About ten years ago the Harmacek;
brothers left their home in Columbia. III.,
and came to St Louis. They left the two
Slrls of their choice behind.
As Columbia is not far distant from St.
Louis the brothers made many visits to
that place. A tar ago the two cottples
decided to be married at the same time
The.r pa ents and relatives knew of thcl-
engaKem-ni. out Had not been informed
of the date of the marriage A short time
ago the two sisters cam- to St. Louis to
I visit relatli
i lesterday
ther slipped awav. met the
tvo Harmacek brothers, secured marriage
I HSCIUt-.s iUlU IIW QUntTU. lfl(T men HO-
tilled their relatives and narcrits. Ther
will live at I.'O. 3117 California avenue.
r.anyuet in His Honor :tt tlie St.
Jumes Hotel.
J fi'Lonovun Itossa. the noted Irlslt
patriot, was entertained at an banquet
last night at the St. James Hotel by tho
local members of the Iriih Nationalists.
The anniversary of thejlanchester Jiar
tyrs was also commemorated by song and
Judge O'Neill Ityan Introduced ifr.
Rossa. who gav a vivid description of the
stirring scenes in Ireland during the
times when the Manchester JIartyr were
almost immortalized.
Among thone present, many of whom
made speeches, were: John J. O'Connor,
P R. FltzGibbon. Jeremiah Sh-ehan. Cap
tain Alexander Christie, il. J. Dunne. Con
.Moloney. Terrance 3Lartin. II. J. .MoaaKan.
I' J iloynlhau. John llurnhv, Jame 31.
-Murphy, John AIcAuIiffe, Thomas Bolger.
il P. Larkin. Thomas Ward. Horatss
Curran. Dan Linahac. James T). Kyan.
John Collins, John P. Chine, E. J. Mur
phy. I'. W. Byrne. John T. O'Brien. Jo
seph O'Malley, M. J. Hartigan. Thomas
Curley. a J. Creedon. M 31. Cregan. John
J. O'Flynn. T. P. JicGovern. John Walsh.
Peter Golden, John G Tracy, Edward
Cushlng. John 0'3Ialley, E. P. O'Pallon
and C. J. Curran.
Theodore Tredup yesterday pleaded
guilty before Justice Campbell to disturb
ing the peace of Victor Hug. a bartender'
on ths Olive Street road, and was fined
SI and costs.
Corlett jrortcn of Klrkwood was vetu
terday adjudged by a Jury in the Clayton a
Probate Court to be of sound mind and
capable of managing his own affairs. Jlor
ton was not suspected of being insane, but
wan described as an imbecile in a bequest
left by a Cincinnati uncle and the sanity
proceedlngs were necessary to get pos
session of the money, which is now held
by a Cincinnati trust company
-Judge .ilcnihlnney yesterday decided
the suit for speciflc performance brought
by Thomas McCrady against tho St- Louis
i-ounty ice, cold storage ana supply
Company in favor of the defendant. .Mc
Crady is a promoter and sought to compel
the company to lsue to him JI.W0 worth
of stock for services alleged to have been
lierformt-d In getting subscriptions to tlie
llarriagn licenses were issued in Clay
ton yesterday to Charles J. Dreinlngor of
Ascolon and Crlssie Crossman of Clay
ton; John Itausclier of Barretts and Ida
Kunz of Xo. 2101 Franklin avenuci Henry
Deppenbrock and Elsie Greggon- of St.
Louis; Charles Peters and Josle Qulmi of
St. Louis; Adam il. Goldsberry and Liz
zie ileyer cf St. Louis, and to Paston IL
Fulton and Grace Morris of Piedmont, Mo.
Paul G. Habhr yesterday filed a suit for
divorce in the Clavton Circuit Court
against Elizabeth A. Habig. alleging
abandonment. Thu couple were married
in Lynn. Mass.. October 24. 18SI. and sepa
rated two years later. Another suit waa
filed by Joseph S. Wilson against Freda
Wilson. The Wilsons were married.
January T, 1903, In St. Louis and went to
New York, where Wilson left his wife and
went to England. Mrs. Wilson is now
living In Los Angeles.
Eliza and Nettie Williams esterdir
pleaded guilty before Justice Gruensfclder
to disturbing the peace of Mary Graham,
and weru fined H and costs each. The
women live Just west of Forest Park,
south ot the Clayton road.
The Builders' Investment Company
yesterday tiled a quitclaim deed to Blocks
2 and 5 in Central Heights to Mary rur
long. In the Recorder's olflce in Clayton.
Tho consideration was $27,2!C7j.
The Couijtv Court yesterday granted
two weeks' tfme to persons living near
ilentor to file a remonstrance against th
petition of Gus LaGarce for a dramshop
license. It Ut said that this is the first
result of the temperance crusade started
by the Bei-erend George E. Bates, pastor
of the Maplewood Congregational Church.
The St. Louis, St. Charles and Western
Railroad was yesterday granted permis
sion by the County Court to run its cars
every hour, lnsiead of eiery half hour,
during the months of December, January
and Fflbruary.
Ilichard Norrls of St. Lotus yesterday
addressed a communication to the County
Court asking if there would be any ob
jection to the starting of an amusement
enterpriso known as "Old Madrid-' in St.
Lolus Count. Tho place, he said, would
b run on the style of a Spanish ci.y. with
the sports and pastimes peculiar to that
country, among which would be. a mock
bull light- The mutter was referred to
Irosecu.lng Attorney Johnston, who re
ported that the court could license the
place and that there would be no viola
tion of the law it the bull fight were really
a mock contest and no injury done to
any animals.
The will of George Greb. who died at
his home in Des Peres last week, was riled
in the ITobate Court in Clayton yesterday.
He left a life estate In all his property to
Magdalcna Grcb. his wife. After her
death the homestead is to go to TV. Robert
Greb. eighty acres to Selma LePero and
two lots to Tilly Teissier and, CtoorxcrJ
irrn.Ji' s& && gfgrS
v . t, i, -va-...

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