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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 04, 1904, Image 11

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I I 'MMUJU I---J'"'"'"I'
I S . Pi
AT1CY11 TTI-nt t-ll.--. xpIaa mM e-. f.nii.u-
noia Roods, furnltuie and fathers; any quan
tity; send postal Jo limslncer. 113 N Twelfth.
, AT once, oak bedroom set. carpet. wardruU,
Kitchen Bafe. stove 413 Olive.
FEATHER beds, pillows, raj ie to J2 3
Pound postal T J Ryan. Wst Iui Mallei
JXATIIKJIS At.ulclv lull value, honest
JL'wlit postal cird Globe rillow Co.. 3S39
Mnrey ave
OOOD swrn.'h.iiHl furniture fn- tntr TAimi'
must be cheap .T.34 rage
A THOUSAND money-making secrets sent to
vour addies foi 2jc. stamps: worth 12 M nd
"'"" . .... ..rt jijiiyct. gn. lomg.
A GERM-PROOF Rtune tiltr vtZ .. . .
drinking water for famllv. J7.D0 hjd''ant niter
ll: gives so gallons 703 Pine no-a niter.
ADAMS, stationer. 311 N. Slith. sells more
Waterman rountaln Tens than any house In St.
1iuiOI S to $15: mall orders Idled
ALL Kindt of tin. cci per and st-eet-lron work
l!"o,."-lUTaSrhent1St.Urn!":" " Condor!
V ANTED We ciy hlKoest cci-h prices 'or
nousohotd furniture piaos. tc.k f gcod-;
fc.so ruy cntlr- content, of fiais or rrslaenccs.
I1 or tend postal. Iv-oncrl Auction Co.. Ul!
o.lv st.
J. Ifi cut In price cf cook stoves ail heater.
ran'e. wood umi?. coal-oil neaters. sat
rangs nix Oistnp
"OIIHIX .Tin.N wa'hslnnd with mirror. SI
one dk table. J3. Tiideminn. HIS Nrth
"ONTE.ST- .f four furnished rooms, will
sell cheap 911 N JeflcrMiii
'XN TENTS' of four-roo-n fit. chevp, and
nea rent; central Apply afflV Morgan
I1AHGA1NS In rlithirg. overcoats, lample
shoe, hat st 50c on the $1: special price for
crtmtM merchant. H Cordon S06 Morgan st.
il X ur paints, gliss. v.itM"he etc, ;ie-n
Cieat Western Paint and Color Co 81 Man-cl.-fter.
rea. Esstcn 1311 Park aves : prores.
CSH register,
1140 come quick
S'-5; aery little used
HlQ'lgetl 20N Olive.
AT Bargain Ten-room roomlng-hcbfe: pood
location; -a ant to leave city 1S...4 Morgan.
A FIRST-CLASS bakery in Bouthtrn part of
city; will Bell n easy terms to good, reliable
party. Apply lVcker-shneie! Bakery Supply
Co.. 1131 a Broadway.
BAKERY and groctry iture; sood Lu-inesa;
rent S15; leaving city. 4127 Natural Urldge road.
llAKUItY; koixI fiouthem factory location, &
roini-. cheap rent: est. jears, cood otn and
shop; $75 handles, snap. Glascock. WZ Cheat-nut.
1;aK1:uV: West End, choice neiRhborhootl;
dally business J2o; rent only $15; ltu1. extra
large oen. want offer. Alurgan-lUnlnger. 9J3
BAH ItUIt shop, first-class, thiee chairs,
location, no aKtif. DL) 221. Republic.
C1I irslstert lioucht sold nnd exchanCtl.
Janus Bnff llg N. Mnth 'L Klnloch A SS3.
lnrk Co
i sample trunks, all In flrai-cldii
516 Uashinston. ilerkert a. Uisel
COM i:.-st famlls, 13c bushel, delnered.
i jrKrn Otal . SIS S Kouneeith. C IS!
COItD iool. nah. 4 ffft Icng ard p'lt; Jj
t..rd. llliered In lots of one cord or more H.
r Hcrian. StO Holland building. Kin A CS2.
HOUbi:iIOID rooie; complete. f-rjthl-g in.
j" ci'nniiion; iccuiii; cit . in maim. ajii.
WUlCK Mi:M. range, cheap; ilr6t-clocs con
dition, nzu, lme
OXB eightnom l'our, nttly furnished, lot
and told water, all com enience. 1 X Cardinal
TirfW for tal- four 912, eight
othrr arppt9 40&) Itston
SniTlX(v our Trrtnts free pi h-nttr and
cook ttoe from 75c xo J1 irn in-ds cempku
TIusQ. mtin N sold. 2CO mtiklln ne
L.MJEUKBMUD Tumlture "irpets. Stoe
ftc. Ceroid Moving and storac Co , 133 N
ThlrV: st . East St I,cui III . phone Kast IU
Are You Going Housekeeping?
If po ou will p-obiM nee.1 wnif new
furniiurc carIt', roc f anything for
"i iiclteeplng gn-tt Inrjri'ns are row
nnpr-il at langnn . Taylor !) i 11
Co, li2Z Washington ae
nni'UH pUli md tablets, cheap, suitable for
dArtcr, illepen-Jn t-iiyslclin or hospital. Call
Ur McClnnl- Twelfth ard Gpr
1UV Xlndlinc woni ?t per load; send postal
or call 4111 ira-ton 1
Oii.A.P neductlons JC pnnft. S3 sn, fruits to
ortier work guaranteod lymdon Tailoring, 931
N Broadway
HOrB mnnlw Tk door bU,. 41c, washing
michlre. $1 kr for any old lock Standard
Tool Co . Jn N. Sixth H
IlHK COI Co -.pecinl coimI of Mt OIKo,
! ?tnd ;.etil Kin C -13T. 4Vt V Bichtivnth
MK.VS 0ulllan rubber In el put on while
ou wilt Zc American i--hoe Bt pairing Co,
rr5 Market t Orwn enlnc-
NT.V, rhiilrpnn Mhrr Coln B-autIirl for
cruamental rocltiF and outntri, pent u rej-Iste--ed
mall In exchange for American, or a
cempVte t for JJ. lxJla McCutchon. P. O
Bex CftJ Manila. I I
BAUBBU altop. four-chair combination: at
once, ttnual lcatidt; lease. Uh So. Itepubllc
BABBBIt WAXUEU-Ootd barber; steady
Jot Thirteenth and St. c.alr ae.. Kat SL
BABI.I-H shop: i.rnt-clasi httur": good as
ne. ptHXi bus iitht; urst-class location Apj ly
13 Mate t-t . Bast M. Iuis. Ill
AUBBBT. 7S3 Two rooms, furnished or part
v furnished. Delmar. CUe and Suburban cars.
BABTMBR. e2 One large, warm room; sult
able for two or four gentlemen; -very reasonable.
BAAB1, lr04 One Eecond-Btory front room;
gas. heat; suitable for two gentlemen.
BCBS. I3c and 2Cc; rooms, 25c, 35c, 60c and Jl
per i Ight. 417 Morgan.
BEIU. 304&-Nicely furnished room for two
adults, afro slnglw room: gentlemen only : rtas.
BEIjI 341GA Single rocms; also large second
story front, modern conveniences; private family.
1IBLU J332-S team-heated. well furnished
room, every convenience; gentlemen only;
terms reasonable.
HIUDKE. IM7 Furnished front room;
floor: chtap
IlROADWAT, S229 S Nicely furnished room;
private famliy. modern cr-nvenlences.
UltOAinVAT. 105 N. At the Rest; rooms S6o
to l pr da." welxlr rat-i .orn-spond
BAltGAIN i-mall muic ana ph nc-graph
store, must sell thrap tn account Icivinij city,
lent lb Lall for Bailing. 1G.5 S JefTeison.
I'OAUBINU and rooming nous: 11 rooms,
completely fumihed. full good paying braid
ers; monev-maker. theap l)U 1 Uepubl c
110AHI1MS-IOI hi;. WaM.mgun ave., nenr
Compton . 1Z iK gantly f urnilu d rmms , SD00
down, small baUiite. Bloomer-Bowery W14
BOABDIMl llOl'B. Zmt cah. balance from
profits. frUttcn well-furnlhed rooms, tilled with
good-paying people; uig income, ltiii to-uaj ui
SHU I 'ark nve
BOABDlNLl HOI SB on West Belle nar
Sirah. eight flt-gantly furnished rooms; prke
JSiV) cah or tlmo payments Inquire lll N
Eighteenth t.
BBTCHBU hop: every thlrg complete, g id
trade; bargain. C. U Carson. 4C5 Chemical
i'ANDV and notlois. $12". i art time. $ rent.
dna'i ml"' till 4I2 Billot t: JftVr n c.r
1001. tallies.
hiivl upplle
liar fixtures; nv. and eeod
A T "Moor?. 1112 (i.i ae
SeriDR Mucht2ica.
I-AHV will sacris-v hicli-arn.
Singer, with all attachment" J? :
In!.- .ty!c
3 l'lne st
At n great bargain
Mncea at
UMIAK i TAYI-nit 5 ft M CO
1S33 W asalisiDti avc
AVan ted.
HORSES and vehicle to rell en commls-on
or pay cash for them. O. I Sams Ca, ITU
!IIG Bi'maife
STOVE repairs for anv old stove "TOH
SHAW m N Twelfth st Klnloch C37
TWO tirpi combinition handllers suitable
f"r dinlPg-room cr . afe OCi 1'alimmmt at
W M. tent ltlG;
-1X"A cu"- ave
;oud as new, sell cheap
Ti h 1 pirn liasimr iour household K
gtod. fiorn ui you c. "ave 20 per cen H
i. ... i rvuB S- A M CO
ri J S3 Of Iiington ave C
ABSOUTKLY cfceapt place in city f.ir all
kii.di of musical tTtnin.-!it. sheet, bard and
oirlestra miitic Hunleth's I .midway.
BAHOAIX talking machine, jl pr wtek;
Iovst priot". i instrument taki n in ex
1 1 snpe Biner Muc Mure. I73J trao!s .
For Pale-.
ALWVTS en nJ. raX drlvirg. g0nora..
p irpoc hori5, new agor- buggies a-ia har
n- ou trv I or"? b-for buvlnc cah r b
piym-"it- B Ij. II ii-sr. 1115 N Broadrray
BVIIOAIN- BuMje-Mri trap ard Mnr
I'M a nfw Tl" ra!ede
IIU5 MX extra g xt hor- for delivery
vagon nr drive- 4 1713 Moigan
n-1 and cu-(
rm T gey. nwly paln'ed, niv
- $.' 'Iu-T' tcrc. ;i I'm
U1('TU.- hr -t! r for ''eai woik
ii fiIlv iv. o. ion. nd h m 1M4 Morfpn.
U52.lTlr T J. drlviri: ntj 1 ndiic
iild-bi0o.e. d low wh 'l runab'
npfs to trati h at Rat tut Iil
BIO jun
! 'ten at 7
iv . gentle,
an I h i--Ueptiblic
all j tirpof" h re
N I hrrt":.i
Ul'i l o:. ) v-i..-t u
ok hi r1 iif sain. 4
In n
5 raan
s o 5- ar-
BtTOX elide tronLo.i1 $r. 3"h). duplex
icre li-uni. Sis Ion model m1v trombon-.
1S write for larKain. J Blacht .1 Nm. llJ
.- BrcaJwav-
i'iviv .rtiir.wtiitu nn. fl"nr rtiix' reir
two large "schoo'b . two living-riHj.ii- St)S Xorth
CIOAi: store
liundrv hirnch
gOwd buelnC-S,
6 X Xinth -t
line fixture-:
C1GABX tobacco coift-ctir.nery "far Union
Station, cheap Call quick. 14-0 Mark-1 st
CBS A Kb. tobacco, can-'y, tation-ny and no
tion, in good loiaiion. two living loom, nlceiv
furnished, with mt ply of wood and coal, rent
low, t-plendld tpt-nlnb ror tne World' t I air
TC 1. Republic
BROADWAY. CIS N. Furnl-med room- 80c,
25ctl 2S pr week; hot water and baths free.
BROADWAY. 14 S Finely furnished rooms:
rnlf blok from Southern Hotel, jl 55 to Ji
weekly AppK Mrs Walker or Hall
CARR 1721 Xe'itlv furnished frtnt room.
complete ft r h jusekCpirg; all com en.enccfl.
terms rei-onable,
t Ay. 1S Xlcely furnished front rooms for
1'ght hl!JM keeping.
LOCUST. re13 Elegant secend-floor front; ev
ery convenience; also other rooms; private fam
ily; gentlemen.
MAPLE, 5011-For World's Fair people, best
of warm rooms; board opposite side street.
MA FLU COSS (Comer Hodlamont) -Choice fur
nished rooms, hot and cold water; SI to J-J.59
McI'HER-ON, 4137 B.'-gant'y furnished
rooms, single or en suite; all modern conveni
ences: reasonable.
MICHIGAN. 6112 Large front room. In small
famliy, well furnigped. ' ery reasonable.
MORGAN, 163S Nlcel.- furnished rooms for
light houekeep!ng; no children
MORGAX. 1633 Nicely furnished rooms;
naee heat, gas all modern convnlencea
MORGAX. 3214 Telephore, gaa range; large
room furnlhfd for houspkeeping; st per week.
MORGAX. ZSUTno lat, connecting parlors.
first floor, furn'shed for hcusi keeping; hot Lath
MORGAX. 027 Newly fumlhed rooms; pnc3
reasonable, Olive, Delmar, Suburban can one
MORGAX 340 Front room en eeonl floor,
nicely furnished; private roomlnjr-house; gentlemen
MORGAN, rj Two large, cotn-ctirg rooms,
vcond floor; southern exposure, furnace teat,
hot l-ath.
CA-S. iTjyt Nicely furnished room for rent,
Applv in cisar store.
Css. :i21 Large front room, southern ex
posure gas, bath, private family.
CAS-, Jflu4 Neatly furnlhed irom; gentlemen
or light h&uekeeplng. hot and cold bath.
''AS I'K-i Front mom. furnished for couple;
nlo room frt" light housekeeping; bath and ga
CASS. 2813 Furnished ront rorm. first oi
second flor: housekeeping or gentlemen; mod
rn house
CSS. 2135 V Beautifully furnished front
room, vvlth plaro. family of two; gentlemen
only. hean.
CHANVING 7i X (Corner Lucas and Chin
rlng NiceV furni.hfd rooms; all convenience".
i HESTXUT. 1411-Deslrable furnished roons.
rentiemtn only reading rim; SI to M 50 week
rooms; bath, gn- of dee
Bnrcellentiv fumlshl
steam heat $2 week un
La k rooms
1204 Nicely fun.Ished front and
COM"BCIIONER SITi. ternw: Hvln-tooms,
yi", r-nt. -ee thl" nonw iettrr 423" Baston
CONFBCTIONEU, IjuiuBv b.anch, rlgir-.
two Iivingro..ms. at n saerillce. aciount sick
ness, cheap rent, established trade. 31314 Bar
ton ave.
CONFECTIONERY cigar school supplies.
stationery, only SI2 r. nt. $10j cash; balame
(JIM) easy monthly. ery desirable pltt"e Ola3
onck. P02 Chestnut .
CORNER grocery; go d saloon attached; well
established bv.inei: a bargain. 1&5& Cherokee.
BXFRESS coal. laundry ofllce. t.vo horses
and wagon, "with trade cheap 213 N Twenty-econd.
FIVIMtOOM fuinlMietl Hat; thiee rooms rent
ed; cheap. 21 14" A Morgan
FUBL5 V $K mindoiin to ea- h new cho'ax.
Ft-if iJ-bell I3i)2 X. ("raid coiner lMge
HE VK the Vj'il rjf a Krokauer Mns". tJ
h"ar it is to Imv it Soli only b Dan G ljn
k r 1'ir.no i"o l'ourtv-nth and Xorth Market
IOHX ITLD sell- S"hmer Xcv.br i Evans
ai" thr rtliab'e i !ano at Odeen, Utewis-at
11 hoil- -i e , phen Tyler 7.71 and I 1413
M MT.Mru'lZNT mahogany pi inn, liistern
mak line tone latent Improvements; r,Uo eth
r fnrmtu-e at great cacrllue 3"-oi rv.Pivlin me
I'ARTY riitiK t-iiuih will "acillue htr upright
Piano for (a-h 2b) S. JeTr'Oii
I'l VNO tune,i. n a), nr-st-cli piano tur.r
end i palrer 2J v-ar experience 11. Kautz.
l.i S Brojdvvn s"tid p.,stal
11-1 li Tamil) need mnnev fJ.5, upr.ght
niai.o f r JUS Manufacturers guarantee. 121S
TeflVr- n
OOtI job printing office in center of city.
Jorn C. Kcnney, room 55 Koken building. U
Locut "st
FOR Sale cr Rent Grocery ard nloon: good
comer in North St. Luis. Gasi Blew Ins Co,
01 N 4llll t
FOR il- or Tride one of tbe tine-t livery
and undertaking buimses fverything In good
condition, tlearii u about ttiH' to $!M a year.
-r7 S. Jcfferscn ave
GROt Kit. S4- nrt ran n lendid down
town l.ecati-.n and b'i-lm s j-2 - Broidw-iv
ciiot TEAl" " Frort room for housekeep
ng, aW sid ro-im very reus enable.
CHOtTEAl" 1221 XIcIy furnlthed rooms for
gentUmen. kif. bith. German private famliy
i IJOCTBAU. lOifcMcety tumlshed nwrns for
light 1 oueke-ping: front or conm-etlug; Jit
and $3 5)
CHOlTTJ:l PJ12 I'drnis for Itcht house
keeping furnished. $1 5 up; unfurnished. Jl
up. connecting rooms.
'I.KK 2220 Furnished room for light
bouekcepir; $1 SO and up: also ball room.
-OMI"JON. 1115 N Four large furnished
room., piano and ranges reasonable.
COMl'TUN. 915i N. Nicely furi.hfd room
for light hom-ekeeplng- all conveniences for
MORGAN. 27JS Front connecting rooms;
tlemen or housekeeping, all conveniences,
MORGAN 2S15 rurnlhed for housekeeping,
two second-floor front rooms, email family: all
MULLAXBHY 2362 Neatlv furnished rooms;
private family, one block of car.
NORTH MARKirr. 41-One furnished front
room, for light housekeeping;.
OLIVB. 2817
Hall room. $10 a week.
OLIVE 2S19 Nicely furnished room, second
floor, for housekeeping.
OLIVB, 2f2C lurnl'hed front rooms, reason
able price; gas and bath
OLIE. 3111 Wfll-furnished Becond-flocr
firrt room: all conveniences
OLIVB. 2655 Nicely furnished hall room; also
frrnt room for light housekeeping.
OLlB. 4-H Nicelv furnished front
southern exjiosure; modern conven!enes
OLIVE 3S19A Front parlor; elegantly fur
n ehed: gas grate, hot bith; reasonable.
OLU E, 3117 Well-furnished rooms; direct
ear lines to Worlds Fair, all conveniences.
OLIVE 293'J fe-ccnd-flcor front, four south
ern windows; two rooniw on third floor; bath.
OLIVE. 232 Second-floor parlors and two or
threo adjoining rooms, suttame ror nouseKeep-ins-
COOK, 4WS Large south room: two gentle
nien; first-class table; home cooking; conienl-eiicrg-
COTTAGE. 4 C33 Southern exposure;
beat, home cooking. $5 a week.
UELMAIt. 3S5S ecomi-wory front room, well
heated, with board
COTTAGE. 473S-Rooms and good board, all
com,fn.ences; bot baths: oars close; reasonable.
OOTK BBILLIAXTU 5317 Nicely furnished
rooms modern: good board; SI 50 to $5; cars
COOK. 3917 Xlcely furn -hed second-'tory
ro-m for two. with board, hot bath; all modern
DELMAR. 3S37 pleasant ult- or single room,
home comforts: Southern cooking; gtnttemen.
DELMAR. 3S17 Second -tory front room".
(In-tle or en suite; excellent board; furnace
DELMAR. 4-V,fi Newly furnished room: also
single room: board if desired: furnace heat;
DELMAR. 4421 Third-floor sing.e or double
rooms. r-e-.t of board, gentlemen employed; rea-Borahle.
DELMVR Boulevard. 4101 Nicelv furnished
mom with board, fcr two gentlemen or couple;
Jew.h famllv
DBLMAjt. "07S Egant frort rooms with r
without bonrd. all cunvenlerces, well heated;
ceupl- rr itentlemen.
DBIJIIAR. 3S54-Newly fnrnlhed. neat and
comm-Jdlous rwm. with meals; all conven
lerces. reasonab'e ratfs
DEL?lR Boulevard. 5lI-5-Lirht. wei-hat-ed
rooms; table up to market, all modern con
veniences; 13 minutes w-ilk of World's Fair
grounds, pleasant home fcr young couple.
DICKSON, 24?-Nlce!y furnished room", with
or without board
DICKSON. 2702 Nlccy furnished room;
conveniences; good beard: low terms.
KICK SON, 27fS X'cely furrithed room, prl
ate family, board If de-dred, bith: reasonab'e.
DICKSOX. 2i5 Well-furnlshe-l second-floor
room . good board , modern com enlences , 4
PIXE. 3122 Newly furnished rooms, wita
flrst-clags Iteoard: S3 week; ga. bath.
FINE. 22H Neatlv furnished second-story
rorm; prlvil'se of hght houe keep ins.
FINE. "S14 Xcnt'v furnlsoed rir ns; suitable
for two; board if desired: reasonable.
I'lNEL C55S (Corner Grande-Neatly furnlshel
front and other rocms; excellent board.
PINE. 3533 Furnished room" with coal
board: gas and bath: gentlemen preferred.
PINE, 353 Elegantly furnished rocrr: sin
gle or en suite: private: steam Vat; board.
SBVDNT17BNTII. 12 S. Nicely furnished
room, with or without loarcfw
ST. CHARLES. 22-I Room, board and fire. St
i week each. fifFt Jlorr
ST. LOUIS 25t- VLrn shed room;
without board; for gentlemen.
VERNON. 5370 Warm, homelike rooms with
ben of board, convenient for Fair people.
VERNON. S423 Second-story front room:
warm and pleasant, with board, for reund
EVDS. 2S21 Elegant room, board: private, for
couple or gentlemen; teasonable; four car
BA D3 3I5 Neatly f urnlhed room ; board :
private family, best conveniences, one. two or
ESTOX. 4,.20 Nicelv furnished rooms;
conveniences; board If dlred reisomble.
EUGENIA. 2310 First-c",-. div board;
rlentv fruit and enetibl"s. $3.r) per wek
EVANS 4S Splendid furnished front room:
modern and reasonable board If desired.
OLIVE. 2833 I-irge front parlor bedroom, sec
ond floor front: excellent furnace heat; reason
OLIVE, 2825 Very nice. Irrge. comfortable
second-floor room; reasonable to gentlemen;
private home.
PAGE. 3657 Neatly furnished rooms; all con
veniences, reasonable. .
COMITON. 113 N. Two furnished connect
ing rooms, or rent single; all conveniences; for
COOK, Z1 Nicely furnished rooms; bath and
furnace, heat; ery reasonable
COOK. 4611 Two cholev furnished rooms; hot
bitti gns furniir-. Delmar Page Taylor car
IEIIAR Bnilevard. IVH9A Choice furnl-hed
rooms for gentlemen; Olive and Delmar cars.
DELMAR 2S--Desirable second-story front;
all im-dem converlences; rpfrences exchinred.
DEIilAR 514-Warm.
conveniences; 15 mlnu'es
homelike rooms; all
walk to Fair; ery
GROCERY. fre-.h 5tt,ct ensh trade; central
loeatlrn. iea"ou. death f husband: aacnflce.
DD 12. R public
GROCERY will loeattd dally buslnes $25;
rent $2$; 4 llvlng-roons; $"00 or lnvo'ce caue
of al ilenth ef husband; a bargain Morgan
Itepinger 'S Chestnut
GROCERY and meii mnrket. West Fnd: ele
gant place, diily buslneBs S125. rent S5, 3 liv-ing-roonjF;
lease; ell at Invoice, atwut $3 "iO-J,
exceptional opening for saloon in connection;
est. V vears Morcan-Reninger. -Wl Chestnut
I FRIGHT tlano. must be cheap for cash;
I it price rd i-ike TD 7s. Republic
U ILL f dl mv aimost new uprlJn p ano. prr
fei r ' opdiiluii New York mal e, mtctt im
prVTit nt. 4ST2A D'lmar.
-" buys fin- piano with sto. anj
ScbuberT .C ai oxter 22 Traaklln tve.
HIG team o. eorrs. n smell
pleknrs, 1 iti.irtlty. " amstfi,
, ehran;
OKLiVBRi 1: -s"
Heir ir;i ,inl n
J3T.: mile", sti Jeaving city.
GCMU) work it ise S
rf'tt'r-'jpt nfvi I'fli.m
.etna I un Works,
Sj 1 uvs fine ujiright piano, full !ze;
Syj gtoot nrd pcarf 1414 N Sixteenth
S'5i buvs fire upright piano mahogany finish.
K'erkfmp Brrg. PHno Co. 307 Turk ae.
Jl. liu nice pHno. with stool. Schubert &
M islet. 2CT2 Franklin ave.
IIVRNES 1 )! sets of all Urds frcm S5 ."")
up. Jcb lot rl lins f td He a so secrndnand
haines. A Tuckett. .24 N B-cadway
HORSE. Sl'i, w lgcn.
TW Cli-ir-li--
lion:.: line, vong jterfectH clty-bruk-.
wor any v.av. Latcaln Lall r. oir.I.ig, -tJ-3
I ralrle.
HORSES wagers, lrnc" Puggn-" -.iiK
w axons etc : we'll si t0 j0u ror cr-h cr on
time: don't fail to -'u-? bicie buvlr.s Piana
aid Credit Co. COJ Purlmmnn build ng. 8lv nive
st hons I; 294. Bell Main 5
OXB dirt wttgon and b line- thr prlt g ex
Irevj -TORon, will st-il s-parat' Rear 1-J3 Wahh.
RETIRED mow I u!aes: .nut sell; s t
horse. -n large maie, "Fncle Tim's e'abln
company 45.13 Easton. bloe-c Wf'.t f Ta li r.
RFBBER TIRED station wag.m. ti'ish mare
and harness. eli separate -ti IInu-il
Rl BBEdt TIRE cat-uider uney, ?rd a
new. SHO s'oim buggy, 565. j9t8 Olive
SACRIFin-Nevi rttbber-tlnd sturty.
S275; will sell for $150. DD 156, Republic.
HAIDLE and laraess pony ustd by my boy
chetip Phone 2103 V
SELLING out. PhDMilx Tnn-fer 40 head
norees. mares and mu'w l X Broadway
TEAM ni"e delivery mares, exi re? w&gou and
harnes. Stil separate 17 Dhlsim
TEIVM niu'es wagon, names $T". iron gray
blind ho"-e. 1C jind JS 444C Biti n.
TI3AM of ma-es ?C5 team mul-s. l dilvlng
mare W Mi-1 land -.onv I21S N J ffernn
TB.VM-sTER must eii tmrses to dav .
homy to-morror-, stere guarantees title
N Jefter-on
TWO-HORSE moving wae-ii
lfrfi Mound
TWO farm mares and two driving mail.",
Mil K third.
i'WO mares, two ets nf liariifss. mare. $15,
stake wncon 272S Franklin
TWo farm mart" In fal, nl
leav tng T14 Morgan
TWO good wirk team- r,ne lnif,,v h ii- run
about and 1 un"-- 2321 Minn-cot a
TWO reiM 'wngnnc .nd-ti-i'
sets me h'r-je ltarne- m .-t s-il
watnn, two
0. N 1 lsht-"
YOUNG teHin maie d .ble lirm. n'st
delivery hop will give trial, batKatn poo
:-Y?;ar-OLD roan hore god con lit Ion.
work anywhere, gowl addler alto wat,o:i and
harness 42 -0 Fairfax
Best Value Ever Offered.
l.RADBt RY Piano Co. 1)12 Olive st ". G
smith Mfr . A. E AMiltaker. Mgr
Ln M'i,dav v- started the sale of the entire
t.atio s,took of 1. t i-i'vfcrd & ro Iniili nnr.
chased by m an I whlth we are clot-log out at
les thpn half price ihose that have investi
gated have fund 'hat all we iy is true; that
"i sJth lurgalrs have ever befrre teen offered
tn -i Lotiltf Many have taken advantage of
thl- ra-- o iortunii.y of buying a tine piano for
little monev v.hv d n't you? OU MAY
NBV I R 11 VV B ANOTHER such chance. L-JOk
at me Kt ih- birains.
Fltg-nt !3i- new uprights $150
L.t.ant $325 new uprights $It5
Ekgart $3-0 new uprights $B5
I Itgaut $375 new upr'ghts SIS5
Elfgant 1410 new uprights $.!
Elegant S4";0 new uprights S2J5
Other prices in prt portion
BRADBFLY. Masi-, &. Hamlin. Crawford,
TCrcI. Whlttler. Hennlng. Wet-ster, Fischer and
Ueautl'ul S0 and SSJO and SI 200 Baby Grands
at SO to $b50.
S me of tlie best players made; regular price
S25j, in thl sale $150 and S175.
We vvarmnt evrrv l lano In this sale and give
uu a guarantee as coud as a L S. bond
Id to i) per month and upward", ir sreclal
Induii-mnts fjr a-h
BRAD.JI RT Plaro Wmerooms 1012 Olive st.
r G. Smith Mfr A B Whit iker. Mgr.
HALF interest In largo reftaurant clearng
over S4'1 month goo-1 chance to right man.
Call 1215 AVa-hlngtin ave.
LODGING-HOl'hB, downtown: 10) rooms-;
S1"0 rent: long lea: JW incrtlt Income, clear
fo-tune next year; price S3 0,X Glascock, W2
LUNCHROOM First offer this morning buys
place; IS rent 1817 Washington.
LUNCH stand. $SS; term', near we-tern trans
fer corner; S10 rent; be quick. ?02 Chestnut.
LUNCHROOM pood business; near three
large factories. Call, 2 p m.. 272S N Jefferson.
MORGAN st . 4334 Here is a bargain If taken
In the next few davs; bouse all newly fur
nished; 11 rooms, with a 15-month lcie; ery
cheap rent full of nice boarders, in one of tne
best parts of the city: I have Just furnished
this house with new goods, but on account of
mr health will have to give It up Call at once.
MY fine, secondhand store, on prinr-lpil busi
ness street, cheap. slcknecs, cause. 2954 Easton.
DELMAR. 411S CheerfuL warm. lovely fur
nished rooms, all modern conveniences; cheer
ful ba k parlor
DICKSON 2735 Nicelv furnished front room;
all conveniences; private famliy.
DICKSON. S007A Neatly furnished rooms;
&team heat, all conveniences; reasonable
DICKsON. 2933 Two rooms fumihed com
plete for hoasekeeplns: convenient to cars.
DICKM)X. 214) Nicely furnished front room
for light housekeeping, to first-class couple.
DILLON. 1101-Furn'shed rooms, breakfast If
desired- near to Fourth st. and Bell efunta trie
EASTON. 351GA Beautifully furnished front;
also hall room: hot bath, steam heat; reasonable
EASTON. 2905-Furnlshed first and second
floor front room, for housekeeping, all con
veniences, reasonable.
PAGE. 321 14 Elegant second-floor front, with
large alcove, "newly furnished, also side room;
PAGE. 4126 Clean, prettily furnished room in
Private family . soutnera exposure; furnace;
modern com enlences.
rwmn. all conveniences
- Nicely furnished
PIGGOTT. S14 (East St.
nlhed front room; heat.
Louis) Neatly fur
Mrs Sullivan.
PIXE, 1702 Xlcely furnlhed second-floor front
room, heat, gas, hot bath.
PIXR. 913-4-s-Lnrce front roon. suitable for
two or four gentlemen; reasonable.
PIXE. 2117 Large room fumlshd cnm'ete
for light housekeeping; SI 50 a we.
PIXE. 30 Second -storv front and other
rooms, for light housekeeping; hot bath.
FIXE 282 Nicely furnished room: furnace
he-it: hot bath, all modern conveniences
PINE. SIS Nicelv furnished rooms; st?am
heat: electric light and elevator service.
PINE, S lio Elegant, warm rooms. In strictly
private family, every modern convenience.
PINE. 3236 Furnlhed rom on second and
third floor front; all conveniences; reasonab'e.
SIXTH 1403 N Rooms for housekeeping; and
baching $1.W week and up.
SIXTH, 817 N. Furnished room": 20c.
SI 25 per week: hot water and baths free.
ST CHARLES. 22C Nlcelr furnished front
room; first floor for two gentlemen. $1 25 etch-
ST IX)UIS 3222 Nicelv furnished rooms, for
gentlemen: alt conveniences; private family.
FAIRMOUNT. 6041-FIeasaPt room with
board; walking distance to Fair; near King's
hlg,wY. all cars
FAIHMOUNT. 31C3 Large rooms; refined gen
tlemen; hnndsomo new home; board optional;
Klnloch E75 Delmar.
FINNEY, 258 First-floor front room;
nace. bath, gas, car facilities unexcelled
FINNBY. 43""-Two lovelv front rooms, flnele
or in suite all conveniences- clean and warm:
with or without board; refined people two car
lines: ten m'nutes' ride to Fair
I RANKLIX 3432A Room, with board
emp'oyed. $3.75 wesk: private family.
GARRISON inn? N. Furnished room", with
good board; ladles or gentlemen: bath. reas.
GARRISON, S1G N. Large front parlor,
steam heat; also desirable aecond-floor room;
best board
GARRISON. &)9 X Two elegantly furnished
rooms; mitable for two gentlemen or man an I
wife; houe well heated; hot bath; with all
corvcnlcnee; good table; German cooking;
respectable; phene Klnloch 1467 A
GRAND. 4160'- N Front parlor. $5 per month
to two ladles or gentlemen: board
GRAND Corner Lawton) DeIrable front
rooms with first-claw board: modern
(3RAND. 2539 N Elegant rboms and first
class boird. centrally located: handy to cars.
CLAND 1225 N Nicely furnished rooms;
good board; all conveniences Kin. Delmar 290.
HARPER 32V2-Fine. Urge room, with board,
for two gentlemen or couple; all modern con-enienes
HORTON Place. 6'-32 Choice, warm rooms,
near World's Fair excellent table; all conveni
ences; reasonable
HOWARD 2512-Room. with or without
board, gentlemen. ladles or light housekeeping;
Private famllv
KENSINGTON. 6145-Choice day board, with
pood erIce given; for adult cnlv
EIGHTEENTH. 71S N. Nicely furnished
front rooms for gwitlemen: also mall rooms;
SI 25 up.
IUGHTBENTH. 1013 N. Hand-ome, large
second-floor front room; gcntlemtn or house
keeping; $3 50 per week: every convenience.
EIGHTH, fc'13 N. (East St. Louis) Three un
furnlhed rooms, suitable for light housekeeping
ELEVENTH. 2613 S Rooms
housekeeping or rooming, r
complete for
NINE-ROOM house. Olive, near Union Sta
tlcn. cheap: will give terms. Inquire 2223 Olive.
OLIVE 3202A Flat, five rooms, nicely fur
n shed, fine location: call after 2 p. m.
PAYIXG grocery business; will Invoice $W0:
In nice nw stone building: nice glass front;
in one of the best towns In the Territory; a
good opening for some one. For i articulars
address Rot Xo 4. Holdemllle. I. T.
U8B Chamberlain, chick feed onil rrooder.
Blank, & llauke Sapply Co. Market.
" HJ
ATTCND I'ror De Money's select reception.
ery Thurduv ewnlrjr. Academy 911 Ollie
Klnloch 227 Ijelmar.
DO jou dance? fio to liurke's. dancing ecr
nlnht fbunday exccptnl): if rou don't danci.
So to Uurke': no extra charjr for instruction.
'orthlcfft corner Ttnth and Olive ts
JOIN Irnf and Mm rrankri' danclnsc
clam. 1 ri.lav enlni;. rbru,(r 5. 5i)init
nalt for Iwilnncr. full term 3 Arademi, 1(11
Of biiyins a Piono is a proat con
renlenrt' to thousands of in-ople and
will be fully explniued to nily oue
ImiTcsted. Liberal discounts for
We nlso rent, tune, repair and ex
change Pianos upon most liberal
I 1116 Olive Street. I
Cheap. Call at 1301H Pine.
ELEVENTH. 1410 S Nicely furnished single
and double rooms; roomers and housekeeping;
ELLIOT. 1351 Nicely furnished room: house
keeping; private family; $2 50 weekly. Jefferson
and Cass cars.
BW1XG. 810 N. Furnished rooms: steam
heat, front and other rooms tor houstkeeplng.
FIFTH, 319 X. (Eaet St. Lou!") Neatly fur
nished rooms for light housekeeping; re&son-alle
FRANKLIN, 3i22A Furnished rooms; three;
light housekeeping: gas, bath: SI 50 up.
RESTAURANT: good stand, cheap if taken
at once. H L. Fleh. t23 Market
RESTAURANT, furnish fl complpte, to rent;
$150 per month inquire 1200 S. Eighteenth st.
RE'TAURVNT: th-ee squares of Union Sta
tion; good trade; must sell this week 1917 Olive
RESTAURANT: downtown location, doing a
rood business. Apply John McCurdy, 720 Mar
ket at.
RESTAURANT: downtown, elegant place;
good business; rent SCO; S500 half cash; balance
from profit?: World's Fair location. M organ -Renlnger,
9"9 Chestnut.
RESTAURANT: $200 cash, lalance eoy
monthly; downtown corner; center wholesale
houses; stands most searching Investigation
OHsoock V)2 Chestnut.
ROOMING -HOI SE 8 rooms nice, tell or
trade for a six-room flat. 3113 Lawton
ROOMING-HOUSE Ten rooms well fur
nished, good location, reasonable. 3315 Morgan
ROOMING-HOUSE. MS N Bwing. third
Poor, ten nice ptesm heated rooms: frt-e water.
Jiinltor -girvlee free heat $200 nei-e-,-nrr
ROOMING-HOUSE; 8 mom: Sino block La
clede, rent S"0 will sacrifice no reasonable rffer
tefused Morgin-Reninger. -00 Chestnut
It(OMlNG BOISE fr'UV. U.-ishlnr-ton r.,nt
.ell-furni-ht d room". Jl-viJ cah liimn'e en-v
monthlv iin.-:ie) maker; -e- tins i nt jn
ROOMING-HOUSE downtown exci llent loc-i-tlon;
12 nice, newly furnished rot-ms. $7ih), $3f
cosh. Blotimer-Bowers. 014 Chestnut st.
ROOMIVO-HOU.SB Washington ave: flne
Ir furni-hed rooms; delrable loeatlrn. JO rent;
$150 down. Bloomer-Bowers. 1114 Ch-tmit.
ROOMING-HOUSE. $300 buvs gor-d 9 room
house, near LefflngweR, Jio rent, room all
full; retiring cnuse -tile. Glascock 902 Chestnut
ROOMING-HOUSE: 16 nlce'v rurnlh-d ronmi;
donntown, rent SCO. with lease SO),) terms;
can't beat It. Bloomer-Bower". 1014 Chestnut
ROOMING-HOUSE. Olive. wet of Evving 14
finely furnished rooms; rent $-; 1Zf handles
this; small balance. Bloomer-Bowers, 1014
FRANKLIN. 3431 Nicely furnished tv-cond-iloor
front room; reasonable rent; phone Klnloch
I'RANKLIN, 340S Splendidly furnished front
parlor, to permanent gentlemen or couple; gas,
heat. bath.
FRANKLIN. 3159-Xlcelr furnished connect
ing sunny rooms, with cook stoves, gas, bath,
1-RANKLIN, 23v one single tocin ana o.ie
room suitable for two, g& and oath, m pil
vate family
FRAXKLIX. 3504 Elegantly furnished rooms;
all modern conveniences, for two or more gen
tlemen, in private family.
GARRIbON. 1323 X. One neatly furnl-hed
room, all modern conveniences.
GARRISON. 149 N. Neat, clean, cozy rooms
In excellent locality, very lowet rates.
ST. LOU IB M18 Elegant second floor front;
southern exposure; all modern conveniences;
very rea 'enable
TAYLOTt, 13M S Flrt
fronts; all conveniences,
across- street.
and "econd floor
reasonable; board
THE Inn. 415 Lucas Cool rooms, 20c,
dally: weekly. SI 20. Si 50: baths
THERESA. fftO N (Block East of Grand)
Nicelv furnished room, private family: for
THIRD. 12U and 10 X. Grvd warm rooms
and rooms for housekeeping $1 23 up
VERNON. 36 Eleenntlv furrlhed second
floor room: all conveniences: private famllv.
V7RGINIV 5301 Nicely furnished hall room;
modem conveniences; gentlemen preferred.
VIRGINIA, 5514 Nicelv furnished front room;
heat, bath verv reasonable; gentlemen pre
ferred: Belief ontalne car.
WALNUT. 23I Nicely furnlhed rooms for
light houokeepinr: also other room
WALTON T35A One choice furnished room;
hot nnd co'd water; Delmar. Olive cira.
WALTON. 614 N. (Near World's Fair) Nice,
warm room: hot bath; private family; Olive
WASH. 17 Nicelv furnlhed rooms; all mo-1-ern
conveniences; Jewish family.
WASH. 1505 One room for light hou-'keep-ing;
nlso one room for one or two gentlemen;
all mdem conveniences.
VVVSHINGTOX 2033 Furnished rooms; all
modern i-onv enlences
WASHINGTON 202-Nlclv furnished sec-onrl-Mcrv
front and other rooms.
KENSINGTON, 5102 Newly furnished room;
hot filtered bath, no other rocmers. breakfast If
de"ired; convenient to Olive, Delmar and Sub
urban cars.
KING'S HIGHWAY. 1228 Second and third
stonr rooms for 2 or more in each: good hoard.
KING'S HIGHWAY 8"4 N. Verv choice,
honeliko rorms with h3fri, sultab'e for World's
Fair and other people, Delmar, Olive. Suburban
LARVDIE. 4000 Large room, nicely fur
nished. In modern house: all conveniences;
VOX VERi-EN. 5S6I Choice furnlhd rocms,
with best of board; steam heat; hot Lath: gas;
ten minutes walk to Fair grounds; one bloctc
ot tvdrrar and Olive car.
uAblilMVXON. 3 A beautifully furnished
parlor; with or without board.
WASHINGTON. 3112 Warm and neat front
room: two gentlemen: $2.50 eaclu
WASHINGTON. 4512 Modern refined home;
one or two gentlemen; g-od cooking'.
WASHINGTON. 2426 PIeaant front room:
also back rocra. with or without hoard.
WASHINGTON. 2S11 Newlr furnished room,
with hot and cold water: excellent table.
WASHIXGTOX, 34j Well-furnished front
connecting room: well heated: choice table.
WASHIXGTOX. 392 Nicely furnished pvims.
with good home table: tfrms very reasonable.
WASHINGTON. 1307 Stop pondennr. ko to
the Golden Red Restaurant: Zeno Davis, prop.
WASHINGTON. 4453 Large room, with board.
for two gentlemen or couple: hot-water heating.
WASHIXGTOX, 151C Room for two or mora
gentlemen, with home cooklny; rates reason
WASHIXGTOX. 3J19 Light, warm second
floor room; threo gentlemen cr couple: good table.
WASHINGTON, 3101 Flrst-clas iteam-real-ed
rooms, for couple or gentlemen; good home
WASHINGTON. 2Vrelrabe front room,
with gool board; all conveniences; gentlemen;
rwlvate famllr.
WASHINGTON. 34A6 Ccmfortablw third-floor
room for four gentlemen; good board; other
rooms: low rates
WASHINGTON. 5205 Large front room; ex
cellent heat: lyst board; gentlemen or couple;
permanent partle.
WASHINGTON Boulevard. 4210 Two large,
warm rooms; all modern conveniences; table
boarders accommodated: reference.
WEST BELLE, 4315 Front room and bacte
room, with good board: furnace heat.
WEST BELLE P-ace. 3310 Furnished rooms;
firnaee heat, excellent board: hot bath.
WEST BELLE. 4203 Good rooms and board;
gentlemen: S5. 36: young ladies empiovea. .m.
WTVQT- t?f!T.t.e. 2950 Furnished pecend-story
front and side room, well heated; home cook
-rT-rr -nTrT.T.PT. 4206 Rooms, well fnrnished;
good loard. Telephone 970; ladles, gentlemen or
WET BELLE. 41I1 Seeond floor rooms;
good board, furnace heat; gentlemen or ladles
emp oyeu.
LVCLIZDE. 3512 Furnsn'd room and good
board, for two gentlcmn n ladies emoloved.
IA CLEDE. 5635 Elrgantlv fumhhed rooms,
with firt-clnss board: furnnce heat: modern.
LAWTOX. 2727 Xlcely furnished front rooms;
first and seconi floor; board If desired-
LAWTON. 3023 N'cely furnphed second-floor
front and other rooms; bonrd if desired
LAWTON. 2740 Elegant rooms; quiet neigh
borhood; meals served by day or week.
LAWTON. 2923 Excellent board; large, sunny
front room for twu, own home: reasonable.
LEON MID. 713 X Furnished room, with
board: French private family; all improve
ment: corner
LTXDFLL Boulevard, 4537 Large, beautifully
f u m tsheq secrnd-stpry front room": board.
Id NDELL Roulev ard. 3910 Elegant rooms,
"Ingle or en suite; board and apartments flrst
cl -s
LINDELL Boulevard, 3G&4 Elegantly fur
nished seconl-storv rooms, single or en suite:
r"rt-clas table and service; for gentlemen or
it F-tm nw.ir iitvi Krrond-rtorv front beau
tifully furnished "room; reasonable; good board;
all conveniences.
Wfc-ST BELLE. 43S Newly furnished second
storv front room; excellent board; conven
erces; Jewih family.
WEST BELLE 4 Gentleman and wife or
two gentlemen, to occupy nice rooms, with
bonrd: good home cooking.
WEST PIXE Boulevard. 3663 Two elegant
third-floor rooms: excellent board and service.
WEST PIXE Boulevard, 3r94 Neatly fur
nlhed single room, for on gentleman; best
WEST PINE Boulevard. 3622 Elegantly fur
nlhed rooms; excellent board; all modern conveniences
WEST PINE Boulevard. 3751 Elegantly fur
nished room, with first-class board and serv
ice; in file r-l -
WAOHINOTQN. 167 Uirire parlor on first
floor: prlate hath: ga and heat
WASHINGTON' Ttoijard r.0-Mcelv fur
nished front parlor: all com enlences
GIKMSOX. TJ N Nice hrlKht room on sec
ond lloor for lifiht housekeepins. no chlldien;
OL.ASOOW I'laic. 30J3--1Vfll-rurnIhcd rooms
for houeketplnK. all conenlencc8. Ion rent.
OOODrKLLOW flaie. CHi-Tiiii rooms, sec
ond fl cr. furnUhtd complete for housekeeping;
rent cheap
GRAND. 18?) N Tno roomn for light house
keeping for louple uithout children
GRAND, f.?) N The Aniclus has I
more vl-:rrnt rooms. eer' conenlente.
GRAND. 1: N. E'eitantlv furnlhed rooms,
sttam heat tlrst-clas board; reaonatle.
nlshed room for light housekeeping;
t.nience iniaie.
HOUIAMONT. SIS Xewlv and neatly rur
nlshed rooms; bath; ten Mocks of Fair irround
HOUIAMONT OK Nicelj furnlshd rooml tor
licrtt housekeeping; on second tloor twenty
minutes' ttallc from World's Fair grounds.
ILLINOIS. 1512 (East St. Louis)- Neatly fur
nUhed front room for gentleman: block of car.
ROOMING-HOUSE; Page boul : moquette
and velvet carpets: nne rurniture; porcelain
bath: 8 fine rooms; 40 rent. Glacock. "02
nooMINO-IIOUSE: 10 rooms. 34.) block
Washington: Ilrussels carpet: brass beds, fur
nace: lease; hiErh-cIarn; want offer. Morgan
Renlneer. 901 Chestnut.
ROOMING-IIOI'RE' Wnshlnston ave : 21
rooms: elegantlv furnished detached: Her vard:
ioelv place: rent S-0: subrcnt $i: World's I'nlr
leare: price $2,100, half cash. Moretn-Renlnger,
Vi riiestnut
SALOON: Al corner.
Co . Sl N. Sl'th.
Inquire Gat llrewln-c
MRS HARDV GRANT'S beginners' cljs
Tnurrsdav eenlni; at reduced rates, private
leons 3j4 Lura
l'ROK DE HONEY'S Academe SH Ollle
finest In State no fcundaj dam lag cr Mloun
connected: new clahs iens for 1-eelnner Sat
urday evening; full tenn. J5. prtva'e l.ssons
all hours
nennnrt stash-;. )Rli. stcncils.
ADAMS, the Etamn man. Sit N Sixth it :
rubber stamp. s.-aR st-ncll. .tt. irooJ.
cheap, quick. Wrile for new list.
EXCELSIOR Stencil Work 312 o.lve Tr
steel stamp. tenclls burnln-r brands libber
tpe. seals, brass and aluminum cbeel
ltUHUCR stamp. rubVr typ. signs, mark
ers. bras and nlumlrnm checks nt lowct
prices. Kasper Stamp i Seal Co . 316 Locust st.
AOIli steam can'et clejnlns, 3c lr jard
4V Easton. rhone Delmar ITcs
CHICAOO hteam Carpet neanl-ur Co . W. N
McCOUrtney. ropr ; carpet renovated look like
new. Un. 2030. Kin Del. Mil igj rinrey.
KMl'IKB Steam Carix1! Cleaning Co : cart en
taken up, cleaned, made nvr and laid, lowest
prices. ilZl Lucas ave.; Beaumont .'): Kln
ich C 96C.
BN1 BKI'nf-R Steam Cariet Cleanlns Co
Special attention to altering sewing, relaving.
aston and Pendleton ave. Lin. JT4M: DeL 70).
DOWNING replatcj ahd repairs silverware;
?cld Plates watches. Jewelry; low prices; cash
or old gold, silver, platinum 208 X. Seventh.
noorcs PATERS.
I'OOKS and magaitnes bought In any quan
llt) Addres Pock lluver. P. O. Box SST.
1IOOK.S I want to buy law. medical nr other
good books D LInahan. bookseller. 521 Market.
aaai !,' earn. ,-,.. rillhads noteheads
envelop tl "J McGIll A Co . la y Elevent"'
I'lERMANN 1JROS. Prlnttrs 111 Pine ,,!
licit oi.r business and guarantee satisfaction
the cominen 111 work a specialty Kin 1430
CKI-s-CLNT I'Rl.NTl.NG UO --07 X. Fuurtn
t Ilue work- fair prices, send for samples
i-s f a-fa-n rf, -fl.
bit SHAIIL Rffl Pine st - nm. ,rl vij":
workaspiaity. gold crowns SI- -.Iites M t0 j;
gold nllincs.il- consultation free; hours g to .'
Lradlng; Dentists. EftablUtied for 42 reara.
-. v. cor. uroadway and OUv
FntrVSta Olive .t. fixtrai":
Ing HtLE when teeth are or
dered. Largest and olde-n dental
esialshment In th city. We
emplov the most kl.Iful men In
the profession. All work auar
anted Consultation FREE. Do
not look for cheap dentists, but
come to us and et reliable
work at lowest pricee Open
dally from Be. m. to ( p. m.,
..and Sunday from 8:30 to 1 p. m.
SALOON: heart cf downtown; two barrels of
beer dillv low rental JfiOO. phone B 1C44.
Blmer-Bowers. 1014 Chetnut
SA!,OON nnd boarding-house- 11 rooms, new
Iv furnished; full of SS-pT-week boarders. Ap
plv at Central Brewery Eat St Louis
SMIjOON and grorrry; nne corner: e(K.l
relghborhoosl: freh. up-to-date stock; "0 hin
dies- .naT of lifetime. Gln"ork o Chetnut
STATIONFRA notions; $11 tent; f. ur rooms;
51y) ('Dwn: bnlance ensy 33l Easton.
TWENTY-ROOM rooming-house; leae; with
in five blocks of Union totlon; JV) buys.
Stnr Renl Estate Co. gg N Twer.ty-flr--t.
WE can locate vou in business and furnish
part mont-y let us know what vou wnnt West-
e--n itn.Kerace so 'i, iiounn.t bun line
KANSAS. 1735 (Bast St. Louis) Nicely fur
nished rooms; bath, heat, suitable for two en-tlemen.
KIXG'9 HIGHWAY, 834 X One nice southern-exposed
room; single beds; suitable for two
gentlemen; modern.
KING'S HIGHWAY. 519 Two nicely rur
nlshed rooms for gentlemen or couple, house
keeping allowed: modern.
front room.
4262 rurnlshed or unfurnished
WASHINGTON. 57yi-NeatIv fuml-died room?;
gas bnth. fire Jl 75 no no hou1 keepinr.
WASHINGTON. T21V-Elennt rooms: well
furnished: furnace heat: light housekeeping; If
WASHINGTON. 1531-37 Nlcelr fumlmeti
front for gentlemen or housekeeping; $2 and
J2 25 week
WASHINGTON r-2l Nlep. cnmfcrtable third
floor front room: also second-floor room; all
WASHINGTON 2SH-NIce comfortable well
furnished connecting rooms; second floor; all
WASHINGTON. JO) Front mrlor alcove;
large, sunnv ecord floor room; all conveniences.
bnement rnem".
WASHINGTON. 211- Choice -econd-floor
rooms, in nulet. reflned house; furnace heat
ind conveniences
WASHINGTON. 2643 Hall room, parlors.
housekeeping- rooms; quiet house, very prl
vnte -ras Ftove. fire.
WEST BELLE. 4 179 A Lnrtre second-story
frort room heat and piano t25 per month
WEST BELLE. 4m-VewIv furnlhel front
nnd back room: gas. balh. gentlemen preferrrd
LOCUST St.. 1520 Newly furnished rooms and
first-class board- reasonable
LOCUST. 1424 Rooms and board, vl-itors and
dav boarders, house heated. Mrs Thomas.
IXX2UST, 3107 Nlceiv furnlsheil rooms: south
ern exposure, gooil biianl: all conveniences.
LOCUST. 3J.-0 Clean. handomely furnished
front parlor; furnace heat. gts hou-ekeeplng.
IjOCTST. SCSs Very warm and light rooms
with excellent board; good service; very rea
sonable LFC-V4" 3l(-tjNve roomc, with good beard;
bot Imth: J5 week.
Li CAS. 3111 Single nnd double rooms, board
oiitlonal heat, hot bath; home cooking
out board.
702 Furnished room, with cr with
prlvate family; table: rates reason-
U'CAS. 1121 Neatly furnished rooms with
exce'lent board : aIo single rooms: J5 t er
LUCAS 23"0 Comfortable back parlor; alo
secord-IIoor front, hot bath; furnace; good
LUCAS. 3440 Nicely furnished bright front
room, second floor; other rooms; good board;
LUCAS. 3122 Second-story front room and ad
joining room neatly lurniaht.d. for three or
four, and board.
MAGNOLIA, 4-S7 One neatly furnished room;
cheap to lady board If deg I red
WASHIXGTOX 3301 Fine, steam-heated
rooms newlv furnlhed. for gentlemen or
couples; every convenience
rtcms nicely furnished, fitted for light housekeeping.
WEST BELLE Place. 4433 Newly furnished
front nnd back room; gas, bath; gentlemen preferred
LACLEDE. 4316 Nicelv furnished connecting
rooms; hfat. gas nn 1 bath: private fam 1 ly.
LACLEDE. 3122 Large front rooms furnishod
for housekeeping gas, hot bath; 110 and II
LACLEFE 2521-Well-fumIshed wond-floor
front, all conveniences: privau family: World's
Fair line.
LA SVLLE. li-05 Mcelv furnished eecond
floor front for two or three gentlemen: private
LAWTON. 30O7 Nfcelv furnished front par
lor: algp small room: all conveniences.
I.VWTON, 3127 Newlv furnished third-story
front room for housekeeping; bath, gas reasonable
t LEFFINGWELL 222 ? ne rtrm fcr light
housekeeping; econd flcor; Lo'h
LEONARD. S27 X. Three newly furnished
rooms: $1 25 up.
LIXDELL. 354S Furnlshnl
and cl0an. first-class service.
rooms; all new
WORLD'S FAIR snap; meat market that
cle-ired $7 00 In 1"03- Jl5o; don't anpwer un-lc-s
you mean business Df; i? Republic.
INVESTIGATE mv nrOTWleltlnn honr. afrlM.
est investigation. W. F Long, ws 'Laclede
MAN wanted with $3 f-) for pro-M-sltlon that
will msrantee oulrk fortune rii. tkm .,
control your own money. PR s Retublle.
PARTY with i 5S.Ji for World's Fair proposi
tion: worth and will stand closest Investigation
Address Room 301 Metropolitan Hotel, Nine
teenth and Market sts St, Louis. Mo
ee.sMSwws.is usesevev-
EIIIiLICII BROS., interior decorators; paper
' pswilT and palntinr. Del. 173S. 40C0 Kaston.
Falling Kali, itcning Scalp,
dandroff, ftnd all disorders affecting the
hair or scalp permanently and aafalr
cured. All Information and book free.
300 Ueimod-Jaccard. St. lti:
- -
. NKARLT 30 per cent on your Investment: a
rnlnlntr stock: pars rtuarterly dividends; ptock
all In treasury: buy now at THc: advances to
10c February 15. C. W. Walters, secretary.
4H Olive sL. St. Louis. Mo.
bfy-itrs'i --- - --,-m-m s i-v-vrw-iirw-.XsLsK
500 shares B C rold mining- stock; make offer-
DD 153.- Republic
FARM, tn Southwest Missouri, alnnn lrfstv.
of 40 to 100 acres, with necessary improvements
and must be cheap for cash; no agents. DD
15L Republic
LINDELL 3522 Pbasant. comfortable front
Enrlcr; steam heat; hot bath; newty furnished;
oue: reasonable.
LOCUST, 2743 Has fine steam-heated rooms:
$2 50 up.
I.OCUST. 2502-NIceIy furnished smoll rooms;
2 and $2.50. nil conveniences.
LOCUST, 1420 Neatly furnished steam-heated
roomn; hot and cold water.
WASHINGTON. 2814 Nice, comfortable, wcll
furni sheil connecting rooms, second floor; all
conveniences: phone 1329 C
Locust and Lefflngwell ave , one of 9t. Louis's
new. modern hotels: luxuriously furnished; hot
and cold water In every room: baths free; palm
room and cafe; rates teasorable; located half
block from direct line to World's Fair grounds
AIIRERT. 1142 Furnished rooms, with board:
gentlemen prefcred: day boarders; Suburban
j'age cars.
HARTMER U30-Delrable rooms. will
board: first-class accommodations In every re
IIUMOND. 51S3 One second an 1 one third
story front room: best of board and sen ice.
11ELL. 3317 Ijarge. 4am-heated room:
optional: references exchanged
HULL, 3157 NIcrlT furnished rooms: good
board for men: all conveniences: reasonable.
MAPLK. 61U3 Rooms or room and board
conv enlences.
MAPLE. 6CSO Two front rooms, with exv el
lent board: gertlemen or couple, near World's
MARYLAND, 4361 Sulto of two nicely fur
nished rooms: every convenience; steam heat,
-vs. bath, hot and cold filtered water; excellent
OLIVK. 461S lJdy occupying parlor wishes,
roommate; $3 week; also day boarders wanted:
13 0 week.
ROOMMATE WANTED Er rntleman: nice)
room, well headed: best board. 313) Morgan.
ROOMMATE WANTED Gentleman wants
roommate in large front room: JL25. with heat.
360S North Market.
ROOMMATE WANTED Young lady want,
roommate: rVst-class board; use ot parlor; pl
aao 4300 Wet Belle.
ROOMMATE WANTED Dy gentleman; nic
room: good board: also lady roommate wanted.
3U'7 Washington ave.
FinHT-POOM house: west preferred:
give reference. DP 136. Republic.
NICELV furnished southern room nnd con
necting rocm for two gentlemen and one laly;
within two blocks of Washington and t.ranj.
TD 10J Republic
TO rent for sit montr. furnished hous of S
to 1 rooms, within reasonable distance of
World's Fair: would be nltn.pj to exchange)
board for rent. DD 14. Republic.
VHl list jour rooms and Leep ame occuplel
durirg the World's Talr Call or addren. I22
and 137 Chemical bide.. Klnloch D SI.
PINE. 2133 Two furnished, rooms: southern
exj-osure; strictly modern; for gentlemen; both
PERMANENT room and -oardfor couple;
must be nlcw plaee. private fnmlly West Etnd
or suburban; re-ferences exchanged. TC 1W.
ROOM and board: ti 50 or $5 a week, br
young man employed evenings, in West End.
DE 27. Republic.
McMILLAN. 4604 Desirable rooms and good
board for married people or two gentlemen;
home of three adults: furnace heat; all other
conveniences: terms, J 12 per week.
McPHERSON, 5245 An Ideal home; no boarding-house
charactetistlcs; first-class table, serv
ice and rooms; select people; World' Fair cars.
MINERVA. Wt$ One largo and two single
rooms; nicely furnished; first-class board; conveniences
MORGAN, 24 Room and board; 318 monthly.
party owns home.
MORGAN, 4257 Nicelv furnlhd rooms, with
board, all conveniences; convenient to car lines.
stenm heat
2025 Nicely furnihed rooms;
flrt-cla-s board; all conveniences.
MORGAN. 5175 Choice fumlehed room; one
furnished or unfurnished room; good board.
Forrest ISM.
O' FALLON, f.07 Warrr.
with good board: for men.
comfortable rooms.
NEWSTEAD. 120 X. Two nicely furnished
rooms, with board: all home comforts; reason
able: Rentlcmen preferred.
UNFURNISHED room for light housekeeping
within three blocks of 4Jt5 Delmar; must bo
reasonable. TC 112. Republic
DESK room In om first-class bulldlnc wltli
uno of phone: state price and location.
STOREROOM, with Iiving-Tooms. between
Grand and Sixth, Tranklin and Laclede. CP
105, Republic,
DELMAR. 2951 Neatly f umlh I four-room
flat; gas range, beat furnished: adults only.
MARYLAND. 4204 Xlcely furnished new
eight-room house; even convenlerce. Apply W.
C. Walker, room GQ5 FuIIrton building.
MORGAX. 5C2 Three-room flat; newly fur
nished; flrt floor: Iarze yard.
WASHIXGTOX. 1C27 Three-room fiat, fur
nished complete for housekeeping; bath, gas
and heat.
OLIVE, 2-4l rront rooms; southern exposure;
bath, gas; good loard If dcIred.
ELL 3030 Two rooms, suitable for four or
six rentlemen; hot bath. gas. furnace heat;
modern house: with cr without heard
BREMEN. 1427 Nicely furnished rooms.
with or without board; also one room for light
houtekeei ing.
LOCI'HT. 1615 Nicelv furnished rooms gas
hot bath: modern conveniences.
IX3CUST. 2S15 Nicelv furnished rooms eulta
ble for two gentlemen: 13 week.
LOCUST. 1613 Nicelv furnished rooms- eas
hrt bath: mod-rn conveniences
LOCUST. 2702 Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping; also hall room; reasonable.
LOCUST. 3144 Nicely furnished second-floor
rooms; youtherrf exposure; all conveniences.
LOCUST. 1112 Nicely furnished rooms for
gentlemen or light housekeeping: also ballroom.
LOCUST. 2920 Larg warm rooms; best
board; homelike place; reduced rates; phone
LOCUST. 3218A Two connecting front rooms
second floor; single or en suite; all conveniences.
LOCUST 2026 Rooms, newly papered and
furnished throughout; reasonable; furnace heat:
cell to-day. .
-LOCUST. 811 (Opposite Post Office) Rooms
for gentlemen: hot bath; wana readinr-room;
tnorolns; call.
BROADWAY. 912 N Furnished front ruomj,
with or without board; rates reasonable.
BROADWAY. 3546A S Nleely fuml-hed front
room, with or without board; hot bath.
BROADWAY. 2702 S Nlcelr furnl-hed room,
with or without board; gentlemen preferred; all
CABANNE. 5645 Large rooms and board: two
gentlemen: ten minutes walk to Fair.
CHIPPEWA. 2W2A Nicelv furnished warm
room; hot bath; gentlemen preferred; board and
laundrv: $17 50.
CHOUTEAU. 820 Two nicelv furnished front
rooms with or without board.
OLIVE. 150 Room for three: room for two;
rentlemen cnlv: with board: 34 up.
OLIVB, 29J6 Nicely furnished, well-heated
rooms; best board 15; all conveniences
OREGON. 1703-Second -story front room, with
board: furnace heat; bath; to per week.
PAGE. 451 IA Furnished south-front room;
furnnee heat- gentlemen or couple, with board.
PAGE. 4G01 Front furnished room: eentlemen
cr couple: modern: good board reasonable.
PAGE, 5045 Newly furnished rooms: furnace
heat: reasonable; convenient to Fair; good
AGE. '65 Room and board; furnace heat
hot bath: gas;
World's Fair mechanics pre-
PAGB, 5WS Front rooms; parlor; also other
rooms; modern; reasonable; with or without
LAJIBDIN. 2921 Flve-room house. $13.
200 Lincoln Trust building.
MARYLAND. 4340 Contains parlor, library,
dining-room, pantry (with sink and place for
ice chet). kitchen, six bedrooms, 14 large ami
3 small closets, a cedar closet, on- for linen
and a large trunkmnm; 3 cnblnet mantels, gas,
grates, hot-water l-oller connected to furnace.,
combination fixtures, brass bound weather strips;
and Burrow e bronze wire screens throughout,
shades for all windows; perfect plumbing,
beautifully decorated; lot 213 fee-t deep. Com
plete In even- detail and ready for Immediate
occupancy. Will lease to private family only.
Open; $75.
MALCOLM MACBETH, 105 X. Eighth St.
CLARK. 2S12B Rooms.
board; all conveniences.
with or without
COMPTON. lsOO S Elegant room ard board
for one or two refined gentlemen; every con
v enjence,
COOK. 3622 Rooms and board, $5 week; c.fan.
warm: good table; Grand cars
COOK. 3750 Single south room, with good
boara: also front room: all home comforts.
COOK. 4511 Seeond -story front room; good
board; reasonable: other rooms; table boarders.
COOK. 36S5 Elegantly furnished rooms, with
board; private family; younc gentlemen preferred.
PAGE 2047 Large fmnt room; southern ex
posure; rood board, gentlemen or couple; mod
ern; reawonatje.
PAGE 5279 Splendid warm room: unexcelled
family board: very reasonable. Union und
Suburban cars.
PAGE. 4S73 (The Albany; Klnloch 197 Del.)
Xew building new furnishings; steam heat;
baths; low winter rates; first-class service;
PIXE. 291 Two -o.ms. xe-cnl floor, wltn cr
without board: grate nnd frrrare.
PIXE. 3403 Xlcely furnished front room, with
or without board: all conveniences.
PRIVATE famliy has two rooms; can accom.
modate four fentlemen. with board. DD 31,
xtcpuui.c. .-.- , I
ILLINOIS firm of 120 acres, with Jt.rnom
house, barn; fruit, berries; near city and near
depot; prlco $4,200; a bargain.
200 Lincoln, Trust building:.
mnnwmrni-rrrmnm mm
RUSSELL, 4v?34 Phasint room, southern ex
posure, for two. with board; modern conven
iences; Iark cars
SARAH. 121 N--Nicely furn!hed second
ptory front room: good board: also ether rooms.
SUITE of rtXiiw arl board for several re
fined gentlemi n ; ev erv e-onv tn.enc; Compton
Heights: references. DP ISO. Republic
SUBURBAN. 611 Irge. sunnv. warm room
with board, suitable for four gentlemen; fifteen
minutes snlk to Fair
TAYLOR. 423 tNcar Olive) Two warm, pleas
ant, sunnv room--, with best of home cocking.
TWENTY-SECOND. 2320 N Neatly furnished
second-floor front room for gentlemen; with or
without board .
VAN DE VENTER. 0". X. Large front room:
gas bath, heat; vvlth board; $.: gentlemen or
VERNON. 5722 Pcautlful connecting rooms;
bert of beard; couples or gentlemen; cIg'o v
World's Fair. .
VERNON (West Union) Flnt-clas room and
hoard: private family adult; all conveniences;
15 mirutea' walk World's FjI". convenient four
car lln: cne gentleman, $30 month; two, $23
each. DD HE. Republic.
VOX VERDUN. 5572 Beautiful, sunny, steam
heated rooms; pe of table and service: all
modern improvements: fifteen minutes" walk to
Fair: Delmar. Olive cars.
' "-1
- " izr?'Si

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