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the. republic: Sunday. December 6. 1903.
: "
Xortli Side Approaches Will Cpu-
forrn to Beauty of World's
- ", "Fair Picture.
& - .
Scott & Sons Kemove Ly2o0,0U0
. Cubic Feet of Eartli 'uw
Metropolitan Hotel
ln preparing the Catlln tract on the
north side, of the World's Fair grounds to
conform to the general be-iuty of the Im
position picture. John Scott & Hons have
completed'for the Park View Ilialty Com
pany a ITito.OOO contract, which N silii to
be the largrct private sradmg undertak
ing on record In Amirin.
jKrom this tract theie will he four en-'
trances id the Fair grounR One" at De
Jlallvlcre avenue and Llndell boulevard, to
be known as the Undell entrance. The
second lovbo kuon a." the Pike entrance
t, 'Hamilton avenue. this gateway opening
upon the mldwa. or PiUc. A thlrd.opcn
ing1 will be the Administration entrance
from Sktnkcr road. The fourth gateway,
to ho callPd the Suburban, will he located
at the extreme western tnd of the grounds
Since the Exposition management leased
a)largepnrt if the Catlln tract for
World's Fair purpose?, the Tark View
Company has Ijccn fulfilling Its agreement
to -make' the approaches to the various en
trances harmonlze.wtlh the landscape ef
fects of the Fair proper, and in order to
accomplish this John Scott & Sons, con
tractors, have had -to remne, two million,
two hundred-aiid fifty-thousand cubic feet
of dirt.
It is also .agreed that the Park View
Realty Company will not lernilt any un
sightly structures to be erected at the
various entrances on the north side of the
Kxposltlon ground, and though few leas
ts have been closed It Is snldthat eom
Vetltlon is so sharp for location In that
vlUnlty that the Park View management
mM j choose concessionaires who n ill put
UD?tnoU attracts e buildings for hotel,
rtsururant or amusement purposes.
jTho completed grading of the Catlln
tract shows a continual rise from Do Bal
lvlere avenue, west to Mchlllc avenue, the
western boundary, the entire slope and
dntMfo being to the east, a feature which
i Bauoh admired in Westminster and I'ort
Iki3llilacer. Aljbtal street frontage of C2M0 -feet Is'
now in reauiness tor nuiiaing or various
kinds, but tho owners of the land 'will not
Jeopardize its value for permanent Im
provements as a future residence "district
by allowing shoddy temporary structures
to be, erected. ,
.-Among the principal concessions made
fc'tne vicinity of the Catlln tract so far
feitbe Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel; -at the
southeast corner of De Ballvlere and
Kingsbury avenues, 1,000x200 feet. This
structure to to resemble the "World's Fair
palaces In point of architecture.
At De Ballvlere and De Chenille ave
nues, the American Hotel, to contain C00
rooms, also will be of artistic design.
, At 'the De Ballvlere entranco to tho
grounds the "Wabash Station, a mammoth
structure, will face a plaza, which Is to
be kept open, regardless of 'tempting of
fers tor the use of'Xhe grounds., ,
The iPark View CompanjTL-expects to
doae contracts for restaurantsrftemporary
hotels and amusement places tnls month,
and It promises that all of the enterprises
shall be high class. Cheap fakers like side
showmen with a circus will not bo counte
nanced, i
't Metropolitan Hotel Company, pro
mpted by Baker & Crabtree, Fillerton
building, with a capital stock of $100,000,- Is
.planning to convert the old Washington
University building, at the southwest cor
ner of .Seventeenth street and Washington
avenue, into a first-class hotel.
Tt Is believed that all of the stock will Lo
disposed of and contracts Tor construction
cloud In a few days.
The proposed hotel, five stories and con
tainlnglT rooms, is to ccner-the lot, 207x
139 f eeti running back -to St. Charles street.
- Naar Union "station, and with excellent
street railway connections, besides being
in 'easy walking distance from the busiest
part of the wholesale mercantile district.
Are You a Man?
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far a kt tiaw,n taUit at a due, tbr tlmtj a
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afrit Willi tk world la Wol tajcymest of all
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tfta Mtariati taat Perfect Health alrac can briag.
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thMMat hat beta ia thla paper at tat erralt all of thai
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Mtaahta) la the World a tale that atirefatca at
lass rtanrt as xnach aa that oranr ether
aaaaatjr reaaady on eartk, aad to-day " Wonder.
WerlttnM f by asail or expreu to every country in
the world. No medicine that it not what it It claimed
tt-be caa aver attain a record such at that.
;Ym Caa fee a Mai of Vlm-a stroar.
HerHaa. Fcarfeaa. Henry, naaly Maa
-Ml Itffe Caralval wltfc perfect
MaHt If Ym Use Woader-Workers.
Theaeeret of the woade-fal raccen of ny "Wonder
Worherm" Ihtt ia the (act that tbey do not contain
aMtTjaC cava wotttma that Bake the vile nottnrau
eat at by IheTrea Trtal," "a O. D.." "Belt," o!
I'lSXiluilna ftkbs and iraodt to dasgerooa to hn-
lajanTt fWoader-Wprkert"' are poreadit UPer-f-ethrafc
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title eiatMir. the ctthbther ol
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i falot of "Wonder. Wnrhert" ia only One Dollar
ya eaaa waa order: ay espreta as yoor
tNwiIl coat 15 cents to (lit then (root ex
it yon eena li.ts to say pacung ana
Itheat by auil prepaid, that laTingyon
1 oaT aay count snoot me. wme to
tlAaeacr.the Fint National Bank of
, (the haak of Which Hon. Ata S. Baahnell.
rawrweawi, tm (iriiacin t tsv w uj v iuwa
lnSpiifBcl4 SteKtrelyyoorihend,
-" :m. B. 8EM,
1IH .law
t tawi HjJutiwst. shttircriEu. eam
it Is believed that this location for a hotel
.Is uno of the best available. -"
The present structure is broad and solid,
and It is said that It will be a simple prop
osition to remodel tho house. Install mnny
bathrooms, and make the hotel u credit
to the clt.
Lenls Markel estcrday leased the new
Union Station Hotel at the northeast cor
ner of Nineteenth and Market streets. The
total rental. Including the stores, will
amount to 121.000 a sear.
Mr. Markel proposes to establish a 'bus
sen Ice tlmllar to that operated by the
rennsj Ivania Railroad s-jtem In the
Hast. Tho hotel will accommodate about
150 guests.
A new business structure will be erected
on North Senth street, near the cor
ner of Fine, on the site of the two old
buildings which icrc partly debtroyed by
lire several weeks ago. The property be
longs to Charles I".. Kobert K, and K. l.ce
Heikley. The plans for the new building
arc being drawn by G. AV. Helmuth.
Alpl Jt Hemmclmann.
Aiple &. Hemmclmann Ileal Estate Com
pany report the following sales: Nos.
4032-31-30 Groc street, three attached two
blory dnelllngs of six apartments of three
rooms each, renting for $." per annum, lot
S0, from Argj le Real Estate 'and In est
ment Company to Conrad and Dorothea
Blugcr for tS.TW. Bought for lnestmcnt.
No. 43il Do Soto avenue, a two-story
nte-room brick, with lot 23xl2. from Hen
ry KInnemann to Kenry Nagel, wlio pur
cliised for a home for tiSOD.
Lot on south side of Wash street be
twn Eiffhteenth and Nineteenth htreets.
TxKm. improved with one-story fnetoi
building and n two-story six-room dwell
ing, renting- for J50 .i jcar, fiom St.
Louis-Kansas Cty Iind Company, repre
sented by Rutldgo & Kl!i.itriek Real Ks
tate Ci'n.pnny. to Fehllg Bros Box Matiu
facturing Company tor JS.WO cash.
lxit on the east side of Tower Grove
axenue nortli of Chouteau aenuu, 75x15,".,
from S. I McAdams of Onensboro, Ky.f
to Cliarles Rauseudorf for K.23
Sold for the account of Mary Archer
O'Reillv, represented By Mai tin S. Bren
nrn. till of the ground on the south side of
Halliday lueiiLc from Grand to Arkans.ts
sivm.es, raxl27. for J33O0O. It will lie Im
proiisl with tit tin' elegant modern duell
ings of nine and eleieu rooms, which will
be for -ale b.i Aiple & Hemmclmann Real
Estate Company.
A. II. Frci! crick.
A II. l"relcricK reports the following
No. 1J!6 and 151GA Hamilton aicnue. a
two-story building, consisting of two flats
of four and tlie rooms, with all modern
conienlences. and renting for $13: from a
client to Walter and Addic Kelghtley; lot
30x125; consideration, W.20P.
One hundred feet of lacant ground on
the east side of Jefterson uicnue, south
of Sidney street, lot 100x150; from Sciffert
& Heger to a client of J. J. Bogard for
On account of A. A. rischer. architect
and builder, to T. V. Wood. No. 51(5 Fair
mount aicnue, an eight-room house, of
Coloniil stIe. with floors of hardnood,
beautifully decorated, tile bath, steam
beat, lot 35x155; consideration, $6,900.
No. 5171 Falrmount avenue, a ten-room
house, with large reception hall, hardwood
floors, decorated handsomely throughout,
lot 0x155: sold on account of A. A.
Fischer, architect and builder, to Frank
'K. Leu'K ulio will Immediately occupy as
a home; consideration, fS.850.
No. 5163 Falrmount avenue, a handsome
home, containing cleien rooms and recep
tion hall, tile bath, steam heat and dec
orated throughout in artistic style, lot
.70x155: sold on account of A. A. Fischer
to h client: consideration. X7 500.
Flat Nos. 1514 and 1514A Hamilton aie
Hue; consisting of four and five rooms,
porcelain bath, etc. and renting for Hi
a month; from Morris Fernlsh to a client
of N. S. Wood; lot 26x125; consideration,
Terry Ji Co.
Terry & Co. report the following deals
closed: Two hundred feet on the north
side of Folsom avenue between Spring and
Vandei enter; from Michael Nanick to
John B. O-Meara. for .0M.
Also on account of John B. O'Meara of
the Hlll-O'Meara Construction Company,
for S17.000. 590 feet on tho south side ot
Ashland avenue between Euclid and Mar
cus aicnues. Including the O'Meara
quarry and outfit, to Michael Hanick and
wife. He will take the quarry business
up from that point, Mr. O'Meara retiring
from active participation in 'that branch
of his business.
Henry Hlemena Realty Company.
The Henry' Hiemenz Realty Company re
ports tho following sales:
Lot on Ann avenue, north side, between
McNalr and Missouri avenues, In Allen's
Lafayette Fork addition, 30x142, owned by
Thomas Allen of Boston, Mass., was sold
bv the Henry Hlemenz Realty Company to
E. B. Haap for JL200. Tho owner pro
pose to Improve at once.
Lot on La Salle street between Cardinal
and Compton aienues. 25x120, owned by
William P. Sharkey, was sold to Louis T.
Mathews for WOO. Mr. Mathews proposes
to erect a dwelling on the lot at once.
Lot on north sido'of Ann avenue, in Al
len's addition, east of Missouri avenue, 30x
140, owned by Thomas Allen of Princeton.
Mass.. was sold by the Henry Hiemcnz
Realty Company to a client of W. 8 Droz
da. who will improve at once.
Since the location or the McKinley
Hlgh School in Allen's addition more new
buildings have been erected there, proba
bly, than in any ether district of St. Louis.
The improved streets and desirable build
ing ndiuntagcs hale attracted many new
people lo that locality.
The Nleholls-Rltter Realty and Finan
cial Company had more act lie business
last week than they have experienced for
sometime, the demand for improied and
unimproved property having increased
They sold to Victor E. Rhodes lot 101
feet 5 Inches on the north line of Wash
ington boulevard, by a depth of 170 feet,
about 400 feet east of Euclid avenue, at
J73 a front foot, t7.606.25, for the hclra of
Georgo W. Wilson. 33 feet 6 inches, being
owned by William L. Wilson, and 63 feet,
being owned by John W. Keyser, who was
represented In the transaction by W. B.
Wells. Mr. Rhodes bought this property
with the Intention of erecting two hand
some fiat buildings upon it immediately.
It Is directly west of the property sold to
him by the Nlcho.is-Rltter Realty and
Financial Company, a short time ago, and
upon which he built two flats. The prop
erty has since been sold. The designs for
these fiats are handsome, and work will
be commenced at once.
Nlcholls-Ritter Realty and Financial
Company in connection with Storm &
Parish, sold the handsome residence. No.
6291 Westminster place, with lot 50x155
feet, for Ewlng Hill, president of tho
Western Adi ertlsing Company, to Charles
W. Whltelaw for J17.500. This Is a hand
some twelve-room house, bathrooms on
both the second and third floors, house
finished in hardwood and gloss paint,
built by the well-known architects, Bar
nett. Haynes k Barnett. Tho location
near Union boulevard makes thla proper
ty vers- desirable.
Mr. Whltelaw bought with the Intention
of making this his home. He will make
somo alterations and additions to the
property and immediately take possession
of the house.
Nlcholls-Ritter Realty and Financial
Company also closed the sale of a piece
of Olive street property, particulars of
which will be giien next week.
John L. McDoTrall.
John L. McDowall reports having closed
two sales of business and West End in
icstment property, aggregating a total
amount of fSl.000.
Sold six residence; and one single flat
building, situated on the north side of
Falrmount avenue. Just east of Union ave
nue, covering a lot 150 feet front by a
depth of 155 feet. These houses are unique
In that there are none other like them in
the city. No expense was spared In the.
construction, tne interior oeing finished In
the finest of highly polished woods. They
arc artistically arranged and have every
possible modern convenience, heated with
hot water, and arc especially adapted for
a small family, who appreciate a home of
taste and refinement. The property yields
a total rental of 5,450 per annum, and
was purchased by Julia U. Wackwltz of
Llepslg, Germany, as an Investment; from
Samuel D. Roser for J50O00.
Also, sold a large block of business
property. No. 3150 to 3156 Easton avenue,
on lot 100x135 feet. The lot Is entirely cov
ered with stores, flats and tenaments. and
lelds a total Tental of over J3.000 per an
num. The property wassold by Mrs. Julia
U. Lauc to a client for $3L000.
GrIHn Real Estate Company.
The Grifiln Real Estate Company reports
liavlng sold No. 32 South Fifteenth street,
owned by William Eelchenseer, being a
sixten-room three-story brick house, In
good order, with lot 33x150 through to
Targec street, for $6,500. This property Is
iust south of Market street, and In the
dock with the new (250,000 cracker fac
tory. It Is the intention of the purchaser
to erect a flie-story warehouse during the
winter, as soon as he secures a tenant.
Also, rerwrts having closed a sale of a
piece of Pine street investment property,
wfst of Twelfth street, on which the
seller wlllfmrke a profit of J4.O0O In less
than a year. This property Is rapidly be
coming h business street west of Twelfth
street since the operation of the street
Also, reports making loans as follows:
Ono of $14,000 at 6 per cent on West End
flats and one of JC.O0O at 4&per cent on
downtown business property.
Kollas at Brlnkop.
Kollas & Brlnkop report the following
No. 3206 Chippewa street, a one-story
four-room brick, lot 0x125; from Anton
Baudendlstel to Anna S. Ferrier: bought
for a home; consideration, 32.000.
No. 331S California avenue, a two-story
eight-room brick dwelling, arranged for
tno families, lot 25x125: from Lena Graber
to Otto F. dnd Bertha Fink; bought for a
home; consideration. $2,900.
No. 1448 Oregon avenue, a two-story
brick, arranged an two four-room and six
room flats, lot 25x125; from Domlnlck
Valro and wife to Ednard Janscn; for In
vestment; consideration, $4,000.
A lot of 50 feet on the north side of
Wyoming street, between Louisiana and
Arkansas avenues; from Anna Fell to
William S. Wllkins for $1,160; purchaser
bought for investment,
A lot uf 40 feet nn the south line of
'Halliday. between Ixiuislana and Arkan
sas avenues; from tho Connecticut Mutual
Life Insuranoe Company to M. J. Dean
for $L0O. Mr. Dean bbueht to erect a
home. D. C. Rowso represented the seller.
A lot of 30 feet on the north line of
Thrush aienup. east of Broadway; from I
I ruiiK . uutner to a client, who win
erett a home.
John . UlaL.e A Ilro.
John S. Blake & Bro. repoit the follow-In-
No. 2729 Lucas aieiiue, nine-room brick
dwelling, with lot 25x135; sold Tor the ac
count of A. C. Einstein to the Central
Baptist Church, and will be occupied by
its pastor, the Roicrend Mr. (ftcions.
Consideration, $4,000.
Nos. 1419-19A Burd aienue. a new and
modern four and five room flat, with fur
naces, porcelain bath, gas fixture, etc..
on lot 5x125; pioperty rents foi $570 per
annum; sold for the account of Nettie R.
Francis to Jonn and Henrietta Sack, as
an Investment. Consideration $4,450.
A'acint lot. southeast corner of Aubert
and Maple avenue-, fronting 63 feet 9
Indies on Aubert ai enue by a depth of 170
feet on Maple aicnue; Bold for John and
Henrietta Sack to a client of John S.
Blake & Bro.. who will Impi oi e the prop
erty as soon as plans can be drawn
Lot 50x259 on the south side of Julian
aicnue. between Ht-milton and Goodfel
low avenues; sold for 6. C Godlove to M.
B Hay den Consideration $2,000.
Ixt fronting 33 feet 2 inches on Itaska
street: from Wilmington Im eminent Com
pany to S. E. Godlove. Consideration $100.
Albert tVenallck.
Albert Wenzllck reports the sale of the
two-story double-brick houses, Nos 2401-3-5
and 7 Salena street, arranged for eight
families, renting for $80 u month, from
Wllhelmina Belz et al. to Robert Hlckisck
and wife, for $8,000. The owner bought for
an Investment.
Lot of ground fronting 197 feet on south
side of Chippewa street, by 162 feet In
depth between Bamberger street and
Spring avenue, from Elizabeth Rosbor
ough to Ferdinand Knittcl. at $6 50 a front
foot. Tho purchaser bought to Improve
tho same.
Fisher fc Co.
Fisher & Co.'s sales are six In number
and aggregate $27,000, as follows:
No. 3458 Law ton aienue, southeast cor
nor Theresa aienue. double two-story
fourteen-room stone-front dwelling, rent
ing for $80 a. month, lot 37x128, property of
Thomas K. Sklnker; sold to William
Koenemann for $9,000. Purchased as an in
i cstment.
Fisher & Co. also sold No. 3421 Lucas
avenue, large three-story fourteen-room
stone-front dwelling, with lot 37x1.14. rent
ing for $100 a month, property of Mrs. Ida
A. Robertson: sold to Owen E. Edgar for
$9,000. Purchased for residence purposes.
No 5120 Ridge, avenue, modern two-story
seven-room brick dwelling, with lot 50x182,
property of S. J. FiBher; sold to William
Burke for $4,400. Purchased for residence
purposes. '
Fisher & Co. also' sold on Clemens ave
nue, south side. 600 feet west of Hamilton
avenue, vacant lot 60x185, property or
George T. Parker, to B. S. Thompson for
$43 a front foot or $2,250. Mr. Thompson
will improie this lot with a modern
twelve-room brick dwelling.
Also, lot on Chouteau avenue, north
side. 327 feet east of King's highway.
50x164. property of Fred Leesman: sold to
Mrs. Mildred E. Hendricks for $678. Mrs.
Hendricks will Improve this lot with a
two-story eight-room brick dwelling. The
Mercantile Trust Company represented
the seller in this transaction.
Fisher & Co. also sold on Arkansas ave
nue, west side, between Magnolia avenue
and Sidney street, vacant lot 40x132, prop
erty of Charles H. Parkham; sold to Will
lam T. Spencer for $40 a front foot. Mr.
Spencer will improve this lot with a mod
ern two-story nine-room dwelling, which
he will occupy when completed. .
J. G. Schnler Jb Co.
J. Q. Schuler & Co. report the following
No. 1723 Elliott avenue, a two-story
brick dweliirg; from Solomon Splldach to
Charles Korick for $3,500.
No. 172S Elliott avenue, a two-story
brick dwelling: from Charles Hothensen
to Joseph Hai lick for $2,500.
No. 2602 Spring avenue, an eight-room
brick residence; from Sherman Babbit to
H. Ruschhaupt for $5,000.
No. 2603 Spring avenue, a two-story
seven-room brick dwelling: from Miss Me.
dora Hall to Charles H. Klostermann for
No. 4011 Maffitt avenue, a seven-room
brick residence; to Sherman Babbit for
$3,900. . t
No. 3020 Taylor aienue. an eight-room
brick residence: from J. H. Drees to
Charles M. Curtman for $5,500.
No. 1921 Warren street, an eight-room
brick residence; from H. Oventrop to
Lsadore Schallert for $4,600.
Northeast comer of Warne and Garfield
avenues, 200 feet; bought for Investment
property; from Mestemacher & Repp to
Richard Wuestllng for $10,500.
No. 3442 Missouri avenue, a two-story
brick, six-room house; from Gustav Stein
meyer to Joseph Buehler and wife for
No. 3240 Missouri avenue; a tWQ-story
brick dwelling: from Jacob Trank to
Henry Lang for $2,500.
No. 2541 Howard street, a one and a half
story brick dwelling; from Henry Schcnk
to A. F. Koeddlng for $2,200.
No. 2705 Madison street, a two-story
brick dwelling; from Michael J. Dorsey to
Herman Beyer and wife for $2,700. -
Strodtrann A Strodtman.
Strodtman & Strodtman report the fol
lowing sales:
No. 4116 North Nineteenth street, two
story frame dwelling, from Charles NIc
kamp to Jessie Barrett for $1,900. ,
Lot 25x140 feet on Partridge avenue.
Walnut Pnrk. from Penrose Investment
Company, to Herman Schulte.
Real Estate Exchange Notes.
Transfers for the month up to and In
cluding the 4th numbered 123 and aggre
gated $326,167.
Ninety -live deeds of trust were filed
for record during the same period,
amounting to $276,369.
E. C. Rowso has removed to No. S16
Walnwrlght building.
Georgo F. Bergfcld is back at his of
fice after several days' Illness.
A. A. Fischer has removed to No. 608
Chestnut street.
W. P. Nelson has office room with tho
Stukcnberg Realty Company, at No. 921
Chestnut street. 7
Real Estate Transfers.
AUBURT- ft. 9 in . c. a., a. e. cor.
Maple, city block 7tl: John Sack and
wife to Nettie It. Francis w. d.
AVENUE-W ft., w. a. bet Old Man
chester and ljuihaxn. city block 480.!;
Ida May Mobley to Mr. Mary F. Mob-l-w.
d . 7W
CAUFORNIA-37 ft C In . being 193
California, city block 1313; Barbara and
Frank Claes to Charles II. Fnuick
qtc d 1
CALIFORNIA-37 ft . G In , being 1U3
California, city block UM: Charies H.
Frank to Barbara and Frank Claes
qtc. d 1
GARFIELD W ft., a. a , bet. Hamilton
and Hodlamont. cltv block 499: 44 ft.
8, In., a s . Cote BrlllUuite. aoutheaat
corner Hodlamont, city block 4999: Zi
ft . n .. Kaston. bet. Hamilton and
Hodlamont, city block WJ; Henderson
Realty Co. to Eurkamp-Qlvana Real
ty Co v. a t rj.
LI.FF1KGWKLL-35 ft., e. ., bet.
Montgomery and Kenton, city block
JS00; Terrence Gallagher t o Joaeph
Oallaxher qtc. d 3
MAIN 16 ft. 7 1-14 ln e. a. betv
Franklin and Morgan, cltv block 16:
"harle Realty Co. to John JJooter
Holler Worka Co w. d. ...:...,.
MINNESOTA 100 ft., w. , north ef
Neoaha. city block SKI: IVllltam Jt.
Bchumaon to Brnjt U Schumann and
wife w. d
PARK 25 ft., s. a., bet. Pennsylvania'
and Compton. city block 1V: Anchor
Real Estate Co. to O. jenkina-rw. a.'.
PAKTRIDGB-25 ft. I In., s. a. bet.
Floriatant and Harney, city block SUK:
Penroao Investment Co. to Herman
Schnlte. Jr w. d ..,.-.
SALENA 4'ft.. w. ., southwest earner
fashing, city block VSH; Wllhehnlne
Belz et al. to Robert Mlkeleek. .and
wife w. d ......i
VKHSTIV 40 ft., a .. bet. Clara and
Ocodfellow. city block 3S3Wi John
Kock to Baltimore Realty qo w. d... tW
WESTMINSTER 50 1 1... n. JT bninr' 52K
Westminster place, city block COMB:
Kwlnr Hill and wife to Coas. -W. .
.Whltelaw w. d , 1W
Angel sleeves in all manner of varia
tions 'are an evening-dress feature.
Wisps of tulle or fine lace are enough in
the way of sleeves for'a dancing dress.'
Xmas Gifts
I Delivered
Beginning: Monday, and as
10-piece White Granite Shape TOILET SET for.-. 4etw.vrt-r
Prstty overglazed printed decorations; good quality your choice of pink, bine and
green; new and pretty patterns. Come early, make your selection of color and we'll
deliver the set to your home.
Christmas Gifts.
We have an end
less variety, all
styles, finishes
and prices, some
as low as
Easy Payments.
Rugs, Brussels,
Tempting Wine List At
tracts. Many to Scien
tific Feast, Despite
Germs and Acids.
Washington, Dec. 5 Applications for
seals at Doctor Harey W. Wiley's odl
cial nnd scientific wine party poured Into
the Bureau of Chemistry of the Agricul
tural Department to-day from all over the
country. Such is the Interest In the corn
Ins great experiment that not even the
fact that they may be compelled to con
sume whole quarts of champagne has de
terred self-sacrificing individuals from of
fering themselves upon the altar of sci
ence. When Doctor Wiley, chief chemist of
the bureau, rhall "open wine" at his party
on October 1 it is expected that the scien
tific fervor of his guests will know no
bounds and their scientific thirst no slak
ing. The success of the series of borax and
'formaldehyde dinners gien to the "poI-son
squad club" at the Government boarding
house was so great that the doctor decid
ed to follow it up with several salicylic
add wine suppers, limited to a dozen
quests, and gee what further could be
done for science.
The new entertainment, it is understood,
will be a progressive affair that is, the
guests will progress through a wine Hit
and see who can discover the most sali
cylic' acid, as tho "poison squad" dlnors
did with the borax and formaldehyde bill
of fare.
Everybody who has heard about It says
It ought to be "an awfully lovely party,"
and ever since word got out that volunteer
guests were wanted for it there has been
a sound from the Department of Agricul
ture as of many men stepping on each
other's heels.
"Salicylic acid," says the doctor. "Is a
preservative used only In 1qulda, such as
wires, beers and sirups, and it is with
this drug that wo will make our forth
coming tests."
The wlnea to be explored include cham
pagne, Burgundy, Madeira, port, sherry,
cognac, all the cordials and many other
beverages, imported and domestic
Just who, the twelve martyrs are who
Kill be asked to drink Urge quantities of
wine has not yet been decided by Doctor
Wiley, but he has a wide choice. There is
so1 much talent around now and so many
good poison detectors who bave not steady
drinking jobs. Washington Is full of them.
Sir," declares one applicant, "while I
never drink' anything stronger than cold
tea, Ham willing to make this great ex-oeriment'ln-thA
Interest of science and Join
your -salicylic acid class. Too much wine
lis'; being, preserved nowaday a Let us do
away with It, P. R I think I could ren
der, the beat service for science if placed
at' the' champagne table."
t am from Kentucky, sir." says an-
'othcr, "and. while I don't see whisky on
your list. I feel that I could render you
valuable services In that line in your im-
portant investigations. There Is more bad'
' ! -Si? nnPftnT rl5fe
long; as they last, we offer this C
Parlor Lamps.
Made of
ished bronze hand-
bowl patent adjust
able spring
draft burner
koretty thing
16 &
Oh, here's to good old germs,
Drink 'em down!
With their scientific terms, 4
Drink 'em down!
For the poison w Ine squad placid,
Drinking salicylic acid,
Fears no microscopic worms
4 Drink 'cm down!
Poison Squad Toast
whisky being drunk In this country to
day, sir, than a self-respecting Republic
ought to stand for. I have endeavored to
abolish It wherever I found it, and If
you will add whisky to the list I think I
am ths man you're looking for. In the
Interest of science, I would persevere, no
matter how long the experiment lasted or
how large the amount of liquor required
to be consumed at each sitting."
"My dear sir," acrs another, "I have
been drinking whisky and things for sev-cnty-flve
years, and If there Is any kind
of acid or fusel oil I couldn't detect I
haven't jet met up with It. From my
long experience I think I ought to make a
valuable member of your 'Happy Days'
"Dear man," offers another, " as a body
that knows the difference between Scotch
and creosote. I tender my services. I
don't caro how much sallcjlic acid I get
Into my system."
"Dear sir," says a fifth, "I nra quite
willing to submit to slow poisoning. If
you'll make it slow enough."
On the shelves of Doctor Wiley's offlca
are rows of tall-necked wine bottles and
long, low, rakish bottles labeled "Rum"
and "Ale." They are for Investigation.
A rumor that the salicylic acid test waa
to be made by water only got abroad to
day, and for quite a whilo there was noth
ing doing about the altar of science.
Later, however, it was learned that tho
acid was to be disguised in real wine, and
then there was a sudden rise in the mar
tyr market.
The rumor that the members of the
"poison squad" who can successfully re
peat the words "salicylic acid" at the close
of the first day's experiment will be given
a prizq, proves to be incorrect. So far
as is knowri no special classes for mixed
drinks will' be formed.
Special attention will be paid to the al
leged falsely labeled foreign wines. The
manager of the Spirits Department of the
army and navy stores, one of tho leading
wine experts of Europe, has declared to
Doctor Wiley that no chateau or vine
yard wines are shipped to the United
States, and that the "American people
drink nothing but labels."
Doctor Wiley's scientific class probably
will be given a special course In labels.
After the first fw lessons the class prob
ably will be able to tell at a flash the dif
ference between a yellow label and a sil
ver flask.
The experiments may last for weeks
with the proper Intervals between times
Considerable Interest has been manifest
ed as to whether Doctor Wiley will invite
to the banquet Mr. Wolf Weinman of Ho
boken, who was 103 years old week before
last, and who declared at the time' that
never since he was a boy had he drunk
an thing but wine and beer. He attrib
utes his longevity to tho use of those bev.
Doctor Wiley's "Hanov Days" class will
proBibly form a century club at the close
of their supper, series.
line of
f C
Uee them
is low
imall Weekly
brasi, pol
We offer for
Monday SOD
solid oak
well made,
eood and
a very
for the
.itroDjj, nicely
Irniiuol Club of Chlcngo and Dis
tinguished Men From All Over
Country Will Attend.
Washington, Dec. 3. The funeral on
Monday of Judge William M. Springer of
Illinois will be attended by prominent
statesmen from all parts of the country.
The services will be held from the Metro
politan Memorial Methodist Episcopal
Among those who will attend the serv
ices will be a. representation of the
Iroquois Club of Chicago. The following
committee has been appointed to repre
sent the club: Representative George p.
Foster. Representative James McAndrews.
Colonel James Hamilton Lewis, William
O. Coleman. Rivers McNeill, Frank
Hayne. E. M. Phelps and Judge Lock
wood Honore of Chicago, Charles K.
Todd of Kewanee, III.: Alfred Orendorftt
and William Rldgely of Springfield, 111.
Three Companies Incorporate.
The following companies filed articles of
Incorporation with the Recorder of Deeds
yesterday: Moorish Palace Company; cap
ital. $160,000. all paid; stockholders. A. F.
Turpln. J. C. Hall. C. W. McFartand. D.
M. Burruss. R. F. Grady. Morton Jourdan
and W. L. Sturdevant- Frostlne Con
struction Comoany: capital. 110.000. with CO
per cent paid; stockholders, Henry Junker, I
e. i -
VlwR tw
Come to Dr. Meyers Co. and get well. We will guide you aright and
put you on the road to health and happiness. We have cured others and can
cure you. Come to us and let us lighten the burden you are carrying. We
make no misleading statement, and neither do we promise to cure you in a
few days when we know iris impossible. J '
,We have such confidence In our ability that we will allow you to deposit
your money in any bank and pay us when cured. Our experience of over
twenty-seven years hai taught us what to do, and in consequence we do not
havo to experiment with our patients.
Are Weak,
Are Tired.
Are Gloomy,
Are TCenroni,
Are Unhappy.
Are Hopeless.
Are Denpondent,
Are Hollow-Eyed,
Are Dlacanraced,
Are I'nsnceesafol.
-i .Dp: Mre &.Co- treat all their patients personally and rely on no as
sistants. They take an Interest in every Kise under their care, and see that
each patient Is properly treated. No half-way treatments allowed there and
rvrry patient who takpalielr complete trcntment is cured to stay cured and
not simply given relief for a short time, .it they accept no incurable cases
whatever, although they do successfully treat a great many casT which other
doctors havo given up .-ts incurable. They cure them because they underhand
their business and tlo nbt leave it for others to do. They remove tho cauVerf
the trouble first and then the aggravating symptoms dLppear.
Call to see us If yon can. Write for question blank If yon cannot call.
COSStLTATIOS FREE A5D IXV1TED. Foil Information nn.l trit
ment will bo given by mall in case you cannot 'Visit "onTSffiS SSLn
can take our treatment because our
than one can conveniently pay. Do not treat elsewhere until you havo investi
gated our methods and termit. Offlpn limira- 9 n . i ?.- novo invesu
m. Sundays. 9 to 12." Addremi nr rail
jfZJEB'QEr 7x- aVOOnnanfj
onii 1' IV' cPPau
Us Ei
florris Chairs
And you'll be satisfied with life
made of quarter-sawed oak or ma
hogany upholstered seat and cush
ion high back, adjustable to any
position high spindle arms
large and comfortable-.. .
Reception or
Hall Chairs,
in quarter
saned oak
and mahoga
ny finish,
carved. Just
the thing for
an Xmas Gift.
Low as
Small Weekly
Square top
center table,
neat and at
tractive. Come and
get one for
variety of styles
and colorings,
as low as
B. & O. S-W.
Throush aleepera, palatial day
coacbea. Three through daily
1:30 1, a. 2:06 u 9:01. a.
OltrtSt tOt mat UmHaSUtMrn.
A. W. Black. O. R. Jansen and F. D. Kan
steln. Hurdeau Real Estate Company:
capital. &U0O. all paid: stockholders. L. J.
Borgess, Mary E. Burdeau and G. T. Bur
deau. Snatched Parse Containing; 95.
Miss Bessie Cahill. who is employed by
the Inland Type Foundry Company, while
on her way homo to No. 1335 Glasgow ave
nue Friday evening, was robbed of her
purse containing $5. some keys and papers,
at Jefferson and Franklin avenues. The
purse snatcher walked up behind Miss Ca
hill and grabbed her pocketbook. He then
ran down an alley. Miss Cablll did not
follow him. but reported to a policeman,
whom she found a block away.
Dingle-dangles aits no means relegated
to garrets and ash barrels.
I and we will make a thorough and sci-
entlflo BXAanXATION of your ali
ments ritEK of charge, an exam
ination mat win disclose your true
physical condition, without a knowledee
of which you are groping in the dark.
If you have taken treatment elsewhere
without success we will show you why
lb uuieu. iv a wuiib tui auung men xo
feel that they can come to our office
freely for examination and explanation
of their condition without being bound
by any obligation to take treatment
unless they so desire. Every man,
whether taking treatment or contem
plating eame. should take advantage of
this opportunity to learn his. true con
dition, as we will advise him how to
hat vapsln M tinHh nnrl fltrnetli
The Bines.
Weak Organs.
Tainted Blood,
Lost Manhood,
flemlnal Losses,
Failed In Life,
Abused Yourself,
Tried to Get WVll.
Spots Before the Eyes.
Violated Nature's Laws.
chartres an mmbni. V.. : '?. JrT.
on " " " " ' P- m. to p.
GO. fcJwiww?
- '- , ST. lAiVlS, no.
H -sj
SMiMi -
MwSrvIS!. ?.-"
' i
r. .o
Zs&fri;- ftK-y;
'If j.-i -- -.! c K.
??$-. 'J".-!feASS..i2S.-Bs--l.. A$&z??M?teig.. t
i. 'texxisrmsrust.'iiii
DS3&S&2g2i2i& . ,a
---- ..... ... . . - .-.--ttl v. it" i am i iiiiiwi Hi n annas ill najti i a i i i I I 'f.ij
- IjVBj

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