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Furnish!- Hausts aai Flats f
Advertised for rent in Thi
Republic find readv tenants, f
J Ait unprolltab. Fill them w.lh
V d paylrg roomers through a
I. - Mtc "Want Ad " Any druggist
I !.. take lour Ad.
Tak; your Ad tcanvdrug store. I
1 f lu SI. LuuIp. lint- i.ml
T? 1 I 1 TT 'OnUlde SI. I.maa.. rv
- A " --J llln Tprt'im T .- l-ia
On Tran. 1!rt-- iVnU.
Fourteen oi the Twenty Dele
gates Selected Said to Bs
Against Him.
Resolution Indorsing the Fijht
Ajrainst Coal Trust Is Adopt
ed, but No Mention Made
of Candidacy.
Attempt Made to Get Boomers to
the Platform to Speak, but
Cliainnan. an Anti-Hearst
Man, Declares Proceed
ings Out of Order.
Wichita. JCjj, April T. Kansas Demo
crats to-d ij- cho-e twenty uninstructed
delegates to the St. Louis convention.
Of the delegate;, chosen s-iz are said to
favor the New York Congressman. The
remainder are for any candidate to Le.it
Hearst'." fight against the Coal Trust
was Indorsed snd his i-xi-ninle was cited
as one -worthy of emulation.
This resolution uaa Inserted In the plat
form only after a long straggle In the
committee, and at lat was gained. It Is
dd. by tl:o graco of David oVemn-ycr.
Each faction of the contention, the
Hearst and anti-Hearst, from the begin
ning to the end, was on the lookout for
possible tricks.
While the committee was wrestling with
the commendatory resolution, time was
hanging heavy on the floor of the con
vention. The temporary and permanent
officers were of the anti-Hearst clement,
and when s. motion waa made to call up
on speakers the "antls" thought they t;
la It a plan to rtarnpede the convention
ior the dltor.
A rule previously adopted had declared
speeches out of order, and Chairman Dm
vail Insisted that It be closely folio J.
Tta Meant men tried, time and again,
to ret their speakers to the ptalforra, and
each time were unsuccessful, Ho warm
did the r-M-V.n it for lbs chalrmtti that he
was forced to abandon the gavel to Sam
uel X. Hale of Ruth County, who, after
struggling with the nolay crowd tor en
hour, put a motion to adjourn, and ds
clared It carried.
The (Megafe -!ecle4 were:
At Large-V.'. A, Harris, H. T. Fan-elly,
David Overmeyer, J. O, Johnson. ti. L
JfU and J. K, Haymaker.
R7 districts, Itnm First to Pvn!h In
clusive Jsme W. Orr, I'rntik FltzvII.
Hams, T. V.'. .Morgan, V,'. V. Diflard. A. iU
Jaofcson, J, II. KrnybHI, A. . Kemper, J.
Jf. Jlr.Cown, V.'. It Pepertll, T, I.. lined,
a O, Hmlth, A. A. I loth, O. I. Hcurc, y,
W. Oswald,
llen-rat added one OtU-vnXi to hi al
lowance by the fault of the mntl-JIwirst
leaders to Setttr ttl'dr doori The torn,
prornlre agri--d to thin morning w.m that
Ifterrt IimiM have two d'i!tft-n at trre
lifilfitiiril (in ftft 'I'Jirr..
Tiftt HUU llWCfl THIB MOUtflNO T
irfij and wrr,n rum cvchiho at :.
AT llJ.
fiiiAiN r-riKiiiJi" itr. j)iurt-Jin,y
WHIJAT M'4'nkHiO Mll. .11 I.y rfiHIl
'.o, 'I(fAKJ Jlf.y W 1 1 HAT Kit,
JULY CltN tl',1 IIII.
fir Nl limit Mini V liilolif KMir
mid i,lil Vlilu toll to l.rl.K,
miiilliarly linl,
Vnw Mltmiiril'ltlr In , ruin
and unlildr lit fwnl I'rlilHj until khvx
nl iiImIiI In (Ipiiiiih iinrlliiil, hul
irdii, nlv ttMriiinii In !li
Viir MIii'iNMhIii Mini mililrr IV.
lil mild ihh iiImIiI In midli Mllll
neiil'Mlt UmIiiiiIiiCi fnlr mnl imlil,
U Hiwm )hnni,f Dirt Mr, lnirti'.i
fur liiri(
iJIrilH TiKllllite 11 IlllllhWhll Willi
Jirt H-(n yi on, I j,w D.miijiy
H'l'ilH J'lyilll'm,
t. J'flllll"ill Wo- III MlM'Wl, lllliinfn (.
l( fulliil),
k, AffHM Al I'illl ( 'Ihi-U UmmN
Willi j "llr iW
4, ll'W Vim 'MifiiiK nl 1'itfifj'i
Hniii'""! ili'l iHit In Until limn Dow,
f'HllMH Allllji" "Ill'lllW" W'llUill,
ft iHltiHlil In 'Hxntbf I'ilh'l IUHl
VJII '( HflH, '' tJsllHHln,
, flMlliiflfil
lifotMltiiH (nl- It n i' tinll,
lillkfiMid Ultotnl I'luU in W Hell.
1, Vnlr .UttlHtt Wtirk Irt n t'oiitfilnn.
'timothy J. lUuipMI tmtl,
, 'tlm rmue tiut hi liiilmi t',uti.
Hun l!illi hud Jtoilriw,
"Vim Willis" Vlu 'ilrli"f.W'l
l"lllftfie(al ,
tit tJ,iU Utnlu AlftfkL
it) jl'litlWlc "Wniit" M
Mtth, Unttln onI licalil Hepordi,
Nw C'orprf!ilofi
J), iioofni for JUnl Aa,
U, Uepllblif "Vrthl" Ad..
IS, III lh CIiIcsro Oram I'll
Mve-Slock Market,
1(, Inventory Of Cole Eitnle,
Wnrrant Chaw Usury.
I'romer.ade Concert Attended by So
tlitr 'VVorrna.
1'iiiilie OuntTltip Leader Tesliii"- That Kthvaid P.iuler OiT-rcd
Him ?jr),l)lM) to Leave the Stale I -Miring Lat Si. Loui Mayor
alty Ivlcetiim Detlaies William .1. Stone. .Si'lm C I.bert.
-:n I "fpi.-M- H:iiiMrf.an iV.r,triluii. . r:.-"..:ii. !"u"!l t."
I It feat I:;:it:t Welis AC'tnil Nti!l!i'liills I ullleii nit' ,'.. t -ii r
ler. 'mi Iienie a I'ommon iiidi-r-taiidinj: itinhr Keiited
Hall in Whiili .MetiwetlierV ('ouveiiiiwii Wat Held.
m.'i'LT.uo fci'j: i a i
Troy. Mo.. April 7 i:id-we In the libel
suit of ls?e Meriwether for damage
apalnst The Republic occur-i'd the atten
tion of the Lincoln County Circuit Coiirt
all of to-day. Adjournment was taken at
S o'clock until 9 a. m. to-morrow. It Is
probable that all of the teitlmony will
be linishrd by the middle of to-moriMv
Ivo Meriwether was on the stand until
afternoon, when he told of the publication
oi thi? editorial In The Republic, In which
he was characterized as an ally and friend
of Edward Butler and as a trickster. He
said that Rutlcr had often approached him
and made money piopoiltions for political
fivers, but that he had alna! refused
There was much contention over the ad-niK-"ibillty
of some of the testimony.
Other wltnsses for the plaintiff to show
lK effect of The ltepubllc's classing him
with liutler were Richard O'Neill, a for
mer nominee for Clerk of the Criminal
Court on the Public Ownership tiiket.
Trank S Kowalkl. well known as an as
sociate of Meriwether, and former nom
inee for Recorder of Deeds on the Public
Ownership ticket, and James T. Robert's,
who Jiirured prominently In the Blair cass.
and who is an attorney in this case.
The defense began Us testimony with
Andrew Schneider Janitor of Druids' Hall,
who tented the hall to Butler for tt
bolting convention of 15&7.
Albert Gebhardt, whom Eutbr offered
51.0 to get off the Public Ownership
ticket as nominee for Marshal; his father.
Viator Gebhardt, who told of Butler's corn
ins to him for his intluence with his eon,
and the depositions of former Consres
inan Charles K. Joy and Democratlo State
Chairman Will A. Rothwe'l, followed for
the dtfense.
Joy told of glvinsr CAM for a. place on
the Public Ownership ticket. Rothwell told
of Butler" cominjj to him, claiming to
have llrst conferred with L Meriwether.
Ie Meriwether was the first witr.ew In
his own behalf. Aaked by his counfcl If
ho had accepted money from. Republican
In tije campaign of 1S0L. Meriwether
r laimed that he had received mone- from
many source. "TJo campaign vu con
ducted, r.ot on national Liut," be re
plied. "Republlcatis did contribute nd to
dljl D"noT3t. finator Win. J. Stone
baudf-d mo Pxi. John C. Roberts j;a-,e me
lift nr.d Major Ramiennan JICO, lu order
to bat Mayor 'W(1U"
"Wtt fri-e silver your ilojan In 1S01T'
".Vot bt nil. I had r.o time to drag na
tlonal Isues into a municipal campaign. It
wsa iiiitln the platfonn."
'J'he platform of 1VI, over objct!on, nil
rsd end admitted ui fvliirn"i. An ed
itorial frcrn Th Repuhllo i,l Aur.uti. XSfl,
clilrnlriK !.e worked "hand In glove r.d
p'jekiil," wan rend,
"I thl truoJ" vs Jkd,
"AbwjluUily not."
"Have jou Lien ohici.lo ofKt3eker
from your ywilUI"
"!o. 1 lmv ijtfra candidal for Cir
cuit Attorney und for Ulnyor twice thi
flrnt llmo hi rnilr nodilnt of th Dtm
ocmtlo party"
"In n nitlole enlllUd, 'All fr,r th
din,' It 1 lBt-d tliitt ou had notlilrw
to Ky iiKitlnH tli '.Ik ni-ln f.nnK. but
evorythtr.fc to nay mraliut tl.o Democrats.
In thlj tnwr'
"Alufiluuiy not. I denounced tin 7,ln
hln K"nK by nn'ohi-n arid d'd(;-rii "
Miirluvllier, ll.rr.WK'i Mm xfunlnallon. In
xliitix! )i V.ltu the I'KUlor D'liiOcMIII
ni.inlnefi for Unyir In I'i7 over obJi-'Jlupn.
Iln admltled ha wrin put on Hit lkkt by
)illtlin, Aaki-d tvliailmr h bud abHiiiIone,
ilia lininnnrutlo parly In JW, l.i uld
"I did hot, I hftve kIviii my mipporl
to I 111 iiaUoiihI Iii-jriucriillo U'lhr.l, 1 ;.iva
rny olieoJr lo Ilia wnninlllia. In JW Kin l a
''liulriiiiin U'll'.rt aakad ma to apajb fur
Hi llrknl, wlll'.ll I did I went to Iha
norilinrn Kill of m Htle tm Ilia puny,"
hl'l-X'l All Jl.liy.
"Ill vour uflldnvll fur i-Ihuik of venn
yiii Mulcl you eoiild not nil n fulr Irliil In
Ilia nil of HI, lul4, What dava yuu lo
my In (lialf
"llecMima u apiwlal Juiy bad hwtii Nfck'd
Ifit and only rfirid, of roni.a, lu ,t
lldcn nf iri Jmiiiih"
"Vlntl iffe"! Ima Tlia lepuliln publli-a.
Iii imj on your lium uiid iuiPiailou In
III, i,Wf
"I liaya li'ard iiiany fii!o( aoinn mi.
Iif;iif.ll.d Willi m, ay I Hit liu
"Wlial VHrt Hi (fnariil iffKftIT''
"I Urn in full lif Ifl" alll'lliK Nil llwn
'it iiii'ijiln, Wli'irn limn lino Iiii "orillwl
iii him li iiji"1 ulioiildfcii iii a niiiniwr
(liiil miihiil li lold In viiii'ln"
t'ii,m i )it)itniilin I Mi lliwithii'
"Vh'li Wla wi wiiiUili"
"In I Ml yrnir lUfl wiiUi1"
"Wo Yilin ll0i.l tiuiii my fil fclfr
"Vmi fifWt HI Irtli'il I'lilHmlHlM! 1"
"Yuu i ntiiiMit" Im llnym lo !W
"Hoik VIN ra nil titlMnl innill'hH
Im i1ittt lii Ii-lii'f-mlli' iwiniiT"
'"', th "
"Ui-iil iji V fmfc'f nut lfi liiil,l
furl iiimillii ff
"Vm, fir"
"t'ytl Win HiJillJ djr Mwtiiil linlli-t
lit IW"
"I Hiul-Wt tnf"
iiiwiiitti i'tffVt;srnn,
"YUU ein'tlbef H cHUCIIa M lieffiri'
(ll wiliVefilloH ut 1W, lit whIMi Wfif J3 A,
Uninhti, .tofpb llrtiwd mid 1',ilmtil lUil-
"fef, fir"
"II lntH uritll (Ii rrnll lioiir of Hi'?
"If li"itn In Ihn wnftll liour,"
"Kit r.illlpr wna Ihern?'
"Mr. Nonnan called him In."
"Vmt rfinsmber n (nfellri? In Mtir Hall
In IW'
"Yei rtr"
"You muds a spccchT'
"Yc, sir "
"James Butler made a speech at that
meetlngr I
"Y ir
"Was inonej c:i!led forT
"Yes. Mr."
"Were money and jewelry contritulcd?"
"I think to "
"! jou know Mr. Kordmeyer?"
"Yes. ir."
"Wtie jou. Xordmejer and Mr. Vroo
man together when this was dlscuts'.-d
priur to the meetms?"
"No. sir; at no time."
"Did jou receive money from Republic
ans tor jour campaign lu 1MI?"
"Home of them."
"In llW, jou had a convention, though
you knew jou had not cast enough votes
.it the prior election?"
"Whu was nominated for Marshal?"
"Albeit Gebhardt."
"For President of Board of Public Im
provements?" "Robert U McMath."
"Did jou see itfblurdt durln? that can--ai.r'
"Frtquentlj "
Fivtxri vi.i.v iti:ki:stims
"Did you go to Gebharut and tell him
that Edward Butler would m.ikn it
financially interesting for him to with
draw?" "Ye-, air. I wanted him to have a wit
:.es and catch Butler when he would
call. I had told Butler to see Ueiuardl
"Do jou know Victor Gebhardt, the
father of Albert?"
"Ye-, sir."
"Did joa say to him that lie was be
coming a popular man and would be
llnanrlally interesting to him to get off the
"I don't remember such a statement,
though I may have talked to him about
"Did Butter offer to Gebhardt set Into
tha Globe-Democrat?"
The Globe-Democrat torj- was read, in
njuca Meriwether eald he had nothlne
to i-ay about It.
"Do you remember anything about ltr'
"No. sir."
"Did jou tell the reporter that you could
not tell him anything aiOUi a s-crtt cx-n-ferenee
with Butler?"
$zr.,iHM) to i,i:avu cut.
"I tit not p-member Ac the came tint
Butler .feted XS.O'X) to leave the city
and go to Honda."
"Did jiu talk with Otto r. K'arte about
G'bhirdfj Kctticg off the ticket'"
"No, iilr."
"D1I you talk with Karbe about the
I'ulilpj Ownership nominee for Pra!dmt
of the Council, Ow-n iliU-r, and the ad
vlatliity of titling him off tbe ticket?"
"No, tlr."
"Vou talked with RutW"
"He carne to rny private o.Tee, locked
the doors, drew the curtalnt and carnn and
tat down by me."
"Do you rtrnember h'a Klvlnr; Via lo
yo'ir camj'ilgn fund In W7V
"1 uruleKUind he did at tha Miinic Hall
"IId Butler rorne around to you
ftlrf.iil .-'ttlrilf .luall'tff of Iho Ivris on
tli ticket In WUT'
"He did, am off-red tm.nby. I might
add, the offer wan Irialontly retfuaod."
"Ho you rrniVinlrfir tMllna; a I'oat-Dlt-pnl'h
refiner In liecomtier, ;, that yuu
would make no atatement oboui a ion
fiireina with Rinler In II. I'. R'.ify'a of
flca'" " don't renminbi r"
"Ynu did not hjo (ho 1'oni Ilnpatoh?"
"No, tlr. 'J'lm Ifepubllij la tmaily Pi
yiuia old, and It Hindi an idllorlal x-pti-.isliin
about inn, A pnper itiibllnlnd as
loin; iia 'llm ItepuMlo luui a repululluri
nhloli maU4 Jopln l.llevu It to lell Ilia
Aiiinii hi'.iiimi
ni:ii,i:it Fiir.iu f.mi.v,
"Vou r.nw llullir fie'iuetiily?"
"Al ill!fruiit Ilium, nlwiitw of h!a iJ(.
1 1,;. Onus I nut Mm at dm Kuiiilurn lloini
III nil, wlum liu offend 111" 77) pl''a
fur liuiilliuilluiiii lu .lilttlkn of Ida IV.i.
tut Ida fiid"
"Wliut lipiililoui, wu on your lltktl
in war'
"Mr, Juy fur ('miisfin, Mr, Jtuyy la a
Itpiililltaii In imIIvImI 'UIIIi.i, mnl otli.
"Did you liiilorna miy e.iiiillduiia fur
('llllUluH III f liu 'IVilllll II l, I 'I'Mklflll lu.
"Hi, Mi,"
"Vlili'l III" lllrlilll (IIMll't till i'fial
III Ilia dly'"
"I dun'! know,"
"Ii ihu 'liulli IU-.IH kliuiiiily ll,iili'
Hi li ii r
' I ln.lluvu Hit "
"IIW MllOHl lll 'JVO'lllll'l"
"H Yim IIMKilill''ll '"! "'" I"'"'" ""'
IfUpl'll III IDH'lii H In mm I Mi"
AuminvHST nmy i ii i;-
Mi, liUnitiiiii iiihihiiiihiI ii io'y "f ilm
"linliiim jH"iiv,lin ' imii-Kiiifiii 'ii WU,
tllii'li'lll It illiUliill ut liWln h'HYinil llm
HitmhUi'lin Hil'l I'nlilUi iifiiinirlilii imillut
uivl h llilnl "I'Ujliii til nt inily" fiii liyii
,lnll'ia tit llm I'i'ii'H ini'l t'iililiiil" Wi
Ihinl', 'llm htH'i-liii III mi 'ifiii-il lit Mnl
iihllin, Villlliiii A llhiiiilmilriiHn, lJ A,
liliallM I', , I'llllllll. .'Ml II, 'VVre-H
Mfl'f '' I' V.'llllllllf, 'III" Yllllfli I'll II
lllli'tl ll'V miif II -t i 'Ut nl
(III Ii4lttfl l'Mllilll'lllOII liy Mr llillim,
llm llia ilnltMil lliiD Id" lilitlil iiii'ul
Inn Mtttii lliinn. titiijlimi mill liulUt
y.cl no! phihiipi Imt h tiiiiiteitrttie In
willed nil tllutl iiind) lu utetcnmi' llm
rUtliutU ut Itiittloiin, llm iiIIim fiiw1l'1ttl",
wlio III" wlld'sa nntli"t lii'l sftuieii
prKtlrf lliioiii!" Ui" Ii"" f I'Ollte
' Mr. iitfiniili tntiinl urn in give tm
tUrunllt lo Mm, I'Jl I luui tnoio volcl
IIiMi he clid I refiifed I (old Ihem I
would d" Mayor or j'tscllce fnw. Mt,
JtootMti stiKRtsIed lliftl (Jailer, his fthnil,
1 culled In. wlilch wai done, We tcta
llghllng ' common cm my It wns about
2 o'clock In the morning "
in;ji:l'Mvi; woiiki.xi
Fun in:iinvi:'rin:n.
Fr.ink ii. Kownlskl followed .Meriweth
er. Ho lestllled lhat ho thought The lie-
Contlnncd on Page Trra.
Admits He
lion.- in a
Leal Cap;
d Corpnra
icit v ami
A.'.teil.-i Ptoitively That He Did
Not Hi-present liie Kal l'.ak
in:: I'oy'derJ'ompjHiy .Tt-Us
at liu);!i Si.i- :.
ICanoas Cltj-. Mo, April 7. ITnil.J i-tates
Stnatcr Wlll'ain J. Stone this afternoon
was en the witness stand in the law olllce
of Frank 1. Walsh, siting his deposition
in the cae of Stone s. Chrimar. wherein
the Senator is endeavoring to reco r from
(leorge Lie Chrlman the sum of SIO.'A)
which ho put in the Kansas City Times
bomo j-rars ago.
The Senatot alleged in his petition that
when h- bought the stock al Us fact- value
or 510,ln) he was told that the controlling
interest would be held b- hlmslf. Judge
ChrHman. the then Secretarj- of State, A.
A, I.eueur, and a man named Groves.
Afterwards, so he alleged, he found thnt
corporations controlled the Times, and lie
demanded his monej- back, unwilling to
work with corporations.
Judge Chrisman was riprser.ttd b
Frank Walsh. John Welborn of L.eington
ard John Sea of Independence Stnatur
Stone v.as accompanU-d by Mr. O. 11
Dean. From 10 until 4 o'clock, tha Sena
tor was on the stand, with two hours."
interval for refreshments. Throughout the
proceeding., the distinguished witness was
treateJ with much consideration and. in
return, was affable. Only once did he show
a flash of the fighting spirit. That was
when Mr. Walsh, after enumerating a list
of companies the Senator had repreienid
in his professional capacltj-, inquired:
"Are there any ifcther corporations. Sen
ator, j'ou have not told us about?"
"No, I think not," was the laconic replj-,
"And I might add, for the benefit of
counsel, to gratify his- ambition and per
sonal regard, that he has been fairlj- dili
gent In this particular at least."
The mala point in tho examination was
to prove that Senator Stone's alleged dis
approval of corporations; on which grounds
he ! demanding the return of fio.oco. 1
nothlrg more than a tachnlcal one. Ac
cordingly, Mr. Walsh, conducting the ex
amination, asked him If It was not a fact
that lie had undertaken to buy the Times
for a corporation. Senator Stone answered
promptly that he had not.
"When f.rnt I tried f uy the Times,"
he said, "I rprefctnted I II. Jones of St.
Loula. I marie a bid cf JirB.o. for It. Mr.
Cox, then owning- It, held out for a higher
Ceure, and Hie negotiations dropped."
"But jou did rprnt corporation! nt
othT llmee, did ou cot?" the Senator
wan aiked.
He admitted that he had officially rrp-rox'-nted
certain Ht. Duulu street railway
tompanlca prior to the merger, and that
while to repreMntlng them ho ha1 gone
Liforo the members of the Htat- Board
of Kr(U'tllzallon, "as Individuals, not ai a
Loard," ha Inflated, with regard to "Juxt
tajuttlon "
hVnalor felorie ulto adtnltteil that lie
h,id r.prefteoteii a sc hool.book corpor.t
lluri, . C He.itli A. V.u and that while
Hut company wok iiyin lo get contracts
with llm Hlulii bo luui :i-:,tvi In it.i l,e
half before In' mb-M of tho Hhool-l!ook
('uriirriItlc.-, "a iiiemliei of the board,"
he repeat! d
"Mr. Hpeiii.. r of Hnlliia was a inember
of lliul Loruiulajtfuii, waa bu nut?'' the
Ki nalor w,t ak, il.
H'-iiittor rlluui! cald l.e bellt.veil au,
"And you hud Minielhliig to ,I wlih
Imvliig hltn Uppollllrd?"
"I ailggaJleil to cir.veriior Hli-phuia Di.it
Im appoint .Mr. rlp'llinr, Mini ha lifltr
watila did I'u," Hdmllleil lli.i fi'iialui
tin ajid l,n,l, wl-ii li aubinltled tin.
bid of JUutH tt Co.. he handed It to ,t
aictatnry of tha loiiiiiilaalon, nut golnc
l,i. fum I tin bo'trd
Gulnif Into Hi" iiliun ilul, Km uliorriuya
fur ,1'iilua I'lillaliimi iiWicil
"Weiu yuu iniploviil by the llujul
ll.iUlig I'iiWiIii' ''uinp.ioyr'
"I wua not," Hm llm niiawtr m,nla by
llm Heiilur
"lil'l vim not VWlIu llli lliallaa eilIK-,,
'All'fll IIH 14 I'lilo'lll'V"
"I illd, but wlllioul juy; I li.nl iViu,,
Of It printed Mllll arilt lu III' IliUlllntra ,f
Ilia lyiglaliiimu,"
"Who niiiiloyd ynu In i,rini'a vlo.
iilia of Din bilking poynlur Uvi'l"
"II J. Ifully," wua flio unavvi.i,
"Illd Iia nul any Unit n vvila ii'pianl
In Ilia Howl IMhlnK I'oyiltir I'oinpany
Winn !iu ni'oyti yon, Huiniloi!"' Mi,
rtlona y mliiil,
'Ibla mmoyn'l ilia tinia( Im ji m(,
yn,ui aoinnVi'lMl timiily, i
"liu illd iini, liiil I liiiyo no li'alUhiy in
HiMiiia; fliiil It Im Im' tu iulit inn, i vynni,
Mill biiV" iii'ii,i.i lliu iiniiliiyiimni, u,,
I'M mi Im iaiiln II, u Hllllillml
IIuhIIIi IIiii uiy,"
MMHnilHI lll'iAIl'll tiiii'll'.lY
fmiHiiii Hiuim im wrki'ii if ( iiiii am
iHu.ii iim siln'inul Ihtllli ii""UI, ,
"I I'liii'niilnl II," itiilM llm Fi4intn,i
"I'mi yon I'fi im vim Ytnu in i,H p
Hi'imtor Hlnim lunllnl llml ,n vyi
In II a limn imiitnl Wll"t mnl niinilivt
unlimil Mwilitiiliiiny, 'nil mif.lil ,itb 1,
H Him- m HI, hmlt lot llm iiitm-i, t Uuj
ollit!"o" Im xliUKi il'l
"iJtt yuli luior lliw imtim of iiiiy whiii'ii
tihu t'ilt In HI" mi' list I ft,
Httmibt Hlmm ini'l Im 1'iulil twnll ilium
'llm'i' 'ti''l((nia yipi" ,iil In him fa ,.
tinlll lila picvlona iint'nl'm nlmiil "many
nl tnit l'.( limn uml fujiimn lytltg nmiii
linn." i'linl'jt tttvim ndmlllH llml Im ifptc
pttil'il n Myaiflllfi Mri liiiwecl i'ttne.
mill dti-vt no tuner in ntfiinillmU lli r
pesl of Hie Itilrd nmemlminl felnllng o
lfi tnxsllnn of nrntlnnz-r, and nfari lli
Clitlatlnti riclonlluls, II" h(enc1 lit nay
that Ida work at Jpfferrori Clly In ttila lait
connecllon was for fee, "for J did not
share- tli belief of Die Christian Kcien
f-Vtmlor Slone left for Ht. tiuU to-nlgbl
on his way lo Wnhlnglon, US Kite
against riirlsman wa lo have been tried
next week, but, at the reiuest of hti coun
sel, has been continued. The reason for the
delay wns pressure of offlclsl business at
1 1 1 1 1
1: I I LJL.
Who is Ilonizt-d b- s-ocietj- at London. After spending a ffw more week In Great
Britain, it is the intention of this Malajan n.Ier to vWt the United State", spend
ing coniidrrablc time at the St Louis I'nhersal EiroMtion.
Estimates of Census Bureau for
1903 Give St. Louis G12.279;
Kans-as City 173,0(51.
Otii; Tenth of Decennial In reafe
Between L:ut Two CVn.ue
Added for Each Year
Since UlOO.
Tfc. IlpuUlc niireatx,
Hti Ht am l'i,r,rliU A.
Washington. April 7. Estlmate-j of ip
ulatiun Issued to-day by the Cnut Bu
reau .ihow birito Increa for He Iyulf,
for the cltlm of Mb-aourt and for the
communities nf the Houtbweat In p-eners
HI. IiiiU Is credited wltb an lncrea- of
37.011 -luce the olllclal census of 1W). Kan
ms City wllh mure than I11.OW, St. Joprpli
with almnit S,iW and other tlllei of the
State with a alrnllBr growth
In the number of towrri and clllea hav
ing more than It.Vi liiliaMlants. Ma.t-'ii'
tlni'gllM la In tl) lead with furty-ceveti,
Luul.iluiriK a InUI of ".I17,7W inhabitant-!.
Cuiialdiied by Hlule, New York lead
In pupulalluu, with mum than aeven mid
a lialf million, I'ciiiutylvni.la rucieda nit
and it half million and llllnult iiu pauid
line tnlllluiDi 'IVxna hua over thrt 111II
lluiiJ, luvlng piimed Mlaiioutl. But twntj
tk'.u ntiitis nuv. Ii,n leas ttiuii 11 tiilllluu
liilia,laiil.-4, and fuiirtviu .ixccd two mil
lluil The rallui.ile a,,ly lo all rill, x l lo,.
On 11 lid over, mnl to HIiiIim nclualvc of
iltii-a. 'Ilia liiil cull nf III' 1 I'alialla baa
liern dlieulrd by CoiiKreaa lo piapiirn In
llm Inlervnl belwrill 1,1 liailara apedal l
purla fonlulnlliK alullall'a uf iu,iljon
II II' I llllln Hgnies lf bllalllepH Vlllll" Vile
ripuit l.ainil lo day i,al wllh Die pupil,
aiutii,mi;th'ai, mi'iiioh.
"AilinUIIng nil Dial 11111 be 11,1 M rrglllll
lux Dm iini'.rliilnly nnd pinliul.it: aiior
of am Ii ratlwuleH," m H. A, It, Norlli,
Illo.ur nf Die I'aiiaiu, In landulllig lli'i
inpurl, "It la b!uved Dint Ida yaln li
III" piil'll'i fi niii miking ti statfatha n.
lilllullilu will I,h wmDi Wlm I It iiMta. Tlio
inelii'J inloplid wua Dim u.pitleij arlili.
iiill'iiil mallind, II roKla on I In n.oni"
Hun llml ll" iinnnul Imfuatn fr nnt
yi ill- iilnia III liu uuliaU4 would I," ulln.
lll of ll,i ileianiilal lll"lvntn l,i lvr, 11
lint ,iHl ivvii ii-na'ia'H 'lli roniiny ,i-i 4
vvlinl", mi'l inoal of llm (llHIa iiml illlea
Mm kiowIiih Willi a aiii1lly ili, inmlinf
I'i'i 1 mil of Ilium" l'ii'li aii Ii imiill
Dona, lliw mlllininlliiil lliallio'l Ima ill
,iovil iimia iiiniiniiti llmii nny uUmim
llye Uf Dl'l'l MUlllalllu"
'llm lull iiililu im Mloiul 'III', tul'
Hiiiniilml, I'Oi'Ol'ill'ni li, MM, lupiiiii
linn Wh I'lUvt, il" minlitt ImHiifi, Tl, '
ilimiU'il tm Wil, I'i.li'i, tm lri, HIM, tm
IM, H,7V
,11,1'Hii, ioiiiiilioii ivi, ti'ii, wti, mm,
lii'init'i, KK niiili tm Wit, tiMU
tm wn, ntii, tut io, 1imi
HiUHi fiiy, i"iiuliilkin l', mill',, I'tt
VMM, in' titt. ill ay,, iiil"iili"1 for I'ftl,
V..M, tut l'il, I'lt'!-, fit Wft, I1WA,
HI ,lii vli. f'li'iMi'in lvo M. !'"'
Iift'lli, tin t"imi Uift't,, ilSumnS tut Wil,
MMtii tut wn. i'rt,fii, tut wii, Hum.
HI Uml', tiuiilllull'ili IV'i, I'lhlVi, WO,
MbKit III 'I "'"". Itt.t'A, pnllltittlttt fur Wll,
tfisi.'Mi tut w2. vwt, tt.t wn, num.
H-nnlla, l-ol'iilndori l'A H.'rtli Wti. i,V
Mi, lnefe-ie, ,(ia 'alltmilH for Wtl, IS,
in-, tut I'n. ,rA, tut wa, vcm.
HplItiKfield, pof,iilllori Wi, tlXj; YMh
Vl.l'fi, In-ttati; J,(l7j eslltnnled for 1VI,
n.vrt, tut wn. zi.v.v, tot wa, a.ttn.
Jury Fixe I'eiifllty at Iiniiri-oii-meiit
(or Life.
Snn Fr.incico, Cal., April 7 The Jury
In tho Botkln rare late to-night returned
it verdict of guilty of murder In the first
degre" and fixed tha penalty at Imprison
ment for Ufa.
tf"riTi ifti "T I rt I I rt
VI.I.IM I "l V I ' N
St. Louis Union Will Not Demand
Contracts of Concession
aires at Fair.
I Prosjiect of Good Waes and Big
Tips Loads Labor Organit-
tion to Take This
L'nlin and nonunion waiters are to be
employed in the restaurants and refresh
ment booths loth on tha Pike and In the
main section of the World's Fair.
The World's Fair concessionaires prac
tically decided upon this plan two neelci
ago It a made certain lait WVdnes
iWy tifterriuuii, uhes the Ht I-uis Walt
era' Colon voted to I'jiva the World-
I'alr open ami allow the concessionaire
to employ sitjur.e.
According tu Die action of the union,
il. fined by ..vrral IrtrlubMs of the organ
ization taut lils-lit. liu imitracl will be de
iruiuil'd Inside the Fair grouiida, and
union waltem at., at liberty lo k em
plojmeut rroui nny nf the conceaalorulret.
Tli ruiiirasluiialiea, on Die citier hand,
rfli employ l,tli union .iini nuniiulun help,
11 a far ua tin; union la uiik-iii' d, and
Di.lr Hill be till ttullble
ConceaIunalica ut 1 1, a J 'air urounds
wrre i.ullriril nf the union' x aclluii yenl.r
day, und were Jul.lUnt aa n re.ult.
TJi cnncraalunatria a. verul weks ago
llifnriniil Iha waltem that guod wagra
woiil'l lei '.ild during Dm Fair p. rind, but
Ii j given out emplinil'-ally that m
Illinois would be made wllh Die uiilnn
It la aufd Dial Dm waller itri unrl,l-nt
gnud wntiea will l,e paid Furlheniiijii.,
lli ,ri..n, t fi- freijiiint Dpa, and Dps nf
Kood al, l intceeilliigly brUlil, for It la
helbtved Dial World's I'alr vlallora will
l.i willing lo pay ealid for good aervlia,
Tim wallera any ll,ut work will b Ino
plenllful and Dm proj-i: fur big profli
Inn gnnd fur Ilia llliluil In iiiiiu w) con
eluiinlia ovr iniilnula,
1 Umtmnil ut itllKiy, bulb union and
iioiiiinlmi, ma li.adeii Inward hi, lmlj.
Tin i will ba a Ida- ili-imina tut (Ida kind
of Indp, bulb In llm illy retort wild w ia
Wolld'a I'nlr
f, II WU'inmi, Ilium In I i-ri c-Uiry ut
III' HI lHlla VVllllefe' I'iiI.iii, vf.li D,a
vyuiiua rnir niaiii'i y,aiiiiiy. if I. 1111
iiiaoi,, Dial ,, a ii(nliillnj( fr nut
l)i"a -4llll aay.ial of Ilia nw (iol. tmin
I'llllba Dial Y.IH ba ranll'la,J Jn uHI
a'l lli Wot Id's l'li riuwi'l
Amil'llntf In Ilia nminliHt uf iK nniuii,
Die s'iii!i fulfil ,l.l Va'nilay .minll
mini t ml liri-"i) llm niilun and Worliff
Villi i W'lny I'loyl'l-! any i,t ilia am
t'lu ji 1 ifII'iI 11 t mill 111 1 'Hi Itiiiuiil
mil l)i tiim In vnlluif nut lu fiiim a 1 n.
Iiml villi llm itni'MitluiMlif ml lu nl'
luti irl'lnlmlK nf llm nnlnll In wolh wir
vi limy inulil ( i-mi'lnyimiiti,
VJhII'Ip In llm 1-ntlltin Iml'l mil i,tyei
iini illuimil tm lu inli'lli't limy lVsj lo
llm uiilnn, 'tlmy tf-li" tniA mt
1 s'ldllloiml tut niii In tip, Mini
nHH-t nt" kM tu ft mtiluym-tit m Urn
t'Utttkt', KouDi.iii or Juthtmii Imtflt, mnl
tlm iiMfisgsrjt nt !ha lin(n my llml (lit
unl'iri llii la iier ilfswm
Gcnenil Miller Temjionirily Jleii'
of FoutirJrie". TrimL
New York, April 7. Joseph B. Schwnl
ha ftnl'tJ htii resignation ss president
of Die American Htel Foundries Com
pany. ,
(Jener.il Charles Miller wa nptolned
acting president, Mr, Schwab continues ns
tt member of the Executive Committee
nnd Hour, of Directors.
A dividend of 1J4 per cent on the com
Btuif' preferred stock was declared.
.am aiii
Almost Keaoy lor Atracs m
Force Upon the Russians
Intrenched in Manchurian
Submarine Mines Htne l?ecn
Placed at TakuSlian and Other
Possible Landinj: Places.
Baltic Fleet to Be Sacrificed in
Effort to Seriously Cripple
Admiral Tojio". Fiht-
int; Forces.
Part of the Japanese fighting lin hai.
crowed the Yalu R:er and established
itself in strong position' on the Man
churia side. say a dispatch from Seoul
via Toklo. This means tliat the first Jap
anese armj estimated at 4i.tV) men. which
started two weeks ago from Anju. Is about
to begin aggressive operations against the
Ru.-s!an intrench-d bejond the Yalu. The
forces', commaedfd bj- General Kurokl.
have had to contend with t-ad roads; bat
apparently have overcome all obstacles.
The next difficulty will be in getting a
sufficiently large force across the Talu
before hevy lighting b-gins.
The fart, however, that J3par.es ships
are able to land supplies unhindered near
WIJu Indicates that the Russian fortifi
cations at Antunp. on th opposite side
of the river, are Iesa formidable than was
Meantime, the Japan-" fleet Is again
maneuvering off Port Arthur, to the great
discomfort of the Russians, who hourly
expect an attack.
Submarine mines have ben placed at
Taku-Shan. west of the Yalu Hirer's)
mouth, where a Japanese lan-IiasT I
pected. and at other points on the coast
where bindings would be possible. The
people in the vicinity of Posslet Harbor
have retreat-d to the interior la fear of
a Japanese bombardment. .
From. Pari corses a well-sopportetf--!
statemec: to the ffct that Russia will
sacrifice the eMir Ualtic fleet ia tu ef
fort to cripple Admiral Togo's force acd
restore the naval balance- in favor of Rx
mUl. in the far East, unless ptane for the
mobilization of the Pert Arthur. Vla
divostok. Haltic and Black Sea fleets can
li carried out, which reerns improbable.
Tho loss would Ue enormous, but Russian
strategists believe it would be more than
repaid if th Russian ships could do suffi
cient damage before golnr to the bottom.
'pari. April 7. -The Rinodan naval plan
fur retrieving the reverses at Port
Arthur and Chemulpo lias been communi
cated to one of the rmbaaeles through of
ficial channels having access to the hlgli
eit naval authorities at Ht. Petersburg.
The plan U explained aa follows:
Ruaala recognize that Japan now has
preponderant naval strength In the far
Ka.t. Theieforc, It la eentll to re
verse the pre-nt Jpar.e preponderance.
Thi will be attempted by two distinct
mole. Flirt, uruent efrorta'wlll be made
to liava a i.nval lonietilratlou at Port
Arthur, the lialllc. Red Ha and Vladlvos
b,k Heel Joining Vl"i Admiral Maka
ruff's (oiiiiiMinl If posalble and thu giv
ing tb combined fleets preponderance
over VI' e A1Irnlr.1I Togo'.
nYiuii.l, It la fmiaeaii that It will be dlf
rli ut ami prnb.ibly Irnpoaallila In rffact
llila imiteiitralloii, aa Admiral Togo mny
Inurtept Die llallii fleet l.afurn Its ar
rival nt I'nrt Arthur, In Dint event, h
ISaltle lb-. 1, wlibli 1 cninparaijvaly small,
will utleinpt Die pirlloua taak of engag
ing 1 lii large Japanese fleet. In Die hope
of disabling aouiu uf Dm Jiipuneae ships
and Diiia rrduUng llw Japantaa affaetlve
fore a,
A.v.oritllll' lo ltul.ill ralciilatlon, lli
liitllle flmt may aiirfir annllilUtlon In
1Kb mi um-'i nul loiubut, but It will Iiav
rervnl u. valuabla and If It I able lo
vrlppl a u'IWeiit numUr of Jupunaae
lill' I fniii Almlrul Togo's; navsl
alreiiylli l,low that nf Adliilrnl Mkari,fr,
'llm fol.golng liifoiiiiallori I not part
of 1 urn 111 ie u!,iDy npnil, but uifnt
In, 111 iiulllil oltl'lal villi" ut MM
U iiwrmlii'il HiiIjii pi-no 'Id W
Dimllju lit W.I'lllliUloli Will tr'th lr
Im InforiiiHllon alioilly
fb-nnl, KiMaAjafl 1 'ft If Hf mil llV
I,,.im ci'.yMl lmt iyliiK tlml.HwImm
ut" n'l miylii rl of Di lil li"fdf
lovna on III- Tiiinli IllV'f, In HultlmtU
'in Unfit,
A Hut-in I'mf'i't Im ai-ol In f.'nl
llml llm Itu-lmm mi-l I'liln'", vhtt n
nl Yiititmt'fi, Hut-Hi Imi" wllli'lrswii lo
Alt 'ftWK, tn'tw thi Vnltl lllvri Only
h ftn ttiff-ltiiM titmln nt Urn tnttn"f
'fli Japan milfio'lll'f lmt' n tun'
flrnmlloii of reported ttitmttminl If
tetl llnflft snd Jtne. nt Kl
Chicago. April 7 A special cnble to the
Dally News from Toklo says.
"Reliable reports were received here to
day from Beoul to the effect Dint part tit
the Japanese fighting line tint! crossed the
Talu and established Itself In strong po
sitions there at several Important petals'1

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