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s V
A Simple and Certain Method by
Which Chlorosis, a Frequent
Affliction of Growing Girls,
May Be Overcome.
Ei-cry mother l.i-ovv that the dans-jr
line In th- development of a
crowed at the iwint where rl hood and
womanhood meet , This fri.t,c?JS:t
cannot be too clo-ely Kjarded. t-Jn. ui
yires robust health; neslect means living
" Mrs' 'li C. Youns of Xo. ZOZ pi nil street.
Hhaea. X V. was mfely &K
Uirot-Kli her Birlhoods Irvinr; Peilod hi
a simple coui--.. of treatment, lifter pnsi
Uans had fail-vl to help her. "When I van
r.v enti'eii." shc "ivs, I IwSJii to '" ,n
health and. in ite of all the medicine
our fnmllj doctor sivo me. I continued to
Si-ovi or-c. Neither he nor .mother doc
tor who nl-o attended me t-eenud to be
able to re.u-U tho uiu-e of mv trouble. It
ir.iv chloro-is-. they said, a. form of anaemia
with which Rlrls of about tint age are
often afflicted, I wai troubled with "hort
ncfc of breath. Iiidn't a. bit of color and
couldn't bo upstal's without beinp all tired
out. My limbs were dre.ulfi.llv- swollen
and my appetite entirely gone. I had ncrv
o'j headaches, for which a doctor recom
mended classes, but the B'ases did not
cure them. Each month I "UiTered a great
deil of p.iin and was lery Irritable.
ThU condition kept gronin:; wore for
three j ears until flr.allr It becamo Intol
erable and I beffan to hum oaaeriy for
t-omo rcmedv thit roild effect a certain
cure. Finally I found a friend who bald
she had been cured of n similar trouble.
In- Dr. Williams' Plnl: Pills for Fata Peo
ple, after her cafe had been pronounced
hopeless. Upon her strong recommenda
tion I decided to take. thi9 remedy. Relief
was almost Immediate, and after urine
tho pills for a short time I was cured nl-.
together and I iiavo remained perfectly
well and Ftrone ever since-"
The value of "uch a remody Is beyond
the power of words to express, for it de
termine tho happiness of a lifetime Dr.
Williams' Pink lilli for Pale Teople are
Fold by all irussi-li. or will bo sent direot
from llr. William Medlcino Co . Scheneo
tirty. X Y . postpaid, on receipt of price,
fifty cents per box, six bo-ces for two dol
lars and a half
the i)6Uqai f.UUAA
m:k page ad ix to-morrows
Shortest line to
March 1st to April 30th,
colonist rates to all points
in these states, from
St. Louis $30.00
Trains handsomely equipped.
Tourist sleeping cars a
specialty. Fast time smooth
J. H. LOTHROP, General Agent.
ClsVrcnces In BKTpt, Morocco, New
foundland, Slum anil Madagascar
Are Adjusted.
"fans. April 8 The Associated Press
teirz-s through private advices from Lon
'don that the'Anslo-Frcnch Colonial treaty,
'nc'uJinc the agreements relative to Mo
rocco, Egypt and Newfoundland, has been
The details of the Anglo-French Colonial
treaty were cabled tho Associated Press
April 3 and April 7. The various subjects"
are included intone treaty.
I he Temps tills evening confirms tho As
sociated Press dispatch announcing that
the Anglo-French Colonial treaty was
slsred in London to-day, and says.
"Ambassador Cambon, after leaving
Foreign Secretary Lansdowne yesterday
uvenir.s, telegraphed to Foreign Minister
Dc'casse tliat the accord was complete, ex
cept upon ono point, which later was ar
ranged, and the rignatures were affixed
The treaty elaborately sets forth the de
tails of the accord, which are substantially
tho ime as heretofore given In theso dis
patcher Besides Egypt, Morocco and Newfouna
laml. the accord settles the differences rel
atiie to Slum and Madagascar, and con
trary to previous statements, the New
Tlio extent of tho questions regulated
maker! the accord a notable diplomatic
Don't Look OU
Before jour time. Brtna- back the freab
cess of youth to your complexion. Laxa
tive Boro Pepsin will do It- Cleanses the
entire system. All Druggists. J5 ct. per
Illinois Prohibition Convention ' to
Be Held Say 23 and 28.
Springfield, HI., April 8. Preparations
for tho Stato Convention of the Illinois
Prohibitionists are assuming shape. The
.gathering will bo held In Springfield May
15 and 28. Illinois likely will favor the nom
ination of General Nelson A. Miles for
President. Sorno of tho prominent Pro
hibitionists of the State oppose the ad
vancement of his candidacy on tho ground
that he is not actively identified with the
party, but the majority belleio this should
be w aived on account of his stand against
tho army canteen.
A masa meeting will bo held here either
the night preceding the opening of the
convention or the closing night. Major
Morwln of St. Louis, who stumped the
State with Abraham Lincoln, will deliver
an address, reviewing the history of Lin
coln's work in connection with tho Prohi
bition and temperance cause.
The Prohibitionists will nominate a full
Stato ticket and select delegates to tho
National Convention In Indianapolis. No
candidates for Governor have yet an
nounced themselves, but tho names of J.
Bosh Banna of Monmouth and Mr. Tracy
of Chicago- are mentioned in that con
Secarea Only 03 Ont of 123 Delegate
la Blaeon Oonnty.
Decatur, m.( April & The Maoon Coun
ty Xtamocmtlo primaries were held to
night. Hearst will not mccecd in seourinc
toxtrnottona at the County Oonventjon. to
Ce held tc-morromHehas only thirty
three out of the I delegates instructed
tar hfJ ,
. M. OraT carried the county by a biff
gxajorltyror State Representative.
To hvo that trouble go on It
MB- Ruin. Stop
l 10 days. Use
and seo the change.
- .. -.A. .Tni ,-r . -vAjt
SSi-, . ArfSfWi fll" liaMTaM-.tf 'lirsT TTtT
S-JT.-jT r-iiiATt. ST" r.A.',.V HT ii-r-U !,:
Superintendent of Transit Com
pany Is Expected to Retire in
Short Time Changes
Although John Grant, general superin
tendent of tha St. Louts Transit Company,
emphatically denied last night that ho had
tendered Ids resignation. It Is generally
understood amonrr "street railway officials
arid employes th.it hi3 retirement Is sim
ply a question of time.
When seen at his home at No. 4238 West
minster place, Mr. Grant, In reply to a.
Question as to vi lietlier" he had tendered
his resigratlon. said:
"The report of my resignation is an ab
solute fal-ehood. I make the statement
poitively and emphatically. Further than
that 1 hao nothing to say."
Captain McCiilloch, iee president and
general managir. refused to afllrm or deny
the report. As he I" Mr. Grant's superior
officer, the resigmtion would be tendered
to him. Captihi .McC.illoch said:
"Vou -a HI hac to see Mr. Grant. I wish
to be courteous to Lira, so I cannot dis
cuss the question."
It Is told that the office of general su
perintendent conflicts with that of general
manager, and that, as there is no necessity
for both, the report that Mr. Grant had
resigned means that the general super
Intendcncy may be abolished, thus lopping
off about $3,000 a ear expense.
It is reported that the offices of division
superintendents may be abolished, and in
stead a sstem of assistants to the general
manager adopted, the assistants reporting
direct to Captain McCulloch. At present
the division superintendents report to the
general superintendent.
J. L. Mlers, superintendent of the first
dhislon, with headquarters at the De
Ballviere atenue barns, said last night
that he had heard nothing of the proposed
Another report yesterday was that Mr.
Grant's successor would be either Richard
McCulloch of Chicago, son of Captain
McCulloch, or James F. Davidson, the as
sistant general superintendent.
Requisition for Fourth Fair In
stallment Sent to Shaw.
Washington, April 8 The cheok for the
fourth million of the loan of Jt.GOO.OOO made
out to the St Louis World's Fair, aceoroV
ing to a statement made at the Treasury
Department to-day, will be forwarded on
The requisition went to Secretary Shaw
Miners at Lincoln, 111., Dissatis
fied With Scale.
Lincoln, HI., April 8. The top men em
ployed by the Lincoln Coal Company re
fuse to accept the reduction from J2.3S to
tLSL as fixed by the new scale, and are
now out on strike. The top laborers at the
Latham mino and the Citizen mine have
signed the scale, although not satisfied
with It
Lieutenant Halubt Arranged for Mil
itary Show for Every Afternoon.
Daily drills and military parades will be
an afternoon feature at' the World's Fair.
By arrangement with the Department of
Physical Culture these drill and parades
will he held in the Stadium and on the
athletic field.
Military Secretary Height has arranged
for this feature and he says that with the
many military' organizations that will be
encamped at the Fair there will be no
lack of drills and parades.
The following applications were received
yesterday for dates for encampments at
the World's Fair:
Roanoke Light Infantry, seventy-five of
ficers and men. June U to 19; Edlsto
Rifles, Orangeburg. B. C. seventy-five offi
cers and men. July 7 to 8; Columbus Rifle
men, Columbus, Miss.. August 8 to 15: City
Light Gards. Columbus, Ga date to be ar
Bnrenn of Expedition Force Has Oota
In OIBc Chiefs Rett In Dormitory.
Clerks and employes of the Bureau of
Expedition at the World's Fair are sleep
ing in their tracks these nights, during the
heavy shipments of exhibits at the site.
The men are working till ralfciight now,
and for their convenience and that they
may hayo a good start on the next day's
work the Division of Exhibits has placed
to de ue Frelsht building for the men
Moat of the' chiefs of the exhibit depart-JW-nts
are also sleeping near their aaifr
wf5-'r0i?lra 'S.J1'? Unlvawlty dormitory
having been fitted up as bedrooms for
their occupation during the rush season.
The burning; of the 'midnight oil" la the
GLJ2.a,l a11 departments of Che Division of
Park Commissioner Anil Objects to
Park Commissioner Robert Aull has an
othertiIt on with the World's Fair offl
dato, for, as the Park Department claim,
encroaching nine foet over the World's
Fair line of demnrkation to establish a de
pot for the Intramural Railway.
Park Commissioner Aulli went to For-estPar?-?ester(lay
t0 stop work on the
project. The station In question is situated
hack of Forest Park Cottage. It is said
the Fair peoplo have torn down the fence
and hae staked off Into the park pre
paratory to building. v p
Commtsslonera Ota and Kanzakl to
Depart To-Morroir to Jlect Ilaron.
Acting Commissioner General HaJImo
Ota of the Japanese Commission, accom
panied by Assistant Commissioner Kan
zakl, will depart to-morrow evening for
KansaB City to meet Baran Matsudairo.
predident of the Japanese World's Fair
Commission, who arrived in San Francisco
Wednesday on his -nay to St. Louis.
Ilaron Matsudairo Is expected to arrive
in St. Louis Monday, and will make an
extended stay In St. Louis during tho
World's Fair. Shortly after his arrival
Baron Kaneko, a member of the Japa
nese Cabinet, who Is lecturing In the
United States on the economic relations
between Japan and the United States, is
expected to visit St. Louis.
Colonel Edwards Arrii e To-Day.
Colonel C. R. Edwards, chief of the
Bureau of Insular Affairs, will arrive in
?t. Louis from Washington this moraine,
t is said that the Government authorities
have ordered him here In connection with
the Philippine exhibit at the World's Far
Colonel Edwards has reserved rooms at
the Planters Hotel.
"Tha Bargain Hunters."
H0.00 given away. See page "ad" in
to-morrow's Republic
Battermalcera Choose. OBcera.
Lincoln, HI., April 8. The Illinois 8tate
Buttennakers' Association, which me.t thfa
week In this city, elected the following
officers: President. Mrs. H. P. Purtvance
of Lincoln; vice president. Mrs. Harriet
Pumpelly of Atlanta; secretary and treas
urer. Mrs. Eva Springer of Springfield.
Executive Committee Mrs. Lafayette
Funk of Shirley, Mrs. Douglass Freeman
of Hayworth. Mrs. RapheaT Rosenthal of
Lincoln and Mrs. Martha Duval of Spring
field. The Bargain Hunter."
tttOO given away. See page "ad" in
to-morrow's Republic.
-ft . .? 3 -T.iJ
ifa-Ai? WiltV
'-"- -
:ri:'u l.-s !')-,. -irz r
r ,r-- &h -
?!'."' k
I' J. -jr. V!
Jjyr .- !
'v. 4 itr-'- ;
r n . i riiT'i.iT.
?1sk"-, .j
Of Boonville, whose renomlnatlon for Congress j esterday by the convention at Colum
bia, Mo , was merely a matter of form, as he had no opposition.
donee In Meriwether had been totally re-,
moved in August. 1301.
"Then I had vou hypnotized prior to that
time?" asked Meriwether.
"That Is about it."
Otto F. Ivarbe, former member of the
House of Delegates, elected on the Public
Ownership ticket, told of the effort to get
Gebhanlt off the ticket.
"Before the convention Mr. Meriwether
told me that te ought not to nominate
"Anything afterwards?"
"He raid we ought to set Gebhardt off
the ticket"
On cross-examination, it was brought'
out that Korbe had beon rued by Meri
wether for $10J.
"Don't jou have an animus against mo
on that account?"
"Oh, no. We have taken drinks to
gether since then. We have met fre
quently." "Did vou not accept passes from rail
roads?" "When twentv-two of us went to Kan
sas City, Mr. Merivi ether had passes for
nineteen. Tho three members of the House
of Delegates got their transportation else
where "
"Did vou sell passes to the theaters?"
"Nev er."
The last witness In the defense was P.
E. Burton, a newspaper man, who Inter
viewed Mr. Merivether regarding visits
of Edward Butler to the lattcs office In
September, 1302. Mr. Meriwether told Mr.
Burton at that time that ho knew nothing
about tho matter.
Frank S. Kowalkl was the first wit
ness in rebuttal. He cliamod that ho was
present when Menwother told Albert Geb
hardt about Butler's offer, and that Meri
wether suggested the entrapping of But
ler by securing a witness to the offer. He
said Meriwether had condemned Butlv In
publlo and praised Gebhardt.
He claimed that tho otters of Mr.
Doernig and Mr. O'Brien hart been refused
by the Public Ownership Executive Com
mittee He claimed that C. J. Nordmeyer,
whose statement rcgardlnc the Music Hall
collection had been admitted, was preju
diced agatabt tho defendant.
"Were ou at the Music Hall meeting,
March 27, 1897? '
"Yes, sir."
"Did I request contributions?"
"You did not."
"Were you present in W. A. Branden
burger"s office about September 20 1902,
when "Bobby Carroll and 'Snake' Kinney
called thorc. and tried to get the names
of Butler's justices and constables, saj
ing they would agree to donate $73) for
each doublo nomination?"
"You refused the offer."
"Were any put on the ticket?"
"No, sir."
A deposition of B. P. Bogy was read.
Mr. Bogy told of seeing Butler at Meri
wether's ofpeo threo times during the fall
of ISOi Askod about the fushion agree
ment. Mr. Bogy said, it was for a division
of ofBccf and patronage.
"The Republican Stato Central Commit
tee offered In writing. I understand. $2,500
In consideration of our putting their Su
preme Court nominees on tho ticket, but I
Opposed the proposition. It was after
wards "uanlmously voted down."
A lator deposition of Ilogy stated that
Butler had offered tXO for each Justice
and $250 for each Constable, but that Meri
wether had refused. Butler named "Bob
b" Carroll, Jim Cronin and Frank Klei
ber as being thore In whom he was par
ticularly interested.
n cross-examination, Mr. Bogv te?tin.i
Verlwothor had told Butkr that b- w"M
-ubmit the proposition to the parly .
"llttee. Hogv said he had poM fl. KX) re
ceived from Charles F. Joj to Meriwether.
"Wo wore disappointed in the contribu
tions of Zachiltz and Toltz. who had been
put on our ticket for Circuit Judges "
"You were at the Musio Hall meeting
of March 27, 1337?"
"Yes, sir."
"Was that a Meriwether meeting?"
'Yes. sir."
"Did jou hear Vrooman moke a appeal
for money?"
"Yes sir."
"Did Edward Butler respond?"
"I belloic he aroso and subscribed tTO
"Or S1.000 for the campaign fund."
-uia .vir. joy promise to maice nis con
tribution of $2,000. even If his name were
not put on the ticket?"
"No, ho did not. He certainly did not."
John D. Appier's deposition dealt with
the alleged proposition of the Republican
Stato Committee to pay V2.5C0 for placing
the Republican Supremo Court nominees
on the Public Ownership ticket.
"I received tho written proposition from
State Chairman Akins. who signed his
own name, that of Otto Stlfel. chairman
of the Republican Financial Committee,
and Nathan Frnnk. Mr. Stifel was not
there. Mr. Frank was there."
"What did vou do with the paper?"
"1 tool: It tu jou."
"What did I dor
"You said it vva" a trap and we re
fused it."
Crosr-examination :
"How dots Mr. Aklns spell his name?"
"1 don't know."
"This signature Is spelled A-l-k-l-n.
That is not the way .Mr. Aklns spells his'
name. How dors that happm?"
"1 don't know how he spells his name."
"You sav lip 4gned his own and the
other two names?"
"Yes. Mr. He did."
"There is a memorandum on trw back
which savs. 'September .29, 1902." Did you
put that there7"
"I think Mr. Meriwether put that there."
"Did ou know tint date was after the
so-called fusion agreement hafi been repu
diated by the State Committee?"
"I don't remember the dates."
Nathan Frank, In his deposition, stated
that he was present when Appier was at
the State headquarters. ""
"Do jou recognize this paper?"
"Yes, I wrote it."
"With the concurrence of Mr. Akins, the
Republican State chairman?"
"Yes; he knew what was in it."
"What was donu with the paper?"
"The subcommittee of the PirWlc Own
ership party had come there for our prop
osition. They received It and then with
drew." R. H. -Murphy of No. 3H7 Law-ton ave
"S'.-tif ';.. ...-'i, j
' - 'sOfijs!aPH.4!r'-? !'. rt
;S'iit& vi-?:&
'it't riftjii?
.334 L
From Pagre One.
nue, present at the Masonic Hall conven
tion of 1S97, deposed regarding that meet
ing and the Music Hall meeting of 1S37.
Xorman J. Colman deposed along similar
A great deal of time was occupied in
reading these depositions, the evident pur
pose of the plaintiff being to establish his
right to tho regular nomination In 1897.
John J. Fitzw llllams. No. 4031 Scanlan
place, testified along tho same lines. As
the others, he said that Edward Butler
was present and assisted the Merlwethcr-Brown-Noonon
Minor Meriwether, father of Lee Meri
wether, was addressed as the Colorol by
Attorney Julian, who asked hlni where he
got-the title
"In the Confederate Army."
"What Is the state of reeling of C J.
Nordmeyer toward your son?"
Objection sustained. Nordmeyer's feel
ings bavtne; not been questioned on direct
Lee Meriwether testified in. rebuttal, en
tering denials and explanations of pre
vious ovidenco ofilered by the defendant.
"Did you know who paid the rent on
Druid's Hall?"
"I did not know. (Andrew Schneider,
Janitor of Druid's HalL testified that But
ler had paid the rent).
"Al Gebhardt has said you saw him
after 6 o'clock, and that you stated But
ler's offer, and that you did not try to
persuade him to get a witness to Butloi's
offer. What about it?" -
"I did advlso Gebhardt to have a wit
ness. It occurred about noon. I with
drew to one side with Gebhardt. Kowalskl
and W. A. Brandenburger, and stated But
ler's proposition whon I suggested the en
trapping. There was nothing In ray tono
suggesting that Gebhardt should accept
the offer."
"Did Gebhardt subsequently tell you
what Butler had said?"
"Yes. ho repeated Butler's offer to me."
"What about the offer of $500 for the
nomination of President of the Board of
Assessors and President of the Council in
"Many offers were made, but I did not
advise tho acceptance of any of these of
fers." "Regarding the placing of Joy on the
ticket in the Eleventh Congressional Dis
trict, Meriwether said It was because of
Joy's acceptance of the principle of pub
lic ownership, and In order to give to
tho ubPHc Ownership party representation
In tho polls.
"He offered to give $2,000 for campaign
exinss," continued Meriwether. "I rec
ommended that ho be accepted as a Pub
lic Ownership nommeo."
"Two checks from Mr. Joy were Intro
duced and Indorsed by you. What about
"I never raw tho money. I Indorsed
them over to W. A. Brandenburger, our
The witness denied that he' had sent
Butler to Democratic State Chairman
"Butler told me that he had come from
Mr. Rothweli in order to get tho Demo
cratic Supremo Court nominees on our
ticket. I turned the propemtion down. He
then left, and returned and suggested that
we should not put tho Republican nom
inees on our ticket."
"Did vou say jou would like to get even
with the Republicans by putting Demo
cratic nominees on your ticket?"
Meriwether asserted that whenever But
ler wanted to get him he had to come to
"My attitude toward Butler lias always
been ore of denouncing him by speech and
letter." -
Copies of circulars printed by Meriweth
er in 169S and 1301 denouncing railroads.
Ed Butler and others were admitted over
the objections. He denied that he had
urged sending for Ed Butler in the Meri-wethcr-Noonan
and Brown conference.
Granite Bituminous Paving Co.
Submits Lowest Figures.
At a meeting of the Board of Public
Improvements esterday bids were opened
for tho work of reconstructing Lindell
boulevard from Grand avenue to King's
Highway. A special meeting of the Board
will be held this morning, when the con
tract will bti awarded.
The Granite Bituminous Pavlrg Com
pany was the lowest bidder, the offer be
ing $20,230 for that part of tho street be
tween Grand and Spring avenues, and
J1W.11.8 80 for that part between Spring
avenue and King's highway.
Three other bidders were entered in
competition. They were: The Nashville
Rootinfl and Paving Company. The Ne
braska Bltullthic Company and the Cen
tral Bltulithic Paving Company.
The Board's estimate for Lindell avenue
between Grand and Spring was $19,092, and
for the western end $136,919.
Mexico. Mo. April I-Mr. Albert Schneider
and X.Ira Mangle Wmnincham. both of Audrain
County, were marrlad In this city to-day by
Probate Judse W. W. Botts.
Mexico. Ma, April S- The Itevercnd a I.
l'lory pastor of the. Itowena Circuit ol the M.
K. Church, South, and M! Allle Pattertoa
were married ut the home of tho bride's par
en'i. north of this cit. to-nlsht. The Rever
end Mr. Flory was formerly a profewor in the
MUBOurj Military Academy in this city.
Excelilor Springs. Mo. April 8 Mr. Claude
Wlneate of Laweon and MUM Stay Christy of
this city were married at th home of the
brldo's sister. Mrs. C Crawford, at Liberty,
yesterday afternoon.
Votlai Machines at EvansvlUe.
Evansyllle, Ind., April 8. The Commis
sioners of vanderburg County this after
noon decided to buy -forty voting ma
chines, to be used in the next election.
Actor fftntelc by Street Car.
Jssse O. Beverly, vaudeville performer,
living at Sixth and Market streets, was struck
by a westbound Market street car on Market
between Sixth and Seventh streets at 7 o'clock
last evening. He- received a. scalp wound and
Xss taken to the City Hospital. His condition
u not serious.
Noted Plunger in City Yesterday, hat
Barney 1 ifttiil to Be Ilnvlnjr an
Altercation With hmiiloj eni.
Although John J. Itjan. tho well-known
plunger, was In the city yesterday. It H
extremely probable that he villi not be
able to figure in his match race with
Burney Oldlleld over tho Union coure.
On account of a dKigrecmmt, rumon.il,
between Oldtltld and his employers, a
motor firm of Uie Eat, it h said that
Barney may not he able to rtprisent that
concern, as lie expected.
Inasmuch us tho can, which iiirney has
been driving belong vt the concern for
which lie worked, ho H left without any
vehicle for lailng, in c.i.-,e the firm de
cides to .evcr Hi t-onnection with him.
Singularly enough, Oldfleldi rngagoment
In this city was tho reason rumored ai
being tne grounth on which he and lu5
tinploers vpllt.
Ohltield has been rcpi itemed on his
Western tour by Doctor Detl ino Grcy
and by Colore! William Thompbii of New
Orleans. 'Ihe rrutUi race with Ilva-i was
arranged bv Thompson, who was onco a
manager of Charley Mitchell, the UnglUh
pugilist. It is s-ald that the match wns
arranged without consulting Oldfield's
emploj er.
Colonel Thompson gained ome notorletv
at New Orleaus lecently ov getting Into
trouble with Domlnlck O'MMlej. on ac
count of u-ing O'ilalloj'' michine with
out leave. All this whs displeasing to Old
field's firm, and It 13 said that they will
secure another driver for their machines
this 3 oar.
As the famous Bullet No 2, in which
Oldfield hi made many of his sensational
records, belongs to his firm, he Is thus de
prived or one of the attractions which
would make a match race possible. As a
result, there may be no local match, as
was announced.
Ryan has not yet heard final details of
the affair, but states that he is reidy to
go ahead with the match If hit opponent
is forthcoming.
Jt.MOlt M.'YGli: GMKS.
Four Context Scheduled 4o ne
Plnyed To-Duj ut C. B. C. Cam pus.
The Inaugural games of the Junior
League will be plijed tills afternoon,
when the C. B C. Junior Resolutcs will
play tho Holy Name team on the Chris
tian Brothers College campus in tho first,
and tho C. B C. Arcadians will play the
St, Bridget's team in the second game.
To-morrow afternoon tho St. Lawrence
O'TooIes team will play tho C. B. C.
Senior Itesolutos, and the Visitation team
will meet the St. Anns.
There are eight teams In the league, and
four will play on Saturday afternoons on
the campus, whllo the remaining four will
play Sundaja
Nationals 4. Seniors 1.
The followtrc ficor? utre made on the West
ern Hon Ins Club alios:
Name C. M 1 J 3 i 5 Tl. Av
Xelener 3 SI S it 4 n 2 8 3-B
Scherzlmcr . e S: M 44 i 241 41 4-5
Seas 4 SI IS U 41 n n SI 4(1!
Holhreg r. 20 47 43 M SI ZZl 44 1-5
Voergr 6 IS 47 5S C4 37 44 152 M 2-5
Totals 23 i;D 2 24S 25? 235 2 1201
HandlcJL4w Nelmter 4. Scherzlns'er &
3, Holrg 4. Total. 24.
43 1-2S
Reiner .....
Mauer .....
Benzen ......
Joachim .....
C. Sf. 1 2 3 4
Tl. Av.
SI 50 4-5
m 44
3 Z 45
7 4S 41
!T M
41 SI
3 : 41 41 )
i)j 40 :-s
4 33 M 26 5
In Ell 234 47 3-5,
Is-hmldt .
11 45 41 H 47 47 ". 47
Becker 37 37 37
Totals .... M ISt 223 Si 273 224 US 1142 43 1T-2S
Handicaps Reiner S, Mauer t. Eenxen 8,
Jooehtra 4. Becker 7. Total. 35.
DIlpn 4, Powhatan I.
The following ecorei were made on the St.
Louts Rowing Club nlloja:
Name. C. M. 1 2 S 4 5 Tl. Av.
Mlnges ...... 7 II 17 B SI 24 2M 41
H-ln 7 41 30 34 43 231 33 11 3E 1-S
Janil E 44 31 SS 37 43 38 HI 37 3-5
P. Schmidt.. 8 25 M 47 43 4 33 213 42 2-5
J. Schmidt.. 7 Si 32 29 M 61 34 1S4 3T4-5
Total 21 ISO 178 213 211 231 16J W5 4 5-25
Name. ft. M. 1 2 3 4 6 Tl. Av
K. Nocss.-.. $ 23 40 46 44 CS 40 23S, 47 3-5
h! rni ,. is st js it io a 2-5
Blrtsch W T2 45 48 K W 252 50 2-5
L. Banft 8 17 45 77 43 S3 5 263 53 3-5
Total ...al47 224!207 245 223112 451-25
Walnuts 1, Cedars 4.
The following scores were made on th Cres
cent alleys:
Name a it. 1 2 3 4 5 T-l. Av.
Bronnkamp.. S 34 34 41 25 S) 4i 2fC. 41
Schmidt .... 7 33 4? 44 45 41 26 217 43 2-S
Henry 3 25 47 42 33 41 6B 3) 44
CrtStOT 1 21 35 M 41 41 4i 218 43 15
Braun 10 24 I! S8 38 13S 29 2-5
Totals ... 154 212 219 187 219 221 KB8 42 S-2S
Name. a M. 1 3 S 4 t Tl. Av.
O. Hell . 8 1 44 45 tj 47 2T 45 2-'.
Phillips .1-2 21 5 S3 45 27 72 252 0 2 5
Exoe ....ZZ 22 tt 43 40 5 4 J51 W 1-5
Brown 3 24 CI 4 51 44 41 245 49
Scliaeier .... S 22 44 43 f2 47 4-5
Totals 25 ill 2S2 294 235 23 260 1214 4 1 25
nialton 3. Cabannes 2.
The- following scores were faade on the Acme
Name. C. M. 1 2 3 4 5 T'l. Av.
Llppelman .. SI 41 52 43 45 S7 221 41 1-5
Ed Allen .... 5 M Tl 52 TO 25 SI rS 47 2 5
T. Bright.... 7 21 40 M 71 KM. 257 312-5
Niedrlnghaus i 43 SC 33 37 37 T 1'5 37
Becker 6 15 E 64 59 55 50 274 54 4-5
Totala 27140 224 256 279 2211951175 47
Name. C. M. 1 3 3 4 5 T'l. Av.
Rokks .... S 12 60 51 W 51 38 28 51 3-5
droves 5 44 29 72 31 S9 S3 204 40 4-5
Howard 8 43 17 55 43 34 47 158 39 3 5
Calmer 4 30 SO 61 53 51 56 251 50 1-5
Prissamann .13 27 SS 43 31 2 37 JW 3S
Total .2$ 158 174 284 24? 214 211 1101 44 1-5
Imperial Crorvn 2, La Tosrns :t.
The lollowlns scores were made on the Royal
Name. C. M. 1 2 3 4 5 T'l. Av.
Ifuunes 8 37 29 H.-4L h H r 47 I 5
i,jr7ott 21 70 M 50 52 40 2M 53 3-5
Hmh 12 J'l 50 St. 45 52 40 S23 44 3 5
Hlirbte 1 63 J7 T7 3S 42 27 211 42 1-5
llifblB 8 22 51 f3 57 32 49 2o4 50 4-5
Totals 2S 1S3 247 SoT. 236 224 218 1190 47
Handicaps lIURhcs 4, Lynott 3, Rasch 2.
bio 8. Total. 17
Nam. C II. 1 2 ". 4 5 Tl. .
Danncr 5 23 37 5ft 52 54 26 2i 4 .
Scble ...... i 41 43 3 61 4) 63 243 49
Rein 8 48 42 23 ST 52 11 1S.H 37
nnnegan ... 2 31 49 47 44 69 48 Sol 51
Welle?..... 0 19 19 4) 64 51 53 2S3 56
4 5
- Totall 15 1 240 218 258 286 23-) 1222 48 22 2
Handlcaps-Pcheclc 6. Rein 2, rinrcBan 2.
Total. 12.
Ililnn . Pesrln 2.
The follon ing rcores were made on the Royal
81165 ' 1LDAS
Name. C. M. 1 2 2 4 S Tl. Av.
Graham 8 24 44 4t 57 61 53 258 t-;
W Meior.... S 29 SO 48 62 43 58 241 481-5
Klllbo ....... 5 43 52 35 40 'A 43 227 43 2-3
Fohrell 4 2S 20 5fi 43 IS 61 249 49 4-5
Passmore ... b 34 36 33 59 42 64 234 45 4 5
Totals 21. If? 201 216 263 258 271 1209 4S 9 13
Ilandlcapi Ciraham 1, VV". Meyer t. Klube 8,
Fohrell 6, Passmom 4 Total, 25.
Name. CM. 12 3 4 5 Tl. Av.
Hocltt-n 11 31 4.3 34 47 4S 33 213- 43 3-5
Zonn 4 4t 42 53 52 44 46 239 47 4-3
uckes 9 13 37 2 34 43 41 ISO 37 4-3
Albcr- 5 49 51 30 MO 46 61 23 47 2-5
Spindling ... 7 27 25 65 43 29 55 239 47 4-5
Totals .....1C 21t 210 2S6 21S 220 224 HIS 41 18-23
Handicaps llotkn I. Zatm 4, Luckes 4. Al
ters 7. hpradllng w. Total, 16.
MiLadoa 1. T. F.x -1.
The following scores were made on the Royal
UNam. d if. 1 2 3 4 5 Tl. Av
fielkeskarop . 3 21 49 44 52 41 H 24S 49 1-5
Barron 3 56 32 44 39 22 S4 J72 24 2 3
Tilly 3 23 31 4! 42 12 55 214 48 4 5
RosJkopf .... 2 29 49 52 46 41 22 220 44
Decker 23 50 56 37 44 4 J 225 47
Totals 19 172 221 243 216 200 227 1117 44 17-23
Handicaps Barron 3. Tilly 4, Rosskopt L
Total, 8.
' T.F. M.'R.
Nam. C. M. 1 2 3 4 5 TU Av.
Stone - S 41 44 41 41 C4 219 42 4-3
Bathirate .... 6 28 40 54 43 47 46 341 48 1-5
Sick 6 45 37 35 53 29 2 2S 43 1-
Habecger ...12 SI 49 46 36 43 4 225 43
Write 6 26 52 33 f9 43 49 226 471-5
Totals 25 1SS 231 207 224 215 260 1147 45 2125
Handicap Mono 6. Bathgato 7. Mack 8, Ha
besger 2. TotcJ. U
First Team 2. Second Team 2.
The following scores were made on the Pal
ace alleys:
1 3
Lukens 171 1S7 200 136 713
Cooks 137 171 347 120 577
totals 207 360 317 27( 1290
Name. 1 2 2 4 Tl
CralffO 1SJ 1 141 347 677
Craa-rauck 190 12J ISj 193 6MI
Totals 37S 309 224 2V J2tl
Third Tram 3. Fourth Tenia 1.
Name. 1 2 3 4 Tl
Bush .....-.......158 191 11- 199 743
Woebrman 192 14 777 116 631
Totals 251 217 344 S3 12S5
Nan-. 1 2 3 4 T'l
Franklin . Its 1GS 1 134 579
Kern - 136 19G 193 192 727
Totals .274 SC 234 3IC 1315
Three .Men Tie in Prncllce.
Thre men tied for hlsh place in t'l St.
Louis Rolr Club hoct lat cnins. sar.
Petrr Anton and Barcur all tiln? vlth 14
rolnts. Scores were: retr Anton. 84: T. M.
JtarcLT, 84; J4 12. Sars, 84: W. H. Vitermyer,
82; II, Frce. Jl: J. I Dreon 80; Paul Fiesr,
79: H O TttTani. 77: Roy Frrv. 75: VV. a
Ball. 73: O. H. V an KlKcfc, 70; 31. McLaugh
lin. 63; E. B. Hill. SS: VV. U Schrader. 59;
Frank Noah. 53; Ferd Blel. 49: D. Eltzmaan,
40; H. J. Knlcht. 25
Pool and Hilllard Xotes.
Clacdo 'White defeated Ous Anderson In the
championship dooI tournament at tha Broadway
last nl;ht by the score of 1C9 to 48.
Pas; defeated Fcrd in the clast B tourna
ment at tlm Granl last r.lsht by thn score of
25 to 19 Both niaO a high run of 2. I'ane's
av erase wai 36. whl Ford averari-d .28. Cor
nell and Hallman -will play to-night.
IloTvIlns: Lea en e Receptloa.
Tho Catholic Younr Me-i'n Eowllnir Lague
will aivs the,r annual reception Tuesday even
Ins; April 2. at North St. Louis Turner Hall,
Twentieth and Salisbury streets.
Mnnuitl is. St. I.onls TJniTersIty.
The tun of th medical department of the
St. Louis University 11 play ths Manual
Trainlnp School nine this afternoon at Von
Vern and Windermere avenues. The una
will be called at 2 30 o'clock.
Football Plajera to Dance.
Th second annual ball -under the auspices
of the Association Football Lasrue of St.
Louis will b civ en to-night at Lledtrkranz
Hall. Eastern and Vandeventer avenues.
Negro Highwaymen Take fioO
From Frank Koone.
Whllo walkins east on Lucas avenue
near Leonard avenue last night, about 9
o'clock, Frank II. Koone of No. 3122 Lucas
avenue was knocked down and robbed of
$160 hy two nesro highwaymen. Before he
could recover from the blows which he
received tho hlghw-ajmen had made their
Koone at once reported the holdup to
the Ninth District police. No arrests have
been made, as Koone was unable to give
any description of the negroes.
Senator Spends Day in St. Lonis
After Giving Deposition.
United States Senator "vVllllim J. Stone
departed yesterday nfternoon for Wash
ington. Ho arrived In St. Louis yester
day morning from Kansas City after giv
ing his deposition in the case of IV. J.
Stone against George Lee Chrisman.
Distinguished Clergymen
And Prominent Temper ance Workers Use and Endorse
Doffy's Pare Halt Whiskey.
Rev. A. McLeoi D. D., the Great
Preacher, Was Cered of Dyspep
sia and Nervous Prostration of
Forty Yean' Standing by the
Wonderful Meditine, Whose Vir
tues He Extols, and to the Cura
tive Qualities of Which He Owes
His Renewed Vigor and Perfect
Honored and Respected Among
Men, After More Than 50 Years
of Constant Service in the Pres
byterian Church, Dr. McLeod
Makes the Following Frank and
Outspoken Statement of What
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
Has Done for Himt
"I am now in my 73d year and have served God fearlessly and to t!leeitojBagr
ability in my?cho3en calling. For more than forty years I have been afflicted -wltB
dyspepsia, and nervous prostration. At times I would get so ran down consuaraonauy
through overwork as to be disqualified entirely from discharging W ministerial du
ties. The older I grew the more the disease seemed to proy upon me. The most notea
physicians failed to prescribe any medicines that benefited me. I could neither eat nor
sivep. turn iui uiuie iiraii twv yens 1 uuu ui i&o rmF1" m-".'- C m niM
"My nervous prostration became well-nigh unbearable. But for the STaco.,Jon
helping me, I would not be In the land of the living. Language falls to express tho
agony of my mind.
"Something over a month ago I began taking your preparation.
Duffy's Pure Half Whiskey.
In the brief period of two dajs I found that it began to help me. It Kara me abreast.
aided my digestion, settled my nerves and I have gained ten pounds since taring: re.
"I thank Ood there Is such a medicine to be had. and recommend all people wito
weak, broken-down constitutions, and nervous people especially, to use it. I teeiinat
It will help them, I will be glad to answer any communications in-regard to the Mat
ing virtue, of yojr preparation. I am a temperance man, Sind I do not thlnK my posi
tion in this matter will be misunderstood " . . -., , ,. ..
x (REV.) A. McLEOD, D. D , Greenleaf, Mich., Jan. &. ISM.
Kev. Dr. ilcLcod's endorsement Is but the outpouring of a grateful, goal. Jt
letter of a man who has been relieved of great suffering and who openly acimown aatis
the great inedicinal value of Daffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. Ministers of the gospel.
doctors of medicine, nurses and oeoDlo In every walk of life unite In conunenoaaT tais
wonderful medicine the only perfect tonlc-stlmulant. the one true, medicinal wnnajny.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey cures coughs, colds, worst form of. grip, crmsnjajqan. 1
bronchitis, pneumonia, catarrh, dyspepsia and all kinds or stomacnooimws, nsvja-,
falls to build up a worn-out system, to soothe the tfred nerves, to-bring perieetnasBa
to tho whole being. Every testimonial is published in good faith and gnarantsaa.
Sold by druirsists ana grocers or aireci,
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Bochester, K. x.
Banner Clothing Values
of the Year
Here To-Day.
For Swej! 2OJ0iSults.
7th and Franklin Ate.
MUD GOLD Spring Rimless
Eyeglasses; S3.M value, at
KTES EXAMINED FREE hy Dr. Chas. Rffly.
for many years In charge of tbs Optical Depart
ment of the E. JACCARD JEWELRX CO.
$40.00 GIVEN AWAY.
Durinjr the day Senator Stone enter
tained a number of politicians who called
on him at the Southern Hotel. He de
clined to make a statement regarding the
casa In Kansas City.
Hugo Hoffman Shot by "Unidenti
fied Man, Who Escapes.
Waterloo, 111., April 8. Hugo Hoffmann
while reading a newspaper last night at
tho home of John Senel, by whom he is
employed, was shot in the left side by an
unknown person.
Ho is not expected to live. Search by a
posse made up of farmers has revealed no
clew as to the person who fired the shot.
He wa3 not seen hy those In the house.
The only persons with Hoffmann were
two young daughters of SenseU who were
too frightened to give the alarm until
soma time after the shooting occurred.
Denies Having; Written Letter Say
ing; He Mieht Withdraw.
Washington, April 8. When told that It
was reported from Indianapolis that he
had written a lieutenant there a letter
Indicating that he was about to withdraw
from the race for the Democratic ajaosl-
nation, air. Hearst to-night ente
energetic aemai.
' the story is false in every particular,
and I cannot imagine now it could have
been started." said Mr. Hearst, "t cer
tainly bav e no intention whatever" of with
drawing from the contest for the nomina
tion to head the Democratic ticket."' and I
nave not written anytning; lately to any
body in Indianapolis that I can remember.
from which any such Intimation might
have been obtained."
Mr. Hearst added that he did not know
of any reason why he phould even -consider
withdraw ingr.
Parker Carries Indtaaasofts.
Indianapolis, Ind . April 8. In. the pri
maries here to-night the Parker delegates
were selected In every ward. Tho Hearst
men had out slates, but in some wards tha
Hearst vote was only one-tenth that of
the vote for the Parker slates.
Patrolman Shoots Kesrro In Knee.
The attempt of oJhn Robinson, a Beam re
siding at No. 1113 Out street, to escape from
the police yesterday morning near Blgn and
Morgan street, did not prove as successful as
on tvo previous occasions. Robinson was shot
In the knee by Patrolman Turner, who had ar
reted him on complaint of Josephms -Anthony,
a negress who claimed that he assaulted her.
At the City Hospital Robinson's condition waa
pronounced serious, as a blood vessel was sev
ered. Kevr. A. MHtVnd. P. P., Of trnsPtCwtt
Pzeabj lery.
u.w per niui. amw "
? a

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