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ijiuw.. . .pvj;Jjj ,ijs l1 VT"" Cjn!-!"""?)- 'r'"' t -,- 1 j-df, v 'JxSWsflt
Democratic leaders In Washington are
1 greatly crcouraged over the chances of
l)3rty succor In the VW campaign, and
aie urging the imjtortance of Democrat
v cutting together ami taking advantage of
l? Olorranizitiun in Republican rank."".
s The ?t iteme.it of internal ommcree
f during UCIobei tliow- a falling off In le
ft ccipts of cattle and w licit at principal
. rn.ir'.cts.
Opponinu- of Cnim the nesi'i Colleclor
" if the pjit ut Ciiarlcstun. S. C. in i
make a -.Irons pilnt with the Prcsiduil
thai he is running an Insurant e scheme
vulc'i prctcmLo lo he hicnriinialcl unjtr
, Slate 1 Uf, hut is not.
, Secrelar Rout urges ujion Congress, hut
,. one Mihjet for immediate legisl iliou coii-
ernin,; tin. arm ..ppi-opr! itlmis lor
roa-. lrfti"-' at Important points m novviv
.I'tiulicd le-titoiv.
t. ios- fiit-ci of President Rini-evt-U are
" iiiicntlv waiihing tin. I ile-.t in-itilfe-latlim
of tin Ilirni Lixini. v. Welt, it steesn. is
'l iireincl'ile.
J Jiidc- 'Iiier. joiinu .Wiium .ttiinc
i Ueneial foi til. Post-Dl'ilc- Ii irtnifit
- Allies to Korj'-exeU, protesting ngainst
- the Piesii'uit's milou in assuming that
J the iluitt- iiiuric hy Jlri-tow against To
iler v. ere true, and condemning him with
out si. leg lnni a hcarl'is
Coniptiollcr RMgelv iuppai hi ie-
IHjrt to ("ensft It shm,; a phenonieril
1 -rcwlh 111 banking in Ihe t'nile-l States
and leLomn'entK new Icgislal'O'i in legs' 1
f lo l.ipiiiUit'oii and eousolM ltlon "f
r 'lalloinl bink. -ppeol alio I' irtdc foi
a to"e elastic cu'riiiec :
i local ani FnmunrtAN.
- Th- fincral of Captain J W Canoll
i vho had M':rl" on the r.ver for tiftj
jeary. took pare c-tcrdav.
Tlic Reverend A. V. Reinhard took
clnrse of the Tore Aemie l're-lij terian
t Nev ofllcer. f the JIUmhiH' Smdav-
, School Convention Installed at l'di-.m
Church. Doctor Joseph Clark athlre-il
j. the convention.
Oliver Flory shoot? a alooa lohlwi and
eira-vp arrest of hia ptitncr
Hemy J5. Harris deeHred St. I-oui"
could -.upport two or three mo'f fit-.t-cla
. theater..
1 Pa.troInieii arreft R. M. Kcrlej' and IT11K.1
5V Landy on the cliarRe of rohbinp a North
22 St. l.oa!s saloon.
.M.inipiihiiion Tlmt Miii H.ll.,
Hclurn of PuMii- (o Spcculi!-
iii' Ficitls Has IJfjjiin.
iJ.'.iIinu Yir SpueKiiii'tl. 1IA
(. ri. antl Coiiiiucd to l.iiiiil; ;!
iJioiip ol Slu. k. Iitssl
Tt".t N Yt'l In Coil!: .
Beautiful Goods for Holiday Giving.
Real novelties of unusual artistic beauty in the greatest numbers we have ever
displayed, suitable for Holiday Gifts for men and women. You see them on every
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j ''he sufierl) collection on our Third Floor of higli-class Interior Decorative Pieces: imliviil
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diij;ii in elcciiir liiiiip riii! I collection has attained a high grade of excellence, only made possible by sending
Hi-i-lii!. no h( iililu'. j abroad a special expert representative for their gathering.
for nny unionist, iiiilt'i'innlilr :i
any iimi 0:111 lie li.nl til mir
i!!mo Ucjinitiiicnt. Tln imt-l.
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1 lliiul llonr i--
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lor a man. J
- A West Virginia irirl hot and mortallj
!52vvounded a man tvho .tried to embrace h'r
J'wliile she wax alore in charpe of .1 rail-
J road telegraph toner.
MininK operators of the Jo)ilin district
f decide to continue tl-e policy of curtai.-
" rufnt for a v.cel; 'longer at lea-t.
Mis Clara JSedlln does the work of a
i l)lacl.miti in her father's shop near lIo:
nsiOak. ICy.
5SJ razv Snake and his follower refuse to
51-isii the Government roll which has been
lrepared in order to indemnify thee
jocCrcffV,' wj,o uffrred icoe1! as a result of
Sthe Civil War.
"JJ The Kirst 3'cthodist i:fiicopal Chinch
l burnt d at Jlemphn. 3Io. The p istor
mainlalred order as th" consreqation
passed out. explaining that there was time
JJ for ever- one to escape.
While playing with a target rifle, an
; 11- ear-old bor accidentally oliot and
J.illed hii little Pinter near Ojcctla.J:o.
The trial of Rube Haes, charsul with
murder. at Poplar Bluff. Slo., re-ults hi
. a hunur".
& 3H Florence Jennings, was killed in
" n runaway at Centralla, Mo. She was
thrown from her bassy and 'hir uetk
' Attorney General Crow, accompanied ly
Judge Honey of St. LoUs. left New York
f City for Albany, where, to-day. the heir
in;r in the Ziegler extradition will take
place. Ziegler will right extradition on
.. the grounds that he was not in Missouri
at the time the alleged crime was commit
ted and did not flee from justice. Mr.
Crow expects a hard legal battle, but It
confident that eventually he will be able
to bring Ziesler back.
Wall street shows igns of recuperating
from the long depression that ha.s marked
t!i long period of liquidation.
The London Dally Mai! sajs there is
, reason to fear a return of Emperor Wil
liam's throat trouble.
Harry Keesecker shoots Charles Griffith
In the back at Greenville. Ill . In a quar
rel over the race question. A piece of
, metal on Griffith'.s suspenders prevented
i the bullet from doing any injury.
Society women ."huck corn at Owenvilie.
Ind., to lift a church debt.
Victor Herbert resigns as leadc.- .if the
Pittsburg Orchestra, to devote his atten
tion to opera.
Frank Dawson, who shot Miss Annie
Hartman at a dance near Pans, Mo . Pri
day night, because she refused to mirr
him. was removed to the jail at Palmyra.
Mo , to avoid a lynching. MKt Hartman
- died eaterday.
6 Pat Donovan's resignation surprised
President Roblson or the Cardinals, who
t-tated that he had not been notified of
Ills manager's action.
Jealous Italians with stilettos murdered
I.iwrcncc Kah'e, who had rescued two
.women from a dnirKen crowd after a
ilance on "Dago Hill "
" The most astounding conspiracy In the
history of the California turf was exposed
vwhen the California Jockey Club ruled off
the turf liookmaker Jim Davis and Jock
Os D. Hall, r. Terrell and M. Adklns.
Ofllcers of the Union Jockey Club of St.
Ixiuis are In Chicago, urging uin the
Western Jocke Club that they be ac
corded at least sity das of racing next
? Association football results Kerns 3,
Spaldlngs 2; Raw lings 2, Sportsmans. 0
Gus Hezenah and Cooney Kelley fought
to a draw at the Columbian Athletic Club
The Vatican has appointed a lsltcr to
llcxlco in the Lope of resuming relations
which have been interrupteJ since Max-
R A Me-dcaii Government oftlcial sajs thnt
the p'-oceeding'. In the Kratz ci--f have
-Kore too fr now for him to drop them
and return voluntarily if he so disponed.
The case must now go throucli the regular
channels. When the District renders Its
"opinion Tuc-day It will rcqulie dajs and it
may be weeks to get the final opinion.
r An Italian naval officer ordered the flag
of his country raided over a fort In Soma
liland. and because of noncompliance fired
upon it. He was killed in the response.
I '
Kl I"! lil.li M Ei I VI.
Ner Vi,l. Dec. C I:ihsUimi1 ''-j
Ti'v in Wall "-tmt hnd few. if .tv. i1- j
ia-ior oncrnU.K tiirt ccc::rilv maiit o
the week. Aclivilv 5'ieremfd aho'it I'U P ' '
cnt oi the tm ill jit-giegate ba-!ue of 1
t'1" reeeihr hor; vio I ut ilealilt;,-- j
v ere v i.li7i-l, i.illiei tl.u rii-ral. nr ' I
j 1 x .'i.-iii'-ti t 1:1 u tu -i imiiii-11 i-uiii" 1
OT IllL'K t 1
Pi Ice' si.ui d main 1 o'.ib'e u-eiivrif- j
and did in the f.iLo "f -onic ail.r.'- I
rewi. dewliipirvnt-, iiKludin a lushlv
ii 'Sitiffaitory miincv niuKel. In fat
on-' of the nut ible featuns of the we. k j
was ih 11 iniptovmi.ut n.b aiiaUon!"'!
1. anv ni itvu-tli ilnust- in coidilinni'
b.uii,r 11; on the giniril m tuatio:.. Hi
upon anv ipccifc prup-rtv
Some litt e hiivin, o! a luttir il.ai.ntei
than of 1 ii toml-g lIiMIv fnmi pbrond,
va- i-ii-irti.il. and diulities-. a limiu-il
lviilatlv. 'utllPh a iiaivn Into the
inaik" t This v.,.ni tvld-nl. in -lew nf
the constitutional uiiaiaitti 1 f tin .tiling
'Hi Pridav when the work it taklns
piotiti- and uNtributln,; -l.aies WH- in
Throughout the entile 'vek. hovievtr
tin- "in ichlrer of the mitkit vva- nni
ftllh appaitllt ar.d npinion nt the tlo--'
va- frauioall unanimous that the tltft
hut nlieivi-d tin. v.orl.im;t- out of a cVv -til
planum! :u,il vveii-esi-i mnl dimnn-ti 1-
ti( 11 avalnvi tli'- -hurt Intt n-M
"l.chrlc.il miri.ct coi.il'tions. :ai-ms
fio:n an on n-oM portlun ut certain itoi Ks
affiiiis tomplttt fpliii.at!iin 01 tveii
Iilia-c of the movement
All advancing, or ri- uvtiritig uuikt!--mart
In with nunipuliiion. "I hi. public
will nut .11 iivlf ike the Iuiii.ulvo. Th
lir-l stag." hading In ini rovtiueiit att-'r
liquid itfAn -'iivvs dintn or te.iMs alto
gither Is niaiktij liv il.o reti--it of the
lar. viln-se 1'igsut ivpurchaM" ninvti
tulf uii .iilaiii.iule level to nut a muket
Hut It requir s vonietlung mo:e than a
lout ot the Dears to -u-nln advancing
prues. and ometiiiiig va-tu greatti tluu
hort ciiverins lo ueate a bull market.
ki:ai. test vt:t tu comi:.
The rail tet uf the present movtmont
will come s.dlly enough. Tin solution
of Wall stieel's probltm deiienils. not on
tontinueil mantpiilntion. but upun tertaln
lani'amcniii loin-iiitrat'ii-is luvoiven m
the tuinyss and Indiistiul poiiiion ami
ttiulenclc. the question uf public doubt
or conrldince. the monetarj situation and
the like
Wall reet holds quite tCMClousl," to
the theory or a D cemb-r boom ur bulge
and not without some good leamns vvhich
arc reculiarlv applicable to the present
situation. Tl.e Janujry ilisburstments are
alnajs iiiunlpil upon to forn'sh the nvans
for cert tin investment purchasi s. whii.il
lnvfstpitnt limi refit ction li rougl.out the
entire ratue of securities investment and
spitiilallVM lhke.
I'ullv as influent! ii as thfse. however,
is the desire of the great inv toting insti
tutions. Insurance corporations, trust com
lian'es. savings bankb and the like, to see
M-crrities apprtelate jut prior to the
Ik rind ol totir annual reports. While It
is nut tu li inftrrol that these ir-titu-liori.-
conejr tt s-peeulative movement at
the jeai'i tnd they would be othi.r thin
human it th.v did not vve'eome anthing
vvhich would arable them to mark up the
luventoiv values of slocks and ImntH on
hand. In cocseqiienes little r no oipo
.sitlon to advancing crices comes from that
souice at tins Mason of tne ear. It is
rather the time of "mone pools" and
"faith cures-"
Cniitiuuctl l'roin Page One.
Murine Intclllirence.
Kinsale, Dec 6 Pas-ed: Canada. Port
land, Mc for Liverpool.
Lizaid, Dec t Passed: Minnehaha. New
Ycik, for London: Zeeland. New Vork,
Genoa, Dec 6. Arrived: Vancouvei, Bos
ton. Ala St. Michaels.
Queenstown. Dec t Arrived: Saxonta.
Uosfon, for Liverpool, and proceeded.
St. Johns. Newroundland, Dec. C Ar
rived: Carthagenlan, Glasgow and Llver
jiool, for Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Phila
delphia. Southampton. Dec. 6 Arrived: St. Paul
fpassed Hurst Castle at 3:20 a. m."). Sailed:
New York. New Tork. via Cherbourg
(passed Hurst Cantlctnt i a. mO.,
Liverpool. Dec 6. Sajied: Umbria. Xew
Tork. la Qucenstown'Vnot previously).
Cherbourg. Dec 6. Sailed: New York
(from Southampton), New- York.
New Yorkt Dec 6. Arrived Steamers
J.a Champagne. Havre; Lahn, Genoa. Na
ples and Gibraltar, ,
. J
the responlbllitv on individuals wlio ad
minister our laws."
"row ri:liuvi:s reqcisition
"svnntcally will be honored.
'"hat Mr. Crow hopes to secure Ziegier's
Jxlradition eventually w is apparent by'ir
.omident air before leaving for Albairj
He is li.el'ned to believe, however, that I.
.vill not be at complLhed until ever ave
Le tif crape has been exhausted by Mi
unnting that Governor Odell sliouk
nonor Governor Dockery's requisition, thv
habeas corpus proceedings which woula
immediately follow would act as a staj
and delay XieslerV return to MLsourI un
til the case i? fought out in the courts
The outcome of the proceedings will de
p.nd upon the suilkiency of the prooi
u Inch the Mfsouii authorities have tha.
aicgltx was 111 their State in March, 11
htn It is alleged that the crime chargcl.
vtas committed. Mr. Z'egler, It is unati
stood, intends, to icsist extradition on tha.
question 01 laci.
It Is alvvavs a most Important Issue 111
ill extradition pit'ceedirors, and the Gover
nor of this Stale has uiuiormly held :liat
." must le hoiMi In the requisition pa
pers that the man for whom tho. appiiea
tlon is inado was actually In the Stato
where the Inulctment I found when the
crime chirped was committed.
Proof of a conclusive character mus.
'so be given to how that the person a.
leged to have committed ihe crime and
the man -Knight to be extradited are one
and the- same pei-s-on.
The peculiar status of the charges
against An. Zicgler is. that the mono al
lesid 10 have been furnished by him for
Ltitior pen poses vvas not to be emploved
in obialnuig lgislation, but to pn vent "the
repeal ol a law which forbids He u-o of
Mum in the manufacture of baking
Policeman Fatally WouihIimI by
Thomas Cox sit Nashville.
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. S In a pl-tol
duel to-night between Thomas Cox and
Patrolman Uenjamin 1". Dowell, the offi
cer was shot In the abdomen, and phvyl
cians have little hope ot his recover.
The. shooting occurred Just in front of
Grace Cuniln.nl.ind Presbvtenan Churtp.
Doctor V. A. Aushan liad jutt taken his
tet v.hen tl-e lusiladc began.
Almon Immediately afterwards the iloor
opened antl Dowell Maggered'ln, hl smok
ing revolver still in his hand.
' Gentlemen." he gasped, "I'm thot.
Take my gun. please."
The incident broke up the service.
A curious coincidence in this connection
Is the text selected liv Doctor Ausben,
from Numbers, xxill, I'J. "Let me die the
death ct the righteour."
Ainiiicn aIiiv Die From Injuries
deceived on Market Street.
Herman Ammon, proprietor of a negio
lnnch stand at No. 202214 Market street,
was shot and seriously wounded early this
mornlrg by one of three negroes who
visited his place.
He was removed to the Cltv Hospital,
with a bullet wound through his left lung.
It 'a otpeeted that he will t'le Ammon
lives at No. 2i2 Market .street. The Sight
was the result of an argument over the
pavment of a JbllL
I -ss lit 1 fn I 1 ol. 11 in'- 111 .in
."J.'lss fop ll,l(lc.s. ;ils jewi'Iui
.-.liaili . foi libi'.uiex. liviiiu
loonis iiiid dcl:- in Hnlit-i-r
bionxi'. old liii- :ii:d
tojijicr. A No :i liirui- rollrr
lion of s.i(..ijil jiietes of urt. iinl
It 1;., mounted into lump.-.
Ciii'lIiiii willi :-l littii'jis nilli
bi'lli. win- tiinl MicKi'l :ilt:n IiiniMil-
1. Mil tor Use: jnici's imifiiiK. :n--
! il:nir lo niiiMfi- lii'.mtv ami i:iif
vui!:iii,iii-ltii. fiinn
?S.50 in $95.00
I.:iip1i ml C.iiiille Shades, m silk.
ar:iss t loth aril V:nlul ul.-iss. We
also ui.tki- to uiilcr in 111.1 It'll l.i 111 is,
or 1011111 ili'eui:itlniis. Thrsi- nio
iii.lile in tmr own siiiilin. and rail lie
nuiiNliiii on luui niiiini
75c to $35.00
Dimii'i- I'.-ivuis and Place ('arils f.m
lie lllllii-lied tu nitileli tiiiiiile
sliadi's fur i.iblf di'diialions. at. a
dozen 50c In $10.00
(Hlillp-tii k. i:i nove'I ilesisii-, of
yl.iss. pniieilox lit.iss and topper
60c to $30.00
Art Needlework
(iivsil .issoiiiiienl of J'oston
novelties made of till linen.
M'i'y'alli.u'tivt'ly jiainted iiji
ui es and embioidered de.sipi.s.
in An Department, thiid Iloor.
Address, memo, encis-eineiit mid
spoppins io')ls. m.tteli ser.it eh. enl
lejie pijie taels. i-trlii:; balls. latm
ilry lets. me-iidiiiK sititl sewing lines.
e.s(-.. t-tc. 45c to $3.50
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el. ill nrites, a aul
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cold $3.00 to $9.00
Holiday .
his:i received, a kivgu hlock of
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erisj). fiom the leading makers
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be.st lnanufactiirers of France,
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Here are aprons for house
maids, nursery, hospital and
restaurant use, the daintiest of
tea, aprons aud select styles for
At 25c to $2.50 Maids' Apions,
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At 25c n $2.25 Bretelle and Uil
Aptons; the largest stock and bebt
v alue'.s vv e have ever show 11.
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At 25c to $3.00 Tea Aprons.'Uiany
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At $1.00 French Maids' Aprons,
with l.irKe. hand-scalloped hem and
wide ties.
At 50o to $2.75-C li i I (1 r e n's
Aprons, made Mother Hubbard
s-tyle or with bib attrai-tlve child
ish, effect 1.
Maids' Caps.
At 5c to 35o The newest and must
approved styles.
Sorosis Shoes
for Women.
'Attention is called to our So
rosis Shoe certificates, now
ready. Last year many of these
certificates were given as holi
day gifts. Where size and
style are not known no better
way could be devised. Certifi
eaies are issued in our shoe de
partment, second floor.
Style .''.."i One of the beht walking
Sillies Sotosis, makes; made of lies;
selection of Soros's Kidski::. with
medium weight, hand-welted soles
and slight extension edges; I'i-ine-h
military heels and patent-leather
tiiw alwavs retains its shape sizs
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St. Thug Silver Applit'd Cologne
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Vases; another spoii.il value
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Nail rolisiiers. Iluttnn Hooks, etc
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Hair Pins.
Heal Shell Neck Combs, pluiu
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idge $0.00
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bands and studded with jewel
to $15.00
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Pancv l'a;i. in diiffon. satin,
gnu.e. etc.: novelty shapes; all snia'l
efficts e.tliisive. .$3.50 to $75.00
Butterfly Fans, of gau.e spangles.
In li'nck. with steel upauglo: In
white, with steel or gilr siungics
two sizes speti.ll at. oath
$4.50 nud $5.00
Long Chains.
A gieat variety, for carrying fans,
tiiukets and muffs.
Of Pe.ul Beads... $2.50 to $10.00
Of Jet Bends $1.75 to $8.00
Of Cim-Metal. plain
$1.50 to $10.00
Of C tin -Metal, jeweled
$3.50 to $20.00
Pane' Preiicli Xovelty Chains
$2.50 to $20 00
Solid Cold .lew elrv Broodies. Cult
Pins. Hat Pins. Ctitf Buttons, etc..
in new artistic designs, at very
moderate prices.
Cuff Buttons, of sterling silver,
with colontl enamel mourning1 a
great variety of designs and color
ings, at. each 95c
Bar Pins for turnover lollars and
niffs. set. in pearl. Kiiinestone, coral
aud turiitioise, ranging from
$1.25 to $3.00
I'ancv Imported Belt Buckles
$1.50 to $15.00
JArt Xouvctu Brooches
SOc to $10.00
Opera Glasses.
Very complete showing of Durand
and I.a iiaiire makes; also a novel
ty (ollnpsihlc glass all the new
ideas in mounting or plaiu, staple
effects, from $3.75 to $50.00
Furs Genuine Hudson Bay and Russian Sables.
Just received a few choice specimens of fine Hudson Bay and Russian Sables in the'
newest style Scarfs and latest shape Muffs appropriate Holiday Gifts. On ac
count of a concession in prices from the maker the prices are much lower than
they would be had we paid full value.
Hudson Bav and Russian Sable Scarfs and Four-in-Hands,
S67.S0, 85.00, $99.01), 5100.00, 5110.00 and $150.00
Hudson Bay and Russian Sable Muffs, flat shaoc -with sable tails and claws,
$110.00, S125.00 and $175.00
Reliable Makes of Fine Furs at Very Low Prices.
Scarfs of Near-Seal, trimmed with
Marten Tails, for (each) $8.00
Pine Black Marten Double Scarf,
trimmed with Cord and Marten
Tails $12.50, $16.50, $18.50 and
Flat and Bound Muffs to match
$12.50 aud $16.50
New st.vlish Pelleiines. in squirrel,
mole, mini;. Alaska fo and Peisian
liiutli piites aie fiom
$27.50 to $125.00
Xew I'oiir-in-Hnmls. in sqnlriel,
mink, mole and Peisian I.uuii
$15.00 to $30.00
Sable and Isabella J'ox. sjng'.e and
double boas $15.00 to $50.00
21-lncli Klectrlc and Near-Seal
Coats, with plain and fancy linings,
all sizes, fiom... $45.00 to $60.00
Misses' and Children's Kur Sets, in
ktimmer. squinel, tliiliet, blue lynx,
ermine, blue fox and beaver a
choice assortment, from
$3.25 to $47.50
Handsome Coat Models of Rich Velvet.
Special showing and sale of the newest coat styles in Broadtail Velour and Plain
Velvet takes place to-day on second floor, at prices ranging from $50.00 to $150.00.
The new Short Blouse, with Peplum, half-length Jackets made vv itli loose front and fitted hack;
tlie stylish three-quarter length Jacket, blouse effect, skirt atiaehtd the latest ideas in trimming
aie licit silk braids and handsome giilpiue tiiinimugs some are trimmed in warm furs cliin
diilla, mink, ermine aud the fashionable moleskin. i
At 550.00 Plain Velour, half
length, collarlcss Coat, silk
braid trimmed.
At $95.00 Black Broadtail
Velour, three-quarter length
Coat, trimmed with mink fur.
At 560.00 Broadtail Velour
Blouse, triple peplum made,
stole effect cape.
Three Underpriced Values Among the ClotbCoats .
WoiuenV. 24-iucii Length Xoveity
Jacket of st.vlish brown and blue
Siotcli mixtures, with fitted hack,
lly front, shoulder capes aud Hare
sleeves; .satin lined only. . .$25.00
t $1.25 a jard Wool Veilings
mid Btamiues.
At $1.50 a yard English Suitings
and Broadcloths.
$15.00 to $125.00 a pattern
Klcg.tnt assortment of exclusive
novelty patterns rrom the foremost
manufacturers of the world, includ
ing every fashionable weave and
From J'aris, the largest, dain
tiest aud most select stock,
with prices the most reason
able that we have ever shown.
Drawers at 98c Of Trench Per
cale, witli hand tucks, two rows of
hand hriarstitehing and hand-embroidered
Chemises at $1.50 Of French
Nainsook, witli dainty design of
open hand embroidery and hand
scallops about neck and arm eyes.
Gowns at $2.00 Of French Per
cale, tucked j-oke, hand-embroidered
front band, turnover collar and
Corset Covers at $1.75 Of French
Nainsook, full gathered style, hand
scallops about neck and ana eyes.
White Petticoats at $1.50 With
Spanish flounce, large hand scal
lops. Knee Skirts at $1.75-Of French
Percale, with hand tucks and large
nauii scanopca aem.
Fine Sets A
Hand Lingem,
We are now sliowlwr a very beauti
ful assortment of matched sets In
French Xlandniade Lingerie three
to four pieces in a set; attractive!)
boxed for holiday gifts set range
in price from. . .$15.50 to '$60.00
Our holiday stock of blankets,
steamer rugs, carriage robes
and wrapper blankets is the
best we have shown in years,
Basement salesroom.
Fringed Steamer Bugs
f 6.50 to $10.00
Fiue riush Carriage Robes
$5.00 to $20.00
Tine Cloth Lap Robes
$3.50 to $10.00
Fancy Wrapper Blankets
$2.50 to $5.60
Silk Slumber" Robes
$3.00 to $7.00
White Wool Blankets
$4A)0 to $27.00
Fins Sateen, Down Comforts
$5.50 to $10.00
Fine Silk-Covered Down Comforts
$15.00 to $45.00
Fine Silk-Covered Wool-Filled Com
forts, each. ............... .$12.50 -
Women's lii-iiich Length Jacket of
black nutinished worsted, with
tight-fitting back: loose lly front;
flare sleeves; lined witli good qu.ili
ty pal in only $14.00
Women's -10 inch Length Coat. Tn
black cheviot and tight-fitting cor
set effect; coat made with bt rapped
Seams, coat collar, Hare, sleeves,
lined with extra quality satin only
for 1904.
Ou view to day for the first
time the new 11104 styles in silk
Foulards. Styles run to neat
effects, mostly monotones.
There are rings, spots, dashes,
diagonals and vertical extraet
jeasper effects. Ground colors
are gun-metal, browns, blues,
black, beige, plum, green and
white with white and ciiueo
Karly selections are always the
most pleasing and give one the pick
of the stvles qualities ate the very
best made Price $1.00
At 15c each 200 dozen all-linen
hemstitched Iinnd-cmhroiileicd ini
tial handkerchiefs lor women.
At 15c each 100 dozen pure linen
'i e m s t i t e li ed hnud-emhroldcicd
men's initial handkerchiefs.
At 25c each 120 dozen pure linen
line hemstitched women's handker
chiefs of .sheer quality linen spe
cial pattern of Iiand-embioideieil
wreath and initials exceptional
At 15c each SO dozen all linen
fancy luce edge handkerchiefs for
At 25c each 100 dcz. all pure linen
hemstitched and embroidered wom
en's handkerchiefs entire new de
signs all ate extra values.
Boxed Gifts
60c to $1.50.
In our basement salesroom we
-have :i display of useful Holi
day gifts, consisting of Dress
Patterns of fine ( 'ambries, Dim
ities, Lawns. Ginghams, Per
cales, Calicoes, Printed Flan
nelettes, etc., also lengths for
v, rappers, gowns, pajamas,
waists, kimonas, etc., neatly
put tip, banded in white and
gold, in imitation green linen
boxes with gilt edges.
All materials inclosed are at same
prices as ir bought off the piece
(irices range from 60e to $1.50
A sure guarantee io a gooil
wearing "umbrella is the
names on our specially mada
umbrellas for men and women.
Xo better umbrellas are to be
had at their prices. "Whether
you buy for your own use or for
another, there is satisfaction
in having the best.
For Women.
In plain and fancy handlers.
Gloria, at. $1.00
Minerva at...... $2.00
Lmprcss at.... $3.00
Mermaid at ....$4.00
Acme at $5.00
For Men.
Natural and trimmed handles.
Gloria at .'.....$1.00
Neptune at $2.00
Liberty at ....$3.00
Federal at $4.00
Acme at $5.00
Ilot'tnr Irwin SuitkcMii That Mirletj
llrporlcrs Give Coatutm-n of
Strulie'n Visitors.
nr.puiu.ic si'kciai-
SpnngflelO. Ill . Dec. 6 The murderer,
Frctl c-trube. and the women who have
been attracted to the County Jail since
Ins Incarceration there, formetl tho theme,
fcr seieral Sirlnpflcll ministers to-niRlit.
In all instances they deprecated the fact
that women had been moved to d!plas
of such sentiment over the ouns mur
f'eicr. rml the order of the Sheriff direct
ing that the jail doors be closed to women
vi-itors hereafter was commended.
The Reverend T. D. Logan, a conserv
ative Scotch Presbyterian minister, was
particularly scvero In his denunciation of
women who had visited the criminal,
and the Reverend W. R. rrancis Irwin,
pastor of the Second Presbtcrian Church,
was scathingly sarcastic. Referring to
the fact that a number of women high In
poclety hail driven -to the Jail in carriages
and wept over the incarceration of
Strulie, the minister .said:
"If these receptions are to be made
society functions, let the newspapers send
their rocial writfr.s to them. Let us
have a full account of the affairs with
the names antl tie costumes of those
Talk of Vigilance Committees to
Suppress Thugs and Thieves,
itnrnuuc srEci.M
Clilcaeo, Dec 6 ("hicaco has at !a:
awakened to the fact that human life In
tho cheapest commodity within, its bor
ders. Within the last sKty dajs lit per
sons havu been robbed and tight pertons
murdered b robbers.
In all the cases there was violence; the
victims were not only lobbid, Lut beattil.
Aside from this record, there wee hun
dreds of minor catcs of robbeiips reported
lo the police.
The relsrn of crime has reached such a
stage that afflicted portions of the clty
are talking of vigilance committees. Mjes
meetings were held to-day In Englewood
and II de Park to lay plans for vigorous
warfare on the footpads, thu?s and mur
derer. The Chief of Police ha formetl "flvinpr
squadron"." whose duty It Is to swoop
down suddenly upon portions of the city
haunted bv the murderous gauss and drag
them to the station.
Itching, Mind, bleeding or protruding piles.
Your drufisist will refund mrney it Pazo
Ointment falls to cure In C totH days. We.
Fahrenholz Wounded by 'egro
at a Lunch Counter.
In a dlsnute about the price of a bonl
of soup. Frank Fahrenholz of No. 213
Waeh street vvas seriously stabbed by
Grant Yates, ii negro, at the lattcr's lunch
stand. Xo. 312 North Conipton avenue,
early esterday morning.
Fahrenholz was cut once In the left side
and once under the left shoulder. Ills In
juries were drcs-cd at the Cltv Hospital.
The physicians at that institution say the
wound in the left side irav result fatally.
latcs- vvas arrested yesterday noon at
his home. Xo. 2SS Morgan street, by Pa
trolman Mohan of the Klghth District. He
alleges thnt he was attacked by Fahren
holz. after the latter had refused to par
for a bowl of soup on the ground that ha,
had been charged too much.
Killed "Willie Hnntinar.
nrciu'nMr special.
Tavlnrvillt. III.. Dec. 0. Hurley Murcer.
the lG-v ear-old son of John Murcer. .1
carpenter, was accidentally killed at 8jW
o'clock this morning by his friend. Ed
ward Xoran. The boys were hunting rab
hlts in a cnrnlirld. half a mile from Tny
lorville. Murcer and Xoran were ahead
of two oilier hunters! and were walking
about fifteen feet al-art. when Xoran. who'
was rarrjing his shotgun cocker! under
his arm. stumbled and MI. The" gun nai
illsciv.irccd.1 the biatl striking Murcer la
the rlFht Mae of the neck. 1
Always .&eaember fcbo Eton .Name
5 .axativa ffcyomo Qranme j6
ea every
1 1

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