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fW-.BSSS0 ;,jT
t. fife a , Wfr.
-"V" -
the World's Fair lo for me In the way of
Refreshments followed and ttte meeting
Mrs. Frank R. Atnooil. ho has been
spending three weeks with herslter, Mrs.
lUchard J. liarton, of Hot Springs. Ark.,
has returned.
Messrs. Maleskl and Dubcne of Paris,
Krancc. arc guests at the Hotel Beers.
The Cosmos Club will entertain Tuesday
evening at No. sm Olive i-trect.
Mrs. A. Murrav- of New York Cltv is
n. guest at Hotel Beers.
Mr. Geo'ge "Whitccotton. accompanied
liy Mis' Whltecolton. are at Hotel Beers.
Captain "vV. II. Johnston. L S. A., is
rigltercd at Hotel Beers
The Mlses Bpvmp Maguirc. Alice Hewitt
and Esther Morgan were visitor In Jer
sevil!e Saturdav to attend the wedding
? Mls Frances Cockrell. Thev were
chaperoned bj Mrs. S. Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huah Sulliran n.
36 Parkland place, are recelvirg congratu
lations on the birth of a "on. April 2. who
t.as been named Hush Hicks Sullivan.
M's Selbv of Chicago na one of the
nlmlred belles on Friday night at the D.
I. C ball. She was escorted bv Martin
Mrs. Warren Bailev and little daughter.
Carolyn, of Xo. MIS Westminster place
are vllt!ng relatives and friends In Kan
Ms City.
After a four month" tav on the Pacific
Coast. JIr. B. K Shaw ha returned to
ter home in St. Louis.
Mis Ii'a llav Sheen.in of No 3) Wal
ton avenue departed last week for a vl"it
to Siouj. Cltv. la. She will I the gucit
of Misa F.tzgibhrnf.
Sir. Dankl Sidnej Brown ha returned
jfrom Eureka Spring". Ark., where she
vpent e. fortnight.
Mrs, J D Gorman has returned from
VTest Burlington, la. .
Mr- R. U Ruell and Mr- R M. Hig
cin departed Tuedv for Fro?ricktown.
Ma, to attend the rrnunl meeting of the
"Woman' Home Mtarlomm Society of the
South rn Methodl't Church.
Arthur Brent returned Thursday from
t aliromla where he spnt the winter.
Profes-or Charles Nicholson has come to
KIrkwood. to become the organist for
the Grace Episcopal choir. He will reside
Mre Anderson Gratz and her niece. Mi
Hough, have returned from New York.
Mr. I.iura Cnw-'iaw u MtIng KIrk
wood friends thii week
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Child, who. with
ihelp f.imllv. have been occupvlng the
Residence of Jchn C. Wilkinson, expect to
loranve to Chicago in May.
lccal mu-ic circle have lone been
nwaiting the production of "The Maiden
sr.d the Tar." And the Armor' Hall was
crowded Monday evening with an expect
ant aud'ence.
The libretto wa- bv Jame P. Porteus.
being the tale of the adventure of the
bailors of an American steamer. "Mis
souri." In the barber of Foo-Chow. China.
The raiic was composed b Louis Rut
tr. with orcnetratlon by Charles Mc
O ure. Mr. Rutter conducted the opera.
New scenery was painted for this per
formance, and the garden of the Man
ual In. decorated for the feast of lanterns,
v.as a scene of Oriental magnificence.
Mile. Lo La (Walter F. Williams), as
r-remiere danseup. scored a hit. Tho
beautiful rose which "opn?d each night
when the clock struck 12." and in which
lie wa concealed, was a device of Mr.
In the cat were Messrs. George Tracj,
Frank Gibson. George PurvlK, Dan Bar
rtow. Paul Annan. Will WINon, Joseph
Medairy. Kdward McKnnl'-, Roy Cooper.
Walter Collins. Marlon Denney. Spencer
Morton. Walter Bown. William C Hltt
W. V. Brooks. Almon Miller. Trcd Gor
man. Harry McKelvej. W. T. ilars and
Harry Wilson.
Among those in the audience were
Messrs. and Mmes. T. D. Kimball. J. H.
Illcker. H C Ochteib'ck. James G. Wilde,
Ashlej Cabell. Ingram Bojd. George W.
Taussig. Arthur B. Ambler, John S- Col
lins. Francis A. Carl, D. II. Mu.len. Allen
McKInney, W. J. H. Bown. J. B. C.ajton.
Anderson Gratz. S. J Harris.
Mmes. Lorraine F. Jones. W. B. Bragg,
Clarence Jenkyns. ft. D. .McLean. J. H.
llelmbuecher: Misses Hlmira Coleman.
Mary and Eliza Rellly. Mabel Bown. Lora
Harvey. Eloise SkeeJc. Jeanette Hetm
huecher. Margaret i Cabell. Kather)ne
Gratz, Frances Wild. Stella Heimbuch
r. Bessie. Rorr. Elvira McLean. Elizabeth
Swan, Mary Sneed. Addle Abrams, Emma
Vaughan, Bessie Child. Isabel Hclm
Imechcr. The KIrkwood Fortnightly Club met
Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Sfceele.
The subjects for tho day were "The Con
ventions" and "The Horticultural Fea
tures pf the World' r Fair." Mrs. Gerould
read a. list of 300 conventions which -will
he held during the Exposition.
Mrs. Bragg read a description of the
Convention Hall in the Coliseum. Mr-.
King gave the social plans of the wom
en's clubs for the coming season.
Mrs. Frankel of ft. Louis spoke of the
fraternal association and of tho plans for
the Day Nursety.
Jin. Kean spoke of the work of Miss
Dodge in New York in helping working
girls' clubs to secure pleasant places for
rest and recreation during vacation.
Mrs. Bragg read an extract from a
newspaper, telling of the efforts betas
made In St. Louis to secure Trnrr iwuni.
Ing places for women and girls coming to
seek employment during the World's Fair.
During the social hour the club was en
tertained by Mrs. Frankel, who gave sev
eral humorous recitations, and by the
Misses Morrison, who sang several songs.
The next meeting will he April 11. with
Mrs. George G. Dana. Subject, "Civ ics."
The following ladies were present:
Mmes. Frank Allen. William C, Brora.
A. V. Campbell. Wylls S. King. T. D.
Kimball. George G. Landers, c. R. SIddy.
Fred H, Skeele. S. J. Edwards. M. L
Gerould. H. N. Henderson. C O. Evans,
W. J. H. Bown. John Hamilton. Lesllo
Dana, Fijmkel. Ingalls, Kean. McCaulcy,
-' is not like buy
ing a yard, of ribbon
at a bargain counter.
You cannot afford to be de
delved In a piano; the Invest
ment Is loo large. You cannot
be fooled if you buy from9us,
as we do not handle
Stencil Pianos.
We do not run a
Secondhand Repair
We never advertise fake bar
gain sales. We do not want
your patronage if we cannot Bell
vou a piano that will reflect
credit on our reputation as tho
Cleanest Piano
House in St. Louis.
We have the handsomest sales
rooms and, show tho largest
stock of clean, standard-mads
pianos In the city.
A. B. Chase,
Hair.es Bros.,
Weser Bros.,
Foster, Etc.
- s.
Band, for our handsom booklet.
CHASEBS." it will open Tour
eyes on the plana aubject.
Fret for a Postal.
1115 OHra-StMcU
- 1"V
S -
r r jr-CiX"
Raker and the Misses Morrison and Miss
Blolse Skcelc.
The Fortnightly Dancing Club gave the
lat dance of the season Friday evening
at the Arraorv Hall.
The KIrkwood Monday Evening Club
will meet April It nt the home of Mr. and
Mrs C. W. Barstow of Glendale. Mrs. S.
J. Ldwards will hsve the pnper of the
evening, on "The Mob Spirit of the Conn
On Saturday. April 16 the voung ladies
of St, Margaret's Guild or Gracf Church
will have n supper and a sAIe of home
made candles and aprons. Mrs. J IX
Wlshart is director of the guild.
Mrs. . D. Meelts, who has been In St.
Louis for three weeks, returned home
The Tuesday Evening Club held Its last
meeting of the season Tuesday at J. R.
Hettlne's residence. Edmund S. iloch. as
sistant to Director of Exhibits of the Lmi
I'tara Purchase Exposition, gave a sketch
of the treats to he seen at the Fair, and
spoke at length of the undertaking a an
educational idea and a record of progress
in tverv department of life He was fol
lowed b Frederic L Stoddard, who gave
some details of his dnv-'s duties as one of
a jury to pass oil a thousand paintings bv
Western American artists. Su) of which
were accepted. The annual election of of
ficers was postponed, nnd the present of
ficers usked to hold ovei until the
next meeting. Among those present were
Mesrs. and Mmes w C. Jaser. A. K.
Prince. J U. Mi.Kc!glinn. J. 3 Dowler. C,
1. Hutchinson. G. K. Andrews. C. W
Ferguson. H C. Wright, Mmes Krel and
llvde; Messrs. D. M. Skllling. Howard
Carter and the Reverend Mr. Calk'ny.
Mrs. William Henry of Indianapolis is
visiting hrr parents.
Tin. Wcdneioay Club met this week
with Mrs. Eugene Booth. Last Thursdny
the club members and their husbands
wore entrtained b) Mr. and Mrs! C. W.
Wnterhouse in honor of the club's tenth
anniversary. Everything wa arranged
to eurrj out the tin Idea, even to the
table furnishings, tin cups and plates be
ing used Candles In tin candlesticks
rghted the room and the center piece of
powers was In a tin pan. A game consist
ing of questions answered by words con
taining the syllable "tin" occupied the
evening. Guests were Messrs. and Mmes.
. W. Clark, r. L. Stoddard. Charles
Houls, H. C. Watrous. A. K. Prince, W.
V JKr- - I Bigger. A. M. Fellows,
U F. Booth. Eugene Booth. G. K. An
drews. Frank Canier. rv At. inri- n.
eca Taj lor. Jr.; B. S. tiler and E. H. Clov
ton. e
Mr. ami Mrs A M. Fellows entertained
at dinner last Saturd'iv the following.
Messrs. and Mmes. C. U Martin. A. K.
i-rmce. vv. c. Jager. H. C. Watrous. C.
A l.enis and It. A. Allen. Mrs Fellows
departed tdnesda v night for ten days at
Humboldt, Kas.. where Mr. Fellows will
spenci much of his time for the next four
A large audience gathered Tuesdaj aft
ernoon at Bristol Hall, as guests of Mrs.
Alexander Pealc Robinson and Mrs. Isaiah
I orbes The entertainment consisted of
two comediettas, acted by the two host-e-ses,
assisted by Miss Jonnae Jones. The
tlrst. "The Power of F.attcry." repre
sented the gullibility of two rustic Liig
1 hwomen in the hands of a French mil
liner, whosn suavity induced them to buv
innumerable head structures, which the"
found unbecoming and exorbitant, when
they survejed them, with the till, in the
quiet of their hotel. In "Th Proposal"
-t. r orbes personated General Culham.
who hesitates between the childish beauty
of Madeline Beauhaven and the older
charmvof the widow. Lady Tresdale. but
is finally driven to propose to the latter
by the fear of a coming rival. A bevy of
pretty voung ladies served punch between
the acts or the plajs and at the close.
Some of them were: Misses Mav and
Pearl Dovle Helen McCallum. Elizabeth
t orbes. Mabel Knoll. Elinor Robinson,
Otey Andciron and Hazel Hungerford.
Among the guests were: Mmes. William
If -Hof A. N D- Thompson, Jcreph Weir,
H. C. Simmons. Glenn W. Hutchinson,
Jane Hodgman. Charles Koeneke. Thomas
Mlddleton, F. 1. Stoddard, r. C. Bwmg.
A: B ICauffman. E. F. Palmei. H. C.
Wright. Lewis Lacr. Marshall Baker. J.
R. Bcttis. Mlsse9 Mamie STlnTiihl..r v.ith.
crine ana Ldna Slddy, Lee Moulton. Ber
tha Simmons, Hattle Brooks. Mary Bon
ham, Laura De Yong and Hazl Allen.
The history and literature section or the
Mpnoay Club met Wednesdav afternoon,
with Mrs. J. C Jones. Mrs. W. D. Grove
gave thepaper on "Daniel Deronda."
Alfred Lee Booth, an 11-year-old pupil
of Miss Mary E. Allen, will give a piano
in-jiaii a.L ner resiaencc, on s&lurday.
April 1. at o'clock.
The Sewing Circle met Thursday after
noon with Mrs. Louis Brv. Guests were:
Mme?. f. l. Stoddard. H. H. Salisbury.
C. W. Waterhouse, W. H Tustln. Berney
Harris, M. W. Warren, R. A. Allen and
J. R. Bettls
Mrs. C. W. Clavton entertained at din
ner Thursday. Doctar and Mrs. I). M.
Skllllrig. Mr. and Mrs. C- W. Ferguson.
Miss tlla. Ferguson and Mr. Leonard
Mis. Luclada Miles will return from
Eldorado. Ark., this week. She will be
with Mrs Charles Connon until June,
when Ehe will make hr home with her
granddaughter. Mis? Edith Crabtree, who
Ls to marry Harry HarspooL
The Preshytvrlan Church held its an
nual banquet Wednesday night, which
was followed by the annual business meet
ing and election of officers.
Mrs. M. W. Warren returned Monday
from a visit to her mother. Mrs. N. A.
Edeon. at Orlando. Fla.
Mrs. c L. Armstrong and daughter.
Lu.rll. :ite home from a visit to Mr
Arnrrtrong's parents, the Herefords of
Sepulpi. I. T.
Mrs. John Pereival and her sister. Miss
Rogers, have returned from a winter at'
Gray Summit, and are in the old home
stead again. -
The H. S. Giers expect to rent their
house and spend the summer in Alton.
Miss Eilzibeth Shepardson has returned
frcm a visit to her aunt, Mrs. Kent, in
Tho Saturday Evening Euchre Club met
with the Misses Ruth and Alice Early last
Thj E. II. Holtcns have taken rooms
with the Iees of Moody avenue.
't. J. Goe of St. Louis has taken R. A.
Allen's house until September. The Aliens
will simmer with the Misses Mary and
Osro'n Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Thompson have re
turned from two weeks at Eureka Springs.
Mrs. Bellls gave an afternoon Thursday
for Mrs. G. M. Bellls, her husband's
mother. The guests were: Mmes. E. N.
Sutherland. H. A. Wilson, M. J. Cham
lrs. T. A. Wrlghtman, D. C. Daniels.
R. F. C. Dunhaupt, T. Langenback. R.
Smirt, James Hurley, J. A. Kentnor,
Mary E. Seott. O. M. Withers. J. Thomp
son. H. E. Scott. It. H. Myers. C. H.
Myers, M. E. Landvogt. Mines Belle Wil
son and Olive Scott and Master George
Mrs. Caleb A. Post of Jcrseyvllle enter
tained on Tuesday evening of last week In
honor of Mfs Bessie Spruigate of Morrls
vllle. III.
Mrs John Rue of Delhi, III., was a re
cent visitor In Jerseyvlle.
Mrs. Frank Greene of Kane. III., -was the
guest of Jerseyville friends last week.
Miss Ella Kelly of Plata, III., was a re
cent visitor in Jerseyville.
.Mrs. A. H. Cochran of Jerseyville was a
visitor In St. Louis last week.
Mrs. Gus Christy of Jerseyville has re
turned from Alton.
Mrs.'L. N. Johnson of Jerseyville is en
tertaining Mrs. J. Pruitt ot Medora, 111.
Mrs. Bears of Jerseyville has gone to
Miss Maggie Cuddahee of St. Louis was
the guest of Jerseyville relatives last
Miss WW Hamilton has returned to
Evarston. 111. after visiting- with Mrs.
A. A. Shobe in Jereeyvllte.
Mrs. Louis Racappee of Jerseyville- wax
a visitor in St. Louts last w-tck.
Mrs Fred Chappell of Newbtrn. 111.
was a recent visitor In Jerseyville.
Mrs. John Hamilton be returned to
Carrollton, I1L, after visiting Jerseyville
relatives., T t
Mrs. C. E. TCrner pf Jerseyville. en
tertained at flinch on Frltlay evening of
Mrs. William G. Burnett of Jrjeyilla
has returned from Greenfield, 111
Miss Lucy Hayes of Jerseyville was a
visitor in St. Louis last weelc.
ilia Annie Keehner of Jerseyville is a
visitor in St. Louis.
Mrs. Charles Kirtner of Ottervllle, III.
was a -visitor in Jerseyville last week.
Miss Lorlse Weaterhnld nf .Tr. vm
fwas a visitor In Alton last week.
jirs. j. u. Jiarston or Jerseyville en
tertained Miss Addle Terry of Ottervllle
III. last week.
Miss Sarah Powell of Jerseyville has re
turned from Delhi. III.
Miss Ella Randolph has returned to
Challacombe, 111 , after visiting Jersey
ville relatives.
Miss Dora ROady of Bowman, III., was
a. recent visitor in Jerseyville.
Mrs. J. Pike of Jerseyville was the guest
of St. Iouls friends last week
Mies Jessie McMahon of St. Louis is a
visitor in Jerseyville.
Mrs. Callaway Nash of Jerseyville la the
guest of Alton friends. (
The Misses Louise and Martha Bcott of
Jerseyville entertained Miss Mildred Cur
dle or Alton last week. '
Mrs. John CosteUo of Kane, III., was a
recent visitor in Jerseyville.
Mrs. Williams of Bowman. Ill . u eh
; guest of Jerseyville friends on Tuesday.
Miss Norman Berry has -returned to St.
Louis after visiting Jerseyville relatives.
Mrs. P. W. Giers of- Jerseyville was a
visitor in St. Louis last week.
Miss Mary Fagle of St. Louis was the
guest of Jerseyville friends last week.
ilrs, William Johns of Jerseyville Is en-
';;?-.,-s ' -nSj, '?',.
.H .',
' .ivnt-"';S -Ci".''
tfV'5 --v t-if si-ysM
&t3u;'z :: Ofc :X:Mf I : -
Here's a $11 W v ilue fo- J T.
This elegant Iron Bed. just like
cut, 64 inches hlh. -n'lii hra-
knols and rolls head and foot.
swelled foot. In white or preen
en imcl, with woven wire -pnns pond
cotton-top mattress and Z feather pillo.vs
-mQ '' ' ' -- ' ' ' n ii m n. a. ii . i s ie I
....... m . . I . i . -- ! ' '' '" ' '' ' " ' " " ' ' "
British Display in Varied Industries Building Is
Regarded as Typical of Nation in Many
RespectsSeveral Countries Could
Use More Space if It
"Were Available
Our British cousins vill he found during
the World's Fuir in the Varied Industries
building-, where the main exhibit of the
British is located.
There isn't an question in jour mind as
to what nitionality ha.s that corner of the
vast building. You hear jour own lan
guage there, which Is sotnethinjr rather
out of the ordinary where there Is a ba
bel of tongues and where you are sur
prised, in spite of jourself, when you are
spoken to In your own tongue.
Aside from this matter of language, sou
see big athletic men around that corner,
Jflth masses of whi?kers on several and
with ruddy cheeks for everj mother's son
Of them. Opposite, the busy Japs are rush
ing their exhibit and all around is a cos
mopolitan crowd, so that jou are Jojful
when you run Into the English section,
even If they weren't jour cousins several
hundred years removed.
However, it'Is neither langinge or gen
eral contour, as it were, of she man that
would convince ou tha't It wa the IJrltl-h
section. The architecture U diatlnctly
Engllsh. It is an English coat of arc-a.
you see everywhere, an English parapet,
an English balcony, and English pavilion
everything typically English. You
couldn't make a mistake on tne national
ity If vou wanted to. English "slicks out
clear and distinct In that particular cor
ner of tho huge building.
The facade of the pavilion or rither a
series .of pavilions, for such It really u
Is elaborate after the English stvle of
architecture, and jou will lie surprised
when jou ore told that some of the work
was drawn by Parisians. The Itritlh
5?J!? 'j.y81 "pace. i.nd most of the ex
hibit wilhbei in big blass case?, for in the
lace department alone there ai priceless
bits of laee. from the South Kensington
The facade of the English pavilion, in
""wreet interpretation or the werd, is
difficult to find. That means the "chief
face, and in reality the whole structure
main entrance that perhaps will not be
called as artistic as. some other porticr3
of. the bavlHcm However, this facade or
main race; shows a" two-story structure
tertainlne her daughters. Mmes. John and
Charles Hhndds--of gtutcart. Ark.
Mies Mamie Lurton bf Xcwbern, ill. was
a visitor In JereseyvIIle last week.
Mrs. K; E. Clark' has returned lo st
Louis, after visiting with Miss Harriet
Tnfm In Jprsewlll
-viirs irene tsnooe or Jerseyville was a
visitor In St. Louis last week.
Miss Carrle'Brown of. Jerseyville has re
turned from St. Louis.
Mrs. Hume has returned to Rolla. Ho .
after, visiting with Mrs. E. A. R. Mjers
In JreyViire. J
Mrs. Dwlght 8. Dalby of Jerseyville en
tertained at pit oft Monday-evening.
Mrs, Burnett has .returned to Kane. I1L
after visiting Jerseyville friends.
ISvjV cZ. -
ifcj -all ovh'lf:tk ijr R
P&m$3 g
cf staff work, and through it one cnlers
a replica of the Oplnr. (he jacht ov.-ned
and occt-pied by King Edward who'i ho
was I'rince of Wales, ami in which ho
made his irip around the wond.
In front there Is a large, square stained
glass window, and on either side there
are two plain columns. The face is In
panels and i surmountpd 1-y ,v ropina.
with vorv little frieze. On the corner of
this main face, or facade, there is an
other Iftree stnlmnl-glass window. hnped
like a crescent. The double doors arc of
heavy pine, stained to rn.ihoz.iny. To
the left of the main entrance there are
twro'w'indows of ground ql-iss. some 3 feet
In height, and on either side mid sup
porting the coping and the roof that cov
ers a large section of the yacht are plain
Doric columns.
This exterior seems n bit plain at :i cas
ual glance, and it Is orly in a ftcJy that
ono realizes tho effectiveness of this se
vere plan of English architecture. Then
one Is impressea with the very simplicity
of it.
To one side nin by what Is termed the
"Four Court," but It differs vcrv mate
rially from that fiunoJs pile In Clark
nvenue. This will be a garden, with real
flower-? and with numerous chairs raid
settees. Around this part of the "Riltish
rnsscstions " will b ii wnll in staff work.
It wilt be a correct icprodttctlon of the
low stone walls tint nr built around the
grounds of a tjplcal English home. When
the Four Court Is finished you can readi
ly Imagine that ou are standing by nn
English garden, and ou'll probably look
for a hedge row, but ou will not sec
On the left of the Four Court Is a row
of plain columns supporting a balcony
that vvjll run half around the pavilions.
Thii is in staff work nnd mny properly
be -eraliod n part of the facade, for It
farms the fnende of tint part of the pa
vilions. From there visitors mrtv look up
on the roofs of the pavilions typical
English roofs, too. stained and peaked
and flnt. This is another unlaue feature
ot mo rsriusii snowing at the Fair.
Th pavilion in which the English will
Vhow- their lsces rrom the South Ken
sington Masetml Is separated from the
series by v promenade, and is a pavilion
In itself, with a. facado remarkably plain.
It is of stuff nnd is in ranellng, tile pan
els -being separated by -Doric columns,
with a small friere around the, top and
bottom oi each.
lj;anls -alii hA nn oil rwtntW W., ,,i
m -the center or each of these large
the crocress of laccmakins ami tvnlr.il
scenes; ot the present and past workers
in the art. There are Tour Hrge entrances,
two on the north and two on this routh
side, and over each, in stair work. l. the
coat of arms of England, the two lions
on a shield and surmounted by a crown.
'In this Davlllon the portico of shell
shape has ben omitted, but It-is apparent
over the doors at the mainrehtrancel and
nt several other doors. This Is another
specialty of the English in building their
-.-V V'r-
I -- ""
IV x ... -. -. , es 1 in 1 1 11 1 iii esssssssttT "-
. .sssssras IsbbssbSbsbW-. ' fcv v Cj- ' ' KtS7sP4sssBBsKaBisM3
d'&- l;'-1 ELLS J HifS S33 1 ilfiN Rfc3132Kffiw '
f 1fopix Si MEm lam fSH lilsKHi 1 1
:;m .
It'll Hliupl? til! pnr n our
usunl eniili iirlrm tnkc circit
if mi sn ilesirr.
l:5( dilTercnt fnim nllie-r plnnn
liee-.mse It's so Mtrnttitfnr'
rtnril nntl Himpte.
homos, hut It is something one rarely sees
In the United Slates. Theoe simply cover
the doorway; vou can stand light in the
doorway, and If Il's.raining 5 on don't get
any water on vour head and the ult.r
part of the body llowevrr. It Is udJed
for ornamental etTect only.
The Enciish will have, within their spnee
these pavilions, each witli distinctive fea
tures for there will be a dining-room, a
drawing-room, lithroom and bed chamber
all rernesenting nn English centle'iian's
l'ovse. and e-ich i d'stinct in itself. How
ever, all will he connected.
The principal cxhilit of the Government
here will tv in large glass cases and in
the open, that is. there will not be 11 -pavilion
in which the ehibit is placed. In
stPud of 11 pivlllon the tacs will ret ill
lows ard the soatc will be Inclosed with n
parapet. This is about thrre feet ill heltht
and is built of staff. It is tho stone
coping and the stone base, with fmill pil
lars supporting the coplnc. This is in imi
tation of the parapet that surrounds an
English ganlen.
In the construction of these facades and
ravflions the English have sought to con
vey. In brief, an idea of English country
life. They have not built a city house.
but have gone in for cocntry homes-,
which, as jou may Know, is the real 1'fe
of the Englih gentleman. His town house
Un't his "home" but It Is where he
"stops." For this reason there are sevinl
minor features that prove Interesting to
those who want an idea of-how the En
glish live.
The pavilions have not jet been fin
ished, but It Is said tint two weeks will
see every bit of the work completed. The
exhibit is in boxes and work. of unpack
ing has begun. Seme of the exhibits are
In their glass cases. Just across the prom
cmde from the British exhibit is the dis
play of u chair manufacturer In London,
He has .1 large pavilion, with doric col
Lmnr, suppportlng a slight ping.
Mixed in with the English allotment of
space are several firms that will shows'
wi-. siitciiiuez.
The Germans occupy one entire end of
tno arleel Itdu-ies building and a large
force of men !sngaecd in hurrjing the
pavilions to completion. Here will be a
cathedral pavilion. The Interior will be
an exact reproduction of a cathedral and
will be one of tho most striking pavilions
of the World's Fair. The work is almost
nnUhcd. There are a half dozen others,
and two more weeks will see all finished.
Already the Germans have begun get
ting their exhibits In place.
The German Government building Is fin
ished externally, bur there Is much work
lo be tJone In the Interior. However, there
is a larRe force of men employed nnd It
ia claimed that the worlo will jje com
rleted within ten davs. It will nni re
quire more than ten davs to get. the ex
hibits fairly In place, although It will take
longer to have evervthljwf-in ship-shape.
The French Government's building is
also completed and In another week the
interior will be finished and exhibits will
be put in
In the -Manufacturers building, where
the French have a vast space, work Is
going on night ami day on a dozen pa
vlllonp None of these has yet been fin
ished, but It Is i-ald that all will bv by
April 15. and that by the ocenlne of the
Fair, April 3rt. the Trench manufacturers
will have their exhibits in place-. France,
not having sufficient room In the big build
ing devoted to the manufacturers. Is erect
ing a pavilion In the court, which will
occupy practically all of the court.
France and Germany 'claim that they
. ' iov? i.rf-'M-
s3- - j :r .
.&sv x -2 n lur rfna. Hfr jsLS.M..t3AiMiiris-. u.fct iimwm iiBViruK.4i4ni . ski
IfVS' n ' m !.ifCa te!tfn!M 9QtRc'kUZ?zi ,w B&SaMlHfoVvftliiiL!p.i a
BICCSSEI; RJ'G rotmi sue X S.!ir.
VELVirr KI'G room sizc . i!i.n
AXMINriTEIt Rt'U. loom size ..in
Rug dispLij shows ,in eictcillngly
vanttv of r. pttterns.
1001, 003 and !C05
Frank.in Avenue.
could use more room if they could secure
it and, Gcrmanv- too, is taking up one
of the courts of the Varied Industries
building with a pivlllon.
Did .o Appeal to Hint.
Ilgment: "I saw jou at the art exhibi-
I ayp0& 1 1
4i9-42i-423'as-N. Broadway.
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to encourage early shopping: and to some extent iclieve the
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oleuris i:t Hie most rcUMonalile
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lou last evening. I suppose ou are very
fond of paintings;"
Gambope Oh. dear. no. I hate them.
I'm an art critic, jou know." Boston
in AH its Branches.
PlCTl'ltE framinp is an art
our tlepartmeyt clearly ox
tiMs In. It i3 In charge of
cieu vv ho have mastered the de
tails. We have an immense? stock of
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j mm
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r"-"T --.' -..' ." rui,:': r-zr bwbvi
bbB I

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