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No. 101. meets every Monday at north
west corner -Twenty-tweond atrvet and Franklin
avenue, ii embers expected and visitors invited
to be prT.t. J. K. B12ATTY, Chief.
C. W. Tacke, Scribe. No.
" 16os Arlington avenue.
and Ladles of security, meets exery
Monday at 8 p. m. Open mwtlnp sH;ond Mon
day in each month. Phoenix Hall, Jeff en on
nd Cass avenues. visiting knlgbls and ladlej
assured a cordial reception.
Ev 3. TARLING. President.
Mrs. Gurne Hart. Financial Secretary. isjA
Laflln ttreet.
"" .
Holland RulMlni- A
Arcanum. 209-311
cordial welcome to visitors, friends, brethren
and tn.mb.rs from abroad.
Jno. C Kllllngsworth. Grand Secretary.
February 20, 1?M.
Br direction of tha Secretary of war. and on
behalf of the Government of the Philippine Is-"
lands, the Burvau of Insular Affair of Uie War
IVpartment Invites bids fcr J5.0W.IXX of the
teroporar certificates of indebtedness of the
Government of the ilUHpplne Islands. Thee
certificates are Uaued under authority conferred
by section 6 "f tha act of ConRress. entitled
"An act to eiitaMtsh a standard of value and
tn provide for a coinage sj-steni In tho I'hilip.
pine Inlands," and under the prmKn thereof
authoriiloa: the aale of temporary certificates of
indebtedness to the extent of a Mini not excd
lng JS.Pwl.WO at any one time, to be used as a
continuing credit tor the purchase of sllter bul
lion for Philippine coinage.
The first S3.O-i0.009 Istuo of Philippine tem
porary certificates oX Indebtedness to provide
finds for the purchase of bullion roatur- May
I, I90i. on which date they will be retired, and
this announced Issue will continue tho credit
a born authorized.
The c-rtUlcn.es will be Untied In
coupon form In the denomination of
9LOOO. Thry will bo dnted May 1.
10O4, bearing- Interest nt tbe rate of
4 per cent per annum, pujable quar
terly, and will be redeeninble in one
year after date of issue In Kold eoln
of th United State at tbe office of
tbe Guaranty" Trnat Com puny of Xew
York, in tt York City.
The Secretary of tbe Treaavory au
thorises the statement Hint these
certificates of indebtedness will be
( onee accepted at par by the
Treaanry Department as security for
deposit of the public money of the
United States In national banks In
substitution for Stnte, uitmlelpul or
Philippine bonds and certificates of
Indebtedness now held to secure
'such deposits! and In snluititution
for United States bonds now held as
security for deposits, on condition
that the Government bonds thu re
leased be used as security for addi
tional circulation whenever In the
Judgment of the Secretary of the
Treeurury it Is desirable to stimulate
stti Increase In national bank circu
Subscriptions will be payable upon notification
ef acceptance by this office at the office of the
as 'depository for insular funde. in checks or
bank drafts made payable In laid city, and de
livery of certificates will b made by said Trust
Tbe Secretary of War resorvea the right to
reject any or. all bids.
Each btff must be -accompanied by certified
check of I Der cent of the face value of th
certificates bid for a a guarantee. ?uch check
t be returned after the nniktnr of the award.
Responsible subscribers offerinjc tbe highest
and most advantageous premium will be those
accented up to the amount of S3.000.0O0 as ot
tered. t So special blanks are required on which to
Mhrait bids.' but the envelopes containing them
sbould be'clearly marked. I1IDS FOR S1TR
rDXESS and addmwd to "THE HUTlKAt;
The openlne of th bids will besrln at 2:30
p. m. on April IS, 1804, -and none will be ac
cepted after that t!m. .
Colonel. U. S. Army, Chief of'Bureau.
BANK offers
all the facul
ties of a well
e Quipped'
banh. 3 per
cent, interest
paid on time
Deposits. wfi
207 N. Broadway
Early News Is Bullish', but Lack
of Speculative Support De
presses the Market
Grain-values were on the downturn at
the close of Saturday's short session. Pro
fessional operators were willing enough to
Inaugurate a bull campaign. If some one'
else would supply tho sinews of war, but
outsiders scented manipulation. The open
ing was fairly strong; on higher cables
and reports that seeding- In the nortltwest
was being delayed by unfavorable' weath
er. In the last hour there was brisk. liqui
dation by disappointed longs.
Corn, though somewhat stronger than
wheat, was on the downturn, despite light
reoeipta and unfavorable weather. .Many
traders believe, that conditions are shaping
themselves, for a slump in wheat and a.
bull movement in corn.
Curb Grain Markets.
St.' Louis Jalr wheat S2Uc: puts
calls XH4082VC to S2KC
Sl'ic. and
IHlwaukee July wfceat told) Puts
STc, and
calls StttOc- Joiy wheat (new) Puta ne
SSTtft and calls llc. July torn Puts MHc.
ana csila Slc. May corn Puts 52ic. and calls
MJtc asked.
Minneapolis May wheat S5Hc bid: puts 84c
Wd. and calls 96c Wd. July wheat S44a344c
asked; cuts MHc. and calls ,a asked.
Stacks of Grain in Stare.
18. OK
Saturday. Friday
...i.m.m 2.970.416
ii.9C9 St9,32(
Corn ..,
gats ,
Barlfy ,
No. 1 rsd wheat ...
No. 2 bard wheat
No. 2 mixed corn..
No: t white com '..
Ho. 1 yellow com.,
... 1W.2IS
. s,:i
... 2.131
... 396.735
... 2U5.SU
... 2U.815
... 4S.8K
... U.733
203. 52
m x truxoa oats
KO. 1.
Casta Grain, Floor, Etc.
WHEAT-By sample; No. 1 red sold'at JLOWi
oaLms and tl.07 destination, but Westeniat
L: No. red at ti.0ijji.03 dL-; local and
"uX..,0o.to 96c- .No ra, hard winter heard
Sfi. ?at tta?8 weo:c: M 3 at 5eSc:
.CORN By sample: Xc. 2 at 49c local and
destination: No. at 48HC49c destination and
a; local: No. 2 yellow at 4Jc local: No, 3
nllow.at . 4n destination: No. 2 white at 49
Se. and old7sio local, tiueawe destination;
Not-wa'te attfc locaU No. 4 white at 444v
. OATS By samole: Ko: "2 at 4S043Hc: No 2
f. lllHrr- No. -4 nominally 37S9b: No; 1
white at e46Hr; No. 3 white at 43c for poor
to 4444he for fair, and choice worth 5i4c:. No.
4jrhTt. .atSJc for. barty-mlxed to 4Jc for
Condtnsod Official Itiftmtnt
Undsr call ot Socrotory of Slit, at
faD' J .SOJ,853.6S
Bonds and Stocks . S.5W.660.C8
Heal Estate 511,017.74
Overdrafts v 69,5.39
Safety Deposit Vaults
Cash and Exchange 4,rs.OS.(55
All Other Itesources 11.113.31
JULIUS S. WALSH, President.
IirtECKINHIIHu: JOKES. Vice President.
RTK Nominal at 6S0 for No. 2 and ca&Jc for
No. 3.
FLAXSSED Nominally H.W.
FU)UR Red 11 inter: Palent 14.83:: etralght
JI.TiJtM.): extra fancy $4.5j1.65; clear at 53.IO
Ci4.10 (foregolnc in wood); low to nifdtum
grades nt J2.T5ifS.JS In lute, Hard Hour in Jut
jks.: Patent .i0fM.r., atralsht $3.6itflvf.:
clar tZATiilZAO'. extreme low prades at $2.C5
(HC.7S: pprinc patent U-WSl.GZ bulk; foregoing
prtc tor Mm in woM fiom rtrt hands, trk.
or depot, thi? aide. OrdrM higher.
RYE rLom Pure. Jobbing wav, at J3.W in
Jute sks. and J4.I0 In wood; mixed and inferior
CORNMEAU KTC. F. o. b.: City meal at
52. JO; STlts, hominy and p-arl meal 12. ft).
I1KAN J3asl Iwt Ht. Xui?: Hran in 100s
salable at TCc for hard and TSc for eoft winter:
mtxd feed nt 7?c for hard and 23S3c for soft
winter; mids at 85SJc. Cholco country eoft
winter bran in 10y. del. E. trk.. fold at Sic.
At mill bran Jobs at S5c and ships at SI.
HAY Market basis E. trie.: Timothy Choice
S13.20&14; No. 1 511. 5013; No. 2 SWail; No. 3
JTii?. Cio-er J10.Wll for light nnd jn9 V for
heavy mixed. Fralrifv No. 1 or chnicn S3.5010;
No JJi'(?S.M; No. 3 or low $9K.
STRAW On trk.: Wheat and oats J586.S0;
Butter Creamery Extra 2Zta
flrrt 22'ff2Cc;
tecondft 20c. L.tdl-packed Extra ISc. flrrt J5c.
Ualry-packed hancy I9ri,'c; poor to fair l..c.
;ountry mil tTho'.ce 13c; packed and ordlnarj"
ll'c; gtaae stock 4f?Gc.
lffgs Receipts 2,93 pkge. local and 5.T38
pkgs. through; shipped .,400 pkga.; market
lie case count, cae- returned; l&c cases In
cluded. Goose egg. 30c. Duck ergs ISc per dox.
CI ecse Northern on orders: Twins at He:
sbncles ilic. datsJes HHc; Young Americas
ll-c; long horns HVjo: New York twins HHc:
limburper HS?12c: poor T&c: Swiss 15c for
choice. No. 2 at ICfffto; brick UlJic.
Tork. f. o. b. New standard mess in Jobblns
way closed nominally at J12.9.
IjQrd dole steam on E. side closed nomi
nally at fi-ST'.ic; kettle-rcnderad TffSc
Grttn Hams. Etc. Car lots held f. o. b. E
fide thus: Hams 10-av. at 9j4c: It at SHc; 14s
and 16s at 34.c. lSi at 94c; 3 at c. Skinned
ham. Us and ISfiSOs and 2221s at Hc: Oall
foinlis ac to 6S5; New York shoulders OC5T
12-av.) at 6c. From the block, del.: Hams
at 9e for run of bouse; bellies at 70 to SUc as
in average; California! at MTSUc; New York
shoulders1 at fl'ic. Bale I car 14-av. hams
on p. t.
D. S. Meats To arrive: Ioae cured c'rlbs
cloyd nominally; 40i4o-av. at 6.75c and C0-av
at 6.70c c. a. f.; locally car loose Si40-av.
extra c'rlbs soM on p. t. Boxed lots In a Job
bing way ranged: extra shorts at 6ic: crlbs
P7iic: short car 7e; bellies 7Mie7c: plates
Uc; fat backs at 5Tc: standard backs at 7c;
orders charged higher.
Uacon Boxed S. C. meats In a jobbing way
ranged; Breakfast bacon at from 9Vac for
heavv to 13c for choice licht hams at 104 to
lie; caiirimias ai iuycz n. 1. snouiaers at
"Kc Plain smoked boxod lota In a lobbing way
ranged: Extra shorts at 7Hc: c'rlbs at 7ic;
short dear at 7tC; bellies at 7T4 to $c; plates
at CUc; fat backs at 6?c; standard backs at
7ic Locally. 1 car loose, 45S-av.. c'rlbs, l
car do.. SC-ajic arke.!; extras and car do. 2
23-av. belliear old on p. t. Dealers charged
higher on orders.
Oleo-Stearlne Nominal at JUifflic.
Tallow Market quiet. Receipts not so desir
able. Country No. 1 at 4 fie for average to 5c
for prime winter: No. 2 at 4c; packers prime
Country Iard Quote prime at 5tfcI?IJo.
Grease Quote small irregular lots country:
brown Sc; yellow 3V23H;o: white 4lfc to 4c
latter for choice. Quote packers' stock nom
inallyBrown Sio; yellow -TiSlic; white 5
IWf On orders: IJbld. Plate S7.M; roll and
Pulton Market S0.50; mesa S9- Dried, per lb.
Pets lO'-sc; lnsides 14c; knuckl ISc: outside 9c
Tongues J2J4 to l4Hc per lb.
IJve Pouftrv Turkeys Average receipts 12c.
Chicken Kens lie: jouna; chickens 14glic;
old roosters Jo. Ducks 12Hc Ge 9&tc Ca
jons (SfflO lbs.), 17c; capons, litht. 12S15c:
guinea chickens, per doz.. S3. Live pigeons and
tquabb, pt-r dcr., 5c.
Dressed Iced Poultry Turkejs; Choice of
light medium at 14c; choice Jieavy at ISc.
Fruits and Vegetables.
The Republic quotations are for lots in first
hzr.ds. unless otherwise specified. Email lots
on order, ar. charged higher.
STRAWBERRIES Louisiana 24-pInt cases
sold at Jl.aiei.S) mainly, up to 21.&): soma
damaged as low as Jl; the 6-gaL cases main-,
lr at S3.2J:.S0, one lot of IS cases trolns:
at 12.41: extra fancy lots a little hlsher. and
damaged at 13: Mlealselppl 2-sal cases, mostly
sandy and poor, at S.ia31.3 with choice at
3I.&O421.60: Alabama stock also rreen and In
ferior, coins at 222.2i ner saC cass; a few
lots of Texas In. and ranged from 114J2 per
6-sal. case.
APPL.ES Quot por bbl.: Eastern baldwln Jl.SS
C1.50 for poor to :fi2.15 for No. 2. and 2.25
2.75 for fancy: Western Bsn Davis, wineeaps,
willowtwur.' Roman Beauty, etc., t2.23JI2.60;
genetlnr Jl.7Sat.25.
ORASQES-Florlda brlthts or rnssets S4IJ4.M
per box del. from store; at auction California
ravels from tl.S03 per box. and sUndards
Jl.10fi2.J5. accordlnr to quality and conaltl'm;
blood oranges 1140; en trk. navels sold from J2a
2.10 for choice.
. PINQAPPUE3-Cuban, t30S.to per craU, or
bbl. lots at 1.60e2 per doz.
GRAPE FRUIT Florida at I7.UXJS per box;
California at auction 2.JSJ2.73.
L.EMOXS Messina from stor. at tlBoai: at
aucUon. CStllfornla ll.70O2.C5 per box. accord
inir to condition.
LIMES-Per 100. tl.5082.
BANAVAR OitAtaHI. .. 1v in v.v .
orders. "' - - ""
?l2?4N'DT9dPer--.1'000 a &lt- : JobWnsr
way 13.-0 rer 100.
rS?&''i3g?ZPa irfct in- CKt ' Wisconsin
rural JI.C8&1.12 and iiichlian Jl.lOS'l.lSJ. with
L0391.03: Colorado rural. SLlt.
Nil W POTATOE25-New rtrleans bu. bxs; or
Mj, Florida hampers J2B2.25.
?4I9:!S-cholce "und red Klobe'skd. at ttW
tpl. o del.
CABBAGE New stock firm and tn demand:
Florida crates at J1.H3 66
CUCUMBERR-Eastern hothouse fancy large
JI.75S2: New Orleans COcSJl per dox. and 149
4.50 per crate cf 4HB5 dox.
TOMATOES Florida a at 11.10f21 40 tnr rtinlM
to $2g2.2S for fancy; Cuban 6s at McStl for No.
2 to 11.50S2 for fancy.
BEET8 Home-rrown 7JSS50 ner bu.. loose;
Iew Orleans 403t0c dox.: Texas tEc for small
bunches to 40c for large.
L.ETTUCE-Home-jTown 5075c per bu.; New
Orleans head lettuce 15.S0B6 for suirar btls for
pound, and poor at J4.S0WS: Louisiana bu. box
75p0c for choice.
CARROTS Home-arown tl1.2 per bu. box;
New Orleans at 40c per doi.: Texas at 30340c
pr doz.
TURNIPS Hom.-rrown. per bu.: Globe at 70
685c: flat S5S40c: New Orleans Ig33c per dox.
PARSNIPS-Home-arown at BJSKOc per bunch
and 12572.2S per bbL
CELERT California. rr crate: Golden heart
JJ.5033.69. New Orleans 20030c per doz.; Florida
J1.5Q per crate.
STRING BE NS Florida nmnd rreen. cholo.
at 2.75X per bu.: fiat wax at tL7$92.
SQUASH New Cuban or Florida 1101.50 per
lU-bo, crate.
SWBTET POTATOES Bermuda 535c: Queen
6a70c: yellow Nansemond 7Sg80c and red Nan
semond 85eo0c
SPINACH New Orleans S!J4oc per dci.
bunches: home-arown 60ff70c per du. box.
SAUERKRAUT Wisconsin, per 40-gal. cask.
HORSERADISH Choice 17.50 per bbL on or
ders. GREEN PEAS Mississippi ch. 12.60 per bu.
LEEKS New Orleans 25c per dos. bunches.
khubakjb Illinois, ou. dox. at jl.
RUTABAGAS-In bulk'30e bu. del.
PARSLEY New Orleans 65c per doi.
RADISHES Alabama and Mississippi from
2530c for small to 40c for large bunches and
bu. boxes from S065c. according to condition:
Texas at 15920c per dox; New Orleans, ch.. 25.
40c per dor.
SHALLOTS New Orleans MlKBc per dox.
ENDIVES Nw Orleans 12B2.E0 per bbL
KSCAROL Slow Ht 11.50 per bbl.
MUSTARD GREENS Louisiana and New
Orleans 25r25e p.r dox.
KOHLRABI New Orleans 40c per dot. for
lar and 20c for small bunches.
nsppERS mow; nonaa 6s ii.5ogi.73 for
GUMBO Cholo. Cuban 12 ner 6-basket crate.
EGGPI.ANT Florida at 11.50 per crats for
small to 12.50 for lars.
KALE Home-srrown 40floc per bu. looss.
Mo. and III.
Med. cumb. &
M4. (fleeces) .20
Med. Ooose) .18
Burrr 16
Hard bum- ..11
cloth, mxd. .21HB:
uiotmng ;7ii
ijott oc orata .is
Burry & clear.1714
North, and TOeri
Kngni mad. ..l
Dark m.4. ...
Light fins ....14
Heavy buck ..14
curry ....... ,,t
Hard burry ..13
Light fine 16
Heavy fine ..14
umb IS
Burry '""""IS 8il
Angora Goat Hair
Long 24 625
Short 22 523
Low and burry less.
Tex.. I. T. Ok.
lied.. 12 mo. .18 620
Med.. 6S8 mo.1T 61814
Ccaise & IOW..14 615
Ught fine ....14 C164
Heavy ssndy .10 61
Ark. & Southern
Quote dry flint: Texas butcher (lit lbs. and
over) at i6ic: fallen at 15tc: all Texas light
(under IE lbs.) at ltve: native and Arkansas at
ISHo (latter on selection). 16e for No. 1 and 14c
for No. 2. Glue at c Dry-salted at lie. Green
salted Round at 7c: good Missouri and Illi
nois at THc; green-salted on selection at 814a for
No. 1 and THc for No. 2: bulla or dead green lc
less. Glue 4c. Horse hides Green tto. 1 'at
12.75: No. 2 at 11.75: colts, ponies and blues at
11: all dry at 75c.
Raccoon lis1 to 55c: mink Ste to SLID: opossum
25c to 25c: skunk He to 45c: mnskrst 100 to 12c;
gray fox 35c to 50c: red fox ft to 11.50: otter 11.50
tojJlO: wolf prairie too to 70c: timber 8)0 to
tl.50: beaver. tl to 16: wild cat 10c to too: house
cat 10c: badger Sc tn 25c: bear tl to 112. Prim,
winter goods would bring -more.
Miscellaneous Markets.
GRASS SEEDS Quote current receipts of
country, lots, ner 100 lbs.: Timothy atJ2J) to
12.75: redtopat 81 to a.W.-Hungarlan afL23
ot Ihtflmnolal Condition of th
tht clou at batlntw Maroh 28, 1904.
Undivided Profits
Deposits ,...
All Other Liabilities.,
.. 3,f0O.000.vO
.. 1.821.75S.S9
.. 14,7S3.7S&G4
.. 177,879.80
$23 296 421.83
JOHN D. DAVIS, Vice President)
JAMES E. BROCK. Secretary.
to tl.50; mlllot
chars-.d hlrhfr.
at 90 to SI. 25.
Ordeis arc
WHITE! IIEANS On E. trk.. in car lots:
Choice haud-plekeil pea offered at Jl.95Sl.3i;
rir bu.. machln--plcki-.l at tl.tltfl.t7 and prime
at 1.7iMfl.75. Frcm store: White beans at $1.9'
to 12.05 for choice hantl-ptckctl pea; po3rer
grades less: Lima at 4si4'lc per lb.: lentils at
4Wc; California pink nt J',c: blarkeyo at
Jl.0o.iL70: split peas at 12 an.l Scotch at 11.25
per bu.
STOCK PE.VS-Whlpponvill selllnR at 11.30 to
11.25 per lu. Other kinds nominal.
PORGHUM-CANi: KEED-Latfst sales at SIC
per 100 lhs for poor to 11 for Drime.
ONIOX SETS latest sale at 11.30 per bu.
SUNFLOWER SEED Quote S2.50 per 100 lbs.
CASTOR REANf ?t.40 per bu. for prime In
car lots on trk. : J1.25 for smsll quantities.
DRIED FRUITS Apples Sun-dried quarters
at SNH4c: ernrorsted at 4c to 5e: cores and
neellnrs at lllHc: chops at 1 to l'ic
Peaches at 3U to 3c.
FKATIimS-Vrim nhtte lK-e per., in mal!
sks. 58c and in large sks. 56c: prime irrav do.
41c In small and 40c in laraa sks.: old white 40
5144c: X !0Mc: XX S24t:6c: XXX 14016c:
XX XX 5c: tare 10 per cent on email .ks. and
3c on iarxe. Duck White Kc; dark 30c. Tur
ke Tail ?ie: wine 9c: pointers 5c: wlnfr and
tall and pointers Sc: blT drv) 5e.
ROOTP-Per lb.: Glnsenx at S4M to 13: stem
my, weedy, etc.. less: Indr slipper sc: senrca
65c: pink ISc; KOldcn seal 5c: black me: May
apple 5c; snake 35c; white snake worth 2lJc:
angelica 5(iGc: wahoo bark cf root 8c: bark
of tree 2Hc: Mood 6c: blue flair 3c: sassafras
bark of root It: wild Ringer 7c.
SIIKEP TELTS Full-otl relts ScASl;
sheannx 10 to 25c: lambs at SO to 50c: dry.
fallen, etc.- lORllc per lb.
KEESWAX Unchanged at 2Se per lb. for
UNSEED OIL Quotable at 40c per sal. for
raw and 4!c for boiled: lc per gaL less on car
lots. f
POP. CORN loa lbs., on cob. white Rice 11
ei.10: Billed at 75c.
Wrought Iron J43; heavy cant J4-1; malleable
rteel and breakable 40c: stove 35c: light brass
15; heavy bras? 39; copper JO; line 12: lead
J3.60: pewter. S12.. ,, ,
SALT E. side medium at ft; granulated 93c
per bbl,- 5c more per bbl. this side.
EMPTT DAitltKUS Coal oil. turpentine and
gasoline.- J1.05: vinegar 70c; black oil 50c: lln
eeHl, light and varnish 80o: machine EOc: su
gar 15c: whlskv 80c: do. half bbls. 60c: wine
11; sauerkraut 30240c: fickle 40S50C- flour 15c:
molasses 30c: lard tea 45c; SBc olt for each
brclten heed: 2Hc each hoop missing.
RAGa ETC. Per 100 lbs.: Country rags at
TSc. Old rope Ni. 1 manlla st J1.23; No. 2 at
50c. Rubber at 15B6.59.
FEANUTS Farmers stock, per lb.: Red lj
jic; wnue at -sinrc.
CHESTNUTS Italian at
at 12c.
Sc per lb:; Virginia
PECANS Western at 6'.4e: Texas at 5"i;c,
MAPLE SUGAR Quote at Sc to 10c per lb.
IIONEV Comb at 10c to 12c; choice Colorado
at 14c: strained and extracted at 4ff4Hc In
bbls. and 5c In cans.
COOPERAGE Quote on orders for prompt
delivery: Lard tcs, Jl.60 for wood-bound. Jl.??1;
for 6-hoop Iron-tound and 11.4712 for s-hoop do.:
oakrpork bbls. 11.50 for wood and 11.20 for iron
hound: ash pork bbls. 11.30 for wood-bound;
oleo tcs. 11.30 for t-hoop: lxraut. bbls. 11; do.
half bbls. 70c: do kegs 60c: do. caks it.45;
isca-wont ouis. s-noop liovr .c; b-noof ao.
slaclc-stork bbls. 8-hoop flour 42c; 6-hoop do.
hoop do. 43c: ralllrun apple 35c: No. 2 do.
13c; meal Sle; 6-hcop lime '.
zsc, i-noi
l-hoon do. 2Co.
Native Supply Liberal Beef Cattle
Easy Sheep Were Dull.
NATTVB CATTLB-The receipts In the native
division were libsral Tor the last day of the
week. There were close to 850 head receUed,
but as 27 loads were through exports and seme
direct, thre were only -9 loads that were for
tale. Tbe demand was very light and the mar
ket ruled on a very weak basis, and even with
so few on offer could hardly be quoted steady,
with sales looking about 10c lower than the pre
vailing basis Friday.
Following Is a list of quotation, based upon
sales during the week:
Best, native beef steers, strictly fan
cy. L30orL,70t) lbs. js.5oan.7
Choice export steers, 1.300&l,t4D lbs.. &.lQtfS.C0
Good shipping and export steers, 1,800
ifSl.SOO the. A.TSffKlft
ralr to medium shipping steers, 1,800
H.0U IDS 4.36pt.6
Steers, l.JOOSn.290 lbs., rough to best 4.0005.50
Steers, l.ooofcrl.iw "..-. 4.ooj.io
Steers, lees than 1,000 lbs. 4.00S-5.23
Ton aootatlons on lisht-welrht cattle anohr
! to fane- grades
Fancy corn-fed heifers, 700&775 lbs....
Fancy conf-fed heifers. too1.100 lbs.
Good to choice heifers
Medlom to good heifers .............
Fair to medium heifers ........
. (.EOfM.TS
. 4.0034.23
. 4.004.50
. 2.5OM4.00
.... 3.7554.00
.... 3.3383.60
.... 2.1(103.50
. 1.00U2.00
... 2.5032.75
.... 3.25rf3.5o
Best oorn-fed heavy cows
Good fat cows
Medium fat cows.
Fair to good eanners
Common snd shelly cows
Choice corn-fed bulls VH..
Good fat bulls
Heavy-weight, half-fat bulls
Sausage hulls
Good .qualified dehorned bulls for-feed
.... ..Wlir;j.l5
. 2.7503.15
Choice veals. 110lt0 lbs. 6-WtK.O)
Heavy fat veals. 200 lbs. and under.... 3.504.So
Good heretics t.soai.75
Thm heretics :.25u3.o
Heavy killing calves l.oogi.ou
Choice feeder., 1.00091.150 lbs. . 4.00'
aieaiuxn to geoa iceaers, fluoi,wu ids. 3.65
Fair to medium feeders. 7004rtt.i lh . n:
Chotrs-ouallUed atockers. 60j27S0 lhs. s'TT.f
,j.air-quauuea steers. owil&' Ins.
Choice to fancy stcck. heifers
Medium to good stock heifers....
Common stock hetfers
Choice quality steer calves
Choice aualltv heifer calves
Dehorned and unbranded stockers and feeders
always sell a frsctton fetter than others.
Fancy quality large young cows with
good calves 45.005n.OO
Good milkers 35.00S43 on
Medium milkers 5 (mhv oo
Common milkers ,13.00tfM0
Strictly fancy-milkers sell above ISO.
Ay. Pr. No. At. Pr. No. Av.
63... 1095.
.41. a -...J'.r4U.. .14.00 i
410.. .11.50
17... 3S... 3.15
2t. IS.- 4.25
.iato... 8.50
. 930... 3.00
35... 4RT... 3.40 2... 595... 3.00
SOUTHERN CATTLE As nothing was re
ceived In the Southern alleys as a basis on
which to quote the market, the condition of tho
trade Friday furnished the actual close for the
week. Ths supply has been but little different
from the last two weeks, and. with supplies
at th. principal markets showing a decrease a
better tone has applied to the trade The
good steers selling st J1.20 sad above' have
shown an advance of logiijc. while the fea-
jure 01 ui. wo bu Dea in. strength 0f the
light-weight steers of common to medium flesh
tnese selling readily at' 20625c higher than the
current prices one week ujo. Th wanner
weather and ths. scarcity of l.ght-welght steers
have been responalble for tlila.
The bull market has had a very gocd tone on
good to chotce bulls which sold at J3.1063.4O but
the common to fair bulls are a shade lower.
The supply of. this class has been liberal. ie.
.lilting In rfeellne SmrMt. .. 1-
w ... ............ w..j cuvueii runs.
have been available of late to quote a market, !
t.tvuu .ut: huc. lis,.- UIUKCLVI H IUU Steady
lasls. The same applies to calves, of whlcn
ll" im uwU ry iiKni, ana or a com
mon class that were neither veal nor tcef
consequently trading has been Iow and very
unsatisfactory, and. owing to the lightness
of the supply. Irs a question if they are seil
lnrsteady. .
The following quotations represent the con
dition of the market on various class's of
quarantine cattle, based on sales during the
Strictly choice steers
Choice fed steers
Good fed steers
Good fed steers
Medium steers
Common to fair steers
Good to. choice heifers ,
Fair to good heifers
Good to choice cows
Ur to good cows ,..
alr eanners
Cornmon eanners
Fair to good bulls
Common bulls
Good to oholce veal calves.
Good to eholc. heavy ca
1.711 4.25
a KH.A4 t
4.rv5 4.75
3.85S 4.2)
3.40 3.6T.
2.8.T J.40
3.0rf 8.50
2.65 S.00
2.10S J.40
1.75-a 2.1x1
3.0O 3.40
2.60 2.85
per cwt.. 4.0r)r3 5.00
Ives, per
Fair to good b.avy'caiVe"(;.''p;'rheai.'.' s.'oMlli
common caives, per head 8.M down
HOG&-A very smsll supply of hoirs arrived
there being sround LOOO head onal" which In
reality Is not sufflclcent at any time to give thS
market a thorough test. However, so far-as the
market was slle to gft trading wss active and
prices showed a slight Improvement over Fri
day. The offerings were soon cleaned up and
th olcee wss firm. All good fat hogs were In
rood demand, and buyers needed fully three
JJmS.ffi?.numb on aIe. ,0 nl their orders.
Good lights and nigs are also In strong demand,
brut there Is no Inquiry for common snd trashy
Good butcher and heavy hogs .sold at 15.133
f-afklr to good medium weights and packers
15.loes.22H. lights above 150 lbs. average 14.90
5.20. lights under ISO lbs. avsrage j,.2sa5!lo;
pl?.SdeSj0oJbit H850- nd roughs snd culls
st tiee. The bulk of the hogs weighing ISO lbs.
or more sold at 85.103420. against J5.10S5.20
SHEEP The usual Saturday quietness pre
vailed tn the sheep department, the entire re
ceipts being shipped In by local slaughterers, so
ttst there was nothing on sale. The week closes
en a little better basts than a week ago, as
there seems to be a better feeling. and the de
mand Is larger, especially for good stock, sheep
and lambe both are wanted far In excess of
the supply.
So far this week sales lncieuded spring Iamb
at l&ftp. mutton lambs at 15GJ5.75. the hulk of
them at 15.2505.50: native and Southwest mut
ton sheep at J4 2585.50. tho hulk at I4.50115:
stockera sold at 2S3. cull lambs at J284JO and
bucks at J204.25. principally at 13 5n'a.4. Sales
also Included clipped Western yearlings at 13
HORSES There v.as nothing new In the
horse situation Saturday. As usual on the last
day of the ueek. offerings were srnrce and lit
tle business of any kind wss transacted. Trad
ers spent the day In pri'parlns for the busltie-.
of any kind in preparing for the butlnes of
the ensuing week. The closing was firm. In
line with the Improved feeling noted In the
market during the week. Prices hae been
about loflfio higher than the previous week, and
practically regained all of the decline reported
during the two weeks preceding.
Horse quotations:
Heavy draft, rfinnpm to good Jl00f?16o
Heavv drnft. choice to extra lfcfiW
Chunks, fair to good 80ir.
Chunks, choice to extra. 12'vfrl.V)
Farm chunks tofilir.
Southern horses, plain to good 4"fr SO
Southern burkes, choice to extra '35U3t
Houthem lrlcis 123lfi0
Harriers horst-s 15Uii4'JO
MULES The muio market was quiet. There
were practically no offerings on the commission
market an.l. consequently, no lncentie for uc
tlity. if the. demand were no li;oe,!. while
on tho other hand hardly any buyers from
outside mtukets were on hand and the" deal
ers itceive.1 verv few Inquiries. The market
l.as betn favorable this week and sellers hae
had a herd time disposing of consignments.
Tit? tone of the trade lies been weak, and In
most cases commission men have been forced
to accept easier prices In ordtr to make sales.
ino troiemeni also was very dun
14 hands, extreme lange
..1 M.OOS ?5.V)
ii nanus, nunc or. sales ...
113 hands, extreme range .
14i hands, bulk of sales .
15 hands, extreme range .
13 hands, bulk of sales ...
15 lianuf. extreme range
15-. hands, bulk of sales ..
16 hsnds, extreme range
14V hands, hulk of sales
.. To.vm 5.W
.. 70.tj")al20.Ki
.. 75.0'Vi luO.OO
.. S5.00'S 130.1)0
.. 9).oaiio.-o
...113.00 111.1)0
II y Teleurnph.
Kansas Cltj. Mo.. April 3. Cattle Receipts
200; market unehanged; export and dretscd-lieef
steers J4.Oj85.23: fair to good !3.fi(S:4.30; West
ern fed steers 12.6004.6.); stockers and feeders
Jlft4.o5: Southern steers 13.814.25: Southern
cows 12.5.iii3.25: native cons J1S4; native heif
ers J3.30fr.3: hulls J2.OS3.S5: calves J3W6.23.
Hogk Receipts 1.30: market steady: top 15.10;
bulk of sales $l.9nn5.Co; heavv jrrS.lO; pack
ers ll.tJ35f.-..il6: pigs and lights 14. 2S'S5. Shcci
tia lambs 13.255.75; Western lambs 13.;
rvrtr nu n.jne: marKeL nominaiiv sieao
5.90; fed ewes Jl.50fru; yearllnca ll.!KV;i.25:
stockers and feeders 139-1.60. Receipts for the
wnek: Cattle 28. WO; hogs 39.500; sheep 16.S0O.
South St. Joseph, Mo., April 9. Cattle Re
ceipts 123; steady; natives 13&5.35; cows and
helfors ll.50tf4.25; stockers and feeders J2.50
Q4. Hogs Receipts 1.313: market steady to 2i:
higher; light mixed J4.83iy5: medium and heavy
Jljif.U. Sheep Heceipta none; demand
Cnicago, April 9. Cattle Receipts 500: mar
ket nominal: good to prime steers J5.25ri?5.75:
poor to medium J3.75S5; stockers and feeders
J2.75tW.23; cows ISiifl.ZS: heifers J2.25ir.:5; ean
ners J3'd2.W: bulls J2.25&4.10: caKes J2 3025.2i:
Texas fed steers JI5T4.60. Hogs Receipts to-day
6.000. Monday 2s.t0. left over 6.204: market
steady; mlxnl and butchers J4.90S5.22ii.: gixid to
choice heavy t;.MrS.30: rough heavy J4.:(if5.10:
light. 14.7385.10; bulkof rales Jl.93tl3.10. Sheep
Receipts 2.000; market. -syadv: lambs steady:
good to choice wethers J4.75&5 65; fair tocholce
mixed J3.60f24..W: Western shetp J4.35S5.15: na
tive lambs J4.5oQfi.50; Western Iambs 13.5)n6.23.
New Tork. April . Beeves Receipts 39 head;
no trading in' live cattle:-, nominally steady:
dressed beef j'ow at 6',irS'ic; shipments. SS0
cattle, 50 sheep and 4.8u0 quarters of beef.
Calvea Receipts 91 head, nnd all consigned di
rect; no trading; nominally weak: dressed calve
slow; city drersed veals 7310c per lb.: country
dressed lower ot 7tg7Hc. Sheep and lambs Re
ceipts 1.790; market- steady for both sheep and
lambs; ltj car unsold; wooled sheep nominal:
prime clipped do. J4.65: unshorn lambs J5.i5
6.60; no choice offered; clipped lambs J5.50. Hot
Receipts 4 (CO; ncne for sale on live weight;
feeling steady.
New Tork. April 9. Flour Receipts 17,384:
exports 6.7C: dull: winter patents 13.2051-5.50;
winter straights 11.9365.15: Minnesota patents
J5.S0Sfo.45; winter extras ,13.3561; Minnesota
bakers" 14.1034.33; winter' low grades J3.15
4.30. Rye flour dull: fair to good J4.30S4.SO;
cholce to fancy J4.6n64.S0. Commeal steady;
jellow Western Jl.0861.10: eitv J1.101.12: klln
drled J3.10S3.13. Rye weak: No. 2 Western 81c,
to arrive prompt. Barlev dull; feeding 4Sc c.
1. f. New- York: malting 53i63c c. I. f. Buffalo.
Wheat Receipts 75.0rrUr spot steady: No. 2 red
11.06 nominal elevator and. ll.07ftl.10 nominal
f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 Northern Duluth ll.047s
nominal f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 hard Manitoba
nominal f. o. b. afloat. The wheat opening
was steady on cables and further crop and
weather comnlalnts from thA Wet r....
prices weakened, however, .as-outside trade was
dull and the crowd feared a bullish Govern
ment report. The clos. Was U6-Sc net lower.
May r6eJ7c. closed SCTic: July 92 7-166910.
closed 92!ic: Sopt. 84iii3'c closed 84Sc:
Dec. $54S85'ic. closed Sitic. Corn Receipts
73.100; spot steady: No. '2'rfc nominal elevator
and 54c f. o. b. afloat: No, 2 yellow 57c- No.
2 white 5c. Options opened' dull and later de
clined with the Went, closing HtfUc net lower:
May 56H3S7C. closed 46iC:.July closed ttKc.
Oats Receipts 115.500; exports 1L605: spot dull:
No. 2 4Wvc; standard whtt-47Hc: No. 2 whit.
48c: No. 5 white 46c Options dull and nomi
nal. Hay quiet; shipping 7H870c: good to
choice 95687Vic. Hops quiet: State,' common
to choice. 190U. 27S30C: 1S02. 23C27c: old. 9614c;
Pacific Coast. 190S. 24631c: 102. 23627o: olds,
9614c. Hides steady; Galveston, 20 to 25 lbs..
Isc: California, 21 to 25 lbs., 19c; Texas, dry, 24
to SO lbs., I4c. Beef dull: family jlo.Soail.EO;
mess J9.o0ffio: beef hams 120.504113: packet 89 50
rfflO.50; city extra India mess J156I7; cut meats
crulet. Pickled bellies ?hcr. nrVti. .hm.M,
ic; pickled bams i6loc. 'Lard weak: West
em steamed J7.10: renned easy; Continent J7.16
South American J7.75. I"ork dull: family J15;
short clear J14.75616: mess J14.B0ei5.25. Tallow-
weak: city 4.c: countrj- itjfsc. Cotton
seed oil weak; 'prime crude nominal; do yel-loa-
3tHc- Rice quiet; domestic fair to extra
8W34Sc; Japan nominal. Molasses firm: New
Orleans, open kettle, good to choice. 31637c
Kansas City, April 9. Wheat May J3?ic: July
!5y..sP,i 1"4C: vaah No. 2 hard 9?)c: No.
!,""?; N red J1.02; No. .1 9Sc8Jl.0I. Corn
May 46Cc: July 455,0: cash Na 2 mixed ffi!4Sf
iJjSjshc, Oats-No. 2 white 41Hff42c: No. 2
mixed 41tC Hay steady: oholce timothy 19.EAM
10; choice pralriei7.f7.7S. Rye-No. 2 63c!.
Receipts Wheat 2T.70); com 14.000: oats 6.000.
Shipments Wheat tt am- r, it mn. .. .XX;
Chicago. April 9. Cash: Flour dull and easy:
winter patents 14.80(3-5; straight 4.60 to J4.7O;
K?L .SSi'SP-Ji-lWJ!' .tra'sh" l4ff4,J);
bakers UOK.Ui. wheat No. J nrinr
90895c: No.
2 reo sieviLuiH. Oorn-No. 2 534536! N i
yellow- rvuifi'.ju,- riv ttiZ.-i.
S.hlt. ?!i '.Rr-:Wi:-2; 8c. Barley-Good
feeding Bpsfc; fair to choice malting 44fi43c.
SS.e3.r.Srl51Jl?10th';,2-8: .clover IconTract
grade) 811. ProvisionsMess pork.per bbL,812:50
12.62W: lard.- per lOd 'lb- 8s.52u.a6.K5- short
H& f d.'-!Ui1K',v7S?7,: hort clear sides
Jl!2; ,'8-1- Whisky, hasis of hlghwlnes.
Peoria, JlL.lprll . Corn-steady; No. 3 4c:
No. 4 46c Whlskj- on- thevbasls of 81-2S for
finished xociLs
. JdW001- Prlt Wheat-Spot stesdy; No.
1 California 7s Id: futures steady; Mav.6s 6ld
July 6s 7d. Corn Spot steady: American mixed
5ew 4,.,d: American mixed old 4s 7Hd; futures
dull: May 4s 44d: July nominal.
. Pn,S,l'.-. Minn.. April 9. Wheat In store: No.
1 hard 9ic. No. 1 Northern 94c. No. 2 North
ern 91Hc;to arrive, No. 1 hard 95ic, No. 1
Northern 94t,c. No. 2 Northern Slsic; May 94c:
July 4c: Sept. S3Hc. Oats-On trk. and to ar-
Mltwaukee. Wis., April 9. Wheat 'lc lower:
No. 1 Northern 9!cSJl: No. 2 Northern 95S'$c:
old July ST'sc bid. Hye Arm: No. 1 TJitc. Bar
ley dull: No. 2 62063e: sample S6S59c. ' Corn lc
lower; No. f 4Sff49c; July 51151'ic bid.
Mlnnespolls. Minn.. April . Wheat May
5V;e95c: July 94SS94c: Sept. KKc; on trk..
No. 1 hard 97t4SJ97c: No. 1 Northern 9rVV4i
tCTie; No. 2 Northern 9SS94-,c Flour Hrst
patents tS.05?5.13: second patents 84.9583.05:
first clears 83.60; second clears J2.45Sr2.S5.
Toledo, O.. April 9 Clover seed-Cash 16 62H;
April J.E2V4: Oct. 80.52'i. .Prime alsike J6.0'.
ITlme timothy 11.40. ,
By Teleurnph.
New Tofk April a. Cotton futures closed
quiet; April I4.5Sc: May 14.71c; June ll.S7c; Julv
ll.S7c: Au; 14.42c: Sept. 12.79c: Oct 12.0Sc. Spot
cloed quiet: middling uplands 15c: middling
Gulf lllSc:- sales 5S0 bale. The market opened
easy- at, a decline of 4 points to an advance of
3 iolnts and ruled generally easy during the
earlv trading, under scattering ltnutriatlnt. en.i
some selling for short account following lower
cables than expected and a disappointing visi
ble supply docreare. The weather accounts,
while not entirely favcrable. were not so bullish
as anticipated, ard while at first the new-crop
months came In for some cotton commbi.jIon
houee support, they eased off later at the old
crop positions. Trading was exceedingly quiet,
prices., after declining 5 fo 7 points, showing
little tfndency either way.
New Orleans, April 9. cotton Futures quiet:
April 14.56c bid: Jtav 1 4. 98S 11.99c; Jun- 15.S)!r
15.22c; Julv I3.45S15.46c; Aug. 14. 491914. SOe:
Sept. 12.7ltfl2.72c: Oct. U.93Stl.96c: Nov. 11.S7
ITll.Me: Dec. 11.77c hid. Spot cotton quiet and
steady: sales 2.200: ordinary 12Hc: good ordinary
13 15-16c: low middling 14 9-16c: middling
14 15-lCc: good middling 15tic: middling fair
lHc: receipts 1.764: rtock 25S.661.
Liverpool. April 9. Cotton Spot Small hul
ness done; prices 6 points higher: American
middling fair 8.60d; good middling S.44d: mid
dling 8.3d: low middling s.24d: good ordinary
8.14d: ordinary 7.94d. The sales of the day were
4,0t bales, of which 300 wereWor speculation
and export, and Included 3 500 American. R
celpts 13.0C4) bales. Including 14.6C0 American.
Futures opened steady and closed quiet. Amer
ican middling, g. o. c: April 8.02d:- Aprll-Msy
7.99d; May-June 7.96d:" June-Julv 7.93d: .To!y
Aug. 7.89.1: Aug. 7.604; Sept.-Oct. 6.S4.1: Oct.
Nov. 6.50d: Nov.-Dec. 6.41d: Dec-Jan. 6.29d:
Jan.-Feb. 6.8?d. '
Nesr1 York. April 9. coffee Spot Rio firm;
No. 7 involco 6sc; mild steady: Cordova lojr
12c. Futures opened steady at an advance of
5r2?10 points, with quite an active demand for
both accounts, fol'owed 'by better cables than
expected, continued light receipts and bullish
estimated as tn the roming Santos crop. The
advance attracted realizing, however, and there
was considerable pressure from recognized
bear Interests, with the result that most of
the gain was lest. The market closed eteady
at unchanged prices to an ndvance of 5 points.
Sales were reported of 95.000' bags. Including
May at 5.80B5.SSe, July at 6.10c. -.Aug. at 6'20c
Sept. st 6.33-56.45C. Oct. at 6.40rfW.65c. Dec at
6.6)6.70c, and March at 6.83U6.0c.
New York. .April 9. Sugar Raw quiet; fair
refining 2 5-I2c: centrifugal.' 96 test, 3Hc: molas
ses sugar 2 29-33c; refined quiet; No. 6 4,20c
No. 7 4.75c: No. 8 4.20c: No. 10 4.10c- No li
.05c; No. 12 4c: No. 13 3.96c; No. 14 3.95c. con
fectioners' A 4.55c: mold A 5.65c; cut loaf 5 40c
crushed 5.40c: powdered 4.80c; granulated 4.70c
cubes 4,95c. -v
New Orleans. April . Sugar steady: open
kettle 2M63 2-I6c; do. centrifugals 2Sc; centri
fugal wane iitT4ic: yeiiows xf-f4c: secomls.
srD---c. aoisiierj nominal; open Kettle 3tJr25c:
centrifugal lOOlSc, Sirup nominal at 20r825c
Bnltcr and Cheese.
New York, April 9. Butter quiet; creamery I
15623c: State dairy 15620c chees- steady;
Stnte full-cream fancy, small and large, col
ored and white. Sept. 12c: do. late-made 10ic.
Chicago, April 9. Butter steady: creameries
14ii-e; dairies 12t4rft-ic Cheese caev: daisies
!4l0c; twins 9c; Toung Americas 10610V:c.
'.i''-.enn!a. April 9. Riitter steadv: fair ex
tra Western creamery 33HC: extra near-by
prints 26c. Cheese steady but quiet; full creams
choice to fancy 10ieilc: New Tork full cream,
fair to good lOQlOfec
Dried Frnlts.
New Tork. April 9. The morket for evaporat
ed apples Is quiet, hut offerings are not press
ing and prices are st-aillly held: the common
are quoted nt SiiSc. prime at 5"4ftS-V. choice
at 6'iiNKc and fancy at 787'ic Prunes are not
moving freely, hut prices are eteady. ranging
fiom 3c to fei;c, according to grade. Apricots
remain quiet hut firm; choice are quoted at 9H
tlOc. extra choice at IOVi610'AC and fancy at 11
13c. Peaches also are firm, though demand Is
light, with choice holding at 7,67'ac. extra
choice at VIVtC and fancy at 9',3'31;e.
Chicago. April . Bxgs firm: at mark, cases
Included, lG'ic per doz.
Kansas city. April 9. Egg" steady; Missouri
and Kansas stock, cases returned. 14c- No. 2
whltewood cases Included 15c.
Philadelphia. Arrll 9. Eggs steady, fair' de
mand; freth near-bv and fresh Southwestern
17'c at mark; fresh Western HV-'ilSc: fresh
Southern 17c.
Dry Goods.
New Tork. April 5. Tile weekly dry goods
trade has closed quietly. The market to-day
showed little life, and business was confined
within narrow limits. On prices for future de
liveries Interest has lagged. The export Inquiry
dots not continue on general lines, though sell
ers are sanguine of its continuance. The ma
jority are not trying to force business and ac
cordingly are able to maintain prices.
London. April 9. The arlrvals of wool for the
third series of auction sales amount to 105.3'53
bales. Including 91.000 forwarded direct to spin
ners. The imports of wool this week were:
New South Wales 15.325 bales, Queensland 917,
Victoria 12.713. South Australia 887. West Aus
tralia 417. New Zealand 35.645. Cape of Good
Hope nnd Natal 327. Punta Arenas 2,901. else
where 617.
The Metal Markets.
New York. April D. All metal markets were
steady to-day, without new feature. The vol
ume of business transacted was small and
chleflv for nearaby wants. Copper ruled quiet:
nke 12.25612.50c: electrolytic 11.12Cfl3.25c: casting
12.S75813.125c, Tin Spot at :S3:S.50c. Lead-
Spot 1.604.65c Spelter 5.2565.30c Iron quiet
and nominally unchanged.
Imports nnd Exports.
New York. April 9. The total imports of dry
goods and general merchandise at the port of
New York for the week ending to-day were
valued at 111. 112.379. Exports of specie from
Sfw York for the week were 8746.905 silver and
J3.2t-6.107 gold. Imports of specie Into New York
during the week were 323.219 gold and 820,131
New York, April 9. Petroleum easy; refined
New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore 1S.25:
do. In bulk J5.45.
Oil city. Pa. April S. Credit balances 81.65:
certificates no bid. Shipments 82,625; average
53.397. Runs 89.330; average 79.72$. Shipments
Lima 56.950: average 62.783. Runs Lima 65,244;
average 48.561.
Turpentine and Rosla.
New Tork. April 9. Rosin firm: strained com
mon to good"t2.S5. Turpentine quiet. 56H657C.
Stvannah. Ga.. April 9. Turpsntine firm,
534c Rostn firm; A. B. C and D 82.40; E 82.45;
F 12.50: G 12.55-. II J2.60; I 12.85; K 83.20; M
13.25; N J3.5": W. O. 83 63: W. W. 83.8063.90.
Flaxseed Quotation..
Chicago; 111.. April 9. Flaxseed wss un
changed. No. 1 Northwestern was 31.16 bid
and So. 1 11.09 bid. Anrll was 11.09 nominal
and May was 81.11 bid. Receipts here were 2
cars, iu cars at .Minneapolis ana -.") at uututn.
Cairo, 111., April lO.-Gauge reads 46.3 feet,
showing a fall of .7 during the last 24 hours.
Weather cloudy and cool. The Raymond Hor
ner passed from the Lower Mississippi to the
Upper Ohio last night. The City of Memphla
arrived from ths Tennessee River st "3 a. m.
and departed for St. Louis at 4 a, m. Th.
Beaver departed for the Lower Mississippi at
8 a. m. The Hernann Paepcke departed down
the river at 3 p. m. The Slacker Lea arrived
from St. Louis st 10 a. m. and departed for
Memphis at 11 a. m. The Spragus arrived
from the Lower Mississippi at 8- p. m. and
passed up the Ohio.
Memphis, Twin.. April 10. The' river her.
stands 39 feet, a rise of -.4 in the last 24 hours,
and Is now over the danger line. All ths
local packets due to-day arrived on time. The
Government steamer Titan was In port this
morning. The Lucille Nowland arrived this
morning from the Arkansas River and returns
Tuesday. Receipts by river to-day were 137
bales cotton and 16 sacks of cotton seed.
Cape Girardeau, Mo., April 10. Weather
clear and warmer. River falling. Gauge reads
24.7 feet. Tho stacker Lee down at 4:30 a.
m. The Chester passed up at 9 o'clock last
night. The Cape Girardeau down at ft o'clock
last nlgbt. returning to St. Louis' at 7 a. m.
Tbe City of Memphis down at midnight.
Grand Tower. I1L. April 19. Stacker Lee
down at 3:30 a. rn. Chester up at 5:50 a. m.
Cape Girardeau up at 1:30 p. m. The gauge
reads 21.9 feet, and rising. Weather clear.
Chester, 111., April 10. Gauge 19.2 feet, and
rising, weather cloudy and coo", j. m. Rlcht
man and barge down at 8 o'clock last night
and departed for ths lower river at 11 a. m.
Chester up at 3 p. rn. Cape Girardeau Is
due up.
Faducah, Ky April 10. Gauge reads 46 feet,
and falling. Weather fair, cold and windy.
Dick Fowler to Smith Landing with good ex
cursion. Snrarue and WiOmhIi nn at 3 n.
m. with tows. Buitorff and Joe Fowler due
here to-night.
Wheeling. VT. Vs.. April lO.-Rlver 11 feet
4 inches: rising. Cloudy and cool. Up: Bran
Hur, Kanawha and Keystone State. Pittsburg.
Down: Lorena, Zaneavllle: Virginia, Cincin
nati. Down with coal: Pacific No. 3. John
M.u.n Da.....b ....... riu..l.. . ..
uv.ru. .MM,sF,,nir'i au.iii, 7jagr. up:
Harvester and Ranger.
Burlington, la.. April 10. River Is T feet
Inches above low-water mark, a fall of 1W
inch sine, last report. Weather clear and
warm. The Elols. In and out.
Pittsburg. Pa.. April W. River 8.5 feet;
rising. Cool and rainy.
Evansvllle, Ind., April 10. River falling
slowly; gauge reads 35.8. Cloudy and cooler.
Cincinnati, O.. April 10. River 20.7 feet:
falling. Raining and cold.
Vlckaburx. Miss.. April 10,-Oaur. show. 11. t
feet, a rise of .4. The Belle of the Bends sr
rived. Ths Cordlll Is due" up. Weather clear.
Official Forecast Announced for
To-Day and To-Morrow.
Washington, April 10. Ftorecaat for Mon
day and Tuesday:
Missouri and Iowa Generally fair Monday
and Tuesday; warmer Monday.
Illinois and Indiana Partly cloudy Monday
and Tuesday; warmer Monday; variable winds
Arkansas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory
Generally fair Monday and Tuesday
Eastern Texas Generally fair Monday' and
Tuesday; fresh south winds on the coast.
Western Texas Fair Monday nnd Tuesday.
Nebraska Fair Monday; wanner in east nor
tlon. Tuesday, fair.
Kansas Partly cloudy Monday. Tutsday, fair.
Local Report.
St. Louis. Siday, April 19, Mot.
... 7a. m. 7p. m.
Barometer, inches 29.11 29.78
Temperature, degrees 35 63
Humidity, per cent $6 72
Wind direction W w
Wind velocity 14 3-
Weather at 6:59 a. m., clear: at 6:59 p. m.,
clear. Maximum temperature, 55 degrees; min
imum, 34. stage ot mer at 7 a. m.. 22.3 feet.
Local Forecast Official.
Government Report.
Department of Agriculture. Weather Bureau.
Meteorological observations received at st
Louis. Aprir 10. 1904, at 6:59 p. rn. local tune and
8 p. m. seventy-lifth meridian time. Observa
tions made at tbe same moment of time at all
S 78 82 PfKlmr.
Abilene ....
Arnarlllo ...
Atlanta ....
Charlotte ..
Cincinnati ..
Cev eland ..
Chicago ....
Columbus ..
Cairo ......
Cheyenne ...
Dubuque ....
Davenport ..
Dcs Moines
till- .. - . .
Ft cloudy
... Cloudy
- dourly
.02 Rain
.02 Cloudy
01 Ft cloudv
.01 Cloudy
... v.iear
.. Clear
.. Cloudy
... Cloudy
.. Cloudy
.. Cloudy
.. Cloudy
.. Cloudv
4-1 50
52 54
KS 72
76 82
76 SO
Dodge City ....
.. Cloudy
... Clear
.. Clear
.. Clear
.. Clear
.. Clear
., Pt cloudy
10 trioudy
.. Clear
.. Cloudv
e.l i-aso
Fort Smith
Grand Haven .
Grand Junction
Indianapolis ...
Jacksonville ...
"Kansas City ...
Utile Roclc ...
Louisville ...,,
Montgomery ...
Modena -.
New York
New Orleans ..
Korth Platte ...
2 76
, w
1 .... v,rar
44 .01 Cloudy
i.ra r
SW 58
S 62
NW 32
E 72
SW 50
70 .
60 .
62 .
74 !
54 .
(i .
... Pt cloudy
... Clear
... Cloudy
... Cloudy
... Clear
... Cloudy
5W 64
70 ....
.... SW
4 r.2
70 78
56 58
M 82
50 54
.... Clear
... Cloudy
..-. Clear
... Cloudy
... Clear
.01 Cloudy
... Pt cloudy
... Clear
... Clear
... Cloudy
... Clear
... Pt cloudy
... Clear
... Clear
... Clear
... Clear
... Clear
... Clear
...'Ft cloudy
. Pt cloudy
Oklahoma ..
Philadelphia ...
Parkersburg ...
Rapid City
St. Paul
Shreveport .....
Springfield. III.
St. Louis
Springfield. Mo.
Salt Lake ......
Santa Fe
San Antonio ....
Valentine .......
Washington ....
..NW 34
...NW 68
W 48
SE 72
Precipitation lnannreclable.
. . . , . Local Forecast Official.
10 Cents All Patterns-10 Cents.
Girls" Dress. No. 320!. Biscuit anil pale
blue spotted ch-tllis I3 u.-"eii for this- at
tractive llttlo lre:-.s. with whito lace and
blue velvet rlWion for triminlnc.
The foundation Is a fitter ImhIv lining
that closes in the ci-nter back. It is fuci-'l
with lace to a square yoke- di-pth hack
anil front, the l.ico cxttiirlliij-; to the licit
In front forming .1 nanow vest.
6.8, 10 and 12 years.
Pull fronts nnd backs are ffatheml at
the upper and lower edges and arranKcd
to outline the yok. Mousing stylishly
all around. A plain lace collar completes
the neck. Ruffles of the challls are ar
ranged around the yoke and over the
shoulders. They are fastened under lace
beadins that is run through with narrow
blue velvet ribbon.
One-piece bishop sleeves fit the arm
closely from shoulder to elbow and are
quite wide at the lower edze. where the
fullness Is arranged on lace wristbands.
The skirt is gathered at the top and at
tached to the body portion, clos-intr at the
back. It flares smartly at the lower edge,
whero a flounce of challfs provides an
attractive finish. It is surmounted by
beading. The ruffles are embroidered in
forget-me-nots. The joining of waist and
skirt Is concealed by narrow lace cov
ered with beading, the ribbon tying In a
bow at the back.
Dresses In this style are made of cash
mere, embroidered voile, albatross, silk
Sngham. zephyr or cotton cheviot, with
ce. embroidery or heavy white linen for
To make the dress for a. girl of S years
will require three yards of materia thirty-six
Inches wide and one-half yard of
lace. The pattern. No. 92B6. is cut In sizes
for girls of 6, S. 10 and 12 years.
Child's Apron, No. 92G1. For school wear
and afternoons at home, dainty little
white aprons are useful as well as becoming-.
Frequently a frock that is slight
ly wom'.will do service for several months
If partially covered by a protective apron.
4. . a sad 10 year:.
The Illustration shows an attractive
little garment made of sheer -white lawn
with Valenciennes lace for trimming. The
full skirt portion Is gathered at the upper
edge and attached to the lower part ot a
shallow square yoke that Is cut out
round at the neck. The skirt falls in
long folds to the hem.
The neck Is finished with a fancy ber
tha of unique shaping. It extends over
the sleeves, giving a stylish breadth to
the figure. The edges of the collar aro
finished with a narrow frill ot iace sur
mounted by a band of Insertion., H .
Aprons In this style are made of dim
Itv. fine cambric. Swis. linen or fancy
gingham, with embroidery or ribbon for
trimming, ifeaamg on me cage ot uie
collar may be run through with narrow
wash ribbon and rosettes of the same
placed in the comers of the collar. Bands
of lace or embroidery applied at the top
of the hem give a more elaborate finish.
To make the apron for a child of 6
years will require two and three-quarter
yards of material thirty-six inches wide.
Tbe pattern. N'o. 9261. is cut In sizes for
children of 4. 6, 8 and 10 years.
Th Republic's Order Blank for
Above Patterns.
Be ire and fill In. your correct post
office address.
Send 10 cents (one silver dime) to Ths
Republic Pattern Department. Republic
building, and Inclose this blank, proper
ly filled out with your name, address
and age for each pattern ordered. If
both patterns are wanted, send 20
So. 9K6. Girls Dress. Price 10 cents.
Age years.
Xo. 9261. Child's Apron. Trice 10 cent.
Age years.
rame ................................
Post Office -
Street and No State..
Forty dollars .given away. Look
out for the Bargain Advertise
ment of Simmons Hardware Co.
in The Republic next Wednesday
''''' --- - - ---, rlininrijqi,xruTJU
" "" "" " "" "irvOirLru-uXTLi-i.L'iru-uui
New Orlaus and St. Louis Packet Line.
For New Orleans, Greenville. Vlcks
burt. , Nstchez. Baton Rouge and
sll lntermedbif Iandlnv. Ttvine
freight and passsngere. Leaves Wednesday,
April 70. 8 P. m. JOa ABRAMS..
General Agent.
Telephon. Main OM. M N. Q-mmsrclsl sc
. gygBrSig;
Iw' CJ it) 'hX " rr"f r" Jv.
Forty iloll.it-s Kivcn awny. Ijok.
our for the Bargain Advortlse
mpnt of The .St. Ix)tiis House
Furnishing Co. in The- Ri-iiublic
next 'Wetlncsiliiy uiorniug.
St. Louis Railroad Time-Table
Arrivitla and Departure., of Trains at
Union Stntlon.
Daily, t Daily except .Sunday. JSuniar only.
Dally except Saturday and Sundav. TtSitar
aay only. Saturday and Sundav only.
. TIO.N.
Train. Depart. Arrive.
l-or Hannibal Burlington .. 2:55 em 6:50 nm
VJcal to Hannibal "7:41 nm 8:pm
hor yuincy and Uurllngton. t7:tl ua HJO pm
St. Paul via East side Line. "7:56 am 5:04 nm
M. Josopa..Se."itte, Northwest "9:n am T:l am
nt. Paul Minneapolis 2:15 tm 2:15 pm
M. Jos-ph. Den.. Pac. Coast. e2:15 pm 6ao nm
Kansas city. St. Joseph,
Omaha, Denver, Pac. Coast. 9:00 rm 7:1 ass
or Illinois via East Side ... S:10pm 6:a'am
Burlington. St. Paul, Minn... "7:40 pm "6:63 am
Local from Hannibal llOsrs
II. fc O. S-W. R. A.
Cincinnati and New York Ex. "2.-05 am
New York Fast Mail r9:0 pm
Cincinnati Accommodation 28:18 am
Roval nine Limited "9:30 am
incennes Accommodation.... 15:40 pm
Flora Accommodation 8:08 am
West linden and French Lick 19:33 am
7:28 am
16:52 nm
525 pm
tt :23 am
7:50 pm
5:23 pm
Chlcneo Train.. - '
The Alton Limited 9:04 sm ?:2S pm
I'rlalrle State Express tl2:02t-m :12pm
Palace Express 9:00pm "7:1 m
.Midnight Special ll:40pm "8:10am
Kansas City Trains.
Mi.sourl state Express 8:12 am "1:00 nm
Kansas City Limited 10a pm 7:M aa
Local Trains),
pnngfie!d Accommodation .. 8:12am
Jacksonville Accommodation, ts :12 am :oopm
Peoria Limited t9?)4am 7aS pm
J-iekscnvllla Express t4:2S pm tl:4ftam
.Sprlngflel.i Capital City Flyer. t5:15 pm 10:1 am
Springfield Capital City Flyer 7:15 pm
Fast Mail 3:00am10 pm
Local hxpress 735 am "50 pm
pay Express K. C. & Den... 9:00am "6:01 pa
VA asnl.igton Accommodation.. tS:2S pm 17:55 am
t-t. Joseph and Kansas Ltd. .. S:lom 7:80 ass
Kansas & Colorado Ex- 10:10 pm 7:10am
Creve Coeur Lake trains leave Union Station
at 'b:x a. ra.. "3:15 a. m.. 11:30 p. m. and 14:81
p. m.
Oak Illil trains leave Union Station at rt:se
a. m.. U0;10 a. m.. t5:00 p. m. and-16:20 p.- m.
Kirkwoo.1 trains leave Union Station st t7:6
a. m., "7:33 a. m.. 17:50 a. m., 111:29 s. m., ttrtt
p. m., t4:l p. m.. 28:40 a. m.. tt-flOp. m..' &
11. in. and til SO p. m.
St.L.. Ft.W. & San Anto. Ex. "2:21 pru 1131 ass
Texas anJ California Ex SJOsm
:allfomla and Mexico Exp.. S:20nm
Hot Springs Special etOpm TJBsni
Texas antl Mexico Express.. 8:40 pm
Tcxjs Express : 7Utaia
Fan Mail .. 3:05 am
Local Ex. Texarfc. to St. L. rntBpo
Memphis Express eflOOpm 740 anx
Belmont Passenger :0O sm ejnspm
Arkanras and Texas Express 9:45 pm 7:13an
St Ixmls and tliester Ac 4:19nm loatam
Arkansa and Texas Mail tat am ! Dm,
De Soto and Bismarck Ac... KM -sm tSOaat
Indianapolis Express 7aam t530pa
N. T.. Bos. snd-dn. Ltd... t.W am 9:4S pm
Knickerbocker Special 12:00 noon s;45pta
Mattoon and Alton Ace t4:20pm :4taia
llattoon and Alton Ace 16:30 pm
Boston. N. Y. and Fhlla. .... 11:30 pm -.num
Cincinnati Express 8:25 pm 7JOam
Fast Express ...... 12 JO am
Alton leaves '10:30 a. m.. ttldo p. m.. t:
p. m. Arrives g:f a. re. 1:45 p. m. '
3t.. K. dfc T. RfeIUIS KATV."
Columbia. Se.lalla and S. W. 9:15 am
"The Katv Fiver' S:22um
6-3) pm
747 SB
Mo.. Kas. and Southwest 11:45 pm 7rtll
(Clover Leaf Roate.l
"The Commercial Traveler". '730 pm 7:4Dan
"Eastern Express" 7a am SSpia
Charleston Accommodation... S:0Onm 10taei
C P. A S. L.. '
Alton. Springfield, Pecria and
Grafton Express 8:11am IJO-rn-.
Alton. Chautauqua snd 4
Springfield Mall ....: 'Stll pm 10:55 am
New Orleans. Mobile, etc.... 8:00am "T-Otl
Murphisboro Accommodation. t5:10 ma tll:lt l
(See a. P. St- L.1
Arkansas and Texas Mail.... 8:56 sm t-5tras
Arkansas and Texas Express t:4Spm 7:1s am
V!n Wabash.) - . . c
Mall and Express 17:40 am Sit :H am
ilall and Express tSrOSpm tt:lgpa
Versailles Mali and Express.. 861 sm tC:29pnt
Union Accommodation U,5:Spm 8:55 an.
I... II. Jt ST. L. RY. (Henderson R-tnt.V.
Fast Mall 8:20 sm 7:ltpa
Kastem Express t:4S pm 73n aas
Northern Lln.s.
North Illinois T3xpress 7 :52 am 8:40bsb
Chicago Daylight Special 11:48 am 7:3pn
ftprlngfleld Accommodation... t4:4Srm 10:40 agn
Chicago Diamond Special 9:10 rm T-Msss
Pprlnsfield Accommodation... t7tpm !,
Southern Line.. v
Fast Mall 7:20.jn l:10m
New Orleans Special 1:15 era M.-Otpatrj
Accommodation 4:80 rm ll2-laa
New Orleans Limited -tuPpm 73p
Valley Park Accommodation. t6'50am 11010.9
Valley Parlr Accommodation. ........ T789a3.
Pacific Accommodation 8:25 am tl-pns
Texas and Kansas Man -sajsm i:.j
Valiev Park AccommodatlontlO:JO am .....-
Pacific Accommodatoln 81:10 pm tKSt.
Valley Park Accommodation. tfJ2pm 12:40 pm
Meteor .I.wpia "lltan
Valley Park Accommodation. f850pm -14:40 am-
"Parlflc Accommodation 15:15 pm tt-Man
Valley Park Accommodation. t5s5 pm tlxO pns
ValleV rark Accommodation. f:24 pm t5:Srt-n1
Pacific Accommodation 27:10 pat
Valley Park Accommodation. t720p-n t7:ta ant.
Texas and Kanas Limited.. S-Jgp-n 5-"2
Wetern Express .........10:00 pm JJ-JJOffl
Vallsy Park Accommodation " T13E2
Valiev Park Accommodatlon.tla8pm tT:4Pp
Florida Limited iv??
Fast Mall
8:o am
8:45 pm
7 JO
Southern Express
Princeton. Atlanta, etc 2.5S? 2S?3
Mount Vernon J5:JJE 2SI2
v-Tlnceton ant Florida 10:10 nm T82 srs)
FSst Mall... U-SiZ HiSl"
Wevsfnne Exnress t:44am 7-aOxsn
Tvrnl Exnress "Tlam OrtO
New York Limited.........
Vnndalla Accommodation.
Eastern Express
New York Express
....12:24 ptn l:ttpat)
.... -V-Sopm )-40aB
... 8:18pm r:Maa
...11:85 pm s:48pai
Eastbcund Leave Flghth snd Gratiot "treats
dallv 9:10 a. m.: 1:50. 5:15. 8:30 p. m- Kxesnt
Sundav 4:19. 6:16. 7:37. 10-J0 a. m.: 12 -..
755 p m. Saturday and Sunday only H:t7 a.'
aUDCny omi e.e.. ... . tii-j-- y. ru.
ve VVS'ningxon. evenuw osirr ;i a. itt.
1-55 5:20. 6-25 p. m. Except Sunday 4:28,
-,, .ft.-il a. m.- 1":12. 3;45. flrMn m flat-
and' Sunday onlv lt:25 p. m. Sunday only-
Westbound Lesve Granite Citv dslly 1:12.
s.ftrv 5-5R. 7:12 n m Except flundsy 5:1. :94j
7-oi 8:24. 9:55. 11:10 a. m.: 4:40. 9:17 tv m. Saw
nrday only 4:45 p m. Hundav only :6-.. :,
1000 t. m. Saturday and sundav nnlr li:tt p,
m" Except Saturday snd inday 5:f0 p. is. '
Leave Mad'on da!lv-l:i 2-.fi.. t:K. 7:17 ni
m Except Sunday 5:19. 6:09. 708. 829, 190(1.
11:14 a. m.: 4:46. 921 p. m. Saturday only 4:5
p m. Sundav only .m). 8:05. 10:05 a. m. SM
iir.lav snd Sundav.onlv 11:88 p. m.
Eastern Lines. "
Ccntinentsl TJmlted 9-Mstn 7:18pis
Toledo. N. Y.. Boston Kxp... .820pm 728anK
Toledo. N. Y.. Boston Mali., ts m t:m ata
Mldn'vht Limited ll:32i)m 2:00 pm
Toledo Local Express ":45am 9:Mpia,
Jacksonville Local Express... 16:45 sm t:15 pa
Ctilcagro Una.
Banner Express Chicago .... SS.m pnl
Banner Limited Chicago .... -OSpm 7:23 ant
Midnight Limited Chicago. ..ll32pm 8:04ata
IvsDins Twiiy s.inc
Kansas Oty Exin-ess.. 2:2m
Kansas City Fast Mall 2:20 pm
Kansas aty Limited.... 10:li.pm
Northwestern Line.
Council Bluffs-Omaha Exp.... -oo sm
stt-tr,anolfd.st. Fsul Fss 2:10nrc
15) aw
6:50 snfb
1:50 an
Cannon Ball-Omaha... 2:22 l"r I:I5
Ottumwa-Des Molnee Exp.... 8:00 am :W
Ottumwa. Des Moines and 53
Minneapolis Limited, .i.-. 7:30 pm naSaJiJ
l.nesl Train.. t
ir.l-vffteely mnA tCss Cttv 7:40 am R'M
Moberlv Lrcal :M pm UMm.
East-Decatur Local 4:0nn 116oi
East Jacksonville Local .;... 14:40 pm iuo
Suburban Trains. ..
Deoart From Union ststlon: St. Charl
ttl:35 n. m.: Klnloch rsrg. t:20 p. o::
-nn 4-1: M ." Slit V. 420 B. lit.-
ntir Qt.eet stiitfon St. Charles. 11S0
r3:40 o. m.: Rridgeton. t41S p. m.. HM a..
Ferguson. !ja, m.. 1620 p. m., KM p.
-l5 i . wi.
Arrive At union muioo; e. ioarirvtrv Tr7
. r- . . . ..- rt.-A . M. m . . .
n m.: Ferguson. "4-ot p. m.. t:40 aatlt
a. m.. xio:2u a. nx ai uhts bdi ocanou--
cnsr'ti'l:45ip..m. xi-bs.s., m.: ainiocs,
a:- m.t Srldgston. "Jjlis, .. . a.)
guioo. io:JO a-.m.. Xiao p. a.. tt- 9. ttV.
- V-T
.":' -S-gj--j-i5.

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