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Massachusetts' Great Statesman
Cured by Dr. Greene's Nervura.
He Says : " Nothing else could have so invigorated
and recreated my over-taxed nerves and debili
tated vitality as Dr. Greene's Nervura."
Hon. Ex-Speaker Charles .T. No.ves, oue of Massachusetts' greatest and
foremost statesmen, a born leader of men, Senator. Representative, Judge,
Speaker of the Massachusetts House of representative for five years, and
candidate for Lieutenant-Governor of the State, gives a plowing attribute
and testimonial to Dr. Greene's Xervura for the wonderful cure it effected in
his case and recommends it cordially to the people as the surest remedy to
cure and the best medicine in the world.
Hon. Ex-Speaker Noyes tells you what this wonderful medicine, Dr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, has done for him. and advises you to
take it, and get well if you are sick, weak, nervous, sleepless, debilitated, or
run down in health. He assures you that it cured him and he is positive that
it will cure you.
Here is what the great statesman, who has been nine times elected to the
Legislature, says: "Nothing1 could have contributed so much to invigorate
and recreate my severely taxed nerves and debilitated vitality as did this
excellent medicine. Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. To all
needing an invigorating' and permanent restorative to nerve and body, this is
the very best medicine within my knowledge or observation."
If there is anything about your case you do not understand, write to
Br. Greene, 101 Tifth Avenue, New York City. His advice is free.
Your Druggist recommends and selFs
Dr. Greene's Nervura.
Commonwealth Trout Conipnny Hun
Sot Assented to Compromise Plfin
flint Formulated.
New- York. I"el) 3 Although it was
Mated Iat night that the new plan of re
organization for the United btates Ship
building Companj, put out h the Reor
tai rzition Committee and receicr and as
sented to by Samuel Untermejer, on be
half of the- Bondholders Protective Com
mittee, thus settling the main litigation
between thee parties, would be agreed to
by all the large interest", there was no
-sign to-day that the Commonwealth Trust
Compan. successor to the Trust Corapanj
of the Republic, will take a position in ac
cord with it.
It was universale stated that the Com
monwealth Company, as successor to the
eompany financing the shipbuilding com
panv. miRht in absenting to a plan by
which the shipbuilding stock is to be
wiped nut. make itself the butt nf attack
lV stockholders brineinir suit for thp rp-
eoverv- of mnnev invested In stock unless
it should Join forces with such litigants
and place the responsibility elsewhere.
It was stated some time ami that the
directors of the Commonwealth Trust
tompiny lid decided upon bringing ac
tions in the four for the purpose of vin
dicating their honor in the shipbuilding
transactions, and this policy has not been
lot sight of
Steal ?l,n)0 and Leave Him Un
conscious in Snow.
Des Moines, lo.. reb. 3 Two masked
iren bound ami gagged Fred Snvder. a
farmer residing nar Clive. a small town
Jie miles west of here, while he was
milking to-day and secured J1.30), pro
ceeds of a lio-stock sale.
Unconscious from the cold. Snvder was
discovered three hours later and removed
to Ills home. The money was drawn from
the bank to meet some obligations due to
daj. There is no clew.
& Bonbons
Every Package Warranted!
If you buy Lownej's Candies in the
original sealed packages you will find them
fa perfect condition, or money refunded.
"Soivenlr" .... x Ib.60c; Ulb.iSc
"AsMrleai Beutlei" i lb. SOc; lb. 30c.
:?.itt&cX$--' him.
"Golfr" lb. SOc.: 4 lb. SOc.
"loloilil Panel" . i lb. Wc; J lb SOc.
"Chocolate PoppOTalati" 10c and -Joe.
Thoeoltte Alaoadi" lie, S5c. and 60c
"Chocolate Molutel Brittle" lb.!c
Learner's Package are .
. rait Weight. ,
"Van: on Every Piece."
t V"
rknnn lelil Will lie Cat IJottii b
tilt Cold no From S to
SO Per Cent.
rtEPt i;lic "rrci u
Rogers, Ark . I"el 5 Report" from
all parts of the Southwest agree tint the
freeze of January 23 was much more in
jurious than at first supposed, and that
the KIberta peach crop h is been serioul
affected The temperature, ranged from
zero In Central Arkansas to 8 and 10 be
low In Southern Miouri and Kansas
It is erj unusual that such a tempera
ture at this season of the jesr will af
fect the peaches but the mild weather
that prevailed during the greater portion
of Januaiy brought the buds out In ad
vance of the regular time Some of the
growers believe the damage i-s the result
of the Ice that was on manv of the trees
when the freeze came.
President Logan of the Arkansas Horti
cultural Societv reports that there can
not bo more than a quarter of a rrop
arounn him nome town. Klloam spring"
Fajettcvllle growers report that S") per
cent of their Klbertas are killed Reports
around Rogers, Avoca, Garfield and other
peach-shipping points in Northwest Ar
kansas are much the sime. From Spring
field. Republic. Monett. Cavllle and oth
er points In Southwest Missouri come re
ports of serious damage.
The Hlbertas are the earliest peachcye of
this section, and the most Important ship
ping varietv. AH other budded peache.
have been cut down from one half to a
quarter but the seedlings are seemlnglj
safe The seedlings, lio-vever. have no
commerLial value At Van Buren. Ark,
south of the Hoston Mountain" the 10"s
Ls much less, and there is still i chance
for a good showing.
Two jears ago Northwest Arkansas
shipped 230 cirs of Klbertas and, with
the greatlv increased acreage, it hail been
expected that the shipments would be
doubled this vear.
Kxeltemcnt Groin at Mnscncee, I. T.i
mid Mock i! vniicru One Hundred
1'er Cent In a I)nj.
Muscogee. I T. Feb j Th excitement
over the discoverv of oil in this cit con-tinue-
to crow as the indications of a
producing field develop To-day the oil in
tlm first well tint Ins shown it is a pay
ing proposltloi rose SO) feet, and the drill
has not t pierced the strata of oil sand
It was taled on good authoi It y to-night
tint tile well is it stands N a fiftv-barrel
well, and when it Is shot this estimate will
probably be i.iiscd
There has lietn a flurrv on account of
the discoverj and all the big oil compa
nies that are operating in the Southwest
l..ivo representatives here and thev are
covering everj thing thev can with leases.
One difficult; tin v are experiencing is
that the oil bases have to be approved b
the Sccietirv of the Interior, except what
is within the city limits, and all this Ins
been covtred by the local companj that
sank the first producing well
Guffej & Gailev have some leases near
town and Uic Ctalahv people have some
unapproved contiact. The Guffej &.
Gailev- people ale large operators in the
Red fork district, and have also sunk a
number of wells here, but so far as known
they have all been drv. The Standard
Oil Comp-inv has representatives here, but
has no leases so far as can be learned
The town is full of oil men and there Is
con-lderable excitement. Oil stock in the
district where the new well was brought
in has advanced 1C0 per cent to-day.
Laxative Bromo Quinine. To get the
genuine, call fqr the full, name. 25 cents.
1 Isltor From Arkansas.
Washington, reb. 5 Alfred Brfght, a
prominent insurance man of Little. Jtock.
and Judge Montgomery of Jonesboro.
Ark . are in the city en route to New York
on business.
Flocis. Kilibons, Vuhets nail Any Sliaw Hals Aie in liaip
Contiast to tin Ie anil Snow Fine Straus Will J!e Ex
tiemely Fashionable I'oiut d'Esniit and Linen I.aie F.norite
Ti iinmiu"s.
Jk$$r JK wjnBaaLaL 'Vb? B Va. )
y. , --".-,' -" " " I .
LalaBRvvffiaueBTHBBiHrx &' L k Z. .
L MmtLmttKeBmJ&Ll
a . mi ui:i:u HT
T lie color i erne 1 1 11. I 1 it u-mp f r-, the traw W one of the new iou"i
ftvles Tiw ci'.wn i li i ai d siintlv ciastd Suiioundiag the cuvvn in oft.
loo-t fiilds is 1 10 izc i olci velvet and Wiiite silk A full toque pompon is caught
jauntily at the l-ft suit
The first glimpse at spiing ard summer
millinery is like looWni it'" a conscrv
aton from a -:w v-.ov ml 1 ivmi
To bigln wltli- the art of tx'u ning at
tractive 1 ishion- has ra.hed a seienc
that in M.ilni-r is csp-cia'ly noticeable,
and the briliiantlv Pghted show iap '
Idled with hits intended 'or w l-m vveafitr
are slmplv ff-cinating
riowers, feathers, -ibbo-i-s velvet, sum
and suit, and b'g streaming veils the
lightest of eolois and the most airv light
weivcs of straw are in sharp lomrisl to
7rro weatbT and "now u-d ice. bat none
the lc's Is thr-c nlreadv .1 ileniinil for
thoe summer stjl,.- both b womt-i who
nlwnvs think it will to be remit in time
nnI who alo ilaim that bv bujlng so fai
h-'.id or the seison thej "arc enabled to
-crmc original models
He thil as it maj. of course there i
Pnnthcr side to that quistion, tin hai-i
now exhibited arc vertalnlv allurmIv at
tractive. Tine stnws will so it now omii'. b
exnemelv fisiuo-iable in white black a'ul
all the lightest of tolors Th. b ipes ore
m-inv and various Quite flit, with crown
larscr than the brim and trimmed with a
sm ill bunch or two hunches of rnsCs. is
the palest of pink 'traws, hut drap-d oer
th entire hit in soft folds, with jii'i
enough 'ailing over the fan- to pmve it is
a veil, is the most rasclniting of white
Almost without exception the new h its
are trimmed with veils of lac- of th
tinest mish Point d esprit and llren lace
viils are is0 fashi"nabl. and Chantillv.
in both real and mill itio-i. is greitlv in
The fashion is a niot becoming one.
but. the dangtr is v ill le o copieii tint
It mav become too popul ir h"fore tbe
summer is over Then Is notbinj so I e-comln-
as a gracefully arraiif,.d lace v( 1.
but it Is not so eas-.- as might be thought
to arrange it. and consequ-ntl the oni;
Iml design is apt to be s idlv carl'aturl
Th white chip hats trimmed with gar
denias are the newest models, made with
mriliiim-P.ze round crown and nther wide
brim that is turned up sharplv at eithei
Around the crown is a wreath of the
flowers, with bunches of them under trc
brim well toward the had. mi ii nut
massed together at the back, as was tbe
fashion last jear
Tills new tuibin. with inesulir lines, is
a de-irable pattern It tits the head close-lv-
in the b ick. flarinn in a becoming nnn
ner in tlie front Here Is in csce'Ient
comb'nation of plain and fancj strav
braid A lnndsome Hat fan-shape aigrette,
llni'hcd with a Jet srjtar he id. is fistened
against the brim and points to the front.
SCI'VRVfE Ml.lv mFPI.ns.
Adjnstuble SetK in Uifferent Colors
t.lve St llah I'lnre.
The ruffled silk underskirt th it is sup
posed to be worn to match the color of
each separate gown Is a somewhat costlv
accessorj. A clever voung woman, who
aspires to the rv-hionahlo flare and rustle,
has reiched-a happj- solution of the prob
lem by contriving adjustable silk ruffle
sets of different colors, which she fastens
with tinv buttons to a general skirt of
gray poplin
This sime joung womtn has the silk
undergowns of her transparent evening
frocks so constructed that, by the addi
tion of suitable trimming, thej can be
transformed Into charming gowns.
Gray Sinrrel Coat DcFomlng- 4,n
- 1 Outdoor Costume.
The, craze for dressing children entirely
In white shows no sign of abating, and
certainly it is a most charming fad. In a
long white coat with cap or bonnet to
matcbvwjilte, leBStngs. white boots and.
' ...
" - . "
""i Ta 1 "
4 'bJbbS il v
e .- ' '. . i e
- -
' ' . i
v.liite fi r gloves the hrllliTiev of a child's
I'niplesinn sccrrs almost d."-Z7iing. and r-.'ll-ie.
tl'e mosi trviug fur in the world Is
Pov.trlefcs to spoil the effect. -avs llirier's
lti7aar The grav squlrrt 1 co it and cip.
wih jut a toudi of red velvet, is another
i 'coming and effective o.itdoor costume,
.title ugii not a lew fashion this season
Theie has aluavs been a prejudice against
aliowirg children to weir fur. cspctl illv
clo-e to the throit. but the new lo its are
rut to fasten 1 elow the neck, and if there
s not a heavv Interlining anil the oott is
not wren in too mild wetther. there is no
possible reason w in- it is rot inn as
healthful as a beavilj interlined cloth.
now id :itn: a a mi,.
I nee ls tlvvnv-t llei-oniina; Black, n
Good seleelion.
One of the things tlwt the woman who
wa-its to be thoroulilj wU equipped, ic
eordlng to fashion's dct ne. must know
is how to drape her veit correctlv. Know
ing bow w ill mike all the difference be
twen lovfnlness and sniartness
lice veil ' almost alwajs becoming,
e-reciille one of a deep creamv hue. and
lib' k Ls alwav- a. good sele tion
The ven invest in chiffon veils are
those in gun metal colorings, with the
opi.work stitch-rv tint secures tin hems
done in white Violet and purple shades
. r a fad of the moment but i short
existence Is predicted for tin m. Forget-me-not
blues have hail thiirdav, anil are
quleklj liemg replaced bv thoc of a
blu-li lose pink
To assure a graceful arrangement g ith
rr tne veil verv full in tlie f-out and let it
l-ing lrosele down to the throat Then
driw It ensilv around the brim of the hat
.mil faten tlie upper ends together with t
jew i lid nin or a stvlUh buckle permit
ting th- veil to drop downward unc on
lined The front Is thrown caiclesslv
back, half w iv over the crovwi of the
hit. wlere it is held in place with small,
invisible pins V.ith the fashionable
large-brimmed hats in vogue these dnped
veils pre rc-vllv of no practical use It
is therefoie necesarv to wear n thin,
finely meshed veil over the face, ending
just above the mouth, while the upper
edge is tucked under tlie lint its chief
dulv being to secure the wearer's straj
Ing locks.
to nEtit)n fiu it vrii
cn Recipe Cnlla for (inm Camphor
and Whisk.
l"e th- following simple but effectual
rcmedv. and there will be no sign of tne
stain left: To a two ounce bottle of good
v.hi'kv put one helping tablespoonful of
gum camphor Sh ike well before using
Keep the bottle bandv when counting the
soiled rlotlics and applj freelv to ever
fmlt stain Do not rinse it eiut. and when
the articles return from the laundry jou
will llnd them ns spotless as when new.
imi OF V. INTER.
'Tis wlnfr now. the f illen snor
Has left the Iieave.is all coldlj clear;
Through lafless boughs the sharp winds
And all the earth lies dead and drear.
And jet Gods love is not withdrawn;
Ills life within tlie keen air breithes.
His beautv p tints the crimson iHwn.
And clothe, the boushs Willi glittering
v reaths
And though abro id the slurp winds blow.
And skies are chill .mil frosts are keen,
Horn- closer draws her circle now
And warmer glows the light within.
O God' who giv'st tlie winter's cold
As well as summer's Jojous rajs.
Us warmly in tlij love enfold.
And keep us through life's wlntcrv davs
Samuel Ixmgfellow.
Vauve niul ll-l'nrile trc Still Con
sidered 'iiinrl.
In spite of the fact tint purple v as tlie
fashionable color last spring and that
there; have been no end of purple cos
tumes 'ten this winter, tlie smartest of
all tlie new gowns now being made up for
spring weai are those of m luve. violet,
lilac: and all shades of heliotrope and pur
ple. As is the general rule, when the dark
shades of anj color have been worn dur
ing the winter, the verj- lightest shades of
the same coloi m ike their appearance in
the spring walking gowns.
The dark purrjlo rough cloths and
camel ' hair of the winter have given
place to the most exquisite shades, verj
llght cloths, not unlike last jear, with the
The East or California?
In the East :
The Coldest December for 27 Years.
One day it was 17 de trees below
zzto And winter has just begun !
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when California is less than three days from St. Louis?
Send them to California this week on The Cali
fornia Limited.
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tric side lih!s in btrtcs for night re iding. Electric curling irons and many oth:r toilet
conven eacrs Dinirg car meils of highes' ezceliencr, daintily served.
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tacting train's vn all lines, St. Louis to Kansas City.
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fleck of white, -ind on the 7ibnline order,
but in the lightest welgnt broadcloth
Kxeeedinglv pi iln. ilmost sv-re in ef
fect, ire the newest of street gowns, made
on much tbe sanie lines is last veal's
stvles, the side oleated or box pleated
'kirts with lorg light-fitting- coat, ind
not a panicle of tilmmliig on either skirt
or i oat even the beeves in coit-sleeve
sli ipe of medium -izc being unrelieved bv
cuff As maj reidllc be Iiraglned such a cos
tume requires a perfection of cut and til.
Made of the same material and color is
motile r more eliborat' tteie of street
gown, with longer skirt trimmed with
bands of satin or rows of velvet ribbon,
a slioi t j itket. trimmi d to m itch the skirt
and nude witii long, square or roundeel
fionts that ire faced with white cloth or
satin, briided with a round white or sil
ver cord
Embroidered klrtK Hove elvct
Kdgred FlejuiiecM.
Taffeta I": gov lib sreni to have a per
manent hold upon the affections of well
dressed women, and among the advance
fashions that are now exhlbl'ed are tome
cbarmin models
Black taffeta, provided it will but went
well, is a most useful material, and made
with either coat or skirt, o- waisO and
"klrt staj s in fashion for season after sea
son 'I Ins veer then- art qui c distinctive
feitares abo.it the toil and skirt costumes
that make them more than usutllv at
tractive. The flounced sKirt K to begin with, elc
riecitledlv new One. two or three flounces
gathered end edged with black velvet rib
lon two inches wide, headed bv a velvet
cut over h llf an Inch In width, is decided
lv new. The skirt Itself Is gathered into
the bind at the back, and often the gath
ers are -o arranged that the are at the
sides as we'l A short, square cut bolero
jacket is trimmed to m itch the skirt and
his wide flaring s)eeC, a..0 finished with
the velvet. Under the jacket is worn a
laee or chiffon waist, tlie full sleeves of
which show below the sleeves of tlie
incket. A wide velvet bodice is also a
fe iturc of the costume ,
Both colored ind black taffetas embroid
ered like the tambour muslins are among
the new gowns of the spring, ind while
the lilaik or brown are. if possible, the
smartest and certainlv- the most useful of
all. tlie fascinating shades of tan. grav
mauve or a queer violet are so novel that
thej will certainlv- be most popular
A strong pole of the picturesque is to be
noticed in these embroidered silic gowns;
the wide flounced skirts sppin to need crin
oline, while tlie sloping shoulcTer eems. tie
odd cirfs and fichus recall the brmd. flit
lints with ribbons tied under the chin and
the lo-ig ringlets of 1SS) or earlier.
i h.iit-pittim; .ickkt.
Host Mrlklnc Fentnre of Aelvnnee
SprlnK I'nhlnl.
Ierlnp- tlie most striking feature of
the advance spring fashions is the ab
sence of the long-fitted coat, that of hilf
or three-quarter length, which made siieh
a furore for it"Clf among the fashlon-abl-
last season The girl who prides her
self on keeping a conspicuous pi ice In
the fishtonable processions Ins cast It o-t
utterlv. ami his adopted in -its place the
litt e fitted jacket, which comes Just over
the curve of the hip or else one of the
new etops.
This little fitted coat Ls very apt lo take
to itselr the inllltarj lines which are such
an Integral part of the new styles Ami
with its sm-irt braiding, showing the nec
esEarv touch of gold there is a trig ilr
of ttvle about It which Is eminentlv fetch
ing. Others of these little jacket", however,
are fashioned with the scmlfttting slnslr
darted front, and these usuallv fasten In
donrle-brcasted stir, WU, large carved
pearl buttons and a cute little belt fish-
lOIiecl from the noodl nnH tionml ullh
braid or leather passnK around the waist
and showing quite a marked dip In front.
Braiding, too. charai terlzes this stjie. but
its application is llkelv to be more fan
ciful and to partake lc of the serevlty
which characterizes the military stjlcs.
si:n in tub Miors.
I'lat round coin purses are made of
bcadwork, with the top of sliver.
Ruchingsi are shown made of soft crepe
lisse and chiffon and com" in white, pink,
light blue and black.
fjven in stationers Is violet modish, for
some vers prettv and dainty note paper
In a pale violet tint is shown.
leather glove caes are nrovided with I
pockets tor tne tueKing In or the gloves
and these eases are fastened with metal
A prettv fancv bo intended to hold
handkerchiefs is done In burnt wood, with
a design of wild roses colored in the nat
ural tints.
Fin cushlors In 'the shape of a. leg are
popular and the legs, in pink. blue, black
and white, all stuffed ready to decorate,
arc to be purchased
Three little rosebuds made of ribbon on
a green ribbon-wound stem, are one of the
daint) articles in the shoos intended for
coiffure decoration
Ribbon fan and opera bags are to be had
and are very dainty, being made of rb
bons In Dresden effects and colors with
narrow ribbons for drawing them up
One wonders how the shops can sell such
Fplendid kid gloves for the insignificant
sum of M cents a pair. They can he had in
nearly all the street shades and In all
Tan. it seems from the showing In new
spring and summer goods, will be one of
the favored colors One ees the new
Khirt-walst materials is well as materj lis
for street wear in this color.
A small brass contrivance for the smok-
Lea & Perains' Sauce
Add it to Soups. Fish. Roasts. Steaks, Salads,
Rarebit. Game, Chops, Oyster Stews, Macaroni, Etc.
1904. '
In California;
Roses in bloom outdoors Christmas.
Oneday it was 83degrees above zero.
It is always ideal weather there.
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er s table lias rising in tlie renter of a
round brass tray a match receiver On
the four sides of the trav are short hall
rpheres that are designed to hold the
In the lovely Japanese ware are offered
some exquisite small dishes of odd shapes
and the finest of china that would be use
ful In almost any capacity a small dish
could he Used Particularly are thej nice
for salted almond" or for relishes.
Kven note piper Is on the bargain coun
ters, for In one shop there is a lot of fine
paper that shows much lnndling put up
In pucksgesi and offered for a few cents.
Here and there among the lot one may find
a bunch that is exquisitclv fine and per
fectly clean.
Ami now are the valentines conspicuous
In the shops and are displayed in their
usual bewildering arrnv. There's the love
lv kind one likes to get. with all the pretty
love nonsenso one likes to believe In. told
in had verse, and then there's the other
kind the small bov delights in. The shops
are displaving some new designs this jetr
and one can purchase these bits of love
and lace from 1 cent up to $10 each.
Gasoline has proved an effective de
strovcr of ants; kerosene oil will alo
answer the purpose
When canning fruit set jour glass jars
in a pan or warm water. ir on a roicieei
doth which lias been dipped in cold wa
ter. Old stockings cut clown the seam make
excellent cloths for polishing furniture
and floors, as well as oft iron holder.
Uurdoeks car. be killed bv- cutting them
off a little below the surface of the
ground and pouring some kerosene oil
ovet the roots
To keep lemons, let them lie looselv,
uncovered, on a wire tray that will per
mit circulation of air on .ill sides and
underneath. Keep them in a do and cool
If taken in time, a hot lemonade will
often ward off a threatened cold. Take
before letiring. and keep well covered
dining the night. Eat moderately for a
elaj or two.
ntnvs c;hikvaces.
O. I'm sorry I came to this funny old
To be jiggled and Joggled and trotted and
Unless I'm asleep, or nrctend to be so.
'lhese giants all think I must be on the go!
If I'm hungrv. or cry when I wake from
maj nip.
I am soon taken up Into somebodj's lap.
And trotted and shaken and tossed to and
And then I'm expected to laugh and to
When the nurse takes me out in my car
riage hje. bve,
You would tnlnk I might quiet and peace
fully He:
But no. as she wheels me along through
the town.
She joggleji the springs so I jump up and
If 1 wriggle and squirm, and howl for Te
She still seems to hold her mistaken be
lief. But changes her tack, back and forth I
am rushed
Till for sheei lack of breath mv wailing
is hushed.
Oftentimes mv wee mouth Is as drj as a
And of fresh, cooling water I long for a
Not a draft do I get, because they don't
A babj can ever want water to drink.
Our wants are not man), but one thing is
If grown people knew what we babies
Thev'd very soon learn to interpret each
And when we are good they would let us
rrances P. Carson. In the Presbterian.
$20. OO Mardl Cras $20.00.
New Orleans and return Tebruary via
Illinois Central 013, returning March 5
by extension. Write or call for booklet.
NEW YORK-The Italian training ship
Amerigo Vespuci. under command of
Count di Revel, with 301 cadets on board,
has arrived front Bp.HlmoTe.
wonderful discovery
tree, wttn symptoms, addresses ana tes
Arthur I.eon. 10 Years Old, Finds
Men Ransacking; His Home In
St. Lonls Count.
Arthur Leon, 16 jears old, son of Mrs.
Susan B. Leon, principal of the Wcllston
School, captured a burglar In his mother's
home at No. 1262 Delewarc avenue. St.
Louis County. Thursday evening about 730
The burglar, -who gave his name as
Henry. Jackson. Is a negro, about 5 feet 7 ,
inches tall. 23 jearst of age and weighs
about 135 pounds. An accomplice, who was
assisting him in looting the house, es
caped. Mrs. Leon and her daughter, Maud, hadj
gone to church and left a note on thai '
front door for Arthur, asking him to com
after them They left a lantern burning
to attract his attention.
When the burelars entered the house by
vav of the door they took the lantern -j
with tnem. Din leu tne note, vvnen at'
thur entered the house he found the note
and started to read it. when a man In the
rear rcom called to him. asking "Is that
vou. ueiir) :
Arthur started -In the direction from
which the sound came ami the fellow raJi
into the -card and jumped over a fence.
Arthur followed to the fence and then toM
C5 T. Allen, a neighbor, who saw the buX
glar as he Jumped thut he believed there
was another fellow in tlie house and that
he proposed to investigate.
He walked up to the second floor, found
Jackson In his mother's bedroom looting a
dresser drawer and grappled with him.
Jackson started to resist, but Allen's ap
pearance In the doorwaj caused him to.
change his mind and he submitted without
turther struggle.
Jackson was taken to Clajton, where ns
was searched by Jailer Roth. He wore
two pairs of trousers, and In the under
garment a pair of gold bracelets, two
rings and a breastpin were found. Maud
Ieon went to CIaton jestcrday and Iden
tified the jewelry.
A charge of burglary will now be placed
against the prisoner. He refused to gv
the name of his associate, who escaped. Jt
is thought that Jackson recently camo to
St. Louis, as local police officers who vis
ited Ciavton jesterday failed to Identify
.Selection of the Jury Will Be
Taken Up To-Day.
Parmington. Mo.. Feb. 5. The O P. Mc
Carver murder case now up for trial be
fore Judge Sam Davis of tho Fifteenth
Judicial Circuit is attracting more atten
tion than any case for many years.
Prosecuting Attorney B. H. Marbury, It
C Tucker and Walter L. Hensly for the
St ite and Jasper N. Burks. W . S. An
thony and J. A. Abernathy for the defense
are worklrg hard.
Selection of the jury will begin to-morrow.
McCarver is a well-to-do farmer, stock
man and saloon owner. On November 14,
19B. McCarver was drinking in Ryan &
Bentlej's aaloon Harvey Lett, a voting
carpenter, came into the saloon McCarver
asked him to linve a drink. He refused
and McCarver shot him
Ltt d'ed after a fen hours at the
Farmlngtoa Sanitarium. McCarver wss
Indicted November 1G for murder in thai
first degre:-. ard the trial was ki for No
vember J.". Il- applied to Judge A.itr.ony
for a change of venue. The trial was sett
for February 1. and Judge Davis was
c tiled to try the case. '
The Courthouse Is crowded, and Judge
Davis has ordered Sheriff Murphy to lock;
the doors after 9 o'clock.
Plea for SIqkIc Statehood.
Washington, reb. 5, The big single
statehood delegation that has just arrived
in Washington a given a hearing this
morning by the House Committee on Ter
ritories. It was by far the most impres
sive hearing thus far had. and visibly im
pressed the committee with the evident
sentiment of the people of both Territories
for single statehood.
i jv i;vV . ---.

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