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The ruptures of ohUdhood are of .till greater urgency than In the adult.
as hernia. In the active and reckless little ones, who make the sunshine of our
hearts and homes. In very fatal, and. unhappily, very common. In the Hospital
for Ruptured and Crippled. New York, one-fourth of the entire number of
hernias received and treated were those of children under 14. The younger
the patient when treatment is begun, the shorter the time necessary to effect
a cure. To neglect these cases Is criminal, as even when the children survive
they are incapacitated for life from entering the army or navy, from any ac
tive and many responsible positions, while girls are rendered unfit to become
My treatment Is singularly successful with children, whom I take from
earliest Infancy. Very few treatments are all that is necessary to restore to
them tho heritage of a sound and perfect constitution.
In conclusion. It cannot be too urgently pointed out that hernia, whether
exhibited In man, woman or child. Is a disease that It never pays to neglect.
It Is not so easy in these days to secure a competence and prenide for family,
old age and death even under the most favorable circumstances. How great
Is tho difficulty Increased when handicapped by the constant gnawing of this
terrible disease. There Is no age, sex or station in life that can afford to
ignore these facts. As a mere business speculation it Is better to call on me at
once and avail yourself of the cure I offer, at a moderate expense. What, in
deed. Is the latter but a mere trifle when compared to the risks, humiliations
and wretchedness ever attendant upon him who pays host to a rupture? Nor
can yoa afford to delay, as you cannot tell what evil a day may bring forth.
Now is the time, before the hot weather starts In; besides, to-morrow, next
week or next month may be too late, as strangulation may end your life at
any moment.
Following la a testimonial from a happy father, whose child was cured in
less than one month:
srr. louis. mo.. May a. iwi.
Ir. W. A. lwtn Dr Sir: This trctlmonUl I freely tfa jou for the
wl!t-of all who may hv njptured children. My little boy. s years old.
wis ruptured oa ths right Td. X came to you for treatment on the art
nf Match. 1834. and you cave hlra his last treatratnt on the 17th of April.
1W4. and he has remained In splendid health and plajs all dav irlthout
wearing his truss, and be Is perfectly cored. P. 8. SClII.NE.
v- - . . . . . ST- KHJIS. MO.. Sept. IT. 190X
Dear Dr . twln In reply to rour-lnflMrr will say that my son has hd
no trouble since you cared hlra. and that I am much plrawd with the re
"" V. S. SCHINE.
loot Market street, city.
I guarantee to
X undertake. No cutting, so pain,
Boors, 10-5; Saturday and Sunday.' 10-1.
W. A. LEWIN, Nl. D.,
604 Washington Ave., St. Louis.
Engineer Weds Fiancee After En
gagement of Seven Team.
Now York. April -, blurting, nerv
ous, excited man, closely scanned the
faces of the passengers on the Scandinavian-American
liner United States when
he approached her dock at Boboken. He
A Device That Is Scientific
Simple, Direct, and Instantly
Restores Hearing in Even
the Oldest Person
Comfortable, Invisible
and Perfect-Fitting:.
190-Page Book Containing a History
of thi Discovery and Many Hon-
drid Signtd Testimonials
Froi All Parts of tho
World-Sent Free.
The True Story of the Invention of
Wilson's Common Sense Ear Drams
Told by Geo. H.WlIson, the Inventor.
I was deaf from infancy. Eminent doctors,
surgeons and ear specialists treated me at
great expense snd yet did rn no rood. I tried
all the artificial appliances that claimed to re
store hearing, but they failed to benefit me
in the least. I even went to the best spe
cialists In the world, but their efforts were
My case was pronouncea jncunuHei
I grew desperate: my deafness tormented me.
ro!ir I vm Tweomlnr more of c. recluse, avoid
ing the companionship of people because of the
annoyance mv deafness and sensitiveness caused
me. nnaiiy i Drgaa iu cj.u.-uuiciib mi uijaci.
and after patient years of study, labor . and
r tonal expense I perfected something that
round took the place of the natural ear
drums, and I railed It Wilton's Common Sense
Bar Drum, which I now wear day and night
with perfect comfort, and do not even have to
remove them when washing. No one can tell I
m wearing them, as they do not show, and Mm
they give no discomfort whatever I scarcely
know it myself.
With these drums I can now hear a whisper.
I Join tn the general conversation and hear
everything coins on around me. I can hear a
sermon or lecture from any part of a large
church or ball. My aeneral health Is Improved
because of the great change my Ear Drums
hart made In my life. My spirits are bright
and cheerful. I am a cured, changed man.
Since my fortunate discovery it is no longer
necessary for any deaf person to carry a trum
pet, a tube, or any other snob old-fashion
makeshift. Mr Common sense Ear Drum Is
built on the strictest scientific principles, con
tains no metal, wires, or strings of any kind,
and s entirely new and up to date in alt re
spects. It Is so small that no one can see It
when In poeltlon. yet It collects all the sound
waves and focuses them against the drum head,
causing you to hear naturally and perfectly.
It will do this even when the natural ear drums
are partially or entirely destroyed, perforated,
scarred, relaxed, or thickened. It fits any
ear. from childhood to old age. male or female,
and aside from the fact that-It does not show.
It never causes the least Irritation, and can be
vstd with comfort day and night without re
moval for any cause.
With my device I can cure deafness In any
person, no matter how acquired, whether from
catarrh, scarlet fever, typhoid or brain fever.
sasaens. whooping cough, gatherings In th; ear.
hocks from artillery, or through accidents.
My invention not only cures, but st once stops
the piotiess of deafness and all roaring and
busing noises. The greatest aural surgeons tn
tbe world recommend It, as well as physicians
of all schools It will do for you what no
medietas or msdloal skill on earth an do.
.1 want to place ray l-pags book on deafness
n the bands of every deaf person In the world.
I will gladly send It free to anyone whose,
name and sddress I can get. It describes snd
Illustrates Wilson's Common Sense Ear Drums
and contains bona tide letters from numerous
gjers in the United States, Canada, Mexico,
England. Scotland. Ireland. Wales. Australia.
Jew Zealand.- Tasmania. India, and the re
motest islands, i have letters from people In
very station of life ministers, physician, law
yers, merchants Ml.tv iAii tr. mnA tell
the truth about tho b-neflts to be derived from
my wonderful little device. You will find the
names of people In your own town and State,
jnany whore names you know, and I am sure
that all this will convince you that the curs
yf deafness has at last been solved by my
"Dcn't delay: write for the free" book to-day
?S .iir" .T "rm-The Wilson Ear Drop.
Co-. 1817 Todd Dulldlng. Louisville. Ky., U. 8. A.
car every case of
no danger.
No pay until cured.
Phone, Main 2S17.
was J?. E. Nlelaon. chief engineer of the
Juavy Yard at Washington, and he was
looking for Miss Emma Peterson of End
ure. Denmark, to whom, be had plighted
hi troth seven years ago, and who was
arriving, m response to Nlelson's sum
mons to become his wife.
Miss Peterson was one of the first to
land, and as quickly as a carriage could
take them. Nlelssa. his sweetheart. Im
migration Inspector McGregor and Deputy
Collector "Von Dreele were driven to the
home of Charles McDanlel. No. ,82 Dryden
street, where the happy pair were mar
ried. An hour later they boarded a train for
Washington. .
After leaving his native country seven
years ago, Nlelson came to America and
Joined the navy. Bis promotion has been
rapid, .and to-day he Is at the head of the
mechanical department at the Washington
yard. A pretty home awaits the bride' In
the national capital.
Telephone Operator Accuses Es
cort of Bobbing Her,
New York, April . May Vernell.
years old, a telephone operator, met Harry
C. Kedrlck at an entertainment. Kedrlck
escorted her home. Shortly after she had
retired, alleges Miss Vernell. she was
awakened by a noise in the front room, on
the ground floor, where she lived with her
father and sister, and saw Kedrlck run
ning away. She missed a gold watch, val
ued at US, and a diamond pin.
While In company with another tele
phone girl Miss Vernell saw Kedrlck on
the street several days later. She and her
companion seized him and held on until a
policeman came up. Kedrlck In the York
vttle Court was held In Q.00O ball for trial.
Deserted Family and Had Wan
dered for Twenty Years.
San Bernardino, CaL, April 9. There
died at the County Hospital a man named
W. W. Babcock, who deserted his family
In Rhode Island twenty years ago, since
which time he has wandered the world
over, the first news of him reaching his
wife In an these twenty years being re
ceived In the form of a telegram announc
ing his death sent from this city.
He talked little of his affairs, and only
when death was known to be but few
hours oft would he consent to giving any
ciew as to ids wnereeoouts oi nis friends.
Boston. April . A Telharmonlo com
pany, in which a large number of persons
are interested, will be Incorporated nnder
the laws of Massachusetts. The company
win supply musio to householders os they
are now supplied with gas, water and
electricity. It Is said that the system will
be In operation here In two years. There
will be a central station here similar to a
telephone, exchange, and subscribers wDl
be served at the cost of 150 per year. Pri
vate wires will convey the music Into the
homes, and all manner of melody, from
the lilghly classic Wagner lo ragtime will
be dispensed.
After the system goes Into general use
the rates are expected to be much lower.
The method has been examined by experts
and found to be perfect. Private wires
will be run to each home, and there will
be club wires where music will be on tan
all the time!
Killed br Baseball.
Elmhurst. L. I., April . Alfonso Smith,
aged 16 years, living In Smith street. Elm
hurst, died from the effects of a hit on
the bead by a ball-while playing a game.
He went home altar having been hit on
plained of not feeling well and went to
bed. He became unconscious during the
night and died. Coroner Raoff will inves
tigate the case.
Your Nerves
Are the life, the vitality, the energy of
your body.
It Is the ntrves that cause the heart
to pulsate, the lungs to Inhale the oxy
gen, the brain to direct the motion of
every organ of the body, the stomach to
digest food, the liver to secrete the bile,
the kidneys- to niter the blood and the
bowels to carry off the waste.
When the nerves of the stomach be
come weakened or exhausted. Indigestion.
Constipation and Inflammation result, be
cause the stomach Is Inactive.
This Is true of all the organs of th
body, and proves that to cure disease yon
must strengthen the nerves.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Is the great specific for the nerves, and
In bringing them back to health never
falls to cure all cases of Nervousness;
Sleeplessness. Neuralgia, Headache,
HTasms tiacxscne, aiukwu- jrwucn
lngs. St. "Vitus' Dance, Epilepsy, Btom
acii. lver and Kidney troubles.
ror two years piiyBicraue sua ocuui
resorts failed to relieve me of a compli
cation of stomach, liver, kidney and heart
affections. .Six bottles of Dr. Miles' Ner
vine cured me." O. W. ARCHBOLD,
Grooer. Decatur, Ind.
The flrst bottle win benefit. If not, the
druggist win return your money.
Line of PefriRerator Steamers to
Bring Beef and Mutton to
United States.
Trip From Buenos Ayros
'ev York City Can lie
Made Three Days
Rnrt'Bt.ic sr-EciAU
New York, April D. Beef and mutton
from the Argentine Republic, by the ship
load, to be sold here in competition with
the products controlled by the Beef Trust,
Is the promise held out by a syndicate of
capitalists, who have obtained concessions,
secured options and laid plans for opera
tion on a large scale.
At the ofllce of the Consul General from
Argentina, in the Produce Exchange build
ing. It was said that contracts Inivo been
made for a slto for a large refrigerating
plant and wharves for ocean-going steam
ships to carry beef and mutton to this
According to the information which has
reached the Consul General. Scnor It. Al
varez de Toledo, a line of refrigerator
steamers is to bo established between
Buenos Ayres and New York, and beef
equal to the beat product of our Western
plains Is to be shipped here. Lamb and
'mutton that will hold its own with Can
ada's best is Included In the project.
It is said that the beef and mutton will
be offered here at prices considerably less
than those maintained by the Beef Trust.
In European markets beef and mutton
from the Argentlno Republic have been In
keen competition with American meats for
several years.
Shipped from the South American Re
public in refrigerator steamers to J.ondon,
Liverpool and other ports, beef has sold
In large quantities at from 6 to 8 cents
wholesale. The Beef Trust has met theso
prices abroad, but has Invariably obtained
higher rctos here.
There have been no less than live groups
of capitalists and persons Interested in
beef and provisions who have made in
quiries at the Argentine Consulate during
the last year regarding the shipment of
meat products here.
"We are not at liberty to give the names
of the persons who have obtained the con
cession." said a representative of Senor de
Toledo yesterday. "We were called upon
about three months ago by a man who
later went to Argentine, and after spend
ing two months there Investigating the
business of exporting beef ana mutton
has returned to this city.
"We are Informed that he has pur
chased a site for a refrigerating and pack
ing establishment and has a concession
covering the exporting of beof and other
"Our Government offers every induce
ment to American investors who wish to
engage in business in Argentine. We do
not know how soon steamers will be
bringing beef here, but It Is bound to
Official statistics complied by the Min
ister of Agriculture of the Republic of
Argentina give the total exports of beef
for 1903 as 1.01J.SS5 quarters. The exports
of lamb and mutton for the year were
3.-C7.783, carcasses. This large business has
been built up Blnce 1SS3. when the flrst re
frigerating plant was established in
jjuenos Ayres. There are now five large
operating there. They are the
River Platte
itresn .Meat Company, the
oansmena Kerrlgeratlng Company, the
Las Faunas Produce Company, E. Terras
son and the La Blanca Company.
In 1302 Edward and William V. Casey of
London attempted to combine the Argen
tine companies and form an alliance with
the Beef Trust of this country, covering
the foreign trade. The attempt failed.
Beef of good quality is sold in Buenos
Ayres at 251 cents per pound on the hoor.
The very best beef for export purposes Is
sold at 3 cents a pound, while poorer
grades are quoted as low as Hi cent a
pound. Mutton Is quoted at about J3.C0
per carcass, or about 3 cents a pound.
.. tall beef of good quality In Argen
tina, may be had for 22 cents a kilo Argen
tine money, which la equivalent to about
VI cents a pound American money. Mut
ton retails at R4 cents. It Is claimed that
steamers can nuts the trip to this port
in three days less than from Buenos
Ayres to London, and that Argentine beef
can be delivered here cheaper than In Eng
land. Considerable rwcrecy Is maintained as to
the Individuals who compose the syndicate
which has undertaken the Importation of
Argentlno beef. Offices have been opened
In the Produce Exchange Annex by the
international Live Stock Products Com
pany, capitalized at H.000.000. O. B. Black
burn, secretary and treasurer of the com
pany. Is the man who recently spent two
months In the Argentine Republic study
ing the export beef question. He returned
last week.
When seen Mr. Blackburn said:
"we have contracted for the purchase of
a site for a plant at Quenquen, near
Buenos Ayres. A protect to build a harbor
for light-draft vessels there was under
way. We have Induced the company to
make It a harbor where ocean Fteamcrs
may land. This work Is now under way.
We expect to ship refrigerated beef and
mutton here In the early future, but I am
not at liberty to discuss our plans at this
Mr. Blackburn is said to represent East
em and Western capitalists who are al
ready Interested In provision and packing
houses, but are not allied with the Beef
University of Chicago Professor
Thinks He Has Found It.
Chicago, April . A plant, which may
prove valuable to botanists as a "miss
ing link," has been brought to the Uni
versity of Chicago by Professor Charles
J. Chamberlain, who recently returned
from an expedition to Jalapa, Mexico,
where grows the only patch In the world
of this rare species.
He secured six of the large, pine
applelike fruits, which he expects to study
with a view toward establishing a rela
tion between modern plants of the pine
and fern families and the extinct ferns
of geological ages.
"This plant Is known to botanists as
the "dloon.' a genus of the 'cycadu' fam
ily," said Doctor Chamberlain. "They are
the lowest order of the seed-bmLrinir
plants, and are the nearest related to the
extinct plants of geological times.
"The plants are like big ferns or some
kinds of palms In appearance, with a
thick trunk, 6 or 8 feet high from the top
of which spring great leaves 6 feet long.
Each of the fruits contains nearly 300
sued?. The natives crush these Into a,
meal, which, mixed with flour and meat,
they use In making 'tamales.' "
Took Place Within Stone's Throw
of Herald Square.
New Tork, April 9 Within a stone's
throw of Herald Square a high-class prixe
Dght was witnessed by nearly aU classes
of business and professional men, except
ing representatives of the police force.
Tickets were J10. and the larger part of
the crowd were members of the Stock Ex
change. Between ninety and 100 tickets
were sold. ,
The fight was between Arthur Cripps,
middle-weight champion of Australia, and
Williams of Rhode Island. It was a fin
ish contest, and before the end of the
fourth round Williams was knocked out
and Cripps got the decision. The only
thing that marred the enjoyment of the
occasion was the fact that cheering was
812 N. Broadway, St. Louis. 325 Missouri Ave.,
Men's Spring Topcoats in
retaining: materials broad shouldered and perfect
fitting: collars serge, Venetian and silk
lined Monday.
Finer grades, SI8
Men's Handsome Cravenettes
shades waterproof worn as
spring- days see our elegant
to-morrow at
Men's Mew Spring Suits Of
made with broad concave shoulders and perfect-fitting:
collars either single or double-breasted
styles made especially for Gately's Monday
Finer grades, $18, $20 and
Exactly like cut, made from
girdle, new sleeve, new shoulder, trimmed with silk braid to match, satin-
lined, gored skirt with plaited bottom, trimmed with
braid and buttons to match jacket, regular $20.00
value, for this sale
All-wool fancy mixtures, habit and inverted plait back trimmed with
straps of same material and cloth-covered buttons to
match, seven rows of stitching at bottom,
$5.00 values for
Latest models, all-silk embroidered, trimmed with
lace, no brass eyelets, gored and bias cut,
$2.00 values for.
L Made of percales dark colors,
flounce skirt, special price
Young Men's Handsome Confir
mation Clothes.
Youhr Mon's College Suits, like cut. either single or donMe-breasted
styles positively the handsomest patterns ever seen broad Bhoul
ders peg-top trousers for the t M sV sV sV
tastiest youns fellowR m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
apes 15 to 20 Pl WaWW
Boye' especially niade Norfolk and
lows newest styles ann caicniest
beautifully trimmed ages
7 to 10 years
, , . r. , Clog at 6 p. at.
Union Store Saturday Night at lO p. m.
Spinster Falls Deeply in Lore
With a Young Syrian
Rug Denier.
She Was Margaretta Johnson and
Says She Never Knew Lore
Until She Met Ga
New Tork, April 9. Tn the marriage of
Gabriel Abu Kalll, a Syrian, who came to
this country ten years ago, and Miss Mar
garetta Johnson of Buffalo, who In the
seventy years of her splnsterhood has ac
cumulated a fortune of more than half a
million dollars, there Is a most remark-
ablo union of youth with age.
After a courtship of several years the
marriage was solemnized on February 4
In the Church of St. Chrysostom, at Sev
enth avenue and Thirty-ninth street, by
the Reverend Thomas Henry BUI, rector
of the church. Since that time Mr. Kalll
has continued to keep his apartment in the
Hotel Marie Antoinette, while his aged
bride has cpent most of the intervening
tlma In Buffalo. She Is said to be closing
uo her affairs there, with the purpose of
eoon coming to New York to make her
home with her husband.
It was while the young Svrian was sell
ing Orontal Jewelry in Buffalo that Miss
Junnsson met him. She soon became Inter
ested In his personality far more than in
his ware?. That was between five and six
oars ao. Although before she met Kalll
notnlng had been farther from Miss John
son's thouuhts than matrimony, she found
that she had become so attached to the
young man that her life was Incomplete
without htm.
It appears to have been about two years
ago tnat tne suDject or marriage nrst De
gan to be discussed between them. Such
of her friends as she took Into her conll
decce warned Miss Johnson against tak
ing the step and pointed to tho difference
in their ages and to the fact that while
she was wealthy the Syrian was compara
tively poor But protests of all sorts were
useless In turning her from her purpose.
Until a few days ago the marriage was
kept so close a secret that hardly anyone
was aware of it. At the Marie Antoinette,
where Mr. Kalll has been living for the
last year, there was a great surprise when
It was learned that he was no longer a
baohelor, and In Buffalo tho announce
ment of the marriage will be startling
news to a large circle of Mrs. Kalll's
"Why shouldn't I marry whom I
please?" Mrs. Kalll asked one of the .few
persons whom she has taken Into her
confidence. "I have far more money than
I need, and not a relative nearer than a
third cousin or two. to whom I am under
no sort of obligation. If I cboose to fall
In lote, even though I am almost an old
woman, that Is mv Own affair. I am abso
lutely happy for the first time In my life.
In fact. I never before knew what real
happiness was."
Mrs. Kalll has. always had enough
money so that she could live comfortably
and gratify her taste for literature and
the arts, but it is within the last few
years thai she has made the bulk of her
the handsomest colors and latest shape-
Made up in all the most popular
a topcoat for warm
at $18 and $22.
extraordinarily handsome patterns-
ome patterns
$22; also cheaper lines at $10 and
fancy all-wool mixtures, Eton
fitted waists, braid trimmed
two-piece suits for the little fel
iuics tor iue mue iei-
fortune. She not only Invested In Buffalo
real estate, but she had the courage to
hold her property In the face of a falling
market until finally her foresight was re
warded most handsomely. Among her
other holdings was a farm, of nearly one
hundred and fifty acres In West Seneca,
which she picked up at a bargain a few
years ago, paylngonly a few thousand
dollars for it. When the Lackawanna
Steel Company located at Buffalo her
property became much sought after and
she was able to sell a little more than
fifty acres for J156.00O. She was piid gltj
In cash and took a mortgage for 175.000
for the remainder of the purchass price.
This mortgage was paid recently and the
proceeds have been reinvested in Iew
York securities,
It Is said by Joshua H. Flero of No.
100 William street. Mrs. Kalll's attorney
in New Tork. that she has retained the
management of tho major part of her
fortune, although doubtless her young
husband has been assisted In bis business
Mr. KalU's chief venture at present Is a
downtown restaurant. It has been In op
eration for nbout a year now, and has
been so succensf ul that recently two other
floors of the building have been leased and
plans have been made to extend the scope
of the business.
SU1I. this business does not occupy sllof
Mr. Kalll's time. He has a brother, who
has had experience In the restaurant busi
ness, who looks alter me aeiaiis ior mm.
leaving him freo to make frequent, though
brief, visits to Atlantic City. There he Is
weil known ftt the St. Charles Hotel,
where he Is looked upon as a well-to-do
New York business man. He Is always
alone and never has been seen to asso
ciate with any of the other patrons of the
hotel. It was not known there last night
that he Is married. He had spent the last
five days there, but left last evening.
"Never have I heard of an attachment
so remarkable and at the same time so
romantic as that of Mr. Kalll and Miss
Johnson." said Mr. Flero yesterday. "I
have known Mrs. Kaiil for half a dincn
years and her husband for the last two
or three years, and I am one of the few
persons who Is In the confidence of both
of them.
"That Mrs. Kalll Is deeply in love with
her young husband Is beyond question.
She has all the enthusiasm of a school
girl, and If she were nearer the aga of
her husband it would be regarded by
every or.e as a lwautlful love story. As
It Is, I presume, there are those who will
not agree with Mrs. Kalll In her choice.
but anything of this sort Is Important
only so far as through her friends It may
affect Mrs. Kalll.
"There is no one who has either a moral
or a legal right to question her right to
marry Kalll and to do what she pleases
with her fortune. She has neither father
nor mother, brother nor sister: she never
was married and has not even nieces or
nephews. Her nearest relative. In fact, Is
a third cousin, and to none of these dis
tant relatives Is she under the slightest
obligations. They have no right to de
mand consideration, financially or other
wise, from her."
Department Rules It Should Have
Been Admitted Free,
Washington. April 9. By a decision to
day of the General Board of Appraisers
a sucking colt Is household furniture, so
far as customs duties are concerned, and
can be admitted free of duty.
The case came to the General Board
from a subport of St. Albans, Vt., where
an Immigrant from Canada brought In as
a part of his household effects a mars
with a sucking colt.
The Collector valued the colt at $25 and
collected a duty of J30 thereon, under the
provisions of paragraph 220 of the act of
1897. Against this action a protest was
filed. The protestants contend that the
colt in question is of such an age as to
make it dependent upon Its mother for
sustenance, and that the colt should have
been.admitttd me. under paragraph sot,
:, i
as the worses were.
jacket with
: trimmed with
Nearly everybody Is ambitious to savs
money, and those who are not should cul
tivate such an ambition. The purchase of
merchandise on our credit systemjjresents
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the pleasantest way conceivable of deny
ing yourself, to save money. We make It
as easy. for you to buy for credit as for
cash, allow all the time you want, make
no embarrassing Inquiries; only require a
small monthly or weekly payment.
Give You AH the
Kew York Woman Offers to Sell
Her Discovery to Parents
.Wishing Boys.
References to Prove That She
Has Successfully Directed
Prominent Men How to
Preserve Their Names.
New York. April . If yon are yearning
for a son and heir, here Is something
of ths deepest concern to you. Hark to
tha tale of a woman with a magic wand
who has mastered the determination of
ex, she says. For the matter of a few
hundred dollars, Mrs. F. Marlon Foio jf
Amsterdam avenue Till contract to "per
petuate your name."
The famous Doctor Schenck, who
startled ths world with his theories con
cerning ths determination of sex a. few
years ago, has a rival now. Mrs. Fole
avers that she Is In possession of a secret
that this famous German physician
thought ha had discovered. But she Is
not giving It away to the world as he did
his. She Is willing to barter It far cash.
To that end she has Just sent out some
D.O00 little circulars bearing on tho sub
ject, but of course she does not disclose
her wonderful secret. It must havo been
because Mrs. Fole Is fond of her little
Joke that she addressed two of the cir
culars to a pair of silver-haired bachelor,
who may be seen any day at the Union
League Club.
Fifteen thousand of the circulars were
sent to prominent men in New York. The
other 5,000 were distributed In Fhlladel-
pnia, Baltimore and Washington.
The circulars say:
"Gentlemen If you have no son to per
petuate your name, inherit your estates
and fortunes, why not consult old Mrs.
Fole, a. world-wide, experienced trained
nurse? She Is middle-aged, has two hand
some sons (gentlemen now), and It does
not take her twenty minutes to convince
you' that your hopes can be realized.
"A Mr. C C. Osgood (friend of ex-Mayor
Van Wyck). hearing of Mrs. Fole's skill
and wonderful secret. Inclosed a check
to her for a thousand dollars. Up to
that time he had been blessed with six
fine girls. Now he has four sons."
Jefferson's Great-Great-Grandson
a Candidate in Richmond.
Richmond, Va.. April . State Senator
George Wayne Anderson to-day an
nounced himself a candidate for the office
of Mayor. He Is a great-great-grandson
of Thomas Jefferson. He Inherits his great
ancestor's fondness for the political game
and for studying and engaging in public
affairs and Is an attractive and strong
speaker and a strict party man. He Is a
tuiuun ui ui oevcut-u xiugiiueiii anu lias
Just completed term as a member of tho
East. St. Louis.
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We make qnite a featnre of our
Hat Department, buying from the
most reliable manufacturers in
the country. You are sure to find
a becoming hat here in either der
by or soft shape at $ 2.00 to $2.50.
Time You Want
Vlrglnla Senate, to which he was elected
by a flattering vote, and which he served
with distinction. He previously served In
the House. As Colonel of his regiment ho
has successfuUy coped with several riots.
Incorrigible Youths Cannot Be
Sent There Instead of to Jail.
Washington, April 9. Secretary Moody
Intends to send a strong letter to Pollco
Magistrate Maumer of Brooklyn, protest
ing against his shunting undesirable char
acters Into the navy. Because he is
represented as having agreed to discharge
IS-year-old George Taylor, charged with
theft, on condition that hs would enlist
In the navy, the animosity of nearly
every official In the Navy Department has
been aroused. They declare that such,
tactics are unworthy of any court and
that Magistrate Maumer has attempted
to make the United States Navy a substi
tute for Jail.
Newspaper clippings sent to ths depart
ment stated that Taylor was charged with
the theft of a bag of potatoes from S.
J. Komblum, a dealer In the Wallabout
Market, and that, when hs was arraigned,
his father appeared and said:
"My son has promised to go into tha
navy If you will -discharge him on this
complaint. The complainant is willing to
withdraw the charge."
Magistrate Maumer Is quoted as teply
lnc: "I will parole you on Friday and. In
tho meantime, you make application for
an apprenticeship In the navy. If you
don't enlist, you will be sent to Jail.'
This incensed the authorities of the Bu
reau of Navigation. Commander Alexan
der Sharp, chief of the division of en
listed men In this bureau, telegraphed
to the naval authorities at the New York
yard that this boy must not be accepted.
He could not enlist as an apprentice, tut
could as a landsman. Then a. letter was
written to the Magistrate. Before It was
sent it was decided to rewrite It, make
It stronger and have Secretary Moody
sign It.
Through the Feet
Don't Take Medicine, Extemi Rem.
edy Brings Quick Relief. FREE
on Approval. TRY IT.
We want everyone who has rheumatism
to send us his or her name. We win send
by return mall a pair of Magic Foot
Drafts, the wonderful external curs which
has brought more comfort Into the-Unlted
States than any Internal remedy ever
made. If they give relief, send as Ono
Dollar: If not. don't send us a cent.
Magic Foot Drafts are worn on the soles)
of the feet and cure by absorbing the poi
sonous adds In the blood through the
large pores. They cure rheumatism Jn
every part of tho body. It must be evl-' '
dent to you that we couldn't afford to
send the drafts on approval If they didn't
cure. Write to-day to the Magic Foot
Draft Co., T10, 'Oliver Bldg., Jackson,.
Mich., for & trial pair of drafts- on ap
proval. We send also a valuable booklet
on Rheumatism.
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