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& ' tjh "at the wire
Kinloch and the Union Jockey Club Scheduled to Start on That
Date, With Each Offering Attractive Caul' General News
and Items of the Horses Throughout the We-tein Country.
Next Friday wilt witness the openirg of
tha local mains season, two tracks being
scheduled to start en that day. Kinloch
will uifcer in Its s3son with the Inaugural
Handicap as Its opening feature, while the
Union Jockey Cijb has a rpeclal handicap
to mark the firs: day of Its career.
Interest in the gome seems to be llvlier
this season than fcr several seasons past.
Conflict between the local tracks seems to
hive, aroused this fe ling fjr the game
With two tracks running and each offer
ing good attraction?. It will be a test of
popularity with 112 racing pubPe which
draws the greatest crowds.
Th Union Jockey Club's meeting Is
scheduled to run for ninety daj s and then
to continue for a longer period if the legal
advisers of the track dc!dc that this is
practicable. Judge Rassicur has alrcadv
expressed the belief that this can be done
anj Is looking into the matter in detail.
If the crowds attracted by the World's
Fair develop a tendency to take In the
races as a side issue. It well mai happen
that all tr-e tracks 'will make mcny. In
fact, if the visiting clement gives even
moderate patronage to the- local courses
there rhouid be enough money in the game
for the conflicting coarss to run Inde
P"ndentlv and profltablv.
The race-going popul-ton of St. Louis
L large and It may alone be able to sup
port two race tracks. St. Lout" once raw
a time whn three tracks were running
"Imultaneously and all making money
but two of there, the East St. Louis and
Houth Side track, were small afiatrs, with
light running expenres. while tie. Fair
Urounds did not profit so largely as it did
in later years when competition was re
moved. In Chicago, the fair visitors paid more
attenticn to the fair than to outside
amusements. The Chicago iDUfc, how
ever, were not so accessible as the local
tracks, and tre present case may be en
tirely different. It is extremely probable
that experience will how there Is money
enough for all in the game the coming
At each track-a good programme is ar
ranged And chance"! are for a liveiv- ea
son after the gates go up on the initial
raees next Friday oiternoon.
Barney Scbeibcr's get f J-aported Sain,
the premier stallion at Woodland' Farm,
and one of the best thoroughbred sires in
the country, not barring any In the Blue
Grass country, are showing in good form
at the Memphis meeting, and when the
fall strength of his Sain horses is je
Teloped tnis season it is likely that the
owners of the most powerful stables in
the Ar.telle stakes and it Is a certaintv
she will improi upon her running in that
cen before the season is over. "
P Civil, who last j ear raced In the East,
will this srei"cn campaign exclusively at
St LorI Civil i not onlv a good horse
man, lut c -hrwd manager He has
abo.it ilftwa In hi- lot. among them I"ay
Templctoii, Sambo, Irish Jewel. Caith
iieF. Cr-arcv tnd Pretenrlon It Is the
heM ab!' lie has eer owntd Jockey
Crawford v 111 do his ild.r.g
Sehrieber has wired that he will be at
Memphis nrt week in it i xpo-tel
that be will draw In and lav the odds In
111C e.Sf Will h.1li a ..it tf rar-x. . 'IT- I .
Schr!ber 1 JVk'n Buchanan, who has been exercls-
Dnitwlilir-d -iftcr a winter- ie-t. Is I lr" "or.s ior .1 itoiio or raw', was u
ovtdentlv getting back into lu- best form. !" cctrjet t.. htm for .six months dat-Thl-
hoic wa- hlghlj tried a- a -":!?-' "- Tom March V, In the event that ne
old At L'ttl- Beck last snrinc he uf-I Sets . lie-nse irom the Western Joeke
fer.-d from t'ie f mdexnk af rlitipmctr ih.ir v -ut'
xtrii. luruuii rcnriecer 3 -tame lie nil
a rame race at Me-nphis a It w d-iv - ago
when he defeated Skilful, fceorplo i-id
rosy Kane in good time for ir.e slow
track. Tins hor ma prove to b one
of the chimpion sprinurs of the West this,
The SchriebT "table connections thought
they had the Ardclle stake- at Montgom
ery Park as good as won with their s'npe
ly black illlv bv Sain nstelle. Ameliana.
The flliy had won two fast races at Hot
Springs with her weight up, beating big
lleldB easily and in fa-t time. So well did
they think of hor that in ant-wer to an
offer from Abe. Frank Sehrieber wired
back from Frisco that he would take JS.t'v
for Ameliana. stating that the filly was
worth that much to him for breedirg pur
poses. Ameliana was off a bit badly in
Buchanan 1- In belter phvs.cal condi
tion tl'-n h" has lve-i at anj time in the
lael two or three -ears He is as hard as
nails and can do row 1CU pounds without
reducing Ills application was rejected
last Mond y. howeer
Join fcehorr will rare h! t-econd
tfnr- iimlor ohnr"p of Trainer Tautxr. at
nt Iouis throughout the season. The
present intention is to ship the main string
in charge of Trainer Hawkins to Kansas
City, and from thvre to Chicago, although
elrcumstairt.es may caue a shift In plans
and the .ntire lot may be brought to
gether in this city, after tho Kansas City
Schorr's handicap horse. Injunction, re
garded here r- the beet handicap perform
er in the We-t. will receie a -pecial prep
aration for the World's Fair Handicap,
T 1 sssssssf ll Jssssssi ' sdsJMMsssssssssssssssilsssssssssssssss '
-?' &: ?-t
sPJKiWsW-?--?'' t-"-)---4irP!,7-1 t ssT N ' " 'iZV i 5 1 ;V ?i;
Well-known performer, whicli has often appeared on the local tracks and Is now
stabled at the Union Jockey Club.
V"J- assssf
WM 1 3
A painless sickness you conldn't describe 3'our
feelings if yon tried. You know you are sick, but
"pernaps there is no special ache or pain to indicate
the seat of the disease. The pale, colorless skin,
muscular weakness, nervousness, fitful appetite and
all-gone, tired feeling means anaemia or blood poverty, a
j weak, watery and innutritious condition of the vital fluid.
, The system is clamoring for richer and hetter blood ; the'
muscles and nerves are starving for the food that the bleod
can no longer supply, and it is little wonder that the bodj'
grows weaker and is soon completely fagged out. You
can t retain vigor and strength on poor
blood. It must be full of nutrition and life
, giving properties. Health is bound to de
cline and the system run down if its source
of supply is cut off. Everything that goes
to nourish the body and sustain life passes
through the blood. It contains bone-mak-;
ing, tissue-forming material, food for the
nerves, and stimulates and vitalizes all the
organs of the body. It can't do this when
clogged with impurities and polluted by
humors and poisons, for it then becomes a
source of disease instead of health, and
leads to inuumerablejdisorders.
At this season of the year the blood is
most apt to break down because of the ex
tra efforts made to throw off the winter's
accumulation of poisons, and if weak at
the beginning it soon gives out and the sys
tem collapses. Nearly everybody needs a.
good blood purifier and tonic now to help
out the blood and aid in cleansing the cir
culation of all obstructions; and as soon as
this is accomplished and the system is re
ceiving a supply of rich nutritious blood.
color returns to the skin, the nerves are again tingling with health, the appetite increases
and that completely fagged-out feeling disappears. S. S. S. contains both purifying and
tonic properties, making it the ideal Temedy in such cases, and being a strictly vegetable
medicW doesn't shock the system or derange the stomach and digestion like Potash, Ar
senic and other strong: mineral compounds. S. S. S. for the Blood is known everywhere
j.1 - t 11 VI J :c 3 . w t r
ps iuc gxcaiLCBL ui ait utuuu punners ana ionics, ana lot
years has been used for diseases due to an impure or weak
ened condition of the blood. Under its tonic effects the
general health rapidly recuperates, and nothing helps the
appetite and promotes digestion like S. S. S. Keep the
blood, the fountain source of health and life, free of impuri
ties and in a vigorous and strong condition, and vou will
never experience that completely fagged-out, nervous state so common at this time of the
year. If you would like medical advice or other information, write us and your letter shall
have prompt attention from our physicians. Book on the blood and its diseases mailed free.
and If he goes on well will be a certain
starter In that e-.ent
It Is generalK corcedrd that In Conjurer
Captain 8. S. Brown has one of the best
Z- ear-olds In the Went. This big. heavy
muscled colt, will not be at his best, how
eer, for a couple of morths jet. After
filling his engagement In the Kentucky
Derbv. Tucker will take him last. Cap
tain Brown's other high-class ?- oar-olds,
Proceeds and Auditor, will probably be
raced exclusively in the Welt This pair
will keep the othet Western 3-1 ear-olds
busy beating them
Captain Brown's stable will be shipped
from Memphis to T-ouisUUe for the nieet
i'lg there, after which Tucker will velcct
" much at he wants to take East with
him When Tucker reaches New York,
Pateion. who is now in tharge of the
Eastern string, will bring back a contin
gent and Join the lot loft at I-ouKville.
Paterson will hardle this suing lu the
Wfst for f'aptaln Urown
Audience, the (rack 2-jear-old filly of
the stable, an Oaks candidate. Is going
on well.
"The preparation of Dick Welles for the
greatest campaign of Ills life has ben be
gun. He wintered and still s at the farm
of his owner at Woodliwn. u . and for the
last fortnight has been setting good and
strong jogging on the Iirge inclosed track.
The great races for nliu.h Rome Respe-s
will point him, and which It is hi ambi
tion to win. are the World's Fair handicap
in the West and the Brighton In the Eat.
Rtsness, with exieilent reaon. is thor
oughly enthusiastic owr the hors anJ Ids
prospects, and mentis that l.e shall tr to
have 3 shv at the largfst game in the
lard, kijs tho rintirnatl correspondent of
the Now York Teleura ph.
To see Dick Wel'es nn must b accom
panied bv his owner, but this. Insiead of
nelng a. handicap, is distinctlv pleusjrable,
recause it does one good to find an ot ner
so entirely bound up In a hors. He can
talk of nothing else on the farm, and Is
eer ready with his answer wl.cn tie
question arises us to the abllltv of the
champion miler to go a route witlt s'ieh
horses as lie will meet at St. Louis and
at Brighten particularly In the latter,
where he Is sure to hitch up with Wu'er
fcoy, McChesney. Hermls and the pick of
the 4 and 3-vear-o!dr.
"He always has done ever.Mlnng a?kd
of htm." and th owner patted his nm
"What mote cios anj pe-son want? iVlun
he won at five furlongs, people asked if he
coukt go slv. Wl en he went six. ihey
wanted to kliow if he (t.u'd vo -en
When he won at exen. they wondered If
he could negotiate the iml. When he won
at a mile and smashed records, they pro
fessed to doubt he toiild go a mile ard a
furlong. When he won at that distance.
they still appeared to wonder, ard now
thev are asking If he can go a mile and a
quarter. I do. Peonle who don't are en
titled to their opinion. I rever quarrel
with anybody about his opinion, but I've
got my own. good and hurd. haven't I,
Dick?" and the owner patted his cham
pion affectlonatelv.
"What do ou consider tho bet showing
he ever made on the turfT'
"On that I guess 1 differ with most
folks wa: the repl. "Thev who saw
rim beat Runnels after bIng left :it the
rjOSt fit Chlesen Insist that ira hie 9ru
est perfoms.nce. 1 reallv do not. I think
the best effort wa at Latonia last full
when he ran a mile In 1 3S flat. The track
was not an fast as It ordlnarllv is. and I
personally know Dlcl: could hae been Sut
ter than he was that daw However. I be
lieve in letting deds tell, and Dick can
run fast enough and far enough for m "
Tha horse could not. physically, look het
ter, nor could thre be one with more
gentle manners. Xaturallv. he is the pet
oi the Ftable, and has taken to triVs in
a wsv not common to the thoroughbred,
all of which roes to prove that at no time
in his tralrlm- career lias he been over
done. If he had hW temper would hiv
ehown It. and lie would not ha.e ar-tienr.
Iannis' class or
tiii: wi:st sx. i.ons Ti!:xvni:i:ix. wmrii wili, cumi'i:te
i:.'Ull!lTI(X AT THK AVOHI-US I'Ain.
Kenton, Ohio, Angnst 23, 1903.
Gentlemen : S. S. S. has been used in our family for
years and -we think, a great deal of it. It is used for a tonio
mostly. I havo also found it a splendid medicine for stom
ach troubles. Was for a long time bothered 'with Dyspep
- sis, but of late years haven't been troubled with it. Am
confident S. S. S. relieved it. As a tonio it builds up the
system in every way. gives strength, energy and appetite;
in other words, brings health and vigor.
My husband has also used It and has the same good
opinion of it. We think it the greatest medioine made,
and oan recommend it to all la need of a tonio or blood
purifier. MRS. S. B. LOWERY.
803 S. Wayne Street.
Columbus, Ohio, May 19, 1903.
Some four years ago I was suffering from Impure blood
and a general run-down condition of the system. I had no
appetite, was losing m flesh, and an all-gone tired feeling
that made me feel miserable.
I began the nse of S. S. S., and after talcing seven or
eight bottles my sldn was oleared of all eruptions and took
on a ruddy, healthy glow that assured me that my blood
had been restored to its normal, healthy oondition. My
appetite was restored, as I oould eat anything put before
me, and as I regained my appetite I increased in weight,
and that 'tired feeling," which worried ms so much, dis
appeared, and I was once again my old self.
I heartily reoommend S. S. S. as the best blood purifier
and tonio made, and strongly advise its use to aU those tr
need of such medioine, VICTOR BTUBBIN8.
Cor. Bartham and Washington Aves.
Llve-Blrst Malrh Set for DsPont Purk.
This Afternoon "iportlnc Items.
Alec Mermod has scheduled a live-bird
sweepstakes at twerty-five pigeons for
Du Pont Park this afternoon, and several
tarjet events will rUo be placed on the
card. Talk of a three-cornered match at
live birds is also current.
Preparations are now under way for the
Installation of the "tent city," which will
be Installed at Du Pont Park this sum
mer for the benefit of the contestants in
the Mlssourt State shoot. It is planned to
erect twenty tents, each with a capacity
ot two guests, and to have one central
tent as a dining-room, which can also be
used. In case of cmergencj, as night quar
ters for visitors.
Trap shooting was taken up with con
siderable Interest last Sunday, -when two
match events and a sweepstakes were
shot. Cabanne and O'Xeil won the
matches, while Mermod finished first In
the handicap.
Charley Scudder Is about the solo mem
ber of the local shooting brlga'e who was
reported as out on a trip last week. With,
the close of duck shooting, the hunters
seem to have passed up the game for the
spring, to a great extent. Scudder took a
short trip to Darden, enipe huntinii.
Arrangements are now pending for the
spring and summer contests of the Amer
ican Oun Club. This body probably will
confine Itself altogether to target events
as it has done in the past. The member
ship Is said to be even larger than last
The usual long-range shooting Is sched
uled for tha BobrlngviUe range to-day,
and several well-known marksmen have
expressed their Intention of competing in
case of pleasant weather. For nine con
secutive Bunaays the weather was un
suitable for the sport, the days being ei
ther too dark, too rainy or too windy.
Even last Sunday, which was bright
enough, was accompanied by a high, wind
which affected the scoring.
Captain Creecy, Doctor Kessler, Frank
Kurka and other well-known marksmen
are among the "regulars" at this branch
of sport.
Police revolver work ha closed for the
year. To Insure this closing being com
plete, several stctlons nave had Informal
signs posted en the walls: "Shooting talk
positively prohibited."
Although the open season for salmon
commenced April 1 In Maine, the sport
has been unsatisfactory to date. Sebago
Lake, one of the chief waters where the
fish abound early In the year. Is covered
with fifteen Inches of lee and the tribu
tary' streams are so badly obstructed that
It is doubtful if the usual salmon runs
will proceed up so far as the lake.
The lake itself is nine feet lower than
usual and all contributes to prospects for
an unprofitable season In that part of the
State, so far as the fishermen are concerned.
' sssSWssagv7asfiMrs5sMwf igE&!&mmMMKKMmy&BM ".
nJHsSwi&SsilTBsSBtY. 'v JK8MsbsHL BBsfssBaBXHsBBBBBsskvsVlbtsffvJsBl
BsflsKl2Sf,arI&issHraBBSBV?S;K .. fWMSagJt jyjssVssBsliWi-a'.sK'
BBywrM9BSBsassBBssV-9L'- itQIHF lHl ..sMHFlTls&ssRj
I UPv wftfi' .ralPHIBrP W- 4 EppEy- j v-4LBl&4 f
sfsBBBsnssli a9BEssssHsLKt99''K iPKCs Sssarf sHrW Hkt$E
T HgyxBSiisssssssTAsfc-sHts f-.. mf tt MF9mfemr ' mJlM
' WE!B:m&si'B?-MfcmAWkis&:-Akr'1fa-Ej wkHskvtM-HssBB
- " - -- ... . . ij. -., .... . . .4,, ., . m l9. m 9 f
"Some of the best shooting I have liad
In this neighborhood wai actually clo-e
to tho city, in St. Louis County. Fow city
hunters stop off so close to home. A- a
result, the quail are reasonably plentiful
in season. I hear that game Is really
abundant on many of the St. Louis County
farms in the winter.
"I believe this State would be one of the
best hunting regions In the entire countr
within its doors. If proper protection was
afforded the game. The State has enough
rolling lands, ligutly timbered, to make
ideal retreats for quail. If some good or
ganization orce oan secure suitable legis
lation, we will havo the best hunting
grounds; In the West In a few yea-? re
gardless of the fact that game and oven
aoosj butts are brang ttTsnifeteioi 'ay tl
wholesale, in and out of season.
pres nt conditions."
Paris. April 9 (Copyright, tt-There
is csnstcrnation in the boudoirs of Bel-
gravia. for the jewelers sas that before
long there will be a sharp, sudden rls in
the price of diamonds, owing to various
When the rise will take place depends.
first of all, on the duration of the strike
of th diamond-cutters of Amsterdam,
where aU the world's precious stones are
cut and polished. Then there Is the fact
that tho DeBeers Company has decided to
advance the price of all grades of dia
monds $ per cent, this to go into effect
Iminediatelv. It bIrg the fourth advance
during the last ear.
As the DeBeers Companv controls some
thing like. SO rer cent of the world's out
put of diamonds, and as they are restrict
ing the supply, it follows that the prices
made by jewelers must go up -very con--derably.
3rur and Jack Cornelius
CHeaeoa recently, In the
Charles F. Bi
wu m MM w WS .KWUUJ,
pope of finding some nshing Or soma
shooting ef small same, but were dis
appointed la each regard- Both state
that there is the greatest need for some
protective associations throughout the
neighborhood, as the small game and
fish hiu to be prettywell cleaned out.
"Thtre la plenty of 'wild territory ad
jacent to Gtepcoe," said Cornelius, "and
there Is abundant opportunity for ame
to increase if It was left alone except m
the hunting season. The neighborhood
to draw a crowd of ausa Banters out
Sunday, wttn tne resnui isKionw
each i
and feathered game is getting career and
The phvslclan who has not sufficient
confidence in his ability to cure his pa
tients first and receive his pay after
wards is not the man to inspire confi
dence In those who are In search of
honest treatment.
My acceptance Of a case for treat
ment Is equivalent to a cure, because 1
never accept Incurable cases. I am
satisfied to receive the money for the
value I have given the patient, but
I expect to prove my worth and show
positive and satisfactory results before
I ask for the fee. So, rhouid I fall to
cure a case the patient loses uothlng,
while when I ci.ro him I have given
what Is worth much more than money
I havo given hl-n his health twain.
I am the very first specialist in the
United States who has had sufilJent
confidence in his ability to say to the
A'of a dollar nted be paid
umttl cured.
But I told 50U long ago that others
would seek to Imitate me. Perhaps j ou
have noted the strenuous efforts of
others to irritate. This they may do
so far as copying my announcements
Is concerned, but they cmnnot copy
nor use my successful methods, as they
can be obtained only at my offices.
Therefore. If vou want the genuine
and not the imitation
Come to me and be cured.
I am the longest established trua
specialist in St. Louis, and you may
note from the record ot this paper I
have for tho past five years been ac
cepting vatients for treatment and al
lowing them to pay me only after a
cure was effected.
There Is no guesswork and expert
ment about m method. I am a known
expert In my chosen specialties and of
fer you tho best and only the best
treatment. When your life or your
health is at stake, inferior treatment
(which leaves after effects worse thafl
the disease Itself) is dear at any price.
Camqltalloit ind Advln Frei.
Consnltatlc Free. Hoars, 8 a. m.
to 8 p. si. Snudays. O to it.
Contagious Blood Poison
whether hereditary or acquired. Is the
most loathsome of all diseases, the
first symptoms being an ulcer, then an
eruption on the face or bod), sore
throat and mouth, falling out of the
hair and then pain in tho bones. I
cars not who has treated you ana
failed. I will cure you BV MY SYS
TEM OF TREATMENT lust as sure
as you will come to me. I can do this
without using mercury or Iodides,
thereby Insuring you that when cured
jour bones and tissues are not de
stroj ed.
Jtv specific treatment for this
trouble, varied and modified to suit
each Individual case. Is an unfailing
cure to which a vast army of restored
men to-day owe their sturdy health
and happiness.
nunnuin nicnoncDc Those suner-
uuiiumu uiuwiivbliu lnc from
new orlg-
which i
I cure Varicocele by my
lnal method of treatment.
tf" from surgery and is a safe, paln
le and remanent cure. Under my
treatment every caso of wnsaknees and
disease quickly disappears, the stag
nant blood is driven from the dilated
veins, a healthy circulation of pure
blood to the parts affected is estab
lished, ou are strengthened in every
way and soon will posses that con
fidence, power and sense of well-belnc
which accompany good health and ro
bust vitality. I have the very quick
est, safest and most reliable cure for
Varicocele known to medical science.
Normal circulation Is re-established
and perfect strength Is restored.
Every sufferer from stricture Is fa
miliar with the many annojlng and
distressing sjmptoms which accom
pany this diaeas". My cure for Stric
ture Is safe, painless and permanent
and free from surgery In any form-
it acts immediately and directly upon
the stricture, dissolving it completely
dislodging all diseased tissue, al
ways allavs all Irritation and Inflam
mation and relieves all obstructions. I
will take pleasure in explaining tne
many advantages my modern, ad
vanced treatment has over the old
time methods still employed by or
dinary doctors. The weakened parts
become .strong and sturdy, and the
Joys and vigor of health are restored.
If ou are lacking in these essential
elements of vitality, come to my office
and consult me privately. 1 have cured
safely, quickly and permanently cases
which have been abandoned by family
physicians and so-called experts: cases
which have been aggravated and made
worse by the use of Belts, Free Sam
ples or local appliances. I win re
move the evil effects of such treatment
and restore to ou what you have lost
your vitality. My cure for men makew
the blood rich and pure, flesh firm, the
muscles solid and the nerves strong
and steady. It brightens the brain by
relieving it of all despondency. In a
word, it builds up the physical and
mental man.
Newly contracted and chronic case
cured. All burning and itching Inflam
mation and discharges stopped in 31
hours: curea effected in 7 days. v
TATIC DISEA8ES I cure all Irrita
tion, frequent desire or stoppage, pain
In back and catarrhal condition.
Nervous Prostratlou, Unnatural Dis
charges. Drains. Losses. Sciatica.
Rheumatism. Bladder or Prostatic
Trouble should consult me at once. No
case should be thought incurable
uptll I have diagnosed It and given my
Cases not too complicated can be cured at home. One personal visit is preferred, but if you cannot call, write for
my complete Symptom Blanks. I make no charges for p-lvate counsel (In person or by mall).
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