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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 17, 1904, PART I, Image 10

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, JE3?!?y ,tssjj'2rsq. 3S-;
ft!!pi n I III 10 ft
1 -w 1 IB bLtLLflll BO H
We wish to impress
upon the public
that our
Amazes I'oliin'al Opnni'iiis ..ml
I'arkliwiM by Suppressing
'riiiii m New Yinl..
Of all Furniture, Carpets and Stoves that n ere slightly damaged in the tire that recently destroyed our -w arc-
gytoy .raiymmatJ
20 Discount Sale
Is bona fide. We have not advanced prices in
order to meet the reduction. We always did
and still mark everything we have on t-ale in
plain figures, and challenge any one to how a
single article where the price has been altered
on account of this special offer.
The OneFifth Reduction Is Taken
From Our Regular Marked Price.
Make your .spring selections in Carpet-, and
Curtains now. We wilt make them up and
hold them for future delivery. You will then
avoid the spring ruh and get the benefit of
this discount.
house, 1504 and 1506 Pine Street. Ho? of the damage was by smoke and waie. and all ol the goods on rale t3
hae been re finished and put in a salable condition, ant? the prices ue hae put on them will ma'-.e them
move rapidly; thus it will he to your adantagc to call early and get first pick. Values not considcreJ in the
pricing of these goods. Sothing resened, and the insurance companies' loss will be your gain. Call eariv
and let us demonstrate our ability to sax e . on money during thit sale. Credit freely given.
HHnKes n-hole i har
ter iak IE ills')
r. miliar j ri( e J.V. '
I ire S il Prl e
Htn:Iit(c (
. i M .t
r kui.ip prt o 7
1 ir- --. I-. or
I!iik' Hm k - lians
resuUr prn e K
Hre Sale
I'-l( e
mee I
I'iry Is Said to I!i Fift-r f m
To I);iv Tlian It (I;i. Ui-fii in
.M.-in.v Yvnr .McAdou
I.'wiiN Willi I-'ii-m Iliititl.
liUTonli-r I.i I.
. lt p iravv. r-r-
q-...u i ri. e
t" Tire t-alf
I' K li.l i
llnutel loldlou Ite.l.
IW -I K t h V 5
reS a- r J
lire ,Ue I-
00 -il
U . lljj
' !
B 3
r f r a rTmBr PAIM l
1 ucukuiao i unburn
1870 jlf 1904
Itf&v '"rG
TRY each one of the Hundred and Seven Foolish
Superstitions about taking off WARTS, then come
to me and I will really take them off. It's a good
deal like Columbus and the egg simple when you
If you are annoyjd and embarrassed by the followinf or any other Blem
ish:, let me tell you FREE how to b: rid of them:
moi i.s i.ivFi:-pms untTH mmiks i!i.on iii.s r .::m
wants n: ' ki.i:s i I'Kiin.i (iin ifAiiti'iMi'i.i:.-, r.Mi vusi:
l:VS ! K M MIKS Iil.U'KHKADS JKITI1 M!!.,; : ri ITl'H
Writ to-da nr -onic and --,
306 Mermod-Jaccard Bldg., S'. Louis.
ur ill Coloiiido liiiiiiiitin
w ";i- Takes. Two D.iys to Ar
im- at
il Verclirr.
Outgrowth of old strike.
Jin .Willed of ('.lowing I'ji Hun
.' .1111' Moon I'.nildiui; Afier
iiiiiiinii Workers-Took
1 Tliejr I'lat-es.
i;)r t--wn Colo, .Ian. IS The Jurv in
c mf . f -he thlrt.en tuiloii men charged
til . .it-n'i try in blowing up property of
e -Ji'ii and MiiOn rrinc with dvnamlte
Is tft- n --"i rclurnd .i vrrdltl declaring
ill. defend Hits not cullty. The jury
id ho. n out -inc Thursday afternoon.
Tne thirl-n mm vert members of th"
"c-ttrn Pod. ration of .Miners Origlnally
'xte. n men were pl.ao.-il on trial, lmt the
Ltr.' ' Ati-irm-j nolle prosquied thp
tso ariinl Hire- of them
mnn2 the defendant-? were I C Coplej,
nwmli-i "f the llxe.titiie Roaid of the
Awtrtu 1-deratl-tn of Miners, and .1 I
Jap-ll-T tinancial erro!ar of the Idaho
riiiK" MiiK-i-i' 1'nion Th- othirs were
mernb. ri of the ldiiln prinj;- union
(t na alleRe.) thst the xploMon whidl
ttr-ied the Sun and .Moon tranformer-
um on Jii.y , 10C1 was the ouiiome of
."ilot h an 'nner tinle of the union, in
.on mm-1 -
' l he emolojment of non
h the Sun and Moon iom
' t union men it id cone on
i" ami
I'hidn K'i. a mf mh. r of tin mi-
i ult.i mi- -filled In thi xpln-ion. u.1".
I . 1-eeii a-rt.d one of tlm. m n al
lied to blow up the l-uUdlm;
-jr. .h .. u- tlif xpaelon th. unlt.n miner-,
e eo I. d from Idaho S'lriliK-- lij
nt In I In V lien I'immI Ilon'l (sre".
hen food dr.n't acree ven.Me folks
ke H ehalle
here all otlnr tall tJr.ipe Nut, he-
prodlKeste.1 ,-in-l ill nouri-hment uc-
. i.uall tr-im in- nr-i iri-i
ladv of Vashincion -i "Jl hahy.
ronths old. had nni-r - en a well d ly
tie- nfr t-he had suffered from indi
ion from tin time of her hirth and It
1 ned lmpo-lble to tm-1 an f.io-l to
' e uith he "he ould Keep almost
sins n her stomaeh ind her hoei
i in vueh a rorstij).iteI innditlon sh
tprnl rf.'it deal
t nai then that I Irlnl Orar' -Nuts
her "teiirR it thoroupni anu strain
it puttdiK si -mall portion in each
InK and il worked like a charm Slit
n to improie immedlatelx and
led half a pound the ti'st neck
Jain cot In r lralii;''-t!ou Irom me. for
dlKetle orsan nave aiwaj. Deen
I reh on tlrape-Nuls for most of
food for there aie times whn I can
notliiui; else at all hut Grape-Nuts
n -!ead!! fmprovinR and Know It
entlreb cure me in tlm" I neer
that tired feelinc' any moie I e.it
, e Nuts and I feel its effects In im-
ed mental sttenRth wry forcible "
(c given l I'o-tum o Battle Creek.
i hk
hk in each package for a copy of
' memlers f.f the Piti7en-- Alliance and a
ars- number -f tnc-- will be brought t
, tria' i- t mo-ifh on information brought
.iK.iin'1 Hum In th pn -ent tri il ihf ! -fen-
submitt-.l he l.i to the jurv with
out tntrooui'iim .mj ' r.t nee
visitors atstTlouis hotels
i' T h rJ Htil Vls V I l nnl 'f
!irvn Kv ir eu t- at th1 VU H c
J I !'ohIlne of fdaiu Vo I ai th I.m-
lidrl-' ;! rrnnn of Nw ork it i
ri;ltr"i at iho l Xlrlmla;
W Iraham of J'Jila
Kas . !. at the
Inhn ihill of Nm YorJ-
1. among the
SUMts jt Horn s !Ioi'i
Mr orI M V W ParLn Mi jiI'tIpp
I'ntk ami Mf" Iyjttl Hunt if Duquotn 111 .
nf p rtnn at f I Mot
J It K-li of ICnntt Ho l rpifiFfrwI
Tt tho Iiclwf with M:s IClo
J"M-ci li Truntbu'l of hlraRO In hi th
I' Ms"nturc of ";rafttn. Mo. (n n-sKtercJ
t th N-u Jdm
i: I TpWr of Jark-mvIIIc III. I at :
riotli-rn wUn Mr- T.iOr
-Mr I I, Ul(!inl of Mattoon. 1U l n
CU"M at th Planters
lohn W Mndcrmanii of Majfl!'! K H
a KUft at tJi UmMl
P linn an-1 v.t of Oilcsso ar1 t th- rit
y J OiMwII of Is Moll it-- I" a cust it
tht Iio7i-r
V. ihiam Orn of "hlcaKo Is rsriiTcJ at
Hum f Itot-J
- M T-fbor of M)1I!an. III. Is at th
Mor -J I. rpurian of rirsjth. Mo. H at th
i: !i of Auburn Neb. 1 at tb Mall
-John "la rev of Warn. Tx it nt lb Nw
t Jam
-I J Trumbull. Ir. of CMca 1 at th
lion Hilts of i-hTnjan. Tfx , 1 a cue! at
th I'linfr
Inmewl Ionl of New York I amoni;
th arrlal at th Uwli-ll
J Tllac of I'lttslmrK in rra!t-ri t
th ItoztT
i' L Haakition twi i 11. Nlcholn of loux
'it la ar it Horn? Hotel
"ru i IiarkhouF of IIcetf r. Ensl-infi.
In at th1 Mo-rr
Jamen Mrutr1 and nif of Hanniliul Xln .
ar1 ut th l..iclt-l'
U A Iortr of (-rawfortUIIIc. Inl ti a
th Maili-VM
t lilnut IItoIi.
('l:iiai;o. Hi. jn Im Iitii; v"',0"M
r NtHftvl at hotfl- lin to-la .no
u Htoriiiiu-A K Ilonham. !l . Mlnck,
K II iiaii- I A Uorrr. H i; K.irn V
A Hi all U I'm t ami S T m m r.
IEfkic- Hou A II HovJ. .1 M Hunt anJ
1 i woi-
Kiltrltn:! II. r Iturk". J I" Wot an I
! Inn
1'alnn r II jur M ; Jrie A I i
Ham M N Kuhn anJ I K WiM'-r
Kr'.-rt S I! Hint i J White ani II
t" TIM Mi
lrtirla-l i; Iot-r. S S Ucht V
J:lin n anl 1 Mwiii-r
'it' Xrhpni-y. M Urirtm J 4" M.ans
K M Jame I S Malhl and J jji rr
hrnur Huu-j Uuan anl s 'I
( hrl.
v,tIljtoca- - Mlentz. j; Tr.fch a.il
W i; I I-hrr
Itssiipiins in Vrn lft.U.
III'I'l Ill.K'-l'KiTAI.
New lorl. Jan 1- Am-ni; th- arrtva.s at
the h'-fls t'--Iav were th f,.Honln frt m Ml
f.airl -t Iyul V ';uert.-in A J Gu-rdan. Park
Avenue Mls M Itrnn Mis. I. x I'ol'lrs
VVald-jrf M I-tinb- t and Mr Itmb.-rt H..,
lan-1 W V Millford Manhallun. 1
II p'ni!" end- me
K.in-1. t'uv I- llathra-li II (Titian I) Iun
Irfp Imi-t3l K Y. Kiclu.i l, lutia
!-l J'i h ; O Ian llullanil
4- IIFI'I HI.li '-PCI'IAI.
I.oul-viHc K Jan In fifth
on was bom vesterdav to Mr and
. Mrs William lroi Their olher
children were born a- follows Jan-
4 u.irj I."., liud 5eori;e M Itoj . Jan-
V uar 15. 1W1. I .shton 1 roj . Jan-
mrj- 15 1602, Peter Iyerov . Januarv O
15. 1?J3. Alexander Goldsboroush Le-
The Iroys live In Owen County
Mr. Ijeroy was a Klue Grass belie.
being a member of the noted Har-
din family. Jlcr husband is a
stock breeder
i i
Ii-ti-i IP. . Seize 'oailiiiKHi .Ium
:is He Iten-ive- ?r'."i(l(l From
Cliicao Woman.
Publirn j ion f Certain I.'U-in
Tlir-:iti-iHMl. Il Ls Asst-rtiMl, L'n-
l"-- Mr. Holli. Thuiton
I;!!! Moiipv.
f'hir-.TKO. IIJ . Jan If. A plot lnoliriR
threats to kill nJ p-itillratlon of ertaln
Ipttr ami photosrnirh t:nl s $12 "I'll in
ih was forthcomlntr was fnmratorf to
!. lt Mr- IIolIi Thurston. flauRlitor of
th- 1 ii 'h.irlp T Xah. a Hoard of Trado
commlwfon broker. hr brother WtlUarn
Xah J. Il Incrarn. tlio.r attorn, and
teral (etc:U.
l"iidr arr.t rlinrRl with tho plot la
Jam TI!tr of Iomlon. a oachman In
th "inploj of th X.iIi fnnll
TIHmtj wa. arrrMffl nt tlio N5li home
at th muinent .Mr- Thurston plare.l
twel.' (ri-p 5i.((f ijiijq and one $5uA hill
in hin hind
On hi? por;on wfro ftium! a dapqpr and
two rovolwr-. with w'lh'h. it i ohaotl.
ho had thr.-atouod to k II Mrn Thurston
unless .h sao hlin ili mon'j ho do
mainled for tho return f cortain Iotfrs
ho Mfd ho had roieipfl from Mrs Thurs
ton Most of ili lMt?r4 aro forcorio. ac
corrlli t; to Mr- Thurston
Tn w.ro iddr ,m1 to tho mnrhman
wlii, wllh a tra:nd nur. had charge of
Mr Xrfh durine hi. llln.
True Identity of Men Operating 1
lluslness llns Mllbrrto Hern
-.refnlly ( oncenled.
New York Jan 1? A campaign against
usurers is inc carried on by the l,
trlct Aitnrnej's forces here, which has led
to the discoverv thit many of the monej-h-nders
are handed tocethr and ha c
malnialned a sort of clearlnc-hou-e to fa
cilitate their operations
The allurlne advertNetiunts offer'n un
secured loin- to persons working on a
-alarv are fostered, it t- believed bv a
jnall jrroup of m n wlio-e true Mint'tv
has been hld-Ien throuch the .mplojins
of women to carry on the business
l our or tnesc vomen are now un Ir ar
rest and line been held for trial Thev
are chaKeed with endeavoring to ollect
intire-t on loans which In some cues
equaled the principal A few da.vs -iKO two
women were convicted on .similar charges
ami flnd heavily
I'ulilii- Kci-i'ption I Civon 11 im
on VNii to Honolulu.
Honolulu Jan If. former Governor
Taft will leave lure to-morrow on the
"trainer Korea for San Kr.inci o iP fX.
P'.ts to reich that city on Saturday
His pre-nt intention is to take an armv
tuir from the Korea t the Oikland mole
-o -s to catch the mornlm; train for
Waslutmtoi where he will n-unie lUs
n w duties as Secretarv of War
This plan of In-tenins across the conti
nent l- In accordance with orders eablI
him at Yokohama just previous to Ids de
parture from Japan
This morninjr he visdted the i:va planta
tion, rfecomranifcd h Governor Carter
and other prominent citizens of the is
land public reception was iriven him
this afternoon and he reviewed the Na
tional Guard of the territorv
l-Vureil "Iol Inlencr.
RErraur si-uiai.
raducah. K . Jan. 16 Henry JlcKellar
was brought here from Wlckliffe and
lodsed in Jail for srafe keeping. He klllcl
I?ob Uerrj- last summer a.t Bandana. His
cae was continued esterda. which an
gered some of the people, so he was put
In Jail here lo prevent mob lolence.
itnpriiMi's.pi l i
New Vork. Jan lb i:.iinldi ir -
Vork are in a state or ptm. -in.- I. Ii.
i"omms-,uicr MeAdoo tlu Timmanv ,p
polntee. calltd the poll, e inspe tors t
Kcth-r .i wetk or -o an and i-ue.l his
ultimatum that KamblliiB in N. v. -:k
must t' topped
Th- poolroom or.ners were in-line. r..
think hit the r-o-nniision.-i , r I. r wi
a bluff an-I tint their Iiu-iik w mid p-
n as it has for ears unib r Ii-m-i-'al
an. i H-publican a-lministr itlon a ik It
ihe pix, i, trn.i that Air M A-1-- -i-h
fi.r w-.r-l h- uttfre.1. mil th r-.ii i i
Uiat with the exception of proh.l , lnf
a d..7en po.r-oms which do b tsip--. ,.
telephone there is not a carrl lius-h'i-.
in New York open for l.u-ln. -s
The truth of this 'tate-i-ent is ..uehed
for l. the s.h et for the llnfor. anient
I --f the ( rimiii.il Liu. whos. .illl.erv itf
r hre -ia -i ent In proMn Kthe local
! pimbi xik. -otuatii n. announced its cmi-- i
Hon that In-.r Mcl'Iel'aii and Vimml
I -loner Ji. Ion were Ini ere m .1- iir
ll K w u ai; in t i,aml-llnjr rron-
' Th-re i- i: fre---f-it no pro e t d
, fcamblins . ithr in .Manhattan or Iti-nk
ln ald the Ileverenil I'ortia-d Mvis
pie-;ident o the oc'et 'Of tills I im
po'itivelv -ure. for oui agent- hi ir
fulH iim--tlsat.il the -ituatl-.n The
I Muv..r mi.-r be -ircre in this . ru-.!.-J
Ihe l;.erend Po tor r.irkhu--st who
when Colonel .MM'IePan was. eh 1-1
Mavor -aid that. the "lid would be lift.-.! I
..rT h. II on .!auuar 1, and ra I a fund
of Jli-r.) ti tiKht crim his ha-l tift
detectiv.M -klrmL-hlnr; thi-us;h..ut the
i Itv lookinc for Kainblini: h u-e- that
ma u.ie been otrl-j.kd bin thev hine
b.en un-ucccssful
It Is fre.lj admitted h men of all shades
f politics that -New Voik to-daj i- fjeer
of vice than it hn been tor vears
Puildini?- thit have been Iea-nl for pool
room irariiu"-! are vacant. Kamhlinc
houses are cl-i'ed and i.llee cuar-ls .to
stitionxl In front to prevent business be
Inc transact, d. and ,liMr.!erlv houses ar
btinf; conducted clr. um-pectlv
Mr Ju-iph Ilrlttou .hief aceit of the
Socletj for the IJitorce-nent ..f rinilual
Iiw, said io-dav
"Tor the ilr-t time In mi twenn seve-jear-
dctc. tive oxpirlcmc Tinman
Hall is ab-oluttlj -on tile level- In ree-iri
to Kimbllne It happens thit all the ,,f
tlcer- of tlu oiftv are KepubMian- s--jou
see we are not bia. d In its favor
Vppearance- indicated tii.it there would
be no -wide opfn- town, and the Inve-tis.i
tions just ii.-npl.t(d convince us tint
Mavor Meridian i- colnc to enfoice th-
law-s He l.ou.stlv and fearlc-lv mak
inn: a cruside apiii'l rime "
i:n-i iiijc pi:riit.
Wa-hlnct. n. Jan IR The ban !
ishment of a r, ciilar arm .dllcer 1
to Oklahoma ft Is not .-u- h a bud
thins in the opinion of tht people
v ho live th.re. -.Ul - JI Ho-- A
mer a re-id' nt of that town, thi- !
"It miuht surprise r-trn peo-
pie to learn tint our town can cive
the national capital a, point or two 4
nlrnc Iln-s of comfortable livlin;
Take -he treet-cir -.rvlce of the
two places nn-I compare them and
nnv candid per-on would m-ike a
d-d-ion In favor of Oklahoma 'itj
Cmr car, are not onlv better built,
(leaner and hand-omer. but thfv
4 are he-it. d c.inifurtablv vvhlih I
observe Is not the .t m Wahlni;-
"In one other import-int respect.
despite our limited population this
town In the far Southwe-t Is bct-
ter off thai, a reat nnnv 1 truer
titles. Washli'Rton Included. 1 r, f . r
to large attractive and w.ll-man-
aced restaumnff. where hunnry
mortals can aet a dinner well-
cooked and well served at n much
lower prtc. than In the East In
fact. I intend on Koine home to tell
pome of our entervrisinK caterers
that th .seat of our national Gov-
s ernment affords kihi-1 opportunities A
to an entcrprl-liifc- man of that
craft "
!. g
Kilkwnix Vtiiitli.- rromi-c in It,
'hhkI in I'lituri'.
Andrew Kl-kaddon John V T.iu-ur
Kulmrd Dellooj. an,i Heurv Crws, n,..
four tud. tits pell.,l from the Kirkwood
HlKh School I,,st Mondav bv rriin.ll-.il
Kinkald. w. r, rein-tated at a --pecl.il
in-etlnK of t' e Kirkwood School Hoard
Prldav tiiKhl on promi-e- of K,.od be
havior The ouths are membeis of the -enlor
claims and ar. said lo have laus-.l tile
school authoriti. s cm-id. rahle trouble.
i)n of the i bar;;. - aqain-t th, m wa- tn.it
tbej an-wre.l to , ach others n un.-- on
mum i oust incisions wlmi the roil wa
le Ins called Vnoih. r w is that thev win
in tne habit or tlinmlne mud balls In a
piomisiimus ni Hint r.
I'rofe-sor Kinkald "warned the bovs re
Is att-dlv but It I- s,id that thev per-isl-entlj
refu-.il to li. ,d his n amines I..-t
.Mondij the principal lo-t his path nc and
summarilv ep. Il.d them
Tin- student- ire all member of promi
nent tamlli.s Klrl.n I and th. ir . -
pulsion c-pii-ed . -t., I,, that St Imls
""V, ",r" . n '" lr ll,r' " -ir-'l frb-nd- brought
all tin intlu, nee at their command to b. ar
io K.-c mem r n-tat, d. but the orincipal
w-i- lirm and repii..,i that .in ord."r of the
School Hoard would b. nectssan
special meetlii!: of the bo'ird was
called for I- rldav nic it was larfelv
attend. I The bovs Were t presented bv
cuuns.d as two ui them ar, -on- of law
rs After hearinc the .-vldince th. di
rectors .I, rid. d that thev had b. on prop
erly, hut -ufllcientlv dlsclplin.d and. In
view of their promi-es to lie oiemplar
students In the future, ordered them re
instated . 1. Ilnxis i:ii-,-t,.,j
nnrijur spei-iai.
Fajette. Mo. Jan. H The Howard
County Telephone Company, whlcn owns
and operate" the exchanges at Pavette.
GIbsrow-. New- Pranklin am. HlBbee, has
elected the following officers: Pre-ident.
A F Davis: vice president and manager'
11. B. Yeaman: secretary. H. M. Krjan;
tieasurer. H K. Givens; superintendent.
O. H. Turner.
I liiironl.r Mad.
r vv r a- 1 l v.' irt ft ft J
d.t f.1 . .- l! G
I)riiTo ak ni i-h
ml we
ir t1 r-i il.ir
V fo -
l-h vv
I .pi ITi . Ul UU
til Mlltt
nrul -'
lti-,1 rf..ui
-nil,- .
-ir'li t
:? $18.65
::ei . i,
-e r ; III ,r
Ito, U,-rs A i ). ,
k -I 111 Hi- e i-
li i-h k . - r..v
v - '1- x.,1,
llufUt-r a tau jf-il I;
r an- m it woh . ,
I - S I'n
Pietiir.-H 1 j.i ri.tur --
e .rv and -.Th.r sjl i" ts
w . h k.Ii rr .rue oi
a-tit r .j A, met ,1 . t
nr - . z x.-4 Xrtllr
li-"f Site I'ric,
, fpt.r
'rim I
U!3 1 of 9 HI Jdllk I PLW H13
oiulifin I'.n-itlf .Mji Ariiiuui'
Will, Illinois ctui:il I'm-
i 'loiijih S.-rvitc to St.
u li, i il- U oi Ids r.iir opens us catt-s
the oithem l".icific will, have i.rfected
air arrati-meiit for uiovinc its pa-M-ncer-i'ir.
ct from points m Tea and the ,st
wiih-.ut . b tnse of cars or -toiiover it the
N-w crli in- pitewav
N-K-.tiation- between the Southern l'a-
.iti-1 the Ilhnoi- Central are alreudv
tin It w n with thi- arr.ip-; rrn nt in i
N.p nllii ! il .innoiinrint-nt ha- t litn
ni If that th l-ire-I .isr merit m1I b
tlt.tt.i l ut a- tiih yl in1- ir. faori
t th t.I. in u l- -ft to prtlut th.it wl.ri.
t tU-ht for -M'ai Fal- bu-me . -i.
b-in- th- Southern VakiIU x;11 for all
1-iHi tir.U p .'i -" at .m -att l. ruining
tliniich tr.iinw fmni T..v..- t, I ni.m t.i-
tl. II
liioro tne I ur opens n i, f;remii
prof.ilili thit t!i pa- tiK r hetlui of
thi .--: th-rii paiiftc. Ilk. tho- uf oth r
lim - in th ra- e for Fair "u-.n- "Mil
tl''iHi" a i.ininil -hakc-ji Till- will t
ho 'Ion- in on!r to in tun harmon with I
t! fa -i pii"-ngT Mhdlul hirh th
Illlnoi' t-n;ral will -hort! inatiumtt in
tmltipatl".n of th l I-oui pnt
Tho Simthern Pari Mr will prubahK ha
two trains to New Orleans dail tin
nmlnir with the fas-t trains on the 1111- j
nnfs t'entnl tn of th-e tnlns will !
.irr thmuch 'qulpment, whhh will coin- j
pri-t tltf ere iter part of th Illin-u iVn-
tril train out f N" w trlan- for t
I.i ul Pin ni nt the prent time ar.
unU In th mlro. but it is afe to
lb it the U.irld- Fair .-peiiil. whi-h w II
run daiiv from T.is to t ' i.u -. win
xeniVno'- an.T .ppldntm. mT"""1" ' ""'
Tne outh. rn !u lib in its effot
pi, pare for a heaw Worlds Fur bn
lii i- no x-eption to the qen. rai rule
Tile m. ritiit; d. partmenls ot In -s
throughout the foitntrv ar. now Ti-i
.riraced arranplnc ta.-t -oh.dule- vvh1. h
th. v exit, i-t will brim; bu-in. - to th ir
im. s I-1 .-user otllcial- bav- a!--. ,-!
bi;un a vii.'imu- c-atupa.mi 'ookinc, tow
ard h.avv World-, Pair Innnet-
T.xas In- - .sp.vinllv in i, w .f th
Mt.ril pro-jwritv pr.-vailinc tliroiichcut
the Mat. are prc-parinc tor th. Worlds
Piir T. v l- lines hivinc direct e-'iin. i
t'-.n viilh lb- World-- I'air . itv with, it
xtepiion hive announc. .1 that ft-t
i-lH-luI, s will qo into . ffect shortlv b.
f re the ni in'ni; if the K.ur Nola'-I
anion!; the-e lino i- the lntern.tinn.il md
ilr.at Northern The Intern iti-nnl md
Ureal Ni tth. rn
tlliei-tiotl VI 1111 ,11.
other il-n Id line- m th
Southwest has,
f-ir sum. tlm. maintainei
1 i -. hedule of
tw.ntv-. irht hour- i-t w.-en n-.ui..n md
; Iuil- When th. time f..r the p.iir
mils .ii.unii thi- fast -vh-iiui. win I...
d -carded for one that will I
pre . nt time bv at I-a-t th-.e h.-ur-
mat neotlatlon- are run pen-Iinir 1
tne.ii the Hoiisf n and Texas c, -,tr..I m
th. ICoek I-itnil-K-l-r o line for .he ina 1
guration of i f.tt schedule
iitiiiiis-u pi- i:poh-i .
111 lllt-rcn-i- of I,-,, -Ihan Three IVr
1 onl.
The value of breadstuff export- from
the 1 nited Stat.s in io, was lftiSS) t)'s
an increate over the value of -uch
rort- in K'lJ of S.-..VUin.l. or Ps than 3
Iif r 1 ent The export at the South, r.
port- for the two veur- compared w.t.
tbo-e from ah other ports were 1- fol
ix rt
rvcwtrt N'ews
New Orleans
if 1):
13.1.'t 9
t.jn ;tj
1.21 i.mi
ii..j.i -i.is
AHaiorts . "'. ilSIkiS7 S.:.'
These rimires show that the total In-J
crease for the country was due to the 111- '
in.- meiucement of th, k.iix ha- -.. Severe, IOr It SCCIUS tO ailect omn up btkoho aynen, smns mo
amnini.d a fast M Iouls schedule In 1 1 1 .. strength and enerev. Itisa sood rnedi-
i.-i t. nip! ition for the Pair riiV .TrT-m every bone and muscle in tne cine, without a doubt, and I tako pleas-
shednl,- w.li le- miteriillv rein, ,d bodv. The blood is the medium '0in endorsing it.
It .i!s leirn,. fn.m a,. o,f , ,1 ,..... "". im-umuuis un. incuiuiii r.f.d Noli. S. a. TinTTntrTrtiw
2n S& Slf1
Tins beaut ,u II"J shaioi Hassir..,
en--! :! choi st . vi v-Irets - re
heis;!it S in. h, re ar price il 00
1'ricc 23c.
M -
'.tt-I i t-,i j ,
r i in tl r t i 1A
-'i-'-" 19c
in ti f
( III till l.e
A .-l e
.Toil r! IIiii'U M ,ie r oak ht- r i
n r i r .rr
Terms to Suit Purchaser
c-ejsr i n s. uthem ports which m 15-B
I r l rn rr tliao 4-1 pee cent of the to
iai bre ,-l-t .ft- I he v ilue of theM exports
at S .'' r. p rt- ini re -LJ from J-B.T51 ??;
t- J'iSll -ual l. JH s-,417 or ; p..r
.ti vv'i). tbei- wa- a -iecrea-e at .ill
-th.r port- from HZ J? JU to 5111 ''1.;:.
.qua! t-- -- 717 "7ii
UOItl.l)'"- -llf r 11KIHIT.
Itllep I ftiiti.iiiinc I'htttocraitll
sliti.vln t'rolttiiiiititin in rla.
The- N w York Central has iued a
folder whi-h contains an Interesting re-pnslui-fo'i
of i photograph from Collier's
-Masizme The phote.raph Is of Vice
Consul Mastl ,n v. ho was shot at by a
fanatic in the -tret- of Heirut. Svria.
Ii-t A-tBU-t. whi h incident cause-l the
I'nit. -1 ttate- to -.ml a fiet to call on the
ultjn of Turke with a few strenuous re-mail-
Mr Mace! en Is shown in his office at
Ihirut. on tl wall back of him. cletrlv
ai ! dl tmetlr r. troduced in the photo"-
PMTlh ! tll. t Pi. 1..- ,... i. t.i t, nt.l
I r-,ir and und. r it i- a half heet card'an-
n-umimr th. pl.- 'nj; in s.rvi.-e of the
Ni-v ork (n:ral- Tw.ntieth Centurv
I'otiiii! IliiniiTvn son In Jail.
V!.. n i Will ,ms ot St Jo-enh
v pnr tn tll . rt..tM ,.t..i,.
, "K 'l ""'
-i rniM r ,o .-fK nirorm.l'ion of Iils son
. H.irr nlm r.n .. f .-.
who nil aw ,v from home last
1 ,
It is natural to rub the spot
pains are shooting' through the joints and muscles and they are
inflamed and sore, the sufferer is apt to turn to liniments and plasters
ior renei ; anu wniie suca ireaiment mayquiei tne pain temporarxlv,
no amount of rubbing' or blistering can cure Rneumatism, because "it
is not a skin disease, but is in the blood and all through the svstem,
and every time you are exposed to the same conditions that caused
the first attack, you are going to have another, and Rheumatism
will last just as long as the poison is in the blood, no matter vrhat
you apply externally. Too much acid in the blood is one cause of
Rheumatism ; stomach troubles, bad digestion, weak kidneys and
torpia liver are other causes
TC-P..V1, Vtr.no- or. Iklc r,o;e,fl .l.V.
& . i. , V ' j V
case, ucciuac mc uiuuu ucijuuics
tainted with the Doi'SOHOUS mat-
. , - , , l r ', .
s . u..... si.ws. utt:u,.j 1.01 ,
c-tppT- .xt of tl.n c-clitm r-.-
j ""s s. -.,1. ojoicm. cti-
tain secret diseases will produce
tj, .- i r 11 r
Rheumatism, and of all forms
this is the most stubborn and
by which the poisons and acids
are carried through the system, and it doesn't matter what kind of
I Rheumatism you have, it must be treated through the blood, or you
can never get permanently rid of it. As a cure for rheumatic trou
bles S. S. S. has never been equalled. It doesn't inflame the stomach
and ruin the digestion like Potash, Alkalies and other strong drugs.
joints and the sore and tender muscles are immediately relieved.
Our special book on Rheumatism will be mailed free to those
desiring - it. Our ohvsicians will cheerfullv answer all letters askinc-
for special information or advice, for which no charge is made.
rr TBfrM-flr WW fmmnmmg igtza
I prlKlit I'oliliii it .1
tsj.lt p
l-.'f Sa I . L
" !)
Mdeltfi.tril sj ,
K 1-1' -ie I
' al V ' V ,' .
Kir. -ale - .
i i. f3
t ftliclie
cr i
! l
r ? n &
T1J I f . (. U ."J Jj i. f.1
1 ci. "I'rl-e ISUtJI ffl
oileUes A ' "d. T I ufi
-1 .- i- ir i i; .
Sa el- v.Eti
sp - nal
Irlll lte.l-
I - S O
!fdiIn- I ahlnd
I- r. S
::iik si . a
K z -i- -ire
- rr. - 7
ImiimI Itru-si!- l!us
lar r i-e TJf
"-" r 1 Pr f
$12.50 1
Inj;rniii nrpt
A cool Irurraln i'arpt
r?i;ular pneo fe- Tire
I"rueI- itrpf t
A ko! LtrueN Oirpt
4..o alut- FI'a ?"ale
week, he Ie.irre,l thit the rov wa-s un
der arrest on a charce of obtaining morry
under false pretenses The boy was tak
en Into custody on complaint of th po
lice of st Joseph, where, it is chareed,
he secured a small sum of monev hll-.
Mr Willi ims was in Chief Des-nond's of
lice Captuin McN.im.ira of St Jo-cphnr-riv-oi
to take the vouth b ick to that city.
I athcr and son departed last nisht.
'W Illinois Corporations.
r.EPt-IJMi S-pbcIAI
-.irirstielJ 111 . Jan IK -Certlfieates o' ri
corporation -were lued to-.Ia b sVe-c:ary ef
t-tate It. e as follows.
The .;!-!-. thlrt and Ove-all Co-ipanr. Aht-r-ilun
capital. Jlift-j-o. rratiufactunn sh , s
tant- and overalls. Incorporator- Jarces v
C. samuel T 1! .r ar.d Kate K M !-T
The an.e-f-ltzeibN ns Kumtture .'ompir ,
Jill-t catital f.-i. manufacturing fur-tta
Ireerp,irator-o I. Varce. A E Vam- ai i
John v 1-ltzKtbbon-s
The !Sr-mfiel i Telephone C-mpanv. llrh-ilii;
cat-ital st,s-k mcreaj,ri from So.,v to II- .'
Th H-ne Slutual Telephore C.mpanv ier-rar-l.
ca;ital stock lnerea--ed frenv Jl. .) -
J-t ih.l
The Bat t Louts Trarfer and tt.iraci
C.imtinv. rit St IrtUi-. dl-sjlve-l.
The it ji Za.i-M-k Oimpaiii W-r i . :
rai I 3l tusk. J-.c'.J, capital -tiKk in I 1 -.
Si -V
Ai.rEP-X KKO-":
Ua-.ncton M Jtn ! !Nrt Ki . 1
aI. '- Imr tn-ia at the ac f
anw & unarms I iciw H h-i" hn a r
rT " ini cit i r mtv -ir Ar I n
-eVvlce, will Le'-nducted .nJaJ
tA?T. f .?tmAS'V . " ." Fun-
that hurts, and vrhen rheumatic
-"" aitttf AX HIOIiT.
SIdnsy, Ohio, August 26. 1903.
A few months aco I wu feehnir xveair
nd rundown and unablo to sot sleep at.
ntght. I felt extremely bad. and also had
..v............ u.u. .m j j-..c l-uu uills
cie3- im douhii i 'ni n OUT
temporary renei at oest;
: soseeinzS.S s.
hiihlv recommended for such trou
bles. I began 1:0 use, and after taiinsr it
for some tima was well pleased with the
result. It did awav with thn rha:iTTtnttt.
pains, gavo me refreshing; sleep and
uut tones up ine general Health, gentle
stimulatesthe sluggish organs, and a't
the same time antidotes and filters out
of the blood all poisonous acids and
effete matter of every kind : and when
S. S. S. has restored the blood to its
natural condition, the nainful. feverish
t - - t

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