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I '-F-'JIT i J i . fiFr r- ifT"""" fr ::!n
To Prove What Swamp-Root, the Great Kidney Remedy,
Will Da for YOU, Every Reader of "The Daily Re
public" May Haye a Sample Bottle Sent Free by Mail.
Weak and unhealthy kidneys ars responsible for
mora sickness and suffering than any other disease.
Therefore when, through neglect or other causes, kidney
trouble 1s permitted to continue, fatai results are sure
to follow.
Your other organs may need attention but your
kidneys most, because they do most and need attention
If you are sick or "feel badly,"' begin taking Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp-Root, the grsat kidney, liver and bladder
remedy, because as soon as your kidneys begin to. get
better'they will help all the yother organs to health. A
trial will convince anyone.
The mild and Immediate effect ol
Bwamp-Root. the great kidney and blad
der remedy. Is soon realized. It stands the
highest for Its wonderful cures of the most
distressing cases. Swamp-Root will net
your whole system right, and the best
proof of this is a trial.
li Cettsge St., Uelrote. Mass
DEAR SIR. Jan. llth. ISM.
-Ever since I itfti In the -Army, 1 had mors
er less kidney trouble and within the past
rear It became severe uid complicated that
uCered everything and was much alarmed
ray strength and pawervwatf fiat leaving me
I naw an advertisement of tSwatnjwRoot and
wrote asking for advice. I began the use ot
the medicine, nd noted a decided Improve
ment after taking bwamp-Root enly a short
time. '
I contlrm.rt'lfs us find Km thankful tn MV
that I am entirely cured, and .strong.' In order
"" be very ewe. about tbt,Jhaa a doctor ex-
amine some of my water 1
n sptend
and he nro-
nounced it all TUbtitnd in splendid condition.
i uwt UHTirar nxfanzp-nsows
L'ttnir Rjramn-Kbar is mm
orely vc-
etablt and does not contain any harmful
drun. TbanKlnr you forirr omnlete recov-
try and recommendinr Bwamp-Root to all
sufferers, I am, en trulv yours, -i '
Tou may hate a sample bottle of this
famous kidney remedy, Swamp-Root,
sent free by mall., postpaid, by which sou
may test Its virtues for such disorders as
kidney, bladder and uric acid diseases.
SPECIAX. NOTE. So successful Is fewamp-Root In promptly curing even the most
distressing 'coses ot kidney. liver or bladder troubles that to prove its -wonderful
merits -you may have a sample bottle and a book of valuable Information, both sent
absolutely free by mall. The book contains many of the thousands upon thousands
of testimonial letters received from men and women cured. The valuo and success of
Bwamp-Root are so well known that our readers are advised to send for a, sample bot
tle. In sending your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co , BInghamton, N. T., be sure to say
you read this generous offer In The St. Louis Daily Republic. The genuineness of
this offer Is guaranteed.
Dressed Beef Concern Claims
Protection in Accident Oases.
The St. Louis Dressed Beef and revi
sion Company jesterday commenced pro
ceedings In tho United States District Court
to recover J2.TM from the Maryland Casu
alty Company.
The plaintiff company states in Its pe
tition that in June, 1900, It entered into
a contract with the Insurance company,
whereby the Jattur. for a consideration,
was to asume a risk and pay all damages,
not exceeding B.C0O, on account of accidents
which -might occrr by persons being run
over and injured by the plaintiff's delivery
wagons in St. Louis.
It la recited that May 23. 190L at Olhe
Every Catarrh sufferer dread3 the coming of winter, for with the first
fcreaihof the "ice-king" this miserable disease is fanned into life and all
the disgusting symptoms return. The nostrils are stopped up and the
throat can be kept clear of mucous secretions only by continual hawking
and spitting. Catarrh is a nuisance
and source of,. annoyance, sot, only ..could not ttpih the tics op a
io me one who Has it. nut everybody
else. The thick, yellow discharge
from thohead produces a feeling of
personal defilement, and the odor of
the breath is almost intolerable.
e The 'catarrhal poison brings on
stomach troubles and affects the Kid
neys and Bladder. It attacks the
soft bopts and tissues of the head
and throat, causing total or partial
deafness, the loas of smell, and giv-
ing to the voice a rasping, nasal
ttratio-. tfonartnitrifir.orlviQ.ir,.
&- - - -j w..,.,.-..
trrn-n if4 Ynrawc. OatnrrU mM
o.W oil ,J. tn ; : ., j:-
J" "l"-"- """ '" " " "-
ease of the blood, and circulates all
through the system, and for this
reason, sprays, washes, inhalers,
powders, and Salves have proven
The way to cure Catarrh thor
oughly and permanently is to cleanse
the blood of the unhealthy secretions
that keep the membranes of the body
inflamed and nothintr does this so
"' . .. .
sureiyanttprompuyasb.a.a. A3 T.sriXiWEE.
long as the blood is poisoned with
Catarrhal matter the discharge of mucus and other disgusting symptoms
of the miserable disease will continue. S. S. S. jroes to the fountain source
rit1-fi'w.Snff and-stwbJiora disease.
tee." --' TH SWIFT
-V x
poor digestion, belnsr obliged to pass
jour water frequently night and day,
smarting; or irritation in passing, brick
dust or sediment in the urine, headache,
backache, lame back, dizziness, sleep
lessness, nervousness, heart disturbance
due to bad kidney trouble, skin erup
tions from bad blood, neuralgia, rheu
matism, diabetes, bloating-, Irritability,
worn-out feeling, lack of ambition, loss
of flesh, sallow complexion, or Brlght's
If jour water, when allowed to remain
undisturbed in a zlass or bottle for
twenty-four hours, forms a sedlmint or
settling or has a cloudy appearance. It is
evidence that jour kidneys and bladder
need immediate Attention.
Swamp-Root Is the great discovery
of Dr. Kilmer, the eminent kidney
and bladder specialist. Hospitals use it
with wonderful success in both slight
and seere cases. Doctors recommend it
to their patients and use it In their own
families, because they recognize la
Swamp-Root the greatest and most suc
cessful remedy.
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and is
for sale at drtier stores the world over in
bottles of twoisize3 and two prices lifty
cents and one dollar. Remember the
name. Swamp-Root. Dr Kilmer's
Swamp-Root and the address, Blns
hamton. N. Y on every bottle.
street and Theresa avenue, Nellie Ileid
man and her husband were injured by one
of the plaintiff company's wagons; that
the former commenced suit In the Dis
trict Court in St. Louis for large damages,
and that a compromise was made upon
the basis of J2.000
The plaintiff alleges that the Maryland
Casualty Company failed and refused to
settle the claim, hence the suit
Lawrence Ilrnce'a Will.
Lawrence Bruce, by Ills will filed for
probate yesterday, directed that his wife,
Betsy, receive a dower interest in his es
tate, and that property which he had con
vejed conditionally to his son, J. Miller
Bruce, be left to him. His son will also
share with his sisters, Charlotte H. Rob
ertson and Janet Mortland, in tho re
mainder of the estate.
Wauontown, Pa., July 13, 1903.
Sear Bits:
I have used S. S. 8. for Catarrh of the
inner ear, and, have found It an excel
lebt remedy for cams. 'I had been
troubled with this disease for years
and tried many things ia an effort to
cat relief, but nothing did ma any
srmaneuv frooa until x Docan a. a. a.
had a di-oharee from mv ea- and m-r
hearing: -was o badly affected that I
could not hear the tick of a dock. I was
in bad ehxpo when I began your med
icine. S. S. S. has done away with tho
ana my neanng nas Dean
ly improved: so jnneh an
now carry On a conversation
in an ordinary tone, whsreaa a. year
jjj jm utuxumry tune.
aco this -was lmrjossibie.
srooaanaiaoaos Hesitate to civo it tho
(credit it deserves.
wo siq op catabbh; in thib-
Krebs, Ind. Tor., Ausr. 1, 1803.
Sear Sirs:
About thirteen years afro I used your
remedy for Catarrh. Ihadbaentronbled
with it for about nine years, but since
with it. I feel able to recommend 8.8.8.
at a Blira tirs for Gstarrh.
M is CQMim
m.., ra
of the trouble and purifies and enriches
the blood, and so invigorates and tones up
the system that catching cold and con
tracting Catarrh is not so likely to occur.
Keep the blood in order and winter's coming
brings none of the discomforts of Catarrh
Write us particulars of your case, and
letotrrT)hvsicran9 helrj von petririAf this
We, make no charge .whatever, fori,
SPECSttGCetfATtJWTA'f $' j
II flll Ifll i
Mrs. Emma Pitzpatiick and
Treatment With a Kock
Stomach of a Deer in
Wounds for Many Hours.
' Wmx.. . . w f m t j
The madstone Is egg shape and weighs ono ounce. It is jointly owned by several
hundred persons.
The application of a madstone to the
wounds of lira. Emma Fltzpatrick and
her son, both of whom had been bitten by
a dog bellev ed to hav e rabies, was appar
ently successful.
The stone was npplled to Mrs. Fltzpat
rick's wound at 4 p. m. Monday and ad
hered until 11 o'clock that night. It was
then cleaned and placed on the wound or
her son's hand, where It remained until 4
o'clock yesterday morning.
Mrs. Fltzpatrick, her son and Doctor C.
C. Kcrlagon. who accompanied them to
St. Louis, returned to their homes in
Bellm lew. Mo , yesterday morning.
The stone which was applied to tho
wounds is in the possession of Doctor H.
L. Miller of No. 1 North Spring avenue. .
The Reverend Doctor Jacob Dltzler,
"tt'ns Pastor of Suppinirtdn Cou-
KTCffatlon in 1SGO.
The 'Reverend Doctor Jacob Dtrzler,
theologian of thej M. E. Church, South,
who nearly fifty years ago was a minis
ter of that church in this city, passed
through St. Louis yesterday on his way
to his home In 'Louisville, Kj., from a
missionary tour Jn the Southwest.
Doctor Dltzler is 73 jears old, but Is
hale arid, hearty, and seldom misses a
day hi his ministerial work. He come to
St. Louis In 1SS0. and was pastor of a
church, tince abandoned, lenown as Sup
plngton M. B. Church, South, on the
Gravols toad A jear later the congrega
tion built a church at Fenton. a few miles
distant, and went to that village for re
ligious worship.
General, then Captain II. S. Grant, was
a member of Doctor Dltzier's church,
while the present head of theDepartment
of the Lakes, General Fred Grant, attend
ed the Sunday school class. Later, Doc
tor Dltzler was transferred to Jefferson
City, Mo , and was made chaplain of the
State Legislature.
This office he held when the war broke
out. Notwithstanding tho fact that he
strongly advocated j. compromise of the
questions which brought on the war.-when
hostilities' began he went South and min
istered to the soldiers of the Confederacy'.
Soon after the war began. Doctor Dltzler
was sent to Europe bj- Jefferson Davis to
enlist the sympathy of England for the
After returning to this country, he en
gaged In missionary work and organized
the first conference of the M. EC church.
South, in Illinois.
Doctor Dltzler had with him a Latin
Bible printed In old Guttenberg type and
which bears tho date of 11S2. The doctor
cioims that it is the oldest work of Its
kind In America.
Lectures at Presbyterian Church.
Mrs. Benjamin, national parliamentarian
of the -Woman's Christian Temperance
Union, will give three lectures on parlia
mentary law for the benefit of the
Margaret McLure Chapter, United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy, at the Grand
Aenue Presbyterian Church on March 9,
10 and 11 The lectures vill take nlace nt
19 o'clock each morning.
Seiuinoles Soon to Beceive Their
Last Per Capita Payinent.
Muscogee, L T., March L The Secretary
of the Interior is making preparations to
sell the i surplus lands and make a. per
capita division of the funds that are to
the credit of the Seminole Nation. The
Seminole is the smallest nation of the
Five Civilized Tribes, and theli affairs' are
the. nearest to final closing.
There are between 3,00(1 and 4.000 mem
bers of tho trlbe.lt Is estimated that their
last per capita payment, which is now in
B-gni ana win De tue closing chapter in
their tribal history, will amount to S20O.
This move Is In response to the earnest
request oi ine cniei anu many ol the most
.prominent men ot ine triDe.
George Collius Informed of Su
preme Court's Ruling.
George Collins. Union Bank robber and
condemned murderer, when informed yes
terday that the Supreme Court had tle
nled his motion for a rehearing, said he
had hoped for something better.
"But," he said, "with the powerful in
fluences against me, it Is all I call ex
pect My lawj era will appeal to the- Gov
ern . If he bhould fail me, I will die
gan it." v
Irish League Meeting:.
A meeting of th branches of the United
Irish League will be held at Trimp's Hall.
Grand and Easton avenues, to-night at
i p. vn. Reports from tho various com
mittees having charge of the celebraUon
at the Odeon on Saturday evening will bo
made. Edward Devoy. president of the
Central Council, will preside.
llalldlnfc Permits.
Imperial Concession Company, two-story In
fant incubator on the Pike- JM.000.
ErdrucFe & Beumtr. mo-story dwelling at
No. Sis IKbert? K.X!.
Herman Scsulte. ons-story clubhouse -and
bowllmr alley at So. 216 Partridge: COM.
Terminal nallroad-Oampan, to build a tm
"SEXcflff y'KCTf S- 'u South Twenty
A. P. De CSunp. to alter and repair factory at
lio. UM McNulty: H-WS.
Boy Go lo Belleview Home After
Said to Have Been Found in the
Russia, and Which Adhered to the
"This madstone, which was found in
the stomach of a deer. Is 150 years old,"
said Doctor Miller. "It was brought from
Russia about thirty jears ago, and came
into the possession of Doctor Frey of
Central, Mo , w ho used it in his practice
for many jears, with unfailing success.
"Some years ago. he became blind, and
the stone was sold for &!0O0. Fourteen
doctors and about 650 families subscribed
the amount, with the understanding that
each should have the use of tho stone
whenever needed
"I hne not heard of a ca-e which was
treated with this stone ending fatally.
One case which Lame under my observa
tion was where three persons were bitten
by a dog affected with rabies. Two of
tho persons were treated with this stone
and recovered, while the third, who re
fused to hav e It applied, died of h dro
phobla. "I hae made similar experiments on
animals with the same result."
Frank B. Tobin Purchases South
Fifteenth Street Lot.
Frank R. Tbbin has purchased, through
the Griffin ReaijiEstate Company, from the
jiew York owners, the property at 32
South Flftee55)irstret. for investment, and
expects to erept lor a tenant a substantial
factory or warehouse building.
. The property cavers a lot 3Jxlu0. and Is
Improved with an old lS-room mansion,
which rents for J90O a year. Mr. Tobln
paid $6600 fomho property, which Is con
sidered Very Jow In the face of the recent
development of the locality for factory
purposes. A new 8-story cracker factory
adjoins on the south.
Ileal Estate Transfers.
BILLON 244 (L SU In., e. . n. t. cor.
lay. city Mock San. also 10 re, e s ,
Graham. 8 e cor. Cheltenham, city
'block 4MS. Theodore G. Hoffmann et
al to Beno Althelmer w. d 1 1.000
BllJiON 244 ft. 8i In . e a , n e cor.
IV ai. city block .30!: also M 1 1 . e
Graham, s. e. cor. Cheltenham, city
block 1S; Beno Althelmer to Henry
Hacaon qtc. d.
BllOADWAY ft . e s . tet. Montana
and Gasconade, rity block 2C09. Walter
Jungmlccel to Fred Mayer and wife
- w. d v
BIDDLE 25 XL. a. I . Jet. Hrteentb and
Sixteenth, city block (S3, Andrew
Bukowaki and wife to Peter bchnel
derman and wife w. d
CIIAMUEKLAIN-CO ft., s s , bet Clara
and Goodfellow. city block 4J60: Gall
Y. Wolff to Clarence O. Cunningham
w. d !
CHDBTNrjT-3 ft. lli In., n s . belng
3)15 Chestnut, city blocs 603; Teresa A.
Rossi to Georgia E. Mne yte. d.
CHESTNUT:! It. 11 In., n g Iwlng
3)15 Chestnut, city block 90S. John
Kinr and wife to Terea A. Roast
w d ....
CLEMENS 50 ft. s s. bet. Belt ard
Clara, city block 4i'0. ;iln l Chris
tian et al ta John R. Williams w. d.
CHOUTEAU li ft., n . s o cor
Friaco Railroad. Caroline B Tiffany
Smith et al. to Slerrltt K. Salmon
w. d s
CHURCH ROAD SO f t . w s . north of
Glmblln. city blooic 420. Wm. Schroe
der and wife to Henrj O. Mueller and
wife, also S3 ft. 2 In , n s . Sells ave .
CHURCH ROAD SO ft. . north of
Glmblln. city, block 4249. also 33 ft. 2
In., n. a Sells av. city block 424S:
Henry Mueller and wife to William
Schroor w a 1
CHAMBERLAIN-W f t . n. s . belne 65TS
Chamberlain, city block 2811- A. A.
Fischer Architectural and Building Co.
to Fannie II. Sbedd w. d 12 000
CHOUTEAU 12 ft. n. s. (a trlangiu lot),
bound north and west by the Friico
Railroad Mcrrltt K Salmon to the
Laclede Ga Light Co spl w d.. ..J E
EI CLID-C4 ft . e. s . bet. Eaiton and
Pare boulevard, city block 3783- An
ton Hartmann and wife to Lizzie A.
Meisel w d 20000
EUCLID 31 ft 10"i in . e r belne No.
1EI4 Euclid, city block 3i83- William
Ferrla and wife to Charles W. Wright
and wife w. d 4 000
FAIRMOUNT-2S f t. 9 in . n s. being
No. COOS Falrmount. city block 4840;
A. A. Fischer Architectural and Bnlld
Ing Co. to Vllray C Tlce w. d 5.9M
FIFTDTNTH-S3 f t . e f bet Clark
and Market, cltv block 209W: William
Elcheruaer to, rrank It. Tobln and
wife w d E.500
GILMORB-100 ft s. s. bet rlorlnsant
and Harney." city block 5131- Henry
A Gulbcr and wife, .by trustee, to
MInan! S. Bowman tr.'s d LCOo
HICKORY SO ft, n, s belnic 2H7 Kick
ork. city block 12T0- Georse A. Lear to
Herman A Hoeussler w. 0. , LSOO
KKNNERLT-2S ft. n . helnu 2349
Kennerly. city bl-c!t 3S44A: Ona Put
nam to JohmTI. Itocene w. d .2.500
IiACI,EDE-:3 f t . s. ' beinr 1 iJl
rledKj rity hlork ISlon. lmtlla r
Itroderlck and husband to Arthur Win.
Oeorse w d S.CC0
LINDLLL-100 ft. n. k bet Lake and
Union, city block 402. rannie H
Shedd to A. A. Fischer Arcolrwctural
and Bulldlnr Comoanv w. -1 toM
LUCKY-a ft. s. s. bet Vanleventor
nnd Warn city block 1637. Pt Anno s
widow' Home. LllHK-In Tfopltal and
Foundling Asylum to rrank Martin
w d j- r. C00
MARKFT 7S ft. s. i. bet Tn enty-Mrst
nnd Tvr.ntv..,'mv1 fltv l-lw-I, 1tot
Turner T. Lewis to Market Street Reai
Etat Oi otr, d . J
MARYLAND N s.n e. cor Newitead;
rlty block 3S09; Michael raucette to
David N O'Neil w. d 11.640
MARYLAND 100 St. n. x . bet New
Mead and Boyle city block 2900; Joepi
W. Moon and wife to Albert J. Francis
w. d 10000
MARYLAND-100 f t n. a . bet. New- '
ptend and Bovie. cltv b'ock T301- Albert
J. Francis and wife to Jo.eph W. Moon
rii?I--N. "s" 'bVlnT Vli'l" 'Pine,' ' i' I ty 'block
504; Wm Hmry Edrar and wife et al.
to John D Tobln w. d s 000
PLOVER-iT ft Sit In , n. .; Lincoln
Truit Co. to Henry H. Barth w d,... 4J1
PAGE-55 ft. C In., n. s , bet. Spring
and Prairie, city block 1SC5: Bridget
E. Teckenbrock and husband, by trus
tee, to Samuel S. Williams tr.'a d..... 40oo
PAPIN 7- ft. n. s. bet Twenty-third
and Jefferson, city block 220E John
T,. Sutton and wlfa to Schuchman
Realty Co w. d.
R1DGBJ-23 ft, -0 8 , bet .King's JiUth
way and Academy cltv block 37S9:"
Annie Fllraln? and liuxband in rtn-,p
Aberer and wifo w. d
RIDCE SO ft-, n. as bet. Academv and
Union, city block TBI- Oscar Aberer
.n1 wlf to Annie Fleming w. d
STHWArtT IS tU. c -. bet. TVUls nd
nidire. city block S913: Rose M. Knn
nedv to Jcieph B. Mettler and wife
w d f .... ,....
TWELFTH 2t f t . s . bet. Gever and
AU.n. cltv block 671; Eleonora Bozdech
to Frank il. Bozdech w. a......
ThoPopnlnr Idea. ,
The LoulBiaria, Seventh and St, Charles,
is selling the best rye and sour mash
whisky lit the city for 10 cents.
Gas Cookim
The Laclede Gas Light Co.
cipal stove dealers throughout the city to sell
Ranges at wholesale prices, as follows:
Standard Ranges, with 16-inch ovens, $16
Standard Ranges, with 18-inch ovens, $18
Cash or small monthly payments if desired. These ranges will be connected
by the Gas Company FREE. Order early to avoid dela'.
The Laclede Gas Light Co,
Three District Court") Itender Differ
ent Opinions on the I.egnl
Itatc of Interest.
Muscogee. I. T., March 1 What Is the
penalty for usury In Indian Territory? Is
a question that is uppermost in the minds
of bankers and trust officers In the Terri
tory at this time.
Judge Raymond of the Western District
has decided that usury shall be punished
by a forfeiture of both principal and. inter
est. Judge Gill of the Northern District
has decided that the penalty is forftlturo
of tho Interest only. Judge Tonnscnd of
the Southern District has decided that
there is, on account of conflicting laws,
no such thing as usury in Indian Territory-
least, no penalty.
Thero are ninety-nine national banks in
Indian Territory. These pre, of course,
under national banking laws. In addition
to theso thero are perhaps as many more
IJrtvate banks and trust companies. Tho
aws of Arkansas apply to these. In so far
as there Is any law applied, and fixes the
legal and contract rate of Interest the
same as In Arkansas. A bill Is now pend
'"S ' Congress to moke certain sections
pr the Oklahoma statutes appllcablo in
Indian Territorjvand these fix the rate of
interest at 7 per cent and the contract
rate at 12 per cent. The penalty for usury
ui imeruat only.
Bankers will hail with delight the pass
age of this measure. They are now all at
sea as to the question of Interest and as
the three Judges mentioned, who have
rendered a different opinion on the mat
ter, compose the Court ot Appeals. It looks
as if the matter is a long way from set
tlement unless by act of Congress.
If the law is construed to make forfeit
ure of principal the penalty for usury,
most of the banks In the Territory would
bo readv to close their doors, and a good
many of them would have to. The bank
ing business in the Territory, where there
Is no land title for hanbasls,-rs different
from most places- Hie risks .are-, greater
and the security- of a less stable .nature
than In the States The expense In every
line of the banklnc business is greater.
The banks have to have a high rate of in
terest to make a satisfactory dividend, and
most of them fix the rate of Interest ac
cordingly. The Hankers' Association, at Its spring
meeting, will take the matter up and ak
that It be put on a satisfactory basis.
Illinois Marshal's Eyes Injured by
Alleged Army Deserter.
Robert J. Cartwrlght. an alleged deserter
from the United States Army, attempted
to escape from the custody of Marshal
W. C. Gordes of Mount "Vernon. Ill , who
was on the way to Jefferson Barracks
with him yesterday, by throwing red pep
per into the officer's ejes.
Marshal Gordes had arrived at Union
Station about 9 o'clock with the prisoner
and was taking him across the street to
Nineteenth and Market streets for break
fast when CartWTlght tried to get away.
Although nearly blinded. Gordes follow ed
the prisoner across the street and caught
him. Patrolmen McClelland. Murphy and
Schmolinskt went to the Marshal's assist
ance and overpowered Cartwrlght,
The marshal was taken to the City Dis
pensary, where the pepper was removed
from his eyes. The plijslclan stated that
his condition was not serious, and Cart
wright was taken to the Barracks in the
To Investigate Dynamitiug of
Post Office at Humphreys, Ark.
Post-Offlce Inspector Dice, In charge of
the St. Louis division of the service, jes
terday sent Inspector Craig to Humphreys,
Ark., to Investigate the dynamiting of the
post office there last Sunday night by per
sons vvno oujeciea to ine negro .fosimaster.
"If the case Is as reported, and the post
office was blown up." said Inspector Dice,
"it was a pretty bold tilece of work."
Inspector Dice declined to say whether
he had received special Instructions from
Washington, directing him to make a thor
ough investigation. He said, how ever, that
action in mat airecuon woucu aepena upon
the report irom inspector mrroig.
West, North and South That Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablet, are Aaelnt:
Against AH l'ornn of Stom
ach Trouble Can Only
End One Way.
Dyspepsia Will Be Driven Off The Earth;
The great and effective work of Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets Is no longer confined to
America. They are being used now ail
ov er the world, for their fame has spread
inruunoui loreign countries anu they
cure dyspepsia In all lands and all climates
Just as well as they do at home. In fact,
surroundings and conditions never Inter
fere with the successful work of Stuart's
D spepsla Tablets, not even the conditions
of the stomach itself. They go ahead in
their own natural way regardless of the
stomach, and digest the food that the bad
stomach cannot digest, and permit that
organ to do Just as It pleases, rest up,
take a 'vacation, get well or what-not. The
stomach, however, always makes it a
point to get well when It has nothing ele
to do. That's what stomachs always have
done and will continue to do when they
have the opportunity.
A promlnsnt Detroit physician sayv: "I
prescribe Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets for
all cases of stomach trouble. I have tried
many prescriptions, including a number of
my own. but find nothlnjr that gives such
universal relief as this remedy. They are
natural, harmless and thoroughly effective
In their work, and while I have a natural
antipathy to patent medicines, I do not
hesitate to prescribe and recommend Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets on all occasions."
Stuart's Dj spepsla Tablets are for sate
by all druscists at flftv cents a box. They
are so well known apd their popularity Is
so great that a druggist would as soon
think of being out of alcohol or quinine.
The above testimonial of the physician Is
no exception. In fact, physicians aro pre
scribing them all over the land, and-lf your
own doctor is real honest with you he will
tell you frankly that there Is nothing ptv
earth so good for dyspepsia' as Stuart's"
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Red Coat Lap Seal Roofing
As Applied on Buildings. The BEST because of its APPEARANCE,
able for ALL BUILDINGS and CLIMATES, fully guaranteed.
Hi mug iinril timr prepared roaHiit Mt!i ws meaning', tal ire BisificUren it
. . . We Carry a Full Line of . . .
Office and Salesrooms, 202 N. Twelfth Street.
(Bell Main 4STS,
I KtnlocU 202U.
J. r. McMarray Teleeraphs to Gov
ernor of ChJclrasavr nnd Choctaw
Nations to Come to Washington.
Ardmore, I. T.. March L-J1. F. McMur
ray, one of the attorneys of the Chicka
saw and Choctaw nations, w ho is in Wash
ington In conference with the Department
of the Interior, has telegraphed the Gov
ernors of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Na
tions -to come -to "Washington to discuss
the propriety ot making a new treaty.
It is understood that one ot the matters
to be taken up In the new treaty will be
the further restrictions of citizenship In
the tv.o nations in an endeavor to get rid
of some of the complications now exist
ing. It is also proposed to confer absolute
Jurisdiction upon the legislatures of these
two nations with referenco to the ex
npndltnrA nf tribal revenues.
By amending the law It would be possi
ble for the Chickasaw and Choctaw Na
tions to make appropriations for what
ever source they saw fit, without the Sec
retary of the Interior passing on the pro
priety of the appropriations. Under the
present law the nations can appropriate
money for their legitimate government
expenses only. '
It will be remembered that the last ses
sion of the Chickasaw Legislature appro
priated a considerable sum of money to
compensate their attornevs in the citizen
Rhin cast's. Secretary Hitchcock immedi
ately Issued orders to his subordinates in
the Territory that thi money must not
be n.ild unless nDDroved bv him. The re
sult Is It Is held up.
EVANS' ALE the same honest, nut
brown, foam-crowned ale for IIS years.
Unusual Clause in Indian Appro
priation Bill.
Muscogee, I. T., March L The Indian
appropriation bill, whlch'carries the funds
necessary to keep the wheels of the In
dian Territory branch of Government in
motion, has a very peculiar clauso in it
and one that will cause a demoralization
in the working forces In all the depart
ments here.
Tho provision Is that none of this money
shall be paid to any officer In the Govern
ment service until ne nas taken oatn tnat
he l not In any way connected with a
private business enterprise that has to do
witn leases and sales or lanus Deionging
to the Indians.
This Is a. straight shot at the Dawes
Commission, and will nlso catch moit of
the onicers in tne oiner interior aepart
ments, many employes and some In the
Department of Justice.
-While most of the officials could make
the oath that the companies in which they
are Interested have not and are not now
doing such business, yet In their charters
there is a provision for business of such
nature, and this comes within the letter
of the law.
There Is a general belief here that If
the matter comes to a showdown, the
members of the Dawes Commission will
resign, as will many other officials. The
end ot their official tenure is now in sight,
and at best they could hope to hold their
offices but a short time. It was In view of
this very fact that most of them had be
gun to look around for legiUmate Invest
ments, so that they would be in position
to enter private life and make their homes
in the Territory.-
I Funeral of Mr.. Klntclng.
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Klntzlng will
take place this afternoon from the family
residence, No. W31 Minerva avenue. Tho
services will bo conducted at the house
by Doctor Charles and the Reverend Dob
son of the Second Presbyterian Church.
Mrs. Klntzlng was S2 years old. and was
born'on tho Bite where the Southern Hotel
Is now located. Appendicitis was the cause
of her death, after on illness of only a
few days.
announces that arrangements
have been made with the prin-
Standard Gas Cooking
1 interested nd should know
about tho VTOLdafa
MARVEL Whirling Spray
TbenrrTii8rrtr. in.
tioaandSuctwu Best saf.
aon uotmsienfe
minima miMirjfc
tin rsnnotsaDPly tb O
wfiltl ttf.. ipmilnil
otbsr, but tend stamp for a-
fnnvt.rrlrnlkn.nd direction 1&-
..in.hlntnlkdlfl. 7ltARlI. C0.
i ukiu ii Times BdCnA.CT Varlc.
E-ort fULK BT
WolfT-Wilson Drug Co.. 622 Washington ar-
Judge & Dolph. B15 Olive st.
Johnson Bros.. Broadway, and Franklin.
Superintendent Rlchnrdson Explain.
Grind Accomplished by House at
Refuge Manual Training- System.
The first session of the School of Philan
thropic Work was held jesterday after
noon in the assembly room of the Provi
dent Association and wa3 largely attended.
Because of -the absence of the president.
Professor A. P. Winston. W. H, McCIaln,
general manager of tho Proyident Asso
ciation, presided and introduced, tha two
The Juvenile Court and the probation
law were discussed by Deputy Probation
Officer James E. Dame, -who briefly out
lined the present system of handling
jouthful offenders and compared It with
tho old methods, which, he said.-ibordercd
on barbarism.
A. P. Richardson, superintendent of the
House of Refuge, spoke on the scope of
that Institution, and particularly empha
sized the great good being accomplished in
the manual training department. In which
all Inmates more than 12 years old are
engaged a part of eachday,
M. Richardson also exhibited samples
of the different kinds- of work. A large
table at one end af the room contained
goods from the bakeshop, which, he stated.
supplies an or tne city institutions witn
bread. There were also samples from the
carpenter shop, dressmaking department,
shoeshop, and some fancy needlework
made by the female Inmates.
The next ses.on will be held. Friday af-
superintendent ot ?'"iint Rose Hospital,
will lecture on "Tuberculosis;" Doctor
John H. Simon. City Health Commissioner,
wll lalso speak.
Ladles try an Oyster Lunch while shop
ping. MUford's 207 and 209 N. Sixth st-
T Furnish Union Station Post Office.
Guy C. Gould, assistant superintendent
ot the,Dlv)sIon of Salaries and Allowances
of the Post-Offlce Department at Washing
ton, called on Postmaster TjTyman, yes
terday. Mr. Gould is here for the purpose of ar
ranging for the supplies and'flxtures for
the Union Station annex. Postmaster Wi -man
said that Indications are that tlio
annex will be ready for occupacy about
March 15.
in proper food
Grape-Nuts j
For tbe weileit Slessacii. g
There's a xeasonv f
"--ssKfiS' vL"zfm
n. Vi. ME .LZrm'
WWMzmp. i
Bffljr m j
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