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and Locust
and Seventh
' II 1
Continuation o the O"" Millinery Sale
I ffift li
r J t.-l..
a millinerv sale of such magnitude. Fifteen hundred high-
- .
Nevor before lias St. Louis beheld
largest and best-known millinery house hi the world, are on'
class Trimmed Uiits. boiiRbt from the
sale at one-half and one-third actual
stvle and model that is good this year,
made since Easter. The values are in
values. Included in this manimotii assorcnif-ni i tuery
There is not an old hat in the lot. Kvery out; has been
the truest sense of the word wonderful.
" ' ' ' ' ' -- . . ... n. i
nnii'T m, it w&mwBSmffm
:ji " t ;-'-'( ' v dBgBs9Ilil9ff7ll9j91''3?!rTlsBn
.-1 u.h ' r ' s,f -"i.Bi fc"rtvs . ?-. -uj. r.,:v7aBgasBBa-,'r.;2ra1-sx
...: . ... ; ..j .13 . - . .r?r':?.J'sHKS'.ei6f
I1 l 5 i i . , ' :r! if,.' I '. - l :. Httjuftt, intfBiaiiCsf 5 HPKJi.vdw .,
- :', ;.wm-u!ai.) . , i.yi j U..M If t ' fSaBgngBwagBgtM 4aBBBBBgB7XsBWfc IVguI " '?: 'i,7 ,
- . -l -p' v i-xe-. rr ; -" s. ri' I BaBBgBBgBBgBBBBr aver jiruuriK.'. .vug AggBgsgsgsBB .--s lu'.j -.J'" 1
To Prove What Sw.'.mp-RoDt, the Grear Kidney Remedy,
Will Do for YOU. Every Reader of "Tiiu Daily Re
public" May Have a Sarapl Eottle Sent Free by Mail.
f Wcnk and unlicallhy kidneys are responsibl-j for
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Therefore -when, through neglect or other causes, kidney
trouble is permitted to continue, fatal results are sur
to follow.
Your other organs may need attention but your
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(3 Cottao St.. Melroie. Mats.
DEAR SIR. Jan. Uta. 1904.
Eer since I was lo the Army.'l bad' mora
r less ktUney trouble and wltain the (iat
. ear It became sa seiere and complicated that
I suffered everything and nas much alarmed
my atremrth and power was fart leaving- me.
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wroto asking tor airlce. I besan the ne of
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I contl-iued Its ue and am thanVful to aay
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Hotel Keepers Divide on "UDea
ihop" Poller Because Wagea
Are Too High.
The Hotel and Restaurant Keepers As
sociation, of St Louis met last night at
tho Hamilton Hotel, according to" Walter
H. Saunders, attorney' 'of that organiza
tion, and decided on "open anop" during
the World's Fair.
He said that the association had re
ceived a notice from the Walters' Union
which was entirely out of reason and that
It could not be considered.
He said' that all of the principal cafes
and hotels of St. Louis were In the or
ganization, and that nono of the members
would confine themselves to union waiters
during the Fair.
The scale of wages demanded by the
union, according lo Mr. Saunders, is the
largest ever demanded by the Walters'
Red Cloud la Coming:.
Red Cloud, the head chief of the Siour
Nation, is on his way to St. Louis with
Ton won't watte a thought on your
foet from Us time 70a lace yenr soon
;n the morning until jxra take thsm
off at night that's real Oreasett
V rODX Mr Urn net Imp Ota, mil,
f. rwMfeUimivkaateg.
M JgWMRafaMiagiijoJ?
poor dleestion, being- obliged to pan
jour water frequently meht and day,
smarting or iriltallon In passing, brick
dust or sediment in the urine, headache,
backache, lame back, dizziness, eleep-lessne.-s.
nervousness, heart disturbance
due to bad kldnev trouble, nkin erup
tions from bad blood, neuralcia. rheu
matism, diabetes, bloating. Irritability.
virn-0Jt feelln-;. lack of ambition. ls
of fleh, sallow complexion, or Bright
If jour water, when allowed to remain
undisturbed In a class or bottlo tor
twentj-four hours, forms a sediment or
settling or has a cloudy appearance. It is
evidence that your kidneys and bladder
need Immediate attention.
Bwamp-Root Is the great discovery
of Dr. Kilmer, the eminent kidney
and bladder specialist. Hospitals use It
with wonderful success In both slight
and secre caes. Doctors recommend It
to their patients and use It In their own
families, because they recognlsa n
Sw-amp-Root the greatest and roost suc
cessful remedy.
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and Is
for sale at drug stores the world over In
bottle of two si2es and two prices nfty
cents and one dollar. Remember Ul
name. Swamp-rtoot, Dr. Kilmera
Swamp-Root, and the address, Blng
hamton, N. Y.. on every bottle.
320 Indians of the Northwestern tribes.
They are In a special train of twenty car
and bring sejth them their tepees and
other native -paraphernalia. besides
three cars of Indian ponies. Red Cloud Is
M years old. and has never before been at
an Exposition spectacle. Another famous
chief is Chief Joseph of the Nes Perces,
while other Indian stars of lesser magnl-
iuus am uiciuucu in ine parry.
Loalslana Territory Shows Prefer
ence In Opening; Ceremonies.
The Department of State and Territorial
Exhibits hag Issued a list of the States
and Territories In the order In which they
will march at the opening ceremonies at
the World's Fair next Saturday.
Only members of the State commissions
and officials of the respective States will
participate In the parade. Each State body
will meet at Its respective building and
the order of procession will be as fol
lows: States In the Louisiana Purchase: Louis
iana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa. Minne
sota, Kansas. Nebraska, Colorado, North
Dakota, South Dakota Montana and Wyo
ming. Territories In the Louisiana Purchase:
Indian Territory and Oklahoma.
The thirteen original States: Penniyl--ranla.
New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut,
gtassacnuseus. aiaryiana, aouin Carolina,
New Hampshire, Virginia, New York.
North Carolina and Rhode Island.
States outside of Louisiana Purchase:
Vermont. Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, In
diana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama,
Maine, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, Cali
fornia, Oregon, West Virginia and Ne-
Territories outside of Louisiana Pur
chase: New Mexico, Arizona. Alaska,
Porto Rico and the Philippines.
Japanese Ladles Coagtgug- te Fair
Carried From Railroad Wreck.
Oskaloosa, la., April a. Because alx
dainty little ladles from the land of tho.
Mikado objected to be rescued from a
railroad wreck, traffic on the Central of
Iowa was almost stopped last night. They
declined to get out of their sleepers and
walk through the mud, that they might
bo transferred from one train to another
around a landslide that had ruled a cut.
and they had their way.
Near New St axon the slide covered X
feet of track, stopping the southbound
train. In one of the sleepers of which
were six Japanese ladles en route to St.
Louis to Join their husbands, officers In
charge of the Japanese exhibit. After
much, explanation they donned kimonos
and stepped out on the platform, drawing
back In dlsaust at the mud. They would
not wade through, but they did consent
at last to be carried by the men, who
Joining hands, two of them to each of the
Oriental ladles, carried them around.
Not a speck of mud touched the ladles,
who put their arms around the necks of
their bearers and did not mind at alL
Washington, April 21 The Acting
Postmaster General, Robert J.
Wynne, to-day Issued the formal
order establishing on April 39. to
continue during the Louisiana Pur
chase Exposition, the Exposition
Station of the St. Louis Post Of
fice (to be located in the -Govern
ment building on the Exposition
grounds), with facilities for the s
transaction of ' money-order and s
registry business, the sale of postal ' s
supplies ind the receipt and dls-
patch of malls.
-,. I
rni.vcK zv 110H.nNr.OHE schillingsfurst.
Who heads a distinguished party of Germans who recently arrived In New Tori:
en route to the World'3 Fair.
Chief Reeves of Exposition Bu
rean of Information Believes
Departure of Mam- Fair
Workers Will Reduce
If the calculations of the "World's Fair
officials are correct, there Is a good tlmo
coming very soon for the oppressed ten
ants of landlords who have taken advan
t&go of an extraordinary demand to ex
act extortionate rents for their proper
ties. Charles M. Reeves. Chief of Domestic
Exploitation, who has charge of the
World's Fair Bureau of Information,
and who Is thoroughly conversant with
the situation, takes the optimistic- view
that rents will very soon be decreased to
reasonatle figures Ho bases this opinion
on the fact that thousands of the workers
at the World's Fair who came to the city
II V WUUil Itl g.'itUI(k J 1114 it nn.r .MVU
the following schedule of l'ost Officii ar
... ..., ...v.. ,. . ..c.c . v...... rangemtnts tor the opening day of the
demand for small nouses and fiats, which
furnished the excuse for a radial advance
In rent rates. Mr. Reees believes that
when a number of people, placed approxi
mately at 10,0000, sha.l have fihen up
their houses and left the city within tho
ei.suing months, that landlords will find It
to their advantage to come down to a
Attests parsons creaiea an exirnoruinary
more reasonable ngure In their rates.
According to llr. Reeves there have
been but very few cases of extortionate
charges by those who havo rooms to
rent, brought to thp notice of the Ilureau
of Information. This Is no 'doubt duo to
the precautions taken by the bureau
against such practices, as In the list of
registered private families and houses
having rooms to rent, tho prices which
they agreed to charge for the accommo
dations offered were set down in the book
and- persons warned that If they went
over the published prices they would be
blacklisted, and the visiting public
warned against their houses.
ino prices enumerated in ins hsis range
from li cents to 34 a day. The bureau
has distributed manv thousands of the
blue flags, which are to be disp'ayed by
those having accommodations for visitors,
and Mr. Reetes believes that there will
be no lack of rooming facilities for nil of
the great crowds expected to be here for
the opening day of the Fair.
The bureau Is preparing a new book
containing the names of private iamllit.i
who will keep tholr homes open for the
accommodation of visitors all during the
Ffilr, and this will be Issued In the near
future. The bureau has also at Its f-erv-tca
the prh-ate canvass mado by the pub
lic school teachers, for the National Edu
cational Association Convention, as well
as that made for the convention of Wom
en's Clubs.
Xnofflclal Commission ncporta Rapid
Collection of Material.
Advlcrs havo been received from Russia
by tha Division of E-thlblts of the World's
Fair to the effect that tha Russian ex
hibits are now being rapidly collected end
will be installed by June 1.
As published In The Republic recent
the Division of Exhibits was requested
by an unofficial commission of prominent
Russian artists and manufacturers to
allot the original space given to tho Rus
sian Government prior to Its withdrawal
from official participation in the Fair.
This could not be acme, but the exposi
tion allotted space In the Fine Arts,
Varied Industries, Manufactures and Edu
cation paUves.
The commission Is beaded by Prince
Troubexkaye and Is composed of some of
the distinguished men of the Czar's Um
Many Boxes and Hales From Guate
mala and Nicaragua Arrive.
New Orleans. La., April 26. The Com
missioners and exhibits of the" Central
American Republics of Guatemala and
Nicaragua have arrived here. The Guate
malan exhibit Is In charge of Senor Man
uel M. Jeron. It Includes 300 bales and
boxes and consists largely of coffee, which
will be kliown in all its grades and In all
its stages of growth. There are also
many kinds of fruit, Guatemalan mahog
any, cedar and ITS other woods and a
large exhibit of Indian work, as well as
several quetzals, or birds of paradise. -The
Nlcaraguan Commisrfon Includes
Doctor Leopoido R. Ramirez. Chler Com
missioner: Rosendo Rubto. secretary, and
Senors Alejandro Bermudez and Juan
Eslaya. with fifty other NIcaraguans to bo
employed In various capacities. Doctor
Ramirez la Minister of Public Works of
Nicaragua and has been Minister of War
and Ambassador to Honduras.
Eighty RepreaentatlYCS of Different:
Tribes Arrive at Tacoma.
Tacoma, Wash , Aprlt 2S. The Orient
liner Tremont arrived In port to-day.
She brought an unusually large passenger
list. Including persons who have been in
the military or educational department at
Manila, and naasenrar frnm YnlrntinmiL
.and Kobe.- There were eighty natives of
different tribe of the Philippines en route
to the St. Louis Exposition.
Pence Conference In August.
Brussels. April H. The bureau of the'
Interparliamentary Peace Conference has
been called to hold Ui next conference
at Bt. Louis, August t,
Citv Office?, Courts. Banks and
Business Will Observe Open
ing Day at Fair as a
Ofilclals of the State and city goern
ment and private citizens of SL Louis
are determined to make Saturdiy, April
SO. the opening day of the Ixulslana Tur
chase Exposition, a record-breaking event.
Mayor Wells has already declared the
day a holiday, and all city offices will
close. The" Post Office, the eourt3. the ex
changes, the banks and many large whole
sale and retll mercantile houses will close.
Railroad companies are nlready bring
ing thousands of guests to the city and
with anything like clear skies Saturday
St. Louis will not only open tho World's
Fair, but open the eyes of tho world as
to tho patriotic sectiniunt of her citizens
to-naid tho Exposition.
I'oitmastcr i-rj.uK wyman nas issueu
The two early deliveries will be made
from the main ofnec. Produce. Merchants,
Cupples, City Hall and Terminal statlona
From all other stations the first deliv
ery only will be mado.
Vhe collcciionn In the residence illstricts
will bo made the same as on Sundays.
The managers of many stores, as a re
sult of a meeting Monday, have Issued
a formal nolica of their Intention to close
their establishments and keep them
closed on that day. These Include tho
folloulng, who will doubtless be rapidly
re-enrorocd by others to-day:
The May Company, the William Barr
Dry Gbods Company, Scruggs. Vfcnder
vcort & Barney Dry Goods Company, tho
Grand-Leader, II. Nugent & liro Dry
Goods Company, Simmons Hardware
Company, U E. Green & 8on. Criterion
Cloak Company, F. W. Garland, A. J.
Jordan Cutlery Company, Penny & Gen
tles, Strauss & Stumer Mercantile Com
pany and Sonnenfeld Millinery Company.
Two Cabinets of Precious Wood and
Rare Cnrvlnu Worth Slt.tVOO.
Ceylon's building at the World's Fair
Is the repository of probably the two
most valuable pieces of furniture on the
grounds. The pieces ore two cabinets of
precious wood and rare carving, the com
bined values of which amount to over
The cabinets were unpacked yesterday
and will constitute part of the show things
that abound In the Cejlon court. One
of them Is of ebony, beautifully carved In
design, representing tho flora, fauna and
humankind of the Island. It Is the prop
erty of a lady of Ceylon residing In Lon
don and has been loaned for exhibition. It
is valued at Jl.70.
The other Is of calamander wood, one
of the rarest kinds of precious wood In
the island, and It Is also exquisitely
carved. This, cabinet was purchased by
the Government of the Island for exhibi
tion here and Is valued at about the same
amount as the other cabinet. Both pieces
of furniture are tho handiwork of Cin
galese artisans.
Cleaner for Exhibit Places Besides
Those Employed by Concession
, Company.'
The organization of' the '-World's Fair
Janitors' force for the cleaning of the ex
hibit palaces Is nearlng completion, and
the question .of a sultabla uniform Is now
under consideration. Tills force will av
erage about twenty men to each of the
exhibit palaces, and will bo entirely Inde
pendent of the forces employed by the
concession company, which has tha Jan
itor privileges.
The World's Fair Janitor force Is urder
the direction of the dlvldon of exhibits
and will bo used to, clian the aisles and
other parts of the exhibit palaces not in
cluded In the spaces controlled by ex
hibitors, who .will be 'obliged to pay for
their own Janltoring..
ine exposition janitors win De uni
formed In white duck with black caps, the
uniform being very much like that adopt
ed for tho concession Janitors.
Board Board of Aldermen Called
See About Going to St. Louis.
New York, April 26. A committee from
the Board of Aldermen called at the
Mayor's office shortly after 13 o'clock to
day to see the Mayor about having the
board represented nt the opening of the
St. Louis Exposition. The Mayor had for
gotten the engagement and was out at
luncheon. ' Secretary O'Brien made an
appointment for the Aldermen to call
again on Thursday.
Tho Exposition "opens on Saturday.
Fast trains from New York to St. Louts
make the trip In thirty hours. The Board
of Aldermen may not be represented at
the opening of the Exposition.
Board of Education Visitors.
Albert Cooke. Superintendent of the
Schools of Baltimore County, Maryland,
was a visitor at the Board of Education
rooms yesterday, and will attend the
opening of the Fair. 'G. D. Pickels of the
Louisiana State Normal School at Natchi
toches, also called on friends at the Board
of Education.
$8.00 Trimmed
Hats for $3.00
Scvpn hundred beautiful r)rev Ht".
Fiiitnb'.e tor both tomfn and mioses, In
a great arlety of exclusue new styles
mad of lace, chiffon or flower. In
cluding the ery popular Dolly Varden
effect. In 5hnrt. eery dressy Trimmed
Hat that l' tllih thW season. All de
sirable eo!or. while. )Mck. liBht b'ue.
green, brown and clnrnpcpne.
fim Trlmn'ed Hat for 1BWIO
J9.SI Trimmed Hats for $4.MI
JI1.7) Trimmed Hals for f3.
One Fm-Nirv Works to Capacity liv
ery .Mjjlil In Order to Supply
Ilctnand for I'astry.
The record of one pie-manufacturing eF
tabllshment In St. Louts develops the fact
that 30.000 ple are consumed eery day by
the employes and visitors at the Louisiana
Purchase Exposition.
Pie Is the principal diet of the World's
Fair employe, according to the caterers,
and so great Is the demand for It that
ono of the principal pie factories In St.
I)uls works tvery night to its full capac
ity In order to supply the wants of World's
Fair patrons.
One lunch wagon outside the LIndell
entrance of the Fair grounds does a busi
ness amounting to about S80 a day. and
the chief item on the bill of fare 1 Die.
Next to pastry. It Is said that wiener,
wurst has the call.
Asked to Vacate Anthropology Build
ing to .Make Room for Mommies.
The World's Fair telephone exchanges
In the Anthropology building will have
to move by Saturday. An order to this)
effect was made by Professor W. J. Mc
Gee. Chief of the Division of Anthropol
ogy, jesterdey, and the telephone com
panies notified the department that it
would he ready to move by the end of
the week.
ITofessor McGee states thit the Anthro
pology department needs the room, as the
exhibits now on hand are larger and more
numerous than waa at first contemplated.
It is understood that the Egyptian mum
mies will be Installed In the rooms now
occupied by the telephone girls. The
mummies; although not unpacked, have
been stored In the room adjoining the
telephone exchanges, and tne "nello"
firls. employed at night, have been fear
ul of a ghost walk on more than one
'The telephone exchanges will be in
stalled In the Palace of Electricity next
week. ,
Plans Being Perfected for Handling
World's Fair Crowds Saturday.
The Market street and Laclede avenue
cars will run to the southern entrance of
the World's Fair over the line formerly
used by tho Chouteau avenue cars, while
the latter will be diverted nt Manchester
avenue, part of them going to Tower
Grove Park and the others to Southamp
ton. This change goes Into effect Saturday,
and after that time the Chouteau avenue
cars will not run to the Fair grounds.
On Saturday, the opening day or the
Fair, the Transit Company expects to run
nil the cars that It Is able to. The num
I..T. it I3 stated, will be between 1 J00 and
it was stated bv CaDtnln MrCnllnr.h last
night that the muddy ground around the
De Ballviero avenue loop will be planked
over by Saturday.
It wps alto said that the gate system
would bo tried on the Olive street line
entrance for the purpose of keeping too
large a number from crowding on the
Postal Company Gaard Against
Possible Interference.
Arrangements have been completed by
tho Postal Telegraph Company for trans
mitting to St. Loul the touch of Presi
dent Roosevelt, which will open the
Louisiana Purchase Expoistlon. The
managers or tne postal say that two
separate circuits will be ready for the
occasion, so that there Is llttlo chance of
Interference from storms or other unfor
seen occurences.
The first circuit runs from Wiahlnrinn
through Cumberland. Baltimore, Pitts
burg and Indianapolis to St. Louis. The
other line extends through Baltimore.
Philadelphia. Harrigburg. Pittsburg.
Cleveland and Chicago.
A gold telegraph Instrument will be
used In transmitting the President's touch
and this Instrument will bo presented to
President Francis after It has played Its
part in the opening of the Exposition.
Only Four Building Dedications
Have Been Announced Thus Far.
State commissions have been slow thus
far In announcing the dates of dedications
of State buildings at the World's Fair.
but It Is expected that many dedicatory
exercises will be announced Immediately
after the opening ceremonies. The Mich
igan Commission sent out Invitations yes
terday to Its dedicatory ceremonies, which
will take place May 2. Pennsylvania will
also dedicate May 2 at 12 o'clock. The
Connecticut building will be dedicated
May 3. and the next dedication thus far
announced Is that of the Illinois building,
which will not be formally opened until
May 7!. The building, however, will be
completed and furnished soon after the
opening of the Exposition.
Heeling Will Be Most Largely At
tended Since Organisation.
The Board of Lady Managers of the
World's Fair will meet in Its building at
the Exposition grounds to-morrow. Miss
Lavlnla Egan, the secretary, said yester
day that reports which she h-d received
from the members Indicate that the meet-
ling win be tne most iargiy attended of
iony new since tne Doara s organization.
f Miss Egan has received word thet Miss
Helen Gould, who Is now at Norfolk. Va.,
will leave that city In time to reach St.
Louis bv next Saturday.
Miss Gould will remain, temporarily, at
least, at the Southern Hotel.
Concessionaires Discuss Plana for
Clearing Mud Front Pavementi,
Plans for clearing the mud away from
the Pike before opening day were dis
cussed at a meeting of the Concession
aires' Association at the Planters' Hotel
last night. It Is proposed to have the fire
brigade turn out ana nusn tne pavements
with water. The Pike parade was also dis
cussed. All of the concessionaires have declared
their intention to participate, and the pa
rade will be two miles long. The line of
march whs changed, so tnat tne pageant
will -proceed on a straight line from the
building to the United
States Government building.
A New Line
Ask Mr. Harrington, Wabash
Delegates From Local Societies Will
Escort Party. Including Bond, to
the Fair Arriving To-Dsy.
A delegation of Irish citizens departed
from St. Louis for Indianapolis over the
Big Four to meet the Irish contingent of
tho Irish Industrial Exhibition at the
World's Fair and to escort them to St.
Louis. The party from Ireland numbers
ninety-dye, consisting of a band, of sixty
fivo pieces, and attaches of the Depart
ment of Agriculture In Ireland.
They are coming here In connection with
the Irish exhibit at the Fair. Along the
route from New York they have been
welcomed. They will arrive at 7:S0 o'clock
this morning, and will be met by repre
sentatives of tho Ancient Order of Hl
berians United Irish League, Knights of
rather Mathew and other Irish societies.
Among those In the delegation that de
partedf uust night were Thomas F. Han
!. president of the Irish Industrial Ex
hibition: Edward Devoy. B. C. Nugent
and James A. Heardon of the Advisory
Board of the Exhibition Company; the
Reverend Fathers Lavrey and Dempsey:
ir"iK" a: omiin. . i". Connor, John
McClosk John J. Jyne. P. R. Fltzgibbon.
John J. O'Connor. Doctor P. T. Cunning
ham, John P. Leahy. Mark Kinney, Jo
seph W. Stewart, Jame A. Lavln,
Thomas F. Lydcn. James W. Walsh. W.
L. McCIaskey. Arthur FItzslmmons. M.
w. Murphy. Frank, X, Donovan. R T.
Brownrldg-e. Judce A. A. (ViiniinVnn
Charles Nugent. Peter Cusack, Thomas
Hanifan and John Concannon.
The party will be escorted to tho
norlda Fair grounds; headed by the Irish
Captain P. J. Carmody will b among
the Irish-Americans who will assemble at
Union Btation this morning to greet the
Irish musicians.
The Limerick "bouchaleen." who Is
manager of the Union track, has lnvitwl
the Irishmen to be his guests at the race
track whenever they feel like coming.
captali Carmody was one of the 601)
Irish-Americans who left the United
States to conquer CaracK In 1857. Ti it,
company with his companions, was cap
tured by the United States forces and
taken to Buffalo. Grover Cleveland, then
young- attorney of Buffalo. riern,.i
the accused Fenians, anil thev nrem .
Twentv years after. In 18S6. Captain Car
mody. then a delegate from Missouri to
the Democratic Convention of that year,
was In a position to materially assist In
securing for Mr. Cleveland the nomina
tion which resulted In the election of the
first and only Democratic President
elected since the Civil War.
Proposed Reception In St. Louis Ap
proved by HIa Highness.
His Imperial Highness. Prince Pn Lun
of Chlnti. will leave Washington at 10
o'clock this morning", according to a dis
patch received from Wong Kal Kah. the
Arelgtant Commissioner General, yester
day. The telegram was sent to Mr. Wong's
secretary, Kto Owvang. and convejed the
Information that Prince Pu Lun was
greatly pleased with his proposed recep
tion at Union Station on his arrival in
St. Loula.
She Prince will arrive In St. Louis at 1
ock to-morrow afternoon and he will
be n.t by Kee Owyang at Cincinnati, Mr.
Kee Owyang having departed last night.
Mr. Wong's dispatch to Mr. Kee said
that tha Prince desired to see Mr. Kee
in American dress. Mr. Wons's secretary
has discarded his Chinese costumo since
arriving in St. Louis and now dresses ac
cording to the latest American style.
A carriage drawn by four white horsos
win convey Prince Pu Lun from Union
Station to the Washington Hotel, where
apartments have been reserved for him.
Two Representatives of Black lie
public Here to Arrange Exhibits.
llaytl's Commissioners to the World's
Fair arrived In St. Louis yesterday and
paid their ceremonial calls at the Ad
ministration building. They are Edmoml
Roumaln. the Commissioner General, and
Joseph Dugue. engineer of the Arts and
Manufacturers' exhibits.
They are the first Haytian CommIson
ers to arrive. Mr. Roumaln said that the
Republic would confine Its efforts to civlm
a commercial exhibit of the country's re
sources. Including- eoir r.Kj;
other staples. In the Fish. Forestry an
Gam palace a kloek ls being erected bv
the Government, composed of sixty kinds
of the commercial woods of Havtl
Commltsloner Generaoumaln has been
for fifteen years profesVr in the Medlral
and Pharmaceutical University of Port
Au Prince. Commissioner Dugue Is 1
civil engineer. " ,l
Skiff Confident of lie In 0-
seaay lor Upenlaa- Day.
Four hundred and thirty-seven carloads
of exhibit material was the record of re
-e'P" t the World's Fair up to 4 o'clock
jwieruay aiiernoon, ana alter that time
$5.00 Shirfc-Waist
Hats for $2.00
Rlchi hundred new Shirt-Wain Hats
for both vorren and misses, turtnas,
bailor and flare tle" made of rough-and-ready
and fancy bralas. llilins ani
chiffons in all colors and combination;.
The stles are the -icry height of the.
milliner's art. Prices are half and ls.
P.W ShIrt-Waist Hats for 2.w
J7..7) Shlrl-Waist Ha'i for 53.oi
t'.j-l Shirt-Waist Hats for UMi
- $10.00 Shirt-Walst Hnts for .1.0
fo Cincinnati.
Commencing April 29th
Office, Cor. Eighth and Olive.
the. cars continued to be switched In
steadily. Every one of these cars. It
was reported, contained not a pound of
anything but straight exhibit material.
Director of Exhibits Skiff stated that it
Would be an easy task under the present
organization of the Exposition forces to.
unload, truck Into the palaces and Install
all of this material before the opening
day of the Exposition.
Colonnade of States Is Lighted tor
the First Time.
The Colonnade of States and the two
restaurant pavilions on Art Hill at the
World's Fair were illuminated for the
first time last night. Many of the, exhibit,
palaces were also lighted, and the'specta--cle
was witnessed by most of the ExppsiJ
Hon directors, who remained at the
grouncs after the meeting held In the Ad
ministration building during the after
noon. The Cascades and Cascade Gardens were
not lighted, much to the disappointment
of many persons, who remained at the
ground expecting to see a full Illumina
tion. World's Fair Notes.
The German loeomotlv. Hsnovor. which
firms Germany transportation exhibit, vrss
Installed In the Talnce of Transportation yes
terday. Three members of the Brazilian Commission
arrived in it. Lrats v.sterdgy. Doctor O.
Cauto Is accompanied by MR. Cauto gnd his
two s'Mers. A. d Santos Is accompanied br
Mrs. clos Santo, and C Cauto. the third mem
ber of tho commlflon. has with him his two
Twtntv-five American girls will be employed
at tl-e coffee tables In the Urazlllan building.
It icaft found lmpraeticobls to Import native
clrls for this purpose.
K. II. KarLor. chief assistant to Superin
tendent Headley of tN Vlsaran villas In th
riilllpnlne crction. is seriously III at Mullanphy
The flrt exhibit of fresh fruits at tbs
vVorln'n roir will be epread on the tables In
the l'alare of Horticulture to-day. Three car
loads have been ordered.
Oregon's building, work on whieh vis start
ed Just prior to the tlm limit for the lu
anc of buildlnj? permits, wilt be completed gnd
ready for occupancy Mav 1. The building la &
reproduction of the log structure f port -Igt-
,!-. I--- tinier quarters or j.cwii ana Clark
sM1 exploring the raclflc Slope.
Gov error James n, Prailer of Tennessee,
with a rarty of eleven. Is expected to arrive
In St. lnl Friday night to attend the open
ing cercmonler.
Tho ash tanks of Missouri and Pennael
vanla for tho live fl"h otsplav- of these twn
.States in the Klh. IVrelry and Game bull.l
lnc. will be nil-d with their exhibits by tin
optnlnc dav of tb I'alr.
S. N. Russell of Heads ood. chairman of th
S-touth Dakota World's Fair Cemmtralon. re
turned tiv it. Louis vciterdav. After an Inspec
tion of the State's exhibits in the several pal
aces, he pronounced them practic-ally ready for
the opening day. The State pavilion la com
pleted and fitted with Its furniture.
Why is it that the firgtborn child is m
often the healthiest of a family of chil
dren ? The reason teems to sunrcst it
self. As child follows child the toother
has less and less vitality; often sot
enough for herself and none, there&te.
for her child.
Eg-pectarit mothers who use Doctcp
nerce-s .favorite Pre
scription find that It
keeps them in rigor
ous health. They eat
well, sleep srell and
are iiot nervous.
When baby comes its
advent is practically
painless, and the
mother is made hap.
Py by the birth of a
healthy child. If yon
would be a healthy
mother of healthy
children use Favor
ite Prescription."
M will k- very glad to
say a few words for Dr.
5erct's Fsvonte Prescri
Uoo, writes Mrs. p. 5.
Douglas, of Mansonnlle.
Brome Co., Quebec. "Dur
ing the first four months,
when I looked forward to
yeconuog a mother, I gof
fered very much from nan.
sea and vomiting, gad I
felt so terribly sick I could
.h.cij- cai or enns: amr
thing. I hated all kinds I
of food. At this tim t
JFor,?eIrT;J5Sc? od ,e wuTSeto ret his
sfir.fiSPVndabome of 'Golden
when 7i hldiiK ii',. rin D0Wte lch
-?? j " them a few days. I felt ranch
rfes-n.'S?? I1,."ten hTrol, tbreens
2nvnV?f IJ??JwSn '"d "ntt est gs weS gs
MiS5u0ldJl0 mT without gny
Li.S(IJ:7,.,lnot do anything before). I feel
taSe mcrflc-l who ten-me ""J wk. to get
taese medicines, or write to Dr. Pierce.
Those who suffer from chronic dis
eases are invited to consult Dr. Pierce,
7if Sree- AU correspondenc
strictly private. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo; N. jr.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet core fei!
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t 'Jim
Ba BBS at lJsnBgl
sassa' --"
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