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Cardinals Won- From
the Browns by the
Score of 11 to 6.-
Randall and Dunn Battle
Tennessee Oats Will Be
at North Side Athletic
Club This Evening.
Bun To-Day Worth Will
Hold a Spring Meeting. '
The Oaks, Brewing Company, Htv
tel Gayoso, Memphis and Pea
body Hotel to Be Bun.
Spring Meeting, Despite Bad
Weather, Has Been a Suc
cess, and Horses Have
Run to Form.
s - -
Memphis, Tenn., April 10. Memphis of
i all the towns on the "Western or Southern
! circuit, must he awarded the banner as
the best racing, point, at least in so far
as hcal patronage and enthusiasm la con
cerned. ' ' '
Twelve days of the present meeting have
passed, and although there has not been
one pleasant day In all that time, the at
tendance has been of wonderful propor
tions. Nine more days remain, and In that
time five stakes are to be decided. They
are the Tennessee Oaks, to be run Mon
day; the Tennessee Brewing Company
Stakes, on Thursday; the Hotel Gayoso
Stakes, on Saturday; the Memphis Stakes,
on Monday, April 18, and the Peabody Ho
tel Handicap, to be run on the last day of
the meeting.
The Tennessee Oaks has five starters,
and appears to be at the mercy of Captain
S. S. Brown's Audience. Outwat, a flUy
belonging to J. C. Greener & Co. of Nash
ville, end trained by Albert Franklin, -who
trained Oleflant for the same stable, will
Tho other starters are TV. F. Schultes's
Lyrist, W. H. Rudolph's Lady Lavish and
C. B. Ellison's Vcstina Belle. The latter
is still a maiden, but her owner thinks so
Forty dollars given away. Look
out for the Bargain Advertise
ment of Schaper Bros. In The
EepuWlc next Wednesday morn
816 CbMtdnt St., St. Look, Mo.
fl-he BK1.TH1.B Specialist
Cores .rival and cnronlo'dls
easea. Lost Manhood, Nervous
Pcblltlr. Lost Vigor, Seminal
Weakness, Klatit Losses, De
talitaunc Drtama. Early De
cay.Vancocele. results of er
rors or exensw. vnamrj uiw
aaea. Gleet, stricture. ITn
natural Discharges and all dis
eases of Kidneys and Bladder
and Blood Poison, all stapes.
voeitlvelY- cured. Out-of-tfiwn
Battentji treated by mall. Book free.
Tou can buy no better for 1Q a weak.
fjousuiiauoa xrec uaii or won. loun
it. Hours: 8 a.
n. to t o m. Sundays. 10 a, m. to 3 p. m.
Cs Big formanstural
lrrlUttaes or aleeratloos
of ssuooas aasabraa!.
rainiest, and not astxla.
goal or pouoaous.
a sant la alata wrswsfi
by xansa, rMld, 14
1 m. or S bottles H 7.
circular atas om msjssst
Oaws all ChnmHaadSpstlsl Btussss, Dr. B. "Tef.
tabls CcustiTt" pasltlTely eons SorroiuDrtUity.Oifssle
'Weaxaen, Lnt jCmsthood, Varieoeel or say arils ranus.
tsf from yootafnlenors or sxeeMac. In frost tvotsscrsa
veeki. lAUMsadeoasUatlya4eitljedlatBlsBasfffos
osr forty yarstaad ams sTr felled la eurleg tbswonl
Outs. jiaptttiXvrtolhomHlDDL.BaasSUZS'wi
fssla vtsxaeMberoadtlialryeus. Ptloa, FJts DeUsn;
trial touaOMl)ollarorUl tho tastUM BaneayTul
stosnthatl.adettlal. BoMonly STDa.C.A.BoJtilt
lliK. Me. J Knpi Mnet. St Ecmli, Mo. Ilmt to say
adaistssseuntysssled, runt Clicalsi T&SX.
jVk 1 ta I a-sn
f nssisasiin !
VH BSSBsssistaM."
m ft .issue mil
H st.a.A. SBa7"
CHAS. A. DtTaTF, M. D.
I Am a VMfeMBte tptclalltt,
Hoi a PrsrsntfoM "Cars-All."
Iso Cure, No Paty Every patient Is given a written guarantee to refund ery dollar
paid for services In a specified length of time If they do not receive a complete, lifelong cure
and entire satisfaction, and my well-known financial standing la sufficient evidence to any
one that I am entirely responsible for any contract that Is not fulfilled.
Consultation Free, Confidential and Invited, both at office and by correspond
ence. .Successful treatment by mall. Terms are always made to suit the convenience of any
one applying for treatment, and ery reasonable charges. Do not treat elsewhere until ou have
investigated my methods and terms. Office hours during week, 8 a. m. to t p m. ; Sundays, Jul
CHAS. A. DUFK, M. D., 810 Olive Street, St. Lout. Mo.
Burlington Building, Directly Opposite South Sid of Post OfUce.
nice Acre -? imriu culm
71S locust St.. Kokea BMsr.. Room 80, 31, 32. St. Loola. Mo.
Boars: a. m. to 7 p. m.; Baturdxja to 8: Sundays. I to lLeatr.
City papers will prov stablUbrd practlo sine int. Be backMmbsTS
of The Republic and b convinced. Tou a DOCTOR WHITT1KR la
"r"mrflM?U ?;??'. .gS? 5:
weakness. qulcEnMS. etc. PJSSS00 iffifT SXuJSf"1!?
nianv ji ffae. ower ntor4 ana a radical eur guaranteed.
Blood Poisons AH stages. Eeiems. IHeeMcured: for Uf by af means. Blank SX
urinary and mauaer aiunents quicaiy cursu.
liriner also nrlvate disease obstructing urlaary
Urine: also private diseases obstructing urtsat?
Vile sad all Reetal dlsssaes cured. Motor;
Mnnrlestt case, whether congenital or scoolred. raccfollr treat!
W.it.l m4lnsarv and Advlar 'e at o(sr or sealed by '
Mormon Bishops' Pills have been In us over 80 years byth leaders of
the Mormon Church and their followar. Positively cures th worst cases IB old
and young arising from effects of self-abuse, dissipation, excesses er cigarette
smoking. Cures Lost Manhood. Jmjtotency, Lost Power, Mtttht-
l.osaes. Spermatorrhoea, insomnia, .rains la Bsek, .kvii ue
slres, .Seminal Kmlsaions, Lame Uaek. Nerrons Ueblllty, Head
i jaskB As. at m i,aasi aaff ttBinv Baser aaskjraiv a 1 ,
Uonntlpntlonu Mtopa preroatnreBtB.hftnd
nfnt. uiiniiiiTH mxrjt
rirXtrilnT ' Kyln- Kizectsn xmrna-pnv maA ziwami -hivri
Botraci' tn evmrr tuncXHm. Don't set 4)pondent;
fwa !... Kttmulnte the brain and
nail -4t.,n rn.nnrr. ia nire or monev
4Vli'rtts Bishop Remedy Co., San Francisco, Cat
well of her that ha. has Induced Fuller to
postpone his trip to New York until Mon
day mem, so tnat ne can nue me uny m
the Oaks.
included In the list of ellgibles for the
Tennessee Brewing Stake are such good
ones as Havlland. Skillful. Martinmas,
Delagoa. Henry Bert, Steelmaker. Major
Pelham, Irene Lindsay and the Conqueror.
All the beat 3-year-olds lure are eligible
to start in tha Gayoso Hotel Stakes, which
Is at a mile.
As a rule, the horses here have been
running very close to form. During the
last week twenty favorites have won In
the thirty -seven races carded, and, as a
consequence, tne dooks nave smiereu, no
there has been plenty of money In circu
lation and some heavy bettors.
Severn Jacob, tho Cincinnati horseman
and bookmaker, has added three more to
his string, which he intends to raco on
the Northern-Circuit x during, the coming
summer. They are life 2-v ear-old Gilded
Lady, which ne purchased 'from Charlie
-Ellison; the ,oId campaigner. Bard of
Avon, which he also bought from LU1-son.-and
the 3-year-old Esherson.
They will be handled by. that veteran
Eastern trainer, .John It. Croker.
To'-Day's Memphis Entries.
Memphis. Tenn.. April 10 Montgomery Park
ntxlea for Monda) :
First race, six furlongs:
Cognomen 84 Clovmon 1
Red Man M Coruscate 10
Brooklyn 97 Federal Ill
Forehand 100 '
Second race selling four furlongs: i
Sincerity Bella 96
,Dan Horn ....v96
'Brother John...r....". 93
Peerless Queen 101
Eckstein lot
Lieutenant Bice 103
San Prlmo 103
Tax Hantlng- 101
Ifppr .
Lucky Dick....,
John Barbee....
Lady Monetise..
Tblrd race, one mile and a sixteenth:
Banter Mil Fossil
Wltful 10 'Xteutschland .
Fourth race Tennessee Oaks one n.lle-
Lady Lavish..., 117 (Audience
Outwal 117,LOTlst ..
Vestlna Belle 1171
Fifth rate, four and a half furlongs:
Monaco Maid 110
Klnifs Trophy 113
OpiiianU 113
Tete Nolr 113
Marsh Bedon 113
Enchanter US
Clint Btley
(Im Canal
James Warren..
Sixth raco. eelllofr six furlones.
Energetic ..
Trossachs .
. 93 Itojal Arms..
. 12 Ivan Lee,
. 12 Allen
. 97 St. Luke
.. ''
none .
. 97 uay Minister..
tVUnram W Sir Andrew..
jaie Hay wona
Hose King 99 King's Charm.,.
Memphis. April 10 Memphis selections:
First Race Forehand. Coruscate. Cocnomen.
Second Itaoc Lady Monetise, Nicola, Sea
worthy. Third Race Wilful, Fossil. Deutschland.
Founh Race Audience. Lady Lavish. Ljrlt.
Fifth Race Pawtucket, VUalia. Kino Tro
phy. Sixth Race Troseachs, Wigwam, Rcse King.
To-Day's Bennings Entries.
Washington. Asm 19. Bennings entries for
Monday 1
First race handicap, six furlongs
Paul Clifford 1M Briarthotpe 113
Peter Paul US Tom Cod Ill
Tbscan 123 Lord Melbourne lit
Mrs. Frank Foster... 115 Gold Dome log
Ulyrta 1H Belle of the Ring... SO
Second race, four and a half furlongs:
Mon Amour 110 Wild Irishman. 107
Melrose 110 Lily Brook 107
Pasadena 110 The Claimant 107
Cashier 107 Mirthless lOi
Belle Indian 107
Third race, six furlongs:
Friday 10 Gold Dome H
Tom Cod r.103 Mountain Breeze.... 94
Grailallo 83 Adel TreWla..?. 91
Fourth race, steeplechase, about two miles:
Chllngtoa US I Red Hook.... 1M
Tireless 133 1 Agio 13t
Fifth race, seven furlong:
John F. Aheam...Ul Polk Miller. 108
Seventh Ward 108 Cay 108
San Marino 108 i
Sixth race, on mile and seventy yards:
James F.
Arachua .
Queen Elisabeth..
.. 97
.. 92
.. S5
f-aaucta ....
Latberoa ...
Brlarthorpe .
Bed Lli-ht..
Xeeburban ....101
Nine Spot 101
Washington. April 10. Bennlngs selections:
First Raoe Peter Paul. Illyrla. Mra. Frank
Second Race Mirthless. Fassadena. The
Third Baca Aflel TrebUw Tom Cod. Friday.
Fourth Raoe Chlvlngton. Agio, Red HooU,
Fifth Baca John F. Abeam. Polk Miller.
Sixth Race Brlarthoipe, CHaxrn. Neebru
ban. To-Day't Oakland Entries.
San Francisco. Cal , April 15. Oakland en
tries for Monday:
First ra. selling, fly and a half forlongs:
Maxette Ill Facto ...
The Lieutenant 114 Targett
senator anoupe ui.narxa
Lost Baby. 117
Masked Ball lit
Hogarth 30
Red art 107
Vaughan ...
lianr mm.
Miss May Bowdlah.
Second race, selling. Futurity cour:
et. Eph 15
Ballroom BU M
Cberriea 98
Miss Prime
Alls Carer.
Royal Vfhlt.....
stiuta , ?
Dongai w
Third race,
selling, maidens. Or and a halt
Pachuca .....
TKwtor BirdsaU..
The Jew
T J. Cor
Forest Ftr 107
Brown Patsey Ill
Cotat Hi
Braullna Hstar. 112
Technique 113
My treatment by Acupcmctur and Absorption checks the
overflow of blood to the scrotal veins and removes the stag
nant blood that obstructs the circulation, so. that the gan
glionic nerves, the weakness of which causes Varicocele, are
restored to strength, and normal circulation to the organs la
resumed without a sign or symptom of Variooctl eer r
tumlns. In treating Varicocele it is always necessary to cur tb
complications, if Ike disease has been neglected, which are
often worse than the cause, and I neter dismiss a patient
until I have restored the private organs to their natural
alxe strength and soundness, revitalized th nervous system
so that nervousness dl&appears, stopped all ltal drains and
emissions, revived sexual power ana renewed the body with
a robust condition and perfect health.
There are thousands of men deceived by unskilled doctors,
who claim to cure Varicocele by applications of medicines,
electricity, suspensories and many other deceptive schemes,
and this Is why there an so many who have become so
skeptical as to think there is no cure for thun. There never
it a a cure for Varicocele except by surgical operation or
my methods. Surgical operations are often dangerous, un
successful ant palnfuL
x-m&tu. jf.uueiusAiK? zwiuens or uiooay
paaaag. Blank SEt. Free.
methods; no eutuur. Call or writ for advice.
. w racoietei m oar.
man: thirty pea pictures.
Consultation Free at
usaee or ny sjau.
Modarata Chirgas
to of Se-et laepouvA nwm
ma fsretDmtarMeantiBa. RtitorM mtiL
jkmaat v ro miBr w
a evre i at o A
nerv cBtra.xo Mzt aez szea
retunneo. with f DOxeSL ejlreulara rr.
- Babotsau A Co.. 700 N. Broadway, St. Louis,
' ToarthTBce? wiling, one mile and fifty Tarda:
Bl Pilar. 10O Vasselo
Ada Jt HiAnlrail sg
Isabelllta tlllllonaho J
Bmll 95 Kitty Kell) 103
Fifth raw, selling. Futurity course:
Titus luu Skip Me
lllpponax MS Put Murrlsaev..
Wager 103 i Rollick
My Surprlee 103 1 Nullah
Olesha Ulrl loilBanl Burns ,
Captivate lad I
.... 10
Hlxth ract selilnr. six furlong'
Nanon 10 St. Wlnnlfreda 101
Clausus lu Mistie's i'rlde Ul
Crtss Cross 100 Halnault US
Constellator 104 Ladv Kent IM
Oohkn Light 101 El 1'Iloto 11J
Beeves ...101
Birrunuc si'ixu u.
ban l"n:ncjco, AjH 10 Oakland selections.
, I1rs(,IUre Bed Bird. lliKJrlli, Masked BjII
second IWcu Allcu Carey. Chfrrlt. Ball
Ito-im Belle.
Third Bacc Lrtnrla, The Jew, Technique
-IViurth Race AiU N. Bloviiho. Klltj Jvt-lly.
l'lfth Bace lllnnnax. Bjrd I.urr?, Rollick.
Sixth Baco Lad) Kent. GoMen Light. -Nanon.
Trottlnp; Turf i:ulrlcs.
Detroit. SBch. April 10 V. J. Sn;der. secre
tary of tb Detroit Dr!lng Club, has an
nounced Hie entries rcceUed for tho five early
closing, events offered for the Blue Ribbon
meet of the Detroit Dri Ins Club July IS 22
The historic Merchants and .Manufacturers"
11CU0 Stake fur 3 2t-cla trotltrs has bten
tatronlied moro Ubiall than tha other eent
thlrty-one horses lxlnc iwm-d The 5,i0
IStamber of Coramer atalw fwr 24-class ra
cer has twenty entries
The other three stakes tacit of which Is
worth t2,txx, with the number of ertrc, are as
follows :
2 U pace, thirteen entries: S-W pace, eighteen
entries, 2:17 pace, thirteen entries.
The large numbi-r of entries received In the
Merchant and Manufacturers' Slake Is takin
as an Indorsement ol tlm new ruie ni.own.7
but one horsu to bo namel upon the laimrnt
of a tingle entrance' fee
Tollottlng are the horses entered In the Mt-r-chants
Hnd Manufacturers' and the CTiambfr ot
Commerce stakes:
2 21 class, trotting. Merchants and Manufac
turers' btnke. tlo.OtM: Allfe Jtj Suntlsh, Emma
H03 1, Usonjero. BluewooJ Dod'c K . Barala,
Ned S. Klmca J, Hoieoclle Field Dty, ile
dlutn. Lads notable, Italia. Jolly Harh.lnr. Ftfd
Direct BlacUthorn. Johnny. McAdam. Jr . Mlhs
(lay. riills Mo M!j lto-dale ltuth C. lvm
ain. Uapiy Walnut. E"le Blrchwood, Ale
aniior. Stanley Dillon. Miss Jeanette. lack,
Burmut Doctor Jnnifs Orav.
2 24 pacing. (Chamber of Oimmerce Stake.
83.000: The Mutlnnr. Subtlna, West. Angus
Pointer. Mis Bolute, Judpe Denrj, Foxi (Mil
ler, Bronton Ooppr. Miss Shtbert, Ethel Mat..
Had Nens, Mornlns star Glideaaj. Haron
Graltnn llhvl nells. Mlts Ocrgia ISilnaMa'd.
May Dello. Nana Audubon, Solly Pointer.
Citizens' Han ill en p Weights.
Xahtllle. -Tenn . April 10 We slits for the
Cltlsens iltndlcap tl.&i ad led. one mile and a
sixteenth., to be decided at Cumberland Park on
April 3). have lcen annourcwl ni folions:
Gold Beds IM
Uttle Sfout 113
Flying Ship H"
filg Ben 1H
Reservation lit
Furn and Aft ill
Wltful Ill
l'ert Royal 113
Karlv Ill
Bards Across Ill
Dan McKcnna 1C9
Monsieur Beaucolre 1(18
Iev Dorscj 107
Jordan 107
Lady Jocelyne luo
Auditor lot
Flo not) IB
The Recent 103
Barding ,..1J3
Bondage 101
Mountebank 10.2
Brancas 101
Ralnlnnd 101
Monastic 101
Paris 101
The MeesenKer lot
Ancke I'll
Postmaster Wright.. l"l
Coruicato .....100
,udltn 5S
Coimoincn 59
NameoM .. i"7
MiJs Cra-afo-d 97
safety Light
Dutiful OS
Chantrelle 91
Cardinal Wolfe.... II
Water Tcier 93
Annie Davis :
Triumvir 81
Coum.ll .-. tl
Chebojgan '!
Ilrlar SI
llugler M
Bow 'and M M
Mlzrenmast I
Tenneesexan S3
Launay 8?
Emperor of India.... 91
Grand Circuit Stakes.
Columbus. O , April 1 The stakes for the
Grand Circuit meeting at Cojumbus, Septem
ber 19 to 23, hae been announced as follows:
J:10 and 2J3 class, trotting, and 2:rt, 2 19 and
Z.21 class, pacing Iich stake U worth 32.00
and will be decided bv threo best heats out
of five Nominations close Mav 18 The Co
lumbus Driving Association will offer a total
of 830.009 la purses for the Grand Circuit meet
Ttrenty-riv; Horsoi, ,)lay Start In
Aqneiluct Fentnre.
Washington, April 10. The chief topic
of conversation among turfmen Just now
Is the Carter Handicap, to be decided on
the opening day of the Aqueduct, Long;
Wand, meotlns Friday, April 13. At pres
ent a very large field can be counted upon
as probable surfers.
With seventy-eight nominations and six
teen declarations there still remain more
than sixty eligible to start. Of this num
ber, the natute of their woik seems to
point out about twentj-flve who might be
regarced good enough to go to the post.
First money will be more than $8,000, a
sura large enough at this early elate to at
tract far more than the average number
of starters In an Aqueduct stake.
The meeting now- going on at Bennings
has developed half a dozen eligible can
didates for the Carter Handicap, the best
of whom Is admitted to be Peter Paul. Not
only his owner, but many excellent
judges, think Peter Paul the probable
winner of tho Carter.
Tho Bennings meeting will end on
Thursday, when the second part of the
Eenntng-, handicap ulll be .1 tin.
Foimer ning Itlval Spend an Hoar
Talking: Over Old Times.
Boston, Mass , April 10 In the homo of
Mrs. Laiuion, at No. S7 Brook avenue.
Rocks Ferry, jesterday, two of the great
est pugilistic champions of their day met
In a friendly way.
The heroes of the roped arena and bit
ter antagonists of other days, who re
ceived each other in a most cordial man
ner, were John I Sullivan, the former
champion of all glove champions, and
"Charley" Mitchell, the beat boxer that
over represented Great Britain in the prize
ring. .
Mitchell wa-t the visiting pugilist, Mrs.
Lannon'H home beelng the present resi
dence of her brother, the once mighty
John L.
There was a striking contrast In the ap
pearance of the ttvo men, considering the
fact that there Is only three years dif
ference in their ascs.
Sullivan being lii years old and Mitchell
tS. Sullivan suffered In comparison with
the Englishman.
During the one hour conversation be
tween thorn, Sullivan and Mitchell made
many Interesting comments. Considering
the feeling that Is supposed to have exist
ed between the two men for so many years
In consequence of their prize-ting ambi
tions, they were cxtreme.y affable, and
on the Englishman's entrance into the
house each grasped the other's hand In a
most cordial m.mnor.
They talked of the battles of former
days, and compared them with the mills
of the present, both agreeing that those
of twenty jears ago proved more con
clusively the merits of a tighter than the
pugilism of to-day.
Semiprofexslonal Gaines,
The Ben Mlllerv. under Captain Erman, de
feated the Simpson Stars at Belleville yester
day afternoon by a score of I to 1. The fast
fielding and clever hitting of Kroymeyer were
among th features of tne game.
Marager Barlley's Globes opened their sea
son at Ehman'H Park jesterday by defeating
the Glpevs by a score of a) to 2.
Tha White Seals defeated the Popular Bluff
team at the latters ground esterday after
noon by a score of 6 to 1. Kltzporter. pitching
for the Seals, let the Bluff team down with
eirht hits. Bines. jho twirled for the Bluff
nine, let the St Louis team down with ten
hits, and had eight strike outs. Fltzporter
fanned ten.
The C. B. C. team won from the Frisco
Gras at the college campus yesterday after
noon by a score of 6 to o The collegians also
defeated the Benples by a score of 13 to 4.
Boston 10, Eransvllle O.
Eansvllle. Ind.. April 10 The Boston Xa
tlonals easily shut out the Evansvllle Central
League team this afternoon by a score of 10
Evansvllla 3. Batteries Willis and Needham;
Miner, usy and (.Toes. Attendance. 3. quo.
Ships norses to Kansas City.
Dallas. Tex., April 10 J. W. Fuller, the
'Wills Point turfman, shipped Ore race horses
to Kansas City last night.
Forty dollars given away. Look
out. for the Bargain Advertise
ment of The Georgia-Stimson
Furniture & Carpet Co. in The Re
public next Wednesday morning.
Nationals Sent Sievers to Mourn
ers' Bench in-Third and Pound
ed Morgan Hard.
St. Louis Boy With Browns
Nailed the Ball Against the
Left;Field Fence in First
By bunching their hits off Sievers and
Wright, the Cardinals won the sixth game
of tho nnteseason series at League Park
jesterday afternoon. Tho final score was
U to C
Prom gong to gong the game abounded
In clean, sharp hitting. A fusillade of four
runs in the third Inning, the result of
some hard clouting, sent Ed Sievers to the
moumcrrf bench. Morgan, who succeeded
him, fared little better. The Cardinals hod
their batting togs on and slammed his
shoots around League Park for a total
of seven runs and ten hits.
Taj lor. however, did not escape the or
deil unscathed. The Browns" sharpshoot
ers connected with his benders In the first
inning for thiee runs and four slashing
The ltst swatt mado oft Taylor In the
first inning was easily the longest drive
of the series. "Hans" Huelsman. the
Browns' giant right fielder, met one of
Jack's high fast ones. .The ball commenced
an aerial trip that terminated against
the bleacher fence. Not only was the hit
the longest of the present series, but was
by a good margin a longer hit than any
made at "League Park last car. "The ball
-truck the bleacher fence on a short
llrst botfad.
The 20.000 fans in the lnclosure gave
Huelsman tho glad hand. Ho responded
by cracking out two singles out of a total
of four times u3.
After this preliminary bombardment,
Tulor settled down to work and for the
next six innings retired the Browns with
out a run.
Morgan, who succeeded Sievers. pitched
well in spots, but after that terrible sec
ond Inning of slaughter, when Sievers
was so severely slugged, the gam was
never In doubt.
The Cardlnils got In front In the second
Inning and staed there unUI the supper
bell rang. Toward the close of the con
test the Browns made a game rally, but
Nichols's team was so far out In front
that McAIecr'a pets were unable to over
haul them.
Again did the Cardinals show lack of
proper coaching. In the first Inning Shay
and Barclay got their wireless signals
mixed on Heidrick's tap to short left.
Both fast men, either could have reached
the hit had he received the call to do so.
In the field the Cardinals played the best
ball, the only error of the day being a
mlsplay on a hard chance by Danny Shay.
Three bobbles were registered against tha
Browns. GlesBOn drawing two and
"Brains" Padden the other.
The Browns got away to a good start.
Two singles, a two-base hit and Huels
man's terrific drive against the fenco gave
the tribe of McAleer three runs;
In the second period the Cardinals went
the Browns one better by scoring four
runs. Two errors, a sacrifice hit, a wild
pitch and three singles were the means
of scoring tha runs.
One mora run was added to the Cardi
nals' total In the third Inning. Barclay
walked, "Deerfoot" had a case . of
"Charley horse" when he reached first
Ivase, and Dunleavy, who took his place at
first, stole second, and a moment later
lie trotted across the pan on Gra'iy's nice
drive over second. Goose eggs were served
to all hands during the third, fourth and
nmi .nn'ngs. .
Shannon opened the sixth inning for the
Curdlrals with a single. Ho was sacrificed
to sceo-id by Smoot. Beckley singled, but
was out stealing seiond. Shty walked, and
stole sjeend. Burke pasted a hot one over
second and Shay and Shannon registered.
Blinks were drawn bv both teams in the
seventh. In the eighth, singles by Held
rlck and Demont, coupled with an infield
out and Huclsman's terrific drive over
short, gave the Browns two more runs.
Two free passes, three hit a sacrifice
ana a long ny to nueismsn gro iaa v.ar
danals four more in the eighth.
Burkett's double and Heidrick's single
gave the Browns their sixth and last tally
In tho ninth inning. The bcore:
Nam. AB. R. II. O. A. B
nurkett- left field 4 110 0 0
Heldrlck. center field .. 5
Demont, shortstop S
Jonee. flnt bass 6
X 3 3 1 0
12 4 0 0
1 1 t 1 0
0 3X00
0 0 0 0 2
0 0 4 3 1
0 0 13 0
0 0 0 10
0 O 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 0
nii,limsn. ria-ht field
Gleason, third basa .... 4
Padden, second base ... 4
Sugdcn. catcher 4
Sievers, pitcher 0
Morgan, pitcher i
Swander 1
Totals 21 S 11 H 9 t
9andr batted for Morgan in ninth.
Name. AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Farrell. second basa ...i4 01010
Shannon, right field ... 4 2 2 J 0 0
Smoot. center field 2 I 0 1 0 0
Beckley. first base B 1 J 19 0 0
Shay, shortstop J J 1- 0 J 1
Burke, third base 1 2 1 0
Barclay, left Held 1 1 O J 0 0
Oradv. catcher 4 12 4 2 0
Taylor, pitcher 6 0 3 00
Dunleavy, left field .... 2 1 1 0 0 0
Totals M 11 It 1J 1
Browns S 0 0 0 0 fl 0 S 1-J
Cardinals 0 4 1 0 0 Z 0 4 .--11
Earned runs Browns 5, Cardinals 3. Two
basn hits Hrldrtck .. Demont 1. Tailor 1,
Burkett 1. Three-base hlts-Huelsman 1. Sac
rltlce hits Slever 1. Smoot 2. Stolen bases
Hurkett 1, Heldrlclc 1. Dunleavy 1, 8hay J,
Shannon 1. Wild pitches 81ever 1. Bases on
balls-Off Taylor 1. off Slever 1. off MorKan 7.
Struck out By Slever 1. by Taylor 3. by Mor
gan 1. Lft on bases Browns 7, Cardinals 5
rime of gameOne hour and forty-flva min
utes. Umpires O'Day and Sheridan.
Browns and Cardinals to Flay Last
Game of Serlea To-Day.
Tho final and decisive game of the ante
seaann series for tho local championship
will 3 playv-d at Sportsman"! Park this
The series now stands three all for the
Browns and Cardinals, Whoever wins to
day will have the great and exclusive
privilege of tagging themselves "It" in
St. Lotus.
The "World's Fair" championship hinges
on the result of to-day's game, and a red
hot tilt Is expected.
Neither team will stop short of taking
desperate chances In every department of
the game.
Sudhoff. a star of the latter day, will
meet cither "Kid" Nichols or "Smiling
Joe" Corbet! on the rubber.
It shoulii be a grand pitcher's battle.
Nichols has been a star for the last fifteen
years. Coitett was Baltimore's pride when
that team was considered the brainiest
and most daring team ever organized.
Sudhoff showed his best form last year
when he was classed among the big four
of American lieague twiners. In case
Sudhoff is not Ditched, "Gene" Wright
will go on the firing; line for the Browns,
and If he keeps the form that he dis
played on his last out he should make It
very interesting for the Cardinals.
Tho 1 ne-up will to practically the tamo
as It hai been throughout the series.
"Doerfoot" Barclay will return to left
field to-Oay, aa his Injuries yesterday were
ery slight.
Both managers predict victory for their
respective charges. If the day Is fair, the
b-st week-day crowd of the series should
turn out.
"Deerfoot" Barcliy, the Cardinals' pop
ular left fielder, mourns the loss of his
glove. When he left tha field, after bis I
legs went back on htm, Deerfoot was In I
too much gain to think of hlssjor. AH-1
tho game rome fan picked It up. Barclay
says he will reward the finder of hln
"pet" by giving him a brand-new glove
for the return of the old one.
What's the matter with Donahue? Tho
fans would like to see him in practice. It
might be a good Idea to send the "Mor
mon" to left field the ne-tt time Barclay
Is forced to quit on account of injuries.
Donnle ought to make n good tubstltute
for Barclay, and It would servo to Intro
duce him to the local fans.
Huelsmnn's hitting-pleared the fans im
measurably yesterday. The big fellow
met the ball nicely, and tho rapi did not
have tho ring of an Invalid's tap back of
them as the lefithls bat. Hans Is bound
to make good, and If he does, Cotnislcey
nas about tine chance In a hundred to land
him. Hedges Is much more of a fighter
than one would judge at first glance from
his genial manner, and It Is a cinch tint
ho will not allow this prize to get away
from him without making a hot fight for
his retention. , -
"Jimmy" Burke showed his true form
in yesterdas'si game. -Out of five times up
he smashed out three singles and took
care of all the raps sent his way In great
form. All last year Burke "was the only
inf.elder on the Cardinal team .that was
considered anything near a clats ball
Brain was good, but a grievance against,
the management lessened his efficiency.
Tho knocking against Burke 1 In-pired
bv the same forces that wrecked the
Cardinals last year, and the Roblsons will
learn of their error If they pay heed
to It. Burke Is not the flashy type of ball
Slayer, never vva-t and never will be. but
e is alAajs In the game, and Barrows's
offer of 15,0ii0 Is an Indication of how well
the men In the bat.oball profession think
of the aggressive third sackcr.
Burke knows more of the tricks of the
game than any infiplder now with ihr
Cardinals, and when the race is on In the
dog dajs when games count. Burke will
be to the fore and hustling all tho time.
Charley rarroll. the Boston Ameri
cans veteran catcher, started to play
ball in 1687. He Is now training for his
seventeenth ear in major-league base
ball, and, from reports, is rounding into
good shape.
t - '
To 'Hear some fans talk, one would
think Umpire Sheridan a porch-climber.
He's not. howtver. He Is merely an um
pire, and one or the best in tne busi
ness. ;
Both President Hedge and Mf Stanley
Roblson smiled when the weather man
put a damper on the proposed game last
Saturday. So did "Eddie" Htnlon smile
when "Young" Corbott kissed him after
that recent kneckout at Ean Francisco.
Pndacah lO, Xaahvlllc S.
PaJucah, K , April 10 Inability to hit
Freeman at opportune times and hea stlk
work by Padjrah trsultpd In the defeat of
the NaAhviUe boat hern Leaguers this after
noon at Lemrue Park.
Nashville was in the game only for to In
nlnjra, martini? out like winners. Frmnn Rat
tled down and made the Ilsherites bit tha
dust Uko a bunch of amateur But for costly
errors the score on tho laItonr aide irould
have been much lower.
The local hit Herman n hn runs were
needed, while Frman I'ad th nher bati
roen at Ms mercy btx Flshentes cawed the
air. Herman' strike-out record waa three. At
tendance was 1,00)
By Innlngu:
It. H. E-
Paducah 2 0 2 0 3 0 0 1 2-10 ! 6
Nashville 1 21000100 S 9 4
Batteries Freeman and Land; Herman and
Flaher. Umpire XJoj d.
rittabarff 10. Kansan City O.
Kansas City, Mo.. April 10 The Plttsbury
National League, team defeaW the Kansas Cltv
American Association team here to-day. icoie;
R. H E.
Pittsburr 10 u 1
Kanaai City 0 7 4
Men Will Go Fifteen Honnds at 123
Foands. With Jack Doyle as Ref
eree Flfrhtlnsr Notes.
Eddie Randall and JImmIe Dunn will
battle to-night before tho Nortji Side Ath
letic Club, this Institution being conducted
by Mike Walsh at Thirteenth and Wright
streets. The boys are scheduled to go
fifteen rounds.
Jack Dojle, who was formerly a spar
ring partner of Johnny Regan, will ref
eree the go. Jack Is probably lighter in
Vi eight than any of -the contestants
scheduled for the events of the evening
and ha may have some trouble In break
ing the men In case they develop a tend
ency to clinch.
The opening event of the night will be
a six-round affair between Lee La Blanche
and Kid Irvine. Julius Klein and John
Baker will follow In a six-round go. Then
comes the main event of the evening.
Dunn has fought several times here,
having met Qus Bezenah lately at the
Columbian Athletic Club. He Is a tough
enough customer in his class and seems
absolutely untroubled by any small de
tails, such as punches to the stomach or
Jaw. If he can show his usual ability for
absorbing punishment to-night he deserves
to be ranked with Joe Qrlmm.
Jtandall Is a St. Louis boy, said to be of
fair ability. He has been working at the
Business Men's Gymnasium of late, and
has shown reasonable skill at sparring.
The opening preliminary will go on about
Philadelphia Jack O'Brien Is still quar
tered in his country training resort at
Roth's Grove. In St. Louis County. The
placo is a few blocks out from Delmar
Garden, at the point known as Sutter's
Pott Office. It 19 sufficiently far away
from the heart of the city to give O'Brien
plenty of fresh air and country roads to
exerclte, over and enables him to go
through. his work, away from tho attention
which wns attracted when he took his
morning runs In Forest Park recently.
"Twin" Sullivan, who does not sen to
allow anything to worry him, has returned
to Autcnreith's place, near Clayton, and
is training; in the same placid fashion
which characterized his work before the
bout was postponed. "Twin" seems abso
lutely undisturbed by any of the nervous
strain which worrienmany fighters on the
eve of an Important bout, and appears
extremely philosophical over Affairs In
general. Judging from his manner, he l
one of those -boxers who may yawn of
ennui between rounds of a battle in which
he may be engaged.
a?b Seller in Vv
f f" the World 1 !
assess! sass!
H ; H i
k FttFF 25 dainty maids of as roiar jV
AT sTBsbsisssi nations, each boldiag Iter - .assssW I'
set of pictures we have ever itroed you know what AsfH' SsaaaaaV
tint means. Full set free for 60 Turkiia - - .-.. .Br 3
is Trophies coupons. nmmjmum5' I
Xiasssssssssssssaw -sbbbbbbbbbbbbb
- i . - - . ' l.-im-
IHHgifll '"rffw' ".'"trfasssss! sbbbbbbbbbhHsbbS ' 9rfQ? f.h sR ! 1
Plaicrs of tho Browns who will help
Railway Magnate Declines lie
Has 'Fought His Last Battle
for Northwest.
Believes His Side Will Trieniph
in Approaching Suit, hut Ad
mits That Chances Are "
r Taken.
St. Paul. Minn., April 1". President
James J. Hill of the Great Northern, in an
interview to-day, confirms his previous
statements that. If the suit brought by
tho Harnman interests is successful, he
will retire, and says that. If the Northern
Pacific goes into the hands of hostile in
terests, he has fought his last battle for
the Northwest.
"All I can say Is already said In my
testimony in the Securities suit," Mr. Hill
eald. "If the Harriman Interests win, it
means lust what I said then either to
fight or to sell out to them. I have fought
my last fight for the Northwest, and ir I
am brought face to face with another
conflict I shall sell out and retire. Peo
ple forget that I am not compelled to
fight the Northwest's battles. I am get
ting to an age whan I feel that I am en
titled to a rest. What it will mean if in
terests which have nlways fought to se
cure a grip on the country we are trylntj
to build up succeed In their purpose, any
one can figure out as well as I. It would
mean for us that we must fight another
battle or sell out. What I saw, 1 meant.
We will sell.
"North Dakota and Washington and
other States hae been friendly to us be
cause they realize what these lines have
done for them. They have cheapened trans
portation and glvn facilities to communi
ties that needed them, yet this, we now
understand, la In restraint of trade. If
ne applied Union Pacific rates to the
Great Northern it would mean an Increase
of JT.OOO.OOO a year in our earnings. It
ould cost the Northwestern, for Instance.
JSOO.OOO a year to apply the same rate, yet
people are fighting us.
"I have prospered, of course, yet I have
given my labor for no more than any
stockholder has received. I wanted to get
these lines into such shape that no hostile
Interest could touch them, for the sake
of the loyal Investors, who have always
aided mt and remained my friend?.
Hemmed In by hostile interests on the
north anl south, all that will be left to do
will be to protect these men and sell. I
could sell, of course, if I wished, and
could command a good price from the
Great Northern poiibly ZX.
"The case is In the hands of the law
yers. I believe we will win It, yet we are
taking the usual chances of a lawsuit.
We are fighting for an equitable and Just
plan of distribution of the Northern Se
curities' assets. Wo will have a good
case, and the affidavits that will be filed
on Tuesday will make remakably good
reading. I do not want to try the case
before tho courts get a chance. These
affidavits will show figures concerning
what the ratable distribution plan means,
that will demonstrate the position of
Harriman and his friends.
"We have battled for new markets and
wider opportunities for the Northwest.
Let some one else take up the fight now.
When the time comes when Northwest
must have new markets these people will
realize that it would have been a good
plan to have let us alone In our attempt
to get them.
"No more flour Is going to Asia. Why?
Because of this same embarrassment, we
must publish our rates and give the
McAIccr nine win many games the coming;"-!
season. 5
Trench. English. German and other Inter
ests a chance merely to look at them and
tl-cn mark under them and get the busi
ness. "The 40-eent flour rate represented no
protlt-s to u. It did not make a percepti
ble dlfferem e to our treasur ; j et the mills
In cur territory are shipping no more flour 1
to the Orient because the Government was
unreasonably exacting In Its restrictions
and forcd the rate up."
Wagner Track Gets Four, Addi
tional Itaring Dates ami "Will
Hold Spring and Fall
Meetings.. TJ(
Chicago. III., April 10. Chicago's turf,
war U settled. The Worth race track will
cpen its Spring meeting April 10. This an
nouncement was made to-nlghfby tha
leaders of the Western Jockey Club tracks
in this city.
This conc'uslon was reached after a
conference of several daj s. The announce
ment, a few dai s ago. that Worth had re
fused Its dates and would not advertise
stake nxtures created a sensation in West
ern turf circles. Th" resultant-turf war
threatened to close all local tracks..
A stage was reached . where mediation
was necessary, and President Lawrence
A. Young of the Washington Park Club
undertook to arrange peace. As a result
It Is anrounccd by Secretary Harvey T.
Woodruff of the Western Jockey Club that
all has been settled.
Mr. Touni; departed for New York to
night. The Worth Jockey Club will, dur
ing the eaiun of lXU secure--forty-eight
'r?cln; das. four more than were al
lotted. The spring dates next year will be
gin April 29. and continue twenty-four
days, and the fall-meeting will begin Oc
tober 2 and run for the same length of
John K. Moore Is appointed official stew
ard to repre vent the Western Jockey Club
at this meeting. The officials with the ex
ception of patrol Judge and starter, are tha
same as lait year. J. S. Wallace Is to
fill the former place, and William Murray
will have charge of the starting.
Seventh Week of Class B at
Will Brain To-Msht.
Page won the class B tournament at the ?
Grand last week, while Becker was second x
and Abel a close third- Davenport, Hoff- f
man. Hook, Ford. Hallman. Clayton and J"
Cornell followed In the order named. i
The seventh week of the class B tourna- i
ment will bo commenced to-night, when i. '
Hoffman will meet Hcok. The following j
schedule will be carried out: Abel r
Ford, Tuesday; Hook vs. Clayton, ,s
Wednesday: Becker vs. Cornell. Thursday: j
Hallman vs. Becker, Friday, and Hoffman
vs. Page, Saturday.
SMaurlce Balzhelser leads the players In X.
the State championship pool tournament J
at the Broadway. Claude White and Hen-
ry Jones are in second and third places. i
The other rlayers follow In the order
named: Ely. Howe. Ion. Gilmore. Mc- j
Oowan. Dowd, Anderson, Alcoke and Du- f
mont. Balzhelser will play McGowan to-
night- a.
Chicago 7, Omaha 4.
Omaha. Xeb.. April 10. The Chlcsca Amer
ican olayers ontbatted the Omaha westerns
tolay In a slinr exhibition game. Attendance,
x.cuo. Score: bur
Omaha a 4 0 0 0 111 04 ' t
Chicago ....1 H 0 O H 1 W 11 1
Batteries Henderson. Lebhartt and Gondlsx;
Owen and Earlham. Umpire Sage.
Toplar Blun. 3Io.. April . The baseball sea
son opened here to-day. the home team being
defeated by tHe Whit Seals or St. Lotus
core 5 to i. Ilatterlea White Seals, Fltztor
ter: Poplar Bhir. Rlnea and Daughtery. nm
tAn Wagoner. Both teams will play astln to
Fcrty dollars given away. Look out for
the Bargain Advertisement of Simmons
Kardwnre Co. In The Republic next
Wednesday morning.
W -I j'.-.v-i
fl'1 ' '.'' .".' ' '.. .-..,,.-. w ,- T

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