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T H -)8j---s.t-'--,-5?t9
WOTJ'LL FIND it easy to save nionej' if 3011 open a
with this Company and deposit a small sum every pay day.
M One dollar or more will gtart the account $
m Open every Monday evening until o'clock. m
clients of the
enjoy practically
the same conven
iences as local
depositors. Full
information will be
sent on request.
207' N. Broadway
General Conditions at Opening
Are Bearish, but Later Buying
Strengthens the Market.
,, Grain prices -srere Harply hlgrher at the
close of Saturday's market. At the open
ing there was some, weakness caused by
lower cables and lack of outside bt.jinc
Interest, but there were so many symp
toms of another bull movement by local
and Chicago manipulators that prices
quickly rallied. Few traders cared to go
'short over Sunday-, and those who alteady
were short rushed to coier. Armour was
raid to be the moving force behind the
advance In Chicago, and a local operator
was said to be looking after the bull cam
paign here.
Corn opened easy, but later had fairly
good support and closed higher In line
with wheat
Cnah Grain. Flcrrr, Etc.
WHEAT By sample, del.: No. 2 red at J1.C5S4
local and Jl WLv6t- destination: No 3 red
nominally tlS-LM, ro. 4 S5895C, selling at 90c,
.No, 2 bard at S0?2c for choice to fancy, and
ordinary- quotable SSc. No. 3 hard at 83SSc.
ho. 4 bard at 7!$lc
CORN Stronger and selling well; local at
45V: far No. 2. No 3 Tellow and No. 3 ublte.
del, elevator, and 43c for No 3. destination at
424e3c for No. S, MiiS-ilc for No 4. 37c for no
grade, 4ZW43k434c lor No
424434o for No. 3 yellow and 4243c
for No 3 white.
OATK Qf Kamnle. on trie.: No 2 at 42c. No
3 at 40c. No 4 at 38394c No 3 white at 45c.
No 3 do at C4&444C. No. 4 do. at 40lc t0
elevator and 424c local
KYB Nominally 67c for No. 3 and Ko for
No 3.
FLOUR Red winter: Patent S S54?i; straight
S4 704.SO, extra fancy 34.554 oS. clear at 33.0
04 10. foregoing In wood, low to medium grades
at 32,753 25 In lute. Hard flour in Jute sks .
Patent 33.9004 15; straight S3.oH2 75: clear 33 13
67 40. extreme low grades at Si C5Q2.75. spring
rctent J4.5')iS4 63 bulk. Foregoing prices for
lets in wood from first hands, trk. or depot this
side Orders higher.
RE FLOUR Pure, lobbing way. at S3 BO In
lute ska. and 33.99 la wood, mixed and Inferior
'cORNlIEAL. ETC. F. o. b : City meal $2.7:
grits, hominy and pearl meal 32,80
BRAN No bids or offers. At mill bran sells
at 90c and Bhlpstuff at 31.0561.10.
IIAT Market basis V. trk.: Timothy Choice
13. No. 1 311.6312 M; No. 2 3JS11. No 3 36
g Clover No. 1 310; No. 2 S8ffl3. cloer. mixed.
310B1O 0 for light ard 3! Eofi9.50 for heny
mixed, choice No. l Hso w; no 2 jwb.w
3TR W Tnsat and oats on trk., 37.
WUISKT-On basis of 31.31 for hlghwlnes.
m t)
St. Loala Future Price.
Closed Ranged Closed
Friday. Saturday. Saturday
W heat May 894 89 ES2 92
July S6lJ b 83X.S87H 87i
Sept. 5' - E4i b
3om May 45 a 45413461; 464?ii a
July .. -tTjl b 4n.45'I 4S4 .
Oats-SUy .40ff b &.... 40-b
Stocks of Grnln In Store.
Saturday. Frldav Last Yr.
Wheat 4.561.6M 4 614.SX5 3.020012
Ctm C68.236 7o,47j 273,aS.
Oats .. 85.534 86 775 ll.fcs
Ttje 10 010 9,780 35 606
Barley 16 342 15 284 7.2S3
No 2 red wheat ...3,S34,3e9 3 97.402 1.047.110
No 2 hard wheat 319.101 .Tli.ro 41.197
No. 3 mixed corn . 249 622 249.578 64 350
No. 2 wbl'e com. 32.585 1 227 23.700
No 2 ellow com . 1H 033 57,559 4,545
No 2 mixed cats 21.723 21.723 44 E2
NO 2 rje 4.9SI 4.9SI 16,621
Prodnce. t 1
Butter Higher for best grades Creamery
Extra. 25B2-4C firsts 21S214C. seconds lc
Ladle-packed Extra 18c. first 15c Dairy
packed Fancy 1MJ20C; poor to fair 15c Coun
trj roll Choice 13c, packed and ordinary llv-c:
grease stock 45c
Egg"-Recelved. 2.60G (legs local and 2.423
pkgs tltrough, shipped 2,603 pkgs . market 154o
case count. , , .
Cheese Northern, on orders- Twins at lie:
ningles U4c. daisies lUic. Young Americas
114cr long horns 114c New York twin liuc.
llniburger ll12c. poor 703c. fewtss 15c Jor
choice. No. 2 at IQffUc brick 12ai2Hc
Pork", f o b. New standard mess In Jobbing
was closed nominally at 334.35..
Lar4 Choice steam on E. side closed nomi
nally at 6.SSc. kettle-renderd 7T"OS4c
Green .Hams. Etc. Car lots held f o b E.
side thus: Hams-IO-av. at T.c, 12a t ssc:
Its and 16s at 9Hc: 18s at 34c. 20s at 104c.
Ilklnned Hams 16s and lsyHs li,c 2zd.4s ut
I04cc -Calif ornlas at 64664c: New York shoul
ders (1012-av,) at 6,c. From the block, del :
Hams at c to 4c for run of house: bellies at
c to 9Wc. as in average: California at 6c;
New.Yoric shoulders at 6c
D f3. Meats To arrive, loose cured c'ribs.
tloed nominally: 40645-av. at 7.20c and 50-av.
I 25cj c a, f Bid. lots In Jobblrg way ranged:
Extra shorts at 75c c'rlba 7ic, short clear
t tc. 1eilleJ.at 8cto9c plates at Cc. fat
backs at 64c. suniard backs at 7?c. Orders
charged .feigner.
Bacon Bid. . c. meats In a Jobbing way
Rnged- Breakfast bacon at from 10c for heavy
144c for choice light: hams at He to 12c;
Callfornlas at 7HSJ"4c. New York shoulders at
t4c. Plain smoked bxd. lots In a Jobbing way
ranged: Extra shorts at 8Sc: c'ribs at Sic:
abort dear at Hc; bellies at SV, to 1054c;
plates at 7c fat backs at 75.C standard
backs at S5-c. Dealers charged higher on or
ders Oleo-Stearine Nominal at 7H7.c
Tallow Firm Counlr No. 1 run at 5c: No
2 do at 4-c. cake at 5'sC Packers- prime
nominal at 5SS5"t.c
Grease Quote small irregular lots countrv
Brown 34c, vellow 3it Si-., and wnlte 4V.c to
5--e. latter for choice We quo'e packers" stock
nomlnallj Brown 4844c, vellow 4i40v-c, white
Href On orders- Bbld Plate 37 50. roll and
Fulton Market 39 50. mess $3 Dried, per lb
Pets lOlic, ln'ldes He, knuckle 13c. outside 9c
Ton-rues 12V-C to 144c per lb
Live Poultry Turkes: Average receipts 33c
Chickens Hens and oung sound lOVjc- Old
roosters 5c Ducks U4c Geese 6S7c Capons
(S61) lbs) 16: capon" light, lift 15c Guinea
cnickens. per doz.. J2. Live p'geons and squabs,
per dot. 75c,
Dressed Iced Poultrj Turkevs: Choice of
light medium at 13c; choice heavy at 13c
Chickens fcpring cr hen at l(vsio4c roosters
at 6c Ducks 14c Geese TBfc Foregoing
figures for choice cnl
Game Ducks, undrawn, per dT : Mallards
12 50. bluewinjr teal J2.50. greennlne teal :.
mixed and wood Sl.M Jacksntpe U.'-i. Rabbits
Choice fresh, per doz , 50c. Opossum, each.
15c to 4c
Fresh Fish Black bass at 12c, crappie at Cc
for small and Sc for large; dressed cat Sc.
.spoonbill cat 6Hc; bullheads, drtssed Sc and
gross 6c: buffalo, gross 3c. drescd Re. Ger
man carp, dressed 4c large gross 24c and
small dressed 3c: sunflsh 3c. white perch 2c
Veals Quote at 5SS4c per lb. for choice to
fancy, heretics and thin at 3S34e, sheep at 3
trtc. old bucks and ewes at 2463c, lambs at
5854c thin lambs not wanted.
Fruits and Vegetables.
The Republic auotations are for lots In first
hands, unlees otherwise specified Small lets
on orders are charged higher.
APPLE Per bbL Tiastem Baldwin, spy and
greening 33, king 34; mixed arletj. choice. 32.50
4J2 75. seconds 31.7532 30. ete-n Ben Davis.
Wlnesans. wltlnnfulrr rtnmnn wat,tir n i.
3 15for choice. S:fe2 25 for seconds, genetihg Ji
TANGERINES-Florlda. In double bxs.. S5S
5.50 for choice.
ORANGES Florida brlghts or rusets 32 27B
3.50 per box del, Calilorn a navels 31.15 for
choice to 32 25 fcr fanci at auction
PlNEAPPLEi Stead j. Cuban J2S3 per do:.,
Florida 33.50fr4 er crate
GRAPE FRUIT Florida at 3t37 per box
LUMONfe California on trk.. 12 for choice to
S2.&0 for fancy at auction, new Messina from
store 3iS3 50.
LIMEfc-Per 100. 31.6082.
UANAN.AS JuotabIe at J1B2 a bunch on
COCOANUTS Per 1,000, K trk.. 330. Jobbing
way. S3 50 per 100
bTRAWBERRIEe-Quote Florida refrigerator
stock at 25c per quart, according to condi
tion: Texas icntllaied i-ratM SI fnr rhnlra In
35 for fancy ripe per 6 gallons
POTATOES-On trk. In car lots. Wisconsin
rural KSSSIxv and Michigan 9495c. Wisconsin
rltoasj-st50cr-Colorado-7icd- rural Kftc.
and triumph 31 2031.25. Northern early Ohio
SlJS&l.ls Red BH 31.25; rose SI 01 05.
OKJONS Red globe ikd. 3101.30. del. red
.Veathersfield and yellow, skd Si per bu del
CABBAGE New iork Danish and Holland
wedtfrom 35C55 for choice to fancy per ton,
aeL On orders 3Jtc per lb Red cabbage 2c per
lb , Nerw Orleans new at S2fr2rt0 per quaru
CUCUMBERS tastem hotcouse. fancy large.
3112521 50. New Orleans 3161 25 per doz., Mori
da bo. bxs. S3 50JJ3.75.
TOMATOES FJO'lda 6 McSl 40 for No. 2,
32 for choice to 32 4)32 63 for fancy.
BEETS Home-grown wflCSc per bu looe:
New Orleans 40c dox.. Louisiana (small) 25c
LETTDCE Home-grouii CCJ70c pet" bu . New
Orleans head lettuce 34 3035 per cbl.: Flor da
choice 31 25B2.10 per hamper. 31 5082 for good
to 32,25 for choice.
CARROTS Home-grown 55c bu. box. New
Orleans 45c per doz.
TURNIPS Home-grown, per bu , globe 65c:
flat 35&40c. New Orleans 45c per doz bunches.
PARSNIPS Home-grown 60873c per bunch
and 32 boL
CELERY California, per crate, white plums
33 75. and golden heart at 3313.25. celery
roots 25649c per doz.. New Orleans 253740c per
doz bunches
STRING BE1NS Dull: Florida round green.
Choice. 32 per bu.
SQUASH New Cuban 31 60 pr 14-bu crate.
MVEET POTATOi-S atfiady. Bermuda 60C,
Queen 6OSZ60C. cllow Nansimond 70tr75c; red
Nansemond 80c: 111 . 2-3bu. box Queen offered
at 40c
SPINACH Sleadv- N O 43e tier doz.
bunches: La. 40c per doz; bome-grown 40S50C
per bu loose
SAUERKRAIIT-City make- kegs 3125- half
bbb 34. bbls 37 50 and casks (1: gals) 313
HORSERADISH Choice 3CS6.50 per bbl. on
BRUSSELS SPROUTS-Choice at 15c per
GREEN PEAS Offerings poor and ranging
from 50c(ll 50 per hamper
LEEKS N o 25g30c pfr doz bunches.
f-PANISH ONIONS New 3125 per crate,
CAUIJFLOWER-Callfornla J2.25S2 50 per
RUTABAGAS In bulk. 45c bu del
PARbLEY New Orleans 25630c per doz. La,
25e per doz.
RADISHES N O . per doz . 40c for red to
45c for white. Louisiana. 2-3 u box. 31 25.
SHALLOTb New Orleans 4va50c per doz.
bunches. Louisiana 40c per doz
Ml'faTARD GREENS Louisiana and N. Oi
45C per doz. .
KOHLRABI New Orleans 35c per doz for
large and 2ic for email burches
PEPPERS Stead . Fla 6fl 31 for choice
rsI'MRO Choice Fla S3 50 per 6-basket crate
EGGPLANT Florida at S2.23S3 per crate
KALE Arkan-as sk 32.251(2 30 for choice
Quote dry flint: Texas butcher OS lbs. and
over) at 16c, fallen at lSUc, all Texas light
(under IS lbs.) at ll4c; native and Arkansas
at 15c latter on selection 16c for No 1 and
14c for No 2), glue at 9c; drj -salted at 13c:
green-salted round at 74c; good Mlssoutl ana
Illinois 7?tC green-salted on selection at S4c
for No 1 and 74c for No 2, bulls or dead green
lc !e3 glue 44c Horse hides Green No 1 at
S2.75. No 2 at 31.75, colts, ponies and blues at
31. all dry at 75c
Mo and I1L
Med comb .
cloth mxd 21 0214
Ccthlng ... 20 e2G4
Low & braid 19 ir20
Ihirry - clear 174a IS
Hurry- 17
Hard burry...-13 6134
Light fire .. IS K1V
Heavy line . .14 Q144
Lamb 18 U"4
Tex., I T i. Oit
Med . 12 mo 18 IJ20
Med . 6S8 mo 17 8184
Ccarse . low 14 -313
Light flne II SJ164
Heavy sandy lti 4j;i2
Ark & houtberr
Med ifleeces) 20 B204
Med (loose) .18 6184
Hurry .. . .IS 6154
Hard burn... 11 Sll4
North A. "Western
Blight med .19 20
Dark med . 15 816
Lirht fine 14 en'i
Heavy buck . 10 612
No 1 304631
No 2 24 (7214
Burrv 20 021
Angora Goat Hair
Long 24 B23
Short , . 22 623
Low and burry le6J.
Raccoon Opossum
No. 1 large S M No 1 large 60
No, 1 medium .... 60 No 1 medium .... 31
No. 1 small 50 No. 1 small 15
No 2 .. ....., . 50 No M I..
.No. 3 20 No 3 3
Nft 4 . ...v 10 Trashv worthless,
'Mink Red Fox
No. 1 large 1 70 No 1 large 2.00
No. 1 mtclum .... 1,15 No 1 medium .... 1 50
N0.1l email ""I No 2 1 CO
No. 2 .. ..., .... 7J No 3 SO
No "3 25 No 4 15023
No. 4 -. , 13 Grav Fox
Skunk No 1 large .i.... 70
(Prime, as to size ) No. 1 medium .... 0)
Black 70S73uNo 2 ,r 33
Short stripe.... ...3860 No. 2. .. 25
Narrow stripe 55t?4 No ,4 15
Broad stripe.... lOtflS Otter
Texas 15J39 No 1 large ....,..Ufjl2
Territory 354r4) No. l'medium .... 8.00
Blue or unprime le- No. 2 6 Oo
TAild cat.. 10-32" No. 3 3 00
CIret cat ,. 15 No 4 1 59
Badger 5fi25 Wolf
House cat 5fcl5 Prairie, round.. 303S1
Muskrat 13S3l Timber. 50jf si
Ben- S1H12 itenver lfif.'m
Northern 30 per cent more than foregoing,
Miscellaneous, Markets.
R.'if ,SEEDS.X: Quote current receipts of
r?.' '"ViT Jh: ??yer at S3 to S10.23:
vv,,.oi " rf - i reaiop at n to 34.V).
HuSKSiTiVn at 3L2J to SI 50: millet at 90c to SI 25
l-Orders are charged higher. .. 7
V-iV- '-A2i v nippoorwin se,llng at U.30
to 31 35 per ba Other kinds nominal.
SpRGHUM CANE SEED Latest sales at Sic
per loo lbs for poor In 31 fcr prime.
ONION SETS Latet sate at St 30 per bu-
SUNFLOWER SEED-Quote J2.SJ per 100 lbs.
HEMP SEED Latest sale at 3173 per" 100
WHITE BEANS On ri, trk lo car lots:
Choice, hnnd-rlcked pea offered at 31 95(?1 "6
I er bu . machine-picked at 31 3391 SI and prime
nt SI "0411 "1 From store w hite benns at $1 S
to SJ.05 for choice hand-picked pea poorer
grades less. Lima at 4f(4l.c per lb lentils at
4ff4iAc. California pink at 3V blickeje st
JIWjI 70 srllt peas at 32. and Scotch at 3125
per bu
CASTOR BEAN $1 40 per bu for prime In
car lots on trk Si X for smalt quantities
DRIED FRUIT Apples Sun-dried quarter
at 3-,4c e apomted at 4c to 5c cores and
peelings ai 14c to 14c. chops at 14c to 14c
Prache at 3c to Zc
FEATHKRS-Prlme white lle geese in mall
fks 5Sc and in large ks. 56c. prime gra do
41c In ma!l an 1 4V In large sks , old white 43
O44o X 30B3c. XX 22826c. XXX 11S16C.
WXX 5c. tare 10 per cent on small sks an!
Cc on large Duck U hite 42c. dark 30c Tur
kev Tall J)c, wing Pc- pointers 5c. wing and
tall and pointers Sc. bodi (dr 5c
ROOTS Per lb.: Ginseng at 31 50 to 35. sten
mj. weedy, etc. less ltd slipper 8c seneca
65c: pink 13c golden seal 63c. black 44c May
app'e 5c. snake 35c. white snake worth 24c:
angelica 3S- wahoo. bark of root. Sc. bark of
tree 24c Hood 6c blue Mag 3c. sassafras bark
of root 5c. wild ginger 7c
SHEEP PELTS Full wool pelti 75c?Sl
shearing 10c to 35c. lambs at 30c to 50c. dry.
fallen etc . lOSllle per lb.
REE&W AX Unchanged at SSj per lb for
LINSEED OIL 43uotaWe at 40c per gal fo
raw and 41c for boiled, lc per gaL less on car
POP CORN 100 lbs . on cob. white Rice 31
61 10. mixed at 75c
"Urr-ught Iron 45c heay cast 40c. malleable
steel and breakable 40c. stove 23c, light brass
S5, heaw bras 39. copper S3, zinc $2. lead
S3 VI pewter S12
SALT E. side medium at 1: granulated ?5c
per bbl 5c more per bbl this side
liltUUM tjvu.N wuoiea at tu to 3J00 pr
ton. no ale
EMPTV n -iRRELS Cnal oil. turpentine anJ
gasoljne 31 03. vinegar 70c. black oil 50c; Un
seed, light and varnish &0c; machine S0c: s t
t-f.f 1f nhikt KAl- An half hhlJ fA- win.
I 31 sauerkraut 30040c. pickle 40fi50c- flour 35c,
moiases ioc. laru tcs 40c. c on ror each
broken head- 2t-c each hoop missing.
PAGS ETC Per 100 lb Cmintry rags at
75c Old rope No 1 manlla at 31 23. No. 2 at
50- Rubbers at S3&S 50
PEANUTS Farmers' stock, per lb : Red 14
fir white at 2425,c. 1
CHESTNUTS Italian at Sc per lb ; Virginia
at 12c r
PECANS Wetern at 54c: Texa at 5-ic
DRIED FRUITS Quote nomlnallv App'es
Sun-dried Quarters at 3c to 34c: evaporated at
4c to 5c. waste at 14c to 14c Pacht at 34
MAn.P fit'GAR Quote at c to 10c per lb
HONEY Comb at 10c to 12c choice Colorado
at 14c. strained and extractea at 4044c In obis
and 5c In can
COOPER GBQuote on orders- for prompt
deliver- Lard tcs 31 50 for weed bound 31 424
for 6-hoop Iron-bound and 31 474 for S-hoop do :
oak pork bbls SI 50 for wood and SL20 for Itm
bound: ash rw-rk bhls. 31 30 for wood-noun 1.
rrl-H. tcs. 3150 for 8 "hoop, kraut bbls r 31: do
half bbl 7"c: do kegs 50c; do casks jl 45.
slack-work bbls S-hoop flour 42c- 6-hoop do
40c round-hoop do 43c, S-hocp sugar 45c, -'
hoop do 4ic mlll-nin apple S5c, No. 2 do,
20c. ncal 21c. 6-noop lime 2Sc: 4-hoop do. 2Sc.
"Satlx-e Snpplj I,lu;ht Ilcef Cattle
Stendy She'ep Close rirm.
NVITVE CATTLE-Th-bulk of the cattle In
the native division was through consignments
representing about 3 loads of stock cattle and
9 loads of export cattle consigned to an East
ern port The nutrber left on sale was v.cry
smal). and comprLed less than 50 head and of
a mixed lot Bu; ers had their wants filled
earlier durlnr the week, and as the qualitv
and flesh of the few offered was not good, no
Inducement could be offered to packers Con
sequently but a fe-v cattle were sold The
eupplj being light and It being the last daj of
the week conditions did not warrant other
than a steady market
Followirg is a list of quotations based upbn
sales during the week.
B'st native bef steers, strictly fancy,
1.300S1.700 lbs ...SS253S.W
Cholce export steers 1.S00O1.600 lb" . 5 033 2S
Good shipping and export steers. 1 3003
1.600 lbs , 4 6025 09
"air to medium shipping steers. l.SOO
81.450 lbs. 4 7534 M
Fleer 1.20011.23.-1 lbs. rough to best.S2.7S'33 53
Steers 1.O00WU190 lbs 3 Fys 3v
Fter le-s than 1 000 lbs 3 6335 25
Ton quotations on light-weight cattle apply
lo fancy grades
Taney corn fed heifers. 700S775 lbs... S.2a4 50
aney corn-fed heifers. 900SJ1.100 lbs.. 3 7Sfi4 25
wu 10 cnotce neuers
Medium to gcod heifers
Fair to medium heifers
Best corn fed heavy cows
Good fat cows
Medium fat cows
.Ftlr to good canners
Totpmon and shelly cows
Choice com-fed bulls
Good fat bulls
Heav j -weight, half-fat bulls ...
Sausage bulls .
Good qualitled dehorned bjlls
feeding .
. 2.63B4 25
. 3 0033.65
.... 2 7543 00
.... 2.5054 00
.... 3 nss-'o
.... 2 753 25
.... 3.0032 03
... .33.7534 00
.. . 3 Uifcz 50
. . 2.754J3.40
. 2 40g2 75
.. 2 6532 00
Choice veals. H0S12) lb" IS 5097 ot
Heavy fat veals, -MO lbs. and under... 4 S0f 00
oood heretics 2 -.0114 M
Thin haetlcs ' s'joSj 03
Heavy killing calves ".....I" i'.SoSl 09
Choice feeders. 100081.164 lbs S3.73iT4 CI
Medium to good feeders. 800(51 COO lbs.. 3 4o5j.75
Fair to medium feeders, 7008800 lbs.. 3 153 41
-kolce qualitled stockers. 60U3750 lbs. S.4053-3 75
Fair qualitlfd steers. CO0S750 lbs '3.00O3 23
Common steers 250 73
Choice to fancy stock heifers 3 00X3 2j
Medium to good stock heifers 2.54-43 00
Common stock heifers 2.O032 50
Choice quality steer calves 3 toaj 00
Choice quality heifer calves 3 2oa3.75
Dehorned and unbranded stockers and feed
ers always sell a fraction better than others.
Fancy qualitv large young cows
with good calves S41 OOJISO O)
Good milkers 2 Mi40.rv
Medium mllkrs 23 c-kjjO.O)
Common milkers U.toSa) 00
Strictly fancy milkers sell above 350.
SOUTHERN avTTLE-Thcre were not enough
cattle in the southern alleys to constitute a
malket. however. 31 head, which wils all that
was avalab.e sold about steady. The supply
this week has been rather good, totaling 411
cars against a-5 cars but week and 4J4 cars
two weeks ago wnile during the same tlm
last jear 321 cars were recorded
The following quotations repre-cnt the condi
tion of the market on var.ous classes of quar-
.......... ,..v, -:U ,. H4 uuung ine week:
Strictly choice steers.
34 40 4 S
em ice lea steers
Good fed steers
Medium steers
Good to choice heifers
Fair to good heifers ......
Good to choice cows
Fair io good cows...
Fa'r canners
Crmmon canners
Fair to good bulls
Common bulls
3.73 4 M
3 23 3 S3
3 .5STS )
2.750 3 25
2 90s 3 r,
2 50 2.83
.... 2.10JI 2.40
l.r.r 2,0)
2.75S 3.3
2.50rt 5 T5
Good to choice veal calves, per cwt 5 Cflf? it ttn
Good to choice heavy calves, per
n,:ad v 12 00614 00
lair to good heavy calves, per head 9 00BI-
Common calves, per head 8.50 djwn
HOGS A good, liberal run of hogs arrived
for Saturdav and while the qualitv wi fair
real good, leavy boss, the kind wntar lt the
tcp of the market, were scarce The mark"!
opened with a good demand frcm both cltv
butche-s and packers, trading was active and
prices showed an advance of 104315c over the
opening on Friday for all jrootf, mettun7 and
heavy regs. Real good lights vrer- al"o I0B:5e
hlgh-r. but common cns and little nigs were
but verv little. If any. better than steady lot.
or Southwestern selling at S3 4C3.73. The la'e
trade waa about aj. good as the opening and
the pens were well cleared before the cloe
Good butcher and heavj hogs sold at 13 503
5.C5. fair to good medium weights and packer!.
85 4.185 55 light, above 13J lbs averige n 4!
J5 50. lights, under lio lbs average MBi lo
pig", under 100 lbs. 13 KC4. and rouh. anl
culls at 345. The bulk of the hogs welghm
150 lbs. or more sold 'at 5.233.50. against S3 25
(35 50 Friday. s-unst u w
SHEEP There was no materia change to the
sheep trade tc-daj. The receipts consisted f
a load of light-weight Texans wh'ch sold rnll
steady. A rood demand prevails .for all decent
mutton stock, both sheep and lambs, but taara
I a ery poor Inquiry for half-fat kind". In
fait, thej are almost unsalable, etpeclatly 'it
tle. thin Western lambs and earifngs
o far this wek Mile included lambs at J4 0
06 the bulk of them at 3&3 3.1. natl.e am
.southwest mutton sheep at 51 Vt4 73 the bulk
at $4 2a0-l M, stockfrs sold at 12 Z, cull lambs
at $2-u4 23, and bucks at $.5064. princlraMj at
S3 5fj3 50
.Kile also Included "Vctern Iamb3 at fU
5 73, Western jearllngs at J4 50gl 73, and AVest
trn sheen at $3 Tj&4
IlOHbES The tiua. Saturday nultnes pre-
ailed In th horse market, and there were
no feature worthx of mt-nt.on The result of
an actfie trade durlnp: the week was that a
thorough clearance khi made of all aniia
and the bjrna contained en a few had that
the dealers held The recent cf the -weeK has
been a Rood one There has been 11 strong de-
r IllilliU II fill trf-lilL, CVUllirill illU 1.11111 r-uii .' a
conjoints which ha furn'Uied an rutlet for
an ciapes or nore ai 'au"iaon pnce,.
The best finished kinds have old to the great
est advantage
Horse quotations:
Heaij draft, common to frrwd JlOOfllV)
IIea draft, choice to extra 175C?:0O
ehunkp, fair to good 90&L.5
Chunks, choice to extra. 1-sy.fO
Farm chunks -. TSitllO
fcouthcra horses plain to pood. 50 M T
t-outhern hore, choice to extra IftHiliS
.Southern drivers 1235 LA)
Harness ho-es LiuIjMjO
Ml ISS Mule receipts were prrcticatl nom
Inal. and no Incentive was afTordcd for ai
actl It in the market, especiallj ns it wis
the lat day of the week The market hat
been in a quiet wa all wk. rrnall de-nnnt's
from all sources conspiring to kep down all
actllt on local account 1 'rices have not tw-n
anj worse, neither have thej been any httter
The demand for small mules Is about over
14 hand, extreme range
. 3 CO mil 0. M
14 hand', bulk of sales .
144 hands, extreme range.
144 hands, bulk cf -yiles ..
15 nand, extreme range ..
13 hands bulk of sales
14 hands, extreme range ,
70,i S3 t
. ... 7 .)i:o 00
75 J110 0t
' fooiiooi
110 cijw 10
115 0.ifl!.f) 0.)
130 iO'lOO)
133.009153 to
154 hands.
16U hands.
bulk of rale" ..
extreme range .
bulk of sale ....
14 hands.
II) Telecrnpli.
Kansas City, Mo. March 12 Cattle Receipts
100, market uncharged, export and dressed-bt-ef
steers SI 0025 25 fair to gJod Si fcOfil 50, "West
ern fed steers SS-filf), Blockers and feedets
32 33S4 40, 'cutlfin teers S3 4)fl4 40, &outhi-n
cows 32 4)i;3 2o native cow- X2i3 0 native
heifer" S3 4)4 20. culls J2 Wt3 t. calves 5-J
tSI rothts for the week 2) Hogs Re
ceipts 1 7v) market MJUc liUher. top 33 i2Ip
bulk of "ales 31595 35. heav 35 30(15 4.';,
lackers J.. 20ft; 35. pigs and lights 51 U3 10.
receipts fo- the week 2S.K) hhep Receipts
7G0 market "teady native lambs SI 7fe3 0.
Western Iamb S4 &)5 40, fed ee S3 7jH4
tarllngs 34 60r5, stockers and feeders V 5C
4 2a, receipts for the week 22 900
New lorlr. March 12. Hemes ltereltits 13
cars for the market, no trading, dre"sed beef
unchanged at 64tfiS4c European cables steady
exports to-dav 1 610 cattle and 6.3o0 quarter- of
beef Calve" Receipt" 21 head, market firm,
veals sold at 3j09. cltv dressed veals 7W1M3C
Sheep and lamb3 Receipt" 2 269 sheep steady:
lambs louer, sheep sold at 33 5035. lambs SS&
6 25 dre3"ed mutton "low at 64S4c dresed
lambs at 9S104c Hops Receipts were 1.1SJ,
feeling nominally unchanged.
Chicago, March 12. Cattle-'Recelpts 310. mar
ket steady, good to prime steers S3 &416, poor
to medium Si 50SN 85. stockers and feeders 32.50
Hi 23. cows 31 60IS4.10. heifers 32.2594.30. can
ners S150S2 50. bulls $284. calves S3.75iiTS 75.
Hogs Receipts to-day 12,000, Moidas 5l,CiuO.
market 5c lower, closed strong, mixed and
bt-tchers 3j.105 45, good to choice heavy $a 35
fff5 50 Sheep Receipts 2,000, market strong;
lambs firm, good to choice wethers 34 0S5 fair
to choice mixed 3134 50, Western sheep 33 500
5. native lambs 34&65: Western lambs 34 30oSj.
outh St Joeenh. Mo., March 12. Cattle
Receipts 95: unchanged Hoga Receipts 1.513.
15c higher, light So 15g5 33. medium and heavy
35 XS5 424 Hheep Receipts 221, active, steady,
cues 31 20
St. I.onls Cotton Market.
Spot market firm and unchanged,
liales Quote-
Ordlnarj ,
Good oidlnarj ...,,... ,
lw middling ...;
Good middling
Middling fair
Sales 40
.... 144
. ... lvS
iinges ana stains 430 off white
Galv eston Spot market quiet, middling 15 Il
l's; New Orleans Spot market quiet, middling
Memphis Spot market quiet, middling 13t-c
Receipts at principal points:
Galveston. 5.117 bales
New Orleans 3.C37 bales
Mobile, 65 bales
havannah 1.332 bales
Charleston. 197 bales
Houston. 1.769 bales
Memphis, 1.224 bales
bt Louis warehouse statement:
This Last
1 ear "i ear
.. 1.265 11,715
2o0 50
,. 49.S5.I 50."ai
2 5
.. 29.502 28,173
.. 21,713 23.KI
.. 4 237 1 C2S
..425,610 631.744
4 237 2.087
.405162 C2V.553
Stocks on hand Sept. 1
Net receipts
Net receipts since Sept. 1
Net shipments
Net shipments since Sept. 1 ...
Mocks on hand
Gro"s receipts
Gross receipts since Sept. 1 ...
Gross shipments
Gross shipments since Sept, 1
Bj Tclen;rniIi.
New York, March 12. Cotton Futures closed
firm. March 15 30c- April 16 36c, Mav 16 61c.
June 16.58c. Julv 16.62c, Aug 15 9Sc: 8pt
13 92c. Oet. 12 sic. spot closed dull, middling
uplands 16 6ac. middling Gulf 16.90c. Fales 31
bales. The market opened quiet and steadv at
a decline of 16S points on tne old-crop months
while the new-crop positions were unchanged
to 2 points higher The declines were the re
sult of liquidation following rather disappoint
ing Liverpool cables and somewhat heavier es
timates for the day's receipts, while the late
positions came In for cons derable demand from
comml"slon-houses and Lurope There was,
however, little aggressive selling, but the bull
ish hhoning cf the vlstb'e supplv statement
caused considerable covering among sellers on
the higher levels of yesterday This demand,
with the ossistance cf moderate bull support.
rallied the market soon after the call, and at
one time the active months were about 6
points ret higher Following this they eased off
to about last n ght's level, after which the
market continued mere or less Irregular and
was generallv quiet.
Uverpool,-March 12. Spot cotton In fair de
mand, prices S points lower; American mid
dling fair 8 Sod. coed mlddllnr SsOd. middling
.8.7Gd. low- mlddllrg 8 60d. good ordinary 8.5M:
uruiuao sm ire scues pi loe cay were 'ri
bales, o? which 500 were for speculation and
export and Included 5.644 American. Receipts
3.000 bales, including 2ft) American l'utures
opened and closed quiet. American middling,
g o e March 8 4Sd March and A'prll &4Sd.
April and May &45d. May and June 8 44d. June
and July 8.41a. Julv and Aug 8 39d; Aug and
Sept s.ttd. bept. and Oct. 7 24d. Oct. and Nov.
6 86.1. Nov and Dec 6 76d
New Orleans. La . March 12. Cotton firm ,
sales 7,500 bales, ordinarv 13 ll-16c. good ordi
nary 15c. low middling 154c. middling 16c, good
middling 16 i-I6o. middling fair 16 11.16c Re
ceipts 3 037, stock 33 271 Futures firm. March
16 20c bid. Anrll 16 22ifl6.34c, May 16 63c. June
16 e6gl6 88c. July 17 llgl7 12c, Aug 16 11&16 13c.
Sept. 13.79613 81c. Oct. 13.84S12.S6c. Nov 12.5S9
1- wc
New York March 12 Flour Receipts 20 057.
exports 10 524. firmly held, but not quotabiy
higher, Minnesota patents 35 15S5 50. Minne
sota bakers 31202.70. winter patents S3 20O
5 60. win'er straights 31.9)85 15 winter extras
53 694. winter low grades 13.1533 to Rje flour
dull, fair to good 34 2C4 53. choice to fancy
54 6034 85 Buckwheat flour nominal Cornmenl
quiet, vellow Western SI. 134; city Sill, klln
drled easv feeding 50c c. 1 f. New lork,
malting 551365c c 1. f . Buffalo Wh-at Re
ceipts 40.9.0. spot No 2 red St 01 elevator.
No 2 red SI CiSil 05 f o b afloat. No 1
Northern Duluth SI 07. f o. b. afloat. No 1
Northern Manitoba nominal f. o. b afloat. Op
tions opened barely steady on disappointing ca
bles and predictions of rains In Kansas but
recovered en local bulling by parties who de.
sired to unload some high-priced wheat bought
yesterday and nlo on good Ch'cago support
The close was 4c net higher. May 994t994c
closed 'Oc. July 96'896c. closed 96c. Sept.
8748SSc. closed Wic Corn Receipts 47 300,
spot steady No 2 nominal 56c fob. afloat.
No 2 vellow 57c. No 2 white 56c: corn was
dull and featureless. May closed 584c; July
closed 5S4c. fcept closed 554c Oats Rece'pts
73 &0, exports Ji.SOO, spot steady. No. 2 oats
604c, standard white 5oc, No. 2 white 514c:
No 3 white 504c Hav quiet; shipping 6V375C,
good to choice 95cSl 0j. Hnps firm, tate,
common to choice. 1903, 304137c: 1902 2W2SC.
olds 1081V. Paclflc Coast, 1903, 27833c. 1942
24827c. olds loeiSc Hides firm. Galveston. 20
to 25 lbs 18c. CaIlforn.a 21 to 25 lbs . 19c,
Texas, drv. 24 to SO lb . 14c Leather stendv ,
acid 23123c Beef steady: famllv $11 50fll2 50.
mess S989 50. beet hams S20 50322- packet 310 5)
Sll SO city extra India mess 116819 Cut meats
steady, pickled bellies 74(JS4c. pl-kled shoul
ders 64664c pickled ham 10811c. Ivird steady.
Western steamed $7 65 refined steady. Contl
nent S7 76. S A IS 15 Pork steady, fimlly
S1681S 50. short clear S13S16.73; mess S13.-81S.
Tallow dull, cltv (12 per pk ) 5c; country (pkgs.
free) 585c Cotton-eeed oil quiet; nrime crude
nominal, da ve'low 374c Rce steadv; domestic
fair to extra 3V83'jc. Japan no-nlnaL Molas.se 1
nrm New urieans, open seme, gooa to cnoice,
Chicago. March 12 Cash flour quiet; winter
patents 34 8035 straights 54 5084.70: spring
patents S4 5084 80. straights SI.10g4.2S. bal-ers
$382.80 v.hat-No. 3 ili'lSc. No. 2 red 915
98c Corn No 2 514c No 2 jellow 52'-c Oats
No. 2 408-404.C No. 3 hlt 404141c Rve No
2 68c Barley Good feeding 368:9c. fair to
choice malting 4:843c. beedsPrlm timothy
$3 10 Clover, contract grade Sll 35 Provisions
Mess pork, per bbl . $14 124814 2T. lard, per
100 lbs. $7 2087 224. short ribs sides (loose) $7
87 25. short clear sides (bid ) S7.37437.5o.
Whisky, barfs of hlghwlnet. $1.23.
Minneapolis. Jlinn Jis'iu 1. ..nt-ai wj
374c. Jul 9S4c. Sept. 8(4c: on tr . N . 1
herd SI 'JO.' No 1 Northern 98489914c- No z
Northern 964c Flour First patents 15 2585.35.
second patents $5 1085 13. first clears $3 6083 75:
second clears $3.5083.60 Bran In bulk 314 A
Duluth. Mi-in . March 12. W beat In store. No.
1 hard 99c No. 1 Northern 7'c: No. 2 Northern
S7c to arrive No. 1 bard 94e, No 1 No-thern
274c: No 2 Northern 95Uc: May 974c: Julv- ssc;
tent S64c Oats, to anlve and on trk-. 294c
Milwaukee. Y. L". March 12. wheat lc higher:
No 1 Northern SI 034 No Northern 9SS9c:
July 13WC Re dull. No ' 1 70871c Barley
firm. No 2 (Sc, sample 30860c Corn lc higher;
No 1 584fuc Ju v SIS'- I'"!
Kansas City March 12. Wheat May S5Hc:
July C.c. ca-i No. 2 hard s.essc. No 3 84
8S7c No 2 red SI 01 No 3 S389IC. Corn Mav
4V4fi444c Jul 4IUR41tc. cash No 2 mlxel
42c No 3 41c. No 2 white ttc. No 3 41c Oats
No 2 white -41H43C, No. 2 mixed 41841'rC
Ha Choice tlmothv Siv choice rralrle V 73
OS Rr N"o. 2 63c R"clpts Wheat 79.2ft):
corn 2.-.2CB tnta ( 0 Shipments Wheat 35.
8CO corn 43,00. oats 6,000
Liv-rpool. March 12. What-SrM quiet: No.
1 California 7s 2d. futures steadv; March norol
rcl. Mav 6s SVd. July Cs $4d- Corn Ppot firm:
American mixed new 4s -d- American ffllj
old 4s 64d. futures quiet: March 4s 24d. May
'Vec'rla. Ill . March 12 CotJ iflgher; No 3 old
46uc No. 3 42c: No- 4 40c Whisky on basis of
$1 " for fl'-Isb'"-' gesl"
Toledo O . March 12. Clorer-eed Cash anl
March $6 924: April 6 80; prime alslke J3.40;
prime Umothy $145;
London, March 12. The offerings at the wool
auctloa sales to-day numbered 13.641 bales, in
cluding a large nJi.pl of mermen, which he d
well at firm prices Scoured caused active
competition. Fiance and German seeurlug the
bulk Locks and pieces met with a trad sale
at hardening rates Home bu ers paid ful. rates
for lamb., gieasy j.i-ces 'lhe bidding for
crocsbreds whs animated, owing to increased
American demand, and prices advanced 74 to
10 per cent above th Jan rates The wlti-
urawais to dalo amount to 4-31 bale" Next
week 74 33) bales will be effered I'ol.owlng are
to-day's sales in detail New Suth Wale. 5 -Su.J
bales, ecoured Is .13l S4d greasj 4-dt?
Is 14d Queensland. 1 40,1 (.alei,. scoured l4'i"
1. greasv odgls id Mctorla, 1.430 baVs.
scoured lt2s Id. grea" Id81s 4d Suth Aus
tralia. 500 bales. f,reat Cifls West Austra
lia. 1,30) bales. giea"y 4811'! New Zealand.
3.JO bales, scoured Is .dtfls 7d. sreasv i',V
lli-d lhe airivals for the third erle of sa'M
amount to -l,7Ki balea, intlulin 2h 5t0 forwanl
ed direct Following are the Imports of wool
this week. New 1-outh Wales 5.240 bales.
Qjienland 51s Victoria 3,92o bouth Austnlla
22y. Wen Australia 47s New Zealand 7,864.
cape of Good H.pe and Naul 8.404 bales,
ininta Arenas 2.4.S, else hue CS
Nev Ycrk, March 12 Eggs Receipts to-dav
9 2s cases fcr the week 67j37 cases Recelp's
as listed were about upon, a p irlty with those
of last week but the aett-al amount lanaed was
somewhat within the figures, leading to the
supposition of heav amounts bankea up be
hind the recent vvasnouts of which the sudden
arrival would have an inmedljte and adverse
effect upon prices in the prevailing teml-ec of
the trade A very close clearance was effected,
quotatb ns uncharged
l'hllalelph'e. March 12. Ergs easier. He
lower, fresi near-by 114c at mirk: freh West
ern 2e'c, fresh southwestern lsuffioc at mark,
ftesh Southern 18. at mark
Kansas Clt. Mo March IS. Eggs lower:
Missouri and Kansas, caes returned. 14c, new
No 2 whltewood cases Included loc
Chicago. March 12. Eggs weaker, at mark,
cases Included. 178174c Per doz
llutter nml Clieeae.
New York. March 12 Butter steady, fresh
creamer) 13821c. Stale dairy 14821c Cheese
quiet. Mate full-cream, fano I mall and large,
colored and white. Sept 12c, do late-made,
Chicago, March 12 Butter wak, creameries
148234c dairies 134821c Chetse stead dai
sies lie. twins 10U81lc. Younx Americas lie.
Philadelphia. March 12 Butter steady fair
demand, extra Western creamtry 2H-C. extra
nejr-b prints 2Sc Cheese stendy. NVw ork
full creams, chjlcc to fane), liugiiv-c New
mk. full creams, fair to good, 104Odlc
New York March 12 Live Poultry Receipts
for th week were 27 car" Western, 2 cars
Southern. 4 southwestern and rullv 3 cars by
express, against 31 cars last week. Jobbers
earn over about 6 cars un"old, but tone stead ;
quotatlors unchanged
Dressed Poultr) Receipts to-day 504 pkgs :
for the week 6 612 pkgs Some lots that should
have been here a day or two ao are still cut
The tone was stead at th close, but a num
ber of small lota went over unsold, quotations
Now Torfc. March 12,-Sugar-Raw firm: fair
refinirg 2 1..-16S3C. centrifugal. 96 test. 3 7-168
3'C. molasses s!nr ll.lr,91., m..- a h
cut loaf 6 30C crushed 5 30c. iwwdered 4.70c;
b. eitU4U.SU s vnzt cuws s OoC
New Orleans. March 12. Sugar steady; open
kettle 243 3-16C. open kettle centrifugal 38
34c; centrifugal whites 44c. jellows 3483 15-c-econds
2483 3-lSc Molasses nominal-open
kettle 20826c. centrifugal 10315c Sirup 20825c.
New York March 12 Coffee Spot Rio steady,
mtures opened steady at unchanged prices to
an atvance of 5 points Buiincss at first was
inactive, and the opening gains were merely
on bids which were raised in sympathv with
steady European markets and small Brazilian
receipts Later demand was rrore active and a
trifle further advance In selling orders was
reported, so that the market closed steady net
1J81j points higher Reported sales of about
40Wj bags These included March at 6 3483 45c.
A&V- 5 ?? 1ia,r 5 "SS.54C. July 5 80c. Sept.
68(. Oct 615c Dec 6 336 35c
Dry Goods.
New York. March 12. In dry goods the week
ends with little Interest evinced by buyers, and
a disposition to wait until lt Is absolutely nec
essary for them to purchase for current needs.
Buiing has been of an extreme! conservative
character, although there Are tinmitisifihia
signs, and in many quarters stocks are in bl4
mole uepieieu conamon man is Deing admit
ted Although the Jobbers" active season Is not
over, a smaller volume of business Is being
Dried Frnlls.
New York. March 12 The market for evapo
rated apples continues firm: common are quoted
at 46.14c prime 54834c. choice -5864c and fan
cy at 7874c Prunes are meeting with onlv an
indifferent Jobbing demand and rule rather
ealer with quotations ranging from 34864c
according to grade Apricots flrn: choice 940
10c. extra choice 104810V: and fancy 12al5c
Peaches also ruled generall) firm: choice are
seiV"6 ' extra cnolce ;eslic and fan
The Metal Markets.
New York. March 12 There was a fair Inqui
ry In local metal markets to-day. but the aggre
gate of actual transactions was small and quo
tations in nearly ever instance- were ur
JS52?j. Tln cpn"gued firm In tone, with spot
28S3.50C and March and April delivery 27 901
h-. foPf1" wa q"Ict and more or less nom
v '? lll-c. electrolytic and casting
1237812.C25c Spelter quiet at 585.10c. Lead
stead) at 4 M3( 65c Iron quiet a" yesierdaV's
New- York. March 12 Petroleum unsettled
SlS?. SfaaaS. inr&d,"snT,-m?e,n,a7a7nS
average TO.O68. runs 87.884. average 73.730'
thlpmentx Lima .57.531. averagi! 69J0S- runs
Lima. 72.711; average 52.609. 8 " """'
Tnrpentlne nml nosln.
New York, March 12 Rosin steady: strained
fnM.mEn8534c001 -7:M- TurpJtlne norn-
Saannnh. Cla fnroh t t.. n. ...
Ing doing, -export.:" Rosin cull-"niot?. a'
B. C D J25J. E $2 CO F $1S5: G S 70? H 6 4'
wfw- v.?- M " : w-'Q wo!
Imports find Exports.
,-.5S'w Tork- Ma"a 12. Total Imports otMry
goods and S"1' merchandise at the port of
New ork for the week ending to-dav were
N.w'4- fi e"1-:!.-376- lPrts r pS- Trorn
SITrf kJ?i VtS were ?'-IIver and
S,:5J" .u01,1 I,CDOrt'1 1 Pcle at New York
sliCerf W'rB r'1'1 FM an'1 SJ.65'
Flaxseed Qnotntlims.
.Si?,10' inh 12--FIaxseed was dull and
quotablv unchanged: May was tv.ll bid and
iim? AV.,,S0TS,n,f- -No J -rthwestern wa.
$1164 bid and No 1 was quoted at SI 09 Re-
annhca areDulu?n'- " M'nnfaix,'' ""
Additional Purchaser Enter the
Held nnd Prices Ad-ranee Under
Reserve Stock Low.
Joplln, 3lo. March 13 zinc ore ad-
lanced in price during the week, as indi
cated In these columns a week ago. The
highest price paid was $39.50. or $1.60 per
ton higher than reported last week, and
the assay basis has been advanced, now
ranging; from J33 to CS per ton of 60 per
cent zinc.
Additional purchasing agents are com
ing into the field, and some of those now
In the market are not getting a much
ore as desired. The usual peaceful rela
tions between buvers nn hAnAMtM.
strained as the scramble to secure enouirh
ore to fill orders grows stronger, and tne
reserve mock continues to diminish. While
there is estimated to be tabout 4.090 tons
of ore In reserve, much of it Is of an In
ferior grade, a cla-s of ore that always
remains in the bins until all other ore
has been long cleaned away.
v.ifad. ls aIso fluctuating 11riousIy. the
hl?les:,.price pa,.d bclRS J60-5 Pr -ton.
while lhe general price was only 168 ner
ton. The demand for this ore la entirely
loci. ' .1nd l.ne price has n shoved up
until there is no room for a mareln for
the smeltlns of the ore. margm for
Following are the sales of zinc and leid
Joolln' district
i-" X.S,", "V" "'.,?" P of the
March 12, 19trf
'"' vne wceK ending
334 33)
Holm's, Cap & Rogers ...
United Zinc companies
Granby M. tc S. Co
Adirondack Mining Co
Continental zlne Co...
64 670
13 1.520
.voicoti-uaird land ..
Kentuckv-Karsas M. r A ..ViV.
69 CO)
u-.ii-.. tJm- .. - 'v.s-w
101 330
II 930
11 010
Ieonard Realty Co
Missouri I.. SL Z. cx
Prairie Chicken Mining Co
Independence Mining Co
John Jackson Mining Co
Bunker Hill Mining Co
Massasoit L. & Z. Co
Boqua Mining Co
Remolds A Co
Suitana Mlnlrs Co.
Joplln Separating Co.
Empire Zinc Co (Power & Co I
Consolidated Mining Co.-
Pennsylvania MAS Co. ..
Rob Rvy Mining Co "
Montgomery I & z. Co
New Jersey Milling Co
South Joplln Mining Co
Black Diamond Mining Co
Roaring Springs L. & M. Co....
T. C. Clary ..
Triangle Mining CO. ;..
Jumbo Mlniag Co..
Saginaw L. t Z. Co :...
Mcklbbm land
Broker Mining Co
Porter Realtv Co
Joplln Prospecting Co
Rex C1 CO.
L. F. Williams land
Moharka Miring Co.
Weymann land...................
Unclassified sales
Total sales... ,T
13, IM
6. CO
4 2
4 3)
392 890
Values-Zinc. $!L640; )ead. $11,393. Total, $73,-
Aylor land JCAW UJAJ
r-. y.)
11 6 0
61 33.1
II 14)
20 07)
25 92)
9 3)
7 2.)
Total sales
. 1,185.244 1IS.2S0
Value ZInr. sa Tjn t.-J "14 TYi.al t'l .
May Mining Co 128 34)
Hud-on Mining Co 117.340
Consolidated Troup Co 78.63)
Total sales 334.330
Value Zinc. $3,835.
G C Monlux
Murph). Friel & Co ....
South bide M & M Co..
Battlefie'd M rv
. 134 6SO
. 127 331
. 8I.IM
. C6 180
47 99)
2 32)
I-almetto Mining Co .
oni 3limng-co 64 004
Clarv . Shulls
44 02)
Hacker Z & L. Co ....
Squires .t Gelsirger .. ..
Noble. Donahue i. Co
J M Pollard Mining Co..
Hlddell land
Maggie Taylor
New York Zinc Co
James Murphv
Windsor L. & Z. Co
W B Stone
John Pace
Hoosier M Co ,
Webster Mining Co ,
Unclassified sales
41 Oil
33 93)
15 420
12 21)
Ij.12 i
1.7 il
2242 1
5 6Ii
Total sales 9)3.75) 176 24)
Values-Zinc. $14,545. lead. SS.HO Total. $29.
Degglnger A Co 24 140
Lamar Mining Co 22,741
K. C. M . M CO 6 5.".)
New Jersey Mining Co 2.57
Leddy lease . . 3.4
Total sales .T... 4S.8S0 3.150
Valu-s Zinc. $735; lead. $275. Total. 31,0 1.
Peacock Vallesr M Co 63.710
Badger M A M Co 62.SM
Northcutt Bros 5.ro
Columbus Mining Co . K.650
Total sales 128.570 S.S39
Values-Zinc. S2.32-); lead. $255. ToUl. $3,575.
Scott Coleman 237.114
Boston-Aurora Zinc Co 110670
Cleveland-Aurora Mining Co ... 113 050 ... .
Sludge Mill Co 34 924
Summers & Cc 23 740
United Zinc Companies 29 24.)
Douglas & Co 22.5U0
Nickel-Plate Mlnlnr Co 19 0(0
S. E Loy 18 4)
Zumbrum & Co 16 430
Unclassified sales 201 350 3.710
Tctal sales C99.740
Value Zinc. $11 2S0. lead. $130. Total.
Rowena Mining Co 54 16.) 3 81)
Sandy & Co t 16.750 1.59)
Bunco Mining Co 6 90.) 2 1"0
Wlllapus Wallapus Mining Co 6,04)
Ihlsentr Mining Co 2.94)
Total" sales 76.810 15 510
Values-Zinc. $1,280. lead. $450. Total, S1.8J0.
Eclipse Mining Co
Red Fox Mining Co
Kathryne Mining Co
Ore) Eagle Mining Co
H B. H. lease (Hardin & Co)..
Four Jacks Mining Co
Total rales
Value Zinc. 111.240
L'ma Mining Co
Forestal & 0"Donald
McKlnley Mining Co
Mount Ararat M'nlng Co
111 614
78 784
40 6
16.CS )
Total tales 218.709 28,310
Values Zinc, 535: lead. $S3 Total, $4,753.
Perkins Zinc Co 54.153
Daisy Bell Mining Co 41.560
Total sales
Value Zinc S1.TJ0.
LaTosca Mining Co
Big Circle Mining Co
Klondike Mining Co
Morning Star Mining Co
100 330
42 690
23 400
o-onogo No 1 Mining Co 23 400 S.S40
vew uri-p Mining ijo
Arey a o 4.400
Total sales 290.800 11040
Values-Zinc. $5,025; lead. $383. Total. $5,410.
Granbv M, & S. Co 6I.1S0
Easy Street Mining Co 44 414
St Paul Mining Co 40 570 19,410
t-iien iaua ... ................. 19,0111
Urclasslfied sales 15.040
Old Spurgeon mlnea 6,180
Total sole 1S3.070 19.410
Valnes-Zlnc. $1,830: lead. $425. Total. $3,255.
F. D Bales land 33.310
Alta Mining Co 74.160
Georgia Mining Co 3,3s)
Total sales 23,310 82.520
ValuesZinc S300; lead. $L81S. Total. 12.U5.
Oxford Mining Co 94 444 S.570
Isbpemlng; Mining Co 29.270 4.1:0
Total sales 123.710 7.990
Values Zlno, $2,290; lead. $230. Total. $3,520.
G-onby M. tc S Co
Mearj Mining Co
Total sales
Values Zinc. S9.100; lead.
McGowan Mlnlnr Co
2S8 000
.... 696,000 31.000
$810. Total. $3,940
159 870
Reynoldsvllle Mining Co 61.000
Total sales 220,870
Value Zinc, 33,755.
CrAler & Young land 62.630
S. D Mitchell land ....
Values Zlcc, 31.203. lead, S1.SS3. Total. JJ.C90
Stotts Cltv Mining' Co..
... 4I,
.AiUC UC, ltd.
$193,770. lead, $40,485. Total,
110.302.1(0 13776.150
Past week . ...
Values Sine.
S 234 205.
Eleven weeks .
-jlujJ-ZIrc. $1,827,000; lead. $379,370. Total
-,3, 370.
Cairo III . March 11. Gauge reads 34 feet
showing a rise of 1.4 feet during the last J4
e-. .v ! .Yr'r, f-. in" v-arrie arrived
from the Lpper Mississippi at 1 a m. and
cleared for the Lower Mississippi. The Chsr
lotte Boeckeler arrived from th" Lower Mis
sissippi at 8 30 with tow of wood. The Josle,
departed for the Lower Mississippi at s a, m.
with empties. The General T Y Casey a
rived from the Lower Mississippi at 4 p. m
Memphl". Tenn.. March 13. River stands 21
feet on the gauge, a rise of 1 9 feet in the last
24 hours All the local packets due to-day ar
rived on llrae. The J. B Ftilev with a big
tow of coal passed down for New Orleans The
Mississippi, with the River Commission on
board, passed south late last evening. Receipts
by river to-day were 605 hales of cotton f3
bags of seed cotton and 6,191 sacks cf cotton
Paducab, Ky. March 11 Gauge reads 30 3
feet and rising. Heavy rainfall here to-day and
threatening to-night. Charleston arrived from
the Tennessee River at 5 p. m Joe Fowler due
to-night from Evanrvllle and Euttorff from
Nashville. Savannah due here to-morrow morn
ing out of tne Tennessee River. Business quiet
on the wharf.
Wheeling. W. Va . March 13 River 14 feet:
falling Clear and cold. Up: Axalon. Keystone
State and Kanawha, for Pittsburg. Quen City
of Cincinnati and Lorena, for Evansvllle. Uo
with empties: I' M Pfiel.
Chester. Ill . March 13. Gug 10 feet and
rising Weather raining City of Memphis ar
rived down at 1 a. m.; returned up river and
passed dewn at 9 a m Chester arrived up at
5 a. m.
Grand Tower. 111., March 13. Ch"str up at
7 45 a. m. Poly up at 11 a m. city of Mera-
Fhls down at 2.30 p. n. The gauge reads 13 2
eet and rising Weather cool and raining.
Burlington. la.. March 13. River Is now t
feet 114 Inches above low-water mark of 186!.
a rise of 114 Inches since last report. Heavy
flvtf (ailing.
Pittsburg. Pa.. March IS. River 9 8 feet: fall
ing slowly at David Island dam. Cloudy and
Vlcksburg Miss., March 13 River shows 21.1
feet and rl"lng Weather clear and cooler.
Evansvllle. Ind.. March 13. River stationary
36 feet. Cloudy and cooler; raining.
Cincinnati. O . March IS River 4L9 feet; far
ing. Threatening and cool.
Chnrs-e.1 "With Forcing Check.
Leo Kuhl Is a prisoner at the Four
Courts, charged with forging a check for
$50, to which he ls alleged to have signed
tr-e name of P. X. Clapp or No. J112 Bos
ton aenue. Joeph McGrath. paying tel
ler at the Jefferson Bank, has Identified
Kuhl as the man for whom he cashed the
check onsFebruary 23. Kuhl was arrent-ed-at
Channing avenue and Thomas street
by Detectives McFarland, McCarthy and
American ?-. L. . 3. Co 214.140
Eleventh Hour Mining Co 212 530
Davev X. Son. 177 120
Center crtek Mining Co 171 330
liurgner Mining Co 17.1 370
Underwriters Land Co 129(30
Missouri Zinc Fields Co lS..in.
Boston Get There Zinc Co .... 108 l-0
Portland lease 104 810
C n Gammon lea"e 62.910
Valestlc MInlrg Co 523)
Sheltcn & Co 53.030
Homestead Z X. L. Ct, 45 850
Troup Mining Co 43 6j
Perrj t Co 44 561
Thlrtv-elght Mining Co .... 41.9.0
llradford-Kanas city Co
Unclassified sales
Total sales 2,108,240
Values-Zinc $32,723. lead. $12,230.
$45 965
Con'olldated Jack Mln's Co .. 416.130
BrooitI)n Mining Co 276.CU)
Mercantile M M Co SB 919
h D. Mitchell land 165.49")
Gussie K Mining Co 104 670
Crown Crest Mining Co 12,960
Wommack Bros ,
I'o-to Rico Mining Co
High Hall Mining Co
Stevlson & Moore
Luke . CO.
Leo lease .. .
Si. Louis Raiiroad Time-Table
rrlvnls and Deiiurture-M of Trains nt
Lnlon Mjitlou.
Dally DaH) evcep" Sunda 'Sunday onlv
"Dailv except batur j) .id --undai ' Satur
lav or.lx ?-.sturav and undav rnlv
HON. Trsttn.
Depart. Arrive.
- a am "6-50 Pin
For Harnlbal I.iirlington
j-".i in ijaan.tu.1
for Quire) and Kiokuk
Sr iul ila e,p. s,i. 1. n-
;h Purl -n Pac'flc Exp
Iwln City Kxpres.
Nebraska-Co'orioo Expre-s
Night North.rn Express
tor llllnuis via Eat S' le
-.as Cltv una Denver
Local ftir Hannibal
'7 1) jm J tm
tt u am ttt) pin
"7 , sm "V-ol ptn
-00am 7.19 aia
2 15 im tlS-p.a
- 15 t-ii '6 JO pm
7 W pm 6 53 am
f 8 I" i.m ' 4s am
9-i-Opm "7:19 am
II. .V. O. -U. II H.
Inclunat! nd New York Ex "2 03 am '1:23 p-n
riii Xo: Kast Mt- ,s ;
Unclnnau Accommodation 78.15 am 62pm
Royal Blue Llmu-d . -):,in J.pm
v incennra Accotnmo.lation t5 l pm t8 J2 am
i. . .Accommodation 8 04 am 7.50 om
vv eat Laden ami r-ench IJck 19 J) am "3 25 pm
... ... . Clilcaso Train-.
iSiV 5J?te '"P"''" 2: ptn (6 12 D-n
vildulght s p-cltsi .11 4 m .s ,0 am
... , lvniis Clt Trnlns.
Jllssourl JJtale Bpress . 5 12 am "8-00 om
Kansas Clt) Limited "ii-oo pm "7 II am
c . . I oeal Trains,
bp.lngleli vcrnmmodatlon "8 12 am .
Jarksocvllie Aero-nmoJatlon. - 12 am 8 00 -1
I eo-Ia I.lml'ed . 04 nm 7 2 nm
Jaeksoruiie txpres 44 :s rm in 4 an
ror nrf. M Cap tal C'tv Fm f. 1" pm 1) 19 am
-n-lnefl id Cspiiai ri river f7-l. pm
Il!(. I Ol II-
Vl.Vsc rnvn t.osTov a'p al-wt
Ipd'snapoPs rxpn"s
e- . I JT rH '-''I
Knlckerbc-kf r -peeti
J'sttmn anl Mton Ace .
Mattoon -nd viton A-c
Bostrn N-v ork and Th'ln
cinrfrimt( rpresa
Fast Express-
"-rV nm "o n-n
10am 9 13 p-n
1 n noon '5 p-n
4.i o-n 5 16 am
"":ti n-n
1' 10 pm "Tivat-i
- 23 pm "" nm
l "J) i m . 5 t
I 45 p m
i;on i.enirs "in -4 a
P ni Arrives Tfo a r
at Mill .. .. "3 01 nm "iftr. n-n
Local hxp-es5 7 .- ,m t,1 prp
i'ir r-T-ffK. C A n-n "3-o. am "6-ot rnv
vjS'-'-Etnn Aer-otrrnodatl-in 3-"pm " "3-am
M Jreph A Ka"sns Ltd .. 1 10 pm "7.20 am
Kanas and Co'omdo Ex "10 10 nm "7 10 am
Creve Co-ur Lake trains lea.e Union btatlnn
at 13 a m . "9.13 a m . JI.30 p m and tl-31
p m
Oak Hill trains leave Union ststlnn at t6 IS
a m t!0 10 a m . 3 TO r m. and '6:20 p m
KIrkwoo.1 trains leave Urlon Ststlon at 0")
5. S? 735 a m . T7-V1 a m til -20 a m .
II P. m.. (4 19 n m 18 49 X m . 16.(0 p. m ,
t!ip m and 11J0 n m
St-L. Ft W. & cao Anto Ex. "2:21 pm 11 Jl an:
Tesss pnd Call'omla tx "S-snam
California and Mexl-o Exp. 8 "M am . . .
Hot Springs Speclat "5-jnpm "7.33 am
Texas snd Mexico Express -S- pm
-Txas Express "7:lSam
Fast Mail S-fljam
Local Ex Texarlc ta St. L. 'Slp-n
Memphis Express .... ... "s-oOp-n 7y)atn
Belmont Pasnger .. . SlWan "7:13. pin
Arkansas and Texas Express. "9 45 rtn -tram
St, Louis nnd Chester Ac l 10 pm "10.1am
Arkarsas and Texas Mall.... "S.33 am "SJOnm
De Soto and Bismarck Ac... "3.30 pm "SJOjan
Valley Park Accommodation, tfivo am tl0am
Valley- Par AccOmnudatlcn. 17 20 pm :7J5 am
Pacific Accommodation ...."8-13 am 41:20.pm
Texas and Kansas Mall "9 04 am 6 43.pm
Padflc Accommodation. . tl:10pm 21023 am
Valley-Park Accommodation ttUS pm r4 10"rm
Meteor . "2 30 pm "11:30 m
Valley Park Accommodation 13.30 pm ts.40am
Valley Park Accommodation. 6:2I pm "IS 01 pm
Pacific Accommodation 13:24 pm 17 42 am
Pacific Accommodation .... 17.10 pm.
Texas and Kansas Limited . "3 25 pm "7 20 am
Western Express ............."10.04 pm "7:15 am
"Northern Linen.
North Illinois Express "7:52 am "8-40 pm
Chicago Davllght Special 11:43 am 7:32 pm
Springfield Accommodation 14.43 pm 10 40 am
Chicago Diamond fcpecial .... 9-i0pm 7:24 am
Springfield Accommodation.. 27:00 pm
Southern Lines.
Fast Mall "7.20 am "8 10 ptn
New Orleans Special 1:15 pm "5:18 pm
Accommodation 4.30 pm 11:24 am
(CloTer Leaf Honte.)
"The Commercial Traveler". "7ao pm 1-.VI am
"Eastern Express" "7 28 am "5-08 pm
Charleston Accommodation... "5.00 pm 10.2Sam
(C. P. Jt ST. L.)
Alton. Sprlncfield. Peoria
and Graftcn Express "8 II ara 7:30pm
Alton. Chautauqua and
SprtnrCeld Mall....- S:Upm X am
M.. K. & T. RY "THE KATV."
Jeerson CItyand Texas.... M "9 15 am "6:30 cm
"The Katy Flyer" ..."3.32 pm 7JTtM
Jefferson City. Texas Exp... ."11:45 pm 7a)l am
New Orleans, Mobile. Etc.... "8:31 pm "7:18 am
Chester Accommodation tS:10pm fllMtam
(See C P. i St. L.)
Arkansas and Texas Mall...- 8 56 am S 66 pm
Arkansas and Texas Express "9.43 pm T.13am
(Vis Wabash.)
Mall and Express 17-40 am tll:10sm
Mall and Expres. 15:06 pm TS:1S pm
ersallles Mall and Express . "8-01 am 1S30 pm
Union Accommodation... ..... "523 pm 8:S5am
L.. II. & ST. L. Ill" (Henderson Ronte).
Fast Mall 820 am 7:11pm
Eastern Express "8.45 pm 73)ara
Florida Limited .
Fast Mall
Southern Express
4-00 pm
8 20 am
8.43 pm
7:20 am
Princeton. Atlanta. Etc "8rl4 am M pm
Mount Vernon IS 04 pm 19 40 am
Princeton and Florida, .10:10 pm "732 am
Fast Mall
. "2 30 am "2:15 am
Keystone Express
Local Express
New York Limited
Vandalla Acccmmodatlon..
Fas-em Express ,
New York Expre"s
.. "8-44 am "7:00 pm
.. "7.24 am "5-00 pm
.."12 30 pm "1-42 pm
. "5 30 pm "8-40 am
.. "8 15 pm "7.46 am
,. "11.23 pm "9 40 pm
Eastbound Leave Eighth and Gratiot streets
dailv 9 10 a. m ; 150 5-00 6.20 p. m Except
Sunday 4-04. 6:18. 7.37. 10.30 a. m : 12-08, 2 i).
7.55 p. m Saturday and Sunday onlv ll:17 p.
m- Sunday- only 5:24 7.03 a. m : 1223 p rn.
Leave "Washington avenue, dally 9 J4 a. m .
I 55, 5-05, 623 p. m. Except Sunday 408. 2l.
7.41. 10.31 a m . 12-12. 3.13. 8-00 p. m. Saturday
and Sundav only 11 25 p. m. Sunday only
528. 7.10 a m.: 12:29 d. m.
Westbound Leave Granite City, dally 1:12.
S-00. 5 58. 712 p. m. Except Sunday 6J6. -04,
7-02. 8.24 9 .33. 11:10 a. m.: 4 25. 9 17 p m. Sat
urday only 4.45 1- m. Sunday only 5 65 8-0
10 04 ft m, Saturday and Sunday only 11 62 p.
m Except Saturdav and Sunday 6 42 d. m.
Leave Madison datly-1.16 2"05 -05: 7.1T p.
m. Except Sunday 619. S 00. 7-OS. 8-20. 1900.
II 11 a. m.: 4 31 911 a rn Saturdar only
4 50 p m. Sunday only 8.00, S 05, 10.05 a. m.
Saturdav and Sun-lav only 118 p. m.
Eastern Lines.
Continental Limited "9-OOam TilSpm
Toledo. N. Y. Boston Exp... "8-30 pm "7.33 tun
Toledo. N Y.. Boston Mall.. "2 45 am "2-nnam
Midnight Limited "11:32 pm "2-00 pm
Toledo Local Express "6 45 am "-0S tan
Jacksonville Local Express . t6.45 am tJS pm
Chicago Line.
Banner Express Chicago... "9.22 am T-nJprn
Banner Limited Chicago...... "905 pm 7 23 am
Midnight Limited Chicago ."ll-32pm "1-04 am
Kansas Cltr Line.
Kansas City Express. "9-OOam 00pm
Ktnsas City Fast Mall "2-20pm 1:50 am
Kansas Cltv Limited 10:15 pm 6-50 am
Vorlhweslern Line.
Council Bluffs-Omaha Cxp .. "9-00 am "150 am
Mlnneapoiis-bt, Paul Exp ... "2-10 pm "3-00 om
Cannon Ball Omaha "7:30 pm "715 am
Ottumwa-Des Moines Exp.... "9.00 am i-OOpm
Ottumwa. Des Moines and
Minneapolis Limited 7-30 pm "7:15 am
Local Trnlns.
West-Moberly and Kas C "740 am "8:50 nm
Moberlv Local 5-03 pm 11:10 am
East Decatur Local "4 40 pm 11 -04 am
East Jacksonville Local 14.40 pm 11104 am
Snlinrban Trnlns.
Deoart From Union station: St. Charles,
ttl3S p m.: Kfhioch Park. T6-20 p. m.: Fergu
son, 1 45 p. m (ex. Sat ) "4.20 p. m. From
Olive Street station: St. Charles. "It a. m.,
15 10 p. m.: Brldgeton. (4-15 p. m , tS 42 a. m-:
renruson. t 50 a. m 16-20 p. m. 13 p, m..
15.45 p. m.
Arrlve At Union Station: St. Charles.
$14 03 p. m.. Ferguson. "-05 p. m.. tS-40 p. m..
18.15 a rn.. 1100 a m. At Olive Street Sta
t on: St. Charlts. 1:45 p. m . 27 56 a. ra.;
Klnloch. ts7 a ra.: RrMgeton. "8 40 a. m.;
It 10 p. m.f Ferguscn, 100 a. m.. t220 p. zs..
3 35 tt m
Eagla Boat Stora Co., St. Louis.
Dealers In all kinds of Steamboat. Englneer-r
and Contractors- Sjprli"". W-ite for prices.
Uteel skiffs for sale
W1J leave wharfbeat. foot of Locust it. sL-t.
urday. Starch 12. at 4 p. m.. for West Point.
Aioziers. naroDurg ana an wav landings.
Phones. Mam 1319- D 802. -'
Senator Bnrnelt's lloase Darned.
Merlon. Ill . .March 13. The residsSee of
Senator p. H. Burnett was desttWad by
Ore In tils city. T SJ

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