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Yesterday's bank clearings were $11.
T1T.750: balances J1.640.T2L Local discount
rates were between S's and 6 per cent.
Domestic exchange was quoted as follows:
Now York par bid. 10c premium asked:
Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville and Xcw
Orleans. 10c discount bid, par asked.
Wheat closed higher at 8IJc bid May. m
aoi'-cc Ka. 2 red: corn closed loner at 41c
bid May. 43';H3'!:C No. '2 mixed; oats
closed at 37Uc bid May. Zic No- mixed.
Spot cotton i as unchanged In the local
A Republican paptr or Cincinnati ap-1-cah,
editorially for the nomination of
home man other than l'resldent Roosevelt
en the ground that he cannot jio-luly win.
Tear l exprcsi-ed that Mr. ltoo-eelt will
not ccn be able to carry New York State.
The President's meage. defendlnu his
rourse in reewmizinc the new Republic of
Panama and forcibly denouncinff bribery.
Is read In the Hous and Semb.
The President make leeess appoint
ment of General 'Wood to be Major Gen
eral. "If llanna will run. the Bucl.co State
delegation will support him as a unit."
was the answer made by Ohio's lieutenant
elovenior to a direct question to ask which
the President Imited him to Washington.
Doctor J. It Young designates three
rules for preaching.
11 S. Robert announces his engagement
to Mr?. G. A. Madlil.
Jewelry inlued at ?I.S33 was stolen from
Mrs. Dora Cassner of No. SIM Laclede
a enuc.
Hast St. Loulx clergymen Indorse the
propohed piotcctlon dike.
New Harapehiro and Delaware arc ex
pected to make a display at the World's
National League magnates meet In New
York. Pulliam popular choice for presi
Chaises of Intoxication were preferred
against Patrolman Joseph Casey.
Buinei Men's L'njrue opposes passige
of amended Tftminal bill.
The Board of Health Inaugurates a gar
bage crusade.
Edward Radcllffe was arrested on the
charge of parsing counterfeit dollar bills.
Believe union of Presbyterian churches
will be effected at the St. Iuls meeting.
In a suit to restrain the sale of certain
property of the Salt Trust sensational
charges of fraud and mismanagement are
made against these formerly In control of
the property.
The Federal Grand Jury strikes a new
lead In Its boodle inquiry at Omahi. Ap
propriations to reimburse the State for
military blankets used by the Government
are said to have gone astra. Twenty In
dictments In vaiinus cases are said to
haic been voted, but none of thsm has
lwen returni-d into court.
Oscar L there-dec kills his brother-in-law.
Oscar Smith. In a tight at the latter's
.homo In Oklohoma City.
Prank Dawson, wbo killed Miss Annie
Hartraan at a dance near Madison, Mo.,
f.iya that he does not rcnumb-.r a thing
about the tragedy. AH is like a dream,
he v.. j a.
The Crefk Council at Okmulgee appoints
n. committee of twenty to attend a con
vention called to work for separate state
hood for Indian Territory.
Warrants charging conspiracy are is
med against i-everal newspaper managers
and one reported at Grand Itaplds In con
nection with the Lake Michigan water
The Cole County' Democratic Club in
vites Harry B. Hawes to make an ad
dress Saturday eening at Jefferson City.
Mayor Heed of Kansas City takes issue
with Circuit Attorney Poll: that boodle Is
an Issue in the present campaign. Ho de
clares that Mr. l'olk deserves no more
credit for uncovering the bondlers in St.
IxiuLs than Mayor Wells or Harry Hawes.
A prisoner saws bis way out cf Jail at
Taylorville. III.
Marshall "Baker Witter celebrates his
enc hundred anil first birthday at Milan,
William Ziegler proves an alibi In the
extradition hearing before Governor Odell
at New York, and the Governor refuses to
release him to tho Missouri authorities.
Mrs. MIlo Williams was burned to death
by a gasoline explosion at Taylorville. 111.
A receiver is appointed for the Bank of
Itavia. L T. President Neal is arrested
on a charge.cf embezzling bank funds.
Colon hears a' rumor that 3.fX Colom
bian soldiers hae left Cartagena to in
vade tho isthmus. United States war
ships aro patrolling both coasts to pre ent
an invasion If possible.
Chancellor von Buelow asserts that there
is no occasion "for concm over the Kal
i.er'E reeoery, which, he asserts, is pro
nresslrs satisfactorily.
Vienna officials denv tho story that the
Princess Elizabeth killed an actress whom
she found In her husband's apartments.
A woman Hon tamer is torn to nieces by
lions in view of an Immense audience at
Dessau, Germany, her children occupying
a box at the time.
The proposal to form provincial commit
tees, to be elected, in Russia is pleasing to
tho liberal-minded there on account of Its
parliamentary tendency.
An American warship has been sent to
Formosa, to investigate the killing of
members of tho crew of an American rhlp
by savages of that Island.
Union and Hot Springs courses were
last evening denied dates ' by Western
Jockey Club, and racing war Is threat
ened. Dental of racing dates causes surprise
o the Union Jockey Club directors.
Marine Intelligence.
New York, Dec. 7. Arrived: Mlnncton
kp, from London: Yaderland, from Ant
weip. Plymouth, Dec ".Arrived: Kronprinz
Wilhclm, from New York.
Liverpool. Dec T. Arrived: Saxonia,
Marseilles. Dec 5. Arrived: Macheon,
Tacoma. etc, for Liverpool.
Quecnstowii. Dec. ".Sailed: Umbria,
New York.
Plymouth. Dec C Sailed: Belgravia,
New Yori:.
Genoa. Dec 7. Sailed: Sardegena, New
Cherbourg, Dec. 7. Arrived: Kronprinz
WilhWm, New York, via Pli mouth, for
Bremen (and proceeded).
New- York, Dec 7. Arrived: Cevlc, Liv
erpool. Movllle. Dec S, 3:30 a. m. Arrived:
Steamer Furnecsia, New .York, for Glas
gow laud proceeded!.
Mnch Enthusiasm la Aronsed for the
'World's Fair.
Birmingham. AIa.v Dec 7. Two thou
sand persons attended a. mass meeting to
night in the Interest of an exhibit frcm
the Birmingham district at tho St. Loula
World'3 Fair. Addrestvs were made by
Walter Melville Drcnnen. Mayor of Blr
- mlngham: J. B.-Bufris, Maor of Wcmd
lawn; James Bdnron. a local capitalist;
J. B. Babb, a newspaper man; Doctor J.
W. Stagg. pastor First Presbyterian
Church, and William Jackoon. pres-'dent of
the Commercial Club. J. A. McKnlght.
representative of tins Alabama Commis
sion, lectured, givirur strrcopticon views
of 'tho progress of tho work on the Expo
sition buildings, the portraits of President
vavra it.. fiutcis ana otner officials.
Thourands of dollars in contributions are
assured lor tne cxniwt, as a result of to
night s meeting.
Prominent St. Louis Attorney
Anno tin res Engagement lc-
fore Urnirtnre for New
Irile-Jo-15o Is the AViiluw of
Former President of the Tnion
Trnt Company and Is
Weal ill v.
Pr'oi to d-;iuriiiig for New York CitJ
la-t Saturday. Edward S. ltoirt, a promi
nent st. lyiuis attorney, announced to
friends hi- bethrolhal to Mrs. George A.
Madlil. widov of Judge George A. Ma
dill, frnnerly one ot this cltj's Jurists
and fln-mcir.
The wedding dav his not been set, but
it was nls, announced that that eient
would take place in St. Louis In January.
An announcement of thy engagemtnt
had been looked for for some time. Mrs.
Madlil had ceii been approached upon
the subject as late as ten dajs ago. but
Who has announced his engagement to
Mn.. George A. Madlil.
she adroitly kept the secret.
Both Mrr. Madill and Mr. Robert aro
out of the city. Mrs. Madill having de
parted to 1bit relatives in the Eat. Mr.
Robert Is in the metropolis on business.
Ho will pay lib? fiancee a ltit whllo away
and will return to the city next Monday.
The announcement Ins caused quite a
stir in fashionable circles, as Mrs. MadM
Is one of the clt's most popular ma
trons, while Mr. Robert Is one of SL
Louis's best known Mchelors. .
Their union will be one tinge;! with
romance also, as Mr. Robcit was the pro
tege of Judge Madill and was considered
the closest of the financier's friends at the
time of the I-itter's death, two jears ago.
Mr. Robert Is the son of the Reverend
P. G. Robert, formerly pastor of Holy
Communion Episcopal Church. Upon tak
ing up the study of law he entered the
office of Judge Madlil, and so close was
their relationship that when Judge Madill
quit the practice of law to devote his
entire time to finance ho turned over his
practice to Mr. Robert.
Since then Mr. Rolieit has made an en
viable reputation as an attorney. Besides
a lucrative practice he Is bald to have a
prlvnte fortune He is a member of the
faculty of the St. Louis Law School and
Is a member of tho St. Louis and other
Mr. Robert's bride-to-be Is a member of
St. Louis's most exclusive set and noted
for her intellectuality and philanthropy.
Being one of tho wealthiest women of
the city, she often fostered educational
plans, notably kindergarten projects, of
which she was an ardent champion, hay
ing secured noted lecturers on kindergar
ten subjects for the lienefit of those en
gaged In the work.
Judge Madill was president of the Union
Trust Company liefore that Institution
was merged with the St. Louis Trust Com
pany. At the time of his death he was rated
a millionaire. His wealth was Inherited
by his wife, their child. Georgette and a
son. Charles Madill.
Mrs. Madill. whose maiden namo was
Miss Elizabeth McMillan. Is of an Eastern
family. She Is a woman of culture, a stu
dent and an art connoisseur. Her home,
at No. 4H0 Llndell bcailevard. is one of the
handsomest in the city.
She is a member of the Wednesday
Club ami a patron of the Choral Sym
phony Society. She Is attractive and of
the blend type.
Mrs. Madill Is about 13 cars old. Mr.
Robert Is 4G. Their wedding. In all proba
bility, will be a quiet liamo affati.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinitif Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure.
E.W. Orove'a signature Is on each box. 15c
Contlnnod From 1'hko One.
Mr. Bowcre quobilcnod the right of a
private attornej- to appear in a case of
this kind, but Judge Harvey replied that
in tbe State of 'Missouri wherever tha
torch was applied or property lost through
corrupt practices, any lawj-er had the
right to appear In extradition proceedings.
No attempt was made to give nnj- ver
bal testlmonj-. Judgo Harvey read a dozen
affidavits made by former Lieutenant Gov
ernor Lee, District Attorney Brown of
Cole Count-, attaches of tho Southern
and the Planters Hotel, and others, which
told the general storj- of tho bribery
Judge Harvey repeated!- protested
against being confined to that particular
period In March, declaring, that their
strongest evidence related to the trans
actions In January and April. No affidavits
were submitted bj- any one who actua'.ly
saw Mr. Ziegler In Missouri In March.'
Mr. ZItgler's attornejs were also great-1-
surprised when Judge Harvey admitted
that the name of William Ziegler on fthe
Southern Hotel reg!er on March 13, was
a forgery. He explained that Daniel J.
rsi- v -$" .
I . .
Keney, .vir. ziegler's alleged uisDiirsing
agent, was staling at the Planters Hotel,
and that ho registered Mr. Zlcslcr's namo
at the Southern. This, he said, was done
for the purpose of showing to certain leg
islators that Mr. Zksler wa In the city
and that the money v.ould be forthcoming.
It was contended that Mr. Zleglcr was
staving elswherc in St. Louis.
i:.i'i.oiti:it n i,invi.v.
Eieln Baldwin, Mr. Zlegier's former
commander of a polar expedition, stated
In an aflldavlt that he was in New York
on or about March 17, and went with Mr.
Zleglcr and Daniel J. Kelley to the rail
road statiun whin tiny started fur St.
He said Mr. Ziegler hid told him that
tin weir- going to Missouri to cru-h the
alum people. He mid Mr. Z'igler re
turned Man-h '" and that he then talked
with him about the insults of his trip,
and Mr. Zitgl.-r told him they had ac
eompllslifd what the went for and that
In- would nnkn a great deal ot money
by it. Mr. Xltglcr Fmiled and shook his
head whin this affidavit was read.
At the conclusion of tho reading of
ihe Slate's affidavits, Mr. Bowers turned
to tho Altorrey General and asked:
J "Now that jour own evidence Is before
the Governor, I assume that jou will
hardly claim jouiself that Mr. Zieglcr
1 was In Missouri on tho ISth of Match
j 1951 r-
j TO I'llcnntT ZIIHILEIt.
"I think I had better decide that ques
tion," .-aid Governor Odill. "It Is my
ilul," he continued in explanation, "to
I protect citizens of this Stat", cscipt in
' ras-s v.hcie the yrlm i facio case Is es-
' The Governor then stated, as he had
t ,-eVClal times beftire. Ih.it In :i somewhat
-imilar case, tho Court of Appeals hud
ovenulcd tho Governor's decision In
granting extradition when It was not con-clu-lvely
established that the defendant
was In the State at the time of the com
mission of the crime for which he was to
be extri'dited. Ho .said he desired to be
perfectly fair, but that he must keep ns
close to the lines of the law as he know
how ti lo.
"But," asked Judge Harvey, "hiipjioe a
muider had been committed In Missouri
and one of the eye witnesses of the crime
had lieu to jour State, would v-ou then
require positive proof that he was pres
ent? In other words, would ou accept
an alibi or would j-ou con-lder that It was
a matter to ro before a jury?"
Governor OJell -aid that he did not re
gard thay as a parallel case.
"Well," added Judge Harvey, "ne eon
tend that we are within tho law when
we demand the light to show that Mr.
Ziegler was thcie In Januarv- and again
In April, in making cut a prima facl case.
We also contend that If this defendant
sent his ag.nt, Kellej-, there to effect
bribery, ho is a.s gulltj- of the crime as It
ho acted as the disbursing agent him
self." '
At tho e-onelusion of the hearing at 7
o'clock to-night. Governor Odell told At-tornej-
General Crow and Judge Harvej
that he would give them two weeks in
which to file briefs en the contested
points of law. Another week will be given
to Mr. Zleler's attornejs to examine and
answer these briefs.
Itw1ll therefore be at least three weeks'
before Governor Odell's decision will bo
given, but even the Missouri officials were
satisfied to-night that tho Governor will
decide against them.
OK i:oioma.
Attorney General Crow started imme
diately for the West to-night. He Is HI
with a high fever and has ornptoms 0f
pneumonia. He required the attendance
of a physician to-dav-. Before leav ing Al-banj-.
General Crow said:
"This maj- be New York State law, but
It Is not Missouri law. Wo did not come
heio prepared to give Mr. Ziegler n Jurj
trial, nor did we expect to bo restricted
to cne little section of the cae. You might
as well trv to get a conviction for mirder
bj- proving the motive or the corpus de
lecto. I believe that we had the light,
under well-estibll?hed Ian, to prove a
prlma-facle case for tho purpose of estab
lishing our right to his cMraditlon. We
have been denied that right. What our
next move will be I cannot sij Nothing
that has transpired to-day has changed
mj- view of the case one lota. In fact, I
am more thoroughly convinced than ever
beforo that all of tho charges In tho in
dictment aro well grounded."
Neither Mr. Ziegler nor his attomsvs
would discuss the result of the blaring
after it was over. Thej- all ieturned to
New York to-night.
Albanj", N. Y.. Dec 7. Probably it cost
William Ziegler more monej- for to-daj-'s
work before Governor Odell than It cost
to protect his baking powder Interests In
the Legislature c Missouri three years
Ho told through five of the most ex
pensive lawTers In New York Cltj- bim
bo had been the victim of revenge and the
scheming of his enemies.
Mr. Ziegler several times became tearful
in the matter. When reference was made
to the affidavit of Eveljn Baldwin, he
Then when Lawj-er Bowers related how
he had been maligned by P. E. Udell,
president of the Provident Chemical Com
pany of Missouri, again his tears flowed
But it was all very expensive for Mr.
Edward Lautcrbacb, one of his coun
sel, has for manj- jears been one of Sen
ator Thomas C. Piatt's chief lieutenants
In handling iho affairs of the Republican
party In this Slate. Mr. Lautcrbach and
Governor Odell aro close friends.
His services cOme very high.
John M. Bowers, another of Mr. Zleg
lcr's icgal supporters, was formerly as
sociated with a law ilrm in which Senator
Piatt's son was a leadlns member. lie,
too. is expensive.
Do Lane- Nieoll was formerly District
Attornej- of New- York County, and In n
cent jears has given his energies only
to corporations ablo to pay tho top-notch
rrico for legal aid. All of the other repre
sentatives on Mr. Zieglcr's staff to-day
are hlgn-crieed men.
But Mr. Ziegler la worth sn.ttXUiA He
liven In one of the most elaliorately fur
nished mansions on Fifth avenue. New
York Cltj-. His friends all belong to the
millionaire clats. So It was hardlj- a fair
fight for Attorney General Crow and
Judge Harvey
When thej- appeared before Governor
Odell to-daj-. confronted by all this po
litical and financial strength. General
Crow saw at the outset that he was de
feated. Ho came here with the belief that
rt would be necessary for him simply to
establish the general fact that William
Ziegler was tho source of supplj' In the
baking powder scandal. He quickly dis
covered, however, that Mr. Zieglcr's fif
teen millions had greater weight than
Missouri Justice.
The motto of General Crow's official
life, according to himself. Is:
"It Is a. pretty good thing to keep on
speaking terms with jour own oo
science." It is that motto that has carried him
through various tights against Missouri
bcodlers, but It availed him very little at
tho New York State capital to-da
Two or three times to,-day General Crow
and Judge Har.vey lo-t 'their tempers and
attempted to make a fight l.ialnst the Iti-sh-.
itlc ns that Zlcgler's attorneys v.ero
burling at them and at the good faith cf
the Missouri officials generally.
Their protests were met each time by
the contented smiles of Zleler"H lawyers.
Governor Odell said that ho was elmply
doing his duty, but General Crow declared
that the Governor's duty had been fixed
by map and diagram by tho defendant's
Before the heiring had progressed far
Mr. Zicgi'i's counsel demanded that Dis
trict Atturm-v Brown of Cole County b
produced for the purpose of testifying. At
torney General Crow said he was not
"What!" thundeied Lawyer Bowers.
"Do j ou mean to say that this man who
charged Mr. Ziegler with being a fugitive
from Justice Is not hero to repeat his
assertions before the Governor?"
"He Is not here," said Attorney General
"Then I charge him with being a fugi
tivo frcm Justice." said Mr. Bowers. "He
was requc-ted to appear here, and I
charge lack of good faith on the part of
jou, sir, that he Is not here."
General Crow leaped toward Mr. Bow cm,
hi i cj-03 flashing and his lists clinched.
Then ho retraced his bteps, and In a
calmer mood turned to tho Governor.
"Your Ereellencj-," he said, "I want to
bo decent about this thing, but I must
insist that that man" shaking his fingers
at Mr. Bowers "be decent, alio. Wo did
not come hero to be insulted, and I will
not stand It."
Mr. Zlegler's ofllclal answer to tho ap
plication for extradition was little mora
than a. wall that his enemies weie after
him. In reference to Evelyn Baldwin, he
"Baldwin Is a personal cnemj- of mine.
I emp.ojed him to take charge of an ex
pedition to the North Poie, and on his
failure to faithfully represent the Intciests
contlded to him I discharged him from
sucli employment In the month of October,
1W-', and ho then and there tnreatened ho
would get even with me, and, us I am in
formed and believe, has since then been
actively engaged In llndlng ail opportunity
lor so doing."
Concerning P. E. Udell, he sajs:
"1 am liuormed and bcucvu that F. E.
Udell has repeauuiy niuuc bitter etate-
ments against me, charging mo with hav
ing been engaged In advertising matters
calculated to interfere with his business
Ho then charges that Mr. Udell was
opposed to him because he had succeeded
In purchasing most of the stock of the
Provident Chemical Companj-.
One bj- ono the answer deals with the
witnesses who testified before the Cole
County Grand Jury. Concerning former
Lieutenant Governor John A. Lee, Mr.
Ziegler .-ays:
"I never met Mr. Lee In my life and
never had any acquaintance with him. I
have, however, now obtained information
as to tho evidence ho must necessarily
have given before the Grand Jurj'."
Ho then rehearses the story of Senator
Parrls'a connection with the boodllng case.
Mr. Ziegler positively tald that he was
not In tho State of Missouri between De
cember, 1000, and April, 1901. Tho -tatc-ment
In the affidavit of District Attorney
Brown that ho fled from the Justice of
the State of Missouri was vehemcntlj- de
nied. Several times at the hearing efforts
w ere made to prohibit Judge Harvey from
appearing. In io case, because he repre
sented prlvato Interests. Judge Harvey
franklj-, admitted that he was acting In
tho Interests of the thlrtj--ono small bak
ing powder concerns, which had been
thrown out of business bj' the anti-alura
legislation, anO said he expected to Lo
well paid for his services.
When Attorney General Crow left Albanj-
to-night for tho West he was not
In a particularly amiable frame of mind.
"Tho very fa:t," ho said, "that Ziegler
has come here surrounded by such a force
of Influential lawjers shows that 1, real
izes that he had a very stubborn question
to meet. Tor the present we seem to havo
como up against a wall, but the end of
this matter is not j-et.
"The people of Missouri realize that
their interests havo been attacked. In
some Instances valuable Interests have
been destroj-ed, and what has taken place
tO'dny uill not deter i from continuing
this fight until wo havo reached 'every
guilty person who comes under the lavs
of the State."
When asked If another Indictment would
be obtained against Mr. Ziegler, he said
he did not know. Ho added, however,
tint there were minj- strong points In
tho Zieglcr case wh'cii had not j-et been
presented to n Grand Jury and that it
might be accented as a certainty that tho
case would not be dropped.
Home and Senate I.lt"n to the Rend
ing of the I'rexldent'ii Mcn
unice and Adjourn.
Washington. Dec. 7. The House con
vened to-day In regular session and lis
tened to tho reading of the President's
The special session robbed the daj- of
manj- features Incident to a new Congress.
Tho Hous. having organized four weeks
ago, the ceremonj- of opening daj- lorn
prised merclj- a loll call to develop tho
prescnee of a quorum and the customarj'
notlllcatlons to tho President and to tho
No reference wxs made to the rpeclal
More than an hour nnd a half wero con
sumed in the reading cf the President's
message, at tho lOiichifelon of which there,
was general uppinu-c on the Republican
side of the chamber. A considerable
rmoiint of routine matters necessary to
facilitate the work of committees was
transacted prior to the reception of the
At 3:30 tho House adjourned out of re
spect to Henrv Burk of Pennsylvania, a
member who died Saturda-.
Boston. Mass., Dec. 7. Chauucoy
4 II. Brewster ot Connecticut, In a
sermon here, has severely censured
persons whom he accuses of being
responsible for the child labor In tho
"These reputable men of Boston
who aro receiving their dividends
from Southern mills, making money
out of child labor," he said, "will
meet with n day of reckoning. As
surely as there Is a God his curro
Is on monej- coined out'of flesh and
blood; out of the aching, falling
flesh, out ot tho thin., impoverished
V blopd of little girls ot tender jears
who have tho right to pure air and
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1120-1122 OLIVE STREET.
Arrested on Street Car by Ser
geants 'While on Way to
East St. Louis.
Young Italian Admits ITo Cut
Victim With Knife and Says
Calcataria Used Butt End
oJ Revolve;.
As tspigpuiti: Oi It-cell nml Norman ot thn
Seventh District wtro ridini: to Dist St.
Louis last c enniff to search for John Cal
catnrl.e, accused of complicity In the M1I
Iiib of Ijiwrencp Fnhle, Sunday mornlns,
on Klne's highway, near the Missouri Pa
cific Railroad track", they encountc-reil In
the car Iiuls Flanl, who, on his own
admission, stabbed r.ihle-.
I'lwanl first pave a fictitious mmo and
denied till knouteilgt! of the kilMiur. 'When
taken to tho police stattcu In Kast St.
Ioui3. he confes.'.ed that he had nlclded o.
knlfo In the Hjrht between Table and his
assailants Hu (-aid Calcataria had beaten
r.ihle with the butt end of the revolver
dropped by Jlnthcw Walsh when the dead
man and the latter were attacked,
Tho tullce hao learned from Domonlco
TaveffIa, at whow house Calcataria
rtayed Sunday night, that the latter had
tho weapon In his possesion and left It
with JIr. Tavcpgla lieforc departing.
The jKiil-mortem examination disclosed
that r.ihle's death win due to concussion
of the brain, produced by blows" on the
head. The wouii'ls lnlhctc-1 by the knife
nhleli, It Is charged, 1'is.t.anl used, woulc'
not Immediately have been fatal.
Though the quest for Calcatarl.i con
tinued rJI diy xesterday, he has not been
apprehended. Information gained from
IJumcplcu TavcgRla. and a i-aloonkcepor
at the I'irc and Washington avenue con
vlnro the rxdice th.it Calcatarl.i h i1' "pone
to llliiwK probably to the mlnlns legion,
nheie, it is ."aid, he formerly was em
ployed. Ate. inline; to Dcmeulco T.ivecgla, the
fugitive (spent Sunday at his house, and
Mrs. TaeuKli Induced her huxband to
Kie S40 to C'lilcatarla with which to pay
nis rare rroni s:. iiuis. i,-.iic.ii.iria .en
the revolver with TaveRRiai. fxplulnlng,
the latter admits, that in- had used the
wvapon In a tight with two mtn.
Decides I'issani. Milin and Taveggla. tho
police have ariested Itoso Shelley of No.
17C7 Xcrth Sprlnc aenui- and Minnie
Iiri. The women aro held as witnesses,
for the Coroner's Inquest.
Pissanl Is about 20 ears old. He It a
rlnv miner and. like Milan nnd Calcataria.
Ued In the neighborhood on Shaw avenue
Known as - uago nil..
Tho Coroner will hold the Inquest tomorrow-
Mnny Spurlnnn Dollar llllli Fonna
In Ediraril ItnilellrTe'i
Through a confession made by Edward
Iladcliffe. who was nrrested by DetectKes
Witto und Kllllau esterday morning, and
In whose possession r3veral counterfeit
bills wore found, the police hope to cap
ture members of :i gang that for u week
h.uo been passing i-purlous money In St.
Radcliffe declared that he obtained from
two strangers twenty-Hie eounterfilt bills,
and that when tin- men uccomjnnled him
to their room, nt Xo. 1131 Oile street, they
showed him a large bundle of paper
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310 N. SIXTH
Reed Says Circuit Attorney De
serves So More Praise for
Boodle Disclosures Than
Do Others.
Columbia, Mo., Dec. 7. Mayor James A.
Reed of Kansas City, candidate for the
Democratic nomination for Governor, ad
dressed a large gathering- of Boone Coun
ty Democrats in the Courthouse to-night.
This morning he addressed a. convention
of tho students of Missouri University on
tho subject "Stato Pride." Both addresses
-. ere well received. The address this morn
lns was free from any political bias.
Mayor Heed wis Introduced this even
ing by Doctor M. D. Lewis, after which
ho spoke for two hours, devoting the
greater part of his speech to a discussion
of the records of tho Democratic party in
Missouri for the last thirty years. Ho de
fended the State administration against
the attacks of the Republican party and
press nnd declared that It has always
been honest nnd judlcions.
Ho took Issue with Mr. Folk on the
latter's declaration at Carrollton that
boodle and honesty arc the Issues In the
Democratic party. Maor Reed discu.oed
the boodle situation and told the story
of the boodle exposure In St. Louis, giv
ing the credit of the exposure to St. Louis
"Mr. Folk." he said, "deserves no more
credit for tho exposure of boodle in St.
Louis than does Mayor Holla Wells,
Harry B. Hawes, the Sheriff and Circuit
Judges of St. Louis And Governor Dock
cry. "In regard to tho hoodie exposure In Jef
ferson City, Governor Dockcry told me
weeks beforo a. pub.Ic announcement of
the boodle In the Legislature was made
that ho thought there was something
wrong- In the Legislature, and ho would
pay tlfitJO out of his own pocket to find
out who the offenders were and punish
them. If It hae'i not been for the fact that
Attorney General Crow, not Folk, won
that confession from John A. Lee, some
of jou would still be for him (Lee) for
Referring to the candidacy of Atlorn-y
Folk, he said that no one could tell anything-
about his campaign management,
or who was back of it. It is composed,
he said, of Democrats and Republicans.
Ho directed his attention to Folk's cam
paign, making no reference whatever to
the candidacy of any one else.
Mayor Reed closed with a tribute lo
Missouri and the Democratic party.
and '
Locust Streets.
flrst-clata shape
- -
partly paid
, mm
a Homo
0 Q First Qnalltr Lenses, 0 1 7C
CHAS. REILLY, fonnerlr irltk K
The Conntr Court yesterday granted m
Hcenso to Richard Norris to build a. Spaa.
Ish amusement resort. In which Imitation
bull fights ore to bo conducted. It also
passed an order requiring all amusement
concerns to be licensed hereafter.
Marriage licenses were Issued In Clay
ton yesterday to Henry Klock of Spanish
Lake nnd Carrie Doak of Black Jack.
Fred O'Dell of Benton and Sadla Mason
of Xo wis Chc.tenham avenue and to
William L. Richards of mica. N. Y., and
Emily Chatierton of Buffalo, K. T.
A protest was filed In the County
Court jestcrday against the granting: ox
a dramshop license to Gus LeGarce of
Mentor by the Maplewood Temperance
League, headed by tho Reverend George
B. Bates, pastor of tho Maplewood Con
gregational Church. Tho matter was laid
over for two weeks.
William Gottlieb and his associate
who aru seeking a gas franchise from the
County Court, yesterday amended their
olTt-r by agreeing to deposit with the conn
tv In ninety days the sum of S63.000 tor
the franchise, and offered to put up J3.W
within thirty days a3 an evidence of good
Sanitary Committee to Sleet.
A meeting of the Ladles' Sanitary Com
mittee of tho Civic Improvement League,
will bo held this afternosn at 4 o'clock at
No IKS Washington avenue.
Baby's Troubles
Mother you may retjr upon
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
It keeps tho baby's Kttlo
aI cool and retnilaFa
Wind Colic, and helps them
grow strong and hearty S
cial directions tot tne mm
on each bottle label. Ye
i druggist sells it.
1 v

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